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Title: Live & life in Palmas
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Publication Date: 04-2013
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EDITORS CORNER L issette R osado, Editor live.lifeinpalmas@gmail.com S tay connected! Asian Cuisine TAKE OUT & DELIVERY AVAILABLE FROM 5 PM TO 9 PM Happy Mothers Day Every night! Buy 2 Rolls, get 1 California Roll FREE This edition is dedicated to our school, The Palmas Academy, a school that makes us all proud. As a community we have the privilege to have a school on our premises which permits our students to live out their academic years in a very protected and safe envi ronment. We are a community fully committed to their development as students and as human beings. The combination of an excellent education and a healthy environment is the perfect formula for a successful human being and Palmas has produced many of them. In this edition you will nd some of their success stories. In this edition you will also nd full coverage of our Palmas Homeowners Week that was extraordinary. The photos of the coverage speak for themselves. Additionally, in this edition, we have coverage of the Copa Davis tennis tournament; an important international activity held in our PAC tennis facilities that attracted hundreds of people to Palmas. This season we also had the PAC Cup Matches, already a Palmas tradition, and a golf tournament where our snowbirds competed against the local Puerto Ricans. Lots of fun! In golf we also had the Guys & Dolls annual tournament and for the rst time the Night Lite Golf tournament, golf tournament which. you guessed it was held during the night! The highlight of the season was the inauguration of the rst 500 feet of our Forest Boardwalk. If you havent seen it for yourself run to see it! It is magical. Send us your email to: live.lifeinpalmas@gmail.com


Editorial Collaborators Obed Borrero Dr. Ruben Chamorro Tony Maldonado Angel Daz WIlliam Brown Maggie Maqueda Graphic Design Sandra Rodrguez / Rosado & Morales (787)765-0890 Sales & Marketing Lissette Rosado / Silvia Morales (787)765-2190 / (787)562-6105 Carolina Dugarte-Aranguren (787)248-0588 Maribel de Varona 787-923-8426 Cover Photographer Jos Bobyn Location/Bistro Paris Assistant Editor Zenaida Sanjurjo Printing Model Offset Printing (MOP), Humacao (787)850-3000Live & Life in Palmas is a bi-monthly publication intended to reach the P almas community and its visitors with the purpose to inform and communicate. Y ou can send us your comments to live.lifeinpalmas@gmail.com or call 787-765-2190 Live & Life in Palmas is a co-production of Palmas del Mar Homeowners Association and Rosado & Morales, Inc. A ll rights reserved. R eproduction without permission is strictly prohibited. Palmas del Mar Homeowners Association 787-285-6425 PHA www.LLPalmas.comLissette Rosado, Editor lrosado@rosadomorales.com 787-562-6104 & LIVEIN PALMASLIFEFEBRUARY/MARCH 2013 VOL.6 NUM.3


Emilia is a 12-year-old 6th grade student at The Palmas Academy. Her mom, Alexandra Gonzlez, is a native from Puerto Rico and her dad, Michael Waddington, is from Pennsylvania. They lived in Georgia for 10 years, but every summer they would come to Puerto Rico to stay with their family. A trip to Puerto Rico was never complete without visiting El Yunque, where Emilia learned what a wonderful and magical place it was, said Alexandra. Emilia and her family moved to Palmas del Mar in the summer of 2011, and they have chosen to make this place their home. It is evident that Emilia has always been a lover of nature, and hopes to be able to help promote conservation and care of all our islands natural resources. On November 15, 2012, Emilia entered a contest and won rst place with the following essay about El Yunque rainforest and how to preserve it: The Yunque Rainforest is a place where one can be with nature. It is one of the marvels of the world. Within the forest you can nd many types of animals and plants that do not exist in any other part of the world. It is a place to relax and rest, but also a place to play and be with your Emilia receives the $150.00 prize from Pablo Cruz, Bosque Nacional de El Yunque Supervisor, Pedro Rios, Design er & Leader of El Yunque Ecosystem, Zo raida Rosa, Regional Mangage of Eastern National, (Asociacin Nacional de Inter pretacin), Dra. Sigrid Soto, The Palmas Academy Principal and Sr. Julio Osorio, Science and Math teacher of 6th grade. Nos especializamos en: No ests solo. Podemos ayudarte! BDE Ocina HQ 201, San Juan, PR dramariamangual@gmail.com www.go2collegenow.com 787.640.7248CollegeCounselingAndConsultingInc Emilias facination with El Yunque wins her a 1st placeEmilia Waddingtonfamily. In the Yunque forest, you can slide down huge waterfalls and you can swim in pools of water. Or, if you do not want to swim, you can simply sit on a rock or under a gigantic tree. You can go to the Yunque forest to meditate and be with God. It is a magical place that heals your spirit. To conserve the Yunque forest for the future, I would try to educate people and children about the importance of protecting the forests plants and animals. I would try to teach them the importance of not throwing trash around. I would also like for people to not be allowed to take cars or vehicles and walk instead. That way, they could better observe nature, and learn to respect it. 1st


CEL 787.649.6361. 787.645.1628 Anchors Village, 110, Harbour Dr. Suite #6 Palmas del Mar, Humacao, PR 00791 Ninoska Bonnelly Mari Surezninoska50@gmail.com mari2145@gmail.com Medicina general y ciruja menor con cuidado primario y preventivo Tel 787.285.6600 rivasdebritomd@yahoo.com Jadeyra-Rivas, MD J R Horario: lunes, miercoles, jueves y viernes de 2-6pm, por cita Carr.#3 Km 85.6, Plaza del Mar, Bo. Candelero Arriba, HumacaoACEPTAMOS: MCS, TRIPLE S, MAPRE, AMERICAN HEALTH CARE, HUMANA ADVANTAGE, FIRST PLUS, MEDICARE DRA. ANNELISSE FIGUEROAESPECIALISTA EN ORTO D ONCIABRACES WITH... 787.852.1550orthofig@hotmail.com Horario de ocina: lunes a viernes de 8:00 a 5:00 PM Se aceptan planes mdicos con cubierta de ortodoncia.


Tel 787.523.3131 Cel 787.607.0907Vistanos en www.greenwindowspr.com PUERTAS VENTANAS PUERTAS DE GARAGE PUERTAS DE BAO BARANDAS Hogar Cuna San Cristobal Congratutalion to our Palmas Mosaic group On February 20th, Hogar Cuna San Cristobal, a home of children for adoption in Caguas, had its opening ceremony. On display during the opening were three mosaic trees designed and created by members of Palmas Mosaic Arts. The girls bathroom has a 9 1/2 foot tree surrounded by butteries and in the boys bathroom there is a similar tree surrounded by birds and reptiles. The entryway houses a 10 foot donor tree which was specially designed to thank all the sponsors who so generously made the new Hogar Cuna possible. On this tree there are plaques placed over the leaves with each sponsors name and the dove of peace ies over the tree with the banner reading Tree of Gratitude. Palmas Mosaic Arts is a non prot, 100% volunteer group, the following members participated in the creation and installation of the mosaic trees: Linda Vizcarrondo, Brenda Montanile, Jeannette Schuck, Ani Fernandez, Darlene Bajandas, Liza Castillo, Diane Frazier, Yvonne Marques and Diane Clouser. This project would not have been possible without the donation of tiles from IMPEC and the space to create donated by Daniel Vasse.


hematologyoncologycenter@yahoo.com www.hematologyoncologycenter.netHORARIO lunes a viernes 6:00am a 3:00pm por cita previaCentro de Quimoterapia Ambulatoria y Servicios de InfusinPorque usted es muy importante para nosotrosHEMATOLOGY ONCOLOGY CENTERDr. Graciany Miranda Tristani Board Certied Internal MedicineHematlogo /Onclogo Aceptamos la mayora de los planes mdicos incluyendo Plan Mi Salud (Reforma) Calle Dufresne #7 (este) Primer Piso, Humacao, PR, 00791TEL/FAX HUMACAOCarr. # 3,Triumph Plaza Lote # 6 656-0002YA B UCOA PL A Z ACarr. 901 Km. 13.5 (Frente a la Urb. Valles de Yabucoa) 953-0000 NAGUA B O CARR. 31 KM. 3.7 (F rente Ferr. Cario ) TE L 465-0032 URB. VAL EN C IA, SAL IDA A N AG U ABO TE L 734-1650 AV E. MUOZ M ARN TE L 263-8664 CARR. # 1 KM. 33.3 M ARGINAL BAIROA, CEN T RO I ND US T RIAL A NGORA PAR K TE L 653-1553 AVE. PIEIRO (frente al Correo) T E L. 733-0959 CARR. 189 ( F REN T E URB. JARDINES DE GU RABO) TE L 687-0959 CARR # 3 BO GU ZMAN A BA J O AL L ADO DE L P ARQ UE DE P E L O T A OV IDIO D E JESS TE L 787-6570779


It Takes a Village: And Other Lessons Children Teach Us is a book published in 1996 by the First Lady of the United States, Hillary Rodham Clinton. The books title is attributed to an Af rican proverb: It takes a village to raise a child. The saying and its attribution as an African proverb were in circulation long before Clinton adopted it as the source for the title of her book. In this book, Clinton presents her vision for the children of USA. She focuses on the impact individuals and groups outside the family have, for better or worse, on a childs well-being, and advocates for society which meets all of a childs needs. This title came to my mind when I realized after living in Palmas for many years, how you come to know many of the chil dren, their parents and eventually look over them as if they were your own. Many times I have caught myself calling the attention to my friends children and in one occasion, I decided to call a father (friend of mine) to warn him about something I saw his daughter doing that could represent a possible serious problem. I confess that I was afraid that I was going to loose a friend, because in many occasions parents prefer not to see the problem because it means they have to address the problem. I took the risk and thank God, he was very receptive and appreciated my call. Maybe I saved a life or truncated future. This is part of what happens in Palmas. We are a small community, almost a small town where we look for each other and our community. Taking this concept a little further, one day I realized how many of us live here close to our sisters, brothers or some lucky ones, their parents. This takes us back to the good old days where families lived close, where kids grew up close to their cousins, aunts and uncles and their grandparents. This is a privilege and another one of our many blessings because family is one of the primary institutions in our society and in other Latin American countries this includes our close friends and neighbors. In Palmas we nd so many brothers and sisters that either lives here permanently or come during the weekends. In my case it was my brother that rst bought a property in Palmas, later came my sister Glenda, then Ginnette and eventually me. Ginnette comes every weekend religiously. Glenda and I live here permanently. My brother sold his villa but one day he will be back. And my sister, who lives in the States, always says that the day she returns to Puerto Rico it would be to move to Palmas. Its great to know that some Palmeos even have their parents living in Palmas, those are the most fortunate. Here are some of the many families that live in Palmas the good old fashioned way. I am sure they are many more. If you are one of them send me an email and maybe we can do a follow-up article. Tere, Mami (Doa Carmencita) Carmencita & Mari Standing up: Pepi, Carli y Jorge The Bajandas: Dr. Amed Bajanda, Doa Lucy and Judith; Chegui and Darlene; Hector and Maryanne Amed and Rose The Torrellas clan: Sylmarie, Ana Cecilia (the child), Pedro, Luis Carlos Sr., Fina, Luis Carlos Jr. Luis Carlitos, Marimer, Jose Ig nacio and Rafa The Muz Clan: Nando and Erika, Didibelle and Agustn, Cuquito and Didi Muz, and Maribelle and Juanjo The Pinkis (the Rosado clan): Glenda, Ginnette and myself


The Ortegas clan: Mati, Eugenio (Candela), Ochi and Fernando Ortega rf rrrntSeated: the parents: Dr. Ruddy Oquendo & Carmen Ramos de Oquendo from left to right standing up: Javier Castillo Oquendo, Carmen Alexia Oqu endo, Lorena Guzmn Oquen do, Stephan Bianco Oquendo, Sofa Guzmn Oquendo, Car men Waleska Oquendo, Alexia Castillo Oquendo On the back: Javier Castillo, Dr. Manuel Guz mn y Dra. Carmen Vanessa Oquendo, husband and wife who has their medical practice with Dr. Ruddy Oquendo, the family patriarch. The big grand childrens: Javito y Alexita The Flores clan: Paquito, Mueca, Don Francisco Flores Falero y Doa Juanita Roldan Medina, Dulce y Jos Maypi, Mayra & Maricarmen Rodriguez with their mother Dalia Julbe Rosa & Reina Hernndez, sisters, with their husbands, Hector Flores and Pedro Rivera. And now Rosas son, Alberto and his wife Mely. Marie Beatriz Archilla and Mara Fernanda The Solers: Kino, Jos, Joaqun Soler, Jorge, Kike. The Apontes clan: Carlos Gabriel Gaby; Carlos Miguel Charlie ;Julia Vega, mother of the Carlos; Lic. Carlos Aponte Nieves; Carlos Luis Caui and Carlos Jos. br r r r Nector Robles Jr. with his daughter, father and mother: Nector Robles and Irma.


NEW PHA PRESIDENT Servando Daz has been elected as the recipient of the 2013 John Wallace Award. The announcement was made by Daniel Vasse, the 2012 Wallace Award winner, at the PHA Annual Meeting. In making the announcement and presentation of the award, Daniel said: John Wallace represented the true meaning of community service and if he were here today he would stand tall and salute our selectee and honor him along with us. Servando has set an incredible path of accomplishments through his involvement that sets him apart from our population. His dedication toward making Palmas del Mar a better place for its residents and an enjoyable experience for its visitors is exactly the model for which the John Wallace Award was instituted. Among Servandos multiple achievements, Daniel underscored his leadership efforts in the rescue of the amenities of Palmas when they fell in trouble and for being a prime force behind the creation and success of the Palmas Athletic Club (PAC). What he has done with the PAC is just one example that surpasses anything any of us have done in the past, added Daniel. The John Wallace Award was instituted in 1991 by the Palmas del Mar Homeowners Association to honor the memory of John Wallace, a long-time resident of Palmas del Mar whose dedication and commitment to community service became legendary. Previous Wallace Award winners include Hector Lavergne, Barbara Lupica, Jose Puig, Larry Perry, Ivonne Cruz, Raul Rivera, Loyda Sanchez, Gabriel Espasas, Luis Lomba, Tony Maldonado and Daniel Vasse.Servando Diaz wins Wallace A wardRita Molinelli has been elected by the PHA Board of Directors as President of Palmas del Mar Homeowners Association replacing Servando Daz whose term came to an end at the conclusion of the 2013 Annual Meeting. Rita has been a property owner and resident of Palmas del Mar for nearly 25 years. She has been a member of the PHA Board of Directors since April 2007, is a PHA Delegate, is the President of Crescent Beach, Beach Village I and Beach Village II homeowners associations and is a member of several PHA Committees. Also, before her current tenure as a member of the Board, Rita previously served as a Director of the PHA Board another six years and has held the positions of Secretary and VicePresident of the Board. In accepting the presidency of the Palmas del Mar Homeowners Association, Rita expressed her intentions to continue to work very hard toward enhancing the property values and the quality of life of the Palmas community and insuring the success of the Palmas Athletic Club (PAC) as one of the main pillars that sustain the community of Palmas del Mar. One of the critical objectives of my presidency will be to position PHA as the prime mover and catalyst for Palmas to become the place of choice for tourism, development and property acquisition. This objective clearly supports our mission of protecting and enhancing our property values and improving the quality of life of the entire community and all of its components. This vision requires sound strategic planning to tie all the key elements of our community to insure we are headed toward the common goals and objectives that will support this vision. One of the key elements and one of the pillars that sustains our community is the Palmas Athletic Club and all of us need to do its part to insure its continuing success. I am counting on the support of the entire community to achieve these objectives, said Rita.


A major step in our Forest project was taken on M arch 16, 2013 when the rst 500 feet of the Forest boardwalk were inaugurated. O ver 1,000 people attended the inaugural familyday event which underscored the commitment of this community toward the restoration and preservation of one of the most precious jewels with which M other N ature blessed the island of P uerto R ico. V isitors had the opportunity to experience rst-hand what this project is all about and to get a clear vision about what this major amenity will look like in a not toodistant future. The Forest is now open to visitors. Y our donations toward making this project a complete reality are very much needed. Send your contribution checks to the P H A Forest Fund, PO Box 9027, Humacao, PR 00792. Y ou may also stop by P H A and use a debit card or call P H A at 787-285-6425 and use a credit card for your donations. FOREST FUND DONATION CATEGORIES & DONORS AS OF MARCH 25, 2013MAGA ($0-$50) Angel Rodriguez Fred Austin Carmen Del Valle Ivonne Cruz Mark Cassidy Dra. Crikay Rivera Jos R. Naguake Gerald Horowitz Ruben & Marta De Quesada Andrea Cabrer Ken Williams Aixa Olazagasti Richard Palop Marina Cabrer Rafael & Olga Sanabria ROBLE ($51-$175) Alberto Escoto Jose A. Morales Mara Greene Fred Martnez Hctor Ortiz Coln Eugenio Chinea & Ginnette Rosado Raymond Emmert Maria E. Surez Eva Candelario Edd Siler Samuel Bloomberg Lina Kalinich Gerardo Vicns Jaime Morgan Nancy R. Schwartz Miguel Nazario Dr. Thomas A. Diliberto Mariana & Jason Searl Nicholas Trogan Edwin Santana/Ana Blanes Jose & Maria Bacardi William Compagnone Mr. & Mrs. Otto Riefkohl Jos Torres Eduardo & Fanny Maz Mr. & Mrs. Kleinknecht Jerry OConnor Josean Terrn Thomas J. King Guillermo J. Ruiz Graciela Roig & Feliz Villafae Fiodore Harrington Soa & Peter Weistmeyer Rosalyn Targa Rafael Lpez Angel J. Rodrguez Targa Mariano y Gloria Rocafort Donald J. Guli Javier Maldonado CEIBA ($500-$999) Allen Meek Robert Handschuh Palmas Hill Partners Michael Wertz Asoc. Res. Villa Franca Samuel Jov Frank Torres David Frazier Reynaldo Encarnacin Julio Bagu Arthur Dellheim Jeff White Myrna Ramos & Harry Jimnez John Orta Jos & Graciela Cacho Ruddy Oquendo Jos Fullana Enrique Cortes Ivette & Rafael Vicens Josena Ramirez de Arellano Francisco Cestero Encantos Fine Cuisine Mercedes Mestre Roberto & Astrid Perez Victor Nieto Tomas & Carmen Jimenez Jose R. Nassar & Gina Iuliani Reynerio & Isabel Prez Roberto Marchan Romeos PTEROCARPUS ($1,000 AND UP) Grace Gigante Antonio Maldonado Gordon MacDonald James Cohen Jon S. Brightman Jeff Smith Mary Jo & Gabriel Espasas Larry & Jean Perry Ralphs Supermaket Manuel/Ana Morales Pablo Lpez, MD Jos Nassar, MD Peter Palermo Ricardo De Varona Rodolfo Acevedo Tom Dyal David Oschman Gary Verplank Six Cs Corp David Chafey Fairlakes Village Cond. Angel Santana Joan Novogradac Ruth & Joel Spira Ranger American Antonio Ginorio Jeff & Lynn Smith Jose Beauchamp & Lissette Rosado Anthony & Mary Ann DeSantis Walter & Lorraine Cervoni Wyndham Garden Hotel Mark De Santis Manuel Pea Target David and Kathleen Weeks Lucas & Gabriela Lawson Rancho Buena Vista Gerri Blomberg William & Holly Hall NEW CATEGORIES UCAR ($3,501 $7,500) Ana Mendez Enid Ortiz Richard VIOLETA ($7,501 $10,000) Empresas Santana Rene Pinto Lugo TABONUCO ($10,000 $15,500) Jorge & Cheryl Lezcano CUPEY ($15,001 $25,000) PALMA REAL ($25,001 UPForest updateAUSUBO ($176-$250) Carmen Castro Carlos J. Homs Shell Castle Assoc. Jose O. Morales Ricardo Collazo Bernard Van Goethem Thomas Whipple Crescent Cove Club Victor Kelly Pedro Bonachea Glenn & Bonnie Weinstein Gustavo Hermida Amarilis & Allen Childress Paul & Gaby Sledzik Barbara & William Geider GUAYACN ($251-$499) Miguel Santiago Jeff White Jorge Manrique Eric Grafals Carlos Garca Rafael Mndez Angel Muntaner Jos Vlez Jeffrey Fraser Frank Earle Benjamn Quiones Earline & Curtis Troeger Amarilis & Allen Childress Vincent & Denise Degiaimo Arnaldo Coln Berlingeri Alida & Humberto Cordero Luis R. Ortiz Segura & Irma Lopez Didi & Cuquito Muz Jeffrey & Cynthia Fraser Servando Daz Wyndham Hotel donated $2,500 for our Pterocarpus Forest project as part of their New Years Eve party prots. Thanks again to the Wyndham and the Santana family for their com mitment with our community.


www.LLPalmas.com 1 IN PALMASLIVE &LIFE FEBRUARY/MARCH 2013 VOL. 6 NUM.2 PHAPALMAS DEL MAR HOMEOWNERS ASSOCIATION MAGAZINE LECHON CLASSIC TOURNAMENTGOLF Palmas del Mar Homeowners Association (PHA) recognizes and congratulates Lissette Rosado for the remarkable success of her Live & Life Magazine which celebrates its 5th anniversary. This collaborative initiative between PHA and Lissette has served to bring the Palmas del Mar community closer than ever and to establish its own identity and trademark. We also thank Silvia Morales and Sandra Rodrguez who collaborate with Lissette in the production of the magazine for their high quality efforts. No one does it better !!! Luis Ortiz Segura from The Woods has been elected as the representative from District Four (Villa Franca, Palmas Reales, Flamboyan Green, Palmas Plantation, Costa V erde and The Woods) at the PHA Board of Directors. Luis replaced Servando Daz from Costa V erde who completed his second term as Director at the PHA Board. Luis is a long-time Palmas resident who has been active as a PHA Delegate, as President of The Woods Association and on several PHA Committees. Welcome aboard! Landscaping upgradesI hope you have noticed the major landscaping upgrades being installed by PHA along the Palmas Inn Way and in other locations throughout Palmas del Mar. It shows that Palmas is well, thriving and on the move. These community improvements will continue in other areas throughout the year as a PHA investment toward the enhancement of our property values and our quality of life.New PHA Director: Luis Ortiz SeguraLIVE & LIFE 5th anniversary


Several security ofcers, P H A staff personnel and members of the community were recognized at the P H A A nnual M eeting held on A pril 6, 2013 for their outstanding performance and community involvement. The following security ofcers were given recognition plaques and cash awards by the P resident of P H A Servando Diaz, and the P resident of R anger A merican, Juan Bravo III for their signicant contribution in controlling the incidence of criminal activity within the community of P almas del M ar: Zulma Gerena Access Control Ofcer of the Year Luis Cruz & Luis Morales Patrol Ofcers of the Year Arlene Melendez Dispatch Ofcer of the Year Carlos Rivera Tactical Ofcer of the YearThe P H A Board of Directors gave a special recognition to two members of the P H A staff who distinguished themselves through outstanding performance: Roberto Martinez P H A handyman who was responsible for the supervising and leading the crew who assembled and installed the Forest Boardwalk. Sgt. Julio Solis Supervisor of the Year The P H A A ssembly recognized Obed Borrero for his signicant and multiple contributions to the community and for successfully coordinating the P H A Channel 77 programming and operations. Daisy Diaz P H A Executive A ssistant and community activities coordinator for the superb manner in which she has coordinated all major P H A events and activities including the successful P H A Saturday N ight M ovie. Special Annual PHA Domino Night HOMEOWNERS WEEK PHA Domino Tournament Results Champions: Heriberto Silva & Luis Gmez Sub-Champions: Carlos Garca & Joaqun Cruz A lso, the A ssembly gave a surprise recognition to Lissette Rosado Editor of the P H A L ive & L ife M aga zine in the form of two awards. The rst award was a special plaque commemorating L & L M agazine 5th year anniversary and recognizing L issette's signicant accomplish ment in creating and succeeding in this superb community communications tool. The second award, which came also as a total surprise, was a specially designed front cover page of the L & L M agazine featuring and dedicated to L issette in recognition of her remarkable achievement.


of a little princess Baptism...


On a beautiful spring morning, Cristina Emilia Bonnelly was baptized surrounded by family and good friends. As you all can imag ine, the grandparents, Ninoska and Frank Bonnelly, were joyful and proud to be able to share such an important moment in the Sagrada Familia Church lled with their friends and family. The reception took place at Le Salon Rouge and Tapas terrac es with an exquisite lunch and hors doeuvres. It was a beautiful afternoon! As you can see from the photos, the little Cristina looked like an authentic princess and her proud Godmother and aunt, like a real countess. God bless Cristina Emilia! of a little princess Cristina P A L M A N O V A P L A Z AT E L. 7 8 7 8 5 0 2 6 9 3Burritos Two for TuesdaysBUY ONE AND GET ONE FREEOF THE SAME PRICE OR LESS TAKE OUT DOES NOT APPLY FOR THIS OFFER EVERY TUESDAY FROM 7PM TO 9PM OPEN 8 DAYSMON, TUES, WED, THURS 4PM 11PM FRI 4PM 2AM, SAT 12PM 2AM SUN 12PM TO 11PMThirsty Thursdays Our Famous Margaritas 2 X 1 FROM 7PM TO 9PMLOOK FOR US ON FACEBOOK CHIHUAHUA TEX MEX CANTINATEX MEX cantinaC H I H U A H U A P A L M A SHappy Hour :-) Medalla 12oz 2 x $3Wednesdays 5pm to 8pm SPRING IS BACK! Frankie Bonnelly and his wife Jessica Adams with their little princess, Cristina Emilia.


looking good! Floristeria carr.#3 Catao de Humacao a Yabucoa Humacao, P.R. Open 7 Days 787.850.9900 787.364.0205-Mueca www.oristeriacalapr.com I loveyou!


P ALMAS R E AL E S TATE Its not a secret that much like in the mainland USA, real estate in Puerto Rico has gone through a very tough period during the last few years. Palmas was not an exception in this situation and as many of you know some of the projects were caught in the middle of the crisis and faced some struggles. But... as many things in Palmas, problems are addressed and solutions and founds. Negotiations between the Palmas Homeowners Associations, banks and developers were pursued and a turn-around of the situation was achieved and the results have been very positive and the future appears very optimistic. During the last two years approximately 300 properties have been sold in Palmas and out of those 100 were new residential units in developments an inventory that temporarily stymied by the economic looking good!In the last two years 300 properties have been sold in Palmas. Of those properties sold, 100 were from new developments, an inventory that was totally stagnated.situation. A good example of this positive turn-around is the Plaza del Mar project that has been sold out and other projects such as Villa Franca II, Aquabella, The Views and Palmanova Village are experiencing great success. Initiatives are being pursued in other projects and the near future bodes well. These sales are good news, not only for Palmas, but also for Humacao and the whole the Eastern Puerto Rico region. This investments turn into municipal income through CRIM, in more jobs and more consumption for the local business. People continue to make Palmas del Mar their place of choice to own property, to live permanently, to have fun and to raise a family. Our quality of life, security, amenities, diversity of activities and entertainment is second to none in Puerto Rico, key elements that provide people with the peace of mind that we seek while adding value to your property. Palmas is vital for Humacao Its important for you to know that Palmas is one of the biggest employers in the area. Palmas generates more than 1,550 direct jobs and more than 4,000 indirect jobs, mostly in Humacao and vicinity. Additionally, just think of hundreds of the other services that come in-andout of Palmas on a daily basis as electricians, plumbers, painters, do mestic jobs, landscaping, exterminators, business service providers, boat fuel ser vices, etcetera. Thats why the progress of Palmas del Mar s is important not only for the Palmeos but for Humacao and Puerto Rico in general.


Valentines at Chez Daniel




As part of the Meet the Artist series of activities at Sonia Sanz, we met ce ramic artist, Rita Toro and her ceramic collection that included beautiful vases and other table pieces as well as unique ceramic jewelry. Fresh and very earth ly colors stand out in her artwork. And of course, we tried on all of the store clothes, shoes and accessories. I think the next activity should be, be a model for one day. It was a fun afternoon, as you can see in the photos. Very girly and enjoyable. Thanks to Sonia! Stay in tune for the next one. Meet the Artistat Sonia Sanz


Picture your body perfect 295 Palmas Inn Way, Suite 135 Palmanova Plaza, Palmas del Mar Humacao. For appointment call 787.719.5707 Lissette Bouret, MDFor Appointments call 787-719-5707 Preventive Care Urgent Care Flu Shots Physical Exams PAP PrescriptionsUnwanted Hair... Gone Forever!Laser technologywith the worlds leading FACE Upper Lip Chin Sides of Face Full Face Ears Mans Beard Neck Back of NeckUPPER TORSOShoulders Under arms Forearms Upper arm Full arm Hand & Fingers Chest Areola Abdomen Strip Upper Back Lower Back Full Back Back w ShouldersLOWER EXTREMITYBikini Line Extended Bikini Brazilian Buttocks Lower Leg Upper Leg Full Leg Feet & Toes Board Certified Family Physician Beauty by Bouret abril/mayo 2013.indd 1 3/31/13 2:39 PM


Sundays thru Thursdays from 6:30ampm Fridays & Saturdays until 12 midnight Wyndham Garden Hotel at Palmas del Mar, Humacao Breakfast all day! oatmeal and much more! Frozen Coffee Farewell to see you next year!




On February 1-3, 2013, here at Palmas Club Tennis Center, PAC hosted a Group 2 Davis Cup encounter between Puerto Rico and Mexico. Mexico won both sin gles matches and the one doubles match. On the last day which was Sunday. Two singles were played but the format was 2 of 3 sets instead of the Davis Cup format of 3 of 5 sets. The only point Puerto Rico won was a singles match on the nal day. 17 year old Puerto Rico Tennis Stand out Christian Garay defeated Mexico No. 1 Junior player Lu cas Gomez 6-3, 6-4. Mexico moves on to the semi-nals to play El Salvador and Puerto Rico will visit Bahamas in April to decide what team remains in group 2 and which team is delegated to Group 3. Mexico Team in cluded Daniel Garza, Miguel Angel Reyes Varela and Santiago Gonzales along with Lucas Go mez. Puerto Rico team was Alex Llompart, 17 year old Edgar Ruben Diaz, Gilberto Alvarez and Christian Garay. Practice squad players for Puerto Rico three 17 year old tennis players are Jamie Vega, Jorge Ortiz and Jordi Bodl. Davis Cup by BNP Paribas MEXICO defeats PUERTO RICO 4-1 salonalentoTpresenta:Keratherapy de DioraNuestra modelo Carmen Sidler tuvo retoque de color con Cover Fusion de Redken acentuado con highlights en color madera en toda la cabellera para darle ms claridad. El look de Carmen es veraniego y de fcil mantenimiento gracias al tratamiento anti-frezze Keratherapy de Diora que adems le imparte un brillo natural al cabello. Tratamiento y color por Dalmarys (Lul) De Len. Carr. #3 K 8.5 (half mille of the Deli & Fa. Candelero, four entrance to your left) Opens daily 8:30 to 6:00 pm Mondays 8:30 to 5:00 pm


Davis Cup by BNP Paribas MEXICO defeats PUERTO RICO 4-1


One of the key ingredients of the Davis Cup event held in Palmas Tennis club was the participation of a special group called the BALLBOYS. This group was a selection of kids and juniors from the PTF Tennis Program at Palmas. The Ballboys Team, directed by tennis professional Angel Diaz, was composed of 17 kids between the ages of 8-15 and were members of Palmas Athletic Club. Sharp and motivated, were the words chosen by ITF supervisor to describe this amazing group. The tournaments referee said that he was surprised by how good and efcient were all the Ballboys despite their young age. Being a Ballboy is a not easy. It is a big responsibility and requires quickness and awareness on the court. Plus, they have to resist temperatures over 100 degrees Fahrenheit during matches. For that, Angel Diaz trained the Ballboys for approximately 6 hours, drilling them and performing on court training. At the end of the day, Puerto Rico is proud of the passionate performance of our Ballboys. Congratulations to The Palmas Ballboys!!!!!! And to Angel for such a good job. Palmas does it better! The Palmas BALLBOYS areth be!


Domino8.5x5.5.pdf 1 9/17/12 6:37 PM


Broker/Owners: Frank Bonnelly (Lic. #3838) & Berta Bull (Lic. #2925) A TRADITION OF EXCELLENCE providing a unique level of service to buyers and renters. Frank Bonnelly & Berta Bull serving the Palmas Community since 1988. FRESH DAILY S PE CIA LS! Always the best taste! Certified Angus Beef Best Rice and Beans in town Brochettes Puerto Rican DelicaciesDinner starting at 6pm Closed on S undays (787)852-7173E xcellent quality at reasonable prices. PALMANO V A PLAZA PA LMAS DE L MA R


787.785.5757 ext. 1404 1405www.cadillacuniform.com tusolucion@cadillacuniform.com uniformes mdicos cuidado del paciente batas de mamografa batas de paciente bolsas de laundry sbanas termales underpads sbanas de beb mantelera y ropa de cama alfombras productos desechables Estamos en todas partesOfrecemos servicos de: Cadillac Healthcare services 45 aos de servicio Kitchen Hours 5pm-10pm Wednesday and Thursday 5pm -11pm Friday and Saturday (Bar until 1:30am) 5pm 10pm Sunday *Bar menu one extra hour Chef Specials Daily Presents...Chef Mayra Alejandra Hernndez, graduate from the Escuela Hotelera de San Juan with vast experience in some of the most prestigious restaurants of Puerto Rico. Her cuisine is a delicious blend of Puerto Rican avors with an international gourmet twist. Visit C Bar and try our new menu!787.852.5600 787.236.7682101 Palmanova Plaza, Palmas del Mar, Humacao, PR


Mary Poppins, what a great play! The Palmas Academy never fails to showcase the outstanding talent their students have in store. It was a great night in between the hard work and dedication and the small complications that the drama department faced during the performance. Not only did the audience enjoy the spectacu lar show, but the cast themselves did as well by sharing their artistic abilities and creativity with whomever they could. In the words of one of the actors, Jonathan Mndez who played Mr. Banks: Although we had hardships, difculties, and obstacles in the building of our play, nothing surpasses that feeling of invincibility that I get when I go out on stage. The Palmas Academy players strive year after year to give our community a little piece of our hearts. Mary Poppins shows the love and passion that we all share for theater. The Palmas Academy is very proud of its students and their progress to always give their best and strive for the best. Unlike Jonathan, there are new members in The Palmas Acade mys family who, for the very rst time, performed in a school play. One would be Isabelle Morales who starred as the wife of Jonathans character, Mrs. Banks and she stated: Mary Poppins was my rst play and honestly, I was surprised to even get a part but it opened my eyes completely to another world and I absolutely loved it. Best experience of the year! Surely the school is very proud of not only Isabelle and her outstanding performance, but also of all the other students that took part in the play and did their absolute best. It is understood that these students gave their best and hoped that everything went well, which it did, and not only the school but the community enjoyed the performances very much. Also, not only did they work very hard for the amazing show, theyd like to thank the Art Department for their hard work and long hours of nonstop labor in order to get everything done from the set to the props. One things for sure, all that hard work nally paid off and it was all a success that everyone who had a part in it should be proud of. Wed like to congratulate the lovely Karimar Prez for her outstanding job in her rst play in this school. She stated: Mary Poppins was my rst play as a Drama teacher and director at The Palmas Academy. I want to thank all teachers, faculty members, students, and parents that worked hard to make this possible. Palmas community, thanks for your unconditional support to the Drama Department! I think we can all agree that she did a very good job and certainly left us eager for more. All that is left to say is that we denitely cant wait until the next play because we know its going to be a good one.


Telas y materiales para renovar, tapizar y decorar Ms de 1,000 bellas telas en stock para hacer realidad su proyecto de cambio y renovacin. Materiales de 1ra calidad para tapizar y restaurar todo tipo de muebles del hogar, terraza, restaurant, ocina, negocio, autos, botes y cortinas. Lunes a Sbado 8am a 5pm *Vega Baja Sab. 8am 12m San Juan (787)783-8565 Bayamon (787)785-5823 Caguas (787)744-5680 Carolina (787)768-3700 Ponce (787)841-8206 Mayagez (787)831-7380 Vega Baja (787)855-5848*


P a in t in g work shopat Beach Club The Contemporary Impressionist Caroline Jasper was the invited artist for a special workshop at the Beach Club. My paintings are always about the light, says Caroline, it can dramatize the most ordinary places. Red is her trademark. Each of her colorful landscapes and water scenes begins on red ground that serves to invigorate visual interaction against loosely applied color marks. Author of Powercolor-Master Color Concepts for All Me dia (2005, Watson-Guptill Publication), Jasper also contrib uted to North Light Publishers book by Sean Dye, Painting with Water-Soluble Oils. She has also been featured in peri odicals such as Focus Santa Fe, North Light Magazine, The Artists Magazine, Decor, and American Artist Magazine, in cluding her article, I See Red in the November 2002 issue. While in Puerto Rico for her workshop at Palmas del Mar, Caroline was privileged to visit The Palmas Academy. She got a peek at their impressive elementary and secondary art pro grams and met with art teacher Janet Schuck. As a former high school art teacher I know theres never enough budget for all that you want for your students. I was pleased to donate my books, DVDs and some painting mate rials for the young artists at The Palmas Academy, said Car oline.


PALMAS ACADEMYSuccess isnt easy, and it comes with great effort. For twenty years, The Palmas Academy has been a witness to that. It has taken the hard work, endeavor, and dedication of a community of caring members to get to where they are today. Every decision, every action, and every idea applied in the last two decades has taught us useful lessons for the future. Every success and challenge of each of our students is felt deeply in our hearts, the growth of our students throughout the twelve years of their academic career here has made their school experiences a personal one, and we have been very attentive of it. We dont have just students, we have an extended family. As a big family, we are to grow together, side-by-side, rain or shine, said proudly Maggie C. Maqueda, Assistant Head of School. Getting to where Palmas Academy is has been a long, arduous process lled with smiles, tears, and sweat. It is the joint efforts of the faculty, administration, and parents that have lead the students and school to where they are today. The Secret of their Success We have a very dedicated staff and faculty members who truly enjoy helping our students grow and learn. Because our education goes beyond the four walls of a classroom, we know were preparing our students for a career, and for life. Our faculty members give the extra mile for their students; they are very dedicated to their success and happiness, surpassing any challenge to achieve this, stated Dr. Lidia V erson, Head of School. Rebecca Rivera, School Counselor added that Palmas Academy curriculum is very rich, responding to the needs of this new millennium. Our strong education begins from the very early grades, building up steadily throughout the twelve years. Our students enjoy math and science as much as they enjoy language arts and social studies. Our classes are very interactive and dynamic, as we have successfully adapted to the technological era we live in. Students are constantly challenged in class with the material, but they also experience a signicant growth: they are taught to be independent thinkers, action-takers, and integral human beings, she said. At the same time, Palmas Academy unique, well-rounded education is an exemplary model that focuses in academics, as well as their integrative emotional, social, and physical development. As it is known, students who participate and strive in various disciplines and activities are more likely to be successful adults in the future. This is why the school offers challenging electives, such as: AP Biology, Anatomy, Calculus, AP Art History, AP English, AP Spanish, Psychology, Drama, Music, and Art. The


President, National Honor Society Winner of the Community Service Award Actress in several plays, including Mary Poppins (2013) Drama Club Environmental Club Liga de Oratoria San Juan Drama Club Savvy Theater Works Jvenes sobre las tablas Runner Up, Poetry Out Loud 2012 State competitionCamila Prez What I will take from this school is the unity of my classmates. I have been with them for 12 years of my life, and we are like brothers and sisters. I know that even though we are heading in several different paths, Ill always have them to count on. Alfonso Cruz Alfonso is one of the most extraordinary students at The Palmas Academy. His leadership, intelligence, and team work skills are outstanding. He is a 2013 Premios ENDE candidate. Dont let his calm and collected style fool you, he has several awards and recognitions under his belt!


Palmas Academy also has ongoing educational campaigns focused on leadership, positive values, teamwork, social awareness, and friendship. As part of their social awareness plan, their students have the opportunity to visit several countries across the globe, appreciate other cultures and social situations different from theirs. This gives them a thorough understanding of the cultural diversity they are a part of. As the new school counselor, Ms. Rebecca A. Rivera, has pointed out: Top academic institutions are sifting through hundreds of applications looking for well-rounded students who will contribute to their university and their community, regardless of their areas of study. A 4.0 and a perfect SA T score is no longer enough, colleges are also looking for substancethe unique qualities of the student brings, his or her leadership and teamwork skills, and the potential contributions theyll make in the future.She explains. With this is mind, Palmas Academy has stepped ahead and provided their students with an excellent school environment for them to excel in their future. The wide-range of opportunities the school provides students to excel have worked to their benet, as it helps them move forward with ease and assertiveness. A TPA student is outstanding among others, just like their education. We admit it, our education can seem tough, but it prepares our students to move forward seamlessly assured Rivera. Monique Marie Hook Mariana and lvaro, 10th & 9th grade students respectively, were selected for the National Student Leadership Conference (NSLC) and we are very proud! There are several ways in which students are selected to participate in the NSLC. Teachers, counselors, and NSLC alumni nominate outstanding high school students from across the United States and around the world. In this case, both students were selected from one of several national talent identication surveys, including the College Board Student Search Service (PSA Ts) and the ACT EOS, as these students possess a strong academic record and have demonstrated leadership potential. Since 1989, The National Student Leadership Conference has been the premier provider of careerfocused leadership conferences. Tens of thousands of high school students from across the globe have come to the NSLC for an unparalleled opportunity to meet with and learn from world leaders, academic experts and their peers. Each program helps students develop their own leadership potential while exploring some of todays most exciting professions. (Source: www.nslcleaders.org)Mariana Cintrn & lvaro Agrel Throughout my years at The Palmas Academy I have learned so much in terms of helping others and being a positive role model. Overall, The Palmas Academy helped me develop into a well-rounded individual both in school and in my community. I will miss this school so much after I graduate, but I am grateful to have learned so much from TPAs exemplary and wise staff. I will never forget the The Palmas Academy.


It seems absurd to leave the place Ive called home for over ten years. I know that what Ive learned in TPA will push me through in my difculties, as Ill nd that no other institution can compare to our alma mater, our wishing well, and our true home, The Palmas Academy. A part of me still cant believe that Im leaving Palmas; it has been a home to me for so long. Im excited and nervous to leave, however, I know Palmas Academy has prepared me well and Im ready to take on the world and show people what TPA has to offer.Gustavo Brito Jonathan MndezJoana Ng


Jonathan Mndez Making their talents and skills shine. The Palmas Academy also serves as a blank slate for students to shape their school experience in ways that itll respond to their personal needs. Students can participate in a wide range of extracurricular activities, such as competitive sports, Drama, Music Band, Art, Engineering, Environmental, Spanish Forensics Club, Debate Club, Student Council, Junior National Honor Society and National Honor Society*, class activities, and the opportunity to start their own extracurricular activities, like the Big Brother/ Big Sister club, and the Red Cross Club, among others. On the other hand, The Palmas Academy is one of the few academic institutions in Puerto Rico that requires 100 hours of community service throughout high school as a requisite to graduate, a task that might seem hard to tackle, but we have Mrs. Jeanette Schuck to help them through as the community service coordinator. Our students have engaged with our local community in several activities: Beach cleanups, serving food to the homeless, hosting luncheons for domestic violence victims, spending the day with the elderly, serving as tutors for public school children, teaching sports and music to underprivileged children, participating in anti-bullying campaigns, participating in Race For The Cure, visiting our local Childrens Hospital, and much more, explained Rivera. Unquestionably we keep perfecting the formula, and the results have been very positive. Our students have been admitted to competitive high-ranking institutions, and were certain that theyre more than ready to tackle the upcoming challenge next semester. They strive in more than one area, making their talents and skills shine, she nished. O ur senior class students have worked hard all year working on their college applications, and it has brought them very positive results. The acceptance letters keep coming in and this list continues to expand: Boston U niversity, Clemson U niversity, Coe College, Colorado State U niversity, Columbia College Chicago, Cornell U niversity, City U niversity of N ew Y ork, Emerson College, Flagler College, Hampshire College, I thaca College, Johnson & Wales U niversity, L oyola U niversity-Chicago, N ortheastern U niversity, N ova Southeastern U niversity, P enn State U niversity, P onticia U niversidad Catlica P once, R ider U niversity, R ollins College, Savannah College of A rt & Design, South Carolina U niversity, St. Joseph U niversity, Suffolk U niversity, Syracuse U niversity, U niversidad I nteramericana, U niversidad del Sagrado Corazn, U niversity of California, U niversity of Central Florida, U niversity of Colorado, U niversity of Con necticut, U niversity of Florida, U niversity of M iami, U niversity of N ew Haven, U niversity of N ew O rleans, U niversity O f N orth Carolina, U niversidad de P uerto R ico M ayaguez, U niversity of San Francisco & U niversity of South Florida. Congratulations seniors! College Acceptances


Extended Day Program THE PALMA S A C A DE MYJust cant get enough? Theres more! The fun doesnt stop at 3:00 PM! The Palmas Academy comprehensive Extended Day Program offers students a variety of activities and courses to do after school. Our students can enjoy several activities each day of the week, and parents can plan them according to their scheduling needs. As we continue to strive for excellence in a well-rounded education, we keep enhancing our development, said Eugenio Vives, President of The Palmas Academy Board of Trustees. Growth is a dynamic process, and we are making sure were moving ahead.If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself. Lic. #3838


editors choice Reasons to have a home in Palmas de Mar, Puerto Rico? A master planned community bordering with Sandy Beach. A County club with 2 -championship 18 hole golf Courses. A Beach Club with restaurant, pools, fun themed area for children and relaxing areas to sport some sun and fun. A Tennis center one of the largest in the Caribbean. A M ega Y acht Club. A n English A cademy from preK to 12. A n Equestrian center, spas and most important a Way of life. This is just a small list of the wonderment of P almas del M ar, P uerto R ico a 2750 acre resort community A Destination. For more information call 787.850.4401 cpmrealty@aol.com Exquisitely designed ceramic tile oors, a beach front open terrace and 4 surrounding covered balconies. Separate whirlpool bath and shower stall at master bedroom. State-of -theart kitchen. Spacious laundry room with hookups. Garage with 2 stalls per apartment. Gym with modern exercise equipment. I nte rior doors and cabinets in mahogany. Just step out to the beach and 2 well appointed pools and jacuzzis. Walk to marina, shops & restaurants. furnished. Equipped and professionally decorated. I n moving condition. N ever occupied. A lso for lease $5,000 per month plus utilities. On of a kind luxurious complexPlaza del M ar Only two beach front buildings of 12 apartments each 3 units per oor from 3000 to 4500 sq.ft. PENTHOUSE3600 square feet 4 bedrooms 3.5 bathrooms family room on second level with powder room direct access to gym. Call Frank Bonnelly for appointments and sale price 787.632.2106 / 787.850.5800Lic. #3838


F e s t i v a l de Chiringasde Villa Franca


F e s t i v a l de Chiringasde Villa Franca P ROMO T E T O U R I SM AND A T T RAC T PROSPEC TIV E BU YERS to the resort through an effective mar keting effort in and outside puerto rico. Make use of different initiatives with the Department of Economic Development and Commerce, the Puerto Rico Tourism Company, legislature of Puer to Rico, and other associations like the Puerto Rico Hotel and Tourism Ass., and Chamber of Com merce, among others. SOL I D IFI CA TI ON AND G ROW T H of the Palmas Athletic Club. Huge effort with the community to join PAC, participate in its activities, feel proud of it and benet from incentives for the members. H ELP ALL BU S I NESSES so that they can offer quality and excellence in their products and services. O R G AN IZ E MEAN I N GFU L AND EFF EC TIV E com mittees for the benet of the diverse sectors of our commu nity: children and youngsters, young adults, middle age and golden age groups. E S T A B LISH PERMANEN T cultural, educational and social activities to integrate and enrich our community. in crease participation of our homeowners and make use of the outstanding talents, intelligence and creativity of so many of our homeowners. U TI L IZ E PHA S CHANNEL 77 to provide important information for Homeowners; for touristic, educational and cultural purposes. the channel should show palmas at its ut most splendor and show Puerto Ricos diverse cultural and entertainment offering. EMPHAS IZ E on security, protection and emergency mea sures and educate the community on these matters. C REA T E AWARENESS on the environmental issues that we face and the natural privileges we enjoy. THE PT EROCARP US FORES T is our most wonderful possession. it will be a magical place for the observation and enjoyment of nature at its best. It will be utilized not only as an eco-touristic attraction but also for educational and scientic purposes. M AKE MEAN I N GFU L CONT RIBUTI ONS to the community around Palmas and to Puerto Rico in general by sharing educational and cultural tools and activities.REVITALIZATION PLAN FO R PALMAS DEL MARLets go back to prosperity!By: R ita M olinelli, ESQ.


Suite 133, Palmanova Plaza, Palmas del Mar, Humacao, PR Tel 787.502.0565 ssanz@soniasanz.com What are they looking for? Couples Flight | Robert Marchan; Mari Marchan; 74 | Edgardo Rivera; Mari Prado; 75 1st Net | Jose A. Morales; Norka Morales; 66 2nd Net | Walter Pearson; Betsy Pearson; 66 3rd Net | Rene Campos; Celia Campos; 67 4th Net | Hector Lavergne; Zwisel Lavergne;68 Callaway Flight Best Dressed Rene Campos & Celia Campos And the winners are...


Talking to national spelling bee winner Imanol Soler Navar ro is like talking to an old person in a childs body. He is in 6th grade and is 11 years old but is very mature and has an impressive self-esteem. He just won rst place for the 4th to 8th grade category in the English National Spelling Bee con test of Puerto Rico. Were you nervous? I asked. The answer was: NO! I was well prepared and I was with God, which gave me peace. Something told me that I was going to win. Wow! And he did. He won the rst place at school, at the regional and the Nationals. For me, getting this prize is something big, I will never forget this experience because I won it. Nobody bought it for me. It was different from when I competed in the 4th grade. Back then I was insecure and too young, he added. Impressive! Imanol has been doing spelling contests since he was in 3rd grade when he won 3rd place. How does the spelling skills help you in others ar eas of your life? I asked. It helps me improve my English, so when I travel to the states I could understand better and also when I read, my comprehension is better, he answers. And he is going to be able to prove himself because this prize entitled him to go to Washington this May to compete with 260 children from various schools in the U.S. I feel very happy because have I never been to Washington and its always been my dream. I am going to represent Puerto Rico, he said as his eyes sparkled with illusion. I want to see how Washington is and how the people there are, he added. What will your recommendation be for other children that want to accomplish a dream? I asked. If you want to accom plish something you have to be persistent and work hard for your dreams. Success does not come by itself. You have to work for it and win it! Everybody has their own talent and has to develop it, Imanol said with the condence of an achiever.The coachFor the Spelling Bee preparation each kid has a coach. In the case of Imanol, his coach is his beloved mother, Jance Na varro, who became very nervous during the contest, according National spelling bee winnerto Imanol. My mother is the best coach, he said. Imanol also mentioned as a curious fact that the coach of the girl who had won the Spelling Bee four years in a row before him was also her mother. I guess mothers makes good coaches! he said and laughs. As for his experience of living in Palmas he said: Palmas is a very calm and pretty place. Ive lived here all my life, I feel happy because all my family lives here and that makes me feel happy. (Actually, during the interview, one of his aunts, Sole dad, walked by and hugged him with tenderness. Thats life in Palmas for you!) Imanol, Palmas is very proud of your success and your perse verance. You are a great kid! Live & Life in Palmas will keep you posted of his achieve ments. Go for it, Imanol! I MANOL SOLER ...


787.285.8505 FRESH BAKED BREAD EVERY DAY WIFI AVAILABLE Open seven days from 8:00 AM


Camille Vidal Bouret in the limo on the way to the her rst Show Jumping com petition. What an exciting B Day! Ca mille Vidal Bouret celebrated her birthday doing what she loves, riding horses and shar ing with her friends and family. The invited guests were not only her young friends but also her adult friends that love her dearly because Camille is a truly adorable kid. She is so loving and sweet! The day of her birthday a limo came to the house to pick up Camille with all her young friends (we adult went on a bus) to Camille in one of her perfect jumps. Cami with Carmen Rojas, Vice President of Federacin Equestre de Puerto Rico and her proud mother, Dra. Lissette Bo uret.go to the Equestrian Park Jos Monagas in Bayamn for Camilles rst competi tion, which she won. For the delight of her fan club, she achieved a perfect score! At the park there were another group of Palmeos competing for the Mar Equestrian Team among them and for our surprise our good friend and vet erinarian, Dr. Gustavo Brito, which I threatened with publishing a photo if he failed. He didnt and actually did very good. Here are some photos.


From left to right: Jysiane Cardot-Moore, Sophie Uldry-Lavergne, Kathleen Fuentes-Romero, Michelle Romero, Camille Vidal-Bouret and Gustavo Brito, Sophie Uldry-Lavergne, also a Palmea. Dra. Lissette Bouret with KaiserDr. Gustavo Brito Camis Fan Club


CPM & REALTORS787-850-4401 787-852-7161 www.cpmrealtypr.com Its Lissette Bouret day! A big surprise from her family!


1,620 ft 2 interior Plus 561 ft 2 open terrace, one of only 4 in Maralago 2 bedrooms, 2 baths Stainless steel appliances Granite counter tops 16 foot cathedral ceilings Furnished MARALAGO PENTHOUSE$540,000PRICED TO SELL or assume mortgage and receive$100,000 IN CASH CALL 787.536.5757 FOR MORE INFORMA TION CPM & REALTORS 295 Palmas I nn Way #10 Palmanova Plaza, Palmas del M ar, H umacao, P R Club Cala Paradise is just minutes away! A perfect getaway. A wonderful view. Share your dreams with the one you love Come to Puerto Rico and you will see why we are called The Enchanted Island 787-850-4401 787-852-7161 www.cpmrealtypr.com For all your party needs! Los Lagos cuenta adems con un gimnasio completamente equipado donde podrs ejercitarte y mantenerte en forma. Pregunta por nuestras clases de Spinning, Power Yoga, Pilates y otras. Para ms informacin llama al For all your party needs!


Catering & Food Services787.285.5036 787.960.3294encantos_food@yahoo.com From left to right: Yann Cardot, Tamara Walker, Michelle Romero, Jeanine Lavergne, Sophie Uldry-Lavergne, Camille Uldry-Lavergne, Jade Cardot-Moore and Vctor GinorioBy Jeanine LavergeSophie Uldry-Lavergne. Camille Uldry-Lavergne. Equestrian Team @ PalmasMAR LAST MINUTE NEWS Sophie U ldry, Sub-Champi on at the M ini-Jump Champi onship #1 of the Federacin P uertorriquea de Deportes Ecuestres held in M arch 2013. For the past year, MAR Equestrian has made the Palmas del Mar Equestrian Facility, its home. Hacienda Candelero was renowned for its Paso Fino horses, but now different disciplines are also making headlines: Dressage and Show Jumping. MAR Equestrian Team @Palmas has been successfully representing the Palmas community in national competitions since the beginning of this season. Eleven of our team members have already managed to earn ribbons in several categories, with more members set to make a debut soon. The Riding School specializes in teaching rst to respect, love and care for the horse, and then to ride. Both children and adults learn together to groom, feed, nurse, tack up and even get down and dirty to clean up after a horse! Only then does a student earn the privilege to saddle up. Once a student saddles up, the skys the limit. Most students learn to jump in just a couple of months; others choose to focus on the elegant discipline of dressage and can complete entry-level tests in a short period. Those who wish to continue on a more serious level also have the training grounds to do so. The facilities include a dressage arena, a variety of jumps, access to leisure trails and a round pen for training. Michelle Romero, the head instructor at the school and trainer of our team, is an accomplished young equestrian certied by the Fdration Equestre Internationale (FEI) as a coach. She specializes in Three-Day Eventing, an Olympic sport that encompasses three disciplines (Dressage, Show Jumping and Cross Country) thus challenging both horse and rider. Each must be able to jump heights of up to 1.4 meters in an arena, traverse a cross-country course and have the renement and grace to perform delicate dressage movements. At only 22 she has appeared for Puerto Rico in numerous countries, including Germany, Panama, Costa Rica, Mexico and the continental US as well as her own native country in the Mayagez 2010 Central American Games. Added to Ms Romeros expertise is that of guest instructors. The school regularly hosts clinics with experts in the eld such as Olympic course designer Jose Pepe Gamarra and Pan-American games veteran Luis Denizard. You can see your Palmas friends and neighbors compete at El Bosque Ecuestre in Bayamn each month in Dressage and Show Jumping. Admission is free and the park has amenities such as bike paths, picnic areas and a food/bar kiosk for your enjoyment during and after the show. Should you too become enthralled with horses, you can connect with MAR Equestrian through facebook.com/mar.equestrian.9 or by calling 787.505.9701 and soon you too will be wearing white breeches!!


We are your source for pest control management Pest ControlNuestra FamiliaSpecialized in the control of: Cockroaches (cucarachas) termites (comejn) Ants (hormigas) Rats and mice (ratones) Fleas & Ticks (pulgas y garrapatas)We offer professional service with the safety of your family in mind!Complete residential and commercial services for customers with high expectations for professionalism and accountability. The bottom line is quite obvious: no pests! 787-603-9782Juan (Tony) Torres RamosLicense # 3924 Dont ask us!l palmasinsurance@gmail.com Ask our clients... 787.850.9209 Dr. Gustavo Brito Candelero Animal Hospital Palmas Insurance,CorpThe experience to switch our insurance coverage to Palmas Insurance Corp. has been great. We have more coverage for less money. Esteban has saved us thousands of dollars with his expertese in this matter, and you cannot get a better personal service anywhere. Plus his location is great and work wonderful for us. Dr. Gustavo Brito Candelero Animal Hospital Monday-Friday 11am-10pm Saturdays and Sundays 8am-10pm. Tel 787.656.3023Every Sunday Domingo Criollo at the Tennis Center with authentic Puertorican specialsAsk for our Famous Half Pound Burgers & try our Oriental Chicken WingsJoin our VIP customer list anyone else about our weekly Sunday specials and special activities. Serving Breakfast Saturdays &Sundays Let us help you! Home energy audit AEE rate plan analysis HVAC controls power sensors building automation power quality assessment efcient lighting Energy Management Services


I admire his dedication and selfcommitment. Cycling is his passion and he lives up to it. I am talking about my husband Jos who, in spite of his age (now 63!) and the fact that he is twice a cancer survivor, has achieved an excellent physical condition and level of performance on the bicycle. Although during his childhood and early adult years he rode a bike and enjoyed sports, he took more interest in cycling only about ten years ago. In 2004 we came back to Puerto Rico from Chicago and moved to Palmas del Mar. At this time he decided to take on the challenge of going around the island on a bicycle-a noncompetitive three day event, about 300 miles long. He trained with a lot of dedication, mainly indoors on a bike trainer, since he was unfamiliar with the area and was reluctant to ride on the challenging Puerto Rican roads. This rst event was a success and encouraged him to continue with the sport. For job purposes, we ended up moving to Dorado. In the ve years we lived there, he was riding about 300 miles per week on the average. He connected with a group of riders from the Manati area that were as, or more dedicated and passionate about cycling than him. Even I got excited and practiced cycling including a group ride around the island. It was a signicant and fullling accomplishment for me and no less challenging than the many days of training leading to the race. In 2010, we moved back to Palmas del Mar. Jos now has a long list of accomplished bicycle races inside and outside of Puerto Rico. He currently rides on the average between 200 and 300 miles per week depending on his cycling goals. He has completed the ride around the island eight times, participated in a 750 miles race in France known as ParisBrest-Paris and last year completed a 700 miles, 7 day event across the state of Illinois. In 2012, he rode about 8,600 Joses passion for Jos will start in Everett, Washington (Pacic coast) and bike 3, 571 miles to reach Williamsburg, Virginia (Atlantic coast) 32 days later with only one rest day. Now the ultimate challenge...the Transcontinental Cross By : Amaryllis AlsinaJos in the last Puerto Rico Island around race cycling


Joses passion for miles on the bike, amazingly comparable to the mileage of some cars! Over the recent years, he has also completed weeklong rides while vacationing in France and California (and I got to come along!). Great way of enjoying the scenery of castles and vineyards! As we speak, Jos is preparing for probably the biggest cycling challenge of his life. Yes, he plans to cross the USA from west to east as part of the noncompetitive Northern Transcontinental Cross Country Tour event that takes place this coming July. He will be part of a group of about 20 cyclists from around the world. They will start in Everett, Washington (Pacic coast) and bike 3, 571 miles to reach Williamsburg, Virginia (Atlantic coast) 32 days later with only one rest day. Quite a challenge! They will be riding on the average 112 miles per day and will climb 124,110 feet cumulative. Jos is preparing for this mega event with the help of a coach who designs for him the riding schedule and monitors his condition and progress along the way. He also has a group of cyclist friends from Humacao (including his brother) who are very supportive of him and do a lot of riding with him. Thanks to all these guys! Jos now has less than four months to the start of the tour and feels very excited. Besides cycling, he practices and enjoys tennis and hiking, visits the gym, loves traveling, good food and good wine. BUT over the next several months he will focus on the cycling training and will start to ramp up the miles, which also translates into no late night outs, lucky me! I am very proud of him and feel condent that he will be well prepared and will successfully accomplish this ultimate cycling goal. Go Jos Go! Now the ultimate challenge...the Transcontinental Crosscycling NEW Chez Daniel, Tapas, Bistro and Casa Bonita entrance at Anchor Village If you havent stopped by Anchor Village Tapas/Chez Daniel/ Bistro and Casa Bonita lately youve missed the new and renovated entrance. Beautiful mosaic art work put together by our Palmas Mosaic Group. Thanks to Brenda Montaneli, Linda Vizcarrondo and all the members of the mosaic group for their time and talent. A special recognition to our master artist, Eddie Ferraioli for such a wonderful gift for our community. A big thanks also to Daniel Vasse, who has generously permitted that the Palmas Mosaic Group use space at Anchor Village to develop the project. This is what Palmas is all about. Bello, bellsimo!PHOTOS: ELIZABETH MONTANILE


The Beach Bohio...Open Monday -Sunday from 10:00 am to 5:00pm Same light menu with some new additions!a magic spot in Palmas MUSIC SUNDAYS from 1:00 to 5:00 pm 787.850.4142 787.850.0090Road no. 3 and 906, right next to Palmas del Mar. PALMAS FAMILY MART Fast service & security all the times Ask for our great variety of wines & craft beers! Auto Expreso Retail Location PRICES YOU WILL LOVE!


First 500 feet of BOARDWALK


Vlido 15 de enero al 15 de febrero de 2013. Un cupn por cliente. Ms detalles en la tienda. Ciertas restricciones aplican. yogen frz is a Registered Trademark of Yogen Frz Canada Inc. Vlido 15 de enero al 15 de febrero de 2013. Un cupn por cliente. Ms detalles en la tienda. Ciertas restricciones aplican. yogen frz is a Registered Trademark of Yogen Frz Canada Inc. Vlido 15 de enero al 15 de febrero de 2013. Un cupn por cliente. Ms detalles en la tienda. Ciertas restricciones aplican. yogen frz is a Registered Trademark of Yogen Frz Canada Inc. MUY PRONTOEn Palmanova Plaza Palmas del Mar Vlido 15 de enero al 15 de febrero de 2013. Un cupn por cliente. Ms detalles en la tienda. Ciertas restricciones aplican. yogen frz is a Registered Trademark of Yogen Frz Canada Inc.


The East City Tennis Center Facility in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic (eastern part of the municipality of Santo Domingo) hosted The 2013 World Junior Tennis Competition. This ITF Team Championships for Boy and Girls 14 and un der is made up of countries from North/Central American & the Caribbean region. This is a pre-qualifying event for Group I competition. Thirteen countries participated: Aruba, Baha mas, Bonaire, Costa Rica, Republic Dominicana, El Salvador, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, Jamaica, Panama and Puerto Rico. The Champion in the Boys Division was Guatemala, 2nd place Aruba and 3rd Puerto Rico. The Champion in the Girls Division was Guatemala, 2nd place Dominican Republic, and 3rd Place Puerto Rico. Puerto Ricos Boys Team 14: No.1 player Ignacio Garcia, No. 2 player Rafael Grovas and No. 3 player Guillermo Lopez Coach William Brown. Puerto Ricos Girls Team 14: No. 1 player Julieanne Bou, No. 2 player Ana Leonard and No. 3 playerAndrea Roque, Coach Juan Carlos Escudero. World Junior CompetitionTENNIS June 3 June 28 For more information call 787.850.9120 / 9130 or email summerprogram@palmasacademy.org2013 Dolphinssummer program For this international competition our PAC Tennis CoDi rector William Brown coached Puerto Ricos Junior Team. William Brown, Coach of the Puerto Ricos Junior team, at The World Junior Tennis Competition.


PAC CUP North America vs Puerto Rico CAUGHT ON CAMERA


Result March 23th Mens Category N orth A merica 2 1/2 P oints Puerto Rico 7 1/2 Points Result March 24th Mens Category N orth A merica 7 1/2 P oints Puerto Rico 12 1/2 Points Champions Puerto Rico Mens 20 Points N orth A merica M ens 10 P oints PAC CUP 2013 Cup M atches N A vs. P R R esult Sheet North America vs Puerto Rico Thomas Whiple PAC Cup Matches 2013Hole in One CAUGHT ON CAMERA


A Magical afternoonJos Luis Rodrguez, a Puerto Rican living in NY, was invited to perform at our Palmas Yacht Club for an afternoon of pure music. He played for an average of six hours, alone and with the Tiki Bar band. We have to also highlight the guiro player, Mr. Boschetti, Juanjos father, who performed the whole concert. It was certain ly a banquet of music of all genres, a magical afternoon on the Yacht Club shore. One New York critic referred Jos Luis harp arrangements as pure fantasy. You will surely nd many of your own special favorites as you listen to his se lections of Puerto Rican Music, Popular Latin Music, American Pop and hits from the Great American Song Book and Broadway.


AT THE PALMAS YACHT CLUB A Magical afternoon and evening


PHA Tennis Tournament New elected PHA OfcersA t the P H A Board of Directors organizational meeting held after the A pril 6, 2013 A nnual P H A M embership meeting the Board elected the following ofcers for the 2013-2014 year: President: Ms. Rita Molinelli Vice President: Mr. Luis Muiz Treasurer: Mr. Jos Coln Secretary: Mr. Carlos Garca A lso, The P H A Board of Directors designated the following Board members to serve in the P H A Executive Committee: Ms. Rita Molinelli Mr. Luis Muiz Mr. Jos Coln Mr. Jaime Morgan Mr. Carlos Garca These ofcers and Executive Committee members will hold their positions until the end of the A pril 2014 A nnual M embership M eeting. Our new elected PHA President, Ms. Rita MolinelliPHA Annual Meeting HOMEOWNERS WEEK


HOMEOWNERS WEEK PHA Tennis Tournament R ES U LTSF irst Place THE P ALMAS L O BS T ERS Juan Boschetti Jim Curland Miguel Rivera Juan Cordero Adriana Curland Geraldine Bermdez S ECOND P LACE THE P ALMAS M ARL I NS Josean Delgado Jos Soto Rita Lomba Ricardo Prez Gabriel Snchez Daz TH I RD P LACE THE P ALMAS C RA Z Y PAC S Maggie Maqueda Jos Daz Luis Prez Jos Calpena Pedro Coln Louis Bermdez Sergio Fernndez FO U R T H P LACE : THE P ALMAS EX PLORERS William Santago Jos Flores Carlos Maldonado Ivn Polanco Julian Rivera Hilda Casanova




NET 4th Place Joaquin Cruz ; Raul Colon ,70 (MC) 3rd Place Donald Mangual ; Salvador Mangual ,70(MC) 2nd Place Rafael Diaz ; Ronald Collazo, 69(MC) 1st Place Hector Morales ; Julio Bravo, 69 (MC) Mens Flight / NET 7th Place Carmelo Figueroa ; Enrique Peres ,68(MC) 6th Place Tito Lebrn ; Jose Coln ,68(MC) 5th Place Frank Bonnelly ; Stephen Smith 66 1st Place Jose Ral Coln ; Roberto Martnez ,63 Ladies Flight / NET Mixed Flight / NET 4th Place -Tom Bracalente ; Janet Bracalente ,68(MC) 2nd Place Pipo Ortz ; Conchita Cestero ,67 1st Place Hector lvarez ; Mara lvarez ,66 Special Prizes Straightest Drive MEN Hole # 9 Edwin Lanfontaine LADIES Hole #11 Celia Campos Closest to the Pin MEN Hole #8 Jorge Claudio 17 LADIES Hole #4 Tati Oliver 7 And the winners are... HOMEOWNERS WEEK




food tasting


French The CHEZ DANIEL Open for dinner Wednesdays to Mondays from 6:30 pm 10 pm Sunday Brunch from 12 noon 4 pm Closed on TuesdaysTAPAS BAROpen Mondays from 4:00PM to 11:00PM Open Wednesdays to Sunday 12:00 noon 11:00 PM Closed on Tuesdays BISTRO RICOLight lunch and dinner. Open from12 noon -10 pm Closed on Sundays787.850.3838 DONT M ISS THE S UND A Y B R UNCH A T C HEZ DA NIEL!AT P AL M AS DEL MAR


JOSES BDAY PARTY DONT M ISS THE S UND A Y B R UNCH A T C HEZ DA NIEL!AT P AL M AS DEL MAR Jos Beauchamp was sur prised with a birthday cake to celebrate his B-day! A PHA food extravaganza with violins and everything to celebrate his birthday. Great timing! He is one lucky guy.