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Title: Institutional Repository
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Creator: Benson, Dina
Publisher: George A. Smathers Libraries, University of Florida
Place of Publication: Gainesville, Fla.
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University of Floric

What is an Institutional Repository?

An institutional repository is an online collection of the intellectual

output of a research organization. The repository includes past, present,

and ongoing publications in an effort to preserve and promote the

scholarly work of institution members by freely and openly providing a

full text searchable compilation of current research for all scholars

regardless of institutional affiliation.

Our Institutional Repository: IR

The IR@UF was founded within the UF Libraries' Digil

2006. It includes
open access journals and textbooks

serials published by all university colleges

current non-traditional thesis projects

retrospective theses and dissertations

conference proceedings and technical reports

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The Self-Submittal Tool

The IR@UF self-submittal tool was created in 2009 to offer members of the

University of Florida community the opportunity to upload their own research

and scholarly publications to our permanent digital collection.

Why should I participate in the IR@UF?

The IR@UF shares your research openly with scholars around the world while

also providing long-term digital preservation. And by being compliant with

repository "harvesting" standards, it allows the citations and links to your

work to be found using the rapidly growing search tools that provide cross-

repository search interfaces for scholars and other users. It also provides a

permanent archive for access, independent of subscriptions or database


Why should I submit my material if it is already put

or book?

By contributing your research to the IR@UF, you are t

service provided to all members of the University of I

We archive, host, and maintain your material, keepir

regardless of changes within your department, college

budget cuts affect library purchasing power in all are

journal subscriptions rise, posting your materials in tl

your research will be available to your peers at all in


For more information about acceptable file formats

understanding your rights as an author, and your cape

contributor, visit us at

Who can see the publications in the IR@UF?

Like all items in the University of Florida Digital Collections, publications in

the IR@UF are visible to all users around the world, regardless of affiliation.

Your material can be found via UFDC search, library catalog, Google, and

other search engines. Our consistent stable links to your materials are ideal

for your website, CV, tenure packet, or other promotional materials.




Welcome back

What would you like to do today?

Does my publication belong in the IR@UF?

ALL scholarly works, including articles (pre-prints, post-prints, or published

articles as permitted by the publishing agreement), books, book chapters,

and conference presentations, are welcome in the IR@UF. The materials you

provide are linked to your name and reputation, so we expect that you will

use this resource responsibly.

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