Title: Publishers' auxiliary
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Title: Publishers' auxiliary
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Language: English
Creator: Watson, Elmo Scott, 1892-1951
Publisher: National Newspaper Association etc.
Place of Publication: Washington, etc
Publication Date: August 13, 1921
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S1.11 IS COST OF A Consideration of Newspaper Ethics I. DAKOTI EDITORS


FOR COEIRES "Shall the Oregon Editorial Association Adopt a Code of Ethics?" PRESIDENT
Dean of the C*llege ef Arts, len and Literature,-----
Dates Definltly Set at Octobw unlvr.yot oro,1.". Attendance Somewhat Shy, but
11th to 2Sth-ltWary My subject I on the 19i.21 program tect. the teachers, the engineers and engineer would be Inclined toward tihe Ideal of the etlfhiner become ex. Enthusiasm Unbounded at
Just Given Out. In ll very mwlflle firm In which it the men of ertalIn other protemlmal- a socillised -ode! The engllneer it ceedingly hird to aclIedve; but s rore the Jamestown Meet.
-- ha hein aa litned, for the reason that lied occupaltons have been working nappooed to curry out an employers the life and t he iklititng enjolned --
'OLtfUMBIA, MO.-The current is. la many statena. atil perhaps Ila moat oi codes. Moat men would iartlnct- directions at so much a month or ao from the mount diflcualt of achieve- By RALPH KELLER.
aSte of the Cgonren Bulletin, devoted -tate, there are new ethical stirring Ively know what Il ethical It they much a contract. Yet we find a renao meant, yet who would throw aaide the JAMESTOWN, N. D.-"telllng
to the Pra CIonresaa of the World. In the minds of iewmpapelr men that stopped to think; hout many don't lullons committee at the third annual greatest of aermon as a goal to lie North Daikota" was tile general theme
la the July-Auiegut nmaher Jut Ilusued. must take tangible utterance. think, and ome don't know, and still convention of enitnerers, not long striven for in every man's heart, ad of the animil convention of the North
amd contains the following Inforten This ethical commotion nla a product others who both think and know do iagi. bringing in the following, which ome day maybe to be approximated Dakotna Irel Asu clatlon at JanRoot
thio remlrding Itinerary anil other de- of the sentiment that Journmalsm not care; no there becomes useful a hai adopted: in a world that will have a uniform town Fridy aunid Saturday, August 5th
tallo of trnilliortatiiot nrranoemen.t should have much more of a profen- north of profeolonal narmo on the . The enir'ai ne otbliation to av ethical philosophy. uid 111. The light deficiency nla at.
for the Premos ontgre of the World. lomil atllllu. One. lain the ntlment mount through which the public oin- not allied to duties for which he N turally enough thloe In the oc. .bteonce, wih woa somewhat below
to ti held in I Jonolulu October llth gamdually toke form In traiile puhlsia' Ion of eof h ptroftion may become I.n paid, he o-ea it to hIl equal in mrv- cuoton of teaching wtre ready to oxf'ttittlon. w n more than nmad uap
to 25Ith: tionr. In national ipwrloli'lla,. In tie uniform and consolidated. to o i uolrdTlaste and to the 0l*"le put their emphasis on the social as. in tile eithusolit and purpoteful dl-
Twenty-thr,# gjlortlia day. In higher t1tla manaitine, It newopn- Now the ethical pree'eptn of a pro- ows .m itienship. With every other a e ct of professional elhae. Teachers ptca h i wllhh Athe tlr bustlet
Ilawall, the "'tiradillee of the Paciftc," piers flirmnelves. and hear 11t taught feNion may Iem of two specie; they ttizen he ahare, responsibility for aov. always Include, of coi.rse Intra-pro- heslits wer nrri'd through, and the
twenty-three nights under enchanting amnldioitusly In shth.la of J.ournalism. oay ie Intra-prttfe-lonal, or they ernment: civi,. Irate and national. and lfead onnal relationship.: they nitlat wil.oillAi., f tlil thtI prevail ut the
HawaIIlan nkite. lnd the journey prno. anl lnlly, as1 l, n uy o. e til- le thle mAty he social. It In proper enough h efot should be to make government critlcise only ctonAtnirctvPly and i toll, g riTlg ulhili were held In a
tedling snil flinwlng tills faimellulllltig littorlal anonlriti..io oaf itaoes voting thit a rode nioiuld ntntin both; It In M lriover an' engineer owe. a poee... ways with due con.liernteneo.; they light r vein.
vilit-d-NlIhtful vnontlonn In them- Ulpnothtillt-i h i. o, tot proper that It athuld containn tllontll obllimanlon the public by reaon must not be Intriguers; they mult Devils Lake in 1922.
s slve--'hot Ia the plan of the trtn. Th ir l lr IA not ritifl.l to the ell- mrerely thel Intra-prilfr ional. An In- f hor spe*.li l ltrtlnin alongiI toechatial week advancement Uol.n merit t- At thi. closllg searlon Saturday
litee. T 9e su =k elusively, lad If exietl- they eissm tounang [aontlis lle' ot ties
iortation committee of the I'resn r.n- torill titl. It ti llt.ernlitle In the cr- trn-prvtfelonal edi.i htilo d l to do merely ,it."al iillO t'o poointhka an lutivelyt and it executive. they mrt mornllit' nl vill loik. lome of the
tifoan if the Woritd na outlinl ed by Will itllnotti anil lidvurtlliiig dt.lrtllenntn with the relations of thle inembero of riil w.ifare by every mean. In his power. an advance others; they must anlt Journal antl tie World, wns -ihorn for
IIke. Ii,,e rommiltter' rlalrman. Mr. s well11. Ailve.rltslhn anld clrtultion the piriftolan one to aiiother. A med- Ite aould stand against the Individual or break contract. the li.". mi'titit |itate nnd the follow-
WIIk spent tile flrn' three Idays of iniantoTra give i.i their illn. Iiew rulen coI cnde that Ineludied only such Aroti it Individualts lho ry to exloalt Teachers Adopt Code. Inl otolicers of Hite liI oIuthIat were
Alltgot In Colunlbia unfoltlng tli t-. of irot ilre that mtln i Ilith heliille itins on minimum feen to bie charaedi: natre Iwdhih fitoneg to the nation., th Then 0ou will ftl l teai.hers' etl a ntmed for the hnnoing 'r:
tretive program of travel which will o0e nilld never Imve i itolhlit of ite splitting of fefe: the retltthletl of ofte or ir li munlipalltyY. without making ei code comnmontly ilng hleylond thle rsnidlent. Itllee It. Mlorgan of the
only panue while thie delegates to the two de odti Tnh. The lthr. e -eeil to n riinulttnnt to the doctor that called Jot "reurn therefore to the rightful Itemn of lipatn.ul enildiit And relia- Sltilrkwither Tilnes; flit vice prevl-
pre,. mmi.rem anre lellie entertained tie muIovtit iinlwlr t.i.tliter, 00houiid lim In: and the attitude of one do. owners of thae potentliiti. tlonn to other teachers. [n April. 1911,. dent. ficorge W. Stewart of the Wll.
hy the lnwallan llands committee I, al, l the r],ll i tillits of thi etliticul iur toward another's jptipets would No.e well e l n t of (publicthe t ph it tt f t tn New; eondt vle iprt lt. Ed-
and whili, will and when the Joirnal. i nplallo i l eachI t III prollily take |lm merely anrt Intra-profenalonal eole. thll ri-il of the t n iilneer. That in, hIgh lioiool miln) worknllg miller anle i ard Sulilvan of the New otulem Jour-
ltt have returned from a tour whilfh ru ltneltil form i coleni of wide- A newspaper publinhern' code that n- lie is not I mrly to di o right hlilltlf. pin, of the rni verl ty of Pennsylnl-
includes flo most famoia poinnta on apllirii'l aopltilit. rhiledil only the malntlenance of job- or hlipe Plill III hli reintloni with hie niall drafted a siaci'men code of ethli ,
the N.orlh American antllnent. Caeda of Ethics. printi ncg les and prie f for nads fi ifo. llt proie.n-ti he trfrmtn which this sentence In quoted:
Oats shifd. Ethits 00 a guien to, profeo.i-nvl would ble litrn-prolfeopmalnal. No ede to. igo, fat nltd t eyiald that under thin A teacher should at all times ive narest
t hprnite itei It be *rotO tillized mtre trlil Is tin ethical rode in thfe real menae. ir-it l; he i, ti i-iine a brilliant do. nal teri tio ht l olisationn i a
In nrtetr that the moAot perfe t n ne. titire iit niillt i nle,. Jrirliiuilli how,.ver, unle the emphansi of It IN fri-lr .of tlie iesl.-d interet fof the effort houll ,i put Into his proftaqloal A
eomnnionla'tion for the delegates may ly ln| ulel. It .even ,,t. tof thi -torlnl or pulille, nnd that principle li iJmlic, wtirk. mwalne personal wreoaed anad fan-
ihn had. th. conorre S dntte have been iost. IWe t lih e ,l to ni, -ov. curing to doamlnnte itIe eioe of the A.s .ity no- nt-s in the mon 'ail gion a otornllnatae innideratlon,. anid
adifth] n week and now are flxed nt wh,,r.n. |,nw. ip,,|.r men., we lind'ard prof.]in.a. ,ilv tlh] hlr wiehll. dA.n t nitrn.l rrm nhdeto
I tlloier lth to 2l.th. Plrienl. from hole,,],| nvll lllv ilu trl. For yonrs The Engineera' Code. llihilth. h o lll t tr -t' lllfoll-t hll tt tn- thue pmaielt. et
:roint., thie enter nd tml fil'e doclrs, i,,t lawyrx, thie arlit- Yon wouldn't think. would yon, tfht fuiba i tdili piropuantilas In things, (CoUntnuid on Page Rtx)
I"., onite pit", And all western points
not too far removed, will npernhle -
SIt cillceng for ithe stirt on pieplemer vooiel, nti no A. Intironse the trli- .or, pe f hir nn. ,itHy, cinty. *ltte
2 ,t,. Ilpi'intm will bring themam ininmrof delg..te who ah BOARD CcIaOT FIX THE SIZE OF TYPE COURT HOLDS ..,i,'hte" e'" !;..:.e;,ew tr;;o';,, I.
Irenm hen eetiona whlern a ttlnt nectmmwieatil n0nd It iiw emil perob- It
".tons Rach bee- Ilit.1o-hllecttin henol e." T1irme ]tandred
iuiiehe nor detefaten tine to make with ahie that fte alilddlh apace enlle MINOT. Ke ie-Cnule mnmiti aoe net the eteht in sntt it. Slm and Aftt Iiallnitne Ilotiltruthon
ernfgenl t idrte; nialtb, no. II L-pint .111 N& .ahdobt.4"t-- parse will odt or ti-at o n ltag odti-' pAlt- o iv Id liti A Aewatifiact.. WItntet 0000.
press coaie trait two atliMons from Aan lmtracnIo on the following John Ldo we dcidtd here In glvin a del-Ita In inh at o the etn o owei Iml thlt lditil., owhiclh required
will Tarry e party from ChgToto to arloeduot: rinv atlontn tile i-onty onmlm tin-.neror of -iork. run.ty. The commrlalmle t fllur toin ..itf Il]r for print Ilnlt.
oin pttnItcaeo. cern, 1.--|live R.n nrtieetc l- 2 ordered the proreds.inm prointen in eilhl-polnt. Tle Trihune ha. no elht-pont 'titelrnry tAi the usual cuetoill In
T h Can p. In., Tatny. other 4th: arri.e srei for Io I linotype and t the prof eedin a in sx-po-it. The otard trefuad nut'i, cnes, the tplbiri-onn cetiten'-
T lS MI Cath a hd P. an.. T llclobsy. ( tl hr 4th: arr ive It'ment.
Th i nel to the Pacific will he Ithotoul 8 a. iil., Monday, Octoler Jude loA held that it the ill. ar prentel as directed b law. the board lill e.iltion carried only leth regular
through Canada and the Paollfei Int. anst rauty them and refer them to file tony isuer feoonet pyto ment. amount of advertising, and It will hIe HILIE R. MOROAN
-rthw-nt, la and clnn t ;ri.-l . rml n.I 12. rmemlberei t or Its literary tuuolloy Prld er tlsdnat of the hNorthj s Dak1ot
etit hrotne the way and hrenk Imn In 4'e,lt hWdlvty. Oicttoher 1th: arrive al the repreenlntlon ot il itli meAinio Or. A itM.ra Ins editor alid pub-'
the .jo ey ..nt c the monotony .anol.lu 8 an n.. Tu.nIy, Ot-' er by lH f T hn r."P""'i l to hy A. 'l'rwkh of -,ntrlbutning to It then flr Its Aun. o atner of. tio .o...w.th.e IN. D.) Tin....
of on7.ant rI Imn.1oWn- ithi. the l'ldiula-eh TPoet. and JnoI E'lttn clal returns. Mr. Bett ls iuctillon t of tnal; Ihli vile president, James II.
of an 'vel. i lin lnled. To ,llllth lle lrf parte wh'ch ooke, nt pt reldnt i the Texas 1 ceI"ntennall etllllon is reflle,.tive of CoruIiler of the Yloirmarth Mall; ireeel-
Idipeor tnd caeo party In h ni will o li plrt i-f the ennlerlolnmrent Pts Anoill.tionl. tl t acepte itd an lle policy of the limh e dir lrhi I iir alritUla.ur er. Enrle it. Toltevin of
fe.rei to 'hreed n irtymer for the provliled t.y te l.wilal Island co... THE tliTtnnUt InnItatl .It be pe -.ent anid speak. history-that of quality nd ...rvi..,. tll, Mnhdun inily PI'lter.
trip heto a l a1rtet tcoteoer tno 14nt- tlltt woulb itl I o ler the motor i or TI of oaite of the mlc Important to whilhltIts li lln i ad ug. full canoe .r Thi-e prellei-nt iInd the er etalry, Io.
tip. h lfititr el VaIa r 'i:ln od 212I h1it which vIll oiqtalit the veiisitl, T iui Silre .1e will -1Adai: "Advnftlge s s been dedieateid, eieA wili th. folhlowhi e'lle -itld n-
t.-npttl tly, will he related t .rente. inh .. oiiiiy fil n i vo I lv nt.loy otuf lhe tFr-nkli Oiver olitie Price LIUst," Iltr, tiiiiillu-i-itte the lil!eli excu-
It I Y thl. wil'n the nrn '. -,hh, win lU ulln h t. i rr"in PRESIDENT LEWIS NAMES .^.,llh.l o..... .h..ri r
lt otter seie flt alihtn ride o atp fir lii ihlstaill iiiit e-. I Aion A. f lilero f tie ItIohell Fre TEXAS PRESS COMMITTEESi It,;. J. l,, no or al .l.e ,, oi er,
-will h r flsp for n u olmhi ll e r tralavvnln aid eui-liellnn 1tW fill Pri.- e "lelo i 1 l. il De tl th Adver-e ii .1. Ie- ouikiner ofi the Lno gd ol l -
drive by mntoilir from Portland potnt ctery ilttitite if Ilie J ralirn tll.s toy. il'li 4ieti i ," it Slm tlcoo lt if ]iTtui'.'tW TA t : t'rei.ibe. hl Iclioh'ii
ni ile o fdher of the greet Yrih- Change of Date Advnte Past President John E. Cooke rijl rlhiivi,,ii," hty VV IA. .. ll, i- lhit iIt- l l, lti-iii-ir.iI, ill i o ria f iln a ia m.nid
wnt T he p r em. tif pl ty 111 (lGv.. I'. I t 'r I t I 44 ,tIi t te .. i Sir M il, ilu,- ...itit eai.. l i
.tu ain ton'es ao enrly to the hi. h ,luta N.iili'-.n ielf ,'elle.l "i,i p if fOh of the T. P. A. and Other if ti.' Stillhl Il-il i h.hiti n i ,,ru i lh..il'i+llli 1 hl.hlii,3 -i-
oiov ng fit-l the t gcru -. hd hi sent to. I oi i- en . I yii r e- iiii Ih i i 1,'11111i. - 1:i' .lifle, lititi d Aleht kvii ilhn
It orn e;I eh edWr fm lChinag: t. ctiiirr,,.h r i h Speakers to Be Heard. v;rir ii Nes il hit- Aoi eiiit orly t.hn
I.snve Noilrllnl 1 1:4 p. m. (0e rn]ir ii.nlltlif. c.iil l I'r A~llf f W Illllani. -- Tli i il1{,f t i S <' %v l .l%" Jt '*.1nro l i, co., Irnii i 1i I T liin, n ,,lilliii u, Ii ;u i t i l-.fie i.. i-
Aiue). Sunday. 2eptemher th: r. lIest week "tho tI' .eiion of tile '. CT.lA, TEX.-Tlie Nirthlt i hu I v tir it Irw.: i ,.- II . i liilil i li-ii'. l ing lill Itront
rhie MinneII tall p. I.. Monday, to twen ly-hree., ly. heIlpe., ht wan Teno T i re Atl.hAtlon,i .re titi, rhIr tu ,l.h, en, ll 1i .iiin, A i nllh-t Ale ever r, ree ter d I
"4e1h. t.. 4:111 P. In., -nm day; p..n thut tll no :ourt for fhe ehlhor tenty-flve yenro old iand .-r W, 11. ,ll t e'it .I 1e nia.- f thei erth Jkin
arrlvm Winntlliea 1 a m.. a Tuesy.,, l u priunii forr the exeutilht otIf i ling t loned tinitihg. utll i te ndlii t. rllln i.iiii l rni.in ,, ri .A1 ,l i i l Ahi il il l-
7thi. leave 5 p. am.: arrive Vanoulver which thnliiamndl of dollars hlnv hert hn in thll ity eit .n giitl 111th for ta tlW, h i..i ,, ].- Iri, ill .l,.ht1,
10 a. a. (llaelfle time). Friday, ,tlth. r iedl ioy iividuanl htrlptionl dilyon' meetln. Mit of the memilieniber- ti- ly i iiiii vrur.
li-ne I:t pAn.: arrive VIteortn 7 fina |.,trn| nuioptrlatliol ne expei-tedh io rea<-ti the city ahout pC| MaTEa 'In Ibe ti-no il-,iuiite.,*i:;: l '--il I l, holy, le.uinii aorvi
Am an patt"iny.' olil" ,om\11 "vl "l, ,',,,"k;, li,'"1 ,,fl"";,, i li ,.th ,IalnCELlhATE ITS CENTENNAL I li
a. m.t ltotireay. tictoler lot. leave The lnarget stigle I lle tn their noon otn 'Friday anlit] to remain until tI~.,E-11, ;' ,ll hi t ti,.n i- t lt tl ii' I Iti
4:u) p. tn.: *ri-ve battle 1:31 p. m.. program, of rourol, will he the two- Anatuedly evening. The city of le'. ----'ri.ii 1 I ,,li ,..ii-n ,li i ii i
Slnte ay. lst, leave 12 01 a. m. a un- iday .xcursion lo Hilo ind the famous tlra will do all lin If imwer to thow Lyons (N. Y,) Republican Ilnues n Re .1,ii.i'r I. ,, .i i i' h o u t tiliful effii l.8 c 1 ro e
day. 2d;: arrive Portland 7 a. m., tun- vo,,lno which I. one of the mont the eillior. a good time, and l pntfil- markable Aanlversary Number. ,It. i l- "n "i 'I |, n it i I. n l l
dlay. Sd.lehv 11 :110 p. m.: arrive tan striking of all Ilawallo natural won- able meeinit l i' expected. iti l .ei tu I, ao 'I. .... Ii
Prnnncin 6 e ma.. Taueday, 4th. d~rd e.A olseinsly chartereil oceon The aiiuoclatlon incllides ne In teer. I.YIS. N. Y.- PrI'ihil iy llhe -ot P-t .. i., ni 'iurtnl oulil Mr, -'iirl.liir il- F nsi r.-
Leaving San FraiMnelMg tenmer will nrryry the delegates on an rllory that reciton of Texn tile n reni nrul nlllil l inoiili r-inry ll-iiilir o f i 0 I,1 i n. I i l]ill..in I' h., 1' l I ii, iiii ,1,,i A.li ic', ,hie i liLy c,"ii|t us
One of the largest steatamhip In Inter-Inland tiour. Fort Worthi to the state line anol wukly pth"I r -ni-uel n Hie -oun- :'n 'I1 Fwlit-r HiIh .-1... ... illin
the Hawalian mervter ha. been me. emt.Cti6 A.ane mtntts. north uto the Texna & P1acle ruil- try wmao i it hi i y Ii.t It-ti lli in. Ti u l, i -b Jiii' cired for the exclvune INu of the For a lmlimi e d number of delelatee road. The memberati'hip hao teen il- lil. AIIIIuII :11h, *lnilniitil linl. the IIro .lld 1,t-mni-i .iinisi fr.. i.lii. ihi. l i ...in.r heI
pros cennrela party on the iix-day ho Iwho d tn hsolutely neceary no rred e lihly lightly by the or iatnion Tli lli iunniverut-r rf i ihli i.re-, ih -,',-l' -iih t I iril iner' w"a
voyage tfrom an leraMico to HonO early henve-talkln of Hawaiian lian of the Panhandle Prems Anll oilii lon. i llit l t d u iihtlite liI iy ltn. r. I1.. Paper Mill Rnnpn.e ii.. ,i l. ..' i.n l -In i Tlihi.ra.
lul.% NevertheleoA, the number of pitality. the Irinnlponlation committee tiot theme still I left enough trri- lltswh. uli i' n ilr of I,,, co.\.c ;A.II, IA.--T h I4. 1 illl i iiri.i, i1,,- n.' ... c-i.l- oil, k that
delegate with reaerationt made In hbas apelal arrangements ia complete story to provide a large Ittelndane. -New York Atmuily. ttf thei .Aiillli.h rPie.r 1i1ia I' ilp MillN. it 0,,t ,.tl,i. .1,1 i;.i I;*i.-l ..vii.. for
flst applnmeial the e maluMa u- oa- t lmthnee iho will remain during ta d many new l n ltutsers will eol- I l ie- Iiicelie oi ill lixy-cight Re.- rc.oi.n.el Il. 1n1. iete l, 7i i ....i.i-. ii I , A ;1~ -,,,-ii, gi- glln tih e.u*
ber which can o s commodated on the entire period,. Details of the led hi yearl uil r. ten-'Ohuilum Iles, illan nut nllolt i;t lad11 tee, Ihwl hl-t i1iiiilii .1r I i i. .,g ,,,.i
thlls boat. Acetdlnaly, arrangements may be had upon application to The welcome address by a repr li- an wer i two hiirel b iiell l r- ho' ubul In the i-nir i iiii TI llr r.-i i. l h iiin I-v tie pro.
have een lade for additioMal rome ('to lnues lon Page vl.I tenillallve of tah1 city of Ilertra nlll utclev contlrib hut y 1Il lltlln hlie ell n

[Wisconsin Press People Posing for Their Picture While On Tour of the State]



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M n Di.,.) 111.1. Wt W o K.lfl It.d 1t of loe)rr imrl To t 1,. l r n-11'o r
-II. Storie ofrlir Compaty Interest ^^
1.01 fr I t orlV ill+ II. SI W it 5 ...... ..... ti l i.enin Ie l T Te i . . .. ; -.tl o il1tred r0 ll lerr l lr d mt t hin deolt. In II 11.,. ,,, i ,.ntIbr 1 lmn of bu>.1ne. >l.tri llg If tif.rd, wileo for hllt- n for nod Moo m0f w n r

-w11.1 0., l H1-1 nI fslr hai>illol.. douso)p(H a ....L ake two Rr'' s. A
lt r t Who Ah. Ekl t, il r a, ill Vu.n e t of ti li t l n *
m |0ir Wlo t"t G|nrw Old (Nna te Pcr oI t I 0 oIlnl .I ofh trotsbinr, l r0 t ari, ll.. ur ,% l t in mli, -all t.na. tn e a.ht
therlr l r lr ..... . n.! li l r It,,rl tll it'tl t il. 110 11 1"0.o-lnd ill J Ii Ntne, of 1 h0 tiSr 'n rhtl if hI.t-i 110 '1 n hll,,. f btIle Motl o n no lnloud.r July sot.. nug Uto thr Ap-

0. rrt Tem lof E ...l .t B, t- e tL A Wo.odf nl 1 i IIo tsed y G unrd udor Baon- .00 0 ii0 .+l, ,ir t ll r 10 i r J.k.i ,,lh tilrind 0? lr oh e f ltlOg n Cine woo..
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( rw fuiihonit., r. WIom TIrnlf I,, .r Tit k. i sl W o flitn d inte t h lit, li. 1o i n flon mdto I not r nllm eti l..i he
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f M telttl.irrlot Series TodaI Nn ae Win rty1111n* n,, l ii, ir hp.S" n
i, liar, I" o n Tr o it .. o .1,,I, .'l'r lh..t I ir 1.a, a 1t no 1 *0, to lK W.
11,.1lIo I48 Viallf l rm saltlo In ff0 n igh bif wif,. wt wilt cloio femeae .1f lo Iron to mnlklT a otian t* '1. r lit no.
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ff0 t h orrel of .er ao, To. I, r1 . Mo
dm simym of ats of" On~ n h in fib It woy. to I i s Iltw
In, ll Eh 1e plorn ` s rio f i. I f rolm tu'n nth honp "or tt f ISO i M nt rIt
oh iana e Wo inderbl od .o J. Ie aring I er c best .. .... '" ,
I'*t.,,h. Ailh Iiii nolofon, llt h;1 Ot. 1-h, noro hedlm. JoAtni r Wec.0
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ll. wll;..1.T e" V11pi0 ofl 1ur 010f no l 1^, .i'lt h r. o It m a il s e ,. It ,ch a Triir TAIeI nouo.r l0 rne t
Wl, ii (V, 0H+dlln 111 .,,,i,,l. h n i .+.1.1," ..,4,.. 1 w. 11 111i ;m..r0,n10 a T O O o -
le. to. I ,,J-it N .,ii oi ll j ldnotett d fiIle 0tdh r oot Ott 101 0411,0o0

Womll Po*lllin 4M1oo1uei nl. nortll u lt rnlienl l 'ir ed00reut it-koto t uliet ITh f InoAki ',I ofe am hiook o
Ia n .. r etnli ha tn ihtd. gonorol foreIan T, tihe fiii> li orl o l tl .h Jia. I. It l the .--
(Thropliino, T1W m o ltltioih lr I.idi i ill tl en |10 ti..ii.ni 1. ,,,titot~d of 1,100. li,,nll lit A. ] nifii+f,,ii and Il whb. Wbh
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I,, (Eo l h.".. i eil"or ,1 t,, ni.;. Ir,;. f f.l.h I i lh 11- .t 1100. Ilru blame h 1d to h h ng.. 'A. nty on
tr 1,-l i oo Rlif., trpoTnrlWlllol tir m lt nod 0D1 Wore Of Sin pont to in f I o
By J S C. YPouNG) I--tWtBI. "To. ;;o ..later. r .t I ..... ... w.li. o. i rr .I.it, f . .-....On = yi... .. ....... ". T-..I .. o t., I.h-
Plirl trl. ir 1l,10 .. ..*Old~tat-Ot iYt". ,,ro 'io r t::ilt, n 0.nr h In. iat.O!o t 10 i, o P inel fo ia-t ..
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On. nd 1,tIl Sl-A (Adii. T ,I ill. FT.o0,, -- GEORGIA W.hlt 0) .lt o V. . f.Ir.t0 it0,i ;,,orV 111 h iS ,t ft totief of th-e was pt
Ii, t,. hrt t ,. .10011 h i t..i'i'h a tl rtdt buysh f h t t o ho otto ha in the no 00w
oH. ........ pD-1 h f ........ I .. ..
Iltllno I Vith Ifae I oTh t 1100 and alsIIio fittito ti tn f true-teh totbeerIo atotno P aU tl Kine
h d oiiii iiAi,.) All1,O 1 )D IO n Bh it trI ...' r er ", op- th n r I;,,-",, Ma. ,n TSo.
R eleaseON YoT(Bs er ice .. ... .. it i t.Ilt i .lI I ....-. o. r. ....... .. ...i .n..... I....... ... .ni i .. ... byn e 'i N ..t ..o
lier.y V V.t. iron ,I- Cu, oEddylB Vnp 1.K .m V- 0, ,o.s., t;,,le oe". ni l f ie rSBor h
Thel~h Autho is11 ah, pr nh c tJr.b uit iof f airtllfclle anld-(r ion triote pt l h ale: ndrnt M l. Pciw. A.
lt llh ,l,,t.g T Wl w of a111 t l Jeo t rnl"t biofia oi Myrtes nno f. a llA ?. Moptoa.
Co ss of 48a hf-colmn sitiones dealing with the g most d ong picuus female i..O....1 0,. 'WO. I " .. ... I h.ii a baa.h w ts Pa.
1wne u. co eI lt u .... VIIIII sef Ife trlPlen pla rl,0es o Iais ,eerepni . %o1tof "o II We'
IN wo th it, .ff pa tl TO r t by pI n titpi targ f o itr an tAe
ce s fm d.e dawn of y w to recent m.s-women, s by .
II ti *l lb l ii I, I t hlt'0m "itt+ f r e f t n in, wftI .l o ipy T ec-
Y o,,nuluil in M1ke N o_ Mis ak If Y =
... ..1h'"loi W, 1 A 'Id1 f til t, n 'ttt -iaii .11 hiiio i .te Initialte wo % r .
hhe Sere Th" Storie1s' 5Sof' SS' F c; Interest ...... ] taol l S vte Ot
Oi l, li IJi. i n t It. I l h. 111,l... O r I,, ~11, lo ro on. ta g hd se o ai-
In the compilation of this excellently written series, the author has been most ....lit.f ................. htt lr~,ith 1.0 f......... t fm ....... 1 1,111 T .i..n ., to he b. olkn nero loiprt h .

-htt i itoti-, n ,ir 01.11 P as1111 I t I t* III nl I ll ,i't, I , n IA a

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MtllFoon ( louio g do rI e o eroutitlle), ofstheo Ladyri loringnsaoA Vempte. Ooe ..ec and- c, "e fltlti It., .,.I. ,.11.', ,. .w ..... 4' ,,g ,
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Tholontp-r), The Gdd a1ho (o aAntdI 00HAr t gnl (R.oe ,e ieMo ao ltO.. iition tltM

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N. W YORK. C,. i'eo l etemi rat at gtler. c eew berlin Cof the Jour l l ohay wheno we Ie I
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ntp the ClheWe T w'I l.C Vs Iiit the lrerycdvly tm invlled in attend the erhieI Ih r Ju leeled Io makbe the pee.- I-act Tete. 'Tace... hae elid that pabw ......... H I 1 k 1
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I-. TheoWcllMrd R teeor hl. hee wne 3. Catti e ot 1. th-dhntehelIct. i-ow ele ri yearF.rw. Mr. ISLAND. reoca Weodhe i cloneeld A re iplm Awn'
t ie~,, rber. t~eriC~r" Mheditor oflthe We a J" ln Ileor f emlies acd eccy and bin. eCieis t i-r e ey. n. Metorldr Doldtea A eronetllok p ni o nn A n-
red Rellter. silt he IC e ere cf the. o rle end he added A. u. tel o1ml. wei
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NORTH 0 AKOTA. :I ed. te ec rc. ieer eIs Iin pert cf Kibyltor 0 f. P. sIiler. ptI.liler of thtrd year Cif Utt or Mb.icetioe 's
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.4. n ... thi = M r hlt the ir i ruAtion promptly. Ite eee i ow we tht C. intt c. Alhe nrln til month of Aellt. her novels make great newspaper serials.
toer seel Seeoded. P Ma knre. fer tine yest ie n- f elopr. tne In le towtlatlr C.wn.nC~er th'cntile.e. all y tewldh nan d turnldae
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* Cennally Ut 0. K. Ocielw1ld. sher e In hieln. a-uppled by the WNth et Ok-e- ViRGINIA. ond Ct the ennta converttInn of ihs
cemo cew I.i I CO the netheed Cl the hnme t 3.lt .emplo. l .olehen of idle in main 1e fit I'oltceetehe
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Z,,r to eeort litea Used. .ttib., ... .t b,,ldie .j By Camla 1 bny on
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h-ttdin. is fintiehed the tem.p oray belrl
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A deal hee Cec ........m.ted whiehy Th"=u writer ltke Kathlc.n Borri-. hails
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by the hinfhhysDn Fee.e.. Ltnnlce.eact from California. A Wllman writtr.4 but
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.... t o .head]. eed+ thed i and treitre hunters. Moet singular of all.
.u.t" h 4ofm. c ee1l.t eew th o that h. Abountds in o.nt thrilling adventure

IA.OCIATION CALENDAR WiFth& chapter sPnopsis and displa-t' t,0 a
AUNU.T. advance announcement, mpaes 6. i-n-
31).-M~d.~ Publisher of th iitteainf. Pfro .tc. tiye tif p-mte.t, 1no.r l i.

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Western Ntewspaper I'niun
Q siii i tr Str se -

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It .,,i5,' ,,,,i III

A Case in Point.

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ellJ I,, r < +,1 ,: ,r h l : I1,, t~l ''ii

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I i.. ...Tr' ir T I+ I[ h i t Iil] i ..., .
,t I t,, l, I't I

Till: P Sll.I'illEl'


Information of Interest to the
Alert Publisher

pubtlii. who fail to So after
,horrh adsrlit.in are not doitg
juithe to their publication nor ao
Ihe hur. h'.. Minilters and church
t.ord nill .*-r the country are
u .nini, ntl only lo the valua
t h t necelty of adIvetlsinig
i nd .evnitlical cs Tivilie.
1 i in miint h. received a ve.ry
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tr ito sllrt n th. it.t- r is the It-
hnhon of nllnators and church
aftluals sn order to aet ailion.
OTi of th ni, its imporlinl prot-
r-tunt Tothtrriss in the ULnted
rl-.. ii the annual Rock River
assensly whirh recently held it.
s*- ion alt Dion. III. A feature of
ithe m.ting. wa in addr..ss on
"Church Publicity" by Dr 0. H.
Pannkoke of New York. head of
the Lutheran bureau oI f tpuolSty.
Among tlhtr points hie liade the
"In thsr chanRiulR arld the
church :red. in awake Io the im-
porlanc, of Ihe printed soot in
advrliing l urch wtrk. In Luth-
IIr'. day. pr,.nli communication
was uTfficient to meet the needs,
but today wt otust drptnd more
than iever upon printed advetillna' 1
to inform the world of our pro- ,

"The u-e of the local pr t by
church bord aind by pIslo rl I.
Xrowann greater tever year, and
the use of their column on dver- ad
ltiint church meatins and other "
worth of the church i rapidly beimS 'I
doupled by most of the progrenive
church boards." 1I
ihat expreteis it. Proirelive' l
is the word and lhose who ra not p
falling Into iin- can be charged
with a lack Jf the progressive
spyril. It will help Io convince the
Iastard. ,f you ..il show them the I ,
rext rinrly irt.lst and effective I
displays ,bhtasinoble throua the
Chur(lh Adiertisin serve of

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Who Cc. d Re ast

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Making Use of Features.

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S \T \ ; , T~ 1+,,
I ... T,, h u,, I...

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r i sltIlIll, .Si l'tilull'lll a lvlld kim
I'.1 .w,,, a n sul seal go to Cubt ,
llV HaVfI u l* acl. lung tboll
WHO'S WHO iti o buygs

Newspaper aid Literary ni S1 'al .I d lord. lSe iuajiia
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TIcki on' His W ay. .......Ii I, i '.1 i I i.. l. Iu lit il
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h ,, il l'.+ 11+ ,,\ 'I h, l iwr lII I 1 h ~ l l i 11 in, I,. I' l, sIl ave li h' rl ilq l l
I!1,1 lh. t .' '+ IH 1 I h l+' is \\ lliI. q, r, I1 111ill ih, ..~q I I, n+1 sl ii r "l p'l llar
I~ kr '"i~dX $1" hl lll .. II'~ il l i.. ,,,~l~ i,,,, rl. sn s +rllnP htut
,t,', ,II h~li hl ,l f~ l~i :i .. I~ iI~'h Il,,, I.I ;,,U ll~j,, l. 111+ 1, i1 i +o h II, I i i er' hi' h Ih alit~

l~ i ,,, ,,,IITI., lh,~l i ',hZ :IN i *. i X I*,. .~i+ I.,,- .*) 'lh i ,I II~~i r l i u\h il ll ubN
I;+ r u + ; + m h + ' - f ; h + \ + l,,+ m ,,,I ii, I th,' ai,. h, t I fo rtt l iI'+

'r TTi-rl i, i I ,1, ; n rI'l t
o.r. IT.T.... '- 1 BIBLIOGRAPHY

'TI ..''* f ',",, i TS. ,lnI, N1 ,,

,I... .. I . S tI' T' i .. ... .... i w i'........

ll'- h I'ii i t I' *" iIgIt'll I."

sr~.s I ts. 1-' iT T.ill ili ,1 I i.d] iT .11, l i i T ii i i I T i i i l I t t. ii ti i i ti ,
I : I r1 I I f. Ih l l i .

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itG.tIAKir. :ii: t It1iNr -I I Pialln t a s All-
S| 1 , e, , i, 1 i iqnh li < *Iv

1 1 1 11 , I, i . I ll .. . ,, I t,, l
'I. ] lhiiT l l. ,r r i i ,, h l ,'i iT l .', '-ll.' t II |.lit'|t J ll It '.' .. | it X htli ii.- a i IT .I F, Ttri.A hlyo TIsI
li '" ''I Its 'Iu 'Tr ii t' i ii i i I''" I uil s tI ;I: I l iii irT i h Ai n lrn l lil ,M'll.

l i. ,,. iii, lhi. '.l ii PlIi T 'i'llT l l.lInkliat l ylthih
It 'Tf orloa W r Icd

I lShould D ry U p. Fn ; ,r HI l u. h M
I ll 'i-li J,1111 l rh;; r-l ,, f.,i,| e nl 1iMat' '"" l h ." , U' 'I ... ,' ,"1 iM' l' li ]i rl l' SUltr I
+ lh 11i lll m..r ,,-I... .. I 11, h I I r.. h i h ] l,' "r, l- J h ,'I,- I i.elh lll l. ... A. .
] ins biott\ ll r, lo+]. T s ti th I r n ,in lir l n Wo.M.-r t
i i o, i di1 Dry Up iii th oui. , I i Tli. ll l lit'' to lI tu II I
TI,,~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ,,i... I... ..I.. .. ....t h'... l, ;,,IT'~~i...A 4) ,, ,.','L l v 'n er + hlhn; a n kl


National Editorial Group of Virginia Newspaper People at the Ocean View Meeting ........... 1 ..
A slOl atlon ,,, k il,,,l.. ,.,,,. ,,r I ,,, ,t ,.

H. w C. IiOTA I ? G I' il... 1 I la114,,
I..I.,i-a. la h i '! ih'- lrlitla'haag

plort tiara lawm-amlllll r maiII l n thi lI ll ts

ta iiSoli lr1ial Ii l ul i i l,, ,, | i .. ii
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old faa fr Ii IlIii
ull 1. < a iim' lllad 'lI al f aa. .ll. .i...ir...
ihi l +, hai l1on .. halalma te
I r I t~ i i iiyl

fIla. ir f lh a'aii aiiiil al 1al liT 111 i i ar |liti'. I.- I Ill .I h li ,| l

ahilltal baa In l'.aaai'aaaialaiaa In lua- gatl am tatk ratI iia-hal< < lila m a r ;tthi>.,al uia m lam almam inaa i f il aa ir l I. nli ,rii-riii i lh l I iifrm uiar' t' lil 11 ( I w
hrll . wll r -1fI1,th l i- nt .i I \\I- lh .i II i Si n | 11 Ilo. ..llo.f III oon l ru i |>n IIPl I t n il I Ib IIf lhn prIII
ailiitaia lii'lnhl .Jaai,,aia i'aaI aali ai i ll t l a ha a a t lll lh.ifaI'lAii'tl' a ai l|,lltn ai a. haiih'ii a I nisala iAa a|< hil it a a.> i ii iill' iiii t n a r a n ir kc I 'll 7i:t Ii.- C i ins 31, Ii i iupp l 'tio l al
tall! laa' -i alala h un lal tahIti- u ar ala' oIi v a' ol a ha a.ira m a' mal larlalait bl t* at aara-wiai l..t.in. ha l l hiliam To a' a ill r lie ai. i l l 'I'ae i -.ia a lt'
lamijI ai ta t! f illaa ala lii 'I lo*lb l it ; lrh'! .i Ii lmit 'i h a' a i alaa ili tam alt a iali ba l l' o1 by ll linalaIThi ill lala ai' ii l fu la ai a ll. llll
iar tel tl SiI tllr i tI t h i I"a ,iti h l
tal1hl1ililaI faa aait-r'laa 'a al aA.ita lai i IthN firiaai th aiia li t lar'wint Vr1a'hIaahaa ti a-.lami ral'laa'.a 1aaiaattal i lr aldn e d n
'md aaria' a uial ia f ih,,1 ah l aa t l i'ir T l' t h a' all r i it a'-ltla a m'al alit-ma a j a 'i-li la hla'a l"alr f tine thial ita alaiiailm-al aI r a l a'a r l Iin Ill II in'a muii ala I tl 'a 'Ii li laia hana 1 ll i chiilia m l nin l
l r a'i a mrl hit 'a1111 1"ih ,a Hs lt1 l"r lrhtn '+ A nI .... 111I'a ,h r .l l. A iiq llhl
hri. ll a lillat llka- 'tamaalllanriaalaaau I+ r 1 ftelrnnaal I a am-nm a all I liai in Ia ililltl I98la I Sa 'ai aCaOSTi Oal TI P li ha r. Itat 'Iia'laihl' d
Ia- a-rI r l .itr. .i- t ait r at i ti i A 1 ha- i l...l .IIaa ln' i 1- a a i 1i lt IS 1 i a f f,,, r'aiia a1,Ii, a It i .ia

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aath laa I~a aaallia i t t 1 'i Jla ll 'ai a aa att l omh r aral i t. ia lal .iiit, w'1 ira t a I I I I,. al ,aall aal li a l'n a mlalI ar lant 2 i ai a i -ithi a w-ila a t r lll if
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Fair Well No I


4I These cuts represent No. 1 and No
to one-fourth size. There are four rel
will be shown next week. q The desil
or seven-column paper. Be sure to sa-
an order. q Price of each release, su[



ises reduced
3 and No. 4
either a six
;hen placing
mats, $2.25.



AwMAIN ISLAIS Honolulu Newspapers Are Enterprising and Up to Date]



Honolulu Advertiser and Star. --
Bulletin Much the Same as
Those on the Mainland.

.A. E..... are nu i
I, el l,. h tie tic li' h I ,, l l. .h.
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August 15th Is OD ignited as
Editors' Day at the Great
Omaha Autumn Carnival -
I J il IA. E:Ili.- An I lllitilliil Illloh ."
*rii~l.1.l i.i fi.llr riil.r IIs l.^'n l-" ll .0I

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:hIh -r e l r I f flo r Vniutilln e r Shiv. 10I K ,IF i Ilf1'r of
t l oilie 'o l that the rit linfr enl thie Dr. ii| J I uK n tf Frletd.
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iriit t ln ek lli onllt tIr', lth if to. MSr J OHN II. I O'i UlRi f reN.tt
Homes of the Honolulu PaOiflC Co oiy Ait ,re it h iand. 1 Mil tie l. iii il '. li.ir iile iuhtltr.
nhoroal Advertiser (ft) and the Lo at the e i l iciro J. P. 1 &. l1 S hle po rierl.
Honolulu Star.Bulletin (right), wher li.ii jI|or'i telilties ars .,iiliieel it. pro or tler 'I' rleletify SXo haro
elegalets to the(. te of Che r lis. A hClongres , shipri e.n ell... leel l tiler ot lille million of
World will be acornded a warm W.I.- i.ltore will emll. in the the pail.nr r Ii-, u1 t eight )eaMs
iomi in October. .,,i ,,t ti i iti l i hl.le rl. Olece. bir y i 311e .. S.i i i le, ti ie s e| i to. eltpy
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    i e. A lie l .-i Tt le trite l litlrolly vineva ped

    ..iN^ + lhORTH DAKOTA EDITORS ,. ... i'M
    c r 1 i-esa r ite i I 1 i I - c el l t hI.

    .I. li, 1 "1llt I i .r.iriy ,i To Hav Political ur Iau
    N -ciir n E c 'eeo a w a h I 1 1 1 ." rh .i h "i l
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    . 1, i It. i ti. ....... I,1 .l '. u iii '. i. . .e l i i
    l>,.ORTH DAKOTA EDITORS i tic c-ti *, l eer.'" ,l.l li, ,hi-c ..... ce f i .. ... .....t.. s..let
    ELECT MORGAN PRESIDENT ", -tee-:ee"l-:';,,filet, ,",tI rice ',e-- '" i- ",l-i

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    .1.... ........... '' ....t..... .l..il..-1i.ei ..-.. ,..., ...... ....... '...... r,...
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    l",l ,lllll J+.ikhe' 1 1 ] I lil. h ,.Ai] .I a l 1 r

    Gubernatori l Ca d date Heard. t
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    . COBS CO- ER btttILtAtiT AT-iL-AKiiNt yuCWgPAKIoly ..U. ATgTXTtIUN. PtgL rHR-' FiR OMAN WASTZti FtbK L9.1-1110
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    "Io lgust I ri" J1b 11d.l-- I 1 .n bin.d" ..t".T I. III ,u H .t -C IUn iIO Wi L V i

    I A in 1"m a!, it. i n. .* k -, sari W T N u "I ..tiipvthi...a.... .t ... u1 -


    Newspapers for Sale

    Situations Wanted '

    and Help Wanted


    On Page Seven

    Help Wanted I
    Z ; i K1 ,i i... .. . isis

    Newspapers for S

    Presse and Mach

    is'5. .... . .. ''. ......' 5 '5,,,5 5 5,; 5, is,'' ,'
    i s i s . '[ .. i . . [5 k i ,, ;I,:; i [ i
    is i..., ..si 5.5.. .... ..1 .. i.'"ss's'"i..... .. / -

    -,,. 5 'i +.is 5' I 5' I'J+ U '' i ,,, H , s ,
    ii 'ii '' 1 a: I h' p+, i "1 +nP'J;l," :
    i is.s I sI *Fss .siss i'+ 55 55#J' J .' i 'Nil F is

    Newspapers for Sale .".',/ . ,,,,' '" ,' ,, '., ,. '. ,

    .':;;,'" ,"; ,1 > i+ .... i ;' ,' "; 1 ,,- '" :: ^ '* *l. ^'i+ - ,n y IIPf -, I I l, l. i'
    ii.', ',, '." :, ;, 5,ti 5'-, ii', " .' is, .' .' "* 5'LS W ', "

    A .. 1 ..I. 1 '
    '1 -~'' i . . ..7 L '% 5.: 1 'P I. . .,' I .. .. I i~ J n

    ,.sI,'s' ,+, ,l's . .5. . , is. ; ', '

    I F
    5 1 ' 1. . 1 'F I ' F h, + ,

    5',' ,. ' p / , . Ill l .... is

    I' ,, ,+. .. . .. . .. F %, . . 5I I, 5 . ,; : r~
    5 5'. I.., s .' ssI ,, i ,",

    N... ...i' i...' .. t t

    ,'..... -'*! ^lF'. 1 ss iI' iF
    nn n r- i''tM I' 'sis "i.. .. . ..'s ... -- P I N's
    I i ......
    ',+ '.. ., ; i .? ....i i i, i l',. s.. .. ,l I '" s, X is'.y "a,,iss',i

    'is t is isP n I is... .. ...... sis... .s... ... It is ~ I r .'. i-i-as

    1.1 li,- + n, -t si' '.i isssi -a + o +n+a
    liiiilI ll+11ri l 'i i sI ,, Ir Il~ ist N'i sal ba' is ri -urI s aiR' .,
    N' N % I *5. ,. A ..... i % sii1ts.i 1 11k ssisiia 1i i ir
    I si-siV N1Wrisib R fus
    +1" ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~~I h1 e'l' +'I,,'" + ++I L + ,l +lmm A"IMA'PfV MA"INIINmRT t
    ,I~i-lst im isl- t
    isN ti hi iii 51s5 51150'-i .P lrq I f -" '-+t j Niss Illr i hfa s mm

    id....d...... OlI:";11 Cl
    araa il aTllh .-l -# tih
    S airy fhsraaa. isti is hsstsiA. i il illa, issRsia

    T" ,I,'".^ '"lI i| l "' <, I, I .^.'' .. '.. ... i+ 1 h'''" I ** M . ,I I .l." .'"... .. I' . . i"'A'' ,|"|
    ils'-I i' 5 i\5.s i 'is lsls~sis+l ,,iss11,,

    ii fisi*s;"' N '.s...i .. .. 'i ir,', ,i, I.

    . .,, .. ..I;,, .. ,, . ^ : ; .. .... : +., ,r+ ... ..,, +, +, :,
    i i r : [ i nii ts ,.i' tIP 511- IN' . ... ... '? .. ......' ^

    l I sV A s I I 'I

    1" ;""** W *l-~ nWB l.T~- wahlOd N rA 1n1 .,***" *'- i~
    ...... ..i.. T. ih t 'i.i'N-rii lt*in I, ,i, T..-
    lsisih-h an ir Pisas-s fn R MI Il .II

    i-N- A Isti It A ii 11ti

    sari,, ss' l^ ii isis i s illsliis.si 's
    a11!110 in.. ioil,. llllH Irla a s I i, Na. iissiMi N
    'Ml-i istl i til h~ t ii.-I~ii Ihhiiuitftfit isr ll-i rs uull
    p, U...ss..s Astliarak~l P Ii tars W-sisiaxl

    i it~si Wa, rasi il-s ia a
    ilsra Aill-va haras -a:l W.. ra.5l,.t.5 ta i~sitsa W Y~
    A~h Iss i .p h.
    bA ia~ WA-! Sr NN iss sr t tiar i'ls5 lasts.kil

    NA-3srNams tap P. 5a= cMANiuN lAN ;O .,I,
    A2 dais. tILt A-54 is, uses at, Ur ad, am

    Pa rt.n Waod

    IIt Astt lic t., AI

    i LCti Wsk l "a i i
    aintIrN VJ

    I~C-- -U

    -- ---


    Alie Press and Machinry ,#Mdleelame MNihlf In Ud
    -' iC tiMAi' ruiHtNACN i TiM M RiIT 5ALA-5N W MudRo0 TV

    ,ii. Aisi,. ii...el sis' Ih sisiiss .5A +ii isisss iiiisss vs ioil Iisiiiiti p:. u ssIr taom. Iaisy i
    ...,' ': "*,., ,..," .. .. .. ... ... ,...,.. .. ,..,,,.... ., .......> ;,..,;,":'.;; ,K; :; "^ ':. M ^ ^'I sa" a W."
    iitsihsihiis"i- ta bai a =s

    ,.. .. .................... r . .--,. ,,;.u. L" ,A ,l U.'s, w f 5

    '1-1"- *~~~ii,i ilih ~, i aadr iisaiia \ tits a A Cir oeitL~iu.JtE or n4 *a e ltn
    =. ,, it |i si s.i. r a r5,. 5t ,5 tlu, b.t- j. yil Kl-rllir l ) t i lfl N5
    I .,, |isi,.. li ) .al.laIi'id a sd s iii b i N *isst sa 5. in N d I W I

    ( 111 l.- i .1 ', l' ,> n . . i.. .1 o unt I'u '"tl " 1 ] '+ v I '"e '' "I | i ns .1 'i"i,l I' ri 1. beli r .^ p #4 I
    -" 5 ...i .1Is, .i 1 .ir t si i. u .i t i a s s ,r t wish ba,. it lb*af, i.i n i 1 D I
    t its. u-* 1.45

    isis ,r, k Mii't ; i. rit~isii. 7555. fur s W S
    %+ +l" h, s is'sn.rssliish',, t ma,.h tas r sii tu iba lll ViiUb ok tU nTO ~ l1NJXT

    ,,, ''1 * 11' \ \ *" I "- "'ll I--L 'll 'l ll II~ I* "' I" 1 I, 11'. n l ''. l~ l rl> >"' l*^.*ul i" ^ 'r
    7, .a i, ,i'i a iiisl,. sb .i,'i.r ii .r I. a les hea o .I
    i1 list s t slu 4r 5 .has Iss 'if. namli -

    I t- s. i 4.'1114ted i1161,a sit 11l tos PsrTai ra'l Is i i .s
    lil: 'illis i i ~sii iisiis'i Iis hat 1.: R isais4

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    ... ,k .n . i.. tiiit ..... al, ISaran st1ilt Iis. is, 1 i msisl aa.Rui5l A.33

    i,.' 'i.. hi- A.. .,, ,. 1 t liii. I f i i iP t L fo r N Sl P
    ,, ti, t tii'isis W asill It'-Mi'iliN' *- .... l, ,i iis s s ii hiir. btsau s Wsllll
    ii-.,.' , .. it, o u is' n 5is5i 1 , .. is.b is' s Ai.d . hm .c el
    t.. .. Raa.....ts.. ,ii .. ....i~s~ -, 'i s ii.iiisstt NSF i.l.u is iTlUMt
    I.4W iiss sit ib r. sarpss

    . ..' .. .. ' "+' li'+'t 1 JIsaia s' I 55 s'''~''sssi.. .. i si' i sslss K s1 haistrard sa i jast al ~

    Isis'sl h Ix .. i~is :l, ,,n _;ia7:.'X .l. .ts,ssll iaisp br i,.i .tlD Isas
    ississ ara '5's isss i

    is a .I ssnl, 'Is i, i isi Ii ih s sII I*., ,, s Is ,iss isaiit srsssliss. t sii Al 55.ll ll
    . 5 i,,,. sl, s1s l, eii ,sis .i ,,,s,',+ l ii ,, 0I, h IiitLih. aslsh~ si. ,fl thifi~
    ,,,I ] .I:-'1.ll isis -5i5st'lt ilY I ,l,,si '',s,,,iisis ,*. ,h. . lissssnssssts +' .el bhs5 s ~i55 h,,si ii Iinss 1

    las,'5. silt', i .s ,i s,,l +, I is ll .i hr... is .. l i ,,l l, ,,~,i I .r~te
    isisII I-~ss II 5IN V V O iR O

    me, At .11 w = N...%

    r ,1.. tiltls Isi i I, 'I> ssr, .l I~ ~l'ri l+ i I iissil'5 llt. htt'lhl. isp+ illt.f
    -' ll~ ~illr t+.

    Il+ L ... i ,,, i .. . 5 5 l .. . 1`1i11 ti t i 1h i ts.

    ,h .' . .+ . is si l ,+ r ... r i + . s.. s '+IF,'I'Ii m a silir+ ilt I + Wiii
    _~ ~~~~~K C P % l

    s s sii.... i..... i . . ....... i.. lit. f- s ii.l 'ti. h..... Ilt "t' Chi ii.

    'I i . s '5' +i '+,, I .ss .... ii *ris~a- assis L+ issai-+i is
    .ss.'is... 5 5. ...... .. ...... A.' i s.4 Kiss ti lt

    II , i ,,ll .s I.ii ,I s i .1~ p ssi ii,,,, l p .... liV+;sI':s Is i ttV n,,ii.l ffTihsm lP.l*
    5 .it, iisss. I' t, --. ii it:

    T Ai

    5. ,I 'I.1 i' t a i .H' ata ilIs. iN a R tf'RI
    s '' ,i 5 .. . .. i . J. I i t i-r ti' as~i k a .h i as i' iS fl

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    i I I .....I is I I is I i tII +II'll IIis
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    5 5iL 5'. 5 ', a .....si 7 iiiti %' is : 1} ss 1;i. 'i s' II i f'S
    I s 5.- r . si ..m.i.... .i . .it -
    m u* l I i IA l
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    us' Is- is II ixv -Ns K il stRI~tli

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    , ..n' 1 Si', is sI i i s1, fl 2h a

    is.. %, i ,, V is, 5s.1L5't'l risi Wiii
    .I TI. IIt .f 1 l s A

    % +- % ,, I % k.+ . . i I ,,I1 lst ii '1 1 %,i + IN i N h ii t5As:
    .. ..... s .

    l's ri-s sIii ~I II I I 1 tIi s1%', 1, I s a, f. fti issItat "
    IiiliifIt.l s1iIhllsfif-. IN-ntl

    Flnl S 1- in In. I 5 [l ---.np IN
    s sisisss ,ssil's i isT Is l'ss 1i iiii ii. i ,I I I-I-at

    5 ' 1'i '' ', i s, Plant. for Sale

    Ni 5w s s s'is,+ + . .. r ,5>,, X ,i .. i l I,, ,, NI, IN I sis i-,l hltll+,
    Newspapcra Wanted r .. .. s

    i .....i I T"5, ss.h"i
    "5-' 'I' .s 'N ,s,',i', .N
    'Is~s Ii5 51.11 1st. It~siii
    I' NiN's N~slisssil'h issR Adis
    .1 1i-nn

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