Title: Publishers' auxiliary
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Title: Publishers' auxiliary
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Language: English
Creator: Watson, Elmo Scott, 1892-1951
Publisher: National Newspaper Association etc.
Place of Publication: Washington, etc
Publication Date: July 30, 1921
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Swe nme l ew0pe N ma fl commn





Mtary Tract and Hanaomk
County Asociation Hear
.iltar J. Harrison.
HAMILTON. ILL.-Ou Friday, July
Ith, the MHltary Trant lad Hancswk
busty Prwes Amoclationg met in
Joint meeting In this city. About 10
d'oelk the bMthrna hen to aseible
at Wild Cat aprlne, mosny of then ae-
oeeaaeled by their wives and teo.
Mim MIry Davidae of the COrthaml
IepMula was to have beae t prt-.
elsl Wp of the tfesooe, but was
IaMble to be present in time to take
part in Ut ptgram. A. H. Kershaw
of ihe Stroughmar Graphic bad cha ge
of r een-able disulon which was
psrtlelpated In by J. D. Butler of the
Dallas City Review, ltlar Irwln of
QulIey, and ioallo I obblos of the An
gilts Eagle. Mr. Buletr taked en
the subject of a papers duty In fusr
nlihlng all the new- and was quite
strong o that feature, taking the
tstnd that his redfrs r nrpnleasted
varied ttesa as regard noew a-ue
being for Hunday baseball awl snmM
as afith Inrllned to hie rnlligous side
of lift, and yet otllhers represented
the middle Iasis between lihe two, and
Ih"r were all lil nisurriers stll ad wor-
thy or considert'niio by hIo Im per in
th way nf new"
lir Irwin aI'ikep on thi neei nity)
of keeplist in Iine with lluse Franklin
Printing I'rliew Li.t iI Kgetting what
a Job Is rttlly worth.
Pratol Work *f I. P. A.
It.Hullo ibdlnu, fntl an IlisateI nex-
leietlce atI sle taire supital, spoke
I ghlowlnK nrms of the guI d work tie
Isg 'ccomnilltdishNd at Springileld by the
llliseln P'remom Aooielellon and urgeml
that the dlitoro present stand by the
state uoaInlialnto. which to his mind
l. lhe etllsour' ti't ftMend.
At tie rl, wi pt t' .oi.nihnl,,; Oo'n.s
Ithe iemliern niln friendly iidjournel to
thur Iituuor cluIltiou'., whirh tllssndl o
Shbladl overlu king Ilake C oplier t11
plilin view of the power hswoIe of the
lllesippl l Rilver IP'wtr C(ompiany.
Here a four-courle dinner wan served
lsy sir in Ichanrge.
Juet IaHefure dinner we. served. Maj.
It. R. WillaUre of Hlaislltin spoke so
the brethren, extending the eourtiles
if his town and bhildding Ill a Oehil
wu'ho'eose. thirlng eii1 murm of the
'sllner M l d ary Kliler ost Hamilton
oinnw two Krutips of iounign, responding
to enrorcpl.
Editor HNaOl of Danville.
Following tlla dinner come the fee-
lure of the Iseetistl. It was ass sdl-
dres by Jdohn II. lHrrinm not f he lan.
ville t'olnmr'n-ial-Newo, who omlne iItu
invllallon all the way o-reso tblue elate,
greatly It. him Im'ivenuhlnetj s11ill yet
would not vtvept so lwith as bhl ex-
iwndeie. Mr. Hlarrtion tiu i it e of Iule
lNqt nwieiimir pi irol liei lu on the oltte
soutolde uif (tlrtIga(.
Mr. ilarrilo lu n anhatipy., grasefut
iweakeT. rlit stated that the pre
we. a qa U-loublic inslitultion Ind ws
stnderodligtlon to rive Ite balt 0Ir-
lea to the pitioile. Isn Io field could
IIt more melitlhy prove Its worth
than ho feiarlesly cniohaing grift or
lacompeteny In i public oiarm; Isll
It ibould standd Ui proinmihlnoly
aginMi the di udlle to let men nu
atg tor pti t' (kilrtnle gotnrie il--
saise, county or mniiIls. TWhe l4 O
who usually sought thee asc wrom
the oani who thsould not he =eb.tltle
with Ihem. Ilnea, It was the I ew
pIwoe'a duy to ulrg the cossoiptlion
ti colapwtmet e rev olire-n r li whoe
ordulirly shrilk from the took; and
he llttttoild the Tnin of thin
by tM ahion of thIe untlusal
sow ett t In time of war when
it ole upon big bslnom In
I* to ap the burden of vrious
phIe of the wsar work snd they pa
Iolotlialy rtesp nded, tomaies Armo
tuhir ast private Intleseti to e@e
the cMtlO et on dollar a year. The
country solely needs the eame Ue
aid. wast.alcflc nI srin e Ir n tIhe
of peac AmogIIK oth tuhilg, he mid
the tem a eliat of men who had
two sMot ot mrlsl: s. tfor private
lift aMother lfr p uMIc life. In prin t
IIf they would liorn to do a dishes
et or dhMoumhile thing; bt In of-
ift they mnimed to tany they were
llcomemd to explot the phblle.
A eM geo a1 M lest
ThIs wase eo tbhe mKast inteest-
Ins, lstructive and plesg -tia
tlh culty aeiciOBe he evr bold
awl wee attended by forty fm the
At th.e rM lIli nfa Mr. slnhs
ldae the liters weem atale n
sihten upt or the aks W bM-
at K.*si. 1..6 ad be0 h hW

JULY 30, 19M1.

IPICE $1.00 A60


ATLANTA. OA-At the oeasdl WASIIINGTON.-A iiretleh le
meet pngt lf t ut er wis P-rh -wsi Alba pon iaiew. srvle f,.or erminare and n tr n r
hue, held at Washlinton recently. buth sinoess ro tniatlalo. mde up of
editors of Uthe Egth (eergli disttld governgoormont liafsutls. Iirtnstion inglr- SUMMER MEET
put their lsads together and the result ket re oirt., ai i sei ty mi mihem r
was the focusing e t the Eighth tleW of the national rado o r vIce tomie-
triet Pros Ausocilation. In the EIghth alo on. In saulou liher. Tihe commislt|on I D N
dhitrlct there to a loal of eighteen was appointed by I) oi.iter Ueneiral I I
newspaper m aild an extensive drive Is Holy. aid S cIsrey ef Agriculture
being made to iewall every newspaper Wallace.
In ti district. At lthe at meetag Proponents of e r a ld the ll l tn Ft e
of te organisation, which will be held radio ati t aif ,ury luim EntLenm t dou Ir
at Atties at an early date, the follow- told h. uw to i rIs nIIsk ate tiieAIsi s In Connection With Denver
Ing ofcerits will have charge: PI formation. reotocihed 1.y tday farnat lt-e
dslet broa st Camp, T oribuyne, MoHrea; cc loiire hk Ag n l ensnOiy i fIi rl The Press Club Memba ers.
vie-peldenL. Ed I A. Caidwe ll New, postal r asi, f.atios t c os the con '.
Moonre; meretary, Mrs. Lynd LeI e tient at about l i-olle intervals suil my J. 0. GOODWIN.
Bryeat, News. Oovieto.A esch wouli serve 1l=0t11l square miles DENVEii.-Wii-n tolet-retsury GIorgoo
of territory. lluhrisch IIIsneissn-i the dite.s for ilIs'

st suell of utie oIest tiwe the Coload

OFEditorial A -itiTATon, th re w ras lile

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tFhiruy mo thi.s couspentry publisaerti

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I f or 1 t Mld D l Snowball F hl F ig eLnd Variation s.it i o ew con to tho ofr-
Or I RIu g Mmtlecause i t a sioloenltated II fIlt no let
OO iR E EyT H ll y- lprogr, m had benti rr dingel and there,
_n at Rainier Spaa teoren [~Ie n knew just whate trade exe t
ROUOi. .--The .aosr, AI d wdei thee go btack ho1
nl gi of ho Sith lko ires PAR DISE JAIoT, I I. and teiill of tile ls tl did time sa e. iha
As.hoelimN~ wvillt l h 1he hold in-ro lg t -- ATIONAl,'AR..Ii All..,ii lt. h ltln hI.. ti eiII thIs e wh e" did not ofend will'
on T hoisolay. h'rhlsa and MAtl< rsalt OWtJNi |.l~i'tltir. tirlsiif tosis sihtlto tl tvi' lhiu' liii's 11s i.t hwi-.-ttiso ly "t r siX1
Anlicotlistsh lih ou st ll w. Ihe.s ino Ost. I I 11 t t Io'sWii lsliw l sssills ouI lh h J, n. rl i ,1r'.iis'te 1'l tlius. PIif 10 A. mII. Friday i .i.
Ol F 0.uloK tai I builllle woetilg in 3q k. (wisllsero f I isilislstl loylsi tile i'iItIt'"o- llhsv is i s |i,11 I n tiis'riay af ternoon there wII n
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ll0 the ltoe c ulleg.its,. It oll ttuamein tssl Stats' t'ltl Aio sI, il"DnFriday morning t i. pent in getting'l
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.llllht.reAit issrlsskii.'o sunty;, tholsi .ll.- tll,,,ght i, al. l.i .-.ll, lhis ilisl P otgtti l a t Ainrllitual MIt. lt* i-sIi uIne ss elon waII I heI d and
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l ii5i5 i s n.itsiofsisissslry'-stl'tojri esi E var. y. I>l|thisB 1111 sslt s. c lll .r iiii"t *In at Rainier Pars s ilt.l It til t to the trade and .'I"
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I OQUOy Bllii D.-Thi few tolol t r lsvs'sss-t ii1 lllirt elils" summer l dentiir t I lfor wSthe t. te.in lt
meli liu t tl use oin t d ikot P essI PARADInEtll AIs' Y. 'll AIN 't t l'* fisot Amin istly l at e i, lstsae. t1i
Assr million wilr l r hed Int IBri kings d NATIONAL PARK l WA i t i i ll .-With t n e i timf. silt l si inti t l s iitio writers
n Thuslay. Friday and rl aturdlri rtionrll il t id I nA tol 1 ., i t ,lsl, sie o i sweethearts i'l ire .,
Augslt ;lt.r iltl mIll 1' di .r o r I teelt G ood upealkrsl Frd l yn ti, l ti slln flt silt hloitions tie .,iod tfie'
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fnt. the fAll. oll'01,rthe Anmmerci 'ensk state Pre.ss A.s iation to pl.iy sistt i rl.
0le 'f Ilsrokinss af Itoih newspaper hokey Ind Nr it out fIir sitosewholl Ns w Ptubtiction Law Explained.

pMlis hersof tuo king w ountyri. t hu en tight in .id Jcily, Il.h a nsual meeting Sotis i y s morning is o ther tult msd
lneisli, l tlirsl t ertl iill nteU. Every d-n ilaisn sulii llt e O in i umh oss lit 't. si IIis h.a&l0 i n i I el .ll sthe sWll I-.

lIn ir eh otn s. ti ssb ly arrs ngc, to A ib, siUfIIlr 5E ls ihirnc o got 'sil Il:.t, Pci nt. it olo radu new il I
.Le ... trn. hi..sb le for a few d WohN early AAT vT"e...e. it ........ o" filI" IlE..I. w whi.. se was pt.' "IN'iI
wltid tif tenI tillsn meeting usni t .te j, of W *iullor y O ,)The keeling w .. st s ut A m-y ans I-n whil,]ch h.
the .lmkd progrlt" ltboBusiness and frol likthe 1511n i ITi 11r wl i h t .th t .. to rf-I- into. vie s ta ly i th tr ted.
pleasure. -ni r I n Alloy po ints of the how, not mo clot-uor ad

*To*e crllMege dun r lldto re w t h e sIia 1t' lls' wih rtere done (over s u,,, refully, l
or. 1 loD E th. ITtorl for t. l.ood Speakers Friday I... i...... i 0.. I I the .. .. fi.
Ilo r fl ot ni' boinal charge for A ion t thssittikrsi siot, wirs til e t11 h r Mr. s ii i. %Ini sissil

on Th sd. y, aoils will 11t. served a s thU Grnt Ins sAnsgle.'. 11herol .ir f ti in s' 1-i'sitn' ". i i I t i i'lle i s new s ewi

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raule mt ofr thi l oneo on: AI land a r i ite E A oiation HiStry in te e t I o .. it l ssir.ofr hl.t i t o vlt s.
Jiema ous ("sorter, Groton. N.Y.,omol to' W Jim volley mothrp i rftils'lsltsIicI i
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Tnick St arte .ite ol 11ot A t Inrlt le, O AR D CA SJAot'. OWN r N. A .--If c c b( ,or o r f r |' .i ,,iro it "ir s. Ii i I ll id t"' ti" 'r
mlle o "Etli-tcraiog the h. tJ-.lI I S a t, U T lt--i t e l'rl 'o tthsoou u ork sin ith part If tiMs t- ",,ms o t net s ss i. si ji ktii ,lis h i, i l 11 h Is .i t t **IIL'l sit
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Wretsslth isideie went iseditr "Asivet' Ve~t nolro its tIit piano es~s'l stelo nino e Ie t ltttehtrot ceii -ss rlne fur . t

liosi serit I li lo o e en t e lor g he g W tr a lis s M ll e n nlll .lll mCcllig sEi l i, s-toy a u loy D I A I Br E t e nllt D L o I. -
I th u nla "Eawmara-lla irthe\ rotts lnit ti 'roUsT. I.-Tho trisetsit Ariii on ( he till 'f th o-e rsilstshi n ,h l i j ij vru i ii.sin ,nitijig ii ,is ,itii w l ist n, 1,
I'cn ithe rm it We tin e a, J o M"c' P onrt lle. o to h lre lo ll lll n i ts Wpo. ig,- -,' n in, r liaI r,, i.b \ ill lg.- I i v ll .i
K e ri x h t ', Ai it' li nt.l l A lo rd tie m ' h e A d b u s t. o t lt nlsis in e ulp a t ein w l ti sst trn s e Jolt le o i 0n Pe t to y s it1r st m ll t is tbisrs 'y A sa s t ii i i S aittiiy' t i i us Di i sAh- i s Bi-' ta k v lis tI il hi slul l .

ti bs l lty iit sl'il tt i ttiut dosrli t e O ore it s tiss s iiott .i llr ,' i i s it lll fi t .ist isIsI O tis, l b nhe a i tc o f s ,si ltrs]iii t l.ss' l t isi h 'ilu I s .f. Ii i, l h s is s hl tr ru is its 's l ists
its* rl th lU nil l's itlear, II l (| l* l lt mpn vBtlr dehig ois to tid h Wstll is Oti stobr s isitisi n n losiIe. itl f ,i'-si f iinsi.ll, ll | 't flii i ,. I II ti.i lliiii *h ic iii- ii I .s i lsh tl
rJioissli. l'sts soll tsrll h k 'hiettls thi nsW hU K llcu Isis l t lstd. Frtsill 'Iren i stes IKf t-ow wtis to lsrtiii fir 11".l Vi' S ''t i: i -i i, ii s,. i |,,l i
tiilt isrmol. nreloins "Citr y i.alw i-to tn plthn to e hltego II llnlat'. i si i tiA,, ,ti 's I5ts ag 6t ,l ..: itlt e -1, t I l...l, I
imer X flllf i l tto Ailciss mit tok ntrI ll.nsitis an he l pouI o t lnvlle In d tnolisot. if the i tld .i.' A f'l s' I i silts h --- i --- ii risc ti. ilsH'siiri i thi i' 1l lehiiii
rekly." ll. h. lto llder. Trhib ine De ll I w In whitlo b toshiss sotea t l dl i nI Jeotst in g lathri ln. A mil c tle s.ol A r. I" i, n. i,,,,i | lta lir hii T he ..f h i;lt. -l 1's .
rel itods;"IotheAdvertiemrs i oon- on isret' h uc wo le coenh s eontsemm willlnlg alin have liten fsti si itTl.r ti i lcr ltst dliii ts .sitii;,. ll ir 1 1 n,| -.li.. ii nl iirli
Iry WI''kly tave Any Efect on the ani doeewe that s he ib eet w n egin tin recently ortglnizri ittitul sosm l i'sistl)' tsil iiitiiiie irf thii Ili) inin h.llii h.li'l fri ihtlllt 1n5 i.n'itO iii tih.
lditorieall l't y 1n C ilt e n a ero H. mn nld dnintet ity t 11s4o ewtor n Piee Aooifitton i nd the Jrm1 Itotn i-e-nkistli o ti le "st uish :ihI l l'niiy l,. I i, u li, rli, lln ,ci i i p ill,,, .
neotur Itepubl, lc .oerd; "WIt d h te xt B t gr i Chambier of thtnm liner.ce. n o1,lli l, tt t. yt ] 'I'ie t. i. ii tle sIii
Klnd of Ia llomumr Mol esing Do the Ma lion IHollWlA to rgDlD A m ht. Jtll ne A re Niomn whe trying pre .e.lls iss i. i rerll 'o' f ii sis' ni, I a or ni i.11
i eb her W antn : ltnoh a Pio mg an teni on r t Br l h a rs fbmo1l ul e t lt em o os c Inmron lt loPr noa t, oalt K ssii l iTt ly if t iIn InIiI.I i t ..Ii t ,I i t I, r it | l \ i|ri,',,,] li; i i i, s I siiia'n11.1
. L Iates. Watehmns, Osdin ): "T rled I t wol ld gl ve Dr. W dol tr y tns Id o a 11h fr The n the is wll i ii ur uion t.,i i li illii- r lir llii. r lai" I.l sits it As-
St itc finate vs. Use rit Rhop." R. O, h lila roe delt o f the estalteor "tlar tlow e." 'hre ore a i n ut tor e ris t hl i' 1 iF. hl' i llh I. Cit i fIfi ol l -.y
a hr. I h ldot lte, H t ; question d sH n of t e sM of JoaliM and a best progirm aI| I d e ts i l anill r t In it r is k : n I, iit.. l r..r i ,,., ,Ilt tr i St d a1. B s Dn I n
Ioi nand geeratw d I n, if the Unvlreilty, of et r. thr t a few little ino of ht or s si i l hssl n shit Dl. is tat ,lt i i tic llh -i t ni hll lt o

lKo; nrAlenmo it roosa ho ceol lege e-o b o t let once ever ". town Fm ida n t s n coutt y toot. c ow st stoIs'l. .t iui- o mlIu ll. sl ty-itif ills Its Aii'.c ', 'h ih; Cvii. -
italon too ltake the edtos to the oa c nty. thetvs n th 11to perlcotor oule. It wii eiss s itis a t 5.0 oli ttlts s lia trirl fal pusc.r'mIr -
legel); garage toem te those bringing Ah Dor '( W lliame woUld have u m eth is of the Jmny vamlo y eni erte tlut quetiio' ilti t l ii t hi usos t -r t>liiii."bl 'l, +\*'. ul .I, rll . a lr, thtet l'r'e l'onr ofe o h Woril d t uss mer.slned fthe iWs nl ner o 's, eod th,,y s sl'it. I lot hir wis i ft trll l -.1 ideta li r. ,.tcns "Lills ht W
orlds. h~-Tihol tspr eatoeely for mident-cry three yearnr, the iet ed or t th ei en i n i hl w rtlr1 1, thilft h i sith i in l-llh i r 11 ,Iii i 19 n
obuena sli.tm. Even hing, sh ing gliisl Ira C ngre every two yeiar exF h d it ak ritl. ts t io tint t h l i I. i ls f a h 015
of 1, 0 feCu et of fllm i the voleno Iof alld tkhe ipurelyg a l pes i'oo nferntie Andwe how they ciii. t -l r n. P ales i n'tll i* ih it in 'u t till 'i:iri ll Iit 1.
Klltoe and cmore then 10 viewa pe- anealhly, buht all working together. In h oi' el ce at i'nritaths. .t l ille'x ai "h' ii' I1I .I" 1 rhi n1 'tl 1i
erelad bh Mr. Aodmtd M too, It ounrr D le l t Nee etherlin Aporitns OffoseraI E llted. li Iin Mlatd1 silt fhi ti o o."h .i,..h.

e y. lIth-I eInlg state olle. ry the delegates scrs the A eri rrivd on the Z sn the ostletm hip cPrisuh"In, ( hq iln A. b'st.r lI s ite- I tu ..h 1 nli ti I .i.. h.i.
laeluding trlp so the bState colge tan coetle t thieon fall to the c it Aqugtlana. ono the Itrt leg of It n ll- sns h, lirt ,i.. l iill i' ul i is h ilihll I ut. tt t
school ofl pintIng; see an the only t- cost where the t n spe i i tesive out, the prime purpsIne of p ico r tsul C'. A g le. Sosu i ullh iss. t lillsi : c iati le r fioc1, itm '
ielan fat-ramp sheep l Amerli ; hoard e speci al seamer for HawolU. whlch In to istdy intcernotio netl prnis- not. Slot.stir; sAs .ioai vit filei l' t'ifn oektI-i, ':;,, oIh,. I. ip' ... y
elugm "tollegs belle Wap a This otees r will also be sued lo-slly tie ho ite ltcler. After volitlng thur a th ne' Alitye hlli Chm e Ofystu' 'Ii h billh l t r Jsilo llic. -h.. .
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iCollege belle Wayne. St," the only the larger. Ille is of the tawolian wil I to tantode. Itf ahlni.m thA a T 'r-thuosie uloewrn rti. 'is' i sseslIt ist, nii htI.is,
itl00Upom" d bitter tow in letle D i- greop. and the e rople of oanh Islnd sllsitni, New .o'laetnd. A tstralis, the III. ilrlmi nt. ,i ttl ..l i rii ,li s
kole: elid ohter slimaI I with spdlilld see now st woitk en Ipec al ontertishl Philippitnes, Jetun, Chilen, Kurea. the Employing PrIntser' Csrmval. ihrtrlhr Ith i i I trh ,I tciiif L t
recor l. Meig plctres of the I .l- snit pr ie f[al. strats Setltl ents, Arista and Indil. NEW Y1',K.--tt nTh nnt n rniv hoMlltd i i d t i .iOtli hl,, L hiiii
Itings pory will be taken dtung thin Arrnsgelmen f1or wtredu railway of sUhe New Y b Enuuit 'rstsr uu foduv d it it 'h u lhus. i
slght-iseng trp pf a o wu ll nd yt. e mn hip lul 1rate. hlet bee prIs Alreo N. S [islnk sd AAn etlthito wilt 1 htel h lt it t ,r tt'nr fitn he ifots s o w tu b sI ,t rt ,r
Afleraaol, elitels 'sill an s bI tinilly erOlmetod by Wm WS e of PlORTLAND, ME.--Al.ituo N. lIon Itay, A1tusnt 1a0h. The nawnuldar' f siht'l itThe it rteiarloys wl t us-
lege bell geme e s opn i e O isN agle. Miss.. Sald emnD of the Itak. sevoty.-evrenonenfihefionders the mss to win c h ubh ttlhi oiilo ci 0 s lvitnt o ell t i eil'
hoissd inola sied by a e In qes ommittee el i teasportatiO Dtost't of the Insteoroetll tal Pnper ('npany lavo New Ysrk l'tiy its nIssssteIilsN It wno oftt.esu cll d Iok I"n"' rm5 :'
eltd suslt lmr u1d in l ee ng N Wfllihme will rime ti HMoello te nad ito fiurmecr Ip'etleei died at isl in the sanurino stodu sfhn thssl sttarive prenhfss ttqutsi is st ltharsu. ftlie
Te, t tie pact a wEh ito a n AIt fo stied the Pa-Pacle edu- home ore oa the Mid. e wie trel e will engage I games and ocrtn fur mooetn and wails wont 1p fo'm i hf iba'
tit he; anees of roa ta oll elet ann l f eres a t sa ye lt npi leasO t r snhe e Jshmbas anpi the pre Setre. to
PSmi aR the (hMr will Ugld cse st SIeedeswocth. N. U. crowb Ued twety'Sve tate1omulte.. 11t1esta en page k oe.e..


a st-to- I w e*wsand (oso) (frewspeay adl Mp I*

IAges of Eight and Eightyad
oI. I a I. ;'tu
Stori.......s. oaf..
u In
os,,,I,,' z It"si

is t *: t,,; i,, -,, COLORADOO l a, t III"I ru I it .vt ."o 1& I
I .i d i t .a'thb, 1.'"]'ii',"'i',i'] ,' .''''ia. l>'"."1'.'.''"-'. '. ',Ah'1'.'th i" ]'.r. .'."l'i'i'.n'>'l .. h."lk "'l'hn'''" '"' K E N T U CKr.

" J frim l riacl 1iutniam ( 17.... ) down to tI at M asterson (20th *,l ,, ,." : u1 r LOUI SIANA
. ntu ). Te m st pictures personalities and the I
t t il events in American annalsI p...t ai

Tol in short feature stories, each one-half column in
length. All the well-knwi figures are dealt with and a
latin to the celebrated characters such as Daniel Boone, . .

av Crockett, Kit Carson, Buffalo Bill, Wild Bill, etc., 'i ,', A sAC T *.
'.and ihas unearthed a mine of interesting material regard- tifa h" ilht'l'
F.. o l oIn, r e h e t t e.. of.t... h alf -c.....ol m s o1 I .. ..... ,.n '", . .,,,I. ,..,N f "ali'l, .. . ." .". l ,:. .:.f-ia u u i ........e.' n . ..n |.. 1 4 L.. . ..n rl
I:n nothetrt DAt NDI,, Nr.A, i Out itt" t h. B k o,',h., ' .'. ,u Ib, ,,h.,i h m*nt it n lh lmnA l r iii

I.li nn "'r." D a n i' l B olne . ..hi..ie" 1 : 1' f l f .' ; f1" ,t,. th eflin e l' n Ie, f:-fF o lht n,, ,, .. m ,., ,, .|

;en..,t l i ro Ked-in ;; :,i 'm ;- Suts e ; ,tri Irt h .hht 1
.ull lt..riter.of..... .. I.. .......n.k..n .. e i ; X c B- -o o , . I . . i .. .t, *f b r.
___t If l.r ( -- I. .L t, Ii .1 Lf k li.hl . ca*,l ,'I ; I.. t.f bi, ,' ; ,-h l alid I l ti I, 1~tCi l at t .I. .IM
'l,'. il ht i -. t Ifll lti l t. h ,'lfls t rwtl .,ln,. .rr ti I tho. la i lnhl 0ld r tai t ctr m

Iin k, S in K .elIo i, T the A m eri n ti' '" ' -'' 2t r *i*r* *' 'o"G 1 "r *vll re i y
azr ; CapAin Sam BraIy I,, "1 ," l h ;,' h. h ;;'.j,I ''Itkh Fiction That Will Hold O Sb-

'His F.,m u tah fi t lu a .' "Johnny Ap" l- it 0. 1 .Iiri' I t) a c ,tf. h t ,h.hlnR ,mrld, a. r 11 Criberii and Makei
le" Sout Who lanle l OrchaBoys Bet een the .... .. . . . . ill Dixon, : i.f, liliNew Ones.

Tom *fitgins' (.reatist fiht \ ill F..ric k W illim S hma le's I r .. .,'',", '. i i '. ai ii
the Indians. D)avy Crockett. the i ng RIK ide. IIr. W. i. Carvwrr "mvil r Mc',;" '. r rAI
alesro ofth Alao; The Iron N ar n S dirit of th t ylain.;" How "L.iv:r : ; ., 'i.'. i'.' ,...'Vi i aleiaa.a
Who S Na m f;" Old Jim Hi Iil, "Old Sweetness;" Califor- I. ; .1 -o"k l t ;
..... .... ...hi Rm r wf ...t.l p. T- d, . I-f i

Mountain Tom an "Blood out Who Wrote Poetryt "X" hn n ,, ,,
hsinoc," J..l>.diah Strong Smith. Hiidler, W ho Sent Hi,, W ife to il:, lIt,,tai '' -1 l.
the A gesrian ols f.... ..s; How Kit ".ome;" muster'ss Crow Scouts, .n.. ., i I.t il I i in .. r .
iuel With anEngliihftn. Ol imf 5.,ip llr Jim" Wiiteittl'.ime ie u .cd be S n.' a i It

liker's Ihuel With at Frenchmanhl l fualo Bill, How Walapai riark End- a;in 0. | ,...ia i.prth.r tti1 mrh tr iuenm tr r r
T.n to One-Wild Bill's Greatest th Apache Terror, Ed:artS. Pax- ,,,,,,i. ,iu m
iht ow Cody Got Ni'lkname of silo Ill n, the Scout Who Was a Painter. l h I D i un, tll i

i Ii 11 if ilri if. .f lif'if. laii .>r h hta

Tlhe stories justify the alluring titles. They are written by
i '.. OIand frontier history since boyhood. ,.i ,, ,'' l 'il 1 rin
TS to series is complete in four six-column releases, sup- .............. t ......... .. ...... .. . . ..'..ItI a [
plied either in plates or mats. Price $7.00. o
Covers unique, ,,, ,..,,,,..dan i . h l't. i, r ng I. characters and the most stirrim"i. ;ii.
episodes from the French and Indian War to the Ghost n". r HWAln

Order the Series Todayf! at tt,.. ftc.

tG r es ... .'I .. ........... . .. WU.. + .. .... ala

Iii 't^, hi i ,ea ,htl l irhh ? .S lg i ,11 brf
1... ..... .. .... ... ... .. .. S h Ib If ....... I ..... i l.. ...aly ii .., ,f .... ,n.,.cn*r dIll abl a Ia
L,- d. i,,a,, ', I~ ~ n,,,-tln f,, aff.t i $i I Iti i. O1_ ,
.o..o..n. Iae te c c, orI ,,,,1 t r ill, Is 0l :1 i f.I sher.. It .
rO tuN t ffi ]I iI- a,. It.* Il -i, S .1 '.+.I , t.o ,,,'KN.K

I ittt l'tr' 111 e BatP t .. ,,. I,,',,, t '. ,,. ar.+s."t I.tl e, in alt.
(a ltigh' Lap ur ~ife. 1.e .e. I1 Nehl11t tlete.ltout l WhittV ritr
All te 'les dih or tAf t'e ll B oyit Ber of- t e es ther .. I ....... .. .-o,... .. l,,iitmI tit a I
sttrl T eTliit it 'it,.e BIe te ehotutt f.. 1 i f .,,,I, I, 0.11y. 0 I ....- feoa I.i .
httt AttiSct st L" it uk (-t''it tad thell h f I,+ a t

.lnilh lo iiitghI hif iit.l, ','' '' i-. ,tio ATE SO 1 11.

'het...'hfI, E ig h an E ig h ty I ..i .....W,,. ".. ,.,'h i onf., Iaut r.i ,.,i, ,at

t'lifin, (lil iltr." ot a iel ooe Srath,, ('rhoefu Fao rith e ISc Bull. h' I, ,

lrit it .'u. tii. ....I -. T..... Al f til S, n.d.iiift'...i ,kf l t5'i, r.
wha tries" jhe all o l uPi 'ng" tit,'les. Tnhey are written bynit i It Ie ),,ot Ii a.i rntr i.Fi n L 'A l .-a 1l".
n.i c i .. ... .. ..: Callatoa th UldmCamm,,a, epb
Ceuq, crtsdhm tii LIST OF
epis lewi from ht 'he F (rench hand Indian War. Be~to the~ Gho st i+t,,. i ,i ...... 1i 1.. l ti t It.., i i ...... n a 1 a, ae1 ae
....t Ia liar ......''''I'iff,' I"' tn'ln. ..nll.. .. .c..Ta Id Ie.
DanceaUpising the last aeiu tole it Inians S,,o u I T .o,,,,, ,,, Fart, I0..a 0r a' -
11, ~t ~ in ............. N- -;-to, i no1
jaw l SlHid 1 . 1.. 1,f t 1 I to I .t

A ll tili heAil l ; nTh aillt' rit ol y h hh8ia of li ea .l.- . .. ,. .. ......... rail ,, .
frl ntomici io .. Isrla.l.... au c a 1i .. N I.. LOUISIANA,
.'Ii,!, ila-en. I 'll ,,c n, Ih I i, i'b,, l .t iec....h.... t,' 111eti eeitne
at AhI idi..tn, itt ta ... with c-,.... .
let ,hi gh A the, ,i:n wealnka te i. 0. n f u arimdeaat tite a,,ne aa.rah -

YEN -a-asm.... AuZILnK&AUT

. .OT.. ls .t.n o PR. LiIang MORE
fheSibt Roca chest i ut r r
iootn, ,'it-r, and 01 voto moot SOT DAKOTA. ..I =i. I L N

,,f hit 11le t out d nrernt of m.e, C h 3ll Is hsk 1 ni s. s l* oLW. Uldithr be te rnto -
t1 ihhe"d aloaors or t man t. Bi. EAC Hn Trau of t h' ,k. ..
Fin.. lo nr lIo n itake ol man newspap r antn e3 fr the th 50 llso vot. tm or oi _

S...;... ...... xialm ' -s -a "" "tr h h -'""mr rFl a Oa-Fa-omd, All-AC
t e. r wilh i nt r h l oatli a jr ellp h is a n r yt l pb 1t. ie c eonvIn ced tho rh pin of v|

n*r. oo. k1.otSrof C. I o. .o".f-1 r tl Around Pr-e tinter."Io om
ih, .OO tli'k h oh gown to s hm talent

amt s.. oonll I oLiora n u -,s. bo o eIro llme It of Bi ltl pte ht
I ttditloe r Prog.. and iSao olr'y a wich pa at a lt i k rit Fo, who r
P, i tpoli'. i b lent wa I a hhefrt n F,'t FI' ip noa n of rtm tho eo s.rnlt tf hd to or o fdr a i.ro
..... ..r.o "i. no S Mno ar ob pr,, l- .i .Ml r I. ar a r o '"t o Q" View. VPh N amo. t ,ra adte li.- o 1, FN.-ii
i..h.. t o ii.mtdare otorf i l, r i... Fr*%eo I .4 A I t o I t olr. mh n >oa tomendti, i I foru. ll-*
o ... m iac.e ooofthon (lock of W ain.I h n, It h nin a fell la.

ni,i, F lt.11 ned tn '.r. OUll in a "'... .U P 1. lheloTs 3il VIniNIA.
.,,, III||Vo.,, ,. of,, . pFhorFN. ,11 .0- i Koitno t Mar0. od tan he raoo.,v c rty A round Prk Ihr l." l
al heo the ooneaa .f co o at thalsoll t .o ta r'n hamin .oots n of th a ly. t. tL-A rrtiilir. (t cll-
ii A. v 'SF0. thlitIor of the Itoot rhotr doI np which g ho tol hsain er. p. I. h.k 'I. frho ceremony wac portoraterd at the tOoo
,,en" .*.'*cnul i tru o *openhae S at the ?P asleooiSo, e 0 otf. 1 theo.re'o ptnn N" Or. '. . mran- ft'.iset, old e.ihoell ailloasi print-

', ,,.05.cer that io oa ad hosa O a h hellm in P s ranie wen the cIec

',. lay h lof and that i ns wairh ad riho I t e IM l n Noe. anO o "I .t
iTofor a monstmhaa trp o ac.low, Va.. onI 01J1 teillh liif FIdwoll iiyiltttti, iolu-

S o p, ,e a a , rl ,w h a n n. hr A m o w hr i t h iS la m Ir a ae. TA n eht a o n w o ias t I l l "lI. o l t e, a l u m rih i -
!;, th andm f l etor. the maHn freq en pr eDst tlo lrn liii In i .e o d wulothry were toPndot'h

oaac 11 ... rrh eh l o l r oaal r r i nera o J ceaai ry. r tylJe ad I h llh oci l
i F.'it i. tokomllh i e art;l.n nolerch t cat- apnr Irn. nlKllr c'pa en l for tha o t" rla t t pollen r in olne Str. lltlot ai11 iilo cii,

o, f.1 TI .I hinFiF !5 n 1 ro loto itt i b tk lrl Iny ofm 'itoh.' S ho t W IST V IRO SINIA. r o

,.. r te Il orc F h re- hio aeiir y % l turehd lgIi Wrt y a ot.ri tt tyil- l t tlli Wl IF IF t ig t e. -
S o Il t arIte o t d w i ,th I S ai moth i ennorol nthlgr T prr i l wl r I h av .l w ae rrt
r ,.,:FF 54, ',r l uatpldh 0*r OF OlM"t* KoIrF'TU o 0 -A o Ia po i1t'l..
",, 'oltlladpl' it "FF Puo d' W e o fOM IN. I nic Worl Fn her beetf% far (nur

I n .v pta. rito l rnFmn otrK Mot Dakota. who A o CO. NI Nr S tated It 157 4. r
i *h, ,,F i eobu il ot Prmiaium News, wi hin ton i I

by I" Woealin an r t h -
he aw. ilol i r r St. It fITare l o bin A LEo .N It nr o o Ie h0 datoy wli mmed
101FF.1 IFe, FIt.. itiroll eFll tr' O rrolltto lt. boa inlt "ih"na e i b ult i r n tiatr. th. ioenalltln. hlitole horh e aer with ine Itha oe."
i eha. b n Buh big problems an not. nd fill-
of prodi kIon i a ll oo is 'r rttb e

NW bor I,. 0. bKrA.eIe .y n ollth r. i he vu -he- --- ref n
I. F.rtr an'l wn w he led lo rvihe lo-W nm I 4-ltn baseo. s pat.
,., FI.F~rot lIe lth or. No m ton that bS emr to IN o. tinian! ml n enad witS "The boF l sl t eoterprtne I have oevr
FFa k l h at- in om.e aort l. to In," his by dent. or. rl ed nt e .ad-
F, Me the m I -pr.n. tp oikn d indinoor at the Old Itro ontr rp I
111.I n i ]l thbelalnni *'I-y *= matd* ut ly-
MINNESOTA. ofn Satilotn The aie r w an n r of the tIomu r Adraorso posbll:hd fFor print pomper. meanwhile trying 1F,
I llt eiid S their milen elr ld drIo hterl, y E P. Anidrew.. the C'hlppewa kid M lf Into lleng tht he p
Ft A ItFFIF r. I~ rae rly I. lahres of the na .h-11r th la lhdrI wa rctlleot l Po y: F-Mr. Andrews ha toe. foord
Fi ,, 'rFF. e TitI F oento a i a lire lallt whk Pa hold to thoo Ia l, that Maeo ant th op er I bouh it from waso holteot m11 1.'
F itFF f ra INalalivnr of tieins lora te toy tooln a r:. bi Idtal .f tho tr ctlan a -l 0 w:ll
rl ti'tornd open Sl sow a.U a motorist teame. Wle Sc>ry cost- lhlo hereb o.l Ms....
FiFF dottw OKLAHOMAwek. a f n toni n Drethper AndreOw and witah so
tirl ofes InIF work "N". ra
le Fho Iodo In heina moroed The Waton nerald ha t Sot- inner mar, cerol of Fienat torlicr at Acolt hoirle things. he addo: F"I lita,
; m il.e Wi M l l l ih h II .t" ihs b e t N a m e d T h e W tr i ia s c ot y it t re w orfd .l w e rmir
n othit t w intd sw rvepapr orroo for t. lie Si of the ;-d old Alvoer n." t oo a n alirmlti Fr air nlr In ti-iF
.i-f F 'h F ,, e FF willt he roder. o Itter a t tl of all.hlt e print. hir amn r Auxilr t ;r
F .. ,.,- Fri onesre -h. lly-preint. from t he o .4oUlolttu to e clip Is tle w fra m lr
W. t I. WYOMING. the or of e ati for or
erleormc Armetrnian hao dortl d r ynr- W. A. coon. editor of the Boin Ron- I yta il, nai ltt tPr at Galena for
prnat teyatce far hotS hL i pIopo. IhO tin,. Ai taking a raolon; the trot Insa tise peore. I hove ben 0 temlwc F
1"'.14,'l""J!'"&'i.?S-"r&tr n d.I.I 'a l. ad -1.. ir toke u Um hlll|. been Im b
thells t.lm Amcrh.an. Itileo 1 kaet. ti n. In a or t ha rear1 oitflld l l 0xr9 r l i oic fra rnt for t'entyolgit
h 0 001r,1 0 I"-tln. it n ie bwill ."p p i r. mor d with rrtf
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f thIe WN T'. moAtn The K0mw ('lty Star. owne aid pui -
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ilw Sf ares 0 uru his s Mr.11 I 1X 10il. |hM

Ttihe tFF IirF1 naw oot of "MIII LETON.-flte. P. MitItIaiFt. n1.
F i -,ft alOtr. llots I .u fla Ile -FtD F. oFr 'i of i t1 .IcI, .rr Fit I.a-
;F FFF Fi tn l K0 T ni t a f o lh e FIFFo Fo, fh F al o l,.r. OF FF.

N. o'IINio trIFi'F littA F I -n ltT or.o
.I,.-W Fl O i ,r F F'1 F411 1- r, l ali.t ro IA I F i F t .lhl..H i ot FllF llaF -
ii-a. ,1nSei .iF t C Ia Na,.ax 11 tr, T o" .
Ft Slao FiFTl t i t F.i ii, FtH t ire diiIrin l dNi.I. --lIh I. NM ll'. vrl
be iiitrFF,. FlB JBra,.ntri <.1 n htl I. o ioSc l.. l M i ki Cnm iy B l l hr
hl^^ ,,f ^^^^^^^^Lh..II, ^ t^^l^^^l.t [,,llln. rl,- "f i,,lUarHio diod l ^t l-iF FFF ihi. l'rFll, iF
F h. a, e OhiNail. . .....OIiAll
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F .F oF. .F tfrFFFFFF F ;helF .il F pt F rnnI,.lr..FFFFlFFlo IF

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l, FFl t"r ,i~i-OFOFF .t ihdi'ie a Ft F f Fi.e aIFne FeF F it h,,iio ImF F. 1
T,.F FI k'F F I hMa r J. wot oerhhe. 11., ,alte -f
u o1t, a' 04or wh F cI. i,
PENNSYLVANIA. linhlne Sb owa lt ,, F ,
i brem tiot timo ,mnt. ,FI F 1.1
h ln i o. e Flllr of Fi1 M r i~ r.el In naw flpot r n'k.'itk I FFI.. MI
-nF F t. in rom nr tl .lhot u. IIF F FFI

FT. .. I ..T1 ..F.. t o'',4 1_F X FI 1 1 e 1 FF IF

Fn.FFF' I_ I F. Fi t FFFlFF F ......F.I ,, I.F I F I
FFF'FFF'FF 0 ',lit I ti r ,FF I ,iF I t FF1 1 ,.F F'
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i t.' IF hFF 1::i,.1, .r..I iI' I FIF iFFI 'r IFI...F.F. I'h

F, FF., F l IF Fi F IhFO hhl I F F 11.1FF FFF OF',F, F FlI Ti F,, .I FI, I F F,, i i.1it I I.,
Ih h io l l,,i 1'F ,i-i t-oo o FF1 1 F.llh, 'FF ,iI.iw FF.I11- A I
I F F t t F I h. .F,,F, .,r oFF110 ,11 ,F, t
F ,. 1 i I i F i1l F,, I, Ni F1 F ItFaOIIF-, I Fjl.. .,FI I i F I. 1III ii
F. FFFF4Fr''f tle IF., F, h IF I i'itt'rlillFl Fll II 'FFhhe1 r ll.

FF.1 1, h .r Iy FF = IS,. .t.l Ah .FAf terIhJF l. i..he efdth F l .F.lFlltt i 'lthl FF 1 i 1FF I ; ,
ia 1wife. po=it. itLt 1FF -FF.0 'FFI F r ryel. F1 AI'l. ,

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F'ntFFFFF.ir T, K rl teni.tT~ F i lrer~FFF, totF I t her ItFi t lo1 '.her S, thn 1. I t Ftlll
elreio ,, rl thrF k or i tS t l Ic "IFm o r lir FIt
no, II xl but tIt Km, o h li nien, tltor F FeOt ot m n t '. h f bnyd e tdcF.Fl
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... .....e ...o .. ,,.t ....r..... I 1.- b,7th e In"p- en of ,tta f Po.t,,y n S he ,.pe. lIon....rod In liUe
lile Itt areprietor.' Inl 1)100 day tho Iricrir. Jr., anid S. Wltcolttrd to tt'.o- ainl. SMl Dailyw lndalrd too ~w CroOIa llPTF rM
ai t h ot and her pwe e I, l were f11 l al to.. aft
w o wh re i I a e Church Adv
tel l to tek th tt n to- 1 "'m .....to t art r at id o n n t N 1"'n life INC t e h. A
oOtar, ootmk ul I woll (Kansas) tRrr newylt'r
Inll tIr erd t ic il l ittom dy. h aomrI SOUTH DAKOTA. Ooreitilt a e i runs one of the ce
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of many of the large metropolitan congregations
r publicity departments and employed advertising
Il publicity as well as fir evangelistic purposes,

ertising releases of our service are the work of
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r arguments. Supplied either in plates or mats
atc use, they economize time, mental effort and



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,lll .Ini u.' mill In ibllulleter mir, lc, lly IIc l .t e fee t lhat il al me you tilnilg t li, lti o iire o tili for. Pr ob Sunday Neuwpaper..
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liek: lut If i a two-t-iNl Meltk aiIl n 10 I1 i-iI l 'iI. ee II.' flIte Jli. I Vli hlmil frill lellilth to "ric, I'eP .. nti 1111 Sin41ny ftti i, iimi .i.l t i ii ii e l lrn-
l Rll etil ller In dimlllir wer w ere na. ipt- lllleollally, >i lItlle kllow-l ei ,f lie -iel li lltiloiinirniill Heolt. lltg eIlltiihii .

CDo Tou Want a

good Serial-

One of 'Practical

Value Through

Its Appeal to

Female Ieaders?

.wmu -&;a-6twutdmdns4La &jleudd
jhs.- in7,ad- u& fir off fqP&00%s*aIu-&

TN a short time your merchants will
Sbe offering fall goods and the bulk
of their advertising efforts will be di-
rected to women of your community.
Anything which you can do to lend
additional interest to your columns in
the eyes of feminine readers will be
of direct assistance to the advertising
"Sisters" is a story which will not be
despised by male readers, not in any
sense; but it will be welcomed with
greater enthusiasm by the other
sex. It is a story of the home and of
human hearts.

A tale of country life in the California of
today. Kathleen Norris,the authoress,
is becoming one of the very pop-
ular writers of the Pacific coast and her
following is country-wide. She knows
her section and the characteristics of its
people; and she knows how to present
them so as to create national interest.
"Sisteras is a romance of agreeable people. It
has its thrill and suspense, but is markedly
different from much of the fiction of the day
-not so much mystery and adventure and
more of human interest-a decidedly effective
variant for a fiction program.
Exclusive publication rights for each town to
those who order Fiat.



S I i o l r key to .orem... If o. e'rwe e
Na ona laldichtora sthlls worth Whi.m we
m T msl oif aiiwly rellst others.
Aaoda oUO Tia,. whiat we wi to adomw ith
lthelm p usl riiltis oI Ameoril. WOe e tll
IL CM HOTANeIt to enlit leiir iteneeM, their cIn oal l.n
-Iheir rtusiltr l ilp. ul we get it? Thll
ia ry u tomloy. Woeli ok afor II
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Irk nx-rita It; that its pfpdmplth-
With the nllr for the u44-ho Wek. -1111 the pater two Iro o hos v eed
lthe quIIelol artba. "Wih wiln do the the s, lolirkina thofd of dil.al.
work Thil. i a nle iter oaf greealt frk (_ ou ma ppt sow It Must go
l(.ilter. to the pIrlunllg lbtllmsy. for r. Bet hl oI ador todo o It muNt
koeery country pulilUler konw r that lle o ele ura.melt of every lellti.
It he were to ietually noiok a protest lnile Iloltilher In AniMI. w*hboter ti
Iof his owd to his nempalye e so the Ue a hand lire t or a lodaro pNceft.
baSl thoit they wen to keep It pRol" ilig Bnllie. The Inlterous of all t..
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keep as mitl n e bnu tlnd in M W"hingtlh In the paper intti ani Ia
walme. That eht e ehin m hl, aIdvertla lni H t in uH Yeklh. An
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and helped by kiUd wordl d lood wto -ti"d'l"" hisl -w clhp sd dse
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urer; tha latter coltribuled It ca 'ide. It would determie Io t e at
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tni .tthe other two acre libellyl to hIl laestm* t b.en mant*a whey
kep the work going forward. The Bot itch Yeur teat It the amp at -n*
l|,mditiol In a.i ofe motlc MOM. Ivity ead hbave a pel to 1 ,the wr,
nw, of working trgethrr. ropemtv cn- ontrlbting Year mi't, to keep now
ly for the proteclion of a swelt I-n. going fowar? O i ya wou d
I1o yon want the 4,-holr we1c? Do Fler to a eprect semlge" Ilkh. l"
yo went hillhrr mper? t11o yo went NltioMI llOrtltol Auctlttc wlben
intervened exprmeo rwtel oa pater cid thet oiemntoations commatly woebt nU
prinlintg ,.lterial? tioi you wiat Iower for your interet. Rn addel., Itit .
dilivertltrinli Rlello? Ie- Igat to pub- Ple, YOe with m y b'tot fr y
Hal? If NO, ficgt your wwellper goad every lemgth In thle lalal ]hit-
orginlMtlouJ. a they ar thr inir. i tlli ao, and alo gives yea anmy d l
merni t1 gIured Snil ini-l'lt yOU flrom anlisl proceedlags whi'ek littl Y"
tlimOe lnoevremta wtifli u,-n eodeavor- "Poklotly. IN m of the mUeomwt,- leb
ing to tear ot the iit.nili. itoo stoer works that hc ever heen pIm e to ti
from )our prilntlng o t If you hbav hond of the pablllhere. -
other views. why not slve %ont to te i t No Wtter wherliie yr hiper pW-
by aiding the oale tlalluno that sre Itiow whelhe" i Maine cc Itoolofm.,
aidlind you? eI'mllm yiii do not like New Mear'o or Michllan., ye ow it to
the oatnall, perhaps you do not like yourself t unite wIth Ihm N. K. A. aod
their notIlhida. Then attend the ecet- v It you" r loyal sappot. W me.n
Inll, Igt buy and Smee if you cannot looking f'or your sippledatu.n to ti
make tim piroslll miore valuable. Rnoo firt man that will ca It fto wt.
refficilit, more lileiful. We do not Do not dlumppInt un. It mnst w ocn
kle one11 Ii, whoI oIn the job for if we double oer iemmelihp thla yer.
I" owi glury, aii. own ovasneemene l ; Write the letter to ua today. Natonml
tIh- .lh1i- ire gilving iif tlilir tielme Editorial AauNlatlon, 701 oie cie
iitl their ltrl, it) h el thtle prinit- Bank Bulding. Net. 'aul. Minn.
luiig ililiniei, tio inak- tIn- Jounoll.lete 1"
Iuro ,..eI.,. w,,irli.y lII ,tit.rt, of tie, N. Y. Prineare S'ale SUitm.
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Netlliih v ti iii ... .i..'..l.)llia..el with- ainle of New York ulewimtpblr printarn
'l111 i .iuiiiinl hii illliiiiit lourkhlia t<- in to co tltln unlltil July lot me tl, II
lthliier. Sli ir iii..lhiini1 ii no to the reetlt of. riill-tietlon of en agt-.-
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liliiemt liuitllile ohbletielue. Oramul- 1 861 fur 4- lnor..



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PRESIDENT DODIE interior of FO"ton Journa's New Office JO CHESAPEAkBE DT Yir .isii. iuita
PR E S ID E N T B.,.I or W it ....... .......... ...... ......
I,+,*,,I 1', vi "lll h ing 011': 8 In j ti nal' I i ts not tha t mid m 1

DO I O n -rItor swe eke llooll t I l i foi r a O i arty of thlis har
.. HIS. E PLOYEES D N P 'i "' ..n.. ."itt ... :,1.. -1, L UunI"' A Z ........ .... n t t is
org :n Et:trprise Family Parti. Pugh and Latimer Again Called '., A La prenident Hard'ln.
rgon E t prise Family Partic to Serve Virginia Press As- lii , ln i ~iu I hr lo, l 3 ,nn 'hi fti h is that PrnnI.
I.to in Outing With Big Feast ia n as Officers a n .i- ,.. i. hi I ell publhisdwr
and Many Contests. so io.,f t ih i'r "'dep riure, conferred iiiairlln
o e 1rs C I\. da dI I hrd in papers CoI Ihd tedli r l-neilt. with a altee
By HAL H OSS III. i i n rir li.ti ll a sliver jlatei in a *II
IT I. 'A1 .I. 1'L 'imii f fil hos pltal o.y; While ll.

till ',, '''I i t. it ,. ,I,,. i ,.i. ,,i, i;: ,.. ,,I.::lh i.ii:i.... ; .: i:: .. rnn l:;:ti;,' 5[l I .il I; I :,:;.llr:l C'" Ills "*"* YENJT O EDI TO R
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h, Gm 'ti I lit I ,i "'hl- l' l 'l ll,.ih ii':, X ''.t President of Michigan League of fa flfI55$A5
". 'EDI .TORS.. .. iuii ' .......i.. .t.iit.-... ...t. Home Dailies Honored at Said Mr. Mat:
A'' P n nr ai. Midsummer Meeting.
Si, ,'' and Lat iim er lEIEtctd 11111conAd I e....
0r.. ...DU LU T H .'. ........ *t '' .... rUtli Y. I. l
-I i. r ii', - I ".l Il Each cast I mearI

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lI I 1 i o lt I xcep ional't'e t AND Wi,,,l, il BOT. GET
< n i n l t M ni.spr O . . .. -. lir 1..... ,ill; J I .l l lL" S i F o A l a t o f M i I l, ll , IIi , i ,
pn n g I ct si r t It 1 stock as aye o ch ar h
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I r.. M..6 .-.. 1 r ... i' iT i lilt-h.

refereeSti Well Representedm

.................... ......... ... You.m ay.file.a.leaf.of Con t al. ....B

Vinci inei (Ind.) Mi. Dl ..... 1. Old ,
loeer Among Effects.
E X1POS ITI 1 WE L ATTEN i:,1-,,1.:il.I ll ii.1 ill i%1i, New P lta rd. Tnd d Saveed, '.

You may file a leaf of Continental Bond
t ta loose leaf binder with confidence.

li , -,ite ll'i ,.nie Ii 'iiiliiiilt I teI Tilt' tnlyPin your custom era's faith toltr'trilrh "tttll Si
m hl ,,,I I .... o ir f i lli h,

aM SITION WELL ATTENDED p sd ilt.si. h e l ni trdl
Graphic Arts Display at Chicago Col. ,ii p .h ',
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$50.00 per week, 48 hours. T4. 00 004 010000 tO 0 rINTRaZOPa 3ATOR-1411 S WANT A A'*., 01.00. lt, I 1s00
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.oio ll:, I .l II I I .." i i 1. V 1, .. .... ',, i.. ... I .... .... ns . ."
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01.010 0 .. .... l ....1 ,, 0% I + I i- I o I ", ,010 I., 30 pgo t o oo ..1 t ..o.li tTl, A lWII r -h .oi o . r. la.
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oollo..ow70 .1 ... I 1 1. 0 Oll 11, r1%1. .i5L ..oI o OA.t Jc ,o l, ot",o1 -loo Iyos , A' b1 Mt
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otoocO Il o .... 1, I I, I. T I... ... IrI I.Th0Thu, ...1TA .. t 4- but i k I0I A 'oI0e 00.I I Nllbto ma
1.1100" ",o., I. 1 ,0 I ..I : 4 7,0 !.; :II 10 ...0 '. ; ,l :l1 I. 1*.1I 1 Q t,, o l0.a C o o.,ob 00 -00 -OelM d . rT .o. o I~ ,oisootoi- d .it:A

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1.0. ~ ~ .1 -10 II 10 11 110, Iv --; a Oc .,.t~r obtt o 3toct .o 1O t oc co .I fionk

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tnfi'~~ ~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~ ~ ~~~~~ ,r ,1 "'m P4UI k rP ' m + 'd )U, boor++ k P ,kadir Alud ,I14,I .. J~+J~llp~I .W h..d $,7jF la f* +mh w m

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I 1,u....A.. I N I .i I L = r, l . I W A-I- 1 tt.t.,pleo.t.h Oon l r .oto .t o 0 Al.S
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c ,0- 1, .b :1.11- .1 I-.'. .lOo. to Tn 0... I0001.Oo I0 tO t -o tito UltT I b 0 WilI0110.. c'010 or O n
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l:',{, X I : ,, ,+ h l -; l ,::' .I,It'. ..11, I I .l,,. ` '";-- ,I I

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0r 1 0~ O 0 1 o~,x 11 11 I 11, I-1 ,0 .o O, oo O,l,- l.0", I bO O. ,,oo ,0.0 o't, in. in. c. .0 00. -~t? o~0 o :t0 A' 00 M at 00 ,, .Woot7 NOtrs -t AtO

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"tt "A ..,I.:;,.,: W o 0!: 00 0I0~ I I. ol cc. Il- t 1 1.o 00 O 0 t01 10.o.o.o. 0 ..o 00 .0 F- Sae a o T a .-11
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A r..c .. O 1-0 0 A 1.1O. I 0011Alk tIbl rr .t4-I o to, I... I 0 "'. 1-OlL M t WI-- -i tlI. toe .,*.1 to o .0-, ate
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Till,0. Ai~gi"to I t "o ."! 00. ~ 111 110 "Oo:n 11OO1' ..I! tc, oO.coo 0.0. I~~ -too~ e ILIc m otco. X oo.IIttppe-.1 I.bJ titolm Ps IO PAi tPr .
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coi c. ;o Io 0I. "01 1 .01 0 I:, o 01 1 II 0 1 r 10 0 ..4. 11111o00 I.. ", A or..l o e A o o c i, o'co O M ud .oc ti -0.0.0 o t .tlo 0 0. 0" .. lb A c. ; o o .cr I so.~t r
loo 0000 II~ I l 0 Otri-toto I0.0 Thie u. P Mo- t oo... I e gi" n o M 00 1 T. ~ ...ot.. ltoc.
I Tel o ~ I o r ~ c t. l 0 0 i 1 1 1 o . I. ~ o t. o ll o o o oou 0 1... . ; o pIl l 7 0 K tIst Il .1': 11 "o T "' .O O "o ~ t o TI. atI II I~A~ t 0 0 -i ,- ita w o W .... E HI~ t ot" lib .O M O
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S I A.,ooo t ...t It,- . .. I 00 -1 .0-0 '. .'. Io'.o'. O l- !OiO .iti ,.r b hoot to o' ...,.o 00.0.. IV -0 ,m otito -I AA ILr 010 riot.j Io to.oon ..- u..c I ,tm, "c.Oe AM31f411
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O c .O I .ot -0 lol o.I rl .... l l o0., 10 to 0 10,0 0 I ;".1.0. l .I, ,. 2 . "l o coo 0 .. .' 0: c It 010'tloool r i 011 -.00 ,00 t "o 0010 ,- ,,t.i.r .Iooo w pm r yt. i ooo
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01101.0 0... -r .... m I. T,~ r Io.. 0.000 I.,ItOo 0. 00.0, t.. t.., 1.0 1 ...'o ,t !on y j Ir.. tt .,ocm I -- .-, M .. mon
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M.0110011 'P l, 1000010. 7.0. I o.;.. c~on o .,r ... r ..co' P0, I I. I to 1 b0 01 1 0 .0,lt ''.I 11'' I ,t1la O I t f o'i m lct o t t'-oo g p tt M
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"" "1_ A 1.1" ". ? 1jl :,0 n. 1.0.I It ,- .',0~n 0 il 00 ,0.Ol r 00. -o, 00.0 -u0l.r I. I k~l P00300 t-~OooT o wo tt 1000t ToWO anor pp me
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'I.:0 oro t o, 0 00I" I. it I. l"1 :g000l00! ".0... , :- -,, '', 1. to. Ill -1~olo l ttoit. Po_ dnprgo It doto '. il:.`;% ThI, 4 n ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 1 St t 00 Ill.0I00..0.- ,toc .." O. :l ItA oA. t tT!I:;.., ,ow ottonttlttooototl I ..-, TfltO-- WOO TV .11'i LI j Jtor
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1000 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ .I T0. oOo.lt~ .,OO ,1 g Or Ioho !1nont 0000 toI o'otco 0o,0o loo Ie. Wilti .,.I Ht Oiot IAP 5.-d MA..E -Ars w yn

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