Live & life in Palmas
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Title: Live & life in Palmas
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Creation Date: August 2011
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corner !"#$%&'()*+ ,'-#&'."#%& !"#$%&%'$&( )*+,*-&.*/" 0$1% 23 4 5!%678%&"-%9:%9;/(. <.%.=$*(%>/1$?.%@(*#$%%A&?%/(%$>$#.(*# !"#"$"%&'%(')*+,$')+%')-.+,%'/"0%1'2&03 Wilfredo Garcia 787 613 0155 !"##$% &'()*'+,&'-.&/'0"1",23*'45'''''67879'.-: ; <-77 4"=,">'?$='@"#*' AB,"C"2 *'45'''''67879'.-: ; <-// !!!"#$%&'(%)"*)+,,-./)0*$%&'(%)"*)+,, 4%&5*6',%'7*,-+5*6 8*9',%':;9' 7-&5*6'<6 *;;%"&,9.&, B% CDEFGGHGG B%!II$(%J&>*-%I(/K%L,>'%%MNE%MGOO%./% <,A,?.%POE%MGOOH%% 0/.%J&>*-%1*.=%&"'% /.=$(%/II$(%&"-%/">'%%>*K*.$-%./%ON%678% &"-%ON%9:%9;/(.%K/-$>H%6$A,>&(%@(*#$% CQENGGHGGH%<>,K*",K%(*K?%&"-%.1/%./"$% ?$&.%"/.%*"#>,-$-%*"%/II$(H


JosŽ Bobyn photographer 787.272.1099 JOSEBOBYN @ GMAIL COM


10 www.LLPalmas.com This year, Palmas' kids not only par ticipated in the Soccer Blast, but they brought home two championship tro phies. Soccer Blast is the largest soccer tournament held on the Island. Spon sored by El Nuevo D’a this tournament took place from July 6th to the 10th at the Hiram Bithorn Stadium in San Juan. This event had over 2,500 play ers (boys and girls) divided in categories from U-7 to U-21. The U-11 Champions "The Fast Five" coached by Justin Orozco, are Lorenzo B‡ez, Edgardo Chamorro, Juan Luis "Pocho" D’az, Sammy Nurse and Evan Luyando. The U-13 Champions, "Matadores de la Liga", are Sebastian Baez, Pablo Abreu, JosŽ Juli‡n Feliciano, Augusto Ramos and Eduardo. Congratulations to our players and coaches! """""".#'(/0&),#0/ 1%&/#0$,Soccer Blast "The Fast Five" are Lorenzo Baez, Edgardo Chamorro, Juan Luis "Po cho" Diaz, Sammy Nurse and Evan Luyando. Coach: Just’n Orozco. "Matadores de la Liga" are Sebastian Baez, Pablo Abreu, JosŽ Julian Feli ciano, Augusto Ramos and Eduardo Rodr’guez. Coach: Alfonso Escudero. 2$31",1&/4" 1#$"5&%67".+/P A L M A N O V A P L A Z A TEX MEX cantina !"#"$"#"%"&"#"%"& Burritos Two for Tuesdays BUY ONE AND GET ONE FREE OF THE SAME PRICE OR LESS TAKE OUT DOES NOT APPLY FOR THIS OFFER EVERY TUESDAY FROM 7PM TO 9PM FOR AUG AND SEPT OPEN 7 DAYS MON, TUES, WED, THURS 4PM 11PM FRI 4PM 12AM, SAT 12PM 12AM SUN 12PM TO 11PM Thirsty Thursdays Our Famous Margaritas 2 X 1 FROM 7PM TO 9PM FOR THE MONTH OF AUG AND SEPT Great Food! Great Prices! LOOK FOR US ON FACEBOOK CHIHUAHUA TEX MEX CANTINA 2


"""""".#'(/0&),#0/ 1%&/#0$,Soccer Blast !


14 www.LLPalmas.com !"#$ 787-796-6404 / 787-796-6882 787-791-4120, 791-4995 (airport service) Inside Club Cala Palmas del Mar 787-796-6404 / 787-796-6882 Inside Club Cala Palmas del Mar OPEN 24 HOURS Isla Verde: 787-791-4120, 791-4995 (airport service) Dorado: 787-796-6404 / 787-796-6882 Humacao: 787-852-1591, 850-3070 Palmas del Mar Bicycle and CAR RENTAL 787-223-3448 !"#$%&'%(#)''*%+,&)--.',/&%!01"$ 787.285.4155 Point Break !"#$%&'%(#)''*%+,&)--Palmanova Plaza #126


www.LLPalmas.com 15


Award night! Kitchen in style The new hot spot in Palmas.... c bar ad.indd 1 8/1/11 8:58 PM


Maipi Live & Life in Palmas cover models. Maipi's B-Day, great party at the PAC Club House! And as usual...Marimer and Maipi sang along all night. Lot's of fun and good friends! But... what's most important, if somebody enjoyed the birthday party was Maipi! Happy, happy Maipi!


The USDA has recently changed the Nutritional Pyramid into a Nutritional Plate. The new symbol is based on specications that correspond to the new di etary guidelines published at the beginning of this year. The new 2010 Dietary Guidelines for Americans In order to learn more about these new guide lines I asked our good friend and neighbor, Li censed Nutritionist Dana Mir—, to write an article about it. Mir— explained, "The focus of these new guidelines is to strike a balance between the ingested calories and the level of physical activity". She also told us that these new parameters are designed to urge the population to consume healthier types of food, such as, vegetables, fruits, low fat or fat free dairy products and sh, while also consuming less amounts of sodium, saturated or trans fats, added sugars and rened grains. The announcement of the change from Pyramid to Plate was accompanied by some general advice: and vegetables. Choose fresh fruits and vegetables over frozen, canned or dried. in antioxidants. of calcium and other essential minerals as whole milk but with less fat and less calories. and pastas. riety of food items, such as seafood, beans and grains, nuts, lean beef or chicken and eggs. Eat small portions of beef and chicken. Use healthier cooking methods such as baking, broil ing, grilling or steaming. These methods are healthier because they don't add more fat to the food. fat, sugar and added salt. Cchoose food items with little or no added sugar. Pay attention to the amount of salt in your meals. For people with health conditions like diabetes, hypertension or cardiovascular disease the recommended amount has been lowered from 2,300 mg a day to 1,500 mg (1/3 teaspoon) a day. Consume less food items that contain high levels of fat. !"#$%&'(#$)*++#$ ',-#$#.&/0 By: Dana Mir—, LND, CCWM-


26 www.LLPalmas.com The ve food groups are: In addition to these, fats should not be completely eliminated from your diet for they are important for many of the body's metabolic processes. C arbohydrates (vegetables, fruits and grains) are the main source of energy for the brain and the central nervous system Proteins repair and generate tissue Dairy provides calcium and phosphorus. Calcium plays a role in muscular contraction and in helping the body me tabolize fats. It protects you from osteoporosis and colon cancer and works in tandem with phosphorus to maintain strong teeth and bones. The main function of phosphorus in the human body is to combine with calcium to form calcium phosphate, an essential element in the formation of teeth and bones. Phosphorus and calcium are equally proportioned in the body so the abundance or lack of one affects the absorp tion of the other. Phosphorus is also present in your cells and when combined with fat molecules they form phospholipids, which contribute to the formation of ADN and cell mem branes. In this regard, phosphorus is essential for growth due to its active role in the process of cell division. Fats or lipids they are the food source with the highest levels of concentrated energy. They provide nine calories per gram which is more than the four calories per gram contained in carbohydrates and proteins. They provide energy and act as a vehicle for fat-soluble vitamins such as A, D, E and K. They also favor the absorption of vitamin D; are helpful to the tissues of the body in the absorption of calcium, particularly the teeth and bones; and are important for the conversion of beta-carotene into vitamin A. In addition, fat deposits in the body cover and protect vital organs such as the kidneys, the heart and the liver. Fats are also responsible for many of the different avors, textures and melting points in our food items. They are known as fatty acids and there are two types of them: saturated and unsaturated. Saturated fats are hard and with rare exceptions, such as coconut oil, are derived from animal sources. Unsatu rated fats, including polyunsaturated fats, are usually liquid and can be found in vegetables, seeds, corn and olives. Enjoy your meals, but eat less. The rst step to controlling your weight is to nd out how many calories you need to consume per day. A dietary nutritionist can help you gure out how many calories you should be consuming on a daily basis. They are profession als with the academic knowledge and the legal authority to evaluate and design a nutritional plan adjusted to your needs, tastes and preferences. You may also visit the nutri tion page of the United States Department of Agriculture, www.ChooseMyPlate.gov, to help you determine your rec ommended limit of daily calories. Eating out If you are going out to eat make the best of your meal by choosing items from the menu that contain less calories and t your caloric plan. When eating out choose smaller dishes or share a dish with someone else. Another way of controlling your portions when you eat out is to ask the waiter to serve you only half of the regular portion. Get the other half "to go", but request that they bring it when you are ready to leave. When eating at home, avoid larger than usual portions, serve your meals on 9" plates or smaller, bring plates already served to the table and avoid letting people serve themselves. Health tips Always choose reduced or salt free items. The same applies to sugar. Get in the habit of drinking water, and lots of it. Avoid sport, carbonated or added sugar drinks. Last, but not least, stay active. Among the new recommendations it is suggested that in order to control or lose weight you must do 60-65 minutes of aero bic activity six times a week. To maintain weight you must do 30-45 minutes of an aerobic activity six times a week. GOOD NUTRITION ? WHAT IS Each food group plays a particular role


Lard, butter and margarine go through a process called hydrogenation in which the unsaturated oils are converted into a solid fat known as trans fat. This type of fat should be avoided. It raises cholesterol lev els, lowers HDL (good) cholesterol levels, raises the LDL (bad) cholesterol levels and increases the risk of a heart attack. Other sources of fat are dairy products and eggs. What it all comes down to is making adjustments and modications to your daily diet. You can eat out, enjoy a good meal and still stay within the parameters of good nutrition. In the following section we will discuss some alternatives that you can choose from and still maintain your diet when you go out to eat at our Palmas restaurants. We also suggest some other alternatives that we call "the cheats". Why? Because life is short and rules are made to be broken. Enjoy! *But... if you share it with a friend, it is only 282.5 cal. Not bad! And is sooo goood!! If you haven't tried it yet. Don't wait. Find a friend and share it! GOOD NUTRITION ? Good nutrition involves maintaining good eating habits by including in your meals adequate propor tions of a variety of food groups.When you add variety to your diet you are ensuring that you will obtain the maximum amount of vi tamins and minerals that your body needs. This is achieved only by combin ing different types of food since each food contains certain vitamins and min erals but may be lacking in others. By combining them you can obtain the right amount of nutrients. If you only consume one group of food items you may be receiving a lim ited amount of certain vitamins and minerals in others. WHA T WE FOUND ON OUR PAL M AS Culinary Tour Dana and myself "sacriced" ourselves and visited serveral of our Palmas restaurants in order to recommend to our Palmas community what to eat if you are on a diet or what to eat if you want to make a big "desarreglo". We started our culinary tour in... WE FOUND... Desarreglo A T U N T ARTAR 253 cal, 12g fat light O NION S O U P 342 cal, 17g fat A PP L E T ART 565, 33g Fat* Daniel Vasse and Dana Mir— analyze the Chez Daniel, Tapas and Bistro menus.


www.LLPalmas.com 31 ! COSMIC rad BS Imagen AD WHS .indd 1 6/16/11 1:12 PM


34 www.LLPalmas.com The Pterocarpus Forest


high concentration of salt in the soil, and they are associated to coastal zones and mangrove forests. Finally, we have swamp forests. These forests grow in areas permanently ooded by freshwater, and their plant and animal compo sition varies according to the area where they develop. In Puerto Rico, the predominant spe cies in this type of wetland is the Pterocarpus, commonly known in Spanish as "palo de pollo". This tree may grow more than 20 meters (65 feet) tall, with large aerial roots that allow it to grow in ooded soils. In English, it is known as "bloodwood" because its decomposing leaves and roots taint the water red. Of all the functions carried out by a wetland, perhaps the most relevant pertains to its hydro logical properties. In a wetland such as a swamp forest, the balance between the water entering the wetland (through precipitation, tides or run off) and the water leaving it (through evaporation, ltration to aquifers, rivers or ...an Ecological Jewel in Palmas del Mar The residential/tourist complex Palmas del Mar is privileged because it shelters the larg est known Pterocarpus swamp forest in Puerto Rico. This forest, which is 51.67 "cuerdas" in size, serves as habitat to 44 species of ora and 52 species of fauna, of which 13 are consid ered endemic. To that effect, the commitment shown by Palmas del Mar residents toward the protection of these ecologically-valuable lands or ecological jewel will preserve and ensure the adequate use of important resources for present and future generations, not only within this com munity, but for everyone in the Island. However, do you know what a wetland is and the ecologi cal importance it holds? A wetland, also known as a swamp or bog, is any space that is regularly or partially ooded with saltwater, freshwater, or brackish water. In the Caribbean, a large variety of wetlands can be found in islets, the coast, hillsides or moun taintops. Wetland soils are always saturated with water, making them hydric, and their surface is covered by an anaerobic layer (lacking oxygen). This characteristic derives from aquatic plants or hydrophytes that grow on soils saturated with water, whether salty, fresh or brackish. Whatever each plant's size may be, they all have small air pockets known as aerenchyma, which allow them to trap oxygen from the air and disperse it throughout their tissues in order to produce energy to grow and live in the wetland. The type of wetland depends on factors such as water quantity, type and frequency, the weather, the scope of tides, the frequency of ooding and tides, human intervention, and the area's hydrological balance. The most common wetlands in Puerto Rico are mangrove forests, lagoons, salt ats and swamp forests. Mangrove forests are found in areas frequently ooded by saltwater along coasts, coastal rivers, lagoons, keys, and islets, and they are dominated by four species of trees called mangroves. Lagoons are shallow bodies of water found near the coast with surrounding vegetation that may include mangroves or shrubs, according to the area's conditions. Salt ats, on the other hand, are swamps or areas ooded by the tides, which are formed by the evaporation of a body of saltwater that leaves behind a dry area with a By: Elizabeth Padilla Superintendent, Eastern Region The Conservation Trust of Puerto Rico the sea) is important. This hydrological balance regulates the frequency, depth and duration of a ood, an important condition for the formation of a wetland, leaving available nutrients, salinity (ac cording to the wetland), as well as energy ow, for its formation. This combination of factors al lows plants to grow, which in turn determines the species of birds, amphibians and reptiles that will inhabit the area, thus creating an ecosystem of high ecological value. In essence, a wetland performs many func tions, including the following: controlling oods, protecting coasts, trapping sediments, regulat ing water supplies, serving as breeding grounds for sh and as habitat for wildlife, offering scenic beauty, providing recreational and educational opportunities, controlling climate, improving air quality and providing other resources such as wood, honey and food items such as yams ("–ame"). Local efforts make a great difference to ward the conservation of wetlands and we at the Puerto Rico Conservation Trust enthusiati cally endorsed the initiative taken by the Palmas Homewners Association to restore and preserve this ecological jewel. Individual initiatives such as this one and improving attitudes and behaviors toward wetlands, learning more about the spe cies that inhabit them, supporting conservation laws and carrying out investigation projects are different ways in which you may get involved in the protection of natural areas such as the Pterocarpus Forest in Palmas del Mar.


We provide the latest pain-free and non-surgical Alma Laser ¨ Beauty Treatments: Skin tightening for sagging (cellulite) and wrinkled skin on most body parts and skin types. Skin rejuvenation for acne scarring, discoloration, and broken blood vessels. Pain-Free and permanent hair removal Other beauty services include: Botox ¨ Juvederm ¨ and Latisse ¨ Deep Chemical Peels For more information and appointments, visit www.beautybybouret.com or call (939) 475-8000 New ofce coming soon! Opening in Palmanova Plaza on August 15th Free consultation visit with an appointment. Look for us on Facebook.


Wyndham Hotels and Resorts, a subsidiary of Wynd ham Worldwide Corporation, welcomed its rst Wynd ham Garden property in Puerto Rico, the 107-room Wyn dham Garden at Palmas del Mar in Humacao, expanding its Caribbean portfolio of hotels. "It is very exciting to bring the Wyndham Garden ag to Puerto Rico for the rst time," said John Green, brand se nior vice president of Wyndham Hotels and Resorts. "The addition of this unique property reects our commitment to grow the Wyndham brand in sought-after travel desti nations. Wyndham Garden at Palmas del Mar provides us with the opportunity to provide another high-caliber lodg ing option and excellent service to guests visiting Puerto Rico." The hotel's 107 guest rooms, including 14 junior suites and 11 one-bedroom suites, are well-appointed with at-screen televisions, spacious work areas, free highspeed Internet access and complimentary bottled water. Se lect rooms offer private balconies with views of the hotel's manicured grounds and room service is available daily. The tropical Wyndham Garden at Palmas del Mar in Humacao, Puerto Rico, features complimentary high-speed Internet access, three on-site dining venues and an innityedge pool. Wyndham Garden at Palmas del Mar is owned and operated by Puerto Rico-based Empresas Santana, which also owns a soonto-be-constructed Wyndham resort in Barce loneta, expected to break ground this fall, and Wyndham Hotel Group sister property Howard Johnson Hotel Carolina San Juan in Isla Verde. "A property bearing the Wyndham name will attract guests who are looking for exceptional service and a trusted, worldrenowned hotel company," said Jose Santana of Empresas Santana. "We are very pleased to work with Wyndham Hotels and Resorts to showcase the island's true spirit of hospitality and create a memorable hotel experience for travelers visiting this tropical paradise." Wyndham Garden New! in Palmas CPM & REALTORS


www.LLPalmas.com 49 Chez Daniel Tapas Bar Bistro Rico at Palmas del Mar 5 J'+$D#(*'G *>DN(^B6(@= *>DN(^B6(R;NND6(,DRNDQR5dQ(CB('BNR5dQ( ^6B=(E29H(>=(G(KH(>= $=((( /@BQDR(BN(0DN(,DRNDQR5d(CB($DN(^6B=KI(NBBN(GKH(>= /@BQDR(BN($

Noche de San Juan...


Noche de San Juan... at the Beach Club


As time goes by, well after the design of our houses is com plete, we frequently add new mechanical equipment (like air conditioners, generators, satellite antennas, solar water heaters, etc.) to increase our comfort and add conve niences. These later mechani cal equipment additions are in most cases an afterthought. When not con templated or incorporated into the building design, many of these mechani cal equipment Amid the embattled real estate environment in the US and PR, we have to do our part in protecting our property values in Palmas. Property values are inuenced by more than pure "brick and mortar". The desirability to live in our community is at the heart of property demand (and prices). The appearance, the upkeep of our houses and yards as well the architectural character and beauty of our houses are all inuencing factors. Maintaining the architectural character of the properties with in our planned community is one of the means at our disposal to protect our property values. Satellite Antenna Installations Be aware! installations will easily detract from the original character of the house for which we spent time, effort and money. The me chanical equipment that cannot be integrated into the archi tecture needs to be screened from view. New offerings in satellite television are making the instal lation of antenna receivers popular. Because of the size, shape and color; satellite antennas are typically difcult to integrate in the architecture, hence the location selected for its instal lation becomes very important. But the interest of the owners (of maintaining the architectural character of the properties) is sometimes in conict with some in stallers' interest in making quick and easy installations. As we all know, sometimes doing things right takes more work. When not done properly, we will see installations that stick out on top of entrances, on the front edge of the houses and on other loca tions that are readily visible from the streets. Satellite antennas installations must meet the FCC guidelines, each respective association or regime re strictive covenants, the Horizontal Property Law requirements and also the Palmas del Mar Architectural De sign Guidelines. Satellite antennas should be screened or in stalled in locations not visible from the streets or other areas where they can become an eyesore. Installations of antennas bigger than 39 inches are subject to architectural review before installation. To help protect the architectural character of our community the ARB has recently developed and implemented guidelines to direct installers as to the preferred location for installations; additionally we also added a post installation review procedure to insure those guidelines were met on each case. These new guidelines direct the installers to set the antennas inside the mechanical equipment area (typically a roof area screened by a low wall), behind a parapet; or (if neither or the two previ ous options is possible) in the back and center away from street view. 39 inches or less satellite antenna installations that follow this new procedure will comply with the requirements of the Palmas del Mar Architectural Design Guidelines. The ARB has negotiated with the main satellite service providers a com mitment to support homeowner's needs. Claro TV has stated By: Miguel Santiago, ARB Executive Director


!"#$%&%'()!*%+%*%'$%,)+-*)(.%) /',(#""#(0-')-+)1#(%""0(%)2'(%''#,)30,.%, The preferred location for the installation is the mechanical area of the property. When properly installed inside, the low walls would screen the antenna from view. W hen unimpeded signal or reasonable installation is not possible in the mechanical area: 2nd alternative: Install behind roof parapet or wall that would shield the antenna from view from the surrounding street(s) and the neighbors. 3rd alternative: If neither of above preferences is possible, install in the back of the house, where it is least visible from the surround ing street(s) and the neighbors. Same service providers, installations that detract from the architecture. Both could be corrected free of charge to the owners by their service suppliers. Satellite Antenna Installations in Palmas del Mar their commitment to maintain their installers trained and meet the Palmas del Mar installation guidelines. DirecTV has com mitted to maintain the Palmas del Mar installation guidelines and relocate if needed at no cost to the owners any installation that does not comply. Dish Network major installers have al ready started to support this new procedure. The technology surrounding the satellite antennas has and will continue to evolve; whereas initially only C-band receiv ers with very big 6-8 feet antennas were required; today new By: Miguel Santiago, ARB Executive Director Your Architectural Review Board small (less than 39 inches) DBS antennas are capable of re ceiving even high denition signals. Some years ago the use of big 42 inches antennas became popular. Many of those we see today in Palmas detract from the architecture of the structures they occupy. In some cases old antennas have been left and new smaller ones installed alongside, equipment has been re placed in newer installations, hence some of the antennas we see today might not even be in use, or some of the owners have switched to cable. These old antennas could be easily replaced or removed today. Some older installations are very visible, un necessarily, because of poor location selection. All these cases represent instances that detract from the architectural appear ance of structures and impact all of us as residents. Old antenna installations must also comply with design guidelines and the ARB will be reviewing the cases that do not. The ARB will work with the owners of these to correct the installations. In many cases these could be corrected at no cost to the owner. DirecTV has offered to correct these for free, Dish Network (through Today's Television) has offered to correct installations that do not comply and Claro TV, as new entrant in Palmas, does not have old installations that might need correction. Satellite antenna installations must comply with the Palmas del Mar Design Guidelines. They must not detract from the architectural appearance of the properties. If your installation does not comply please contact your service provider (or the ARB) and make use of the service provider offers to correct them at little or no cost to you in most cases.


64 www.LLPalmas.com at Las Tapas Bar/Chez Daniel 1. Acknowledge your neighbors. It's always nice to receive a greeting like "good morning" or "good evening" when you're walking, riding your golf cart around, enjoying your time at the beach or dining at the several restaurants in our community. 2. Park correctly. When you park your golf cart or regular automo bile, please think of your neighbors. Don't block the turnaround circle near Coral Beach building. Similarly, don't park your automobile at your neighbor's designated parking without his/her permission. 3. Mind your pets. Dogs could be their "owners' best friends", but your neighbors' nightmare when left unattended (without leash) or barking at balconies or backyards. Similarly, cats climbing and scratching your neighbors' cars, as well as birds pets making annoy ing noises don't prompt a good living place. 4. Protect the environment. We are fortunate to have such beauti ful scenery at our community, but it is up to us to keep it like this. Be a role model and lead by example teaching your children not to throw garbage around. Whenever you go out (to walk or to the beach), bring a bag and at least pick up any recyclable item like cans and plastic bottles. 5. Drive responsibly. Respect speed limits and stop signs. Be al ways courteous and considerate by giving way to pedestrians and golf carts at crossing areas rst. The same goes when driving golf carts. 6. Noise Control. Please remember to keep your TV, music and/or electronic devices at an adequate volume level. Many people come to rest on weekends. 7. Treat everyone as you would like to be treated. We are blessed to share this paradise. Let's all contribute positively to make it a better place to live and raise our children. By RenŽ Chinea We live in a wonderful community that we should be proud of belonging to. Things here are different. People treat others nicely, noise is in control, there is no garbage on the streets, there is order and the surroundings are clean and beautiful. But let's not take it for granted and always remember the seven rules for being a good neighbor. +,--./ Invite your friends to join the funUnique opening to join the Palmas Athletic Club! Closing date for this exceptional opportu nity for non homeowners of Palmas del Mar to join the Palmas Athletic Club is near. Only until then will PAC be offering their exclusive membership to these families and individuals referred to by Members, with no initiation fee and a low monthly payment of $290.00. If you're a homeowner and still not a PAC member or are interested in a corporate membership, you may take advantage of this great deal anytime. 012&)34/& For more information and details, please call the Membership Ofce at 787.656.8548 or 656.8680; by fax at 787.656-9079 or via email info@palmaspac.com. 5336*)7&83-4"-9&&23&4(#13$(&.3,:& 8"$*#.&")9&8-*()9%/ ;)<*2(&.3,-& 8-*()9%& 23&=3*)& 2>(&8,)/ not to take for granted 7 T hings


66 www.LLPalmas.com PRGA Championship 2011


;+(($%"<+66"=&&)">'%10$,""""""""'1"1#$"?'9#1"96+@" PUERTAS VENTANAS TORMENTERAS BARANDAS PUERTAS DE GARAGE PUERTAS DE BA„O vis’tanos en www.greenwindowspr.com


!"#$%&'( ) *+%#*! Excelente vecindario, control de acceso, 3 dormitorios convertible a 4, o usarlo como despacho, biblioteca, etc., amplia cocina con ‡rea para desayuno, family, sala, comedor, techos altos en algunas areas, 2 "laundry", uno en 1mer piso y otro en 2nd piso, casi media cuerda de terreno, ‡rboles frutales, garage doble con ‡rea de "storage", vista al mar, terraza lateral, terraza en la parte posterior y en el "master", todas con techo en concreto, "awnings", port—n elŽctrico, ventanas de seguridad, "screens", alarma, sistema de riego, tormenteras, enseres, l‡mparas, abanicos de techo, A/C, y lista para mudarse. Precio de venta: 690K, Para m‡s informaci—n: LIFE STYLE REALTY (787) 390-8870, (787) 6086368, (787)608-5522, !"#$%&'$()*+$,-+$.)+/0$,-)1$)1$),2$3'%$4+5 Beach Village, 1-bedroom/1-bath Beach Front, Spectacular Ocean View, Fully Remodeled, Ultra Modern new kitchen with all the gadgets, New all Stainless Steel appliances, Recessed Lighting, Fully Furnished. We have a vast selection of properties for sale throughout all the communities in Palmas Del Mar Resort. Please call or visit us anytime to view these wonderful properties at very affordable prices. Open Daily: VIP PROPERTIES @ 787-285-5058/5059 787-4872995


www.LLPalmas.com 77 L i k e t w o p e a s i n a p o d L i k e t w o p e a s i n a p o d L i k e t w o p e a s i n a p o d L i k e t w o p e a s i n a p o d Palmas makes the news! Luz Nerida VŽlez has al ways been interested in health and tness. Since I know her, back in the 80's when I was working for chan nel 4, she was very disciplined with her exercise routine, and the results are evident. Luz is always within her ideal weight and very well toned. When she learned about XCO she was curious. As a good journalist she wanted to know about it rst hand. She rst reported at Zona Activa in San Juan, where Jackie Rodr’guez, personal trainer and XCO Master from Los Lagos Club & Spa, gives a class at 6:30 AM. Then she gives another XCO class in Palmas at 8:30 AM!! (and sometimes one in the after noon, plus all the personal trainings) Is she for real?). Luz Nereida was impressed and she didn't only lm the news report but she herself is doing XCO. But...her curios ity didn't stop there, Luz Ne reida came to Los Lagos Club Spa at Palmas to nd out all the different areas of tness offered by Jackie XCO, Flexibar, Watsu, aquaerobics, zumba, personal trainning, spa servicies etc. What did she nd out? That at Palmas we take tness very seriously and that Jackie does a won derful job with her clients and friends. Luz Nereida VŽlez, Channel 4 reporter, interviews Jackie Rodr’guez from Los Lagos Club & Spa at Palmas del Mar. The XCO fans with Luz Nereida VŽlez on her visit to Los Lagos.