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Title: Nayntsenhundert un finf in Vaysrusland
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Title: Nayntsenhundert un finf in Vaysrusland
Physical Description: 225 p. : illus. ; 23 cm.
Language: Hebrew
Creator: Agursky, Samuel, 1884-
Publisher: s.n.
Place of Publication: Minsk
Publication Date: 1925
Copyright Date: 1925
Subject: History -- Russia -- Revolution, 1905-1907   ( lcsh )
Genre: non-fiction   ( marcgt )
General Note: Romanized.
 Record Information
Bibliographic ID: UF00100873
Volume ID: VID00001
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
Rights Management: All rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
Resource Identifier: oclc - 81167601
lccn - 56048495


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ypa 20 JSim pu a i ..o.B. n pa .P.M.a C-1.1 2 WiN
Tim.m.p.p.. pS Ji aatuD'n flaw 190513 pa~ P~' il *1. 1a "i'm
| P'



!*pr utpW^BB .VruIv abs pIB synop' rlB ,
Tn21' ]pr'IM'-20 33Y7 ly is .1 .11 .I p .s2 *B y Py"'Dtt
.1 (..a) . .p.P .2 11 n1 D 'IDO n -1 1905 ~I1 37 9'5 l3 ny JIB


-) !?n (-

.1T .(n) .& .p .p .s DBa tnltatltn 1is '?ytZ3iymtsy'1 )
t31n11( x B!a 1# P xr sy tyl 19 139>Ni
.fPpD'TlX (.0) .t TwS

.1925 -pD ?3b

PRINTED jn U.. S. R.


r-%' (


.n4yp.Vi5l23a yn v B-1 /,p0a,
t3000 ,7oo9 y

' .18384 5ynaB 0ng

,524 .WV)Va

Ir r 5 nahdlilw }?n' 72wnYssIg YiW Inls ?
.105. 1 p- 75 YmS*'Xlynn

nT;7ynonl 1yi: isaya'iiytb b p& o9Y9I )-:i:s -J : RN I1 w Dne

.yeynis FT ,/aju^g p^ygi *pym pa lynwY n p& nN uveruyng
3rV1T5~t !17 j1:01411 -ri 11~ l6 jp'jtwyn It 1 5S: S Wuy~vy)IIniI
A3, (1861) 11$ f -lpE 5Y 11 p!7 56 :':.71 !P tPyB 5 y5%6n ,'n);ypybin
iyo a6toiB50p ps< a yy^ iBpusl '4 tp /,ypetwiv Itt p& pi(ly) tot,.
p& town ?f pH py'7^ !!8 ,893397i^T'a i.^ pT)8 ST >y p o'iy 06 .1
It5 WBto t pVN ti NWYIt:py: wIYILi0is J! p ,a;L1p lylpt n"t 7 t'P 8n
&;5S57 }b ta2 ;o 19 1i 'Jp& 01 ii 2 y nto)I t p Ns
-ypat p< s ,Mb ywtIS y t I Pi I li,' a 1887 'ISS pt tp:'B o 1 t315
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o's:Yi3 y'gn p"7p 7 p ,LY4 J jyj ps -my 1iYY'S 1T pt UIY)Y'IB 3-
"Y: yp5I!?yr W'3vp .1v lIn pI wyya^B 86 VI7 i'$ ?JD u..ny ti*'
B3t^;.ry: np o pa5 opy'rynu yp?^ 'N S1 ,pIN pjiyn rN -Ily! : ny"TB ,'n
y1i wyy trin 70-s80 I IY II1 I'N n",Y .2!nn I 1201 w8 y oiuyN
L -C'tny"Ti' I lm'w1bt VbNwR') ts"y wtny ONiB T D01 p Ty, lyWoy3

Yr-ue3*mn? n 5to p y lly": 'J::Ns E up 'aTn, m'; I pyn. t.i 3' p2s O'sI
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.lyi .pN top'. By.yway fN i1o5fto^ i -j^ *uoyb ,]ffY\) to ange
tat fT .0? 1863 p i. s r.?E3^ 1WYr SpY? 191) in m1 p& yue'L-*;'


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p) 0 ,'2~~~193523 fh 1 It "p 3 i)B 1)F) ,ImV nyn% pR3 71 ) K
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vina 2000 Ja'0Po 1B}i yX P5s I8IpIIYa tJiioYai rl V14V1 1877 JiM (*
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1rp1W Wy1~8tnlLb 12 1YMS1T 193 11 p1B U.i511Y) 1-185 S1 l) t;'Uo"'"a 193 ;3w ,
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,3;1UD1'B 1i t10 IVfS t '}'W *': 1 33 lt ,1J1 Pt)I11 .11n10 n v< 331,z JI-M
1,p ltS JIM piylty!> tL It-1926 59Y-I I T8 K JIhM'n ,i!i Px W T'M '3 tIKR

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