Title: Publishers' auxiliary
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Title: Publishers' auxiliary
Physical Description: Serial
Language: English
Creator: Watson, Elmo Scott, 1892-1951
Publisher: National Newspaper Association etc.
Place of Publication: Washington, etc
Publication Date: July 23, 1921
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sli Anxil x iar


1IT. fIf YRK

taf4 Mehs tWa Ad-
a- Wt- nvW M--------e
1 Prt I al = vkl.
ooDXIBUiiOa I. T.-Ties betl-
sal city, an a he bems S the weoadetl
tL Iawreace iner, wata mnt ahappy
moloiin fto the minth "musd imlt
asn smi ausa inetllg 5t tLhe at* 6ee
a- Maw sIMt PFae Aselatism JIly
tIthe-1th. ban was a pleinag at-
o0 r. Dn. l w the Osdenerg
Advesa wan thaMra at ths eiter-
tlalim ammiltte, ad right well did
ha perform his task. Tfes fort uate
eah obe ean hm reteldy we-
treated to a most enchanting m -
lght ride on the besom of the reast
St. Laweuce In a commodloms stlesta
er, the "litveralde." Exprlesloas of
wonder, and approval were heard on
every head regarding the acenI bea*-
ty of thi maijestic stream land Its en-
vironmeent and tIa magnitude of its
The members were also moet favor-
bly Impressed with the city of Os-
dtlerIl., It beeig the fil t lime the
a rislntlko had met heat, und the ae
'omnlotnlM tloi nat the remleodelIll ey-
mnour loeum were all that cuuld he de-
The business se o WI ows peioned
Heaturd.y mornin anUt the vl"tllo.i
were heartily weleone se iu May)'Or Ed-
ward '. LyfIIe who turned over the
key oal the city. i'rmeildent I. Dudlery
'ionem,. eosdy tn ei, reslalild ili ha
ly, and the bubl tao tiotoed rolllng.
Address en AdverUlaine.
I'. II. 0oisldion if the Wtiihatowni
TI..e li1'd a diomsaillo on t hl intrl ,t-
tio lulk that "Adventisn l are ellltIl
lto A ltO actual l Imild cr.rulolloNt of
toiir pi"lo'r." After flalt lith edhiltor
utlld lhir wlstore etil I ,ioltes wtn-
hlodrl luidl aKul..i.tih f ltitklleti for
M ni.tell- itloiat trill ititnll lM. ltowli,
ulihlh lit tleld ii ollt le titf iiltihi
fI-ilhlil. tuld wulo ct-illy aitrici'ilih il.
l.iiitwhi d to woo tnit to t li t '*itry
tulll e ti 'il wit i' lli ite w Nillos.i
'u h i-. lll. itl t he l bllulnt- u 'rlr x lw
dlio if tIpr'oI ul oi f ill- o irtri .ron x
lidei l> itier rlil, nhih virtually
luic rd toi r t ic r |tretit i to tie tii
ulUllolli lllily llli r Ito- hnfit Ie taf-
flrnoon MK.tloi uni rlli inT il piVrli d
or-ler by 'nwidrelll (rl'. hiio II-
IinetIIi t.le pro't- diits wcith i nitr-in
u llsllitpy revkw of irveintl IIi lIt
iilllomheil nuti d l irllinlti I Amslitueio dur-
ito the Ialt olx oilluellt.
I. ('. iloltuO of lti- il'mn,"n olio'rv-
ei- thtet ledl 1t dtlulot-ltitui o"Iut'llctlhlt
KMI'tubI.* Now on l'oiilisr*il o llr. '."
durlltg whlith he tvIrerdl IthtI. otlol.a'
rf oitl of pulitel, ntihlhui had dei
teaeidl in rot utld 1i tt lit-re ionuld
I.e no pFambdle Jullatiailfn for lower-
luhi Pritce.
r'. T. well of the lotlimsto IHernlil
tlt-'irler muide an ahle address uon
"I'ltlform PI'ces on Job Printing." Il
hich he extolled the virtue of Mr.
itorle for his lair esetinnectol with
Ih' Frankltlla Printing Prlic Liet oand
tmtltted to the necessity andt pruota
of usdng smoe standard cust book.
Alivrd Well Resolved.
I)her orgnnilatluns have limd the
plvllti of hetarlna T. II. Alviorl. son
of C. M. Alverd. publisher of the Llo-
esila tasetls, on the very important
asbject of "The Cost of Pubilisig aI
county Newspaper," and when Mr.
t(Ls Beard Mr. Alvord at Ic* New
Tfork lute Prle mteeol recently
held at Ihaca. he Immediately secure
-his promise to address the nbohero
edtos Mr. Al lod'a orilual paper
was pbUtied In The AiuxillIe last
lvamber. bat he has Sna brought
Iie f-irgn sp to date, a id thl reulte
seI elt Ineteretlg liHe Is maMr of
Mi as adj aad the spplamel at the
clen ofi hll able talk teeified to the
appretlatm these p esat.
Other piapen gina n hit S te OW
eleslag9 tomie wee. "P aid/ I
Iteapas PsllMabel g I Be Th@at"
by 8. M Browne, manager at the
3MeAle oee of the Western Newsp.
rw Uaileo, and "ies Methods toi e-
pisg la melllni You Newspaper." by
-L 0. Mblep tf the TappW Lake He-.
id. lsfral mlasical umbers give
by Mr. Brown* of Buffalo durlag the
iewen of the aftlemna adeed to the
pleam S the day.
iiit Meetls at Watioreut
At the dcle of the eaglar program
general dageelwns a at ejects e
popular Iqisevno -eheld. It wine dds
rlcd Il heI liMesnal lmeid I
Js**cry,.lll ati Watwows. Is
menietioa wAth tis It v sash
laly wMtad l the al m etd
f~ftl-aa-H .aaa---- -* M~t sCn'

Iu.m Fpm

C ILL-At the m
iEng o the Il ianu Phublishers' AN
caista, ldl her I July lotel.
molmlse wea adopted disapprovi
the manne by which the advertill
of tII IItled Sateis 1hltpielni ca
Is ddr~ibui4 and ornde a copy r
ito iapre dtat I en Coegrs (nfo
the Twenty-fearth ad Twenty-Si
lno Ol oanresiaa al diseticts. T
ssoeclatlom appese the Ilm of s
etisinl by the gamrae I I
vartoues aivtlmla but objected Ito t
mnlae is whice It was hadid.



Editors Give President Hardin
a Chair Made From Revo-
lutionary Ship.

WV'AIIINlTON.--oi tIe lawn
Ike White lionem, on July I-3th, m
Ilitn Lw editor* of the Unlit
Minten. through Sn iator Arthl
'plerI. In lipubluer it tie Todle
C'pllitl, p ieeellel P'reidet Hinrdli
a high-baeked "editorial" chair, mote
oiif wed from the old Revolutslona
ster Aiti'tmer "ltevenge." a rotmitti
itf erventy-flve belng prertut l-u-h
Ity Krnes l P. lilrtlilshucsn of it
liourth lelate. Now York.
('utsie Blslamiliam has htenll
r-lionre i't raising the subs-rilpt|nr
lwhilh wPre Iinlhtd to lone dollar. T'
ler mietilOhern of thel coftilltt' w.r
FhitI.gl Ne'nl hol if Ihle WOllollhtitt
ltinlr. Arfnlr T. Muloohmnil if 1
1a.lnlhhlxtun. T Tim b, Jlohn Iltir
Ilto e i l 'sil. Il-.rll d. Iheiry
Wlitf"il'5.. Ntoo ..rl til.It. IF
w.ird It lhi.lt. i. f hl, nll 1City Iirri
silll N tiliantl.,- I, l ,f ti- 'rt-g

First E ditor.Prcsidcnt.
S4'lll ll-o 'l r C l l'r III t .ll< <-- I
toII ll:tilh q ti Mr. Iltlhlll, g tii0 II
linrt 'l ii-l i- f11 lhl. llie il.ni- ill it I'
lit olthohl r It-.

litit Pitt iltrrd th to l itIhe i. t rtii n
tie llr it Hirolilp in lhe Alitri-lt
I thy, he 'Itvitinti'.' lilonlt R ft
yorn cot let-ri tllI lhtrillie ief LufI
SIl lathplll l.
"There 1 noa 'llt'venge u thihly In It
eiicvy ot ile etonlry. T'lion lt ott
I tt Ihlt At iitrhlii |hli i'ar Ali- fUllli
''llte. Ic lily gnlH 1 w ill Il A.ntrlU i
litnrtc for ait Ill. iorld."
In mrt-Itll thli I ft l il fl. r I'lelidel
"It g ile witllilt ttiying tlhat I A
diloll0hld to loiv thlll ti ket l of the s
thim of men of tlw fouIrth I'.lle.
louchte nme rnthtir deeply I.o-cilise
have a vtery gr at prl Ine l lll. part
litae hbd Int lite ite-wsliiar irnftreilo
"If I ei.tldI hIve my life to live Ove
with all lhti eslrh'rletio- tliht haI
come to mie I wfitldl first h-itte I
pirofeilton, nor would I niter the po
try with which I have itorewhalt rehl
ueteriaed the Inewliahlwr of which
have been |lllitil.r.
"Hlow very fitting it is that the tit
here of the old 'etenele' should he
Iheen msice Into a token of friihdloh
msd good will. In thlrty-seven yes
of vawlpaper connectoleO I never
lowed my iaper to nttlfem t a gUlg
tlie of revenge, d If thecs lI a
thing that has contrihbnled more thl
any other to my moderate eUves a
a publlnher, It Ib that tie paper w
ns a higher plain than tihe level
Setting even.
Evlils P tid oM Reveng.
"Ohl-Iime oinflctii, old-time afflll
tlons marh that Impelled gevernaen
and more that impelled war, we
founded on revenge; while today
Stm as e thinking out the thingll
can do to bring pitople together
create a better falnIg ino ihe world.
"I have amid a great nany tim
thaI I do not know what there is
the revoltAtlom a fate. There wai
partluller lelln why I eoahld
PrealdstL I elaiam B ontoatsIll
ability. I did not men want the pS
ksdeny. But somehow have belief
with all my heat thathy tempmieu
and pmetitee massie I tIted Into t
peculiar tltastle Is the world.
Trhe tolerase. tim .petilec t
goad will, the klh bbll sad
dre to kelp, faM It inla seld
the wenld hdeh. Ad If while I
the go fileg d Oer ra de m
l-a ma e Mla e a l-ib
*l ira r C l eub I-f am"
4 aPzl =aftou aa "R

~-~P ~ IE~~~CI~CrIts '%4VPB

GrM Eof We= to i H g "PtSINT BRODIE
Clhwill EIgla~r Urpe ROWum of
i":': "": '"i AT IWASHGlllTON
NEW TOK.--i tIt W. eMdlges.
t- an slat of the Pueumatic Walels
I- corporation a soluti of the
a newsprint problem at mesetiag of the
am American aIltitute of Pthemnicall gl- GATHERING
Ssers held in cemnestion with the -
st ~Sixth nationn l xpoAlthte Of helem-
- Mr. MAen s ulggestAl that the N. l. I Head Ma ke Appeal for
It woodn containers used to ship goods National dy and
e ihe turned over to paper illls, and also
ad- advocated tie gradual mieAltloe of the Postal Zo0e Law.
its wooden contaierls and the sublstit-
he tSin o mli e em ItAINIER NATIONAL PAIK, WN.
"weret tueted lets ttihppleci as loot -Auoog tile protitmiet mspake$er at
yer, Os and ar d so f wo tlOd oh the autoi l CeOvetiOs of, the W ashin-
wood mahe ans lts of tter sutahle toe ttate Premss Aocl tio e hold ht le
for ewspr is toilets Iles the io tie 15th, was President Edward P.
for un((C ol, I; n \th id.l Iale a Is= "I"'rile of tnl. o City, Ore. president t
notation of the teweprmit pro i ble. N t i ;o l Editorial A ochlatio,.
Voie million tone of Ilatir Is twmOt Ih ioipe.ied Ierticularly for the active
b the tmocut of Ipper htolg maso- to- hIillrt of the national body by the
tored to t y for newo litrli ao thoot If O uh g n i ti l o te a o ht-. i lol Ind flo
thIl wto were turned over to the Is- 1
Iler tills the puper Ishortage would t' illllUtit d suliort of the postal
I he relieved at ome.' 1ii Iri hi address followlt
1 "ii'tt h 1111ding to tily birolters of
I II I I Il~lo~l, ',t ,'itiMto tre ll.. from i title Nt

l ihi h i fitnl- l to -'o I. lo. o It laltith otl o )I'tour
SI T lFAR IN TO dUiu- of our linallIvghror llinllll.l, ,'y

oleti 3h111 l ri-ti t olittt' tr 13 oeoio
o f i ,fapl.n i. 0 IN R bU N R i ll-li o 1 I lot. Il I ,, |,.. It l ..l' l ii 1

Pr E SAE Ne |in-.I-I HItl ln O l il 1-1ti.- if
SPRSIDINT HARDINOF SATED IN HIS NEW EDITORIAL CHAIR. Honolulu Newspaper Man, De o ., , ,,. doe,, ,,,i i11
t h nlf ill. h e ll wn 10 Von lee tewcli.rl tllre l t ti |> r ntr" I t 0o otrti olrated With Leis. Treads lt"" l,,o ,i ,,rt ,,o ,a r seo. li O
Sthe stle.m I which Mr. I Irdl t a t ld byo tli' uilrillolo The ii ll roil ti. n ld 1 +111 1l Ill lil '.llli' ll, .itl fr ; lily
w a nI t h b oe t hl or lu l ume ta ot e r h p w l oento o Ti h ir I of tarl tio Flow er Path to C ap itol .11. h l.l-t a. iilFlorller .Pat t t ailt lt tly t icy
I poIrsortnlo plate mal two r It I ccwoati the tolil fnti of wt e h l11 1.111 1 fris-tmli iht t, ocoltit ti
he forlelo aod datlklbtli of .e Iowe. Ih oi ln r : h" .'reD.llre d c ii to orkj Bty HOWARD D. CASE. hliti h
ie tiomwllel 14,-dlna by Fellow-Memleik r of tl' luurtolia lit., to C."oei rolte hf 4&o hN il I U" iII A elthIhlgl Oh iu'lultaaiiith. li.uwi-ir, aiaii lo't te
le ton to thl Pr ncy Ant iho o i l tth e m rtlsl IIth 1 r lit uit h T ."i ro II l ot tl f ti l'- ll"- iill r Nto i 0 t i enli
n l>l Ifr l l ol i e |,,. or lrll,]l.rl r.l. lrlll otill- |.liOf |.l. ll- l -olrr.t an stilll. i.1. 1.1
St -l. i r lllsn l.., ,l . .. his I e .1 ..u... .-li; l,, n. Tr i, ,1 ,f-
SCONGRESS UNFAVORABLE TO hi-r to.... fll,...... -. Ill
i.i n o r Cn .lnnn r coo litr t h oErl iAl ltre Ii t.ii tr fi. 11ll', n 11, Io o;t. i i' l r E 'i Alo-.i-
:... dSECOND-.CLASS DECREASES ...... ,,,I ., ,,,,.i,, o,,, ,,., i..-.
ht 3 U llUV U L L 3 U U A L ilir t of l hil, atitiIt if thl ri1:anu i ; I ,,Ill..nll l 1 |,II 1i1i r illit,. ,li t ,llet.

J{ Har, Bill Fd loezs W A Lole .'llotIth M.astere- laase. Com.r , .,, r I, r .. ,,s ,, .la nt ,,....., ., .. .
k. mittse on Post Offices and Post Roads Names lii ,, o li tli. 11 I. ,'li 0'1:'!''i '" h ,h i ,
lSubcommlittee to hie.slon*tilate cCg r 1 1 t Co 11os it i 1,t l Io ll'.- 'I i l n 1 "
Handling Al Classes of Mail i n a o. .. 'IN ra;I i I Ia ni IIt '. J i. ...il '

it IINtll 'I'l N. .111u y Il.- T*ie pfo r, ltre r cy Otr1 th ti, t r of ilt t i i ti i
4111' m '11111 l ilh; If t i i' lit. o I lt Co lo- iil-o lii till liriit lllIh t I 1.11 litt 111,1t I li i II1,11 'll Oi ,l I. 11i111 Ii 'i I'it'-! i"t- + ".lii r .t n ..l.n..ltep r ft e iooI 'l( P nn-llw Aontiiniliri h ll ti tit t hit Ii I ,1h, sii t ;1t.r 1t11i l, liui>l "r h W
I o. ll i A rds ilt by t ai oaPf I II -, la 'l. ll III Ilttll p lr hb tlb l tl l sift i' t.altlt, li' n laII t l II .ll I Ill
li.* 'JtTIM. lltr hill o ig th e r. l 1 4r I1* it i cf'l.t -li- il(eit t -i -II lt' lll i l atl A J lrl t o1 i loI a Al l i Li A tII ia*"" l li' I
nto l tIlt t"' hitlt the bl ri wtlti 11 h h'.1iotgtoi Work ofoiac-n Itt te lti- the Nt E. A.
f provhe d fro r eI potoi I tt for oot -i-h et l On h I t to i t o r l l ... ... .. ...ii], Ir l
wi tao tl roltl. on ut l r rtelngt tl nllod foIr ,il v t lilit, llh t t l n al "i tll, i a ., l itt .> ll, I l,, i,, ., ...l it
ke h c ni-mc hlee-e l atti a t nul l iem ni to t 11e tl to t lg tl-lt iillt r t lt if fIt l u al .t all uA .a a lo t *al Ih, a, lt- "aI ,t I-,i I

1 een. uing t he .tw oe or -r ofe I,' t prre- As ..un e. Ind ., l f fr. e1 th ch

C llt l poitltc (erellt e o lloi. l o nIlclo Ile l -tot I h ,llll' ui t f tt l~ti -,,h itittti i 1f 4ii.- I lalt llilhli ti. aal IIn- I .iaia ai+ ala'I l il-c"tlaPla .111 0 r 1+1-i 1
y II dte oihrlnr g the hill thle -zmmitf mrlon il l r r II r l h tof irt' i a Ii lh I i h

t fle t 1*d Ot llt leh o t t he ic pr il h I l ir e i l s .r I li | t I II Ipl f i I '* il'" l .' '- i '
fte kclln for an o r1t es1altlh o l thotn for thr loilge t the, til t t1'et l lit1 1o i le to hii tilt- lrrh i, t I, r L .
e. blaellr voh 1 i l to hl ties- t h- 1, 1 en hill. 1.Oll ll oc .,l h l nt Isu l to l .. ka.d I n. i n il l 11 i

otrdi nre o t o*Bd iBels asipn e loat r ea l ie Tno h lt n. fe W. A tl t g iclrrt ito nte O efit nn' l-tirl '0 llae'l< t iattkin Ia c-a tIlt, I -I t ""* 1111
It Ail 0iio, fi le r i n n i r J IS.1 n- ll lhl i l | ll lh, I .I ,lo i, IIl I, 1 * il,4" r lhb

an r Iui l l il nl ilo e h t lr ri l ll i ltlllt b ioeTlllsei , i l, I .... .i-rl

00 theo n intoo n1 o a r hpc eoltl o f 0 r0- an i'othotltneo tt o l l the 0 Ilr l to lat- iirl r l itt hl l iih i,.t i: l I '"I" I ,oii ,"i aa hii 111. i I i' l liii .Iiillh -
ol*mn n o hntli e tuf I.- my in I n (termun th l ol nil] Bti;d Atle 1. .1 iii hrgr of Ilonen Iarran 1'' il ifill,

in cer theae on i i ll. mhXl o A l i e ick tll hl fi ntillt n o ttos ia hl k t n ittIl. I Iit h ri i lta .it ,hut ii in t il.I t llr
Me After the edopoleI o f the reoluiono 1rtltrir ly i nt hIgh. t'oclreh Is it iloinh t ti- h tll I. trl tl tI l i. 0 i ai l to"*" a tli I c.ii i, lalI t -,a ta'il-
ip l el l o .mm lti .. conss l lllsting of Ilette to loml c | ,li lt ih It ii itoh lo l I t nrlil.in 'if lAi-n ] n 1 11 l iitia-i. Il lf ft n iI t 0r

not el Ieo lllese. live Kelly. of P tenon it Ihniillle a fot lorf lt cllte it- 1011| ointto fi l hhereI at ial rlatf l -c i tIIi "I a..it, ttn -ii ari-iii"
etp w 1Il IIl et'.lll t if llv t r o itlIIllt ti ill rI rrtO In'c 0 T0 O l i- h-ill ll I il l" .'I H li" I.II 1--aIa-. o 111' "
i et. end tellshlld v I el l resti r ite s ne ttt Iall-i'. l.l

S hTe bIIe of then ilt In trl i e 11 5 e s ohlf the voroi t CheeTsh Ad elt'shn Seethe. sl elf A1. AhlII, 11 h"
Ai It mI iA a t use i I la

to Cla b n a r Repeetacs. Rees Heta. l illoli Prl ster' li ri T' i l ir o+' i ti i IIJ i l4 ,l I, 1l i iI a i I i a i-a l-
re NEW T ORi-The sn col lomhk JAC NVII.LE II.-Jhn V ti oito of n- iAi a nilin I a I l. lti-l

sl sad esln ing of the Au ssovleiotcut of h131yl t 1mc of' hl te ull tnt woe r eelect-h l pt'r i hi-etlolig i litt e W ri.l- ttl- ,r i ua-c lai- ll iii l' l i llhall Ii it tll
to eld of the ra itky Hil Athletat tttihr ltoo h lte ol n 'r o r toert ti n 1 n g0111 itll o ellt- a- l '''' lh. ' of I t life 'I ar( '.+ "
es o S day, ly t The ield; e ic tet J. t.t et It h t t l e otit tinl al a ti-lt ti cti -i -.
Mo ite of ith aes elat and o the rl-tl.m . Ii. ]do. Allrt I rttoe r. N E 1. lt t e l so illretoc ry titiit -r. C toI I r'I 0o 0 i iat- at' t A a1 1
he ber of tIle hosd of adermen wiltol he term n. I lt l ton; Ae of oo li t trI I ai IIa ..i. o lttla l pi lie

g to the lbs sttrsrtion a A urtortler no lack cstvltitlle, o 1td Th't ee toatl. Atht tIn, i o t h I r, 11t Itlt ily if i lt.ril-li 2 0 I tranioti c I tatil I h1 t h1 21 IIth
. p tem hied d i outhier athletIc e nt. P.oe b ttn ll f l l ticrI. o osI I-ri-- w ni to L II. a1II ii a itII "lit.l oI .l.f-

ed Afer to e. A tlfuw K. Ith will leol l V IsitIng teletegot 's were hlotn llorel le tll II I .lot ti-rio clot-r i, h,,,d f io ulllil tn:". Th 11.. hthauiua c1I.
st iIe In the h meslnl game end (lot lToe frly-tio'-ht or wetk o ni. tt le In lbh1 lretaro lto of ntyol. it I.i- Thal lt a' giii-t. ihi ai t Icag in IeI ti-att
its Nlknaslin ll1r wilt~l be present If teneo~,tlo vr e tlio s gosned. The r x le oned eti tlew i ureo het I1 iai* ,if l -oi at llt r-+a II
he ls Ia film vistatly. lh e o o ti n nt Miillme wt ll I t- uit l r gTI elr e t Ii i -ll 11h I a i bi I h Ia- tal I .. 12 ..
r t II I Vh'hI Ai h- Olli 1

I A 1.Wer R to. Ado ti o ello ath tes no t enlt KOs P srer y AiI e oIm isl th n I- h u hto e Ir I I i t i t t I t 1' tun It
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l tout hie fe ersers aOfe)tteg NN etspo' weTh l r a rae ,reoli a fil July e de l. h arh n- I s m iir r hd a i if l.e O l orln-

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r r .t IntiLe a;tI Ia5h C' v1. lngress and gallsanting ott to h iladelphia, ;r p, .ratio, Io .. on!' ; ir t. I
harIIc W departure in Mhokif Strips anti not Atlantic City, New York and o nher places. lii,, III Nil il 50011,
td i I w-i int.yo r ,hi h .. th.s f r a t s e the l t hInI I. I l ,- Ih'; ,' 1 liIh.,' ll .* f, d l oi
t. lapi It is true ttatt e t rint ies i 'h m k o h .... tk o ..... be new s omes that I. i '. ..'.,.. i' t,
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HAWAIrI, ,,.... h gr ,v ei/tn h reind th ,I..l lsirdrthi s

hTharough the medium of kuch iire pulling th" e trip and adventures on the way, and hall the ; , 1.: r.d h . glitse .tA
ant intluet nci, tr which all thle newspaper s hing s that happen to the lad and all thc thin ,s Ih .., l i .i, i I 1 i,. i.'.'.i tio '.Xl l o s .
IOW A .I Ibili lni,1c,, d e ho ...he, i,,hImliol .l lirli a li nl

that have fih matured i ekie are entitled to) h laitm that he makes to happen, when he takes his ",i: I.. i, I,, ;,0.l,.,ll.'"I la...i
credit, he has laded in a ji as pae in the iin at the capital? Of course y s., .
senate. Iron this vaiitage point his invt l the aii h immediate leadership tf the other pagesv r h" a" .
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Sor o t as i tole idea will be followed in y ucceeding re h,,.' ,. h, il ,i l .. i. rl
Iiren ei>. IC kIh ill do im o Ire g /old t n le.ase. We even ee epect th.it l thebe devil ill MINNESOTA S I '., 'I. l l t .r i n
SI n t the elected reprsil es a tie ove to ra buctiou f the grave and ret er i, ,11, ,.I,* II "

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Cl e o te Ire intimately acquainted with the govern- i.,. ,,i ,, i. i.i lil i
S r.u l ; he iAatles to p wartT ithi t e lie prti S ill tl. aid t ra ihi, a td. give tl 'l lr lSl.oth
MASSACHUSi.ETTS. I" W1l- o, ,I h f the an ,Aw. ,,0

the kid being; liright and a Mickie is going to hav'e a O :II,"i';1,': i -Ill-..; I.'iI I i,;' l + tll ,i,," 'l.i,,,ll. iiI1 .,
tcr- taylie he will help great time and so are your t.' ,,,,ii, ,, *- .. .. ..,,: i ,.' I.' i.. I , ,I ',l l .h eriIt, 0.V1,11

the IlIoss tim get a go od j ob a t readers if you provide them ,.'.', ..'.... g,al...vian i n.g t..... Ph;,il Sad lp iaiO ,.,

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t laIrene, O ld is trull th at the print rs' inip goe c back To e w hen the will be s com e th ratings l ,'...... ... .. .. . , I. S . ..l.l 10.:

lhavi' to get out the paper for Ii.*/.. <-/ a]six, ilp/i/c educativ eI'1 nature that never 'ilI l.I"lt;'ilil;l.i "I I OIATIO hOA il e
ta nu rcss b er of w e ek s- u n til h a scouI b e fo re h av e b ee n to u c h e d ai /i ;s ..... .. .. ..'I.' A S I O "A. , ,
Micki grosv tired of help- upoan then cthe preparations Iir,0, l n...,, T.. n W
Through the ediu of much wire pulling th trip and adventures on the way, and aill,... ..... iI,. , ,... J .

Onio Ii;';iii'on ", 0,11..... ,, is li+. Jill m.-Ortisa Al M
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that have featured Micki are ntited to claim that he makes to happen, when he take, his, .. ,,

credit, he hs, landed inll a jroton 100 of nSe ushm....ob Ro'u.l '
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senate. From. this vantage point his inva al t" ..I..ta
,mice, wil, ,e tI' it'uliurd Mlis I -,ilh1A

---------------------"T h e g e n e s i s o f t h e \ p d i t i oi i nto.n i s t r e a t e d i n It.u"." .a . f I .l i L
ntire nation and not c fined lar ly to a state cI on ..ahe 4 e t
i .i1hir10d, p ro v e to o r c f e eO .. .....

i-ii fi, t w, isI w .... alfiter whic he wilt ha\e
c hl i e s to r n hiw sha s an e p e d i i i i,, .

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ul4 tail lh at tr in I '~~ i a la Init her-, It,,- ,r 11, 'ltli ~a tted inrsec uring rth e benttyields andthe
ala Ihlnil Iront I n, 'k eal a -t lilliala atr of las Pa a-n at a, alaa h has l i, a la l Ti edmb- olet, 1,alta le m rk e t ing th d sta d
Who li un iy lied na- IaT.B.tlhim v atnio tar,, who whi tl hn a sal .idn I. tat i r lil lathl.
abo ha-ano Fo ls e Ihlr n Iat n a hum. hdat n mo ht- l______ ,aa r l 'NU are ti with pravetica s naaterial
a oT n r t oAoo rl. In.at. Toore lt L fIt. I o woo for a .hintIila- tar ,.lh give ilI hut ir
nalnrha h wr d rm ... at" w. o Ih1 oa r tad 'n w I abyh and1 a o...a.. al onget hese lns. Thle m' A. ] ta
day omd tlll I0 ol hoia Intenti. Mts h a. altrrg tor
a l it u n o t- l potr r nlaolnn "Mrhi and Mfit a'st lHat, v all e aat, tat111, hinll al ttIl- a' iv 'c s

wtMatS Ih in r a-tarton S. I M h ar e bliwllor 1 n l ea mars it "nri an andloa nh b a r luaaaaaa llaa t lila-lathat-edlana- pr a cticalve eds mu ng so maner s
wTd ra.- no n o a .... o t
v .. n J.I.o.. tom 105 ., 800 toIt ohr thi ngsl done whic the poraticuhral
alto an M r In asa-. tan :;a! t n it. nod nt llt d ay r a-on 00 t la nl .ria" alhli. IT 'a |-.lhl-'nnll. nlt I..........
Sinr. t'urbor ilian han Ceo mpny af o. and UniedSte Dp
Aot. O ra no nstahatl wiala d meto WYOM In r- i. l it ll a Ia iaa'ta llaa il ii a lt IhTll .tia m a lla aiti migh
aaubli Hhdruli sa-a-aMhendr willuhoa-atanW ha-anton otr tn b. al o a ta lt, ,r lalt I I
Ao. K r .itime lna-nd tll olaa- of lto I Math- i f Ll tia, fl... toran adt a ...of..... IIh, to ut0nto nW itan fmeek hotiultrits il
a.itn, an Nwn..o. ar U , in Ion a-w. a n I n a of l o n Er is T l u b toin rpttng sd from so Ao codi
tIleng otn r the llann a a nt h mean, oflAlittliami nolIn i-n Cinr 'lita-l aiw tan 1th a at unI.";` h3 lim of lr pent I p ien,
Ilayn Ihs o nll l i ant ronil usa-al z Ih aai a b i e awith a h h1h
awlnatan p e. a It l Iultanean a lnt It. tlbal y- at lata-Iltan nhtn tihtharnaprItto ltatitath nuli in
l.Uilask ATBangor tol.. a ld ..h
a-nro I 00 t a ow Iwo ma oI ho no taRGI
11h4 o ewI t tIta .1 I tkVfli 4 PnIll4 il aw, Willett Ca li a plae I ll W s r N
loa kin Anortnoo win Akn .t A.. a... fnoarnorm or ot he r
tnm Un, l I onirambtp of t o ltlah b e o pool a iiI r pratei Iin
!L anto lIn l et io a t"-,M1 R t r
.. .da Ca addS l.. on. ton of
TIeIIurn it it it t IIW r AdononA a MW Ir- i itUpo p.. li hlm

pubtlias ra' Auxilianr

Western Newspaper Union
Quality Newspa.Ip tr ia,

4ataclae yGi.i 7talCtallAA -nter

niaar tf. MeO Mr aln A ine ,l. s t

a.fitfa *"t sr
diaarilm ,.. I A .l hA ,rda t !s lt
,wr. Taci .. N aI ACntoA Strte l
,JOta M I*s, l. l-.i i th eise flum Stae .
t'ko V. 1 *.r et* F tha AStr a lla

Kl f;er Mo.. Ta- th ad Cctmral s
0 RcM ao.T.. e narUh mat l A iama
MIiwce WM t. 22ai Maic'. SWin
I. yec. N. y.. WMa Thity NnNh ml
(aver.s NAuc .. d-. Sulh At T ildniS t rt

a . IP, hdWlKen Is, b.
*da cl. fe.i. a-w .l ir Scm ntm a t
S- e.o. N.. 1M.. fmlh M la (maoll S', I

Curet I' n BI 32 IO1
'IM-,eti t Muahi vi la I YeArcan

lAIr Fl lKi iS h M W lMOItrM

the Ianm in ga ca e -A.
I nan. .. .. a.

Current Interest

The Standing of the N. E, A.
in Congress.
C scira c raaro, a. ai le

Current...d It, r

i .. ... II. .

,,'' ,,ill. ..' I l ,,''

""a DAL1 Lijuj A ir z
.. ...aI i.. .. .These Tell 'Em .
I T 1, aa
... ... I '... I. 'i I III :1 , ,iI i..I a I I II i I,

,, I',ll r ,h ,
..u.....'' '' '' '" I T L I' 'h t 11] ,
II llpFh I III + I ,. + -f -'ah '' ''i l]" IX ' +h 1 l \'- i I' ,,,r b I. ,

,,~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~~~~. i.. 11 ,, lJ illl l. ,r.l... ... 3 i,% ,,., ., +,i Ii
If . ...1i.... .. ,....-
fr -advIr' ill 1 IIt

,, lll, t I,\,.' Ir r, i-, h i Ili rf |-1 .n I1 1 .. ht h ,. ".,' D
A, I.I ,.,' I't ti 'I I
h i'n 'hi1 Ij. 1 I I ,l, i -. 11 11 1% a
i ',H l~ l l 11I l t l~ lal atarI -l-,,jl I 9 'tS, l.; a I l''lll -i .-a],, '''' .. 1111- ,lIl ,t,',l 1,ii i -

a t a a o Ll iPl a ai ib-int-ia
.I....... IIlit,.r.. ''' Il,,-I l ill It. II
,T eer ll I I n {h .l;: f untriq h n rl 'linari it i haff u ,, r
If tr l a i w,- i t i t Ii i' '-, 'a ,ela il11aa \a It, 1],, I l h, tft .181 a ,I.

1-t I PIa ,. l Iti l r tuii ,r- tiltil III,. tt

II st, 4 lr i ,' IIl1. ti .r..c.. I, -, 1,11 1- ll iti a, itl' ,i I. i % .,
II f l r e aIri 1 i X+la~ }lJ *,l + ] x h t l | t t Pl + l' *l + '] I lh' ll : ,' I ,T I 'it i i e I ,,\,a I r t,,[

St ahtih rattalt ill rarl 15e i, S,,ia .i,1 it -Ith II) roi,, tta . .
-i'it ? 1 ll i iilrh,. ir I ,,,++ '1 iAntt e aai tat I r, ,lH l1,1 i-I II ai.. ...a-.il iia N o .

a-i- lti'r I .lr,. orr, I ril I.. I rl theiallyI I l l l l t
I nA ,r f a htr I unto r l i lis t. e 'nr ia I fiv .e ,1ir i "ra"n t- tf M ta hA i n r tr A
'a th,, l i-I' 1,1,, 1 j t IJ atralh I, raa. hiJ a, aia 11hl l,1,, ',,rT ,,h T I, aj,1 '\ I '+ Ilt e
-JI,,h m s*I. '.Il i t i atl i rt :Itt ,i it+IJh ,I :. Ia. lrttrtt i t~r ltt r iaottr ,. t [Iat, s +It ,
.... tl ,1 ,, t h I-,ta h i l h,,rat al-i a a'nar~r ll t'a 1i il"1' I, i i 1,1,,o ., t I,.-" tit'a l',,h,'riattgI, + ,f ,,
ii rm -i n 'I li, ar-aL Iati-- I i tt } ll, tsairalh -I--,i+-
. .. r, .. .. tai tiil- ia flr an nt1. Ii'', t, trn :ii a1' ...+ l,,+,. z

''- tt arirtit~r. a rta TOE, f | ra11 -- t }N I i~i rr Iatau nis,. llhy itt lta, Nt,.-
a,,hm Ilt l ma-, anh o mtlllry a~itahlltsh hre i* i,,,,TT ,I4 a a ,tt ir ahan tars a-~ri n|o atarralltr.. Xcat C-a-k
k n n l h~at~a~.t a,),,, tt, alia
I.$ tat ala.' aar"sa1li~t. raaoalcraaaatl lll it'+,. r',,r arhr nor. at. atarte aurla art tre rsatht gsa-rat iaar ia-a
,A. a frairerueat eat alah .k sid nit er t.;'ar"t alit l irti ". U the tinae, 'A )a t[ot time ,gtaP,'

TaIE PtI'BItIiTllRl i

....l+i l, 'N. lh,,ilt -a a- i, t ,

a.ir. .. 1 1 FEATURES

II ...i i, ..L,' A lo rt u iller
,!,..J -At r.. t h-S--em t
I ltia t l llll ) : S, I _, .i N ,111 ,a l a ,,% l' ata. i 'll r be e l ill ayaa c l* l w .i a d h l sa
It , t t. h. hroh lhih Hte. Scha tk r & Mars eleth.-
II, -, i,.. i a taIy la.>,'tia ,-,1 i.Inl b. 1 Hi at.l ally talking quality, all-wal1. style.
.. ,:,i,.i. II-.I 1 i V Iall, durability, ad e.. tleill abo t lth
liii it \ 4-l it.hlt ,ii. a Ii, l a 'ilt-a'rt lar le ar lali lnea o f Bary Yp ea '
at .......tailoring exparti@nc which makh
the clothes Every alrL aaut of
*orlls *u.ell talk. n lhe lame
way abkot ech lih. healed.
A mewIpaper publisher is a rsee.
bheat wit aomethia,| t **1 ell aeh.
im.g ci1. He i'at daoin| ir towa a
faver by illickina aroud aid alla-
falaia a public voice for the cuts*
..enc. e of lthle who wis ts
ma.k. uar .o i Iccu.liocally. Thea.-
for.. the country publilher aaMld
be .. much of A alaIe al cad al
much of a marchafdilaine mel Ie
l..tuld prir.. what he he. fcr mal
just .a deo. the liiVe mrnckhet ia
his lown.
Indeed, he should eve- outdo eth
ti protra..iv. merchant ia bl
tnwn when it comes to mercstaldi-
rin, for It i. he who control the
nIrror which reflects the spirit and
ihe progre. of his community. Aid
i I. hll duly .. moulder of public
opinion to s t the pace forward .t
Suspeedy gait
I Ir-t of taI, the publtiher of a
.nrrpaper hies for aile entertain-
a.i ano a ad enrfhtenmer.l upoa vai-
an u i.iilea. By zll inr the read.-

v.'rl>n. Th. publisher should
pralid a itia ibam sIper, of he pa.'

per; "cry it from the hill top." abi
ali*hr p* rmiat who loes* *a.
Petron of W.-tern Newpapeer
Union hba. the atrlf.ction ofc
knowing that, rhde the all-horme-
print newspaper ha. many appeal.
.nm qilIlei. thay uIticare publith-
.n. iup.r.or. newspepr. They rea
v..in, tlher redeer .ll the appiel-
nI qualritie of the All-home-print
reper. plu. the added prestige aind
eldrr Interiet o be derlivd from
Circulation Statements. .,tl.n and features wrtte by uni-
tmrlly prominennt writer ; he
h- ,, ,,' .ork or a rlril. crtlooniltd r and
'new picture r gencic e of the high-
~ . .. ,, ',," .. . i, e l type
S, I 'a 'I'' phey have I product which is
the oa.come of fhftyfarie yer. of
I"' '" r "' (uncent rtion on the production of
..... .U a h ,, t r. new spapTere; ifty *-ve year. of
,, ',.,I I- '' T"'' i lit Jena O printed fabc r..
,\ 1 rlk Il ol. e dThe have it heir dui
S 1 l f L* unti.tled buyLin power
Sa i h goea into the reld of feat-
Sre. .. itrono ap tht thousllnd of
new.paperr it rfaree*nta; tronert
I %"" '' ' '1I J r '" I" '1 ,In p.w r and funds then Ilhe Iri,
eit individual publication
If you tell the women that the
fallhion new in your paper is wrt-
Iava .reIII, Bottomly, hc cont .
S' "" fshon editor of the Ld..
~ ' -i r Home Journal; if you tell the.

paper is prepared by bi oernment
and leuir re.rarch expert; if you
h I lh 1 l11 yY ur people many of the oth.r
alnot unlimited points which yuiur
-W -.Ia.
-.1 v1 ..u no ha. Ihe edRe on rdea.
i r-Intirei And will you no- h-

til 'lmi I ll m1'- -W. Shor n.
I Hinh In St Lui. MMo) T .n
~"nrnr r n w MaIe.


I, Ining IlaheloleIr. The immortal lftil puBlalI L
l.imoln figure* in thi aliorbting, WHO'S WHO it" Ik M n
atlary. You'll My it is o0o of tile lto iond, whela at a a Ml ight
art seriaI you've ceve r-al. Start -Why baalu ilt ie d ds
i,, opnitg clhapter .... ..'t ,ial." Nowsp.. _. u etmii w wbe. 'wo l "t o I" Ii i
I at Insulter similar to l iWtasio~. Na d los w
I a mainer similar to tiM ave pop:" r. Gm am,
thie l itchell (Iad.) Tribu.... trlls 'and rm ak both a m y
tul with a jir.t-l.t ag, article in di .- and feet em do tdl sabs t eI
maw aomidany taN a t
lile dsilu to n tna u ri h l ,l A n t a
f tlo Trrbun,." Tihe ar -i,, .,w- 7= in -a Vi tpte
rie different dhpart,,nt ,it- .. i. Mr. GOlit, howel, s .me dC
wrl iual ltte E d-ui., 'alard Ii all his U rm to baslb.l an 3
l tte t.t w'a i i .. tli 1 I*iI t' lli5 Aw Ibe
\ 0 i 6n Ir,,' materiAl, Ittils', twA -ldt iterall bgi ll
,i l r, i iilttural fI at t lres la l aiti t t lredt, l attfe l itoAe A ,he
,I try "No f1-6-11l,." lie hlaikbs.duaas the 1No abu
baaln ably aselWiad wth No
"Comic" for a Bank Ad. b.y hi las, who a I il
a.,iinrdaitm, iilth our laraiotl tla, FEterpl i s;
t r i II ,itiu ..i I i| The ll Auxiliary lltle hl> 1 n 111 lo I li
rt. t -, tainle tip feli tu1r i itha achni In CatdMls i it
,,,i t I ti aid to ti lile thltn. -h 't e.* sr-e Ca tm al N m .gi I
t, i ,rtoil Itr l illua traita .| ,d, plo aI till
r. o.l in pritiing jobn Sir. G lllt In the ellleM o
*, -I. t.' al ary 1i aLi l ti A .1tion olf Ii f..n'la c'out isdy," a itI
I:"' ti ,a lia Pole i"e1o (e).) Wl ,, ela i.. ic, whih wa bl jlob
rat. The bii. I r I IM i l ato he itapI1 ll 1. ft i

I,,, ii, fa r it. l' ptl lr- o 1 h .iata 'l ; t.odna a lt l nd l sU nly.
tI I-i r r i- 1 il l l ', l i l l
t i, *h.h a h,,111 ,II.- t "ar,!, aa'n a'altI 1' al a. bl t e s

k ", ZONA GALE. mom P Pllr rto ieg i
", 1 'T fliP II1'rrt'" tt i t -, lo li ,,a tar 4 l I.. tt Mid tf
i In ti t ar HI lta I li t aim atdit tttin ca i Erilior lrigat io f lathe' Culat
i d1.1 1 i Ii'l .,. -,lll ,. t, l, 'lI I.1 Irr ui. t ,i s all .il ha i t to it- i le i "i I
iin D a i II.al t r.. ta inu." d,. tahi.' la-"i. Ba to critic lcin lpase t aat 1
l n i l, ti l- r ,i a t.r,,ari a r,1 i i ra sir t ire 1 .yona iaai h la Jalb a I waI
lt -I 'll'. I-ti, I .r I ll Now ile ,r a 'iing i a The" I r stlille few i, il b
*- l- r h ., ,i ,,.l ll I i fu,"" h llh" 111 .. ...h rum II I ... t i.he.n..l >.r hbArI tftle stteo
.* i....'.' t it it i..uarin tar-rt .n ,rnra ls ilr their fa iler | IIy ran t mo ag
li,, l'lttitTr tri.e. fi alhn orlgltarl .u kwhenp tllt't ia he
tl1lt'h'r~ratl trIlU tal,., ',t 'i attlattllf Itty' 11'h -ll0 ari liaa Ila lht lil est
Advertising Serials. .. 1 hIi t ,ti f.t Ift i II,. f t i. vi. lI. isth,a (ia.)
ilirurT rt I ti t. i11 1 .l l in rllrtl r lllit' rInt Lt lr 1t' thita 'i e ta' Ill
iim1.. \I l lT rho .atl lii gatt l il.r Write Like I oh Dfiliga.
.'-I l .r1,*fl i .1 l a nalllt l r-, a r lh i +ir lim 'ola llll Ur, hatiaIg at
,, "t., ull-, l ht ri+eaarirwt i.ts orrwa h s i rlr I ho ta I 'aiir ai n .d t hr fllowlfag

iiT lh ai- i t ,ith I, lll r"i -. a IT11h- it ll l l It '. .i-t t ilh II II

.f ad r.- R I Iaiarl IlIa U I T la r en
S' r at r St rtrt.' itn t TI hi th art i 'h t ,. pu l it at lats I 1 bu ts
it ,. 1 , t l ,,- I- h ll l < lh r l h s ** ll one tea
,t i. r at,, tltI ,1 rth I11 trts lr t'i lt I "'iham g', irh-t ntd a't I 'trr, i r llhrke Ihr- K aicdi,
l r th r Il l l. |ti'r;ta't' i tr am i t',ti.r-r"" ia' a i iiiii' rrt' it 1dlrtat 'l tlmlk.
M I, Il) o l tt, I. .l1- iI-t ,'," ititar" i ti i lt a 'a'i aI lne l hmt air tirtl', -
r,., lli| 1, 'thr ill ., i l t,, ;l I' 'at aT lh, r i' I t h'll" I'a ,l al II a E mse a Lc a ing.
.Iii l .+,,, .i.'.h I + i,, t't a*'.- tlin' t ailat h la a 01 i i t I,' I 'T h t r l r1 h ing. o at ph

S.. i i i. r I l oi a mit tl

r l,.. i,, .., .~ , l f11.. ak ,''IM T I T rl a a m tobylr .U I t
>l i ... ,I -' 1.1. 1. .' 1 ',' ', ala a ya'th for Ma uagi.wt

'I 'I''''.' Iitt 'i- 1 .I' ai -, ,. a'l'," t iarIa. 'a''-- i. al f ,aii*it inoea tbe ja
'I ''i t I.., |],,,. |i. 'o'... .. t'. ,l 'I -lal *it't "t.I.'. It. 'm a a tai i"h, allA. a t iaaw .
Is ',,. .'- aIr ily hs pleto of ati
........ ... li s aiTr', -. annotm t i t
hist tiit' arhli, t I.; for BM ff. IIIs
i e I. t Nm ll. t m It la .l l' It llal

i tr I I -i t lilk g.-1 tr l tlat editor didn't tg
lI I1,ii h,1 tl th ,a tN ''t ,i t, iit lh hh.' a.ia 'a,, a'ra I, a h hyd a lia'llille (Ky) Cali ..
1hii- thIu a IT t ia ,l.lr.tr ,aaat., King's English F mund Walima.

F rne Dollar Day Edition. ii. reilayra...... frin..i ,, o'i .hfa hnt a n i p I l m Ieg
'a! ',ii tna rta.ta,- ngit. Piani lnt
Ta al t r I Familaaist Pa e b'aC ,
iN iI'tlaalan I It, t i a h. thint 1h. weal, sNal

,', ,I' .ar, .,I Il 'cN il titin -iei'h ngttm imm t ta folhg

To the "Ad" Kil.e,
a' toI l l :I, n i ttl e "al

SJl i i i .. .. II p la at ai d slh .k ahl p le a lIf

,lsti, am maAn ,e,'ka hrie O lo

itl ial htit llatilh w lpi plba h yuI"
IIn t I0 a I t ta.' 'ettl"e P ilaw "

FELLOW' SAY The Home Tiowi

r I 'le Ia i it I ta = lJ t r I. A. GALLlT. r Ta, Jl I ( .al wit h Wuw bn il toi
]h -0, 11 I I l,, -, hair M.f a III fl. -ak l d vd I- Is 'fllaata k aal t I.loag ten Iy g t 3W ,
If 'if al 'ti A" l a lt-aItr "1' 'r lat oo 1 I--1, t' ie crteai in fI.a s If.aai l tl Ire 1t I
t:-, ti- .. 1,- 1- 11 o lii tI ltr. failu. At los f l 'ulh ."htit da htlit t r aa titiata m rril l dema ll .f

ever Wfr ... ....In 't h l fil hon contri
H ei t ,. S Y a or it ia r l a t a rfat, rt aiii. n al os hiti a al laret A
iall t jAI WITHi t iA t F.TU.I a '.a I m YOafOat Ilric. ti e fa m lea'

i atIra-ta'. i 'fltia, }t I tt A. l Lt Tra a 1. 1 sti lla ai he lls"
la te a la- k ha at t at atralIt ir,- hrtam-r am ai li' K T.ii id Ia h I iig 'hlb epro at oliur an ig le f ig
!a-rlaaraia tta 'rata ta-ir. r t'a'i i Na r pi, IIa, ltr.' 1 1,,I t i Iimaiva a' ar, l aat 5' lk stamin amll lifi I a Id
aat ioaa' t a- irti a all hI ,toak laiti,- nal lht. riah, 1r1'11 lal f:all oi l, he l hinaro f. la n pob Ii s

mmprm It il t-h t .- ta I lt-ti'. an' aa'trhana lh t, lIr rN. I 'i aa, it troa Iri l'i. -m ill 11ear caloclrinIs i
ltlae ili \ hr- a lika al ,' t hai-a,, 1 hl l MIw II i hot i f a lll. iar.. IIirlh l, lh e i1. m Iati i

tiar., If he 1 ,hh will talhk triall, 'lth r Iaa iln fo, ry J i etk. thiiV w la e ea
Ii emmia it I.ht l-l r .itI IIla lNt. In- matyml a i, air 't .ial. N. J., tI r yAA r la

rIMl.i alm alamhw it I r.i-11 1r. tal Gal] Is the "daddy or. all basIebll
e a o lb. Laisal Bat~t "i1't You fel stat wamyll e Y alel a 2 It ,iL'

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Taem FNwM W fi.
WM PIII o Fbi Olm

ADINOTOI GA.-The thirtya4f
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eIsm a t of a enad walk
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toak hange oat the editors during
Slay her. T e editor were a.

dai hat he Or abe had the
beat Is th. wortd. Th keoy to
I oily was turne.1 aer l, thie sed
md- nIb. weleone. whlilc wan
he m ean Momdby night woo
Mai .rinn oer m ay d I'tne of
ma stl d ity read.

o eal e wlo the W taen.pIm p r,
WheaMiewat walke& CIutid. Ih. the

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ntoua Irn aGorta whi-h pride tlhid .
el on their e bloth blu l their roil
rooten ad tfeir while ctolvairy. until
.It haa ebeerisbett thIaT litrit. leoul.
ely. There IN surely no tity Itn tbh
eounlry where the wutitl mre protller
the men afor h iurtly witt Ihe ilu irit

ora raims hatl at ihe sieitlin Whena
the train which rrhald thbe lrei.ottl
.of oeelhea pnlleil Intl Wttohiliilon. .ntl
It played tlhe etll.,in Ilnt i.. l nblie
tnei" h where lhe. trh sMein ti.e to
take the editoros i. their temporary
homA dturtni the nometing. fbm-o of
them ioemver. o inlMuled on tiaying at
Althe anir: for tWre wa. pa rin. htul
aoenir on which hald iel l oth oe tttr
their enlertist et. tMtd It ws a rel
prl ir abit.
The convention Itetin Mtltttei Mn.i.t
iAy night witht n brlitlti. ie.tl liti a
the otrthone l p.le ttr-- or tly .1.
Kelly pimmiw. ireoltlrt otr tit. lre.
Annoratlon. And W. T. 8.i1ll..... "-
stin editor orIe l ii..ind. ilt I'M...
wo. oteproi froam tirt l Itepreldnt
to lpreadent of iet maoint t'lt for
There wan mn ic tiy lthe h nd. a lIong
by ths otllenee l tfile Invtcation tly

N. r. linrch of Wnu.ltitnoto. Cil. Frank
It. (oNll y of II.J Wslhil ngtlor rli.
..toeil lb. edilotr. 1t Wilke- irtlty In
a sbt.rt hut eloquent litdlre.n. iand I.
h. Martin of th llb illa llo Herild n-
Ipohledl b iehy bui very fttinglyt. nll-
tmer Royal faIlAl >tf tfle Qtltltito.
V.ew tires mad ". tirt ititd enloquhtlk
1.lk ton lbh. h lirit of erl o i .. ftier
whirl, the meetithoo Wo1 u4djtriettl ftr
the evening fr everloly It, 11 t.
Ted.ay moreieif the eAiltpr toot
domn t. huilnmo, llti t ae-littt it
whiti prhel reitdutit were. dly-
pallioher of the. (N-1llH Slur: "Allter-
thila ltalco." by f>, iv. l'rioulv1 It.
umniter of Ihe Newtin Her ild: "For.
rlam lbettreerotstitut,' by Iulldt MNeks
of the Calhoon Tlte:; "ttn.e Advecr-
isinag." by Riset Camp of the W.I.
Som Tribune:; "iuborlrtptlo." by
Orerge D. ascher of the Alpharetta
loee Ploemt and "'fe Ideal Weekly
leewpopr,- by Louis L. Marrl, of
a IuarweIlU n.
ahier at Tipoll.
Yollowlm the hualaes mention atui
aai. them w a a baleegI at the
Maslshbeingtiy of Tigialt, whicb was
l-in-Uy b aj hr ery editor.
Jin hfem the editor waro "ated
as wll Ich had baom prprmi ad
9r themi th eo good citlsi of TIE.
UKl th fnner myw are TIonrgel do.
ivas oil an digest addomi of wa.

air L Ouimat 'th OWa"l
S Ladi The edftm l" M
wagl dty wer rinted bank k wm e
0i- ha UMe aflmea mean:
At as Tm-by fteaom5---a
"What Is Dlewir by IL 0. satte.
maiis aoler of the iswsMb
a-I '- leon Paianl Lawis by
Dr. I. N W MaeiuleSN, 00e Of the
eameleioile, Duel. ftM Ilmortanee of
X E r NMehep." by W. T. As-

it I'nlap sbyJonesilloaet.

PoliN Additg
Wusedaydsm- l ee edta dM-
aisd the -ll sbeis "S4lt.
s e ma u to the Wed." by 0. V.
Mahastiimd eumtive asteltr At
leM Ad Csl: "The Osealfy Pmrs as
Viewed by the orenW AdvetIa
A~it'" h K. U. Dlas. a1lmu oat
the SeatheU Conwm ef Advetin
APsa.t Alanta "SS ldidghts on
the rlMB MUtime at the N. m A.."
by Psa Be t r a r the Ommres Obh
amer ethe Power sad Posibhilitie
fe the Mitwwial P ba" se ikM Ber.
tamlf e trmale Tb "i T CMenU
try Oaeredntso &ad MHw to Oui-
Yale 2em." by Freak uestien o the
Merisita Time. At le aftseos
bud sse mita "The hMa Twn
Daly." was disemessed by H. Davi%.
pe1ld11t of the Anisotes at bAle
Geolsg Dallies. Alaow: 'MTo Vtae
of District Pie Al daitlatidus" by
W. McWhorter, editor of the Whider
News;: Jwaeraelk for Wines, Wa.-
stor Jelnulltin. by M] Lndul
e ea bat f tie C hrl etn NIe-s, ad
"Tibr A onigl PtbllHeT ie ari and
Pomt llll." by Is U. Haldnt. ma-.r
slas eitar of the eorgite Psbltw.
the MeMtatwl sil et Paper. Asd
to. Voiowia the disem-oI of omea
shubes. hy ewsisa pIilakm th*
ballot was t t hp r the neat metige
plans of a Qolreltmn wo the iwc pti
at Ua oomenlem.

o bye for th mithe enter Wn-
slutad tas idiemsl: P'nddlat. Wullesi
0. sum"n. fyhlm h Prms ; srat vI@-
pestil. C. tA. BEOUdlt*. Wright.

Till* Hensdlig Iotnjowatle ditor d id.
Ernest Crinp, MaorM Trtbiui; third
rvleg.-p nilMe. Vim e tyoodwarL
Vilen Nlew; coIrrN poadir n bere*
tsry. IL K. Stanly. fOorsts PiItb-
or, Atinta; wrec tlng itl aril, 41.
. Henmn. iDlter Heraldn: troeisrr.
J. J. Htowell. Cthbert Leader.

Wednseday night Was a "Wtatt
herit." auIl an oltetsiintonit wnidch
c rll o iem ruord t a beain In the
clas fof a pondifmilonel ond awas pa
an by thie etvttin for the enltfAln-
ient of tNhe claf.ie of Wileorsigln.
Tlioreday mortnilng lt, so itae loft
val the Georgia railhrotd U in arlil
iolit fli Aao hta. nlere tlltny were
tile l etit or thll it y. lert bneIn
trtenl ithlll a itlhl-oetlng trip Tiver
tlw clity limintliiti'ly mftir their or-
rival. ail litt sier gatin u t eiiniiii-
IlP )mrlEIDEllT: tii)DiE ti Stvannah.
wliere tioy wi.rr guieto 0t 11 dinner
mrvoetl Ity ilte Sivannaili Mormn
Nw, Frlla r itoni i. u titnl alt Io
qiot In thie reveila Im thle gmsta of
the Itvanoih PIes. After etoicillog
the day In Kntdvnna liNr olr 'a trIp
Wu> conclulel by t vrls lt loTnlte
Rtch*, ofmi. treoy 1o.v oitd i ol i
virl the i Wlrt iiyth *on tl. torrini
nif tne ite _p tlib lmot enjiynble ind Il-t
.frtloe lil t yetiht eld.
(.rIill-4ra rMd piow.
ti Awitetroi rlel,-ntpalpr lulininhlr't
Aok tltluo. Wan thir Introdiel, adil
ih endlntf. IlefIletd In o timndittdi
Inire.-ldltur.) Thin meansre irtO
vitdno that the ltei Init-O -hll he
potipone util July 1 rl2. anl woin-
while the cast of carryine p ewd.
o.m, malt I. to be Invetiot eidlt. ilut
the ciost oi hoindllng oewpapetl r mall t
it w eIrnildrel e slaortelY from that
itf mountain- h and Ipertodlail.
T'Ilt .oln iand. lo fotl tlhei
Iloaw otlndtter on tie aisogworthi
1.111 hariln by Wrlght A. Plottersi a
tiumil'r of thie leaollVfi' coetitItte
of the N. R A., Stil tiy Vim lPreosi-lt
Irinriltio of amclioiumtt. buroaulght
alhtot fil, defeat of ti i il e oao u In
otlstirler. very ni twiller put,.
llntllr III lit. country should tttitrun lhim
Itbimttrm tit ltetpretuiitlllllltii Judt
hlitre lie IP tie. In rolittlin to tlil aid-

I ililtik prreldeot F.llington did not
enpeit m to deliver a long addrra.
It4' tat a buoy susluo outlined and sn
lterting penerotirate But I wont you
to know that the National Editorial
A k-tontim wishes you well ead neon
etaly ienalrm yoar ouppor. I would
Ilke to a r you etblish the pramctl
of sending your president to the an-
most toavetions of the N. K. A. at the
e.i~ss of the slate assodlatlo. It
would be worth all It tet. The as-
theist ainctattes ahowed Its Interest
In your eomrtie sas a two yiar age
wh-r It bad Ita earmtrt -. The
Unld Satems baa tlln mot at.
tractitve to aow thi mieat soair.
We b a few his hUts Bouth o the
Coauhlea river ovr t Oragas. hut
Nothing lia Dalmer, oad this IN OF
third istat. but ai Op test.0

NEW TOEL-Te annual misIng
sod iams r o M the EBpylag Priates'
ABieolsttl was bolM is the HOtWl As.
Mr. The gatherine maored th co-
Plima e lee am year of Me meqer

Doe sisa am buar for New Tork City.
WaOWt V. lien -i dlarted ptniitat
tar ate Ua tem: Joan C. Marniss.
viceedit; Ensar Inatte Beond
toamaaier. sad oUap 1. IBteifs od,

tarp. The saodettae pledaed low

-s. y *y-'

BB.IU 1-

Ti s, 1'1. Wi ners Na wispar Va cl )

rho=s oowe.o
ma. t *t wod. to that
flod'o ft Blth on thl frunt, And A
Aid loutI f th* brook thot
rusm t. lh -ulryau t

Try coated young etrrt lre n
to mayou la util tihy giv It .
TkSeree odt lond onlle
.i dyd n o isor.

Gren Onion

thick sour crnanl
or iwet tcram with a danh of vlneinr,
alt and paprika. This la at ej.eptdil.
ly appetising falad to ne-.v with Ibrtoil
sad butter for a Sunday ulght lu.lth.
&SAw Ialls-Take one-third of a
tnpful of batter, add oe-half cupful
of ugoar. eoe-balf cupfal of flour, sifl-
ed with one-halt cupful of eromltartlit
and there teasponnfull of baking liot -
der; add two'hldla of a cupful of
milk, and the bea.teo whites of tlhle,
eggf. Mix carefully and Ipomr Irti
well-hibattered cuap, tlm In the ot.t-
In a ptn of hot water for hlf nni hour.
Itenmov from the cult, dust will ptw-
diered nigar and serne with strbtoAr-
ry eame.
Strawberry S fue.--t a table-
spoonfuil if toft,-,d ti utr t ith oin'
and o11-liIif eifnlt. i-f t 1i. ritr.. tl nitr -
Bar nti ole niitill li-t of otirute.l -rrrn
Tamatoem Stuffed With Rips Olives.
-9coop out the pulp froni tnnll. flit.
rfpo tomatoes. Fry a ionull onion.
chapped flhe, in te fnl'l-putlful of lilt-
ter, add the pulp to,ento frtto lIe to-
atoiaf ad a cuplful of ripe olive,
that hav been minticd fine after re-
moving the dmd. madd two tableipoon-
uli of bread cr ni., miIt and pepper.
itil the tometoes eud bake.
SIpeIog C h.-Tske four eggs beat-
tog the while very illt then fold In
a raipful if eoar, a quarter of a cup-
fl t t am l etI all IS added; add
St yolks oe at a time, Atirrins them
lIghtly so that the mixture i i streaked
with yow. Cut In tho f our. ami
me ou tl a-d pour Into a buttered

ap lls WweCook together a few
pstieo eORreis, pes aod tender
yla iam, add a few rabu ft mit
huW atetd -shn etee the fat and a
Ills oih. Berne s a vegitabls to
as -ma mail misbes

lUA ) XU4 weL

To mak. we etesl far you asd m
W'IC bsat iloa mel pot. yn .
Tito. Init laos jut oe. tos. them
ruu t.pooal of toer teast Ia.
One u tom r soad om on tad M
And when toe wator boing t be,
Tura on; then otiop It thorouthlly
Thns midsilut to sot tahe ale tess.

tLmb chops may be oukerd wthb a
staini making them a dihI quite ele-
tunt and diffr-

NrVy fr \ h at. lm ini the pan an
thave hoin cat

Pocket qui t thicklnit. ;aoe
ay deire tu ailit. tpnkie tuo
of tit at f dit ld ir nd pbe
thu t It i tt rlo tt edgke fr
it ttrittt hIt a hot oett. huoe a
raty ftntntto the fa tit Iot pan smaol
Ien a tklit to hol the ntil Uung.t ske
slty lto Iird iu.. strike the

eCofath nLIer uit l argu d-, it p

thnpi Int irlki. t t i ui dovr e tht
0i ait ott iit i hot itIn. otr ak d
gryt itril fii itiir tin t liandver
ire whih o lh* -iolnr. A mindt Naur
mayhe ,r be ait.,S dl"

ci l i.ii, roll Is llanur otth a
IIIhnit i tt pu I o tutu|) dtst.
Se tlrfdesdo o i Nowhuro.-p'dntoili
l itir of eiliriiin l h rl o hotlf-l r
withi, itit two ( n llo l<. ititn. eol. m-
ditll or I (lolk. f ta ld I olf a d en.

iun .lit ri > h l. liit l a h iiif4 l of thilir
fr eni Inr, .1 ll il s1 d rlirr In i. lid fti

a lnair ofr aend 1, hllt nns houlr

three eon ytlks, add ltilt. pitprika nlot
two tIlitmoonrultttl of lemon Jiitie. oi
tiablemiHminful of Woreepterhilre loil-
and fltir Into the creami, Srve bLut In
Fricasis of Valt.-Iut a sllm of
wetl In serv'nlg alltd plets- cut
frmu thle lot. P'oundl eierh piece to
reedure the tilcklino., r-ol In loer aid
fry In uit pork fat until brown an
both atI-. Remove to a cauterole.
poe breth or hot water ever the
meat; the broth a tniadeo by ruling
out the frylno pan with hot water.
Add salt and pepper and coolk covered
sn hour or lono r. (arrotn and other
Wegetatlln may be added If deired.
Alm nd illed-Illanch and habrd
one-half cupful of almondn. add six
Oliv atotled and chopped, no-healt
rapful of celery, one-half tpftil o
mayIrmannlso or a good boiled detos.
serve on head lettuce.

"huiti.d. XL,* vrtlt

(tc uIsi. Wste. iinwipaer gaito)
Tbe people pompli work with boat Ae0

Th. prlind. Pople ehoose for findui.
out common ento i*ppec.
Iut to peohi people marry Am I"
qeurenlt tolk of .iI.

Jnktet In No e-y to pInpriir end no
ally difested that It itnitkt ni. Idtlll
aduiatoer fi.in.
coffee Junk e.-

arml to nw
milk lemlpll* t Ira
add a junket

th olepounful of
coffee Iinfulion, add a cupfUl of coffe.
and pour into aherbet Cupria mirrlinl
well to mix wllh tie junket., weet. u
to taste ntll let stand In a warnt rolin
to beomtne lrio, then .hlill.
On a hot day there In nothing more
restfil then a meal out of damrs. If
It cannt t be taken In thr woodm or hy
a tre rin, Ihl. grUinodl at htliunu or teui
the p lr I, will toE lie h go(| ltl tllltilta .
A sirv-tnd in piortlh. It ntinr tlet kit-
chen, tiokt-i nn Ideual dllluig rtmoin for
siolttin, ir lul-l,
salmonn Shiad.-To i nll of tit0 i
Addl ui ph >'iioirll of c nlt*iillrl,r p it. lf'

ftlol i 1 l tf.r eri l r l ri ,lii ti o

i '. ,, ,I. t r I h. dr. f l, run ,d '
movn tiiIii, 1on lr.. i4 wtifi'll ti I'ip
itthtl, I- w.lh i td Iuti i ultiti

jelly i rit- with a charnntI
ublanr ruin hltl irominatlin, not l ry
hIeommt ut. it ool.

prepa.t lon or early Ion the mornnU.

DMte and O.ran la O.-Phol and
Jarefully reiotle oranrt -n Inlto nr
nttona mix writ with rterld wttl waht.

j1ere on l.-ettu with any gontl drvhi

ieomnt i., hot viry gita.
sueh dirterts may be prepared itta
irexnel bewfre while dinner hn in
prepirnla, tor early In the morning.
A light de,.rt should follow a heavy
dinner, eiltpelally durhtig the hot
Dolo and Orunge Sdatd.-Peel and
earefully remove otircouoe Into no'-
Glas.. tI1 with qllartetod well wa.bed
dote., adding a lIttle dhltd Pineapple.
Serm on lettuce with any Wood dres
miedged with whipped cream.

ItAU. )"Iti4eirdt

Kitchen Cabinet 1ismuedeverytwoweekeand Exclusive publication rights for each town
each rlse contain service for twelve days in wherever the territory is open. The beat way to
a dal pape or twelve weeks In a weekly paper be sure of continuous service is to place a stand.
It is an al-th-year feature of more than or- Ing order. The feature meets with feminine ap-
diImy valueh-nothIb better to be had at any proval everywhere sand is very useful In securing
pesm Toceetis Mtlil.foreachl columns, advertising patroante. Just write to the office
pled ikither la tfe or mats. Shipped as with which you do business and say, "Send us
ewsSwhan so ordered. Kitchen Cabinet until further orders."

Western Newspaper Union


Valuable Features Written to Conform

With the Changing Seasons


Ale the pulilim of Ameria
damanf Is the n sati that will
awake their Inter t to a point
whete tle wI take hold of the epe-
sad h al e at
here are a let of elows who baoe
held ea to the fwre" an sme their
Itam Sd as a malt whatever they
overtake they faUlr I apprei~nd
thre are a let at thas men e Iw ni
the newnapsor bolam. Oo a t hem
le I. T. Poarta oat ee Port. PhlAMtin
Campiay. He hamew someta ao
the acomiahmant of at he National
Midlloarl Assoalatton; he know the
mareadlt of torimanisatio I the eoww
postome oa Amoltem are to guard
thor ew a i sihi rp r
WIfh this e dmigt s midu el Mr.
Pore laour week de ao th d to lnr.b
parge upoo th pabllshece and printer
Sth r c ry of his tie ansed for tbdr mo.
roll a fel that th time at A.
Us I out a MIMsa to tae Uto.
and of tm as his persoal eootri-
oiulen to the great wato.
If this me ladlvdual fuela eltelnt
Inteetina youtr msalln. youtjr.fis-
lsod, your business oa thea contrasbte
wo llerally of hbi time and mdnip, do
you aoK feel that the tlime i at hand

for gettlle Into ilte eam-d.is youer
part in keepliu the sreat morsllatim
ftaitionhtlg eoqeitailly aN it will cost
you only IU) ainnailly to do sot
Thien are thousands of pabllabers who
have ben4oad inoeaurmably by the
coaotrrtive and proeaselve work of
the N. A. sa oreNsatise that is
always o the job aRholba far *ue best
-Ileris at the printing Industry. It
is ready to act when the emergency
aelais. IN that not worth anthbing
to youo
Where would you have been In the
print paper eriss It there had been no
agency to set and to act quickly?
What about the many probtelsi that
are contantly eomuli up In Ileisela
five haliso There are almaiers of
Consrea who are enthuelastle men*
bera of the N. E.'A. Kven the Prnal-
dent of the United Statue knows of
the constructive work of the orauIm-
tlon; yat there are thouandm of paul.
lishenr holding back. thinklng that the
N. K A. Ai only far the few. It eaml
brakes all publlahers ail Its osetoilt
strength Il thattIt ha mIn s every
iatle to aet In unaob when the call
goes forth for ahl. The rouble. how.
eer, la that It needO more mn, mre
pubisahera who will slay by the shlp
year In and your out, cintrteuing
their annual doea to Ila nutenanee
and tit port. No hig work ean go for-
Wttri or ev retitiin ti pxoatenie I.n-
I'e It lib. thle hi'urly approval of the

If tlere I~ 0 plludleltr In Atlertea
wtii haa not tIun Informed of the
etviltires of thle N. K. A., he lutu failed
to gto through hia mai U or to keep In

touch with ta tiran pPem. Osae lI- tion, you will not fail to remalod te
foan ld. I h is eMoly me right aetio. lifew ti of the i'roe 'aullilahls Ca-
and that hl to do your part In keeping paNI).
the work up. This you esr do by -
jolaaUb the omgmtismatm; it is not a
dltAult task. Jut Need is year re Chl- t a~ Ad Writer.
ittance of IA together with the NEW TORK.-Adv etiing al n
nas at your pubileatlon a1 a of daily nbowpapes afr to bea uod ar
berahip eard and reoipt will he forth. 4noral Ctarch adovetMail as well ad
olnlga. This la referred especially to for sagaemllatlc purpaema., was a
the ten thousand publiaera who will Mounead by oeeital at ofe Pretolat
within the Meet faw days reave a r. Al aesepal eari .
quest from the Iorta I iulblasle a This sat on wai dealndd apoe, iS
pony to get behind the largest new. n aw aid1, at two ipartaat coamar.
paper orgomnliqatn in the world and Oanta. and the publicity department
make It still larger-nore powerful- of the churb baa bsn Instracted io
jnore useful. add a coemptest advartldla writer
Will you do it or will you just think to Its sta. Tbhe minatof te sow
about it for half an hour and then venture in ourch Pub tety was no
turn to Ilfe'a activities and tarit the a rOuc.
movement which is oraganlad for the --
enenit alnd the upbuildlut of the
printing husinesin Your a- me-.
bernilp will proclaim your conytletson.,
vowe. your Intrest and notlfy the of-
Staeo that they have your hearty eto
eparathll In tn e big work they ar e f..J wte. ti," mao a lmi.
da.ortlg to crry iordwanee.thn Mittia wheat An aiod .tor
The oices; of the Nathinal Editorial T
Amaoltio.. are Ioratl In the ez- Coonm at d l ay hdl whome low doamenea
cIintgel Iank Bolinl.g. I iar I MIh, lleo wed Naa a Of Rut- ant s on o
alutki .nu tto Ioti tfie work milu he mad So. n un-r-..le donrn .
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LAE AENAN 800K PAPER FR M Y Road Cut Through Lava Flow From Maa L* L HAWAIIi
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OF S. C. EDITORS ... .Mli. I... .l. 11,1 iii.
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,- --lo ti itill ti fi tl. Ill' i r Princess Abigail Kaw
Vi .. .. .. ... ltlf l i S l r I 't or the Royal Faintly* W a*, t ;,
H. G. Osteen of the Sunter Daly 11 ,, .. ro r . the Royal FNmily Wi a
1it m Elected President- i. K. it dIllor Io. Cl.,-
Other Office;s. 1-10 , ,,ii hitir, E ditors to Coins andl' S@
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',.I i.'n,, I .I i, ..i ,, i .' "" i:, ... i l ll hi' ,I take. :I : ii it t C, i. or iiI troi e i f ur
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I I,,o ol,,' ''':n I n''l of t e lisel el d a ties

PULLMA.N.S. HOWARD CO MALE TED N OI .....-.l....N...... l t...........r .n... .a ... a .......
, I i I R . .lit.l I l .' I II In lott. l o taIc

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,i .... .l.,', U,. U,, ',iHawaiian GroupI i Belt Lake and LaPorte Counties C n ar *4r r i iii i ioh. y tm I
IIahooa.'i I i Il.lllo' of on. ,

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...l t u t .. . ,,i. ,o, nC e n tra l N e w Y o rk A s s o c ia tio n ,n ..a a n e el n. .. Iea n p r .. me
ho IComposed Entirely of Week. R C O, N,
..t,"olies, Goes on Record. ii .~ od irker r p me of ft

S II1II .\, it Nlo Y--.- I t ..........r on-o of the WO rld to s
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Twotales whI h makee .splendidh atIinfacnom deg
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I WESTERN NEWSPAPer r 2ast yar til
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1`81 P1,]U3N3A3' AUXILIARY.
ilkle Wiled Help Wised Help Wised Help Waled
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maim .^4^^ -m Wa. watti ma. r woasma to Alt Ih- falims- with hale at t*adar Wil1 Mmdl. .sbaaiaai PRINTING MtANAGeR WANTEO
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C U G w C O NI r u. , t t m p E 5P =N j e al s bd d i a M'- -l s a"^ ... .. .. .. .. ..L.. W I -t a a a.
ma 4dlirt ea5t. hta lhmb a. WANTID-W-W IIAV N t. AN iAtl-.o Ittan llt el-raa rll- onWana arnlr ea Iaaaa ba LACt
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. m;D^ um l.ATO WRITE AS p., as. al.. is dlass... ls. ... ... "h aas .aItsa.t-.h...l.. a. a.. t wh sr
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alat the MacIadlat Ott Ctala npmy, fro what i- paws aid whs |ba u d hl mA maser C to do all im poPas to air uiyofa e aa toit a, INOT Yi Wl AC ttl EA
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Omilaels r wb OamJI, a tYMf.H L Dao s KAsa i-ITa R-NeWS. MANAGEIN. mO Ela.TO- Ia adorh Pa O. I.-bsc a1,,n -NuEWSA PEtK t llo t, ,ai ha. ah. ta:.ao, a "t-,-
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