Group Title: Selected Commissions - Herschel E. Shepard FAIA Emeritus and Professor Emeritus UF School of Architecture
Title: Selected Commissions
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Publication Date: February 2010
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Outline of Practice


Commission and Drawing List Notes

List of Commission Files, Photographs, and Drawings

List of Drawing Storage Boxes

List of Large Scanned Plans, Microfiche, and Negatives

Alphabetical Commission Index (not included)



The practice began in 1961 as Herschel E. Shepard, Architect, 1661 Beach Avenue, Atlantic Beach,
Florida. In 1963 Shepard purchased the practice of James A. Meehan, 2014 Arcadia Place, Jacksonville,
and remained at that location until May 1, 1967, when Shepard and Robert Woolverton, AIA, purchased
1932 Landon Avenue, in Fletcher Park, to use as an office for their separate practices and occasional
joint venture projects. On January 1, 1969, the firm of Fisher, Broward, Shepard, & Coons, Architects
and Planners, Inc., 456 University Boulevard, was founded. Over time this firm became Fisher and
Shepard, Architects & Planners, Inc. On January 1, 1978, Shepard established the firm of Shepard As-
sociates, Architects & Planners Inc., and during that year designed and constructed a new office at 2111
Corporate Square Boulevard. In 1985 Shepard was appointed Associate Professor, Department of Ar-
chitecture, UF, and began commuting to Gainesville to teach as a full-time faculty member. Shepard As-
sociates Architects & Planners Inc. was dissolved in February, 1990, and the practice became Herschel
E. Shepard, FAIA, a one-person preservation research and consulting firm. In 1993 Shepard became a
full Professor, leased the Corporate Square office to Peter Rumpel, FAIA, and moved his consulting
practice to his home at 1661 Beach Avenue, Atlantic Beach. The Corporate Square office was sold to
Peter Rumpel and Tom McNett in April, 1998. Shepard retired from the University in December, 1996,
but continued to teach as an adjunct through 2001. He continues limited practice as a consultant at this
time (2010).


Date of Birth




Public and

And Academic

Teaching and


June 29, 1931, Jacksonville, Florida.

Master of Fine Arts in Architecture, Princeton, 1956; B. A., Princeton, 1953.

Herschel E. Shepard, FAIA Emeritus, Architect, 1990-present (retired 1997).
Shepard Associates, Architects & Planners Inc., 1978-90.
Fisher & Shepard, Architects & Planners Inc., 1969-77.
Herschel E. Shepard AIA, Architect, 1961-69.

Restoration of the Historic 1902 Florida State Capitol, Tallahassee (Architect).
Florida Theater Restoration, Jacksonville (Architect).
Reconstruction of Ft. Foster, Hillsborough County (Architect).
Mildred and Claude Pepper Archives, FSU (Architect).
Partial Restoration of Ft. Clinch, Fernandina (Architect).
Ximinez-Fatio House Restoration, St. Augustine (Architect).
Spanish Point at the Oaks Restoration, Osprey (Architect).
Quincy, Florida, Comprehensive Master Plan (Joint Venture).
Cultural Survey, Tabuk Region, Saudi Arabia (Consultant).
Reconstruction of Mission San Luis de Apalachee, Tallahassee (Consultant).

City of St. Augustine Task Force, Member, 2006 (transfers State properties to UF)
City of St. Augustine Historic Preservation Advisory Committee, Member, 1998-2001.
State of Florida Historic St. Augustine Preservation Board, Trustee, 1992-1997.
Florida Department of State, National Register Review Board, Member, 1986-92;
Vice-Chairman, 1990-91; Chairman, 1991-92; Member, 2000-2002.
Florida Trust for Historic Preservation, Director and Founder, 1978-79.
National Trust for Historic Preservation, Advisor and Advisor Emeritus, 1976-present.
Florida Department of State, Division of Archives, History and Records Management,
Member, Advisory Board, 1975-78.
Jacksonville Chapter, AIA; Member, 1966-present; Secretary, 1966-67;
State Director, 1967-68; Vice-President, 1969-70; President, 1970-71

State of Florida Senator Bob Williams Award, 2002.
John Dyal Award, Jacksonville Chapter, AIA, 2000.
Selected to Occupy the Bienecke-Reeves Distinguished Chair in Architectural
Preservation, UF Department of Architecture, 1998-2001.
Tallahassee Preservation Council Award for Historical Research, 1998.
Carl Weinhardt Award, Florida Trust for Preservation, 1997.
St. Augustine Historical Society Award, 1992.
Florida Trust for Preservation Awards, 1986, 1983, 1995.
Jacksonville Historic Landmarks Commission Award, 1984.
Fellowship, American Institute of Architects, 1979.
Six Jacksonville Chapter AIA Awards, 1970-1984.
Five Florida Association of AIA Awards, 1964-1983.
Henry Adams Fund Award of the AIA, 1956.
High Honors, Princeton University, 1953.

Director, UF Department of Architecture Preservation Institute: Nantucket
(MA), 1994-1996.
Chairman, Bienecke-Reeves Distinguished Chair in Architectural Preservation
Selection Committee, 1994-1996.
Professor, Department of Architecture, University of Florida, 1993-1996;
retired in December, 1996.
Distinguished Lecturer, Department of Architecture, University of Florida,
Associate Professor, College of Architecture, University of Florida, 1985-87.

U. S. Army Signal Corps, 1956-58; Active Reserve, 1958-1960; Inactive
Reserve, 1960-62.


Commissions listed below are from firms in which Shepard was a principal. Firms include
Herschel E. Shepard, Architect; Herschel E. Shepard, AIA, Architect; Herschel Shepard and
Robert Woolverton, A Joint Venture; Fisher, Broward, Shepard & Coons, Architects & Plan-
ners, Inc.; Fisher, Broward, & Shepard, Architects & Planners, Inc.; Fisher & Shepard, Archi-
tects & Planners, Inc.; Shepard Associates, Architects & Planners, Inc.; Herschel E. Shepard,
FAIA, Architect; and Herschel E. Shepard, FAIA Emeritus.

The commission files consist of correspondence, research, design-related, and bulk files.
Many accounting files and files containing personal information have been removed. In sev-
eral instances no commission files accompany tracings, although commission files are listed.
The commission files are stored in numbered boxes, and the number of the box in which a file
is stored precedes the listed commission number. Many photographs and drawings are stored
in separate files but listed with the commission files, as noted below.

Many photographs and slides accompany other documents in the commission files and are not
identified separately. However, additional photographs are stored in separate boxes, arranged
by commission number, and listed with the commission files. These photographs are indicated
by [P] following the commission number, or by [OP], indicating oversized photographs.
"Photographs" may include slides, prints, negatives, floppy disks, CD's, or other reproduc-
tions. Oversized photographs are larger than 8-1/2" x 14." The boxes of photographs will be
available after scanning of certain items has been completed.

Manually-executed drawings associated with the commissions are stored in separate numbered
boxes and listed with the commission files. Drawings consist of tracings and printed sheets, in-
cluding reduced presentation drawings, mounted drawings, and film negatives of drawings that
are not rolled with the other drawings but stored in boxes T-17, T-17A, and package T-18, as
noted. An additional number of presentation drawings, large film negatives, and film positives
are rolled with the drawings and not identified in any lists. Drawings accompanying commis-
sion files are indicated by [T and the storage box number] following the commission number. A
brief description of most drawings follows the description of the commission file and is in-
cluded in italicized brackets ([]).

A number of large manually-executed drawings have been commercially scanned and/or copied
as microfiche. These are listed by commission number in "List of Commercially Scanned Plans
and Microfiche." The drawings were commercially scanned by Southside Blueprint Service,
Jacksonville, in December, 2009, and January, 2010. The scanned copies are on a compact disk
accompanying the drawings. Most, if not all, of the film negatives listed with the commission
files and stored in box T-17 were also prepared by Southside Blueprint when the projects were
active. The microfiche copies in box T-17B were prepared by F. W. Dodge Corp. when con-
struction documents were issued, for use in its plan review rooms provided for bidders.

A number of research reports and drawings were generated on the computer as 8-1/2" x 11"
copies, and printed copies of most of these are included in the applicable files. However, lists
and compact disks of scanned and computer-generated documents are in preparation.


Box Commission
No. No. Title Year

1 6105 [T-1 ] Shepard, Mr. & Mrs. H. E.: Duplex Apartment in North Atlantic Beach, FL (scheme #1; not
constructed. See also 6425, 6602). [T- preliminaries, water-damaged.]
1 6107 [T-l] Jacksonville Art Museum: Tensegrity mast design and construction. A thirty-foot mast was
constructed in front of the museum using bicycle spokes and electrical conduit, but was de-
stroyed a few weeks later by a storm. [T preliminary sketches.]
1 6113 [T-l] Houston, Dr. & Mrs. C. Harold: Basement Fall-out Shelter in San Jose Residence. [No file;
T working drawings, water-damaged.]

1 6212 [T-l] Pape, Miss Dorothy M: One-story residence in Leesburg, FL. [Nofile; T- working drawings,
water damaged]
1 6226 [T-l] West Jacksonville Advent Christian Church: Alterations and Additions (new classroom build-
ing and baptistry). [No file; T- working drawings, water-damaged.]
1 6234 [T-l] Taylor, Lewis Inc.: 44-Unit Apartment Building, Jamies Road. Later changed to 48 units.
[No file; T working drawings, water-damaged.]
1 6236 [OP, T-l] Northeast Production Credit Association: One-story office building. 569 Edgewood Avenue
South. [See also OP 7805, presentation binders.][T- tracings of elevations only, water-
1 6241 [T-l] Central Baptist Church: Alterations and Additions (balconies and a new educational build-
ing). [No file; T- perspective tracing, water-damaged]
1 6245 [T-l] Taylor, Lewis Inc.: Speculative one-story contemporary residence "K" (designed by Don
Davidson; stuccoed hollow tile, not constructed). [Nofile; T- working drawings.]

1 6305 [P, OP] Florida Board of Parks and Historic Memorials: Partial Restoration of Fort Clinch, Fernan-
dina Beach, FL. (1963 scope included new roofs for Soldiers' Barracks, Blacksmith, Kitch-
ens, other work. See also 6512, 6805, 6907.) [Tracings in 6907.]
1 6308 [OP] [T-l] Duval County Board of Public Instruction: Alterations and Additions to Smart Pope
Livingston, School No. 149 (12-classroom addition). [T- working drawings.]

1 6403 [P, OP, T-l] American Lutheran Church: Advent Lutheran Church, Orange Park, FL. (Demolished
several years after construction for new shopping center. Commission 6501 is in this
folder.) [See also OP 7805, presentation binders.][T- working drawings.]
2 6413 [OP, T-l] Florida Board of Parks & Historic Memorials: Restroom Facilities, North Little Talbot Island
State Park and Kingsley Plantation, Jacksonville, FL. (See also 6516, 6705, 6807, 7101,
8103.) [See also OP 7805, presentation binders.][T- working drawings, misc.]
2 6414 [T-l] Operating Engineers, Local Union No. 673: Proposed New Office and Meeting Hall, Jack-
sonville, FL. [No file; T- working drawings.]
2 6415 [T-l] Stanton, Ben C.: Office and Shop Building for the Florida Bindery, Inc., Jacksonville, FL.
[No file; T- working drawings.]
6419 Florida Association of Architects: Exhibit of work at Fort Clinch (see 6305) and Northeast
Production Credit Association (see 6236) for the 1964 Festival of the Arts. No file.
2 6425 [P, T-l] Shepard, Mr. & Mrs. H. E.: 4-unit Apartment Building for 41 Coral St., Atlantic Beach, FL
(scheme #2; see also 6105 and 6602). This commission includes 6426, studies for 3-unit
townhouse apartments for the same property. [T- working drawings, perspective.]

2 6501 [P, OP] American Lutheran Church: Glass Panel and Altar for Advent Lutheran Church, Orange Park,
Florida. (Filed with 6403.)
2 6503 [T-l] Huntley, Miss Marion.: Residence on Hecksher Drive, Jacksonville, FL. (See also 6709.) [T
working drawings, misc.]
2 6505 G. H. C., Inc.: 30-unit Apartment Building on Dunsford Terrace, Jacksonville, FL. (G. H. C.
Inc. officers were S. G. Fletcher, Catherine F. Shepard, and H. E. Shepard Jr. See also 6603
for second phase.) [Tracings in 6603.]

2 6506 [P] First Christian Church: Additions to church on Julia Street, Jacksonville, FL. (Contacted by
Robert Mills.) [Formerly Porter Mansion restored by KBJArchitects for offices.]
2 6507 [P, OP, Fletcher, Paul Z.: 128-unit Apartment, Phase I, S. W. 16th Avenue, Gainesville, FL. (Emilio
T-l] Zeller, Associated Architect. Complex named "Village Park." See also 6522 for Phase H.)
[See also OP 7805, presentation binders.][T- working drawings, water-damaged.]
2 6511 [P, OP, Florida Board of Parks & Historic Memorials: Partial Restoration of Bulow Plantation, Flag-
T-l] ler County, FL. (Located near intersection of SR 100 and 1-95. See also 6702 for mu-
seum.) [T- working drawings, site plan.]
2, 3 6512 [P] Florida Board of Parks and Historic Memorials: Partial Restoration of Fort Clinch, Fernan-
dina Beach, FL. (1965 scope included restoration of windows, doors and millwork for Sol-
diers' Barracks, Bakery, Blacksmith, and Kitchens; bastion waterproofing and drainage; and
gun carriages, which were deleted as a deductive alternate and provided in 6805. See also
6305, 6805, 6907.) [Photos and tracings in 6907.]
3 6515 [T-l] Swicord, G. Wade: Residence in Gainesville, FL. (Not constructed.) [Nofile; T working
drawings, water-damaged.]
3 6516 [P, T-l] Florida Board of Parks & Historic Memorials: 1965 Additions to Little Talbot Island State
Park, Duval County (Jacksonville), FL. Ranger residence, not constructed. (See also 6413.)
[T- working drawings, misc.]
3 6522 [P, OP, Fletcher, Paul Z.: Apartment Complex, Phase II, Gainesville, FL. (Second phase of 6507.
T-l, T-17A] Townhouse units; complex named "The French Quarter.") [T-l: working drawings, water-
damaged; T-17A: film positives ofpresentation perspectives.]

S 6602 [T-2] Shepard, Mr. & Mrs. H. E.: Residence for 41 Coral Street, Atlantic Beach, FL. (Scheme #3,
2-bedroom 1-bath residence designed and constructed. See also 6105 and 6425 for earlier
apartment projects for this property. No file; tracings only. [T- includes working drawings
for the following: 6602; 7106 (alterations andjeep garage); 7307 (two bedrooms and
bath addition); and 7603 (DUKW garage).]
4 6603 [P, PR, G. H. C., Inc.: Phase II, 30-unit Apartment Building on Dunsford Terrace. (See 6505 for
T-2] Phase 1.) [T working drawings, including landscaping by Hartwig.]
4 6604 Duval County Board of Public Instruction: Fire Damage Repairs for Darell-Cookman Jr.-Sr.
High School, Davis Street, Jacksonville, FL.
4 6605 US Navy BuDocks through NAS Jacksonville: A & E Services for the Survey of Adequacy of
Commercial Housing for Military Personnel in the Area of Jacksonville, Florida. Contract
4 6606 [T-l 7] Festival of the Arts Exhibit Design, 1966: Design of Exhibition Hall at Civic Auditorium plus
personal exhibits. [T reduced negative ofplan.]
4 6608 [P, T-2] Fletcher, Paul Z.: 200-unit Apartment Complex ("La Costa Brava"), Michigan Avenue, Or-
lando, FL. [See also OP 7805, presentation binders.] [T- working drawings, including

4 6609 [P, OP,

4 6611 [T-2]

5 6616 [OP, T-2]

5 6702

5 6705 [P]

5 6709

landscaping by Hartwig.]
St. Peter's Episcopal Church: Master Plan, Preliminaries, and Construction, Timuquana
Road, Jacksonville, FL. (See also 7112, 7509, 7801. See 8803 for later master plan.) [See
also OP 7805, presentation binders.][T- preliminary studies and working drawings.]
Garland, Richard and Montney, Richard: Mr. Richard Garland and Mr. Richard Montney:
Beach House, Atlantic Beach, FL. (Lot 57, N. Atlantic Beach Unit 2.) [No file; T- work-
ing drawings, water-damaged.]
Wengrow, Dr. & Mrs. Henry (Vicki): A Residence, 6442 Ferber Road, Fort Caroline Club
Estates, Jacksonville, FL. Kitchen designed to meet Orthodox Jewish needs. [T- working
drawings, perspective.]

Florida Board of Parks & Historic Memorials: A Museum Building for Bulow Plantation,
Flagler County, FL. (See also 6511 for restoration and drawings.)
Shepard, H. E., Architect: Kingsley Plantation Independent Research. (See also 6413, 6807,
7101, 8103. A prospectus for the Ft. George Corp. Army-Navy Club is in this file.) [Photos
and tracings in 8103.]
Huntley, Miss Marion: Fireplace & Chimney for Residence on Hecksher Drive, Jacksonville,
FL. (See also 6503 for tracings.)

5 6804A Florida Board of Regents, FSU: Renovation of Clinic Building, Florida State University,
Tallahassee, FL. (Joint Venture with Evans & Hammond, Engineers.) [All tracings with
FSU Facilities Planning.]
5 6804B [P] Florida Board of Regents, FSU: Renovation of Longmire Building, Florida State University,
Tallahassee, FL. (Joint Venture with Evans & Hammond, Engineers.) [All tracings with
FSU Facilities Planning.]
5 6804C [P1 Florida Board of Regents, FSU: Renovation of Williams Building, Florida State University,
Tallahassee, FL. Includes Dodd Diffenbaugh specifications and miscellaneous correspon-
dence re: Herbert Coons. (Joint Venture with Evans & Hammond, Engineers.) [All trac-
ings with FSU Facilities Planning.]
6 6805 [P] Florida Board of Parks and Historic Memorials: Partial Restoration of Fort Clinch, Feman-
dina Beach, FL. (See also 6305, 6512, 6907.) (Work included stairs and doors in soldiers'
barracks; gun carriages and guns; certain repointing; one oven and certain fireplaces in
kitchens; new electrical service; concrete topping on 2d floor soldiers' barracks. [Photos
and tracings in 6907.]
6 6807 Florida Board of Parks & Historic Memorials: Restoration of Kingsley Plantation Slave
Cabin, Jacksonville, FL. (See also 6413, 6516, 6705, 7101, 8103.)
6 6808 [T-2] Dearing, Rev. Frank: St. David's Mission, Beacon Hills, Jacksonville, FL. Initial conferences
and planning, not completed. (See also 7009, 8101, 8601, 8808.) [Nofile; T- schematic
plans, water-damaged]
6 6812 [P, T-2] Tallahassee Heritage: Restoration of the Princess Murat House, Tallahassee, FL. [T- working
drawings, perspectives, misc.]
6 6813 [P, T-2] Haskell Construction Company: Luther Coggin Pontiac, Southside and Atlantic Boulevards,
Jacksonville, FL. [Photos also in 7805A.][T- working drawings, perspectives.]
6 6818 Capitol Center Planning Committee: Interview of Fisher, Broward, Shepard & Coons for
Capitol Center Master Plan, Tallahassee, FL.

6 6901 [P, T-2] Coral Ridge Properties: Coral Ridge Apartments, Coral Ridge, Broward County, FL. [Nofile;
T- working drawings.]
7 6907 [P, OP, Florida Board of Parks & Historic Memorials: Partial Restoration of Ft. Clinch, Femandina
T-2] Beach, FL. (See also 6305, 6512, 6805.) (Work included new slab on terreplein, prison and
guardhouse columns, scarp wall repointing.) [See also OP 7805, presentation binders.]
[T- includes 6907, 6305, 6512, 6805 working drawings and documentation drawings.]
7 6910 [P, T-2] Fisher Broward Shepard & Coons: Yale Mathematics Building Competition. [T- competition
7 6912 Fisher Broward Shepard & Coons: Meadows Apartments, Baymeadows Road, Jacksonville,
FL. No file, no tracings.
7 6913 [P] Jacksonville Art Museum: Meetings regarding master plan and personal note with Atlantic
Bank for Museum, plus miscellaneous correspondence. Contains newspaper article on Ira
Koger, O. P. Woodcock. [File and drawings of alterations with Robert C. Broward.]

7 7009 [P, T-2] St. David's Mission Church: St. David's Mission Church, Ft. Caroline Road, Jacksonville,
FL. Project to move historic church to Fort Caroline from New Berlin by barge was termi-
nated when arsonists burned the church in New Berlin. (See also 6808, 8101, 8601, 8808.)
[Photos of the New Berlin church are in 7009; photos of new church designs are in 8101.]
[T-plans of relocated church, relocation not executed.]
7 7011 [P, T-2] Miraglia, Mr. & Mrs. Edward. J.: Residence, Jacksonville, FL. [T- working drawings.]
7101 Florida Board of Parks & Historic Memorials: Kingsley Plantation Consulting (for installa-
tion ofA/C by Evans & Hammond.) (No file; advisory only with no contract. See also
6413,6516, 6807, 8103.)
7 7102 [P] AIA Jacksonville Chapter: Police Facility Competition. File only.
8 7103 [P] City of Jacksonville: Central Garage Facility, Phase I, Jacksonville, FL. (Phase II is 7304.
Research bulk file and Phase I specs at 7103; Phase II specs at 7304.) [Complete files and
drawings with Fisher Associates.] [Photos in 7304.]
8 7104 [T-3] Carpenters Local Union No. 627: Meeting Hall, Jacksonville, FL. [T- working drawings.]

7106 Shepard, Mr. & Mrs. H. E.: Residence for 41 Coral Street, Atlantic Beach, FL, Alterations
and Additions. (Construction of new study in existing garage and newjeep garage. No file;
tracings only. See also 6105, 6425, 6602, 7307, 7603.) [Tracings in 6602.]
8 7112 [P, T-3] St. Peter's Episcopal Church: Phase II, New Offices and Parish Hall Additions, Timuquana
Road, Jacksonville, FL. (See also 6609, 7509, 7801, 8803.) [Photos in 6609.][T- work-
ing drawings.]

8 7203 [P] Florida Division of Archives, History, & Records Management: Investigation of the Union
Bank, Tallahassee, FL. (Structural, cost data, and specs contributed for moving building.
All contents of this file have been transferred to Union Bank Restoration Committee, 8211.)
[All photos and tracings in 8211.]
8, 9 7204 [P, T-3, Florida Board of Regents, FSU: FSU School of Nursing, Tallahassee, FL. [T-3: 2-rolls, work-
T-17A] ing drawings; T-17A: reduced presentation drawings.]
9 7214 Florida Board of Parks & Historic Memorials: A New Bath House, Ft. Clinch, Femandina
Beach, FL. (Limited to initial investigations of bath house near beach for underprivileged
teenaged males.)

9 7301 US General Services Administration, Public Buildings Service: National Register Nomina-
tions for US Post Offices in Tampa, FL and Christiansted, US Virgin Islands.
9, 10 7303 [P, T-3] Colonial Dames of Florida: Restoration of the Ximinez-Fatio House, St. Augustine, FL. [T-
restoration plans, copies ofHABS drawings, misc.]
7306 [T-3] Hoffmann, Mr. & Mrs. Carl K.: Residence in Miami, FL. No file; tracings only. [T- work-
ing drawings.]
7307 Shepard, Mr. & Mrs. H. E.: Residence for 41 Coral Street, Atlantic Beach, FL, Alterations
and Additions. No file; tracings only. (Addition of two bedrooms and bath. See also 6602
for original residence, 7106 for alterations and jeep garage, 7603 for DUKW garage.)
[Tracings in 6602.]
10 7309 [P] City of Jacksonville: Partial Restoration of Catherine St. Fire Station, Jacksonville, FL.

10 7401 [P, T-3] Pappas Associates: Consulting Research for the Avero House & Shrine, St. Augustine, FL.
[T research sketches, prints of renovation drawings by Spanish architects in Madrid for
previous work, documentation, HABS drawings.]
10, 11 7402 St. Augustine Foundation, Inc.: Reconstruction of the 1580 Fort, St. Augustine, FL. (See
also 7705.) [All tracings in 7705.]
11 7404 [T-3] Florida Division of Archives, History, & Records Management: Gamble Mansion Report,
Ellenton, Manatee County, FL. [T- research drawings (not measured).]
11 7405 [P, T-3] Fernandina Merchants: Restoration of Four Commercial Buildings, Fernandina, FL. [T-
street and elevation studies.]
11 7406 John P. Stevens, Architect: Consulting Services for Nassau County Courthouse, Fernandina,
11 7407 [P, T-3] Bradford County Courthouse Committee: Bradford County Courthouse Restoration, Starke,
FL. (See also 7803.) [T-field notes, drawings, copies of HABS drawings.]
11 7411 [P] City of Jacksonville and HABS: Historic Inventory of Jacksonville. (Susan Tate, UF, princi-
pal administrator.) [Photos include c. 1974 and later photos of historic sites, Epping For-
est, Elementary School #3.]

11,12 7501 [P, T-3, Historic St. Augustine Preservation Board: Restoration of the Joaneda House for Mrs. Eliza
T-17] beth Towers, St. Augustine, FL. (All material from 7308 has been transferred to this file.)
[T-3 working drawings; T- 7 reduced drawing negatives.]
12 7502 [P, T-3] City of Palatka, FL.: Restoration of the Bronson-Mulholland House, Palatka, FL. [T-2-
rolls; working drawings, preliminaries.]
13 7503 [P, T-3] Jefferson County Historical Society: Research for the Restoration of the Asa May House, near
Monticello, FL. (See also 7804.) [T- incomplete HABS floor plans.]
13 7504 [P] Tampa Preservation Inc.: Chapin-Logan House Research, Tampa, FL. [Probably an early
example of the balloon frame in Florida, a beautiful house that later burned.]
13 7505 [P, T-3] St. Augustine Foundation, Inc.: Reconstruction of the Acosta House, St. George St., St.
Augustine, FL. T- working drawings.]

13,14, 7506 [P, T-4, Florida Board of Regents, FSU: Additions to the FSU Music Building, FSU, Tallahassee, FL.
15 T-17A] [T-4: 3-rolls; sepias of Vol. I and Vol. 2 working drawings, tracings ofpreliminaries,
misc.; T-17A: reduced presentation drawings.]
15,16 7508 [P, T-4] Florida Board of Parks & Historic Memorials: Reconstruction of Fort Foster, Hillsborough
River State Park, FL. fT- working drawings.]
16 7509 [P, OP] St. Peter's Episcopal Church: Phase III, Proposed Revisions to St. Peter's Church, Timu-
quana Road, Jacksonville, FL. (See also 6609, 7112, 7801, 8803.) (Feasibility study to
enlarge the prototype church in 6609.) [All photos and tracings in 6609.]

16 7601 [P] Fort Myers Mayor's Advisory Committee: ACL Railroad Station Study, Fort Myers, FL.
16 7602 [P, T-4] City of Ft. Lauderdale: Inventory of Ft. Lauderdale Historic District. (See also Broward
County, 7904 and 8009.) [T-plans of historic district.]
7603 Mr. & Mrs. H. E. Shepard: Residence for 41 Coral Street, Atlantic Beach, FL, Alterations and
Additions. (Addition of DUKW garage; drawing only, no file. See also 6602, 7106, 7307.)
[Tracings in 6602.]

17 7702 [P] Florida Community College at Jacksonville: Phase II, South Campus, Jacksonville, FL. (File
contains some preliminary information.) [Files and drawings with Fisher Associates.]
17 7703 [P] Florida Division of Archives, History, & Records Management: Conservation Alternatives
for the Existing Florida State Capitol. (With Reynolds, Smith & Hill and Edward Durell
Stone; a report.) See also 7814. [Allphotos in 7814.]
17 7704 [P, T-4] Historic St. Augustine Preservation Board: Research of the Sanchez-deMesa House (The Old
Spanish Inn), St. Augustine, FL. (See also 7813 for restoration.) [Photos in 7813.][T- res-
toration and research drawings.]
17 7705 [P, T-5] St. Augustine Foundation, Inc.: Reconstruction of the 1580 Fort and Village, St. Augustine,
FL. (See also 7402.) [T 3-rolls; research by Manucy. Lyons, Deagan, and others, and
restoration drawings for 7705 and 7402. Includes drawings of village (prints and one in
color on sketch paper) by Duell, and comments noted on review prints by Albert Manucy.]
18 7706 [P] Volusia County: Dunlawton Sugar Mill Investigation and Report, Port Orange, Volusia
County, FL. (See also 7901, 9102.) [Photos and tracings in 7901.]
18 7707 [P, T-5, Florida Division of Archives, History, & Records Management: Investigation of the Whitfield
T-17] Building, Tallahassee, FL. [T-5 2-rolls; documentation, proposed plans, copies ofprints
by Huddleston. T-17 reduced drawing negatives.]
18 7708 [P] City of Hialeah, Community Development Division, Hialeah, FL.: Inventory of Historic
Structures. (See also 7903.) [Tracings at 7903.]

19 7801 [P, OP, St. Peter's Episcopal Church: Phase IV: A New Sanctuary for St. Peter's Episcopal Church.
T-5] Timuquana Road, Jacksonville, FL. (See also 6609, 7112, 7509, 8803.) [Allphotos in
6609.][T studies for new sanctuary.]
19 7802 [P, T-5] First Christian Church: Rehabilitation Study of the Porter Mansion for Church Use, Julia
Street, Jacksonville, FL. (Initiated by Judge Harold Clark, restored by KBJ; see 6506.)
[T- prints offloor plans.]
19 7803 [P] Bradford County Historical Society Inc.: Bradford County Courthouse Rehabilitation, Starke,
FL. (See also 7407.) [Photos and tracings in 7407.]
19 7804 [P] Jefferson County Historical Society: Restoration of the Asa May House, near Monticello, FL.
(See also 7503.) [Photos and tracings at 7503.]
19 7805 [P, OP, Shepard Associates: New Office Building, 2111 Corporate Square Boulevard, Jacksonville,
T-5] FL. [Includes photos of office and promotional photos ofprojects in photo files 7805A and
B.][T working drawings, perspectives.]
19 7806 Sanford Historic District: Sanford Historic District, Sanford, FL, Consulting.
19,20 7807 [P, T-5] US Navy Facilities Command, Charleston: St. Johns Lighthouse Restoration, Mayport NAS,
Mayport, FL. [T-first and second phases ofrestoration.]
20 7808 [P] US Department of the Interior, National Park Service: Castillo de San Marcos and Fort Ma-
tanzas Inspection and Report, St. Augustine, FL. [Photos at 9706.]
20 7809U [P, T-5] University of Florida, Department of Architecture: Visiting Lecturer. (This file includes ac-
tivities through 1984 and includes files from 8419.) [P Includes misc. photos and all pho-
tos of Baker County taken over many years, and pictures of Preservation Institute: Nan-
tucket] [T- includes student drawings of UF Peabody Hall entry and fireplace.]

20 7810 [P, T-5] City of St. Augustine: Restoration of Terracotta Spires, City Hall (Alcazar Hotel). [T- in-
cludes restoration drawings, prints of drawings by Craig Thorne.]
20 7811 [P] Villagers, Miami, FL.: Inspection and Reports, the "Alamo" and Bulmer Apartments, Miami,
FL. (See also Miami Jackson Hospital, 8006, for "Alamo" rehabilitation.) [Alamo photos
in 8006.]
20 7812 Dade Heritage Trust, Miami: Wagner Residence and Dr. Jackson's Residence Restoration
Reports, Miami, FL.
21 7813 [P] Historic St. Augustine Preservation Board: Restoration of the Sanchez-deMesa House (The
Old Spanish Inn), St. Augustine, FL. (See also 7704 for research and tracings.)
21-30 7814 [P, T-6, Florida Department of General Services: Authentic Restoration of the 1902 Historic Florida
Inclusive T-7, T-17, Capitol. See also 7803. [A large number ofphotographic b&w prints are filed in a sepa-
T-18 rate metal cardfile.] [T-6 and T-7 contain drawings of the capitol only. T-6 includes in-
complete HABS drawings, documentation drawings, 2-sets of documentation field notes,
prints of other projects by Milburn, prints offurniture reconstruction drawings, design
drawings for revised entrance to new capitol, restoration schedule, Phase I and 2 demoli-
tion plans, posters. T-7 includes schematics, design development, 50% completion, Vol. 1
and 2 of working drawings, and prints of approved, signed construction drawings. T-17:
reduced presentation negatives; T-18: 6-presentation drawings onfoamboard, I- material
color board on cardboard.]

30 7901 [P, T-8] Volusia County: Dunlawton Sugar Mill Restoration, Port Orange, Volusia County, FL. (See
also 7706, 9102.) [T- documentation, restoration drawings, including steam engine and
cane crusher.]
30 7902 Gunster, Yoakley, Criser & Stewart: Heeren vs. Town of Palm Beach. (Consulting services
for plaintiffs against Palm Beach historic district ordinance.)
30,31 7903 [P, T-8, City ofHialeah, FL.: Historic Preservation Consulting Services, Hialeah, FL. (See also
T-17] 7708.) [Photos in 7708.][T-8- Suntop Village documentation, passenger station site plan-
ning, sepias ofdrawings by Russell & Axon, redevelopment plan for Residential Commu-
nity A, copies of original 1923 drawings for center-pivot bridge, and more. T-I 7 reduced
presentation negatives.]
31 7904 [P, T-8, Broward County, FL.: Windshield Survey of Historic District. (See also 8009 and City of Ft.
T-17] Lauderdale, 7602.) [Photos in 8009 and 7602.][T-8 includes camera-ready drawings of
plats in survey. T-l 7 reduced presentation negatives.]
31,32, 7905 [P, T-8] Sarasota Natural Science Center: "The Oaks" ("Spanish Point at the Oaks"), Master Plan and
33 Restoration Osprey, FL. See also 8701 (Restoration), 9001 (Phase 2 Master Plan), 9002
(Osprey School Survey). [T- includes site plans at historic periods, restoration drawings
for residential buildings. See 8701 for other structures.]
33 7906 [P] Broward County, FL.: Consulting Services, Dania School, Dania, FL. [Photos ofschool are
included with photos in 7708 or 8009.]

33,34 8001 [P, T-8] Stranahan Restoration, Inc.: Restoration of the Stranahan House, Ft. Lauderdale, FL. (See
8905 for remedial repairs.) T includes preliminaries, working drawings.]
34,35, 8002 [P, T-8, Old St. Luke's Restoration Inc.: Rehabilitation of Old St. Luke's Hospital, Jacksonville, FL.
36 T-17] (See 8508 for new elevator consulting.) [T-8: 2-rolls; Phase I and 2 restoration, schemat-
ics, design development, copies of HABS drawings; T-I 7: photograph of hospital mounted
on cardboard]
8003 [T-8] Massee, C. J.: Winterboume House and Carriage House Restoration, Orange Park, FL. (No
file, tracings only.) [T- restoration tracings.]
36 8004 Volusia County: Volusia County Civic Center Site Survey, Daytona Beach, FL.
36,37 8005 [P, T-8] City of Quincy, Florida: Quincy, Florida Comprehensive Master Plan. (Joint Venture with
Reynolds, Smith, and Hills.) See also 8512. [T- mylar plan of historic district.]
37,38, 8006 [P, T-8] Miami Jackson Hospital: Rehabilitation of "The Alamo" (Miami Jackson Hospital Adminis-
39 trative Unit No. 1), Miami, FL. (This commission is Phase I. See Villagers, 7811 for in-
spection and report and Miami Jackson, 8410 for Phases II and III.) [ T- 2-rolls, including
drawings for all phases, documentation, copies of original drawings by Geiger.]
39 8007 [P, T-9] Springfield Merchants Association: Springfield Commercial Revitalization Project, Jackson-
ville, FL. [T-9: Panoramic elevation photos mounted on cardboard are filed in T-9 in addi-
tion to tracings of elevation studies.]

39 8008 [T-9] Urban Jacksonville Inc.: Oakland Elementary School Reuse Study, Jacksonville, FL. Com-
pleted under a block grant and coordinated with East Jacksonville community group. [T-
includes prints and sepias of Mark and Sheftall original 1916-19 drawings.]
39,40, 8009 [P] Broward County, FL.: Historical, Architectural and Archeological Survey of Parts of Broward
41 County, FL. (See also 7904 and City of Ft. Lauderdale, 7602.) [Photos also in 7602; trac-
ings in 7602.]
41,42 8011 [P, T-9, Florida Board of Regents, FSU: Renovation of Dodd Hall (The Mildred and Claude Pepper
T-17, Library), Florida State Library, Tallahassee, FL. [T-9: documentation and design develop-
T- 17A] ment tracings; working drawing tracings at FSU; T-l 7: reduced presentation negative and
positive film perspectives, reduced drawings, photos; T-I 7A: reduced presentation
43,44 8012 [P, T-9, Florida Board of Regents, FSU: Law Library for the FSU College of Law, Florida State Uni-
T-17A versity, Tallahassee, FL. [T-9: 4-rolls, preliminaries and working drawings; T-17A: reduced
presentation drawings.]
45 8013 Professional Analysts, Inc., Eugene, OR: Archeological and Historical Survey of Fort Stew-
art, Georgia. (Consultants to Professional Analysts. Photographs in commission file.)
45 8017 Jones, William: Hewitt's Sash Saw Mill. Archaeological investigation; consulting services and
studies for a British Period sawmill excavated south of St. Augustine.

45 8101 [P, T-9] St. David's Episcopal Church: New Sanctuary for St. David's Episcopal Church, Ft. Caroline
Road, Jacksonville, FL. (See also Dearing 6808, 7009, 8601, 8808, 8911.) [New Berlin
church photos in 7009; design in 8101.] [T- 2-rolls; includes working drawings and stud-
iesfor 8101, 8601, 8808, 8911; prints include Willis Stephens drawings of church & parish
45,46 8102 [P] Monticello Opera House Association: Monticello Opera House Restoration, Monticello, FL.
(See also 8414.) [All photos and tracings in 8414.]
46 8103 [P, T-9] Florida Board of Parks & Historic Memorials: Kingsley Plantation Structural & Site Im-
provements, Jacksonville, FL. (See also 6413, 6516, 6705, 6807, 7101.) [T includes plans
of main house; for plans of adjacent rest rooms see 6413.]
47 8104 [P] St. Mark's Episcopal Church, Palatka, FL.: Inspection and Report.
8105 [T-9] Parker, John: J & S Day Center, Jacksonville, FL. (Plans prepared for John Parker in return
for his cleaning work at the office. No file tracings only.) IT minimal working draw-
47 8106 [P] Florida Department of General Services: Repair and Refinishing of Floors in the Governor's
Mansion, Tallahassee, FL. (Contractor was Palmer Hall, Jacksonville; Shepard Associates
contributed specs. See also 8304 for Florida Room plans, 8411 for Florida Room construc-
tion, and FAAIA 8207 for documentation charette.) [Photos and tracings in 8304.]
47 8108 [P, T-10] East Side Cultural Center, Thomasville, GA.: Feasibility Study. (For other work in
Thomasville see 8205, 8209.) [T -floor and site plan studies.]

47 8201 [P, T-10] Trout, Tom: Marabanong Estate Houses, Empire Point, Jacksonville, FL. (Project included
photographic documentation of Marabanong.) IT sketches ofproposed estate houses.]
47,48, 8202 [P, T-10, KBJ Architects, Inc.: Florida Theater Restoration. Shepard Associates was restoration archi-
49 T-l 1, T-1 IA, tect; KBJ was coordinating architect for the Jacksonville Arts Assembly and selected the
T-17A] structural, electrical, mechanical, acoustical, and stage outfitting consultants. [T-10: 5-rolls;
includes working drawings and additional drawings. Original prints of drawings by R. E
Hall Co. are in T-10, T-ll, and T-IIA. An additional file oforiginal prints of drawings by
R. E Hall Co. was previously forwarded to Prof Martha Kohen, UF School of Architecture,
for the P. K Yonge Library. T-l 7A: reduced presentation drawings.]
50 8204 [T-10] St. Andrew's Episcopal Church: Feasibility Study. Project transferred to Ken Smith, Gordon
& Smith Architects. [T mylars of church drawings.]
50 8205 [P] Main Street Program, Thomasville, Georgia Department of Community Development: Main
Street Revitalization. (For other work in Thomasville see 8108, 8206, 8209.) [Photos and
tracings in 8108.]
50 8207 Florida Association of the American Institute of Architects: Governor's Mansion Documenta-
tion Charette. (See also Florida DGS 8106 for floor refinishing, 8304 for Florida Room
plans, 8411 for Florida Room construction.)
50 8208 [P, T-10] Florida Trust for Historic Preservation: Bartlett Estate Inspection (Bonnet House), Fort
Lauderdale. [T- plans & site plans by others.]

50 8209 [P] Williams, Marguerite: Commercial Store Renovation, Thomasville, GA. Inspection only.
(For other work in Thomasville see 8108, 8205, 8206.) [Photos and tracings in 8108.]
50 8210 Barnett Bank of Manatee County et al: Restoration Feasibility Study, Professional Building,
1023 Manatee Avenue W., Bradenton, FL. (Joint venture study with Stuart H. Barger, Ar-
50,51 8211 [P, T-10] Florida Heritage Foundation Inc., Union Bank Restoration Committee: Restoration of the
Union Bank, Tallahassee, FL. (See also Florida DHARM 7203 for investigation and mov-
ing.) [T working drawings, plus miscellaneous.]
51 8212 [P] Jacksonville Beaches Historical Society: Beaches Windshield Survey, Jacksonville, FL. Sur-
vey includes Jacksonville, Neptune, and Atlantic Beaches, using Sanborn maps. Contrib-
uted to Beaches Historical Society. See also 8704.
51,52 8213 [P, T-12, Reynolds, Smith, and Hills: Jacksonville Convention Center, Union Station Restoration,
T-17] Jacksonville, FL. (Consultant to RS&H for restoration. Preliminary specs, cost estimates.
See also 8416.) [T-12: documentation drawings; T-17: reduced presentation negatives.]
52 8214 Spillis, Candela, and Partners: Biltmore Hotel Restoration Proposal, Coral Gables, FL.

52,53 8301 [P, T-12] Reynolds, Smith and Hills: Cultural Inventory, Tabuk Region, Saudi Arabia. Consulting
services (twelve weeks in Saudi Arabia.) [T- copies ofRS&H drawings ofHejaz railroad
buildings, mud brick residences, and Egyptian fort documented by HS.]
53 8303 [P] Florida Board of Regents, FSU: Preliminary Studies for Renovation of Reynolds and Jeannie
Murphree Hall for Federal HUD Housing Grant Application. (Photographs.)
53,54 8304 [P, T-12] Florida Department of General Services: Governor's Mansion Florida Room, Tallahassee, FL.
Plans and specifications. (See 8106 for refinishing floors, 8411 for Florida Room construc-
tion, and FAAIA 8207 for documentation charette.) T working drawings.]
54 8305 [T-12] D. Coleman Inc.: San Marco Office Condominium, Jacksonville, FL. (not constructed). [T-
preliminary sketches.]
54 8306 [T-12] Borelli, Frankel, Blitstein, et al: Miami Beach City Hall Rehabilitation. (Consultant.) [T-
prints of working drawings by Borelli et al.]
54 8307 Corhern, Sid: Preservation of the River Community of Eldorado, near Cape Canaveral, FL.

8402 [T-12] Williams and Stapp, Attorneys: Office Building, Liberty Street, Jacksonville, FL. (Designed
and bid but not constructed; no file, tracings only.) IT- working drawings.]
8403 [T-12] D. Coleman Inc.: An Elevator for Riverside Park United Methodist Church, Jacksonville, FL.
(Consultant to Coleman for plans and specs; no file, tracings only.) [T- working draw-
54 8405 [P, T-12] Saxelbye, Powell, Roberts, & Ponder: Union Terminal Restoration, Jacksonville Convention
Center, Jacksonville, FL. (Consultant for restoration of Union Terminal. See also 8213,
8416.) [Photos 8213.][T-prints by Saxelbye et al.; see also 8213.]
54 8406 Florida Department of General Services: Capitol Center Master Plan Coordination, Tallahas-
see, FL. (Coordination of landscaping east of historic Capitol with restoration of Union
Bank. Donated services. See also 8211.)
54 8407 [P] A Report: Fort Zachary Taylor, Key West, FL. See also 8909. [Photos 8909; tracings 8909.]
55 8408 [P, T-12] Rev. and Mrs. John Bell: Residence in Cashiers, NC. (Plans and specs completed by North
Carolina architect and constructed with minimum supervision in Cashiers.) [T-preliminary
working drawings, tracings, prints.]
55 8409 [T-12] Jacksonville Museum of Arts and Sciences: Glynlea Property Master Plan, Jacksonville, FL.
(Master plan for historic structures, landscape, ecology.) T aerial photos, plats.]
55,56 8410 [P] Miami Jackson Hospital: Rehabilitation of "The Alamo" (Miami Jackson Hospital Adminis-
trative Unit No. 1), Phases II and III, Miami, FL. (See Villagers, 7811 for inspection and
report and Miami Jackson, 8006 for Phase I.) [Photosfiled in 8006; tracings in 8006.]
56 8411 [P] Florida Department of General Services: Governor's Mansion Florida Room, Tallahassee, FL.
Construction administration. (See 8106 for refinishing floors, 8304 for Florida Room plans
and specifications, and FAAIA 8207 for documentation charette.) [Photos and tracings
filed in 8304.]
56 8412 Spillis, Candela, & Partners, Inc.: Douglas Entrance Restoration, Coral Gables, FL. (Con-
sulting services, primarily for cracks and finishes on historic entrance building.) See also
8604, 8501.

56 8413 Atlantic Bancorporation, St. Augustine: Cupola on Atlantic Bank Building, St. Augustine,
FL. (Consulting services for terracotta. Photographs in file.)
56,57 8414 [P, T-12, Monticello Opera House Association, Monticello, FL: Construction Drawings and Admini-
T-17] station. (File for construction documents and construction administration. See also 8102.)
[T-12: 2-rolls; working drawings; includes 8102 and prints of Wayne Coloney drawings of
Opera House; T-1 7: reducedpresentation negatives.]
57 8416 Willis and Veenstra, Architects: Drafting Services provided by Shepard Associates. (File for
drafting services only. See also 8213 and 8405 for restoration consulting.)
57 8418 [T-12] Borelli, Frankel, Blitstein, et al.: Proposal for Olympia Theater Restoration, Miami, FL. [T-
prints by others.]
57 8419 [P] University of Florida: Department of Architecture: Visiting Lecturer. Also included in 7809.
[Photos 7809.]
57 8420 [P, T-12] Tilden Tachi & Pales, Architects: Consulting Services for Restoration of Fire Station No. 4,
Miami, FL. [T documentation offire station.]

57 8501 Spillis, Candela & Partners, Inc.: Consulting Services for Collonade Building Restoration,
Coral Gables, FL. See also 8412 and 8604.
57 8502 [T-13] Hall, Mr. and Mrs. William: Residence Alterations, Jacksonville, FL. (Original construction
by Robert C. Broward.) [T- working drawings.]
58 8503 Gonzalez & Associates, Architects: Front Street Hotel, Key West (Shepard as consultant).
58 8504 [T-13] Suwannee County Historical Commission: Suwannee Museum Park Complex, Live Oak. A
report. T proposed plans; includes copies ofSeaboard RR drawings.]
58 8505 [P; T-13] Bok Tower Gardens: Pinewood Estate Restoration, Mountain Lake, Lake Wales, FL. (See
8807 for Pinewood Estate Landscaping Restoration.) [T- working drawings; includes mylar
copies of drawings for Pinewood by Olmstead.]
58 8506 Historic St. Augustine Preservation Board: San Agustin Antiguo Consulting Services, St.
Augustine, FL.
58 8508 [P] Old St Luke's Restoration Inc.: Elevator for Old St Luke's Hospital, Jacksonville, FL. (See
8002 for rehabilitation of Old St. Luke's Hospital.) [Photos 8002.]
58,59 8510 Historic Property Associates, St. Augustine, FL.: Pensacola NAS Cultural Resource Analysis,
Pensacola, FL. (Consultant services for investigation of early metal hangars and other
59,60, 8511 [P, T-13] Rodriguez, Khuly, Quiroga, Architects, Coral Gables: FSU College of Law Village Green
61 Restoration Consulting Services. Restoration of four historic houses moved to College of
Law: Gov. Caldwell, Damon, Harrison-Hobby, and Stanley. [T- documentation and work-
ing drawings.]
61 8512 [P] City of Quincy, Florida: Market Feasibility Study. Ajoint venture with John Blair. See also
8005. [Photos 8005.]
61 8513U University of Florida: Teaching: Ringling Museum Consulting. Inspection of Ringling Mu-
seum and recommendations to reduce humidity in exhibit spaces; a project under RECAP.

61 8601 [P] St. David's Episcopal Church: Master Plan for St. David's Episcopal Church, Ft. Caroline
Road, Jacksonville, FL. (See also Dearing 6808, 7009, 8101, 8808, 8911.) [Photos 7009,
8101; all tracings filed under 8101.]
61 8602 [T-13] Cocoa Village Playhouse, Inc. (acting for Brevard Community College): Cocoa Village Play-
house. Restoration of a 1920's theater in Cocoa, FL. [T- documentation, working draw-
ings, miscellaneous.]
61,62 8603 [P, T-13] Lightner Museum, St. Augustine: New Elevator in Casino area. Commission later transferred
to K. R. Smith. See also UF projects 8810U (Casino Measured Drawings) and 9302U (Ca-
sino Stair Documentation). [T- preliminary studies and working drawings; reduced copies
ofAlcazar plans in 8810U tracings.]
62 8604 Spillis, Candela, & Partners, Inc., Architects, Coral Gables: Consulting for Douglas Entrance
Restoration. See also 8412.
62 8606 [P, T-13] Rodriguez, Khuly, Quiroga, Architects, Coral Gables: Restoration of San Carlos Institute,
Key West. Shepard provided field documentation and consulting services. [T- documenta-
tion tracings, plus copies of original plans by Geiger.]
62 8607 Professional Associates, St. Augustine: Consulting with Professional Associates for documen-
tation of US Forest Service Helen and Wilma Work Center, Apalachicola National Forest.

63 8608U University of Florida: PI:C: Second Reunion of Directors of the Schools of Architecture in the
Caribbean. Held at the School of Architecture, San Juan, Puerto Rico in May, 1986. File
contains presentations by attendees, most in Spanish. HS attended with Prof. Ron Haase
and Chairman Mark Jaroszewicz.

63,64 8701 [P, T-13] Gulf Coast Heritage Inc.: "The Oaks" ("Spanish Point at the Oaks"), Documentation and
Restoration of the Point Cottage, Aqueduct, Citrus Packing House, Pergola, Duschene
Lawn. See also 7905 for first Master Plan, 9001 for Phase 2 Master Plan, 9002 for Osprey
School Survey. [Photos 7905, 9002.] [T- includes surveys, documentation drawingsfor
aqueduct, boardwalk footbridge, citrus packing house, sunken garden, pergola, portal,
and Point Cottage. See 7905 for site plans, residential structures.]
65 8702 [T-13] Geihart, Craig, Architect: Ormond Beach Hotel Consulting. Craig Geihart was architect for
Mr. Milton Pepper, owner of the hotel. The restoration proposal was approved by the
SHPO but defeated by the city commission, and the hotel was demolished. See also 9306U
for demolition documentation. [T includes copies of original Flagler drawings of Ormond
Beach Hotel. prints of restoration proposal.]
65 8704 [P] Jacksonville Beaches Historical Society: Research for Historical Park. See also 8212. [Pho-
tos 8212.]
65 8705 [T-13, Jacksonville Memorial Park Association. Meeting notes and review of planning documents.
T-17] [T-13 includes copies of restoration drawings by BHR Engineering and Surveying. T-1 7
includes negatives of original drawings by Olmstead.]
65 8706U [P, T-13] St. Augustine Historical Society: Tovar House Documentation and Restoration for Florida
National Guard Museum. Report and other documents. Part of ARC 5810, Spring 87; see
also 8712U. [T- includes sepias ofHABS drawings by students and design of new exterior
stair by HSfor Florida National Guard museum.]
66 8707 [T-13] Thorne, Karl and Sam Marshall, Architects: Coleman Library Rehabilitation, FAMU. Con-
sulting services. See also 8917U. [T- includes measured drawings.]
66 8708 Polk County Commission: Polk County Courthouse Rehabilitation Study.
66 8709 [P, T-13] Rodriguez, Khuli, Quiroga, Architects, Coral Gables: Charles Deering Estate Study for Metro
Dade County Parks and Recreation Department. See also 9201. [Photos also in 9201.] IT -
includes drawings for 9201; measured drawings copied at 2-scale on tracing paper.]
66 8710 Perez Associates: Duval County Courthouse Renovation Consulting.
66,67 8711 [T-13] Morgan, William: Ritz Theater Restoration (consulting services for Morgan, with Kenneth R.
Smith). [T- preliminary studies and documentation, plus copies of original drawings from
Jacksonville Building Department taken from microfiche.]
67 8712U [T-14] St. Augustine Historical Society: University of Florida: Teaching. Oldest House Documenta-
tion. Report and other documents. (Part of ARC 5810, Spring 87; see also 8706U and
0003.) [T- 14 sepias ofHABS drawings by students, plus prints of earlier HABS drawings.]
67 8713U [P, T-14] University of Florida: Sponsored Research. PI:C Course No. 2. Trinidad Proposal and Field
Trip for Carimos and OAS, with Professor Susan Tate. Includes research and reports. (ARC
6853, Fall 87.) [T Victoria Square report.]
67 8714 [T-14] Lee & Bridges Architectural Consultants, Quincy, FL: Restoration of Washington Lodge No.
2, Quincy (The Woman's Club of Quincy.) Consulting services provided by SA (letter
only.) [T prints by Lee & Bridges.]

68 8801 [P, T-14] Historic St. Augustine Preservation Board: Government House, East Wing Restoration. [T-
restoration tracings plus misc.]
68 8802 [T-14] Gonzales & Associates, Architects: U.S. Courthouse and Post Office Restoration, Key West.
Consulting services negotiations; transmittal letter only. IT- HABSprints ofGeiger-
Audubon House in Key West.]
68 8803 [P, T-14] St. Peter's Episcopal Church: New Master Plan (a new plan following construction of the
new sanctuary; includes new porch). See also 6609, 7112, 7509, 7801. [Photos 6609; T-
revised 1978 site plan, preliminaries and working drawings for new west porch.]]
68 8804 Post Buckley Shuh: Keith-Prodie Mansion Restoration, Sarasota County. Consulting services
provided by SA.
68,69 8805 Tall Timbers Research Station: Beadle Residence Restoration, Leon County, FL.
69 8806 [P, T-14] US National Forest Service, Ocala District: Doe Lake Dining Hall Archaeological Field
Evaluation, Ocala National Forest. [T copies of original plans.]

69 8807 [P] Bok Tower Gardens: Pinewood Estate Landscaping Restoration, Mountain Lake, Lake Wales,
FL. (See 8505 for Pinewood Estate Restoration.) Rudy J. Favretti, Consultant, for restora-
tion of Olmstead plan using plant materials more compatible with Florida. [Photos and
drawings filed under 8505.]
70 8808 [P] St. David's Episcopal Church: Parking and Master Plan Design Development. (See also
8601 for master plan; for buildings see Dearing, 6806 and St. David's 7009, 8101, 8911.)
[Photos 7009, 8101.]
70 8809 Historic Property Associates Inc.: Jacksonville Comprehensive Master Plan, Historic Preser-
vation Element. Consulting services and written portion of Plan.
70 8810U [P, T-14] University of Florida: Teaching: Lightner Museum, St. Augustine, Casino Measured Draw-
ings. Measured drawings by students for special studies credits; no funding. See also 8603,
9302U. [Photos 8603; T reduced copies of original Alcazar plans plus 13 drawings by

70 8901 Thorne, Karl, Architect: Lee Hall Renovations, Florida A&M University, Tallahassee. Con-
sulting services.
70 8903U University of Florida: Sponsored Research. Lakeland, Florida Downtown Historic District
Thesis by Todd Steigler for the Lakeland Downtown Development Association. Susan Tate
probably was Principal Investigator, Shepard assisted. Draft thesis in file.
70 8905 Stranahan House Committee: Stranahan House, Ft. Lauderdale, Remedial Repairs. (See 8001
for restoration.) [T, Photos 8001.]
70 8906 Truman Annex, Key West: Consulting trip to inspect the Annex.
70,71 8909 [P, T-14, Florida Department of Natural Resources: Ft. Taylor, Key West, Preservation Planning. File
T-18] includes photocopies from National Archives and correspondence regarding live ordnance.
See also 8407. [T-14: oversized tracings, ink on mylar at 1/16" = '-0", and panoramic
photos of elevations copied to mylar; T-18: panoramic photos of elevations mounted on
71 8910 Florida Department of Natural Resources: Spruce Creek Archaeological Project. Historic
Property Associates was subcontracted to complete the work.
8912 [T-14] Smith Associates, Architects: Segui-Smith House, St. Augustine. Consulting; no file. See also
University of Florida: Sponsored Research, 9305U. [T prints ofHABS drawings.]
71 8913U University of Florida: Sponsored Research. Marjorie Kenan Rawlings House, Student Inves-
tigation by Rudd Long. Susan Tate probably was P. I. with Shepard assisting. ARC 6912,
71 8914U University of Florida: Sponsored Research. Horr Island Tabby House Investigation, funded
by a grant from the UF Museum of Natural History. Susan Tate, P. I., Shepard assisted.
8915 [T-14] Shepard, Mr. & Mrs. Herschel E.: Renovation of 1661 Beach Avenue, Atlantic Beach. No file.
[T photocopies of 11 "x 17" working drawings.]
71 8916U University of Florida: Teaching: Documentation of Hurricane Hugo damage to Charleston, S.
C. Documentation class stayed in Charleston for one week. File includes report.
71 8917U University of Florida: Teaching: ARC 6355 Design Studio with Karl Thorne: Addition to
Carnegie Library ("Black Archives"), FAMU.

71 9001 [P] Gulf Coast Heritage Inc.: "The Oaks" ("Spanish Point at the Oaks"), Phase 2 Master Plan.
See also 7905 (Master Plan), 8701 (Restoration), 9002 (Osprey School Survey). [Photos at
7905, 9002; tracings at 8701.]
72 9002 [P] Gulf Coast Heritage Inc.: "The Oaks" ("Spanish Point at the Oaks"), Osprey School Survey.
See also 7905 (Master Plan), 8701 (Restoration), 9001 (Phase 2 Master Plan). [Photos also
at 7905.]
72 9003 SouthArc, Inc.: Dunes West, near Charleston, S. C. Review of archaeological report; consult-

72 9101Ua [P, University of Florida: Sponsored Research. Havana, Cuba, Field Trip for UNESCO. Ap-
T-14] praisal of Center for Conservation, Havana Toured with Prof. Ralph Johnson, submitted
written report. IT posters.]
72 9101Ub [P] University of Florida: Preservation Institute: Caribbean. Merida, Yucatan, Field Trip with
Prof. Bill Tilson, in 1992 (5/3/92-5/6/92.)

72 9101Uc University of Florida: Preservation Institute: Caribbean. Nassau, Bahamas, Field Trip with
Prof. Ralph Johnson, in 1992, 5/18/92-5/30/92. Includes speakers' list, PI:C programs dur-
ing summer of 1991.
72 9102 [P] SouthArc, Inc.: Dunlawton Sugar Mill Study, Port Orange, FL. See also Volusia County,
7706, 7901. [Photos and tracings at 7901.]
72 9103 [T-14] Hoyt, Gary, AIA: Sarasota Exhibition Hall Feasibility Study for Restoration, Sarasota, FL.
Consulting services. [T schematic prints.]
72,73, 9104U [P,T-14] University of Florida: Sponsored Research: Margaret E. Wilson Foundation: Goodwood
74 Plantation Restoration Study. Completed with UF, FSU, and FAMU students and faculty
under a grant from the M. E. Wilson Foundation, managed by the Barnett Bank Trust De-
partment, Tallahassee. Measured drawings and reports. [T- check prints, 22-18" x 24"
plans of outbuildings plus main house floor and attic framing; other tracings ofmain house
are at Goodwood.]
74 9105U University of Florida: Teaching. American Legion Building, Gainesville, FL, Restoration
Study. A student thesis.
74 9106U [P] University of Florida: Sponsored Research. St. John's Episcopal Church, Tallahassee, FL,
Restoration Study for Tony Atkins and Associates, Architects, Philadelphia, PA.
74 9107U [P,T-14] University of Florida: Teaching. Tallahassee Junior Museum (later Tallahassee Museum of
History and Natural Science): Documentation of Nine Historic Buildings (Pioneer Farm).
Measured drawings to HABS standards. ARC 5810, Spring '91. See also [T 77-18" x 24"
mylars plus field notes.]
74 9108U University of Florida: Sponsored Research. Historic Building Code Proposal for the Division
of Archives, History, and Records Management. Susan Tate, P. I.
75 9109U [P,T-14] University of Florida: Sponsored Research. Langston House Documentation, Apalachicola
National Forest, for the US Forestry Service, Tallahassee office. Measured drawings and
report. File includes dissertation by Andrea Repp. /T- measured drawings on mylar.]

75 9201 [P] Rodriguez, Khuli, Quiroga, Architects: Charles Deering Estate Study for Metro Dade County
Parks and Recreation Department. Continuation of work under 8709, with documentation
by Janet Mathews, Linda K. Williams, Rebecca Spain Schwartz. After the estate was de-
stroyed by Hurricane Andrew, this documentation was used for reconstruction by others.
[Tracings, additional photos in 8709.]
9202 Barnett Fronczak Architects: Restoration of Log Kitchen, Tallahassee Junior Museum. Con-
sulting. No file.
75 9203U [P] University of Florida: Sponsored Research: Flagler Memorial Presbyterian Church, St.
Augustine, Documentation of Stained Glass Windows, under a grant from the church. Pho-
tographic documentation by students.
75 9204U [T-15] University of Florida: Sponsored Research: Dow Property Documentation, St. Augustine,
under a grant from Kenneth Smith Associates, Architects, retained by the Daytona Museum
of Arts and Sciences. Measured drawings and report. Formal title of the properties is
"Daytona Museum of Arts & Sciences Historic Museum Center of St. Augustine." Includes
Prince Murat House, William Dean Howells House, and others. [T- miscellaneous incom-
plete drawings, HABS prints. Completed tracings with Kenneth Smith Architects.]
75 9206U [P] University of Florida: Teaching. Hurricane Andrew Correspondence and Trips to Miami.
76 9207U University of Florida: Sponsored Research: RECAP, for The Grove, Tallahassee. An historic
structures report by Leslie Divoll, Principal Investigator, for Division of Historic Resources,
Florida Department of State. Completed report in this file.

76 9301U University of Florida: Sponsored Research: The Columns Documentation, Tallahassee, FL,
under a grant from the Tallahassee Chamber of Commerce, owner. Report and sketch draw-
ings in this file.
76 9302U [P,T-15] University of Florida: Teaching: Lightner Museum, St Augustine, Casino Stair, Documenta-
tion. Measured drawings, photographs by a student for credit as special study; no funding.
See also UF Teaching, 8810U (Casino Measured Drawings) and Lightner Museum, 8603
(new elevator in Casino area). [Tracings in 8603, 8810U; photos in 8603.]
76,77 9303U [P,T-15] University of Florida: Sponsored Research: Mission San Luis de Apalachee, Tallahassee,
Research Report. Funded by a grant from the Florida Bureau of Archaeological Research
(under a grant to BAR from the National Endowment for the Humanities). Student draw-
ings of proposed reconstructed buildings and written report. For later consulting work see

77 9304U [T-15]

77 9305U

78 9306U

78 9307
78 9308U [T-15]

78 9309U

78 9310U

9407 and 9501. [Photos 9501; T preliminary tracings plus prints offinal drawings- trac-
ings at San Luis.]]
University of Florida: Teaching: Cerveau and Parades-Dodge Houses Documentation, St.
Augustine. Measured drawings by students for credit as class work; no funding. [T- 5-
tracings of Parades-Dodge, 20-tracings of Cerveau missing first sheet (site plan?).]
University of Florida: Teaching: Segui-Smith House Documentation for the St. Augustine
Historical Society. To have been a sponsored research project but scheduling prevented ini-
tiation; not a project. See also 8912. [Tracings at 8912.]
University of Florida: Teaching: Ormond Beach Hotel Demolition Documentation. Photo-
graphic documentation by students for credit as special studies; no funding. See also Gei-
hart, Craig, 8702, for restoration consulting. [Tracings at 8702.]
Florida Division of Recreation & Parks: CRM (Cultural Resource Management) Conference.
University of Florida: Teaching: Description and tracing of charcoal kilns at Dunellon, Flor-
ida. [T student measured drawing.]
University of Florida: Teaching: ARC 6357 studio in St. Augustine, combining MArch and
MS students. Studies methods of marking the walled enclosure of the colonial city without
reconstructing walls; includes interviews with important local individuals. Taught with
Prof. William Tilson.
University of Florida: Sponsored Research: Documentation of Olustee Garage, Osceola Na-
tional Forest, for National Forest Service. Student project, no funding.

78 9401U University of Florida: Teaching: Webb-Jones Farm, Mandarin, Jacksonville, Documentation.
Measured drawings and report by students for credit; no funding. Taught with Prof. Raul
78 9402U [OP, University of Florida: Teaching: Grace United Methodist Church, St. Augustine, Documen-
T-15] station. Measured drawings, photographs, and report by students for credit; no funding. [T-
computer drawings on mylar.]
78 9403 [P] Winchester, Dan: Proposal for Documenting the US Arsenal at Chattahootchie, FL. Proposal

78 9404U

78 9405U [T-15]

79 9406U [T-15]

79 9407 [P,T-15]

79 9409U

79 9410U [P,T-15]

79 9411U [T-15]

79 9412U

79 9413U

9501 [P,T-15]

material only in file; no project.
University of Florida: Sponsored Research: Geographic Information System (GIS) Intern for
St. Augustine, FL. A student (Chaula Modi) interned for the city under a grant from the
city as part of Urban Planning UPP 6272. File includes report.
University of Florida: Sponsored Research: Beth Jacob Synagogue, Miami Beach, Stained
Glass Documentation. Prof. Ralph Johnson was P. I. with funding from MOSAIC, a non-
profit group associated with the synagogue. [T- 4-tracings on mylar, plans and elevations,
identifying stained glass windows.]
University of Florida: Sponsored Research: Silver Lake Picnic Shelter, Apalachicola Na-
tional Forest, Measured Drawings and Report. Funded by the US National Forest Service.
[T preliminary drawings; finals with USNFS.]
Florida Bureau of Archaeological Research: Mission San Luis de Apalachee, Tallahassee,
Architectural Comments on Excavations at the Church. Consulting services under a grant
from the National Endowment for the Humanities. Comments on 1994 and 1995 excava-
tions. For UF student project see 9303U; for reconstruction consulting to Renker Eich Parks
et al see 9501. [Photos at 9501; T- archaeological site plans, church plans.]
University of Florida: PI:C: Antigua. Documentation of Betty's Hope Sugar Mill with Prof.
Bill Tilson during summer. Drawings completed by Cathy Duncan et al.; in Tilson's files.
University of Florida: Teaching: ARC 5810, Spring '94. Documentation and photos of alleged
slave cabin (garage) in Lincolnville, measured drawings of Cerveau and Haas Houses in re-
stored area, St. Augustine. [T- measured drawings by students.]
University of Florida: Teaching: Special Studies: Student (J. Mills) drawings of slave/tenant
cabin and brick building in South Carolina. T incomplete HABS prints.]
University of Florida: PI:N: Documentation of St. Paul's Church and African Meeting House,
Nantucket. Directed by Greg Hall.
University of Florida: PI:N: Visit to Chatauqua, N. Y. and consulting to Provost Andrew
Sorenson, regarding preservation of historic buildings.

Renker Eich Parks Architects: Mission San Luis de Apalachee, Tallahassee, Reconstruction
Consultant Consulting services for reconstruction of the church, council house, chiefs
house, convento, fort palisade and blockhouse, Apalachee and Spanish dwellings, Spanish



84 9601U [T-15]

84 9602U [P,T-15]

85 9603U

85 9604U [T-16]

85 9605U

85 9701

85 9702 [P,T-16]

85 9703

85 9704
85 9706 [P]

85 9709
85 9710
85 9712U

85 9713

Provincial Governor's Residence, furnishings, ox cart, cannons, etc. For UF student project
see 9303U; for earlier consulting to Florida Bureau of Archaeological Research see 9407.
[T 5 rolls: prints of working drawings by Renker Eich Parks, Architects, for reconstruc-
tion ofchurch, council house, chiefs house, convento and cocina, fort and blockhouse, and
church furnishings, plus measured drawings of Messer outbuildings and Messer House ex-
hibit design drawings by Synergy.]
City of Jacksonville: St. James Building Advisory Committee.
Tallahassee Museum of History and Natural Science: Consultant services for restoration of B.
O. Wood Commissary in the Pioneer Village. See also 9107U.

University of Florida: Sponsored Research: Owens and Boatwright Bridges Rehabilitation
Plans, Apalachicola National Forest. Measured drawings and a report under funding from
the US Nationsl Forest Service. [T prints of measured drawings; originals with USNFS.]
University of Florida: Teaching: Pineland, Lee County, FL, Master Plan. Consulting with
Prof. William Marquardt, Florida Museum of Natural History, for interpretive development
of Calusa site at Pineland owned by the UF Foundation. No funding; MA in Arch thesis by
John Martin. [T- site plan mylars.]
University of Florida: Continuing Education: Technical Issues in Historic Preservation. HS
lecture as participant in Continuing Education seminar, December, 1996.
University of Florida: Teaching: ARC 6356, Fall '96, design studio taught with Jan Abell,
FAIA. Howie Estate Rehabilitation Plan, Howie-in-the-Hills, Florida. (Material from
9711U is included in this file; also Jan Abell commemorative publication.) fT- miscellane-
ous drawings.]
University of Florida: Teaching: ARC 4323, Spring '96, with Prof. Bill Tilson: Urban Study
of downtown Jacksonville, particularly East Jacksonville and LaVilla; model constructed in
KBJ office.

Historic Pensacola Preservation Board: Old Christ Church Report. A report prepared by HS
at the invitation of John Daniels, Board Manager. Donated; travel expenses paid.
Florida Museum of Natural History, Gainesville: Fort at Concepci6n, Dominican Republic.
A report, measured drawing, and conservation recommendations, part of project with Dr.
Kathleen Deagan, P. I. Donated except for small fee; travel expenses paid. [T- floorplan
measured drawing.]
St. Joe Paper Co.: Proposal for Restoration of Verdura, Leon County, Florida. Assembled
under Barnett Fronczak Architects, Tallahassee, with many consultants in archaeology and
conservation, principally at FSU. Proposal was never accepted by St. Joe.
Reagan, Rita: Klutho Apartments Restoration, Jacksonville. Correspondence only.
US Department of the Interior, National Park Service: Castillo de San Marcos Conference for
New Elevator. File includes later consulting. See also 7808. [Photofile includes later pho-
tos of Castillo.]
Getty Institute: Getty Grant Program, Grant Review (review by HS).
Florida Agricultural Museum: Conference, January 16, 1997.
University of Florida: Teaching: Tour of Greek Orthodox Church, Gainesville, with George
and Nadia Scheffer and Mary Nell and Blair Reeves, to see architectural design and icons
by G. Scheffer.
Historic St Augustine Preservation Board. Miscellaneous papers; includes SAPB 1976 Mas-
ter Plan.

86 9801 [T-16] Marshall, Willoughby, Architect: Conter-Mabry (Fry-Conter) House, Apalachicola, Restora-
tion. Consulting Services. [T copies of drawings and notes ofhouse by Willoughby Mar-
86 9802 Renker Eich Parks Architects: Florida Museum of Natural History Calusa Exhibit, Consulting
Services by REP and HS. Prints of plans are in file.
86 9803 City of St. Augustine: Historic Preservation Advisory Committee. Miscellaneous papers. In-
cludes Mission, Goals, and Objectives for St. Augustine Department of Historic Preserva-
tion and Heritage Tourism, presented to City Commission March 8, 1999.
86 9804 City of St. Augustine: Bridge of Lions ad hoc actions to preserve bridge. Copies of original
bridge plans are in 0501 tracings.

86 9805U University of Florida: Sponsored Research: Integrated Cultural Resource Management Plan
(ICRMP) for the Florida Army National Guard. (Consulting; Prof. Tilson and Prof. Prugh
principals). Includes assessment of Camp Blanding.
86 9807 [P] Jude, Sally: Trip to Miami, consulting, Oct. 27-28, for Marjory Stoneman Douglas residence
restoration. Donated time, travel expenses paid. No file; photos only.

86 9903U [P] University of Florida: PI:C: Barbados. Measured drawings of residence (Bush House) alleg-
edly occupied by George Washington and his brother. Work accomplished with Prof. Wil-
liam Tilson, P. 1. from UF, and others from Colonial Williamsburg. Final drawings and re-
port in Prof. Tilson's files at UF and Colonial Williamsburg.
87 9904U University of Florida: Teaching: St. Augustine Inventory. ARC 6822, Spring '99. Inventory of
buildings owned by the State of Florida. File includes copies of Florida Master Site Files.
87 9905 [P] Florida Bureau of Archaeological Research: Miami Circle. Consulting investigation of the
"Miami Circle," Brickell Point Site (8DA12), Dade County.
87 9906U University of Florida: Teaching: Investigation of the Merrill Residence, Jacksonville, with
Prof. Peter Prugh. (Site inspection with Prugh's seminar.) File includes student report.

87 0001 Crichlow & Associates: Restoration of the O'Reilly House, St. Augustine. Consulting services
to Crichlow. Includes field investigation report of this early 18th century house. Historical
documentation was provided by Paul Weaver. Field investigation report was copyrighted by
the Owner. Some of the sponsoring nuns believe this is the oldest surviving colonial struc-
ture in St. Augustine, predating 1700 (not substantiated).
88 0003 St. Augustine Historical Society: Restoration of the Oldest House. Consulting services with
Richard Givens, Structural Engineers Group, Inc. See also 8712U. HS donated services.
88 0004 [P] Florida Trust: Coquina Conference and Field Trip, January, 2000, to sugar mills, New
Smyrna, coquina pits on Anastasia Island. Includes Florida Site Files on Prince Murat
House, Anastasia quarries, reports on coquina, etc.
88 0005U [P,T-16] University of Florida: City of St. Augustine Dept. Hist. Pres. and Hist. Tourism (DHPHT). UF
student student study of the St. Augustine restoration area. Inventory of Historic District by
Bill Adams on CD in file. See also 0010U. [P Photos include generalphotos ofSt.
Augustine, except see 9706for Castillo photos.][T- 2 rolls: Roll I includes maps, prints of
Lighthouse Keepers House in St. Augustine. Roll 2 includes 19' C. Florida maps; tracings
ofHABS drawings ofRodriquez, O'Reilly, Ortega Macmillan Houses in St. Augustine;
prints ofHABS drawings ofArrivas, Powoud-Slater, Villa Longa Houses in St. Augustine;
prints of original drawings of St. Augustine Bridge of Lions.]
88 0006 MAAR Associates: Mala Compra Site, St Johns County, Consulting.
88 0007U [P] University of Florida: Teaching: ARC 6356, Fall: Studio: Rehabilitation of Atlantic Bank,
Bisbee, and Jax National Bank Buildings in Jacksonville. Taught with Robert C. Broward.
File includes slides, CD-ROM.
88,89 0008U University of Florida: Teaching: ARC 6851, Fall 2000. Seminar: Inventory of Florida Sugar
Plantations, Florida east coast, St. Augustine to New Smyrna. See also 0102 and 0104.
89 0009U [P] University of Florida: Teaching: ARC 4323, Spring 1999 Studio with Prof. Peter Prugh -
Rehabilitation of Ford Assembly Building, Jacksonville.
89 0010U University of Florida: Teaching: ARC 6822, Spring 2000: St. Augustine. An inventory and
site plan of structures in the interpretive area and a report titled Historic St. Augustine: The
Colonial City. Architectural Aspects of an Interpretive Plan.
89 0011U University of Florida: Teaching: ARC 4323, Spring 2000. Design of new structures in down-
town St. Augustine. Taught with Prof. Peter Prugh.

89 0101U [P] Baker County Heritage Park: with F. Blair Reeves, FAIA. Informal advice for restoration/
reconstruction of Burnsed Blockhouse; field trip and correspondence. Documentation of
blockhouse was completed in 1981 by F. B. Reeves studio, with HS assisting. Copy of
documentation in file.
89 0102 Volusia County Anthropological Society: Second NE Florida Plantation Symposium. Includes
paper delivered by HS: Early Florida Plantations: Notes on Architecture and Technology.
See 0008U for inventory of plantations, 0104 for tourism plan.

89 0103U University of Florida: Teaching: ARC 6822, Spring Seminar, 2001: Introduction to Con-
temporary Architecture in Florida. Taught with Bob Broward. Includes field trip to Jack-
89 0104 SouthArch, Inc.: Sugar Plantation Heritage Tourism Plan. Task I: Structural Stabilization
Study. Consulting review by HS.

89 0201 City of St. Augustine: Historic Preservation Advisory Committee: Tentative program and cost
estimate for combined Castillo/Interpretive Area Interpretive Center, by William Adams,
Gordie Wilson (Superintendent, NPS Castillo), Martin Gould (architect), HS.
90 0202 [P] Jacksonville Museum of Modem Art (Now Jacksonville Museum of Contemporary Art); HS
part of architectural team for rehabilitation of Western Union building for use as museum.
Includes copies of original drawings, scope of rehabilitation, photographs.

90 0401 Professional Restoration Inc.: Field trips to Bulow and Dummett Plantations.

- 0501 [PR] City of St. Augustine: No file, but miscellaneous prints collected over the years as noted. [PR
Includes oversizedplans ofSt. Augustine, Castillo San Marcos, Matanzas, Anastasia Is-
land. Also ozalid prints of Villalonga House, Lightkeepers House by Thomson & Assoc.,
Ortega House by Wm. Jordan in 1968, original blueprints of Bridge ofLions, aerial photos
ofSt. Augustine.]
90 0502 Volusia County: Correspondence regarding signage at New Smyrna Sugar Mill.
90 0503 [P] Governor's Mansion, Bush Library Advisory Committee: Committee member. Correspon-
dence and photographs.
90 0504 [PR] Deagan, Dr. Kathleen: Excavations at Fountain of Youth, St. Augustine. Consulting services
to assist in interpreting archaeological data, particularly in identifying Spanish and Timu-
cuan structures associated with Menendez and the village of Seloy. File contains Dr. Dea-
gan's yearly archaeological reports.
91 0601 Spinks, Jerry, with Jacksonville Historical Society: Field inspection of New Berlin Hotel, New
Berlin, Duval County.
91 0602 University of Florida. St Augustine Special Task Force. A special task force chaired by Prof.
Judy Bense, UWF, to provide recommendations to the Florida legislature for transfer of
properties owned by the State of Florida to a qualified university. The report recommended
transfer to UF, with UWF an alternate choice.
91 0701 Historic Property Associates, Inc., St. Augustine, FL.: Inspection and report recommending
preservation or other action for historic house at 801 Someruelos Road, Old Femandina; led
by Paul Weaver. Includes report by HS.

91 0801 US National Forest Service, Ocala District: Protocol for the preservation of the Archie Carr
cabin, Ocala National Forest. Consulting services donated by HS, Richard Givens, P. E.,
and Prof. Peter Prugh.
91 0802 University of Florida: St. Augustine Properties Committee. Advisory committee for the main-
tenance and preservation of state properties that may become the responsibility of UF.
91 0803 Femandina Museum of History: Advisory Committee.

List of Commercially Scanned Plans and Microfiche

Large manually-executed drawings that have been commercially scanned and/or placed on mi-
crofiche are listed below by commission numbers. Scanned copies of drawings are provided on
a compact disk and microfiche film is provided in drawing box T-17B. Lists and a compact disk
or disks of additional scanned and computer-generated documents are in preparation. See also
"Commission and Drawing List Notes."


C~non~na NA;nrnF; php (rflflfl~

Bulow Plantation
Shepard Residence, 41 Coral
GHC Apartments
St. Peter's Church
Murat House Restoration
Fort Clinch Partial Restoration
Yale Competition
Meadows Apartments
St. Peter's Church, Phase 2
FSU School of Nursing
Fernandina Merchants
Joaneda House
Bronson-Mulholland House
FSU School of Music

7705 St. Augustine 1580 Fort and Village Yes

7805 Shepard Associates Office Yes
7814 Historic 1902 Capitol Restoration Yes

Dunlawton Plantation
Alamo (Miami-Jackson) Phase 1
FSU Dodd Hall (Pepper Archives)
Kingsley Plantation
Florida Theater Restoration

8211 Union Bank Restoration
8301 Tabuk Cultural Study

8304 Governor's Mansion Addition
8410 Alamo (Miami-Jackson) Phase 2
8603 Lightner Museum Elevator
9109U Langston House Documentation
9501 Mission San Luis

9702 Concepcion Fort

No Scan includes 6602, 7106, 7307, 7603.
No Scan includes 6305, 6512, 6805, 6907
No Scan of elevation studies.
No Scan includes working draws, review prints with
comments by Albert Manucy, Duell drawing of vil-
Yes Scan includes Vol. 1 architectural working drawings
only. Two microfiche, each of Vols. 1 and 2, for
first and second bidding.
No Scan only of steam engine and cane crusher drawings.
No Scan of drawings (not measured drawings).
Yes Scan of Vol. 1 architectural working drawings; micro-
fiche includes Vol. 1 and 2.
No Scan of working drawings.
No Scan includes Hejaz railway buildings, mud-brick
residences, Egyptian fort.
No Scan of measured drawings.
No Scan includes church, council house, chiefs house,
convento and cocina, fort and blockhouse, church
furnishings (copies of Renker Eich Parks draw-
No Scan of measured plan.


X. 11



IIum er eM- UwnmW msv . ....- .

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