Title: Live & life in Palmas
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Title: Live & life in Palmas
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Language: English
Publisher: Rosado & Morales Inc.
Place of Publication: Palmas del Mar, Humacao, Puerto Rico
Publication Date: Sugust-September 2010
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OF U D T [ ) I K ITC
11, LI






Summer is over and Palmas is back to normal. Tourists are gone and homeowners that stay *1.1, during the summer move back
to their main residence. It's a new "season" and we should see it as a new beginning and a new opportunity to do new things and
change what we want to change in our life. For mothers with school age children it is a good time to begin an exercise routine,
a diet or a special project. And, for those of you who have babysitters, an excellent
run.. to take a trip with your "other half"--alone! Airlines lower their prices and
Isrs.I- -tart low season rates. Go for it!
< 's, r Ire other hand, for our Palmas Academy students, August means the begin-
l..... ..ta new school year, Elled with hopes and expectations, especially for those
a l... I iduate this year. As every year, I love to see them in the morning in their
..It .. sets going to school. I still remember the excitement of a new school year,
rI,. Is.. w books, and notebooks, new pencils, pens and pencil bags. And more
r I, sos exything, that smell of things that are "new"! I also remember the expecta-
10 .0 ..( meeting new students and teachers. Good old times!
N..w my daughter is a Mechanical Engineering student beginning her fourth
... so soartment of her own. She already asked me to help her with the decoration
and set up. How quickly life changes!
Enjoy this new season and every single day of your life. Be happy and make people around you happy. That's what life is all
about... Live!

Lissette Rosado, Editor live.Iifeinpalmas@gmail.com g

Keep yourself informed, register at www.LLPalmas.com
Muchas cosas definen tu gusto

pero nada como un (Z.h..sxus
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Ca 9

iii . *




TELEFONO: 787.850.4900


likely will identify with all these stories.
The Arst one is the most typical, it is
when somebody calls you and you can
tell he or she is in no hurry to hang up.
They ask you about everything, theY
want to know how is: your mother, your
father, your daughter, if it's raining in
Palms, etc. Suddenly you realize she/
he is on State Road #30 xpresswaY
that takes you form Caguas to Huma-
cao-- known to us as "the 30".
"Are you calling from 'the 30'?", you
ask. They usual answer is: "Yes...why?
I almost forgot, this call normallY
comes accompanied by the caller tell*
ing you the category (from 1 to 5) of
the traf6c jam they have just encoun*
tered, Eve being the worst. And, if
there is an accident...then be prepared
to receive calls back to back. Everyone
starts calling everybody they believe
could be thinking or en route to San
Juan to alert them not to do it.
There are no exceptions, we all do

You can
even meet
up with people on
"the 30". The other
day a friend told me
that he was caught in
a traf6c jam on "the
30" when he ran into a
friend that honked his
horn to call his atten-
tion and invited him,
with signs and gestures,
for a drink in at aLas
Piedras' bar. He gladly
accepted the invite.
But...what's the
worst that could hap-
pen to you while on
"the 30"? Not having
a phone! What tor-
ture! A

the same. Every time I go to San Juan
I make a list of the phone calls I have
to make. I call my sister in NJ, my other
sisters, friends, clients... Just about any-
body! The important thing is to forget
you are on "the 30". Although it is hard
to forget:
"The 30" has some sort of magic.
Strange things happen on this road.
Two birds have flown and bumped into
my car. Both times I have been on the
phone with my business partner Sylvia.
The other day a car made a sudden stop
because a chicken from a local neigh-
borhood was crossing the road. Every
car and truck stopped until the chicken
made up her mind to where she was go-
Keila, from K's Beauty Salon, who
travels every day to and from San Juan,
came up with another idea while on "the
30", she buys edamames at The Blue
Hawaii and eats them while she's driv-
ing. Good one!
Another interesting data: When
,.ii sk somebody, "What part of
rIe.. L*" are you at?" They always
stoo .. I "I don't really know, I think
1 p.e--.3 Juncos (or Gurabo)." The
rinr ls is that hardly anybody knows
ols..In they are until they see the
Le I's..dras Theaters or Palmas' Bill-
l...at..I But guess why? Because they
.st.. rAking on the phone. I have
slo so thought that if one day my
.. st n is to break down on "the 30"
la ..n Idn't be able to say where I am
a tri I recision.

e at


Stories from the # / li.

by Lissette Rosado ..'

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: . a

,;. ,n ..
... ... . a ,T . r r ,, r. I. .. -- .


by Lissette Rosado

Mr. and Mrs. Steven Pan,
& CEO of Regent FIHC fro
Mr. Ralph Ohletz, President
Regent of6cials visited Palm
last week, site of the Arst Re
being developed in the Ameri
cal partners MB Capital Gro
by Solarea developer Ing. Lui
Regent gained international
tion in 1980 with the opening
endary Regent Hong Kong t
global acclaim for its persona
unmatched standards of luxu
vice and the Enest tradition
hospitality. Regent has been d
of the world's most iconic lu
and a pioneer of the luxury
the global hotel industry. The
extended to Regent Seven S
and Regent Residences to pe

Chairman City kept their
m Taiwan, attention of our
, and other rich colonial
as Del Mar architecture,
gent Hotel culture and
cas with lo- heritage. "They
up, headed got excited with
s F Muniz. Our Palmas Del -
al recogni- Mar commu-
g of the leg- nity resort and
hat earned specially with
l touch and Punta Can-
ry and ser- delero Point, site of the Regent, where
s of Asian they stayed at the luxury Penthouse of
eemed one Solarea Regent Residences," said Luis E
xury brands (Cuquito) Muniz.
concept in "We are committed with Puerto Rico,
brand was Palmas and the Muniz family. This hotel
eas Cruises is located in one of the most beautiful
rfectly posi- places we have ever seen, and you will
be surprised by all the benehts this hotel
will bring to your community. We have
n, raised property values as much as 50% in
places where we operate a Regent Ho-
tel," said Mr. Steven Pan at a reception
at PHA of6ces.
Mr. Ralph Ohletz said: "Regent offers
a different type of luxury and guest expe-
rience not found in any Eve star ranked
hotel in the world. This community is
exceptional and unique, but we will sur*
prise you and will position Palmas Del
Mar on the map as a top level luxury
of the sig- community."
"With an investment of more than
ner of the 350 million dollars, we will create 1,200
pei, which jobs during construction, 1,000 perma-
y legendary nent jobs during operations and 1,500
ns, Adrian indirect jobs for a total of 3,700. Also,
an Resorts more importantly, our guests will beneht
ph Ohletz) from all other restaurants and businesses
in the resort, including rising villa rent-
taleza with als rates, and much needed golf rounds
ded by our to make our Country Club proStable,"
r of the Old said Luis F (Cuquito) Muniz.
of the Old Servando Diaz, PHA president and

Tony Maldonado, PHA Excecutive Direc-
tRo enhando Pas eP f Pmsident, HMr
Eng. Luis F. Muniz and Mr. and Mrs. Ste-
ven Pan, Chairman & CEO of Regent FIHC
from Taiwan during their visit to Palmas
Homeowners Association.

"Regent is a different
type of luxury and
guest experience not
found at any stars
ranked hotel in the
world. This commumty
IS exceptional and
unique, but we will
surprise you and
Will position Palmas
Del Mar at the map
as a top level luxury

Antonio Maldonado, PHA Executive
Director agree that this is good news
for Palmas. "This type of development
will put Palmas on the world map of
high end tourism, which is excellent
news not only for Palmas but for Puerto
Rico," said Mr. Servando Diaz. "We are
going to back up Mr. Muniz in this ini-
tiative and welcome the Regent to our
sophisticated community," added Mr.
Maldonado. A

tion the future global growth
nature luxury of Regent.
FIHC is the original ow
Grand Formosa Regent Tai
was opened 20 years ago b
Regent founders Robert Bur
Zecha (who later founded Am
with Regent President Ral
and George Raphael.
After a reception in For
Gov. Fortuho, they were gui
First Lady Luce Vela for a tou
Mansion. A two-hour walk

owners committed

with Puerto Rico

and Palmas Del Mar





Dr Arlene Martinez-Nieto is a Psychiatrist with a sub-
specialty in children and adolescent Psychiatry even
though she has years of experience working with adults.
Currently Arlene is also the Medical Director of the
Panamerican Hospital for acute cases that deal with
And the good news is that she just opened a beautiful
and peaceful office at Palmanova Plaza. As soon as you
cross the door you feel the peace, not only because of
the decoration and the surrounding, but because of her
glow. She is a very down to earth kind of gal, keeps a
very low profile, a mixture of personal humbleness and
yet a very passionate, focused and determined profes-
sional. You can tell she is a fierce and visionary doctor
with a strong commitment to her medical practice and
the community.
"What, in your professional opinion, is the main prob-
lem of our society in terms of mental health?" I asked
her. "We are not connected with ourselves. In our mod-
ern society people are focused on the intellectual and
material level. We want to have things but we are un-
able to have real intimacy with our peers. We are not in
tune with our own feelings and our own being. This is
reflected in all aspects of our lives: work, family, friends
and society in general. This society is full of anger, anxi-
ety and frustration with a big inability to communicate
their real feelings and emotions. I also see kids, on the
other hand, with a lot of anger and tension. They seem
like little adults and they should not be that way, they
should be like little butterflies wondering around, calm
and curious about life. But in our modern society chil-
dren are so busy with so many task and classes. They go
from school to tennis and then to karate and so on. Kids

should learn to be serene, to spend some time in silence,
calm...they should not be in constant activity, this does
not allow them to connect with their emotions. If chil-
dren could learn to be connected when they are young
they will become a more balanced adult."
Arlene recommends preventive therapies that can
help you fine tune your feelings and emotions. "Our
We are not connected
with ourself we want

10 posses things but we
are unable to have real
intimacy. We are not tune
With our own feeling and
Our own being
main body organ is our brain, which control all our body
functions. Even love is a process in the hypothalamus
inside the brain! But people go to the cardiologist, to the
dentist, to many other doctors as a preventive measure,
not to the psychiatrist because there is still a stigma,"
she said. She added that in her practice she wants to
combat that idea starting with the layout and design of
her office, the music, the view and her holistic approach.
As part of her practice she is planning to also offer spe-
cial workshops and projects. "I am very congruent and
coherent with what I preach, do and believe. I have a
commitment to offer my patients all my attention and

12 www.LLPalmas.com

a great resource

-- --

Anchors Village, Palmas del Mar.
Informaci6n 787-630-3470 .
) ( But*:anos en Facebook Flowerbox Puerto Rico

Un nuevo concept pr&ctico,
ecol6gico y elegant. Cada
cuadro vivo que decor con
plants y flores naturals que
Se /' adaptan a cualquier
a --


Colgando tu flowerbox en la pare
otro punto de vista de la nat

Abora disponibles

^ sea s

-NietoMD, psychiatrist at Palmanova

A tune up in time and change of oil
At this point I can't help to share with you, friends and
neighbors, my experience with my daughter. When Ga-
briela, now almost twenty one, was six years old (more
or less) she had a very traumatic accident were she lost
lots of blood. This caused in her that every time she saw
an accident on TV she would shrink her toes and fingers.
I made the decision to deal with the problem and took
her to a psychologist to help her overcome her mental
trauma. Today I could say that this has been one of my
best investments in life. Gabriela not only overcame her
fear of blood but most importantly learned that there are
out there professionals that can help you understand and
organize your feeling and emotions. I have to say that
several times in her upbringing I would take her to Ana
(the psychologist) for a "tune up" as I used to say. This
was especially useful in her adolescent years when sud-
denly she would be "unfocused". I will never forgot (nor
she) one time when she was already in high school. I
had given her permission to go with two of her cousin
to Miami to visit their older cousin when suddenly I
caught her in a lie. Ininlediately I cancelled her trip to
Miami and told her: "The money I was going to spend
in Miami on your trip I am going to spend it on Ana the
psychologist. You need a tune up and an oil change, my
dear!" Gabriela and her cousin petitioned me verbally
and in writing to reconsider but I didn't give up. I spent
my money in Ana and now that she is almost an adult
we laugh about it. But guess what? She learned at a very
young age that there is help available, something many
people never learn and fear.
If you need a tune up to feel more comfortable and
with your life, don't hesitate...call a psychiatrist. Get
help to enjoy life at its fullest. A

d descubrirds
uraleza. "


un cuadro de plants
en tu pared!

Ivonne Cruz,
Chairman of La
Buena Vida 2010
and her husband,
Enrique (Kike)
Some Istor
This fund raising event was cre b
a group of concerned and dedicated mem

b II

il In..
L II in I

T es

h F I
I tr


The unique "all white" event,
returns to Palmas del Mar and
will be held Saturday September
25th, 2010 at the Four Points
by Sheraton Hotel. The event
which features exquisite menus
prepared by renowned Chefs
of Puerto Rico, luscious wines,
beautiful and invaluable art
auction makes this Festival
one of the most elegant and
prestigious festivals on the

fle BrilStS
I ri < s 0. I I
.1 Ell F
1 1 I < ..: I h
la I I. .n
I le I rI..0

f 1 B


by Lissette Rosado

Te music &

T Is.. in tena Vida Festival also includes music, entertainment and in-
r<.I..-rin- surprises. "Every year the Buena Vida Committee, in a joint
.. Isr n s.. with Arquetipo, plan and develop the creative themed ambi-
< in: ..Itairman of the Festival.
*... bear in mind the numerous challenges that many people in
immu Rico, and recently those of us in Palmas have faced. This
may make a philanthropic event seem as a distant and confusing goal.
Notwithstanding this situation, the circumstances surrounding us pale
before the number of difficulties that these entities have to face daily,"
stated Ivonne Cruz. She added that these entities have been faced with
extreme and real unfortunate events and their needs are imminent and
of extreme urgency. "Our purpose and our goals are to assist them any
way we can. We are very passionate about these organizations because
they are in line with our values, our culture, and most importantly it is
the right thing to do"..

The wines

"La Buena Vida
7 is a wonderful
way to spend a
night and bring
help to people
who really need
it... ISalud!"

Daniel Vasse
from Chez
leader of the
night stars
(the chefs)
and one of
the pillars
of La
Buena Vida



The new
Buena Vida
This year the Festival also welcomes
to its organizing committee a group of
young professionals who are eager, will-
ing and able to work. They are: Dr. Jos6
Carlos Vicens and Celeste Quiflonez,
Jina Mendoza and her husband Anto-
nio V;izquez, Marimer del Valle and her
husband Dr. Luis Carlos Torrellas, Gaby
Espasas Jr, Natasha Spackey, Lara Toro
and Francisco ("Cisco") Pereyd, Jeniffer
O' Dell and her husband Dr. Agustin
L6pez headed by Celine Vasse, who is
this year's Co-Chair. We are looking
forward to their ideas and collaboration
to continue the Festival and are already
grateful for their time and volunteering
We know that we do have a serious
challenge ahead of us. However, with
the wonderful work that these entities
do for Puerto Rico we are propelled to
move to the next Festival with enthu-
siasm and invite you to join us in this
effort. Someone once said "Prosperity
gains friends, adversity tries them." We
are friends of this community and these
entities, so let s continue to help to pull
them through this difficult situation. We
look forward to see you at the Festival
and join us in this effort, thanks!" said
Ivonne Cruz, Chairperson LBVF 2010.

Te Entities

The organizations La Buena Vida serves La Casa de
Todos, La Casa de la Bondad, and P.E.C.E.S. "The money
we have donated to them has helped them to cover
operational costs that are not paid for by grants or funds
obtained by proposals. For example, yearly utility costs
for La Casa de Todos run between $30,000-$40,000.00
and our donations have helped them to pay for these.
Special thanks to Los Lagos Club Spa, Hotel Four Point
by Sheraton, Palmas del Mar Homeowners Association
and Arquetipo for their support in this huge effort.

is a shelter that provides all the basic needs for
women and their children who are victims of
domestic violence. They also provide the victims
with emergency transportation and everything
they need. This includes all their food, clothing,
and professional counseling in the area of social
work," explained Ms Cruz. Last year alone Casa
de La Bondad has provided counseling to 393
people at their office in Humacao. It also supplies
,,. legal counseling and case monitoring in the courts
( of Humacao and Fajardo (so the victims are not
.s unaccompanied when facing the system and the
aggressor). It provides conferences on prevention,
psychological services for adults and children, etc.
If you have been reading the papers recently, the
number of women that have been killed in Puerto Rico as a result of a domestic
violence dispute has been on the rise and so far this year, 2010, there has been
thirteen (13) women killed under these circumstances. This, in turn, has an im-
pact on the need for more services at La Casa de la Bondad. As a matter of fact,
the number of women that they have served in this half of 2010 already surpasses
the number served for the year 2009. The number of children served in 2010
already doubles all of those attended in 2009.

La Buena Vida tickets will be available at Chez Daniel: 787-
850-3838 or with Sra. Mary Jo Espasas: 787- 850-7048.
Tickets will not be sold at the door. All white cocktail attire.
Starting at 8:00 pm, Saturday, September 25th, 2010 at the
Four Points by Sheraton Hotel in Palmas del Mar. $175.00
per person plus IVU.

The Programa de Educacion Comunal de Entrega y Servi-
cio (PECES) emerged 25 years ago with the aim to address
the social needs of the sector La Playa in Humacao, to
integrate the community and meet them head on. PECES'
emphasis is to work with children, teenagers and their fami-
lies. They have provided our neighbors in the community
of Punta Santiago with the tools to overcome their adversi-
ties and turn them into opportunities and therefore, has
changed many of their lives literally for the better. Helping
them to help themselves and in the process making the
world a better place is the product of the hard and constant
work that Sister Nancy started twenty- five years (25) ago.
Among the myriad of services that PECES offers to the
community are the Center for Social Work, Psychological
counseling and therapy, The Center for Young Leadership
(also known as The Dolphins) and the Center for Educa-
tional Support that provides tutoring and programs to help
in the academic achievement and assistance to the schools
of the children of Punta Santiago. "We will need to write
a whole book to list everything that PECES is and has
done. As you can see, her team has made a tremendous
difference in this community and needs to be continuously
supported, said Ivonne Cruz.

& e r, adrate

C' */2.0

L 1.. T 1 1 -- a,.1 1. -1 .!

I I I r rl .nr
I II L I I I. I .. ..1.
TI I II I I h . to

"These entities have

been faced with

extreme and real

unfortunate events

and their needs are

imminent and of

extreme urgencu.



.- -
Bright red che
hints. The oa
cautious to achi
between the ar
and those comin
and wild fruits a
good balance at
from the sweet a
Distributed b

II 11 1
studied Phys \r Edo to o two years Rafae
MayaguU as a teacher, he decided to America
In the aths. He began his studies in several

d s nhre sU d R
s Amn straton, \ater hedo Recerr
e CcCh c sc n \\nary soer ee
Federaton. J \er has had the U.S. Bara n
At his young age av us present

9, R
ote\ both nM am
0 nmp n

.iF FE

o ur re ,ar 1
., I rn * *
F en


rry color with ruby Each year since
k aging has been has had Puerto F
eve a good balance Bronze Fork" as
omas from the oak in August of 2
g from the ripe fruit his second rests
s well. It develops a Caribe Hilton Ho
the palate coming where he showp OF
nd elegant tannins. sion. A no 1
y Mendez & Co.


...the true stars behind the

a Ver =5 restand

1116 o den Meda from the PR Cu nary team for whom he
continues to work as coach. He has also been awarded
the Gold Fork and Master Chef Award of PR.
The type of food in his restaurant is international with
a French twist. His menu changes accordingly with the
seasons and his wine list are among the most complete
n PR. Today he is owner and chef of Brasserie 801 and
gusto's Restaurant. A

reszeiten, both in Hamburg Germany.
In 1994 Pfeiffer joined the Hilton Anaheim
& Towers in Anaheim, Calif as Executive
Sous Chef, where he earned the Les Toques
Branches Chef of the Year Award in 2005 and
consecutive Gold Awards from the Southern s
Californian Restaurant Writers Association, i
Two years ago Jan was appointed executive A
chef at the Rio Mar Beach Resort & Spa, A
ft .rn:In>cs .1 iral:1 Ee "

9 dy be e and .

to nquistador ReS( H
U Executive Chef
Snited Nations Pla H
mith started his ca
restaurants in and

Heme, as well as th H 11 lub
then attended
Amerl ahinh HydersPa

turned to the CIA num
ized training as well a
course at Cornell for
Chef Smith continues in
ling and studying arous

Neo Sentido
possesses a deep
ruby color. It has
a complex aroma
of balsamic tones,
spices and wild
cherry. To the palate,
itpresentsitself well
structured, balanced
and with a long
finish. Distributed by
00ca Cola Inc.


I at -le ..3rn:I n FI .3111 1,:1 n .3 re:i 1.:, I In:sills bil I II H .ill I Ilf .
1, .3[.3 ,,.3 ,, n .3 ...3 ..3, n, ..3, re.,is11 n ri
re all.,n r 1.3 .3, .. n .]ll, 11.3 rwl mill, n on e
1:Iarn i I,3re n an t n H I I I in .. A II .in *III I n I kno
1:In .:,1 an -r . nt ral.3.1, PI.] .3 El .3 1.1.31 II
in an la to .11 tr I n., in n .1 In H, IE
P.11 E 1 1
.#.il I. WI 01E I n 81.1 . I ME H . 0 ill IIII II IE
Il# s:1.iin fl Fu Eng W n n II; II n IE 1.1111.in I -1 El (10 I .11
.illn.1.1 1..1 H I I 0 I:IIIIEmil, . 1.11 [I [ ll WO 1 1 It n II I
.lful 11.1 I 0 .11111 1 in .ill flis 10..11 n .1 I I III Lis:Ill.11 1.ilint in fles illn.11, .ill


III 1 9 lin .11 II I Illiells..I [It 010
ins) [1 I li o.n Fla.In.L e.I Ill...,e.I is.. I...,n-
necticut to pursue her career; 11uwevel, late
placed her in her uncle's vegetarian shop &
restaurant where she discovered her real
calling. cooking.
Chef Marisoll has now twenty-five years
of experience in the gastronomic world
and is a graduate of the Culinary Institute
of America. Marisoll has been the consul-
tant behind several and diverse successful
culinary niches. For nine years she owned
Chef Marisoll in Old San Juan, recognized
internationally as one of the top restaurants
on the Island.
Ilo-i[lill...II110.1ille11.1.1 1Pl.'>-
101 1.1' IT '. 11 ily- I iflo- 8 in.I F..III
Ian Hul.I 10 I li
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II I I illin- 11 I I i. In.0ales.I ille [1111 n u.I. 811.1-
I I '-ll IF IEII.illn.=Iu.I.Is..I11 Will) .e
n .L 11 ilu- Init-Ilfli E**- .11 I li TI Ill...1,
lin II ille II, .=1.1 1.In-i ife.I II I 1.11.110 ni I II ill
I as] 1 I 11*-*-1 I I .11 feel ,/...11><.1In. 11 1.11.ilIII.I.011 I In 11
In IIll I I I Li ill*- H ill Ti..,Del IIIs.I ille 1.11.11. IIIll Illit-II I usill

2 0 ov ov v LL F' al 171 a 0 171

J8buS M61000 WBS born in Lugo, Spain where
MO Was raised and attended school.
After finishing his college degree, he went to
work in the gastronomy dedicated family busi-
After arriving in Puerto Rico in 1985 and living
in Ponce for two years, the possibility of acquiring
Kasita emerged. His partners had vast experience
in the administration of bakeries.
Since 1987 chef Herbon has been establishing
new angles for Kasalta while always maintain-
ing the main mission in mind. He is currently in
charge of elaborating new menus and giving his
business "that peculiar trait that makes Kasalta
a different bakery that provides the opportunity
fn nrehlof 10.1,1 orn run,,.
rrie a rrrrr ,, ..

n n no lesian I ,:Ill -
no .3 nI ,e.31 nt I,
I n n alliant .3 ns! il
. .vills.:,nr, .3n I .. n
.3 .3 In 1 -lisill 1. .3 inan
I .]n FI en I II.] ,:.]ll
.3 is.] on r... 1.
. II so Ele I
. n n n nee .3 1.:,,, I
I n.] lie.au 11.6 1
H 1 .in hn.11, A In E'I T
E I n 1.3 .ant fl.31 I.3
I n no 1.110 Ii.:,I
I IR In Al .11 -11(11 I .
I IIII ( in 1.
H .1[ .]I ll sur I

Sterling, one of the
most renowned
and internationally
reviewed winery of
1964, and presently
COunts with 1,200
Serralles Inc.


Fr rol or ne enrel \. a ur ght
Yr rn. :rn.:e i al r:,anor rYreg eye
L r E.I.ren fl a [ orel n n he
II: Funr F .er., p, n, ,p
r i.,l r..nrer : 1. r a
Fr rol rear free F ,,
1 one n reno n, 1 .rrrr In to
I .nre ,,,9, r.:e Ir .
free a 1, rrnr He en. 1.11.1. A 1
rh 198 nre rn.nre 1, Frenr Yu I
rle rhe n urre ci ,,tr p, [,-en
rer no r p, 9,,9,4,-, p.,, .rn

Didier Matheu, is another of thoEE F
who comes to Puerto Rico and is in
Enchanted Island, and of course
Puerto Rican woman named Irma Pe
Didier, is a passionate chef, he .
does and is committed to exceler.
he does is made with great energ
A customer's compliment will bring
gest smile. He was the co-owner
restaurant, La Chaumiere in old S
was opened for decades and that
At the present and after so man
, fice Didier retired He is now doin
and dinners His crepes are the be

L 3111 Ill I I I II I I 1311



Illi is n I I H I
-11-1 I II I I L 31
1| |1- I ||| || II ||1 .||1 || |



L I Durall

Valduero Reserva
Deep purple in colour,
it offers aromas of
violets, blackberry
and cedar with hints
of coffee. Elegant,
smooth textured with
excellent depth and
long finish.
Distributed by
Ballester Hnos.

* Don't fight the current
* Swim out of the current, then to shore
4 If you can't escape, float or tread water
4 If you need help, call or wave for asalatance

* Know how to swim
+ Never swim alone
* If in doubt, don't go out

Nowisagoodtimetoo. o., r faints..su.
contingency preparatich .1- a Insis -Is...il..I ....ie
* review insurance policies
e have videos/photos of your property
e recheck emergency equipment -4 **
* identify safe locations for your family ,,
* go over inventory of your emergency kit: cash, us....h..in.. :
gasoline, food-stuff, pet supplies, water, flashlight, ..rr..u..
radios, infant necessities, camera and film, toiletries in ar..I

* *
Some things are worth repeating. We are in the middle of the
hurricane season and we have already experienced stormy
weather which brings about rough beach conditions including
an increase in rip currents. Signs instructing people on what
to do if caught in a rip current have been posted along our
beach areas. These instructions have been very instrumental
in significantly reducing the number of rip current incidents.
Although our beach patrols remain very vigilant of your security,
we believe it is important for you to review this safety informa-
tion with your family and to keep it in mind as you enjoy your
next trip to the beach.

ig g
Break the Grip of the Rlpf



We are perhaps at one of the
most challenging stages in the
dex elopment of our community.
WIule on one hand we continue
to face the same concems and eco-
nomic woes being felt throughout
Puerto Rico and U.S. mainland,
on the other hand we are taking
on the challenge of the impact
posed by the temporalv closing
of the Palmas del Mar Country
Club amenities. While these are
formidable challenges, I am confident in our ability to
successfully tackle them and to reach new heights in the
months and years ahead.
Regarding the closing of the Countiv Club ameni-
ties, we at PHA remain focused on working out with the
Government Development Bank (GDB) a well defined
strategy that will restore these operations in the immediate
future. But with one big difference: such operations will
be under the control and for the benefit of our community.
Negotiations have not been easy but we are making steady
progress toward our objective. Additionally, while formally
working with the GDB a permanent solution, we are taking
other measures to bring the Country Club facilities within
the community maintenance standards. These measures
include enforcing our Covenants through the court of law
and taking action of our own with the voluntary help of the
general community and the Country Club membership to
minimize the impact of the closing upon the community.
While doing that, we are also making sure that the
services to the community continue to be provided in an
excellent fashion and that the cohesive family spirit that
typifies our community remains at an all-time high. To
this end, I invite you to participate and enjoy the many
family programs, activities and events being orchestrated
by the Association for your enjoyment and the enjoyment
of your entire family and guests. Some of these activities
are showcased in this edition of Live & Live and on PHA

TVIChannelc710se this note by asking of your unwavering
support and confidence as we move ahead through this
critical juncture in the existence of our community. Ours
is a resilient and powerful community that knows how to
succeed in the face of the toughest challenges. As we have
done in the past, we will tum these challenges into oppor-
tunities and at the end, we will be winners and Palmas a
better place than ever before.


Servando Diaz

Tune-in to TV Channel 77 for information on events,
activity reports and messages of importance for the Palmas
del Mar community. Stay tuned- stay informed;


You may have heard that tl .. < ..nurs, < 1,,1-. sea...
cities are temporarily closed loor ris.. .. r ..t I'slan 0 I-
alive and well. Hereisalister ...rI tr .- so..Iloners..--- r
Palms that continue to ope..r.. 1-.,, as,. o n-,, I
the community and visitors all... .-LI o ..... o all ... I
pages throughout this edition rl... ...ininnuar; ar e
enjoy the life-style that has rn...le 1-0 no ..l.. I H si r is.. .1
choice for thousands of families who make this their permanent
home and for the hundreds of thousands of visitors that come
to share in our paradise.
List of businesses and institutions: Banco Popular, Liberty
Cable, DCI, David's Cookies, Dra. Arlene Martinez Nieto,
Palms Insurance, Private Cops, BBC Realty, Flowerbox, Fly-
ing Pizza, CPM Realty, Chez Daniel, Las Tapas, Bistro, Rancho
Buena Vista, Palmas Real Estate, Four Points By Sheraton Hotel,
Yacht Club, Pura Vida, Live & Life in Palmas, La Brochette,
Penney Saver, Remax, Casa Bonita,
Blue Hawaii, Chihuahua Restaurant,
Vias Car Rental, Carts Pro, Royal-
Holiday (Club Cala), Best Golf Cars,
Palmanova Real Estates, Yutopia, Ola
Ola, My Cornar, Target Car Rental,
Palms Market, Keilas, Latinos Rest,
Cellar, SDR Management, Point
Break, One on One Fitness, Par
Avion and VIP Properties.

Ha BiTa T Con SEr Va Tion
Recently the Puerto Rico Department of Natural Resources
(DNR) issued Palmas del Mar Homeowners Association (PHA)
a permit for the
relocation of
-- me a certain sea tur*
anammammon tle nests. This
.... ..A per mit, the
commem & only of its kind
a.m......n.. in Puerto Rico,
mewomammemem will allow spe*
cially trained
personnel to
move to a pre-
de te rmine d
location sea
turtle eggs to
protect them
from sea waves, beach erosion and poachers. Once a new sea
turtle nest is discovered and is determined to be in danger, its
eggs will be relocated within a 24-hour time limit to the pro-

tested location. Personnel conducting the relocation are certi-
hed marine biologist especially authorized to perform this task.
The protected area to be used for the relocation of sea turtle
nests is located south of the Beach Bohio and behind Beach
Village ...II..1sts #8. The area is fenced and a warning sign alert-
ing people about the area restrictions has been posted. Nests
within the protected zone willbe identified with the approximate
eclosion date so that interested persons may be able to watch
the new hatchlings make their run for the sea.
We remind readers not to touch hatchlings, not to take flash
pictures nor come close to nesting sea turtles and should keep
a safe distance from nests during an eclosion. Specially trained
personal and DNR of6cials are the only persons authorized to
handle these situations.
Should you notice any sea turtle activity please call PHA
Security Dispatch at 787-852-7745. The Security Dispatch
will take care of notifying the appropriate authorities and the
in-p.,,-able staff personnel.

Yes, we are
open for business

Thak y ou Te- J

by Tony Maldonado

This summer we
were fortunate again
to have Ted Kite
spending his sum-
mer vacation with
us. During his stay
Ted again took on
the mission of mak-
ing our beach look

6:An arlierriserat
see Ted carefully
combing the beach from Marbella to Plaza del Mar picking up
everything from bottle caps and cigarette butts to plastic bags
and major debris brought ashore by the sea waves. Always pay-
ing attention to details and community needs, Ted also devel-
oped a numbering system for the trash barrels along the shore.
The idea behind this system is to assist security and emergency
personnel in answering to calls by providing a quick reference
location to the person initiating the call and to responding
emergency or security personnel. Ted not only developed the
numbering system but also donated from his pocket the costs of
placing the numbers in several of the barrels along the beach.
We encourage everyone to follow Ted's footprints and ex-
ample in the beach. Help us keep one of our most beautiful
natural gifts, using Ted's terms, "clean and pristine". Pick up
and deposit in trash barrels any trash or litter found along your
walking path. Your efforts, no matter how small, will go a long
way toward protecting our environment and making Palmas
beach a delightful place for everyone to enjoy.
Thanks Ted. Please come back next summer.


A Tsunami consists of a series of waves that can cause serious
damage and also death when they reach the coast. In Puerto
Rico, tsunamis are not very frequent but they have occurred in
the past (years 1867, 1918 and 1946) and could affect us again,
For your safety, if you feel a very strong earthquake, observe a
sudden rise or fall in sea level or a tsunami warning is issued:

9 pro TECT Yo Ur SELF During an earthquake find the
safest place: drop, cover and hold. When the strong ground
shaking ends, a drastic change in sea level occurs or a warning
is issued, activate your emergency plan immediately.

e mo VE imm EDia TELY inland or to a high place out of
the danger zone. Although not all earthquakes cause tsunamis,
nor all tsunamis are causedby earthquakes, very strong ground
shaking or a sudden rise or fall in sea level should be taken as a
tsunami warning. If there is a -.nil..1st, in good condition, you
can also move to the third floor or higher.

* go on FooT if at all possible You may find traffic jams
or roads that have been blocked.

* STaY in THE Sa FE ZonE Wait for the emergency
officials to declare it is safe before returning to the low-lying

Sources and contact numbers:
787-833-8433, 787-265-5452
787-253-4586 http://www.tsunami.gov

e- >.-- MA

Ninoska Bonnel Marl SuArez

787-692-25501 781


1 \






iM Fillisea sse







* Mechanical

* Bottom Painting

* Topside Painting

Fiberglass Repair Work

DRY STACK [81 spaces + 1 2 beds]
$10 Per Foot Monthly
$1 5 with ivu Per Ramp Use
$135 with ivu Forklift Rental [per hour]
$1 2 Haul Out and Launch [per foot)
$2 Blocking [per foot]
$1 Lay Days [per foot, per day]
Utilities @ $25 per week
Environmental Fee 10% of above total

* Bottom Paint Removal System
Utilizing the latest baking soda blasting technology.

$15 Per Foot Monthly
$10** Haul Out and Launch [per foot]
$1 Lay Days [per foot, per day]
$2 with ivu Bag of Ice (8 pounds)

T. 787.656.9211 F. 787.656.9212
110 Harbour Drive #11 Palmas del Mar Humacao, PR 00791

$12** Haul Out and Launch [per foot]
$3 Pressure Wash Bottom [per foot]




Take advantage of the slow market. IVIotivated seller! Contracts from 1- 3 yrs.
Waiting to hear offers...Call immediately!



email: rudyrealty117@yahoo.com
787-647-8003 cel.

Adapting a back to the school routine can be easy or dif6cult,
every human body reacts differently. As parents you should be aware
of your child's well being when this time comes around. August is
around the corner and that means its back to school time. There
are certain things you can do to make this transition go better.
Emotionally, some kids are well prepared for it, some are even
anxious to start and see their school friends and get their mind fo-
cused on learning. But for others, it means going back to something
they might not like much because their hidden talents are not being
used to their maximum, it can be because they get bullied or any
Other thing that is yours to discover. The ambience of a school can
bring many great things to a child but it can also bring discomfort.
So as a parent you need to be in constant communication directly
or observing your child's body language. This can also tell you many
things. As a chiropractor, I see children that start complaining
about pains and psychological problems from school alone. It may
not show on their grades at Arst, but it can clearly manifest in the
hesitation of doing school activities or even sports. The important
thing is to communicate with your kids. Always communicate at
eye level, because this way they can relate with you, and open up
to you faster. Create a habit of knowing what is going on at school
on a day to day basis, and also with their friends. I have also no-
ticed that after a child starts to get adjusted emotionally they start
blooming, and doing better in all aspects of life.
Physically it has been proven that heavy backpacks on students
do a great deal of damage to the growing spine. My recommendation
is that you purchase a wheeled bag. This is excellent for their spine,
because it dosen't damage their posture. However, his might be a
problem with your adolescent population. They prefer the shoulder
strap backpacks. When buying for this item it is recommended by
the chiropractic association that the backpack should not weigh
more than 10% of the weight of the student, which means Eve
pounds per every Efty pound student. The backpack should not be
wider than the student chest and it should have broad and padded
shoulder straps. Both shoulder and waist straps should be used al-
ways as it gives balance to the weight they are carrying. Encourage
them to prepare ahead in terms of homework and locker usage. This
will mean they won't have to put many books in the backpack and
when they do, instruct them to put the heavier books
on the base of the backpack, close to their spine
for a better distribution of the weight.
At the end, it should be a 1
and creative experience for ....
kids, so it is up to you to a s1.
it happen. I wish you all m.... I
success and enjoying going b so
to this time.

Arlene Martinez-Nieto, M.D.
Psychiatrist & Psychotherapist
8 h
8 O en 10 te

8Xp 8 he0 CO 0 re ne WOf

without precon ception
g .
0 r b re lu GIce
C ) ***

: :: * .

Costa delCaribe Realty
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Many properties & locations to choose from in
is here to help you find the property that best
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Our Best deals this month !!!
The Woods 3/2.5 $545,000
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Marcos Island, Fairway Courts, Fairlakes, Palmas Doradas..
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Visit our *

9 1ft s

LAS PIEDRAS AVE.PINElRO (frentealCorreo) TEL.733-0959

Ask our clients...
i Derek Rodgers Isla San Miguel
Living at Palmas for 22 years, I feel very lucky to have recently discovered Palmas Insurance.
It all happened when my old Insurance Company told me that effective immediately they were
going to charge me $100 extra to ensure my golf cart. A friend told me to stop by and talk
to Esteban at Palmas Insurance in Palmanova Plaza. After reviewing my insurance needs, I
I p.4 was amazed, that by putting all of my eggs (dinghy, boat, house, car and golf cart) in one
basket, I saved nearly $2,000 and the golf cart was free, yes GRATIS. I tell everyone it's
a great feeling not having to worry about insurance problems anymore, and I always mention the great service I
receive with Kathy Burleson. In fact, today (07/19/2010) I received a phone call and an email that my voucher for
the renewal of my car's "marbete" was at the office. I just said wow that's great service.
Jose Beauchamp, Harbour Lights
My former broker for many years told me that I couldn't have Tenant Liability coverage
for my house in my personal policy. I spoke with Esteban, and that same day, he got me
the coverage that I needed with a saving of 20% off the premium. Later I asked him to
review my business policies. After reviewing the actual values of my business, he was
able to double the coverage of my business property and kept the same premium I was
paying before. The Palmas Insurance experience and good relationship with the insur-
ance industries, guarantees me peace of mind.

Rudy & Vilma Nurse, Palmanova Plaza
Ih. II.:. l....I lant l....In 151.11.5 .:.1 the In.1 11,.1: th 11.15111, and th. Illn-ln.e

Carr. 901 Km. 13.5 (Frente Urb. Valleys de Yabucoa) CARR. 31 KM. 3.7, (Frente Ferr. Carir~10)
953-0000 TEL. 465-0032

Carr. # 3,Triumph Plaza. Lote # 6

We ei e *
U ?80800
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4 5

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Myrna Rios-Milam
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Open Wednesday to Sunday
12:00 noon 11:00 PM
Monday from
5:00 PM 11:00 PM
Closed on Tuesdays

fr"e'itc'n"'r'eV"dG'rbM "
p.-subills.g the month of June.
Closed the month of July for vacation.


RE/MAX de Palmas
Palms del Mar, Humacao, PR 787.850.7069 / 787.850.4343
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Sunday Brunch from
12 noon 4 pm
Closed on Tuesdays

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The importance

of exercising at

an early age
By Yarimar Burgos
Our sedentary lifestyle and eating habits have been
internalized as part of our culture. These habits are leading
to obesity at an early age, diabetes, hypertension and a
complexity of psychological problems. Puerto Rico must
consciously take hold of its future by institutionalizing a
healthier lifestyle. Recent studies show that out of 6 factors
that affect cardiovascular health, excessive body weight is by
far what most increases
the risk of cardiac
disease which is the
major cause of death in
men and women today.
By adjusting our diet
and adding 4-6 days
of exercise, we can
curtail cardiac disease,
avoid premature death
,..,,,,,, and prolong a more
., .n, productive and enjoyable
life. Exercise should be
as it, part of our daily routine.
In order to achieve these
goals we must start with
our children and young adults. Studies show that even if
you have a family history of hypertension, diabetes and heart
disease, by controlling your weight and doing exercise you can
eliminate this risk in the majority of the population. Health
and Sports Centers are starting to take hold. Zonaactiva KIDS
is one of the new innovative centers where children can start
to learn about exercise and enjoy it from 10 months of age.
When young children are introduced to sports and physical
exercise, it becomes part of their
One hour a day of varied exercises has shown to curtail
obesity and improve physical appearance. This has a multitude
of benefits that include:
Better self esteem
Decreased risk of osteoporosis
ability to maintain normal cholesterol levels
Lower triglycerides
Less depression
Better academic achievement
This helps maintain an ideal weight that impacts
cardiovascular health and personal
Improves the immunologic response resulting in less
disease.Sports centers, like ZONACTIVE KIDS can be the
alternative you need. They are located in Humacao with a
variety of classes including: martial arts, Gymnastics, dance,
ballet, music, art, aerobics, yoga and programs for children
that are overweight.
For more information: info@zonzctivakidscom or 787-

p / / 67

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Our good friend Manolito Fortes cele-
brated his 50th birthday with a big par- --
ty in front of his villa. The big surprise
of the night was the belly dancers that
put Manolito on the spot (not that he is ,
too shy, but I saw him sweating). But
more than one dared to dance with the
lady dressed in red including Manolito's
father as you can tell by looking at the
pictures. A

0, I millla '!al 1615 .
Pallitas 4[,.11]0171) E.ludPilt .

School is out, late imiable are to did he i
the day. It'- that time (d war when.dfic she I At
and JRevinfirw, and mku all he timb'ned@ co
utteriv into -.unundr Wh's inakat.y sue at ti hi
.. r truberant: Perlipp., it i sly'.itsi ressinch (Illier is
the lack of resprl tisin9 (td edrfus' thi El I jing
anJ Assii-it.ilr it could-wimply be thal suinnpr in tr
pleasure and uncontaminaldJ blets.
The summer of 201tl is one- of adver art hJ e
ith all thq rain.thy.Alc 1 atherlfrks kin ly pd
the paradise..we lid:id there 1-, als;iys sent LI Id ti eque
to nity inia'ind ca@'1. up \vi b.'.Of en oldc adif .
indul.vind on Ibizza and ite et am, th li p f IEkiapult
for a rush. Summer is that...raid da dtal fill youi heart.
it is meeting up wirb vour best pal ah igitig up the whole play to
decide what to Jo the 1Blowing one. its shout sleeping the entire
day and stayingt.ip all night. Summer i.s .w 1 ,to the beach and tippy-toeing itarough
fk :4uuai afth, sizzling.shnds. It's the febliirg
de (ur rawildg thrsia wh every inch of voxir
bl aliness caressilig it ivitly its favs. (caving
< of* skin colJen bronzed. It's about living
he.summer stench...spending niore time ,
1b your friends than with family, where the
y acceptable. known and event of your
tJrdbe Wsputbat ting suit. and the skin it. :
rely familla h 9 crisp, and sahiness .
the ocentil
Summer 12 being law, lening your inifid
un wild with lantasics, exploritigthe him
nown, caling ice cream live times a week,
1.rinkin:- fresh lemonade, having friends
ver for a barbs-que and watchiling okItilfus.
... t is a book written without structure and
-, .. .n Itardli withoutst*ti-.e..butrs nodit., El 9a-Joveitr ..hut
chE of Om ilia vour life and lis he it ully. Sununer is leisure and only
that. So, eniov it, because then it will bc "till next summer.

I 10 IEir Nail Ski

I.JIte 1211 9 In CIO.0 Flo 0
[ lon lil-5FL1

4 co anace.0,nen-,ent

Nc ar

6:30 AM & B*SD AM
6:00 PM & 7*00 Pu
MoN & Wh:D 4*SO PM
SATURDAve 9:00 Ag
& THu 6-30 AM
AND 4*30 PM ,

787) 719-5445




triumph at Cannes!
by Lissette Rosado
I've known Fernando since the day he made his Arst of6-
cial visit to Puerto Rico thirty eight years ago. I was working
at WAPA TV as the Public Relation Of6cer at the time and
I was given the task of receiving him at the airport which I
a didn't mind. I was young too and he was a famous singer and
,,, ... . a big name within the super productions of Mexican soap op-
= eras. I remember clearly when he arrived. I picked him up in a
limousine and we went straight to WAPA' s news department
for an interview that was going to be aired that evening. Being
so handsome, famous and young I was impressed by his hu-
mility, kindness and affection. It's the same Fernando I know
today. I respect Fernando very much because he is not only
an excellent professional, but most importantly a beautiful hu-
man being, an excellent father and husband. He is also a good
actor, singer, and show man. And now... a good director! And
it's because Fernando is a hard worker who puts all his heart in
what he does, including his family life. "For Fernando, family
comes Arst. He has to spent time every day talking to his boys
no matter how busy he is or where he is," Marie Allende, his
wife, told me. I've witnessed this. The results are palpable.
Fernando and Marie's sons are both very affectionate, hard
workers and also very handsome. (A little secret: Marie and I
were trying to match my daughter with Ellin, their oldest son
until Fernando scolded us for being matchmakers. I know my
daughter is going to kill me for revealing this). It didn't work
because my daughter was already going out with her actual
boyfriend. Oops! A special note: Marie Mediavilla is also re-
sponsible for his triumph; she is his right and left hand, pro-
. moter and major fan.

Fernando debuts
as movie director
with fireworks
'" Fernando made big waves at

1 2:e:""i:hhch0 exp ro
Jorge Isaac. The theater was Elled
to capacity and the reviews have
been outstanding.
The screening was held in the
city of Cannes, located in the Cote
D'Azure in France, which had to
close its doors after being Elled in
its entirety.
This new version of Jorge Isaac's classic "Maria" dates back
more than 40 years when curiously enough Fernando played
the role of Ephraim, the main character. Today his son Adam
is in his place and Fernando is the director and scriptwriter.

Fernando Allende and his son Adam worked together in Maria.

Allende stated that he
revived many of the emo-
tions that he lived 40 years
ago during the Alming of the
movie "Maria", a movie that
brought him fame. Now see-
ing his son playing the role
he did when he was about his
age is like a mystical cycle. "I
have many emotions and this
is very beautiful. It is hard to
.1.....ub.. how I feel, it's very
intense and spiritual," he
1 said.
Distributors have already
expressed, in the exhibition,
their attraction to the Alm's
quality and naturalness of the
performances, the excellent musical score, created by Amber

Hamber, highlighting the interpreta-
tion of the tenor Placido Domingo
with the Prague Symphony as its main
"We sold the screening rights to Asia
and Europe and initiated procedures
for distribution in the Americas," said
Fernando, who was also invited to par-
ticipate in the Latin American Film
Festival of Los Angeles, California,
during October as well as the Festival
ofGuanajuato, Mexico.
The success of the evening was concluded with his friend
Lionel Richie, who celebrated in turn, the 150th anniversary
of the signing jewelry "Chopard".
Fernando, Palmas is proud of you and we wish you the best
on this new facet in your career. You are one of our Palmas
shinning stars.

The feature Alm "Maria" is based on the classic novel writ-
ten in the 19th Century by the renowned Colombian author,
Jorge Isaacs. This Elm version of "Maria" starts in the late
1940's where Jorge, author of "Maria" is just about to pass
away. He asks his grandson to bring a coffer he has hidden
under an old clock. His grandson, Andres, obeys his grand-
father's last wish. He is though overtaken by the desire to
And out what the coffer contains. When he opens it Andr6s
Ands amongst several things the original hand written novel
of "Maria". Andr6s starts reading the story which takes him to
the year 1886. Maria is a young girl of about 16 years old that
lives with Efrain's family since her mother's death. Her father
remarried and being a ship captain, decided to leave her with
a relative that could give her a stable family life. She has lived
protected and enamored with Efrain, the family's eldest son.
He shares the same feelings for her and also keeps them to
himself. At the age of 11, Efrain leaves to study to the capital.
When he returns 6 years later he declares his love to her. But
this love starts suffering because of a series of events. Maria
becomes ill and starts having
a series of epileptic attacks.
This does not affect Efrain's
pure love for her. But his fa-
ther has other plans for him.
Don David, Efrain's father,
who has realized what is going
on between them, decides to
send him to medical school in
London. At that same time,
he informs him that Efrain's
friend, Carlos, is asking
Maria to marry him. Efrain
is at a moment in life where
he needs to decide between

Maria or a mutual happiness "
upon his return from London.
Not knowing for how long she
will live he decides to step
aside and allow his friend Car- ..
los to propose.
She refuses to marry Car-
los. He and his father leave -
not really understanding what
the situation is. Efrain de-
clares his sincere and eternal
love which is reciprocated by
Maria. He promises to marry
her upon his return from
medical school. From abroad
he maintains communication
with her through constant
love letters until in one of the
letter he is informed that her
illness has gotten worse. He is
asked to return home imme-
diately. After weeks on board
the ship across the Atlantic
and days horseback riding, he
arrives too late.
Back to the late 40's, An-
dr6s Anishes reading the
manuscript and extremely
touched by his grandfather's
autobiography brings the love -
letters, Maria's braids, the ring
he gave her, and the handwritten novel to him in his death
bed. Jorge, having all these memories in his hands which he
had kept secret through his entire life, takes the last of his

LADp I AL! another of our Palmas Academy students,
Victor 'Tito' Aponte, at the age of 15 won a gold medal at
the Central American Games in the hobbie-
cat 16 category. His goal? It was to become
the best sailing competitor in the World.
We believe him! Tito won the gold medal
together with Enrique 'Quique' Figueroa, a
veteran Puerto Rican sailor and double gold
medalist at the Panamerican games.
- Tito Aponte has been sailing since
he was six years old. For the Cen-
tral American Games Tito and
a Figueroa trained inten-
at sively with discipline
and the results are
there...gold medal!
Tito & Rat'll, Pal-
mas Academy and the
Community of Palmas is
very proud of your triumph.


From left to right: Coach Gonzallo Pollitzer (Bocha), RaGI
Andr6s Rios De Choudens (Timon), also Palmas del Mar
resident and Ram6n GonzAlez (Laser), ready for the inagu-
ration ceremony.
At the moment, Roger 4 ,
is with his good friend ,,7 troLTro
Esteban Forrer, also from 1 ovaoir
Puerto Rico, competing ,
in the National Youth ,J
Sailing Championship
in Cabrillo Beach Yacht e >
Club in San Pedro, '
California. His will be
competing in a new and
faster boat, a 29er. We
will keep you posted of
Roger's routes. A

Photo courtesy of LA REGATA Manuel A. GonzAlez

Tito Aponte Radl Rios

orously this sum-
.........., -hr h 00r l
: '( .... ... in Turkey, as well
"I as for the Centro
..=- = American Games.
;. 1 On his return from
the ISAF Worlds,
Rat'll went directly
to Boqueron to compete in the Centro American Games,
where he Anished unbeaten, winning all the races in the Snipe
category, sailing with Gabriel Ramos and winning a gold medal.
When summer ends, Rat'll will focus more on the 420's preparing
for the 2011 Worlds to be celebrated in Argentina in January.
His plans include the 2011 Pan-American Games in the Snipe
category for which he classified ER. in the recent North Ameri-
can championships celebrated in early July. In the future, he
plans to sail the 470 and is hoping for a spot in the Olympics.
Another example of our Palmas new generation!


p -' .Ag

R og er lor r alles

puttingPu ertoRiceon !110 ul a p!
Roger Fernfmdez Serralles (420 International-Crew) and
Rat'll represented Puerto Rico (and Palmas del Mar) at the
Youth Sail International Championship in Turkey. Roger and
Raul represented us beautifully in this important champion-
ship. Bravo!
A very interesting data is that for the inauguration ceremo-
ny Roger took to Turkey a water bottle Alled with water from
our beach in Palmas and mixed in beach waters of other thirty
six countries in the championship.

Dra. aD amari g 6m EZ ViLLEga S, QuiroprActico
Quiroprdctica para Niffos, Jdvenes yAdultos!

Contamos con equipo de alta tecnologia de
evaluation del sistema nervioso central
Evaluaciones metatarsals y de
postura- Modernas facilidades
Tratamiento para... consistemapaperiess.
Subluxaciones Vertebrales Dolores de Cabeza
Dolor de Cuello y Hombros Adormecimiento de Manos y Piernas
Espasmos Musculares Discos Herniados Dolores de Espalda Baja
Sciatica Radiculopatias

mirtes a viernes: de 8:00am a 5:00pm y s6bados: de 800am a 12:00pm

I strolled off the airplane. I would like to say I was refreshed
by the warm Puerto Rican air, but, truthfully, I was tired and
sweaty. I had been going to Puerto Rico for many years for va-
cation. This year I was planning on going to Palma's Del Mar
to play in the Tennis Open. But that wasn't really the only
reason I wanted to go. I normally would have gone to Palmas
anyway. It's a good place to vacation.
I got my bags off the rather slow baggage claim and then
walked to the car rental and got into my pink punch buggy.
Don't ask, it was the only car left on the lot. As I started my
45 minute journey from San Juan to Palmas, the blue cobble
stones of San Juan faded behind me and I began to see small
boarded up homes and kids looking at my car and punching
each other.
At the end of my drive I reached the gate that separated
Palms from the rest of Puerto Rico. I had passed through this
gate many times before, but I had never been the driver, for I
was always too young. Once through the gates I immediately
recognized many of the -...il..hip and places I had been when
I was here before. It shocked me how little had changed here,
but I was almost a totally different person than I was the last
time I was here.
The Arst thing I did was go to a convenience store (at the
Plaza) and stock up on Puerto Rican's own cola champagne. I
opened one of them up. The neon orange colored can radi-
ated goodness. I drained the brown-gold bubblegum flavored

Og liquid. I pulled into my condo/ apartment and loaded the
Cola on to a cart and took it up the elevator to the 4th floor.
I saw the cactus my grandpa had planted many years be-
fore. The elevator door opened on the count of 6
seconds. I walked to the right, across
the open 4th floor walkway. A few
lizards bolted away. I opened the
door and was:1......l....I with mem-
ories of my childhood. It was
a bit large for one per-
son, but it was
almost like
a sec-

and home to me. For the Arst time ever, I took the master
bedroom for myself.
Later in the day, I went out and got a golf cart. It always
was the best way to travel Palmas. My brother Samson and I
always used to drive around Palmas with grandpa. We mostly
used it to get around the beach, but we also used it to explore
new things happening in Palmas.
I went to my apartment, put Cola in my golf cart cup hold-
ers and went to do my beach clean-up routine, in honor of our
tradition. I used to do it with my grandpa, but now I had to go
solo. After I Enished my part of the beach I drank another cola
champagne. Then I headed back up to my apartment.
Bleep! Isighedandrolledoutof bed. Iaccidentallysmacked
my alarm clock too hard. It was early. u gh, I was used to sleep-
ing in. It was the day of the Tennis Open. I ate breakfast, a
rather fortifying bowl of mini wheats, tied my shoes, and got
my tennis racket from my suitcase.
I zipped over to the tennis courts in my golf cart, the warm
breeze flowing annoyingly into my face. It was a hot day for
tennis and all I had to drink was cola champagne. I stretched
out a bit, loosened my scorching hot muscles. The tournament
started out good for me and I won my Grst three matches. I
easily got to the semi Anals.
Then a slightly elderly Puerto Rican man walked onto the
other side of the court. He seemed familiar...then they an-
nounced his name "Luis Carlos Burgos!" Oh crap, it's my old
Puerto Rican tennis instructor. Even though I put up a pretty
good fight Luis whipped me anyway. After the match he com-
mented on my weak backhand. Then again I never could beat
Luis. I carted back over to my apartment afterwards.
The next morning I woke up wide awake. I had planned on
going on a fishing trip to catch barracudas. I had never fished
before. I went to the dock and got aboard a white yacht. It
was called "The Golden Barracuda". It sounded like a Chinese
restaurant, but I was so excited I didn't care. We went out
on the boat and they showed us how to
fish. Then we stared fishing. If you
ever go fishing, expect to sit for a
while and do nothing. I
started to zone out

There I was, out in the Caribbean off the coast of Puerto
Rico. The gentle waves were brushing noisily against the
white Ashing yacht. I felt a hard tug on my Ashing line! I
struggled for a moment being awoken from my daydreaming.
Then I got control of the Ashing rod and tugged hard upward.
The rod bent almost to breaking point, then whiplashed up.
After quite a Aght I was relieved to Enally And a full grown
barracuda hanging from the Ashing hook, but I was surprised
that he was already dead.
I slowly reeled it in. When I unhooked it I realized that it
wasn't bleeding. Also when I was handling it its scales slipped

my flippers" like I was going scuba diving or something.
My eye lids slowly drifted open then focused. I was in a
tunnel of water like a wave curling in a cylinder underwater.
At the end of the tunnel there was a bright blinding white
light. Then as I began swimming I started to see people I
knew. Also there were images of different things that I had
done in my short life span.
I started to get near the light. Then saw my grandfather who
had already died. I looked at him, he looked at me, and then
we laughed. We had a short conversation; Anally he turned his
back to me. I got the feeling I wasn't ready, but I really wanted
to go into the light. Then I made the most important decision
ever. I turned and swam back away from the light.
I saw myself being shocked by a paramedic in the top left
corner of my vision. I started to feel detached. I drifted up-
ward toward the scene. I sat upright and told the paramedic
not to shock me. He practically fainted. I jumped up out of
the hospital bed. He told me to go back into bed treatment.
I was feeling surprisingly good. I looked around and saw the
one thing that not many people get to see. My own heart rate
on the meter was on zero for almost 6 minutes. When I was in
the tunnel it had felt like hours.
My outlook on life changed a bit. You have to do the things
you want to before its too late. You only have one life, try not
to waste it. Then again that's probably why I went to Palmas.

Alex is 13 years old. This imaginary story was written by him
last year for a school project. Don't worry (because I did),
Alex never rented a car to drive from San Juan to Palmas on
his own, did not catch a Barracuda and never ate one. This
entire fantastic story is fiction, except for the fact that he did
come to Palmas with his grandfather and had many wonder-
ful summer vacations in Palmas.

Alex is the grandson of Ted Kyte, famous in Palmas for his
commitment to keep and maintain our beach "pristine" as
he said.

It's so nice to hear stories of kids like Alex that create very
special memories in our beloved Paradise... Palms del Mar.
I bet his teacher is dying to visit Palmas!

off with ease. At the time I thought nothing of it. It was mY
barracuda, I caught it. So some of the other boaters and I
cooked and ate it. I wasn't a seafood fan, but I ate
the most anyway. Soon I started to feel weird;
it must have been the barracuda I had eat-
en. My skin was moist but not sweaty,
the sweat that kind of clings to you. I
immediately realized something was
a l...... in. big way.
I ..l.... t..l....I r.. go to the hospital. I was
u nl.....I r., r l... emergency room. I start
r.. 0 s t.r r.. ( II.r, but I held on knowing
th sr ir ..... In lo.. my last chance. Thoughts
..t so, ..o I. m..Ir ility just the day before
e..t.. I..h....l....- I:ight then that's all there
e. c. Then I began to slip,
to fade away from
mental conscious-
ness, the last words
that weren't total
nonsense that I
said were "get


We don't know how many were the years she was celebrating, but sure
enough Maribel celebrated her birthday all day long at the Tiki Bar with
friends and family. The wind was blowing, the "voluntary singers" weren't
that good, but...it was fun and guess who had a blast? Maribel
No doubts that the Muaiz know how to party| A

More than 30 years
protecting our communities

Bambola Store at Ave. Chard6n continues to highlight the works, recognition and special events of
our little ones. Please keep us posted of your children achievements and recognition. You can send
us an email with good quality photos to live.Iifeinpalmas@gmail.com. You can include new birth,
baptism, birthdays, etc.

Palms del Mar Summer

Camps meets the needs of

students and the community
The Palmas Academy Dolphins Summer Camp for ages 4 to 15 ran from June 1st to
the 25th. This year's summer program was oriented to sports, recreation, arts and fun.
A few of this year's summer camp highlights were the talent show, overnight camping,
bowling, field trip, Beach volleyball, Disco party, and Bike day activity. This year we
had a record number of students enrolled in the camp. Over 150 students attended
the four week summer program.
The Palmas del Mar High Performance Sports Camp for ages 8 to 16 ran from June
28 to July 23. This camp specialized in Soccer, Basketball, Volleyball and Tennis. The
emphasis of the High Performance Sports Camp was to develop the athletic skills of
students. This summer camp was sponsored by Palmas Homeowners Association, The
Palms Academy, and Coca-Cola.

M choice

"Su pedacito de paz en -
Palmas del Mar, cerca de la Pla a"!-

Marala o
ofrece unos de los mejores diseho
paisajista con sus lagos, piscina y foli-
age inspirando tranquilidad. Las villas
de Maralago son sumamente comodas ..
y amplias con buenas terminaciones -,
y attractive area recreactiva. Ahora
ofrecemos unas excellent villas equi-
pada y amuebladas comensando en
PRECIOS Y PROPIEDADESI Llames a Costa del Caribe Realty a vis-
i ite nuestro website: www.costadelcaribepr.com (787) 850-3030.

ty ow hoCmPwi breathtaking oceanviews from all
I II -ccably furnished and professionally decorated. A must
F oms, four baths, 5 levels, with state-of-the-art eleva-
tor system. No expense was
spared to make this home
a true hide-away in our
5 -.,.4 19 00 nOd cap rMdise
Rios, RE/MAX de Pal-
mas, 787-850-7069.

Fanlity fun
get-away-or honie?--
The Marbella Club 254 at Palmas del Mar
Resort and Community, where paradise
Amenities include and are not limited to:
eBneh ouosma t un ahtehre every room has a
* 2 door 2 key unit for optional rental
04 qu m feet of approximate living area,
* pocket doors
* generated buildings as well as Emergency Water Cistern. Luxury at an affordable price. Decorated by the well
known Ninoshka Bonnelly of "Casa Bonita" the unit will be sold fully furnished and fully equipped. The facilities offer 24 ,
hours security Majestic Stately Gated Front Entrance, Wine Cava, Gym, Cascading Swimming pool- one classic, one 'g. .
fun theme Dragon Pool or just enjoy the sandy beach (do you have pictures of the pool? Lush tropical landscape F *
Concierge service The ocean and mountain views are included and not limited to the eye... For information call CPM
Realty at 787.850.4401/852.7161

Roble Valley
Exquisite Custom Built home with spectacular view of Palmas
del Mar Resort. Many fine details, marble floors throughout the
house, modern kitchen, 3 large bedrooms with private bathrooms
and breathtaking view of the Caribbean Ocean and Vieques.
Beautiful surroundings, swimming pool and jacuzzi. Huge terraces,
ideal for entertainment! By appointment only.
Rudy Realty: 787-647-8003 cel 787-285-4226
Email: rudyrealty117@yahoo.com

MW 0 #18


] I \ L L




A great after-
noon! Other than
the 4th of July we
celebrated Raul
Rivera's birthday
(no questions .
asked) and Miguel
Mendez & Gloria's
wedding anniversary.
There is nothing better
than to share with good
friends and family on a
p.= rf .=. t pr.t ind hr.n

anow a

Dod has to go home...Again!

4 friends since college,
from Massachusetts,
meet every year to
celebrate their birth-
days....Happy Birthday!



A Forest for Life
By: Elizabeth Padilla, East Region Superintendent, The Conservation Trust of Puerto Rico

The presence of Pterocarpus forests in Puerto Rico was first recognized in 1882,
with 15 forest locations documented in Puerto Rico, most of them concentrated in
the island's northeastern region. This type of forest is characterizedby the Pterocarpus
officinalis tree, a large species that grows in swamp forests where temporal:1......1114
with saltwater or freshwater occurs during part of the year. Pterocarpus trees may be
easily recognized by the enormous buttresses that extend high up their trunks and
horizontally along their roots, andby the yellow pea-sh q.....1 ti..,.. is that they produce
from February to September.
Pterocarpus forests provide essential services that support the existence and well-
being of human beings and other species, such as a great diversity of plants, resident
and migrant bird species, and other organisms associated to wetlands. For instance,
during a Rapid Appraisal Report for Ecological Value performed in the Palmas del
Mar Pterocarpus Forest, the Conservation Trust of Puerto Rico inventoried 476 flora
species and 52 fauna species, with 13 of those species considered endemic, such as the
Orteg6n tree, the Puerto Rico whistling frog, the common dwarf gecko, the Puerto
Rican crested anole and the Puerto Rican woodpecker. Pterocarpus forests also provide
important services that contribute to the hydrological cycle, since they help maintain
water supplies by collecting and storing water, recharging aquifers, and protecting
coastal aquifers from saltwater intrusion, among others.
In Puerto Rico, the number of Pterocarpus forests has been reduced by 30% due
to human activity. The primary causes are related to the cutting down of trees and
changes in drainage conditions.
Recently, Palmas del Mar Homeowners Association established a conservation
easement through the Conservation Trust of Puerto Rico, where a
Pterocarpus forest and other valuable ecosystems willbe protected
in perpetuity. In doing so, Palmas del Mar and the Conservation
Trust will be collaborating to protect and preserve the ecological,
aesthetic and cultural value of these important wetlands.
As a neighbor of the Pterocarpus forest in Palmas del Mar, you
have the opportunity to live the ecological value of these lands and
enjoy the beautiful life present in this forest. Within the next few
;, months, the Conservation Trust will be developing an Encounter
-. ..............; with Nature aimed at offering participants a unique experience in
the Pterocarpus forest and allowing them to get acquainted with
the flora and fauna species that inhabit the area. We hope that, by
the end of 2010, you and your loved ones will be able to enjoy this
nature immersion experience.

About The Conservation Trust
of Puerto Rico (CTPR)
The Conservation Trust of Puerto Rico is a private,
nonproht organization whose mission is to secure func-
tional and healthy ecosystems in the islands of Puerto
Rico, and to instilling their inhabitants a sense of respon-
sibility toward the conservation of our natural resources,
so that we may count on the ecosystem services that will
help us achieve our social, economic and quality-of-life
goals. The Conservation Trust of Puerto Rico believes
that we can achieve our full potential, both individually
and collectively, if we can sustain the ecosystem services
of the islands of Puerto Rico and respect all forms of
life with which we share our natural environment. The
Trust carries out this mission by acquiring natural areas
and constituting conservation easements, among other
mechanisms. As part of its mission, the Trust develops
educational programs that focus on generating public
awareness and actions that meet the needs of protecting
and conserving the island's natural areas. In addition, it
directs a program of tree nurseries dedicated to the propa-
gation, distribution and planting of endemic and native
trees in Puerto Rico. The people of Puerto Rico are the
only beneficiaries of the Puerto Rico Conservation Trust.

1 -




* eg

$@ *


as on
*. .


*5 1 a


Julio and his new borns.

Wilmarie Figueron r ,
and Julie, from the
Palms Real Es-
tate offices, are the
Godmothers of this .
unique Coqui called
Julio, named in honor -4
of Julia who discovere..I
him hidden inside a Cruz ..I
Maltas outside of the of-s.. 4,
"Julia discovered him and a
that day on we started n ir
all his moves until the ..h
were born June 24," s:sleI
rie, Julio's photographer I
admirer. "We were corn
back from lunch and sud.I.
a wind blew on the Cn.: 1
Maltas and Julia saw hi n
top of the eggs," recalls '
marie. Immediately Wihn
went to the computer to 1.
about the coquies and sh. h
covered that there are al
17 different types of co.,
in Puerto Rico and by th.. I
scription she believes Juli.
Coqui Churri. Another r '" -
she learned is that it is th.. 0 si.. Is..1.!......| FI .. -
keeping them moist and stin triter- is, 1,,
very close to the sprinkled Tis.. In si.. .... IIII 1-
the one who sings. The 6. 0 si.. ..l....-n r n... .....I
does she brood. I think tI.. to in it. < ... ..i- st..
hb.. Is r....1 Good! A



Figueroa, one
of Julio's

Julio and his

Coq uis...


Welcome back to school to our students and parents. We will continue to
strive for academic excellence during the 2010-2011 academic school year.
In 2009-2010 our students again scored above the national averages on
our College Board, PSAT, SAT, and ITBS standardized testing programs. Our
emphasis on academic skill development has provided our students with
the ability to successfully compete in colleges and universities in the United
States, Europe, and Puerto Rico. The Academy also has many innovative
instructional programs and an extensive extracurricular program to enhance
the learning process of our students.
Monday, August 2, 2010
Teachers and Administration return to school for Professional Service
School will be open from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
August 3 to August 6
Book Order Distribution 8:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
Monday, August 9, 2010
PK to Grade 1st Grade First Day
Elementary School Open House 6:00 p.m.
Tuesday, August 10, 2010
2nd to 6th First Day
Wednesday, August 11, 201o
7th to 12th First Da
Secondary School Open House 6:00 p.m.
Fund raising activities calendar:
Gala Festival -Saturday, October 30, 2010
Welcome Cocktail Party Thursday, August 26, 2010
Christmas Party Thursday, December 2, 2010
Back to the Oldies Party Saturday, February 5, 2011
Spring Party Thursday, March 31, 2011
Family Day Sunday, May 1, 2011
For more information please call (787) 850-9120

The Welphin Cove...
The place you were looking for to shop for your
school supplies, t-shirts, etc......
conveniently located at the former
Student Counselors Office,
right in the center of TPA campus
Open from NOON until 4:30pm
Monday thru Friday

[ HA Ifty y II' ign I J
A Tribute to
Marlon Brando
Synopsis: A man tries to recover
a horse stolen from him by a
Mexican bandit.
Great Classic Western Film.
Great Movie.
Runtime: 98 min.
September 4, 2010 at 7:30 p.m. PHA Building

(g gggy
First Anniversary Party
August 19 at 9:00 PM

La Buena Vida Festival
Saturday, September 25
. 00 PM
Hotel Four Point by Sheraton
I- 1|mas del Mar


1645 Ponce de Leon
San Juan, P.R. 00926-2714


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