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Title: Live & life in Palmas
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Language: English
Publisher: Rosado & Morales Inc.
Place of Publication: Palmas del Mar, Humacao, Puerto Rico
Publication Date: October-November 2010
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T iiFiiiF IPI El A III I


Domingo; 21 de noviembre
O0 am '1 00 pm
$35.00 Aduitos
ini 6-12" f os 50%
- 1-in..... : :::

ingo, 28 de noviembre
2.00 Adublos
los 6-12 afos 50%

787.850.6000 / 787.285.5242 *





Jueves, 25 de noviembn
Pavo Asado
Relleno de Longaniza de Polio
Arroz con Cilantro
Vegetales Caramelizados ,
Ensalada de Papa con
Aderezo de Mostaza
Panecillos "
$9.50 p/p
Ordenes para Ilevar de
10 personas minimo ,i
Postre disponible segun soliitad

Precio por Persona no include n i



2 BEDROOM, 2'. BATH WAS S715,000

"- lrl I I P~

ir .. ., october. I can't believe we are almost at the end of 2010! It
1... .I.,. in W... r-.-rday when we were receiving the year 2000.
TI!, i !, been particularly hard for Palmas but, as the strong com-
,i, ,ir, r!,lr o .. are, all the problems have brought us together and made
.. t.h. 1 ,.a,. hw r. The PHA board, our delegates and our Executive Di-
..- r, ,, irk! ri!.. help of 24 very talented, well prepared professionals and
I!N 1. .t many different fields, took it upon themselves the task of
I .ri .I i analyzing the viability of PHA taking over the Country
S..... wi t 1 I!r! On the other hand, the homeowner's response in contrib-
Sr r, I, ring a fund to maintain the country club facilities open was
II hii,,..- Palmas makes things happen! We have to be proud of
I -, iers Association.
i, rI hron you will discover how you can stay fit and healthy in
i'dlatd~i add aware of all the health and fitness facilities and services
available in Palmas. There are NO excuses... move your body and stay healthy, after all it's a matter of health. It feels good and
it keeps us away from doctors. Once you get used to exercising regularly you cannot live without it.
On the other hand, two of our Palmas' realtors make a retrospective and projection analysis of real estate values in Palmas.
No better time to buy. If you have friends or family that have always thought about buying in Palmas tell them this is the time
to make the move! One thing we can guarantee: They will never regret it!
Enjoy your Halloween day, start planning your costume with time, and have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day.

Lissette Rosado, Editor
Stay informed, register at www.LLPalmas.com

Muchas cosas define tu gusto
a ..... . I

---- --I "

pero nada como un (ZLEXLJS
de San Juan

US 'S *'SS S S SI' 55 egg I,

A Textron Company

arts Pro Puerrn,: P..:,: In:.


scount on Selected
:ount valid from Oct.1, 2010
to Nov. 30, 2010)

CFf \
Igr irI.B
^*^ JS
Ir l


L 787-613-0177

See our selection of
Pre-Own and Customize Cars



Parts and Service 787-285-7081


Lissette Rosado, Editor

Editorial Collaborators
Obed Borrero
Tony Maldonado
Camila Vargas
Dra Adamarls Gomez
Li::etle Purcell
13 11.j i lllji I
.''lii na ,il,,'J H1 j ',i,,o tlete

Graphic Design
Sandra Rodriguez Rosado & Morales

Sales & Marketing
Lissette Rosado Silvia Morales
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Carolina Dugarte-Aranguren

Cover Photographer
Jose Bobyn

Assistant Editor
-enaida Sanlurlo

Model Offset Printing IMOPI Humacao

Live & Life in Palmas : i i,- hi lilhi h iil,. ih..l i
Inl l I,_l ,- I I,, l h1 I'1 1 11 lll l .. l liI l 1 l l ii l
11 I 1-1 lh 1 p lI, ',,-, ['' Il11,,11 i j1i,.I ,.,,l iiliU1 llh1 :le
I ii ll ll I ,,I .Jl tiilll'l i l: h ,
..~ .ll 787-765-2190
Live & Life in Palmas : i 1 i.. r ,_ill ii'i n..I
Palmas del Mar Homeowners Association
nii1 Rosado & Morales, Inc.
-" II l ll li l i }: l l l-I
F1.,.i- ll, lIu. i ,l .illi l-. ii il : 1: i : [i,: ll, |in., ,Iil.,lih ,l
Palmas del Mar Homeowners Association

O w

0 D


0o I
0-a O

a0 5

. O
z z0
_-, 5,cT

Z 2
Z .....

"- --
S_ ,
Zu a.u~~rrC FId
0<~~~~~*St~7~-,~~I1~~~~ 1Ub

-a -t i l






TELEFONO: 787.850.4900


~:'' ';





.. f (\ 1
,. ,

Senioritis [se-nj-(r)-i-tis]:
a crippling disease that strikes high school seniors. Symptoms
include: laziness, lack of studying, repeated absences, and a
generally dismissive attitude. The only known cure is a phe-
Gf L lUihndoiws nomenon known as Graduation. Similar to our local mosquito,
Eco-frendly lidouus and Dloors Aedes Aegypti, or better known as "el dengue", if a senior stu-
dent gets bitten by this bug too early, it might be fatal.

Rhvrta^ -----^ B ^

The senior class of 2011 is one like no other. It is one of unit, .I ....... pr 1 ,..1
awareness and support, but above all, one of friendship and encouragement. In
The Palmas Academy I have found a home, and in my class...a second family.
And for that I am forever grateful. Ever heard of the saying: "We will do our best
to keep this going"? Yup, that's a senior motto, and one we plan to keep. Being a
senior is absolutely without a doubt the best thing in school. The "respect your
elders" ambiance is awesome (after all, we are senior citizens),
t l t. 1i i I, line cutting-marvelous, the jeans on Friday- the cherry
", r. ''1. I, being teachers favorites...well, that's just a plus. Oh,
,..I .i !4 1 [even mention being on top of the academic chain?
Si ., !. I, Iming! And that one word sums it up for all us...over-

S'. kar do I want to do for the rest of my life? Where do I
,, fr ... study? Will I get accepted? Essays, deadlines, scores,
i .I I Iui, -frying, butt-cramping tests are all great delicacies of
rl I,. ii a..r menu. Even with all of the privileges a senior has, a
i I r I. r i ss is bound to be included. All play and no work... it's
1. ir rI Ie human law.
Not only do we have applications to
hil. ,,d tests to Ace, we also have fund-
I ii i ,- to do. With the help of the entire
I.. school, and community every fund-
m!!v event can be a successful one.
1-,.I -), the senior class invites everyone
r. I. us in our pursuit to have a bashful
I. ,i prom. May our senior year begin!


lama Hoy^i2^-

. . . - ... : .- :. .. - '* - . ... -. .- .- :: :.. ---.-.- : ..i F a ::


..,..... il. II; ~

Municipality of
Humacao recognizes
our Executive Director

Antonio (Tony) Maldonado, Humacao's Adopted Son
Antonio "Tony" Maldonado, our Executive PHA Director,
was awarded with the recognition "Humacao's Adopted Son"
last month for his involvement and commitment with the
Municipality of Humacao. At the ceremony held in Huma-
cao's town square, Municipal Representative praised Tony's
trajectory and background.
"Tony is an example of a Puerto Rican that has grown by
his own merits. Tony is from the town of Comerio and is the
youngest of twelve children. His father was not rich in mate-
rial wealth but rather in principles and moral values, some-
thing Tony evidently inherited which has taken him very far,"
said the Representative.
Tony was an officer of the United States Air Force and be-
came the youngest pilot and Aircraft Commander of a B-52
nuclear bomber. He served as Chief, U.S. Office of Defense
Cooperation in Madrid, Spain. He was the senior Depart-
ment of Defense representative to Spain and senior advisor
to the US Ambassador to Spain. During the Persian Gulf War
in 1991 he coordinated the overall US offensive operations
from Spain.
Tony completed his academic education at the University
of Puerto Rico where he earned a Bachelor of Arts in Business
Administration. Upon his graduation, Maldonado was com-
missioned second lieutenant in the United States Air Force as
a Distinguished Graduate from the Air Force Reserve Officer
Training Corps program.
After Maldonado retired from the Air Force, he was named
President of "Fomento Industrial de Puerto Rico" (Puerto
Rico Industrial Development Company) by the Government
of Puerto Rico. In 1993 he became the CEO of the American
Red Cross, Puerto Rico Region. In 1999 he became Executive
Director of Palmas Del Mar Homeowners Association.
"For us, Tony is a winner and in the name of the Arias Club
we declare him Humacao's adopted son," said the Municipality
Tony, we in Palmas are also proud of your achievements! A


P r

o y e c t a

T. 787- 7+6472+6
Mail: prouectacainc@gmail.com

,D R 5 & M O R E .

T./787//70-2Z rF. 787 7+7-5615
Mail: integragroupcorp@gmail.com



Without a doubt, we are liv-
w the most challenging period
tn the history of our community.
And I must also say that, without
a doubt, this challenge has drawn
our community closer than ever, it
has made it far more resilient and
has galvanized us all in common
k purpose. Clearly, as it should be,
we are finally taking full ownership
of Palmas and of our destiny. We are at the threshold of a
bright future.
Regarding the closing of the Country Club amenities, we
are providing you with a comprehensive update on this matter
in a separate article within this magazine edition. But I want
to underscore that at PHA we continue to labor intensively
to reopen these much needed facilities through a new mem-
bership program affordable to all Palmas property owners.
Maintenance work is underway and we only wait for the
title transfer to begin operations. The success of this major
community undertaking will depend on every property owner
joining the new club to significantly enhance our quality of
life, boost the value of our properties and ignite the marketing
of dormant projects. This is fundamental in stepping through
the threshold where we stand today into a new dawn full of
hopes and fulfilled dreams.
There are too many people to list to thank them for the
tremendous support they have given us in orchestrating and
managing this effort. But I'll be remiss if I don't mention some
special heroes to whom all of us owe a great debt of gratitude.
They are: Juan Gracia, Juan (Cuco) Ramos, Tony Maldonado,
Mano Morales, Heri Jove and Luis Lomba, Jr., Gabriel Espasas,
Gamaliel Rosado and Eddie Reyes. Well done!

Servando Diaz



PHA and PAC representatives continue to work very closely
and are making good progress with the Government Develop-
ment Bank (GDB) and the Puerto Rico Tourism Development
Fund (TDF) to have the golf, tennis and beach club facilities
transferred to the Palmas Athletic Club (PAC). Toward this end
a Purchase and Assumption Agreement was signed between PAC
and TDF on August 16, 2010.
PAC is the entity created under the auspices of the Palmas
del Mar Homeowners Association (PHA) to receive those assets
from the GDB / TDF on behalf of the community. The PAC
Board of Directors consists of Palmas homeowners Attorney
Juan Ramos (President), CPA Luis Lomba (Treasurer), Eng.
Juan Gracia (Secretary and Interim Administrator), Antonio
Maldonado (PHA Executive Director), Servando Diaz (PHA
President), Eng. Gabriel Espasas, Samuel Jove, Manuel Morales,
Gamaliel Rosado (Tennis Club Rep) and Eduardo Reyes (Golf
Club Rep).
On July 26, 2010, with the generous support of donations from
the community members who have responded to PHA request to
help establish a fund to perform limited maintenance of certain
golf course areas, PHA began the clean up and maintenance of
critical golf course areas along Palmas entrance and main roads.
The community responded admirably to this call for help.
On August 4, 2010 PCCI filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy
proceedings. Along with this filing, PCCI and the GDB / TDF
in agreement with the PHA and PAC, filed a joint motion ask-
ing the bankruptcy court to allow certain monies still possessed
by PCCI to be used by PAC for the maintenance of the closed
facilities. The Bankruptcy Court granted the request and mainte-
nance to the golf courses, the tennis and the Beach Club facilities
is now being provided by PAC using PCCI monies.
The plan remains for PAC to receive the facilities from the
GDB / TDF once transferred to TDF as part of the bankruptcy
proceedings. A decision from the bankruptcy court approving
the transfer is expected very soon. PAC will receive a line of
credit from GDB to operate the facilities and will negotiate the
new terms for the acquisition of the assets. Again, an agreement
to this end has been worked between PAC and the GDB/TDE

SOON by Tony Maldonado

PHA has been the organizational force that has put together
and is managing these efforts along with the new PAC entity
with the help of many members of our community on behalf
of the community. .
As the new owner and operator of the golf, tennis and beach
facilities, beyond the government debt, PAC will not assume
any of PCCI liabilities including the initiation fees paid by the
former Country Club membership. The members of the club
have been included as creditors in the Chapter 11 filing by PCCI
and should receive a notification of these proceedings and forms
to file a proof of claim with the bankruptcy court. Any questions
about the PCCI membership or other creditors' debts must be
addressed to the bankruptcy court trustee handling the case.
PHA has no liability on this matter and, as an institution, will
have no obligations as part of this transaction.
As part of its business plan, PAC is working on a new mem-
bership plan open to the entire Palmas community and to
the former Country Club membership. PAC wants all former
Country Club members back and it is not PAC intent to ask
former club members to pay initiation fees again. As a new
entity, PAC will restructure its operations to make the golf,
tennis and beach club a successful operation capable of paying
its commitments and assuring continuity of operations. This
will include establishing a membership plan at a reasonable fee
attractive to all homeowners and implementing a business plan
that will max out the return of investment through a continuous
and full use of all facilities. The objective here is to have the
facilities accessible to everyone in the community and to give
everyone in the community the opportunity to be a member of
the amenities. PAC is formalizing the terms and conditions of
the new membership and will soon communicate them to the
former club members and to the entire community.
We at PHA remain optimistic that a solution will be reached
in the minimum possible time and that the golf, tennis and
beach club operations will soon be back in business for the
enjoyment and benefit of our entire community. We thank the
Palmas del Mar community, once more, for your for steadfast

Speb 6 8 201

[ \ax m

Golf carts and the
habitat conservation plan
Except for security and maintenance vehicles, the Palmas
del Mar Habitat Conservation Plan and federal laws and
regulations prohibit golf carts and motor vehicles in the beach
areas of Palmas del Mar where sea turtle nesting activity
occurs throughout the year. In spite of posted warnings and
interventions by Palmas security, periodically golf-carts and
non-authorized vehicles are seen driven in the protected areas
in violation of these restrictions. As a deterrent to these viola-
tions, as recommended by the Palmas Security Council and
approved by the PHA Board of Directors, effective January 1,
2011 PHA fines for these violations will be increased from $50
to $150. Signs alerting to these fines will be posted in beach
areas and the change will be included in the PHA annual
contract signed by golf-cart owners.
Golf cart users are reminded about the parking restriction
at the turn-around circle at the end of the beach access be-
tween Crescent Beach and Solarea. Although this restriction
is posted, often we find carts parked in this area blocking and
making it impossible for other carts to turn around. Fines ($50)
will continue to be issued by Palmas security to violators of this
restriction. No exceptions allowed.
Please help in making your neighbors visit to the beach an
enjoyable experience.

i!'I...I.i,- irl!.. rI- r l..'ved to run loose have resurfaced.
We have observed dogs running unleashed in the beach amid
beach goers and children and in neighborhoods causing con-
cern to joggers, walkers and bikers. The Palmas Restrictive
Covenants are very specific on this matter. All dogs must be a
leashed and are not permitted to run loose or become a nui-
sance or an annoyance to others. The Humacao Code of Pub-
lic Order also prohibits this practice and imposes penalties for
Your pet may be a docile, non-aggressive animal, but your
neighbors do not know that and it is hard to predict how ani- g
mals may react at a given time, place or circumstance. Please m
help keep the community peaceful and safe. Keep in mind
that your rights stop where others begin.
Owners are reminded that
they are 1-..itf.!,-! I '. 5'! .... !-
ing up after their pets. k..,a I...
aware that pit bulls ar(. i I..,! !r
ed by law in Puerto Ri .. L ....
tions of these animals ,i, .r I...
reported directly to tl!.. .,-
lice who have a special ii i r
to take care of their re ,. ,m -d
al and disposal. Plea-..
call Police Agent Bet.o
ty Figueroa at 787-
850-1224 to
report any
problems as- ga
sociated with
pit bull dogs. ,T-

Golf C'art5 + Kid5: Potential Danger!

Golf Cars are not toys. Unfortunately some parents do not
realize this and it is deplorable because they are not only put-
ting at risk being involved in a legal suit but they are putting
the life of their own children at risk. According to the Con-
sumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC), there are approx-
imately 15,000 golf car related accidents requiring emergency
room treatment in the US each year and 40% of all golf car re-
lated accidents involve children (age < 16) and 50% of these
involve a fall from a moving car. As a result, children represent
a dramatically large portion of all ejection accident victims.
As with all motor vehicles, golf car operators are required to
be 16 years or older, possess a valid driver's license or possess
a learner's permit. There have been several incidents where
parents were held financially liable for damages caused by golf
carts operated by their children. In some cases serious injuries
have occurred. During the past months we have had various
serious golf car accidents many of them involving young chil-
dren or teenagers. "This is not to be taken lightly. A golf car
accident can result in serious injuries, permanent damage or
even death," said Tony Maldonado, PHA Executive director.

qure toigbc5oScrt*o il ersosbefratwn

Au Oimbtnh.. o~Gohf IrtVCbrp~nI Frd~ rca~~.n*

kll li. .. ].1 .
I i .1. .. .1 .

Source www technology-assoc.com
Source www.technology-assoc, com

Cart Pro recowm endation5...
* If you have small children install safety belts. If you have a baby,
a car seat is recommended
* Verify the breaks, oil and general condition of the car two times
a year. If your car is electric verify the battery terminals and the
water frequently
* Above all do not alter the vehicle's motor to make it run faster
than it is designed for.
To prevent your car from being stolen: There are several devices
such as the traditional master lock cable, the wheel lock and the
battery switch lock.


- I

Keep in mind that recycling is limited to the following materials:
* Plastic: juice, soda, water, milk and detergent containers. Remove netal rings or ca~. position.
* Aluminum: Only soda and beer cans
SNewspapers: shoppers may be included.Magazines are not acceptable
* Cartons: Only corrugated carton board or boxes are permitted. Detergent and/or cereal boxes are not permitted.
Except for large cartons, do not leave materials outside of the containers or collection bags.Solid waste is one of the main pollution problem!
in the world. Please help us in making this program a successful one at Palmas del Mar.

~.II I..

9 od YOUTH


S*... *
I -n.S : .:* "*-.,A. --- -* **.


.' HlIKIB "t









i~ic C


Figueroa... --

by Lissette Rosado, Editor

Many of you have seen Annelisse Figueroa around with her twins
and her husband, Ruben Chamorro, involved in all the activities re-
lated to school. But what you may not know is that Annelissse is a
very well known orthodontist and has a modern and state of the art
office right here in Humacao. Once you cross the door you know you
are in good hands, you can tell that her practice is very well organized
and managed. Her staff is well trained and eager to help you around.

What is the new tendency or advances in Orthodontics?
"Orthodontics is the oldest recognized specialty in dentistry, going
back to the early 1900's. A lot has changed since then. As with all
other health fields, a lot of advances have been introduced in the past years to improve the
diagnosis and treatment outcomes.
The use of TADs (temporary anchorage devices) in ortho-
dontics is one of those advances that has opened the door for
orthodontists to be able to achieve dental movements that
before, were either i!mtp.. i1. to do or would require sur-
gery," stated Annelisse.

What are TAD's?
"TADs are mini-implants that are placed in the mouth as
required by the vectors of forces needed to accomplish the
desired movements. Their used has been especially good
in the treatment of adult patients. These mini-implants are
placed in a matter of minutes, and then, easily removed once
they have accomplished their function.
Many of the tooth movements that required the use of the dreaded headgear can be done
with the help of TADs, from moving teeth back to intruding entire segments of the dental
arches. With the aid of these devices, we may also close spaces to avoid the need for prosthetic
replacement of missing teeth. These are only some of the benefits that the use of TADs has
given orthodontists in their day-to-day treatment of patients.

What about the self-ligating bracket?
There are different types of brackets and techniques use in or-
thodontics, but basically they all accomplish the same. It is up
to the orthodontist to perform an adequate examination and to
properly diagnose the existing malocclusion of a patient and treat
accordingly. A type of bracket that has recently acquired a lot
of attention is the self-ligating bracket. These appliances do not
require the use of elastic or steel ligature ties to engage the arch
wire into the brackets. Theoretically, then, there is less friction
between the wire and the bracket base, requiring fewer forces to
move the teeth. With less force, there is less discomfort for the e
patient. A reduction of treatment time with fewer visits to the of- ** *
fice for adjustments is also one of the benefits i r ,i r'r...1 to the use
of self-ligating brackets," says Annelisse
So... if you think you might need an orthodontic treatment, don't hesitate. Visit Annelisse,
you couldn't be in better hands. And on top of all her professional attributes, she is a very nice
and fun person. A



"A certified
is a specialist
has two to
three years of
training after
becoming a

Club & Spa

* State of the art cardio & strength equipment Fitness classes zumba, salsa, aquaerobics, Pilates
Body Treatments -massages, facials and corporal, watsu, cupping therapy, hot stone, reflexiology among
others Nutritional Consultants and personal training services Fitness evaluation and much more.

Tel 787.719.7674 (Country Club Drive in front of the Church)

Highly effective products specially
designed for every woman's needs,
no matter her age or life style.



Tr ,-hi ,-:. i ,--t E -:-II-n i: -
hl rI. l [ .hlll- ii,,tI.'. I _i1 1_11 ,1- it
L ,:.': L -i,-_':,': C1 '-- r d- A '1-,


Palmas del Mar...changed our
By Lizette Purcell
For two years we had been coming to Palmas Del Mar in July
and renting in Beach Villas. One day my husband says: "Ok
it's time for us to start looking for a property here". And the
search began. We were looking for a 3 bedroom apartment so
that the in-laws and other family members could stay with us
on the weekends. Little did I know that one day that apart-
ment would become my home. Last year in July we moved
to Palmas to spend the month here like most people do. It
was our first summer with our new apartment. During that
month a lot of mystical things started happening. We felt so
good here, we felt at peace. Some friends that had been living
here for quite some time started telling us how great it was to
live the Palmas Lifestyle, and I didn't want to go back to Guay-
nabo City, where we lived. I was in search of a better quality
of life for our family. More people started convincing us to do
it. One night we went out to dinner in a local restaurant, and
I guess God had a plan because there was a special someone
who has been living here for the past five years who also came
from Guaynabo City, she would signal behind my husband's
back if I needed a reel to catch him like you do when you are
fishing. That Thursday night I started flirting with the idea of Luis P6rez Gusti, Lizzette Purcell, Gabriela and
Luis Alejandro.
taking a big plunge, leaving it all behind. I knew it was going
to be imp..- .1. to convince my husband because he works
in Hato Rey and it meant a big sacrifice on his part. Then
it all happened on Friday afternoon... I had left my son Luis
Alejandro (age 12) at the putting green, while I went to a
special place at the top of Palmas, a place I call: "A little piece
of Heaven", where you can see all of this beautiful Paradise, a
place where all you can hear is the wind and the roar of the
ocean waves as they splash on the rocks of the Marina; where
you can see the pelicans fly right above you that it seems that
you can touch them; a place so close to the sky that you feel
you are in heaven. Here I found myself very often looking for
answers from God, and every time I would come down, some
sign landed right in front of my eyes. When I picked up my son
(he was there for three hours) he said that he needed to talk to
me. I guess he had enough time to analyze what I was about to
hear .He said: "Mom, I don't want to go back to school in San
Juan". Talk about a sign! At that moment I knew that God was
in control and that he had a plan. He expressed himself to me
and after a long talk... ............
When my husband came home that night, I told him what
had happened and we talked about everything Luis Alejandro
had to say, and to my surprise, he had had that same conver-
sation with his father a year ago. So I said: what are we going
to do about it? We had guests that night, and we started talk- .............
ing about the situation, our friend encouraged us not to think
about it, he told us that it was the best thing we could give our
children; a better quality of life. On Sunday night, my hus-

lives forever!
band wanted to make sure of what we were doing so he called
another friend who has been living here for fourteen years.
He was a high school friend and also a Doctor who travels to
Caguas every day. They finally convinced my husband. I had
to be in school on Monday morning to meet with the school
counselor. I loved it from the moment I stepped inside, I felt
at home and so did my kids. After a brief meeting they told us
that they were accepted, and so the race began. I had already
bought everything for the other school so I had to run like
crazy to get new uniforms and exchange all the books. Fortu-
nately everything went smooth sailing. It all worked out and
our journey to a place they call Paradise took its course. It was
not easy at first, but as days came to pass, everything started
falling into place.

My family has united in

so many ways. We spend more

time together and our quality of

life has definitely changed for the

better. In Palmas you definitely

live the life.

Back at the other school it was such a r i I. i. to wake them
up in the morning. I would have to end up screaming and it
was always a total chaos. They did not want to get up, they
were lazy doing everything. I hated mornings. Homework was
overly rated. They had no time to relax because everything
was done in a hurry. Sports were done at night at the local
country club because in school, there was too much competi-
tion. Imagine...who could sleep with all that energy. It is all
so different now. Sometimes I wake up in the morning and
my daughter Gabriela who is 11 is already up and ready to go.
Luis, my son did all the sports possible in school and at the end
it was very rewarding for him. They are done right after school
giving them enough time at night to relax and enjoy family
time. He even made the Jr. Honor Society. Gabriela, on the
other hand, was elected by her new classmates as the president
of the Student Council and also participated is sports. This is
very good for their self esteem. Both my kids started to change
in a very positive way. My kids are so happy and relaxed. They
love their school and the teachers and the friends they have
made along the way will last for a long time to come. Not to
leave him out, my husband travels everyday and it is a sacrifice,
but deep inside, he loves entering the Palmas entrance, where
even the air you breathe is so pure. He says that the worst part
of leaving in the morning is watching the people playing golf.

Life is so much
simpler here. On
my behalf, I have
met new friends
and this year spe-
cial and magical
things are start-
ing to happen.
New doors are
opening for all of
us. I can only say
that looking back
at that late afternoon in July everything has fallen into place
and here in Palmas del Mar you definitely live the life. We have
found that little piece of Paradise and I am very lucky that God
has given us the chance to experience the true meaning of the
word family. Palmas is a great big neighborhood. I left every-
thing I had in Guaynabo. My family, my house and everything
in it but I would never change what I have experienced this
year for anything else. My family has united in so many ways.
We spend more time together and our quality of life has defi-
nitely changed for the better. I am now looking forward to see
what God has in store for us. A



-" "2...

^.^ "'"*&;

Ave. Cruz Ortiz Stella,
Esq. Luis Muhoz Marin, Humacao, PR 00741
Telefono: (787) 656-9393

* *

"Piruetas ensetia a
los niflos a
habilidades tales
como la coordinad6n,
equilibrio, fuerza,
conflanza, paciencia y
la autoestima.
La gimnasia ademis
proporciona una base
s6lida para cualquier
deporte y promueve
en los nifios una
actitud positive hacia
la actividad fisica que
los ayuclari a
mantener un estilo
de vida saludable"
Carlos Ramos, Director

i: ~

Reciba en comida saludable
pn -ii s t a i a nfirina

TamUe6n hacemos cualquier tipo
de Dieta indiidualizada
para ti,


Cafe de la Plaza
restaurant & beer garden
Join us in Celebrating Oktoberfest!
Saturday Oct. 9, 16, 23, & 30th
Amazingly Tasty South American Fusion Cuisine
TAPAS & CEVICHE Seafood & Steak Entrees
Enjoy a selection of high quality Frosty Seasonal Craft Bottled Beers

Cde la Pla

li I Iis g

iQuiroprdctica para Nifios, J6venes y Adultos!

Contamos con equipo de alta tecnologia de
evaluacidn del sistema nertioso central
W C Evaluaciones metatarsals y de
postura- Modernas facilidades
con sistfema paperless.
Tratamiento para...
Subluxaciones Vertebrales Dolores de Cabeza
Dolor de Cuello y Hombros Adormecimiento de Manos y Piernas
Espasmos Musculares Discos Herniados Dolores de Espalda Baja
Sciatica Radiculopatias

mirtes a viernes: de 8:00am a 5:00pm y sibados: de 800am a 12:00pm
63 Av.PdeRieaHmcoPR 09
787 85.88 Iathrwlcne~ml~


protok WE
P RSt t 3 WAFA

I n 2



?k -

all about

By: Li II, Rosado, Editor
I am going to start with my personal story. I am fifty nine go-
ing on sixty even though sometimes I forget this fact due to my
high levels of energy. Since my early adulthood I have been
doing some type of exercise, I have covered them all: aerobics
(I used to take two classes in a row), swimming, weight lifting,
bicycle, kayak, zumba and now spinning and walking. I love
them all because it makes me feel full of energy and it gives me
a sense of well being. Here, I have to thank my father for set-
ting an example. My father is a living example that it is never
too late if the outcome is good. My father is an engineer who
in his fifties and without prior exercise experience started to
play tennis and since them--he is now eighty five--has never
stopped. He plays tennis five times a
week and until recently he played sin-
gles. I still remember how he changed
when he started playing tennis. He
not only changed his body but also
his attitude toward life, he became
more flexible, more tolerant and yes,
more fun. He became (and still is) a
person with a joy for life and
understanding for others. That
should be our goal, live the years
we have to live, with quality of life. I
S have to mention that he also eats very
healthy, without limiting himself of all
the goodies the Puerto Rican diet of-
fers and he drinks one or two glasses
of wine at night with the dinner.
At Palmas we have no excuses.
We have the perfect environment,
Luis M. Rosado, resources and facilities and more im-
my father, my
example with his portantly very experienced personal
grandchildren. trainers and nutritionist who can help
us obtain our goals: Jackie Rodriguez
from Los Lagos Club Spa and Karla Hernfndez from One on
One Fitness. Live & Life interviewed both of them to find
out how we can help ourselves to live a healthy life in Palmas
del Mar.
But before, I have to mention that there is no perfect diet
or exercise regime, what is good for you may not be good for
me. You have to find something you enjoy and is suitable for
you. Consult our experts. If you don't have an exercise habit
you may need to force yourself to do it. Don't worry, once your
body becomes used to it, he will ask for it. But... it takes some
time and will. If your goal is to lose weight sometimes it helps
to put a photo on your fridge of you looking slender and fit.
But...let's see what our experts have to say about this. Let's
meet them. A



(mfr eneli

Our fitness experts...
Karla Hernandez
from One On One Fitness and
Jackie Rodriquez
from Los Lagos Club & Spa.

1 O




JaCKI Origuez

Who hasn't seen Jackie walking around with her clients up and
down the hills of Palmas? She is unbelievable. Not only does she work
from very early in the morning to late at night but she is a mother of
five (from 23 to 6 years old and five c-sections). Jackie has been part ..
of the exercise world for twenty two years. "I used to own a Gym in
Hato Rey called Executive Fitness Center which I sold. Five years ago
I moved to Palmas with the idea of retiring from the exercise business
but life had other plans for me. Vilma Nurse organized a group of
ladies that wanted me to give them advice and training. After that I
couldn't stop," she said and laughs. It's in her veins!
For the last two years Jackie has trained the Miss Puerto Rico Universe contestants. "They
spent a week with me taking a boot camp in exercise and nutrition. I place emphasis on eating
habits since there are a lot of disorders like bulimia," said Jackie and explained that fitness is 80%
nutrition-10% training and 10% genetics. "It was a wonderful week of self improvement, said
Desiree del Rio, Miss PR Universe Ciales contestant. Jackie also works with the Four Point Hotel
on a Health and Fitness Program for their guest and her private clients. She is a Personal Trainer
certified by the American Counsel of Exercise, a sport nutritionist and has a BA in Biology with
concentration in Exercise Physiology.
Now Jackie has a new mission. She and Hector Kaba, her husband and partner are running
and managing the beautiful Los Lagos Club & Spa, a state of the art club/spa with full service
health and fitness facilities. "We not only have beautiful and modern equipment and facilities but
also a magnificent trainer's team. "This has become a center of reunion and gathering of families
that wants to live a more healthy life, eat better and do the right exercises. Los Lagos offers a big
variety of services and facilities such as: the gym -cardio and weight Lifting fitness classes -
zumba,salsa, aquaerobics, Pilates body treatment services -massages, facials and corporal such as
Swedish, deep tissue, shiatsu, hot stone, cupping therapy and reflexology diet and consulting *
physical evaluation -% of fat, flexibility, cardio respiratory resistance, muscular strength.
"When the client arrives to the club we make a physical evaluation
and according to this evaluation we prepare an exercise program
and orientation about the different machines and their uses,"
she explained and added that you don't have to stop eating; you
have to learn to eat well. She stressed that "Nutrition is fun-
damental, if you start eating right your body alone is going to
make changes and you are going to see the
change in approximately three weeks.
Eighty percent is nutrition!" she em-
4 phasizes. She says that it is important
to eat every three hours to accelerate
the metabolism and do the right exer-
Scise for your condition, age and life style.
1 itnot easy but the experts are here, avail-
able and with a lot of knowledge to help you
out. Yes, with their help, we can do it! A


Jackie and her husband
and partner, Hector Kaba



Karla has been in Palmas for around four years. "I am origi-
nally from San Juan but moved to Miami. One Christmas
my husband and I came on vacation to Palmas and we fell
in love with Palmas. Very soon after our visit we decided to
move back to the Island."
How did you get started in fitness?
"It all started when I was sixteen. I used to work in a gym
and I just loved it! Later on I got the personal training certi-
fication from AFAA (American Fitness Aerobic Association)
and eight years ago the Spinning Certification Instructor
from Mad Dog Athletics," Karla stated.
In Miami Karla was instructor at the Dorado Resort & Spa.
" Later we moved to Puerto Rico and I always wanted to
open my own studio but when we moved back I started
working as a sales & marketing executive in a
multinational company for three years, but
with the economical crisis a personnel cut
came and I became unemployed, that's when
I decided to open my own studio," Karla
Why a Spinning studio?
"I decided spinning because spinning is
a very well rounded type workout. It
covers cardiovascular and muscular
strength. After a spinning class you
feel your body full of energy.
Spinning is very easy to learn /
and it is easy for people that
don't have too much coor-:-
dination. In aerobic classes
sometimes people get lost."
On the other hand Karla stated that for her it
is very important that all her instructors are certified
by Mad Dog. "Last March we all went to the spinning
convention in Miami to learn from the best spinning
teachers of the world the latest in technology and tech-

One of these technological discoveries is the importance of
using the heart rate monitor.
Here I will tell you my own story. I've been doing spinning
for some time now and even though I feel good and have
strengthened my legs and eliminated a lot of my cellulite. I
haven't lost significant amount of weight.
Karla explained and I will follow up on this.
"The heart rate monitors help you determine which is
your aerobic; the zone you want to be in to consume/burn fat
calories. When you are not in your aerobic zone, you keep
burning calories but mostly carbohydrates. You should stay in
75% of your heart rate maximum," explained Karla.
Let's take my example. I am 59. My aerobic zone
is calculated with the Karoven formula. Women
; I.. ..in with 225 bits per minutes (man has
Si,, less) and every year we lose one bit,
', which means that I have to subtract 59
bits to my 226 originals bits, which is
167 maximum bits by minutes. Then
I calculate the 75% of 167 which is
125 bits per minutes. I want to
burn fat calories (which I want, I
should stay in that zone), that's
my aerobic zone. "This changes
every year and we have to re-
calculate your zone again.
This is called intelligent
training," Karla said and
emphasized that we should
have six mini meals a day and
drink eight 8oz glasses of water.
I bought my heart rate monitor now
and it's been very difficult to stay in my
zone. I was doing too much for my age
and now I feel I am not doing much.
But... let's follow the advice of the
experts and I will keep you posted. A

Karla Hernandez Castro,
One on One Fitness owner.

Jesus Burgos, Joe Maqueda, Luis
Ojeda and Alejandro Morales, part of
the "Los Lagartijos Team"
Cyclists in Palmas are truly in Paradise.
There is plenty of space, no traffic, and...
Palmas is so beautiful! "When you are
cycling you are in sort of a therapy mood,
we solve all the world problems in each
ride. And of course we do a lot of exer-
cise," said Joe Maqueda, leader of what
they call "Los L ,! ri. (The Lizards).
They run every Tuesdays, Thursdays
and Saturdays. They are around sixteen
or eighteen "lizards". They even have
nicknames and they mock each others.
Maqueda is called "Chamaco" "Because
he thinks he is the youngest one," ex-
plained Jesfis Burgos, alias Mako. They
ride mountain bikes and some of them
compete sporadically. Usually they ride
for two hours but on Saturdays they run
three or four, more than 25 miles. One
of their favorites routes are the Guayanes
area, it's a wild area at the end of Palmas
Drive. "This is a very demanding route
but is so beautiful," they stated and add-
ed that they have names for the different
areas: "The Butterfly Route" (because
there are a lot of butterflies in that area),
"The Dog's Crossing" (lots of strays dogs
around), "The Mango Route", several
Mangos trees and so on. A


After School

Program at

Palmas Academy

The little ones at Palmas also have
rheir workouts. Gymnastics is one of the
popular after school programs headed by
Carlos Ramos owner of Pirouettes, who
throughout his career has trained many
local and international medal winners.
"I began running the gymnastic pro-
gram two years ago at Palmas Academy
now we have a new place in town call
Pirouettes, where PA students go after
school. We specialize in gymnastic in
a very safe and fun way for children as
young as two.
Other than enhancing physical fitness,
gymnastics gives kids confidence in their
body and encourages self esteem. As
children's skills progress, they become
more confident of themselves. This con-
fidence is reflected in other areas of the
child's life, improving their performance
in many areas. And most importantly
kids and teens who are self confident
are less likely to abuse drugs or alcohol,
develop an eating disorder, or falter aca-
I am sure they sleep well after so many
pirouettes. I wish I would have learned
when I was a kid!
Maybe one day I will talk to Carlos
about golden age Gymnastics! A

Javier Garcia, Ariana & Alejandro (7
years old), riding around Palmas on a
Saturday afternoon.

Restaurant El Makito...
6\s k%&\0r- locs |< fk l

The importance of exercising at an early age
By Yariza Yulian

Our sedentary lifestyle and eating habits have been
internalized as part of our culture. These habits are leading
to obesity at an early age, diabetes, hypertension and a
complexity of psychological problems. Puerto Rico must
consciously take hold of its future by institutionalizing a
healthier lifestyle. Recent studies show that out of 6 factors
that affect cardiovascular health, excessive body weight is by
far what most increases
the risk of cardiac disease which is the major cause of death
in men and women today.
By adjusting our diet and adding 4-6 days of exercise, we can
curtail cardiac disease, avoid premature death and prolong a
more productive and enjoyable life. Exercise should be part of
our daily routine. In order to achieve these goals we must start
with our children and young adults. Studies show that even if
you have a family history of hypertension, diabetes and heart
disease, by controlling your weight and doing exercise you can
eliminate this risk in the majority of the population. Health
and Sports Centers are starting to take hold. Zonaactiva KIDS
is one of the new innovative centers where children can start
to learn about exercise and enjoy it from 10 months of age.
When young children are introduced to sports and physical
exercise, it becomes part of their
One hour a day of varied exercises has shown to curtail
obesity and improve physical appearance. This has a multitude
of benefits that include:
Better self esteem
Decreased risk of osteoporosis
Ability to maintain normal cholesterol levels
Lower triglycerides
Less depression
Better academic achievement

A ..

QB '

^ i-

gj I!', .


This helps maintain an ideal weight that impacts
cardiovascular health and personal
Improves the immunologic response resulting in less
disease. Sports centers, like ZONACTIVE KIDS can be the
alternative you need. They are located in Humacao with a
variety of classes including: martial arts, gymnastics, dance,
ballet, music, art, aerobics, yoga and programs for children
that are overweight.
For more information: info@zonactivakids.com or 787-719-
3350. A

b UIr. 6L' IL_. Hum. -. -. PR 787.852.1550
orthofig( hotm ail.com
Se aceptan planes mIdicos con cubierta de ortodoncia. i I
Se aceptan planes medicos con cubierta de ortodoncia.

Palmas...a place

where watches are

no Longer needed.

by Adriana Silva Navarrete

What does freedom feel like to you? Can it be the wind gracefully blowing through
your hair while you wiggle your toes on the sand? Or how about the coconut smell of the
SPF 30 sun block you carry around?
Maybe it's the saltwater bubble sensation coming out of your mouth while swimming
under water. But most definitely, freedom can feel like the morning sun beautifying your
face while you just breathe, relax and take in the moment.
Freedom can also feel like times well spent with family or the times when you leave all
worries behind and concentrate on nothing but your relaxed state of mind.
Maybe for some, freedom can feel like a chilled Bushwalker on a hot day while you en-
joy a breathtaking view surrounded by friends and family. What I'm sure is, for all these
people freedom is a synonym of Palmas Del Mar.
When I was 14, freedom for me meant long weekends in the beach, taking my dads
golf car for a ride to "El Coqui", "Beach Bohio" and "Palmanova", house parties at Penin-
sula de San Juan, jumping into the water with the guys from our "rompe olas" and going
to the BVI's for Christmas in July. Those where the days! Days where I had nothing but
myself to worry about, days where my only worry was to solemnly enjoy the moments
lived with my friends.
But with the passing of time, comes the change in mentality. I no longer hoped that
the weekend would arrive so I could drench myself in sand from head to toes in Palmas. I
had other "more important" things to worry about. Things that didn't require me to go to
my vacation home every time I had something fun in mind. Like every teenager looking
for their place in this life, I searched for my own path and drifted away from where my
meaning of freedom first started.
Now that I'm older I have realized that Palmas Del Mar is much more than just a
weekend getaway. It's a place where you can truly appreciate the beauty of God's cre-
ation. Watches are no longer required because time is no longer important. Laughter,
creativity, passion, great food, good times and a stress-free philosophy become your best
friends during your stay in "Palmas".
This is why we, as members of a community, can't let this piece of treasure slip out of
our hands. We have to firmly support what's ours, so we can keep being part of something
so valuable. Yes, some things can be measured with a price tag, but others, like memories
and the feeling of freedom, can't.
Remember that a healthy life starts with a healthy mind. Let free your inhibitions and
take time to truly find who you are. Palmas can definitely help you get to that place you
have been searching for, like it did to me. Now I know, that the first step to finding my
sense of freedom is going back to the beginning. A

787.850.4044 Tel
787.850.0171 Fax
Monday Fridays 8:00 AM 9:00 PM
Saturday 8:00 AM 5:00 PM
Visit our

gifts meant

Major Medical Insurance Plans accepted ATH,
Visa, Master Card and AMEX honored



o iS

Campo Rico Electronics
Security Surveillance Systems ...

audible alarm that emits a sound to the exterior of
the property and immediately sends an audible and visual
signal to the PHA Security office. Immediately the dispatcher
sends a message to the patrols on the street
who then mobilize to your villa.
silent alarm this one doesn't emit any sound but sends
the same signal to the PHA Security office that a break in
has occurred and a patrol is sent to your villa.
An internal alarm system, this one emits a very pow-
erful, very high intolerable sound inside the property. this
alarm also sends a visual and audible signal to the Security
office to activate the patrol officer that somebody has bro-
ken into your house.

Silome ,I o ie h [ai H Campo RicoElectronics Inc
Wkoft / UMbj h owe Fi, 1CIvff ifj -f pohw/l A/yf1



1-l11it!- ,I1i ll1ii- Fil lit-
-1illr ll l Fllll tri I l

Photographer t11:1:,- :i,,n
Shariam's attire P- i,: I:I :1,:
Location I it: :,i F: i i :- l 11t:l 1n:
Makeup & hair
- i.:n: lii: ,:i,11n I : E;r.:it ;,:m l :ll:lll
Cosm etics t.:,1:,l 'i,: t-ll,:
Production Assistant li. lil.i I1 i l1.izo



a ond thought. It's been a
ess because Rend and his
tea are hard workers andi
great service, good food .. -
and ieXcellent prices. We can't .. .t
frt to mention the fantastic .
garitas and the nachos... _
m vorites! A


Ii l



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veniences of a premium
indoor kitchen in your
outdoor living space.
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Aluminum doors that look like
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the strength and durability of
aluminum. Available at

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Home furniture and
accessories to give
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Available at TAOS.

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Thanks to the deep lounge seat, the sofa bed transforms into a large
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Arlene Martinez-Nieto, M.D.
Psychiatrist & Psychotherapist

Be open to the
experience of renewal
without preconception
or prejudice...

7 day a
By ~pponm ny
78-3-58 ,3-6517

Palmas de Mar

S... Al I: by utones por Sanlt
L.m a ift


By Lissette Rosado, Editor By Eddie Ferraioli & Yvonne Hernandez
Our good friend and neighbor, Eddie Fer-
raioli--one of the most important mosaic and
glass work artist-- and our creative and tal-
ented friend, Yvonne Hernandez have joined
their talent to create a unique and ethnic
collection of female accessories they have
named F & Y Tribal Collection: a wonder-
ful combination of threads and clothes with
Ferraioli's painted brass and glass. With this
project Yvonne demonstrates her capacity to
transform loose thread into pieces of art.
How did all this start? "' .
They don't really know whose idea it was.
"I met Yvonne and Rafy twenty five years ago
when they bought one of my works for their
previous home. Over the years we have de-
veloped a good friendship and then later on
life brought us together at Palmas. We knew
we wanted to do something together but.
didn't know what and one day, eureka the .'
muse came," said Eddie Ferraioli. "We didn't
have to think too much. After the muse ar-
rived we knew exactly what we wanted to
do," said Yvonne twisting threads matching
and mixing textures and colors. Yvonne has
that i!i.......l1.. talent to transform a piece
of fabric into a piece of jewelry, a purse or a
beautiful scarf.
F &Y Tribal Collection is a wild explosion
of color, textures, metals, glass and beads.
It's a tribute to women in their most wild
and primitive nature. Each piece in the col-
lection makes a statement. "This collection
is aimed for women that are confident and
love live. It's very feminine, very wild with
an ethnic twist," said Yvonne while putting
together pieces of clothes with some of the
Ferraioli designs.
Definitely...Palmas has talent! A

New Projects Resales Repo Short Sale Rentals

fwxieece tA Mcw/Ih!

Carlos Naveira
Broker Lic. 3437

Li style

Palmanova Plaza, # 123-B Palmas del Mar, Puerto Rico.


I -urniture Outlet

umayra sierra
Broker Lic. 5594


Nani Robles
Broker Lic. 4223


You have seen him around, always with his camera, often with his
adorable daughter, Maria Fernanda, which I call Reina Sofia, because
she is like a little princess.
Obed is a very pleasant guy, and one of those lucky people that loves
his work and is passionate about everything he does. I love to work
with him because we get together to brain storm and dream about
everything that can be done. Some of these dreams have come true,
like our webpage, llpalmas.com and other projects we have done for
private clients. He is my partner in everything related with on line and
technology services. He is also my private technology consultant. If
any doubts, I call Obed and he always has the right answers.
Obed is also responsible for the material recorded, edited and up-
loaded in our Palmas Homeowner TV channel (Channel 77).


Obed was born and grew up in Ponce
but love brought him to Humacao where
he married Beatriz Archilla, director of
Wallo Radio, and mother of Reina So-

fia. "She brought me to Humacao and I
don't regret it," he said.
Even though Obed is very young
he has a vast experience and
knowledge of all aspects
S of virtual technology,
that is, by the way, the
name of his company.
1 ,.,.1 ,_ ,] . in

ied Marketing at the University of Puer-
to Rico.
He started his professional career in
the radio industry working for Uno Ra-
dio Group- Sal Soul, Fidelity & Noti
Uno. "I used to do some promotion and
marketing for them and worked with the
first live streaming transition on the
Island. "Live streaming is the capacity
to transmit live video and audio by in-
ternet which is very common now but
not at that time," he explained proudly.
Sometime later he created his own
company, Virtual Technology, aimed to
provide web page service and technolog-
ical solutions to the business community
and private people. Among his clients
you will find: PRIDCO, Corporaci6n de
Cine de PR, Gilbertito Santa Rosa, Ra-
dio Isla, Cimara de Comercio Hispana,
Municipio de Fajardo, Caguas Coop,
Roosvelt Road Coop, La Naguabeia
Coop etc.
But... this talent could not stay hid-
den behind a computer and destiny put
him behind the microphone to share his
knowledge with the public. Obed started
his public appearance with a radioseg-
ment at Radio Isla Techno Minutos-
analyzing technology issues. Then he

made the jump to the small screen with
Telemundo Channel 2 News and with
Channel 6, in the "Nueva Economia"
(New Economy) with Gustavo Velez ,
analyzing technology from the business
point of view.
At the present you can see Obed on
Channel 4 News, as the expert in tech-
nological issues and social networks and
every Thursday at 9:00 PM Silverio on
Channel 13. On the radio you can fol-
low him Mondays and Wednesday in the
Techno Section at Radio Isla. Soon he
will be also writing for La Perla del Sur
newspaper and for Live & Life in Pal-


Sr ] .I r r r ..
r. . ri .. I l




an iPAD!
The cost of the WOrkshop
includes a ticket to particiate
in the raffle Of an iPad,
courtesy of MAC Line Co.,
who willoffer an exhibition of
MAC products.

Obed says...."Mobility is the name of the game. The
future is in mobile platforms such as iPods and phones.
More and more we will see gadgets like the iPad. We are
going to see a "war" of iPad type gadgets".
"Increase use of the Social networks for business, govern-
ment and politics". "More entertainment in the mobile plat-
forms and soon the possibility of downloading software's
available now only on computers"."The internet is going to
become 'standard" worldwide like phones are." The inter-
net is going to become 'standard' worldwide like phones
are. A



'di IHm



3i; "


The Pussers Tiki Bar...


Become a founder
member of the
Yacht Club
Contact us
at 787-656-7300
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November 6,2010
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The Tiki Bar Crew
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a bite above the rest'
Four Points Sheraton Hotel
Palmas del Mar, Humacao 850-6000 x 5042





Sunday thru Thursdays from 6am-11pm
Friday & Saturdays until 12 midnight

I i I II,
"I '
Coming Soon?


r\\ A



New York3
A must see...MEMPHIS
Based on the underground dance clubs of the
1950's in Memphis, Tennessee, MEMPHIS is one
of the best Broadway musicals I have seen lately.
It's absolutely exhilarant and superbly sung; the
dance, the music, the lyrics, the voices, the cho-
reography, the production overall... exuberant!
Memphis is filled with laughter, soaring emotion
and rock 'n' roll. Memphis is a Winner of four
2010 Tony Awards including Best Musical.

A must taste... Devi
(Indian Restaurant)
On 8 East 18th Street (between 5th Ave. & Broadway)
Devi is the best Indian restaurant I have ever visited. It is abso-
lutely delicious. Their food has delicate flavors; it's very elegant
yet not pretentious. The service is excellent. If you are brave, try
the Chef's Tasting Menu eight course menu. Each course is
better than the one before

A must visit...Riverside Park
(along the Hudson River)
I -

Riverside Park is Manhattan's most spectacular waterfront park, stretching four miles from 72nd
to 158th Street along the Hudson River. At this park you will find a bicycle and waking path, skate
board trails, ice skating rinks, tennis courts, volleyball courts, basketball courts, pools, horseback
Riding, kayak/canoe launch site and a 18 holes golf court among others. At the height of 79th
St. and Riverside Drive there is a Cafe called The Rotunda where people gather to view the sunset
and have a drink or eat something light. A

SShare your travel experiences! i
Let's share our travel experiences. Send me any recommendations
.. ,:, have from your trips -hotels, restaurants, shows, exhibitions, I
,r:ll.., cruises etc. We are going to start with New York but next time
vie wouldd be reporting about Spain, Italy, Argentina, etc. It's up to I
yr .B uSend me an e-mail and photos and share your discoveries.
L -

001%tNB k1 'n k Il m p 16 1 : n

I ~ Eli

I. w wvw. Wj I oINIu ajuge Les.

jambola *

In recent days a painting contest took place in Miss Janet Schuk's fifth grade class-
room. The contest consisted in creating a free themed acrylic painting in paper. The
contest was sponsored by Bambola.
The group worked for several weeks and presented their works to the judges:
Agnes Col6n, owner of Bambola, Yvonne Hernfndez one of our local Palmas artist
and myself. The decision was not easy. There were a lot of good works of art and the
students were very enthusiastic. What a decision! But... as in sports, there are always
some winners and they were: Daniel Aponte, first place, Paola Principe, second
place and Daniellie Rivera, third place. Each of the winners received from Bambola
a beautiful drawing kit. Daniel received a kit for designing comic strips; Paola re-
ceived a Sketching and Drawing kit; and Danielly a Do Art Kit of Modern Master
Pieces. Each one also received a book on art related themes. A

Paola Principe, second place

Daniellie Rivera, third place

10:00- 5:00 PM
Tues- Sat
8:30- 6:00 PM
call for


The look of the

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Thermotherapy System
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. 1 iiI I

- I I

Hair ,.iIs bkincare balon

updated. B
don't warn!

Ask our clients...
STony, Monique & TJ Kitchens Harbour Lights
When we bought our first home in Palmas in 2006, we needed a company that could
''manage our insurance needs. Since we live much of the year in Chicago, Illinois, our
insurance provider needed to be trustworthy, efficient, professional and able to work with
us long-distance. Esteban Santiago and his team at Palmas Insurance put our minds at
ease immediately. He assured us that they would take care of our auto, boat, golf cart,
personal property and home insurance policies and do it all cost-effectively. They have
exceeded our expectations. Kathy Burleson Martinez keeps us informed regarding policy
updates and works with Esteban to ensure we receive the best rates possible. Palmas
Insurance has our highest recommendation! Thank you Esteban and team!
Annie G. Pietri Villa Franca
My name is Annie Pietri Gaudin, resident of Palmas del Mar and your happy customer over
the past 4 years. I am addressing this brief note of thanks for your consistent attention to
my family's home insurance needs. It is uncommon in this modern time to find an insurance
group dedicated to defending client's interests, increasing coverage, and decreasing costs
as you have so reliably done. Thank you! Our family has come to rely on your dedicated at-
tention and professional conduct. We are happy clients who wish to openly congratulate and
support you... We look forward to our continuing relationship!-
David & Nancy Fogelson The Marbella Club
We have been insured with Palmas Insurance since we moved to Palmas Del Mar, 3 1/2 years ago.
Their expertise and professionalism has always impressed me as well as their graciousness. They
are always available to help me with any questions and options regarding all insurance matters.
It is very important for me having come from California to have this level of confidence with these
important aspects of insurance.

Conve niently locte in your o at P
O 9 5 rt i0.

I I _


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Sunday Brunch from
12 noon 4 pm
Closed on Tuesdays

Open Wednesday to Sunday
12:00 noon 11:00 PM
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5:00 PM 11:00 PM
Closed on Tuesdays

w, .. , 1 ,B.!
11:'l i.- ii ,hi ,i ] the m onth of June.
Closed the month of July for vacation.


1ial V ar*i,'ed dI Frescusa \g

Carr. # 3,Triumph Plaza. Lote # 6 Carr. 901 Km. 13.5 (Frente Urb. Valles de Yabucoa) CARR. 31 KM. 3.7, (Frente Ferr. Cari0o)
656-0002 953-0000 TEL. 465-0032

LAS PIEDRAS AVE. PINEIRO (frente al Correo) TEL. 733-0959


Obed's &
daughter, is
our candidate
for Miss



r* 4

at Las Tanas

Once more the Miss Universe PR contes-
tants visited Palmas to train and relax in
our beautiful surroundings. Much like last
year, the beauties visited
Chez Daniel, and Las
I T. r.. enjoy Jose's
!..I.. ii M ojito. The
I .. r lreadyin; time
SI rl. II ', lo the winner
Ai! I... rIis year. Last
n,.. ,, rirediction was
i. 1 r. let's see this



"I1Q U,.

-' |

at l as TAnAs




* >-

,... *11!**^ . ,",t ... ''".-...jj ,,ll .i.'' .. "tl*^l^iggt^ !B^
..'*"s '"lt :fi~l:~ ri: i "" " ."
.. .. ...... ,. .,. i

. .. . . .
.... ..-. ': ', ..,,,,,,.,,. .. .... ....
.-,..,,,:. ,,,, '." .. ..;: ; .* .. .
w ,|'r' i ',




?r' .


f -

'- -

pop -*

E~7rrl ~



-.., v -:;


trained at Los Lagos Club Spa

i dlllldb. I IR Ldllijdkt5 di) btntLL dL y 11Lid LH d 1'-tulllli pluaimdll pII polbulidl LidilnA
Jackie Rodriguez. This year the training took place at the beautiful facilities of Los Lagos Club
Spa and the Hotel Four Points. "It's a boot camp where they learn the importance of nutrition
and exercise," said Jackie. They also took courses on cat walk, diction, photography, self projec-
tion, and etiquette among others. A

_ -

lb . .Y .T .. .. ..

F~L~C fSi ~~~-
~ ~~*' ~*QC~c~

-^' W, 1"

~pI r

TFrd- -q

i .r- ^- ,

,T .-.- .. ;- .


- .I


i* i-

1~ P ni'~

6. "Li




i h l i '.. A ,. l.,I llr ,! .. I -. i li . -
timates that they are close to fifty kids in this regime. The
houses are spacious and very well .l!-r ili,,r..1 Most of them
have good size patios and the landscaping is very well kept.
Another characteristic of Palmas Reales is that its population
is mostly permanent. Palmas Reales homes average around
2,000 square feet with three and four bedrooms and 2.5 and
3.5 bathrooms. There are houses of one and two floors. The
basic lots are from 830 m up. Many of them have been remod-
eled and improved in size. Palmas Reales has security guards
24/7, 365 days a year and preventive security rounds in golf

"We have achieved a secure community environment creat-
ing special neighborhood programs and coordinating with the
Humacao municipality to back up our efforts with the state
and local police. We have also been able to reinforce our fi-
nances to make improvements to the common areas such as
landscaping and the park. We have a trimestral newsletter
created by the Palmas Reales Board of Director and it admin-
istrator, Carmen Coriano," said Joe Maqueda and added that
Palmas Reales has a very pro-active board of directors that
has a strong commitment to participate in every aspect of the
community's needs and in any extracurricular activities asso-
ciated with Palmas del Mar Homeowner Association.

"In our future plans we want to make an upgrade to the main
entrance landscaping and even add a water fountain. We also
want to remodel the gazebo and the entrance security office.
In the area of security we want to install cameras and security
sensors in the main entrance as well in the peripherals areas
to reinforce even more the security and create a formal Neigh-
borhood Watch program," said Maqueda.

Rea es L' i
From this issue on we are going to highlight each one
of our regimes or "urbanization". We want to highlight
what characterizes each one of them, their achieve-
ments, their goals and plans and their particularities.
We also want to portray the characters of each regime
since there are always people that give the extra mile
for their neighbors and their community. Where do we
- begin? I decided to start with Palmas Reales because
Palmas Reales has always stood out for being a very
family oriented community. There are always kids run-
ning around in bicycles and skateboards. And during
Halloween they are the best! For this occasion Palmas
Reales invited the whole community of Palmas. opened
their gates and provide additional security.

"We have many
neighbors commit-
ted and hard work-
ers that continu-
ously work for the
improvement of the
community. Palmas 1
Reales owners care
about their community
and have helped preserve the enchantment of the regime. We
have neighbors that even take care of the lawns of the empty
houses," said Maqueda. "We have had for ten years the same
lawn maintenance company that has helped us keep the land-
scaping looking good.

Palmas Reales has a basketball court, a beach volleyball area,
and a jogging and walking path. There is also an adult and a
children swimming pool with a gazebo for activities and a lot
of green areas for kids to play and have fun.

Joseph Maqueda, President; Aixa Olazagasti, Vice-President;
Dr. Agustin Garcia, Treasurer; Ing. Rafael Bonnin, Secretary;
David Hernfndez, Vocal; Jose Echevarria, Vocal
Margarita Castro Vocal A


: .I

Roberto Vdlez

Roberto Velez Toro, better known as Don Bobby, is one of
those neighbors you wish you had twenty of them. Have you
seen the big hill that is on your left hand side when leaving
Palmas right after Palmas Reales? You think it is Palmas who
maintains this area clean and beautiful? Wrong answer! It is
Don Bobby Vdlez who for years has kept it that way. He not
only maintains it but he has planted more than twenty five
yellow laurels and palm trees among others. That piece of land
belongs to PDPI but Don Bobby doesn't care, it is behind his
and his neighbor's property and he wants it to look nice and
clean. It doesn't end there. He also maintains a piece of land
of approximately 15 houses behind his house that belong to
Palmas Reales. In that area he has planted mangoes, banana
trees, guava and pigeon peas, among others to be enjoyed by
the neighbors. "The board of directors can't take care of all
the problems and situation that come across a regime. It is
necessary that neighbors get involved and as a team solve the
problem or obtain our main goal: live in a well kept and secure
community where our families live happy and our properties
rise in value," said Bobby. But the reality is that Bobby doesn't
wait for anybody to do what needs to be done. He does most
of this by himself. He loves Palmas and his community and he
shows it with action. This love affair was born many years ago.
He tells us the story.

"I started my engineering career back in 1960 with Fajardo
Eastern Sugar which later on was bought by a company from
Hawaii, C.Brewer PR. Part of my job with them was doing
agricultural work in Humacao (including where Palmas has
built later on). That's how I got to know this place which I
called "My promise land". After this job I knew I was going
to live in Humacao.
It happen to be that in 1962 Rockefeller fell in love with
this land and my superiors gave us the job to prepare a ground
plot grouping all the plot of land that he was interested in. We
called this "The hidden Treasure". Basically this was land that
was not suitable for sugar cane according to Hawaii C Brewer.
For this reason thev decided to sell them. Rockefeller offered

one million dollars for the 3,205 acres that makes up what
is today Palmas del Mar. The deal was closed and everybody
celebrated. I resigned in 1962 and moved from the area but my
heart never left...it was "My Promise land".
Years went by and Palmas was born and developed. I used to
come frequently with my family on weekends until 1994 when
I bought my house in Palmas Reales and the rest is history,"
stated Don Bobby. A

In this photo you can appreciate the yellow laurels
planted by Bobby (more than 25) from the oldest to
the youngest one. You can also appreciate the hill
spotlessly kept.

Here you can appreciate how he has cultivated the
15' area behind his house and 14 other neighbors.
View of the hill Don Bobby kept from the top.

SLast minutes news... i

Don Felix is better known as Don Tito. Some kids also call him
Grandpa Tito. Felix is one of those people that make you smile
the moment you get to know him. He is on top of everything
in the neighborhood. He is always checking things around.
"Sometimes it takes him an hour to get from the entrance to
the house," said Pilar his wife, also very warm and talkative.
"He stops to make a joke with everybody on the way here and
he is always planning something. He is already planning the
Christmas Party of the street," she said and added that he is
very pleasing. If he goes to Yauco he brings cookies for all the
neighbors," she said. I learned that he also sends text messages
all the time to the neighbors. Don Tito is also very conscious
about security issues and is always aware of what's going on.
In his street he has the telephone of all his neighbors and if
an alarm rings, he is there to check it out. "At Palmas Reales
practically we all know each other and we know whose chil-
dren are whose. I feel happy here and I am going nowhere. We
used to live in Hato Rey and every day I would have to fight
because somebody would park a car in my entrance," he ut-
tered. Pilar Gonzales Argiiello, his wife for 44 years said that
for her it was more difficult to adapt to Palmas but now she
just loves it and she is going nowhere. They have two children,
a son and a daughter. Their daughter lives in Palmas and has
two children. Their son also used to live in Palmas but moved
to the States recently. "We are so happy and have the blessing
that our grandsons visit us every day." A

Coming soon
to Palmas...
ask for the Palmas
Reales Chicken Wrap!

snack bar and de


Elena Ramos with Angel Rivera,
Regional Brand Assistant for Splenda

Palmas Reales
has a lucky winner
SPalmas Reales homeowner, Dra. Elena Ramos was the lucky winner I
of the Splenda contest -Concurso Sabor Expo Splenda- Elena win
Ithe competition with a recipy of her grandmother "barrigitas de I
vieja" pumking fritters. She did it substituting the brown sugar for
Splenda and other little secrets she didn't reveal.

V4\l, Stay informed,
M register at
P 1JaS www.LLPalmas.com

Servicio Apple de excelencia.


* nO^ a B ou 1ppS Iz- Pe^B

,I CaetI rpI-n n Yout Apple Allhottzd ReiIme 5 I*.W*

LM A8 *A I is just minutes away!



InnoALn Jw MAc
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PaMeo. nu.TtlNu~ia
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iuIurunI rfAur am 12

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V .. I. r. .. ., ,_ ,r,, ,r,. L i 1_11 ,..I., Im,. -
"! .. ,I

( I II i1I I li r', 4. I k1 -1 'l liI Ii' l ,,
i I II I

By Lissette Rosado, Editor

Berta Bull & Frank Bonnelly, Realtors and owners of BBC
Realty since 1989, have been in Palmas forever. Well...almost.
Frank worked as a VP Controller for Triton Group (former
Palmas del Mar owner) back in 1981. Berta was the Realtors'
Sales Manager from 1981 to 1989. "We have been through all
Palmas' stages, good and bad. Palmas del Mar is a very strong
community and we can tell you, this stage is not the worst
Palmas has gone through. "I remember back in 1981 when
there were a lot of villas for sale. As a response, Triton built
the Candelero Hotel to bring groups from the States to Palmas
to market the villas. That was the time when the "time shar-
ing" concept started. It was a creative solution to the crisis.
That was the time when interest rates were very high. It was
up to 20 %. At that time NOBODY was buying!" remembers

44O, i 4 4 4 4 .

Reproduced with the permission of Mortgage-X.com
The future
"I don't have any doubts that Palmas is going to get back
to normal soon," said Frank and added that with all the new
property incentives recently approved the ball will start roll-
ing again very soon. People who are smart know that this is
a great opportunity to buy in a community like Palmas. You
are not only buying a great property, you are buying quality of
life," he said. He added that the benefits are for both seller
and buyer.
"Palmas is so beautiful! There is no place to live and raise
your family like Palmas in Puerto Rico. Palmas has an out-
standing homeowners association with a strong commitment
to excellence. This quality of life you do not find in any other
part on the Island," said Berta, who raised her children in Pal-
mas and are now adults living in Palmas also. "Palmas has a
big variety of housing and environment. For the beach lovers,
for the golf fans, for the tennis players, for the ones who love

n k..l"

nk. 9

the forest, the one who loves the hills, townhouses, houses,
apartments villas etc. When we have a client we help them
make the right decision in terms of what they are buying," she

Committed to palmas
Berta and Frank are both committed to Palmas. "When we
have a client that client becomes a friend. We not only sell
them the villa, we also manage it for them, rented it for them
or any other need they may have ," said Frank. I can give faith
to that, because Berta was my realtor when I bought my villa
and after I bought it I used to call her for everything I needed,
a plumber, an electrician, a window fixer and sometimes just
to have a drink or have lunch. Nowadays, when I don't see her
for a while, I miss her and either she calls me or I call her to
make a date.You can reach Berta & Frank at 787.850.5800.A


\By L ie R...ssette R

By Lissette Rosado, Editor

Dally Castillo, Broker/Owner of CPM & Realtors is a typical
New Yorker, even though she has lived in Puerto Rico since
1985, becoming a Broker in 1990. What I like about Dally is
that, like a true New Yorker, she is straight forward and makes
things happen. "Let's do it!" is her signature phrase.
"Palmas' future? Bright!" she utters. Palmas is Palmas, there
is nothing like Palmas. Once you cross that gate you feel the
peace, the security, the beauty, the order, you feel in Paradise.
There are other nice communities in Puerto Rico, Dorado,
Rio Mar even Gurabo, just to name a few but we have every-
thing encompassed in one place. Once you enter Palmas you
find everything: school, church, supermarket, boutiques, res-
taurants, beauty salon, a bank, a hotel, marina & yacht club,
golf, tennis, beach club, doctors, among others," she stated.
And it's true, sometimes time goes by and I suddenly realize
that I haven't been out of Palmas for more than a week (even
two) its' all here, groceries, restaurants a way of life.
Dally maintains that this historical moment represents a big
opportunity for buyers to invest in Palmas and a lot of smart
people are realizing it also. "I am receiving phone calls of peo-
ple that have money and want to invest in real estate. They
don't want to invest in the stock market! They are looking for
a good deal and now with this new incentive law the panora-
ma is getting even better. Many North Americans see Palmas
as an opportunity. What cost a million dollars in the States, in
Palmas you can have for $300 or $400 K," she said.
"We are having sales and we are receiving more and more
qualified buyers, locals and from the States. A good example
is Sunrise--beautiful houses that are being sold at very good
prices. You can see how the regime has renewed splendor al-
ready. People with vision will buy now! This is a no-brainer
situation. You have to act before it is too late. Opportunity
knocks only once and later could be late," she emphasizes.
New law incentives to stimulate the economy proposes
many discounts for resale, new property and rental produc-
ing income. Buyers can benefit anywhere from 50% to 100%
on stamps, vouchers, capital gain and others. Your Realtor
can provide more information. On the other hand, owners of
newly built houses will be exempt from property taxes for five
years and will also be exempt from Law 7's special state tax on
nonexempt real estate property (purchased between Sept. 1
and June 30, 2011).
Another incentive that is particularly interesting for a place
like Palmas, is that property owners that rent their properties
(new or existent) will not pay taxes for the net rent income for
a period of ten years!
For those who purchase a newly built housing unit between
Sept. 1 and June 30, 2011 will be 100% exempt from paying
for stamps, vouchers and charges resulting from issuing and
registering a sale deeds, rental deeds, constitution of mortgage
deeds and cancellation of mortgage deeds.

People with a vision
will buy now! This is a
no-brainer situation.
You have to act before
it's too late. Opportunity
knocks once, and later
could be too late.

The bill grants a 100% tax exemption on capital gains of
qualifying properties sold between September 1 and June 30,
2011 could be deducted from taxes; all subject to qualification
and approval. Palmas del Mar is paradise, you have to be here!
You can reach Dally at 787.850.4401 A


,,- A -

in, 0




/ 01: ,





-"i /11,



TEL, 7 8 5

0 -2 6 93


Palmanova Plaza, Palmas del Mar
11:30 AM 9:30
Tuesday to Sundays
Catering and private chef
ser ice available


More than 30 years
protecting our communities

Radio 0 Ca 0arl
Seurt Survey
0 arl sot
muusmntan iuk
Backroun Check
Prtcto an Se::it
Sevie on Spca Evnt
Criina and Civi
Reot Eletrni

Extraordinary living.
One of the largest
penthouse units in the
Ilarbella Club community.
P,~........ ....... ... I::::

,Walk out to the ocean
Located on the beach front side of the Andalucia Building
at the Marbella Club Village, this corner ground level condo
comes fully furnished and professionally decorated, with
a generous living space/dining space, with a kitchen and
adjoining covered terrace overlooking the ocean and just a
few steps to the beach and two pools. Includes a covered
parking and a golf cart. The perfect place to gather with
family and friends. Price reduced to $575,000.
For showing call Frank Bonnelly, GRI, CRS, NAR
BBC Realty, Inc.
787-850-5800 Office / 787-850-6041 (Fax)
787-632-2106 (Cel.)
Visit our website at www.bbcrealty-puertorico.net

^ I-mlI

The Amenities 24 hour security
I i cular Panoramic Views ( , III ,II Rain Forest
ll Wine Cava
ii1 i ii Water and Mountain Views from the apartment
,* ,II i, i, i Service 2 pools to choose from (1) Fun
II i, i I ,i I, Pool (I I pool, steps to sandy beach
The Living Quarters
II I, bedrooms each with own bath
I I.1 .Ii bedroom has 1iii I i area, terrace and private bath
I ,ii with Wow effect (stone tiles, fine finish)
I. oi inverted into a family room has terrace with views
*I I cited Ill II II i i, "Pilar Moreno" furnished
illl I lll i..I I ii Espanola"
S* i, i i 1 I li ll I I > 1 Illl I il
The Extras 4 Covered F il 1 i Stalls Private corner
II1 11111 1 i ll wonderful views Walk out Ii i 11, stall
I iiiiii:i and art Included * i 111ul, i, I @
:1. I' 000 Private viewing available
I -l[ul J by CPM & Realtors L 04534
787 .114401/787 637 7945


-A --






^1~ I" it^'^nl i

I I^'"1


I !i,. I! La Buena Vida Festival was
Ii'.!l.' TI.. food, the art, the music by
rli,. NI,.' in ci6n group was absolutely
Ii site. As Daniel Vasse stated
that night, "This demon-
strates that Palmas is
stronger than
ever. We are
I !i, .
r i l i i . I." ,
I ,, rh,. r ,, I IIF 'I -
iyrl, i I ...i ,, 11' I l

T I II ... I r, ,, I... I I -I L
i r ., r,, rI ...1 I rI
SI I ... . I r < I,. I
I',,,,. ..I J. !' i'E E .... I. L

La Buena Vida new generation.




L c-jI L L-




\ 1

& -



fi 1



g /


1 P

-~I ',


l 'r k-

Ei'h t


I 0




" '




e~ ~ II



By: Adamaris G6mez, Chiropractor

People are always looking for that per-
fect balance in their health, but some-
times the basics get forgotten in that
search. October, being the month of
the Chiropractic, and as a Chiroprac-
tor myself, I recognize the importance
of balance of the spine. The alignment
of your spine allows your nerves, which
go in between every vertebrae of your
spine, to flow freely of interruptions
to every organ in your body, literally.
This allows for your organs to function
at their maximum performance. This
is why chiropractics have been able to
help conditions like asthma, constipa-
tion, infertility, PM.S among some oth-
ers. People may want to think it is only
for back pain, but the truth is, we as chi-
ropractors are experts in the alignment
of your vertebral column or spine so
that all your organs can be functioning
to its maximum. But why wouldn't your
organs work at its maximum? Easy, be-
cause every day your spine receives dif-
ferent physical, emotional and chemical
types of tension and this stress and ten-
sion accumulates in your spine. Think
of it as a rope that is loose and flexible
but with every passing day gets less loose
and less flexible until one day it is stuck
and you can't untie all the knots and
damage to it. Well a spine will get tense
with all your emotional problems and
physical routines, it will even respond
to foods you eat constantly. Have you
ever felt yourself tense up after receiv-
ing bad news? Have you ever felt tensed
up after a long day of work where you
overworked your body physically? Well
now I want you to think of your age?
You have been all these days and years
accumulating stress in your spine and
never did anything about it, because the
only professional doctor that can help is
the chiropractor, but the problem is we
only see 7% of the population as of to-
day, which means there is a good chance
that 93% of the readers of this magazine
have never been to a chiropractors office
to get their spine aligned. That is why
we as a profession are more than a direct
solution to your pain or condition, we

also have a major educational goal with
our communities. This is why I asked to
write with Lissette, I love educating our
community. But alignment is not only
necessary for optimum function of your
organs and body; it also helps in your
fitness routine. All my patients know
that at some point of their care I start
recommending exercise, because it helps
my patients not only to be physically fit
and healthy but it maintains the adjust-
ment I give them for more time than the
usual. I usually recommend my patients
to do some kind of exercise routine
like Yoga or Pilates, because it works in
the strengthening of your core muscles
which are the ones that protect your
spine the most. Those are your abdomi-
nals, and low back muscles. At the same
time these routines stretch the muscles
and your spine you get a great workout,
burn calories and give balance to your
spine. Other great routines involve ex-
ercises like cardiovascular in your local
gym, that being the bicycle, elliptical or
the normal treadmill. These, combined
with weight a lift program that suits
your body, will be optimal. But I par-
ticularly know that here in Palmas del
Mar, Spinning is very popular within our
community. Many people would wonder
why? Well in spinning you can do a great
cardiovascular workout, burn more than

500 calories per session and have fun at
it with your instructor all in the same
timeframe of 45 minutes to 1 hour. Spin-
ning is a different routine and equally ef-
fective as going to your gym at least for
cardiovascular workouts only.
But what is really important is the bal-
ance in your fitness and health. Well be-
ing fit is more than just getting a better
look on your body. Being fit helps your
overall health, for example when you ex-
ercise and eat right you feel better, your
body is getting pampered in a certain
way and also your endorphins are going
up, which lets you feel better and happy.
If you are feeling happy your thoughts
will get a positive outcome and a clear
mind to make decisions. If you are mak-
ing clear decisions and having positive
thoughts the overall results in your life
will be mostly Great Results. It looks
simple and wonderful, but it is a disci-
pline and a habit you have to make for
yourself each and every day. So we start-
ed with just aligning the spine to be able
to maintain our overall health and then
adding exercise routine to maintain this
balance and have a positive outcome in
our life. I would like to end this article
planting that seed of positive thoughts
especially in moments like this where
here in Puerto Rico many bad news on
our newspapers or TV come out every
day. Controlling which thoughts enter
your mind is a powerful tool for your
health. If you choose to expose your-
self with positive thoughts, emotions
and people, your results will be in the
same direction. This is why reading this
magazine brings you a happy face after
you finish, you don't get charged with
negative news rather you get construc-
tive news and articles and the best times
we all had during these last two months
in the community that is the simplest
example of cultivating a positive mind
all the time. You choose what you will
get exposed to every day. Remember
as Buddha said: "What you think, you
become". May you all have a happy
October and a fantastic Thanksgiving
Month!! A


courtesy of the Four Point Hotel
Recently, an exquisite concert with Fernando Allende and his Mariachis was held
in the Ball Room of the Four Point Hotel at Palmas. As always, Fernando won the
hearts of the audience (composed of both males and females, eventhough, I must
admit that there were more females) with his beautiful repertoire of Mexican and
Puerto Rican songs. Thank you Fernando, for a wonderful concert and the Four
Point Hotel for it generosity!

-W &10J.".0

T Traditional

This year, as every year, a Paella party
was held for the participant artists of La
Buena Vida Festival. This year the activ-
ity took place at the beautiful terrace of
Los Laeos Club Spa. It was a relaxing af-
I, .I ! "! II ,. ,' F I .. I i ,,, I
.I, I I I r !I I .
!, '!. II I4,, ,.ill IF I

Pael la FORTHE


IF -1


Saturday November 6
7:30 PM, PHA Building
I 'II l- II, : 11" l 11. 1 1 I, ,- I,-I1,-I I1 : I Ili1 h 'l,-
e I | I l- I I, I t I nl I ... 1, 111 1~ 1 ,,
i11 ',1 11,n- 1 h lh, I II I ll- l ll'lll l, 1 1. II I,, ,- ,,-

II 1 I. I-ll i/ l i ., I,,, in 1 l h , I I ,'- II-
hr b b1 II I11
LI 1l1M .I I \ I I1 1 I

A b- ii3erdla "' CaIpill 2na La


787:645.4.i 787.222.6552
SSe a'.i"Ehil l aster Card y ATH

Blood Drive, oct 5
Pallmr.s AcieiI/,
3:0r' ?:'':i P11
':all Palm1a l.. li lar:
i'. i. l'i ^ 1;.


October 23, 2010 Saturday
November 21, 2010 Sunday

invites to an afternoon of

Come and join us for the launch of

exclusive esthetics line.
At Los Lagos Club & Spa
Friday, October 15
Time 7:00 pm
RSVP Tel 787 719 7674


SLadies Club Calendar
October 15 December 19
PLCC Annual Holiday Food & Toy Drive
at Palma Nova Plaza
N- ovember 10 Welcome Back Snowbirds
/ I / Cafe de la Plaza at Palmas del Mar
November 17
Coffee at Los Lagos
e e Sundala'-'-.., 10:30AM 12:00PM

evettY sdaI at.
Chez lpnie,

at Las Tapas f

October 29
Afher '":C' P"l
Be ready for sli.i' rpIis.es'



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