Title: Publishers' auxiliary
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Title: Publishers' auxiliary
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Language: English
Creator: Watson, Elmo Scott, 1892-1951
Publisher: National Newspaper Association etc.
Place of Publication: Washington, etc
Publication Date: August 6, 1921
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SOSt ^vs aav Uwux Seliiwfn



MI K Tow .- of Stat. A sw us t
Mthir Epoch i Entertai -
Munt Of twifh
NII.WAUKKE.-iembernt of thg
WIecida Prino Aacucihtlou. with
their wived sid awcethearts, about
eighty In all, partiplated nla the atao-
noblall tour tof tie ti lllrl ald ortll.
im orttinit tif the i tUate. whili bl
July SGd and ullle to a dn July
MIa wea ltMr entndlia on aeolkM
mbi throogmt the M elme of
tavel mud the stuMatluc mronpm
tened the llm at a W dtp uad
Mto ihe trip l1 m a ialMte un
terentag o uting that coul bhe m

lmat buge ati MIeIhik
t e frotrlM plee wanu at inbh-i
M w there the auniu bedsi ei ei.
Sul of tinhe Winu o P A in:la.
lian otlned ThMurlday -ftioa. July
.lat. Prmlidmlt Joll A. Kuypmme at
1te plae pritenked mio hin n*usIl d-
il mr wn followed 'by tli* ianbal
rnipirt of Loula H. Sminteman, nere.
iary"4mren r.
J. W. Mrwu1 foaer tinhtlhr of
the In. ot lldnelait anl d new leid
elarlr sAir the rolled Typatliet-
an the -Wi~t ln Hain." san told the
tern r ( Miswtrn werkle thati bo il
Ilalalled h by a oriaalmiultk Ia e.
tqnlitln with the mv.rletiity of WIn-
it. t. Hotall. enrautla nte tify
of IeM Natlmli Edltorial Amlote. Ig
epoike upon "The Riataola lniwm
State AIocatilloes asu the Natinial
uditmial ANlaMtteU.L" Ie told of d
IlporeuMaln work dnm y ith lttle is
n tlniU In o MceItg repeal of the
ldieo tl pit l onr law applyllg t
ldid-fau e ll nd In looklilg ot-
tre the InrItenst of the nMlltiti week.
I) aid nIll daily newslaprire In Moh-
*r vilNtl atilfrn. He urmed that a
larger a umber of Wlntmmtlln publshet
*.n onldrt thliln wrk ity taking meom
bearililp in the nitionaitel gian ali .
Soiher idiltr ren were aieliv d by
X. A. ('dlter. ML. Paul, ot tlhe Unifted
itmtlen postal servIt ee, nd by K. I.
Hleir of the Wiroinmis AIgrllltiral
dlle Madllume. folinwiat whirh the
edilutnm itulpeted the iltie elpert-
tie ttil frllnm near Mhlltmeld. The
editorIal party was reterlned at a
itaqet In the evenlitn.
ttight and early Ilay n lnii the
MrIItc of Ilaxellt itltlli(dllllO left
Miruhlehl. plldttoh liy "i llontr." fthe
Jiutlly.fale t ltl ifelnlr aif ilhe dil
itoklhe Jurnul. lie wii o iitt iitiiinitid
It> Henry i. itIdplll. eillOr ,f the
J.liunrtl noll tly tlw " bldtililig ynouiiK J uuntialt oif tret
Itinnte. wito contrihuted dally de.
eitildlolm ofI tle trip tit Sie Jmiurtnl.
'ltiene hillhly humnoinou Irtilea nie
A big lilt nt there wan mad nuiram-
ie amiundig liem tourisit evy larilIng
I.w the insten ntalnling them.

lne flrt tommmN out proved a
treAmnun test for the dillettve albill.
lien oa memheb of the party. It it
tideately thle uIneul Impmelo that

where iw I tp wemn maode. and t
M- tnm eo fail Mted uipon to do
JuMlw to a pMnMe dimuw prepared
for the vimetors t ll se undor thle
edie atof W. H. Bridiman atl the
IlekYr Repblean, A band .net
mud m Ioapertlo n of the Ptauly Toy

F. t. ("IM) EI m

WHINe.Kam I l oft PSaete Ol.
g uaisti POme at saut La.
SALT LAKE ("DdIIp tNMltth. neat Ido yt d at
Suit LakU Clty, Utah. July Nlh. tner
a brief Itin. For the I t year Mr.
Smith hal been con-tetd with the
Porte P'ublishing Companumny of alit
Links, but for may yearn prior to
that was a familiar Iiure In North-
went newspaper cirrloi. Traveling
Ihroughoat MinneMot. North and
South Dakoiita for ovear twenty yn
for different printerne wlpply hbous
of the Twri Cities, "ad" uith wai
personally know% to practically every
nowqmgper -I and printer in the
Northweal. avetl Yom dea, lr.
Smith denoted a prat dal oaf U to
a study and epolMtatlu at the "teit
syla t for eMatry aeweutpw of-
Stee, and wit enuimaend an expen
o the matter of p"ltiog crano. Hi
was of a elmorft l dtapoilttin. and *J.
wya left a mane of optirim with
the e ntmry patll r that belpad ova
un rot spoats, and thdre will he
ay u pang at real regrt whean the
e oftta "ld'" tluth't flth rated
by printer of the Northwet. t He t
Puriiedl by hit widow, one ma Bod
one daughter. interment was mued
lt Lakewood eawteey. MlinMpolla.
July ihb.

Work, were Itler frelurea of the nm-
taetmn oftat ht uhat I pae.
Iw rlt, te t1o ilppwa r-ulo u tilp
wye itlta at lakhe WImitl. where
t"t1 "f the largeI t = Itwer daiu iiili tw
coutitry !. taluti, ami a drive wat
taken tlihruigh Ihe mielilfll onriutlilo lf
the slite inIItI faor farlhe tiitalhtt onl
the outiklnrf it li" cIty. After vilte-.
ISm UIe oa the hbenUly start of fil|l-
Iwwa Pa)l the edlltorial party was e?-
etriltd tn IUan ('laire iy a revtltllou
OnmilttMi from that city. where a
banquet was tendwd by the Klwanti
Club. Tere wa an excellent pro-
IWu onl thin Invcion. muIh an&le-
met hul prvilted by the free raf
*Ia m amber of gIfa. which were
hred epona the cV itoa. At Chili-
SpWa etHl. where the party irturni t
ia mot r stmbaIni Imtto lunch altil
lwen .tifti.orlementr for daDuftig In
I s mi hell. After gertltng away
with Piz Ielal Ihn one dray, a few of
the editor were odllgrd to return to
teilr hoewt t recuplarmte itpftin t -
Jolaing the party two d)ai. filter it
larnt h.
TIh lnrt stop ntulrility wna at

of the Advtanec antI other tIlatawn iotn.
tturted the villtors tlrouwil tihe milk
ontlleunry and ar large deptnrtmert
nthn. At (hatkc. refremhmilts wyer,
merveld liy ltiltl ilin frolut if( the lrt-
ek Alert oMlhe. whle :lltrT I. P.
I'thrle clte tiin thil gtld titinld tit hld
trasher pablliahrI.
Ilanher wan served it urrima, the
hnle, of N. S. tiarb. llor of the
N.-ewaShil. lit. wa ome of the tl, m
enthlunatalt thoiouler fv the nolit
litmar. I loollmoa ullihletol -netdtitil
ftoii 1hw Ithnittite n fi Harron and
tliher ttfeti Il t ol u vitimty. whIbh had
-aten prtitd li-It hroilly f tilm i.ta-
Pltin In tip NewM-tItlIld o0111-. were
i lllotrittucil tiim tt ti rn.
Another Intll was served ait Slime
Lakte. Iti li te cty park. liHere the
aerty Woas iaet by harry itioun, man-
Kger of Ihe rlntt Wetoleri lPaper
<'UminllMy of I aidyumith. who eMwayeit
lit slow "Itrnlownile't a few thin almost
llhifltitni&--audl promptly irtaweited
,, et ltit a few mitle out of liCe
lanke. Mr. halloh proved a deIlded
luiee m allt paclrmker, however, hli
ari hitting only a few of the high
.potd between Itre Lake and Lady-
miith. end arriving In the latler city
ab ut un hour ahead of the rent of
the bmh h.
The Great Wete ll Paper Otmpany
and the AMNMilation of Commerl e had
arranged for entertainment of the via.
Iter overnight Ia private home at
Ledymith. but this ft wu not gea-
(Conltinued Pug gomre,

____comml m c---o marsi

.9L .-i

I-Wallace Rider oarri ffes. aovnr or of Hawaii and chairmen of the
Hawalin land eent r icuv cos site of the Prsa Cograo of the World.
Mr .Prrlnetun li general bhtln*nemaWger of the Honlutlu Ute Dultetlt aad
wal f editor r of t. Paelnmtoahreatl AdvertlOW and Svening Bulletin.
He t a newnsaper man of wide apEtirlni. I-LIarl. A. Thunton In vice-
chairman of the Hawallan Iland I xctiouive committee of the pren con Iremw.
lr. Thurton is publisher o0 the Honolulu Advortinr. Honolulu'. Engihb
morn.i nWta papr. and is a direct daesndent of the rit Now Engliand Mi.-
ionarir wh who went to the Island in la 12. X8-U1,On U. de ViN-Norton 1. en-
irutlve sftertary of Ihe Hawaiian ilisnd executive eiommiltteo of the press
conngrer. lie in alne editor of the Paradlse of the Paetlo Meagrln, .ex utive
-retarry of the Hawaii Publcity Counmnionin l. encutivc aerretary olf lth
Huswati Yaeno eHeurb AnuCotlon. odminllrator of the it anmp at
the vnlano of Kiltaua. and a chief of the Aruwa tribe of New Zeianad. Mr.
Norton in unusnnually well v-rned in the leiRendM of Hawaii. and has written .
Iato number of interewtlng article oeon-eraing them. 4-John R. Gait In
treaUner of Ihe Hawaiian Islands erautivae ommtlt- of the press eongreo.
Hn la vie-pr aident and general manager of th Hawaiian rust Company.
h-Howard D, Coe. for th. Itat eight yearn member of the reportorial staff
of the Hnolutlu mtar-Bulletin. wva tolane hy his gaper In May to take charge
of the publicity for tha prena contris For mn-ral yearn Mr. ('Ca han been
eorr*mi pndnt for a number of lare mobalibnd newnpapera and trade Jurnln
n--Alenalnder Htume Fard, norltarr--dirt etr of the Pan-Pfelce Union and
chairman Of the Hawallan publicity etmlttee of the Prei Congries of the
World. Mr. lord is taking an activ part In plano for the formation of a
opermanent orgaunizutian of n1wrnalpnqrad misuaine men In countries bordering
tns lage. ton Ia o*xio-itWtr'flisn wil maIrtaitn-a during the pram
reongrres amnnna at Ifonolulu In Ortober.

iii"iiil itt ffr It with rl-ltoit o sflmlo.
urHI or H 0 tie lliti .cca .... i cken.



Press Congress Delegates Are
Promised Feast Unknown
Outside of Islandls.

lO4,Itl.'l~. T. H.-A typh'lll
foohllilon l NI uIll" or lnllvl l lit
frtil repleit with nnny delleaiile li-
known ot lltide 11IIllndl, witU lw ,.
iif it feMturam for the eptertainit-ll
oif dillteitul to lthf l'i P s it ionri'ms it
thel World here next Ociole r.
Tii thlle niltilltlnll htie (eost will iit
tfirSt linpir rnlde anum. ptnrlitili. iiin
hlnit; but -onie they Itie titut' 1"
wildt eiorttulnt It' nullve ftali
rocket In genuine Hawlletn illul. 1iii
hurve lented the delltliulyM.ppetixienh
Iiavorl that only the Hawallln 'litf-
know how to bring out, they will "fall
to" an eagerly as the "alunaalnua" 0i
oees Nt -CtA With a"
The Hawaian chef does his a-mkohii
Ia a large hole In the ground. Thil li*,
lines with the broad leaves of the "II"
plant. After preprtang a pig for the
oven. he place it I I the hole and

htaf. Irn., fish iieii nla'nt t.into.-
wricii|tl If n liivtne. Then lit e-vtr'
tlih- hole uwlilh neticil liy-rt of
loivemt, mlprnkl-eh thll pleniitlfull.y with
water, and fillsi u ip illtp n wlih dirt.l
steeral ihourm later thle itrth iiand
l(ravin sre menit-t1. Thi- pia bul luet ,
o-ked ,l a I 1.n. nnid. like ahl other
itlhia. hnl rltalhinel tilt of It- naturally
llvitr. itlt It lb lndilr nlll J l3'y.
htll t ll- .if on l ut .li .iily .It,-
lto i v ti iii ii th .i hl 0hllil ficlia. tlut,
Irn ;iiti iniiti. Thn, iiitniin for flit
Oilt, I.l. l'lu .I li II 11| In niif prol -
iiI. et-il tlholut -t fou"iiw
Gather 'Round, Folks.
n'lot l- -1l rl tu ,it l tivi i tl tie l r1
iiulnt: I.irk. 1-riki i b i i Iit rl rul )
klin ll i fitl.fi iltoL i-l 1ii |h, 'P:c i
ll.- 11;ti ii iinii Ioii .:uetuii o i olivi-i 1 lie tu ul l. o'
"-i'hln ilr ll" or t l. lnl ll : "I h'." nrl
mlul w -l In l t n.... ......t Ii k i ,
erni khllu 1f driif l inh-i : "oii.hI" or
mun tir0ltin: "Ininl" -oii hin. i hih Ia ia
l hu) ,,intion ouf r fw nll ell: n.
oinins allld lmrt-n ixl'.er.r: "o--m" or

loii" 1 lin.-lni tui iciii dhiiieii- fronii
iinltiv,- liMor: "'kelr" or iwovt tpr
talt pnuddling; "llnu" or seaweed, and
IPlsner will serve In lieu of knives
ind forks. and there will bhe leaves
for napknluI.

* m 11Mrn I L
Charged With PFlging Chaekt of the
New Sra at Hepkhineile, Ky.
Brenm, or Ireen. lossibly with aliames.
who far a thinl won pletamatn In Ihe
New Efu oattir hIere-. n. arrested at
MIullte, Ill.. July 41th and brought
her. Ito unaiwer rinru-, of it Irry of
chlierkh with lle lhatien *of A. W. Woitl.
publilher of the NIt- l:rei. Two fit
the rhetkt wen- for 41 ratih. otie fior
$45i Ollt itn tle for ,4t..
Whli aI irrteml at M.Itne tie innto
WIe ioliIg utnltr tiii1 lainie of C. 'V.
(trenly. Th- pollic- h-rte got a tip
Illtl he wlin lithr and wilni under the
inUe of 4reenly. .nil 11 dioeriprlIol
Wiil wlrdl hit th lit.-ily tI orie anitl In
o iuchrt ii.f wor-l e.n rnev-ed that
he was under arn-t. Raren wan
binriogh to II.pk ultvillh e in the Sfithl
when lihe wnivcd rxaillilntot.
WIitln litoUght Iteni lit ail In lily
ioameotnti tminnny hechckt with the
inirn of lir. Wold and T. C. under
waIan. rilltor of the New Er, aPrinetl
to ltheni. Itome were uiatde payailef
to J. A. Hltitperly, andil several of
the cheeks have been riiahed att dlif.
feirent point. one at Mlilwaukhe ntd
aoe at a anll ItWoW In Witconiln.




Address of E. E. Brodie the
President, at the Oregon
State Editorial Meeting.
IIENI., till:.-P'r-ldeniit K. Ito-
dl oif lthe Niutllnoil Editorial Anlmniu-
tinu nevtr ovil rio kiks o aplrtunlty It
niiiiiiitii -lt llrK nfj lh** ti|M i bnd l-
Ji4iN of itit uti flleit i having uad-
lineol-l thle nilot.lanton of Washlngtmi
'llttrft u a ftew eltyo ago iaul then Ot-
lt-.cl tutfuo. li OregIIon litate Fadl-
torlil Ammoevlhl in meeting here on tlw
2h3 tI plead the caune of the In
oriiliunillon of newIpaper tea in the
world--biggent In membenhlp., bliget
Itt territory and biggest I eccomIplth-
tieIt., Mr. Itrodle'h addre to the
Otirion edlito was ander the title,
"What the National EdItorial Al l-i
tlon il Trying to Acwitploh.- innd
wuao a follows:

UU UMr. UmUNdiN M -*
Q I 'NHII ib tMore than thirty years ago the Na.
SI Ifonrit Editaorlnl AoallAltion was O-
Yunlsed R BenJ.O IIr Herbelt. It ti the
V Moidat anld largest newspaper orugal-
ulatlon In the world sltd for more th.a
PAYING IFOR q4lna r nft' 1 renlury It lain l n -
P .r.rr on a aduI d bestr
lively funrtlounig In behalf of the
Weekly PRapiters and the smaller
daily newrpspmr of the country that
U)mpole Its nna ratthlip. Like ilnny
other iloiMtaillti of a national hitr-
ater, It han had no deinite program
Yet the Quaelb Conaention of the fro year to l bt has ao in
1. T. U. Is Expeoted to Add rellet of Ito memberetlp whenever iN-
to the Number. miacn t demnied.i.
galsh ny o<-.I-n irat only mait
INDIANAIP)LItl.-nPhla faor contin- month. with tth effort on the part of
ittleg the fight for the 44-hour week will the mialltnil ingoilmi ni l an errlalltii
1i he. most aip t il e ito and tme f the metrpoltiltnn newape-
tlhe illty-oltlth ocelonI of ti iten- t f. I t ehitn reto-al of the otne
IkhiluI Tyltrnphileal Uion, which n-tliHl lnw, nd flllngl In tlhat.a olt-
.111 he held lat Qleo Aug lliUnt II lionetlent of the lut Increase In tle
llth. a lordi to Ilntel. at he bIter- omae .potal t that healb e -pertive
ilhliial liheadquart-ro ltre. Apperol- nley t1t of this year. Tht*e lnglturthl
nili.tly n,01U 1ltlltttic at tle Uoll hill tInivIlt l for on Inleinlte tlot.
tile now mitt on tirlke t.i lhlain lth 44- romtent of the alst In-rene, ani1 the
Iltir week, Itn.l the- Io. l. nteotlllllly E ,i" 1 torial Ananclatlon lInloe-
if futrlier exlmlaon of i iit h-rik alien dlately dlemonndal a thelrIng uIpon tihe
,itlrtic, hn, Ncw Ytiak. lihiii.g,. In.- mrelore. Two memirem of our li-l-
lilln|tllmtle tl (i-'In.tintti tixpirte till. 'atve committee appeared before the
full. the unhin iillltrlel MIy. Honne omllliltie on poat oelree tnd
lcllalul. oft lteiraInuiln union poolt moo und the bill wan killed by
Ilsin ttI lie In Ulttlte Auguel 'it (or the rodmmltee aftcr the hearlngl The
i 'lcif.,rll .lt lmti t l naiior) t, ll ol en. 1- inr e'y mtl urll or i lit part of It pr.-
Ilig itf iI,. .ionv.lti.... n. TIlT .t..mmit lltte vidln for i i l peiapon. iealnt lntil July
oi Inw. will iti. a ti.ni l.i the aiune 1, 1W '.. nllt it-* rn e fatl tihouit
dlar y o r.e lve l. ny Ii i)' n l..nnl t t uo Clle on ra u l n lll l y, lHlar md lf a 111-
ii i r t r. atitii lli lo n h I for (t i.. t in" o ol r tiiil"l" e pll renl rli l It
it..l+ll,>l, 1.I i... tnl

i,..I a ll r i ii pri .lllo ll tle whl.l eil n o p tolly tif lhe. N lh lll.l
,.ii.iiiiii i i > ll, i > rl.. oi .|1i,.1. ..,t..lii r elct ,l ye 11t1u11. ithii oI fit fr t ---rirnltiln of hlio. a. ..i f.-
I it ,Io I ulll Itt.nd t h] i nl-- itou tol oysttlin, whi .h f- o -n ra- e itiot0 y
f tliik Ah liy the nfitionll nll) elgi,>a ,
Agunist 44.Hiur Weak.
WESTERN NEIMSKA EDITORS T ".... l ,l ,,rlnl A- ln
I t i r rl ithtl i i the -it-hlulr t--eik
... l.ii -if flluy f itle lh r ih p nion.l nit will
Me at Scotitbluff. Talk Shop and At. ii hi..,,r,, i.ly.i niinot mh a iiiivt-
tend *I> Otame, Iontl. to uttilnl prolcectio, In In lIe
---- rh I lr|itill t 1 oiiitif tIhe oi ntlry. The
hel iviT. lti T'i.'li t 1+Ii. I ,.lnll.l, .,f..,.],,1tl lit f, i uii.. rl tlfi. ,l lil,,
, h- l . .lh in i.tl.iicil .t.- A.i if ny roi ilti | i ,ihu i ,,i ,. n nl. VnI iin li
eillih E t lit ,, i .1t .Ii iily ti,1. ]ii lili o pait,,ily t fllh fl le i polhl y ,,f
illli. giiek Iof tu lrt. .. t.l, r.v ofI frriei hinlg hr eit,.| tnivl.itw to Ihe

lillllli ll l II I"- ul-ld l Io ilinnlt t11n IIi i ,i lii l'i 1t 1 I.if ii tii i I llal-
It e I Nill i ol.u n ll tl i .i" uI, l nl- I. a ion r i ll. I bhl l Ttli- iih l-ol i t i .
titiuk I'hI r tll SitlItli i ,r ,uhtl l-n i fo al-, ir- ril flit- ilioii'h t"llie
ou tl I nte he lfIii t h I i r I iAi u i I. ri- iiiti hlt e
ll ew i iiuir ii ,l of 001 ..,-.1 iir i of the n hI. rsl
j,,rumenutlll th, llnemisrs s~+ l till. Ii r-m, n,,eh work lih t- on f on- e 1, iiIi

mi Lln dn IoI A nd onnre 1, -N. n circull11+l u,1in. The, l.-win-
Ilo k* fly F. I '. M,,V,-y .." T,,rr1iloto n t Ihn h W< utwo n1'- the eit ilan
.nil ic orell (e l of hi r h10" II bo. pllnin, lhel, appr*vln the
Dully New.. Will MaInull ro l eh ,,,,.4 *, I', a ,

SColorado E oaIAsociatinPhotogphed at Elitch's Gardens, Denver, July 23,1921.


_____~ ~


i( ast-to Cost ews and os 0euwsp adewsO Pl
%,. ............ .. r 1 he
. I,'ll .S 1. 1 U.S. MARSHAL
ALASAMA. r he r
ill. ltileI -11 .A, wikl apor P4r
S. l d l a t r etroll 11.,,, :J [ 1 I n rl tII I . . "' l .rfolur ll-. g ifj
10 ." .. .. '... ... '. ,. 1. t... ra g.. ...p do a u o

itdo outh l ie n
hr'e Io t n
=...*. 1 .... u T so ,r o
.... .. ....n w.. ............. .b. d

T N- -,00 ... u". .
ARKANSAS.e the iie h ll t-

i ..r four wlo oh1.e at c isebIet ,hc t. r '

", 'Ol' r / bIt sd he 'I newrsiMe.a trtrrni s< t 'r ma dert ths i 0e1n h s S'3A i.ioi (e I lr .3 to inw onkImmIr, It
S l '' I 'm n I p AO c o on ribie U it mt ,e,, ith clo to e e or se arred r I-. fro r lid an r ie

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ec.s I>l ei.. cor .~eietIts. ,., t ,s Inr sutil sIt A'5I r ,ntt SS. M r
u.UCK t friends.es I t
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LA* . .I. M s i .si pl ie. r *cl It . rInOr.rl .S" i for o '10r0 loIl hstoor I a watt !Otu i n wf je la lor. foro *ijo S
.,. i .r .ii0+ IA'trt il.tno Mld o l'rttlIrn. SI tilarnord o'hnItr ts u PshIot ih''lr "sv*
\W. 00'oJtl b sleIIs from Po|-rll oo.. fr-' tu is' a N ar sr f itto n h t lr i
CALIFORNIA ui r J t o Itt O Al t I. I 0150 Fool 30 iom of itnosr htpsorrtl'd tn th, i N. wns.r+ "' '.' 'I o 's Wtk o o Ioowh h i a S.
r tt ioooll Iiwl in 3 0 ht ttse 5o0 do- ro inolon tb al oha\ o tI s lobeo of .'A,,hrAfk I3'" 5Nsltt I I hsttls'r l f ri tih O I',,|K who to ofslroa to

bd7, o o l' t 0 l t'. lsIt lt e holSl. otsmo ofItt s l.rn l, lo' i oi I ..11 h- ts orl,, 'oI alr S' opI r fo r l oloa I' ; "* kI*a ari r.aaa le
II 01 s Iiiotoriiti40 t11s11 .h I' "Ilt Zh l. orI o o oIoI l..sh bob1.otA l.0I. i ..I SOIOI :L.l fo.. r th u'. lslot sod.lll. >Pnrt tn s .
b l S'S 'I I O r h we \' i- OA" l's A A0ro 1o t" hto or I. ,h1u1 u na r tlo Ir t I f

it VHELP to h In-,r ii in'L J.'r col L- N `173r I ts In. n n l m '''at.M
to~ l. ,r/.gllir t S I ht m'. .A. or e, .,, ,,,Isor+.. i'lt o t he Ode bq eq ipp ing r l t, tb ihr .rrlIi r huwhs. I ',',n l l will I'ttodI.n
00''' 00l soo.++ 'rlt rS .h A* I~ n '1i..' s ,di', t Alt .. .. I. IDA O 'l N
uI ,iI nlc wit theIse tt1. it.e wohichs i | ,.111t/rtpio'iii.r....rII Tll rs hsahr iO etO otooo
,.O tool oStls' \j".. i' h..,a'lh IA..Id II either in newspaper aduerisinq i lhll'"u ''::' }rl w it .
W, o'0 n '. h I11.rr f'me 0p s t hrs. I'' A 03hir.
iI i oii ..I.' 1 i '.1,'. i l', \' \ ' I 1 1 r I~I '. ftI^ l'O 'l m In i I. o. .i r ib. -rMii5 ..'' \t 1 I 0 niow ,omo otrll torh ~l Aout Edto
.opth ls ,d ,r s' n . llos Irt l-p o.Is li t t 11 ,,

[Itterloll, eihe clos g ol sepaae hw .t .
1"12&' 'r ... .. .- 1 '1 si i n s s" t o ake the11 ,, Wat l lb oI Th. I b"M1a11' 1lsl .I .. 1 ,0h Jl'I, h. o so .r os rn to e eso o.
W.T a ua.r.. .ro s'. ti o rms I I are n'ot Id )'t 'll I I nc01 he' A' i n .blengOOtth...l It A' 30I s':r+;lt.i 3 'l. I ,+ r0000 ,.L.'r I r.' l ll0o ,.,o:t ,' ". 's'b+ osa's'rnlin o.'alr lro't ht lloh+.r l so R'Iu
h.1 T It. supplied tn fett lot. Ii..'IotlA lsIlsttrho. 1 ll- 7b
son inches, oh. each.o's. rer stfit hof eih met.
Otoean eg Ioer pieces.Fo h.it is a,.,..rI0 i ll. to to.. 'I" 50.li....I'. t Coot -y"
t" M., r"'hi II. l .... li. ,II. 11T'1.' ppllI rl I.'.A '''to "1 II 0 ''lA rl A .llrI 1 li +1 ,l ;It l A I,'L'O, os'h s hoh";:s,,'. l "s A,! ,.'" r I.'a'riral ehs';. t)'!O?. t ll.A:""l-|lnt .
A. ; A oi.. ,'-I .'1 .r.r0. pI ...1.p i ,,ir.,,',.lISII.I%111. 1111oII I l:..l",,'tIs n,,;r "or's S; rt I Sn t h, 01 Aal l l lt, o a- '
rIj r., .A '..r i ic o % it li. ., <, 3.d s-Ihllnt hI l. n,.'. Ir "i. otlhi l -11 ,1 + .lh o,I IOm A m0 ineroontro ro
l lOf' ,iuA. i I h 1 ,1,.rl.i. (o, .. .bli llUrm,, lV.+l IUlr 1 l. e t..11 ro Fol'0I '.I. 5 I L I ..li D'Im 1i0 rl. CRO I .Ni. sh in gsm. lbs.r t Ii '
II nnU nI N 1t t I l l'. PAAI. I
It 3300' ~of ,th sl.L'r.,s'r.,. II3 I lI' 1111,, l '.',l',- '.' to .IlII I, "I .A I hI,'.0 -11, 1'Al'+ 'lFA; Fdls'O.,o..S i fA'I I OWA, l.li'Il tl r tsr,
h,:", ,. I 1h, 30.sk ll'h s.lh I l' I 'oslI 'o Alt lb.' 00'/,,rhl It' It.s .
CALI FO RNIA.0.,. lht' l.Io ,t .+',,l 0,fI l ls.
.400'', lh,.sh' '"# th Ado_ .0 II.I -J0 0 1 ,, ttll',+h to o I;i .50 Its lh '.t.n s'o
Al ,Ii 1-11, C,.IY it- d I in,5J., is iiI A I. iI Rill ,0. iA. O 'A' t r.Itt l rsu on th's'n IIs'd tslh"
Mill-', Ifitl SI.A 1O1t I5 "I-I iW, A,'I I1Y IW.1III ItAl. ,A II'Ilh It100 a I u lb'o lAs'
"W....,I 1, ... l," '. b' ,, 111........ ... .,,',,. ,,t .,.1 'ss'n, ft.. '
iA ahs lr a, TOAHO. ill1 i1As 111 0013'..1 01h110, 0n siets
&d .ti i,,s In- w I h3.o t b i llor tde umslo'
,, .- i.'..' '0 hill". "II" I", th t hat 3 3 at sOac ti A
1 0'.0-0 l d I I,, 'I"I ii l lsh'. 'r1tit o. bt I- -o pabd nntA..that
..s',ll i. '0.1 i',1,l,.h.' ', I.... .. 'Isa 3ltl ''o II- 1 be At. '. I As 5l '-

0 00 I,',,,h 'b o....... hill. I' -'.. ..t ', .,,, 0, Ir,, .. . u
....'.. ..... . h. I..' hl .'1 K _. to na b So o rndI5.r
I. II liooo' i i,1 'I''l'A'I', 10 3 I i t,,.i+ ,I,, Is, n 4.rtIlrn
C h a n........... ...I.."... ....... ......... th
10.~ I1,,',1, +*+- .t',0 ,s 0 ,ll+,I ,,fo I .I 11Ms 3 i. ll Ailor e-t
i 11 IiiAA s ','shh llst r,, n1 on r.r In,.
,, OS, il l., . 0 ,. .. . ... '' ... .... fo lbs. bin "" ms.
ai' r.oI o,, I. w,, i tosls s
........ ....... I... ....... '... ... '''.a.. .. . .. ..,, r,,r. Irs.. .. .u.
W IOWA. o h...'... .Ir,1 I f b sorn st, i
Feel- I'ltood.'ll 00. 0 I,....... 1. tdooool 0 rt d o" d orbl i bm

01130.... ... ., -nd.4 In.15.. oodr

ourn office withcthese attracthpives br s whi ch

twot] andfore inches, and thepieescanq be usnedl ,h .t..i .".t,
eitherclos e together corsiseprted o bqt jrortwo ................ . ......'''.......... s .tlidinlel:
six to i'~l..' o r m"l"' .0.. I',4, t I L, .T .r. to b;* sur Os of I lo n
1h.. .. I'L. hIli N AIlkM h y d.
formes, thatae note nc pinchesi tlengthorewidth. "" It; ".'" ...... ~..........h""s 'son t..... .... r-.lnlso-;-.real

ot.. soooi'., o hi '''o .a.r..l Itll' ahs l illtry o_ .use Ano IF. ,,n..-

lat'I~lfrtOII ,3IISSMUON at
th eiA'tAhhtIA Vtrl d l .333 Stlenktsb. IbMoisos'. dt.
Cnoio. 33 ..r.. 1 -' Ii .* ..'.......... o er ..... ... ...sr t aAt A n

oSst o oinot.A o .... ...sI..... II t14 i
...... .r ... Ii .. t, t u o


t elleed It' ~e IF I
3~Y"ifaa tri t tfe nr. m

M r UOUr I
TW-hu .Mesi urs Patme.nsa
rsddIteant Slb sew IlIaN. r.

prpfw. iwld or iMtaerllo lis~t IS-

*^.u. it E'neaw hnm ona Jue
an fauay tiball" a Ih prome.

{lawre ott Itt Jair I- b
-u t Pearl Ptoer Iu thMh o har
Aw are. N:h111rhe us m
Lanry of ithe* r ae. labor trouble

-. npolmlt. Jdhowetlee.n Ist.
us h sae I rCe ori pepa a rotnut
Mes. at text psh.
prantiha pmantot a so, isre Chd hett.
han hana somet. ad nar etagter fttaed
naak He.nnd goadi. mnrebdn detipeto
Sandpont. Idaho, wShaur oC a
.. 11.a, oir, a r m reir
M. Iers. w.ofrdor tnnaf th Thiarl.
di- rotm. he. Ttmo tly olovS d luat
lrm rlntlpt t no taut~ pegs. tf

pl ti. Nlf s edits, of t I. Ir
orrtwo Cm*nil. Mrulli mouds atris tuwell
pnl nt Idah. whamen, Cnb.It .td
1. A. I oItudI,. unInr elt ther Slhld
owIr me =h tk r adnthl.; h andt--
ferpn ol train, Intrla t aptI y tor
l .trp it. .1. Htotal of ofie 1
arItwo, yurm. h t r. 6i ne wsll
known wati r wt man ilpuri -
pont.i Ioi taea Cl 4tInoh uttdI
hit A. Cu, a J udit h em tI lft
-it. Jor Imb w*ithr~f Inal: ei
"npitrut wipof out the e io=. hIu sd
cuuMd him ft 1- per ent bolhT
liea it lit thr ton OIL rtly Ith.
ed hll aii hI tarot oores C-
foaiwd.21 Mr. oIa* or lo is a warit.
huown tha tpar main Jad hto hg
atg. oIuraP. Is ster ted C =a a r
ouALtirs`Celts (eefil hnlis bauwara

,be .uW of tha dat, .ph
1. lillt-lw, R t5l o r's So St1m

wnhstrC ter. AJa dtoo Ohlmh ai hal
~r the far .ew lhrih- for Which dJ-
pmtatil wai iven ot the rmatosal
ot-Mlo heM in D Mein-e tu June
=nsd ht Ia ptit plmtrat nobe u
and "hl m any abo r0rnst

will attra d M hr *at a la. tm BthuIo-r
In 8pptember.
Jroem. Mor. f.merl editor il4
ownrT or the lvlnflon I terr~rt.
1I been appointed by Governor ,xon
MR rheireu. of t.. indui.1utrl .clident
hotlr. Mr. haks I. A Mhetaneu ana
having been bot and rioead In the
etat h sd oorodu u slln fromI the et.O
i.nll st tawmn. HC h b5CB t one
netmrl with the Untrled St.o hco*d
hnditctl surv t und t*natud Iton h r-
miimiatlnn service end amrvad t U a-
tain of wl n..r.s In the 1'nled BtMt
army o durlu the t World _. I w.
inr of the orL"anis e of the prolt
whicr at to LI.iput N Solrrithse.
Clu or the Yplowintondlhrtiu In the Tel-
Ilow-tone Natlinal Park and I. -fllv-p
ly noirmal In the work of ubettrion
huarsi Aendl lhtiuo In Motadn. HIs
appointments by Diovsror ixon i.
nil over the *tatg.
Ut-rri oa molta r of the Deubol.
he,.B h -i F alv~ news of Vale p.
ixintelCnt Ito the pJoltUn of poeta-.
gir *t IsoIr t
mar. imma M. lr1ndn hsr *od e her
Interest doin thr Wrtmort larn. i to
Itny hy... If "-iw hed open, two
ofrs with th ntrlde po rt tle'r.
whiih e "ad a dCu iro to continue in
t'u.n... In that community. It mi the
intention to Install nIw equipment In
he oftheid atsia*nd elargeCe the fe.
illltimn In *cr'omliodxe Isrl* new-
I a|r *nd Job wr. or ill klnd Mm.
iwuon hall Ninductld the buee..n of
the lesgld Inrt the death of . D.
omior, *nd will now rtire from the
r.u. .niditrdl of owner anRd pufbilh
nr ht ws be retalned ne. empfohe
by Mr. Rymnon. nA
odlta C. C. CRmpbell oft the CsllCto
Ntinyt u monle~~I Itin the ltothut oto
i t a dteiad tu eMious is-
tuenes Iminth .tr thudn

tmr num orl m e of P tthad. whM
=t nl wferd .,,.vorely by (ItW ha de-
rtdd to eat noew building. It o C.-
pertod t. telMnir will be re dy for
_10upmcy l aLvmber.
News gt iuMa in th,. aau -o
to .A~t w~l ii nty mdhW7ofti
a rnmt mt~e~hend sa the Ie do'

ed Mrvic. dlretor of the KcplurI uto
lrfttdtloh dsstrtet and tn* tusat
(*'hunber of Cmw thwqT
IOs th easllu.1Zalta

tea *t U" CruoM N. bLtrdrret
u eIttd Iaoa wha th C nited
rtonutly olgiutod seruich eniphlu th'
tide dMC on te amfawohd. G to More
rpoetodi thu Oi wett ha trai foar

and dl-sle ytolisn Ie Uel ahief y..
Idlmor Walter lf Willitas of aft lw
heM ben appa lnted reh.lvr of th.
Nanek imdertment rto iicIn.. b -ank
blme CWhorlatt A. I&=rMtZ own f
CereBtokln dite so thu lo CrusoU

WMo NI f Ir h btly for
tha court o mar.1 wih bead oan
T=s =eau is titi 1ba the ant
bthan 9 da= ntu11 imd.t tr

h-s isd ol lMo-1n ps tBl fort
C*se nar-Mretssa U ew 00

_g=rIn po0 bull 9M fallo An"
toedd Son Datris. fourtels
nod dsiasa ^wotuam i^s tu aie,..

N E YO R n. m
low, M:16 asaeedesleu h

CheNOW I)Jtde.I*.O at th
a fime am and mo whae.hnI

eae mandalma

odion. andBK etS Ca q^EAM
sE5& So 9= 1 a .31e

dam oe @om
at MTN hw son
e "eo ntMstp D MPA.tuWg


ift 5IM, kftes Ia o to .r Kul
at, tioosl-na N ew besiiaod.g.

ha aot .tahs eDaUtal. who hoilnh
ones th 1eneseur tram 116 1i1?l 0..
ufe. Mr. d t leah-

a... de sd o er

tetoaeo Itvf-usriti~oaet from . Hero
AJorth l eat. ae ar ao fe -
ar. t .d .., .arm a U-- ht.e
teo.dd. thuints hE K rith. U4111. aunhsi
eos toe smr. sisontld. ma P hes doro.

.Iton a livoe tohne Up pacimalio o TarO
Tno. "ttsr a. OHIO.tu h u
roJ. andfon KIse hso tod rne the Cpry
ofiddi athi Auan )h. Tho me Is SahPlat
WO. ofth ludo Psim. It .lsHoarper

At t alote -anf" se m
the(S~la =W:-ITW lme rMuN
Thilu. tir5.5 p ouMa 555 hoerty am
ieeHK fCu i o ta I- optoe etor Zory
tern of*mOHI or.
The Wate in e ho e irortheprind th f
ra CIer Au.A h mto tao. I No od
l.a tido.. Nt

pe~~tiof WniYR Ubft" R
ohn P ll u.i e puhitehu ofaChe Tit '
k1V b a ITZ = .111i fis 1
yn. of RtOe i ontal i ttil d uw
Thu C~httai umaSma i asdr^dueed

Cu lt.:, Ra S aeeWust p. sns-
e Tnio tr e he C .IN. of wt Pt
train the Tr1buT.I.Mpk milk..
pDlisher ms th Deego Nu op_.
Athanta C. tWo es l. I

uis-hr1t haW Just movd hm plant Into
IPw ndl better qi~rerfn *nd In a re.
Tht Iu Intwiated ttht It w na *kot.

though Jo."
liont. John nolobm lalT niitor oand

editor ot tho Oknshor A.r ttalnalT as
tnutr,. leIt Bunay niKlt for n vacation
in the rISt. While awny be wtll vCait
Wathmntohe. aSw York n .d ultbr popu-

lous cenler*.
The InthS Reford. wned *and pub-
Imir by W." 1). Ne ln tor itir pt M h(.
een yrs his Ilwi *ld to R. o. wool.
iyto,. ho rtenotly dpoem. of the Not-h
Pwdefr Nr, tfor.aratat

whi'h wInt re.w. of the a. E. Ad, pub-
isher oN thae Oreon 'Stlly ntrprltl it
tmr hpvea auNth Y %d o the R't n-
TeterP' phnhe sonntly. byys t1e 1 a- h
.will bC nami*In annual PlaNr.
urna.. uAl othe hdtoh of ath H demlo
flhr om the 'a... ViTtyep adise. I

1-rral. ham tn ho- Intor o In Iirn.
to U.rnMaH S"anwNrailI. Mr iMntwr-
In. who i wnt to ltsormaon fram Now-
".. ili tl wi rndttd
yer. Mr. Atlry *IIIocto In
-he plan of Primavllk' two ew
rne. t Jourat-l hnd the %al. hneh
liedis P. Coo. FormesatL. A. Codnier.
CCb oun proldalc nod thu Satly flapathS

tasferoM blJshr of ten Call. will bd dl.
to. inoW. W. Ruhtmo talane menawF
of tho HwW puhlcattoa Guy 1rnoltoteo.
forr pubiish1 of Ihe Jounal. will de.
voe mon t of hu at7 to maker ittare..
The Aurora Oerver hbe bee'n com-
ellod to add another room to It quar*
iore and In re the moving e. ltor iPaul
Roble-.n My-. *I'"hevbery pItPr cut-
ler not tu down t u ouplt of Itna and
after ptnttlng I tothor w hv
thrun ihraw- wih no w l, a o to and
ori h ll of iron w can't giaount
fnr." the nCbrvtr obarvh thalt 1
new oadera bave beeoo added to sgt
aln recently.
t. Ih. leokensi editor of the Marlen-
ellis KxprmiM. wa: a -fnt velit-r in
Tlaontn and tnlle on J. I. Weank.
editor of there Thon'it B-p1tlian.
Thep puhlsl~llntii~ceirrrlnland II*n-
orat phstine buaIn6s hr.atof re con.
darted by m Oa M. a n ard t th.
latnt o. the Ivirpool oun. hs p Zne d
io the ownership ntop. A. Fry mnit.
Rtltor J. J. Inwueri of the Viahur
County Kc'ho. 01llier. I* brin hnUohed
tp a iandldtte Co IteLiist mfero. new-
ersl ywrr 1x0 hrprmnted him dl
hert, ana wae tonly autlwfanodry to
hf omitlt uIrnta.
F. W. Trine. who haa J o connefcod
with tbe .AdvmtoW. is IV kit Lwth
City. Mr. AThlin hi nut da tdod what
he will do. u t tfe o to y that me
wt met be out of the a- fo lon.
The tenth annual aIb f al TIbn-
poe. ewondhatod hsld at w=ehi oaws3.M
see.rd to tOha oap of that
olunthion vt 'I U. At ainrfu
toemee totato uttuCl. wtC hea.

t anor h.eI. Itue where mllma-br
*ritfom pact icalty tovr ato Inr
u he paow. Tuhto ctiU.aa ahof rv t*~e

gVsm Il tehitkh, of f Mth e Delta
ESula sutoSetime to b"hsr t oreoo

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ere. bedt soq th meig SdC P

C4u=t1ais e.lar onot =tm sot.
topt i e d a s o n


.... ,__ -:;.
.ater bt I ftogether we hte
thr Itiee tof irnotnt wrath su' t
fOrW ITr ILeee Heebande thu Iee

m ads" hatfhesadde ,1 the
lie resuatty

o. to theon- e dor ohe I.a n
edto f ^thutSunEla g.theSO.~
ora pieln htoses ceetfaa on
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tofteuorhg fP .Pba

-940a1 .Stptsao huUdo

Time to Prepare for School Days


In anticipation of vacation's end, mothers all over the country are

now considering the subject of school clothes for their children.

The next few weeks will see busy times in many homes. It is appro-

priate that publishers have the material which will be of greatest

interest to women.

Above are two illustrations taken from the regular service of Wom-

an's Feature, prepared by Julia Bottomley, the practical style expert.

There will be a considerable amount of similar material continuing

until near the end of August.

Woman's Feature carries six articles in each weekly release. Each

article occupies two columns, ten inches deep, including illustration of

the size shown above. The price of each release, supplied either in

plates or mats, is $1.75.

The text of each article describes styles and materials such as your

merchants will wish placed before their customers in this attractive

manner, and as an aid to their advertising.

If you carry this service, point out to your merchants how effectively

it co-operates with their efforts. If you are not carrying it, place a

standing order and thereby secure more advertising patronage.





iI wlde0l wW
I Nt Ittwaa ~t~jil
C r w afa ta
bu It e It my
-- ~u~l. ~ man.
-l m w *r abl Oit ma a tia..
ut oanly .,op. 9,Rth &IIIII t e
Th r pawuept. af CMh t -arlath-
9*9e people eHt -h Io -i IIIrttoi
ousty r* proud of their tow and
rIseinr. 1hey a,. ia prmad at thu
fast Clht thar has a tlivn-wirlr pper
I the tha R.e4 ad mad It I.Itomte-
-llasl netpare.

e.LL.JYmokh 1it .1 ta

Caltifora eto nia nd dillor. died .t
Sam fiefp fotaaet Tb. dausasad
Ianted hTs trada lCa tW Inealmsg CnatP
Is tho emair dotsl ltdt Slobtihud
eountre wtklla Is ma1E r.v HIaS
tut nslwaspfu Vtofo w M ilMM
whIe pehiltad the Mato

rst. Mra. w itr sA thors
ll 1 Dooaa. ~Imaway r a

aC R ft Cs. BJa T fod
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Aln. your 'Wonders of Ameries' and (WOOlmD 09 )k. 0pgi P gg- >

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t .. ..^ t m i wll n r uFE TR"' u"s'"e m.,t t rral"r FEATURES ery m .uc ." Par. Sr Whs
W e ...rn N ew spape U nio n It r r ru; .." ; Im pose and you w i.' ha'ft" "; ,d p illg x tg"; U b M :
ilyt r Newspaper USne ic .. . | ,,,,,,, ,,,, ,,,,, ... ao .,,, I. I .r..r ......rh fuiu Sm ith, pue rt of rea d ingG vw ryll s t S a |
ll l IrH I.,. -ti r ,,, ]i r ilall t I r Id n i l TIi i. l A h ur St. lsom ofIi to ale t for 'Why' n -Howm 1 31 o rtal th I

A Al... 2Iu,.r l,:; ;' ;' I Smth u 1i of- l'ln I1^( 1,i 1 ;
;M ,t< ..>. K SnhH v~ ,l .l '.h ,,e ir llt .i lltt. t t. i lh li'" "lllZi ,i ''IUIi .il el l' *"ir 1W1 A" t.i..le 'rt 1111 IL.. l/e moIIII, vIre le |.l.ryl __~ i
oN 4 ". ^ aI3. $: .I ; .. -. .. .. ... A.. I clh l j ;lty r "t .I l o* l t l h t e a oll n (" 1 ) NI
ZIP. AN. had wl' I. if ,hi? fin -rlia sad I,": tr.es eaen: mai now nildi=yrtn oi
Am ,Nb.s = .n A -n--.u . ,N. C. Xs.. 11.. .. .... '.... I ........ .....I "* I ...p ..b b.efo Natioa l... A- ... ftn "i lr .aue I,,],,, a ,l,

aiSS:ropd a: d:en 1 ; r, Nh ,. It. ifelt .f .l.. l. I o s at...l-."" this" Dru mon hat li.11 *141 short f k. alstorie IIIrl aII tilft t rtle
wi Yo N. Y. 2 Th....-I r, i |, | ,l .1 ....... 11.i. it h, Ille' I lltl 'hihi ts ti n e 1 . o rt lam fl r f llll r tln l l lntl r ltll no:
#lol1 i, 1 a-1bi o O to h a l-e nof that b es 1-ri wary Ittra tile i nhl l

PikseS.ds u^,'m t ? III%1. ,1 ai, l "l hi l Th -r- ii. s. klsh lhtl ano s"tl Ii il' o" i t i llt i -|. le. r. ant wi

a) a s.. .. . ..... .. i..... ..... i ... I .. ." t n im I,a.. e rl f uhllan thtm our p ole r ib .. l ... .f..i.r .. ll... I, i be i a ,liv t
l l l ON ,, |M. .L: i. t indeed slaelit ti I f Illl 1 4 1 t ] I l l ry, a Ld I t
si -. M-1-2I W , I ,l ,,Il l, i. l l i. I. 4I e ,1 ,, II r. 1111D.n ,. ~ 11, 1 Ie l l l o rI t. ll..t Ind I

-iuAoN.r 4 h-l Sllll, 11],,i 1m l. l lll 1 lT n 1 1itllll% .1 I"II r I im 1 .1eI I IIIT llhl h hl v th lle ,l( l | r l *Am c Lr L ad. they a.h s.tl h ouse d, that IN I Tim
.. . ..... . ..... ..... ... .. .,. ...... ..... .. .. ... ..... .. o ... ., . .. . 1.) ... ll,. k,. te. e p,,,,, ,. r
L AM1 .iT Art. 1 2 t.aU rae ,|,,-,|,, l, ,' -I 'flll li1"- nt i- broke 1 111` 14 th-' III" tIdw a. thel *t
L~ &. nl..r t i r ..si t lll*n-e r 111 ,1 ',1. i bl, "f |l t..i i,,ei me i 'ro r 1s141 lll lwl "eI."ie t I
Ko tl, T rl ;: ? ;, ;^i,, tI I "'21':l =h l*= 1min Ierial r Readered t In t.b e. ..n, _w1 .l' of t ;"r m r w ib
ls4t m 11 h S. 1.1 ba.-n 1.. ".0aet .,11 ii.. I l no t 11Milo 1, tha itl this c ui t I I a .l,, 1r it l inill l e, r. t i Tll n l i m l t l n
T.i N ext Step. .... l.i.ll ,, .. l,. .. I nllh u tI 1 alllt 1n.h i rtl n" '"- fl a ,,, ,,,,, ,,, ,.,

~.'il 111.i ,issiii tcrii \tlih th iiil. l. \\ l ani tn ,1 tiehl." + hn h l itil 1"ce '*d ob= [11u. -. pra. mriii f fori thl-is ;,- of Al rr l lhi ment Rulltin. ish
l lt l l .vd i 'A I+,, rJl l m I I k!l, .l ih r111 talll l [ ll1n til.f L ]| p a ,,l, *lt rel preI it (>,l5, allh llhl 1

i nprl .an d t h 1 h I .11 I ll..11 Iin e If, 'th m l 'lm . I,, l, I f.. l l, r h, i li Iit'r t l t1f t.k ni ,o -a rltl.. lail r I l btll l ll o f h e | l i,], rl'll,., l lar .ir r ir lh t J l lt.il In
lvrl t lir .l. Matter,,, le,. .1, , ..11 t "D ll"l, S min th, ,h'rl[ Ii I, it hiI... m it : I I i ilt i te l ., 11 I.. ;oi. lhI, w l el .ll or ll e r lur to i in "in J h alve l w n ig f* l k'- periaI the o
~ssa ro m~ thn stIk Int tidI vnri 1 " i h" e r 1 .1.' s 1 I" nrl m.".> e ur l jon, prime is |l tlt ill I r -li fr 1-1 t1 IIt in 1: 111 rit 1 t o' Je t' i" k
a nts*I nt s I j .,r r iJW= lNr .o r m al. I ,dIlao bl r in t e re s t m a l i I e n o t +'il r l liill 1l1r 1u11elt e

t h ni h ,+I t s.lil ,i I at' tl V trrell^ E N P A S S A N T Illn fo te I h l
i In f .r P l ii nr f .TIrN w i rls 1 1l il len i" I, I ,r si "1 : or h.s A li tread11 yn .! .\kg tire Ih,^ *am. r1 ,1 t
the~ aid of I.w 1:nitl Tapostset'.. of iItht Iitl'ii-l a, nod business ir %ih omnlryl .1 brg. nu ,Iwrn lrllrhltl on l.I

r y. h.. d 1, i i, r P O u1,1h a ar i ,. i sih I' "in i ll ... 0 r i. -i..1 i 1 r,.i l , h ,1 .l .. .... .he ,1 1 ... It .. i ho rt a bo Feall. i lt on e t g r i o "Am tf ores the if a hoin .r tn. nc n
$Oll the Sjobw~r.8 O Iike.00 thtri .... Il n-itt littr 1" .. ".1 rriti 1oi t fl n
1,141, 4 t+ p ieral lh li l1 "ooesllt -4i T mq O Ill" iarr led the tilne
em i mrini. i" t llteIt h it rl+ dt IIIl II I,, r r lbft l 1"' t '. rlh al ishow.e alhl ten ol. ifn to b11 ji how well

A gi usli t 1921. tki I;,ing I.l.l i ha, % r, l II"" lh* ll'+ T h* r m ir, ,. ",,rI' l volume.o.l l I i0 ll rrl tI Ie l::n
ai red., ,1ii11- tlllo lio,, i l . 1 h t i M n s i Alitth 1it, M r s
t itollit e. 1 1 l ts, I I "i :I l lll u.I fl h I I a f t e in y . p t ha, thh t l e r m t r e o1 ft a r inli I h!er r k l e tlo
Ill l.1klr it P, Ihii4 l+Plf zei I al it I ti lr olat sa*w.,# l Easie t 1 or tztn i Il ql h, r l- alli Ikll.] l t.dt
Inrha'eti. thh'hhIlnmr .lI :: fl. r l,,r l, i, rlt toI hr- 'h, o -h tItri ., tIt r a- ad Ow rointn l lt-i lt.l ii aimn.

i....hehr l t Sear, n ifor Rietlrr In a I- ,, hI lvalr, ,. rryu lenelr wr buwny uk when
r ran he I I, t unf I mh 1 r dlll I. I' llt- I-- II I -t h; ty l t i. .i K- 1 Ir"- gooTpo
1. Iorael Ill,, 1 hirill A llTlltIPO a anvE' I |ot
in I0 T R T H I J T ,iT i t o I + are r dt .r. l, .i t,, r l i f i 2 "I I r I t bI 1 1 i l r ll
I..,illl rug i tl l u -Ji r l -Ihe 1 f f l ;i. of o y Whi' nl r iit
l.......l..I ,r is :t t lHe ow. nt I h nu t on
l, l It i,11 l Iiii o tl:ll[t f h, l hlit tt thI ... 1l. A m en1 a tr i t '

II lg l~l 11+,e. nl~llJV 11 lile sl h l lt i ii'+ + t ., 4111 '+lh '] i I ~t l'l''?lI 4;b *'I ,,ll',' x~lt~f ;[t,,I t H' .,rI.,'... .-....... ..,-.l'~ lli
,..:I] 'l ..ld ''q lll tl + ~ > ~'+%1 17+ ,h I ,,,, :tli x:.......,. t~... .+li l~ tl+ rl '] J1l+ ~ 'I+" "tJ' l~ llhII II '+ Ht l~l h fl lhl
aa.l'" "~l I ll l ll ",14 t4'l p -l'tl'll .x11 + ..i+l ... ......... lh11 half a iiitlX it l,1 [ l llt II ; II~ tp+ I l+ "t? \ '" ' l l+ ',+ ll ll,+ i %1 Zl~* x o 11 ,+ | e h l ll
A ll I}. .*, 1]itl l~l y m d I l'~lih' I+I'P r"%1 '*'ll lr II' I +vrhI li Hl "' X~ lhH T l:t].ii+ i? ,:TLI :" i t t tl'V + t '.'l'll11*+J l lt +" 'Ix Irl 4'I t ,, IT Lit i,, +, irl li'lh ril lh- n lhl IIic1t,1, lw n.l
l~itlJ-fJ1('llin ar .- thflljh +ll ~ .i ; 'I J I +t 'tll i+ I l' i+ l h,- a V V "I - IlJllt ,t, h I~ I I. X ll t1* llT l l- ]' J "+' 'P i h ,I' +hl' jxtiI lllZl'lt ll lrlllli~ +hlIlli|I~ |P M" J"mIIII 111
iIIla ll[~r'1111i4 jllll i Il~hi11. .......l.i.. y h'~ If:I it.,ll h'o'+lu *nii ntitlt IM~l-hl, il. ,Tl-ll tl,~l- i +X ":il-,I +~'i.I +ill tI.illh+ li
i H~l ,,:hb.I + +IH .I *li :+.I Ip+ll~ + -I t,, e r~ll jTT, .+ +" "IH t' lh +? I' li +*'I HII + illil I 1 iI~k" '- thll- It --I 1-l 11 rh e -i r 1 di.r
l~''lli i~ l I ql~ ~~~ lt I I.lHI+ 4hl+P. IIII Ai pl* I ruth i4 f itll t~ -+\l llt ll 3*~l C S*+ li~l~ thql I
x II lIu 1 fr~lll f %11 i lllr%111 J~llJ tl~l" h' l~tP' ,l I'x~l t+ "I:If- --xxh l, .,' it*l ,f It- lll, t\ 11iI ,,.l. \ i, X~l~ll h U ,.*11 tl,,l-,,l ;t, +,r it~d iIi' 4f l~ m I .l y loan~~l
l'I/m l ~~..... .l~li .ih .... I.,11 Jl*l,1 l**l' *"'hIi'ltI~l'HTt i lllMs ~eetnlHu ][ll,- ,li ... IIt*p.1l~ 111-1 tlI IJ-,l*' ll, r 1,u kh, if, ll9IrNIiIii1111'i ry
14I~llil mill~ll'- I*II. qtill~l ,Iil. ql. II] F'X.X.,ti')*,ll*,it I "1"kl. ; fLt ~l.I' *,lill+t*lh r, i -'[ltil', Sll], ll i- h~ll~ tle+ }~l..,,~l'mle ~h"d. h l-1ln
in!.t. 1i 1.- %1,I:"h~ ,Jll*. h.mlI4 3i l.1 ilpltll.:i,4 ttl iil ~i, l't:r ~~ i,,lh~l ~ l, ll. *+4th lI.jllk~ ohll l ll' Iel


L . . .

oanti W OlImtt. h M N aIt Go

O1 iuf s fm m t uwft s I
Ss u t 121 0ur s s. 01% W B

O W.IS :SUM. il


6OW,0aMw OP Moagt gaa, aW0ei, oa wtart .M g4aQ Ca %l W
Ie % a 11 W iM mO LLPAt B06a0Ma woar aMomw "AI Mo Z yaX gAfM I
Ia SaSMl" WN AM 31 -ON V Cla m ~all toS -
allt Waa eOM,- Ct OMo

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a&a ,.,,,tutqo. r 0 THE KID'S ON HIS

C,,Ai, ^fa,-tY--1ts- l r WAY AND HE IS


,, ,,, ,, LUXE. GET W ISEI


jCy r .u, t SPACES IN THE
,,% <, CTf aLt>t.o s.A, BLANK BELOW!
ta..ttl< t Vr.0YL kko 9uJ, GoJL vrxj *0A 'uil
us each0 A week t. f.

orut. a. into.. Lnut. do^a A-drt j ^ona
(- - - -- ---------------------- --
A o M ICKIE .................................. 1921
S,, ( .6 r Western Newspaper Union
i us each week t. f.

'- Publisher.................................. City....CY. ................ State..............
If you are publishing a weekly paper change the order blank to read "Send them to us once every six weeks tI. f."
The office addressed will take care that each order contain aix trilps that are In sequence.

saN E ns .L rn rn rrn ,, a- .oI 111 G.r: 1a S. t .Wur.len of thte reat t a. o lvr thil t lnlit frrh watr i i a..t tilit i.. ln I. t, is ., ... ia-i r t. ..i s 'r.. ar. i .art .I lacier Natiionil i'ark; Is large divi.-
Iu lls 'lr lir tria'au rer, tlc- thirty. Ike n Pilaoita, whte r fr til, holro tl. f at l st ll Tira \\ liill- h s iria t lolh **I.- irtr. ..l'r ri ar- l l a a Na. onr r tt a t lltt it i4 athe r a Nu rthr rail.
SIEL W Ih LnLIlUEl Ill Ll a tLkg if th Montanat lhli llhla'hu itaion ,r ill rot ti lia t ll a- I i pr l in.lhil. Thil- 'illallllnl.i s isll l i:1 ]'k. II.aimla i ..ia 1il 0.-l I way; he playroln l ofll $:il.IO a inaollth
a Iso. l A" .-at liillhn < lndel I 1 sin la i aIm ier tf a miirln a-a-fa for ia ail- hin l lh.a-tl factra l l till 'hitltili thliah llk 31 nallrlll IIichhtaiy, an al lha-r hlgh- bas a ploipulatlo utlo of nearl41 and4
nI \'h llalallh t ails l 2l. Juh" i a.1 1 at 12:th at l wt il ( Ir lelllll Vi Ihot el- Thullr- it n I. i lllll loll II a'urtl \\nl a Isn) l a.r I' leI, thhe i ( -tlllllnc .a* lnle dern a lil tni itii l l-hy llhlllicK are al-
HL | ||D IIF M I Aa t ir e i r. t a.. ilia. -great l. < "lia. olter thi r' liarn fr. a Ihe iau 1 a i o, ii.al.. *\a.iil n i a.. ltia. ac t tha i l ir tingallain alt a u otila nr. in tha piar rent ever.vwhere. ancd, witai loiarated
Lfor DhO lllAN All 11+ 'lrlia i :ni':l itro i .lk* rl i lnllprom tlitu diii fuir- ,iravil tllitl ithr :. ithi .lh: lin l : l itln fronl tlle Wea r. l: ia.: ll on the Hoiuv:; It Mlemnorial hlllhwiy,
aaa a vilhtl a -I.a lclh lrrll ll Illll of A laitla l i ai etaql t pellet for Jlhe rcit ir.a unid tlrtlm e t ta r lhi llsi silai l .ic lIa .ag aa r to f l t th lltia l ai to h thl to many In-
al~fl, t h~ei r ht n ri e nht, Iievtion Iif t h e sfir a -i snded fi n jir i ul e n... rie Ihfv fn ir (nur nit I-c-rn .t Iro Snhl | 1t < aurni.e U . a. 3-s if the ksatllrdl a atairtlanc ll in i l h nll nl llc ,: ok I a ll a1 i ar I a-r like 1921 l- la a1 i i.e li. l fl. illtir, ti-r ll:u. a lna ai'- s ai- t otli.r i 'll I'll Tltlrlhai.. after a M.illI lals h ll. Tlir llMltil re i ltlo x Ii t l si iril that hi, a liiia a.lCl oilli t iataaorit. Ing of the Maaitialanlc In'Pr Anmo. Iattlo
Slh rt lliil . tl lh r ,li st i .lh l n at ea ia.ar i i ll a 1d i ll th f I Whiltl-ti.l lih. -|lril I- .k ea.a- ia l Lakls. Mountains, F. orlast. Just hell.
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t ia- h nal' ittl Wih littesh k. front Incalaining l ilth. natil f a1 he i alath et Iit-herl Asa a aoama a aaI l) h la-t -la " -ti, ,- a a, al aa a ,en Is mi th Warpath
Boat Rdes oan Whitefish and alh1,.l. il,, v.-. li,.ra I. ... e. A ,,r .he un.l r-Il, In r-fniatlai tat all,. ,-l, ayl a lln ,a -I h-l ea a ,, ,,i, ... I. .i .... ..t. the W ath. r
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Flathead LakesJ J. aarMuchll. itrl that good lia fess'r uanl l nsinkr. ask for irir f. a tat i a al a, i ti n u. n jar at- lt-aii ta ar,,,,rc laial,
a a a rilai S'a.a.,- Iti:aa i- a a.. .. .... a ,-a. iIie l.la. aaitilii ahI trall aaa-t- wilt
joy d by Edl0ors. a i...ll mI i al r.,h o liahs r c ia Distinguished Gouests. ilcctia c lt a lt ti ii tii ,a a l- l ni;Iiaa Iaka'. La- tar,,i l l ,ar. kill 'ru i wa-aa ala't la- ...n
sy JOHN M. PARSONS. hatm at li ftil ,iia it wa will golattn li hitalia h i i rotat d to bel h tm ra .i a lllii I.,a:ta ala li l "a ll he h ia i tiail I I 'tIeaal as.ui at- iraaa kit the; I : a... ihaac a itI
WitllTr FIPH, MONT.-WI1h lh, ta l l lI'lr in hld by a le a r rs ,mir li l -wit. a Iin |o heai |t l at a tl r iit- ,fI iiu a l iA a ,i,.aa ,al,, i .a ai. 1!1. .s tt iii l a I.ia l l, t l u I1ta ..r killilla r
election of Pete Bnrelon of the tl(rrat Ilg isri t tl.,v t s c rt'r-s i l lhetlu l,les. ie tin. city wo lhl* Mas iiliiia istor Ii.- aii.--.l rat ii.l iiaa lang useaIII i iaaraa .i i , : 0a we t1iia lia t tat I- It" taaa t ll
Plaoll Tribune as proillent: 41. M. Trip to Plathead Lak. igula-h glls t w.rltlora ni I In ti. Ll lll. 121 t -l t t Hitin. ft -l, ,.a- .....ai.a.. (. aa .l Mr'is n anal, iaInei ll ir..a-r any
3iues of lhle Whitefish Pilot. lairry Il.- n. rly Friday m ninePla tllt in cretary of the Mont lo late F- aiur; Its l a la.iaa a la 1a-a it Salac \ ili fl ,,i*Ii i- at-ilanari rat iara ,la i ,I f l. n ri.r .iala l i a rna.a r -lst-. anh-
twit r 11 he B tt Miner and W. 0. no. of 1 e cIt) -,r takenI l In r lat f. FI, la. -ia .. a i ,isit ,iau ,. l, i ui tflilai ii, ,.a r .ail 4 iai tal le with
eln tof the Hynham IcIo- vTi pre l- head lake. i the ,lhlla r o Ir t of the ua, on. Wardeta af l ia tiriat |itdt ihaa ,aut ta ni a I ,t ais. , .i aiiaafl. (; r-ia hlae a,,, ta.rltaain 1cta rrii..,-r lI.t.I l
dentsi; 1. Plhteram of GOrat Falls oetuiay. where l e steamer "Kei loidyke" i Trtl oneI 1.. It. ,.tial of the Mile, aiaY lt a I an i ca e lril I i a, sl ct. ...leaa tlh (MitI.) <4i nrl-r,.
secretary (the litter ltini elected for had heen charteredl, and ia tni was ,ity Star t. ln nitchIin af there Ni rt'h i ta...l,..n M.II.tatIa.ua *ita l ."i" ia i- f ta aa ,at aii i -
-~ > iMIlhloat lia tn iar Mi itiina. J.uhtaiia :anl aa inenin a t iliai-- o.o- a r rIf itaa la to .ri.. ura. IF c il I I-i Fagures Wanted.
SL -, J ly 9 .. BJ-- eating the Homn Town. more 1i-,Ilty e I f a -reiiia 3 in pera l o i nuIr- | I|t It. .niatai..tia I h. EdihTa tito rn "I 1.- l-".
I esta rn town a are nioed rs r t olallan kltv rallai I hr 1aN lied stlal anaitin Tl.r it l I- l'll ait lt l h t i i ..l I i.ii hll.e ,- llIt how
at tCher agre, i I Ce l, Juri 22,1921. 1 i It a o In llrlr rlalrl nd their ll It 1. l f.r lly ll.. a a.,mi i l la a ai ri f m l e a.l,.r.n l,.tr an,,,, t o muc-lh"--lw .tn Trita riptl.


BNE[I S R CO w 1 fs~s rM III 1."Io Hit, JAoue htud -
ileror 0 re, III o ru"mlsitiy an ofn
KEE ATo DELANOo ri till

Meal Adresss Dliveed y ~Comprehensive Program of En-
Eminent Speakers Make the 'A'd""' "'" eta ien aulned.Tenc ___________
Meeting a Valuable One. .. .. ... .AdrssOulnd
Ii, 100-.0- I .. t I 00 HOWsisdWR&T
~'. ~ 00. .111 i"' .~ Ito. TO WRITE AS
I 1.1 0.0'0 r~ NEWS1

Wha 6o anotwrs a to5th

I ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 1 Wild- 110' 11.0 .40 .o1.,0. Thea. okdiean

Ih ..1""I I.0 10 l .,,. .1 1 ,'~ ....... ...I l.: I om

IA ,0,0 ..~iii~olO'' I 0 I t.lr It~. iatoirler ~tl-i: P ioun'
00.000,00.. ro.... 10 0... I~... ... ... o~.t...stsu io.Q~too s

o~,. 0,.0 It ,, 00 I. olo .0 0, TIli vn.01,0100,

'Il',i~ ioloo No.I.l..0 '.io.,......o .1E S H I .. k i. .*.ioqo 00


I. I.... ... ,.., Three Hundred Attend the Gary
,. .. ..', Banquet of the Indiana Re-
.1'... .. ,, '"'" " I , -publican Editors.
h :0 I .0 I 0, '02 0 .

.,,.,1l~ 101\oo. 10.4.o,,O

0ltl,,i0,i,.n'o iti.i~~o'
u I t I

I.. th' 01.1 0, il

To Ms.' 1, Forg. Ad. Doreo

001.00 '0 II.' .0.'0.... .... 20




Usual Technical Topics Side-
tracked Inr a "Knnw Ynir

Oio.2,0 0 0 .' 0,.1 Home State" Program.

I- 0-0.... .. I 00000 Oa- 000,l .0 .100 I-ii t 0 0

S.000 ,t~t,.,0 ,,',,olool .r i .t.o.... .....o.. 0.0 0..oi- 000
...0 ....Oo~i ......to to tt
I0jjl 0 0000000 It,' N ,%, .00 ... .0 ,0~

I,;,, Al'1 "

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.O...',,i~o,',o 0ooio- ,.r,0 0 ..l.... ..... .. U.. Voooo. I.H ..... S
Mi0i10o00r-. l ot *"' 11 00. i ,',,., ....,. O.ooooo
'0000.0 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ rake itor a00.,0 -Know.,,. Your. ,,-ii'' .

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. . ......

I 0,,, 0001, *0 00 000100,0'0, 0 .. ...i..i. ...,....i... .i.

0.0..;.;~:. l0,.OOo.O.0 0,1 :.WHAT THE N. E. A. IS
000 0, .,,,.,.,..,,. TRYING TO ACCOMPLISH
000.0. Oioo.i .0.t'.00,,. il ,00,.I Ol ...OO.....0 .. o.....,

......0. i 1 0.0.. 0. 0., 0.0 0 l .l0. 10, I 0,
*~~~ ~ I, o ido.I;. ..o. ... .. ..o... .... .. .. i.
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0.arding.o00 W ire Ba, que'io I 'h I.0 .. 0 0, i o: 1 0,... ..,,O..

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00,.. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ...o... ..0.1 It',l 0I 100 it,' i hn'll .,.00
010000,0 i.0.,,.i..., too Ir-O ar.. !' ,olo .iI. o 1 00, .
0~ ~~ Ifl ,i 1.
It ~... f, ,rSU' l .o.... .~ooo, 0.0,, 000f 001,

"?tattlety bang and clickety

Our linotype now has plenty
of kick;

My story's laconic,

I gave it a tonic-

New linotype metal's the

speeds up production. It will relieve
any plant of its many troubles, such
as clogging of mouthpieces, sticking in
mold,etc. It is chemically pure and we
guarantee it to give perfect satisfaction.

Ready for immediate shipment fro, any
of our 37 branches


Picture of Montana Press Association which Met at Whitefish, July 21st to 23rd, 1921.

I- d_ -a. d. &


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yc to. h &IOeM ciak l-
IIremm W Cea i "tM gAtlr c l
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"^^^ S......."^ ................
EDITORS OF WISCONSI in- ^ r~ u /^A ^p ^.cda aas eie
n!ftI r llllrt- c =ity fingnrtn tltpe- e N1 am t en.", twal tad"Tl"n .n-
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S^^^ -^S. Xt''..d M- A-1- .ka,!^ r~a~r SSI^ ^
rall thse. tui a Iettle-?tb lttaaca Whi -A wackl i t hcara. alopai t elyaci t Ilol anc
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SeltOlegjl gt eci g r e-ottI I lorte aS Wlly hittly l tl rille hr I inl ak- e S eAlB .tg tl .yo. Bkoa A Slat C.akN Meall. Nh L a .
m .it c ly l P Inet f tloil ItMlll tl l ll i e III y II tll.Ier n co lt l eec.e.l .Dl. !m lam A i- SUk I'Xik ibt.linta WIT h o.
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-il P|na a r il-ht l hla.l o mor l A l ln e i el. ,S:etAS
EDIT O OF WIatONlSllt-rllA-Ill't ilt tIlt' LU t a H. C itig itt lit. e m fZ.i' od =on u ne C Imin. tI
r .... N1r1 leisgo* lsl I I lia fli In i min y l m1!er ato. NAto ha4 abl t.o. ri" A -1c
.ir at tor. nAaa wng. ea -It =A tIollaltlPAr aiAt
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nI'th qetraw tlr li A.lnh, f I M. al'*. A ti'l wh p I,,|e ... ,I n -. -w AP ony L a I. a .cs ..a a ..
n 1W. U Palper Mill. gthip to of the Iluitrhe ft, kick Lelilcia Mwl3a*ha a l tta tesa sITCATIIN WAtSiSss-tAN AND tiT., A LA

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old Ic ti elr b Jlill >u d tle Iii. tooco t hlp wl-llnt *e rn l sat loyalll h f l lSo 'S S. MeteNlh ae etwl ta c
m,, AIdel Inb. ispleh I. ant.. ap l i s.m MA ocnly. .tac- Ah-l
em1 Patow~ l+4t1tlofnai wlMtitian thly tere TIal+ ttllcen'l at the alnnery Ia Anti- I sdhim W ai d 111 atalat IPall tIsoNlcala rs fea'lltar. At- ta I.
IIrimstyd by tb egt l aoIfr1 f1i.1 np yIhIUI l t i T.rity rn-site taut thy e ta-o-len rat I NMoP XX.i5h re.l Wnlayc NWNAp rc Attn
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hamster If. hrFj...Bn W h-ei A '"K.>. tripn.d Mecoa adito.y cc- ccc. swede aewa MAN, it.^ ,. DWI.tO ItMOA N SAPEB 31 SiL
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that .1. get A ....r I F. h.ll- t hAecatatcclat el a l1c.M ., wa stO a- tot t: Ktar Nen.cr%> roc'.;:." tta.
Vctinm. ITh wary7 Ilemle fiag prt- ta billhr of Ilw ai hyce ,rl oindho- e r the.- a4ttab att ad inaml "' r '"Ai.A. D'

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Ah .l. t e acl, p th em am i d hlI ChluIl, l at.l it .a . .. ,,0 i*Sa"1 -t et lit. a *ttd I t. oII'-ral d ua t eem s e rh If. crl ac, poan laf lW AS; C T4 a it "
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till'l n II ii tIlr hWh I rI Il c ImIctIt 11 ______ III__r_ la l T 1 2 1h n1" r a. tin ti t lrilto ttIo
itil Iir ` R l "filrl m 1 1 0 1 1 1 0 0ii.irrc ortl

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I, ;,h hI.` .... ".": ,r I I, l ,n .1 .I. I 1, ; ,'. , N t I, lh ~ ,, ,,, I 'r i,T h ,+h ,+ ,h ,. \:,L I f' I. 1 . .... . h I . A l ,r ..I i i. .; p. I I T A I .I I M~ 11 ''
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'A N e.wlp. ape+, It h l. l I ILW '. ,1 'HI. .folal. ..- 1.Il''l .11 4. '0 1 th IA1 Al Il 1 'i I II, I I .... I. : D.i "STh
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W im 140 .3 :TI :IIIIi 11,. 11 Ii i.11'.11, I '. _. l !. I''.''. ll' l i 'Ii -,l 1 -.1 i. I I.I A 1 ..., h 1 in n'.. .. ...ogn I,_a__ I II I l ln a. `an 3I5.1.3
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tan Al n.l.. .'. i A.. . . I ...-...."; ,; IA I .. ....... . I : ; %' ....... .. ... ... .............' 3 11-l'l.. ,' I'. i.C... Al. Al. "'1 iI ".l. ..o.. g, n, L ,. "TA- i-I
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'"r" "n[ .1 ". 'A""11 -1. il g C'I. "I I:, 'I'll l.. .l I, II "nl 'I .i "~ iA.i .' '. I ` l ;.1o P 1 i 'd A - - I, 11ai 0, ;...iet'o A i. C "S il'iT. KC 3 A M K

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fml-i A r, l, ".. ,,," .... .. 1. 7%+ 1: t1 11 I er,%.t In .* 'l q,, it ., Llt *rl +*. ,t "" "I I.l +. : q pl.lA #; + 1df ~e u,. o~r ll~
to~~~~~~~ 111; ,11 Im I"":,el *h,,n 4.' ,r ,I 1" -- : ''' "+ 'Ij, I Ue ,, "e p +.... .sAd + ll~ t rI+ei 1 JI 7PI
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pnIainll.A.1....a -~ Alu IA .1 '' '. ,l ,, aon ,t1 1 l`'' .11 'n' ld..A'`,-l..A ,I' .A i,IllA d IA.l I 'l. AhA.S lI .lll ..l.l tIl? fPN. ii'CIm P ".K=t~0iVNTRCP=AV

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Np"- l vi 11 1 I,.- , a, ; ,, nn an a A hl.Ar, .'oI -.I ' i l II .. I "n- -sI .-T- i[ 'a. .a.d .t c, .4 L

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FA11. I NC I l'M.l. IN A I i I .......N.IN I ". I i I I,- I 1, :. '-n- I., . 'a. .t,.i lt iahi. b in 5
im" k . .I 'l.. . . : I 'I ,I 11 . ,; ,. 1. ,- .. ... .... ... .... .I... ......:.... ......I..I. I I ,t 1. 1 1 :, 1.. .. '11 ; ,, ,, ,I I :. .. A l i :r- ., i,,,. , P ,.+
.. .1 I ll I - 1 ... I ''. , ::,, I I "11 1 IS .11,~ A ,A i n I I'l M I I n:l ':,, .I h A n,.;V "..i 0 A t i i N f ii A Ith i Ak l A.

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` ;II A .t i ;r. 1 0 1' il;-lI ,.IIII 'li -l I C; W1 1 . I I .. ii l' A 1 1 1 1.1 1- --. I' t IC e .' A s -n I I r1IU -N i t I N '' AlAn A A Ni n k W e hA L

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U 4 C I I IC '1t 'I. I-'l li.' Ii I, l 1.-o TIIll'..|* .. N1 -. Wk.11 I A300 0.

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..,!.';1 ...I', "In, I
C I 'K A I "I 'I ll A 'h A ,I .o 0 ,' ~ I, 1 1."I K1 -Il n l N 'i.' I l .i l l t I ~ r a t l u o i i~ I n t n t n t

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*Ie lit1 At A d :., ,' 'I.,, , 1 !1l l'. I '" 1 S- T- n C. iis tI e" F

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I. I N 1 V i I II. .,; h A1I. .I, 1 *" 't,;- 10. ,;'A N C:lI".C.A A ,,-ii IL.i ." ~ ~ .~'l I I nj.,ln.t I. il; o nI an l i t

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1 1 . ;1 1 .A~ l.l t .11 1 N1 v'. ,I1 iAt' I _- .1 1 1, a -l O'" ; l I - i .A A.It' 110 iVnn ~ I.' a ti -a.
Ina n o p i n I-i: .: I '1 I 1 .1 1 .l 0; ' 1 1 I I 1 . .. tio. I a u b 3 i
h ia l Tih A i.'.. .I th.. l I I ' a e i i I. . .A1.- !" I .' I ~ i O l ,e i N I I I I., . 1 1 l 11 1 I. 1 ,, .i A I I "1 C 'l C I -b1 T-~i~ ~ t t O
api-~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ .ii1 Al .. II It II I~ al',-A 4 _:, Ii oi'-A'`II~Ai.1 I,, -I.A d..,.iiani,- 3nil. m Aelen-eea a
ki.pl MA J ,, ;.11. -lI'II.A -- 11 A t1l'iA6tAp.. "~.. IAII. "I. ,'' ..A'CA" A Itl Itl. II tIACA'. C:l VC'iiiea Ili IeM. Aattat
.... I... ton ..ll.. ... '.' ," 1I .A- N..., UI 1.LlA, ,It.'oC I. I.. 11. i,A.A-i "11 mA tI: II ,-Inl AlIl ,' Il.Kt iN "ail. Opp1A.fliel
lon..Ifo N.. 011 .. -' 'I.! ,d~ All -_ -NiCI - uI. m ,,i -;I IN~ ~ .l NII I.... 'i.n .,

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n~~lUI~iCA O~~l" 1.''A I~ '. A 0' IA- tilA A .l 'I 1. -,. .I 11 .1 11 l 1 0' I a Ii 1- 11 L P 3 N
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I_ nie Si dl.. -. -A .o~ O II ''I. i-a 5t-Icio A OA enm an e-.e att. tt ", ,tt_"I- II'llfIlr .

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I a. l i i 1 1 1 I I I l l I' 1 0 l l l _;Il I- A' I t1. i I rAi N -t !. I 1 1 I M . T I ,X .Ci m o- t -t A -- ,t c .- w I l a
11011 MIA' ,, ,' I1 .., Ill AnA- I"l-I I I-. NI IMt.Al ICkI- i ''A -c A'..ll, A-l l "I A- 'n-na ---t oll nil nnninn aninie.a

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I '; ,"I I i l l 1 I I : . i , ,I 1 L ... l i .t . l - S . r I. ~I V h t t ;u C 1 Ioa C l i a n t l- .S, 5 1
T . .." I 1 1 1 : I I I -I .,i , A . 1. i r A 'I T i I11.l. -,Ii ht n fl.. _Ib i- n m Q- n I ~i~ it A p t u O n h s
I L. l.. 1, ., ,,I 'i N I i l l..', i`: !i C" A l 'f T h ., n C I Ill j 1 i I . . ~
.": .1 7'' ; L, "3,!l~i"T' i IIIiN' I'1'I- il: II ,hi n:ll Al; '1, :a:I it
F-NAC.2iI.C'1",lI I'-.. VWP- ls .NI AIII ..".I. nh-. ilz.in", ..l I.11 1 ~ A dI t.l~~l -_.1 CA "a,nttoi I Ce .-e ...If ec
V';n.ndA"lI Il ,1-d"I I"" ; ri li I . ..tA m. I,,..f. ,,Alnn.ed. ..... Al.. ke A ~.a in A~ ..t ....... no ha- ..... 'tA
I~~~. -' N 'e"_ ii A n N. -~O i~ I AI I . Ii" ;' !' ..,:; 1 I N -n-n... S I 11 N Io 0 f i t I" ., ,, .f S al 1, I 'I'MA n.nC 03 63 WvtzoS W

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_h~ t I A I I i t M I ,. -1 N d tI. .. dI 1 I A , L. l I"A ..O .', '_ip oo.. . _n A lS l' l l C' V li "N C I ''ii ot t A t .. n ~ a a
,'n .A ,1 .'l . i t A I- 1 U I'' .. 60 .. r , lI, N A C hi- IIM 01 Ir ,C - -'Id - -n -0 11 l A a io i Cf .I 1i.i k.t- e r n iIttb a u
-.A.In I,I '-I, -- N1"." AI.o 'ln .l~ l','AlI"l-.AhlI.- lhl"l, -nt IAiA I'-llnol Tm !.n". I .a !A...nis tin _.ffL_~.
j;' ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ .IMl I. .i 3141I_, 'dt1. g1111 -I taIn. IAl-ha l'ont111r, , -,F, ., .IL-11
,I..~~ ~ ~~~~~~ -It .111 A t, ll n i., in .. - Ini-i. .. ~ : l- b% 1,

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...* 1 nnA.iA I.A ..". I' Ii. 31'. .... -lnn. -t, "Ani.n 1fln Cnieonl -OOI.13 a A -aI6U-W ..-Lr
t"tCC Ii Cret .. AI .A Io~~b A ,. -l 1:~ I,.. 1.01 A 01 i ..'.'..",A l l. .ei.t 'l"mil N,';. ot -":;" Alah Iit :iln IltlE -li 31A- 3'...l J.UHWR. K..1e

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ISII't-li01'..1a A'.Itnol;,.,!,,, A I a .- inI 'I -ad -11 1, 1 l .n.1iA., I .~l. .In n. palirn_ rln t'NennMn d. at Ia.
.h A In ..n on' I t ; I A T O O O I A I I AAI '. I t i I n A 1 t- .11 11 t t u l I I l A1 1 1 1 MIn. h. il. Q b S Dn.a-i i. t. le i ,~l ni a lt. a n.... -.
=.A l"n Cit:,,,,-,, ,!. II:,, ,ICOA 1 i.,M a n .ul n '. III~a~I'~.10M ill A n1. A N~nie~ti~nIlI IP~n n-M Itt.nkn I'lln statirVItIWAf
Ce i. A' ,0 a' ... nl1nno teat... .."t.l 1 ....
to -i Iit C .~~o l Ci A, C; ,11 !o o nn .-n. n I. I, l ;l wII. :aItt.-;-:;:"
; i..AIAti. ni l. .i I 'i a. a.,. A I' -ot ti-A-,I 'I CI *: $1ao in I' t iii "'. :i Alliil.'". Ii'i Iv ?A. I I
-..n ...OaCCiMpI--1- ...~ 1.in-I Ia ilt ,6li V.. a h. I'.i , ';., ,;",., I u -lnt far.. 1 S ale S..D-4H
..~on~n~ ni tt* : :.10 .11. l. ll~la Va-nili ,, o 1110 ni II il i.1't..". I II :iiii n ,, Il I ,.t. ool;,! I. Me- ..:, 1.1 -t -________----!:
A::Al.Innpa.. ,,... II' I, Clit t..I-C- .ACC, CitO tI.fuiaa. anI 1-1 I!c IAI weI~~ o l IT n,- plant... I.nLa.Ia.i..n.. 1,3, *- 1. IFeew.a'.. mt .I
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I Ia n t n n l t a a t~ In t .In t "l le l o o n . C ..t m C t W V C1 i i. 0 1'A 1 I on.. on...I p a O i II to n . . ; ..-Ino n I : ; -. 1 ni-i o c in a Plot. i a tria r a ". 1 . il ; I .
fnnI. tina --., Clost att t.. ra..a. .Jnt Cl-lz tnda. Ott .. Via Ie~~iln INTiTn ; I I att rolonanand I H N,, I -. t" _aia. at.t~. S m

It In -ei g S t wi a i r t MO a-m 36 mi a Ii o , W kt-n -i .t e ,, ,,o a m ., n e J e g e Ito ~ n a v, A- 1 h &A 4 1 A N N E S I l
014 aa1I f t U ,lp newnt p '. ttd .t ta ;3an *0l. .,i ,,* tit"p MAIC ttcart"i Inaea ta it I ti ies le patZS a" ht
5tP~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Ptn.ttt .UWi i.... A...t .incnt ilial .' r.. ., I-tta --.II C-.n l._attwnac WFOOt-P a. asWal

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