Title: Publishers' auxiliary
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Title: Publishers' auxiliary
Physical Description: Serial
Language: English
Creator: Watson, Elmo Scott, 1892-1951
Publisher: National Newspaper Association etc.
Place of Publication: Washington, etc
Publication Date: August 20, 1921
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NEWSPIPER CREDIT J The Famous Waikiki Beach at Honolulu, Diamond Head in Background] ALL TOGETHER FOR


BE SiME AS OTHERS ... ,. 1 PAPER, NOV. 7-12!

Manager Conkling of the Palm *- f *.." 1 Organization by Roy T. Porte of
Beach Post Gives Assoolated a Movement to Observe
Florida Dailies Good Advice o"Subsrlbe fm r Your Home
on Making Collections. Town Paper Week."
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,'I, of i I PROGR iM OF PRESS 1 T U. TO BOYCOTT .uld Ban Pr...e .. .. ... ,l"l l.I
iii h Ii. II::;:it: IttIt i t itH M PIC IC ', itil St Ih. xttirild If titl "tit-tttry tnt-
ti . at it .. an ','" Aid in Disoan ament '* Urn .Beauty Contat.. '""" .. .... i,'""i 1..i ... I i, I n.,, .. ,,.
S ll IC Nprl 1 llk aTl y took i 'ii.il 1,1 f "w-rl | lpnians"
:lt *f l. it' l 'lt.;, I i hIi i tA ily N iant P len lt hui ti tirst tttititi l ftar U t **';u. ;I i, fh s pr. oen ttte IIi .,ail th ti fomi t nes af
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*lh ill lI Slit IsilllNNr. O U T L IN EO O P E N S H O P Sr l] I,,i i l ,, 1

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h 1 f dlw I , ,.it ..] ;|",lm. ."I I,.... ,. .,,,I;,,. ,, ,Quebec Convention Votes to Con- R c h U p

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I .. ,,,.i .i. Countrie*s.t 1;:,, Will O c py ,,,,, ,l. "1. Hour Work W ee.k ..
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....... .......l. it'........... ........... ... ... .. .. .. ..i .. .. .... ..... llt T 1 CiO U N T ..... . .. .. ..... itu. . ..., t. l. 5 5 1 ...
i. I... i rn i ) ill ll . ,' ,, l t IIT1 III

"AntI I I IIn- li )l EDITOR K I :E B LIH NN

lb tieh let it ,tttl tiii tl tt K u t il t rtiil. li' ,
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int. i .ala. to t a tile itti ban ti h staln Th lilt lil 1
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I.F k o .l.,.I' I. i onoo on h. I ,, 1I... ,+ik,+ Aro lw, In W o k. III InsI rI I-rol I ., I n,. k.. . n,, +t GUNMEN SHOOT UP OFFICE
:.. 'I l l h'" Is osr- , ;.."" k i ..i.. a. 1 e.. i, f its.. .. .... ........ I OF ARKANSAS NEW SPAPER
I e ai k W it l A ilr r l a tlas I h i l r Ii ia l at nilelt. l l i t .,l n ei i ne biya ir a t ti t tI t l [l t T I T T I t I I i I I
ahdd I a i ,le dl hin n p ellao A retla llt hi a i ll. f j o n llm n still a ti," Th s re tl a ho of bia- ateai -., n1 . ..eee i l li.t n ai 1 i til 1 .t- 11 i n"..I t I
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law'ta tlalit hI la hei a e al the. A h it'l aihi t bhf t hI" ta et tg tser- iandt P rel'l at' that Or lnImI haitllllh?-i -r a- Ir'"h
"C . '1ka t bar s A"" who be hard at* this and the rtly q e on dea sea d Is w n It will s ouEt D TOR K It BY I6.T' N, I ..... ... .
IaT a lie I a the f "td o ta t K at-ir sady-ll wI . hI it elra I tgoli o tu iat iiis oi i oth'aS:iltkal Iui Io ut Ita
cliat i eta a tive . L.. t.E *i .. .pa. t A . .. AV 0 LT IV HAVE LEMX I OrPP E .-ti: ir tet laai. Ni l l itN M Rfa a l .. Ii nit
ia at ac a l nt Ls e ON. 'I t" ,wi.
III vi, e Pli ss. Sin ( Acsl t n-0tlJ TheIlir 1t 11mlsli ;a lasyai 1 -. .tin'iint It lto, -III, ilh.


Coast-to-Coast ews and (oss Neusper and Retpa
C' i ). .-1. I lr I n .p lh m om

LAIDAHO Vt a =1H I =

BaRd .. ,11 i .N .. . m . . .. I .. ... .. ... .. ..I. l... M. K
1;.' It 1 t1"I I" AA] k t, &OIl e Ilk,
, ,...1 I . ..,, I. rl . . Id' '1 '' ttawta. 1r a lim

t PT M. B R."II.Sll0.
ARKAN A + t .t ' p ,D I ,TR IC. T ,* ,l hl,l L 1 ,C,,O LU BIA.|,,L,, T Il' i,. L '1"1 *1 M IOW A. ht. .n 1ntrol |n r l411. t o a r n.

Here, Isl Whul*YoutlHa e Beeni.Wai i'ng 14or1
.... *'* ,tJ l,+r ,=,I l,,t,. ,, ,,,i ..* ,. . . ^1 . . t' Ir "lt^ r II tt ,;tllll tlt.tltl i ,.t it,.o~ i ... ..... .
It I. 'll~r~lil ,~lt I.,'. .[ ,'' 1 1 0 r SI, I Or l~ l.1 0 Al 14but

ll?. 1 t it, 4n 1 1 I IIAWAII? .0 I. i l,.l Lii .iI Kln,.m ASSOCIATION CALENDAR

1I 1 11 1 r .". . 1 . 1.l1.." .' 1ll"'I ,I '| '.'.'.", ,I .*' ll It. r ;l: illIlt Oi f MIlUltIPO
ettooaor.hPMr.n Ca"nn t ooGen l

I 'r.^MrI '....II. S lin .'l 0 1 i '.. . ... . .... .. ..I.'.... i i .... .' t 'is.' .. '. ^ I 01 I,, .... n. 3 li ll s S'n. 1..1... ,,.',n , ..r ..O ;,,sl^ t +rsne lrt.*, NhIk'!rr 11 .n l =r. + +ly n 1 flito.I

Sn, A Boot h Tarkington Serial! in o
ewspapby the distinguished Hoosier is worth printing for reader-interest
F a ion-building qualities; but when you can get one of his charm
mes, fit to go along with "Penrod," "Seventeen" and "Too Gentle

aye TeNorh l cause yl to think tkwhat the Indiana author has e ed to
pearaneterlinck and has produced something along the lines of "The
Not so! There is nothing about Ei e Oriole," neither
S bn ts of1t h B anl to elo.ks
newspaper started by two lads of twenty cents for printing her frst poeti.
For reasons probably existing ca effusion, even going to thae extent of
minds, but not otherwise re- taking the money from her pocket by force,
Failed it The North End Daily they little kncw what they were in for and
n ite of the fact that it made a had but ash ligt on of thepotenthali-
S pearance once a week and ties of the female of the species, when she l
acy wo n-ontim enI aroused. Eventually Florence not onl r
I,... .. L ORDO ^ ,, i h 11 elped edit., but ran the whole works, reduc -|
I, H- I......... .. .I V A l.
s .... ......' "*'i +" "n center se.. ... ., t e eby en O,+ it is t e joy of U. a t ... ...... I.th

iAy and helping to edit. is that maic of childhood veng into ado.

S* I hold not be permitted I t w ill dispel care and win came ithe spirit

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i +I r l l] editorial sanctums and when they resorted more rapidly tha the thermeter on on

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'f the ditinguished Hooier is w printin forL ,readesr-inteps1.5r.
.]r.,~ib-i q li bu w e yo ca ge one ofhnchr, .
i t ... ++.+ ,* H, II. .,1?~nk4 i ;,, I;+? xTh+ .r r r1 I ,I .. est fit to go along wirt'h "Penrod,1" "Seventeen" and, ,,"Too Gen... .t.le+l,*itiM -l++, ,l l].+&i Ahilp~'lll I
It.+ W* glkr' ',911 'l',,, ...LI,' pIi, .. .... iI.I L HIl.h l+ Dne of those' opportunities not to ... ,,be overlooked;, for ,,threy don'th~~l,+ti*+ ,,tl.l+IIl~~xl*'lt Ueo gl l
w h + .+ +, i,, ,+ ,+ ,.t m1u +, ,+ th + f ,I ,, ... ++ i ,+,,. + kI +: ii +, ,i i +ll(3+ .. .I +,, *, ',t~k %+I. It N I l' "' l +o .oft en .l~m t+ h M e ~ a N
.Idl~~~~~~~~~~~r,~~~a caus you to, think+; that~~m "the Indian auho has Ie,,m,,y ..i e df?, ito et+. ,~ "1I +I lt't h+l1+'I r* Itlr1k"Xlt '' {,,+,+.
lluih'F ,* g++l~l'' I' m, ,,+''Hl"' ''',:,+ +,+ ....I 11.'i '+eter...tinclk and, has hprodiu1ced i sIomethhingi ,alon.....gih thel linesr of "'The+I'w { 4r=,L +m~t~ o
IAt+, l N ot .... T here ,+,, x+ I ,+, ... i ,, ,, litt +- ,t[1., ,,,, i sl nth t'' i ng a,'ut b,,,,. i ,:lrds J1 in lh, O"'" *t+le' ni thle' l, r~h .lulA Mt
,,,,.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ byr an interest.... in .... cit of.. Baltimore................... .. .......... .. SOITO AEO

}1,~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~ ~ ~ ~~~~~~~~~~n what it, didj, to a normally ing ti,, tw e+i... .,.tl,,I+' + '? ]rstwhil p",1 lroud ownrs +% .~to+t ah 4rl&

-erneieOc wee -n tie o- -h fe-l -f -h -pgis whe -h k

heisowner .nptltM iWerft Grand NEIRASKA. an the l.ow noy In lhb pant I fe the Preir r... until Si la.a ii OUTH DAKOTA. 'u.lo.. the e1t1,r. nr... 11. d.rul...i..
,.1* J. H. l ek. tIr Uoke I Wr Is no mw T itr uonh th. and th Autlllary tIkei pln. hnl.d. t 1 trh onro th id a In plant at Whrl or
vri. ,eh. af the P,., -tat h lakor Oa lb mloonld .. a ei .e.niin ate. ...at t .lpa rtn edito ot he Volim. Trib lb Trtla lea'taa'r ta Ila In""la an,' hl.a.t i, la.. nr. ha. town rse. hl atwn .wita
n k dalrifim i tn o euc'edid A. It. afhrtitnanel who to th e edtrnd nhI.t lltpo e f aa, and M hi- nXoa1Sen1 Ifa ld wire ea- re-f ertii .t j I' a 1aona,h ... ad t .a an I ta .rnaper .
Wikth Ita en of Au"IM 11t. tke 01- nnd.t the .paper for nenral .. w.i s Ir- ndo hot r Ie g. h t IS? I ua la uha Pl a n onItI n rn
mnS -t 6tub hts &*>nua ,i.Kt "*ito"..' s;rich. IT Fo Pubil 1. found 1. Th. Mi.-
a Ins Us ld orty- rth-. lwenkr t ni rn t i Neherankabn to:ea. P The Dakotar I, la a taulatIa at ,a b.a- ral hta-lin mans: -c Irnfh ds ba o
a C a I r m. I l the death of bis a e aaa r tI, aaa I t,'n'I. his intaeaet IInI thhio n or uaI""aan A ta
e.)f to Mike up the 4Utkl adltor. rpu.ll by anl M.ibuo. w it un O hert mpo elrk s ofarip, a, eH leate I.rllr tloul* r ell tor r h,. L h IvditoT Thrd al Pe rs of e hn
sath turler in the i ao tant boostn tAr The Maiatlan New. I. tnola 'd In an In- thb ehrldw e ` llt.a ar.nallan-, lia. aa la.nnl tho k one
Iof na i di n lakthrld and vetinilty i t tarariln newspper utlait Iaa Ttae haa .nn. 4eaa a Ir to tur aaroe trho ir t p..
n ti & n a Tnhe~n Iundard h. nn d r r o h whic ta-le to the Moanoar a 'of f cl a arr aa-nrn ...raaa tha lprnar.t a11 .1 no Ton Pane lod a
s Mevs, p i timd e hann the risen or atin from the ai Tit te Il!y or bdnaa to ... r r a.ao talar A am
r M INNSOT. "'mre publisher, hope. to nAnl a denltr illar's Io'n. Muah rrrdit for the oaa Oaea wt an lroot* at al .er alht I
Sblte lo action and return to Oh hn n rowth on th i thriving wetnte No- teaerr nwa tO d in a nr a. alr ,rd ntin Th a'a
iThe Itnrnllrrt l ai Dailly Joura- nai n ntalat, brn.ka d' Is dun to tha Caarter and a ial *treet l to a aad anarl. wr nia a IIha aakl n te M n
nwI aIp dTa Ch-b srnr or l.ll bsIr. dh. to t Marke, an, I.narranra sea- a aIah Ia. em lie. Ll 1 |* " t r
tslnt y tr hirrk m t ntwbt The Jnhison New. Is now under new lie hustlirn editor. n ot were Iledoh tle Ia. c a" n
t rof otptknre wl pe.ii A. 'T U ST O LTE SMUl 1
j arke bin anc-horn dauhlor t tbh aNsement. t. C rott halan pe NEVADA. rtin nnt latn na wh tr, Ior n r or
kt oth r n t ll.mer p.her o the Newa.. hm. C Cmpel ..ll. nil d r n II dit o natalan wn ihew arra a l h ow a td A trn
Nian Clthber anw oi toeterly r rt to ep t at l l newhre and n- he l .inrN ha r netted ll' a in a Fiction That N HO Old Sb.
pra7l 1 rr on the PlPeton e ladrr. wu tl .ue In the nhwrtp p r bus.ln oan aerrin ry anal pobtlcity drTitT or a.n t ll l Ito It inH iaan arl n warn ed
married re to J k T a The pnnn Time he Time the incnln oty r. eh alla ol I w rrant on Irthe ,a' general l tAlanaa a l w 1hI I ki I5011 1,' and Mak
aon at MYtthall. L 0.. wharm NId. Colre- oeIent ma. noedarA ounday naigtt arter a Id in aleota Ante ptmhar 1tllh and tlaaalln. I-me atlalrler joalse oataald tias an'h h r Iae Aaaeaa.e m It al, the inlrentao at
wat all ai t t hi ltblpatl year. the beave rain We hrame no kirk out roth ona NORtoHer tat. Mr. n'aampbrll, nantIm ,ienn na aa eemu dr tic- la, kIa.wr ta oa ulal The Solbtan Rr oem. 1Mnacaollal. Ihc rain. hut we would rather he o- imslr a nwly-wed, hen decided. nt- Iaa re broaniat aainst nha ona aa ra.aa nnr or anlalnn
anaht. Ilarslla. k ne r s ono Aaat ereId op with dinlsly adveeta nn bhua- er raw months orw..d wlded bllia, thlt or, ,aaaa a. AStarr. I n o t o estiahlif -
1 hIb. IDl* W late nI ta ll d l.r h a o l ncwa I*tame." th aI. talr blyo ara.und town ought to Aol-riem ia I nl.a r It that han A a t P rn r
nerthIl t l hrt ronlrt of dsl r dnraator hel tl c ba bee h nr I Irh t, ilo en e and bn n tart tehed a a1 r torn aa niec. In thI t oow a A aIrraana .aa at lr n .by .lian In enr
nd y r. ule. u A mo ont I been r. ned r fhy hinml Il ,nrn htttrted A hr IIaaaInn rn o I ul. vl.
and, altrionialburea oi connection OHIO.
tailn.t o alhn vatlaoe et otll f A t hma'nt at r nao rh tIhr t u W ie y hrvu e rT ln* & h I Il l -a a i mtn eia l n ion III, he. r'lai It nor I, r r laU n
asltn aN, i.w ik nderd o Ih tar ralae r'he anraleld ht o aa r o- te eaoc eat on botar nd whom we leonn h. Clny hller oO th alce It naa aa ia.nanrr a ha. Ia itI a li. oo oo r n the Ti1r76an,
in e i m r i hll be d tedn a irh b r it a no y frh to narrn on. no them IT no nt ed apaaaala l aTn ha a iot a t lol oanac i alheli ac a "* l Ifismn'I. o am palt oIn ner OIIn r eau w orniu. ll. ho
Uo ore whichsla In tth eadh au p pce-ran ntlarof. Mr. i a ann ha e c on- at ana w ii rI twon-aelanlnit eanuand sin al < ll,.ahy renaatelane aa thw e hlidldi en t oar a is a a n aa -a :iri a n a .l Tn I ,1 'boron Ak new horimberlan
in Ithe nronln it the atbtw t pnot t on their eno un. wha Ian' o hlncina oln eve or r thacen, .g w + ik Itar a andanean r nenw e r' atallar in aln aa.a r I, J>r.- A .ooa.aliaaclaenm, la'nmaalnon a aaancaar seA-
,.1. 1. the U hootruwn nutlrtnK nnd B.rv. In t e In lh* l&h lr "n- y p f.I ,1 wo l-, but hul I d le
ntA ple 1n.dl naalan nt |rictrr A.PF ,aalln .ln e. con pll k o hcr ia out a Ia.t., a .wli-a l I n It I a.alaTn-. l.a intn rlr It ,ia i, ir .|lnn a Iac -4 rlrani iann. TraIriBtI.a oA olam
MIMISil. PPI ltcehlcrr. mnnnan lln e.aar af lla r ar Iota-la ma a .. .. Rop nl lfa. n hoilrl a a a t .h 'rave a In a il l na- Illi. |rl.n a c>a aa. of nyH a r u nd
n ar1tid tL who bar ahl J l enl On h I orfl d. te n ln d rlrnlllatl n tI a chlr- I l o I itT aNAa w r it t et 'ha ellorci ',. fr a- Ih I t rl I ll
nTted withthhen ort r NORTH CAROLINA. A a aa tul rnPnld tr a l hc a1or aatnn iao aAndta a ''rd i
the tol .llht aI months, a niatting tialb annlverir as ar r a yni Faltoc Jocn 1t. Pora or tar aImnJ u I., nelO tr llal b ta na r aor w iaa n-l A'raa Iaa ,at o n Ianr r
hb.a talk. In I o i otn d u ly paper In il a un tly tn N n,, w r I Ienplrln te elror ianrb.- l'llinhr o t ta he ron n l t t i v J. r iha nh t. nl eaar ar Ina 1 withIh .
ThL map, tnada in lthe tate or W'. William Akert l ,.o n hr lno It ilIe r nfl .Ia all-don ile1nl mrh hi b IU3- too.kLale-r Ja.arnllmaW Amn'aalnall a r l' 'la aons I)o nh a tI .ila'...r' h" ..11a. Ia IUIa)r d
W.Robortoln. editor o the ant'r- alone at the Ainowaarth a l.r-Jaaurnot I rla'r nala frl tians in IIllt a--an s-r- i I n a 1nmd in 4llrana a l r 'a 'l erea ae Illlaln lorainalan Il
tlls. pI bli bed at Vnesson will artrevn ot.ie ror three nter ealal wa -a-hr whilc 1. al r r ll Mr r I -nn i l ert- Mah. It wlll bhe rlld th (a neep.r'wlla 1 n--c laalt ano la'llloieYrl a''-la' r ai hv-IiUe hisa T aII IP Kp;l. aV r'lemn. A Lrn7t. t
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Jan. Jr.. w- Ie karo of .. T Arthur W. And .rson. foreman of .th. lhllr llI .l.w h.nn. f,,r Vl ,, tn l I., I I I... I-0, new evanen'H
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.lllr a 'amuarny t.i' .,orty he..n s nntry, it. '. ( ull. a well known newnp r to prlt tPhre posear a. Th 1y a Parrcb A typp
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nlllag, Ind nntI d*rk, JInt an be wil an Oraeli. tI ini a acolon and mnuch- urlr ram I O. Thomplt on vil from J. A. Shaw. editor or lIa rlr- Pta 111111nl' h to enre ail-l thie Ia ,11 aesat a e n ori n.. Like l11 iMarrnh tale.
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tar-a~la-'aln n too near te eana plare, N h dnhter. Muon ura nt.hI-c umn t uartn to a 6-eolumn aunrto. i roup I or the OkhIhona P-n Anna- TEXAS. r-ir. amn net or the t
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MISSOURI. inner Contr New.M i. publlhlahio proin enmwpaper. asnoinanetd. ImnteLr that it wan the ol hnwr ..n e A%, rlaen a y a na who io e n tlk n
Ihrrlen Waldnn hal astd the papr that dO- credit to the oonty. NORTH DAKOTA.t O-.felONe d.n r-nn t .hnat a- s eo n-I to wile cilnly on-I h a re !At tr deplet-,
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Pakr. hllnn, M ho.1- 1n wlIlIr or 1k. I nhr J h o Juni~ Tr lc ie"a- C ro ton nxt ln nac hr n o nmei. rtalla a d d rierl crrc li
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i-cr-ra aural1 l.t ncrrelral-na aln n cr a f.rain pa-lat In ra r atun 1cr hr a la-ru rt th're I.onl aaarelt ah earnll .aall r l-ll nn rl a .n laiJ ,.llh
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FInr Wk Na 4
Fir WelI oa 3

These cuts represent No. 3 and No. 4 of our Fair Week releases reduced to one-fourth size. No 1 and No. 2 were
shown last week. The different features of each release will be furnished to fit either a six or seven-column paper. Be
sure to say which size is wanted when placing an order. Price of each release supplied either in plates or mats, $2.25.



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r A I. e lr ;l'.. llli4 W&l. q`ilr lll".' l-
... i. l liiw WOn.* I 1.1111W+ O 1,h1 Tai l ., : EDITORIAL PAGI

August 20, 1921. , '

An Extreme Came. ,,T i

l .1. .. 1,I1 ,h ,ll OlW' t 1" .. .. . li....n I n ul l lll n n I I 1 1 I 1
I........ .i. .

1,1 ]'|'|'" 111 .1 i111 .111I 1,11i1i i i1 I. n II '-n g ii' I. .1 I'- a m \

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II r~ lll .ii ii l. l.i. i ,, ; ,ii I IIi ,I iiI i'T* I I't, T.', ,, r i 'I ..... I rtII
'h i Highly Creditable Page.t l l-

T .it ii ini BB LIO ii I I ii 1 .?RA.PI nY I li i
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'lra.ll , ,i ni III, h,' ,,llllrl ll eath,' hil l lh,* i. I ,jl h ,

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,'d -l it -i,' 111'1 rh, +'H '
a lhred H l+,,r, 1 iiteiI I,1, 11 en l il r+, tx l I,,+x1 1 1. iln IIIIw 1:,I ii 1. - .:

1 1, All- -
.hl.l.... .i. .+f ,,d ... [ t .... .... i 0 ,- I. ,. (,,N .. .C ) F -" '- 1

h u : 1~ l. of th 1..( 1

Highly Credtable Page.
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rler r b ok ', I m rl. l o .*r twol11 rh l 1 J l V ]

l. i :.lll :ii ++fl, t \+ll) .l Happy Crow I
I'l lr,,, J fuI l,,Im :,

S ll aXII ,IA T.

I.. I. a HanI id,, ........... r,. in, am i. oil... .. I-Hon. Guy U. H ardy
i' i -i". p,,T h1; II 1 :, .. .. I't, a ii u n Ii' i-
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I T T I i t 7 1.1 1 1 I, I I . al, I' 11 1. 0 i t II

1.,~I Nl 1 V 1 I\. 4 i ll

Lttlr s From Famous Scouts. "

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iof Participa,

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- in < '..nl \.. i,, .- itei l ne i of Sii tI -l Ill pri. nti, a wrnle of the
I1, .* i i i. i i fr *,im I.h il picture f I -in- iali narn'a surounding Pueblo
thir Pui'h il .. t ,11I i .. tirk, n'. Tlii lhrminii tI i n' rnt flord. The photo-
In, in- .. f'ii iir, f \'NIT N -ew'- mi'lphi wr- aken from airoplinem.
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The Itinerants.
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G eorgI'+'II ~ilal Pres A ss cia ion H elm 11-++,ln, ldP+ a'++,. t W shind n gton~,,lf h, G eo~ll++~~1 ~r;1+ 1, ll+ 1t+II I''Irgia]II Pr"lrl .... I, it,.Ilth+,to Goo...
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... . . .. . . . . . . .. . . . lr l b'h lrd \ i1 ,''. 1,,, L" I h='l I~f ,.,h r+, ir I ,,... ,.......+.

.........11.. '. L,f -.... N .." 0" ...I:.,,,,."'', ,"'",;?'::. ;,,",

PRoio -IN IPLE I H L : do I. . TIT.

a ,.w ,,* r raft o b -I 1 .".,,I 1,.1 .. .I ,.-I .

President Georgia Press



Publishers at Rockwood Meeting
Decide Time Is Not Here '
for Reduction. ,
By JAMES W. M'CARTY i i i i

I t.. i lt i .i I u isr m ,I , i


Lady Mie, ber T ,I, exp, rien I, i<'- ,i n
.. .iii ...... ... Bi

, in11 i I ri n ,i i in in( ii. i ,, "
nIriis 111i ; ru] iiit-; rl \ il |i. l .i st inp, III i.

. 1A I I. ,,r t ...... .,'l IE file .. .....11 W I
i i : *.l rl h .th h.Iv, \ | ri. thh le i.,i i Ia i

In i .1
i > ,f i ii-i, i, i..y I llll Jir.tl r l i, iI| r l. ha I i. i i, h- il a . . I Sh i;,

lr( nbcL HU U U1l'oI IXS5N r1, 11nP1 3 d..- -'11 < im( lld 1+ 1 i;lll .+ 1 +i r,,%l i i,,.i-

T I lh l h ii Ir *l indld 1. 'lh1 1f 'm '11
Lody M mber T' ll Ite'.. lp r hn tt,. i,

i t o ti i oi tti rini i',. '.. i i ,n -
lII-' I h 'i llnll. l l. ii. .>rl T I, i '" i
.. i i i l iiiII 1. 1 .. ..ii111 I. I ..

,ll h11 ll Ih ll Ih I tll ,
.-t *r ''> l. I -I* ll 1 1 ~ lh : I ttl,. r -l :II I l. ,r "i o- t

'1 h. 11 ht ilH. l 1. rl AI I 1 .-,PICA CLUB HAS ANNUAL FEED
ife iiu i i 1. 1i 11,

SPlea1t '1Socal Events:
IIl~ 1 lhl. iiii,, , iii~i,,+i ,,,,,. I ,, l, ,i. -

I I. \IT I

I 11 i
t. II ii iii I ,iii, ,r q.i h' l .. . I, r +11 ii. ..,

li h /lir h,, i+ 1 + :J i 1 +I ,hJ, li : i ,r s i
I Ii hI i i .... ., .. . .

. .. .....

I11I ] u t.,r t ,' ii I11,i I I lll ll,.II I .... Ion d. I SSl I Ii . ..

I .ll ll I I. 11, i it I ....i.o

Broken Bow Distruct of Nnebraska Ps 11M 1 .1
A1 ,ociatuon lHa Sp Iendid MI.ting ,
l P eahm}N nt 1 E11 v s1n

hi i l i.P. i i l li tr I ,I 1 I i ....1 I It,
,i+. 11 ,, d rl.,,f! I ,i o I. hIII lI I I ii it It it 1 .+, IIi *i i l ,,.,,i

It ":act,

....... Tn ... .. ..
T ir, t ufl i.si iirti nn Pi y I t th III thy i, t,, i: i V h1 l iii if

hi I i r .i.. h, if I, n I l' .him 1 If . .. N I.Ii .t i .. i
~ I ... . l' i t I ', tl ~ ~t', I r s u t L? iI i -i . T ' I IIi -i l A i-
" Ir "'t ',1;;;!".,!,,\' ",, ,, ;," h" i,: : I '"'. ;I ';" 1::';"

1or-' II a ,,, r iL EI I n th
It.,. fill'c nI. P r l( I AI I p I. I

it I


OAST-TO-COAST iii. O r -rt. l.
NEWS AND GOSSIP ,: .ii. l ...nr I i or il s ."A I
NEWS AND Otl ,,il. l. ,l, tint itinli..l. ,| i |............ l,, r ..l ...lr. ost "r tot, i. J. ,k. , ll ll i bII. hrl,+ ,tlla.d td V.
ln >..,r..ia 1 r111 r r. up it. is.hii. i kio iie iiii. ist mild Int 1s i n 11 many -t
.... i ... .f l.. ." ii ..I... . i i"" li t i1 1ii 1 1aI i. ti, hum I .t ..lr Js.... ........... im-t c *ln--.It I.
I i i ti l 0r l i to Iu .
....... .. .... . ...... l rA... .... Imvo" 11" ..r.. l "
,..., ofa "IS CO,,VrlNJ .1 n .4 4 is as of
i.k o-ryIi.ll i t lo o nlum ti. ar ou ,, t-
UTAH. WASHINGTON. r II. n i iad .r lrmue l ilb'l 0i. i'
I ..r I i.-, Ihl u.rl Mmi th 1.il lhl' Veniu 051IP t'.oo Vuu'utlin. iiii llll.iilr W iI. tou dn. eny i Iti.r p slrr
,, io itiltIrtirEotR "' tI FiS*D.'h it io
,, .. i t,, u,, ,,,1 ..i M.n *,r,.i-. kno w.. I-.. ..*** t.. rt ,. d "Il n I".un or
Si 1+I ii . i ... t i i I h. ,I tIl. pu i '* utr., t n' md Mr .' t il IBond Z n da
. i .i 1., r. p. '; r u I :.. ,II-- .iII ...er s lu a c. t ni r to
io l .lrlitii u.i .Ntiiiirlii i . 1*Ii ito hnor. nrry ott nm 0
!, i -. i i. W ,.. i y B r M .bougin
rt, 1 iV h ) l d wn r befo re b e b h
I. l' '' .' ... ' *" ". iB lruItiIIiIi Piiurt wo I mrpll Lo t tall.
r" ,, ;l'I i,."li '..-I ['. t 1 k... ". '*' W EIT VIRGINIA. l l'lIII--l. V W. Rrtt d. t h, b .
, 11 Ilm- l.r i II ,;, | . ,, mh,, l .,.1. i- I+ .I,.' in I>I iU AI u t lltk
ilt im 11 11.m W. Rihw mke (n.11;
..... ...l l, ki is. n ii. oi h t si r tiloltiuo i.om ii ...ii Iit a hiin Iu J i ai l d t tlldr i.
...i"....irc. i... .. ...l . i' I. i .. .. WI SCONoIb T.. r I il ii tli m11]i ii ni a- "I Il t Ir ,llp n lr t.. He tl tr y.
iqiRf'fi'.'x ;l ir' A lll'." '" .1 u ii' ui t ..1.'1lh i " i' i i i'ii I "' i li t .iiii .i i, u BJr S rno At.i Ito rHb..
t 1 ,[ru~lh i. +I I t. 'L '' i i hi i l.; 0 1nei. 1III lnus lii 5 .i ..I.... url 'ln. n Ir i4rm A l m a.in f

VIRIINIA r i i ii. i l .' iitii,. l,. h l. i 1, A. i ll r li 1N. .ui iHi hIld .I ll i .ILl n I bI

,u', \S *i, I .. i i ii ,,i i i \p. \: i ,I, si' ,+' *xt ,i .- t lh a.nntti ll All.A o l t isil Fr *rl P Mi"l.t
.. "i**.i.. ...1 i-' i<1t rtth, .* ,1 n i,+ t 1o tiie ,i .... n. nn l.hiiltit ittl *inrwtm. SI tin
hl , .. i ..1 . i . ..r .i .. i .. ,i l "at ., .ui t.. lil ..., t ." 1, .''"i"ii ... li.. i.. .... r, i u l I -lll- lI n it
ii 'ii tl w,.,o ,..,. ,i ,, i ., ,,I|kI lhir .i sIlr l lllgrnl. tutr' ti,, lr I 1.-.mn l I n llr' elfimr eotW .t
VIRGIN IA. i iI I I i isltlllhihil 1ii hib

.... .. r .i ii i. I ,. I .... .. ui i if st adi e...t

i i ii '. -* ii iiii i i I i n. i'r li .... ii 1, "..i* ..... ..i iii,. .i. "rt t ."nK l halnltlJ l lt 1 l Stilll lt i bfIb te lanm i
, ii.i h e i, : 1, .. I t,,iiiit m' ri. II I. h~iiii ;' ;;.'i r s 1 I, entis mt
\l*r in ii nr hi. mlan 1 *r ,,l r.n li..i.. it i i l. i .... i.iG liiEORGIA FIRS i DIS t I ufiT
i i rr iii.hit.I t tmhmn itt thru tiu tf r 5 ili i ii l il ln im rsl ill tl i b Ilndll ofil W.(.
., ,..I........., ........ ,- ,t Di s trict

.,h . ' n im w s 1i .7h'f A -,f 111- arran'[lru u .4( lhl, n 1
LI I g t ~m WYO INr it.. l fileilE Ill.1I Initia hl" meeting of lh (|hqr l t.
h," \ ''Lr+,l++,, l'r,.++ + lmlh~ll. I WVOMIWO.~ I.llllllr- h~,im .l h, .i.~l~~r ~,~1~ 4 l the I Pivtean

has t Air
.II ~ I~ll.\ulnu ~ u rtrl r Year.. ,f fill- district.t l.at\~ 1 111 I1 lwu'~ln n 1

Designed to Create the Greatest Amount of Interest

and Jut the Right Size for Newspaper Publication

Stories of I Stories of i Stories of
Great Scouts .a Great Scouts I.- Great Scouts
Westem Nhespalpr Ililun. W iesern Nnwopaper Unionl. a, Woete Newsna
Capt. Sam Brady as a n m-mbtr of TNhis 1. the msry of 5.1 aoultt. tn* One Decemrber day t thl
a fightlli family U iwhlcb nd hitfry Mtead of Jst o ', for togthet r i.y .luties a younllg Ihulfflo bl
on the I'enllnos unli border -luring tihl woo uill)lnll fUiiI ID one of it h In I he The xa Piunhiandle un
Indiln wanr aflh-r the Ilevolullon, teir-,elt I-utiati- ei lr flllgllt wilh ltil nlng a hulnl i when tile C
t'lptnIn ll lidy't ir*atet -\l|lolt toI JillaTi .,n i ti oiettlu tr *'hiy .Ar Ct'bl Iit litr Shiehldlo nd r
pi>'ae- in ilhl. 11 hlid Irn-i captured I .in.st 'i ..ii -il thi "h'llnii h Ill,.l rs lited him wtlh I a grIv "
ly the lll llit li nt e rt Ild t 1i the Situ ,,f mi. i i ,,,i r A, Flr-itlh si iu iult on tl-ir liatiii Idly w
Illnly Tl.wn., bndllll .llrte for n il tlie tl,..ir i. l;i,,r f Scl" I'.t rt h, i t e .1 unrk. Althoullh the ihna l
llhl, Irll.,,, hrlire tle l*a ie* pr .- h,, ,I n il :|or dah o n rle w,,n l,|ns llU l i
Ilrl d I'i tlurn l 1in t Ih m l tak>lm Iri.. I ..ft i 1,l \\;I|ii.,ii. tl i hi wa. 1ut w1irrt ieal, for thie
lie ritdlo rilil'i h, I lr l i t a p 'I- ih, ],lll]i.. t i ff Iu t..i,l ,i.f liiu ,. ,l r l upp.r bli .sll d to be llt>
snd ml i t1i. 1i, lltu|ilre luiullll hl.u fur r'h .'..,,,;.- '1 1 .,,i i ",. ,'|n r l uur,.lll 1 1thl.
the iI.i1a1'.n init i l t iii h t nIltluih lhUt ii t.1tlh Ititi lus l m .i.l h rh 1rumenttly on of the re
1hy wuluul Iti tilrlur, ll. a l. li n Ie r li li tt ire ,i, io)u I mounlmted 1gid ph'lied up
]t nily i In* 1,werf nul l mil -i t, r;i. l.;irI, though to emltn it
l h at 1 o I a il r: 1it I i i, It u li- -utltr+ l I did i, lnolhepr ePnrhell
thiy w ,re ilot nl I lflihtly. TltI i lii mtuiu d, th,.i r I ,,rn,,. .55 liI whllllu d the ptstol from thi
litsh i lnS l luort ll lIIpIed Ihe I -1 tn iUl Ilt p.r. d i 11iuit In l fiei othue huntfl r's bell. Inlstau
a ., ,ll onut te hrrh hiit h thr I. tir, hir giiih, Inillarnitnuck the white I
ftilluae nrd. tellin lS a U IUiytlllh*,l ,i'. hut I h eh Is ..11 r I drmnlsl blow @ remu the fil
bhe t i11t1 lie fir. l. Ill l. I IUI,,.rl I" i no d i. II III lt Il rtIle and in broken b
I.faor thel Inlll alt rould ir Ihr l rii, l In te, i'n lllb told ilm to lt."
frills liltr lurlrlt. te fu0 t lll.,iul,., In the l,' t Inimllat ftime r*tPt-,ii.'I li h ou.lumbmnd lvm I
from t ile ] Blida r mnm Iiullrl r In 1 iIto hl Islli utirn Is.ne mitts b,.d Avte t
t lt hotly < juraued y hundridiils f u.lipi ait il m i i i l"S"
si*' ., I..lil) b .-n., n nn tnn.1 .l i T Ih* rh el1"lm Iof the a Cn r)
,,f I.,. rively hr nslu l i lP m muu *t. bit r t ut\ 1 r1 i ll Itt? h "" y ti f.l 'It, la" h..lr,l Willi.A,
t'u1.| f lyrn ruimr hli allr llt fiil J1 fll hilr, rul nhil d Inlu h I* ll0..t Ilre.non. mol hu nmar| I
At thisl plu re the rl,.r flowed -tiu i e" ., a.there nsa I lt mnI I, tI I" itian a buffalo Iulter hi
lwt Ien l.mo l th r -.ta fti. ,1 n. ti -,.. i tubs. fT i It, l dl it II b. II or ito Ilptl*te l trut n, N'II
at.i l.rl uo iles i-.l., The hi- I I.I

h u..,uiul ford it. tTi Iti 1 r r I- u Iir ll d mhi Thloi it i l aht hue rude t ,i
uom l ti o ln hit m ll ILini 4 nol,1 Ihli ru tIl l owl ju in ii hoIr l.. il d e s iltat- a .
tln to try tor1u .uI sli"r r s I lh'" e Iail ur i ttn rd in I hoht lrl. c ll lb te r l i-
li'Lr hI .ly f lramu h arritrs lid hI. In Ite 11 111nmtlly. T ilu.Iamti ln.

rt, Ill e tlil hmd nlle n lr it l i.J1m t iil l or ut.hl llllt I i.i m le of111 lhAlthie d n fI.

nX Inda pped In imnanme I l tI rh. tor lt I u I|n ron :bak 1*ad. was b1 t ShI* nll mnl.
then lis tih scout ihilr bled up over ihree wulut .iaih Fred ibc.-heri and themr lie obtained neeI
itas ,1e." op. ),fire stileaadais he ournn hallun e which al Cheyenner
hod at lul alui t n l urnif.holl,

Ing d fight, rind in a ldhort tie m were colm mal truh. Tmd. After the Adoe Wells I
tilin ar h ua .tin iui hille hi~ luh Ihi 1d iuhlt lit dnwn ilmfin atoy Aud V.'.l

r his t eels agrlt IaI coume to a llake For tin days, itn tIhu tmf hunlonrh temo ult a.. .ite .m iort c
and plunged In. Stl Ph i bih neth the and wounds'Iii. t e l, ttle and of uto, lles and I r d h .n ith hmla l
brumd pa s of a water Illy, he bl iathe.d st ouR thle Che nu e. until to rof Southern lains tribes erl

thr,,ugh a hollow rued heuo the aFse" I'h "ote managed to slip thrtu"gb A t n yarsl later he w
.a-e hunted Ialn vair n ton hurl ll of the Indian rin t night land gude a S fft Oif Ford countyI Kan
thle Ilae. th y fund ire bloody ttil fore ot iInf ti eir retn e. tin ity. cu.nl Il Sbeat we.

ato th wt Ir leit ail, bhlouenfu that I "rllh l tv" t ahe uwoundab W ouf laoulhmst nowhiy towns In
Tlie had eilr d inI I n than be cup. a chancey i e ont ng him but sh 1h en1 nh o wrm n hn tallh
t iihu ll ftel.i nd Itn a illiop l th uindlo" I '""nd feie n ilio hO tla e and hia s kill t
rill In afelt. lie. d many Nei Bhr and we1 dieo tI e it w ll.hol lk ln,,rd secnd 0
s him irtui. ngult lIt rue, tin mlSp lsod nuu lat tbl Illlle hond 1sf sitil llles tld trred wit lb ill

snd plunhtl III. hl)uJltullt boeltb the h eat ml! tile Ihiey ennen. nt tt ll twlthn a ln i ttno rlelt we
hirood 0.1d 151 awu1or llly, b brntbhd ltl onnlm Imonnond tin sIIp throuluk A Into yneila inter he t
trhailh 5 hlsllow rild wIlli the h man. hondhs lInen at nllht md I1u1h0 m obinehit of lmed Irnty. Kosm
aim muinted In v~ln on the lhole ot torn itf enolry Io thielr I reta. 41 e elf thinl haunty nelm. 'Iwa

there ale. Th s o f lnd h Id bl oody t""olheir l ri answ* er. Bill HlI me a tn er of
ton th olerl elle. tnda blut lnl fhit lustlb lar thn umwoundl noutf t tlem nrhl Ilm In
be had dnronpd rathr than Ie cup ehmnie to try tn tannc. Irivlnl hlot but tbem ontlerumn rentir

on (LirltBm t ep o roM th Cuyhrtlo w. the I 'l1nd, in lon or atithe lt I ule return., and L*ill "otie M
Ir tlf to t Of 1iy1L IDnd today o monan.o mlndl On It S MhIgh SAried writer o m

o mar I r ver the pce wh r ror
Ythb'l Scouts foIdl tso bravely.


o early sr
untor dowit
m buily skLn-
I'e)ru ne of
u le up, ma
lhow slid
Inllthing his
ance ..ay.
,ful lt thut

d mOn dlt
Ith Shoitiir
and. na his
-nr andn
a hot.l-er II.
ly thie lirt
'tbred with
iut pnlubhilt
tI smphntle
Tte hnlnfrp
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d won huil
:tly flat.'sis
Sold Iut.'
1e lhl iblye.
p In mftr.v.
Ilthily ilot
cult out" 41)
hle monrkii

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he with ft,
.f the little
nim for lth
Iad struck

Ifiht. MS l
fnr lontreal
Iun ill tIt
m suhdued.
00 elected
omu. Dade
oni on the
the Went.
old to I0
rcefill. By
be hd e.
nly to Wild

at near uto
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thW Yant

eWr 1aLt

Forty-eight half-column stories of which the shove ae Most historians lp y u such menu Davy Crkett.
exlct reproduotion, H~it they apper in the service. tKi rtin, g IlBuni Di ld illd Cih Slo Joe
Here is a series which will be relied by o ad T o ne din I rto
young. It is an epitome of(fronterhmitory ol e bLrvet show t*ha RockL Montha To bln rt Freua
ind most pvturestmq lnm terms ind thiriUnhl events Gnrdu Shp Grvr, Ylmlcw m IKellrknd Qo
from early American life down to recent tim. Words w r st Imr nt d led adventmur lIves.
of praise for this series re coming in fromnl quat thou Sever so widely advertised as he former.

hro oeveleoe sriem sNPPeW sta ir pise W as .00
Old Timera Who Heu of Thee Tales Are Writing Their Newpmpepr for Them


-- ------ d



Sade. Wed Stash.M Waned HelpatO Waned___ Help Wated
IGOt CO MET ....I. ... .. .ai niIII...ll.l.l I TII. .Ici, i f. .,-
Sl ,, d u H V b d 3.1 t l i fl- t i ii h l Int i ni i l i, Nil r ..l l..11, ho 1. .
i -I^ ihihu d-.jlnurnoisl in. inwroohi.r atitI l Murk oMlil.nic i u i ,.ii -.hl i ,o- ab. *I. bllbc itl b cllUll .(i ti oh. larii ii*tl*t itti l ..ii lh ,, |.|a. 00
* h; l iist : ;. AI I rl w .r it u tlit li 10.l .i but ll -1i t
I L ---l to -iii.. ontla cull hUi wori wlll r" .1,, iiilb in bi.'k u-m lI n.i- la lk*d *"hhlh.ii". ti's, t sl" .1> tt*.l. o ad oW-r bo

1*"' InTKAFKY ..... .. It..
Prrralrr VH 7+Imlm amrup -rhI. -nd111.-, ....... I -lr '.'., :III l m'lll dumB l 1
--1I M = 1 W ill, hr SOli-l h ltlhh .W 0 r u.tr d 1 -1 At.Idl i t n hi. to O nl II r.o
l i l d mr i o .r Iun lrpl rsI~rl l ,l l llin M. Irk
P S nw nr - S P~is .U oory l allitll ar. Cul I i Iui II liubr lilr rl. 1h c tit ). lW.r jud.ollu, i i li Ob -top. uood aiii
... II r..l.l.. ll.*-n Whl, hI. llli-il IbfAr pr. 1-.k. T1r A.,K^ l hlTllt..? ir. i . .
Will., ._ A-rit Witi, t o i- h.,di,,.. i .tiiirol.,,b.,.,uproli Nun
it i"l .........r.l. .ah l *... ....ti o,.. ..; .. i....l.. .... rb, : .........r.-..I... ...
|l m eoilitn.inlld s'r ntulu-, tiii,, ti.ira i Iit Iblh ii 0 F)b-, ilbs II.^ ^;I hhh- II ;=uiIibilcd ilohou
ur. ti r 1n. l,,;n'MIAl I ..l...... l.. d '* .. AIm) I pi 1id* rl.c i, A;. itOo. g.l i l- lrT l hlh*il t. ll; id 140i Pl ER
.11 ,in) bidNilbiuli ibl igti-0 l- Iuy'II' r Inl -tllr- il 0 f I*., Md*are l at- l^r hlm. l will A .isd l H u? ,. .i.iil.^ W hi -rh,.. alri mist

i l .il M n0l.,1. I hyili or1a--,.II -i l -ll ,,. tii .n ly l mll lliii ml. -.dUIi. ni oh mt
.....- ........ .. .r .r,, ; I .. :-. ..I....... ....... c.... ... ... ....... .N. .. .. ... A... N.. .i.. ..wi .i i.. l. il\i.' r. . rot...
di lr.i u n i a t r i s i AN.b i:.-i r b.. kkd_ b n Wi I a
.... ................. 0 II..... ... ...-ra hiihs...... dr *.N o rs Tu s.in a r t i si s iiii.. ........wilt.'. .I....... ... . . . . ..........l.. ...... o.le,
uIIH(II.I(I( litdl*ii l ir i d .l ) i it i luAl1I-.lu..-i- li ii)- l t le. A.I i ii l ii.l W+, r it.- 0lill lalr-m ioo ae oi
il" l iiV1l'Ak, it uilrll Id rt. il t lrl- l'n ..i IIII't tlt-ohW"' ICiii, ii i 11 bu-d
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