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Wednesday, JUNE 3, 2009 www.bonifaynow.com Vol ume 119, N um be r 8 50(

BrC)g dFT1Uial 8 Aa s

For the latest
breaking news, visit



One arrested
on drug charges
BONIFAY On May 27,
narcotics investigators
with the Holmes County
Sheriff's Office and with
I L Iassistance

Ponce de Leon Jack Davis winners Brock
Bishop and Gypsy Griffin are joined by Times-
Advertiser Managing Editor Jay Felsberg.

from the
Bonif ay
SDepart ent
Ian Cpley

Poplar Springs Athletic Banquet was held May
12. Jack Davis Award recipient Darrell Todd is
pictured with Principal Gordon Wells and Boys
:.arg~ say cachl Bradc Hall



a search warrant at
202Veneer Circle in
Bonifay after undercover
investigators purchased
marijuana from an
individual from the
As a result of
the search warrant,
marijuana packaged for
sale was found inside
the residence along with
drug paraphernalia.
As police processed
the scene, suspect
Phillip Dean Weeks, 28,
of Bonifay, drove by,
and deputies took him
into custody. A search
of revealed bags of
marijuana in his pocket.
Weeks is facing
charges of two counts
of possession of
marijuana +20 grams
with intent to distribute
and possession of drug
Weeks is also a
registered sex offender.
For more information,
go to http://offender.fdle.
dolpersonld= 14248.


Kiwanis Club of

Boifay rec h 0

Happy Corner
Attention Deficit
Disorder, absentminded'
easily distracted or just
getting old and forgetful,
I start one thing and
wind up doing another,
Hazel Tison says.

Extra .................................Page B1
Faith ..................................Page B6
Classifieds ........................Page B9


Phone: 850-547-9414
Web site: bonifalynow~com
Fax: 850-547-9418

6 4i26914 i 1008 1.

Photo and story
afels ean@chipleyp orom
BONIFAY -Holmes Coun-
ty School Board unani-
mously rehired another
wave of faculty and staff at
its regular meeting Tues-
day morning. The action
mirrored an initial rehiring
in May.
Superintendent Gary
Galloway recommended
the rehirings now that ad-
ditional funding is available
from the state following
passage of the state bud-
get. The following were re-
BMS: Penny Jones, Mel-

anie Albury, Sandra Bell,
Jerry Dunn, Kelly Hudson,
Christopher Nelson, Amy
Tate, Matthew Tate, Linda
Warnock, Devon Miles,
Josiah Locke, Donald
PS: Sabrina Morrison,
Heather Howell, Lowell
Hudson, Marie Yancey,
Brad Hall, Gordon Wells.
BHS: Ty~la Helms, Sher-
ry Myers, Mark Bryan, Jim
Jefferson, Carson Lassiter,
Brian Morgan, Cathern
Leavins, Jerry Dixon.
PdLHS: Larry Sweat,
Jimmy Grant, Christa
Harris, Brad Grant, Larry
Sweat, Buddy Brown.

Holmes County Superintendent Gary Ga loway meets F orida Writes students
with scores of 6 or higher.

Safe. S9C Ufe. locCl.
Your Hometown Community Bank
is strong and ready to serve you!

OneSouth ""RA'"'O
~ BANK You Know and Trust


18 8 T

FCoT nto es


Managing Editor
CHIPLEY Florida Department
of Education has released the
2009 Florida Comprehensive As-
sessment Test (FCAT) scores.
Holmes County Superintendent
of Education Gary Galloway said
a review was underway of the
"We are well pleased with
some areas and we have work to
do in some areas," Galloway said
In reading, math and science,
students are expected to score a
3 or higher to demonstrate pro-
ficiency. In the writing scores, a
3.5 or higher is considered profi-
According to the 2009 FCAT
results, a greater percentage of
Florida students are performing
at or above grade level in reading
and mathematics compared with
all test years since 2001. More
students in grades five and eight
are performing at or above grade
level in science compared with
previous years. The results also
indicate a closing of the achieve-
ment gap between minority and
white students in elementary
reading, as well as middle and
high school math.
"The overall academic prog-
ress of our children is a direct
result of the phenomenal work of
our teachers who sacrifice daily
to ensure their students are suc-
cessful," said Education Commis-
sioner Dr. Eric J. Smith,
Overall, 61 percent of students
in grades three-10 are reading at
or above grade level compared
with 60 percent in 2008. Sixty-sev-
en percent of Florida students are
demonstrating math skills at or
above grade level compared with
65 percent last year.
As a district, Holmes County
had the following percentages at
level three or above:
*Third grade reading 70
percent; state 71 percent
*Fourth grade reading 76

Graduation 2009

Holmes County schools rehire staff, faculty



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A2 | Holmes County Times-Advertiser


Wednesday, June 3, 2009

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We're pleased to present to you this year's Annual Water Quality Report. This report is designed to inform you about the quality water
and services we deliver to you every day. Our constant goal is to provide you with a safe and dependable supply of drinking water. We want
you to understand the efforts we make to continually improve the water treatment process and protect our water resources. We are committed
to ensuring the quality of your water. Our water source is ground water from 2 wells to provide you drinking water. These wells draw from
the Floridian Aquifer. Because of the excellent quality of our water, the only treatment required is chlorine for disinfection purposes.
In 2008 the Department of Environmental Protection performed a Source Water Assessment on our system. The assessment was
conducted to provide information about any potential sources of contamination in the vicinity of our wells. A search of the data sources
indicated no potential sources of contamination. The assessment results are available on the FDEP Source Water Assessment and Protection
Program Website at www,.dep.state.fl.us/swapp, or they can be obtained from Town Hall (850) 836-4361.
If you have any questions about this report or concerning your water utility, please contact P.B. Peterson, Town Clerk at (850) 836-436 1.
We encourage our valued customers to be informed about their water utility. If you want to learn more, please attend any of our regularly
scheduled meetings. They are held on the 1st Thursday of every month at 7:00 p.m. at the Ponce de Leon Town Hall, 1580 Hwy 90.
The Town of Ponce de Leon routinely monitors for contaminants in your drinking water according to Federal and State laws, rules, and
regulations. Except where indicated otherwise, this report is based on the results of our monitoring for the period of January 1 to December
31, 2008. Data obtained before January 1, 2008, and presented in this report are from the most recent testing done in accordance with the
laws, rules, and regulations.
We at the Town of Ponce de Leon would like you to understand the efforts we make to continually improve the water treatment process
and protect our water resources. We are committed to insuring the quality of your water. If you have any questions or concerns about the
information provided, please feel free to call any of the numbers listed.
In the table below, you may find unfamiliar terms and abbreviations. To help you better understand these terms we've provided the
following definitions:

Maximum Contaminant Level or MCL: The highest level of a contaminant that is allowed in drinking water. MCLs are set as close to the
MCLGs as feasible using the best available treatment technology.
Maximum Contaminant Level Goal or MCLG: The level of a contaminant in drinking water below which there is no known or expected
risk to health. MCLGs allow for a margin of safety.
Action Level (AL): The concentration of a contaminant which, if exceeded, triggers treatment or other requirements that a water system
must follow.
Initial Distribution System Evaluation (IDSE): An important part of Stage 2 Disinfection Byproducts Rule (DBPR). The IDSE is a one-
time study conducted by water systems to identify distribution system locations with high concentrations of trihalomethanes (THM's) and
haloacetic acids (HAAs). Water systems will use results from IDSE, in conjunction with their Stage 1 DBPR compliance monitoring data, to
select compliance monitoring locations for the Stage 2 DBPR.
Picocurie per liter (pCilL) measure of the radioactivity in water.
"ND" means not detected and indicates that the substance was not found by laboratory analysis.
Parts per million (ppm) or Millierams per liter (me/11 one part by weight of analyte to 1 million parts by weight of the water sample.
Parts per billion (ppb} or Micrograms per liter (ag/l) one part by weight of analyte to 1 billion parts by weight of the water sample.
Maximum residual disinfectant level or MRDL: The highest level of a disinfectant allowed in drinking water. There is convincing
evidence that addition of a disinfectant is necessary for control of microbial contaminants.
Maximum residual disinfectant level eoal or MRDLG: The level of a drinking water disinfectant below which there is no known or
expected risk to health. MRDLGs do not reflect the benefits of the use of disinfectants to control microbial contaminants.
2008 Contaminants Table
C~adn an Uit f at srn Vi lt on D t d R MCLG MCL Likely Source of Contamination

Radiological Contaminants
Alpha emitters (pC1/L) 6/06 -3/07 N 2 9 ND3 3 2 15 Erosion of natural deposits

Roa Ie6d ( 1L) 6/06 3/07 N 0 8 0 1 -1 02 0 5 Erosion of natural deposits
Inorganic Contaminants
00116- Discharge of drillmg wastes,
Barium (ppm) 9/06 N 0 0118118 18 2 discharge from metal refmneres,
erosion of natural dpst
Residue from man-made pollution
Lead (pomt of entry) (ppb) 9/06 N 5 0 ND-5 0 n/a 15 such as auto emissions and pamnt,
lead pipe, casmg, and solder
Runoff from fertilizer use,
Nitrate las Nitrogen) (ppm) 4/08 N 016 ND-0 16 10 10 1eachmg from septic tanks,
sewage, erosion of natural deposits
Sae1 Disinfectants and Disinfection By-Products
Disinfectant or Dates of MLo
Contaminant and Unit sampling V ~ e eL r Likely Source of Contamination
ofMeasurement (mo.iyr.)
Chlorme (ppm) 1-12/08 N 0 52 0 5-0 6 MRDLG = 4 MRDL = 4 0 Water additive used to control microbes
Hakoactl pAids (five) 8/06 N 4 445 4 1-4 8 NA MCL = 60 By-product of drmkmg water dismfection

Lead and Copper (Tap Water)
No. of
Contminnt nd nit s min Viola ion Pe c~e tile sapins IMCLG (Act on Likely Source of Contamination
(mo./yr.) Y/N Result exceeding Level)
the AL
Corrosion of household plumbmg systems,
Copper (tap water) (ppm) 8/08 N 0 24 0 1 3 1 3 erosion of natural deposits, leachmg from wood
Lead (tap water) (ppb) 8/08 N 5 Corrosion of household plumbmg systems,
erosion of natural depsits

The sources of drinking water (both tap water and bottled water) include rivers, lakes, streams, ponds, reservoirs, springs, and wells.
As water travels over the surface of the land or through the ground, it dissolves naturally occurring minerals and, in some cases,
radioactive material, and can pick up substances resulting from the presence of animals or from human activity.
Contaminants that may be present in source water include:
(A) Microbial contaminants, such as viruses and bacteria, which may come from sewage treatment plants, septic systems,
agricultural livestock operations, and wildlife.
(B) Inorganic contaminants, such as salts and metals, which can be naturally-occurring or result from urban storm water
runoff, industrial or domestic wastewater discharges, oil and gas production, mining, or farming.
(C) Pesticides and herbicides, which may come from a variety of sources such as agriculture, urban storm water runoff, and
residential uses.
(D) Organic chemical contaminants, including synthetic and volatile organic chemicals, which are by-products of industrial
processes and petroleum production, and can also, come from gas stations, urban storm water runoff, and septic
(E) Radioactive contaminants, which can be naturally occurring or be the result of oil and gas production and mining
In order to ensure that tap water is safe to drink, the EPA prescribes regulations, which limit the amount of certain contaminants
in water provided by public water systems. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulations establish limits for contaminants
in bottled water, which must provide the same protection for public health.
Drinking water, including bottled water, may reasonably be expected to contain at least small amounts of some contaminants.
The presence of contaminants does not necessarily indicate that the water poses a health risk. More information about contaminants
and potential health effects can be obtained by calling the Environmental Protection Agency's Safe Drinking Water Hotline at 1-
If present, elevated levels of lead can cause serious health problems, especially for pregnant women and young children.
Lead in drinking water is primarily from materials and components associated with service lines and home plumbing. The Town of
Ponce de Leon is responsible for providing high quality drinking water, but cannot control the variety of materials used in plumbing
components. When your water has been sitting for several hours, you can minimize the potential for lead exposure by flushing your
tap for 30 seconds to 2 minutes before using water for drinking or cooking. If you are concerned about lead in your water, you may
wish to have your water tested. Information on lead in drinking water, testing methods, and steps you can take to minimize exposure
is available from the Safe Drinking Water Hotline or at Unpll ? pl.l _o v/safewater/lead.
Thank you for allowing us to continue providing your family with clean, quality water this year. In order to maintain a safe and
dependable water supply, we sometimes need to make improvements that will benefit all of our customers. These improvements are
sometimes reflected as rate structure adjustments. Thank you for understanding.
Some people may be more vulnerable to contaminants in drinking water than the general population. Immuno-compromised
persons such as persons with cancer undergoing themestheragr.llll persons who have undergone organ transplants, people with
HIV/AIDS or other immune system disorders, some elderly, and infants can be pa~rti,, urlar/ at risk fom infections. These people
should seek advice about drinking water fom their health care providers. EPA/CDC guidelines on appropriate means to lessen
the risk of infection by Cryptosporidium and other microbiological contaminants are availablepom the Safe Drinking Water
Hotline (800-426-4791).

Physical Therapy

Occupational Therapy :4

Speech Therapy
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306 West Brock Avenue Bonifay, FL 32425
850-547-9289 www. BonifayRehab.com

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Holmes County Times-Advertiser | A3

Holmes County Arrest
Report for May 18 through
Mlay 31, 2009:
George Anthony
Basile: 37, of Westville, vio-
lation of probation on theft
of utilities
Dustin Davis: 18, of
Bonifay, failure to appear
and violation of probation/
simple battery.
Eric Bradley Drigger:
31, of Geneva, Ala., aggra-
vated battery, domestic,
person uses a deadly weap-
Aristeo Esquivel: 32,
county ordinance violation.
M/arcus Fitzpatrick: 22,
of Geneva, Ala., violation of
probation on driving while
license suspended or re-

Ralph Gammons: 33, of
Bonifay, child support and
possession of controlled
substance (meth).
William Earl Griffin: 42,
of Bonifay, sale of controlled
substance (meth).
Christopher Hall: 33, of
Bonifay, marijuana.
M/ichael Lance Hewett:
29, of Chipley, violation of
probation on disorderly
Harry Thomas John-
son: 60, grand theft.
Horacio Renee Lacayo:
20, of Bonifay, sale of con-
trolled substance (mari-
Stacey Lynn M/iller: 40,
of Bonifay, failure to appear

on issuing worthless checks
and uttering forged instru-
Brandon Poteet: 22, of
Bonifay, sale of controlled
substance (marijuana).
Keith Junior Railey: 43,
of Bonifay, aggravated bat-
James Luther Rose: 38,
of Bonifay, reckless driving,
driving while license sus-
pended or revoked, refusal
to submit to breath test,
open container and driving
under influence.
Keith Thomas: 42, of
Bonifay, violation of injunc-
tion, violation of proba-
tion/assault and violation
of probation on domestic

Amie Werts: 30, of Boni-
fay, domestic battery.
Danny Lee Wiseman:
38, hold for court.
Nolan Wood: 25, of
Ponce de Leon, violation of
Jimmie M/. Adkins: 60,
failure to appear on misde-
meanor offense and failure
to appear on driving while
license suspended or re-
Jackie Dallie Arrant:
36, of Geneva, Ala., viola-
tion of probation on crimi-
nal mischief and violation
of probation on leaving the
Devon K. Collins: 19, of
Chipley, possession of liquor
by person under 21 years.

M/ichelle Dion: 25, coun-
ty ordinance violation,
Charlie Eldridge: 19, of
Bonifay, county ordinance
Kathryn Jane Evans:
47, of Westville, traffic of-
fense/driving under influ-
M/elinda Griggs: 32, of
Ponce de Leon, child sup-
Theresa Haddocle 33,
of Bonifay, violation of pro-
bation/petty theft.
Christopher D. Harri-
son: 20, of Ebro, possession
of liquor by person under 21
years of age and non-mov-
ing traffic violation/sus-
pended or revoked.
Justin Scott Justice: 21,

of DeE~miak Springs, viola-
tion of probation.
Annette Lee: 38, charg-
es pending.
Theodore Patrick M/i-
las: 25, of Tallahassee, driv-
ing under influence.
M/ichael W. M/urdorfE
33, child support.
Dawn Nicholson: 40 of
DeE~miak Springs, making
false report to law enforce-
ment officer and grand
Jamie Lu Sanders: 21,
of Bonifay, violation of pro-
Phillip Dean Weeks: 28,
of Bonifay, possession mari-
juana with intent to distrib-
ute and possession drug

FHP checkpointS
Florida Highway Pa-
trol will conduct driver
license and vehicle mn-
spection checkpoints dur-
ing the month of June on
the roadways listed below
in Holmes, Jackson and
Washington counties.
Recognizing the dan-
ger presented to the pub-
lic by defective vehicle
equipment, troopers will
concentrate their efforts
on vehicles being oper-
ated with defects such
as bad brakes, worn tires
and defective lighting
equipment. In addition, at-
tention will be directed to
drivers who would violate
the driver license laws of
Officers will be on State
Roads No. 2, 10, 69, 71, 73,
77, 79, 81,273, 276,277, and
286 during the month.
County roads with in-
spection points include
No. 69A, 162, 164, 165,
165A, 167, 169, 173, 177,
177A, 179, 181, 185, 271
276, 279, 280, 284, and
Snow Hill Road.

The Patrol has found
these checkpoints to be
an effective means of en-
forcing the equipment
and driver license laws
of Florida while ensuring
the protection of all mo-
toris s.

An el Food ministries
New Smyrna Assembly
of God Church, host site
for Angel Food Ministries
is taking orders for June'
The last day to order is
Mon., June 15; delivery will
be on Sat., June 27.
Angel Food Ministries
reserves the right to substi-
tute any of the above items
due to availability, cost,
and quality. Food Stamps
(EBT) are accepted.
Call Sis Julie at 547-
9559, between 8:30 a.m. 1
9 7.m. Monday and from 10
a.m. 6 p.m. on Wednesday
for a list of items available
and to place an order. You
can also mail in your or-
der to NSAG, 1849 Adolph
Whitaker Road, Bonifa ,
FL 32425, as long as it is
received by the due date.

A Time For Worship

9:30 A.M. 10:4~5 A.M. 6:30 P.M

Mond y- Frid y
10:00 A.M.

When do you Worship?

first Bapts CuCI f

311 N. Waukesha St., Bonifay, FL 547-2420
Shelly Chandler, Pastor
David Lauen, Associate Pastor, Minister of Music
Doug Hemanes, Associate Pastor, Youth Minister
Jeep Sullivan, Associate Pastor, Senior Adult & Men's Minister f9
Ashley Unzicker, Children's Minister trar~ie


Help ing Hand~s...

Hear ts


Kiwanis Club of Bonifay recently awarded scholarships to several Holmes County students. They
were Holmes County High School, Julie McFatter Scholarship Brittany Akridge ; Poplar Springs
-Shannon Skinner; Bethlehem, Don Hersman Sr. Scholarship Richard Stevens; The students are
joined by Superintendent Gary Galloway (left) and Kiwanis President Don Hersman, Jr. (right)
Ponce de Leon award winner Summer McVey (above) received her award from Kiwanian Vernon

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

A4 | Holmes County Times-Advertiser


Perfect Attendance:
Tucker Forthman, Justin
Bruce, Lucas Forthman,
Courtney Henderson,
Mallory Vann and Jacob

Citizenships award
winners: Chloe Yar-
brough, Jimmy Quinn,
Gordon, Bruce, Emilie
Justice, Madison Jones,
Tilman Calhoun, Kobe
Hendrix, Jordan Penny,
Lucas Forthman, Je-
sie Dampier, Peyton

The most improved
award winners are Chey-
enne Miller, Dallas Cooner,
Bailey Gunther, Cole New-
some, Brittney Goodwin,
Justin Bruce, Ward El-
dridge, Tanner Mims, Jes-
sica Sellers, Johnathan
Kirkland, Dylan Pope.

Florida Writes 5.0
and 5.5 awards went to
Georgie Jones, Amber
White, Adryan Alred,
Hunter Gautney, Mikaela
Johns, Jordan Penny,
Jamison Sketoe, Nicholas
Stewart, Mallory Vann,
and Jessica Sellers.

Florida Writes 3.5,
4.0, 4.5 winners are
Heather Barnes, Heaven
Dawson, Haston Deal,
Braydon DePaul, Shania
Duffell, Sayge Evans, Shir-
ley Hunter, Logan Hurst,
Tanner Mims, 'Itevor
Mims, Alexx Royals,
Charles Samuels, Mck-
ayla Taylor, Jacob Wat-
son, Will White, Tristan
Boswell, Gabirielle Eilf,
Lucas Forthman, Court-
ney Henderson, Bradley
Jackson, K~lint McKay,
Katelynn McQuaid, Tony
Pierson, Zachary Single-
tary, Brittany White, Da-
mien Brunson.

First Grade A Honor
Roll: Matthew Baxley,
Cade Mollet, Morgan Rap-
er, Kylie Joiner, Brianna
Simmons, Michaelyn Wal-
lace, Alex Bowser, Leah
Lewis, Isabella Watford,
Aubrey McDonald, Perry

First Grade A/B Hon-
or Roll: Willie B. Beall,
Logan Miller, Charlize
Rogers, Dawson Taylor,
Jacee Ward, Sarah White,
Ashlyn Guthrie, Jimmy
Quinn, Daylon Richard,
Issac Tate, Hunter Lamb,
Alexa Ard, Gordon Bruce,
Gabe Collins, Waylon

King, Madison Lamb, Bai-
ley Miller.

Second Grade A Hon-
or Roll: Seth Johnson,
Emilie Justice, Dillian
Leavins, Haley Mitchell,
Braeden Raper, Stella
Waldron, Jason Evans
Madison Jones, 'Itistin
Miller, Blake Pettis, Shan-
non Samuels.

Second Grade A/B
Honor Roll: Melana
Broaddus, Keegan Wells,
Kellar White, Madison
Curry, 'lIcker Forthman,
Olivia Eilf, Maxwell Jen-
ns-Binetti, Cortni Garvin.

Third Grade A Honor
Roll: Allyson Dady, Dillon
Lee, Jaycee Merchant,
Grady Peacock, Isabella
'Itinka, Abagail Watford,
Eliza Driser, Jonathan

Third Grade A/B
Honor Roll: Shane Cham-
pion, Katelyn Elrod, Colby
French, Colton Gillespie,
Kodie King, Bethany
Miller, Blake Smith, Jacob
Taylor, J.J. Paul, Adrianna
McQuaid, Dallas Kirkland,
Jessie Barnes, Kobe Hen-
drix, Roman Brown.

Fourth Grade AHonor
Roll: Haston Deal, Hunter
Gautney, Georgie Jones,
Jordan Penny, Madison
Sketoe, Nick Stewart,
Mallory Vann, Katelyn
McQuain, Alexx Royals,
Amber White.

Fourth Grade A/B
Honor Roll: Heaven Daw-
son, Gabrielle Eilf, Sayge
Evans, Logan Hurst, Mi-
kaela Johns, KcKayla
Taylor, Adryan Alred, Lu-
can Forthman, Courtney
Hendrix, Will White.

Fifth Grade A Honor
Roll: Jesie Damier, Jacob
Sellers, Lauren Drake,
Rebekah Dixon, Cassidy
'Itammell, Dakota Potter.

Fifth Grade A/B Hon-
or Roll: Kelsey Enfinger,
Shelby Gunther, Cory
Hardin, Taylor Joiner,
Chelsea McAdams, Harlie
Peters, Joshue 'Itammel,
Jason Vickers, Brandon
Williams, Amber Lee,
Macey Thomas, Gene My-
ers, Karlee French, Shawn

M~ore photo and video
coverage at bonifaynow.

Florida Writes
5.0 and 5.5
awards went
to, from the left,
Georgie Jones'
Amber White,
Adryan Alred,
Hunter Gautney,
Mikaela Johns,
Jordan Penny,
Jamison Sketoe,
Nicholas Stewart,
Mallory Vann,
and Jessica

Florida Writes 3.5, 4.0,
4.5 winners are from the left,
row one, Heather Barnes,
Heaven Dawson, Haston
Deal, Braydon DePaul, Shania
Duffell, Sayge Evans, Shirley
Hunter, Logan Hurst, Tanner
Mims, Trevor Mims. Row two,
Alexx Royals, Charles Samuels,
Mckayla Taylor, Jacob Watson,
Will White, Tristan Boswell,
Gabirielle Eilf, Lucas Forthman,
Courtney Henderson, Bradley
Jackson. Row three, Klint
McKay, Katelynn McQuaid,
Tony Pierson, Zachary
Singletary, Brittany White,
Damien Brunson.

The most improved award winners are from the
left, row one, Cheyenne Miller, Dallas Cooner,
Bailey Gunther, Cole Newsome, Brittney
Goodwin, Justin Bruce, Ward Eldridge. Row
two, Tanner Mims, Jessica Sellers, Johnathan
Kirkland, Dylan Pope.

Perfect Attendance honorees were Tucker
Forthman, Justin Bruce, Lucas Forthman,
Courtney Henderson, Mallory Vann and Jacob

Citizenships award winners from the left, row
One, Chloe Yarbrough, Jimmy Quinn, Gordon,
Bruce, Emilie Justice, Madison Jones. Row
two, Tilman Calhoun, Kobe Hendrix, Jordan
Penny, Lucas Forthman, Jesie Dampier, Peyton

Retired Principal Lorraine Raper received a
special award from Principal Jerry Dixon.

(Holmes, Washington,
Walton & Jackson)
$29 year plus tax
$39 per year plus tax


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national columnists? Find it all at

The views expressed here
are not necessarily those
of this paper or Freedom

Send address change to:
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Bethlehem Elementary School awards day winners


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Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Holmes County Times-Advertiser | AS

Al-aysonl .-

Nichola Bush (top), Gary Moore and Alisha Tate delivered the Valedictorian's addresses.

starting @

Mallory Parish and Cierra Sapp delivered the Salutatory addresses at graduation.

BONIFAY Holmes County
award winners are based on
the highest average grade for
the first, second and third nine
weeks of the 2008/09 school year.

Subject Area Ninth
D.W. Harris, Math skills, Sci-
ence skills; Johnny Rose, Sci-
ence skills, EnglishlI skills, Read-
ing; Brandon Carnely, JROTC
I, Algebra IB; Ashley Sheraw,
JROTC I; Jonathan Pendoley,
English I, Agri-Science, Earth
Science; Haleigh Manuel, Alge-
bra IB; Kelsey Wilkerson, Alge-
bra IA; Danielle Payne, Algebra
IA, Early Childhood Education
I, Earth Science; Nicholas Bell,
Chorus; Amber Smithson, Alge-
bra I; Audrey Stinnett: Algebra
IB; Will Parmer, Computing for
College and Careers; Michael
Rumiano, Computing for Col-
lege and Careers; Amber Hailes,
Geometry, Earth Science;
Heather Burlew, Earth Science
Marissa English, Earth Science
Jack Connell, Earth Science;
Courtney Reeves, Earth Sci-
ence; Harold Wolfley, Reading
Science, Math, Unique skills,
Social Studies, English; Marena
Upton, Reading; Kolton Sellers,
Subject Area 10th
Macy Miles, Algebra II, Legal
studies; Mika Moore, English
II Honors; Hannah Pippin, Le-
gal studies; Tucker Retherford,
English II, Biology, World Histo-
ry; Derick Butler, Science skills;
Ryan Pickwick, Biology Honors;

Principal Eddie Dixon presents Gary Moore with the Joel Mayo
Award, named after the Bonifay native that died attempting to
rescue the Iranian hostages.

Cameron Bailey, JROTC II, Al-
gebra II; Brandon Pettis, Agri-
Tech I; David Platt, Algebra IB;
Josh Norman, Geometry; Josh
Faulkner, Culinary Operations
II; Carley Long, World History
Honors; Hannah Sheesley, Lib-
eral Arts; Dallas Palmer, Read-
ing; Lisa Mixon, English II skills,
Reading; Jessica Bean, Early
Childhood Education II.
Subject Area 11th
Jo shCoulier, Algebrall, JRTC
III; Audrey Kanzder, Chemistry,
Digital Design II, English III
Honors, American History Hon-
ors, Spanish I; Miranda Derosa,
III, Informal Geometry; Dustin
Messer, Agri-Tech II; Rachel
Stiles, Algebra IB; William Ste-

version, Integrated Science II;
Ashleigh Stowe, Integrated Sci-
ence II, Drama; Jonathan Potts,
Algebra IA; Benjamin Newman,
Pre-Cal; John David Brown,
Digital Design I, Drama; Eliza-
beth Mixon, Culinary Opera-
tions III, American History; Ana
Bahram, Culinary Operations
I; Jasmine Dodds, English III;
Garrett Land, Reading, Sci-
ence; Katelyn Bush, American
History; Christy Bess, Ameri-
can History Honors; Dylan Tay-
lor, English III, skills, Reading;
Martha Cornejo, Spanish I; Em-
mie Phelps, Drama; Alex Parish,
Drama; Blake Collins, Drama;
Lara Wells, Chorus; Hope Sy-
frett, American History Honors;
Hunter Somerset, American
History Honors. '

Men's Softball League
Walton County is sponsoring
a men's softball league on Tues-
day nights, starting June 16. Cost
for registration is $350 per team.
Registration deadline is Junel12.
anRe~gister atWal nN Cou tyS ts '

DeEuniak Springs, FL 32433. Call
850-892-8703 for more information.

Holme Cout VPK
Summer Sdiool
BONIFAY -All children who did not
attend the VPK program this year
and were age four by September 2008

are eligible. These are children who
will attend Kindergarten in August.
Call the Early Learning Coalition
in Chipley at 638-6089, ext. 126 or
ext. 127.
After receiving the summer
school certificate take it to Littlest
Angels LLC Child Care Center,
Cecelia Brunk, 547-9306.

Holmes County H5 celebrates

awards day and graduation







~olWE MEL YOUU 0 0
Our Services Include:
Preventative Medicine rV
, 1 General Surgery
Internal Medicine
Digital Radiology
Hills/Science Diet Food
Flea/Heartworm Prevention
*Open Monday-Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.*

First United Methodist

Church of Bonifay
invite all children to cZ-
go tothe Edgethis F
summer for Vacation
Bible School
Camp E.D.G.E: Experience &
Discover God Everywhere is L
an extreme adventure camp
taking kids on exciting Bible
treks to experience and discover God everywhere, every
The fun begins June 8 and ends June 12 from 5:30-8:00
p.m.at First United Methodist Church
located at 202 North Oklahoma Street.
Each Bible trek is supported with
science activities, songs, crafts, games
and snacks.To be a pa rt of all the extreme
fu n at Ca mp E.D.G.E. callI Fi rst U united
Methodist Church at 850.547.3785

Beta Club members were honored at Awards

PONCE DE LEON Ponce De Leon Valedictorian is
Jessica Landers with a 4.322 GPA. She was awarded
the Chipola College Valedictorian Scholarship and
the Robert C. Byrd Honor Scholarship.
PDL Salutatorian is Alicia Davis with a 4.161
Graduating seniors with High Honors are Whit-
ney Rushing, Tory Serigne, Valerie Bruner, Cynthia
Pickard, Wesley Wallace, Kelsi Holder, Seth Skinner,
Jake Alford Sharah Curry, Donna Durden, Whitney
Stafford, Nikki Williams and Stephanie Gillis.
High honors were awarded to Valerie Bruner,
Sharah Curry, Alicia Davis, Kelsi Holder, Jessica
Landers, Cynthia Pickard, Whitney Rushing, Tory
Serigne, Seth Skinner and Wesley Wallace.
Florida Bright E~ture Scholarships were award-
ed to 18 seniors.
Florida Academic Scholars scholarships went to
Jessica Landers, Cynthia Pickard and Wesley Wal-
Medallion Scholars scholarship awards were
given to Valerie Bruner, Brandon Burnette, Molly
Carroll, Chase Crow, Sharah Curry, Alicia Davis,
Donna Durden, Kelsie Holder, Evan Pitts, Whitney
Rushing, Tory Serigne, Heather Sewell Seth Skin-
ner, Whitney Stafford.
The Gold Seal Vocational scholarship was award-
ed to Gena Brannon.
Florida Medallion Scholars Brock Bishop and
Nikki Williams.
Jake Alford received a Washington/Holmes Tech-
nical Center scholarship.
The Army Athlete Scholar awards went to Chan-
ning Hammond and Seth Skinner.
Marine Corps awards were given to Tory Serigne

Doctors Memorial Foundation organized

A6 | Holmes County Times-Advertiser


Wednesday, June 3, 2009







~ 631

Jessica Landers delivered the Valedictorian's Alicia Davis delivered the Salutatory address at
address at Ponce deleon graduation, the Ponce Deleon graduation.

Thirteen seniors graduated with high honors at Ponce de Leon.

Seniors salute the flag at Awards Day.

for Distinguished Male Athlete; Gypsy Griffin for
Distinguished Female Athlete and Alicia Davis for
Scholastic Excellence.
Cynthia Pickard and Wesley Wallace won the Uni-
versity of West Florida Top 5 Merit scholarships.
Outstanding Science Student award from Gene-
va County Medical Society and Wiregrass Hospital
was awarded to Jessica Landers. Her name will be
engraved on the school plaque hanging in the main
entrance of the school.
Senior Beta seniors are Gena Brannon, Cynthia
Pickard, Wesley Wallace, Sharah Curry, Dakota Da-
vis, Donna Durden, Nikki Williams, Chase Crow, Ali-
cia Davis, Jessica Landers Whitney Rushing,"It~oy
Serigne, Seth Skinner, Whitney Stafford, David Da-
rany and Stephanie Gillis.
WHTC and PDLHS Graduate Recognition went
to Jake Alford.
The Jack Davis award went to Brock Bishop and
Gypsy Griffin.
Summer McVey was awarded the Bonifay Kiwan-
is Scholarship.
Jeff Norton received a Perfect Attendance
The WIA Youth Award for excellent performance
during the 2006/07 school year went to Wesley Wal-
The Florida Retired Teachers Scholarship was
awarded to Wesley Wallace.
EAture Educators awards went to Cynthia Pick-
ard, Wesley Wallace, Cherish Gillman, David Dara-
ny, Dakota Davis, Brock Bishop.
More coverage of Awards Day and graduation at

Key Pad Gated Access
Climate Controlled Units Available
Various Sizes Available
Non-Climate Controlled Units
Pick UP & Delivery Service
24-Hour Service

8 0 526 12335 51
3801 Hwy. 90 Marianna FL
Located on the west end of Marianna across g
from Thompson Caterpillar 5

Winkler talked about the need for
a foundation to assist the hospital
in meeting its financial obligations,
pointing out that the local facil-
ity gives over one and half million
dollars worth per year in free care
to indigent patients. This is a com-
mon and on-going expense to pub-
lic hospitals and one that cannot
be avoided. In addition, the hospi-
tal must meet a $100,000 monthly
mortgage payment.
Winkler pointed out, however,
that the local hospital is on sound
fiscal footing employing 150 full
time and part time people with a
monthly payroll of $185,000, a tre-
mendous boost to the local econ-
omy. He is also encouraged by the
increase in use of the services,
which are available including digi-
tal mammography, and outpatient
physical and aquatic therapy. Eley-
en medical doctors now are on staff

at the hospital and specialists in
obstetrics, dermatology, and pulm-
onology are also available on a part
time basis.
He expressed appreciation to
the Auxiliary for doing a great job
of raising funds for the hospital as
well as assisting patients and staff.
The Foundation Board will encour-
age financial support for the facility
in a number of ways such as in wills
and estates. Other fund raising ef-
forts will be planned in the future
including the donor tree and the
courtyard bricks.
In these tough economic times,
many larger hospitals strongly de-
pend on their foundations to keep
them afloat. It is hoped that Doc-
tors Memorial Foundation will
greatly assist the local facility in
continuing to promote the health
and welfare of Holmes County and
the surrounding area.

SBONIFAY--AFoundation has heen
established to benefit Doctors Me-
morial Hospital. An organizational
meeting was held on Monday, May
18, in the hospital boardroom, with
JoAnn Music presiding. Foundation
Board of Trustees were appointed;
Dan Hatcher, Jake Jacobs and Ken-
neth Yate s for three-year terms, Ha-
zel Tison for a two-year term, and
Loriene Kosier for a one-year term.
The by-laws were adopted creating
the Foundation Board of Trustees
as an arm of Doctors Memorial
Hospital Board of Trustees. Mem-
bers of the Board of Trustees are
Chairman Joe Sowell, Oscar (Bo)
Cullifer, Felicia Woodham Fisanic,
SSeaborn Howell, and Flora Dixon.
Hospital Administrator, Robert

Senior awards day and

g10du01100 Of P00(6 de l800

FindAmr Alca Ic~ov~erage

at bonifaynow.com

82999 ~-'



Poplar Springs
held graduate on
Tues nyeMh gh

school gym. Kelcy _
Morris gave the .
salutatory address
and Summer -, W
Ryken gave I
the valedictory
address. Both .
were recognized
by Principal
Gordon Wells.
Find more
coverage -
online under
photo galleries
and video at .
bonifaynow. r,
com .

is pleased to announce our

+ Meet our administrative team + Hear our Mission Statement
+ Learn about our curriculum + Share our vision
Offering FUTLL TUITION AS SISTANCE thru the following scholarships:
Corporate Scholarship*McKay Scholarship
Call for details
Available to EVERY 4 Year Old in the state.
For more information, please contact:
Gulf Coast Academy, Inc. (850) 624-9120 or email: gulfcoastacademyincegmail .com
*Pending contracting wilth Early Education Coahtlon
Gulf Coast Academy, Inc. admits students of any race, color, national and ethnic
origin to all the rights, privileges, programs and activities generally accorded or
made available to students at the school. It does not discriminate on the basis of
race, color, national and ethnic origin in administration of its educational policies,
admissions policies, scholarship and loan programs, athletic and other school
administered programs.

From the Heinrich Family-
Dad, Kathy, Shane, Josh, Amanda,
Brandon, Granny, and Paw-Paw

In Memory of
Richard M. Chew
10/06/1924 06/07/2007

Two years have gone by and our hearts
still break every day, and the pain is still
the same since you were taken from us. We
all miss your laughter, your presence and

Our eyes still fill with tears but our
memories will always be with us until we
are together again. You are gone but you
will never be forgotten. Not now, but in the
coming years in heaven we will understand
the meaning of our loss. We love you and
miss you so very much.

Ginny, Carol, Mike, Tom and Kathy,
and all 23 grandchildren and great

Summer Ryken Kelcy Morris

Julio Gutierrez

Edurcatng children from K4-6th Grade In a safe, nururhrng environment

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Holmes County Times-Advertiser | A7

Attention Deficit Disorder,
absentminded, easily
distracted or just getting
old and forgetful, I start one ,
thing and wind up doing
another. For example, I
am watering the flowers,
something I certainly haven't HAPPY
had to do lately. I see the Hazel V
hummingbird feeder needs
filling, so I leave the water
running while I go inside, clean the
feeder, mix the nectar and hang the
feeder back in the Chinaberry tree
outside the family room window.
I am rewarded a short time
later that day as I sit paying bills at
the kitchen table by the sight of a
hummer drinking from the feeder,
And I thought, I'm glad I did that.
That set me thinking of some of the
things I have done that I'm glad
I'm glad I "picked up" a young
man outside the old gymnasium in
Bonifay over 60 years ago when my
cousin John Pipkin introduced me to
my future husband.
I'm glad I enrolled at Chipola
Junior College in Marianna and
then went on to graduate from
The University of West Florida in
Pensacola after I was 40 years old.
When my brother Clyde (Circuit
Judge Clyde B. Wells) was killed
in a plane crash in 1990 at the age
of 57, I was glad that I had written
him a note telling him how much I
appreciated him for his support for
me and my family.

I'm glad I had also written
notes to my mother and
dad expressing to them my
Appreciation for the kind
of parents they were. I'm
glad I also wrote one to my
Uncle Edward and Aunt
CONRLelia Harris with whom I
WVells Tison lived for a year when I was
2 years old, thanking them
for making me feel I was
someone special through the years.
I'm glad that when we were
serving food to the Sims family at
the death of Miss Anna, I introduced
myself to a neighbor of hers and
invited her to our church. Faye
Helms has become a most loving
and loyal best friend.
I'm glad I had Betty Jo Helms
Brooks as a loyal best friend before
her death last year. We met when
the Browns had a wash-a-teria
next door to her parents' home in
north Bonifay (Pepper Town). Our
young sons, Hiram and Rusty, met
playing across the fence and became
classmates and friends.
I'm glad I went to visit a new
family living in our community in
1973 and Jeanette Metcalf became
another loyal lifelong friend.
I'm glad I said yes when the
nominating committee asked me to
serve as a pre-school teacher in 1960
because I got to work with. Marie
Padgett, Eula Mae Belser, Mrs. Eula
Garrett and Fannie Dell Johnson.
Through the 25 years as a Sunday
School teacher of 4- and 5-year-olds,

I also was privileged to work with
Lennie and Daisy Wilkerson, the
late Claudia Worthing, Jeanette
Day, Judy Tison, Evelyn Helms,
Rosie Brooks, Gary and Wilma Scott
and so many others I can't recall
them all. I learned something about
dealing with children from all of
them, but especially from Daisy
Wilkerson, the quiet kindergarten
teacher. I also learned to love kids
as 4- or 5-year-olds who in eighth
grade when I later taught them
weren't so loveable.
I'm glad (I think) that I insisted
on five acres of blueberries when
Jack and I decided to plant an
orchard at our home along Highway
79. He thought an acre would do,
but I argued that we'd need five
acres to meet the demand once we
got the word out, knowing that our
local market would be limited and
we'd have to reach a wide area. I
never knew how prophetic that was.
I was thinking Enterprise, Dothan,
Geneva, Ft. Rucker, but in addition it
is Panama City, Louisville, Memphis,
Nashville, Pensacola, Tallahassee
and I don't know where all. Just this
morning I had a call from Charlotte,
N.C., and another from Mary Esther,
Fla., planning their trip and making
sure the blueberries are in.
Through the years, I'm sure I've
made many bad decisions, but these
are a few of ones I'm glad I made.
Oh! Yes. I did remember to turn
off the water before the yard was

Always online | bonifaynow.com

Thank You!

The Family of Ralph Pate would like to
thank everyone who worked and contributed
to the benefit of our brother, Ralph. Thank
you for your prayers, kindness and words
of encouragement during this time. Please
continue to pray for is full recovery.
God Bless,
The Pate Family


-- )

101 Amar Place, Panama City Beac i, FL 3241
Visit us at www. gca-pcb. com

Spring S
Male Athlete
and Female
Athlete of
the Year was
awarded tO
Rand on Tate
a nd Pa ig e
on May 1 2.

I'm glad I did that

I apologize to

Holmes County.



Wai~shi o on


,,,starting at ~gg


Call for appointment.

We Accept BCBS, Medicare/Medicaid, Health Ease,
Healthy Kids, Wellcare, Spectra and most insurances.

---- Dr. Cliff Wood

Opto metrist
408 Hwy. 90 E. Bonifay, FL (850) 547-3402
The patient and any other person responsible for payment has a right to refuse to pay, cancel payment, or
be reimbursed for payment for any other service, examination, or treatment which Is performed as a result of
and within 72 hours of responding to the advertisement for the free, discounted fee, or reduced fee service,
examination or treatment. Seilofr xie61/9

A8 | Holmes County Times-Advertiser


Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Circuit Court was held
May 20, 2009, at the Hol-
mes County Courthouse in
Bonifay. Those scheduled
to appear in court are as

Motion Hearing
Ronnie Kevin Corbin:
possession of controlled
substance (2 counts), pos-
session of paraphernalia
(2 counts); pretrial set for
Kristy Lynn Harris:
Driving while license sus-
pended or revoked, posses-
sion of paraphernalia, re-
sist arrest without violence,

traffic in meth, possession sis: possession of cannabis,

John Phillip Justice
Jr.: attempt to obtain con-
trolled substance by fraud;
admitted; sentenced to one
year probation with 11/29
in Holmes County jail/no
credit, civil judgment.
Tonya Renee Taylor:
driving while license sus-
pended or revoked; ad-
mitted; sentenced to two
years, $200 fines and costs,
CASE, special conditions
Robert Christopher
Vermillion: grand theft
auto, flee attempt to elude
police, resist arrest with-
out violence, driving under
the influence; admitted;

sentenced to one year fol-
lowed by probation, $200
costs and fines, CASE, spe-
cial conditions reimposed,
36 days' county jail with 36
days' credit.

Felony Pretrial
Vernita A. French: dis-
charge firearm in public,
tampering with witness
(3 counts); pled nolo con-
tendre; sentenced to three
years' probation, 150 hours'
community service, ran-
dom UAs, total fines and
costs, no contact with vic-
tims, 48 days in jail with
credit for time served.

James Wendom Har-
ris: driving under the influ-
ence (4th offense) driving
while license suspended,
refuse to submit to balance
test; pled nolo contendre;
sentenced to 41.1 months
in department of correc-
tions, total fines and costs,
driver's license suspended
for 10 years and Level II
DUI school, 10 days' credit
for time served.
Derrick Ezra M/iller:
possession of controlled
substance, possession of
paraphernalia, possession
of hoax bomb; pled nolo
contendre; sentenced to
five years' probation, 150
hours' community service,

days, random UAs, total
fines and costs.
Bobby Wayne M/cR/il-
lan: sale manufacture de-
liver cannabis, possession
of controlled substance,
felon in possession of fire-
arm, possession of drug
paraphernalia; pretrial set
Nathaniel O Rarr One-
al: flee attempt to elude po-
lice, resist arrest without
violence, introduce contra-
band into detention facility-
continued to 8/5.

Felony Restitution
William Ivy Land: deal-
ing in stolen property; con-
tinued to 7/22.

Status Review
Bett Baxley M/cCal-
lister: possession of con-
ro led substance; contin-

VOCC Evidentiary
Jason A. VanAvery:
possession with intent to
sell cannabis, possession of
paraphernalia; evidentiary
Ronnie Lee Weeks:
possession of controlled
substance; admitted; sen-
tenced to two years' de-
partment of corrections
with credit for 37 days in
county jail, $200 fines and
costs, civil judgment.





Bethlehem Wildcats
Pee Wee Football Asso-
ciation will hold a benefit
poker tournament starting
June 13 and continuing for
10 weeks. The tournament
will start 2:30 p.m. each
Saturday except June 20
(no tournament) and will
be held at Dogwood Lakes
Country Club.
Donation fee is $30 per
person and will help buy
much-needed equipment.
Nine tournaments will
be held and the top five
WinnOUS IfOm those weeks
will advance to the final
tournament, along with five
other players who will do-
nate $100 each to play. The
final seven players will split
a jackpot of up to $2,500 in
cash and prizes. You must
be at least 21 years of age
to play.
The Country Club will
have food and drinks avail-
able; no outside food or
drinks allowed. Sign up at
Dogwood Lakes Country
Club starting at 1 p.m. on
June 13. The first 50 players
are guaranteed to play the
first tournament, and then

they will start sign-ups for
the following weeks.
For more information
or questions, contact Cliff
Kimble at Cliff Kimble@
yahoo.com or 334-248-4254.

of controlled substance,
possession of marijuana;
Damarius Jabril Jones:
flee attempt to elude police,
tampering with witness,
aiding escape; continued to

VOP Evidentialry
Tony Rudolph Dean:
possession of controlled
substance; admitted, adju-
dicated guilty; sentenced to
43 days in jail with credit for
43 days, complete probation
conditions reimposed.
Rebecca Lynn Duple-

possess drug parapherna-
lia; admitted; sentenced
to one year followed by
probation, driver's license
suspended for two years,
CASE, $200 in fines and
costs, two days' HC jail
with two days' credit, civil
Shane Preston Gowins:
possession of cannabis, pos-
session of paraphernalia;
admitted; sentenced to one
year followed by probation,
driver's license suspended
for two years, CASE, $200
in fines and costs, two days'
HC jail with two days' cred-
it, civiljudgment.

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Oen' S 08 th

O n

- -~A B -,


H(H5 student has perfect attendance record


M0110000 FOSident

dies in (10sh on 77

On May 29 around 1:50 p.m., Rita M.
Eastman, 87, of Marianna was killed in a
two-vehicle accident on SR 77 one mile
south of Interstate 10 in Jackson County.
According to the Florida Highway
Patrol report, Eastman pulled out of
the McDonald's driveway in a 1997 four-
door Mercury and into the path of a 2004
GMC pickup truck driven by Glenn W.
Brock, 58, of Vernon. Brock steered to
the left in an attempt to avoid the colli-
sion. The right front of the pickup truck
collided with the left front side of East-
man's vehicle. Brock was not injured.

Livestock REPORT
For the week ending May 29:
*Florida Livestock Auctions: Receipts
totaled $5,012 compared to $6,486 last
week and $4,560 a year ago. Compared
to one week ago; slaughter cows were $1
lower; bulls were unevenly steady; feeder
steers were unevenly steady; heifers
were steady to $2 higher; replacement
cows mostly steady.
*Georgia Livestock Auctions: Re-
ceipts in 25 markets totaled $10,682 com-
pared to $10,435 last week and $8,943 a
year ago. Compared to one week ago;
slaughter cows and bulls were $1-3 lower;
feeder steers were steady to $1 higher;
heifers were mostly steady; calves were
steady to $1 lower; replacement cows
were $1-3 higher.
*Alabama Livestock Auctions: Re-
ceipts totaled $12,350 compared to
$14,417 a week ago and $12,312 a year
ago. Compared to a week ago; slaughter
cows were $1-3 lower and bulls were $3-4
lower; all feeder classes were unevenly
steady; replacement cows and pairs
were mostly steady.
Feeder Steers: Medium & Large

am0e40 1 s2: FL $106-126 GA $106-
135 -AL $106-129
400-500 lbs.: FL $100-113 GA $96-
117 AL $96-117
500-600 lbs.: FL $94-108 GA $90-
111.50 AL $90-112
Feeder Heifers: Medium & Large
Frame No. 1-2
300-400 lbs.: FL $93-108 GA $92-
113 AL $95-112
400-500 lbs.: FL $87-107 GA $86-
106 AL $89-104
500-600 lbs.: FL $80-95 GA $82-101

Sagt~e~r Cows: 90 Percent Lean
750-1200 lbs.: FL $35-49.50 GA $44-
56 AL $43-48.50
Slaughter Bulls: Yield Grade, No. 1-2
1,500-2,100 lbs.: FL $53.50-67.50 GA
$59-70.50 AL $59-65

The New Hope Watch held a H1 N1 (Swine flu) micro-seminar recently
with Deborah Powell, R.N., B.S.N, above, from the Holmes County Health
Department as guest speaker. The H1 N1 has some of the same characteristics
as the Spanish Flu of 191 8, which was extremely deadly. Over time, the
H1N1 pandemic has proven not to be as lethal as once predicted, but the
possibility of mutation and a return in the fall could prove otherwise.

"Freedom from Eye Glasses,
Mid Now a reality for many."
Cataacts Le eMull is M. D.
SM~ART LEN SE SsM Board Certified Eye Surgeon
sM and Cataract Specialist
Dr. Mullis's Smart Lens" procedure can produce
C 681 vision without eyeglasses aB u

Close-up, Far away & In-between




INO HIDDEN CHARGES: It Is our policy that the patient and any other person responsible for payments has the right to refuse to pay, cancel payment
or be reimbursed by payment or any other service, examination or treatment which Is performed as a result of and within 72 hours of responding to the
advertisement for the free, discounted fee or reduced fee service, examination or treatment

68 4 7th Street C~hapley, FL


First Time Students
Openings in the following classes:
1, 2, 3, 4 year old, Summer &. After school program
We Serve Breakfast, Lunch and Snacks
A licensed PRIVATE facility License # CO2HO0059
Monday-Friday 6:30am 5:30pm
605 S. Depot St. Bonifay, FL (850) 547-1444

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Holmes County Times-Advertiser | A9

Kiwanis Club of
Bonifay recently
awarded scholarships
to several Holmes
Count students.
Brittney Akridge was
honored with th~e Julie
McFatter Scholarshi
by Kiwanis President
Don Hersman Jr.
She has had perfect
attendance since
kindergarten and was
also recognized for this
at HCHS Awards Day.

BONIFAY Brittney Ak-
ridge, a senior in Holmes
County, has not only perfect
attendance for this year's
attendance, but also perfect
attendance for the entire
time she was in school from
start to finish.
"The closer it got to her
senioryear, the harder it got,"
said Gina Akridge, Brittney's
mother. "Like, before the

prom, when other students
were out getting dresses
and their hair done, Brittney
would stay at school to keep
her perfect attendance."
Brittney said that it start-
ed when she was in elemen-
tary school.
"I was never sick in el-
ementary school, so I never
missed school," she said.
"After that, it just kind of
Her younger brother,
Ethan, will be starting the
ninth grade next year; he

also has perfect attendance
for every school year.
"He's following in his sis-
ter's footsteps, trying to do
the same thing," said Gina.
"She's told him that it'll be
hard, but he's determined
to it."
Her next step, Brittney
said, is to go to Chipola Col-
lege and major in psychol-
"She's worked so very
hard to get where she's at,"
said Gina. "I'm just so very
proud of her."

Cristal Meier and Brandon Palmer
and their families announce their
engagement and upcoming wedding.
Cristal is the daughter of Billy Ray
and Tammy Coatney and is a 2009
graduate of Holmes County High
School as well as a nursing student at
Washington/Holmes Technical Center.
She is employed with Bonifay Nursing
and Rehabilitation Center. Brandon
is the son of Michael and Cynthia
Goodson and Kevin and Jodi Embrey.
He is a 2008 graduate of Ellen Wood
Academy and is employed with Family
Dollar Distribution Center.
The wedding is planned for
Sturdhay, June 6,Ca p. at lle.
reception will be held immediately after
the ceremony in the fellowship hall. All
family and friends are invited.
The couple plan to live in Caryville
after their honeymoon.

ma --

432 5t v.MranL

(850) 526-7775

1(800) 79-3429


Second-hand smoke is dangerous
to non-smokers:

*Second-hand smoke speeds up
the heart rate, raises blood pressure
and doubles the amount of deadly
carbon monoxide in a non-smoker's
*Second-hand smoke contains 250
chemicals known to be toxic, including
more than 50 that can cause cancer.
*Second-hand smoke causes ir-
ritation of the eyes, nose, and throat.
Secondhand smoke can also irritate
the lungs, leading to coughing, exces-
sive phlegm and chest discomfort.
*Nonsmokers who are exposed to
second-hand smoke at home or work
increase their heart disease risk by
25-30 percent and their lung cancer
risk by 20-30 percent.
*Breathing second-hand smoke
has immediate harmful effects on the
cardiovascular system that can in-
crease the risk of heart attack. People
who already have heart disease are at
especially high risk.
*More than 126 million non-smok-
ing Americans continue to be exposed
to second-hand smoke in homes, ve-
hicles, workplaces, and public places.
*Most exposure to tobacco smoke
occurs in homes and workplaces.
*There is no risk-free level of sec-
ond-hand smoke exposure. Even brief
exposure can be dangerous.
Second-hand smoke is deadly:
*Second-hand smoke has been esti-
mated to cause 38,000 deaths per year.
*Second-hand smoke causes about
3,400 deaths each year from lung can-
cer in non-smokers.
Second-hand smoke is especially
harmful to children:
*Almost 60 percent of U.S. chil-
dren aged 3-11 years, almost 22 mil-
lion children, are exposed to second-
hand smoke.
*About 25percent of children aged
3-11 years live with at least one smok-
er, compared to only about7percent of
nonsmoking adults.
*There are an estimated 150,000 to
300,000 cases every year of infections,
such as bronchitis and pneumonia in
infants and children under 18 months
of age who breathe second-hand
*Children who are exposed to sec-
ond-hand smoke ame at iceane n sck

tions, more severe asthma, respiratory
symptoms, and slowed lung growth.
Source: Centers for Disease
Control & Prevention





II r`

REHIRE from page Al

Melissa Mosier Watford, RN
7,tie~d Ir Boto- DErrmafalljr: arid Ljger Therjp,
Dr. Leo Welch
3269 Hwy. 90 East, Bonifay 850-547-5875

A 5-Minute Drive Is i
Worth Your While ..

F.-I ~ ~ .~C"Lr

Paint, Painting& Moore!
2206 Hwy. 177-A Bonifay, FL 32425
(850) 547-9511
(3 miles past Bonifay Elementary on PTSUG
PA~ Dogwood Lakes Hwy.) PA NT
Stacea & ;Paec~uc es we, deorewzd


Major and Minor Surgery

Providing In-Patient and Out-Partient Procedures




,,- A p

Needl a Gradluation Gift?
We have gifts for both ~
guys and girls, whether
it is a 5th grade or high
school graduation.
We have Guy Harvey

flip flops, apparel, beach bags
(. are also available.



Surgery Department
2600 Hospital Drive Bonifay, Florida 32425

(850) 547-8000

wecdnesclay, June 3, 2009

Al 0 1 Holmes County Times-Advertiser


PdLE: Tammy L. Godwin,
Jamie Byrd, Teresa Johnson,
Donna Rushing, Donna Hicks,
Woodrow Vaughan.
BES: Mary Atwell, Faye
Berkley, Holly Hodge, Terrie
Poole, Kimberly Farrow, Kelly
Garner, Ruthie Hodge, Vicky
Johns, RachelYates, Michelle
Leitner, Heather Rich, Keisha
Stafford, Karen Waymire, Ma-
con Bush, KC. Grossnickle,
Felicia Mathis, Sabrina White,
Roddney Jones.
HCHS: Sharon Griffin,
Michael Gainey, Lori Stade,
Ricky Ward, Chad Whita-
ker, Danielle Ashcroft, Edna
Farmer, Allie Williams, Eddie

GAP: Jean West
DISTRICT: Frances Grif-
fin, Diane Bruner, James
Curry, Robert Vick, Mar-
tha Compton, Marcy Dixon,
Christy English, Marcia Jerni-
gan, Michael Pinnella, Larry
Hawkins, Charles Huckabee,
Norman Harris, Pierce An-
derson, Sheri Brooks, Don-
nita Butorac, Gwen Young,
William Zorn, Jean West
Galloway said he planned
to hire back 478 personnel by
the beginning of the 2009-10
school year, down from 509 in
2008-09. There would be fur-
ther personnel moves during
the summer based on other

One position to be filled is
Holmes County High School
Band director. Bill Shipley
will not be hired back and the
position will be advertised af-
ter June 30.
The Board also honored
the star writers of Florida
Writes who received a score
of 6 or higher. Students earn-
ing at least a 6 include:
*Bonifay Middle School:
Alex Boruff, Shelby Clark,
Kristin Eaton, Kole Forehand,
Mikayla Moore, Michael Mur-
phy, Todd Sparaga.
*Bethlehem: Hanna Mollet.
*Bonifay Elementary: Fa-
lon Sims.
*Poplar Springs: Hadley

*Holmes County High
School: Andrew Fox, Carley
Writing was a strong point
for several schools in FCAT.
Bethlehem school has a com-
bined score of 95 percent with
3.5or higher. In eighth grade,
Bonifay Middle has a com-
bined 95 percent 3.5 or higher,
and Bethlehem had a com-
bined 94 percent.
In the calculation of read-
ing, math and science stu-
dents are expected to score
a 3 or higher to demonstrate
proficiency. In the writing
scores a 3.5 or higher is con-
sidered proficient.

ida Department of
'lk~ansportation's Plan-
ning Department is
conducting a North-
west Florida Regional
Household Travel Sur-
vey. The survey is to
obtain information re-
lated to the daily travel
patterns of households
throughout the region.
be utilized in the future
planning of roadway
Randomly sampled
households throughout

12 Northwest Florida
counties from Es-
cambia on the west to
Wakulla County on the
east, will be receiving
either a survey booklet
to be completed and
returned, or a postcard
directing them to a
website where the sur-
vey can be completed
FDOT would like to
encourage all recipi-
ents of the booklet or
postcard to please take
time to complete the

percent; state 74 percent
*Fifth grade reading 64
percent; state 71 percent
*Sixth grade reading 66
percent; state 66 percent
*Seventh grade reading 62
percent; state 67 percent
*Eighth grade reading 55
percent; state 54 percent
*Ninth grade reading: 54
percent; state 47 percent
*Tenth grade reading: 31

percent; state 37 percent
*Third grade math 79 per-
cent; state 78 percent
*Fourth grade math 77
percent; state 75 percent
*Fifth grade math 52 per-
cent; state 62 percent
*Sixth grade math 54 per-
cent; state 55 percent
*Seventh grade math 57
percent; state 60 percent
*Eighth grade math 65

percent; state 66 percent
*Ninth grade math: 68 per-
cent; state 68 percent
*Tenth grade math: 65
percent; state 69 percent
*Fifth grade science: 36
percent; state 46 percent
*Eighth grade science: 41
percent; state 41 percent
*Eleventh grade science:
39 percent; state 37 percent.
*Fourth grade 82 percent

over 3.5 percent, 71 percent
4.0; state 85 and 73 percent
*Eighth grade writing 86
percent over 3.5 percent, 73
percent 4.0; state 90 and 80
*Tenth grade writing 65
percent over 3.5 percent, 49
percent 4.0; state 77 and 60
A breakdown of scores is
linked atbonifaynow.com.



Smooth Out the Past

sfern to rt la Fill~ers
N~asolabial Folds
Vertical Lip Lines
Forehead Lines (
Scars and Depressions

Glabellar area 5230
Crovvs Feet area 5240

www. newsherald.com

Look< for the "Cu=test Summer Kids"

icon and follow the instructions.

Each vote is $1.00. Vote for your favorite kids as
many times as you like! AII Round one votes must
be received at The News Herald by Thursday, June
4th, noon est. to be counted! Make checks payable
to The News Herald. Drop votes off at The News
Herald's front desk or mail to : The News Herald NIE
Department P.O. Box 1940 Panama City, FL 32401.
All proceeds benefit Newspaper in Education!

Dr. Dale Mitchum Dr. Muhammad Amin Dr.Timothy Klepper

O ver 50 years of com bin ed quality s urgical
nursing experience ready to serve you.

FDOT conducting

Ifve 0V SU FV Cy

FCAT from page Al

WOrley reumion planned
The annual Worley family reunion is planned
for Sunday, June 14, at the Graceville Civic Cen-
ter from 11 a.m. until 3 p.m. All friends and rela-
tives are encouraged to take a favorite covered
dish to share.
For more information, call Ellen Faircloth at

Beautif ul Botox by


View, vote, and track

votes for your favorite

Our Staff of Board Certified Surgeons

Wednesday, JUNE 3, 2009 Washington County News Holmes County Times-Advertiser PAGE l


More coverage on-ii-e all
Chipleypaper.com and PHOTOS BY CECILIA SPEARS | The Bonifay and i 1..J.1g. I'.g.. i.
bonifaynow.com Classic cars were on display at the Bridge



VERNON A crowd of visitors
that ranged in the high hundreds
came in a steady flow to visit and
enjoy Vernon's Bridge Festival cel-
ebration on Saturday, May 30.
The free festival held the slogan
of 'Bridging the Past with Our 911-
ture', as a celebration of the 70-year
anniversary of the Vernon Bridge.
The bridge was named in honor
of Arthur G. McQuagge, who had
formerly served as a Washmngton
County clerk of court.
The event was of special signifi-
cance because the bridge will soon
be demolished to make room for a
new, wider bridge necessary to ac-
commodate the four-laning of State
79 through Washington County. The
event also honored the history of
downtown Vernon, with the appear-
ance changing rapidly due to the
"I am proud of the immense sup-
port shown to us through the com-
munity," said Angia Morris, presi-
dent of the Vernon Historical Soci-
ety. "This bridge has been an icon
in Vernon's History for 70 years and
now we celebrate it's closing as we
did with it's opening."
Florida Department of Trans-
portation, District 3, spokesperson
Tommie Speights was on hand to
inform everyone that while the
new bridge was being built, which
begins construction in 2010, the old
bridge would be used.
Speights said that the bridge
would also serve as an evacuation
rot and would include a side-

With over 50 booths to work with,
local entertainment and a free fried
fish lunch served by the prominent
figures of both Vernon and Wash-
ington County, the Vernon Bridge
Fesdtl\I tal seenid toI bet a busltling -

At top left and top right, many booths were set up to provide information and wears at
the Vernon Bridge Festival celebrated Saturday, May 30. At bottom left, Vernon High
Sd .::::::| iad ::-lrie .::. lin n ciany b.::: .. i:::I~ ..r i e .p 1:: r::.i e i..:.n a i::r n .. a s A

EDEN HAIL | Special to the Bonifay and i 1..J.1.. .. J.. .
Eden Halil lives in the United Kingdom Cholderton Village, England to be exact. His mother is Nanette Pupalaikis and she was born
in Holmes County. Halil attends Bath University and is touring in Europe until the fall when he will return to Maryland to complete his
last year of college. He sent this photo of Stonehenge, which is only seven miles from his home. Halil currently lives in a stone barn,
which was converted into a farmhouse. His grandfather Junior Howard Sconiers, a life long native of Holmes County, died last July. May
27 was Sconier's birthday. Halil sent this photo as a tribute. "I would have loved to shown him around England and I am certain he
would have loved Stonehenge. Papa had a great love and admiration for the natural world and he was fascinated by history."




at a glance

Nora Curry Benefit
A benefit dinner for
Nora Curry, a cancer pa-
tient, will be held Friday,
June 6, starting at 11 a.m.
in the Caryville Evange-
listic Center, on Wrights
Creek Road. Fried mullet
with all the trimmings will
be served for a donation
of $5 a plate. All donations
are appreciated.

(jgjZenS meet
Citizens Of Jackson Coun-
ty will meet Thursday,
June 4 at 6epnm.rin thi A-

way 90 West, next to Na-
tional Guard Armory.
Guest speaker will be
Gary Clark, VP Member
Services, West Florida
Electric Cooperative As-
sociation. He willbe speak-
ing on what the proposed
energy policy will mean to
your budget.

Adult Education
in Fl0rid0
ida: A Report on 2008-2010,
sponsored by Adult and
Community Educators of
Florida (ACE of Florida),
will broadcast live on June
3 from 9-10:30 a.m. (CT)
on the Florida Education
Channel on Dish Network,
satellite 61.5, and select lo-
cal cable companies, and
on the Florida Knowledge
Channel in Tallahassee.
Check your cable listings
or call toll-fr~ee 1-877-873-
7302 et 2223 for channel

Gardening FriendS
Of the Bia Bend
QUINCY Gardening
Friends of the Big Bend
will meet at the North
Florida Research and
Education Center near
Quincy at 6:30 p.m., 'lIes-
dayJune 9. In addition to
a short business meet-
ing GFBB member Pete
Diamond will speak on his
work with the Florida Nat-
ural Area Inventory. As
with all GFBB meetings
the public is welcome. For
more information, contact
Jill Williams at 850-663-
2280 or Gary Knox at 850-


Alwrays connected
to your community
Want the latest news
from Washington or
Holmes counties? Just
click on chipleypalper.
comt or bonifaynow.com. A
world of news awaits,
from breaking stories
to photo galleries and
videos. While you're
there, feel free to share
your thoughts on the
latest topics.

Society .............................. Page B 2
Faith .................................. Pa ge B 6
Classic ieds ........................Page B9

Things todo in
Washington, Holmes and
Surrounding Counties
Check out or submit events at
or www.bonifaynow.com


Vl-1 NON bRIDL 1 FI Sl l\/Al



Photo of the WEEK

Leslie Long and Judy Reyes show the quilt they designed and quilted together.


interest in making kitch-
en items such as quilted
aprons, table runners,
and place mats.
Next members were
reminded that June's
meeting would be a trunk
show. Sandy and Sue
from Quilting by the Bay
in Panama City will bring
all the neat new gadgets
from the
Guild members were
reminded that their T-
shirts were in and money
was due now. Orders were
taken for the new Holmes
valleyl Qilter bracele s.
ters is a not-for-profit
guild that was founded in
January 2008 and serves
the rural communities
of Holmes, Washington,
and Jackson counties in
northwest Florida. Cur-
rent membership is 56.
Contact them at hol-
mail.com or visit http://
holme svalleyquilters.em-



in Education

S Fe. So~nd. Secure"o Since I191..

M( Er*Mlit*~ ~~cr m lI mN~jr If c www. WOodal/stotalcomfort. com

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"*Service offer applies to new customers only.
O 2009 Lennoxlndustr es Inc. See your part cipating Lennox dealerforldetails Lennox dealersinclude ndependently ownedand operated businesses. Ieod

B2 | Washington County News | Holmes County Times-Advertiser


Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Guild President Kathy Anderson explains how to
put the new block of the month "Born Under a Fellow guild member Joyce Cloud shows her Guild member June Lawson shows off her completed
Wandering Star" together. interpretation of the block of the month for April. block of the month for April "Prairie Star Basket."

Katie Chance shows off a Double Wedding Ring quilt she recently finished.

Guild member Gwen Collins and Guild President Kathy Anderson show off
Gwen's completed quilt using the block of the month for April.

The May meeting of
the Holmes Valley Quil-
ters Guild was held in the
Jim Dixon Library Annex
Building. There were 38
members present and
two guests in attendance.
After opening prayer,
quilters showed off what
they have been working
on for the past month.

Guild members dis-
cussed having a Quilt
Show of their own to be
held in Bonifay. This will
be a non-judged show to
raise public awareness of
the dying art of quilting.
Plans were discussed
to have a quarterly quilt
class in June or July.
Members expressed an



We are independent agents proudly representingAuto-Owners Insurance.
1396 Jackson Ave.,Chipley, FL (850) 638-1805

(800) 651-8801
3608 Hwy 90
Marianna, FL

Thank you for rating Auto- Owners
Insurance with the J.D. Power
and Associates 2oo8 "Highest in
Customer Satisfaction with the
Auto Insurance Claims Experience."


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house guests.

Receive upto a $1,2O Reate* r

,e .,
.r so
S. ir

a Serve cec Cal

111. 1

Engfagements and GRADUATIONS

TIMMONS NAMED EMPLOYEE OF THE MONTH: At left, Diane Timmons accepts the June Chipola
College Career Employee of the Month award from Chipola president Dr. Gene Prough.
Timmons serves as Senior Staff Assistant in Human Resources. She has worked at the
college since 1985.

121 N. Waukesha St.
Downtown Bomifay

SPEC/419 S6991

-eME~ #EM1 /CE
*$4140 3AR
Catering Available or Reserve
Space Parties, Reunions or Proms
f l2 Lb., B8COM
Cheese burgers!
Mon.-Thurs. 6 a.m.-8 p.m.
Fri. & Sat. 6 a.m.-9 p.m.
Sunday 6 a.m.-2 p.m.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Holmes County Times-Advertiser I Washington County News | B3

Mclendon/Hayford engaged
Paul and Connie McLendon, of Quincy and
Tom and Vicki Hayford, of Bonifay, announce the
engagement and forthcoming marriage of their
children, Carrie Marie McLendon and Harold
Jason Hayford.
The bride-elect is the granddaughter of Thomas
and Maxine Bush of Bonifay, Betty Sue McLendon
and the late Winston McLendon of Quincy.
Carrie is a 2004 graduate of Robert E Munroe
and also attended Tallahassee Community
College. She graduated with honors in 2006, with
an associate's degree. She is pursuing a nursing
The prospective groom is the grandson of
Harold and Angie Griffin of Bonifay and the late
Willard "Bill" and Mary Hayford of Zephyrhills.
Jason is a 1998 graduate of Bethlehem High
School. He graduated from Chipola College with
his associate's degree in 2000, and graduated from
the University of Florida with his bachelor's in
Animal Sciences-Beef Cattle Production in 2003.
He is employed with the USDA Natural Resources
Conservation Service.
The wedding is planned for Dec. 19, 2009 at 6
p.m. at the First Baptist Church in Quincy.

Aaron M.
Air Force
.,, ,Airman Aaron M.
bd ] Reeder recently
.. graduated from
basic military
training at
Lackland Air
AnonioBas, Teas.

SMatthew Reeder of
Chipley and a 2007
Graduate of Vernon
SHigh School.

Miller graduated
magna cum laude
from Norwich
ii~ dCUniversity
in Northfield
r~r*Vermont on May
10 with a Bachelor
of Science in
Science, a
Bachelor of
Science in
Geology with a
minor in Biology.
Johnathon is a
2005 graduate
of Vernon High
School and the
son of Jack and
Susan Miller. He
is now serving in
the U.S. Navy as
a commissioned
off icer.



Ti .

;1 7 \' 0 |'

'" '

Fishy is one of
several resident
at Ben's Place,
ready for
adoption. Call
263-7693 for
more details.
Bens Place is at
Pigl .Wiggly
in Bonifay on
Saturday from 8
a.m. to 1 p.m.

Bonifay 850-547-2260

Chipley 850-638-8376

Mr. and Mrs. Murray
Johnson of Dothan '
Ala. announce the
enaemen lof their
McMullen, to Jonah
Chitty, son of Gene and
Susan Chitty of Bonifay.
The bride-elect is the
granddaughter of Mr.
and Mrs. James Deal.
Valorie is a kindergarten
teacher at Kelly Springs
The prospective
gom sC ttegr ndon
is a financial specialist
for Wachovia Bank in
The wedding
ceremony will take place
on June 13 at the Dothan
Area Botanical Gardens.



Ben's Place Pet of the Week

BONIFAY Last week Ben's Place set up at Movie Gallery in Bonifay
where they received 300 pounds of dry dog food in donations.
Many people passed by and shared their time with or volunteers and
our companions. Bens Place plans to return n the near future.
Bens Place is in partnership with the Wiregrass Spay & Neuter Alli-
ance for low-cost spay and neutering for cats and dogs. Call 263-7693 for
more details.
Friday, June 26, is national "Take Your Dog To Work Day" and Ben's
Place is looking for businesses and groups or individuals that would like
to participate.
Call for more information.
Ben's Place will conduct a dual immersion animal/
environmental science summer camp starting July 1 for youth from ages
10 to 18.
Call 263-7693 for registration and schedule of camp.

You're Invited

Come Celebrate W~ith Us

Thursday, June 11

Ribbon Cutting 10:30 AM

BEBQ L~unlch. Served 11 ~AM3-2 PM

1720 Waukesha Street Bonifay, FL




' se

; p ; ; J

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B4 | Washington County News | Holmes County Times-Advertiser

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


MARIANNA--Chipola Col-
lege officials are looking
frm e lm ofiltrends et
last two academic years. A
report issued by the college
Planning Office compares
the total annual enrollments
in 2007-08 with 2008-09 to de-
termine where the greatest
fluctuations have occurred.
Enrollment Growth in
BS and AA Degree Pro-
grams: Dean of Enrollment
Services Dr. Jayne Roberts
said enrollment in BS de-
gree programs increased
from 69 students last year
to 145 this year. "That's a
110 percent increase in one
year," said Roberts. She
said there are likely several
reasons, one of which is that
area residents are learning
about the availability of our
eight Bachelor's degrees
at Chipola. She also said
budget cuts have caused
universities to accept fewer
transfer students into up-
per-division programs and
that attending Chipola is
much less expensive for lo-
cal students who cannot af-
ford to relocate to complete
their degrees.
The number of Associate
in Arts degree seeking stu-
dents increased from 1,784
to 1,933, an increase of 8.35
percent. Roberts cited sev-
eral possible explanations,
including the economic
downturn and people's need
for retraining to become
more employable. She said
that more students are will-

ish Wtail Playhouse is cur-
rently in full production for
their summer production of
"Schoolhouse Rock Live!"
Rehearsals began on May
18 with a cast of nine indi-
viduals including: Garrett
Brolund as Tom, Blake Col-
lins as George, Leah Page
as Shulie, Brenna Kneiss
as Dori, Eli Leavins as Joe,
Ashleigh Stowe as Dina,
Alex Squires as Sam, Tif-
fani Wolfe as Abbie, and
Stephanie Walters as Lillie.
The staff includes Kevin
Russell as Director, Rachel
Webb as Music Director,
Brenna Kneiss as Chore-
ographer, Connie Kowitz
as Stage Manager, Jimmy
Miller as Technical Direc-
tor, and Steve Mason and
Steve Yates as Set Direc-

1~ 1
and Alton Rogers, both of Vernon, work in a Chipola
College science lab. The college is enjoying a four
Percent enrollment increase this year.

Pictured from the left, Stephanie Walters, Brenna
Kneiss, Eli Leavins, Garrett Brolund, Blake Collins,
Ashleigh Stowe, and Tiffani Wolfe. Not pictured:
Alex Squires and Leah Page.

"Schoolhouse Rock
Live!" will take the stage
August 13-15, at 7 p.m.
nightly. Tickets are $10
each and go on sale to
members, sponsors, and
season ticket holders on
July 20 and to the general
public on July 27.
The Spanish Trail Play-

house is at 680 Second
Street in Chipley inside
the Historic Chipley High
School. Ticket outlet will
be announced at a later
For more information,
visit www.spanishtrailplay-
house.com or e-mail span-


Pa cake b ekfas
Leon Volunteer Fire Depart-
ment will host a pancake
breakfast from 8 11 a.m. on
June 6. Breakfast plates are
$5 each. All proceeds benefit
the fire department. Contact
Chie fAngel Leo grand e, 8 36 -
4561 or 373-8072 for more in-

S lihetti dinner
WESTVILLE Westville Vol-
unteer Fired Department
will host a spaghetti dinner
from 12 4 p.m. on June 6.
Dinner plates are $6 each.
Proceeds go to support your
local fire department. Con-
tact Captain Johnny Locke,
419-3684 for more informa-

Holmes County Ham
(|ub event
BONIFAY The Holmes
County Ham Club will hold
a two-day event across from

ing to enroll and remain
enrolled because they now
know they can finish right
here at Chipola.
Flill Time Equivalency
(FTE) Enrollment: As of
February 13, 2009, the col-
lege had enrolled 100 more
students than last year.
"That's almost a four per-
cent annual increase, said
Roberts also said this
year's enrollment is expect-
ed to increase even more
before the end of the spring
term because Workforce
Development programs
have open-enrollment op-
tions. Enrollment 'Itends

Among Student Groups:
Gender: The percent-
age of females enrolled
increased from 57 percent
in 2007-08 to 60 percent in
2008- 09. In the early 1990's
about half the population
was female. By the mid-
1990s, about 60 percent
were female. The percent-
age of females has ranged
from 55 to 62 percent since
that time.
Ethnicity: Data reflect-
ing ethnicity also show little
change over the last de-
cade. From 75-76 percent
are Caucasian, around 20
percent are African-Ameri-
can, and the remaining
four percent are Hispanic,
Asian, and Native Ameri-
can. No other ethnic groups
are represented.
Age : Percentages of
most age groups have re-
mained about the same
except the increase in the
"under 18" group, which
totaled 13 percent in 2004.
This group increased sig-
nificantly to 16 percent in
2007-08 and 26 percent in
2008-09. This is due to the
growth of high school dual-
enrollment offerings across
the district.
Residence: In-District
Counties Data reflecting
county of residencehshoa'"
decade. Over 50 eper ent

Jackson County, followed by
10-12 percentfromWashing-
ton, about 10 percent each
from Calhoun and Holmes
Co"ntis an 02-3 percent


Saturday May 1 6, Keltcee Morgan Berry
was crowned Teen Miss Heart of Hope and
also won the award for Best Sportswear. On
Sunday May 17, she was crowned Teen Miss
South Alabama and also won the evening

netee as daughterr of Christy Harrison
French and the granddaughter of Denise and
Tommy Jenkins, Jimmy and Tammy Harrison
and Greg and Susie Howell. She is the great-
granddaughter of Sonny and Dorthy Steverson,
Harmon Sellers and the late Idacoe Sellers.

Washington, Holmes, Jackson and surrounding areas

A daily guide to the activities, events and fun things
to do north of Florida's Emerald Coast from late
June through late August.
When you're ready to take a break from the Beach,
head north to the Real Florida, where there's plenty
to keep you and your family occupied from festivals
and historical sites to shopping and endless outdoor
recreational activities.
60 Days of Summer will be distributed in the
Washington County News, the Holmes County Times-
Advertiser plus an additional 6,000 in Bay County.

* Flyers
* Newsletters
* Envelopes


* Business FormS
* Programs

(hipola collegee studies enrollment increases

Cast for "Schoolhouse

110Ck Live." announced

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Washington County News

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Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Holmes County Times-Advertiser I Washington County News | B5

Memorial Field in Bonifay.
The event starts a noon on
Saturday, June 27 and goes
until noon on Sunday, June
28. For more information,
call Doreen Sawyer at 326-

8 00ti driVOS
The SCBC blood drive
mobile unit is scheduled at
the following locations and
The Marianna center lo-
cated at 2503 Commercial
Park Drive is open 9 a.m. to
6 p.m., Monday through Fri-
day. Anyone can stop by the
center to donate blood if you
can't stop by one of the fol-
lowing mobile units.
*Thursday, June 4 at the
Bonifay Post Office from 1-4
p.m. and at Bonifay IGA from
4 -7 p.m.
*Friday June 5 at Chipley
Wal-Mart; 10 a.m.-3 p.m.

Basic Recruit
Corrections classes
CHIPLEY The Crimi-
nal Justice Program at the
Washington Holmes Tech-

nical Center will be offering
Basic Recruit Corrections
Academy day and night
classes beginning Monday
June 15. The program offers
a "pay by the semester" op-
tion, which spreads the cost
of the class over two semes-
ters and more than two se-
mesters for the night class.
Both the day and night
classes meet four nights a
Students enrolled in Cor-
rections classes are usually
eligible to be employed and
paid while attending train-
ing. Students who success-
fully complete the training
program will be eligible to
become certified correc-
tions officers in the State of
For more information
stop by the Technical Center
or call Greg Hutching, Scott
Curry, or Brandon Steven-
son at 638-1180.

Firefighter I Class
CHIPLEY Washington
Holmes Technical Center
will begin a Firefighter I
Class on June 8. This class

will be under the current
curriculum. This curriculum
is scheduled to change in
September. Firefighter I is
the entry level to Firefighter
II and is required for occupa-
tions such as Department of
Forestry, paid full time fire-
fighter and most emergency
medical jobs.
If you are interested or
have ever been interested
in becoming a certified Fire-
fighter in the State of Flori-
da, this is your chance before
the new curriculum begins.
The new curriculum will be
lengthier and require more
information along with other
certification prior to entry.
Applicants must be at
least 18 years of age prior
to completing the live burn
which will take place at the
end of the class. For more in-
formation stop by the Tech-
nical Center or call Greg
Hutching, Scott Curry, or
Brandon Stevenson at (850)

Children First
Statistics show that in
the last year 48 percent of

the babies born in Florida
were born to single mothers.
Many of those mothers are
also clients of Healthy Start
Coalitions across the state
and are in need of the servic-
es provided by the Child Sup-
port Enforcement Program.
Children First is a pro-
gram of the Florida Depart-
ment of Revenue's Child
Support Enforcement Pro-
gram. Pending is provided
through a federal grant from
the Department of Health &
Human Services.
No appointment is neces-
Healthy Start clients can
visit one of the local health
departments on the follow-
ing days:
*Holmes County Health
Department; Mondays from
9 a.m. to 4 p.m.
*Jackson County Health
Department; 'Ibesdays from
9 a.m. to 4 p.m.
*Liberty County Health
Department; Thursdays
from 9a.m. to 4p.m.
For more information,
call 'lk~ish Brannon, Out-
reach Coordinator, at (850)

FIRED UP-The Chipola College Firefighting
Academy recently conducted a liquid petroleum
gas burn at the Reddoch Annex. Candidates
participated in drills to extinguish LP gas fires.
The next Firefighting class begins in mid July. For
information, call Martin Fowler at 71 8-2483.

Ex atlmblo~usI~
ou=i8 IQ~lulnal EELEE7

The grand prize winner will receive $5,000
for a vacation anywhere in the world.

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~~]M;~~ ~3 ~5. 4;rn

bonifaynow. com




Wednesday, June 3, 2009 w ww. bo0n ifay no0w. co0m | www.c hi pley pa p er. com Page 6

Recipe for a great marriage


ago on June 7,
SJudy and I stood it-orer
before a group composed
of family, friends and God
in the front of a church
on a hill in north Georgia
and said "I do." That's
actually an amazing
accomplishment in the
day in which we live,
especially considering

a very likeable person,
while I'm hyperactive,
anxious and maybe not
so likeable, according to
some people. She enjoys
working and spending
time on the computer,
while I see a computer
as part of my job. I like
being out piddling with
old cars, while her only
concern for a car is,

word "survived" and not the "D"
word? That's one of the reasons
right there. We agreed when
we married that the "D" word
did not exist; it would never be
in our vocabulary. You see, we
replaced that word with another
word that is very important to
us: commitment. That's the
first key to a happy, successful
marriage, after love.
Yes, I was stuck on her the
first time I saw her, even though
she had a boyfriend at that time
and was with him. I did not
speak to her that time, but three
months later, they broke up, and
her family visited my family. As
soon as I could talk with her, I let
her know my attraction for her
- actually stole a kiss; I know,
shame on me. But our history
began with that kiss. And yes,
we had some rocky days while
dating and in our marriage, but

that attraction became love, and
that love grew and continues to
grow stronger.
Our commitment was sealed
as we made a covenant with
each other before God and our
families. So considering that we
are stuck together, with no way
out, what do you do? Enjoy life
together, make the best out of
it, love the God that brought us
together, love each other with all
that is in us, and talk. Matter of
fact, talk a lot and listen a lot; it's
called communication.
What's the secret to being
happily married? Allow your
love to grow for each other until
it actually becomes adoration
for each other and the things
that are different about you.
Be committed to each other
even though that has become a
had word in the world we now
live in. Then communicate,

communicate, communicate, for
you have no better friend than
the love of your life, so there are
no secrets.
To you who are reading this
today, may you also know and
enjoyed a blessed and wonderful
marriage, built on the solid
foundation of your love for God
and each other, commitment and
communication. To Judy, happy
anniversary, and as they say on
birthdays, may we have many
This message has been
brought to you From the Heart
of Tim Hall, senior pastop;
Gully Springs Baptist Church,
and author of "Church Go 'lb
Hell! Please?" R~O. Box 745,
2824 Highway 90 West Bonifay,
Florida 32425, three miles west
of the light at Highway 79, 850-
547-3920, E-mail: timhall_2000Cw

we went steady for three years
before that day, and considering
she was only 15 and I was 16
when we began to date, and we
lived over 30 miles from each
So how in this world have we
been able to accomplish this,
still dreaming and planning and
looking forward to years down
the road, considering that in
many ways we are different?
She's laid-back, easygoing and

"Will it get me where I want to
go and back?" I always thought I
would marry a natural redhead
or brunette, and she's a natural
blonde. As a young person, she
said she would never be married
to a preacher. She likes to stay
home, and I like to go. So you see
it is an amazing accomplishment
considering that one out of every
two marriages in our generation
has not survived.
Do you notice I used the

VBS at Bethel Baptist
Bible School Boomerang
Express will start Sunday,
June 7, at Bethel Baptist
Church, 1349 Highway 173,

sixth Irad anae ensvit~edutp ato
tend nightly, 6-9 p.m. Sand-
wiches, snacks and drinks
will be provided.
Registration will be Sat-
urday, June 6, from 3-5 pm.
at the church.
Sunday services are
10 and 11 a.m., 5:30 and
6:30 p.m. and Wednesday at
6:30 p.m.

at Santly Mountain
Sandy Mountain Church
will host the Spirit Filled
Singers during homecom-
ing services June 7. Servic-
es begin at 11 a.m.

VBS at Alford Baptist
ALFORD Alford Baptist
Church will hold Vacation
Bible School for children
ages 4-12 at 6 p.m. June 14-
19. VBS theme is The Wild-
wood Forest. The church
is on the corner of Third
Avenue and Carolina Street
in Alford. Call Sharon at
850-209-5501 for more infor-

Backyard Bible School
BONIFAY- The First Free-
will Baptist Church will hold
registration for its Backyard
Bible School on June 6 from
10 a.m. until noon
Bible School for ages 5-
12 will start June 13 from
9 a.m.-4 p.m. The church is
on the corner of Kansas and
Oklahoma Street in Bonifay.

G000 if Others
at New Bayview
Bayview Church of God
of Prophecy, 1097 New
Bayview Church Road in
Bonifay, will host the Gann
Brothers during homecom-
ing services June 14 at
10 a.m. Lunch will follow the

Ba tiSt VBS
Baptist Church will hold Va-
cation Bible School from 6-8
p.m. June 8-12. This year's
... then & now. The church is
one mile south ofBethlehem
School, at 1572 Highway 177'
north of Bonifay. For more
information, call 547-5663 or

(0fyVille Baptist
to liold Blue Grass JOm

Sh o ois written -
by the Apostle
Paul to the
church at Philippi
from prison. The
entire book is a LET
great source of LIGHT
encouragement Wes
as well as a
great book to
teach faith. I would like
to focus your attention
on Philippians 1:12-30.
Here in these verses,
Paul explains and
sums up his life in a
few words. Especially
in verse 21, when he
says, "For to me, to live
is Christ and to die is
gain." Everything he
says, does and lives is for
Christ and to further the
Gospel. Paul shows what
true Christianity is and
what true discipleship
is. He gives his all for
Christ, even to the point
where death would be a
much better option for
him, but he feels he must
continue for the sake of
the brethren:
12 Now I want you
to know, brethren, that
my circumstances
have turned outfor
the greater progress of
the gospel, 13 so that
my imprisonment in
the cause of Christ has
become well known
throughout the whole
praetorian guard and
to everyone else, 14
and that most of the
brethren, trusting in
the Lord because of my
imprisonment, have far
more courage to speak
the word of God without
fear 15 Some, to be sure,
are preaching Christ
even from envy and
strife, but some also from
good will; 16 the latter do
it out of love, knowing
thatlIam appointed
for the defense of the
gospel; 17 the former
proclaim Christ out
ofselfish ambition
rather than from pure
motives, thinking to
cause me distress in
my imprisonment. 18
What then? Only that
in every way, whether
in pretense or in truth,
Christ is proclaimed;
and in this I rejoice. Yes,
and I will rejoice, 19 for I
know that this will turn
out for my deliverance
through your prayers
and the provision of the
Spirit ofJesus Christ,
20 according to my
earnest expectation and
hope, that Iwill note

put to shame in
anything, but
that with all
boldness, Christ
will even now,
as always, be
exalted in my
TOUR body, whether by
SHINIE lifeor by death.
Wiebb 21 Fbr to me, to
live is Christ and
to die is gain.
22 But ifl am to live
on in the fesh, this will
mean fruitful labor for
me; and Ido not know
which to choose. 23 But
I am hard-pressed from
both directions, having
the desire to depart
and be with Christ,
for that is very much
better; 24 yet to remain
on in the fesh is more
necessaryfor your sake.
25 Convinced of this, I
know that Iwill remain
and continue with you
all for your progress
and joy in the faith'
26 so that your proud
confidence in me may
abound in Christ Jesus
through my coming
to you again. 27 Only
conduct yourselves in
a manner worthy of the
gospel of Christ, so that
whether come and see
you or remain absent, I
will hear of you that you
are standing frm in one
spirit, with one mind
striving together for the
faith of the gospel; 28 in
no way alarmed by your
opponents which is a
sign of destruction for
them, but of salvation
for you, and that too,
from God. 29 Fbr to you
it has been granted for
Christ's sake, not only to
believe in Him, but also
to suffer for His sake, 30
experiencing the same
conflict which you saw
in me, and now hear to
be in me. (NASU)
Remember that
Paul wrote these words
from prison the next
time that you want to
complain about the
circumstances of your
life. Also, remember the
devotion Paul had to his
Lord and Savior even in
the circumstances that
were present in that
day. Think of how much
easier it is for us to be
faithful Christians in the
day we live in, but still
many of us fall short of
what we should be doing.
This message has
been provided by Wes
Webb, M~inistes Chipley
Church of Christ, 1295
Brickyard Road, Chipley,
FL 32428; 850-638-2366.

The New Bayview Church of God of Prophecy, 1097 New Bayview Church Road
in Bonifay, will host the Gann Brothers during Homecoming services on June 14 at
10 a.m. Lunch will follow the service.

Baptist Church will host a
Blue Grass Jam on June 5, at
6:30 p.m. Anyone who wants
to pick and sing, acoustic in-
struments only, is welcome
to join in. The church is at
4217 Old Bonifay/Caryville
Road, Caryville.

Kids Crusade

at Cypress Creek
ALFORD Cypress Creek
Community Church will host
its second Kids Crusade at
7 p.m. June 8-10, featuring
Vince Saum, known as "Big
Cypress Creek is 2% 2
miles west of Alford at 1772
Macedonia Road. For more
information, call 638-8814.

East Mt. Zion UMC
Iln fish f y
Mt. Zion UMC is hosting a
communitywide fish fry and
cake auction from 5-7 p.m.
Saturday, June 6. Plates of
catfish fillets, hush puppies,
coleslaw, baked beans and a
dessert will be available for
a suggested donation of $5
each. Dine-in or carry-out
plates will be available.
East Mt. Zion UMC is
at 1590 County 173 about
four miles south of Poplar
Springs School. Call the
church office at 263-4610 for
more information.

GOSDOI lam at
Christian Haven
WAUSAU Christian Ha-
ven Church will host its
monthly gospel jam on Sat-
urday, June 6, starting at
6 p.m. with a covered dish
dinner and the jam start-

ing immediately after. The
church is about 1%/ miles
east of Wausau on Finch
Circle. For information call
638-0836 or 773-2602

Lake view UMC

gospel sing
VERNON -Lakeview
Methodist Church will hold
a gospel sing on Sunday,
June 14, at 1 p.m. Featured
singers will be the Spirit
Filled Singers. The church
is on Highway 279 at Pate
Pond Road. For more in-
formation, call Pastor Mike
Weeks 535-0036.

L00nia Ba tist
LEONIA Leonia Baptist
Church will hold homecom-
ing services on Sunday,
June 7. Sunday School will
begin at 10 a.m. and worship
service at 10:30 a.m. with
the meal to follow.

Annual June Jam
Chipola Dulcimer Associ-
ation's seventh annual June
jam is scheduled for Satur-
day, June 6, at 10 a.m. in the
New Salem Baptist Church
fellowship hall, two miles
south of I-10 on Kynesville
Road (Highway 276).
All acoustic musicians
are welcome. Bring a favor-
ite covered dish to share for
lunch. Drinks, ice and table
service to be furnished. For
more information, call Bill
Ming at 850-482-3819.

Bible School at
Nortliside Baptist

side Baptist Church in
Ponce de Leon has sched-
uled Bible School from 9
until noon July 6-10. The
theme this year is Boomer-
ang Express.

Union Pentecostal
GRITNEY Union Pente-
costal Church will be host-
ing its annual homecom-
ing on Sunday, June 14.
Bro. Paul Phillips will de-
liver the message for the
morning service with din-
ner and a time of fellow-
ship to immediately follow.
Afternoon services will
begin at 2 p.m. with Bro.
Edward Williams bringing
the message. Everyone is
invited to attend and share
in God's blessings. The
church is at 2225 Bonifay
Gritney Road in the Grit-
ney Community. For more
information, please call
Pastor Michael Goodson
at 850-548-5094 or 850-956-

West Bonifaly
Baptist VBS
BONIFAY West Bonifay
Baptist Church, 609 W. Indi-
ana Ave. in Bonifay, will hold
Vacation Bible School for
pre-K through fifth grade
June 7-12. This year's theme
is Safari Flm.
Registration starts at
5 p.m. Sunday, June 7,
with opening assembly at
5:30 p.m. and on Monday,
June 8, at 5 p.m. The closing
program will be held Friday,
June 12.
For more information,
call Jackie Marshall at 547-


Tim Hall


fOmT f 1

IliniStry NEWS



Wednesday, June 3, 2009 w ww. bo0n ifayno0w. co0m | w ww.c hi ple yp a p er. com Page 7


Yes Lord Deliverance plans anniversary|

Houses of WOR SHIP

Thin k Before You "Send"
E-mails, text messages, and other forms of instant communica-
tion have become pervasive parts of our lives. Many pole
check their e-mail several times each day, and are able to be in
almost constant contact with family and friends through text
or instant messa in. Although h
I have no doubt that much of
it does serve a good and nec-
essary purpose, we should be
careful that all of this instant
communication doesn't under-
mine our good judgement and
circumspection, simply because
it is so easy to hit the"Send"but-
ton.It is so easy to write a short
nasty note and hit the send but-
ton before we really have time
to reflect on it. Mark Twain once said that when he was tempted
to write someone an angry letter, he would do so, but then place
the letter on the mantle for three days.If at the end of three days,
he was still angry then he would send the letter. If not, he would
discard the letter. And surprisingly, even today, similar guidelines
for our electronic messages would be prudent. This also applies
to the various messages, political comments and pictures we for-
ward to others. Many of these may be highly offensive to some
people and of very dubious value. We should think, reflect, and
wait before we send poison pen letters or other questionable

If any one thinks he is religious, and does not bridle his tongue
but deceives his heart, this man's religion is vain.
R.S.V.James 1:26

Th115 Message Courtesy Of

1)WN Ba


1068 Main Street, Chinley Ha -- Cipe ** ** an
638-4010 Hwy 79 5., Bonifay 547-9688

110liter COUty TilieS*Advltitlir come as You are"
Mike Orr, Pastor
136 N, M ~a, Ci 0 $*8021 2 1300 South Blvd. PO Box 643
Chipley, Florida
I12Z E. iania, Bonifay* 547-NW (8so) 6ss-isso

BUt When the holy Spirit Stephen B. Reglster,
COmeS Upon you, y0U Will be P
filled With p0Wef, and you
WIll be my WitnOSses... 1552 Brickyard Road
G00d News Bible Acts 1:8 Chipley, FL 638-4251

WEST POINT Place your message

HOME here for only $8.00

Chipley, FL pe wek

H.I. Peel, Jr., LFD 10 all thy WayS aCitnOW10ig0
Veronica Peel, LFD Hm n esaldrc h
2849 Church St.* 850-535-2115 pathsl
Bon~f~lProverbs 3:6
301 E. Evans Ave.* 850-547-4114


The recent rains
didn't put a
damper on some
youths' plans in
the Poplar Springs
community. From
left, Garrett Cruz,
Travis Steverson,
William Steverson
(on the board)
and Benjamin
Newman turned
lemons into
lemonaid. The
rains subsided

and provided an
excellent resource
for skin boarding
in the backyard of
the East Mt. Zion

UMC parsonage.


. ~ il~

c --


ry4~ o- ... ~
.z L - li~

I . - 'l I
The Rev. and Mrs. Donnie Amason at the new
Administration Building on The Baptist College of
Florida campus.

BCF 74~ alumnus

VISlts campus

CHIPLEY Yes Lord Deliverance
Church of God in Christ, 739 Sev-
enth St. in Chipley, will celebrate
its 13th church anniversary June 7.
Festivities on Saturday, June 6, will
include a fish fry at the church from
11 a.m. to 3 p.m. A special music
program will start at 6 p.m. featur-

ing guest choirs and soloists.
Sunday, June 7, worship service
starts at 12 p.m., and the Anniver-
sary Program featuring Archbish-
op Carl McComb, pastor of Dale-
ville Christian Fellowship Worship
Center, Daleville, Ala., begins at
3 p.m.

College of Flonida (BCF)
in Graceville welcomed a
guest on Memorial Day,
BCF alumnus Donnie Ama-
son and his wife, Helen, re-
turned to campus after 35
Amason, a '74 graduate
Was amazed at the growth
of the college. A Vietnam
veteran, Amason was vis-
iting the area to see the
mother of a friend he fought
With in Vietnam. While in

town, he didn't want to pass
up the opportunity to visit
his alma mater. Amason
graduated with a diploma
in theology in May 1974.
Amason is retired, and he
and Helen live in Tennes-
If you are a BCF alum
and would like to update
your information or visit
the school to see all of the
additions, please contact
the Marketing Office at 850-
263-3261, ext. 460.

African Methodist Episcopal
Grant Tabernacle AME 577 Martin
Luther King, Chipley Pastor Is the Rev
Larry Brown
New Bethel AME U S 90 In Bonifay
Pastor Is Alice Hennessey
St John AME 3816 Clemmons
Road, Vernon Service on first and third
Sunday at 11 15 a m Pastor Is the Rev
Leon Singleton
St Joseph AME 1401 Monroe
Sheffield Road, Chipley Pastor Is the
Rev Roy Hudson
St Luke AME 4009 Jackson
Community Road, Vernon Service on
second and fourth Sunday at 11 a m
Pastor Is the Rev Leon Singleton
Assembly of God
Bonifay First Assembly 1009 S
Waukesha St Pastor Is John Chance
Carmel Assembly of God County
160 In the Bethlehem Community Pastor
Is Tommy Moore
Grace Assembly of God 567 N Main
St Pastor the Rev Dallas Pettis
Cords of Love Assem bly of God
2060 Bethlehem Road In the Kynesville
area Pastor Is Jerry Sanford
Ebro Assembly of God State 79
South Pastor Is Lloyd Lykins
Falth Assembly ofGod Underwood
Road behind Poplar Springs School
Pastor Is Charles Carlton
Graceville First Assem bly of God
5565 Brown St Pastor Is Charles
Lighthouse Assembly of God 1201
S Waukesha St (State 79), Bonifay
Sunday School 10 am Sunday services
11 a m and 6 p m every second
Wednesday fellowship supper Pastor Is
Michael Presley
Little Rock Assem bly of God 1923
Highway 173, six miles north of Bonifay
Pastor Is the Rev Ben Peters
Live Oak Assembly of God Just off
Highway 177-A north of Bonifay New
Interim pastor Is Danny Carnley
Mt Olive Assembly of God Highway
179 A off Highway 2 Pastor Thomas
Ealum Jr
Mt Pleasant Assembly of God
Highway 179-A, eight miles north of
Westville Pastor Is the Rev Clyde Smith
New Bethany Assembly of God
Shaky Joe Road just off Highway 280
at Hlnson's Crossroads Pastor Is Leon
New Life Fellowship Assembly of
God 695 Fifth St Chipley Pastor Vince
New Smyrna Assembly of God,
Adolph Whitaker Road six miles north of
Bonifay The Rev Josh Garner Is pastor
Noma Assembly of God 1062 Tlndel
St ,Noma Pastor Is Jerry Lelsz
Northside Assem bly of God
1009 N Rangeline St ,across from
Bonifay Elementary Pastor Edwin Bell
Smith Chapel Assembly of God
2549 Smith Chapel Road, just off
Highway 177-A Pastor George Staff ord
Vernon Assembly of God Church
3349 McFatter Avenue Pastor Is the
Rev Wesley Hall
Wausau Assembly of God Highway
77 Pastor Is Danny Burns
Westville Assembly of God Highway
181 North Pastor Is Lavon Burke
Winterville Assembly of God
Dogwood Lakes Road Pastor Mitch
Abigall Free Will Baptist Dawkins
Street In Vernon
Berean Baptist 1438 Nearing Hills
Road In Chipley Pastor Is Jesse Bowen
Wausau First Baptist Highway 77
Bethany Baptist 10 miles north of
Bonifay on Highway 79 Pastor Is Ed
Bethlehem Baptist Highway 177
Pastor Is Dr Wesley Adams
Beulah Anna Baptist Coursey Road
a half-mile off Highway 81 Pastor Is
David Hldle
Blue Lake Baptist Southeast corner
where |-10 and Highway 77 cross on
the lake
Bonifay First Baptist 311 N
Waukesha Pastor Shelley Chandler
Bonifay Free Will Baptist Corner of
Kansas Avenue and Oklahoma Street
Pastor Is Tim Schnelder
Caryville Baptist 4217 Old Bonifay
Road Pastor Aubrey Herndon
Chipley First Baptist 1300 South
Blvd Pastor Is Michael Orr
Chipley First Free Will Baptist
1387 South Blvd
The Fellowship at Country Oaks
574 Buckhorn Blvd 17 miles southeast

of Chipley off Orange
East Pittman Freewill Baptist half-
mile north of Highway 2 on 179 Pastor Is
Herman Sellers
Eastside Baptist Highway 277,
Esto First Baptist 1050 N Highway
79 Pastor Is Ryan Begue
Evergreen Missionary Baptist
Church, Westville
Gap Pond Free Will Baptist 1980
Gap Blvd In Sunny Hills Interim Pastor Is
the Rev George Cooper
Grltney Baptist Church, 2249
Highway 179 Pastor Rodd Jones
Gully Springs Baptist Three miles
west of Bonifay on Highway 90 Pastor
Tim Hall
Hickory Hill Baptist 1656 Hlckory Hill
Road (Highway 181 N), Westville
Holmes Creek Baptist Cope Road
northwest of Chipley
Holyneck Missionary Baptist
3395 Cemetery Lane, Cam pbellton
Pastor Richard Peterson Sr
Jerusalem Missionary Baptist
614 Bennett Drive, Chipley Price Wilson
Is pastor
Leonia Baptist Church Is located
In northwest Holmes County Pastor Is
Stacy Stafford
Lovewood Free Will Baptist
1745 Lovewood Road, Cottondale
Pastor Is Henry Matthews
Mt Ararat Missionary Baptist
1233 Old Bonif ay Road, Chipley Pastor
Is Dr H G McCollough
Mt Zion Independent Baptist
Highway 2, one mile west of Highway 79
In Esto Pastor Is Steve Boroughs
New Beginning Baptist 1049 Sanders
Ave, Graceville Pastor Is Rudolph
New Concord Free Will Baptist
James Paulk Road off Highway 177
Pastor James Carnley
New Hope Baptist Intersection of
Highways 2 and 179A
New Hope Missionary Baptist Church
(Two Egg), 3996 Wintergreen Road,
New Orange Baptist 782 Alford
Road Pastor Is Alcus Brock
New Prospect Baptist 761 New
Prospect Road, Chipley Pastor Is Kermit
New Zion Baptist Highway 177 A
north of Highway 2
Noma Baptist Highway 175 north of
Highway 2
Northside Baptist Intersection of
Highways 81 and 90 In Ponce de Leon
Pastor Is Ken Harrison
Oakle Ridge Baptist Corner of
Orange Hill and Gilbert's Mill roads,
southeast of Chipley
Orange Hill Baptist 3 6 miles east of
Wausau, off Ploneer Road at 3485 Gainer
Road Pastor Is Philllp Gainer
Orange Hill Missionary Baptist,
816 Sunday Road, Chipley Pastor Is the
Rev James Johns
Piney Grove Free Will Baptist
1783 Piney Grove Rd, south of Chipley
Pastor Is Tim Owen
Pleasant Hill Free Will Baptist
1900 Pleasant Hill Road
Poplar Head Independent Free Will
Baptist Poplar Head Road Pastor Is the
Rev James Pate
Poplar Springs Baptist 1098
Lovewood Road, Graceville Pastor Is
John Howell
St John Free Will Baptist St John's
Road, Bonifay
St Matthew's Missionary Baptist
4156 St Matthew's Road, Caryville
Pastor Is the Rev James Johns
Salem Free Wil Baptist 2555
Kynesville Road (Highway 276) between
Cottondale and Alford Pastor Is Donnie
Sand Hills Baptist 6758 Highway 77
Pastor Is T Keith Gann
Shady Grove Baptist Church, 1955
Highway 177-A, Bonifay 547-3517
Pastor Is Tim Shumaker
Shiloh Baptist Church located
on Highway 277, three miles south of
Highway 90 In Chipley
Shiloh Missionary Baptist 3013
Moss Hill Road In Vernon Pastor Rev
Marcellous Willls Jr
Sunny Hills First Baptist 1886 Sunny
Hills Blvd Pastor Is Mike Swingle
Union Hill Baptist Highway 177,
a mile south of Highway 2 Pastor Is
Maurice Jenkins
Unity Baptist 3274 River Road,
Hlnson's Crossroads Pastor Is Lindsey
Vernon First Baptist, 2888 Church

St Vernon
West Bonifay Baptist 609W Indlana
Grace Lutheran Highway 90 East,
Bonifay Interim pastor Is Jerry Conley
Blessed Trinity Catholic Highway
177 A In Bonifay
St Joseph the Worker Catholic
Highway 77 South, Chipley
Church of Christ
Chipley Church of Christ 1295
Brickyard Road Wes Webb Is minister
Esto Church of Christ 1247 N
Highway 79
Church of God
Bonifay Church of God Brock
Avenue Pastor Is John Stamey
Tabernacle of Praise Church of God
Highway 77 South Pastor Is Victor Fisher
Church of God by Falth 3012 Church
St .Vernon Pastor Is Elder T Powell
Church of God in Christ
Yes Lord Deliverance Church of
God In Christ 739 Seventh St (next to
the National Guard Armory) In Chipley
Pastor Is David Woods, Jr
Spirlt-Fllled Church of God In Christ
2128 Pate Pond Road, Caryville Pastor
Is Elder Tony Howard
Church of God in Prophecy
Church of God of Prophecy 1386 W
Jackson Ave ,Chipley Pastor Is Ernest
St Matthew's Episcopal Highway 90
West, Chipley Vicar Is Ward S Clarke
Harris Chapel Holiness Elght miles
north of Caryvlle on Highway 179
Pastors are the Rev Norman and Judy
Sweet Gum Holiness 105 Corbln
Road,. Cottondale
Third United Holiness 608 W Elghth
Ave ,Gracevlle Pastor Is Arthur Fulton
Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's
Witnesses 2048 Highway 77, Chipley
Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's
Witnesses Highway 90, Bonifay
Temples are available In Dothan and
Panama City
Mosque available In Blountstown
First United Pentecostal 1816
Highway 90 W, Chipley Pastor Is James
First United Pentecostal 2100
Highway 90 West, Westville Pastor
Jason Campbell
Open Pond United Pentecostal 1885
Highway 179-A, Westville Pastor Is Ray
Trinity Pentecostal Tabernacle
Highway 77 between Sunny Hills and
Greenhead Pastor Is Larry Wllloughby
True Holiness Pentecostal 5099
Little Rock Circle, Ebro Pastor Is Louis
D Brown
Turning Point First United
Pentecostal Highway 90 West, Chipley
Pastor Is James Caudle
Wausau Pentecostal Holiness 2201
Ploneer Road PastorIs James Barwick
Fifth United Pentecostal Holiness
church, 776 Peach Street, Chipley
Pastor Is Elder Billy Wilson and Assistant
Pastor Is Evangelist B Snipes
Seventh Day Adventist
Bonif ay Seventh Day Adventist 604
Mathusek St Pastor Is Jeff Westberg
Bethlehem United Methodist
Highway 177, look for sign
Bonifay United Methodist Oklahoma
Cedar Grove United Methodist Two
miles west of Miller's Crossroads on
Highway 2 Pastor Is John Hinkle
Chipley First United Methodist
1285 Jackson Ave
East Mt Zion United Methodist
Highway 173 N 10 miles from Bonifay
Lakeview United Methodist Highway
279 near Five Points, 1970 Lakeview
Drive Pastor Mike Weeks
Mt Ida Congregational Methodist
Just off Highway 2 In Holmes County's
New Hope community Pastor Is the Rev
Tom Whiddon
New Hope United Methodist State
Road 79 south of Vernon
Orange Hill United Methodist
Sunday Road off Orange Hill Road
Pastor Is Ron Alderman
Otter Creek United Methodist North
of Ponce de Leon off Highway 81 (look
for sign)

Pleasant Grove United Methodist
2430 Shakey Joe Road, near Hlnson
Poplar Head United Methodist 1 5
miles north of Highway 2 on Highway 163
Red Hill United Methodist State
Road 2, two miles west of SR 79 Pastor
Is the Rev Buddy Pennington
Vernon United Methodist Highway 79
Pastor Is John Kramer
Wausau United Methodist Highway 77
Chipley First Presbyterlan Fifth Street
and Watts Avenue
Sunny Hills Presbyterlan 3768
Country Club Blvd Pastor Is Kenneth
Christian Fellowship Center, 1458
Monroe Sheffield Road, Chipley, Pastor Is
Isaac Harmon
The Church of Jesus Christ of
Latter day Saints, North Ride, Bonifay, FL
32425 850-547-1254 or 850-547-4557
Bonifay Ward Bishop Joshua Bowen
Chipley Ward Bishop Charles Munns
Courts of Praise 1720 Clayton Road,
Chipley Pastor Is Rick Lovett
Covenant Community Fellowship,
844 Main Street, Chipley Pastor Is Joey
Family Worship Center 531 Rock Hill
Church Road
Sunny Hills Chapel 4283 Highway
77 Pastor Is William E Holman
Northwest Florida Christian Church
4465 Highway 77
Amazing Grace Falth Fellowship
Assembly 3253 Highway 2 Pastor Is
Bobby Tldwell
New Effort Church New Effort Church
Road, Bonifay Pastor Is Brent Jones
Christian Haven Finch Circle,
Wausau Pastor Carlos Finch
Trinity Free Church, Living, Loving
God, old Howell Chevrolet building,
Tuesday and Thursdays at 6 30 p m
each night, Sunday, 230-4 30 p m TG
Hobbs, pastor
Vernon Evangelistic Highway 79
Pastor Keith Mashburn
White Double Pond Pastor Is Michael
Liberty Church Creek Road In
Vernon Pastor Is Dennis Boyett
Graceville Community 1005 E Prim
Ave Pastor Dale Worle
The Word Church 335 Alford Road,
Cottondale Pastors are Buddy and
Jeanne Steele
Grace & Glory Worship Center 1328
Railroad Ave ,Chipley Pastor Is Debble
House of Prayer Worship Center
763 West Blvd Pastor Is Anthony B
Northwest Florida Christian Church
4465 Highway 77 (meets Sundays at
6 p m for Bible study) Pastor Is Fred
Moss Hill Church Second and fourth
Sunday, 2 p m Off Highway 279
Cornerstone Harvest Outreach
Corner of Reno and Fanning Branch,
Vernon Pastors are Willls and Drucile
Pine Hill Church 1675 Robins Bridge
Road, Bonifay 32425 Pastors BT
Owens and James Bush
Cypress Creek Community Church
2 5 miles west of Alford at 1772
Macedonia Road Pastor Is James
Bonnett Pond Community Church
2680 Bonnett Pond Road between
Wausau and Vernon Pastor Is the Rev
Teddy Joe Blas
The Potter's Hands Greenhead at
corner of Highway 77 and Pine Log
Road Pastors are Robert and Shella
Holmes Valley Community Church
3550 Fanning Branch Road, Vernon
Pastors Willls and Drucile Hagan
Bonifay House of Prayer 826 N
Caryville Road Pastor Is Devon Richter
Sapp Holiness Church 2207 Sapp
Road,. Cottondale
Falth Covenant Fellowship Highway
277 half-mile south of 1-10
Caryville Evangelistic Center Wright's
Creek Road In Caryville, just north of
Highway 90 Pastor Is Wayne Brannon
Someone To Care International
Ministries Inc 1705 Ploneer Road,
Chipley Just 25 miles east of caution
light In Wausau Pastor Is the Rev S J
Cornerstone Fellowship of Chipley,
1301 Main St (old Chuckwiagon),
Chipley, Sunday services 10 30 a m
Pastor Is Larry Capan



Community CALENDAR

BS | Washington County News | Holmes County Times-Advertiser


Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Marguiree "Margie"
Odom Hartzog, 83, of
Chipley died May 25 at her
home. She was born May
26, 1925, in Donaldsonville,
Ga. to Jimmie and
Lillar Odom. She was a
homemaker and a member
of Shiloh Baptist Church.
Her parents and a son
Robert Hartzog preceded
her in death.
She is survived by her
husband of 67 years, Colon
Hartzog, of Chipley; two
sons, Raymond Hartzog
and wife Glenda, of
Graceville, Roland "Toby"
Hartzog and wife, Cindy;
two daughters, Margaret
Malloy and husband,

Eyman, of Chipley
and Kathy Morris and
husband, Ray, of Chipley;
thirteen grandchildren,
twenty-eight great-
grandchildren and a great-
Service was held
May 28 at the Shiloh
Baptist Church with the
Revs. Gary Wiggins and
Ronnie Wright officiating.
Interment followed in the
church cemetery with
Obert Ekneral Home of
Chipley directing.
In lieu of flowers,
contributions may be made
to Covenant Hospice 4440
Lafayette Street Suite C
Marianna, Florida 32446

Larry Lee Brant, 48,
of Chipley, died May 23 at
his home. A native of Ft.
Wayne, Indiana, he had
been a resident of Chipley
for the past three years
coming from Ft. Myers.
He was a self-employed
computer technician and
was of Protestant faith,
Survivors include
his mother, Mary Brant
of Chipley, two sisters,

Anne Brant of Chipley
and Cynthia Knapp of
South Bend, Ind. and two
Services will be
held at a later date,
following cremation.
Brown Ekneral Home of
Chipley in charge of the
arrangements. Family
and friends may sign the
online register at www.

Sylvan I. Battistin, 77, of
Spring Hill died May 25 at
Oak Hill Hospital.
He was born in
Weehawken, N.J. on
March 13, 1932, to the
late Giovanni and Elide
Pietri Battistin. He was
a Navy veteran having
served in the Korean War
and a retired Teamster.
His interests included
photography, cooking,
baking, reading and travel.
He is survived by his
wife of 52 years, Mary
Clyde Ward Battistin
of Spring Hill; two

daughters, Lisa Bowman
and husband, Hal, of
Homosassa and Tricia
"lk~ish' Battistin of Los
Angeles, Calif.; three
grandchildren; a sister
Lola Kuehnapfel and
husband, Albert, of Lake
Ariel, Penn. and a many
nieces and nephews.
Services were in the
Marvin Chapel Cemetery
with the Rev. Chester
Padgett officiating. Sneads
American Legion Post 241
provided military honors
with James & Lipford
General Home directing.

Mildred Elizabeth
Urquhart Carden, 88, of
Pensacola, died Sunday,
May 24 at a Pensacola
hospital. She was born in
Birmingham, Ala. on Feb.
19, 1921, to James Walker
and Jessie Elizabeth
Daughtry Thomas. She
was member of Warrington
Baptist Church and
a charter member of
Hollywood Baptist Church
in Fort Walton Beach. She
lived and worked in the
Bonifay area where she
met and married Marvin
A. "Gus" Urquhart. They
were married on Nov.
4, 1940. Gus had four
sons and one daughter,
Marvin A. Jr. "Whitey
(Linh), Donald "Pug"
(Azell), Larry (Sarah),
Jerry (Carolyn) and Rose
June Broxson (Alvin)
from his prior marriage
to Sally Spann. Gus and
Mildred's seven children
are Joe Bob (Betty), Joe
Bill (Doreen), Richard
"Snookie" (Norma), Neal
(Sharon), Janice Merideth
(Joel), John Paul, and
Kathy Stringer (Scott).
Along with her children
and stepchildren, she has
thirteen grandchildren
and twenty-two great
grandchildren, and

the numerous step-
grandchildren and step-
After Gus's death in
1985 and subsequent to
her retirement from the
Okaloosa County School
System, in 1986 she moved
back to Pensacola where
she met James E. Garden.
They were married for 19
years. Jim had four adult
children, Rusty (Linda),
Mary Gable, Victor
(Nancy), and Jeannie
(Dave) Piecuch.
Her brother James
Thomas and wife, Marlene;
sister-in-law, Dorothy
"Dot" Thomas, and many
nephews, nieces, cousins,
and friends also survive
Her parents, her
husband, Gus, her sons,
Joe Bill and Pug, and her
brother, Walter Newton
Thomas, precede her in
Services were held at
the Warrington Baptist
Church in Pensacola on
May 27. The graveside
service followed in the
Beal Memorial Cemetery
in Ft. Walton Beach. Oak
Lawn Ekneral Home in
Pensacola handled the

Claire Pearl Dillon
Bourkard, 63, of Vernon
died May 24 at her home.
She was born March 16,
1946, in Laurel, Miss. to
the late Charles Franklin
and Pearl Dearman Dillon.
She is survived by her
husband, Russell Richard
Bourkard, of Vernon;
four sons, Doug Sharp
and Danny Sharp both
of Mobile, Ala., Russell I.
Bourkard of Vernon, Eddie

Bourkard of Wewahitchka;
three daughters, Robin
Hulon Denton of Vernon,
Sheila Coatney of Lynn
Haven, Amy Davis of
Bonifay; one brother,
Earnest Dillon of Vernon;
one sister, Patsy Hutto of
Laurel, Miss. and several
Memorialization by
cremation with Peel
General Home of Bonifay

Frances "Frankie"
Stone Parris, 78, of
Marianna died May 28 in
She was a member of
First United Methodist
Church in Marianna, a
member of Marianna
Women's Club and was a
Realtor for K.B. Connor
Real Estate for many
She is preceded in
death by her parents,
Frank and Zona Demont
Stone; the father of her
children Al Parris; a
brother, Pebble Stone; two
sisters, Mabel Cushing
and Clyde Barnes.
Survivors include

two sons, Alton "Bo"
Parris, III and wife, Katie,
and James E "Jimmy"
Parris and wife, Vickie,
all of Marianna; three
daughters, Ann Tollard
and husband, Frank, of
Marianna, Kathy Jackson
and husband, Roger, of
Chipley and Carol Neel
and husband, Warren ,of
the Alliance community;
10 grandchildren and 12
great-great grandchildren.
Services were held May
30 in the funeral home
chapel. Burial followed in
Riverside Cemetery with
James and Sikes Ekneral
Home Maddox Chapel

Richard Melvin Dunivan,
77, of Bonifay died May 27
at his home. He was born
March 29, 1932, in Danville,
Ill. to the late Ernest
Melvin and Olive Evelyn
Campbell Dunivan. In
addition to his parents he
is preceded in death by one
brother, Donald Dunivan;
two sisters, Doris Everett
and Evelyn Jordan.
Survivors include his
wife of 54 years, Phyllis
Brown Dunivan of Bonifay;
two sons, David Dunivan
of Sharpsville, Ind. and
Douglas Dunivan and
wife, Denise of Cibolo,
Texas; two daughters,

An us I
Angus Newton
Petty, 85, died May 28
in Chautauqua Rehab
and Nursing Center in
DeEhniak Springs. He was
a WWII veteran serving
in the US Army and a
member of the Masonic
Lodge in Panama City.
Survivors include
his wife, Dorris Petty,
of Westville; one
daughter, Carolyn Petty

Diana Ochoa and husband,
Eduardo, of Rockville,
Md. and Donna Stubbs
and husband, Michael of
Vernon; nine grandchildren
and three great-
Service was held May
30 in the funeral home
chapel with the Rev.
Tommy Moore officiating.
Interment followed in the
Bonifay City Cemetery
with Peel Ekneral Home of
Bonifay directing.
Memorial contributions
may be made to Covenant
Hospice, 4440 Lafayette
Street, Suite 4, Marianna,
FL 32446.

. Petty
Allen of Westville; two
grandchildren; one great-
grandchild and several
nieces and nephews.
Services were held
May 30 at Leonia Church
in Leonia with the Rev.
Dan Walton Padgett
officiating. Burial followed
in Leonia Cemetery
with Bottoms Garden
General Home of Geneva

Roberta "Bertye"
Pletcher, 86, of Chipley
died May 24 at her home.
A native of Cincinnati,
Ohio, she had been a
resident of Chipley for the
past seven years coming
from Winter Haven. She
was a retired lunchroom
manager for the Polk
County school system
and a member of the
First Baptist Church in
Chipley. She was a former
member of the Inwood
Baptist Church in Winter
Haven for 35 years where
she taught five year olds
and was a member of the
clown ministry.
Survivors include three
sons, Bill Pletcher and
wife, Kathy, of Ormond
Beach, Paul Pletcher
and wife, Melissia,
of Winter Haven and

Bobby Pletcher and wife,
Deann, of Chipley; one
daughter, Penny Hadden
and husband, Kenny, of
Winter Haven; seven
grandchildren and two
Service was held May
30 at the Inwood Baptist
Church in Winter Haven
with the Rev. Jackie Hayes
officiating. Interment
followed in the Lakeside
Memorial Cemetery in
Winter Haven with Brown
General Home in charge
of the arrangements.
In lieu of flowers,
contributions may be
made to the building
fund of the First Baptist
Church in Chipley.
Friends and family
may sign the online
register at www.brownfh.

Paulette Rister
Chapman, 87, died May
27. She was born Aug. 9,
1921, in Holmes County
to the late Henry and
Kytie Holden Rister. She
worked most of her life
as a seamstress working
with Wilson's Men Store
and retiring from Ronnie's
Men's and Boys Wear. She
enjoyed life and lived it to
the fullest.
Her parents and
two sisters Jewett

Pedrazine and Ethel
Brooks preceded her in
death. Survivors include
a daughter Paula Lee
Hartzog and husband
Keith of Dothan, four
grandson and two
granddaughters; a sister
Mary Frances Sapp, and
many nieces and nephews.
Services were held
May 28 at Marvin Chapel
Cemetery in Graceville
with James & Lipford
General Home directing.

Library open.
9 a.m.-6 p.m.-Chipley Li-
brary open.
1 p.m.-6 p.m.-Wausau
Library open.
10 am.-12 p.m. Holmes
Council on Aging provides
hot meals and socialization
11 a.m.-Washington
Council on Aging Gocated
in Chipley) senior lunches,
for reservations call 638-
6217, donations accepted.
11:30 a.m.-Friends of
the Washington County Li-
brary meeting, held at Chi-
pley Woman's Club building.
Noon-Alcoholics Anony-
mous open meeting, New
Life Assembly Fellowship'
1 p.m.-6 p.m.-Wausau
Library open.
4 p.m.-Chipley City
Council workshop, held at
Chipley City Hall.
4:30 p.m.-Holmes Coun-
ty Historical Society meet-
ing, held at Historical Soci-
ety building, located at 412
Kansas Ave. in Bonifay.
6 p.m. 9 p.m. GED
Prep classes each 'Iesday
and Thursday at Washing-
ton-Holmes Technical Cen-
ter, 757 Hoyt St. in Chipley
6 p.m.-TOPS meeting,
held at Mt. Olive Baptist
Church, located three miles
north of Bonifay on Hwy. 79.
6 p.m.-Holmes County
TIax Watch meets at Sim-
bo's Restaurant on Hwy 79
in Bonifay.
6 p.m.-Ponce de Leon
City Council meeting.
8 p.m.-Narcotics Anon-
ymous meeting, held at
Blessed 'It~inity Catholic
Church in Bonifay.
8 p.m.-Alcoholics Anon-

ymous meeting, held at New
Hope Volunteer Fire Station,
located on Hwy.2 in Holmes
CLOSED: Wausau Li-
8 a.m.-5 p.m.-Holmes
County Library open.
1 p.m. to 6 p.m.-Vernon
Library open
9:30 am.-1 p.m.-Chipley
Library open.
10 a~m.-12 p.m. Homes
Council on Aging provides
bingo, exercise, games, ac-
tivities, hot meals and so-
10:30-11 a.m.-Wausau
Library preschool story-
11 a~m.-Washington
Council on Aging Gocated
in Chipley) senior lunches,
for reservations call 638-
6217, donations accepted.
7 p.m. Slocomb VFW
dance until 10 p.m. Music
by the Country Boys. Ad-
mission $5; Children 12 and
under free with parents. No
smoking or alcohol. Door
prizes and 50/50 giveaways.
Refreshments available.
8 p.m.-Alcoholics Anon-
ymous open meeting, held
at Presbyterian Church in
CLOSED: Wausau Li-
brary, Chipley Library,
Vernon Library
8 a.m.-12 noon-Holmes
County Library open.
7-10 p.m. Geneva Se-
nior Citizens Dance at
Geneva Community Center,
North Iris St., everySaturday
for those 21 and older, coun-
try music by the Flat County

Band. Admission is $4, 50-50
give-away, refreshments, no
smoking or alcohol.
7 p.m. Slocomb VFW
dance until 10 p.m. Music
by the Country Boys. Ad-
mission $5; Children 12 and
under free with parents. No
smoking or alcohol. Door
prizes and 50/50 giveaways.
Refreshments available.
8 p.m.-AlcoholicsAnony-
mous meeting, held at Boni-
fay Methodist Church, Boni-
fay, on Oklahoma Street.
1 p.m.-Abate of Florida,
a Motorcyclist Rights Or-
ganization, meets at 2229
Bonifay-Gritney Road. For
information call 850-548-
8 p.m.-Alcoholics Anon-
ymous meeting, held in
the board room at Gracev-
ille-Campbellton Hospital
Boardroom, Graceville.
CLOSED: Wausau Li-
brary, Vernon Library.
9 a.m.-6 p.m.-Chipley Li-
brary open.
10 a~m-12 p.m. Holmes
Council on Aging provides
bingo, exercise, games, ac-
tivities, hot meals and so-
11 a~m.-Washington
Council on Aging Gocated
in Chipley) senior lunches,
for reservations call 638-
6217, donations accepted.
5 p.m.-VFW Post 10085
regular monthly meeting,
held at posthome, located on
Highway 279 North in Ver-
non. For more information,
call 638-4002.
5:30 p.m.-Washington
County School Board

6 p.m 7:30 p.m.-Sal-
vation Army Domestic
Violence and Rape Crisis
Program (SADVP) will be
hosting a domestic violence
support group each Monday.
The meeting will be held at
the SADVP Rural Outreach
office at 1461 S. Railroad
Avenue, apartment one, in
Chipley. Call Emma or Jess
at 415-5999.
6:00 p.m.-Bonifay City
Council meeting.
6:00 p.m. Five Points
Crime Watch Supper will
be served at 6 p.m. For more
information, call 535-2312 or
6:30-8:30 p.m.-Conver-
sational English classes for
internationals, held at Shi-
loh Baptist Church. Contact
church office, 638-1014 or
Karma Cook, 638-8418.
7 p.m.-Vernon City
council meeting.
7 p.m. Vernon Lodge
164 F&AM. Call Johnny
Worthington at 535-0310.
7:30 p.m.-Vernon M/a-
sonic Lodge meeting.
8 p.m.-Alcoholics Anon-
ymous open meeting, held
at Blessed 'lt~inity Catholic
Church, located on Hwy.
177A, Bonifay.
CLOSED: Vernon Li-
8 a.m.-5 p.m.-Holmes
County Library open.
8:30 a~m.-Orange Hill
Soil and Water Conserva-
tion District meeting at the
Ag Center in Chipley.
9 a.m.-6 p.m.-Chipley
Library open.
1 p.m.-6 p.m.-Wausau

Library open.
9 a.m.-Tourist Develop-
ment Council meeting.
9 a.m.-Holmes County
Commission meeting.
9:30 a.m.-4 p.m.-Wausau
Library open.
10 a~m.-12 p.m. Holmes
Council on Aging provides
hot meals and socialization.
11 a.m.-Washington
Council on Aging Gocated
in Chipley) senior lunches,
for reservations call 638-
6217, donations accepted.
Noon-Chipley Kiwanis
Club weekly meeting.
Noon-Alcoholics Anon-
ymous open meeting, New
Life Assembly Fellowhship
Hall, Chipley.
5:30 p.m. Holmes
Council on Aging Board
5:30p.m. Chipley Down-
town Merchants Associa-
tion, 827 Main Street
6 p.m. 9 p.m. GED
Prep classes each 'Iesday
and Thursday at Washing-
ton-Holmes Technical Cen-
ter, 757 Hoyt St. in Chipley.
6 p.m.-Holmes County
Development Commission
6 p.m.-Chipley City
Council meeting.
.6 p.m.-Ebro City Coun-
cal meeting.
7 p.m.-Caryville City
Council meeting.
7:30 p.m.-Wausau M/a-
sonic Lodge meeting.
8 p.m.-Alcoholics Anon-
ymous meeting, held at
Presbyterian Church in Chi-
8 p.m.-Narcotics Anon-
ymous meeting, held at
Blessed 'It~inity Catholic
Church in Bonifay.


Sylvan I. Battistin

Marguiree Halrtzog

Larry L. Brant

Mildred E. Cad n

( gjfe P. BOUrkard

Frances Parris

Ridiard M. Dunivan

Roberta Pletcher

Paulette Chapman


CLOSED: Wausau Li-
8 a.m. to 5 p.m.-Holmes
County Library open. .
9 a.m.-6 p.m.-Chipley Li-
brary open.
1 p.m. to 6 p.m.-Vernon
Library open
10 a~m-12 p.m. Holmes
Council on Aging provides
hot meals and socialization.
10 a.m. 2 p.m. The Ver-
non Historical Society Mu-
seum is open to the public
every Wednesday from 10
a.m. till 2 p.m. and meetings
are the fourth Wednesday of
the month at 2 p.m.
10:30 a~m.-Chipley Gar-
den Club luncheon/meet-
ing. Call 638-2111 for infor-
11 a~m.-Washington
Council on Aging Gocated
in Chipley) senior lunches,
for reservations call 638-
6217, donations accepted.
Noon-Bonifay Kiwanis
Club weekly meeting, held
at Simbo's Restaurant in
I p.m. Line dancing,
Washington Council on Ag-
ing in Chipley
7 p.m.-Depression and
Bipolar Support Group-
meets at First Baptist
Church educational annex
building in Bonifay. Call 547-
8 p.m.-Alcoholics Anon-
ymous meeting, held at
Ponce de Leon Methodist
Church on Main Street in
Ponce de Leon.
CLOSED: Vernon Li-
8 a~m.-Holmes County

Washington County News/Holmes County Times-Advertiser*Wednesday, June 3, 2009* B H

'\Y C~ 71 I1 638-02121

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ForYur~ovenlnce~~ccet~ 8 YIZIISAHolnes County Times-Advertiser Washington County News2

| 10 | 10|1100 | 100 ||1100 |1 1100 || 1 0 1100 | 100
EASTON K. BEADLE: UN- 12 minutes 06 seconds KNOWN SPOUSE OF PARED BY: SPOUSE OF SAID or (800) 955-8770 (volce), Holmes County est and best bidder, for
KNOWN SPOUSE OF East along said centerline JAMES D. COOPER; KIM- Law Offices of Daniel C. DEFENDANT(S), IF RE- via Florida Relay Service. Times-Advertiser June 3, cash, On the Front Steps
EASTON K. BEADLE: a distance of 449.07 feet to BERLY L. COOPER; UN- Consuegra MARRIED, AND IF DE- As published In the 10, 17, 24, 2009. of the Holmes County
we aCANOPY CROSSING a point, thence leaving KNOWN SPOUSE OF KIM- 9204 King Palm Drive CEASED, THE RESPEC- Holmes County I Courthouse, Bonifay, Flor-
PROPERTY OWWNERS said centerline run North BERLY L. COOPER; IF LIV- Tampa, FL 33619-1328 TIVE UNKNOWN HEIRS, Times-Advertiser May 27, IN THE CIRCUIT COURT Ida at 11:00 a.m., on July
ANNDNCEMNT4 ASSOCIATION, INC; UN- 87 degrees 56 minutes 06 ING, INCLUDING ANY UN- Phone: 813-915-8660 DEVISEES, GRANTEES, & June 3, 2009. OF THE FOURTEENTH 9, 2009.
100 Legal Advertising KNOWN PERSONS) IN seconds West 968.42 feet KNOWN SPOUSE OF Attorneys for Plaintiff ASSIGNEES, CREDITORS, JUDICIAL CIRCUIT OF DATED THIS 27DAY OF
1110 Classified Notices POSSESSION OF THE to a point, thence run SAID DEFENDANT(S), IF In accordance with the LIENORS, AND TRUS- FLORIDA IN AND FOR May 2009.
1120 Public Notices/ SUBJECT PROPERTY; South 00 degrees 44 mln- REMARRIED, AND IF DE- American with Disabllties TEES, AND ALL OTHER IN THE CIRCUIT COURT HOLMES COUNTY Any person claiming an In-
Announcements Defendants. utes 12 seconds West a CEASED, THE RESPEC- Act of 1990, persons need- PERSONS CLAIMING BY, OF THE FOURTEENTH CIVIL DIVISION terest In the surplus from
1130 Adoptions distance of 448.95 feet to TIVE UNKNOWN HEIRS, Ing a special accommo- THROUGH, UNDER OR JUDICIAL CIRCUIT IN AND CASE NO. 2009-71CA the sale, If any, other than
s:~Pro~n ss NOTICE OF FORECLO- the Point of Beginning. DEVISEES, GRANTEES, dation to participate in this AGAINST THE NAMED FOR HOLMES COUNTY, UNITED STATES OF the property owner as of
1160 Lost SURE SALE Containing 10.00 acres, ASSIGNEES, CREDITORS, proceeding should contact DEFENDANT(S); FLORIDA AMERICA, acting through the date of the Ils pend-
1170 Found NOTICE IS HEREBY more or less. LIENORS, AND TRUS- the ASA Coordinator no Whose residence are/is CASE NO: 09DR000153 Rural Development, for- ens, must file a claim
SGIVEN pursuant to a Final SUBJECT TO AND TO- TEES, AND ALL OTHER later than seven (7) days unknown. IN RE: THE MARRIAGE merely Farmers Home Ad- within 60 days after the
aa Judgment of Foreclosure GETHER WITH a 60 foot PERSONS CLAIMING BY, prior tothe proceedings. If YOU ARE HEREBY OF: ministration (FmHA), sale.
110dated May l3 2009. and wide roadway utilty and THROUGH. UNDERODR hearing Impaired, please reqsure~d to file your JOHNNY DEWAYNE United States Department Witness, my handand seal
entered In Case No. drainage easement over AGAINST THE NAMED call (800) 955-8771 (TDD) anwr or written BARTLETT of Agriculture (USDA), of this court on the 27 day
BID NOTICE 08000485CA], of the Cir- and across the Easterly 30 DEFENDANT(S); UN- or (800) 955-8770 defenses, If any, In the Petitioner/Husband, Plaintiff, of May, 2009.
cult Court of the 14th Judl- feet thereof. KNOWN TENANT #1; (volce),via Florida Relay above proceeding withthe vs. vs. CLERK OF CIRCUIT
Notice Is hereby given clal Circuit In and for A person claiming an Inter- UNKNOWN TENANT #2; Service. Clerk of this Court, and to CAROLE ELAINE JOSEPH B. WILCOX, COURT
that the Holmes County HOLMES County, Florida. est In the surplus from the Defendant(s) As published In the serve copy thereof upon BARTLETT Defendant. By Diane Eaton
Board of County Com- INDYMAC FEDERAL sale, If any, other than the Holmes County the plaintiffs attorney, Law Respondent/Wlfe. Deputy Clerk
missioners will receive BANK, FSB, SUCCESSOR property owner as ofthe NOTICE OF SALE Times-Advertiser May 27, Offices of Daniel C. Con- NOTICE OF SALE THIS INSTRUMENT PRE-
sealed bids from qualified IN INTEREST TO date of the Ils pendens Notice Is hereby given & June 3, 2009. suegra, 9204 King Palm NOTICE OF ACTION FOR Notice is hereby given that PARED BY
hospitalsto provide health- INDYMAC BANK, F.S.B. Is must file a claim with 60 that, pursuant to a Final IN THE CIRCUIT COURT Drive, Tampa, FL DISSOLUTION OF MAR- pursuant to a Final Judg- Law Offices of Daniel C.
care services for Inmates Plaintiff and EASTON K. days after the sale. Summary Judgment of OF THE FOURTEENTH 33619-1328, telephone RIAGE ment entered in the above Co n su e gr a
of the Holmes County Jall BEADLE: UNKNOWN Dated this 14 day of May, Foelsr nee nteJUDICIAL CIRCUIT OF (813) 915-8660, facsimile TO: Carole Elaine Bartlett entitled cause in the Circuit 9204 King Palm Drive
under the terms of the SPOUSE OF EASTON K. 2009. above-styled cause, In the THE STATE OF FLORIDA, (813) 915-0559, within 1574 Highway 185 Court of Holmes County, Tampa, FL 33619-1328
contract provided until BEADLE: UNKNOWN CODY TAYLOR Circuit Court of HolmesINADFRHLE thirty days of the first Westville, Florida 32464 Florida, I wll sell the prop- Phone: 813-915-8660
12:0 ~m.onSepemerPERSON(S) IN POSSES- As Clerk of saidCourt County, Florida, I will sell COUNTY publication of this Notice. O R OIIDta rylctd nHle tony o litf
24, 2010. All bids should SION OF THE SUBJECT By Diane Eaton the property situate In CIVIL DIVISION th ntre oft is ns actound has been fledCountly, Florid beng In accordanc w ith Dl thes
be delivered/malled to the PROPERTY; CANOPY As Deputy Clerk Holmes County, Florida, CASE NO. 2009 CA143 proceeding being a suit foragnsyoadthtou pefclydsrbdasA rcnwthDablts
following address: CROSSING PROPERTY This notice Is provided described as: BEEIILforeclosure of mortgage are required to serve a follows: Act of 1990, persons need-
Holmes County Board of OWNERS ASSOCIATION, pursuant to Administrative A PARCEL OF LAND DE- ENCFIAL FLORIDA aais the following copy of your written de- Beginning ata point where Ing a special accommo-
Couty ommssines O- IC; redefndats.I wllOrdr N. 206. SRIBD A CO- laitif decrbedproert, t wt: enss, f nyto t o th SuthRigt-o-Wy o daionto ariciatein hi
flce ~~sell to the highest and best IN accordance with the MENCING AT THE A PARCEL OF LAND DE- Jhn ean atet rc tetItret h rceigsol otc
ATTN: SEALED BIDS FOR bidrfrcs tA H mrcn ihDsblte OTWS ONRvs. SCIE SBIGOEwhose address Is c/o East Right-of-Way of the ASA Coordinator no
HEALTHCARE SERVICES FRN TP FTEAt fyuar esnO H OTWS KSNOWN HEIERES DE I- (1 CEI QAERamey & Bytell Attorneys, McGee Street and thence later than seven (7) days
107 E Virginla Ave COURTHOUSE., AT 201 with a dsabllty who needs OF THE NORTHEAST %/ SIGEES, CRATEDITORS LOCATED IN THE NORTH- 1250 Circle Drive, South 89 Degrees 25 mln- prior to the proceedings.
Bonifay FL 32425 NOT KAOAayacmoaini r SUHETCRE IGENOS, TRUSITESOF WS T ONE N DeFunlak Springs, Florida utes East along said If hearing Impaired, please
Blds shall be for a period STREET, BONIFAY IN der to participate In this OF THE NORTHWEST % AYL.SEHED E COR) OF NORTHWEST 32435 on or before July 1, Right-of-Way of Brock call (800) 955-8771 (TDD)
of one year, with the ex- HOMSCUTYFa rcednyuar ni FTH OTES %) CE SHED:MIHAELD OLEN URE FNRH 2009, and file the original Street 80.00 feet; thence or (800) 955-8770 (volce),
ception tha igt thBoar re- 10 nte 8dytea o ott ot F ETO 1 ON SHEPHERD, HEIR; IF LIV- WETQATR(Wwth the clerkfths Ckaourt Suths 0, Degres0 mn-; vas Fuloihda Rela S here
seresth rghttoreewof June, 2009, the follow- provisions of certain assis- SHIP 5 NORTH, RANGE IGINLDGAYUN OF NW%4) OF SECTION 9,at21NthOlom ue W 250 fetAspbsed nte
th bd t tsdicrtin.Ing described property as tance. Please contact the 17 WEST AND RUNNING KONS UEOFTOWNSHIP 4 NORTH,BofaFlrd325bethneNth8DgesHlmsCuy
The oar alo reervs st foth n sid inalJud- Curt dmiistato at 01 ASTALON TH FOTY AID EFEDAN(S),IF ANG 16WEST ALO, ore ervce n Ptitiner25 inuts W 900 fet t Ties-dverise Jue 3
the right to reject or accept ment, to wt: North Oklahoma Street, LINE 420 FEET TO A REARIDEEND AND() IFDE THE SOUTH 200 FEET OF or Immediately thereafter. the before mentioned East 10, 2009.
bis npat rfulo t a-EXHIBIT "Ai' Bonifay, FL 32425, Phone POINT OF BEGINNING, THAT PART OF THEIfyualtodsoade RghofWyfMce
cept the bid the Board DESCRIPTION (TRACT No. (850)547-1100within2 THENCE CONTINUE TCI SEUDNKNEWNREHSEPIER SOUTH 300 YARDS OF fault may be entered Street~thenceNorth0)De- IONFTHECRCUIRTOENUT
deems to be In the best In- #1wokndasoyure-ESALNTHFO TY DVISES GRAONTHEERS TES LGWS against you for the relief grees 29 Minutes E along JUDICIAL CIRCUIT OF
terstofHome Cuny.Commence at an axle celpt of this notice or LINE 420 FEET, THENCE ASINECEIOS OF COUNTY ROAD dmne nteptto.sd Mce SretTHE STATE OF FLORIDA,
Bl pcktswthspciic-marking the Southwest pleading; If you are hear- NOT 1 ET LIENORS, AND TRUS- (RITTER ROAD), IN SEC- Cpe falcutdc-Rgto-a 2.0fe NADFRHLE
tlons may be picked up In corner of Section 31, Ing Impaired, call THENCE WEST 420 FEET TEAD L TE TION 4, TOWNSHIP 4 mentsin this case, In- to the point of beginning. C O U N T Y
the Holmes County Com- Township 6North, Range 1-800-955-8771 (TDD); If THENCE SOUTH 210 PEEROS P1 CLLAMING B NORTH. RANGE 16 cluding orders, are availa- Said land lyngin and be- CIVIL DVISION
missioner's Office, Monday 15WsHle ony yuaevleIpie. ETT H ON FTRSOUGH UMNDE OR EST ble at the Clerk of the Cir- Ing a part of the North %/ of CASE NO. 2008 CA 523
through Friday between Florida, and run South 87 call 1-800-995-8770 (V) BEGINNING, HOLMES AHOGAIS HE UNAMED A/K/A cult Court's office. You the Southwest % of Sec- BRANCH BANKING AND
the hours of 8:00 a.m. and dere 3mnts1 VaFoia ea e-CUT LRD. DFNAINSTT(S) STATE 20 EASRE a review these docu- tron 6, Township 4 North, TRUST COMPANY
4:00 p.m. or online at seconds East along the vices). A/K/A OEF FORDANS; CLR FWSVLE L344 ments upon request. Range 14 West, Holmes Plaintiff,
ww~hlmscunyf~og.South boundary of said Kahane &Associated, PA. 1771 Bowers Roa HECRUIOUTO If you fall to file yourYomutkethClrof ony Frdav
Proosls il oly e c-Section 31 a distance of 8201 Peters Road, Ste. Westville, FL 32464HOMSCUTFLR answer or written defenses the Circuit Court's office at public sale to the high- KENNETH A. EASLEY
cepted on bid forms pro- 1345.69 feet to a point, 3000 atME public, sae o h ih-I h aoepoceig notified of your current ad- est and best bidder, for N OW PU F
vide by he oard Forthece lavin th Souh PlntaionFL 3324 est nd bst idde, fo OVEDW T ESEN- onplaitifs atorne, adres. (Yu my fie Noicecashon te font tepsof NKNOWHNAEPASULSE O
more Information contact boundary of said Section Telephone: (954) 382-3486 cash, On the Front Steps EXISTING, TOGETHER deal ilbeetrdo urreneCut AddresForida the olmes 0 Conty Caourt LIVNG NCLUDN G ANY
Sherry Fitzpatrick at 31 run North 01 degrees TelIe fa c s Im Ile: of the Holmes County WITH ANY GRANTEES, against you for the reliefSurmCotApovdhse20N.OloaUKOW SP SE F
850-547-1119 or 09 minutes 05 seconds (954)382-5380 Courthouse, Bonifay, Flor- ASINECEIOS demanded In the Family Law Form 12.915.) Street, Bonifay, Florida, at SAID DEFENDANT(S), IF
sfitzpatrick@holmescoun- East a distance of 1361.30 As published In the Id t110 Smo Jn IGENOS, OR DTORUSTESCmlito ein Future papers In this law- 11:00 a.m. on the 25 day REMARRIED, AND IF DE-
tyfl~org feet to a point In the cen- Holmes County 18, 2009. DATED THIS 14 OFSI EEDN()DATED at HOLMESsutwlbemldtohe fJne209CESDTH RSP -
As published In the terline of a 60 foot wide Tie-dvrie Ma 7 A F a,20. AND ALL O ATHE E- onyths1 ayo a address on record at the ANY PERSON CLAIMINGTIEUKONHRS
Holes Coutyrodwa, tiltyan drin & un 3 209.Anypeso climng n n-2009. clerk's office. AN INTEREST IN THE
Tilmes-Avrie June 3 rodage easemety thnce IaN- THuE320 CICUT OUT erest n thesurplu from SHOR UCLAUMIN GR Clerk of the Circuit Court WARNING:Rule 12.285, SURPLUS FROM THE DSl S RENE
2009. ~leaving said centerline run OF THE FOURTEENTH the sale, If any, other than AGIS EEDN()By Diane Eaton Florida Family Law Rules SAE I NYOHE IGENO S, ANED TRUS-

NTEIDA ICDR I othenc e from sai ON I DIISO sale NOTICE OFATO nedn a spclrsutnsntos nld-WHI60DYATEDEFENDANT(S); CAN-IFP~YOTE
CIVI DIISIN O BEGNNIG rn S uth CIASE NO. 30 200 CA Witnessy handr andsea TO : UNKNOWN HEIRS 1 aetccmodaio tof Ing edisisa re srqikng ofr THESAE.OPCROSSING PROP-
CASTE NO080485 DCA] 87E degree 56 minte 0 0004 o ths coute on the 14s peday DEIES GATE partcpate win this paleaig.I o r esn withati aicor ERTY OWNER ASS OT l-
CICIIBNADNK B.U FSSOAR s nsa ita CTIIN ANDF HL EQUT LeayK2 Fs CIRCUI ASSN Ei SOOS tprocandngsh dla nltac atdTa2020.o ohonedod SLNED HPRES
INME IONTERS TLO tecntrie fa6 foo Plinif CUR GAR L.N SHPHRD DE-nas late than90 s even(7)das Clekof Colurt opricpt nthis pro-a ETLYO H EXSTNGR TO-

tance. Pleas contac theN ORTRSTE O SI
CIVIL ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ D Coordinato (850)3 09CAWtes yhndnsa comdtin t n imsslo tiigo DEFENDANT(S); AND L
OF~ay ofINN your recelp ofE ths. INGY THROUSIGH UNO-
TO: NKNON HERS, leadngs.Ifdoumaent f yrou are har DERTY ONRS AGAOINS
CASE ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ n or. volce8CA Imaied calle DEFENDANT(S) ;thsoutnhe1da EISE, RNEEpatcpae In t
1-80-95-871 Defendanttnces)
INDYAC FDERA CITFINNCIA EOUTY O Ma, 209. poceeingshoud cotactDate: My 20 200. dlabllty Dated May 26ION IN 2009.HE

IN~~~~~~~ie-Avrie JuneES 3, recasur entersedn ina6 otCUTlte hnsvn()d
Plalntff. ~~~~~~~ ~10 2009HPHR E y aeEte edn.yo Circutle Court ofT Holme
INDYMC BAN, FSB, wle rodwayutilty an By iane aten EASE;County Florida"O'to I will sell I
vs.~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~O DONE!y CleFDC a Co t u the GREs, ntsituNatol

Callon of our rec.p ED h VN YHDE 7OANH EOSN

"ad-visors andpu the AOTDS Cur

C l ss fi d tout Tlr tAt GAsun ED4 06Una

10,2009ALON SArc ID CENTER-Hom

aovesye caus iOREn the678FETOAPIN

(8UICA 5ICI O) 6ome 3ony 8 212 i'? SNH DD,
.H TANCE OF 388.39 FEE

d bSIrcsed as:

Wrigts Ceek ot 3 GINING: SUBJ ECT TO

H10B Washington County News/Holmes County Times-Advertiser Wednesday, June 3, 2009



H ,I i i 1- * 1 1 1 . l T I : = T . I- 1 1 1 1 ~ l l

.. (850) 638-8183 H life. u. I II.:. O D== T
W)'. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ :' ,811, ,,p,,,.-ir. E-penence

(850) 547-0726 Discount available for
mentioning this ad. I --dn I r-.
Open 24 Ho~urs. Self- I...w @-61, ... 1::.i,,,,
S11'lee, O~i Depojslt, (850 ,-, ... ,n, o n
UntS Are Carpete 57737

I :- ;


Since 197 4 II II: u I


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850-638-0212 850-547-9414

Washington County News

H olmes Cou nty Timres -Advertiser

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I noo|
at public sale, to the high-
est and best bidder, for
cash, On the Front Steps
of the Holmes County
Courthouse, Bonifay, Flor-
Ida at 11:00 a.m., on July
May, 2009.
Any person claiming an In-
terest In the surplus from
the sale, If any, other than
the property owner as of
the date of the Ils pend-
ens, must file a claim
within 60 days after the
Witness, my hand and seal
of this court on the 27 day
of May, 2009.
By Diane Eaton
Deputy Clerk
Law Offices of Daniel C.
Consu egra
9204 King Palm Drive
Tampa, FL 33619-1328
Phone: 813-915-8660
Attorneys for Plaintiff
In accordance with the
Americanwith Disabllties
Actof 1990,personsneed-
Ing a special accommo-
dation to participate In this
proceeding should contact
the ASA Coordinator no
later than seven (7) days
prior to the proceedings.
If hearing Impaired, please
call (800) 955-8771 (TDD)
or (800) 955-8770 (volce)
via Florida Relay Service.
As published In the
Holmes County
Times-Advertiser June 3
10, 2009.
Landfill Environmental

Holmes County Is seeking
cuahlficatrians tfromrospee

"Environmental Support
Services" to meet compll-
ance requirements of the
current landfill permit and
Rule 62-701 for the
Hone Coeunty Landfill.n-
clude, but not limited to:
Semiannual Water
Quality Monitoring Repor-
ting per FDEP require-
ments (County currently
contracts the ground water
sampling and analytical
services separately)
Blenmlal Water
Quality Monitoring Repor-
ting per FDEP require-
Contamination and
cleanup services, as re-
Solid Waste Per-
mitting and compliance
services, as required
Gas Migration Reporting
(County currently contacts
the ground water sampling
and analytical services
Q~uallflcation statements
are due to the Holmes

| zoo
County Board of Com-
missioners, 107 E Virginla
Ave, Bonifay, FL 32425 no
later than 4:00 p.m. CSI
June 22, 2009.
Qualifications should at a
minimum contain resumes
of proposed staff, summar-
les of similar work per-
formed, and any experl-
ence In Holmes County.
For more Information con-
tact the County Commis-
slaner's Office at
850-547-11 19 or
As published In the
Holmes County
Times-Advertiser May 20,

CO OEO9-CA-000007 N.

all unknown parties claim-
alg eyhouh lunndaemeod
D fendants, who are not
known to be dead or alive
whether said unknown par
esc gamnt es,h rsgndeee
lenors, creditors, trustees
spouse NorN ot er cac
TENANT #2, the parties in-
tended to account for the
person orF per o~nA HnO p-


thoticpurssuan bty he Fia
Judgment of Foreclosure
chted May 3 10t0h9e In th s

erty situated In
HOLMbEeSdCounty, Florida
ROAD 150.0 FEET:
GREES 54 06" WEST,
02 29" WEST 131.45 FEET:

| soo |
GREES 5406" EAST 312.0
11/30/01 IN O.R. BOOK
315, PAGE 291, PUBLIC
LEON, FL32455
at public sale, to the high-
est and best bidder, for
cash, front steps of the
Holmes County Court-
house, 201 North Okla-
homa Street, Bonifay, Flor-
Ida, at 11:00 0 clock a.m.
Central Standard Time, on
June 18, 2009.
Any person claiming an In-
terest In the surplus from
the sale, If any, other than
the property owner as of
the date of the Ils pendens
must file a claim within 60
days after the sale.
Dated at BONIFAY, Flor-
Ida, this 14 day of May,
Cody Taylor
Clerk of the Circuit Court
By: Diane Eaton
Deputy Clerk
houglas C. Zahm, PA
18820 U.S. Hwy 19 N.,
Clearwater, FL 33764
(727) 536-4911 phone
(727) 539-1094 fax
Ilf you are a person with a
disabllty who needs any
accommodation In order
to participate In this pro-
ceeding, you are entitled,
at no cost to you, to the
provision of certain assis-
tance. Please contact
Cody Taylor, Clerk of
Court, PO. Box 397, Bonl-
fay, Florida 32425, Tele-
phone (850) 547-1100
within 2 working days of
your receipt of this notice:
If you are hearing or volce
Impaired, call
1-800-p9u5b5-1 Inte

Holmes County
Times-Advertiser May 27,
& June 3, 2009.

GIVEN, That D.J. or RUTH
DOCKERY the holders of
the following certificate has
filed said certificate for a
tax deed to be Issued
thereon. The certificate
number and year of Issu-
ance, the description of
the property, and the
names In which It was as-
sessed are as follows:
Certificate No. 132
Year of Issuance May30,
Description of Property:
Parcel No.
0811 .04-001-000-007.000
Section 11, Township 06
Commence at the NW Cor
of NE1/4 of SE1/4 of Sec-
tion 11 Th S 25 ft to S side
of a Co gd rd Th E alg said
Rd 512.12 ft to POB Th
cont E 81.06 ft Th S 290.40

| zoo |
Ft Th W 81.06 Ft Th N
290.40 Ft to POB OR
And being further de-
scribed In OR 254 Page
810 as:
Commence at the NW cor-
ner of NE1/4 of SE1/4 of
Section 11, Township 6
North, Range 15 West of
Holmes County, Florida;
thence South 25.0 feet to
the South side of aCounty
Graded Road; thence
South 88 degrees 42 mn-
utes 56 seconds East
along said road, 512.12
feet to the Point of Begin-
ning; thence continue
South 88 degrees 42 mn-
utes 56 seconds East,
81.06 feet; thence South
290.40 feet; thence North
88 degrees 42 minutes 56
seconds West 81.06 feet;
thence North 290.40 feet
to the Point of Beginning.
Containing 0.54 acres,
more or less. NOTE: The
foregoing Is part of an un-
recorded plat. NOTE:
This property Is subject to
regulations, rules and laws
as specifiedIn the Holmes
County Comprehensive
Plan, as amended In the
1988 Land Use Regula-
tians, Holmes County Flor-
Ida Ordinance #88-00 &
any subdividing rules, 1aws
and regulations Imposed
by Holmes County, Flor-
Name In which assessed:
Said property being In the
County of Holmes, State of
Unless such certificate
shall be redeemed accord-
Ing to law the property de-
scribed In such certificate
shall be sold to the highest
bidder at the courthouse
door on the 29th day of
JUNE, 2009, at 11:00 A.M.
DATED this 21st day of
MAY, 2009.
Cody Taylor, Clerk of the
Homs C nty, Florida
As published In the
Holmes County
Times-Advertiser May 27,
& June 3, 1017, 2009.
GIVEN, That D.J. or RUTH
DOCKERY the holders of
the following certificate has
filed said certificate for a
tax deed to be Issued
thereon. The certificate
number and year of Issu-
ance, the description of
the property, and the
names In which It was as-
sessed are as follows:
Certificate No. 153
Year of Issuance May 30,
Description of Property:
Parcel No.
Section 23, Township 06
North, Range15 West
Com at NE Cor of SE1/4 of
NE1/4 of Sec 23 and run
W alg Forty lne 701.08 ,
Th Depart said forty lne
and run SW 538.85 ft to

POB, Th NW 208.75 ft, Th
SW 208.75 ft, Th NE
208.75 ft to POB Also 20
foot easement OR
222/582-583 Case
#97-320CA OR 261/3 OR
279/995 OR 285/146
And being further de-
scribed In OR 310 Page
850 as:
Commence at the North-
east corner of the South-
east 1/4 of the Northeast
1/4 of Section 23, Town-
ship 6 North, Range 15
West, Holmes County
Florida and run West along
the forty lne 701.08 feet;
thence depart said forty
lne and run South 26 de-
grees19 minutes 36 sec-
ands West, 538.85 feet to
the Point of Beginning;
thence run North 54 de-
grees 45 minutes 54 sec-
onds West, 208.75 feet;
thence South 35 degrees
14 minutes 06 seconds
West 208.75 feet; thence
South 54 degrees 45 mln-
utes 54 seconds East,
208.75 feet; thence North
35 degrees 14 minutes 06
seconds East, 208.75 feet
to the Point of Beginning.
Containing one acre and
being a part of the West %
of the Southeast 1/4 of the
Northeast 1/4 of Section
23, Township 6 North,
Range 15 West, Holmes
County, Florida. Together
with a 20 foot Easement as
follows: Commence at the
NE corner of the Southeast
%/ of the Northeast %/ of
Section 23, Township 6
North, Range 15 West and
run West 701.80 feet;
thence run South 26 de-
grees 19 minutes 36 sec-
onds West, 538.85 feet;
thence run South 35 de-
grees 14 minutes 06 sec-
onds West 208.75 feet;
thence run North 54 de-
grees 45 minutes 54 sec-
onds West, 10 feet to the
Point of Beginning of the
centerline of a 20 foot
easehm tdegthenclen rnn
utes 06 seconds West
160.00 feet; thence run
South 54 degrees 45 mln-
00es54etsteocohnedseE t

adge Il a grade county
end of said easement.
Nanme n whichS cases edd
CSi property eesngta hoe
Unless such certificate
shall be redeemed accord-
TcIn doaw the phrope rty; d
shall be sold to the highest
bidder at the courthouse
door on the 29th day of
DUNE 2009, at 11:00 A.M

CodtTaykor, Clerk of the
Holmes Count Florida
Im pblished Ioutnhte
Tmes-Advertise~r 2May9 27,

liall contracting a
00HStruction, Inc,

r .ipiiil., F~15~~l. .1J



(850) 587-2349

o r su B. es sa

It, .u .:.r :.:.ni.e..ne , :-u I.:.!, 6 e, r
needJ: .:jr -.r .:u II r., -nt the t~e:t
.:se., nunt~~ .n hjn,<: .s yju:e uses,
... n w .. n e7 a., n:se...

E..:ellent Reference
.Please Call Call
- Hm:l 582-5424 Cell: 264-1793
, H m:. 592-4001 Cell: 557-1889

| I ', | (1 Y I~l

l+:.r IIr (850) 762-8387
~:!..(850) 832-14891
I-,lII: IJW H 1* i' lli FL


BR()Ci Nu~t~l~. L' 1 0me Repair

\liinlic naneli ilnd \lilnd nw nl i 1 .1111..-, * I Free Ertimater

BILLY BROCK FARMS ... ... ... .s ..nn
(q~lipls 1 ugutin 5cel 850-373-7908 850-547-2934
l85 (11 Ij.;a- l o I2 1 IB l .;ll I5 00 111 ... ...1. 1.., ..=1-,

11 11u1iless 01
<~Ii Ic~ 111 lin fai
U-1.1). ~t~ .Iun li PG 10

i ~ 638-0211

547-3993 -7 9CC
,-' .. ,,.. ' ''




- -


- -

- - -


..~'' "' 8 6 IY




Have a car, truck van or

motorcycle you are wanting

to sell? WNell run your ad in

all three publications for



8~ 9 99 L

Washington County News/Holmes County Times-Advertiser* Wednesday, June 3, 2009*11B II


Auction Lamb's Flea Market & Need Your Home Administrative Health care General
Saturday, June 13th, Salvage Yard. open Thurs- Cleaned? Just can t find a
8:00 A.M, day -Friday, 8-3, Saturday good reliablewomanto do PrTieBok erMassage Therapist posl- Wanted,Experienced
H y. 231 N. 8-12. Hwy. 79 Esto, FL. It? Then just call for a free Cmue xrinep naalbl o atgow okadwatsaf p
Cam bellton, FL Name-brand clothes for estimate. Also, does lawn Cmueeprncrt-Ing business in Chipley Fl. ply at Michelle s Diner,
Selling: 2 farm whole family for less. Lots work. 850-956-3033 rt ntdrMtds Excellent Earnings Poten- Vernon.No phone calls.
dipesascont cty other Items. 850-263-0161 Home: 863-531-1677, Cell. Chrh 25Jcsntlal. Fax resume toOhe
bank r pos, pls 147 Family yrd sae one Ave., Chipley, FL. adtinit-Putlon:Cut Direct Care Staff for Ilm-
Mason Auction & Sales children s toys, boys and AmnsrtrIted Mental Health Facility.
LLC # 642 girls clothes, some furnl- | 3310 HealthCare Holmes County Is seeking Duties Include cleaning,
850-263-0473 (Chipley) ture, small appliances. LESSONS AVAILABLE. applications for a County asst w/baths, medication &
850-258-7652 (Chad) 2/HWY 77 @ Washington Limited space. Plano, Gul- Physical & Administrator cooking. Starting pay
850-849-0792 (Gerald) &Jackson Ilne on 77. Frl- tar, Bass, Drums, Banjo, Occupational The County Adminisrator $8.00 an hour., 40 hours
www.masonauction. dayd& hS urday June 5th Mandolin, Violin, Flute. Bttere bitationI redv a fv u(5) mem- a eek, Sundays amuste
Misc Sale; 1734 Worley Covington Music. A leading provider of missioners. 11:00am-7:30pm. If Inter-
Rd., 6 month old 33 Inch Downtown Chipley. Rehabilitation Therapy The County employs ap- ested call547-3708.
3190 eigtal Te, zre de ssze 850-638-5050. perdeo pampsohtts proxi~matelyd 80 full nie Pestaurant
computer Monitors, 21 weed eater, 18 volt cord- available for Physical nel, and has an operating
ch Hitachi Super Scan, less drill, new & used tools agand $1 Sert II oadp oxsmately EpNow Hi ntran t
IleMo itor $3. 17 Inch & tool boxs Poulan 1ch O cupat Th~erap st.tracldre Cok w rukrsI

50-638-1944 850-260-0271 Call Office frmaacedtds ol Hch rBr
Yard- Sale. 108 Man S Fa 3 89308006 business administration or Chipley & Marianna
~Noma, FL. June 5th & 6th. EPOMN E-mail rehablltatl4698@ a closely related field with I locations.
322 Lots of stuff. bellsouth.net 3-5 years experience In the Apply In person.
public sector as manager 850-415-6699
&B Furniture 1342 North Yard Sale: Saturday, June L I or asitntdpt man 1. .
R Avenue, Chipley We til 968thoo 4100 Medial/Halt ager of a city or county
ay1 cash for clean, quality 7:0utl oso ae 4 0 elaielhBeginning salary range Is
rimture. 850-557-0211 or brand children and adult Administrative $60,000 to $70,000 per
50-415-6866. Ask for clothes, assorted sizes, CNA's year, based on experience
asco or Carolyn children, adult shoes, Trl-County Community Washington Rehab & and qualifications.
purses, ladles scrubs, bed Council, Inc., Is accepting Nursing Center, a signa- The candidate must be a
comforter, ellptical exer- applications for a Program ture facllty, Is recruiting for resident of or become a
clser, lots of odds & ends, Office Assistant for the the 3-11P1 Second shift: resident of Holmes County *
3230 2 tubs clothes, .25 each Bonifay and 11p-7a, third shift. If soon after hire. RELEsTATE FRRN
Fail YrdSae piece. Outreach Office. you are looking for a re- N o t e
77-A, 7 milespast Dog- soawarding and challenging Resumes/Applications are 60 uies
ood Lakes. ook for ;PRIMARY DUTIES: Assist career In long term care subject to public disclo- 01
gns, Saturday, June 6th. | 3250 low-income families with with competitive pay and sure under the Florida 62 ec etl
:00 till 2:00 Services Programs and benefits, Apply In person Public Records Law 6130 Condoffewnhouse
BIG BLUEBERRIES coordinate with other serv- at 879 Usery Road, Chip- References are required, 5140 House Rentals
arage Sale, 6/6/09, 8-12 U-PICK. $8/gal. 9.5ml. S. Ice agencies. ley, Florida 32428. To and will not be contacted 0150 Roommale Wanted
oon. 781 5th St. House- on Orange Hill Rd. Frl.& Q~UALIFICATIONS: High complete an application. unless the applicant is afl- 516 Rooms for Rent
old Items, furniture, an- Sat.'s, 8 to 6, Sun s 1-5. School diploma (GED); 1 850-638-4654 WRNC Is nalist for the position, and $170 -MobileHome/Lot
ques, glassware, GAINER BLUEBERRY year related experience and EOE, and a Drug Free eahfnaitwilb ntfe in Oton Twn Rent is
-wheelers, clothes, toys, FARM. 638-1335. and/or training; or equiv- Work Place. prior to any contact with ozoo vacation Rentals
I~sc. alent combination. Web Id # 34038668 references.
IGATI MutiFamlyMust havedCpurrent drier' I~mes pCoourt Itys En
alel June 6th from 7a.m. 3260 Insurance coverage. Must Medical/Health player and maintains a | 6100
ntil. Family Dentistry of Tread Mill, space saver In comply with background Drug Free Workplace. Executive Office Space
onifay (110 E North Ave) good condition. Call Elroy screening. For additional R.N.s The deadline for applica- for rent downtown Chipley.
verything Imaginablel Bonner @850-547-5310 Information and qualifica- Washington Rehab & tlans Is July 22, 2009 at All util. Incl d 638-1918
ame Brands! tosclShrnKt A-Nursing Center, A Signa- 4:00 p.m. Please return I
uge Yard Sale: June 6th, ministrative Manager ture Facility, Is Recruiting applications and resumes -
till, oy & grl clohes. -850-547-3689. for First Shift (7a -3p) and to the Holmes County
laswar, oys shes 3280 Applications may be ob- Second Shift (3p 11p) If Board of Commissioners | 6110
household Items. To much LARRY CAGLE 'I tained from any Trl-County you are looking for a re- Office located at 107 E Vir- RDEODAAT
Same Wanda Owens, It yo edt I Community Council office warding & challenging ca- glnla Ave., Bonifay, FL RDE OD AAT
range ~I youI need tPse and submitted by June 08, reer In long term care w/ 3 2 4 2 5 MENTS
rang Hil Rd, huse n I buy or sell" I t 4:30 p.m. Successful competitive pay & benefits, www.holmescountyfl.org 602 S. Weeks St.
re curve const. equipment; Iapplicant will be subject to Apply In person at 879 You can also submit via Bonifay
ARGE ABANDONED Dozers, Loaders, a~pre-employment drug Usery Road, Chipley, FL emall to Efficiency, 1 bdrm and 2
OOD SAE:Lik a ig Excavators Forrestry, test. 32428 To Complete an ap- slitzpatnck@holmeRscountyll.or bdrm
lea Market, but yard sale EQUAL OPPORTUNITY plication. 850-638-4654 g. For more Informa- Cla sf forbe
rices. Friday and Icagle@cagleequip- EMPLOYER AND DRUG WRNC Is an EOE & A Drug tron contact Sherry housing
aturday, June 5th and I et Io I AND SMOKE FREE Free Work Place Fitzpatrick, Administrative CL O EAL
:h, 2009. g, Ic 8 -4 -1432 WORKPLACE. Web Id 34038665 Assistant at 850-547-1119. 805773

ANNOUNCEMENTS (888)629-9968 BO2000033 CALL high paying Aviation Maintenance
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Orieplieru, call I I
1850-527-7407 or JrAUCTIONAr C
PETS& ANMAL 850-547-6698 Saturday June 6th in
210-Pt: Free to Viewing 83 City of
2120 Ptupopmies |tm 20rer10s0ur Wst Psr zt 8!
2130 lienmas/ ck n seesr at City Hall. Vehicles, 83
2140 Po s/Livestock Information call Ford dump truck, police
Wanted 850-547-3129 or cell # car, 97 Ford F-800 Claw |
850-15-998Trash & dump truck. Ford
850-15-298.Taurus, Suzuki 4 wheeler, B
Horse, For Sale; saddle, Yamaha Golf cart, 35HP R
bridle, gentle, rides good. Evlnrude, 5 person Life p;
| 2100 blc edn bu raft, Large Kohler & fu
years old. $400. magnimite generator, 8!
I Need a Girlfriend for a 850-547-4798 small hot shot generator, P;
while. I'ma 10 month old weed eaters, lawn I
Male Yorkle, AKC Reg., ml- Nubian Milk Goat's, Does mowers, computers, elec- ~
crochiped, red & black In & Bucks for sale. Call tronics, tools, bikes, metal
color. I weigh 51bs. I want 638-7442. chairs, fire hydrants, sur- I
to have one hitter before I Peacock's, 2 females, 1 plus brass & metal, 200 4
get fixed. All I want out of male, $150. firm. Large In- plus concrete blocks, and 1;
Iltter Is a choice of a pup. If cubator, $375. firm. 2 year much morell 10% buyers
Interested call my parents old female poodle free. premium, Bay County Auc- si
at 850-956-3033. 8 5 0 5 3 5 2 5 8 5 tlon Ser. AB 964 Larry Bay- 8.
850-52-0282les AU 1384 850-722-9483

)l~l~~.~lrl ~ ~ rll n
D a )~tIB

~R~R1 Il~rRI-~F4
C&C ookkepin am
TaxSevie.Opn dysCarenry pesurwah-FO'Ret irt n hlleG
a wek.8amto pm Cal Ig, awnar~palo~ ln- M~n Wrehuse. I yo S
(850638148 dowre-crening grat on'thav th roo, "e u

wokat yo7 Eoeo
worklace Resonale ightTruci~rctorWoN

C&C h Bokepiga d Fo aeo h am eigMcieadV
a wee. 8amto 5p. Ca lied Ing la n carled. pai&wn- donthaed tsesome rou th
(85)63-1483nChply dow re-sc lreeing gur ( ea tmt es Dosr L To d
ages. xperince rates.5 (850) 638-4492 (85063- 9.Wueh, Bnvv nf G
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SCAL3936r. I8001997)-2248~. www~~r~.

ART EX HI BIT Con-lt empor~jlary Art
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rJjm.) j Ojllll IIr dit

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Main/,milSraniS. rEa~St Cancr~l'
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Classified D isplay IMetro Daly

Week Of
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| 110 2100 |
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F 'OO SELLS! 5 fered for return of male
COLOR SELLS!black & white Border Col- j~1
Get Your Classified Ad lie last seen John Marsh E
I in & s Clemmons Rd area
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I nd nicd.swers to te na0f TUX.
S547-9414 1 To a Good Home. Female 3100
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547-4394, ask for Donna. collectibles, gold, silver
/ No calls after 7PM. dinnerware, 11collaction ,
~ISS C ~~ FL0- 3 -30

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H 12B Washington County News/Holmes County Times-Advertiser Wednesday, June 3, 2009

| 6110 || 6140 || 6170 11 7150 7150 | 8110 | | 8160 || 8210
1B Aarmet n hi- BR/1BA house, Bonifay For Rent: 2BR, clean, new 1995 Toyota Avalon, high For Sale: 15.3 ft. Randal
ley. Good location. No city lmits, nice area. New paint and carpet, smoke 35Arsfralbymiles. $1000. Also, 1995 Craft with trailer. $2,000. or
pet. 68-440.kitchen & appliances, new free, good environment. 2Lr Hlsd Laeowner on Union Hill Rd., .. Toyota Camry. Wrecked, FOR SALE. 2002 Suzuki trade for small Pontoon
flooring. Call 850-547-2950 $485. a month. Vernon IodBonifay. 1.3 miles off Hwy : s : good parts car. $600, GSX R-1000. After market boat. 850-548-5555 or
2B/1BAtw-so ptor 850-527-5909 850-535-9672 rota Wauenry Ig .n tal- 9 al 4-7225 eJdMTVM OBO. 850-535-9125. paint job. Minor scratches. leave message
fo rn. opes 681983BR/2BA Doll House In Mobile Home, 3BR/1%BA, ful build sites. Large trees RCETOAMleg 12,900. Price,
or 850-258-5521 Chipley. Newly renovated $450. 2BR/1BA $350., Hud w/moss. South Washing-810-ntqe&Clctbs2034DoFrdTus.$50.5-5-09
he brfhr flo Iy tyd 1850s260-9795 tn~oewunt2mnfo m Two acres& One 10ac- 82 prs ksUtility Vehicles 80-27 6 .6650. obo.ke et wth70gorl |a 8340
For Rent: One Bedroom eluded. Call 547-3746. beach. 3052 & 3060 rsoBudR.On108140 -Vans axles. 27" wheels with ga-1973FHoi R
apartment ,$200. deposit, Mobile Homes In Co-Woody Marlon. $50,000 ars&Oe1acson8150 -Commercial For Sale. 2004 Nissan tor tires. After market 1973F oiay Ram-
$375. a month. Includes 3BR/2BA House for rent. tondale on Sapp Rd, 8 ml- eahlt 6-2-70 Gainer Rd. Owner financ- 810-MtnylsMxm E lccuc i.Rdao oe.bler Motor Home. Diesel
water, garbage, sewer. Nopt.Apiainles Eof Chipley. 3br, 2ba, Ing For more Info call Mil- 8170-Auto Parts leather Interior, heated Price, $5,500. Call (850) pusher. Super shde. Lots
850-54-9340needed. Call 638-1918. &, 2br, 2ba, avall. Total ton Peel @ 850-638-1858. & Accessories seats, Bose 6-CD System, 5-06frmr no of extras. $35,000.
For Rent: 2BR/1BA home elec. (850)-258-4868 or 8210 Boats power windows and seats, 850-547-5228.
Furnis 8d0 aB OtAp rte oO11cEln t Scounr www0ch2r0s9co8n8y47 SE TES O N R R A Ybes n oof cVeeryt sohna
wat wage 8garbage. 4 -0046 after 5 pdeoi. MO E-N-SPECIAL: Ce-o ty B raSARO R Raple icles 12P 5ase call SN 5c rk.Gt
Fo Rnt 3R/BAhoedar Gardens Community, 205 E. North Ave., Bonifay, Florida 32425 8330 Campers &, Trailers 709 ie oteglo.2 COMPLETE PACKAGES
so central heat & alr, nice, weekly rent $105. for 3 (850) 547-3510 ass- o-mndom." FrSl: 8Cmrmsetrw2weesi rn FROM
S $600. month plus deposit months, then monthly De- 3 BRBRICKLARG E LO OT EUCED l.0-$8200---IS AP N RIVER $2.000. Runs good and 1 Inback. Classifed t4 995
6130 850-547-9291 posit of $300. prorated 3 2 DWELLINGS VERNON REDUCED-$165,000---3 BR LARGE LOT ESTO 850-527-7407 or as a motorcycle. Rollcage
monhs 3R/, 01E wy REDUCED-$79,900---15 ACRES NO RESTRICTIONS-$45,000--FISH 850-547-6698 makes It more dune All Welded, Al Aluminum
2 br 2 b, T on unny. 90. 850-373-8256 CAMP ON 2 LOTS REDUCED-$64,900---3 BR 2.5 BA NEWER HOME buggy-like. Includes
HsGl0ous5wce23R617o0lwd Pooe dem len n2 be-DL65,0-- CR 2E EROAD620 0 N-12 A5 DHPE 8110 seatbelts. Never beele BOAHO
ncl W SG & 4 rounds of 2 3B ge included 'O mble r ntsc o ui-Ret ANCTFTNM$51 4HY D S -3 MBORD2 erile2 ~ pR Mer For SaT :m~ 30l~0-4 N Cssan ckte clu A I.& AT
or 850-849-5068 FARM HOUSE 1 AC-$69,900---1+ AC 2 WELLS OLD HOMESITE- $3500.G 9KOiinlpckpwlhto bx d Contact @ Bonifay Rthlid
2BR Mobile Home, good $27,500---3 BR 2 BA HOME & BEAUWY SHOP HWNY 79-$139,900--- tops 45MP. 49K 0 Original pcku wtlh t tool n bo Ldcase-close blplsouth ww~trminunets~o
loctio inChiley NoVernon 2BR Mobile 45 ACRES-DWMH-BARN-PASTURE-$199,000---1 AC LOTS-$12,500 mls 400sadrgetrnigLctdi hpe.wwxrmidsre~o
Pets. 850-638-4640. Home, workshop, 2 f Ish- WE GET RESULlS NAMTONAL MLS 802915 tuk 1200
| 6140 |Ing ponds, private drive. 850-547-2563
2BR/2BA14x70MH.Unfur- Call 850-535-2680 or
2BR cabin 1BA, no pets. nished. No pets. $500 850-849-5068
$400 month, 1st, and last month, $350 deposit. Call
month. Deposit required. 638-1462.

Chipley. Two story with 850-624 1574.r
scesm oand BInt keo6 3BR/2BA 14X70 Mobile '' TO Y rJ oye Says Don 't 1Miss Our We'll Work Hard To
$1000 per month with home located In Chipley, REAL ESTAT FOR SALE
$1000 security deposit. Fl., at 1105 South Blvd. EarnYou Busnes
Readyfor Immediate occu- Call 850-209-5696 or S10BahHome/ = ..
pancy Progressive Realty, 850-209-1426. Property -
638-8220. 3BR/2BA MH In Chipley 7120 -Commercial
area. ~ ~ 740 CHA qitneg- r & Rannchue
2BR/1BA House. Main boyhood. $500 month. No 7150 Lots n ant cream ge
Street, Chipley. $625 pets. Call 638-1171 or 7160 -Mobile Homes/Lots g
month plus deposit. 638-8570. 7170 -Waterfront "...
7180- Investment l=
850-258-6720. 3BR/2BA Mobile Home In Propert L
Cply Park. WD 7190 O ut-of-Town -.
2BR/1BA House for rent. hook-up. One block from Heal Estate .. 4 ..l
Hwy 77 South, 3 miles off elementary school. No 7200 -Timeshare
Houston Rd. Call 638-1858 pes s$52 Iasoth, -ill tero Down With Approved eredit
or 850-774-3034. 7100
3BR/2BA Mobile Home. 2000, Manufactured Great teleetiont Of Pre-Owned Vebleles
Pu uisirr'S CHIA Call 37-92 diton e 026u Cd~e) Zon~e Fa oanam ast oiiy V ho
Notie ,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,den w/fireplace, Appll-
All real estate advertising In stora~geacreslln nc S ok2 ances, New 4ton AC/Heat c m e g g e a g e t p g s .F i n l t f
this newspaperissubjectto free environment, no pets. Pump, New Metal Roof.
the Fair Hous oA vw ec $575 month plus deposit. ecia b [ered .Pkee No Sames, No Simmleks tome theek 19 Out!!!
any preference, Ilmitation W5tr 5 wage Included.$390.0Clfodeas
or dscriinaton bsed n -and appointment: Ponce
ncatinloii, a Iten Bolale3/4Sc oolfrOm D850-548-5Leo5 F THESE UNITS MUST GO NOW !r
t Io t Bwyl7 Ca5B 3BR/2.5BA House, 5 c
Includes children under the 1$450. mo. 2BR/2BA Ifenced area. I
age of 18 Iwlvng with parents $425. mo SD. Qulet mo- IISouth of Chipley $290,000
or legal custodians, preg- bile home park. 850-326-0692 ~tll
nant women and people se- 850-699-3599
curing custody of children ......13BR/2BA Home. Large lot,
underl18. 11For Rent. Nice 3BR Mo- In Chipley 796 Sinclair St.
bile Home on nice big lot. Less than 1/2 mile from
This newspaper will not C/H&A, stove, refrigerator, Kate Smith school. llr
knowingly accept any ad- ceiling fans. $49,500. Call Kevin @
whh I lnlolraloln tta Water/garbage/extermlntor85-1650
law Our readers are hereby furnished. Mow grass In 4B/2A ewy on
Informed that all dwellings summertime &change A/C structed Home. 1725 sqft (I(I(1r (
advertised In this newspa- filters. Sorry no pets. heated area. In Sunny
per are available on a equal 638-1911 or 326-2201. Hills, Fl. $149,500. Call
planorundlsbr srnato nccll For Rent: 2 & 3 bedroom 850-866-2590, Counts Re-
HUD toll-free at mobile homes In Bonifay. altyGroup. I)rll
00l-e 69 ber for te Cl85-4362 Chipley, 2/3BR, 2BA ,lke
hearing Impaired Is Mobile Home for rent; brand new, beautiful lot
1-800-927-9275. 2BR/2BA, water/sewer and w/pond on 3 acres. Only
lawn service furnished. 3 45 mins. to Panama City
miles east of Vernon on PI- Beach. Owner may finance
oneer Rd. 850-638-9933 or or give $15,000 cash back.
'g.Y.... 325-233-92241 or $1391900. OBO. Lowered
850-638-7315. 50K. (314) 346-3303.

Al prce afe an atr rbtpu taxadtag Sujc opeae


ECHOS 7 Years, 100,000 Mile CenovoTA 160 Point Quality TUDA
--o- 8 Limited Warranty** Assurance Inspection 4-UNR
CELICAS 7 Years, 100,000 Mile .. Great Selection From HI LADR
TACOVIAS Roadside Assistance** Corollas to Sequoias SEQUOIAS

All Prices and Discounts After Any Factory Rebate, Plus Tax and Tag. Subject to Presale.

;C~ 261 Pnn. ve., ariana, L ~~Us, Just Giv Us

i ,2:(50 56- 511n5l 18a0r0ia4n2n3a,8 2 A CllWe'll iv
Chec k us out at: www.m22ari ann atoyota. com l oYu

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