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Vol. 1, No. 11 Tyndall Air Force Base, Fla. Training Expeditionary Airpower Experts Uct. 8, 200/

In Brief

CFC kick-off
The 2007 Team Tyndall
runs Sept. 17 to Oct. 29. For
more information, call Capt.
Edward Mangual at 282-
4317 or 1st Lt. Patrick
Wilkinson at 283-4858.

Burger Burn
The Tyndall Top Three will
host the Annual Dormitory
Burger Bum noon Friday
at bldg. 1149. For more
information, call Master
Sgt. Roger Thomton at 283-

RAO meeting
The next Retiree Committee
meeting is 10 a.m. Oct. 9 in

204 of building 662. All
retired military members and
their spouses are welcome to
attend. Formoreinformation,
call 283-2737.

Due to a demand in some
AFSCs and AFSC mergers,
the Air Force has a need to
reclassify a limited number of
Airmen back into previously
held specialties.
The program is designed
to allow Airmen who hold a
current, specified valid skill
level, other than their control
AFSC, such as a secondary
or tertiary AFSC, to be
administratively reclassified
back into their "old"AFSC.
Call Staff Sgt. Purington at
283-4144 for details.

Three local children, who have
been diagnosed with serious illnesses,
suited up and jumped into the cockpit
of an F-15 fighter aircraft Tuesday as
they experienced a day in the life of
an Air Force fighter pilot. The 95th
Fighter Squadron hosted the children
and their families during the "Pilot
for a Day" event here.
"Some of the highlights of the day
are taking the kids on a tour around
real F-15s, letting them suit up at life
support with flight gear, and they'll
then fly the same simulator as real
pilots," said Lt. Col. Kevin Huyck,
95th FS commander.

The "Pilot for a Day" program
originated at Randolph AFB, Texas
in December 1994. The goal of
the program is to offer the children
a chance to experience a day as a
United States Air Force pilot and for
a time, forget about the challenges of
their everyday lives and develop new
friendships with some of Tyndall's
finest fliers.
"The day revolves around the
children and their families who are
our honored guests, and allows them
to focus on an enjoyable, unique
experience," said Capt. Jason Nalepa,
95th FS pilot and event organizer.
"This is one way for the Boneheads
(the 95th Fighter Squadron) to show

how good we really are," Colonel
Huyck said. "We consider ourselves
the premier fighter pilot training
squadron in the world, and this gives
us a chance to train some of the
world's youngest pilots."
"I was most impressed with how
fast they fly," said Kasey Kooler,
Pilot for a Day participant. "It's been
a fun leading experience."
"My favorite part was getting to sit
in the cockpit," said Dustin Murdock,
also a participant.
The program's youngest pilot for a
day, a 5-year old named C.J. said he
couldn't wait to get his hands on the
simulator and loved the F-15.

Lt. Col. Kevin Huyck, 95th Fighter Squadron commander, explains the F-15 to C.J., one of the Pilot for
a Day participants, here Tuesday.
Tyndall s best teach tomorrow s pilots

Airman First Class Brandy N. Hamm
Duty title: Medical materiel apprentice
Hometown: Wichita, Kan.
Time on station: 10 months
Time in service: One year, two months
Hobbies: Spending time with my hus-
band and my animals
. Goals: Finishing my Bachelor's degree
*= -
in psychology
Favorite thing about Tyndall AFB: Go-
ing to the beach
Favorite movie: Empire Records
Pet Peeves: People who have a lack of
Proudest moment in the military:
Lt PatnckCasey
Airman Hamm, 325th Medical Group, receives the Graduating from Basic Military Training
Checkertail Salute Warrior of the Week award from
Brig. Gen. Tod D. Wolters, 325th Fighter Wing com-
The Checkedail Salute is a 325th Fighter Wing
Airman Hamm performed outstanding duties during commander program designed to recognize
a manning shortage, revitalized the computer sys- Tyndalls Warrior of the Week. Supervisors can
. nominate individuals via their squadron and
tems management continuity binder, identified need group commanders. Award recipients receive
for a medical logistic's snack fund and participated a certificate, letter from the commander and a
in the Tyndall Active Airman Association carwash. One-day pass. :

"Thev're cool," he said.
*It's a privilege for us to be able
to share what we do with local youth
who are enthusiastic about life,
despite their challenges," said Capt.
Ryan McLain, 95th FS pilot and event
"I know everybody understands
how much (the children) enjoyed
their time here, but what most people
probably don't know is how much
fun we had," said Capt. Caleb Haley,
pilot with the 95th FS and event host.
"Spending time with the kids was the
highlight of our week in the 95th. It
was a real privilege to give back to
the community in the form of having
a great day hanging out with great
day for these extraordinary kids. We
wanted to show them what we can
really do," Colonel Huyck said.
The 95th Fighter Squadron has
partnered with the American Heart
Association and the Make a Wish
Foundation to coordinate the one-day
event on an annual basis.

Oct. 8, 2007

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Web Defender


Flag Football

(as of Oct. 8)
Team Win Loss

AMXS 5 0
SFS 4 0
SVS 4 1
COM 3 1
MOS 4 2
OSS 3 2
MXS 3 2
MDG 3 2
MSS/FW 3 2
601st 2 3
ACS 1 2
CES 2 4
CONS 1 3
53rd 2 6
823rd 0 4
AFRL 0 5



Can you identify this
If so, send an e-mail
to editor@tyndall.af.mil
with "Identify this" in
the subject line.
Three correct entries
will be chosen at ran-
dom and drawn from
a hat to determine the
final winner. The prize
can be claimed at the
Public Affairs office.
Staff Sgt. Joseph
Harris, 325th Mainta-
nence Group, cor-
rectly guessed the
Sept. 24 "Identify
This" as a recycling
symbol." Congratula-
tions Sergeant Harris.

Oct. 8, 2007

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Web Defender

Hispanic American contributions to the nation
and celebrate the rich cultural traditions of our
Hispanic-American community.
That is exactly what the committee did by
setting up the luncheon for the base populace.
Hispanic military veterans were honored: Pan-
ama City's Gypsy Rhythm Dancers performed,
traditional Spanish music was played and sung:
tables were adorned accordingly and authentic
Hispanic food was served.
Diversity helps shape national character said
guest speaker Chief Master Sgt. Jose Perez,
43rd Aircraft Maintenance Unit maintenance
According to online resources, during this
month America celebrates the culture and tra-
ditions of U.S. residents who trace their roots
to Spain, Mexico and the Spanish-speaking
nations of Central America, South America
and the Caribbean. Sept. 15 was chosen as
the starting point for the celebration because

it is the anniversary of independence of five
Latin American countries: Costa Rica, El Sal-
vador, Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua.
In addition, Mexico and Chile celebrate their
independence days on Sept. 16 and Sept. 18,
As the largest growing demographic in the
U.S., it is no wonder Hispanic Americans make
up 10 percent of the nations military.
Elimination of terrorism is a priority for all
and the diverse group of men and women who
serve are the linchpin in destroying this enemy
of the world, said Chief Perez.
"The commitment to family and the devotion
to faith and country make us strong," he said.
Gen. Wolters, 325th Fighter Wing command-
er, echoed the chief's comments by saying the
heritage event was in good timing regarding the
importance of family in upcoming holidays.
Hispanic influence made our nation powerful
and we can't forget that, said the general.

Base ce le b rates

d tYerSIV I
Its not everyday you get to go to the restau-
rant and hand them mom's recipes so you can
enjoy her cooking away from home, but Oct.
2 was just that kind of special day at Tyndall's
The staff of professionals there were just one
of the many pieces of the puzzle in getting an
authentic Spanish flare for Tyndall's Hispanic
Heritage Committee's annual luncheon honor-
ing the national heritage month.
Every year from mid-September to mid-
October the President of the United States
declares Hispanic Heritage month to honor

Walk it out
Photos by Lisa Norman
Left: Airman 1st Class Trevor Terry, 325th Main-
tenance Squadron propulsion backstop, picks up
foreign object debris during a Tyndall Airfield FOD
walk Thursday.

Bottom Left: Tech. Sgt. Travis Clark, 325th Civil Engi-
neer Squadron dorm manager, collects more FOD.

Bottom Right: Col. Brett Haswell, 325th Mainte-
nance Group commander, speaks to the group after
the FOD walk and thanks them for all the hard work
throughout the year.


By the time you lay eyes on this
article, Sept. 30, 2007 will have
come and gone and we will be in a
brand new fiscal year. Since I'm a
comptroller, you might expect to
read about end of year closeout, the
importance of efficiently executing
Air Force dollars, or paying your
Government Travel Card on time, but
that's not the case. All ofthose things
are indeed important, but as a leader
and a new commander, I believe
other things are even more important
and deserve some attention.
I held my first commander's call

Oct. 8, 2007

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Web Defender

in July and had been contemplating
what I would share with the members
of the 325th Comptroller Squadron.
A portion of what I said to them had
its beginnings over a year ago in a
finance PME course I took. We
were asked to voluntarily share a
simple leadership thought with the
class, so I let the creative juices flow
and developed what I called "My
Three T's." As I prepared for the
commander's call, I reflected on this
and felt it essential to share these
thoughts with the new squadron I had
just been charged to lead. Little did I
know that what had begun as a simple
leadership thought would become
the foundation of my leadership
philosophy and the basis for how I
would guide this new organization.
So, what are "My Three T's?" I'm
so glad you asked.
My first Tis Take care of... Believe
to be a good leader I must first take
care of myself, and I expect every
member of the comptroller team to
take care of themselves and their
families. I must keep my priorities
in the right order and remain healthy
spiritually, mentally, and physically.
If we do not take care of ourselves,
we will not be able to contribute to
the mission in the best way possible.
Secondinthenewrolelhave stepped

into, I believe I have an obligation to
take care of the people of the 325th
CPTS. Taking care of the people
means both positive and negative
reinforcement. It sometimes means
using discipline to punish, saying
what may not always be pleasant
to the ears, and making the tough
decisions. As a leader, having the
best interests of the Air Force and
the individuals I lead requires a
responsibility to take care of them.
Finally, I must take care of the
mission. While this element is listed
last, it does not mean it's the least
important. Mission accomplishment
is fundamental, but if we do not take
care of ourselves as people first,
accomplishing the mission becomes
all the more difficult.
My second T is to Trust... I must
in myself and in the goals I have for
our squadron. Not only must I trust
myself, but I must have trust in the
people in our squadron. Through
delegation and empowerment-not
micromanagement-I must trust
that each member of the comptroller
team can and will do his or her
job. Our people need to know we
have confidence in them and that
we trust they will take pride in their
work, always give 100 percent, and

will do their best to accomplish our
My third T is to Thank the
members of the 325th CPTS as much
as possible. Oftentimes we focus on
the negative, but as leaders, our folks
need to know we take notice of not
only the few bad things that happen,
but more importantly we see and
appreciate the good things they do.
The 325th comptroller team knows
that each one of them matters, and
they know that I will take every
opportunity to pour out praise and
thanks for what they do, because
even the little things matter and
deserve recognition. We all deserve
a "Thanks for what you've done!"
every once in a while.
This is the foundation of my
leadership philosophy, and how I
have chosen to take on this awesome
opportunity I have been given to
command the 325th Comptroller
Squadron. As you can see, I'm a
firm believer in taking care of the
people first. As long as our folks
believe that we truly care about them
as individuals, they know that we
trust them, and we make the time
to thank them for a job well done at
every opportunity, I believe they will
continue to execute the mission with
pride...and that is why we are here.

The Chief has returned
Left: Four finalists battle it out in a Halo 3 tournament Saturday. Halo 3 is the third and final product in the Halo franchise.

Right: Robert Hill, 19, (middle) won first place at the Halo 3 tournament at the base exchange, receiving a legendary edition Halo
3 set. Senior Airman Anthony Gonzalez (left), 325th Maintenance Group, won second place receiving a limited edition Halo 3
disc. Cameron Perdomo (right), 14, won third place and received a regular edition Halo 3 disc. There were 19 competitors.

Commander's Commentary: The three "T's" to become a successful AF leader

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