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Serving South Florida’s Coastal NeighborhoodsAUGUST 2014 YEAR 5 IS SUE 2 If only Lebron liked to fish ............................3 Social medias maritime legalities ..............5 Admiralty Law 5 € Classifieds 14 € Event Calendar 10 € Tide Table 11 € Galley 6 CANDICE RUSSELL Waterfront Times The July 4 boating accident on Biscayne Bay in Miami that cost four people their lives has horrified boaters pushing the importance of following basic safety skills on the water. While an investigation is ongoing, preliminary reports say that alcohol was involved when the 32-foot Contender plowed into a 36-foot Carrera near Dinner Key Marina around 10:40 p.m. The Carrera spun out of control and hit a third boat. Toxicology tests to prove alcohol and drug levels in the deceased will take weeks to process. Unknown at this time is whether the boaters involved were wearing life jackets or how fast the Contender was traveling. What is known is that the impact from the Contender left a gaping hole in the second boat. “The tragedy lends itself to a discussion of boater safety and education and the importance of wearing life jackets,” says Mike Cortese, commanding officer of the U.S. Coast Guard in Miami Beach. The best source of prevention is education regarding rules of the road and maintaining a safe speed.” Rescue crews searched the dark night waters for 22 passengers on the three boats involved. Victoria Dempsey, 20; Andrew Garcia, 23; Kelsie Karpiak, 24; and Jason Soleimani, 23, died. Three others suffered serious injuries. “That accident was horrible,” says Gregg Henry, rear commodore with the Gulfstream Sailing Club in Fort Lauderdale. “We’re sailors. Accidents do happen in sailboats from people falling overboard, but not from high-speed collisions.” One solution may be increased law enforcement, Henry suggests. He adds that “Miami doesn’t have the money to keep the boats under control. With go-fast boats like these, boaters rev their engines and go fast to show off. Those engines have two speeds — full out or not at all.” Jim Webb, commodore of the Gulfstream Sailing Club, isn’t surprised by the tragedy, which in his view had all the elements of a catastrophe: “There are too many boats going too fast. The accident strikes close to home for me because I keep my boat in Crandon Park on Key Biscayne.” He says that young people are maneuvering their fathers’ powerboats at high speeds. Things get complicated when hundreds of boats decide to leave the same event at the same time. “The wakes are so bad and you’re trying to control Biscayne Bay, with its dense boat traffic, can make boat accidents inevitable if people dont abide by the rules.SEE TRAGEDY | PAGE 4 Proposed state law would simplify bass limitationstical pants and combat stance, right hand on the grip of her Glock. “Turn around real slow,” she commands. “Now put that bass on ice with the others.” There aren’t any others, you blurt, I turn them all loose. “Oooh, you in a heap o’ trouble boy,” that cop says, making a note of your confession. Don’t worry yet about getting a ticket. The projected time to implement the new rules is July 2016. That gives bass-catchers two years to re-condition their thinking, make constructive complaints and acquire a taste for warm-water bass. The pending rule is an outgrowth of the state’s Black Bass Management Plan, approved by FWC in 2011. Here’s how to catch up on that plan and speak your piece on the pending rule proposal: go online to myfwc.com/fishing and scroll down the left side. There’s a pictorial link to the management plan and just below it another link to the survey where you can submit your own ideas. ARNOLD MARKOWITZ Waterfront Times Two hips and a hooray for Florida’s work-inprogress plan to make a single statewide rule for largemouth bass size and bag limits. The idea is easy to support, but the details could be something to bicker about. What we have now is a statewide rule with the burden of a dozen local and regional variations. That creates confusion — a complex definition of Lake Okeechobee, for instance — and most freshwater fishing-doers should be glad to see the end of it. The rule being proposed says keep-and-eat fishingdoers will be allowed to take home five largemouth per day, same as now. The new part: One can be 16 inches or longer, a significant jump from the 12-inch line that applies now north and west of the Suwanee River and 14 inches in the rest of Florida. The simplicity is admirable, but should the present daily limit of five be continued, increased or decreased? What about the less than 16-inch size limit for four of the keepers? Is the present common standard of 14 inches better? Should the max be more than 16 inches? The FWC has finished a calendar of public hearings, but if you haven’t attended one there’s still time to add your views online to the pile already being considered. You might have a better idea. First, it would be well to review the background, where you’ll find an explanation for the FWC view that the common practice of releasing smaller bass to let them grow bigger doesn’t meet the goals of conserving the big ones to let them grow bigger still. That’s counter-intuitive to fishing-doers accustomed to releasing all their bass because that’s the sporting way — or only because they don’t feel like cleaning fish at the end of a tiring day and warm-water bass don’t taste so good anyhow. Now the state of Florida wants us to keep the semi-small to medium ones, not that a 14 or 15 incher is bait bucket stuff, but a lot of us would feel guilty for keeping it. What, now we’re supposed to feel guilty if we don’t? Imagine catching a bass, removing the hook ever so gently, thanking the fish and cradling it in the water until it catches its breath, when a voice from behind cries “Halt!” There’s a stern-faced wildlife officer in tacSEE SIMPLICITY | PAGE 9 Navy days Philippine Sea: Information Systems Technician Third Class Heather Tower, from Fort Lauderdale, practices applying bandages on a simulated casualty during medical training. She is currently serving aboard the U.S. Navys forward-deployed aircraft carrier USS George Washington,in the Indo-Asia-Pacific region. Photo Courtesy | Mass Communication Specialist Third Class Beverly J. Lesonik Reflections on a tragedy: Acautionarytaleforboaters


2 WATERFRONTTIMES.COMAugust 2014Waterfront Times AUGUST 2014 YEAR 5 ISSUE 2COPYRIGHT 2014 STORYBOARD MEDIA, INC. ISSN 8756-00382787 East Oakland Park Boulevard  Suite 205 Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33306 954-524-9450  Fax954-524-9464 editor@waterfronttimes.comwaterfronttimes.comThe Waterfront Times welcomes your stories, art and photos. We are not re spon si ble for unsolicited con tri bu tions,lost ordamaged photo material. The Waterfront Times retains first rights only. Advertising rates are available upon request.EditorJennifer HeitAdvertising SpecialistJerry WieczorekCorrespondentsDoug Jordan Arnold Markowitz Art DirectionJim Pollard Design,Inc. VacuFlush4800 seriesall-ceramic toilets include electric push-button flush; full-size bowl and seat for comfort; residential and low profile models for versatile applications; aboveand belowfloor outlets with plug-in base for easy installation.MasterFlush8700 seriestoilets are powered by an ultraquiet electric macerator; offer elongated-size bowl and seat; and are available with electronic flush handle or push-button. Features full-scale residential styling.VacuFlush5000 seriesfootpedal toilets offer full-size bowl and seat; residential, medium and low profile models; and aboveand below-floor outlets to accommodate a wide range of boats. For expert advice, parts and service, contact us:ENVIRONMENTAL MARINE SERVICES111A SW 23rd Street., Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33315 € 1-800-522-2656 or 954-522-2626 VacuFlush4800 seriesall-ceramic toilets include electric push-button flush; full-size bowl and seat for comfort; residential and low profile models for versatile applications; aboveand belowfloor outlets with plug-in base for easy installation.MasterFlush8700 seriestoilets are powered by an ultraquiet electric macerator; offer elongated-size bowl and seat; and are available with electronic flush handle or push-button. Features full-scale residential styling.VacuFlush5000 seriesfootpedal toilets offer full-size bowl and seat; residential, medium and low profile models; and aboveand below-floor outlets to accommodate a wide range of boats. ENVIRONMENTAL MARINE SERVICES111A SW 23rd Street., Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33315 € 1-800-522-2656 or 954-522-2626 BOAT OWNERS: MENTION THIS AD —RECEIVE A 10% DISCOUNT


3August2014 WATERFRONTTIMES.COMWaterfront Times GAS& DIESEL FUELWE DELIVER DOCKSIDE Call Toll Free: 1-888-250-3835 Serving Broward, Dade & Palm Beach Counties Call now for a current price quote! $15OFF FUEL DELIVERY PURCHASEONLY WITH THIS COUPONBoat deliveries only  One coupon per delivery Expires 8/31/14 (954) 763-87431900 SE 15th St., Ft. Lauderdale, FL 24-Hour Emergency HaulingBoat Repairing & Painting Travelift Service to 60 Ft.Fiberglass, Gelcoat & PaintingMechanical RepairsSurvey HauloutsBottom Painting5 minutes to Inletyachtpaint.com ARNOLD MARKOWITZ Waterfront Times Columnist Fish might have been the first to know the bad news on that awful Friday morning. Those we could see in the clear shallows looked lethargic, ignoring lures and flies they ordinarily attack. Places where fish are all but legally required to lurk in wait for prey seemed abandoned. A few gave our baits half-hearted attention. We had three bites all morning and a fourth as we were getting off the water, chased in early by a building thunderstorm that felt a little darker, a little more electric than usual. Earlier, even with the sky clear and bright, wading birds that should have been busy around us in the suburban wetland were somewhere else. Here and there a gallinule or a Muscovy duck lounged indifferently. Everyone seemed so, so listless. Driving home, I began to sense it wasn’t just one of those days. Something felt wrong, bad wrong. I turned the radio on. “LeBron James is going home,” the radio said. So am I, said I. So what? Then the radio said you don’t understand. LeBron is quitting the Miami Heat. He is going back home to Ohio, to play for Cleveland again. Is this a dream or just one of your station’s stupid April Fool pranks? I asked and the radio said “neither and this is July, not April.” LeBron is really going back to Ohio to play for the Cavaliers. Oh, was I staggered. I had to pull off the highway to get a grip. Not knowing what else to do, I headed straight for the clubhouse of the Fish or Cut Bait Society. It’s a comforting crisis center for stressed out fishingdoers when they don’t know what else to do. I was staggered again by what I found them doing: One group of guys was leaning over the pool table, weeping. More were at the bar, wailing, and yet another bunch was in a corner, gnashing their teeth. Across the meeting room a line of members were peeling down to their undies and feeding their clothing into a shredder. I could barely ask. “Rending our garments,” one of them answered. There isn’t usually much talk of pro team sports at the Fish or Cut Bait Society. We’re a fishing club, not a fan club, right? So I was surprised to see that so many of us are not just casual Heat fans but extra-passionate ones. A few of the guys with better self control were trying to understand why anyone who’d left the Rust Belt for Miami would want to go back. None of them felt a sentimental pull from their hometowns or even states. Me neither, I said. “Yeah, but you’re from New Jersey,” one of them answered. “Nobody misses New Jersey, right?” Right, I said. I went to college in Ohio and began my career covering sports there and I don’t miss it either, but most people I know from Ohio still hold a fond attachment to it. I don’t know why; it can’t be the fishing. It used to be common for grown men in grimy little Ohio river towns to stab each other in saloon arguments over high school football. I couldn’t understand that either, but it was always a good story. It also may indicate that Ohioans care more about their teams and players than we care about ours. Watching the near-naked line growing at the shredder I thought come on, this is too much. I was trying to think up a few wisecracks to lighten the mood when Manuel Tiller, the chairman of the steering committee, approached. He looked ridiculous. After rending his garments he had made a crude tunic out of a sack and smoked a cigar for the ashes, which he smeared on his skin. He carried a sword. I started to laugh but Tiller, who’s normally as cheerful as anyone I know, begged me tearfully to hold the sword while he fell upon it. Nothing doing, I told him, you can’t commit ritual suicide because LeBron James wants to go back to Ohio. “But it’s my fault,” Tiller blubbered. “Every month for the last four years I’ve mailed LeBron an invitation to join our outfit. I’ve invited him on all our group outings, sent him greeting cards for every holiday, even sent messages on Twitter and all those other things they have on smart phones.” What for? I asked. “I wanted to get him involved in fishing. I thought if he joined us he would form a bond to South Florida that nothing else could equal. After all, the fishing is what brought us down here and keeps us here. Lots of us came from somewhere else, but this is where we feel most at home.” Poor Tiller tried too hard. He went to Heat games wearing his club T-shirt, and whenever there was a lull he stood up and hollered “Fish or cut bait!” Other fans gave him high fives, which made him feel good, but LeBron didn’t even notice, which made Tiller feel bad. All he got back for his Twitter messages were autoreplies, so he organized a band of volunteers to fish every day on Biscayne Bay, right behind LeBron’s waterfront house. DIRTY FUELIS THE #1 CAUSE OF DIESEL ENGINE TROUBLE Impurities in your tanks rob engines of valuable horsepower and can, at the worst possible time, leave your vessel “DEAD IN THE WA TER” Removing the fuel from the tank is useless. Sludge and water remain on the interior surfaces and at the very bottom of your tanks. Only our equipment has a patented “FILTER FLUSH” system to pressure agitate the inside of tanks, then filter all suspended contaminates out of your fuel.IN USE SINCE 1965GUARANTEED TO LEAVE YOUR FUEL PURE AND TANKS FREE OF ALGAE, WATER, RUST, SCALE OR OTHER CON TAM I NATES. DOCKSIDE SERVICE  EMERGENCY SERVICE  PREVENTATIVE FUEL TREATMENT  SERVING ALL OF FLORIDA ADDED AFTER TANK FLUSH  BEST SERVICE AT THE  SPECIALIZING IN PURE FLOW BEST PRICE YACHT FILTER SYSTEMS GUN MARINE FILTRATION SPE CIAL ISTS(954) 522-6346 Capt. Gunnar Watson SEE FISHING | PAGE 8 ZIMARGALVANIC ANODES MADE FROM PURE ZINC  GOOD PRICE  LAST LONGER  SHAFT ZINCS FROM 3/4" TO 6"  METRIC SHAFT ZINCS FROM 25 TO 160 m/m  ZINCS FOR EUROPEAN YACHTS  ZINCS FOR TAIWAN BOATS 2090 S.W. 71 TERR. BLDG. G-6 DAVIE, FL 33317 TEL. (954) 424-3844FAX (954) 424-9899HadLeBrongonefishing,theHeatwouldstillbehot FISHING


4 WATERFRONTTIMES.COMAugust2014Waterfront Times intoxicated, practicing unsafe boating. They really lack any boating knowledge or awareness of safety.” As friends of the families of the accident victims, Miami sport fishing captains Bric Peeples and Terry Claus are on a mission to institute safety measures that might prevent such a tragedy in the future. According to a recent article in the Miami Herald, the two men want mandatory licensing and on-water education for recreational boaters; harsh penalties for boating under the influence; and a change in lighting requirements for recreational boats, so that skippers can easily make out approaching vessels from the city’s bright lights. They are also pushing for a daytime idle-only zone around popular Mashta Flats sandbar off Key Biscayne, a popular place for boaters to anchor and hold parties on weekends and holidays. Meanwhile, boaters say these are steps in the right direction, but are they enough? “It gets back to being a kid,” Webb said. “One thing leads to another, which is too bad. What can you do? Education?” your boat,” says Webb. “It’s like being in the middle of a storm.” In 2012, Florida led the nation with the highest number of boating accidents with 662, nearly double the second-place state of California with 365. Falling in third place was New York with 197 boating accidents. The figures for 2013 accidents emphasize just where the biggest problems on the water occur. MiamiDade County with 59,708 recreational vehicles was number one in Florida with four deaths and 50 injuries in a total of 104 reportable accidents. Number four was Broward County with one death and 29 injuries in a total of 50 reportable accidents. Of course, none of this carnage and destruction has to take place. The twin culprits of drugs and alcohol accounted for nine deaths from boating accidents in Florida in 2013. “Alcohol and drug-related boating accidents are preventable,” said Capt. Tom Shipp of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission’s Boating and Waterways Section. “Even one death is too many.” The recklessness of boaters is reflected in this irony. In 2004, there were 946,072 registered recreational vehicles on Florida waterways. In 2013, there were fewer — just 870,749 recreational vehicles. Yet, from 2011 to 2013, each of those years had in excess of 700 reportable accidents, a figure that has increased in the past decade. It’s as if no one is paying attention to the posters and official efforts to promote Operation Dry Water, exhorting boaters to never boat while under the influence. This nationwide public education effort to prevent accidents has special relevance on holidays and weekends, when it’s party time for many boaters. Some boat owners like Steven Sylvester of Fort Lauderdale take the opposite approach and stay home. This owner of a Bayliner Rendezvous says of holidays and weekends, “This is the time when it’s carte blanche for stupidity. We won’t go out then because of the alcoholism of other boaters. We feel this way because of witnessing people out of control and possibly TRAGEDY FROM PAGE 1 Saddened boaters call for a return to safety basics McDonalds Hard ware245 W. State Rd. 84 Fort Lauderdale Open 7 Days954.463.2000www.mcdonaldshardware.com Marine Resinwith Hardener$1899a gallon 954-581-7740 1000 South SR-7, Pl a nt a tion, FL 33317 www.rickgibbsp a .com  F a x: 954.584.9875 Is your homeowners or wind insurance being cancelled or non-renewed? Is your homeowners insur a nce too expensive? At Rick Gibbs, P.A. Insurance Agency our speci a lty is home insur a nce. Are you informed a bout a ll of the credits a nd discounts a v a il a ble? Call us for a competitive quote. Family Owned Since 1961


5August2014 WATERFRONTTIMES.COMWaterfront Times PREMIUM HARDWOODSPLYWOODS VENEERS LAMINATESWood-Chip Marine Lumber & Supplies3301 South Andrews Avenue, Bay 8, Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33316 (954) 522-1481 Officesales@www.woodchiplumber.com (954) 522-7269 Faxwww.woodchiplumber.com CaptainsLicense CoursesUSCG Approved... Get Your Six-Pack or Get Your Master All Levels of Training... Beginner to YachtmasterNO TEST AT COAST GUARD Maritime Professional TrainingWhere you go to school does matter!1915 South Andrews Avenue € Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33316954-525-1014 € 800-423-9267e-mail: info@mptusa.com € web: www.mptusa.com Consider this: When it comes to social networks, who exactly are your “friends”? Moreover, can your friends be trusted not to inform on you or move your material from your private section to somewhere else? Are any of the parties involved in the case among your so-called friends? Further, certain jurisdictions recognize a stronger right to social media privacy than others. Or to put it another way, some jurisdictions are less concerned with opposing attorneys or their investigators “friending” you than others. So if you traditionally have many friends, you may find out some are friendlier than others. The moral may be that in a litigious world, someone “getting in your Facebook” may not be the friendliest of acts. “What about deleting materials?” you might ask. Well, if you’re doing it at a time when you’re not involved in litigation, it’s probably okay. H owever, as mentioned earlier, other parties may have some of that information you put out on their sites and servers already. Further, if you begin to remove materials in anticipation of litigation, it could be looked upon as the possible spoliation of evidence, and have legal consequences. As I’ve heard it put, “Once something is on the Internet, it’s there forever.” The legal perspective of what that means is still being worked out by the courts. The take away thought from all this is that social media should be used with the utmost of caution, even if you are the most honest of men or women. As it stands, except for the lack of public executions, I think Cardinal Richelieu might have been very comfortable in this Internet age. Mark Ercolin is a maritime attorney based in Fort Lauderdale. The information offered in this column is summary in nature and should not be applied to specific cases or situations. Of course, there exists the high profile celebrity cases that show how misplaced thoughts on social media have brought harm to careers and friendships. But let’s consider the more humdrum aspects of how social media might affect civil litigation without celebrities: Hypothetically, say you’re in a boating accident and are being sued by an injured party (this example works just as well if you’re the party who’s suing). H owever, a photo was uploaded to social media showing you with one hand on the controls and a bottle in the other hand. The photo caption reads, “It’s a party everyday out here on the water!” Mind you, you can’t see a label on the bottle, nor can you tell if the boat is even operating — but the photo is out there. Is this information pertinent, relevant, or material to the case involving your accident? Possibly not, depending on other factors surrounding the photo, including the time it was taken and its context. H owever, since it is out there on the Internet, it can arguably be considered “discoverable.” Time — and expense — will now be necessary to explain the photo’s existence and why it doesn’t matter in this case. Meanwhile, opposing parties will argue why the picture does matter. At the very least, the photo could easily complicate a quick settlement. “But, wait!” you might exclaim, “What if I keep all my information and fun stuff in the ‘private section’ of my accounts?” Yes, having limited public access might help, but it’s not a guarantee that such photos won’t be seen. ADMIRALTY LAW AIR COMPRESSORSYSTEMS for DIVERS Compressed Air Supplies and Equipment, Inc.Specializing in the Diving Industry Fill Whips & Panels/Manifolds  Yokes  Gauges Filters  Hoses  Oils  Air Storage Tanks & Fittings Our Clients include: Dive Resorts & Scuba Shops Yacht Owners & Captains, Divers, Fire Dept.800 OldGriffinRd.,#3PHONE:(954)929-4462Dania, FL33004FAX: (954)929-4463E-MAIL: CompAirSupply@att.netBauerNew Used Supplies Sales Service Custom Marine Canvas & UpholsteryCreatively Custom Made… Just the Way You Want it in Ways You’ve Never Seen Before! THE MARINE TAILOR DOES IT ALL: Bimini Tops Aft Tops Stern Covers Full Storage Covers Enclosures Fly-Bridge Cushions Window Covers Navy Tops Dodgers Coamings …and More RFAST CANVAS Call Hector or Ricky for a Dockside Estimate954-596-2279or305-807-01441624 S.E. 3rd Court Deerfield Beach, FL 33441Located in the Cove Marina  www.rfas tcanvas.net Custom Marine Canvas & UpholsteryRFAST CANVASLicense #07-00024146 We Moved! MARK ERCOLIN Waterfront Times Columnist “Show me six lines written by the most honest man in the world, and I will find enough to hang him!” These chilling words are attributed to the 17th century French tyrant, Cardinal Richelieu, best remembered in popular culture as the primary villain in Duma’s, “The Three Musketeers” novels. The statement becomes even more frightening when you consider that the historic Richelieu was probably less charming than Duma’s fictional depiction. Many of us abide by the motto: “Those who have nothing to hide have nothing to fear.” But the realities of a litigious society, balancing the concepts of “freedom” versus “safety,” can bring the wicked Cardinal’s declarations into something worth exploring even 400 years after he made them. Generally, we consider ourselves to be the fortunate heirs of a free nation that allows ideas to be stated without fear. The natural inclination is to apply this premise to the Internet and its social networks, where we communicate with family and friends, present and future clients, customers, employees and employers. This may sound like a reasonable use of resources, but as Cardinal Richelieu would point out, the unthinking Internet user could be splicing their own noose. HUNGRY?See page6forGalleyrecipes! From Bottoms to Repower, WE DO IT ALL! Full Service On-Water Facility  Dockside Service & Repair  50 Ton Marine Travelift  Fuel & Dockage  Sales/Brokerage  We Buy Boats 954-567-BOAT  WWW.COMPLETEBOAT.COM 800 South Federal Highway, Pompano Beach 33062 The legalities of social media and maritime suits


6 WATERFRONTTIMES.COMAugust2014Waterfront Times 6 minutes more and then flip again. Cook for about 5 minutes more, flip and cook until steak reaches an internal temp of 126 degrees for medium rare steak. Allow steak to rest for 5 minutes. Spoon bacon brown butter sauce over steak and drizzle with balsamic reduction. Serve hot. How to Select the Perfect Wines for any Summer Event Family Features — From weekend backyard barbeques to spontaneous weeknight gatherings, summer is filled with celebrations with fabulous food, drink and fun. Whether you're unsure of what wines to serve as the host, or the best refreshment to pick as a guest, you Fountain Belzona Key Largo Tahoe Novurania Hobie Go Pro Yamaha Carbon Craft Bote VersaDock Hyperlite Tohatsu Chapman OBrien DaKine H2O Century Bic Laser Honda Cannon The Go-To People TM50 South Bryan Rd. Dania Beach, FL 33004 954-926-5250 nauticalventures.com +Nautical Ventures Marine Superstore Do you have a need to get on the water? We can help! 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This allows the exterior of the meat to crisp while the inside cooks evenly all the way through. Searing over high heat also helps to seal in flavor, Lilly says. Unlike gas grills, charcoal can easily achieve temperatures of more than 800 degrees to enhance the flavor profile of your steak. Grilled New York Strip with Bacon Brown Butter Sauce and Balsamic DrizzleRecipe created by Tuffy Stone 1-inch thick cut New York strip steak teaspoon kosher salt and freshly cracked pepper 2 tablespoons unsalted butter 2 strips of thick cut bacon, sliced into 1/4-inch strips cup balsamic vinegar Season both sides of steak with salt and pepper. Allow steaks to sit for 30 minutes at room temperature. For butter sauce, take 1 tablespoon each of butter and bacon, and saut in pan to render fat out of bacon, browning and crisping it. Drain fat from pan, leaving bacon. Add remaining 1 tablespoon of butter to saut pan with bacon and brown butter over high heat. For balsamic drizzle, place vinegar in saucepan and reduce to 1/4 cup or until it coats spoon. Set up fire for direct grilling. While grill heats, remove steaks from refrigerator to come to room temperature. When briquettes are burning hot, pour coals into bottom grill and place grate on top. Once grill has reached 700 degrees, place steak on grill and cook for approximately 6 minutes, then flip. Cook approximately don't have to be a master sommelier to choose the perfect wine pairing for every meal or occasion. As a general rule, nature has color-coded foods with the wines best suited for their flavors. For example, white wines pair well with light foods, while dark wines usually complement richer fare. Here are some more specific scenarios to help you enjoy the good times ahead. Wedding showers and celebrations: Because many of these soirees include an assortment of foods, there are several routes you can take to discover the perfect wine pairing. For guests enjoying fresh, fruit salad or tilapia with a mango salsa, consider an herbaceous sauvignon blanc which will complement the fruit flavors with its crisp acidity. For those who prefer a more floral wine, a viognier may be the answer to go alongside any grilled chicken or seafood dish. Al Fresco events: A top choice among many guests is a vibrant, flavorful glass of chardonnay. This favorite white wine pairs well with crisp summer salads and lighter grilled selections, such as salmon and shrimp entrees. One expressive offering, Kendall-Jackson AVANT Chardonnay, is fruit forward and fermented in a combination of stainless steel tanks and neutral oak barrels, which bring out its distinctive green apple and lemon flavors. It is the choice for those who prefer a Chardonnay with a little less oak. Barbeques and daytime events: If a mid-day get together is in your future, there is one delicious pairing option to consider. For hosts who plan to serve a grilled selection, such as pork chops or saucy, smoky ribs, consider pairing the menu with an expressive and fruit forward red blend. Kendall-Jackson AVANT Red Blend offers a silky and smooth texture that begins with fermentation in neutral oak barrels to bring out rich, fruit flavors. A sultry mosaic of French varieties, the wine focuses on Syrah and Malbec with aromas of ripe raspberry and bold black cherry. Hints of spice and dark chocolate deliver a smooth, lingering finish, so this red blend will also complement a grilled steak or any other red meat favorite.Trycharcoal grille for searing New York steaks Grilled New York Strip with Bacon Brown Butter Sauce and Balsamic Drizzle GALLEY


7August2014 WATERFRONTTIMES.COMWaterfront Times www .CableMarine. com Cable Marine East Yard 954-462-2822 1517 S.E. 16th Street, Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33316Cable Marine West Yard 954-587-4000 2491 W. State Road 84, Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33312Complete Yacht Service and Repairs Founded in 1977 Undercover Dockage Bottom Painting Engine Repower and Overhaul Custom Carpentry Cockpit Extensions Fiberglass Repairs Ref inishing Specialists Dockside Service Bow Thrusters / Stabilizers Engines / Generators 40 / 80 / 100 Ton Capacity Lifts Available 24 / 7


8 WATERFRONTTIMES.COMAugust2014Waterfront Times Their plan was to jump some big ones — tarpon, they hoped, which can leap as high as LeBron himself — so close by that he had to notice. Theoretically, the big guy would run out on the dock to watch the spectacle and they would invite him onto their boats, but it didn’t work out. Of course it didn’t, I said. You might catch a few sea trout along the bulkhead there, but most days just average mangrove snappers. “I know,” Tiller said, “but we tried to make the best of it. Once we caught some nice snappers and tied up at LeBron’s dock to give them to him. Some guy came out and told us LeBron wasn’t home and thanks on the Everglades pond open ARNOLD MARKOWITZ Waterfront Times Paurotis Pond in Everglades National Park is open again to boating and fishing after a 6-month closure to protect nesting birds from human disturbance. The pond, 24 miles from the park entrance south of Homestead, is a no-motor zone with a small launch ramp for paddle craft. In addition to good freshwater fishing, it’s a prime place to see wood storks, ibis, roseate spoonbills, egrets, herons and anhingas, even after nesting season. Bug net clothing and insect repellent are essential equipment at the ramp. Watch for alligators hanging out there. Even snapper couldn’t keep LeBron Unlimited towing details and exclusions can be found online at BoatUS.com/towing or by calling.Take Us With You On the Water 1-800-888-4869 BoatUS.com/towingOUR CAPTAINS ARE CONFIDENT, QUALIFIED, LICENSED and can be counted on when you need assistance day or night. With over 300 ports across the country, youre never far from a helping hand. Get Unlimited Towing for just $149 a year. WE TAKE PRIDEIN A JOB WELL DONE fish but no thanks. “Anyway, to put the whole thing in a clamshell, I feel that I’ve personally failed. I let everybody down. Now I must accept the blame and die tragically, so take this sword and prove you’re my friend.” I took the sword and prodded him toward the near end of the bar, where I slid the sword to the far end and fed Tiller beer until he could hardly stand. Then I drove him home. He thanked me and said he felt a little better. “I guess I’ll get over it,” he said, “but I’ll always wonder why LeBron’s butler or whoever that guy was didn’t accept those snappers. “Do you think I should have filleted the damn things first?” SALES € SERVICE € PARTS € INSTALLATIONCorporationMARINE AIR CONDITIONING SPECIALIZING IN YACHTING INDUSTRYGary R. Mills, President 954-779-25101611SW 2nd Ave € Ft. Lauderdale € 33315 M a s t e rC a r d (Easy To Find While Cruising) Nassau, Abaco, Eleuthera, Spanish Wells, & Staniel Cay From custom small s p ace installation t o From custom small s p ace installation t o f ully containerized units f or drop-inŽ use, f ully containerized units f or drop-inŽ use, we will treat your boat as i f it were our own. we will treat your boat as i f it were our own. W Wa t e r m a k e r s I n c MARINE DESALINATORS Fresh Water, Any Time, Any Ocean FISHING FROM PAGE 3


9August2014 WATERFRONTTIMES.COMWaterfront TimesSaltwater fishing regulations streamlined There’s more simplicity coming for saltwater fishing, with elimination of local regulations called Special Acts that duplicate or contradict other state laws. Three such acts in Indian River County (Vero BeachSebastian) prohibit nets and limit the types of tackle used in the Indian River channel and its banks; restrict the kinds of gear used in Sebastian Inlet, near bridges and in canals; forbid throwing cast nets from bridges and limit shellfish harvest within 75 feet of shore without permission from nearby property owners. In Manatee County waters, next door to Sarasota, it’s goodbye to seven Special Acts. One of them lets the county set its own bag limits for finfish on the Manatee River. Some inland waters are off limits to haul seines but others are not, and that’s out too. Limits on commercial fishing near certain river islands are going, along with net rules specific to waters in the city of Palmetto. Those are not the only places where there are Special Acts, most of them enacted before the creation of statewide authorities that enacted statewide regulations. FWC said it will work with other counties to get rid of them — “to help streamline and reduce regulations throughout the state, increasing transparency and consistency.” Diver-down flag A diver-down buoy that can be seen from not two but three or even four directions? Why not? A new law makes it legal in Florida, and it’s a wonder nobody produced such a thing years, even decades, ago. The flags we’re used to seeing are flat and mounted on small buoys that divers and snorkelers tow. With a white diagonal stripe on a bright red square, those can be seen from two directions — and steered clear by boaters who know what they’re for. Those were the kind specified in state law until June, when Gov. Rick Scott signed the new law co-sponsored in the Legislature by State Rep. Holly Raschein of Key Largo and Sen. Joseph Abruzzo of Wellington. Now there’s a four-sided buoy with the safety symbol on each side. The only one we know about yet is called the Goumba flag. It’s due on the market soon, no certain date or price known at this writing. Michael Greenfield, a Boca Raton diver, created it after a co-worker told him of a relative whose legs were lost in a boat strike. The buoy, called a “Goumba Flag,” Research deadline There’s an Aug. 11 deadline for public comment on the National Marine Fisheries Service’s pending account of research needs and priorities for highly migratory species (HMS). If you’re a stakeholder in the management of billfish, sharks and tuna, it’s probably worth investing the time to review the document and submit your views and criticisms. According to NMFS, “The document contains a list of near and long-term research needs and priorities that can be used by individuals and groups interested in Atlantic HMS to identify key research needs, improve management, reduce duplication, prioritize limited funding, and form a potential basis for future funding. The priorities range from biological/ecological needs to socio-economic needs.” Here’s the Federal Register link you’ll need to get the info: www.federalregister.gov/articles/2014/07/10/201416168/atlantic-highly-migratory-species-managementbased-research-needs-and-priorities-document. If you need help navigating the issue, try calling Steve Durkee at 202-670-6637. has two rope handles for divers to hold onto in case they’re separated from their boat. According to Goumba’s website, www.buydiveflags.com, the Goumba Flag has a 55-pound buoyancy rating and can be ordered with an optional topside LED light that’s visible as far as two miles. SIMPLICITY FROM PAGE 1 Four-sided buoy with safety symbol to aid divers Photo | Courtesy BuyDiveFlags.comThe new diver flags can be seen from two directions „ and steered clear by boaters. IN MIAMI-DADE & BROWARD COUNTY! F&JFuelCompany Dock Side Fuel ServiceWe offer fleet, heavy equipment & generator service!WE DISTRIBUTE OIL PRODUCTSOFF FUEL with this couponBoat deliveries only  One per delivery  Expires 08/31/14CALL 954-458-6105$10 F&JFuelCompany C&M Marine Products 855.362.5269 THE HIGHEST QUALITY FIBERGLASSICECHESTBUILT Holds ice for more than a week S/S gas shocks & bracket hold lid securely open Heavy cast S/S handles Twin soft rubber latches Large drain with 1/4 turn plug Soft rubber non skid feet — easy on your deck Standard color is white Custom colors to match your boat CALL TO ORDER TODAY… 5YR.WARRANTY 85QT.CAPACITY


10 WATERFRONTTIMES.COMAugust2014Waterfront Times EVENTS CALENDAR 1, FridayFish ID Seminar: 3-4:30 p.m., sponsored by South Florida Scuba, at Jarvis Hall, 4501 N. Ocean Drive, Lauderdale-by-the-Sea. 954-616-5909; www. meetup.com/scubasouthflorida/events. East Village Uncorked : 6-9 p.m. monthly art and wine event in Harbor Village, located in the 2600-2800 blocks of East Atlantic Boulevard, Pompano Beach. 954-786-4111. Teen Beach Dive-in Movie Night: 8 p.m. at Pompano Beach Aquatics Center, 820 NE 18th Ave., Pompano Beach. 954-786-4111. 2, Saturday4th Annual Southeast Florida Reef Cleanup : 8 a.m. check-in at the Hilton, Fort Lauderdale Marina, 88 Portside Drive, Fort Lauderdale. Cost: $50 cash or check. 954-394-1488; www.scubafortlauderdale.com. 4th Annual Southeast Florida Reef Cleanup : 7:15 a.m. check-in at Fish City Marina, 2621 N. Riverside Drive, Pompano Beach. Cost: $55. 954-783-2299, 954-943-3483; www.force-e.com. About Boating Safely Course : 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., sponsored by the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary, at Imperial Point Medical Center, 6401 N. Federal Highway, Fort Lauderdale. Cost: $50. 954-941-5781. About Boating Safely Course: 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., sponsored by the U.S. Coast Guard AuxiliaryatMcvey House, 601 Seabreeze Blvd., Fort Lauderdale. Cost: $50. 954-463-0034 or 954-895-9776. About Boating Safely Course : 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., sponsored by the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary, at Doral Parks Country Club, 5001 NW 104th Ave., Doral. Cost: $35. 305-300-1786. 3, SundayJazz Along the ICW: Noon to 4 p.m., at Veterans Park, 801 NE Second St., Delray Beach. 954-794-9499. About Boating Safely: 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., sponsored by the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary, at Haulover Park, Bill Bird Marina, 10800 Collins Ave., Miami Beach. No cost. 305-428-2453. Seven Seas Cruising Association: 8 a.m. breakfast for International cruising sailors at Egg & You Diner, 2621 N. Federal Highway, Fort Lauderdale. Public welcome. 954-771-5660; www.ssca.org. 4, MondayAbout Boating Safely Course : 7-9 p.m., sponsored by the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliaryat Divers Direct, 425 S. Dixie Highway, Miami. Cost: $55.786-505-1651. 6, WednesdayChanging Seas:Ž 6-7:30 p.m. film at Nova Southeastern University Oceanographic Center, 8000 N. Ocean Drive, Dania Beach. Free. 954-262-3678. Girls of East Fort Lauderdale: 7 p.m. meetup at Johnny V, 625 E. Las Olas Blvd., Fort Lauderdale. www.meetup.com/GirlsofEastFortLauderdale/events. South Florida Women Divers: 6 p.m. dinner followed by a 7 p.m. meeting at Pioneer Park Annex, 249 NE Fifth Ave., Deerfield Beach. 561-638-8487; www.sfwd.net. 9, Saturday Hillsboro Lighthouse Preservation Society: 9 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. tours of the Hillsboro Inlet Lighthouse grounds with the boat leaving from Sands Harbor Hotel dock, 125 N. Riverside Drive, Pompano Beach. Cost: $25 non-HLPS members. 954-782-3313 or 954-942-2102. Blazing Paddles Dragon Boat Racing: 11 a.m. for newcomers, depending on weather, at the boat ramp at Holland Park, 801 Johnson St., Hollywood. No cost. 954-232-7434; www.meetup.com/dragon-boat-fort-lauderdale-hollywood/events. 10, SundaySouth Florida Kayaking: 9:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. jazz brunch trip from George English Park, 1101 Bayview Drive, Fort Lauderdale. www.meetup.com/kayaking-130/events. 11, MondayMiami Kayaking Meetup, 6 p.m. at Matheson Hammock Park, 9610 Old Cutler Road, Miami. 786-338-8067; www.meetup/miami-kayak-club. 12, TuesdayGulfstream Sailing Club: 7:30 meeting at Lauderdale Isle Yacht & Tennis Club, 2637 Whale Harbor Lane, Fort Lauderdale. www.gulfstreamsailingclub.org. 13, WednesdaySeabird Yacht Club: 6:30 p.m. social hour and dinner meeting at various locations. 561-274-3888. South Florida Fishing Club: 6:30 p.m. dinner at Tony Romas, 18050 Collins Ave., Sunny Isles Beach, followed by 7:30 p.m. meeting. Reservations required. 305-725-7250. Ladies, Lets Go Fishing: 6-8:30 p.m. dinner meeting at VFW Hall, 350 SW 25th St., Fort Lauderdale. Cost: $10 includes dinner.954-923-3072; www.sfl-llgf.com. 14, ThursdayAprs Plongee Dive Club: 7:30 p.m. meeting at Lighthouse Dive Center, 2507 N. Ocean Blvd., Pompano Beach. 954-782-1100. Miami Beach Rowers Meetup: 7 p.m. atMiami Beach Watersport Center,6500 Indian Creek Drive, Miami Beach. www.meetup.com/Miami-Beach-Rowers-Meet-U. West Palm Beach Sailing Club : 7 p.m. at the Key Lime House, 300 E. Ocean Ave., Lantana. www.meetup.com/The-West-Palm-Beach-Sailing-Meetup-Group. 15, FridayKayaking Q&A: 7-10 p.m. at Undergrounds Coffeehaus, 3020 N. Federal Highway, Fort Lauderdale. www.meetup.com/kayaking-130/events. Girls of East Fort Lauderdale: 7 p.m. meetup at Chefs Palette, 1650 SE 17th St., Fort Lauderdale. www.meetup.com/GirlsofEastFortLauderdale/events. 16, SaturdayAbout Boating Safely Course : 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., sponsored by the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliaryat Monica Burguera Foundation, 3750 W. Flagler St., Miami. No cost. 305-428-2453. Extreme Kayak/Paddleboard Fishing Tournament: 10 a.m. competition, just north of Pompano Pier, 222 N. Pompano Beach Blvd., Pompano Beach. www.extremekayakfishing.com. Paddles Dragon Boat Racing: 9 a.m. weekly Saturday meetups at the boat ramp at Holland Park, 801 Johnson St., Hollywood. No cost. 954 232-7434. 17, SundayMiami Kayak Club: 9 a.m. Pachanga beach bash, paddle, snorkel and swim at 3701 Rickenbacker Causeway, Miami. www.meetup.com/miami-kayak-club/events. 18, MondayPompano Beach Offshore Anglers : 7:30 p.m. meeting at Galuppis Restaurant, 1103 N. Federal Highway, Pompano Beach. www.meetup.com/fishing-97/events. 20, WednesdayMiami Marine Council: noon to 1:30 p.m. at Rusty Pelican Restaurant, 3201 Rickenbacker Causeway, Key Biscayne. Cost: $25 members, $30 non-members. 954-523-1004; www.miamimarinecouncil.com. 21, ThursdayChanging SeasŽ 6 p.m. film nightŽ at Nova Southeastern University Oceanographic Center, 8000 N. Ocean Drive, Dania Beach. www.meetup.com/Vone-Research/events. Marina Mile Association: 8 a.m. meeting at Roadway Inn, 2441 State Road 84, Fort Lauderdale. 954-494-1900. Miami Kayak Club: 7 p.m. paddle from at Shake-A-Leg Miami, 2620 Bayshore Drive, Miami. 786-307-3816. 23, SaturdayAbout Boating Safely: 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m., sponsored by the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary, at Westfield Broward Mall, inside Plantation Outreach Center, north entrance, 8000 W. Broward Blvd., Plantation. Cost: $50. 954-915-0667. 24, SundayRiverwalk Sunday Arts : 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., featuringlocal artists, performers, photographers, and others as they perform, present their wares and sell to the public. 954-468-1541. Seven Seas Cruising Association: 8 a.m. breakfast for International CALLUSTODAYTOREVIEWYOURYACHTAND HOMEOWNERSINSURANCE BEFOREIT’STOOLATE.“I’m a Florida native and an avid boater. I have the experience necessary to dial you in.”1000 S. SR 7 € Plantation, FL 33317 € (954) 581-7740 MARINE  HOME  AUTO  COMMERCIAL  LIFE  HEALTH  www.rickgibbspa.comFamily owned since 1961


CAP TAIN’S LICENSEUSCG APPROVED COURSES — NO USCG TEST! Upgrade to Master Mate(200 GRT) Aug 4-8  Ft. Lauderdale License Renewal Aug 9  Ft.Laud. STCW(5 Day) Aug 11-15  Ft. Laud. CPR & First Aid Aug 14  Ft. Laud. Radar Observer(Recert) Aug 14  Ft. Lauderdale Radar Observer(Original) Aug 18-22  Ft. Lauderdale OUPV 6 PackAug 16-24  Ft. Laud. Upgrade to Master Mate(100 GRT) Aug 27-29  Ft. Laud.1-800-237-8663(954)463-7001 11August2014 WATERFRONTTIMES.COMWaterfront Times HIGH LOW HIGH LOW HIGH LOW HIGH LOW HIGH LOW HIGH LOW TIME ADJUSTMENTS Boca Inlet +8 +17 Hillsboro Inlet -31 -50 Davie Bridge N.R. +40 +40 Port Everglades -45 -6 Karen Canal Haulover Inlet +38 +39 to TideTable in minutes Deerfield Beach +12 +11 Commercial ICW -26 -34 Bahia Mar -20 -18 Dania Cut-Off +45 +28 ( Hendricks Isle ) 0 0 Government Cut -39 -56 Tide Tables for this month and next month are available onlineƒ Log on to WaterfrontTimes.com now for the Tide Tables and more.Tide Table sources: NOAA data at Andrews Avenue Bridge, New River, Fort Lauderdale, Florida AUGUST TIDE TABLE SUNDAY MONDAY TUESDAY WEDNESDAY THURSDAY FRIDAY SATURDAY Founded in 1977www .CableMarine. comCable Marine West (80 & 100 Ton Lifts)954-587-40002491 W. State Road 84 Fort Lauderdale, FL 33312 Cable Marine East (40 Ton Lift) 954-462-28221517 S.E. 16th Street Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316 2029 3039 4049 5059 6069 7079 8089 90& upFiberglass Bottomkote NT $19.75 $22.00 $23.00 $23.75 $28.50 $30.00 $39.50 T&MCopper Guard 19.75 22.00 23.00 23.75 28.50 30.00 39.50 T&MSeaHawk AF33 20.00 22.50 23.50 23.75 29.00 31.00 40.50 T&MUltima SSA 20.00 22.50 23.50 23.75 29.00 31.00 40.50 T&MUnepoxy Plus 20.50 22.75 24.00 24.50 29.50 31.25 41.00 T&MT&MTrinidad 24.50 27.25 28.75 29.50 35.50 37.25 49.00 T&MUltra w/Biolux 25.00 27.75 29.00 29.75 36.00 37.75 49.75 T&MSeahawk Cukote 25.25 28.00 29.50 30.25 36.50 38.50 50.25 T&MMicron CSC 27.75 31.00 32.50 33.50 40.25 42.50 55.75 T&MTrinidad SR 28.00 31.00 32.50 33.50 40.25 42.50 55.75 T&MVivid 28.75 32.00 33.50 34.50 41.50 43.75 57.50 T&MSeahawk Cukote w/Biocide Plus 29.25 32.50 34.00 35.00 42.00 44.25 58.25 T&MMicron Extra w/Biolux 31.25 34.50 36.25 37.25 45.00 47.50 62.25 T&MUltima SR 60 31.25 34.75 36.50 37.50 45.25 47.75 62.50 T&MMicron 66 31.50 35.00 36.75 37.75 45.50 48.00 63.00 T&MSeahawk BioCop TF 32.50 36.00 37.75 39.00 46.75 49.50 64.75 T&MPRICES PER FOOT Bottom Painting Prices (Sanding and barnacle scraping billed at additional $62. per hour) Our everyday low prices are listed below. Have Cable Marine paint your boat and receive coupons equivalent to 10% of your invoice amount (bottom painting only). These coupons can be used as payment against future work performed at Cable Marine or against any purchase made at any Boat Owners Warehouse store. cruising sailors, at Egg & You Diner, 2621 N. Federal Highway, Fort Lauderdale. Public welcome. 954-771-5660; www.ssca.org. 27, WednesdayVenture Sailing Club of South Florida : 7:30 p.m. meeting at the Coconut G rove Sailing Club, 2990 S. Bayshore Drive, Coconut G rove,305-860-8250. 28, ThursdayMiami Beach Rowers Meetup: 7 p.m. atMiami Beach Watersport Center,6500 Indian Creek Drive, Miami Beach. www.meetup.com/Miami-Beach-Rowers-Meet-U. 30, SaturdayPaddles Dragon Boat Racing: 9 a.m. weekly Saturday meetups at the boat ramp at Holland Park, 801 Johnson St., Hollywood. No cost. 954 232-7434. 31, SundaySeven Seas Cruising Association: 8 a.m. breakfast for International cruising sailors, at Egg & You Diner, 2621 N. Federal Highway, Fort Lauderdale. Public welcome. 954-771-5660; www.ssca.org.


12 WATERFRONTTIMES.COMAugust2014Waterfront Times  ELECTROPLATING  ELECTROPOLISHING  ANODIZINGInquiries Invited € We Ship AnywhereGULF PLATING, INC.SINCE 1955(954) 567-03032501 NE 13th Avenue € Wilton Manors, FL 33305MA RINEPLATINGCHROME NICKEL € GOLD WATERFRONT COMMUNITY Advertise your business here for only $75. Sales Service Parts Fuel Dockwith NOETHANOL 1900 SE 15 Street 954-523-8507 Ft. Lauderdale, Florida www.lauderdalemarina.com AuthorizedDealer Wood-Chuck Workshop, Inc.Custom Yacht Car pen try & Refits Corian / Granite Countertops  Teak Decks & Cover Boards  Teak & Holly/AmticoFlooring  Custom Cabinetry / RefinishingWe Do It All In Wood!954-922-3221 Since 1979AT HARBOR TOWN MA RI NA 2nd Location LMC We Dive Right InŽ We Dive Right InŽInsured To Work In Any Marina or Boatyard Leandro F. NapoleoneOwner 786-288-6536 P a t ag on ias er vi e s @ liv e.co m www.p a t ag on ias er vi ce sdivisi on.co m IMRON A WLGRIP S T ERLING F ib er glass Rep ai r Bo a t Det ail Woo d Ren ishi n g Mec ha n i c Ge l co a t B lis ter Pee li n g Y a c h t De liv ery P ATA GONI A SERVICES DIVISION, LLC L i cen s e d & In su re d HEAT EXCHANGERS Ultrasonic Cleaning and Repair 3 STAR ATLANTIC RADIATOR4358 N. Dixie Highway Fort Lauderdale954-566-7403 WANTED25' to 40' Sailboat Sails $$$ Cash Paid for Used Sails800-273-8396 or 954-767-8885 Second Wind Sails  Fort Lauderdale 10% OFF SERVICES ON YOUR PET’S FIRST VISIT Used Marine Gear  Diesel Machinery  Gen Sets Shipping Agents  Hurricane Chain & Supplies10 SW 23rd Street TEL:954-768-9797Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33315 CELL:954-328-0145 yknot4bob@yahoo.com FAX:954-524-0635 Open Saturday 8am-2pm Board Certified in Admiralty & Maritime LawMARK ERCOLINAtto rn ey At La wOffice: (954) 792-5425 (954) 321-9157 2787 E.Oakland ParkBlvd.#205 Fax: (954) 524-9464 Fort Lauderdale, FL 33306


13August2014 WATERFRONTTIMES.COMWaterfront Times BUSINESS CARD EXCHANGE Call the Waterfront Times today… 954.524.9450 2775 E. Oakland Park Blvd. Suite #6 Fort Lauderdale, FL 33306 Toll Free: (866) 409-7594 Office: (954) 283-7186 Fax (888) 879-8965 Cell: (305) 962-4004 Email: info@browardinsurancegroup.com Stefan L. Belhomme Insurance Consultant LIC# P072057 FLOATING WORK PLATFORM CALL NOW: 954-523-8507 NEW! 4' X 8' POLYETHYLENE ONLY$599 NOW AVAILABLE AT:WWW.LAUDERDALEMARINA.COM


14August 2014Waterfront Times WATERFRONTTIMES.COM DUFFY'S DIVING SERVICE Props€Shafts€Zincs€Bottoms Monthly & bi-monthly service available Complete underwater maintenance Phone: (954) 964-0064 Small portable AIR COMPRESSOR units, new & used, to fill SCUBA tanks also store size units. Complete line of supplies, filters, oils, fill whips & fittings. Compressed Air Supplies 954-929-4462 M-F DR. ZINC DIVING, Inc. Propeller specialist. Monthly maintenance, commercial diving. Visa & MC. 561-445-0462 € 305-522-3553 The Diver Underwater Maintenance Call 954-522-2524 or 954-401-9745 (cell) Diversified Diving Servicessee ad page 15. Call Steve Saunders 954-491-5296. Boat Bottom Cleaning Service $1.50/foot 754-235-8245 € www.highclassmarine.net Diving Diving Diving Diving Diving Surveyors Surveyors Surveyors Surveyors Surveyors MARK RHODES MARK RHODES MARK RHODES MARK RHODES MARK RHODES SAMS Accredited Senior Marine Surveyor Pre-purchase, Insurance & Financial SurveysBroward 954-946-6779 € Stuart 772-398-0860 E-mail: MarMarkLHP@aol.com SAMS-Marine Surveyor-Steve Snider-AMS prepurchase€insurance€financial surveys Yachts-small craft. Visa/MasterCard www.florida-boatsurvey.com 954-942-4803 SWISS WOODWORK INC Stripping€Repairing€ Refinishing of Furniture & Wooden Boat Parts Call 954-978-2090. WOOD-CHUCK WORKSHOPcustom yacht & residential carpentry at Harbor Town Marina, Dania Cut-Off canal. Call 954-922-3221. CUSTOM MARINE CARPENTRYCable MarineEast yard 954-462-2822 € West yard 954-587-4000 Woodworking Woodworking Woodworking Woodworking Woodworking CABLE west yard (80-ton).... 954-587-4000 East yard (40-ton lift)........... 954-462-2822 1st PERFORMANCE MARINA5 minutes to Port Everglades inlet, 954-763-8743 PLAYBOY MARINEocean access, no bridges www.playboymarine.com 954-920-0533 Complete Marinedockside svc, parts, fuel, 50-ton lift. Pompano Beach. 954-784-9011 LAUDERDALE MARINA: SE 15 ST, Fort Laud. Service€Parts€Sales€Fuel Dock 954-523-8507 ROYALE PALM YACHT BASINDania Beach Full service yard, 75-ton lift. 954-923-5900 River Bend Marine Center River Bend Marine Center River Bend Marine Center River Bend Marine Center River Bend Marine Center 954-523-1832 www.riverbendmarinecenter.com Working Boat Yards Working Boat Yards Working Boat Yards Working Boat Yards Working Boat Yards Wanted Wanted Wanted Wanted WantedI Buy & Sell Boat Books (786) 277-7835 www.KrazyJames.com For Sale For Sale For Sale For Sale For Sale I Sell & Buy Boat Books (786) 277-7835 www.KrazyJames.com Yamaha authorized service & parts954-567-2628 Suzuki authorized service & parts954-567-2628 954-651-5521 YACHT POLISHING ’ We can polish your hull & clean your waterline. Quality In-water service at your dock.Call Gilly Miller 954-923-8391 or 629-3620 (mobile)Licensed & Insured. You Get More Than You Pay For! SWISS WOODWORK INC Stripping€Repairing€ Refinishing of Furniture & Wooden Boat Parts Call 954-978-2090. DOCKSIDE painting€polishing€varnish. Get the best 4 less. C Blake 954-274-2708 Classifieds For classified advertising information call: 954€524€9450 MARINE SERVICES Pages 14 FOR SALE Pages 14-15 DinghiesPersonal Wtrcraft PowerboatsSailboatsChartersTrailersBOATS Pages 15Help WantedBusiness Opport. Captains/Crew Post Wanted WantedPersonalsNOTICES PG 14 DOCKAGE Page 15North Broward Central Broward South Broward Dade Palm Beach The Keys Out State Commercial Dry StorageREAL ESTATE Pages 15For RentApartmentsStorage BaysDockominiums HomesLotsCondominiumsReal Estate Marine Services Marine Services Marine Services Marine Services Marine Services MOBILE REPAIR & MAINTENANCEPeriodic & Troubleshooting, Mechanical, Electrical, Pumps, etc. CIRCUMNAVIGATOR'S YACHT SVC CIRCUMNAVIGATOR'S YACHT SVC CIRCUMNAVIGATOR'S YACHT SVC CIRCUMNAVIGATOR'S YACHT SVC CIRCUMNAVIGATOR'S YACHT SVCExpd, Honest, Reliable. (954) 608-1551Marine Services Marine Services Marine Services Marine Services Marine Services continue next column Marine Services Marine Services Marine Services Marine Services Marine Services continuedNEPTUNE AIR CORP Sales, Service & InstallationAll Brands 1611 SW 2nd Avenue, Ft Laud., FL 33315 € Call: 954-779-2510BEERS GROUP INC. BEERS GROUP INC. BEERS GROUP INC. BEERS GROUP INC. BEERS GROUP INC. Sales & Service Marine Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Phone: 954-802-4156 MARK ERCOLIN MARK ERCOLIN MARK ERCOLIN MARK ERCOLIN MARK ERCOLINBoard Certified in Admiralty & Maritime Law by the Florida Bar2787 E Oakland Blvd, #205, Ft Laud 33306954-792-5425 € 321-9157 € fax: 524-9464disclaimer: disclaimer: disclaimer: disclaimer: disclaimer: The hiring of a lawyer is an important decision that should not be based solely upon advertisements. Admiralty Law Admiralty Law Admiralty Law Admiralty Law Admiralty Law Office & Fax: 954-585-8222Cell: 954-701-0421All your marine canvas & upholstery needs 3000 Ravenswood RD, Unit #6, Dania Beach A/C & Refrigeration A/C & Refrigeration A/C & Refrigeration A/C & Refrigeration A/C & Refrigeration Canvas Canvas Canvas Canvas Canvas CANVAS FACTORYFlybridge covers, Bimini tops, Mooring covers & Repairs. Mobile truck will perform work at your site.Call 954-781-1970 .CANVAS FACTORY CANVAS FACTORY CANVAS FACTORY CANVAS FACTORY CANVAS FACTORYfl ybridge covers, Bimini tops, mooring covers & repairs. Mobile truck will perform work at your site. Call 954-781-1970 RFAST CANVAS For a dockside estimate call 954-596-2279 or 305-807-0144 Corinne's CLEAN CABINS specializing in Interior boat, home and condo cleaning. Over 20 yrs experience. Call 954-673-2099. WAX MOBILE SERVICESwash, compound & wax. Call Alfredo at 954-651-5521 Boat Wash/Detailing. Lowest prices. Weekly & bi-weekly services. Call 954-788-6584. YACHT POLISHING’„ In-water service at your dock. You get more than you pay for. Call: 954-923-8391 € 954-629-3620 Cleaning Boats Cleaning Boats Cleaning Boats Cleaning Boats Cleaning Boats 754-245-2824 € aquayachtservice.com Wash & Cleaning Wax, Compounding & Detail Bottom Cleaning Teak Work... licensed & insured 10% off for members Marine Services Marine Services Marine Services Marine Services Marine Services continued Marine Services Marine Services Marine Services Marine Services Marine Services continue next columnEAST COAST Boat DetailingWash, Wax, Compound, Bottom Cleaning. 954-803-6238 Hullsides Compound & Wax Detail $10.oo/ft, We Come to You!!! 754-235-8245 Detailing Detailing Detailing Detailing Detailing Refinishing Refinishing Refinishing Refinishing Refinishing Batteries Batteries Batteries Batteries Batteries FOR SALE FOR SALE FOR SALE FOR SALE FOR SALE More For Sale For Sale For Sale For Sale For Sale next pageALP's Mobile Marine Repair"I come to you. I fix it right the first time!"All makes & models. Troubleshooting,Gas Engine, Purchase Surveys, Electrical Repairs.Call Anthony 954-973-1135€954-258-9874 Mechanics Mechanics Mechanics Mechanics Mechanics Canvas & Upholstery USA 954.404.4388www.canvasandupholsteryusa.comBest Prices in TownSpecialty full Boat Covers, Enclosures, Dodgers,T-tops & Bimini-tops, Boat CushionsFree Estimates RONALD J. ANANIA Admirality&MaritimeLaw Affordable Representation (954) 448-1872 Attorney at Law Arbitrator € MediatorLaw1492@aol.com € www.AnaniaLaw.com Join South Floridas largest gathering of nautical artisans as they reach thousands of waterfront homeowners, hundreds of marine workplaces, and major area boat events each month in the Waterfront Times.Call 954-524-9450.EAST COAST BOAT DETAILINGfiberglass repair & gelcoat. 954-803-6238 Fiberglass Fiberglass Fiberglass Fiberglass Fiberglass waterfronttimes.comSee these same marine artisans on the web at Deck/Dock Electric Deck/Dock Electric Deck/Dock Electric Deck/Dock Electric Deck/Dock Electric Shore Power down?Need another 50 Amps? AS Electric 1.954.941.3625State License # 13005270 Business Opportunities Business Opportunities Business Opportunities Business Opportunities Business Opportunities Services Services Services Services Services continued "We'll put a smile on your boat!"305-904-6733Boat Bottom Cleaning & Zinc Changed.Polish & Wax Insurance Insurance Insurance Insurance Insurance Please contact & send resume to ricka@nauticalventures.comRapidly exploding (everyone says expanding) South Florida based Dealership selling All types of water craft is in need of an experienced licensed Yacht Broker to join Our staff at our shipyard/Brokerage location. So many leads, so little time. Lots of in house listings to start with and listing leads and buyers inquiring daily.If you are the right person, the income is endless.Health care available. Call 954-300-7371djcmarinesurveyors@gmail.com southfloridamarinesurveyor.com M a s t e r C a r d DJC Marine SurveyorsPre-purchase/Insurance/Financial surveysCorinne's CLEAN CABINS specializing in Home, Condominium & Interior boat cleaning. Over 20 years experience. 954-673-2099 Home Services Home Services Home Services Home Services Home Services Home Services Home Services Home Services Home Services Home Services continue next column Subscribe by calling 954-524-9450. Subscribe by calling 954-524-9450. Subscribe by calling 954-524-9450. Subscribe by calling 954-524-9450. Subscribe by calling 954-524-9450. 10,000 copies of the WATERFRONT TIMESare directly delivered monthly to ocean-access homes from Lighthouse Point to Biscayne Bay.Call 954-524-9450 to advertise.


15Waterfront TimesAugust 2014 WATERFRONTTIMES.COM Floating Docks Floating Docks Floating Docks Floating Docks Floating Docks FOR SALE FOR SALE FOR SALE FOR SALE FOR SALE Dockage Dockage Dockage Dockage Dockage DocksDocksDocksDocksDocksNORTH BROWARD NORTH BROWARD NORTH BROWARD NORTH BROWARD NORTH BROWARD DocksDocksDocksDocksDocksCENTRAL BROWARD CENTRAL BROWARD CENTRAL BROWARD CENTRAL BROWARD CENTRAL BROWARD Boat Dockage Classifiedswww.DockSearch.comSEARCH RENT BUY SELL 1.954.941.DOCK rentadock.comWill pay top dollar for deepwater dockage! PRIME DOCKAGE Tropical OasisEast Fort Lauderdalenear Galleria MallNo fixed bridges „ Prime Amenities9' MLW, up to 120' Wi-Fi, 50/100 amp, pump-outCall 305-333-7382Real Estate Real Estate Real Estate Real Estate Real Estate continues next columnRIO VISTAdeepwater, no lvbd. Wtr/Elec, Up to 60'. Caretaker avail. 954-524-7228 LAUD-BY-THE-SEA: up to 260' dock available Wtr/Elec. No Lvbds. Call 910-352-2801. MIDDLE RIVER Galleria Area Private Quiet Water Location No fixed bridges „ pump-out 9' MLW up to 100' „ Wi-Fi „ 50/100 amp Call 954-467-8220. N FK New River @ 5th St Wtr/Elec up to 55' gated, no lvbd. Call 954-579-4139. ISLE OF VENICEdeepwater up to 45', NFB, water/electric. Call 954-610-7779. LIVE-ABOARD Secluded dockage near ICW, reasonable rates, telephone & cable. Coconut Bay Resort. Call 954-563-4229. MIDDLE RIVER near Galleria Mall. Up to 80'. Deepwater. NFB. Secure, private parking. Water/Electric. Call 954-494-0615 LAUD ISLES river dockage up to 45', NFB, water/metered electric. Private & secure. NO LIVEABOARD. Call 954-316-1246.For Sale For Sale For Sale For Sale For Sale continued Dockage Dockage Dockage Dockage Dockage continues next columnCentury East Apts & Marina100 Isle of Venice. Dockage to 45', lvbds OK. Apts for rentmonthly or annual. 954-980-3230 DOCK AVAIL: Sailboat OK! No Lvbd. Water & Electric. $400/month. Call 954-587-5710. HENDRICKS ISLESail up to 42' shower/bathroom & laundry facilities, patio, nice grounds, 2-car parking, no pets, non-smoker. 954-XXX-XXXX CITRUS ISLES off New River to 60'. Water & 50 amp electric. No liveaboards. $10/foot. Call 954-557-8500. Laud Isles-to 55' secure/prvt home wtr/elec, no lvbd, sail OK, $10/ft. Call 954-801-8014. SOUTH FORK NEW RIVEREast of 95. NFB up to 50', no lvbd. Call 954-524-5975. HENDRICKS ISLE52' long, 5.5' deep, 15' wide. Call 954-306-3187. Join South Floridas largest fleet of dock ads. Call Waterfront Times 954-524-9450. Dockage Dockage Dockage Dockage Dockage continued DocksDocksDocksDocksDocksCENTRAL BROWARD CENTRAL BROWARD CENTRAL BROWARD CENTRAL BROWARD CENTRAL BROWARD LOOKING for Private DOCKSPACE?ALL AREAS ALL SIZESDOCKFINDERS of South FloridaRENTING DOCKSPACE ? INQUIRE TODAY!954-771-2680info@dockfinders.com NEW RIVER point lot dockage.New dock, dpwtr, NFB, ocean access, private or yacht broker, up to 100 on river & 40 on canal. Great price. Water/metered elec avail. Prvt home, very safe, with parking. 954-684-5374 SAFE STORAGE for Hurricane Alley954-523-1832 € RiverBendMarineCenter.comJoin South Floridas largest fleet of dock ads. Call Waterfront Times 954-524-9450. Royale Palm Yacht Basinfull service marina on the Dania Cut-off Canal. No bridges. Live Aboards welcome! 954-923-5900 55-slip Marina € Boat Launch Facilities Brand New Restrooms € Shower & Laundry Max Vessel Lengths of 110 & 6 Drafts 24/7 Security € Fuel Dock € Pump-Out City of Hollywood Florida Marina City of Hollywood Florida Marina City of Hollywood Florida Marina City of Hollywood Florida Marina City of Hollywood Florida Marina 700 Polk ST, Hollywood, FL 33019 954-921-3035 € www.hollywoodfl.org/marinaSOUTH FORK NEW RIVEREast of 95. NFB. up to 50', no lvbd. Call 954-524-5975. NE DANIAto 32', no bridges, deep, prvt home, 305 NE 5 CT, Dania. Elec/wtr, fish cleaning table. Call 954-923-2216. Join South Floridas largest fleet of dock ads. Call Waterfront Times 954-524-9450. DocksDocksDocksDocksDocksSOUTH BROWARD SOUTH BROWARD SOUTH BROWARD SOUTH BROWARD SOUTH BROWARDMIAMI BCHPrivate home. Up to 55', dpwtr, NFB, water/electric, parking. 305.673.0077 Join South Floridas largest fleet of dock ads. Call Waterfront Times 954-524-9450. DocksDocksDocksDocksDocksMIAMI-DADE COUNTY MIAMI-DADE COUNTY MIAMI-DADE COUNTY MIAMI-DADE COUNTY MIAMI-DADE COUNTYBring the Boat to Key West!Stock Island Marina Village Stock Island Marina Village Stock Island Marina Village Stock Island Marina Village Stock Island Marina Village, Key West24 33 53.09Ž N 81 44 09.66Ž W Largest deepwater marina in the Keys 128 of new concrete floating dock New high-speed Fuel System Yachts up to 300 feet New Gym, Laundry & Showers Large & Small Dog Parks Airport, Downtown & Beach Shuttles Ships Store & Sundries Call Now for reservations: 305-294-2288 305-294-2288 305-294-2288 305-294-2288 305-294-2288 StockIslandMarina.com StockIslandMarina.com StockIslandMarina.com StockIslandMarina.com StockIslandMarina.com Join South Floridas largest fleet of dock ads. Call Waterfront Times 954-524-9450. DocksDocksDocksDocksDocksFLORIDA KEYS FLORIDA KEYS FLORIDA KEYS FLORIDA KEYS FLORIDA KEYS Real Estate Real Estate Real Estate Real Estate Real Estate Real Estate Real Estate Real Estate Real Estate Real Estate continuedCentury East Apts & Marina100 Isles of Venice. Dockage to 45', lvbds OK. Apts for rentmonthly or annual. 954-980-3230Rent your residential waterfront property here.Call Waterfront Times 954-524-9450 Email us ads@WaterfrontTimes.com For RentFor RentFor RentFor RentFor RentRESIDENTIAL RESIDENTIAL RESIDENTIAL RESIDENTIAL RESIDENTIAL Dockage Dockage Dockage Dockage Dockage continues next column Perfect place for Live-Aboards with Amenities you would expect at a country club:Please call or stop by for a viewing & more info:2525 Marina Bay DR West, Ft Lauderdale, FL 33312954-791-7600 € www.MarinaBay-FL.com € Great Location € Gated Community € Beautiful Grounds € Great Restaurant RendezvousŽ DocksDocksDocksDocksDocksDRY STORAGE DRY STORAGE DRY STORAGE DRY STORAGE DRY STORAGE Real Estate Real Estate Real Estate Real Estate Real Estate (954) 258-5900 € Toll Free: 1-888-806-0621Search here for waterfront homes: www.AJRyan.comwith A.J. Ryan Realty established 1924Call John M. Ryan I live on and sell waterfront property!Ž Looking to Buy or Sell Waterfront Property? COLDWELL BANKERResidential Real EstateRich ThompsonFor Sale: Deep Water, Ocean Access, NFB. Affordable Properties priced For Rent: Dockage also available for rent.All types of properties available. Rich Thompson: 954-684-5374Alison Thompson: 954-478-8324Specializing In All Types Of Real Estatewith ocean-access listings throughout the area Search the MLS for WATERFRONT HOMES, visitwww.floridamoves.com/richard.thompsonFeel Confident Working With The Team With A Proven Track Record For Sale by OwnerLocation Location LocationSecluded Private Mini-Marina on Lake Juanita in Prestigious Rio Vista Isles One of a Kind 110 plus feet of dockage Two slips: one 60+, one 50+ Room for Wave Runners & Row BoatsBRAND NEW DOCK !!! BUILD YOUR DREAM HOME !!!Robert: 954-684-1917 For RentFor RentFor RentFor RentFor RentCOMMERCIAL COMMERCIAL COMMERCIAL COMMERCIAL COMMERCIAL NORTH BROWARD NORTH BROWARD NORTH BROWARD NORTH BROWARD NORTH BROWARD docks run from McNab Road north to the Palm Beach County line.CENTRAL BROWARD CENTRAL BROWARD CENTRAL BROWARD CENTRAL BROWARD CENTRAL BROWARD docks run from McNab Road south to Port Everglades.SOUTH BROWARD SOUTH BROWARD SOUTH BROWARD SOUTH BROWARD SOUTH BROWARD docks run from Dania Cut-Off Canal south to Dade County Line.Tired of looking for dock space? www.floridadockrentals.com € 954-941-3625LHPDEEPWATER up to 60', NFB, minutes to ICW power/water wide canal Call 954-229-9009 DPWTR LHP wtr/elec min to ocean up to 55' NFB, no lvbd, min $500/mo. 954-786-1442 POMPANO BCHNFB, minutes to ocean,60' dock, water/electric, $10/foot, $300 min. No Liveaboards. Call 954-946-4478. Join South Floridas largest fleet of dock ads. Call Waterfront Times 954-524-9450. Dock Rented Dock Rented Dock Rented Dock Rented Dock Rented 10,000 copies of the WATERFRONT TIMESare delivered monthly to ocean-access homes from Lighthouse Point to Keystone Point. To advertise call WATERFRONT TIMES954-524-9450CITRUS ISLE CANAL, off South Fork New River, Fort Lauderdale Up to 65available on 75' dock, 80' wide canal. Slip dredged to 8' draft at low tide. Private & Secure. NFB. No lvbds. Water, Electric & Management available.Call Rory: 954-525-1771. 3350 SW 3rd AVE, FORT LAUDERDALE, FL In commercial complex with parking, sanitation services included. Near Fort Lauderdale International Airport & Port Everglades, south of State Road 84.Call 954-467-8371Office suites from 250 square feet to 1,100 square feet Call 954-467-8371Waterview, spacious 1 bedroom apts + Efficiency, furnished or unfurnished new kitchen & appliances.Berber carpet. Laundry facilities, Sun deck, nice pool, patio & grounds. 2-car parking. No pets, Non-smoker.Beach area … Hendricks Isle€ FT LAUDERDALE BEACHOceanfront Mediterranean Style Estate1 of only 49 homes on Ft Lauderdale Beach! 5-bdrm, 51/2-bath has a unique unobstructed 270 view of the ocean. Private walled & gated estate with beautiful pool & spa & tropical patio overlooking the ocean. A must see!Motivated Seller! Major Price Reduction!Now $4,775,000. € CITRUS ISLES75 deep water, no fixed bridges. Largest original 3/2 model On deepest & widest canal !!!$449,900. € CITRUS ISLES3/2 65 on Deepwater Ocean Access Canal. New Kitchen -SSGas Range & appliances, New Cabinets/ Granite. Tile floors. Garage, Deck, Fenced Yard.$499,900. € NEW RIVERMEGA YACHT DOCKAGE. Secluded. Tropical paradisewith 160 of waterfront on South Fork New River! Custom built 3/3 approx 4,200 sq ft, 2-story home. Huge 2nd floor master suite, Spectacular oversized pool with waterfall & 3-car garage.$1,795,000.€ MARINA AT ACOSTA CREEK HARBOR on the St. Johns RiverNE of Ocala. 40-slip marina, boat yard, Historic Home, cottage, 2 cabins, 2 efficiencies, 4 RV sites & enclosed Pool.$1,650,000. € RIO VISTABeautiful 3/3 Home Renovated + new addition w/ large family room & large master suite. Reduced.$867,000. € CROISSANT PARK3/2 + den expanded home + free standing 2-car garage. 1900 sq ft. Spacious LR/DR, tile & wood floors, office/utility room.$349,900. € BIRCH CREST CONDO1 block to the Beach! Completely Remodeled. 1-bed, 11/2-bath, SS Appliances, Granite, Hurricane Impact Windows, Doors & more! Building just completed, a $2 million Renovation. A must see!$229,000. € CITRUS ISLES RENTAL Waterfront Duplex2/2 approx 1,250 sq ft, Cental Air, Washer & Dryer. $1,600/month with dock forapprox 30 boat. $1,400/month without dock.€ RIO NUEVO CONDOSGreat Ft Lauderdale location near Downtown & Las Olas. Gated waterfront community with heated pool: € 1-Bed, 11/2-Bath.$135,000. € 2-Bed, 2-Bath on Canal. $184,900. € SUNRISE LAKES CONDO2/2 golf/garden view, tile floors, washer/dryer in the unit, screened balcony. 55+ community.$46,900. € INDUSTRIAL/OFFICE SPACE FOR LEASE… 1/2 OFFICE &1/2 WAREHOUSE 4,900 square feet. Zoning permits Marine Repairs & Sales Auto-Manufacturing Distribution, etc.Pompano Beach location near Interstate 95.$2,900/month. € 2 PLATTED BUILDING LOTS83x100 each, one Waterfront, one Dry Lot. Lots are contiguousSo Buy one or both! Near Downtown, off South Fork New River. $350K Wet / $250K Dry .€ NEW SMYRNA BEACH areaQUAIL ROOST RANCHES Build your Country Dream Home. Country livingbring the horse & ATV.€ 2.5-acre vacant lot. $19,500. € 4.3-acre vacant lot. $29,500. € CITRUS ISLES3/3 beautiful custom built waterfront home on 85 of deepwater. High ceilings, cherry cabinets, granite, porcelain tile & wood floor. View towards the New River.$899,000. € FLORIDA KEYSKey Colony BeachSeapointe Condo. Spectacular ocean view on point4-bdrm, 4-bath, 2,130 sq. ft. Fabulous, new kitchen & baths! Private beach, deeded dock, gated community. Bank owned.$1,400,000. € TARPON RIVER AREA RENTAL 2/1 House with Tile Floors,Central Air & Washer/Dryer.$1,200/month. Living and working on the New River € Specializing In Waterfront Real Estate € (954) 462-5770www.garganorealty.com 800 E. BROWARD BLVD., SUITE 101 FORT LAUDERDALE, FLORIDA 33301 Central location off the New River. Conveniently located close to downtown Ft Lauderdale. Gated island featuring 24-hr manned security, 2 tennis courts & 3 heated pools. Small pets OK (owners only) No fixed bridges, ocean access dockage up to 52 (owners only as available):€ 1/11/2 Open & Airy, largest 1-Bdrm, separate dining area.$168,900. € 2/2 First FloorPark Like View, Covered Parking...$177,500. € 2/2 Corner with wrap-around balcony.....$229,000. € 2/2 CornerUpdated, W/D in unit, Canal View...$229,900. € 2/2 Completely Remodeled, City View, Covered Parking...$244,900. € 2/2 Largest in RR. 1,500 sq ft, covered parking...$299,000. € 2/21/2 First Floor, Covered Parking..........$235,000. € 2/2 Pool/Canal View, W/D hook-up in unit...$184,900. € 2/2 Corner remodeled, City View............$227,500. € 2/2 Corner, largest model, covered parking...$249,500. € 2/2 Corner w/River View, new Kitchen & Baths...$279,900. € 2/2 Largest model updated, covered parking, Canal/River View.$284,900. € 2/2 Remodeled, Canal View!...................$223,900. € 2/2 Updated Corner with Direct New River View!..$279,500. € 2/2 Corner, 1500 sq ft, River View, covered parking..$299,900. € RIVER REACH CONDOSDockage Available Now!!! Hurry! SOLD SOLD RIVER REACH RENTALS € 1-Bedroom............................................$975-$1,325/month. € 2-Bedroom........................................$1,200-$1,700/month. SOLDSOLD SOLDSOLDSOLD CONTRACT SOLD WWW.GARGANOREALTY.COM CONTRACTRENTEDCONTRACT CONTRACT See these same properties on the web atwaterfronttimes.com Please Help. Adopt…A…Manatee Today!Call 1-800-432-JOIN (5646) www.savethemanatee.org NORTH FORK NEW RIVERCall 954-792-1619.New deepwater dock, 70 available, wide basin, 50 mast max, electric available. No Fixed Bridges. No Live-aboards.


16 WATERFRONTTIMES.COMAugust2014Waterfront Times Sale Dates: August 1 thru 31, 2014 Bulk Repackaged Oil Gallons 2-Cycle Type TCW-3 SALE $1999 $2499 $2099LIMIT 6 GALLONS PER CUSTOMER. Automatic Bilge Pump Switches SALE $2699 $3799 $4499 PARMAX Washdown Pumps SALE $10999 $15999 $34999 $17999 $36999 Orion Alert/Locate Signal Kits SALE REBATE PRICE $ 45 99 $600 $ 39 99 $ 99 99 $2000 $ 79 99 $ 104 99 $2000 $ 84 99 $ 119 99 $2000 $ 99 99 $ 209 99 $2000 $ 189 99 Rebate forms available in all BOW locations. GREAT SALE PRICES + MAIL-IN REBATE DIRECTLY FROM ORION Mercury 4-Stroke Outboards SALE $82999 $99999 $129999 $144999 $189999 $209999 $239999Forespar Tea Tree Power’ Mold, Mildew & Odor Eliminator SALE $1299 $2099 $3499 $6699 Igloo Polar 120 Quart Cooler SALE $6999Quantity Limited to stock on hand No Rain Checks SALE $17999Jens en AM/FM/USB Stereo with Bluetooth SALE $4999 $7999 $7999Jens en 6-1/2Ž Coaxial Speakers SALE $19999Polk 6-1/2Ž 100 Watt Coaxial Marine Loudspeaker SALE $69999 $119999 $99999 $134999Indel Webasco Marine Refrigerator/Freezers FINALSave $4000Off BOWs Regular Low Price! G R EA EA T SA SA AL LE P PR I A AT AT IC IC CES ES + SA SA AL LE SA SA AL LE R N I N C A SA SA AL LE E $ 4 4 45 9 9 9 $ 3 3 39 9 9 9 $ 9 99 9 9 9 $ 7 7 79 9 9 9 $ 1 1 104 04 9 9 9 $ 84 84 9 9 9 F FI IN NA AL 10 04 04 84 84 $ 1 11 11 9 9 9 9 $ 9 99 9 9 9 $ 2 20 20 09 9 9 9 $ 1 18 18 9 8 9 9 9 SA SA AL LE SA SA AL LE SA SA AL LE SA SA AL LE SA SA AL LE SA SA AL LE $ SA AL LE S SA SA AL LE