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Title: Struggle
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Title: Struggle official organ of the Workers Liberation League
Uniform Title: Struggle (Kingston, Jamaica)
Physical Description: v. : ill. ; 41 cm.
Language: English
Creator: Workers' Liberation League (Jamaica)
Workers' Liberation League (Jamaica)
Workers Party of Jamaica
Publisher: The League
Place of Publication: Kingston
Publication Date: Sepetember 30, 1976
Frequency: bimonthly[mar.-apr. 1986-]
biweekly[ former -july 13, 1984]
monthly[ former aug. 1984-feb. 1986]
Subject: Labor movement -- Periodicals -- Jamaica   ( lcsh )
Politics and government -- Periodicals -- Jamaica   ( lcsh )
Genre: periodical   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: Jamaica
Abstract: Struggle was published first as a mimeographed newsletter in 1974 when the Workers Liberation League was formed. It was edited by Rupert Lewis and he continued as editor when Struggle became the organ of the Workers Party of Jamaica in 1978. In the 1980s editors included Elean Thomas, Elaine Wallace and Ben Brodie. The Workers Liberation League grew out of the political initiative of academics - Trevor Munroe, Rupert Lewis as well as Don Robotham, Derek Gordon who studied in the University of Chicago in the early 1970s and were connected to activists in the Black Panther Movement and African-American radicals in the Communist Party of the United States. The latter group formed the Paul Bogle League which brought together academics, working class and community activists who read and discussed Karl Marx’s Capital and Lenin’s political writings and sought to build on Jamaica’s radical traditions in the trade union movement and in the People’s National Party from the 1930s to the 1960s. The Paul Bogle League was also involved with the formation of the University and Allied Workers Union in the early 1970s and worked with the Independent Trade Union Action Council. Politically the Workers Liberation League gave critical support to Michael Manley’s democratic socialist program in the 1970s.
Issuing Body: Vols. for -1978 issued by Workers' Liberation League; 1979- by Workers' Party of Jamaica.
General Note: Description based on surrogate of: Issue no. 28 (June 16, 1977); title from caption.
General Note: Latest issue consulted: Apr.-May 1986 (surrogate).
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75 WORKERS of Nu-
trition Products
Ltd have called on
the Minister of

Marketing and Com-
merce to dismiss
certain top manag-
ement people. They

are B. Lewis (Man-
aging Director),
B. Woolcock (Dis-
tribution Manager)

The workers walked
from the plant to
the Ministry to
protest bad manage-

ana y orton ment after a com-
(Maintenance En- plete breakdown of
gineer). So far the plant on Septe
ISSBIN ER S IUIK Norton has been mber 13th. Norton
I Ifired. the Maintenance En
gineer, could not
THE headline "After 11 years of illegal The workers have be contacted thoug
minority rule in Rhodesia lan Smith accused these men he is answerable o
gives in" (Gleaner, September 25th) of poor management a 24-hour basis in
makes it seem as if the struggle for in the running of case of emergency.
freedom is over. Those who now contin- the plant which The workers have
ue to fight to overthrow the Smith gov- provides lunches given evidence to
ernment can now be made out to be un- for over 60,000 back up their char
reasonable. school children. ges against top
However, the rejection of the Kissinge2 Nutrition Products management.
Smith plan by the leaders of Tanzania, Ltd is the centre
Mozambique, Botswana, Angola and Zambi of the government's Last July the work
shows that this is not so. school feeding pro- ers sent a petitio
gramme. to the Prime Minis
lan Smith (Rhodesia), Henry Kissinger
(USA), Balthazar Vorster (South Africa)
and James Callaghan (Britain) are des-
perately trying to find a way of preven
ting zira-ab e from gaining freedom like
Mozambique and Angola. But this is im- R obart t
possible. Although Ian Smith has accep
ted Kissinger's proposals for majority
rule within two years this does not mea w o rk r
that Smith has had a change of heart. THE WORKERS at Ro- Union stating that
The successful liberation struggles in bart Electronic they were now bar-
Angola and Mozambique (with which Zimba Manufacturing Ltd, gaining agents for
bwe has an 800 mile border) have cause a subsidiary of the workers.
the Western capitalist countries to comic Wonards Ltd, are
together more closely to prevent nation presently fighting The management's
al liberation. They want to set up a a bitter struggle reaction to this
puppet regime of blacks and whites that with the management was to lay off the
will protect their privileges and mil- f the company. The remaining workers,
lions of dollars. They also want to workers are protes- and close the plant
cut off these countries from relations ting against their Using the same ar-
with socialist countries. lay-off, the refus- guments of lack of
al of the manage- raw materials, etc.
Let us look at what Ian Smith is defend- ment to recognize as an excuse.
ing. Smith is defending the privileges their union, the
of 278,000 whites against the interests NWU, and for better The workers are
of 6.4 million blacks. In 1970 Smith wages and working protesting this ac-
passed a law giving the whites the best conditions. tion, and point to
half of the land. Ian Smith himself the fact that just
owns 20,000 acres. The average white On Monday the 6th last month six
wage is $168 per week while the average September, 25 work- trailer loads of
lack wage is $13 per week. The govern ers received let- parts came in and
ent spent $56 on education for each ters from the man-
lack pupil last year and $494 on each agement saying they
hite pupil. In order to vote you have were being laid i
to earn a certain amount of money and off due to limited
own property. This means the blacks do warehouse facili-
not have the right to vote. The blacks ties, shortage of
have risen up against this system. raw materials, as
Smith has met the just struggles of the well as poor sales.
African people with an iron hand. Ther
are over 1000 political prisoners who Immediately after
have been held 10 years or more. Last this action, the
month his army raided refugee camps in workers, who get
Mozambique and killed 700 people, among between $15 and $25
whom were women and children. The fact working from 8 am
that Smith was forced to back down from to 5 pm, five days
his high horse of "no majority rule" is per week, stepped
a sign of the successes of the libera- up their efforts to
tion movement and that freedom must com get unionized and
in Southern Africa. The revolutionary called in the NWU.
movement will stop at nothing short of
total victory against the twin monsters Soon after the man- ROB5AR WORKERS th
f imperialism and racism. agement received a ist management.
letter from the




ter in which they
protested "the de-
terioration of the
threatens the con-
tinuation of the
Government School
Feeding Programme
in addition to pro-
viding an excuse
for the laying off
of most of us".
The workers are
doing their best to
step up production
but management is
not co-operating.
The workers know
how important the
school lunches are
and said they are
prepared to run the
plant themselves.


jampacked the ware-
houses. Added to
that is the fact
that before the
letter from the
NWU, the management
had in fact told
them that sales
were stepping up
and that they would
be getting a pay
rise soon.
The workers have
written to the Min-
istry of Labour
calling on the Min-
istry to intervene.

It now seems clear
that the aim of the
management is to
stop the workers
from organizing
themselves into the
Union of their

StruggZe also un-
derstands that the
workers have been
calling for a new

Recently Mr Vivian
Blake acknowledged
in Parliament the
fact that the work-
ers are genuinely
concerned for the
development of the
School Feeding Pro-
gramme and that 80%
of the problem had
been created by the



choice, and force
them to continue to
work under slave-
like working condi-
Once again a capi-
talist management
has openly broken
the Labour Law by
not recognizing the
Union of the work-
ers' choice. For
this they are not
hauled before the
courts and made to
pay heavy fines as
is done to workers
when they strike.
The workers must
demand that the
government take
firm steps against
the management and
all capitalists who
deprive workers of
their livelihood.





I THINK it is not
good for our coun-
try. It is an or-
ganisation which
smash the country.
It develop a crimi-
nal element. It
try to undermine
any government
which is for the
masses. It back
the capitalistic
element. Is my un-
derstanding that a
lot of murders
which is being com-
mitted came through
the CIA training.

It is my belief
that government
should try to get
them out of the
country, because
they always inter-
fere in poor coun-
tries to keep down
the progress of
these countries. -
54 year old femaLe

I DO NOT know the
extent that these
CIA men operate but
from what I under-
stand they do a lot
of dirty work. I
saw the film "Rise
and Fall of the
CIA" and it is evi-
dent that they are
against the masses
of people. 18
year old student

a a a

IN AGEE'S speech he
said that these CIA
men use the people
to carry out any
plot that they
want. It means
then that Jamaicans
as a whole should
be on the look-out
for anything funny
that happens at the
workplace, the com-
munity and other
area. Because some
things that we see
took place in other
countries is the
same thing going on
in Jamaica, and it
clear that some of
the CIA work is
going on in Jamaica.
- 35 ,ear old 'ac-
tory worker




HE HUGE turnout people cheered
of party support- Manley when he
ers to the public spoke out against
session of the PNP economic sabotage
Conference on Sun- by businessmen and
day, September 19, those who had sto-
led to the venue len the people's
being changed from money and gone to
the National Arena Miami and Toronto.
to the Stadium.
This rally was However, no meas-
largely attended ures were announc-
by working people ed to deal with
and youth. Estim- economic criminals
ates of the crowd The workers were
have been put at not called on to
over 30,000. look out and orga-

The most striking
thing about the
rally was the mil-
itant response of
the PNP masses to
the anti-imperial-
ist statements of
Prime Minister Mi-
chael Manley.
This we understand
was also a feature
of the closed ses-
sions of the party
delegates. The

nize themselves to
fight against lay-
offs and sabotage.
Instead Manley
said "one day the
laws of the world
may be such that
people who commit
economic crimes in
Jamaica, who steal
poor people's mon-
ey for houses and
who went away with
the money like thi-
eves in the night

"IC7 of the large crowd of working people am
istically to the anti-imperialist statements

...the hands of
justice may stretch
out and reach them".
The response of the
people to Manley's
statement that Jam-
aica was part of
the world anti-

imperialist strugg- to the challenges
le, the cheers for of the people to
the Cuban delega- carry forward the
tion and those can- anti-imperialist
didates the people struggle and not to,
identify with as give in to the pre-
defenders of change ssures of the big
show the need of business interests
the party to rise and US imperialism.


THE CASE against
five members of the
South Western St.
Andrew Citizens As-
sociation (SWSACA)
for criminal libel
opened in the Half-
Way-Tree RM's Court
on the 13th of Sep-
tember. The charg-
es against the ac-
cused, Ben Monroe,
John Matthews, Joy-
ce Graham, Earl Ri-
chardson and George
Hyatt, arise out of
a pamphlet publish-
ed in October last

The prosecution is
alleging that the
pamphlet is defama-
tory of JLP Seantor
Pearnel Charles
(now in Detention
Centre, Up Park
Camp) because it
falsely states that
on the 12th of Oc-
tober 1975 he made
a seditious speech
at the Hugh Sher-
lock All Age School
in which he incited
persons at the mee-
ting to murder and
to use violence ag-
ainst certain known
PNP supporters and
to destroy proper-
ty. In addition
the pamphlet states
that Charles dis-
tributed guns and
ammunition to per-
sons at the meet-


All five accused
have pleaded not
guilty to the char-
ge. Ben Monroe
pleaded that there
was justification
in publishing the
pamphlet because
the things said in
the pamphlet are
true and it was in
the public interest
that the matters
complained of be


Among the four wit-
nesses for the pro-
secution who have
given evidence in
the three days of
trial so far was
JLP Senator Charles
who said that the
publication of the
pamphlet has great-
ly affected his po-
litical career. It
had caused his
friends to be alar-
med and suspicious
of him and his fam-
ily to be terroris-
ed. As a result of
this his family has
had to seek exile

Senator Charles de-
nied that he had
made a speech at
Hugh Sherlock All
Age School on Octo-
ber the 12th last.

He said at the time
he was in Clomnel,
St Mary, at the
home of JLP MP Alva
Ross, along with
oLF Councillor Er-
rol Anderson. Un-
der cross examina-
tion by defense At-
torney Richard
Srall, he denied
that he had refused
to give a statement
to the police in
the first instance.
He said he had giv-
en two statements
to the police in
which he stated
that he was in St
Mary at the home of
Mr Poss at the time
of the alleged mee-
ting. Charles ad-
ritted that he knew
one Charley Hill
but denied that he
ever worked for him
in his constituen-
cy, or for the JLP.
He said he knew of
io "Jahman" and
That "Jahman" was a
,olitical fabrica-
tion on the part of
the defense in con-
tinuation of a plot
tc destroy his pol-
itical career.

Detective Assistant
Superintendent W.W.
Walker, the inves-
tigating officer in
the case, said that
Pearnel Charles ne-
ver told him that
he was in St Mary

nor did he mention
this fact in any of
his statements to
the police or make
any reference to
Mr Ross and Mr An-
derson. He said in
the course of his
investigations he
had received a note
signed by one Char-
les Hill on behalf
of Pearnel Charles
requesting permis-
sion for a meeting
to be held at the
Hugh Sherlock
School on October
the 13th last. Mr
Walker said he knew
of Edgeton Wright,
alias "Jahman" and
knew that he had
been killed on Sep-
tember Ist after
the present case
was in court.
Mr Walker said that
he had witnesses to
substantiate the
allegations in the
pamphlet and had
requested protec-
tion for the wit-
nesses. He said he
had not given the
witnesses protec-
tion because he
wanted to interview
them so that he
could feel satis-
fied before giving
them the protection
asked for.

Mr Walker said he
was originally in-

vestigating a case
against Mr Charles
and had only ceased
doing so when the
DPP ordered that
summons be issued
against the five
accused for crimin-
al libel. The case
against Mr Charles
was dropped on the
21st of July when
the DPP entered a
no prosecution plea.
He said he had made
no investigation to
determine if any of
the persons named
in the pamphlet to
be killed were at-
tacked or property
destroyed. Neith-
er did he investi-
gate the seven
persons who were
alleged to have
received guns. He
said Mr Anderson
had only given a
statement to the
police on the 13th
of September and
Mr Ross on the
20th of September
in both cases aft-
er the trial had

Appearing for the
defense are Mr
Richard Small, Mr
Roy Fairclough, Mr
Langston Sibblies.
all instructed by
Mr Ronald Thwaite8,

I " j I FORMER CIA agent, would leave after that Agee was put-
Philip Agee, ident- he exposed them at ting a slur on the
'' ified CIA agents the news conference. CIA and the US gov
r working here So say, so done. ernment an orga-
through the United At least one left nisation which car
States Embassy at a before and most of ries out sabotage
news conference at the others since against countries
the Social Action the conference. and overthrows law
Centre, Oliver Rd, But Agee also warn- ful governments!
on September 16. ed that others Then RJR banned
JAGAN FIG T would be waiting to Agee.
I He gave the names, replace them.
fP RiA L addresses, car li- The right-wing eli
cence and "cover The reactionary ments of the Glec
COMRADE Cheddi Ja- ate here than in title" in the Emba- forces have been have been trying t
gan, General Secre- Guyana where the ssy of the CIA ag- trying to discredit downplay what Age:
tary of thePeople's reactionaries were ents here. He also what Agee had to said in many ways
Progressive Party weaker, Comrade Ja- said that some of say. First, they we should hear a
f Guyana, has cal- gan said. them may have left spread the rumour KGB man and so on.
Sthe island when that Agee is still
ed on the peop He congratulated they found out he working for the CIA. The main question

I bold stand again- the Jamaican gover- was coming and knew JMA President Mah- is, however, do wa
st imperialism. nment for their ac- that he would iden- food then came out want to decide ou
I p.. .. h tifv them. Others in attack, saving own destiny or do

Speaking at a meet-
ing sponsored by
the Workers Libera-
tion League (WLL)
and the Communist
Party of Jamaica
(CPJ) at the Stu-
dent's Union, UWI,
recently, Comrade
Jagan said that the
broadest unity of
the Jamaican people
would be needed to
defeat imperialism.

Destabilisation was
nothing new, he
pointed out. The
CIA had worked to
overthrow, among
others, the govern-
ment of Mossadegh
in Iran in the
1950s, the PPP gov-
ernment headed by
the Comrade himself
in the 1960s and
the government of
Salvador Allende of
Chile in the 1970s.

All these govern-
ments had one thing
in common. They
were against United
States imperialism
dominating their
people's lives.

He said that the
CIA was destabilis-
ing the Jamaican
government because
of its stand taken
against imperialism
and its good rela-
tionship with Cuba.
Because there was a
strong right wing
force in Jamaica,
this gave the CIA
more room to oper-

tilon agaL nst e
gun criminals by
declaring the
State of Emergen-
cy, but said that
the economic situ-
ation (lay-offs,
price increases,
shortages, etc.)
was still being
destabilised by

He emphasized,
however, that we
cannot fight alone.
We must unite with
progressive Third
World countries
and especially the
socialist coun-

Socialist coun-
tries have shown
that they will al-
ways come to the
assistance of a
government when it
shows that it is
fighting for the
working people, he

We must follow the
example of Viet-
nam, he ended,
where a Communist
Party of the work-
ing class had been
built, uniting the
broadest cross
section of the
people against im-
perialism with
close relations
with the socialist
countries. This
led, in 1975, to
the final victory
of the Vietnamese
people against im-

Twelve Tribes Culture
port received by Friday, August 27, mitage
Struggle the secur- by the Alcan Youth portant
ity forces raided Club in Ewarton was ward wh:
Twelve Tribe head- very successful. It able to
quarters on Upper was attended by a HERMITA(
Elletson Road and large gathering of COMMITTI
indiscriminately working people and day, See
proceeded to beat youths who were en-
members, in the tertained with po- Followia
presence of their ems, skits, dances, very su
wives and children. songs and drumming. Cultural

Struggle under-
stands that there
has been a steady
increase of attacks
against Rastafari-
ans over the last
couple months, and
calls on the Prime
Minister to inves-
tigate these charg-
es, which could be
part of an effort
by reaction to turn
Rastafarians again-
st the State of

There were some
outstanding perfor-
mances which got
the audience very
enthusiastic, among
these were the
flour poisoning
skit, an African
dance, a poem on
Angola, "The Baby
of New Africa",
which got the audi-
ence jumping out of
their seatsM

have be:
a perman
year rot
sation f

The mair
the Cult
mittee a
the year
Days, tc
more con
shows an
year, to
for a pe
stage in

?LE of Her-
nade an im-
step for-
en they were
launch the
EE on Sun-
ptember 12.

ng three
1 Days there
en calls for
lent, all
and organi-
for culture.

I aims of
:ural Com-
are to plan
fly Cultural
Id other
'ut the
the park.






we want the United
States government
and its CIA to de-
cide for us.

Agee's and other
reports coming out
of the US Senate
itself, shows
clearly the role of
American imperial-
ism in keeping
countries like ours
"safe" for US capi-
talist interests.

Agee called on Jam-
aicans to be mili-
tant and prevent
what happened in
Chile from happen-
ing here.

Those elected to
MITTEE are: Barry
Chevannes (chair-
man), Clive Hudson
Lorna Martell (sec-
retary), Howard
Sinclair (treasur-
er), Danny Ricketts
(public relations
officer), Garth
White (cultural co-
ordinator) and Wal-
ly Walker (sports


PHILIP AGEE (right) speaking at the news Council for Human Rights which invited
conference where he named names. Beside Agee to Jamaica.
him is Ronnie Thwaites of the Jamaica


LOA. $5 .50 pe -er(2 sus

FOP=G Os -- $80-e er 2 sus

save the people from the capi
The Labourites also say that
vcre vote out the PNP govern
is mashing up the country.


O What is the answer vote or
vote? Vote for who? To answ
questions we have to reason o
problem, starting from the ABi

m u m N The first thing we have to rea
what the people want. The pel
more pay those who still ha'
the people want decent houses
in; the youths and workers wh<
IIbeen laid off want work thol
have a good education still c
(_cECO'J I_ A [EIE a job; the country people wanl
proper roads, piped water, el,
WHEN looking at the great hardship the proper roads, piped water, el
people are feeling, the large amount of the people want more health-c
profits the biggest companies are nak- that they don't have to trave
frontn the district to find a d'
ina, the closing down and laying off of look after them.
thousands of workers by some of these
very same companies, many workers ard These are some of the things
even progressive youth are asking "what people want. These are the ti
is the government dcoina to help the -
people? What is the goverment doin to politicians promise the peopl
I election promises, promises
stop the big capitalists from sabotag- but still the people are in
ing the economy"? Many of those who s eoe
worse than before.
understand what is really going on say
"The government is only talking Man-
ley is joking with the capitalists when HO DO WE GET IT ?
the situation is getting worse every
day". Some progressive people are even These are things the people n
feeling that it doesn't make sense to how ae the people going to g
vote. necessities? Can the people
reasonable pay, decent houses
If you vote in one side of if you vote as the island's major product
in the other side conditions remain the the profits from it are geare
same or even get worse. If you don't the interests of the small ha
vote it is the same. So one may as own the best land, the bauxit
well not go to the trouble of voting ies, the sugar factories and
since voting is not going to make any trol the tourist trade? Can
'difference. ernment whether PNP or JLP
production to meet the people
The hard-core PNP he has a different if it is not the government i1
opinion he says you must vote put controls the major production
in back the government and Manley will foreigners who were not born

we must
nment that

er these
ut the

member is
ople want
ve a job;
to live
o have
usands who
cannot find
t land,
entres so
1 miles
octor to

that the
aings that
e every

eed but
et these
get work,
so long
ion and
d to meet
ndful who
e compan-
who con-
any gov-
- plan
's needs
tself who
but a few
here, who

couldn't care less what happens to us
and who are only looking to squeeze aa'
much profit out of us as possible?

Can any government whether PNP or J3L
- ever get enough revenue to put up de
cent low-cost housing, build proper
roads, more hospitals and pay govemnej*
workers proper wages except by owning
and controlling the big businesses tha
are making profit off the people? If i
you tax these big businesses, they are,
either going to close down or take it
out on the public by raising up their
prices even higher. So taxing them is
not the answer to getting more revenue.
And if you don't tax them, then you ham
to tax the people more.

After the NIS, the Housing Trust, the
Income Tax, the bus fare, the school
books, the lunch money and the rent -
there is nothing left. To tax the peOd
ple more is no answer to improving thel
conditions and meeting their needs.
That is only going to make the conditid
even worse than it is now.


Less than this, the people's needs -
whether PNP or JLP cannot be met.
Less than this there will be more taxes
more unemployment, even worse services
more hardship for both PNP and JLP. Bu
TROL is not enough. The answer is
more than this.

STRUGGIL under- Prime Minister on
stands that the 68 the entire program-
per week NIS deduc- me. The NYSWL made
tion from the fort- several recommenda-
nightly allowance tions which are to
of National Youth be looked into by
Service workers is the Cabinet. The
to be withdrawn. NYSWL said it would
This follows repre- give its full sup-
sentation to the port to any move
Prime Minister by taken by the gover-
the National Youth nment which seeks
Service Workers to restore ooliti-
League on September cal and economic
22nd. stability and move
The representatives against those who
of the NYSWL held a seek to sabotage
wide-ranging dis- and destabilise our
cussion with the nation.

Invites you to a

s *r


,, I

Join Hands and Heart in United Struggle
against Oppression When
Present A Night of

At Student Union, U.W.I.
on Saturday, 30th October, 1976
Music Wise:-


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Three consolation Prziae:
10 book vouohars redeemUabe at Indepen
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