Title: IT-SIG Presentation ; Sub-Theme 3. Organization and Representation of Information ; Organizing and Representing Thematic Collections through evidence-based practices ( Presentation slides with notes)
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Title: IT-SIG Presentation ; Sub-Theme 3. Organization and Representation of Information ; Organizing and Representing Thematic Collections through evidence-based practices ( Presentation slides with notes)
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Language: English
Creator: Judith Rogers, University of the Virgin Islands
Publisher: Digital Library of the Caribbean
Place of Publication: Miami, FL
Publication Date: June 8, 2010
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Organizing and Representing Digital


Judith Rogers
University of the Virgin Islands

"It follows from the nature of digital content,
much of which is online, that the organisation of
digital content cannot be
limited to the silos of individual institutions."
(Peter Johan Lor 2008)

Research practices in 2012



Professor Eduardo

The assignment

Choose a Caribbean
evidence of human

island and describe the
experiences documented

in historical maps of that island.

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the Caribbean (dLOC)


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A new & accurate map of the island of Cuba, drawn from the most approved
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Bowen, Emanuel, d. 1767
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2 maps :, 17.5 x 42.7. cm on sheet 42 x 48 cm.
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Cuba, Haiti, Jamaica and Trinidad
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Haiti, Dominican Republic

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H.C. Carey & I. Lea (Firm)
Lucas, Fielding, 1781-1854
Carey & Lea ( Philadelphia )
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Haiti, Dominican Republic

Carta particolare dell'isola Ispaniola es gioni nil' India Occidentale con I'isole
Dudley, Robert, 1574-1649
A.F. Lucini, Fece (a Florence Italy)
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2 $185,000 collected from CARIFESTA
3 (Various public notices : Insert Star 6 & 13 April, 1968)
4 ATM- Atoda maquinal
5 iBaile mi rey!, Juanino
6 iFjate qu6 suave!
7 iMis abuelitas nomds!
8 iSe acabaron las mujeres!

9 iViva la soldaderal
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13 "This is London calling the West Indies:" Henry Swanzy, the BBC, and the development of Caribbean literature
14 10 Days of Arts and Culture : Caribbean Arts and Culture Reflecting, Consolidating, Moving on!
15 101 steps leading to Blackbeard's Castle
16 14 i.e. Catorce de diciembre de 1951
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18 1804-2004: The Bicentennial of the Independence of Haiti; Annee international de la lutte centre I'esclavage et
son abolition (text on CD with selected images of items)
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24 2002 opinion survey of U.S. Virgin Island commercial fishers and the marine recreational industry

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J. I omson & Co. (t dinburgh )
2 maps on 1 sheet. : col 51 x 62 cm.
Dominica, Martinique

West India Islands
John Thomson & Co, f.1813-1869
J. Thomson & Co. ( Edinburgh )
2 maps on 1 sheet. col; 51 x 62 cm
Martinique, Dominica

Carte de la Gonave dressee fur les operations geometriques sites en 1787
Lieud6 de Sepmanville (Frangois Cyprien Antoine de ), 1762-1817
Depot de la Marine (Paris)
1 map: col. ; 59 x 88 cm.


S l Title: GVIANA fine Amazonvm Regio
4 -. Author: Hondius, Hendrik, 1597-1651
Publisher: [s.n.] (Amsterdam. Hondius)
17 -_t >_7. Format: 1 Map. : col; 949 cm.
S -..' Country: Venezuela, Guyana, name, French Guiana

Title: Carte du Canal de Bahama
Author: Bellin, Jacques Nicolas, 1703-1772
Bellin, Jacques Nicolas, 1703-1772
18 Publisher Didot (Paris)
Format: 1 map 21.2 x 31 4 cm. on sheet 25.1 x 32.2 cm.

Title: Culiacanae, Americae Regionis, Descriptio. Hispaniolae, Cubae, Aliarumnque
Insularium Circuniacientium. Delineatio
< Author: Ortelius, Abraham, 1527-1598
'5 Publisher Ortelius (Antwerp)
19. '. Format: 2 maps on 1 sheet: 36 x 50 cm.
19 .,.- .- United States, Bahamas, Turks and Caicos, Cuba, Cayman Islands, Jamaica, Haiti,
.:. .-i Country: Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, United States Virgin Islands, British Virgin Islands,
a Anguilla, Antigua and Barbuda, Guadeloupe, Martinique
State: Florida


Geographical, statistical, and historical map of Hispaniola, or St. Domingo
Lucas, Fielding, 1781-1854
H.C. Carey & I Lea (Firm) ( Philadelphia)
1 map. : col ; 46.4 x 31 cm
Haiti, Dominican Republic

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Accurate map of the island of St. Christopher, vulgarly called St. Kits,
containing all the towns, parishes, forts &c.
Bowen, Emanuel
nnys et al
St. Kitts and Nevis

Advertencias que facilitan el Conocimiento de los Cayos del Oeste dela boca
Title: de canal de Bahama que median desde el nombrado de Huesso inc. basta
principio de Cayo Largo
Publisher: Biblioteca Nacional ( [Madrid Spain )
Format: 1 map :

Title: Aerial Photograph of Lote de Monte Situado al Sur de la Finca Ingenio
Format: 1 map. 25 x22 cm.
Country Cuba

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Collections : C iftr sta



The Caribbean Festival of Creative Arts (CARIFESTA) is a regional festival which has been held in various CARICOM countries
since its establishment in 1972. CARIFESTA is an occasion when artists, performers and other persons in the field of culture
meet and exchange ideas through presentations of music, dance, drama, exhibitions on art, sculpture, poetry and symposia.
The CARICOM Secretariat through the Council on Human and Social Development (COHSOD) has since been involved not only in
the shaping and preservation of CARIFESTA but also in promoting a coordinated approach to cultural policy development as
embodied in the CARICOM regional cultural policy which is currently under review. Matters in relation to culture come under the
purview of this Council The Regional Cultural Committee (RCC) which consists of Directors of Culture or Senior Officials is
responsible for culture in Member States and Associated member states.

The CARICOM Secretariat was invited in 2004 to participate in the Digital Library of the Caribbean (dLOC) along with other
regional partners from libraries, archives and institutions. This invitation was readily accepted since it was felt that we could
contribute our CARIFESTA collection to this cooperative resource of historical and cultural Caribbean materials which would
be useful for research. We commenced digitizing in 2006.

The materials digitized have been drawn from the ten CARIFESTAS which have been held in the region to date. Guyana hosted
the most recent festival in 2008. The collection consists of consultants' studies; papers; press releases; articles indexed from
journals, pamphlets; tourism brochures; posters advertising all of the various CARIFESTAS; programmes detailing events; and
newspaper clippings. Most of the news clippings were sourced from the Guyana National Library. Our Collection was
supplemented by further contributions from the Directorate of Human and Social Development through its Culture desk which
liaises with the various Directors of Culture in the region

Today we boast a total of 1,500 images which we have digitized and added to Digital Library, although only 795 items are
currently accessible to viewers The CARICOM Secretariat is firmly committed to the dLOC project and sees our participation
as sharing and preserving information that is not easily accessible regionally and internationally.

The Digital Library of the Caribbean's teaching guides include guides on Carifesta Murals and Carifesta.

CARIFESTA I 1972 Guyana The artist in society, with special reference to the third world
CARIFESTA II 1976 Jamaica A hallmark of cultural extravaganza
CARIFESTA III 1979 Cuba A rainbow of people under one Caribbean sun
CARIFESTA IV 1981 Barbados Living images of the sun
CARIFESTA V 1992 Trinidad & Tobago Togetherness is strength
CARIFESTA VI 1995 Trinidad & Tobago The world's best cultural mix
CARIFESTA VII 2000 St Kitts & Nevis Caribbean arts and culture...reflecting, consolidating, moving on!
CARIFESTA VIII 2003 Suriname Cultural Diversity

-77--start rso -$14G 2 0-Q MPte' hnio e.. F 4 oCIf-ga..

7:59 A

"It follows from the nature of digital content,
much of which is online, that the organisation of
digital content cannot be
limited to the silos of individual institutions."
(Peter Johan Lor 2008)


* Dempsey,


"Libraries and the Long Tail

Some Thoughts about Libraries in a Network





* Lor,

Peter Johan. "Digital Libraries and


Knowledge: Some



ns." South African Journal of Library







ACURIL XL June 6-12, 2010
Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

IT-SIG Presentation
Sub-Theme 3. Organization and Representation of Information

Organizing and Representing Thematic Collections through evidence-based practices
Judith Rogers, University of the Virgin Islands

[slide one] In this presentation, I will examine some practices in organizing digital collections around
thematic areas and identify two reports as some evidence from the literature for effectively getting
users to your digital resources. The first report is from an article by Peter Lor called : Digital libraries and
archiving knowledge: some critical questions. This article revisits the access issues for digital collections
and the question of why we digitize in the first place. The second report is in the article by Lorcan
Dempsey called Libraries and the Long Tail. This report makes the case for aggregating collections and
users to enhance use.

As we were told in the opening presentation this morning, presenters can only hold the attention of the
audience for 20 mins. As I am at about the 20 minute threshold, I will use a storytelling format for this
presentation and ask you to visualize or imagine with me the experiences of users in navigating digital

Finally, I will examine the articles by Lor and Dempsey as evidence supporting thematic applications for
digital libraries.

[slide two] We'll begin with this quote from Peter Lor's article: "It follows from the nature of digital
content, much of which is online, that the organisation of digital content cannot be limited to the silos of
individual institutions." (Peter Johan Lor 2008) speaks to the reason for opening up access to
collections. Keep this in mind as we work through the presentation.

[slide three] The year is 2012 I would like to introduce you to Samantha and Olga, the 19 year-old
college students enrolled in a SSC 100 course during their second semester in college. The SSC 100
course provides students with an understanding of Caribbean social, economic, physical and cultural
experiences. After introducing the students to the areas that would be covered in the course, Professor
Eduardo gave their students their first assignment

[slide four choose a Caribbean island and describe the evidence of the human experiences in
historical maps of that island. ]

The year is 2012 and like most of their friends, Samantha and Olga begin every assignment by logging
onto their favorite search engine, typing in a few keywords and reviewing the first three pages of
results. For this assignment, however, the professor requires that students use the collection of maps
organized and presented through the digital library of the Caribbean (dLOC). [slide five] This is
restricting their style, it is not Yahoo, she moans at least the assignment allows me to go online, she

says, logging on to her computer. As is also typical, Samantha has scheduled her research time with her
friend Olga. Although it was not a group project, Samantha and Olga are energized by the social contact
achieved through MSN chat as they work through the web pages.

After locating the dLOC web site, Samantha and Olga saw the link for partner collections in the group of
tabs at the top of the page. This should be easy, says Olga. There cannot be that many documents on a
web site called the Digital Library of the Caribbean, and how many of those documents would contain
historical maps anyway.

[slide six] So they began by reviewing links to the partner collections. Do you realize that there are over
50 partners contributing to this project? Let's use the advanced search feature to see how many of the
collections include maps. There were over 1,000 documents described with the maps document type.

[slide seven] Wow, this is impressive, Samantha says. I think this will take much longer than we thought,
if we can't find a simpler method for refining this search. When I used the all items tab, it shows over
1,500 unique titles, and some of these have over 50 items under one title. There could be over 2 mil
pages of documents on this site. [slide eight] Surely there's a way to browse all these documents by
subject areas as we do with Yahoo and Alta Vista.

At that moment Olga spotted the Collections link on the bottom of the page. [slide nine] Bingo, she
wrote on her chat page. I just located the solution to our dilemma. The collections page organizes the
partner collections using 40 broad themes and sub-themes. [slide ten]There is a heading called
Caribbean maps in the Geography area, I've already found a historical map of St. Kitts and of the
American Virgin Islands. [slide eleven] The map of the Virgin Islands includes Danish, French, and Dutch
place names. [slide twelve] Professor Eduardo had explained how changes in governments and
languages played a critical role in framing the human experiences of residents of any area.

Samantha and Olga were well on their way in successfully completing their assignment.

Come back now to the reality of 2010. This particular website does not yet have the depth of themes
and topics to make it the research tool that would yield results such as those experienced by Samantha
and Olga, but it has the beginnings. With continued effort, dLOC partners can achieve that 2mil record
mark and full thematic collections by 2012.

[slide thirteen] The CARICOM Carifesta collection is one of the resources that's well on its way towards
that goal.

But what does this scenario say about the organizational standards and professional practices that
should drive digital resources? To answer these questions, we must re-examine the purpose for creating
a digital library in the first place.

[slide fourteen] According to Peter Johan Lor in his article: Digital libraries and archiving knowledge:
some critical questions, there are two primary reasons for creating digital collections, aggregated access
and enhanced access. Aggregated access refers to the bringing together of resources under one
umbrella for delivery through a single interface. Enhanced access refers to promotion gained as a wider

audience becomes of aware of the resources and the creation of finding aids or search engines for
effective retrieval.

Bringing resources together (aggregating) is a major factor in achieving enhanced access. It is much
easier to find a shoe in the haystack than it is to find the needle. It is this effective retrieval that is
significantly impacted through the development of the topical divisions for organizing collections. Lor's
statement that the organization of digital collections cannot be limited by displaying them solely under
the banner of the owing institution captures the critical reasoning for integrating collections within a
digital library. In other words, it's not enough to simply digitize your collections and place them online. If
all our institutions did that we are simply maintaining the silos in which these collections already exist. If
we aggregate them within a collection without facilitating further integration, the power of the
technology is wasted as some of the segregation still remains.

Organizing the collections by subject or topical categories takes aggregation one step further. Best
practices dictate that contributors to digital collections take that next step and identify the categories of
documents existing within digital resources placed online. If we are removing barriers, then remove the
barriers completely.

Evidence on which practice of aggregating access is based is everywhere in the literature. The Peter
Johan Lor article addresses this issue as well as others such as the lifespan of digital collections not
discussed in this presentation. The Libraries and the Long tail article by Lorcan Dempsey applies the long
tail argument of how the aggregation supply and demand impact usage, and also provides data to
support improving access through integration. It is not enough to get users online to your collection -
you must also reduce costs. Time is a cost in this case that we don't often consider. Samantha and Olga
in our scenario were not prepared to spend too much time digging around dLOC to find those maps. If
some success didn't happen for them within the first 5-8 minutes they were ready to look elsewhere
and forget Prof. Eduardo. The behaviour in the futuristic scenario is supported by the evidence in
articles such as Dempsey and Lor.

The vivid imagery of students attempting to execute a research assignment and questioning the
usefulness of library resources sends shivers through any dedicated librarian. When all is said and done,
libraries want resources used. This is true for traditional collections, it's true for online collections. The
ultimate goal in building and organizing online resources is to enhance access. Organizing by topic is
one way to accomplish that. The research scenario is set in 2012 because we are not there yet. Perhaps
the plight of the Samanthas and Olgas among our users will be sufficient motivation to perform the
difficult the time consuming process of applying themes to our collection. We look forward to seeing
greater development of topics from partners of the Digital Library of the Caribbean Collection or any
other collection serving up Caribbean materials.

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