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The weekly Abeng newspaper (February 1 - September 27, 1969) was published in response to the Black Power and protest movement that emerged after the ban on Dr. Walter Rodney, the Guyanese and University of the West Indies historian, who was prohibited from landing in Kingston on October 15th, 1968 after attending a Black Writers conference in Montreal, Canada. Rodney was known in Jamaica for his lectures and talks on African history and the liberation movements in Africa. These talks were given not only on the campus but in communities of the urban and rural poor. The ban triggered protests by UWI students and the urban poor in Kingston and led to public debate about the state of Jamaican social, economic and political life. The Abeng newspaper‘s Managing Editor was Robert Hill (UWI graduate student) and other editors included George Beckford (UWI lecturer), Rupert Lewis (UWI graduate student) and Trevor Munroe (Rhodes Scholar at Oxford University). The Abeng group was a political centre for the Black Power movement, socialists, the independent trade union movement, Rastafarians, supporters of the opposition People’s National Party and people disaffected with the two main political parties. Abeng therefore became a focal point of critique and activism against the ruling Jamaica Labour Party and a harbinger of the radicalism in Jamaica in the 1970s.
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v. 1- (no. 1- ); Feb. 1, 1969-v. 1, no. 35 (Oct. 3, 1969).

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Vigilante gang must be stopped!
es and would be whites am emerged. Some of the youth who know the new directive we have. Mondays. He went back on the Town areas rec
,rie very dangerous steps had been enjoying a few "herbs" We cant just let him walk out- of Tuesday but no information had
set their property and pivil. ran,. dropping the "wisdom weed" here scotch free. Let us charge him been laid against him. If white r
tl cosia ty hney have fonr Hylton, who had not been smoking for loitering." h e ro laid against hicom mand prtect their
,sti, te into terrorist vigilante remained where he was. The white The youth was later taken to the ,rY, the y commandantn" anise to terrv
s and are driving around the men stuck up Hylton, and searched Central Police Station by the Vine- G the youth has since identified under the s
ate Area and certain other him. Then they proceeded to beat yard ow Police. a y th Vihim as a thn blak p
I eating up and intimidating him from head to foot. He was could To Police. By thistime he NASRALLA. e and ake
youths The) have the appro, hand-cuffed and dragged it ws could hardly walk as in addition to ise andatake
youths They hove tlhe appro handcuffed and dragged into the the cut on his shin, the knee of his On another occasion some black ary to assert
G rnen, who a appar- car and taken to ie Vineyard Town there le was very swollen The youths in a car were held up by human ight
granted them the status of Police Station. On the way th e ot leg wa t e Lku s e. vigilantes in front of the Prime Min-
sitabes...t.ey wear atm wll.e men abused him unt threat- police at tle Central Lock-up refus- Aheag is p
SConstles. They wear arm white men abused him an threat- take ton in that condition ister's residence. They were lined Abeng is
marked "Special Police" and ened to shave off his beard. totake Hylton n t contonup alongside their car while these ist of the
S.. .s and he was taken to the hospital up alongside their car while these List of the nat
rifle, shotgun, revolves and At the Sttion it was discovered and treated Later he was returned white men shoved rifles in their othe particula
s that Hylton was bleeding from a to the lock-up where he remained facds and attempted to search them eral of whom
Sthe 22nd August at about 4-inch long cut on hiss shin and one until 2 p.m the next day. He was and the car The leader of this group us, and we in
10 p m. Gary Hylton, a black of the men took Hylton's face-ra granted bail with a surety of 2 to has been identified by one of the shortly. They
hi, was standing with other and put it on the cut. The chief appear at the Petty Sessions Court youths as a man named BILL GEN- ing white hood
his at the gate of Casino Royale vigilante, referred to as "command- at HalfWay-Tree on Monday the TLES. their counterp,
the Globe Cinema in Vineyard ant GUY, showed te station guard 25th of August. When he attended Abeng has been informed that
a. A long blue limousine drove the "sticks" they had picked up Court, Hylton was informed that these men have been frequenting Il1
topped and some white men and said. "we find these but you there is no Petty Session Court on the Franklin Town and Vineyard

U ____

Govt. Renews Attack



Lust week three black people
e declared "undesirable inhabit
tor visitor"
In tle case of Dr. C(Y. Thomras
Neil issued his ban when the
-Chaincellor, the Pro-ice-Chialln-
lors and most of the academic
f were oft the island. What a
incidence that all University offi-
s happened to be away, except
:reactionary Bajan Registrar, wli-
one of their staff were being
eked. Also a coincidence that
The Facts!
h r. t It h,. .imac has sphi t
tii ni t ,l/lLi Hl o" has ,wf'.i s:
Join. width hluren oa )ihe
f ,'r bih, on ill various ,.picts
of itnm l/ ttheor rlaied tt
Jaw ,ii anld the i'csi Indic,
I lucsded amntong these is tfir
nma uIin ial work "TIh Di n-
l.'icts of West Indian d i on-
omic Itlltcgrals" I hd h
co-atshisred it/h Dr. Haue-
lock frewsrtel Hi, Ihas also
pubtishdc s. evet r aricic.1 on
ecoicsai" including ai rsud
of rit, C offe h(dustiy t lJam
aica and! ,'s the 'o.-a lutlput
sit the (Caribbiar.
Aronlg his important a irk
Dr. Thoias has done on heh-
elf of the 'Wt' a report for
Guyana is solving a Finan.
cial Structure. He did. along
with Dr. llre'ster, a studa
for the Heads of ithe lest
Indian GCovesnments Confer-
ence in Barbados in 1966 arnd
a study which was presented
by the Jasmacaln Govetniment
to the Coilonso ntealth Ftit as-
ce Ministers Csitference ti
Kingston in 6 7Z
In addition to rhese Dr.
Thomas has produced numer-
ous other papers on other
economic tnatters, some of
which have been read'at Semi
inars and Conferences pt Mc-
Gill University in Canada,
London SEh/ool ofF cnomiucs
as well as the Wnited Nations
Trade and Indusvtr Develop-
ment Board
He is currentlly Head ofan
Economic Mission to advise
the Governmentr of Grenada
on a long-lerm Development
Programme and he is Head of
a Monertfl Research Studies
Progrgamnoe t the Viat.

the bannings were published the
morning after ABENG was already
printed and at a time when student
weLr scattered all over Janaica and
thle West Indies
(Greater dictatorship over inde
pendent workers now matches great-
er dictatorship over the University.
Student Union closed down the
week before, C Y. Thomas warned
last week. code of ethics next term
t1 punish black solidarity either
between staft and studenai or intell-
ectual and sufferer Frater, Burt
Wynter seite PNP 11.P but let no
,rvant of blakmianl coise from UWlI
according to the enemy ABENG

understands that in the face of
repression the Student President has
agreed to make no stateenset with-
out consulting headmaster Marshall.
In the meantime progressive black
intellcctuals are working to secure
Dr. Thomias contract, protest diet
atorship and prevent it in tie future
But the cases of Clive Thomas
and Brother Degia and Brother Joey
Jagan are merely the most immed-
late reflection of all the crazy prep-
aratione being horridly concocted
by the Jamaican and West Indian
Gvermnents in pursuit of their
own skins and the cauae of nmper-
ialist plunder These preparations
have been taking place since Octo-
er of last yeav when the wrath of
iTurn to PoRe 4i

"'We want our People to think for themselves"

Vol. t No, 32 September 6th, 1969
Vol. I No. 32 September 6th, 1969

I .

acists, in ordeal IIt
privilege, .1a nll
orise bI ck people
helter of the lawv
eople must organr
all action nles,-
their freedom .in;l
reparing a complete
nes, descriptions and
rs of these men, sev-
are already known to
tend to publish them
had better start wear-
s over their aces like
arts elsewhere



Poems 2
FEL .!7%F--The second volume of thinking and acting as himself, and
"Revolulionary Poems" is now out. moving forward together, as a Pet
ABENG urges all its reader to get ple and to remind him inhis actions
a srp).; iif thrse s:gJnticall f:mns of planning and endeavours tha tlhe
liberation The .ollwing are a state- degree of Justice he call evolve from
n, ri anrd poes, drawn from this and for himself will be a contnbit-
ion to all Mankind.
ENEMY is a SYSTEM. an establish- Authority cannot be a substitute
ed way of tmling. The people who for Justice: Justice generatesits own
run it White, Brown (and the Black force of Authority, and Authorit,
Stooge) are little Seconds fast tick- without true Justice is IGNORANT-
ing off, quickly replaced by more -or MAD,
Seconds, More and MORE. as each BIACA S lt' RISi\v
et does and goes another set corner
What we have to remove and
replace is the System. t'd-ci it/.
BEWARE of fighting names and '/ '5''
persons because then we triumph 'l
only over Shadows and the SYST- 'tlr a s-w r.sir!
EM uses US. is, iata
Black Heart, BEWARE! Know Ite" ",t1' ]i,.h
your ann: REPLACE TlHE OPPRE- dlrc s .dar
TRUE WORTI AND EFFORT. ihei a lsliam.
To help get Blackman everywhere 'r bIeal isausit,

Manley:A balancesheet
Me "en make their own history butin
Sontditions not determined by themsel-
ves." These conditions of family, house.
e uialubourhood, school. etc. await every
mant at birth; as well as vary according to
Where a man is bohr. Society makee, itail
beftcoree e carn remake society. I ur it is
slsa l's social place which gives him hlii
ideas, attitudes and opportunities. brings
> l l bout abilities and aspirations which may
g then work for of against csistin'g societl
wbihe made biem,.
Nourmnan M;lutey eame fronm a tium
aild placs in anuian stie vyv wichl 'i1e
ed c a lery dcpfilte t pri"na o ii siNt, sati
n -" t-i Ttirqs tol Page '






W.I. exiles

a 'Ul



in struggle "No more

) .\% H /m 1! I n I t / t'prn frirm mlVai long day ori
A\ oe ,.w;i, LHLRI Aitur !'V wvi l"iong day Or

i'hite, like to argue that the fact that more and more Afro-
i aihbean people emigrate to Canada each tear is an indication of "the
decline of -acial distiimination in Canada tIell that s a lot of pigshit.
In point of fact. black people leate their homes for Canada not out of
ain desire to participate in Canadian nation building. but because thev
sll e to lie from the stiflin oppressive conditions existing in the Ca-
ribbean This is one of the average man', methods of define the im-
j'riatlis' Mlanm of those O)ford type sociologists like to declare that
blask preple immiorate for the same reasons as whiteb to make
mTtnei\ That i not true Our history over the last few centunes il-
Iloir,1e th.1i. we are involved in a constant struggle against slavemastere
ii create our string Iations, free and independent. We are accustomed
W. ttbihng hell we do not enjoy it hut there is no other means hb
Ihilih can be free Even hlack mother who works her fingers to the
Oine iashine clothes for somebiiodi or eterN black father who refuses
T, tahe his acation and stay on the job. knows what it is to catch
hill nd ilist i, the wa it has been in the Caribbean We have tried
i i hlild a free nation but oter the last few year thle people have
btt-n hel t\t' b\ a few handits.i Wh should AfroCarnbhean people
0iillnl to telp / illiamS adit Burnhanm set richer because that is
'iht heir development plans are all about Some people taee their
irin wars ilth the item some deliberately go slow on their jl( i
i'he- arn coenstat, "ili others become activists while others mi-
i le 11/i emigrani imposes exile n himself This is his iway of saying
iHit Noi to ite re/puglant uardbo\s of Richard Milhount Ni\on the
king of the pigs
h le iinmilgrant comes to make a ine home while the exlie chan e
tl, seine of the lsruggle (arihbeait exilet in England have done con-
idenrahe i amae to the British econoina hi, ending morine hack lt
itlaiiitt' till trapped in the plantation The large vurtfln of capital
frhn lrltai to the islands damaged the pound and helped the (aribbean
Stn thin h is precisel\ what angered n-nth Posell c, MIP. II asa
nil tih aihuedance of blacks as much as the turaliol thet caused To
ott \,i an idea of this economic sabotage carried out hb the brothent
nd -oti-er ii Britain take a lo.iok at Jamaica, he amountotl f postld
aitd mntite rder" going into Jamaica front Hritain in 152 a iS3i SiOto
ind it 14ll/ it aii y5 5'"i t oi t ie o int an idea uf what that meant
i tl aLic s. in ihtlI four cspateriauc hitlite i.onttpanmef earned a total ot
5 i 5100i )0 ol which the Govermoiit received onwl S3, 41,000 in
r. allcs and income tax Ithus tbe J imaican .eiles in Hritain itAntributed
(tarl S~2 nil itn more than tlloti racsit bauxite oa1spanie
Itli i, Oin idmliral "way i fiihtini our r3ci\t oppresitrs and their
.ril, inal c, ,tr'ti i I. I 5 arcr e(c ilo er wt i il t i teatr itn mind the
laIt liti tIer Ac li soe i ritieClltr hrothtlnr and sisters who have remained
Irc tile lttlanoniii t defl thi,- hailtli tlhey n e iiiconcered a ifh curious
wrl iJild J- r0t.l tlcs .ire itinstislly t'iad with conuardly attack, b\
aoiliii ad fciillnuarit e of Ihe bl -ra For example the paper in Janaica
\I'NGi i i sii bacik I\ fire hillich ravaged iti printer. lbeng needs
I m.\ I h ll. ak Star l HarHbad. a eedi mtonei li trinidad the paper
iMOKO t d the c imuniui cittrc in T fnapouna, 'the TAPlA HOLSE"
bi,,lh are in dir nied of fund
II the li h uht of all thi ha heen said. a noup o AfrI-Caribbean
s\ilt' dt itid io t'r ii help Ilh brothers free the plantatiufns Rather than
g" around iastkig for don&aitoni l it ia decided to comwntence operations b
llliiJ all U ight daiicc- at ihl Triiiidad & ToihJgo houi. rThe very first
"nl \ireldticd thl e seIotd iac le f succe'istfil Neverthelces the idea of
/tptndjii not iorllmal Saiurda ntighl ilt with knowledge that the proceeds
till ie u-ti tor iht rihs tol*iilf purpose -o f freeing the Caribbean of
inor-iicilr) aiid ti diystlisnt ,rl <'cm- SI'u i ,ld su ih si SouT icr 'alifish and br.cad .as there is no capital-
il pr'otl llri( i te plt t- pOrtians are cersed. tdmition is one dollar
Pkls combine ilntg ti hrnij g I),ur lritend Remembier that eert dollar
11idt tci-nst in t C1 "ida help, trn make tajnada stronger .a strong Canada
titans ao enlsn .ed (atibbehnJ

Power tot


Latest in Fashtiont

I i r sis; -i it' e. .

long night"
To all those involved in A.
bene. one lose. one heart. one des-
tini This is I first letter to ABENG
since it has come to life although I
hate been a reader from the start
Taking in the Sound that is not
onl\ penetrating the hearts and
mind of us in Jamaica but to
nier> conscious minded sufferer
throughout the world who is suffer-
ing because of the germs of Imperia-
lism and Colonialism And most of
all through their puppetical tools
or stooges
But let us not gile up Broth.
er, and Sisters although the prickles
and thorns of imperialism and colo-
nialism. hose \father & Father is
Babylon is to be found on the road
of our dails life. As consciou-mind-
ed and losing people we all know
that the end of our struggle will be
sneet just as the prophet. Brother
\larcus Mosiah Garey. has said to
u tus a short while ago vhen he
was blowing this HORN
As we all know, some of the
reptiles that tere trvint to stop the
horn of freedom from blowing are
still here to sete beginning of th-
eir destruction. Little do they know
ihat those great men. Gane .Christ.
Buogle and other immortal souls,. hi-
ch cannot die. live for eer to exe-
cute judgement for the freedom and
release ofsuffeering numanit.
So. at this particular time. I
am call/ig on all Brothers and Sis
ters. especially those who are able
to use their Mental eve to stand up
and support this north cause .No
Remember that universal MORALI-
TY is at stake, especially for us, the
frightened, Don't be downhearted.
Don't be discouraged
Either it be man wonan. or
child come out now and fisht for
this cause Support ABENG and
keep this HORN blowing until we
hate overcome
Remember. there is no more
long da or long night, for the Al-
mighty ABBA has promised to shoir
ten his time just for the Elect.
The blessing of JAH be with


Bongo Neville & F. Jarrett

as C ock ats Iacio
f? K SEt..SON'
Sunday Sept. 21st.

*C mie ios
194A. Bay Farm Road
COr. a Oly/mpic Waya
P. .lAtlRM. Pctpg

I Ksti.i". 5, rTiephot 24138

Bro. Deg

Tells it..
On arrnial in Jamaica i at owe noticed the large gap between
rich uad the poor- the social infttice itr relationship to the colour
skitr It did not rake a long time to discoer that rke nmqority f the p
were Black people of African decent and the richer and wel to-do
whire and chinese
It is against these conditions that have jal ys spoken out. M
with whom I spoke were not too clear in their minds about the real p
ion: thus the Government was able to deceive fhnm. In fact the ru
class capitalizes on the ignorance of the people: using the Peace Corp
further the brainwashing of the people, especiallyi the voulths at seh
But the Jamaican people are quick lear en fron'the Rodney A
the people hatle realized that the Goerrmnent and for that matter
ts parties JIiP, P.\P) it tl nor be able to stobe their problems/ The pe
made a note of the opposirit's reluctance to pui up ant opposition to
(;oernment s high-handedness in banning Brother Rodney and the
passing of the Constitution
Jamaican man is no longer saying I7 don know, I don't understa
Thety are asking, why They W unt to know why is it that a country
in bauxite has to be subsertieal to the countries who need the ore. J4
aicai Black man is asking why is it thes are still stoend-elss citizens
yet they are asppriad Nt. be aM ba perdetet nation.
Jnamicans have learned their lessons well. they have learned by I
spring of the whip in the same wSy our ancestors learned in slaery and\i
colonial davy The black conskit sness ltuat is alive i Jamr aie today is
-, it ts not imported. it is a genulie attwaresse of TfFINLJK G Ja
aicans. uho tave come to realize that it is not their Goagien right
suffer but their right tO share in the wealth of the country which they
being robbed of bty the Imperial powes if AYor/ih meriea and Eu
. nd it is for this very reason that Jamaicins anitr to rank the present
fust skctert.
By declaring Brother C Y Thomauws arid ,telfundesirable immia
does not mean tiapr, t opt w&t o ere otereirted with us are going
stop thinkwifgt I f'i l Il niae g tem ihik notre aetn be moe conscil
of the iuitiafe ied social inequaliy in thi. sick sociery. maIrians h
Jamaictat laise at/'sis had a good i history of srruggle-te Msaaons w
NVE VER defeated, they carried on ejei srolgge foe over30 veaw
In spite of the rellettlsprtiropiaga da ttrf Gth Iovernmen about bk
non-Jamaicans and their hotilitiy rtiyrds tiemn. I hge nrer, one day
ill at ease among the Jamaican mnses They accepted me Vq a Brother
friend. a a leh er-y a eF r 1fz p Indiat I. wos able t walk free amo
threat, nvere fear, n fact tho ban lirte am drqwn u closer.
The piresi t G(oveement tasd 're ted ssitaiofns and condit'
similar Ia rljse in 186 4-yf dtei di. not ki~ qw fiq tihe spirit ofPA
BOGLE is alive in Jaamftaiate oda

4A Da ea/ t Road

Pei4U et t W i e i' libsoiptli to ABiNM WFEKLY
begtaiingi Wilk V ._ .. I wh 1 to huti S il lor M
It1 a i t S pciat. stideotl iiat: tZ./-.) fqr oi;,l"

NC m . . . ..... .. .. ....... . . .... .. ......

Cit 7.. *..i . -, ..... ,.... .. ...Coun y.... ..............

The Univ. student speaks

Report from Mo-Bay

Statement on M.A.C can'

Dr. Thomas lick-E-Back
awto tolen,' n ur. Io,.,' ;n,, ,,u ,rcJ loBaw

'a ,' a o t: F' f traot f i i i r 'r, pr i itile ih lbn'i I f 'i c -i

I). Y Ithloas. 33. a (Guanaese ecoonnilcs teacher at
Nl ol, Shan ulnposed byI Ro MIcNeil, Minister of Hoit e Affai-
in the Jamtait a Labour Party Goverlnment. A "Gleaner" repo-
of Frid, i August 2o a',s* thr hlan iiaw imposer(d on the man
Acoding it McNeil (Clive Thoias is a security threat l
people of Jamaica
This means that the we!l being to the GRAI ER M AiJOR-
of the people livin in Ja as being threateand by Ihe i
s and a.I'ion of Dr. ITI ll -,iiacod,, :ing to l cNeil
Tihc pieater major!iv lo tie people living iln Jamllica 95
Alri'ilti and it is contradictory that a black tfri ian, vhl
porl\ tihe inifi action of Afrisnas at hoeit au i r aroai I, a
at ti ihl'se a31ie African'l
\We h-liIve thai it is a lie that the najor-itl Atrican popula-
is tilh'atenodl IL' thle ideas if this IIian
Thi lian is part f Ithe rejpiessie iniasur that are being
S'./ hi 'thile Anierican Ili]pCrialists. and ctr(-Nrd out
their loi al polilticl siloogey and l;tkevs. againsir tihe Jalaia

The I itle llal Ar'fair, C'oInllission ot the lGuild of I. tia r-
iljatis, I.1\. wishles to Imake the true nature of this ban
iin, ie as part of a biack;ird and ltiniatel\ self-destroiring
ko' oill thle pait of the Jamaican govelrnlienl The I iC notes
a( theil ltfenipits to present political contact !twhieen the A-
can pl.ioles in the Carilbbean ii n this Caste t -uanese ,nd Ia-

li3ans i ei at thie ste e time increase in join ecooloniic exploit
ionll of ilht legion,

USCO & B.I.T.U. are...

loving Brothers
Greeting t, you and all the readers of Abeng. We al united oursel
i spending this letter to you, infunring you of a Case betrseen over
rrigtin- ai Monymusk and the Compan)
Fromn 1962 the BITU and the Compan) .signed an agreement to pay
4'; per acre extra for the removal of plougl mould. From 1962 until
we bhae not gotten a cent IWe halr taken it to the IUnion Secretary
tilon Brown at Race Cours We"ll. lie took up tle Case and wrnte
,me of the officials at Mon'inui.s asking thein to fix a date tor a con-
ice Tley fixed the date for January I dhi noit rtemhemrb the date. but
sent and told us to meet thien there
Oer 300 oft us went to the First Corfntel -sne hiach -as directed by
iron for the C(onlpany and Mr Heron aild suinl ionmre for tie t on t-
For the tiiion there were Mr Hilton tro la, our secretary, and so-

i Mr. Hiltun Brown brought in the Union Bible with the Agreement
therein. Mr. Brown fur the Company stood up and said 1 acklnow-
it, but we cannot pay the whole of it'. Mr Hilton tBrown for the
remarked that it was due for the workers because it was signed b)
id the Complan For the water oneMr. Brown for the Comnpany said
would not do anything to it so to take it to a higher level. So Ihey walk
of the Conference room. Mr. Brown for the Union cane to us and
ed us to go back to work and that he would let us know when the
conference would be So we go back to work.
About 2 months after we were called again at Munmuiak to the Se
Conference. It was directed by Mr. Landford and sonie other official-
the Company and the same men for the Union. IThre, Mr Landlord
Only say that it must go to a higher level
It was taken to Kingston for the third nime and was directed by Mr.
e and some more for the Company. For the Union, Mr. L. Stone &
own and some delegates Well, Mr Renaie for the Comipaai could
stand up and ay to take it to Arbitration. Front that lime until now
not hear nothing about it again.
Now Sir, and all the readers of Abeng, isn't it a shalne because it is a
which we work for already It has no leed to be Arbitrated. Ve
oer that 7 vears now. So we, the 440 Irrigators. are calling upon MrT
tf Manley and the Council for Human Rights to help us now, be-
r lose confidence in the BiTU and also the Comipati
Syou know that WISco, officials become robbers and are oppress
"f us.
ie now, WORKERS, let us UNITE and free oursehes. Let us do

We ilhang you,

Race Course P 0
August li, 1969.

Montego Bay, the second ci-
tyv and the main 'white men resort
stnks with corruption created by
nmmlon enemy viz. tile bourgeoi-
sie wnd white exploiters consequent,
Iv t1, tie tlop men in Jamaica's -
mst, baneful gangs labelled PNp &
I.P Logically. the stench created
bt these dishonest people is only
ohnrxifius to members of the 'ulff
eerrs trl-I in this town and the en
Ise St lames a a whole Depravity
by the ippre sie, c lass is so intense
in this town that it would be ridici-
lois to? r.fept to relate them all i,
thloii uo*t i!r is there enonilh pa
per i shuti'l 't put i. One of the
irisi ret il il ls 'Fwevet. awsi the 1i-
cip(s',, iff t(:t'Motntego Ba)'-,
nlfl. C ,l -'nis te i I wil proceed
t, e li'iLat the necessity for this
I ow pvn headed hv people of the
)Opire se (ilass here


M (C't s iain slog-iis are
lItak t ft; and Pairint-C' .eac lp'.
Its head is one Harol lc i-.ierla
vhite ,lmar)as exi-sie laindolier
in I teast parishes. inoi'uding St.
Mary, Hanover and St, allies He
is also the owner of a number of ho
tels ,i the North Coast numbering
ilust Is hait four Othtr s newhers
of tilhe an include, men like Howar-
i Cooke sIP for North Wnesterin SI
James. John Rollins(white men) a
milionaire, and maior exploiter on
the North Coast. He owns the en-
tile and historic Rose HIll Estates
and is currency engaged ii the buil-
ding nf a several million dollars ho-
lel to be called the 'Holiday Inn'
A fourth member that quali-
fies for mention is Ken .ones(white
man) Hel is the editor-ownitr of the
Beacuoin a newspaper concerned
with propagandizing white incn pri-
nciples to Ith entire North western


It hI.: been revealed that visi-
torl or the first tinmand frequent-
ern to Montego Bay are becoming
increasingly concerned about the
situation of the town half a mile
due test of the hotel areas The
disgraceful sanitary conditions, the
drab looking buildinyaind the stat-
e of the shatks anid 'dirty people
that live in Railway lane, Barnett
lanc- aieas which make top ntme of
tile complaints received by the
Ti.urti i Board and tHite Managcrs.
Incideiuiall t the 2 anies mentioned
above constitute a slum area in the
centre of town. The tourists also
noted thai these 'iours follow the
samie rutiite and only the'deserrt
areas out of town were toured.
Some of these tourists have out-

Time for a Change

Time for a change,
It's been too long,
Equal rights and justice for die blackinan
Sound the hlorn tell the people,
It' been too long
Wake theml shake fhein! tell them the day hlas dawned.
HItos l1ng tlUlL the blackallti live
tlot Itig'?

Arise blackmlen' oln )lotr feet, iwtord int hands
It's been ttl) long.
Soul Brothers, svace soul Sisters.
Hoew tong?
fRROLI THita.y

spokenl) declared their dii>
lion and have threatened o vres
reurnil to he Island in the SIt
Ohbiouslv.if more tiuristl, i
came consciously aware of thiS ai-
alling situation it would iaut.l l
rious setback to the itflux uf '5i
teys to Montego Ba anid Limtu
as a whole, Ihus the inception
The oppressive and mrlie
hunity ctla. esp ying Ihii. gfraive lnu
ist situation' athered togietlhr and
decided to exploit the w-rknils k Aic
lack people if MNilutci BHa\ h
usi g them to fe th1 m lin hod) in
their 'Paint-up, (inn up t r mpi ill
The Ministlr otf TrI e & Il,
duRstlr 'R bert Liehourne' joilii
puhii ly with ithe gain on i the S
Janres Patish Churchs romrpuinlI
to orate to siuffret' the Benefits'
fro'r becoming ouppotterI of the
'Pirt-up.(oean-up campLiegn Tihe
clniiiuiou b lcirks ,if Mtoiitgil [ti
iauol din oired ho eiiir, that thi
Benvoene nce' wa i delushie in thaT
he .a- workingg for nothing' anir
was at the ame time suppo'iin!g
people haii ire fiInv ti vrier d
aith naintalniig 'vIe ttois qlo
The MAC organialtion is spe
edily becoming a gang of ithe pasL
ard issuing I-shirts with the 'ack
MAC" slugan inasribhed ol tiiem
won't d-o 'ry good to the ing lea-
ders The blackmana is now CGIISCioi,.


The youths of Monlego Ba,
are extremely militant.This of cour
se, is no peculiar revelation as there
is a common identity between near-
Iy all the youths in the fourteen
parishes of Jamaica
Day by day, youths here are
becoming seriously aware of the
flaws in the reactionary 3-party par
liamenary system headed by PNP-
JLP careerists.
People that decide to accept
all the teachings of 'White Men Cui-
ture and become homosexuals are
beaten mercilessly until the indivi
dual takes leave of the town More
and more youths here are identify
ing themselves with the Rastanmau,
and it wont be long now before
Montego Bay takes a significant
step forward in the promotion sf
Black Liberation for all Blacks in






Point &


I'he Zroup o liI kitll who
feel thai thei iii i fhieiii ii
ri h men l ioini a1-0 ii i ri I

Il.ild lh pen irt n1 i l l 'ii.
fore r' h ii ik'1 ii I ri lh

Ihe gb bar..i mdt th I ,m,

Idi the Suir bo h iih'i l isn "t i
tlr goie 'rlmel 'i nt iitl o
ou e ir amin s u .1 R'. Ph1 C hii

nl Prno i tlld billtr :imd ol cur
Iussld eupe ior '.fi e 1, Ilt -
iloilnced silh s 'a h fare h i hi
pulled iff ) be coup I,, Ih, :

lia j riftlli hri h i ni 'nii II i i i l-
for pec emelrllmwp hicrlnd iho Jh
iugatr adlin proi t' Ri ck i Pt

coure ii.e mut S ri'c Ii aip. i i,' ii
nt io a uLed b r k dcadi' l il 1;
told ao hree irt primer i e i -r
lneii t)e linpe ,:wl,. fie hr
barI kar h, annuie ,cd .imh d unI-

roine bi oii-i, on oc r c iiin lue
he, there ,ir ar ini cruir n if mA
Pha rauh nirom lhe t, ,'rier-
not he able t operate .id "he ie.
d ustr d kild dl n i, blt, feet iOf
couttce ne fii remlreiioer !h,, a:
teaston e seter de ade 1,r the last
teo oi thee eu nlueniie in ,i
field haed nuilioced :hSo. hc js

agreeing io iiechall ll aniaiol n th
heeimn to a little mechl izat old at

Rockyh Puin t
Soi: surpri e' Oln -s iiur dal
H\ hCd kill e iS Ma' it!cn (er .-\s oi-
ciitioll w\ a ti/imoiL.I'nIg on [tiei' bcrk
page of the GleaneirJ hiw mniulh .ui-
Gar coL'trihutie to the welf.ire orf Ih.
people of itli' .iulr). l IST uas
ailnounciig onil the front page ulof the
Gleaner that because th hiad lost
foie'iP on the :irp liast eard tey
co!iieu't i lid bi 750.000 to carry out
the agree.ienl tie) had lmaa with
Pharjohi. ISro. prhich ii oaned by
T;ite& L>lh u Elnl:lzrd. ohich hlas
nlilkpd ih bu.m Ilnd and 111t people
of this coun1r1i for centurles cannei
i]o \ find 7050,01001Alnd Sir Robert
hirkltuod. the tori-ignl *tlar-owners
cucko(cvlhck i;:nlu- oul "n rime t1.
isle th:! our ioltitl i islet rs dio niot
think thcry i n illntilnlle tIt oplirate
Ia Jamaic e learlsi I iijf ut

Wte rmiiell a nt! lWhal WISco
really wants is for Phaeil 'r Cvert-

ro pay for the bulk- oidiig i-iithlla-
tioni We slspeetcl iha th y ftill even
dik for loan [u p y wourk ,r" conv
peilaion. I'lh people uti ihis cou-
inlrv dll nfot bi .'Utldibsrilin ihir
exoploiters e aven ilsire.
Pharaoh willj have to think
hard on thio une. for the to lirick
ot Gular fast a Luniing horme to

rin lig tLI :,n^ 'p I f/(" t .,,,<*,/ t;,t' ,,te
i iar i e, In the face uf lhai lhire a
tidy lune thing to be ldoil no.w c aki
ther ibe aiig r lirts .intd ihrsira trh
bautoi.; ut .aithotuu l oinnwaiotii
BulitUher Phaud nor tlFh-
uin eill pryiifr lu dU Ilhal, Fi)r bii-
thra of tlietian dtflpel rid rhe ptti
pIle ahosn aI dilg [Sicu. is aoid utD5
ite&ur uiui a n efi Ctuuich isas
ithiited ib yt hi' laud iid ft entile

twoi h iavl ti fiso illcurne idrsi
tiC and radiEl as th i R
tas and callcal as ithu,

N.W. Manley COTD.

ha.l ;on equ.ill definite relation to other
"cwin.l groups. Lierrthing about the col-
Iotd elciil r of Hilno\ er and l l achester-
:nld ,oiera:itlls it "creole' coming from
lions of lnate and master impressed on
their offspring the need to achieve. Ach-
ioe:ellcni implied standards of measure-
loent Thli o1nl standards available were
ih' .. i.f i c-olonialrisnm Fxcellence in crele
silture therefore Ineant prowess in the
ide:s. allies and academic institutions of
hile enems. None before hase. and per-
il;ihp none after him will. inatch Manley's
mnlslers of the historic mission of his
social group equality with the white man
oil the white man's terms. These terms
li.d little to do with the exaltation thr-
ough struggle of the ideas. institutions
and behaviours of the black masses;
ranthe it had much to do with his "en-
liictnnrenmen" and therefore Ihe subord-
ination of Blackman.
So the son of gentry. conditions at
the turn of the century gave little scope
for an\ other aii. To the peasant youth
ol the same generation. because of close-
nes to the soil and distance from tlhe
social pinnacles. glorification instead of
Iuropeanisation of Blackman lay just on
tlr horizon as a possible ambition. This
as GarveN his choice was more difficult
less pre-determined and therefore is tak-
ing longer (to mature. For Manley the
choice to excell on accepted criteria was
r:latliely eas though the actual achieve-
Iment of excellence still required extra-
ordcin;ar talent. energy) and discipline.
Slhe recognition of his brilliance by the
x-miaster was one result of the mian's
success. [ie granting of legal independen-
ce to a nation staffed by lesser men of the
,. itme slam1p. the same achievement writ

But this achievement was at the
aicmc time a failure not onlk of Mlanles
IutIl of the social group hie embodied
E\icellence on the master's criteria meant
pulling greater distance between himself
a:d the black half of his ancestr%. Plant-

Attack CONTD
ihe Janlaican ultereis drove the
political stooges in office to sekc
ilie protsetie cover of the OAS and
liiprdi l nuistilitarr assistance plu,
the help ut other W I Governments,
Wihal could be more lotallty eac
iolal tha lle banning of Braother
thtllt;i and the dcpoltattoin uf Btri
tlhei I)gia :it ihe e-) r ime that
ii.i 40l, while 'tuolteers Il funi
I i>lnd Aott siia stud I ansda are
I llr$ l sipotlleid it d ilpeialtt iat
loikio inipuicdi in) do litpeiiti{ ni' .
htand ls i-k' \%hu are Ihe real al
ai"i lou lir- riallh undelmreable"
litlihekr Ihlsni Jlagli uad Oes-
1.s Ini",o hal ti en roiins iuno
1en.1 h of the liou- lugger ansioe
t p ,-t Ii l stie .ati latiler plaiusat
iot I-mi tirespt i-i tiuelarlh the
kind itl nmial tt Iresas that gites
t t th ltlhtsi rhe i real la} of the ri ir Ullileon is baSicall) who
, be I ittid Ht-1 ni-Igi floor the
ollt'ei aind it. hue ltolg' Sla1te
i" liitiet.i.taliltm tti JlO iat. nnw
iioi deadlhest "rn,), is tcdom -
lt. >o Alt


Ja. aff-

ord this?
Beef I'bs. per month
Pig. goat
sheep meal 2o ous. "
Bulrer 5i Uis ".
Cheese 3 ots.
Milk 2% lbs.
L-ggi 3- -
Fish 3% Ihs
Rice 2'% "lbt
Flour 9 lbs.
Teuriles 10 lbs. per"year"
Sofall kinds
Frotl war 2 pairs per year.
sot all kindii



Suiulay Sept z2st, at Gold Coast-
Bitach Club, St. Thomao Rd,
artir M ,, ,ii P.. .r y KiNG 'UBBY S

cti ai,: i : Own Te, Tracif .-i;h Y
isrr .~i'iu si..wsngvCt
tro c a1s Ttu 1

For the beat in Men's Sporth ear,
Shirts and Gluuiriar hir F tHual
IS Mlaiden Lane. Kigaoni,
A pair eof rowi & Wsiite Ladies
Tscted Claen wit f*ouaJ along
Iltmutur Rd. off Silt Camp Rd.
isiube thce overnna T adef Cern
tre, ,on tbe L ~4,9
Owner please contal the Abelg
Ofati ....

ation society required antagonism bet-
ween houseslave and fieldslave. brown
and black. Their sons inherited attitudes
which would remain, develop their own
life and last long. The man who embodied
brown culture on the rise could be admir-
ed. respected by Blackman. but not easily
followed by him. Bustamente, in contrast
never really excelled in creole culture and
therefore had less of the attitudes which
would separate him from Blackman.
Manley himself recognised this intuitively
at first-his resistance to entering politics,
his acknowledgement of the obvious that
if labour had a leader in 1938. it was
It is important to understand that
Manley's achievement and his failure
were a unity; we could not have had one
without the other. He could not have
been the eminent lawyer he was with-
out being counsel to the Wharfowners in
1938 for example, and therefore appear
the friend of the oppressor"-as the Jam-
aica Labour Weekly put it at the time. He
could not have so thoroughly absorbed
British 19th century liberal democratic
thought without failing to see-in 1961
inapplicability to 20th century Jamaican
political practise. His life therefore ref-
lected and advanced the rise of brown
Jamaica, atask which by and large exclu-
ded the mobilisation of black Jamaica.
Neither he nor his class however
could hold black back. Nor did he or
they want to; for they would hardly have
seen a clash-building the nation meant
making it brown creole culture and black
power would contradict one another only
when creole culture failed to solve Black-
man's problem and Blackman experienc-
ed the failure. This is now. The interests
Manley represented and advanced have
run their course and can now only hold
on by force. To do so would undermine
rather than preserve the work of this man;
for that work, like the work of any histo-
rical stage, must yield to the new times
it helped create, or be destroyed.

L.1 ku < itaben 4 Mill Secretary resid 4.

_ _^_~I_I_ I

time nOW...

To Work Out

The Politics of Movement

by Blackman
In reasoning out the way forward, Blackman murt ask himself wh
did Coore and Wilton Hill (on the last Argument prograninme) Ir so hI
to convince ABENG forces that they mntaa firm a partfi' tIh dJoe tl
enemy pray so hard that rising youth will enter elections and part
politricks? Obviously because I'e gangsters would he on their sronge
ground-backed with police, army, merchanr-vigilante patronage hbribes
and exploitation monies, cut-up constituencies, crooked reporting. a
biassed TV-Gleaner-Radio (Even though Stan Grant wai nor rsri
was he not legally a candidate in the S St. Andrew by election Hlo
much time did he get on Seaga Television along with Hlart and MNeil?
But even if a few man from the third party came through to w
despite the attacks of the enemy, how mneath help would that be to
sufferer? Sure, we might get a few veoicers crtinn in the Gonlrd Hao
Wilderness, hut who would hear them. Suffer can't even -n Ihere wit
out jacket, tie and ticket And if you can't go it hear with oir ion ean
will Ashenheim Gleaner report fairly (or even at all sound li hich m
call among other things. for the destruction of privilege anll ,onopol
press Nevertheless if jlan-k people still had their own paper thirle Igh
be able to hear 'omethine of what any Brothers in Parliament miaht sa
But how much ci dd a minority actually do'
The majority party in IGordon Ilhmse and lthe twtopartv unilns
attend to the sufferer only after they have looked after the m;ier F
example, sugar workers can get wage increase only after the inmpiali
have been assured high profits not the lther nio round If t e toer
ment itself can provide work, land and bread onrly with the permeiion
merchants capitalists and foreign share-hildesn a few onscouts 'iHR
could do ahsolutely nothing In fact tie people in the conscionts onluitne
cies would get only victimization in return for tases paid All t i, up-an
coming )LP housetlaes have said as mualh and the PNP people nouw
though it doesn't suit them to sty so now
Pitting a few cons.citou Brotheri in then ctiuld hardl bh, worth
What about getting a majority in' What if black people forgtl tir
election what they have seill heard and felt, bothered wisvh ti eleosmsa
swept in a people's Goieritunent What wuoild happenol fir i tf ll.
local expliiters will send away, by thl time luch Goiereiarni I ok ofa
all the funds they have taken from us so that we cast get it back Ri,
now some lof them who see what is coming are doing so In thiis ay
labour of Biliackoiar in the form of i erecianti apitalitt prloits. will
itself locked in Swiss Banks unable to help eldi sufferationt in Jama
Secondly. which civil service wa, going to gise the facei and iftrnato
draft the laws and carry otl the police of a people CG.lnoumr enil. 1
whole purpose of the civil service is to keep sinme of the old vcy goi
to give "cuntinuit despite change in Governmuent"'*The hole purpa
of pteple's (iGoernmerwn ouild be to end fir all time. the old ,ay Io min
change of Government change of pati, y. not change of flee lihkh bri
uI to an important poetii- elections ,nly change part of the hnues
(Govrnnient-the main bldy-l-the ivil seirkis always remaint
And what about thsi ntain biody It is supposed t "serve the tGo
nment of the dav", hut will it. .an it serve i reiolutiionlry progra.tinl wh
colonial ways ideas and orgatuisatiun would be c lnpletel lioertur
Any conscious y'outh in the civil service tday i ycan give the anwl e fI
experience. To get ahead man have it' show mailniers. respect authority
take orders- The people's Goverruneut will find the men -hi hae b
t ie best houseslares at the top There will bhe csceplions hut on the w
the big bureaucrats will rlemaiin ithfil to thful y b tin which put t
Thirdly, ho. would a ttv'iliilary Goverinient get round
t instrlfution minade by the rat-p4rty pilgtirials to piroteer themselves
their master Let thelI be no doliubt peoples iovrtlnent .old uhavet
eclainm all that has hbeltn forciro hl, taken (frouli lt'kisima mainly
land and the inachinet y tha tt ar ls-fathtir, tabhour created when
made the white men Industrial Rei luttia Ye t h$iliAeilolt't conesitu
says "No ptropie4l of any detritilimio shall h eKiunpulhsrily taken po
ion of" without i copensation wlikh the Judrgefmn not the peo
Goveranrient, iltl determine is adequate.
What a oklt! The salns f atlaeo, today r itf are. itlst pay c
nation to the offspriig of plates, hltcanewl rand -late istels. Blacl
must pay whitimen in dollars and cenua for.enitntie odi usa e-ship
slave whip' When all ithi leave hbr it waeil and ta whshh go out
to buy forfig fol and provide local pamtounge. io len ihec have
several lunai, ver then original inae hsettment, we misl ge then moi
our tuontry's r ouces to make them lease our land for our peopk
makio a living
Yet that itL ne ii thi thins the (ontlttituiu'under which any
pl's Goven(iatnen wet ld get lskl I say. Sar we rculd change it,
thni would take o iaud line arnd iriutal that t aig&ht h too late to
the epluoiters with their sinlenr gos We could ialso break the ConsIj
too Those who iade it do o :u verytie the iangecet sufferer gets
vigilanc beclality, U .ilid i ''prsltetion Of the lai". And it is
Ctutiltuion, out oun, if they cap break it then we mpus in our inte
the interest f the majority whom it was designed to distract and
But earn what wou d happen when people's Government putt
suftfrer abose the tCoDirtiUjon. T t cpltuigit in lirity ) ould
thlniltv t in defence of the eNploittion poiitel td by the Consti
The cry of "olcormitutional' would confuse even sute of thIose bIr
w ho have cnsciousnt hiut not enough to see that the Constitution l
Orl paper With I'lir pras. itdio and iolne,' thev could create ly
with ither tueo-party agelti and mililarn friends they could start sig
disorder That is all the cover that the moiw hbrharic state in the hist
inaskiuld weds it move in protection of intp tiariirs and its hou