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Serving South Florida’s Coastal NeighborhoodsSEPTEMBER 2014 YEAR 5 IS SUE 3 Fishing offers lif e lessons...............................3 Know how to rent out your boat...............5 Admiralty Law 5 € Classifieds 14 € Event Calendar 10 € Tide Table 11 € Galley 8 Miamis South Point Pier latest in municipal marine upgradesCANDICE RUSSELL Waterfront Times The mid August re-opening of South Pointe Park Pier in South Beach may reflect a welcome trend in city marine upgrades. Plans for the South Pointe Park Pier got rolling in November, 2012. An existing pier was demolished and replaced with a new version for fishing, recreation and special occasions. With new amenities, the pier is set to become a staple of a thriving community. “The pier gives people another attraction to visit,” says Max Sklar, director of tourism, culture and economic development for the City of Miami Beach, which has launched a marketing campaign to get the word out. “Miami-Dade County gets more than 14 million visitors per year and about half of those go to South Beach.” This is not your grandfather’s nondescript pier. The South Pointe Park Pier has a handsome, artist-crafted entry gate, a pedestrian plaza, viewing stations, benches, and shaded structures. It’s also going to be used for special occasions, like a recent morning yoga class and nighttime fireworks display. Built in 1979, the original pier suffered the usual wear and tear of weather and time. By 2004, it was declared unsafe and officially closed. Then the recession hit, putting plans for redevelopment in limbo. David Martinez, director of the capital improvement projects office for the city of Miami Beach, describes how the existing pier was removed, and much larger piles with a lifespan of 50 years installed: “Ninety percent of the construction was on barges and Government Cut is very sensitive to weather and tides. We had an issue with the driving of the piles and the relocation of the corals. Permitting was very difficult. We had to deal with five different agencies. “We stayed roughly within the same footprint. But the pier is slightly larger than the original because we squeezed around another 1,400 square feet into it. Now it is around 450 feet long.” Martinez guesses that 75 percent of pier users will be fishing (with a maximum of three rods per person and no shark fishing). For now, the hours are 7:30 a.m. to dusk. Artist Tobias Rehberger provided the 15-foot-wide gate to the pier. “It’s art deco with vibrant colors leaning toward the fluorescent,” says Martinez. “It ties in with the motif of the nearby Art Deco district, making a huge statement and providing for a photo opportunity.” Even marine life was considered in building the pier, thanks to the installation of turtle-safe lighting. “We have amber lighting so the turtles can lay their eggs and nest on the beach,” Martinez explains. “With minimal artificial light, we prevent hatchlings from becoming disoriented and dying. “We’re very pleased with the result, considering it took slightly longer than expected to complete the pier, due to the challenges we had to work through,” says Martinez, who envisions heavy traffic. “We’re very satisfied with the team we chose. And we came in under-budget.” “When tuna feed on small fish like sardines or anchovies, they circle their prey, and the small fish react defensively by forming a dense, swarm called a bait ball. “When they do this, it's not uncommon to see a whale shark standing on its tail in the middle of the bait ball, sucking the densely concentrated fish into its mouth. The whale sharks would not be able to feed on the small fish without the help of the tunas.” If you have to know why whale sharks don’t eat tuna, that looks like a good reason, doesn’t it? Both of our other two sources are veteran NOAA sharkman Tobey Curtis, lead author of a recent study on the species recovery of great whites. He hosted a Twitter chat session that’s posted on the agency’s website. It’s light Local cities peddle upgraded marine facilities SEE PIER | PAGE 9 Sharks are full of surprises, say NMFS scientistsQ & A stuff but with links to more important things like Mote Marine Laboratory’s cancer research into the strong immune systems of sharks. Also interesting: Curtis’ views on marine protected areas. The third item is Curtis’ report on sticking basking sharks — almost as big as whale sharks — with satellite tags to track their movements, which helps scientists to figure out their food and habitat preferences. The work is done in shallow waters off New England, where basking sharks go in summer and are easily taggable. Here are links to the shark reports: www.nmfs.noaa.gov/stories/2014/08/8_12_14surprisingfacts_whale_sharks.html. www.nmfs.noaa.gov/stories/2014/08/8_11_14sharkc hat_curtis.html. www.greateratlantic.fisheries.noaa.gov/stories/2014/ plankton_feeders_are_sharks_too_.html. A new pier for fishing doers We prefer to check out new fishing venues thoroughly, in person, before putting them in the paper, but will make an exception for the new fishing pier at Miami Beach’s South Pointe Park. It was opened in mid-August, and we haven’t heard much about how well it fishes — or how poorly, which looks like a possibility due to silt from the dredging project to deepen big-ship access to the Port of Miami. It’s in a great spot alongside the north jetty of Government Cut, where all sorts of sport fish swim. In addition to cruise ships and tugboats there’s a lot of boat traffic to and from the big Miami Beach Marina, so we anticipate quite a lot of wake and rebound near the pier. That won’t stop many experienced pier fishing-doers, who learn to cope with conditions at the cost of losing a ARNOLD MARKOWITZ Waterfront Times Shark Week on television is over and that’s too bad, but sharks don’t know it so they continue to frighten and fascinate us. In case you haven’t had enough, here comes the National Marine Fisheries Service bearing platters of sharky info hors d’oeuvres. Don’t be scared. These stories are about huge but typically non-threatening sharks that are smart enough not to mistake humans for the stuff they like to eat, like plankton and sardines. Nobody looks like plankton, and even the fishiest among us don’t much resemble sardines. Whale sharks first: Fishing-doers who go far offshore are eligible to see one swimming slowly, very slowly, just at the surface. That’s pretty exciting, because if anything can make an ocean suddenly feel small, it’s a fish the size of a bus, brown-skinned with rows and rows of white freckles, right up alongside your boat. We know that part from experience. We learned the rest from one of the NMFS’s easy-to-swallow reports called “Six Surprising Facts About Whale Sharks.” Our favorite Surprising Fact is about the schools of tuna that hang out with whale sharks. You can fish for them — the tuna, you know — without competition because whale sharks don’t eat tuna. Just as dolphin like swimming around a blue-water weed line, or tarpon alongside a lighted bridge, tuna are attracted to a whale shark. If those fish could understand it themselves, NMFS scientists think they would try to explain it like this: “Tuna are among the fastest-swimming fish in the world, and it is odd that they associate with such slowmoving giants. Perhaps tuna follow in the hope that the whale shark will lead them to food. Whatever the reason, tuna do provide a valuable service to the sharks. SEE SEA TURTLES | PAGE 4The new pier at South Pointe Park in South Beach opened in mid August. The original pier was closed in 2004. Reports from the National Marine Fisheries Service outline surprising factsŽ about sharks.


2 WATERFRONTTIMES.COMSeptember 2014Waterfront Times SEPTEMBER 2014 YEAR 5 ISSUE 3COPYRIGHT 2014 STORYBOARD MEDIA, INC. ISSN 8756-00382787 East Oakland Park Boulevard  Suite 205 Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33306 954-524-9450  Fax954-524-9464 editor@waterfronttimes.comwaterfronttimes.comThe Waterfront Times welcomes your stories, art and photos. We are not re spon si ble for unsolicited con tri bu tions,lost ordamaged photo material. The Waterfront Times retains first rights only. Advertising rates are available upon request.EditorJennifer HeitAdvertising SpecialistJerry WieczorekCorrespondentsDoug Jordan Arnold Markowitz Art DirectionJim Pollard Design,Inc. VacuFlush4800 seriesall-ceramic toilets include electric push-button flush; full-size bowl and seat for comfort; residential and low profile models for versatile applications; aboveand belowfloor outlets with plug-in base for easy installation.MasterFlush8700 seriestoilets are powered by an ultraquiet electric macerator; offer elongated-size bowl and seat; and are available with electronic flush handle or push-button. Features full-scale residential styling.VacuFlush5000 seriesfootpedal toilets offer full-size bowl and seat; residential, medium and low profile models; and aboveand below-floor outlets to accommodate a wide range of boats. For expert advice, parts and service, contact us:ENVIRONMENTAL MARINE SERVICES111A SW 23rd Street., Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33315 € 1-800-522-2656 or 954-522-2626 VacuFlush4800 seriesall-ceramic toilets include electric push-button flush; full-size bowl and seat for comfort; residential and low profile models for versatile applications; aboveand belowfloor outlets with plug-in base for easy installation.MasterFlush8700 seriestoilets are powered by an ultraquiet electric macerator; offer elongated-size bowl and seat; and are available with electronic flush handle or push-button. Features full-scale residential styling.VacuFlush5000 seriesfootpedal toilets offer full-size bowl and seat; residential, medium and low profile models; and aboveand below-floor outlets to accommodate a wide range of boats. ENVIRONMENTAL MARINE SERVICES111A SW 23rd Street., Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33315 € 1-800-522-2656 or 954-522-2626 BOAT OWNERS: MENTION THIS AD —RECEIVE A 10% DISCOUNT


3September2014 WATERFRONTTIMES.COMWaterfront Times GAS& DIESEL FUELWE DELIVER DOCKSIDE Call Toll Free: 1-888-250-3835 Serving Broward, Dade & Palm Beach Counties Call now for a current price quote! $15OFF FUEL DELIVERY PURCHASEONLY WITH THIS COUPONBoat deliveries only  One coupon per delivery Expires 9/30/14 (954) 763-87431900 SE 15th St., Ft. Lauderdale, FL 24-Hour Emergency HaulingBoat Repairing & Painting Travelift Service to 60 Ft.Fiberglass, Gelcoat & PaintingMechanical RepairsSurvey HauloutsBottom Painting5 minutes to Inletyachtpaint.com ARNOLD MARKOWITZ Waterfront Times Columnist My friend Headwind’s way is seldom the easy way. First he has to try everything else he can think of. Then if the easy way turns out to be best, well okay, but in fishing and boating that doesn’t happen as often as you’d like to suppose. Headwind supposes only that most people suppose too much. He thinks they’re too complacent or too lazy to try anything different, and thus too unprepared for even the slightest surprise. When they run into a problem, they know just one way to solve it and if that doesn’t work they’re stuck. “They’re the ones who hardly ever catch a good fish except by dumb luck,” he says. “They’re the ones who keep the Coast Guard and the towing services busy.” When the easy way works best, he thinks he must have overlooked something. He says that if we only do things the easy way or the old way, we’ll never come up with anything better. I say he’s right. “There’s a path of least resistance and another path of least regret,” Headwind likes to say. “Sometimes they coincide, sometimes not. They might converge, but they might diverge. Making the choice is a matter of experience and instinct.” You can see why sometimes we call him Windy for short. Don’t bore us with teachy speeches, Windy. We fishing-doers crave action. “I see you’re planning to fish Stiltsville,” Headwind says, looking over my shoulder at the satellite map on the computer and the marine chart on my desk. “That should be a blast on the weekend, what with all the boat traffic around Key Biscayne. What’s the weather?” I show him the marine forecast, which says Biscayne Bay will be smooth Saturday morning — an easy skim to Stiltsville on the shoals 5 nautical miles or so south of the Crandon Park marina. Later in the day there will be a moderate southerly wind flow, a bit of tailwind to push me home. “You mean us,” Headwind says. I’m glad he’s coming. I have other friends who can’t make it that day, and even if they could they would take a pass. Larry says he wouldn’t go anywhere on any boat in Biscayne Bay on a weekend. Most days I wouldn’t either, but I’ve been eager to get my near-new little boatlet onto saltwater and Saturday’s weather forecast is the best one I can get. “Don’t forget to wear your PFD,” says Dave, who fears I’ll capsize on the big bay, no matter what the weather forecast says. There will be bigger boats, he knows, throwing out wakes like waves. Aw, come on. I’m daring, not crazy. We’re not going DIRTY FUELIS THE #1 CAUSE OF DIESEL ENGINE TROUBLE Impurities in your tanks rob engines of valuable horsepower and can, at the worst possible time, leave your vessel “DEAD IN THE WA TER” Removing the fuel from the tank is useless. Sludge and water remain on the interior surfaces and at the very bottom of your tanks. Only our equipment has a patented “FILTER FLUSH” system to pressure agitate the inside of tanks, then filter all suspended contaminates out of your fuel.IN USE SINCE 1965GUARANTEED TO LEAVE YOUR FUEL PURE AND TANKS FREE OF ALGAE, WATER, RUST, SCALE OR OTHER CON TAM I NATES. DOCKSIDE SERVICE  EMERGENCY SERVICE  PREVENTATIVE FUEL TREATMENT  SERVING ALL OF FLORIDA ADDED AFTER TANK FLUSH  BEST SERVICE AT THE  SPECIALIZING IN PURE FLOW BEST PRICE YACHT FILTER SYSTEMS GUN MARINE FILTRATION SPE CIAL ISTS(954) 522-6346 Capt. Gunnar Watson ZIMARGALVANIC ANODES MADE FROM PURE ZINC  GOOD PRICE  LAST LONGER  SHAFT ZINCS FROM 3/4" TO 6"  METRIC SHAFT ZINCS FROM 25 TO 160 m/m  ZINCS FOR EUROPEAN YACHTS  ZINCS FOR TAIWAN BOATS 2090 S.W. 71 TERR. BLDG. G-6 DAVIE, FL 33317 TEL. (954) 424-3844FAX (954) 424-9899Beware fishing doers: easy isn’t always easy FISHING to the Gulf Stream. Headwind knows the difference between calculated and reckless risks, and he cautions me when it looks like I’m pushing limits a little too hard. The boat is a 15-foot, four-inch Gheenoe, an interesting hybrid of canoe and flats skiff that’s known for its very shallow draft and peculiar stability. It’s rated for a maximum 10 horsepower, and has a 9.8 hp outboard. If its name doesn’t ring your bell, maybe you recall seeing the builder’s promotional photo of four big fat guys standing on one gunwale without a discernible dip. That’s this boat. Even though Dave’s fished on it and been impressed by its stability on upland lakes and canals, I can’t blame him for his skepticism. ‘ Witz End 4 looks awfully small, with 10-inch freeboard amidships and a bow cap just four inches higher. My 15-foot aluminum canoe, Pogo has more inches of both. When the weather’s windy and the water’s choppy, the boat is bumpy and splashy. It’s not self-bailing, so in those conditions the crew needs to keep a bailing sponge in hand. If we’re crossing a chop we can’t take it head on — less because of the pounding than the risk of taking a wave over the bow. The common way to avoid that is to cross a chop at a quartering angle, but that’s for bigger boats that stand higher on the water. “On yours, you should take the chop at a smaller angle, almost sideways,” Headwind tells me. “Anyone riding on the raised bow deck should step down and sit in the middle, so as not to bury the bow.” At this point we’re just kicking ideas around. We know one-day marine weather forecasts are usually pretty accurate. If the wind starts earlier than predicted, North and west of us, we can see a rainsquall building over land and moving east toward the bay. SEE HEADWIND | PAGE 6


4 WATERFRONTTIMES.COMSeptember2014Waterfront Times Without a turtle present for positive identification, the eggs were judged to be either from a green turtle or loggerhead. Both kinds were nesting in the area. By the time they booked McGriff in the St. Lucie County jail, they’d looked up his record and found that he was arrested in 2002 for selling a dozen poached turtle eggs to an undercover officer and for possession of another 27 dozens. He was sentenced to 43 months in prison for that. Because McGriff is a repeat offender, FWC asked the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to have him prosecuted on federal charges, said FWC spokeswoman Amanda Phillips. Although it’s tempting to joke about poached eggs, anyone who thinks of copying such a crime should know that FWC will not be amused. “We take these matters very seriously,” said Capt. Jeff Ardelean, supervisor in the FWC’s West Palm Beach office. “Stopping those who attempt to poach and commercialize our endangered species is one of our highest priorities.” Although active nests are commonplace this year, all five species of marine turtles in Florida waters are classified as endangered or threatened. Messing with them or their nests is a crime. lot of terminal tackle until they learn what the bottom lets them get away with. Good thing sinkers are cheap. We’re interested more in access, how others observe or ignore the specialized courtesies of pier fishing and how much airspace we must reel a hooked fish through in order to bring it to the deck. One shouldn’t need a deep jigging boat pole to bring in a small snapper at low tide. We also judge a pier by its width — whether it’s safe to walk past the casters without tolling a gong to remind them someone’s behind them. We wonder in this case if it’s long enough at 300 feet. It has standard amenities: shaded seating, fish-cleaning and bait-cutting stations. Some other things to like sight unseen include a three-rod limit per person and places to dump trash and your fish and bait scraps. It would be more than joyful to discover that the Parks and Recreation Department has those emptied as often as necessary. Being a municipal facility, the pier has a lot of rules. Look them up at http://web.miamibeachfl.gov/parksandrecreation/scroll.aspx?id=57993. Access is from the south end of Washington Avenue, at the park’s western end. Turtle poacher strikes again This has been such a great year for sea turtle nests and nestlings on Florida beaches that there’s money in poached turtle eggs. No, not poached as in semi-softboiled on an English muffin or good ol’ Southern biscuit with a slice of Canadian bacon and a drooly Barnaise sauce. They are poached as in taken illegally — snatched from beach nests protected by state and federal laws. In August, a woman described by Florida Fish & Wildlife officers as “a concerned citizen” sighted James Odel McGriff, 55, at Diamond Sands Beach, just off State Road A1A in St. Lucie County. She called in her tip, describing the man and his car. When officers met the man, they and their tracking dog retraced his steps until they came upon a turtle nest that had been tampered with and a backpack containing 299 eggs. With a biologist’s help they re-buried all but a dozen eggs, which they kept for evidence. SEA TURTLES FROM PAGE 1 All five marine turtle species classified as endangered McDonalds Hard ware245 W. State Rd. 84 Fort Lauderdale Open 7 Days954.463.2000www.mcdonaldshardware.com Marine Resinwith Hardener$1899a gallon 954-581-7740 1000 South SR-7, Pl a nt a tion, FL 33317 www.rickgibbsp a .com  F a x: 954.584.9875 Is your homeowners or wind insurance being cancelled or non-renewed? Is your homeowners insur a nce too expensive? At Rick Gibbs, P.A. Insurance Agency our speci a lty is home insur a nce. Are you informed a bout a ll of the credits a nd discounts a v a il a ble? Call us for a competitive quote. Family Owned Since 1961


5September2014 WATERFRONTTIMES.COMWaterfront Times PREMIUM HARDWOODSPLYWOODS VENEERS LAMINATESWood-Chip Marine Lumber & Supplies3301 South Andrews Avenue, Bay 8, Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33316 (954) 522-1481 Officesales@www.woodchiplumber.com (954) 522-7269 Faxwww.woodchiplumber.com CaptainsLicense CoursesUSCG Approved... Get Your Six-Pack or Get Your Master All Levels of Training... Beginner to YachtmasterNO TEST AT COAST GUARD Maritime Professional TrainingWhere you go to school does matter!1915 South Andrews Avenue € Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33316954-525-1014 € 800-423-9267e-mail: info@mptusa.com € web: www.mptusa.com it — once your carrier learns that you’re offering out you vessel for charter? Understand that under the maritime doctrine called “utmost good faith” failing to inform your insurance carrier of this arrangement can result in their refusing to pay coverage, even on an occurrence unrelated to chartering. Your next question: Are the written agreements between you and all these parties clear and concise, and do they really protect your ongoing interests as the boat owner? Moreover, it should be noted that even the bestconstructed agreements may not make you suit-proof. Here’s an example: Let’s say a passenger of a boat renter has an accident and blames it on a faulty piece of equipment that they claim was poorly maintained or installed. As the boat owner, you will probably be one of the parties sued. Since the passenger may not have signed any agreements — particularly with you the owner — you want to make sure that your insurance covers such a contingency. Otherwise, your legal expenses could become quite expensive. Other uniquely maritime concerns can include passengers or guests of your vessel’s renter carrying illegal substances onboard, or even being improperly documented foreigners, both of which could happen despite sound vetting efforts of any third party go-between. Either scenario could result in the confiscation of your vessel by federal authorities, and cast its return to your custody in doubt. These above examples do not even include the prospect of ongoing maritime liens or losses due to the users’ negligence, which can also create a fine list of woes for the boat owner. The take away is this: If you are a vessel owner considering renting your boat and see it as a “simple arrangement,” you just might want to reconsider, or at least do more research. It is very possible that putting someone else in the driver’s seat of your precious boat could result in something that really hurts. Mark Ercolin is a maritime attorney based in Fort Lauderdale. The information offered in this column is summary in nature and shouldn’t be applied to specific cases or situations. Boat owners should know there are three types of charter arrangements: time charters, voyage ch arters and demise charters, also known as a “bareboat” charter. A voyage ch arter is when the underlying vessel owner takes responsibility for the captain and crew, and the vessel is hired to get something or someone to a designated location. Think of a voyage ch arter as hiring a taxi or a delivery service. In a time charter, the underlying vessel owner remains responsible for the captain and crew. The vessel is hired for a certain length of time and the renting party often determines the destinations the boat will go to before it returns to its homeport at a designated hour. Chartering a fishing or diving boat with a captain for the afternoon is a pretty good example of a time charter. In a demise or bareboat charter, the renter becomes in effect, the owner of the boat from the time he or she takes control. If the vessel requires a captain and crew, they will be hired under a separate contract and the renter becomes liable for damage to the vessel — and possibly injury to any passengers (but, not always) — during the time of the charter. Think of bareboat chartering as akin to renting a car — except that the renter’s platinum card won’t pay for any collision damages. As you can see, offering a boat for rent can become a rather complicated affair, though on the surface it may seem simple. As a friend of mine once put it, “Something is never a problem until there is a problem.” Those who choose to proceed with the venture should keep in mind and voice several questions. The first: What type of insurance is the renter carrying to use your boat? What kind of insurance does the third party go-between have to cover failures on their end? And finally, what kind of insurance do you personally have on the boat? Will you be able to keep your policy — or even afford ADMIRALTY LAW AIR COMPRESSORSYSTEMS for DIVERS Compressed Air Supplies and Equipment, Inc.Specializing in the Diving Industry Fill Whips & Panels/Manifolds  Yokes  Gauges Filters  Hoses  Oils  Air Storage Tanks & Fittings Our Clients include: Dive Resorts & Scuba Shops Yacht Owners & Captains, Divers, Fire Dept.800 OldGriffinRd.,#3PHONE:(954)929-4462Dania, FL33004FAX: (954)929-4463E-MAIL: CompAirSupply@att.netBauerNew Used Supplies Sales Service Custom Marine Canvas & UpholsteryCreatively Custom Made… Just the Way You Want it in Ways You’ve Never Seen Before! THE MARINE TAILOR DOES IT ALL: Bimini Tops Aft Tops Stern Covers Full Storage Covers Enclosures Fly-Bridge Cushions Window Covers Navy Tops Dodgers Coamings …and More RFAST CANVAS Call Hector or Ricky for a Dockside Estimate954-596-2279or305-807-01441624 S.E. 3rd Court Deerfield Beach, FL 33441Located in the Cove Marina  www.rfas tcanvas.net Custom Marine Canvas & UpholsteryRFAST CANVASLicense #07-00024146 We Moved! MARK ERCOLIN Waterfront Times Columnist Over time, I came up with a theory that South Florida drivers must loan their cars to strangers when they’re not using them. It was the best way I could explain why the interstates remain jammed up even after so-called rush hours. While I have learned over the years that my theory is likely incorrect, there does seem to be a trend, likely spurred by the Internet, toward renting personal possessions to others. Among such items: people’s personal boats. There’s really nothing new about boat owners offering their vessels for charter. It’s a business enterprise that has been around for centuries. Generally, contracts and insurance agreements assure that the voyage w ill prove either profitable and/or acceptable to all those involved. However, the latest twist to this concept involves allowing potential boat users to rent a vessel (usually a small craft) when the owner isn’t using it — much like someone picking up your car and paying a few dollars to borrow it. Although these transactions allegedly take place with the assistance of a third party acting as a go-between, it remains unclear whether the vessel owner fully appreciates the risks in sending a personal boat out for hire. No matter the term, renting out a vessel of any size is legally considered a charter party situation that’s generally governed under maritime law. The very term charter party actually has ancient origins, deriving from the Latin, charta partita Historically, the completed contract (the charta) agreed upon by the ship owner and merchant was torn in half (partita), so no one could tamper with the agreement until the voyage was over and the two halves were restored. This alone shows the complications involved in renting out a boat to another. From Bottoms to Repower, WE DO IT ALL! Full Service On-Water Facility  Dockside Service & Repair  50 Ton Marine Travelift  Fuel & Dockage  Sales/Brokerage  We Buy Boats 954-567-BOAT  WWW.COMPLETEBOAT.COM 800 South Federal Highway, Pompano Beach 33062 Renting out a boat is not as simple as it sounds


6 WATERFRONTTIMES.COMSeptember 2014Waterfront Times Fountain Belzona Key Largo Tahoe Novurania Hobie Go Pro Yamaha Carbon Craft Bote VersaDock Hyperlite Tohatsu Chapman OBrien DaKine H2O Century Bic Laser Honda Cannon The Go-To People TM50 South Bryan Rd. Dania Beach, FL 33004 954-926-5250 nauticalventures.com +Nautical Ventures Marine Superstore Do you have a need to get on the water? We can help! Our new 30,000 Sq. Ft. Waterfront Showroom is stocked with a wide selection of Fishing Boats, Power Boats, Pontoon Boats, Accessories & more. We offer an attractive Trade-in Policy and a Marine Service Department thatll take care of you. Youll receive extraordinary customer service from a staff that understands your boating needs. Plus, there are NO DEALER FEES & we are open 7 days a week! Come out to NVMS today and get on the water tomorrow! Nautical VenturesMarine Superstore Headwind saves the dayor blows stronger, it won’t be much earlier or stronger than we can handle. So away we go and everything’s dandy even though we’re not getting any bites from anything but needlefish. We get going homeward a little before 6 p.m. with plenty of daylight left. We need it because the boat isn’t lighted. North and west of us, we can see a rainsquall building over land and moving east toward the bay. Between us and that lies a big, dense crowd of boats anchored on the Mashta Flats of Key Biscayne — a typical weekend scene, several hundred boats by my wild guess but probably no more than 150 or so. That squall looks like it might overtake them. Us too, and our route to Crandon Park is the long way around them. The tide’s falling. “Sidle her over to starboard and see if we can shortcut across the flats,” Headwind advises. I do it and we bump bottom, so we stick to the channel. As we turn north in deep-enough water between the flats and Intracoastal Waterway, the squall’s rain is fogging the city buildings ahead. Its clouds, topped by one that’s especially dark, massive and impressive, seem to be daring us. “Let’s be careful,” Headwind says. “Head for the mob of boats and try to get around them on the right side to Hurricane Harbor. It’s a great lee. We can wait out the squall in there.” His idea works, though clumsily. The channel to Hurricane Harbor is on the northwest side of the Mashta Flats and we’re on the south side going bump, thump, splish splash. There’s space here, but little water on the flat itself — enough to float the Gheenoe with the outboard’s skeg raking sand. We can’t throttle up because there isn’t enough water, so we power off the engine. Instead of trimming it up we leave it vertical to give us a little drag against the squall’s nor’wester, which is overpowering the southerly breeze we’d been riding. The turbulence is something fierce, although not on this flat because there isn’t enough water here to build a wave. I deploy the electric trolling motor, locking its shaft high enough to keep that prop barely in the water — half of it breaking the surface — and we’re able to bump and grind our way without damage into the protected water of Hurricane Harbor. “That wasn’t easy,” I say. “No, but it sure was satisfying,” Headwind says. He is grinning like a bottlenose dolphin. We wait in the harbor for about half an hour. I prefer to stay longer, hoping the turbulence outside will settle a little. Headwind says no: “We’re still almost 3 miles from the marina and we can’t give her much throttle in that chop before we swing around West Point. Do you remember how the channel from there to the marina is almost always flat, regardless of the weather? “Then we can let her rip, but right now we’re low on daylight. Without nav lights we’ll be hard to see from those bigger, faster boats if any of them are going to Crandon too.” We do as he suggests, with enough light left to dock the boat and get it on the trailer just as twilight turns to dusk. Headwind was right. Always is. Feedback: witzfish@att.net HEADWIND FROM PAGE 3


7September2014 WATERFRONTTIMES.COMWaterfront Times www .CableMarine. com Cable Marine East Yard 954-462-2822 1517 S.E. 16th Street, Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33316Cable Marine West Yard 954-587-4000 2491 W. State Road 84, Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33312Complete Yacht Service and Repairs Founded in 1977 Undercover Dockage Bottom Painting Engine Repower and Overhaul Custom Carpentry Cockpit Extensions Fiberglass Repairs Ref inishing Specialists Dockside Service Bow Thrusters / Stabilizers Engines / Generators 40 / 80 / 100 Ton Capacity Lifts Available 24 / 7


8 WATERFRONTTIMES.COMSeptember2014Waterfront Times Unlimited towing details and exclusions can be found online at BoatUS.com/towing or by calling.Take Us With You On the Water 1-800-888-4869 BoatUS.com/towingOUR CAPTAINS ARE CONFIDENT, QUALIFIED, LICENSED and can be counted on when you need assistance day or night. With over 300 ports across the country, youre never far from a helping hand. Get Unlimited Towing for just $149 a year. WE TAKE PRIDEIN A JOB WELL DONE dressing. Set aside. Cook zucchini in covered microwavable container on high 2 minutes or until just tender and bright green. Toss blanched zucchini, tomatoes, onion and peas into pasta and stir to combine. Gently fold in drained salmon; season to taste with salt and pepper. Serve immediately or chill before serving. Nutrients per serving: 310 calories (46% from fat), 16 g total fat, 3 g saturated fat, 30 mg cholesterol, 17 g protein, 26 g carbohydrate, 3 g fiber, 485 mg sodium, 214 mg calcium and 1300 mg omega-3 fatty acids. Salmon Salad SandwichesPrep time: 15 minutes Servings: 4 1 can (14.75 ounces) traditional pack salmon or 2 cans or pouches (6 to 7.1 ounces each) skinless, boneless salmon, drained and chunked. 1/3 cup light mayonnaise 1 tablespoon lemon juice 2 teaspoons Dijon mustard 1 tablespoon capers, drained, chopped if large (optional) 1/3 cup finely diced celery 1/3 cup finely diced onion 1/4 cup dill or sweet pickle relish, drained Dash Tabasco sauce or pinch of black pepper 1 tablespoon chopped fresh dill or 1/2 to 1 teaspoon dried dill weed 8 slices whole-grain bread 24 thin slices cucumber 4 leaves green or red leaf lettuce In medium bowl, combine salad ingredients. Add salmon and stir to combine well. Divide salad among 4 slices of bread. Top each with 6 slices of cucumber and a leaf of lettuce. Top with remaining slices of bread and cut in half, crosswise. Nutrients per serving: 381 calories (36% from fat), 15 g total fat, 3 g saturated fat, 65 mg cholesterol, 27 g protein, 34 g carbohydrate, 5 g fiber, 1236 mg sodium, 291 mg calcium and 1900 mg omega-3 fatty acids. Salmon Cakes with Yogurt Dill SaucePrep time: 21 minutes Servings: 4 1 egg Family Features —Health conscious people know that eating seafood rich in heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids can help protect against heart disease while delivering other important nutrients. In fact, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) recommends eating seafood twice a week for such benefits. Salmon is one fish long-heralded for its nutritional value. Whether your tastes lean toward a traditional croquette drizzled with a light dill sauce, or a refreshing take on a pesto pasta salad, canned salmon is easy to prepare and surprisingly versatile. These recipes showcase how canned salmon can be adapted to a wide range of meals. For additional preparation tips and recipes, visit www.wildalaskaseafood.com. Salmon Pesto Pasta SaladPrep time: 25 minutes Servings: 8 to 10 8 ounces dry, small shell pasta 2 to 3 teaspoons garlic, finely minced 1/2 cup prepared basil pesto 1/2 cup light Italian salad dressing 1 zucchini, cut in 1/2-inch half-moon slices 1 pint cherry tomatoes, halved 1 small red onion, thinly sliced 3/4 cup frozen peas, defrosted 1 can (14.75 ounces) traditional pack salmon or 2 cans or pouches (6 to 7.1 ounces each) skinless, boneless salmon, drained and chunked. Salt and pepper, to taste Cook pasta according to package directions; drain well. Let cool slightly then toss with garlic, pesto and 1/4 cup small-curd nonfat cottage cheese 1 tablespoon chopped fresh dill or 1 teaspoon dried dill weed 1 teaspoon lemon pepper seasoning 1/4 cup sliced green onions 1 can (14.75 ounces) traditional pack salmon or 2 cans or pouches (6 to 7.1 ounces each) skinless, boneless salmon, drained and chunked 3 tablespoons garlic-and-herb breadcrumbs Vegetable oil In medium bowl, whisk egg lightly. Add cottage cheese, dill, lemon pepper and green onions; mix well. Mix in drained salmon, then sprinkle in breadcrumbs and mix well. Shape mixture into 4 patties, 1/2 to 3/4 inch thick and 3 inches in diameter. Heat nonstick skillet over medium-high heat and brush skillet with oil. Fry salmon cakes for about 2 1/2 to 3 minutes per side. Cakes should be crisp and golden on the outside and still moist on the inside. Serve with Yogurt Dill Sauce. Yogurt Dill Sauce1/2 cup nonfat yogurt 1-1/2 teaspoons finely minced fresh garlic Salt and pepper 1 tablespoon chopped fresh dill or 1 teaspoon dried dill weed 1/4 cup grated cucumber (squeeze dry) Mix yogurt and garlic, and add salt and pepper to taste. Stir in dill and cucumber. Refrigerate, covered, until ready to serve. Nutrients per serving: 217 calories (34% from fat), 8 g total fat, 2 g saturated fat, 112 mg cholesterol, 27 g protein, 8 g carbohydrate, 0.5 g fiber, 897 mg sodium, 320 mg calcium and 1800 mg omega-3 fatty acids. Source: Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute.Canned salmon creates fresh-tasting meals GALLEY Salmon Cakes with Yogurt Dill Sauce Salmon Salad Sandwiches


9September2014 WATERFRONTTIMES.COMWaterfront Times The vantage point of the pier is impressive, as Martinez sees it. “It’s located at the very east of South Pointe Park at the very south end of Miami Beach,” he says of the upscale area. “From the pier, you can see cruise ships coming to the area and create new memories. You can view the Miami Beach skyline and port. The pier provides the perfect view for pure ocean and skyline viewing.” Miami Beach is not alone in upgrading marine facilities. Hollywood and Dania Beach recently revamped their municipal marinas. The marina in Hollywood underwent a new paint job, a bathroom installation, and dock resurfacing. Improving marine and fishing facilities is a no-brainer in boating-intensive South Florida and its roughly $10 billion marine industry. The region is a hub for boat repair, boat sales, fishing, diving, marine research and science and watercraft activities. It makes sense that no city wants to be left behind, including Hollywood, which touts its marine amenities. “It’s a great location for boaters, with easy access to Hollywood beach or downtown Hollywood, and it offers everything from a fuel dock to a pump-out station, from laundry to shower facilities,” said Hollywood Mayor Pete Bober. The new Dania Beach Municipal Marina at Ocean Park, which opened this year, has 120 fully powered public wet slips, with 35 for transient boaters to tie up for the night or weekend. “We also have seven free-day docks for use by boaters for the day to enjoy our beach and pier,” says Walter Duke, the mayor of Dania Beach. Dania Beach measures growth by comparing notes “with our corporate partners, such as Nautical Ventures, Divers Direct, Outdoor World and others to gauge increases in business,” says Duke. “Other tangible measures that provide us with feedback on the success and growth of our marine initiatives include beach parking and pier revenue (both growing steadily over the past four years), as well as the lease of our new marina, which is going well, despite this being the slow season.” Future plans for Dania Beach waterway improvements include enhancing the pier for a better retail experience and dredging western navigable waterways. “Every time you improve the infrastructure to utilize an asset, you increase the opportunity for the general public to use it and add value to the community,” said Philip Purcell, executive director of the Marine Industries Association of South Florida. South Florida is in competition with the Treasure Coast and the west coast. People want to feel welcome and like your investments.” Purcell is pleased with the progress being made in marine improvements. “They will help attract the best and the brightest and keep our economy growing,” he says. Martinez is another optimist. “A lot of improvements in infrastructure stalled out during the economic downturn,” he says. “That has turned around in the last two to three years. Tourism is key to our coastal counties. For Miami Beach, it’s our bread and butter industry. Good things are happening throughout the area, including building roads and repairing water and sewer lines. You want to see these things come to life.” Capt. Clive E. Taylor, chairman of the Dania Beach marine advisory board and a member of the Broward marine advisory committee, offers a cautionary note. “We’ve got to preserve our waterways for marine use. The marine industry is a clean, technical industry, but we’ve slipped in the last 20 years by allowing marinas to sell out to developers and zoning changes. “Summerfield [Boat Works] on the New River in Fort Lauderdale is a perfect example, he said, referring to the historic yard sold in 2005. “The deal with a developer failed for whatever reason. Now there is idle waterfront property that is no good to anybody.” PIER FROM PAGE 1 South Pointe Pier is located on the north jetty of Government Cut where all types of sports fish swim. IN MIAMI-DADE & BROWARD COUNTY! F&JFuelCompany Dock Side Fuel ServiceWe offer fleet, heavy equipment & generator service!WE DISTRIBUTE OIL PRODUCTSOFF FUEL with this couponBoat deliveries only  One per delivery  Expires 09/30/14CALL 954-458-6105$10 F&JFuelCompany FLEAMARKETLauderdale Small Boat ClubSaturday & Sunday October 18 & 19, 2014  8am-4pm Marine  Household  Apparel  More! 1740 SW42StreetFt.Lauderdale Marine upgrades aim to meet, beat competition


10 WATERFRONTTIMES.COMSeptember2014Waterfront Times EVENTS CALENDAR 1, MondayLabor Day2, TuesdayMiami Beach Rowers Meetup: 7 p.m. Tuesdays atMiami Beach Watersport Center,6500 Indian Creek Drive, Miami Beach. www.meetup.com/Miami-Beach-Rowers-Meet-U. 3, WednesdaySouth Florida Women Divers: 6 p.m. dinner followed by a 7 p.m. meeting at Pioneer Park Annex, 249 NE Fifth Ave., Deerfield Beach. 561-638-8487; www.sfwd.net. 4, ThursdaySailing Singles of South Florida: 7 p.m. meeting at various Fort Lauderdale locations. 954-462-4575; www.sailingsingles.org. 6, SaturdayAbout Boating Safely Course: 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., sponsored by the U.S. Coast Guard AuxiliaryatMcvey House, 601 Seabreeze Blvd., Fort Lauderdale. Cost: $50. 954-463-0034 or 954-895-9776. Blazing Paddles Dragon Boating 101: 9 a.m. for non-beginners at the boat ramp at Holland Park, 801 Johnson St., Hollywood. 954 2327434; www.meetup.com/dragon-boat-fort-lauderdale-hollywood. 7, SundaySeven Seas Cruising Association: 8 a.m. breakfast for International cruising sailors at Egg & You Diner, 2621 N. Federal Highway, Fort Lauderdale. Public welcome. 954-771-5660; www.ssca.org. 8, MondayMiami Kayaking Meetup: 6 p.m. at Matheson Hammock Park, 9610 Old Cutler Road, Miami. 786-338-8067. 9, Tuesday Gulfstream Sailing Club: 7:30 meeting at Lauderdale Isle Yacht & Tennis Club, 2637 Whale Harbor Lane, Fort Lauderdale. www.gulfstreamsailingclub.org. Support Group: 7:30 p.m. meeting for families and friends of people with mental illness at Imperial Point Medical Center, in a private room off the cafeteria at the South Entrance, 6401 N. Federal Highway, Fort Lauderdale. 954-739-1888; NAMIBroward@gmail.com. 10, WednesdayLadies, Lets Go Fishing: 6-8:30 p.m. dinner meeting at VFW Hall, 350 SW 25th St., Fort Lauderdale. Cost: $10 includes dinner.954-923-3072; www.sfl-llgf.com. South Florida Kayaking: 7 p.m. night paddle at George English Park, 1101 Bayview Drive, Fort Lauderdale. www.meetup.com/kayaking-130. Broward Shell Club: 7 p.m. meeting at the Emma Lou Olson Civic Center, 1801 NE Sixth St., Pompano Beach. 954-296-5633. 11, ThursdayAprs Plongee Dive Club: 7:30 p.m. meeting at Lighthouse Dive Center, 2507 N. Ocean Blvd., Pompano Beach. 954-782-1100. Miami Beach Rowers Meetup: 7 p.m. atMiami Beach Watersport Center,6500 Indian Creek Drive, Miami Beach. www.meetup.com/Miami-Beach-Rowers-Meet-U. West Palm Beach Sailing Club: 7 p.m. at the Key Lime House, 300 E. Ocean Ave., Lantana. www.meetup.com/The-West-Palm-Beach-Sailing-Meetup-Group. 12, FridayJazz on the Square: 6-9 p.m. entertainment on Fridays along El Mar Drive and Commercial Boulevard, Lauderdale-by-the-Sea. 954-7761000; http//lbts.com. 13, SaturdayAbout Boating Safely: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., sponsored by the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary, at Spanish River Park, 3939 N. Ocean Blvd., Boca Raton. Cost: $35. Bring lunch. 561-391-3600. About Boating Safely Course: 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., sponsored by the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliaryat Monica Burguera Foundation, 3750 W. Flagler St., Miami. No cost. 305-428-2453. Paddles Dragon Boat Racing: 9 a.m. weekly at the boat ramp at Holland Park, 801 Johnson St., Hollywood. No cost. 954-232-7434. 14, SundaySeven Seas Cruising Association: 8 a.m. breakfast for International cruising sailors at Egg & You Diner, 2621 N. Federal Highway, Fort Lauderdale. Public welcome. 954-771-5660; www.ssca.org. 15, MondayPompano Beach Offshore Anglers: 7:30 p.m. meeting on the third Monday of the month at Galuppis Restaurant, 1103 N. Federal Highway, Pompano Beach. www.meetup.com/fishing-97/events. 16, TuesdayMiami Beach Rowers Meetup: 7 p.m. atMiami Beach Watersport Center,6500 Indian Creek Drive, Miami Beach. www.meetup.com/Miami-Beach-Rowers-Meet-U. 17, WednesdayMiami Marine Council: noon to 1:30 p.m. at Rusty Pelican Restaurant, 3201 Rickenbacker Causeway, Key Biscayne. Cost: $25 members, $30 nonmembers. 954-523-1004; www.miamimarinecouncil.com. 18, ThursdaySailing Singles of South Florida: 7 p.m. meeting at various Fort Lauderdale locations. 954-462-4575; www.sailingsingles.org. Marina Mile Association: 8 a.m. meeting at Roadway Inn, 2441 State Road 84, Fort Lauderdale. 954-494-1900. Miami Kayak Club: 7 p.m. paddle from at Shake-A-Leg Miami, 2620 Bayshore Drive, Miami. 786-307-3816. 19, FridayBroadwalk Friday Fest: 7-9 p.m. performance at Hollywood Beach Theater, on Johnson Street and the Broadwalk, Hollywood. Free. 954921-3404. Single Gourmet: 7 p.m.Friday dinner and dances at local upscale restaurants for singles. 954-723-9608. 20, SaturdayAbout Boating Safely Course: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., sponsored by the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary, at Imperial Point Medical Center, 6401 N. Federal Highway, Fort Lauderdale. Cost: $50. 954-941-5781 or 954-600-1943; http://wow.uscgaux.info/pe_class_flyer.php?unit=NAT&course=11277. Americas Boating Course: 8:30 a.m. registration at the Fort Lauderdale Power Squadron, 5225B W. Broward Blvd., Fort Lauderdale. 954-873-5413. Miami Beach Rowers Meetup: 7 p.m. atMiami Beach Watersport Center,6500 Indian Creek Drive, Miami Beach. www.meetup.com/Miami-Beach-Rowers-Meet-U. Paddles Dragon Boat Racing: 9 a.m. at the boat ramp at Holland Park, 801 Johnson St., Hollywood. No cost. 954-232-7434. 21, SundayAbout Boating Safely: 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m., sponsored by the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary, at Bass Pro Shops, 220 Gulf Stream Way, Dania Beach. Cost: $50. 954-915-0667; flsafeboating@comcast.net. Seven Seas Cruising Association: 8 a.m. breakfast for International cruising sailors, at Egg & You Diner, 2621 N. Federal Highway, Fort Lauderdale. Public welcome. 954-771-5660; www.ssca.org. 22, MondaySupervised Play for Beginner Bridge Player: 12:30 p.m. Mondays at Fort Lauderdale Bridge Club, 700 NE Sixth Terrace, Fort Lauderdale. Cost: $5 per lesson. 954-761-1577; www.ftlbc.com. 23, TuesdayAmericas Boating Course: 7 p.m. registration at the Pompano Beach Power Squadron, 3701 NE 18th Terrace, Pompano Beach. 954-782-7277; pompanosafeboating@gmail.com. Miami Beach Rowers Meetup: 7 p.m. atMiami Beach Watersport Center,6500 Indian Creek Drive, Miami Beach. www.meetup.com/Miami-Beach-Rowers-Meet-U. 24, WednesdayVenture Sailing Club of South Florida: 7:30 p.m. meeting at the CALLUSTODAYTOREVIEWYOURYACHTAND HOMEOWNERSINSURANCE BEFOREIT’STOOLATE.“I’m a Florida native and an avid boater. I have the experience necessary to dial you in.”1000 S. SR 7 € Plantation, FL 33317 € (954) 581-7740 MARINE  HOME  AUTO  COMMERCIAL  LIFE  HEALTH  www.rickgibbspa.comFamily owned since 1961


CAP TAIN’S LICENSEUSCG APPROVED COURSES — NO USCG TEST! OUPV 6 PackSept 5-7  Miami Assistance Tow Sept 10  Ft. Laud. OUPV 6 PackSept 12-14  Ft. Laud. OUPV 6 PackSept 12-14  Miami License Renewal Sept 19  Ft.Laud. CPR & First Aid Sept 17  Ft. Laud. OUPV 6 PackSept 19-21  Ft. Laud. Upgrade to Master Mate(100 GRT) Sept 26-28  Ft. Laud.1-800-237-8663(954)463-7001 11September2014 WATERFRONTTIMES.COMWaterfront Times HIGH LOW HIGH LOW HIGH LOW HIGH LOW HIGH LOW HIGH LOW TIME ADJUSTMENTS Boca Inlet +8 +17 Hillsboro Inlet -31 -50 Davie Bridge N.R. +40 +40 Port Everglades -45 -6 Karen Canal Haulover Inlet +38 +39 to TideTable in minutes Deerfield Beach +12 +11 Commercial ICW -26 -34 Bahia Mar -20 -18 Dania Cut-Off +45 +28 ( Hendricks Isle ) 0 0 Government Cut -39 -56 Tide Tables for this month and next month are available onlineƒ Log on to WaterfrontTimes.com now for the Tide Tables and more.Tide Table sources: NOAA data at Andrews Avenue Bridge, New River, Fort Lauderdale, Florida SEPTEMBER TIDE TABLE SUNDAY MONDAY TUESDAY WEDNESDAY THURSDAY FRIDAY SATURDAY Founded in 1977www .CableMarine. comCable Marine West (80 & 100 Ton Lifts)954-587-40002491 W. State Road 84 Fort Lauderdale, FL 33312 Cable Marine East (40 Ton Lift) 954-462-28221517 S.E. 16th Street Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316 2029 3039 4049 5059 6069 7079 8089 90& upFiberglass Bottomkote NT $19.75 $22.00 $23.00 $23.75 $28.50 $30.00 $39.50 T&MCopper Guard 19.75 22.00 23.00 23.75 28.50 30.00 39.50 T&MSeaHawk AF33 20.00 22.50 23.50 23.75 29.00 31.00 40.50 T&MUltima SSA 20.00 22.50 23.50 23.75 29.00 31.00 40.50 T&MUnepoxy Plus 20.50 22.75 24.00 24.50 29.50 31.25 41.00 T&MT&MTrinidad 24.50 27.25 28.75 29.50 35.50 37.25 49.00 T&MUltra w/Biolux 25.00 27.75 29.00 29.75 36.00 37.75 49.75 T&MSeahawk Cukote 25.25 28.00 29.50 30.25 36.50 38.50 50.25 T&MMicron CSC 27.75 31.00 32.50 33.50 40.25 42.50 55.75 T&MTrinidad SR 28.00 31.00 32.50 33.50 40.25 42.50 55.75 T&MVivid 28.75 32.00 33.50 34.50 41.50 43.75 57.50 T&MSeahawk Cukote w/Biocide Plus 29.25 32.50 34.00 35.00 42.00 44.25 58.25 T&MMicron Extra w/Biolux 31.25 34.50 36.25 37.25 45.00 47.50 62.25 T&MUltima SR 60 31.25 34.75 36.50 37.50 45.25 47.75 62.50 T&MMicron 66 31.50 35.00 36.75 37.75 45.50 48.00 63.00 T&MSeahawk BioCop TF 32.50 36.00 37.75 39.00 46.75 49.50 64.75 T&MPRICES PER FOOT Bottom Painting Prices (Sanding and barnacle scraping billed at additional $62. per hour) Our everyday low prices are listed below. Have Cable Marine paint your boat and receive coupons equivalent to 10% of your invoice amount (bottom painting only). These coupons can be used as payment against future work performed at Cable Marine or against any purchase made at any Boat Owners Warehouse store. Coconut G rove Sailing Club, 2990 S. Bayshore Drive, Coconut G rove, 305-860-8250. 26, FridayBroadwalk Friday Fest: 7-9 p.m. at Hollywood Beach Theater, on Johnson Street and the Broadwalk, Hollywood. Free. 954-921-3404. 27, SaturdayAbout Boating Safely: 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., sponsored by the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary, at Monica Burguera Foundation, 3750 W. Flagler St., Miami. No cost. 305-428-2453. 28, SundayRiverwalk Sunday Arts: 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., featuringlocal artists, performers, photographers, and others as they perform, present their wares and sell to the public. 954-468-1541. 30, TuesdayMiami Beach Rowers Meetup: 7 p.m. atMiami Beach Watersport Center,6500 Indian Creek Drive, Miami Beach. www.meetup.com/Miami-Beach-Rowers-Meet-U.


12 WATERFRONTTIMES.COMSeptember2014Waterfront Times  ELECTROPLATING  ELECTROPOLISHING  ANODIZINGInquiries Invited € We Ship AnywhereGULF PLATING, INC.SINCE 1955(954) 567-03032501 NE 13th Avenue € Wilton Manors, FL 33305MA RINEPLATINGCHROME NICKEL € GOLD WATERFRONT COMMUNITY Advertise your business here for only $75. Sales Service Parts Fuel Dockwith NOETHANOL 1900 SE 15 Street 954-523-8507 Ft. Lauderdale, Florida www.lauderdalemarina.com AuthorizedDealer Wood-Chuck Workshop, Inc.Custom Yacht Car pen try & Refits Corian / Granite Countertops  Teak Decks & Cover Boards  Teak & Holly/AmticoFlooring  Custom Cabinetry / RefinishingWe Do It All In Wood!954-922-3221 Since 1979AT HARBOR TOWN MA RI NA 2nd Location LMC We Dive Right InŽ We Dive Right InŽInsured To Work In Any Marina or Boatyard HEAT EXCHANGERS Ultrasonic Cleaning and Repair 3 STAR ATLANTIC RADIATOR4358 N. Dixie Highway Fort Lauderdale954-566-7403 10% OFF SERVICES ON YOUR PET’S FIRST VISIT Used Marine Gear  Diesel Machinery  Gen Sets Shipping Agents  Hurricane Chain & Supplies10 SW 23rd Street TEL:954-768-9797Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33315 CELL:954-328-0145 yknot4bob@yahoo.com FAX:954-524-0635 Open Saturday 8am-2pm Board Certified in Admiralty & Maritime LawMARK ERCOLINAttorney At LawOffice: (954) 792-5425 (954) 321-9157 2787 E.Oakland ParkBlvd.#205 Fax: (954) 524-9464 Fort Lauderdale, FL 33306 We Buy, Sell and Trade New and Used Sails. Repairs and Recuts also. Call with your dimensions 800-273-8396 or 954-767-8885 Second Wind Sails € Fort LauderdaleSecond Wind Sails Cell:954.600.0133 954.534.9202 Obedience Training & Problem Solvingdogshappy.net CERTIFIED PROFESSIONALTRAINING


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14September 2014Waterfront Times WATERFRONTTIMES.COM DUFFY'S DIVING SERVICE Props€Shafts€Zincs€Bottoms Monthly & bi-monthly service available Complete underwater maintenance Phone: (954) 964-0064 Small portable AIR COMPRESSOR units, new & used, to fill SCUBA tanks also store size units. Complete line of supplies, filters, oils, fill whips & fittings. Compressed Air Supplies 954-929-4462 M-F DR. ZINC DIVING, Inc. Propeller specialist. Monthly maintenance, commercial diving. Visa & MC. 561-445-0462 € 305-522-3553 The Diver Underwater Maintenance Call 954-522-2524 or 954-401-9745 (cell) Diversified Diving Servicessee ad page 15. Call Steve Saunders 954-491-5296. Boat Bottom Cleaning Service $1.50/foot 754-235-8245 € www.highclassmarine.net Diving Diving Diving Diving Diving Surveyors Surveyors Surveyors Surveyors Surveyors MARK RHODES MARK RHODES MARK RHODES MARK RHODES MARK RHODES SAMS Accredited Senior Marine Surveyor Pre-purchase, Insurance & Financial SurveysBroward 954-946-6779 € Stuart 772-398-0860 E-mail: MarMarkLHP@aol.com SAMS-Marine Surveyor-Steve Snider-AMS prepurchase€insurance€financial surveys Yachts-small craft. Visa/MasterCard www.florida-boatsurvey.com 954-942-4803 SWISS WOODWORK INC Stripping€Repairing€ Refinishing of Furniture & Wooden Boat Parts Call 954-978-2090. WOOD-CHUCK WORKSHOPcustom yacht & residential carpentry at Harbor Town Marina, Dania Cut-Off canal. Call 954-922-3221. CUSTOM MARINE CARPENTRYCable MarineEast yard 954-462-2822 € West yard 954-587-4000 Woodworking Woodworking Woodworking Woodworking Woodworking CABLE west yard (80-ton).... 954-587-4000 East yard (40-ton lift)........... 954-462-2822 1st PERFORMANCE MARINA5 minutes to Port Everglades inlet, 954-763-8743 PLAYBOY MARINEocean access, no bridges www.playboymarine.com 954-920-0533 Complete Marinedockside svc, parts, fuel, 50-ton lift. Pompano Beach. 954-784-9011 LAUDERDALE MARINA: SE 15 ST, Fort Laud. Service€Parts€Sales€Fuel Dock 954-523-8507 ROYALE PALM YACHT BASINDania Beach Full service yard, 75-ton lift. 954-923-5900 River Bend Marine Center River Bend Marine Center River Bend Marine Center River Bend Marine Center River Bend Marine Center 954-523-1832 www.riverbendmarinecenter.com Working Boat Yards Working Boat Yards Working Boat Yards Working Boat Yards Working Boat Yards Wanted Wanted Wanted Wanted WantedI Buy & Sell Boat Books (786) 277-7835 www.KrazyJames.com For Sale For Sale For Sale For Sale For Sale I Sell & Buy Boat Books (786) 277-7835 www.KrazyJames.com Yamaha authorized service & parts954-567-2628 Suzuki authorized service & parts954-567-2628 954-651-5521 YACHT POLISHING ’ We can polish your hull & clean your waterline. Quality In-water service at your dock.Call Gilly Miller 954-923-8391 or 629-3620 (mobile)Licensed & Insured. You Get More Than You Pay For! SWISS WOODWORK INC Stripping€Repairing€ Refinishing of Furniture & Wooden Boat Parts Call 954-978-2090. DOCKSIDE painting€polishing€varnish. Get the best 4 less. C Blake 954-274-2708 Classifieds For classified advertising information call: 954€524€9450 MARINE SERVICES Pages 14 FOR SALE Pages 14-15 DinghiesPersonal Wtrcraft PowerboatsSailboatsChartersTrailersBOATS Pages 15Help WantedBusiness Opport. Captains/Crew Post Wanted WantedPersonalsNOTICES PG 14 DOCKAGE Page 15North Broward Central Broward South Broward Dade Palm Beach The Keys Out State Commercial Dry StorageREAL ESTATE Pages 15For RentApartmentsStorage BaysDockominiums HomesLotsCondominiumsReal Estate Marine Services Marine Services Marine Services Marine Services Marine Services MOBILE REPAIR & MAINTENANCEPeriodic & Troubleshooting, Mechanical, Electrical, Pumps, etc. CIRCUMNAVIGATOR'S YACHT SVC CIRCUMNAVIGATOR'S YACHT SVC CIRCUMNAVIGATOR'S YACHT SVC CIRCUMNAVIGATOR'S YACHT SVC CIRCUMNAVIGATOR'S YACHT SVCExpd, Honest, Reliable. (954) 608-1551Marine Services Marine Services Marine Services Marine Services Marine Services continue next column Marine Services Marine Services Marine Services Marine Services Marine Services continuedNEPTUNE AIR CORP Sales, Service & InstallationAll Brands 1611 SW 2nd Avenue, Ft Laud., FL 33315 € Call: 954-779-2510BEERS GROUP INC. BEERS GROUP INC. BEERS GROUP INC. BEERS GROUP INC. BEERS GROUP INC. Sales & Service Marine Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Phone: 954-802-4156 MARK ERCOLIN MARK ERCOLIN MARK ERCOLIN MARK ERCOLIN MARK ERCOLINBoard Certified in Admiralty & Maritime Law by the Florida Bar2787 E Oakland Blvd, #205, Ft Laud 33306954-792-5425 € 321-9157 € fax: 524-9464disclaimer: disclaimer: disclaimer: disclaimer: disclaimer: The hiring of a lawyer is an important decision that should not be based solely upon advertisements. Admiralty Law Admiralty Law Admiralty Law Admiralty Law Admiralty Law Office & Fax: 954-585-8222Cell: 954-701-0421All your marine canvas & upholstery needs 3000 Ravenswood RD, Unit #6, Dania Beach A/C & Refrigeration A/C & Refrigeration A/C & Refrigeration A/C & Refrigeration A/C & Refrigeration Canvas Canvas Canvas Canvas Canvas CANVAS FACTORYFlybridge covers, Bimini tops, Mooring covers & Repairs. Mobile truck will perform work at your site.Call 954-781-1970 .CANVAS FACTORY CANVAS FACTORY CANVAS FACTORY CANVAS FACTORY CANVAS FACTORYfl ybridge covers, Bimini tops, mooring covers & repairs. Mobile truck will perform work at your site. Call 954-781-1970 RFAST CANVAS For a dockside estimate call 954-596-2279 or 305-807-0144 Corinne's CLEAN CABINS specializing in Interior boat, home and condo cleaning. Over 20 yrs experience. Call 954-673-2099. WAX MOBILE SERVICESwash, compound & wax. Call Alfredo at 954-651-5521 Boat Wash/Detailing. Lowest prices. Weekly & bi-weekly services. Call 954-788-6584. YACHT POLISHING’„ In-water service at your dock. You get more than you pay for. Call: 954-923-8391 € 954-629-3620 Cleaning Boats Cleaning Boats Cleaning Boats Cleaning Boats Cleaning Boats 754-245-2824 € aquayachtservice.com Wash & Cleaning Wax, Compounding & Detail Bottom Cleaning Teak Work... licensed & insured 10% off for members Marine Services Marine Services Marine Services Marine Services Marine Services continued Marine Services Marine Services Marine Services Marine Services Marine Services continue next columnEAST COAST Boat DetailingWash, Wax, Compound, Bottom Cleaning. 954-803-6238 Hullsides Compound & Wax Detail $10.oo/ft, We Come to You!!! 754-235-8245 Detailing Detailing Detailing Detailing Detailing Refinishing Refinishing Refinishing Refinishing Refinishing Batteries Batteries Batteries Batteries Batteries FOR SALE FOR SALE FOR SALE FOR SALE FOR SALE More For Sale For Sale For Sale For Sale For Sale next pageALP's Mobile Marine Repair"I come to you. I fix it right the first time!"All makes & models. Troubleshooting,Gas Engine, Purchase Surveys, Electrical Repairs.Call Anthony 954-973-1135€954-258-9874 Mechanics Mechanics Mechanics Mechanics Mechanics RONALD J. ANANIA Admirality&MaritimeLaw Affordable Representation (954) 448-1872 Attorney at Law Arbitrator € MediatorLaw1492@aol.com € www.AnaniaLaw.comEAST COAST BOAT DETAILINGfiberglass repair & gelcoat. 954-803-6238 Fiberglass Fiberglass Fiberglass Fiberglass Fiberglass waterfronttimes.comSee these same marine artisans on the web at Deck/Dock Electric Deck/Dock Electric Deck/Dock Electric Deck/Dock Electric Deck/Dock Electric Shore Power down?Need another 50 Amps? AS Electric 1.954.941.3625State License # 13005270 Business Opportunities Business Opportunities Business Opportunities Business Opportunities Business Opportunities Services Services Services Services Services continued "We'll put a smile on your boat!"305-904-6733Boat Bottom Cleaning & Zinc Changed.Polish & Wax Insurance Insurance Insurance Insurance Insurance Call 954-300-7371djcmarinesurveyors@gmail.com southfloridamarinesurveyor.com M a s t e r C a r d DJC Marine SurveyorsPre-purchase/Insurance/Financial surveysCorinne's CLEAN CABINS specializing in Home, Condominium & Interior boat cleaning. Over 20 years experience. 954-673-2099 Home Services Home Services Home Services Home Services Home Services Services Services Services Services Services continue next column Join South Floridas largest gathering of nautical artisans as they reach thousands of waterfront homeowners, hundreds of marine workplaces, and major area boat events each month in the Waterfront Times. Call 954-524-9450. To Subscribe call 954-524-9450 To Subscribe call 954-524-9450 To Subscribe call 954-524-9450 To Subscribe call 954-524-9450 To Subscribe call 954-524-9450 Help Wanted Help Wanted Help Wanted Help Wanted Help WantedAuto Air Conditioning Technician needed for well established Ft. Lauderdale downtown business. Own Tools.-954-467-8371 or fax resume to 954-523-0773 or in person 2010 South Andrews Ave, 33316. Please contact & send resume to ricka@nauticalventures.comRapidly exploding (everyone says expanding) South Florida based Dealership selling All types of water craft is in need of an experienced licensed Yacht Broker to join Our staff at our shipyard/Brokerage location. So many leads, so little time. Lots of in house listings to start with and listing leads and buyers inquiring daily.If you are the right person, the income is endless.Health care available.


15Waterfront TimesSeptember 2014 WATERFRONTTIMES.COM Floating Docks Floating Docks Floating Docks Floating Docks Floating Docks FOR SALE FOR SALE FOR SALE FOR SALE FOR SALE Dockage Dockage Dockage Dockage Dockage DocksDocksDocksDocksDocksNORTH BROWARD NORTH BROWARD NORTH BROWARD NORTH BROWARD NORTH BROWARD DocksDocksDocksDocksDocksCENTRAL BROWARD CENTRAL BROWARD CENTRAL BROWARD CENTRAL BROWARD CENTRAL BROWARD Boat Dockage Classifiedswww.DockSearch.comSEARCH RENT BUY SELL 1.954.941.DOCK rentadock.comWill pay top dollar for deepwater dockage! PRIME DOCKAGE Tropical OasisEast Fort Lauderdalenear Galleria MallNo fixed bridges „ Prime Amenities9' MLW, up to 120' Wi-Fi, 50/100 amp, pump-outCall 305-333-7382Real Estate Real Estate Real Estate Real Estate Real Estate continues next columnRIO VISTAdeepwater, no lvbd. Wtr/Elec, Up to 60'. Caretaker avail. 954-524-7228 LAUD-BY-THE-SEA: up to 260' dock available Wtr/Elec. No Lvbds. Call 910-352-2801. MIDDLE RIVER Galleria Area Private Quiet Water Location No fixed bridges „ pump-out 9' MLW up to 100' „ Wi-Fi „ 50/100 amp Call 954-467-8220. N FK New River @ 5th St Wtr/Elec up to 55' gated, no lvbd. Call 954-579-4139. ISLE OF VENICEdeepwater up to 45', NFB, water/electric. Call 954-610-7779. LIVE-ABOARD Secluded dockage near ICW, reasonable rates, telephone & cable. Coconut Bay Resort. Call 954-563-4229. MIDDLE RIVER near Galleria Mall. Up to 80'. Deepwater. NFB. Secure, private parking. Water/Electric. Call 954-494-0615 LAUD ISLES river dockage up to 45', NFB, water/metered electric. Private & secure. NO LIVEABOARD. Call 954-316-1246. DOCK AVAIL: Sailboat OK! No Lvbd. Water & Electric. $400/month. Call 954-587-5710. Laud Isles-to 55' secure/prvt home wtr/elec, no lvbd, sail OK, $10/ft. Call 954-801-8014.For Sale For Sale For Sale For Sale For Sale continued Dockage Dockage Dockage Dockage Dockage continues next columnCITRUS ISLES off New River to 60'. Water & 50 amp electric. No liveaboards. $10/foot. Call 954-557-8500. Century East Apts & Marina100 Isle of Venice. Dockage to 45', lvbds OK. Apts for rentmonthly or annual. 954-980-3230 SOUTH FORK NEW RIVEREast of 95. NFB up to 50', no lvbd. Call 954-524-5975. HENDRICKS ISLE52' long, 5.5' deep, 15' wide. Call 954-306-3187. 50' Dock, 17th St Cswy, 50amps/water. No Lvbd, 6'draft, $500/month. 954-383-3003 LAUD ISLESup to 39', Secure, Water & Electric. $250. No lvbd. Call 954-523-0923. Join South Floridas largest fleet of dock ads. Call Waterfront Times 954-524-9450. Dockage Dockage Dockage Dockage Dockage continued DocksDocksDocksDocksDocksCENTRAL BROWARD CENTRAL BROWARD CENTRAL BROWARD CENTRAL BROWARD CENTRAL BROWARD LOOKING for Private DOCKSPACE?ALL AREAS ALL SIZESDOCKFINDERS of South FloridaRENTING DOCKSPACE ? INQUIRE TODAY!954-771-2680info@dockfinders.com NEW RIVER point lot dockage.New dock, dpwtr, NFB, ocean access, private or yacht broker, up to 100 on river & 40 on canal. Great price. Water/metered elec avail. Prvt home, very safe, with parking. 954-684-5374 SAFE STORAGE for Hurricane Alley954-523-1832 € RiverBendMarineCenter.comJoin South Floridas largest fleet of dock ads. Call Waterfront Times 954-524-9450. Royale Palm Yacht Basinfull service marina on the Dania Cut-off Canal. No bridges. Live Aboards welcome! 954-923-5900 55-slip Marina € Boat Launch Facilities Brand New Restrooms € Shower & Laundry Max Vessel Lengths of 110 & 6 Drafts 24/7 Security € Fuel Dock € Pump-Out City of Hollywood Florida Marina City of Hollywood Florida Marina City of Hollywood Florida Marina City of Hollywood Florida Marina City of Hollywood Florida Marina 700 Polk ST, Hollywood, FL 33019 954-921-3035 € www.hollywoodfl.org/marinaSOUTH FORK NEW RIVEREast of 95. NFB. up to 50', no lvbd. Call 954-524-5975. NE DANIAto 32', no bridges, deep, prvt home, 305 NE 5 CT, Dania. Elec/wtr, fish cleaning table. Call 954-923-2216. Join South Floridas largest fleet of dock ads. Call Waterfront Times 954-524-9450. DocksDocksDocksDocksDocksSOUTH BROWARD SOUTH BROWARD SOUTH BROWARD SOUTH BROWARD SOUTH BROWARDJoin South Floridas largest fleet of dock ads. Call Waterfront Times 954-524-9450. DocksDocksDocksDocksDocksMIAMI-DADE COUNTY MIAMI-DADE COUNTY MIAMI-DADE COUNTY MIAMI-DADE COUNTY MIAMI-DADE COUNTYBring the Boat to Key West!Stock Island Marina Village Stock Island Marina Village Stock Island Marina Village Stock Island Marina Village Stock Island Marina Village, Key West24 33 53.09Ž N 81 44 09.66Ž W Largest deepwater marina in the Keys 128 of new concrete floating dock New high-speed Fuel System Yachts up to 300 feet Captain & Crew Facilities New Gym, Laundry & Showers Large & Small Dog Parks Airport, Downtown & Beach Shuttles Ships Store & Sundries Call Now for reservations: 305-294-2288 305-294-2288 305-294-2288 305-294-2288 305-294-2288 StockIslandMarina.com StockIslandMarina.com StockIslandMarina.com StockIslandMarina.com StockIslandMarina.com Join South Floridas largest fleet of dock ads. Call Waterfront Times 954-524-9450. DocksDocksDocksDocksDocksFLORIDA KEYS FLORIDA KEYS FLORIDA KEYS FLORIDA KEYS FLORIDA KEYS Real Estate Real Estate Real Estate Real Estate Real Estate Real Estate Real Estate Real Estate Real Estate Real Estate continuedCentury East Apts & Marina100 Isles of Venice. Dockage to 45', lvbds OK. Apts for rentmonthly or annual. 954-980-3230Rent your residential waterfront property here.Call Waterfront Times 954-524-9450 Email us ads@WaterfrontTimes.com For RentFor RentFor RentFor RentFor RentRESIDENTIAL RESIDENTIAL RESIDENTIAL RESIDENTIAL RESIDENTIAL Dockage Dockage Dockage Dockage Dockage continues next column Perfect place for Live-Aboards with Amenities you would expect at a country club:Please call or stop by for a viewing & more info:2525 Marina Bay DR West, Ft Lauderdale, FL 33312954-791-7600 € www.MarinaBay-FL.com € Great Location € Gated Community € Beautiful Grounds € Great Restaurant RendezvousŽ DocksDocksDocksDocksDocksDRY STORAGE DRY STORAGE DRY STORAGE DRY STORAGE DRY STORAGE Real Estate Real Estate Real Estate Real Estate Real Estate (954) 258-5900 € Toll Free: 1-888-806-0621Search here for waterfront homes: www.AJRyan.comwith A.J. Ryan Realty established 1924Call John M. Ryan I live on and sell waterfront property!Ž Looking to Buy or Sell Waterfront Property? COLDWELL BANKERResidential Real EstateRich ThompsonFor Sale: Deep Water, Ocean Access, NFB. Affordable Properties priced For Rent: Dockage also available for rent.All types of properties available. Rich Thompson: 954-684-5374Alison Thompson: 954-478-8324Specializing In All Types Of Real Estatewith ocean-access listings throughout the area Search the MLS for WATERFRONT HOMES, visitwww.floridamoves.com/richard.thompsonFeel Confident Working With The Team With A Proven Track Record For RentFor RentFor RentFor RentFor RentCOMMERCIAL COMMERCIAL COMMERCIAL COMMERCIAL COMMERCIAL NORTH BROWARD NORTH BROWARD NORTH BROWARD NORTH BROWARD NORTH BROWARD docks run from McNab Road north to the Palm Beach County line.CENTRAL BROWARD CENTRAL BROWARD CENTRAL BROWARD CENTRAL BROWARD CENTRAL BROWARD docks run from McNab Road south to Port Everglades.SOUTH BROWARD SOUTH BROWARD SOUTH BROWARD SOUTH BROWARD SOUTH BROWARD docks run from Dania Cut-Off Canal south to Dade County Line.Tired of looking for dock space? www.floridadockrentals.com € 954-941-3625LHPDEEPWATER up to 60', NFB, minutes to ICW power/water wide canal Call 954-229-9009 DPWTR LHP wtr/elec min to ocean up to 55' NFB, no lvbd, min $500/mo. 954-786-1442 POMPANO BCHNFB, minutes to ocean,60' dock, water/electric, $10/foot, $300 min. No Liveaboards. Call 954-946-4478. POMP BCHNFB, 50 amp/wtr., pirvate home, near inlet. Call 954-268-7550. NE POMPANO (Harbor Village)access boat to 35', elec, whips, security lights, 1/2 block to ICW. No Lvbd. 954-782-0718 Join South Floridas largest fleet of dock ads. Call Waterfront Times 954-524-9450. See these same properties on the web atwaterfronttimes.com NORTH FORK NEW RIVERCall 954-792-1619.New deepwater dock, 70 available, wide basin, 50 mast max, electric available. No Fixed Bridges. No Live-aboards. Call 954-467-8371Waterview, spacious 1 bedroom apts + Furnished. Laundry facilities, Sun deck, pool, patio & nice grounds. 2-car parking. No pets, Non-smoker.Beach area … Hendricks Isle For Sale by OwnerSecluded Private Mini-Marina on Lake Juanita in Prestigious Rio Vista Isles One of a Kind 110 plus feet of dockage Two slips: one 60+, one 50+ Room for Wave Runners & Row Boats BRAND NEW DOCK !!! BUILD YOUR DREAM HOME !!! Location Location Location Robert: 954-684-1917€ 3350 SW 3rd AVE, FORT LAUDERDALE, FL In commercial complex with parking, sanitation services included. Near Fort Lauderdale International Airport & Port Everglades, south of State Road 84.Office suites from 250 square feet to 1,100 square feet plus Bay approximately 950 sq ftCall 954-467-8371€ 7 SW 11th CT, 1 block north of Davie Blvd corner of South Andrews AV & SW 11 CTOffice building approximately 1,000 Square FeetCITRUS ISLE CANAL, off South Fork New River, Fort Lauderdale Up to 65available on 75' dock, 80' wide canal. Slip dredged to 8' draft Rented To Subscribe to Waterfront Times To Subscribe to Waterfront Times To Subscribe to Waterfront Times To Subscribe to Waterfront Times To Subscribe to Waterfront Times call 954-524-9450 call 954-524-9450 call 954-524-9450 call 954-524-9450 call 954-524-9450 10,000 copies of theWATERFRONT TIMES 954-524-9450 are delivered monthly to ocean-access homes from Lighthouse Point to Keystone Point. To advertise call Pompano… TOP E Boating Area NFB 60 Water for Mast or Tower by ICW. E of US1, Move In Remodeled 3/2 Barrel Roof & Impact Windows.REDUCED $539KCall Salefish Real Estate954-783-2921€ FT LAUDERDALE BEACHOceanfront Mediterranean Style Estate1 of only 49 homes on Ft Lauderdale Beach! 5-bdrm, 51/2-bath has a unique unobstructed 270 view of the ocean. Private walled & gated estate with beautiful pool & spa & tropical patio overlooking the ocean. A must see!Motivated Seller! Major Price Reduction!Now $4,775,000. € CITRUS ISLES75 deep water, no fixed bridges. Largest original 3/2 model On deepest & widest canal !!!Just Reduced! $424,900. € NEW RIVERMEGA YACHT DOCKAGE. Secluded. Tropical paradisewith 160 of waterfront on South Fork New River! Custom built 3/3 approx 4,200 sq ft, 2-story home. Huge 2nd floor master suite, Spectacular oversized pool with waterfall & 3-car garage.$1,795,000.€ MARINA AT ACOSTA CREEK HARBOR on the St. Johns RiverNE of Ocala. 40-slip marina, boat yard, Historic Home, cottage, 2 cabins, 2 efficiencies, 4 RV sites & enclosed Pool.$1,650,000. € RIO VISTABeautiful 3/3 Home Renovated + new addition w/ large family room & large master suite. Reduced.$847,000. € CROISSANT PARK3/2 + den expanded home + free standing 2-car garage. 1900 sq ft. Spacious LR/DR, tile & wood floors, office/utility room.$349,900. € BIRCH CREST CONDO1 block to the Beach! Completely Remodeled. 1-bed, 11/2-bath, SS Appliances, Granite, Hurricane Impact Windows, Doors & more! Building just completed, a $2 million Renovation. A must see!$229,000. € CITRUS ISLES RENTAL Waterfront Duplex2/2 approx 1,250 sq ft, Cental Air, Washer & Dryer. $1,600/month with dock forapprox 30 boat. $1,400/month without dock.€ RIO NUEVO CONDOSGreat Ft Lauderdale location near Downtown & Las Olas. Gated waterfront community with heated pool: € 1-Bed, 11/2-Bath.$135,000. € 2-Bed, 2-Bath. $165,000. € SUNRISE LAKES CONDO2/2 golf/garden view, tile floors, washer/dryer in the unit, screened balcony. 55+ community.$46,900. € INDUSTRIAL/OFFICE SPACE FOR LEASE… 1/2 OFFICE &1/2 WAREHOUSE 4,900 square feet. Zoning permits Marine Repairs & Sales Auto-Manufacturing Distribution, etc.Pompano Beach location near Interstate 95.$2,900/month. € 2 PLATTED BUILDING LOTS83x100 each, one Waterfront, one Dry Lot. Lots are contiguousSo Buy one or both! Near Downtown, off South Fork New River. $350K Wet / $250K Dry .€ NEW SMYRNA BEACH areaQUAIL ROOST RANCHES Build your Country Dream Home. Country livingbring the horse & ATV.€ 2.5-acre vacant lot. $19,500. € 4.3-acre vacant lot. $29,500. € CITRUS ISLES3/2 65 on Deepwater Ocean Access Canal. New Kitchen -SSGas Range & appliances, New Cabinets/ Granite. Tile floors. Garage, Deck, Fenced Yard.$499,900. € CITRUS ISLES3/3 beautiful custom built waterfront home on 85 of deepwater. High ceilings, cherry cabinets, granite, porcelain tile & wood floor. View towards the New River.$899,000. € FLORIDA KEYSKey Colony BeachSeapointe Condo. Spectacular ocean view on point4-bdrm, 4-bath, 2,130 sq. ft. Fabulous, new kitchen & baths! Private beach, deeded dock, gated community. Bank owned.$1,400,000. Living and working on the New River € Specializing In Waterfront Real Estate € (954) 462-5770www.garganorealty.com 800 E. BROWARD BLVD., SUITE 101 FORT LAUDERDALE, FLORIDA 33301 Central location off the New River. Conveniently located close to downtown Ft Lauderdale. Gated island featuring 24-hr manned security, 2 tennis courts & 3 heated pools. Small pets OK (owners only) No fixed bridges, ocean access dockage up to 52 (owners only as available):€ 1/11/2 Open & Airy, largest 1-Bdrm, separate dining area.$168,900. € 2/11/2 Canal/Tennis View, Washer & Dryer in unit...$154,900. € 2/2 First FloorPark-like View, Covered Parking...$177,500. € 2/2 City View, Covered Parking..............$219,900. € 2/2 Completely Remodeled, City View, Covered Parking...$244,900. € 2/2 Remodeled Kitchen & Bath, Covered Parking......$249,900. € 2/2 Largest in RR. 1,500 sq ft, covered parking...$299,000. € 2/21/2 First Floor, Covered Parking..........$235,000. € 2/2 Corner remodeled, City View............$227,500. € 2/2 Corner with wrap-around balcony.....$229,000. € 2/2 CornerUpdated, W/D in unit, Canal View...$229,900. € 2/2 Pool/Canal View, W/D hook-up in unit...$184,900. € 2/2 Corner, largest model, covered parking...$249,500. € 2/2 Corner w/River View, new Kitchen & Baths...$279,900. € 2/2 Largest model updated, covered parking, Canal/River View.$284,900. € 2/2 Remodeled, Canal View!...................$223,900. € 2/2 Updated Corner with Direct New River View!..$279,500. € 2/2 Corner, 1500 sq ft, River View, covered parking..$299,900. € RIVER REACH CONDOSDockage Available Now!!! Hurry! SOLD SOLD RIVER REACH RENTALS € 1-Bedroom............................................$975-$1,325/month. € 2-Bedroom........................................$1,200-$2,000/month. SOLDSOLD SOLDSOLDSOLD CONTRACT SOLD WWW.GARGANOREALTY.COM CONTRACTSOLDCONTRACT SOLD


16 WATERFRONTTIMES.COMSeptember2014Waterfront Times SALE DATES JULY 1 THRU JULY 31, 2007 Sale Dates: September 1 thru 30, 2014 Bulk Repackaged Oil Gallons 2-Cycle Type TCW-3 Quality Mercury and Yamaha oil, bulk repackaged in gallons by Boat Owners Warehouse. Order no. Type List SALE 246889 Mercury Premium $29.99 $1999 247861 Mercury Optimax $36.99 $2499 333040 Yamalube $34.99 $2099LIMIT 6 GALLONS PER CUSTOMER. Forespar Tea Tree Power’ Mold, Mildew & Odor Eliminator Order No Mfg No Size List SALE $1399 $2099 $3399 $5999TŽ Handle Surface Mount Lock & Latch Order No Mfg No Color Type List SALE $3499 $3499 $3899 $3899 1091DP1BLK 1092DP1BLK Order No. Mfg. No. Watts LEDs A B List SALE $399 $399 $599 $599 $799 Order No. Mfg. No. A B MA Volts Watts LED List SALE $1499 $1999 $2199 $2999Sea Dog All Around LED Festoon Bulb Sea Dog LED Festoon Bulb Stainless Steel Clear Ice Cube Maker on compressor. Order No Mfg No List SALE $1,49999 Rule Bait Pumps List SALE $4299 $4299 $3999 $4699 $4699 $4299 $4599 401C, 403C 401FC, 403FC, 405FC 401STC, 403STC Rule UL Listed Bilge Pumps with 6 Wire Leads Order No Mfg No Size List SALE $10999 $17999 Order No. Mfg. no. GPM Voltage List SALE $9999 $14999 $17999 $34999 $37999Jabsco PARMAX Washdown Pumps Sierra Replacement Elements for Water Separator/Filters Order No. Mfg. no. Microns Length Replaces List SALE $599 $799 $599 $599 $799 $599