Title: Live & life in Palmas
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Title: Live & life in Palmas
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Language: English
Publisher: Rosado & Morales Inc.
Place of Publication: Palmas del Mar, Humacao, Puerto Rico
Publication Date: April 2010
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APRIL/MAY 2010 VOL. 3 NUM. 2


" "i < -""t





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Hello my friends -
This edition, dedicated to mothers, is always very special for me. Being a mother has been
the most empowering experience I have ever had and now, twenty years later it is fascinating
to interview young mothers and see myself in them. I don't doubt my mothering skills and
how my daughter turned out. She is a wonderful, balanced, and well rounded young lady.
I do feel that if only I would've known then many of the things I know now I could have
avoided and won many battles. But... that's life, a learning experience. It was refreshing,
r ion the other hand, to see how these mothers have had the blessing of raising their children
in a Paradise like Palmas del Mar where you don't have to waste two hours of your day in
a traffic jam. These mothers also benefit from the fact that after school kids have so many
alternatives. It's priceless!
In this issue you will find a complete coverage of our most recent big event: The Heineken
Regatta. What a spectacle! Palmas was filled with homeowners and friends who came to
onjoy the Regatta. It was delightful to see all these sails in our backyard... the ocean.
Enjoy your magazine. And don't forget to email me and let me know anything you feel is
Important for the community. This is OUR magazine! A

Lissette Rosado, Editor live.Iifeinpalmas@gmail.com

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B&B Geider...
He refuses to be called snow bird!

By Lissette Rosado, editor
I met them at the Cellar one night but I had seen them around many times, always ,iii,1h I and
Si,, iI life. They are Bill and Barbara Geider, they are from New York State but have been around
Palmas for almost thirty years. "We first ',,i i, 1l a time share with another couple in Crescent Beach.
Now my brother has the time share we used to own," said Bill and added that they also have a land
lot in Harbor Lights.
I,,, -' now been in Puerto Rico for more than forty years because Barbara's i,' ii, who is
now 90 years old, has had a house in Hato Rey since the late 60's. "She still comes every year on
her own and stays for six months in Puerto Rico. But she is a city girl and can't seem to stay here
, ,i, , iln stated Barbara and added that despite her mother's ii, she still loves to go out to the
i, , ,,,,, i. 'I. I~i her friends in Puerto Rico. Well Bill, with ii.. '' 11. you should have Barbara
around for a .....I while!
Barbara and Bill have been married for thirty four years, have no kids and are already retired. He
was a 1, 11 i,,ii i1 11 1 1, i' and she was Vice President of, 'hii iii II I iii ii 111 at New York State
When I asked Bill and Barbara to interview them for the Snow Bird column, his reaction was dra-
matic: "I'm not a snow bird," he asserted. "I spend seven out of twelve months in Palmas, more than
half a year, then, I should be considered a local," he iii, I, I and added, "This feels like home more
and more. We've already made so many ..... I friends that have become family. We have seen this
community' ", into the I ,ii iii, 1, i", it is now, like the school, the Palmas Market etc. We know
many of the ,"i, i adults since they where kids, like Josean Terron and Cristina Colon, for example.
Palmas is a hidden Paradise! My brother came the ii,, I day with some clients and they were fas-
cinated," he said. Then I asked: "Why, I1 ,1, you move to Palmas?" Then silence. He looked at her
and stated: 1, ,,I 111 -1i her to answer!" Barbara smiled and after a big pause said, I think we are
almost ready to move, ,",, 111 1 ii ,1. I think we are' i I put up our house in NY for sale and move per
111.11 in il,. We already have so many friends, doctors, lawyers and all the amenities to live here. Palmas
is a wonderful place to live!" she exclaimed. He just smiled
i and shouted: YES! And now it is -i ii, i to be written
p down, we are i, ili i to F iii 1 H I then realized that
I was witness to a historic moment in their life. How
wonderful! Welcome aboard, it's an honor to have,
Sin our community, people with such a big desire to be
happy and enjoy life to its fullest. OK BILL... You
1 I ,t -11 I II Illor d I -11,1 A




^F MB,,, I... l iii .- i 1... p hilci', anl-, o .-l .-we p Ien.. I can spea. k ... n.-..., -Idy. from Humacao, Dr Bi-
I-r, ,-r,,I I. I Is r t i.--: 1 '., I- 11i ..... ,1111,i I I I. I, 1,-1h o mel s h ll, -I. 11,, a1 d ,- I t in Palm as even though
-, 1n I F II, -n .. my parents' villa and

I.. lo .. ...o. iiik asis..n on 1 1h I IhiI mde t an..- aI., .II .- 1 1. lo s.-ol .- w1.- broker Ram6n is Civil
I inl'n-,- 1 I. up ii 1,- H -iii 1 ,,1 in d.- F IIg,.Mlap hasal lB A n,-

n I ardn Ibutgre. up ilnn I,- is- II I S-,a .-"uan 1They,-me 1w. 1,,, a.-- E11,r I.I everything is hereand
I n,-11 i.,,i .- ,, 11 h .- .1 i i 1i.1 1.-I -,1 II 1. I in 1.1.- ''1.1 I ,, I 1.1. II Iii pi stated. Next year, her
,,I.1,-.1' I I, ,III. -i I .I l,,-II,- ,, 3 II .1a l l, 1 i ,,I I 1 vi l. .1- ,, I. Ii1. -liii)st in her backyard. "All
m h .-n,1. I,:1 ,- II,,-i 1 l.1,1 ,-n i, F :dMi ll -, 3 1,l,- 11.1 -n 1 .- .-I, II III, I 1. ..:hool," she said.
I hil., iii Ram6n married nine years ago and have two beautiful daughters: Isabella Sofia is three and
I 11111 1Abi 11 who is in the terrible twos. They, as most of the coupl.-. ,ie', ..is i-1 ..... '-'1i.. 1 tIh1, I,,,,I-
i i L ter quality of life to live and raise their children in. Maln1 i R Mairi aini faO I lx ''n
l.-,,,, .l.:yclist. "We moved to Palmas six years ago and we ar,- ...1.. md h i- hi ,ll,,ni Iu,rri
I.v,- ii,,1 ud added that nobody or nothing will take her away -aind, F also I a. 1 .i I,-.. I h k ii 1 l .-ii
I I, -.. I.i1 in Palmas their parents moved to Palmas and also one of her sisters, which means that
p I. e t,-Ii ..a and Maria Emilia not only have their grandmother within walking distance (Maipi's father
l imii-, in i .-ly died recently) but also their aunt and cousins!
SIll,. id.v e is contagious... One you move to Palmas you want to bring your family here to enjoy and
e pei i iLnce [he peace and quality of life we experience. I can speak for myself because we are four
sisters, two of us live full time in Palmas, the other comes every weekend and the fourth one is living in
NJ but has plans to move to Palmas in approximately three years. A
Maria del Pilar Rodriguez y Ram6n L6pez

Imara look more like a sister of their children than a mother, she looks so young! Imara was born in
Fajardo but grew up in Ceiba. Abdiel is from San Juan. They met working at El Conquistardor and have
been married for thirteen years. They have three boys: Roberto, who is sixteen and is in the eleventh
grade; Abdiel, eleven, who is in the fifth grade; and Diego who is three and is in Pre-Kinder When they
got married they used to live in Luquillo, then in Rio Mar and finally they arrived to Palmas del Mar "We
like the fact that a lot of young couples have moved to Palmas to raise their kids here, there is a familial
environment here. There are so many things to do for them and for us also. In Palmas you can take your
kids everywhere. You can see them running in Palmanova Plaza or climbing the La Tapas tree while their
parents eat at the different restaurants. They have every sport right here and we have a lot of restaurants
and friends. They play almost all sports: Golf, tennis, soccer, bicycling, etc. Abdiel plays tennis for Palmas'
Team. In Palmas we have it all: market, church, restaurants, beauty salons, beach, golf, marinas and of
course...David's Cookies at the Four Point (owned by Abdiel and Imara). 7 1
"Palmas is different from other places. It is quiet and peaceful but at the same time it is fun. All our
friends are here, walking distance," said Roberto. Abdiel Jr said he likes how Palmas was constructed
because there are a lot of green areas and all his friends are here. "I also like the use of golf cars and
that Palmas Academy is a school that you can learn while having fun." Diego can't give his opinion yet but
his body language says it all. He is a happy and active kid that enjoys having Palmas as his backyard and
as his personal playground.
Imara is a busy housewife in charge of four men that takes her around from one sport to the other
Abdiel is also busy taking care of his business, not only at the Palmas Four Point but also at the Conquista-
dor Hotel. I am sure that in his house ice cream and cookies are not a problem. Good to have you around
with such a beautiful family. A Imara Camacho & Abdiel Rosado 1

H I.- , 1111,- ,,i II 1111111,-i -~1 lllh l ,1 1 1 I I, l I I, : ill l ,- m ,, ,-,11.1.11H I ,, i .,,- I" T",

I i 1, -l,- l ,,i |ll i ,- ,- i l l. li -. l,,,,l ,,- . I,,,,,l i dr ,,i ,-I I I .1 | I I I1 "
Ill.-.1 1,, 1 i, Ij i-i l1 |1111 -, I I I i-I ll- I l .-1.- ,-r i l lI, Il, iiii ll l 11 Ii .,^ Qi

dlll- Id ill 1 [ IuIIe [u e IJLdre [u edli I ul it u I I i. ly ki, 5 ,-r I I I e I, cdl lied [u luve I dl Iiid dl id [u d\,. l e ideI i'ld[ulIe.
Marisabe lle spends hours playing with the small beach crabs. They love the beach, horses, birds...in the afternoon we

are- happy and we are happy," said Maribel with then..11 Ib a i 1,1. se si.. ,.I h,1 l ill I

But this is not alMaribel parents, Cuquito and Didibelle Muhiz also live in Palmas, therefore their children has theirL
grandparents right next door. I seen them inaction.. they spoil their grandchildren. That's another funny story
I Ir- ll- 11, II, l l-i, 1a n. 1: 111111 I, i 1 1. I ,-1 I I. I 1111t e1 I 1
,Il -,I I,,- ,- I 1 ,I 1-1 , 1 11 I ll I I., ii- 1 1 .- II II I I I Il 1 1 1 .

I 11 11 I I 1, I I 1--I -, II, .- h.I ,- 1- 1 1 i- ',1r 1., l 1 11 -,1 l 1. lll l-1,, i i I ll l, l , l,

arisabelle spends hours playing with the small beach crabs. Thsuessy love e beach, horses so happy and our kids love aftheir school so much. That's what's important,"we

But this is not all...aribel parents, Cuquito anted Marimer As well als Marlibel and Juanjo's kids, Luis Carlos and Jos gnacio love Palmas Academy and
grandparens right next door I have seen them in acntion.. th lvey spoil their grandchildren. "I don't think I loved so muchnny school as my children do. They are
because my parents have never moved formally to Palmas but they have never gone back to San Juan," said. Luis Caribel and Maribel MuJosiz & Juan Bochetti
laughed. Congratulations on your decision. It's good to have people like Maribel and Juanjo in our community, so full of life and desire to live a healthy and happy life. A

Il& Luis Carlos Torrellas -t. s I.- ll lldren .- schoo l, lslsma t-e Iall IIg.-, bs l-L, ,,ll
Illbio cialm e -ll. LI I II ly- ,-I ,-n l s a the samell a1und1 c,-l ,s. "Wll a1, I I l ll, Ilwa lys l:dn s lall,- the t o d ll,,
"IPl, .ll,,ma hl,-ll. I.-1 ,- is- a ,1,,I,-.,,-lil. .all s h111p y1.,- a o- k1,1,1, loiv ,,sl so- m u.-, ,-a,- w hat' lo-,1
-t t,1 l, ,- I_,1. s wll,,. a. h,, i bl I a dua,.. 1 ,1 I,:1. I d,. ui s. I,,- ICarl s an ,, Jo II a.-, ,1-,1,io -,1 ,, ,l,,, ,- A,, I e andl

.,,'. Iwantl to-lea. In, t Ie '- f noon. I 'I. hink '1'- .1'1.''.- I''o. so m c s o as .my- c i ldr do.TI I hIhe a1'-

families," she said and added that most of their children's school classmates are also neighbors and the par-
ents are also friends or know each other That definitely makes motherhood easier, Marimer points out that they
both came from a big family and share the same values and customs. "We always sit at the table to eat dinner

Marimer del Valle Palmas quality of live! A
& Luis Carlos Torrellas


-.1'n lI. 1 I n-,I .. li I-. l.n1, .1.-.ii lent him a hand. Agu's grandparents were one of Palmas pio-
n.-.- 1. 1,. -.'in .- .-n II 1,, 11 I .- i.- ii n Guaynabo, was always attached to Palmas. His grandparents'
I .. I, .-i i.-, I .- n. . i II.- iirst houses constructed in Palmas. Agu and Janina were dating
i .l..- iI..-, ..- .-n.-.-n .- I..-.-n ,, ly only boyfriend!" They've been married for fourteen years
..... r,,1 Ii ,- iii ,,-,- I ,,- i ihl 1,1. I .-I.- .-n, who is in fifth grade; Gustavo, seven, who is in first grade;
-li. 11.l,. Ii... l. I .. -iii. i lit .'i..ig on eleven! "He thinks he is as big as his older brother," said
1 I -1,,11 TI, .-, 111 .1h,1, 1 i11 11 F ii -. .1-i, and love their school. "Palmas Academy is a cool school, it has
... ii,-. ,.1 II,.- .- I ii .- .i .. .)d," said AJ who is in the Volley Ball PA team but also practices
.. ... ,'li n, .li. ,ii .l 1 i l.- ii...i ding, among other sports. "And, it is five minutes from home,"
.- .1.1.-.1 1 .. .11 ll.-. .. I ....I because it is fun and he learns English. Gustvo plays soccer and
--,I-,.- ... -. r.. ., ,.1 i ,, ,, i .... i/cle on a family farm next to Palmas. "The other day we saw
'1' 11' ''' : I1''- ''' ''': '1''-' I''''1 m ine nted .
S ..-Ii.- I..- i. .. I I,.-, i Ill-i ? Agu was always trying to convince Janina to move to Palmas.
..- ....- 1.. i 1 i, h .- I ept telling Janina all the time. But Janina thought he was crazy
...... I.-II ,1 IIl .1 ,- I ... .. e nowhere but Guaynabo. "I have a twin sister and we used to
S i, ... .-. I d. But again... destiny conspired and when Agu's grandmother
1 1, i. l,.- ..I.11 11 111 hley would have to decide if they wanted to move to the house,
e,, -, .- I I,.-p.t.- .- ..i .. ,ih.-,i I he decision was from one day to the next. It was crazy. We had
in,.,.-.1 1.- i... 1In. .. I,..,. in Guaynabo. But we saw and opportunity and we moved without
ii. ,1 -rn, t... .1, P i II,' -1. Mn.1, ..ther's friend," she recalls and added, "I still remember the first
rirnin1 ..h. I ip i i F- 1lhI-1. ., drink my coffee, I was just thinking about how nuts we were.
excep nI. q..n w 1,.- II .. .... .1 ediately changed my mind. Nowadayd nobody moves me away
n U- r ..al.- E p.m ... In.1., ,..- IAcIit I,.1. I.-.1.. I he.- IRe seven different medicines for their asthma. That's over They
w l ,,-,Fal,,,s suI Is uI ll ,I h, l l,,- .Ill
..A-" isheyni .. F o h -I I.. .a-1 .1 1 .1.. 11.0 moved from Dorado and now lives on the same street. Agu's
u l a pI. 1 '.1 ,,I rA .. 'I .I I I.in Pf .,. nIi ..i I I 1, -.liu in Target, a family business. Agu's father also lives in Palmas
anmlle iInn to n 1 .I..-..n i .l.- n l- i n 1,, .- n .- I in I,- Il. . ..,a I f i ,- ,- i ,1 .1,- 1 1
Janina Viejo y Ag u a so .. ,, ,y cl, ,,,,l ,,, . .. l.- ... F ili, .i 3,1iil.- F s1, .. l,-I il... i fl IA,

all! First we have Joey who is 22 and is already in College.
Then there is Michelle who is 18 and is currently in the
twelfth grade. Following Michelle is Carla who is 14 and A
is in the eighth grade and finally, there is Eduardo who
is six and is in kindergarten.
"This year we have three graduations: Michelle from
high school, Carlafrom Junior High and Eduardo from Kinderga i- .1iI .1 1 .1,i.- ii I IIIl .-1 .1 In ..I .-.1 l.
the kids in sports?" I asked. They almost have a soccer team.] ..- F l I -. I .1.-,., 11 .- 1 1,.I .....' -1 .1
is now coach of the Palmas Academy Team. Michelle also plays ..... i ..i .- .-.1 i .- I ---.-. II..n..
Mayaguez 2010. Eduardo is already into tennis and Carla is als. l ..... i I,.- I.- i1, n I i 1,. -, ii 1,-,, '
except for Joey that already graduated.
Maguie, besides taking care of her "soccer team", works in I I,.-,l.. ,.- i . .l ,. i .. ..i i ,.-, i t.,., .
ness -Universal Equipment and Maqueda & Associates. In the a .- ......I,.- I .- .. F h,. -. .1.-,,.
Extended Program that offers among other things: painting, muo ., I 11ii -nn. I :11- ... i .. i 1i-i. -n I, i .
well as supervised studies.
"What is it like being a motherin Palmas?" I asked Maguie. ii Il .. l. .- '-n....i. I .I -, Ill i l hi,
until approximately the age of eight, Palmas has been a blessin ... ,i .-i ,....- I i ...ii .. .-n.1 1, .I.. i .1.
and no time lost in traffic. They love their school, Palmas Acade,, ,.--II, -, l, I,,n l 1 I, -, 111 ,1-
tennis, golf and soccer lessons. Everything is so calm and pea .-ri F I ,I- ii -,l l .. 111.- .,.- ,. I .
Joey, her son, tells me:"ln the future when I have my own fanriI, I III1.. I ,1, -,, I ,1. 1' I' ,n F 1i.i I ii hi IiI.-l I t ,
place in Montesol. This is so different. I think being raised in su Il I ri ..-l.- .1 1 -l Il 11, 1--,,- ,- 1 1i 1l-l .- .,n I 1 ,1,1
used to not being in a hurry". It is so wonderful to hear these ...1. .. I, v ii .. .1,11 I i ..1I- I .- 1 ..-h, I,.- I.... .111 .
herfriends and states they are all so close! "In my classroom .... ..1.- .-1. i,..l 1,.- ~l n.1. ,.-. In .1. 1 I.. ,.- .... II ..
friends that are not from Palmas are amazed by our relationshi... .1.1.-.1 I.I-I.- Ii i.-ll, I..-' ihr ....-.- r ,,I, iii.- ,.- I I.,,.-. ,
das' where you can see how parents' loving guidance, a good e, ,..,,,.-,, ,.i .....1., I,, I il.... I, ,, II,1.-n I.1, ,
children a lot of trust and we talk about everything but at the same time I am very strict and rigorous when it comes to discipline and
school responsibilities," expresses Maguie and they all agree by nodding their heads. Being a mother is a challenge because they are Maguie Cordero & Joe Maqueda
four completely different human beings! Maguie added that she is very pleased and happy because she feels that their children have
learned from the important family values they have taught them and that's what keeps them together as a family The Maquedas' team
is another good example in our community! Chapeau! A

iQuiropractica para Ninfos, J6venes y Adultos!

Contamos con equipo de alta tecnologia de
evaluacidn del sistema nervioso central
Evaluaciones metatarsals y de
W postura- Modernas facilidades
,Wr ... o --"con sistema paperless.
Tratamiento para...
Subluxaciones Vertebrales Dolores de Cabeza
Dolor de Cuello y Hombros Adormecimiento de Manos y Piernas
Espasmos Musculares Discos Herniados Dolores de Espalda Baja
Sciatica Radiculopatias

martes a viernes: de 8:00am a 5:00pm y sabados: de 800am a 12:00pm
63 Ave.PadreR iv,
787.I 85.99 escIoelcne~ml~

del Caribe

Comida Catbeaita editerrAned


As we approach our Annual Homeown-
ers General Assembly and the conclusion
of my third year as President of the Palmas
del Mar Homeowners Association (PHA),
I want to thank the individual property
owners that make up the membership of
the Association, the PHA Delegates that
represent your individual communities so
well, the members of the various PHA
committees involved in the solving of crit-
ical community issues and, specially, my
fellow Board Directors for your support,
your commitment, your dedication and
your generosity as you voluntarily give so
much of yourself for the good of the com-
munity. Ours is a thriving community--
full of challenges and opportunities.
Notwithstanding the challenges, the
Association and its Board of
Directors has remained fo-
cused on major community
on %_ needs and interests
that strengthen the
quality of life, bring
about substantial
improvements to the
vices being provided,
ii. our community safer
il undertake programs
iud initiatives that sus-
rain community growth
and, above all, enhance
property values.
I can assure you
that the Association
shall remain focused
Son those matters that
S mean most to our
S community. All we
ask of you is your sup-
port, patience and un-
S: derstanding. Thank

Julio agud

In addition to the security tips we gave you in the last magazine edition to protect your individual
property, there are also additional steps that you may want to consider in protecting your entire
residential area. The following tips are not all-inclusive but are a starting set of guidelines to which
you, your regime administrator and your neighbors may want to add to protect your neighborhood.
A. Regimes without Entrance Security Guards.
* Conduct daily inspections of all premises and residential units with particular attention to unsecured
doors, windows and property.
* Establish systems to insure you are aware of arrival times of service personnel and that their names
match a pre-coordinated list. Service personnel should check-in and check out with administrators.
No one should be allowed to enter or exit residential areas without the administrators' clearance.
* Except during an emergency, no service personnel should be allowed to enter residential areas
outside of pre-established service hours.
* Do not allow service personnel to wander through residential areas or snoop around other proper-
ties. Individuals should be restricted to the property being serviced.
* Every service employee should have a valid pass and an identification card issued by the PHA
Security Department. Individuals without the proper credentials should not be allowed in your in-
dividual complex. Those found without proper credentials should be sent to the PHA Department
* Do not provide entry or access codes to anyone other than authorized residents.
* Do not install proximity gates. If one is installed take appropriate steps to eliminate this type of
mechanism. Proximity gates negate access security measures particularly in areas without security
* Urge residents to install alarm systems directly connected to Palmas Security for an immediate
response upon an alarm activation. Contact Campo Rico Electronics at 787-613-8295 for additional
* Install perimeter sensors around your residential complex tied to the Palmas Security.
* Urge residents to exercise strict control of visitors and the use of access codes. Residents expecting
a particular service should contact the administrator to pre-announce these visitors.
B. Regime with Guards
In addition to the procedures listed above many which will also apply, regimes with guards at the
entrance gates should pay attention to the following:
* Maintain a control access list. Every person, whether visitor or service personnel, should be
pre-announced. No one should be allowed into a residential area unless previously authorized and
positively identified.
* Inspect all service vehicles upon arrival and departure. Conduct random inspection of other visitors.
A sign advising visitors that "All vehicles are subject to inspection" should be prominently displayed
at the entrance of each regime.
* Control the exit of all vehicles. Have the guard visually check to ascertain who is driving exiting
vehicles including golf carts. This procedure should be used whether proximity gates are used or
* Guards should have a list of golf-carts with names of owners to help them detect when someone
other then owner drives off with one of them. Guards should question anyone operating a golf-cart
which is not owned by that person.
* Administrators should review access control lists daily to insure they know who is accessing
residential areas under their supervision.
* Emergency ambulance numbers, police and Palmas Security contact numbers should be prominently
posted so that guards may quickly call the appropriate number in the event of an emergency or a
security situation that warrants the presence of security or emergency personnel.
* Have security guards note anything unusual and to call security immediately to report suspicious
* All service employees must display a pass on their vehicles and have identification cards issued by
PHA Security. Anyone without proper credentials should not be allowed to enter your complex.
* Do not allow the removal of property items without the written authorization from the property
C. Other Items of Interest
* Administrators should have a list of short-time renters in their areas. Watch-out for unauthorized
use of residential units. Establish system whereby owners or realtors managing rental units must
notify administrators of rentals. If no pre-notification exists, guards or administrators should confirm
information with owners or realtors before allowing people access to the property.
* Have permanent regime service personnel wear unique attires that easily identifies them with a

particular residential area or service company.
* Question the presence of any stranger in your regime.
* Invite the Police and the Security Director to your regime meetings.
* Insure the Regime Association has a capital investment plan that contemplates
security upgrades such as cameras and perimeter sensors.
* Do not allow newspapers and correspondence to pile up at the entrance of
residential units.
* Check the source of any strange noise within the regime.
D. Illicit Labor Practices
* Pay special attention to possible illicit labor practices being used by contrac-
tors providing services in your regime. Make sure that contracts are carefully
reviewed and monitored to insure contractors are not violating labor laws as
regime are individually liable in such situations. The consequences of illegal labor
practices by independent contractors can become very costly to regimes.

Feel free to add other measures you feel are important to your particular com-
munity and share those with PHA and with other regimes. Contact PHA at
787-285-6425 for further assistance. Stay Alert!!!.

Accs Coto Inforatio

Recently new access control rules
were implemented whereby visitors to
residential areas will not be given access
unless their visit has been previously
authorized. Residents expecting visi-
tors should contact the Access Control
Office at 787-285-2747 or the Secu-
rity Dispatch at 852-7775 and provide
the names and arrival times of guests
so they may be given access to Palmas
upon arrival. If no prior notification is re-
ceived at the entrance gates and guests
arrived unannounced they will be asked
to go to the Access Control Office or to
the Security Dispatch Desk where they
will contact the resident to clear their ac-
cess into their property.
Visitors to commercial areas will be
issued pre-designed color-coded passes
that must be displayed in the vehicle
dashboard. Vehicles with commercial
passes detected outside commercial
areas will be intervened by Palmas Se-
curity and will be asked to leave Palmas

or return to the area for which the pass
was issued. Guards at the entrance of
regimes should not allow access into
their respective residential area unless
specific authorization is received from
the person to be visited.
Persons with long term rental agree-
ments are considered residents and
are afforded the privileges given to the
owner renting the property. Short-term
renters should be given pre-authorized
passes by the realtor that will allow
their access into Palmas and into the
residential area where they will be
staying. Short term renters without
pre-authorized passes will be issued a
commercial pass at the gate to reach
the realtors office where pre-authorized
passes for their entire stay will be is-
Please help us strengthen the se-
curity of our community by keeping un-
wanted visitors out of your property.

During recently held elections, Victor Nieto and Servando Diaz were
re-elected to a second three-year term as members of the PHA Board
of Directors. Victor is the representative of Palmas District Three which
I consists of Palmanova Village, Aquabella, Montesol, Fairway Courts and
Palmas Doradas. Servando represents District Four comprised of Palmas
I Reales, Villa Franca I & II, Palmas Plantation, Flamboyan Greens, Costa
Verde and The Woods. Congratulations to Victor and Servando and thanks
I for stepping forward to serve your community.

Conservation easement
A ceremony was held on March 20, 2010 which marked
the signing of an agreement that officially establishes a con-
servation easement over 148 acres of green areas and the
Pterocarpus Forest located at Palmas del Mar. Through this
agreement the Puerto Rico Conservation Trust (Fideicomiso),
Palmas del Mar Homeowners Association (PHA) and Palmas
del Mar Properties, Inc. (PDMPI) have entered into a conser-
vation management agreement to protect in perpetuity these
high ecological value lands. Through this arrangement, the
Palmas community (PHA) is given title of these areas by PD-
MPI while a conservation easement is assigned to the Fidei-
comiso who will preserve the lands in coordination with PHA
through a management conservation plan. As part of the
commitments made under this plan, PHA will maintain the
Forest and restore its boardwalk for recreational and educa-
tional purposes with the technical advice of the Fideicomiso.
Like all wetlands, the Pterocarpus Forest provides impor-
tant services to humans such as flood protection and help
filter natural water resources. In addition to being the habi-
tat to several beautiful forms of flora and fauna, the Forest
also contains a grove of Ortegon trees which are endemic to
Puerto Rico and considered very rare.

Victor Nieto Servando Diaz

leaders who have

come forward to
assume a position

of leadership in
the PHA Board

of Directos as

These are

extremely talented,
high caliber

totally dedicated

to making Palmas
del Mar the best

community it can
be. We present

to you PHA
Board Members:

Mr.Ricardo de
Varona, Mr.

Ricardo de Varona
Ricardo de Varona lives in
Guaynabo, Puerto Rico dur-
ing the week and looks for-
ward to the day that he and
his wife will be able to move
permanently to Palmas del
Mar. He holds a Mechanical
Engineering degree from the
University of Maryland, Col-
lege Park Campus. Ricardo
has been a member of the
Palmas del Mar family since
2005 and quickly became
involved in our community
affairs He was the vice presi-
dent of the Board of Direc-
tors of the Isla San Miguel
Regime in 2007 and has been
a PHA Delegate and Isla
San Miguel's president since
2008. He was elected to the
PHA Board of Directors in

I f

del Mar Slip Owners Asso-
ciation. Recently, Ricardo
became a member and was
elected as Secretary of the
newly founded PHA Archi-
tectural Review Board (PHA-
As President of DEV Build-
ers Corp, Engineer, Developer
and Contractor, Ricardo coor-
dinates, assists and negotiates
the multiple stages of the de-
velopment process including
design, financing, legal, con-
struction and project admin-
istration. Standing among key
projects are: Puerta del Mar
in Aguadilla, Mansiones de
Juncos in Juncos, E Hermit-
age in Guaynabo, Condomin-
io Portofino in Guaynabo and
Bosque de los Frailes in Guay-
nabo. At the helm of his firm,
Ricardo design-builds com-
mercial projects like Lexus de
San Juan, Triangle Toyota in
Kennedy Ave. and Autogrupo
65th Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep.
Also, he has been the Project
Engineer of several rehabili-
tation processes for residen-
tial developments belonging
to financial institutions, an
operation most commonly
called workouts.
Ricardo is the representa-
tive before the PHA Board of
T 'I- _ ^_ T,_ I \ 1 1 -: ,

) which includes Isla San
Miguel, Plaza del Puerto, San
Marcos Island, Harbor Point,
Palladio, Peninsula de San
Juan, Palmarina, Seascape
and Anchor's Village.

Victor Nieto Sartori
Victor Nieto was born in
Montevideo, Uruguay but has
made Puerto Rico his home.
Victor is a graduate of Uru-
guay's Military Naval Acad-
emy and served as an officer
of Uruguay's Mercantile Navy
for several years before mov-
ing to Puerto Rico in 1980. In
1984 he founded Lift Trucks
& Parts Parts Inc. one of the
leading enterprises in mate-
rial handling equipment, spe-
cializing in the distribution

business successfully form-
ing an extraordinary team
that serve mayor food supply
chains and the pharmaceuti-
cal industry in Puerto Rico.
Victor is a member of the
Palmas family since 1996 and
has been deeply immersed in
our community affairs since
his arrival. Although an
extremely busy executive he
finds time to remain very in-
volved in the solution of mat-
ters and issues affecting the
well-being and quality of life
of Palmas del Mar. Victor has
been a PHA Delegate, Presi-
dent of the Fairway Courts
Homeowners Association
and a member of the Palmas
Security Council. He was
elected to the PHA Board of
Directors in 2007 as the rep-
resentative of Palmas District
Three which includes the res-
idential areas of Palmanova
Village, Aquabella, Montesol,
Fairway Courts and Palmas

Edd Siler, CMCA

Edd Siler grew up in Balti-
more, Maryland where he went
to school and played baseball.
He came up short of playing
professional ball but it was his
dream. Edd is a Viet Nam Vet-
eran and served there in "66
& 67". After the military Edd
went to the Police Academy
in Baltimore Maryland and
became a Deputy Sheriff. He
was trained as one of the first
SWAT Team members in the
state of Maryland. Edd served
on the Police Department for
four years.
In the late 70's Edd started
his construction development
background. He managed a
company in Baltimore that
I.i,,. r 1ri1 F It In :7'

Property Management for
Arvida/Disney in Sarasota,
Florida. He was responsible
for two Master Associations,
a landscaping department,
4nd a security department.
He was Project Manager for
1 new Town Center shop-
ping Center that was built by
In the 80's Edd attended
CAI institute and received
the designee CMCA, Certi-
fied Manager of Community
In 1986 Edd transferred to
Sawgrass in Jacksonville Flori-
da, home of the TPC, with the
same company Arvida/Disney.
He was responsible for two
large Master Associations, 27
sub-associations, a landscape
department, a security de-
partment, and was Chairman
of the Architectural Review
In 1991 Edd was requested
to come to Palmas del Mar
by a former fellow employee
of Arvida/Disney to review
the Property Management
Department at Palmas. At
this time PDMPI was manag-
ing almost all of the Regimes
and they were doing all the
landscape maintenance, and
security. Edd accepted the job
_, .,..! r. u. i ', . ,r .,.Iir

to all the Boards including the
PHA Board.
Through the 90's Edd fo-
cused on outsourcing regime
management, landscaping, and
security. He worked very close
with the PHA on manage-
ment, security, and access con-
trol. As a PHA Board member
Edd was 1.f., i. ,! &1.. for bring-
ing the Delegates Program to
Palmas and the creation of the
golf cart pathway system. He
has seat on several committees
and has been a Director of the
PHA since 1991. Edd was one
of the founding fathers of the
Palmas Academy and spent
every week-end to help build
the original Casitas.
At present Edd is responsible
for all of PDMPI and PCCI
facilities maintenance. This
includes capital improvements
and upgrades of these facili-
ties. Besides seating on the
PHA Board he seats on the
PDMU Board, the Delegates
Committee, and the Security
Edd Siler has made Palmas
del Mar home since 1991 and
hopes to work here for many
more years and in the future
retire here at Palmas.


.. .......

*.. ..." .

Dr. Graciany Miranda Tristani
HBe.: -o -l :'_-rl1iti:.- irit n-r ri,-i I I,: : iii
Hematologist Oncologist

Chemotherapy Bisphosphonates (Reclast, Zometa, Boniva)
..* Hemoderivates (vitamins-Infed intravenous)
Biologic Therapy (monoclonal antibodies: Remicade, Rituxan)
Treatment for Solid Tumors and Hematopoietic Tumors
Antineoplastic Treatment (Rheumatoid Arthritis Crohns
Annually Trained Personnel disease in adults and Ulcerative Colitis)
Hematologist Oncologist Intravenous Antibiotic Therapy Hydration Therapy
Oncologist Nurses
Intravenous Line Flushing
Diagnostic Hematological Procedure (Bone Marrow Aspiration)
#7 Dufresne St. (East) First Floor, Humacao, PR, 00791 Tels./fax 787-852-5260 6 787-285-7958
Hours Monday through Friday from 6:00 AM to 3:00 PM. By appointment only.

TEL 787-852-5260/ FAX 787-285-7958

2 -~


immmmmmm.mEij 7

-L -
pe k
..now check your answers to see how right (or wrong) you were. See page 39.


4 --A




By Lissette Rosado
Our neighbor and Palmas homeowner,
Norma Ortega Sifre has just inaugurated
her new exposition in the Art League in
Old San Juan; Caminos Encontrados,
a picturesque retrospective of her life
memories and her profound love for na-
ture. The passion she feels for Mother
Nature fills all her art work. Nature is
vivid and exalted in all her work and is
presented as a peaceful and harmonious
life force.
Norma was born in San Juan but lived
in Europe for three years and twelve in
the United States. She studied Interior
Design and later porcelain painting with
Aidita Balzac.
She started her studies in Acrylic

Painting in the Puerto Rico Art Muse-
um and at the present at the Puerto Rico
League of Art. Norma has studied with
prestigious art teachers and painters
such as Betsy Padin, Rafael Rivera Ortiz,
Luis Iborrra and Juan Ram6n Velazquez.
At Palmas del Mar she studied with Prof.
Cordero in My Corner, art studio.
Norma's art exhibition will be in the
Puerto Rico League of Art in Old San
Juan until April 14, 2010. Norma is very
thankful to all her professors and friends
that have supported her to obtain her
goals. She is also very proud to present
her first individual exhibition.
Congratulation Norma for this new
achievement! The sky is the limit! A

787.850.4044 Tel
787.850.0171 Fax
Monday Fridays 8:00 AM 9:00 PM
Saturday 8:00 AM 5:00 PM

Visit or ift


ill- .- 1- 1 ill. A. .1
11 r



By Dr. Sigrid Soto, Curriculum Director

The Palmas Academy is in the business of
education. It is the reason it was founded almost
two decades i''. and why it strives to maintain
illI Ii I ll, ii i iii' I.l i i ii .II ll ii 1 1II I. / process

iii, 1 ii I, I n, students are ,, i i' I a quality edu-
cation as well as ,i ii1, academic achievement,
but that the school is 1, II 11 ii1I to an established
set of I iiiii il ,i I Iand ',i i,,I l'o il standards
that are the backbone of academic excellence.
The Palmas Academy operates under the license
ing of the Consejo General de Educacion, and is
Si ii ll .i ii I lli ,i I by Com ision , i iIl i '"i i
de ,, ,,ii' 1i1. i, ,. (CADIE) and Middle
Sii, Association; the latter '"iI not only one
of the six ', ,iilii iii, ii i i, h l i'' I I i n i the
United S Ii, but an ", ii ii 'ii that endorses
schools overseas and across continents, II, li Il iI
schools in Europe, Asia and Africa. i i ii|" i, 11 ,
to understand that ,, Ill i,,'ii is an "ll', li, I,
process of i, IIi and improvement, and that
o nce i, i, i i I, it is the i,, ,I :, ll i'i liil il
retain it, ', i i i, ii r i it 1 1 i to seven years or
,I, ori I on the 'i iiilliil lIi' , hi il ,ii
i niii i I II I week of February and for the pur
pose of 1' i 1 1 Ill i ii i, the Academy welcomed
the M iddle i ii, ./ ' ,, i 'l i i i, I l, i Team .
The' i iiii i Team, as it is commonly referred to,
validates the school in 12 basic standards. This
type of 1 i 'l hiii ,,i i is an "all or ii Il i,, ii deal. If
the school should fail at any Ip.ii it 1I.1 standard,
the school will not be ,' i, '' ,I. The ', i li i
Team evaluates each standard, i, liih, I them
, I ii I the school's ii ",I which I I its
current I ii, lih I in the II i areas: Mission,
Governance and Leadership, Finances, Facilities,
School Climate and ( i,, 1 111 I ii, 1 School Improve-
I Ii il ii i 1, Educational i i' 111 Assessment and
Evidence of S Ii, I' ii L ,niii,. i Il I' 1 1I Services,
lii ,iiii.i iii i Resources and -, I iiI, Sii I I ,i,
Life and Activities and F, iIiI and Safety.
After two years of preparation and an intense
week of classroom 1i 11 1'", tour of facilities,
interviews and iil ii, ,i,,i scrutiny on each of
the 12 standards for academic excellence, the
Middle c ii, Association Associate Director and
( I iii ofthe MSA' ili,,, i Team, Ken )i, I started
his i, ii I of the final report with the II,, i
' n, 'in i, iI words: "The Palmas Academy has


the ,' ii, I of becoming the best school in the
/ ii II commendations that were Il l Il' il-
SIii I II i -MSA' i iii I Reportwere: school cli-
1 1 i' l, ii' i' I 1 I "i i Ir educational
'",,ii "ii. The' i1 I Team was very impressed
with the iii I, ii, of all our students and
the commitment and preparation of our faculty and
staff. On ,,iiil I note, the Academy understands
mI ii always have room for improvement. The
area of Information Resources and -, I, II is
our mainH ii, i I f' i the upcoming years and most
of our ii i, Ii ii ii, i activities will be utilized for this
mean and I i I into consideration that we have
a solid community behind us, we at the Academy
feel, 'i' i i' I11 I i I all of our, ill will be m et and
iii ,I are way on our way to "."' ,, i,,i iI,,best
school in the Caribbean!


Among the commendations
that were the highlights of
the MSA Visiting Report were:
school climate, student life
and activities and our
educational program.

Interesting Facts
Middle States Association beginnings date back to 1887, in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, when a group of
educational activists reached a consensus on the need to improve education across all grade levels,
including the university continuum.
Upcoming TPA Fundraising Events
* Annual Golf Tournament on June 6, 2010 Gala Festiva on October 30, 2010




1126 Ave Jesus T Plitero, San Juan, Puerto Rico
Email. sunblindfabrics@yahoo.com


Thursday February 04, 2010 was the
58th National Prayer Breakfast where
Palmas resident and pastor of Palmas
Community Church, Rev. Darrin Kes-
sler was an invited guest. Each year the
United States Congress invites national
and international leaders to join in seek-
ing the Lord's guidance and strength.
The House of Representatives and Senate
take turns in leading the event and this
year the US Senate was the host. Amy
Klobucharg senator from Minnesota and
Johnny Isakson senator from Georgia were
conference coordinators. The event was
held at the Hilton International Ballroom
in Washington DC and the event began
Wednesday evening with a Congressional
Dinner. Guests were divided into three
rooms according to geographical region
and country. One purpose of the event
was to build relationships with leaders
which might not be possible otherwise.
During the Congressional Dinner Rev.
Kessler was seated with the Chaplin of
the United States Senate, Rear Admiral
Barry C. Black (Ret.) along with other
community leaders.
Thursday morning was the main event.
It was obvious that it was not an ordinary
breakfast as roads surrounding the hotel
were blocked. Prior to entering the ball
room, invitations were verified and each

30 www.LLPalmas.com

participant passed through a secret service
check point. Seating was assigned to al-
low special consideration of international
guests from over 160 countries who were
seated throughout the room along with
members of Congress. No cameras, cell
phones or other items were permitted and
instructions were given that if you left your
seat you would not be able to return.
The Prayer Breakfast began with special
music, opening prayer and then a greeting
from the senate coordinators. President
Barack Obama and wife Michelle were
introduced and seated along with Vice
President Joe Biden and Secretary of
State Hilary Clinton. The prime minster
of Spain Jos6 Luis Rodriguez Zapatero
was a special guest and he
shared some remarks. T.
keynote speaker was E- -
lary Clinton who share.
about her upbringing iii
a Methodist church and I
various life encounter
including a discussion /.
with Mother Teresa. (
According to Secre-
tary Clinton, after
one of the Prayer
Breakfasts, Mother
Teresa informed that
she wanted a private

word with Hilary and they preceded back
stage. As a result of the conversation,
Hilary Clinton began a home for unwed
mothers in Washington DC. President
Obama also spoke highlighting needs in
Haiti and honoring a US serviceman of
Haitian descent. Admiral Michael Mullen,
Joint Chiefs of Staff offered a prayer and
Mr. Tim Tebow, 2007 Heisman trophy
winner concluded the program.
The common theme throughout the
event was the life and teachings of Jesus
of Nazareth as per the Biblical narratives.
There were people from a variety of belief
systems including Muslim, Jewish, Chris-
tian but the consensus was that if people
applied Jesus' teachings and lifestyle men
and women at all levels of society would
have their long felt needs
met. Rev. Kessler com-
ments, "If we pursue the
knowledge of Jesus of
Nazareth we would see
lives, families, marriages
4 communities and nations
transformed. Seeking to
know Jesus is guaranteed
to yield what is good and it
is well worth our time and
.nergy." A

Chef MarisoN1 Catering specalozes In
fabulous ~'~j~ private and corporate eventm

Chef Marisoll

I -cefa sol~


Fgn C! I U

104 Wl ..

SPapas Asadas
0 Polio
(787) 719-5887
Ven y disfruta el exquisito menu...


By Lissette Rosado

Gabriel and Mary Jo Espasas are definitely one of the pio-
neer families of Palmas. Gabriel, "Gaby" grew up in Bayam6n,
he studied junior high, high school and college in the States.
He studied Mechanical Engineering and Dairy Science since
his family owned a dairy company called Espasas Dairy. After
graduation he worked with his father for a year but soon start-
ed his own company that produced plastic bottles for a family
owned juice company, and later expanded to the manufac-
ture of plastic products for the pharmaceutical industry. His
business grew and in 1972 he decided to move to Humacao
because of tax incentive benefits. "Palmas was just starting.



They were working on the infra structure and i.il.lii, the
Palmas Inn". Gaby remembered the first time they came to
see Palmas they couldn't even get into the project! They lived
in Humacao for two years while .,il.1is, a new plastic fac-
tory in Humacao and moving the facilities from Bayam6n to
Humacao. "We bought a lot in Ridge Top where we designed
our dream home with Arq. Jaime Suarez but later on decided
to buy one of the homes in Surfside that Palmas had built as
examples of the type of architectural design and theme to be
used in Palmas. At that time there were five homes originally
built by Palmas in the Southeast region, two in Port Road and
three in Surfside. Life in Palmas was very 'laid back' and the
natural beauty of Palmas was ours to enjoy. There were no
fences permitted, no trash pick-up, no newspaper delivery or
even a grocery store. Our friends thought we were crazy," re-
called Mary Jo. "Humacao was a little town where you bought
everything in small local stores. There were horses in town
around the Plaza and sugar cane trucks came through the cen-
ter of town. Route 30 was under construction. It was a very
long drive to San Juan," Mary Jo tells us. At that time Mary
Jo and Gaby had two toddlers: Gaby and Carolyn, their third
child, Charlie was born a year after they moved to Palmas.
Palmas del Mar had started a Montessori School on the prop-
erty which was later donated to the community of Humacao
and moved from Palmas to Humacao. Mary Jo took Montes-
sori courses, became involved with the Montessori School and
later with the Palmas Academy. Mary Jo was born in Illinois
and moved in 1955 to Puerto Rico with her family, she lived
in Guaynabo. Mary Jo has a B.A. in Special Education with a
concentration in psychology.

6 LiUi: U. .; 1 Hu;' .. .- PR 787.852.1550
orthofig@ hotmail.com

Se aceptan planes mdicos cn cubierta de ortodoncia. I '
Se aceptan planes medicos con cubierta de ortodoncia.

Talking to Gaby and Mary Jo is like talking to a Palmas His-
tory Book. I learned so much about Palmas' history! I spent a
whole morning in their home listening to captivating stories. I
drank coffee in the morning, while watching the Regatta and
lunch at midday, when I suddenly realized it was 1:00PM, I was
amazed! I felt bad because I had taken so much of their time
but at the same time I must confess that I could have spent
the whole day listening to their amazing stories. "Palmas has
a fascinating history," Gaby said. "It all started with Charles
Fraiser, a developer of a company called Sea Pines who trav-
eled to Hawaii in search of land to build a project like the
one he had developed in Hilton Head Island, North Carolina.
Once there, in the office of C. Brewer Company, Charles Frasi-
er saw a large photograph on the wall and told the C. Brewer
executive that that was the piece of land he wanted to buy to
build his project in Hawaii. The land in the picture, however,
was not in Hawaii. The photograph on the wall was a sugar
cane plantation in Humacao, Puerto Rico! Charles Fraiser
fell in love with the land, flew to Puerto Rico, bought the land
and contracted Esteban Padilla to design the resort he had
in mind. It was years of creation and development. Esteban
Padilla and Charles Fraiser conceived the Palmas Master Plan
that won a prize at that time for the most environmentally
friendly development. There was construction everywhere. A
lot of money was invested in Palmas. Sea Pines would fly cli-
ents from Hilton Head, North Carolina to sell them property
and villas in Palmas del Mar," remembered Gaby.
As many of us know, in 1979 and early 1980, interest rates
skyrocketed and Palmas entered into financial difficulties.
Chase Manhattan Bank (the bank that was financing Palmas)
had financial problems and Palmas ended up under the Chase
Trust. Some years later Simplicity Patterns Inc. bought the
banks debt from Chase Trust, which included the land in Pal-
mas. Maxam, the present owner of Palmas del Mar Properties
Inc. (PMPI) bought Simplicity Patterns and among it's assets

the Palmas del Mar development. Since then Palmas del Mar
Properties Inc. in conjunction with the Palmas del Mar Ho-
meowner's Association (PHA) has managed Palmas and the
results are here for us to see. In the beginning PDMPI had
majority in the Board of Directors of Palmas but in later years,
as land was developed, the control of the Board was passed to
the Homeowner's Association. The results are that Palmas
is the best, safest and most complete community in Puerto
Rico. There is nothing in Puerto Rico like Palmas in quality
of life, beauty and functionality. It has matured over the years
and grown into its present state. Those that represent the
community of Palmas are dedicated to addressing and solv-
ing problems as they arise. We are fortunate to have a Board
of experienced professionals that are committed to excellence
and an executive director with many years of experience and
expertise. 'My respects for a job well done', finished Gaby. A

GOiHQ bdck in bistory witb MY dnd Mdry Jo


''Iii 1 1 ii'I, I' iiII' I'' ii Iilil 11 ,11 I I liII 1111 i,~
1' ii I ill -ill 6 1 1 I I.

I jliiia, dii I lai IdI[l. Luuliiig guud!

34 www.LLPalmas.comi

Back to the future...
memoirs by Lola Roig
On F while my hair at I saw one, most fasci-
views from bay window ..dozens of full blown sails of all colors

Marina was '
a Marina we


L Your ship has come in!
sI Mpper Shop
M A tIN -*A D A -I-E 1_-: 46

wnAn w(

we all know by now,

)w with new

Weddings Corporate & Social Evnts Seminars Event Planning Coniultants




S' *0 ,1 Uiaa~ro-

*^ |

>'. Ier

,we saw

(Located in Palmas Del
Mar Marina in Slip #15)

No Certification Necessary-
For Ages 10 and up!
Expefrence Scuba Diving

PADI Open Water Certification
Advanced & Specialty Courses
2 Tank Dive Excursions
Night Dives

La Jolla, a million dollar view
Ready to move in, two bedroom, 2 baths, furnished.
Prices start at $320,000,00 (3 bedrooms available
RE/MAX de Palmas
Palmas del Mar, Humacao, PR 787.850.7069 / 787.850.4343
www.discoverpalmas.com email: remaxpdm@coqui.net


Myrna Rios-Milam
Sin23e984 The Real Estate Leaders

with family and friends!
By Lissette Rosado

Some times when you have places so close to you, you take
it for granted and sometimes you forget they exist. That hap-
pened to me the other day when my good friends Didie Matheu
and Irma Pena, called me to tell me that they were coming to
Chez Daniel Brunch (where they married) to celebrate their
30th anniversary and I decided to join them. Then I realized,
I hadn't been to the Brunch for a while and had forgotten how
good it is and what a beautiful and pleasant afternoon you can
spend there. At Chez Daniel Brunch not only is the food and
wine excellent but the friends and neighbors you run into only
enhances the experience. It is like having brunch in your yard,
you know everybody and everybody is in a relaxed mood.. .no
hurry, no stress. On the way to pick up your food at the buf-
fet table you run into friends, share with them and go back to
your table with all the delicacies you find there. Everything is
so fresh and good! "We prepare all the food that same morn-
ing," says Frank Arneaud.
I have to also mention the excellent service, starting with
Valerie's welcoming smile. "iHola sefiorital" she always tells
me with her cute French accent.
But remember... don't go in a hurry. Plan to spend the after-
noon there. You won't regret it! A
1,11 I X tv i \

years protecting
our communities

Plinclte Inlvestigators

9R Parlll Escor e]ts]

Sevie onl Sp[ecial Evnt
Crim a n iil

St Ja e Buildin

Urb. .ae Sa.Ja
Tel (787 754-844
Fax: (77 28-625

Reioa Offices
126 Caml Martine
0 -2 Maygue

By Lissette Rosado

Bettye Baldwin, one of our good Palmas Homeowners, arrived to Puerto Rico twenty
three years ago when love struck her heart. "After college I moved to NY and that's when
I met my husband, Charles Mercado," said Bettye. Later she was a partner for Hewitt &
Associates-- a company specialized in Human Resources-- for many years in Puerto Rico.
In 2007 the company was sold and in 2008 she and her husband bought their actual busi-
ness. "As part of the baby boomer generation we have lived the process of having to take
care of our sick elderly parents. I used to travel every week to the States to take care of
my mother. We went through the process of hiring three non-skilled people to take care
of my mother. It was a nightmare," said Bettye. "After all that process and because I had
recruiting and training expertise, we decided to put together a business that would fulfill
that imperative need to take care of the elder population, we decided to become CARE
GIVERS," she said. Bettye added that a lot of people make the mistake to think that
somebody is going to take care of you when you are old, but more and more the reality
is that life is very complicated and your adult children have to work for a living and take
care of their own family. On the other hand, baby boomers are going to live longer and
according to a study, 65% of them want to stay at home or in an assisted living facility.
She explained and recommended that all of us (I am a baby boomer myself) should buy a
long term care insurance plan. "The younger you buy it, the more inexpensive it will be,"
she assured me.
"What about your company, Care Givers? How do you differentiate yourself from other
companies?" I asked.
"There are three basic elements: the hiring process, the continuous training and the
tracking," said Bettye and explained that due to her many years of experience in the hu-
man resources' field, their employees are very well trained and closely supervised. "We
have our hearts in it. We want to have the perfect combination of human warmth with
proper skills and technology. We even consider the personality of our client and match
that with our employees to assign the right care giver. "Among the services we offer, we
have the "Guardian Angel Program", a

for elderly people that live alone.
If the person falls or feels bad they
just have to push a button and an
i emergency response will follow in
a 45 second time frame. Help
should arrive 15 minutes af-

gratulations, that's the perfect
match, having a business and
making a contribution to our
: .quality of life. A

I Te4AutnCbe

Aaustin Cabrer Pietri



-i I
FATHER: Agustin Cabrer Roig

Agustin Cabrer Blanco

Gaby Sledzik from Crescent Cove.
This reminded me of a PDF of a
article published in 1974 that de-
scribed all the future development
of Palmas del Mar. The article is fas-
cinating and revealing. Those of you I
who would like to read it in full please
visit www.LLpalmas.com where you
can find the whole document.
"Life is a continuous effort to over-
come loneliness. To do it, you must
first have the opportunity, then the
permission. A resort should be a
place where you are given the op-
portunity and hopefully, you will
get the permission".
"Palmas is not a resort, it's a state
of mind".
Quotes from Esteban Padilla, archi-
tect, Palmas del Mar, Nov 8 ,1974

Italian Glaze to enhance the
flavor of meals, vegetables,
fruits, salads and desserts. You
can can also use these glazes
to create elegant and aromatic
plate: Ginger, Balsamic, Tama-
rind and other flavors available
at Palmas Market.

Your family can make a solid
contribution and leave a permanent
legacy to our Chapel of the Holy
Family in Palmas del Mar by joining
the "CIRCULO I00".
For more information call
787.342.4407 -645.4101

3.Mai e I1 & Pedo osclle

SON: Agustin Cabrer Viejo

In this photo, taken
at Agu Cabrerra
grandparents' house
(where Agu &Janine
lives today), you can
appreciate first how
much Alexandro (Agu's
youngest kid) looks like
his father and how much
the Palmas scenery has
change. In the photo
you can observe that the
Almond and the Palm
tree are still there also.


In -iI : ii, o o 1:11, I 1 11 -J. '-i i : l:l: I : I 1 l i i, ,:,l : I :,:, 1 ii, : :ii, ::- I, ,
Miguel, San Marcos and The Yacht Club used to be and are today. You can
also notice that Palmanova was not built yet, nor the Shipyard or Chez Daniel.

What a great time

t4 tLI f: 0i te em '. t 1 .Iecft5.
\\( (,'i si'i" thot OI f ,/tlT, ,'il/l it r,"ur h/Lii -rlh ,o'd bdt ,\/),trot




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The largest inventory of new homes and resales.
Exclusive broker for Palmas new communities.
Customer ser' ice oriented Sales Professionals
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71/** cawe -c- s

f l, ,,}. a, I.\1,;, R, ,l E tI t. [,,. I,,1 t,,
,l ,'/, , it .I. ..... t ., ., .., .
k Pedro Torres ,l,



n I I- n I el, n I n n- In.


(hIpe 3 ', r1t'''e' /'7 V ~ I??' t n1i tI~ %h? (1.k

1\1 L

T -.1i* W ill rhI I. .-1\ L 1

Il II -h -l 4I 4-I I I I, II II I I

!XI\ ,NTE I ,
1\ I t s Ti1:l I b i l -L

I L I II L k N -I I I i N
T.if ..ls *'- *.*.. .


Li I- I L ii

Nit; ElL L

Toll free 1- 800-PALMAS 6 orcall now 787-852-8888

www.palmasdelmar.com I www.movetopalmas.com

SIiRL \kKEs i L L \,; E

, h Iill. I Ih I I I lh l h I ,-


I I 'JrIr

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Empty lot of approx. 1,181.24 sq. meters close
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Offered $ 245K Oscar Maldonado


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Carr, # 3,Triumph Plaza. Lote # 6 Carr, 901 Km. 13.5 (Frente Urb. Valles de Yabucoa) CARR. 31 KM. 3.7, (Frente Ferr. Cariro)
656-0002 953-0000 TEL. 465-0032
LAS PIEDRAS AVE. PINEIRO (frente al Correo) TEL. 733-0959


Headquarters for the

Heineken International Regatta
Our YACHT CLUB hosted the event

p7at">ia. .l I U\a ,p


~~7t *t&-

Puerto Rico's five year-old regatta, formerly known
as the Culebra Heineken, moved to Palmas del Mar
this year and became the Puerto Rico Heineken In-
ternational Regatta (PRHIR). "We are pleased to
present the Puerto Rico Heineken International
Regatta and the Puerto Rico International Dinghy
Regatta, out of the beautiful new marina facilities
at Palmas del Mar," said Heineken Senior Manager,
Jolliam Berrios.
"We are excited about the plans for this year's
Puerto Rico Heineken International Regatta," said
regatta director, Angel Ayala. "Palmas del Mar is
a beautiful facility. There's a brand new yacht club
and full marina where sailors will find everything
they need."
The Regatta took place March 19, 20 and 21, with
2ii .- .ir r i t u .. I I ... .. t i' .. I .
' i d-lt i i F i. i lr. ,A .l *. !,,. i i l ', ,1

-' '- ---,
.*"J^--- - ^

-- '''- ^ r - --- .'-,-" ..,.,,-,d T- _"^ .


- -


~-~ --

- N-4

6 F




-. q ft ---

M6 ~


- --l



. ....

- -~






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!" ..^ ..... .... _
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/. / vti")

STI:. i \ l\' .Ks
*Portones Puertas de Entrada. Pasamano
*Ventanas Rejas *Verjas
Para mis informai6n
787.869.1285 *787.344.0997 Fax 787.869.5167

Roger Fernandez Serralles

our Palnas championn
Rogelio Juan Fernandez Serralles resulted being the champion
in the Laser 4.7 category in the three day Regatta. "It's amaz-
ing because this is a new boat for him," said his proud father
and explained that Roger has only practiced three times in the
boat before the Regatta.
"Wasn't it rough out there?" I asked Roger. "Yes but I am used
to these conditions. I grew up in Palmas and I have practiced a
lot in windy conditions," he said with composure.
Roger is a very experienced athlete and next July he and his
partner, Raul Rios, (also from Palmas) will be travelling to Tur-
key for the Juvenile Olympics representing Puerto Rico in the
category 4.20. In this category they are in second position in
all of North America.
Roger travels once a month with Raul Rios to the US to
practice with the North American team in the category
The Youth Committee sent us a note to congratulate
this outstanding member of Palmas Academy. "The
PHA Youth Committee congratulates one of Palmas
del Mar finest young residents, Rogelio Fernandez, for
his championship performance during the Heineken
Regatta. Rogelio showed the world what Palmas
youth are made of." A

the Palmas
is very proud
of you!

Ot Shiile str

\ Bambola Store at Ave. Chard6n continues to highllight the
~ works, recognition and special events of our little ones.
Please keep us posted of your children achievements and
recognition. You can send us an email with good quality
( 01 photos to live.lifeinpalmas@gmail.com. You can include
new birth, baptism, birthdays, etc.

O i. o 'oiir 01lin1 r ,tI li' r ..
At tw i and A I h- pla\, 1. '
tcr,'ni-, run, i\l-. mirF-.
orLI r-prrrs. "11k' thiink, I ,t-
i, siL likc hi- br,,hi-."

Patricia Diaz and Gabriela Baez, 10 years old, are actually work-
ing on clay pieces to be exposed at Centro de Arte Lito Pefia
in May. They are art students of Escultoric Ceramic from My
Corner. Congratulations!

Reebrta h hlrnPaki pnfrteejy
ment of all th Palmas commu it.Tevgaio hs

k il vvn a, Ah I. ck.I k: I, at-
Sd tIc fih '. I' Iirb
Ai %cl ~lI:Y c11r(,I I [I- 1 i r.A"

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Plir\ rhdrix\ nAh

Although we feel that Palmas del Mar

is the best place in the Caribbean to

live in, Their are those who differ...
Caguas -Quintas Las Americas 4BR /Pool $268,000 ObO
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Guaynabo-Security 1000 mts + 4BR home w/pool $899,900
"Bosque Los Frailes"-Also in Monteheidra & Los Paseos
Gurabo-Las Vistas de Gurabo 4BR apt. $234,500
Sales Rentals Relocations


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*Send your check or money order to: Rosado & Morales, Ponce de Le6n 1645,
Urb Reparto de Diego, San Juan, PR 00926-2714


Postal address



By Jeanine Lavergne
Marilu was a very significant .
person in our community and in
our lives. She had the unique ability
of Breaking and Entering without
ever being offensive. We would enjoy
each other's company; laugh, be silly,
cry and hold each other tight, so as i
to never forget that true love dwells
in friendship and alliance.
People often philosophize about
the meaning of life. "Why are we
here? What is my purpose in life?"
And it is clear that Marilc's purpose was "to live a life full of
passion"... in every sense of the word. Passion is about finding
your purpose, about finding what you love to do the most, about
searching for what gives your life meaning. You need to be in
tune with who you really are and live a life of purpose in order
to have passion.
Marilto was no stranger to this kind of life. Her passion for her
husband of 38 years, Eric, was insurmountable. Her love for her
children, Syndia and Eric, was inspiring; and her devotion for
her grandchildren, Evan, Owen and Nohelia, made her the best
version of herself. She had the ability to energize the space that
surrounded her and thanks to that, we ...her friends, were able
to reap the fruit of her fervor and enthusiasm.
All great accomplishments begin with the passionate
commitment of an individual to make something better. Marilm
had an infinite amount of attributes, imn... 1. to enumerate;
but the one that always comes to mind, in everyone's mind, is her
unconditional dedication to others. I was personally blessed to
experience her love and insatiable perseverance in the moment
I needed that caring, tender hand. She embraced me and fought
back when I tried to brush her off teaching me that love conquers
all, even when at times we find ourselves lost.

When I am Gone
Author Unknown
"When I am gone, release me. Let me go.
I have so many 1.,. to see and do.
You mustn't tie li to me with tears.
Be happy that we had so many beautiful years.
I gave to you my love. You can only guess
How much you gave to me in happiness.
I thank you for the love you each have shown,
But now it's time I traveled on alone.
So grieve a while for me, if grieve you must.
Then let your grief be comforted by trust.
It's only for a while that we must part,
So bless the memories within your heart.
I won't be far away, for life goes on.
So if you need me, call and I will come.
Though you can't see or touch me, I'll be near.
And if you listen with your heart,
You'll hear all my love around you soft and clear.
And then, when you must come this way alone,
I'll greet you with a smile and say welcome home..."

Let us to remember Marilf, and save a special place in our
hearts for her, because if you do she will help you live your life
with her passion. Real fulfillment only occurs where there is
passionate commitment to something personally meaningful.
Dare to live with her passion! -Jeanine M. Lavergne, 3/14/2010


I 46


2 &x F-t/// 1Istrr ///

1 1 1 J II I l i .M l I 1 i 1 1 I! J J. J
I ,,. !,., ] ', ', ',' I .m ,I, '1 1 r t,. ] r. n I r., Ir,, I,. J, n ._ r nI I I I ,.] Ill I !. I
I, 1 r i I, M + tI 'I 'I I I I.

4\ 1- -h t., u t 1[i t r t 11,11)t r l ii t[ u 1 ,l E U %u E \ ltl I, 6u -I) t 1-,
IIthe buttery popcorn and big plasma screens helped, but the laughs and screams were what
made it truly enjoyable. Something as simple as watching a good movie with a group
of friends can bring delight to one's soul. But more than that, it can become a fond
memory in one's heart and mind.
As the days go on and years pass by, moments and experiences are recollected and saved
I r., I.m' ,,, I k. L,,,. h r u r "it,,, ,.,r' Ii i .' Ii 1!. i .
rl [ l ri.,.i ill l. I . I I . I !. !. .I it I. l .. .'i i ill uI F. I. Fr
th l, l Ir,. i. i,,i.li. Id t ,, r i. , , 11 I, l I, ,I ,!r I ,
ih , i,.I I.-r, rI. I, I r II 'I 1... T ... .. I',, rI I,., I r I
I iid. d i I III ... I .. I I Ii., I I ,

.. .. . d r , !. ... ,.I ,r 1 .. m... th di, Ill" ,' f- I, F F ,it- I ,,. d .... -!, ,!! ,_ F ,. i ,i.... r
XI I .. h ,I iI I . r l I ,

n I I W i /if' d,,,t A,,,...... in n.4

.... ... .................. .. . ..

= U
.. ,. . .... ....


-7 ...


-.ama f i rim

Carlos Col6n is not
only one of our Palmas
homeowners but he is
also the owner of Model
OffSet Printing -MOP,
our printing shop. He is
1..f..~iI,..l. for the excel-
lent quality of Live &
Life in Palmas.
I have known Carlos
for many years and am
familiar with his profes-
sional trajectory. Carlos
has many years of experience in printing and has always been
well known for his innovation and commitment to excel-
lence. But...his commitment to excellence and improvement
is not limited to the professional aspect. Carlos has being in-
volved during the last three years in Momentum-a company
dedicated to transforming individuals into balanced and self-
awared human beings. He has made it his personal mission to
involve, not only his family, but his employees also. He puts his
money where his mouth is!

.llu ,s Is ru i Lu Ju [tL- udll i u dI
Santiago with his two brothers, Miguel and Steven, who
are already practicing with him some long routes. "Why the
Camino de Santiago?" I ask him. "I've been hearing about The
Camino de Santiago for many years now and I thought I was
going to do it when I turned sixty but then I started reading
about it and I decided I was going to do it this year. It's an
act of humility. You sleep in very modest accommodations by
sleeping in bunk beds. You are supposed to walk in silence for

the 35 days of the walk. You are
not suppose to talk to the people .. "'" .e., ,
you find on your way. The tra- C;.ni0 lie San
edition is to wish them a good ....
"path," he explained.
"We use Palmas a lot because ^1
it has different terrain and we ...........
can do different routes. We are ,
going to be doing the French ............ ......
route that goes from St-Jean- j 1
Pied-de-Port and finishes in |
Santiago de Compostela. Our II
route is 850 kilometers, more ,
than a million steps," he said. I
"The first day is the most diffi-
cult one because you go from
an altitude of 200 meters to
1,400 meters," he added.
One of the most impor-
tant aspects of the planning
is the weight they will carry
while making sure they don't hurt their feet. For this,
rI i r r i i ning with the boots they will use for the jour-
|'.. fi.I i-.' in constant search for special clothes and
._,.|... r rI, r won't weigh too much and that will dry fast.
TI,.. '._lit of the backpack shouldn't exceed 10% of
',.' I I...I., weight," explained Carlos and complained a
rrl.. lir nbout the fact that he will have to wash his
I 11.. .. I i every night by himself. Definitely a good ex-
Sti,.i i. II, humility!
-:.. r r.. Jim6nez, Carlos' wife and right hand is lis-
,. i, iii. r., the interview and smiling frequently. At one
p. ,ir 1, ,ok at her and asked how she felt about this
0i,,,, i i nd if she's going to join them. "No, I am not
.,._' I have to stay in charge of the business," she
.I i..I added with tenderness, "For me it has been
i< 1.. iriti1,. '.... ii.nce to see the three brothers get together in
i Jutjuuui cy. I luve to see him so involved in the planning with
his brothers," she said with emotion. I could picture the scene
and the daily talks about new discoveries and techniques for
the travesty. Actually, when I was leaving MOP's parking lot
Miguel was getting a backpack from his car, a backpack he dis-
covered that has God knows what gadgets and gizmos. I could
see myself in that process. I love gadgets and I was a good girl
scout. I will love to do it; maybe one day, when I turn sixty (I
am not going to tell you how soon). A

60 www.LLPalmas.com




El Camino de Santiago /

St Jame's Way

some history

The WM 'v I:, .1 iit-': 11 i i illi- VV.i, ,.ii. IIii i:lli .t- i F-I i.1inino de Santiago), is the
liiii:lliiii.i.:i-e ,I I lii- (.ll ll-.:ii I 'ii ..i hitii. t I iii 11 .1 I i n L I, 1.. i north est Spain. It is the
Pilj lj i .'.h IFet- dii :] l .i: I l:it il.it -i MI II M i I : i .1 i ii :,iit l limes the Great are buried.
Tile VV.i, 'Il .I.:iiii- ii.: t 1 11-i 1 1 ti .1 111 ii1i .t-ii t i i '.1; one of the m ost im por-
Ij. I 1 i1111: .:ti i:iliil ,II. : ,-: ij ngiiil In Iit!-i .:it h.i I ill : Iit! : 1:1:11 : iii ,i one of three pilgrim ages
1 11 ...li: .li j 1 : in ij. ; I l., t!i : I]n : ,I Il: l1 I i. i, -] irll .i I -II i, M w 11 V ia Francigena to Rom e
i'r :l lh e i- |:il i:it It l .i1: 1 l I I .lii I.:l itn
Leie iiid Ii. [ ii il ui .1 jllit- tlill.jilli ''Iil-t! .iliit-il I, I .ii liiih Jerusalem to northern
'i|).:i 'i I fl' w tt i llit, lt n Ilitfl -ir ,.1 I i' l 11 lw i :tl ,/ l il of Santiago de Com -
postela. There are
some, however,
+ who claim that
the remains at
Santiago belong
to Priscillian, the
Galician leader of
an a.:,: ii: Cr,,. h.:t .:i ,:11: I:',, :i,:lh. inr, 'lii *.: 1 : l i, ll i Christian heretics to be

Titit-1 iic, ilt 1,illit i lit- VV..i, i: I ', i .I l-: In l.ii l t lit .iti- a num ber of pilgrimage
1:l iti- hi'i..ji ,jiii ,i)i it! I:,i i i: i:(: -Li. H,:,' 't-l :i:,,I i:lhI 1: w lit t il .iie perhaps better know n
i ll it-i ie ..ii.tii i :i n : 1 ii-: ii i,, ii io pl.iti iigiii .it- destination because of its
: i ::. ti n * ll I.-i i t I t l I n ii ii, [ ,lin :liiti -tite- uitl Iiite was highly travelled,
bill te ii|:. F, 'ij .l. e l l- ['u p .it, iii l i : ll.j. iih 111.li, n piiii ,h l intL- i in 16th-century Europe
i-':.ll ,:l i in u F I :l :e in iit :.ii;ti- lil- t i' : iii, .i i. i:l' il : .iii 'ed in Santiago annually.
HI,- 't- 'ti in.iI tit l it-h l l- ii.i .ii it:.-ii ,ii' 'iil: iiiniiiii.ti I i modern-day pilgrims from
jiiiiiid tilF ,iil:- it- i '. : :iI1 t i.: i h1it Iii Ei lp.tin I iii:: iiin al Route by the Council
t F ,l|:-' 1i Ii,: t lt-u :-:l 'it .: Ii n t-i lit I _lif_'.1:. 1 W world Heritage Sites in


Outstanding...an exquisite residence: Ridge Top

-4Exquisite Estate at the most exclusive
street at Palmas del Mar. Awarded
Best Architectural Excellence 2003.An
exquisite residence with great ocean
view and lots of privacy. Located on a
1,987 square meters lot with 8,000
square feet of construction with 5
bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, 3 carports,
wine cellar, swimming pool, 3 tropical
terraces and lots of extras. Sales Pirce
$2.4m. Private showing by appoint-
ment only.
For more information call
Palmas del Mar Real Estate at
1-800-PALMAS-6 or
787-852-8888. Or visit
palmasdelmar.com or movetopal-

d;~ ~

i~ ~a~iIi

Palmas Plantation

Beautiful Valderrama Model. Previous
model home. One level single family
home of 4 bedrooms, 3 2 baths,
appliances, A/C's, 2 terraces with 12
bath, awnings, storm shutters, water
fountain, generator, water tank &
garage for two cars. Approx. 1,837
sq. meters.
Sales price: $825k
For more information call
Palmas del Mar Real Estate
at 1-800-PALMAS-6 or
Or visit palmasdelmar.com
or movetopalmas.com


62 www.LLPalmas.com

Dreamy property
on the Caribbean
A dream house overlooking the Caribbean Sea.
This is a luxurious, solid concrete home with great
architectural flair. The layout is open with arches
and columns to give an arabic theme. Marble in
soft ochre tones throughout with the stucco walls
all white except some rooms which are painted to
highlight the white stone beds. This is a one-of-a-
kind home,this house has all you could wish for. For
more information, call Myrna Rios at RE/MAX de
Palmas at 787-850-7069 or 787-317-5993.

You only live-once...
so why-notlive-here? Shell Castle
Lu -ury awaits you. One of the few ocean front
mansions on the Caribbean Side
\t I i-n i ) 1: 1 1 -11111 i t! -Iii .-: i :11 1:. -i i'l l i al. w ,i ' l tl 1ii ,,- : ,,I Si

Haol tli : i : rll.i 'ii |iit ]l E talt.1 1
i Hl, IF'11]'.:thai Ti l [ II [,1. lit I K ;':,' i I I j|i|l ||: ||].|l ""BI ~f i li ,ii'II

Inspiring views offered by this
spacious 5 bedroomsili i FI Iii Il, IIi li ; I iii r, 4 5l 'li.
bat h fa irly new condition:: hii ome: 7 1:11:11 1:11:11 ':1 ,:,i ..
w ith high ceiling anr,di i iII CPM Realty .tI

terrace space overlooking the
Inspiring views... offered by this I
spacious 5 bedrooms...4.5

terrace space overlooking the
Caribbean!... Spacious modern
kitchen with granite top, -
stainless steel appliances, wood
cabinet and, of course, a view!
Over 2000 meter lots for you to
expand TO your OWN desires...
Call for a showing...Costa del -
Caribe will get you there!....
Asking $1,295,000.
For more information and view-
ing the property call; Costa del
Caribe Realty and Ask for Mo-
nine P6rez (787) 850-3030.

64 www.LLPalm;

vDoc4 Vworef tco Par4de/
Walk from your porch to your boat (up to 50' long)
4 bedrooms (2 big master bedrooms)
* 4 bathrooms remodelled kitchen
* appliances and furniture included
* Spacious porch overlooking the marina
Exclusive control access area. Three parking.

III, 'I 'Ii ,~
I 'I Ii,. 'I 11,1. 'I Ii iii. 'I ill

qi ~

[Marble & Granite|

Serious &i
quick responseC

Tel 787-656-5997
Cel 787-914-2470
Fax 787-656-5997



June 1st to June 28th from 8:00am 3:00pm

Information: 787-850-9130 ext. 230

Two big

-- -
L \ I__


* di



Once again Villa Franca's Kite Day was a huge success. It was a truly enjoyable family day with
a beautiful blue sky and lots of families enjoying such a fun tradition. "My kite went to God," one
boy told me with a voice full of resignation and yet he was very proud that his kite had flown so I,
away. "But God will bring it back to me," he stated. Congratulation to Villa Franca Association, F'HA
and the judges for a job well done! A



~' -p.





Ir .-I- 7 P

~: :~


4'zl c-.jg

.Z ... .

Members Appreciation


' 'I !'
- 4



Golf Tournament 2010

Sll, -I Our member appreciation tournament tennis tournament was a success. Eventhough the rain came early in the morning courts
dried up quickly and we started playing at 9am. We had 4 categories in Doubles represented at our members tournament.
Our winners and Runner Up teams were as follows:
S I I- 11- IJ-, I ll II I1
.LADIES 3.5 & UP
II- I- 1- +1, 1 I I-I--- I I-I I Il H I ll- - 1 -I l -
MEN'S 3.5 & UP
MEN'S 2.5

4 --

Costa del Caribe Realty

Great time to Purchase!
MAnyi r(T flites wam kcflvs n to lY IT^ Iri
Patims jan Mr COSIA (F1 CAkIf&f RE*45Yr j
Nit lhNip vu fr dt proptftrht btb sw
you' We Sfncriict in ealr ani votatzioaI rtnt-
cia, ccefncw anTi anq wtiri fnsnala. MPJfThtRS
MtrreLt hai ponts ?cta fo ctrim ul t: prowd tnhe
beast tvice in -he mnwagement Cre eal tsite
wrvi.r i -Ef me4r Grve i a liv Wa,,. ni on
mnen.t nwmor, Monine Peez

Our Best deals this month I!!
. S VA village- ocwn ff /O5U
* Mrbcslle ;-.-.'h.m r..IU. I .*:

. TheN Cattle Hraw
. Palfnwova Vi lge
. The W * Beadi Village

I -
$ 485X1X


. Other areas and locations available: Ridge Tlp, Surfslde San
Miguel & San Marcos Island, Fairway Courts, Faldakes, Palmas
coradas and all communities in
Palmas,! Call for a showing...........

rrI CIOC iiI ..fJVF

C. C'S T A
I i I


Carr JLJ(, kr. I I
IllfiBI;ODl,P K i F' I

S dle. enu I Mo.-.geiT.eri

hi M hu MW
Spursw ghtq bediM

a Room, Sllim' & Snacks

TL (787)656-5861
Palmanova Plaza,
Palmas del Mar
[AJ lado del Bnco Popular]


DD-11 Ave. Comerio Riverview, Bayamon, PR 1126 Ave. Piiero Puerto I luevo, PR 00921-1722 #H-42 Ave. Pnos Urb. Villa Turabo Cagcas, PF
I:'. .. f2''" i,,i, .

COmW Juuin de 11i Iima 11.00 pm
Vmees y Sto 1100 rn a aW n

Our beloved friend and homeowner,
'1..1'.1 Borrero, was surprised by his wife,
Beatriz Archilla, his family and good
endss with a birthday party at El Tenedor
staurant in Juncos. Obed, as many of
jou know, is our technology guru making
possible our PHA channel 77 program-
ming. Obed also collaborates with Live
& Life in Palmas in many of the graphic
features of the magazine and is the web-
master of our website: www.llpalmas.com.
You see him around all the time with a
camera and a microphone. He is a brand
new father of the beautiful baby in the
photo, Maria Fernanda, which I call Reina
Sofia because she is like a little princess.
Congratulations Obed, we wish you many
years of health so that we can enjoy your
company and all the talent you offer our
community. Beatriz, it is good that you
dragged Obed to Palmas! (Obed is from
Ponce, but his love is bigger than those big
Ponce letters!) A




F[o II F r'iNII OfPI L IA, N)M




TEL. 787-850 2693



Palmas Country Club celebrated
their annual Member Apprecia-
tion Day on February 27th. The
day started with a golf and tennis
tournament with over 240 mem-
bers participating. That night
the annual Luau dinner at the
Beach Club took place. The set
up was beautiful and it included
a very refreshing tropical rain
storm (it sounds better this way!).
When the clouds rolled back, the
music and dancing began and ev-
eryone had lots of fun under the
stars and moon. Chef Drouyn
prepared a great menu focusing
on delicious Hawaiian cuisine
including Sugar cane Kabbobs,
Lomi Lomi Salmon, and Pine-
apple Cheesecake. A

I t 'L

4 '1


I &~t~
~At I '~~


-O, .

.- .

40 ";


* ,n i ll.



y. '~-4 .q5
~ "A
a -
;. -'I

I" .

b- *1~








'J' II'1


~ )ii, ri I k : l.a

* I
* ii J ~. i.JAL~






i ;

Open for lunch Fridays and Saturdays from 12:00 noon 3 pm
Open for dinner Wednesdays to Mondays from 6:30 pm 10 pm
Sunday Brunch from 12 noon 4 pm Closed on Tuesdays

Open!ednes ay to Sunday 12:00 noon 11:00 PM
Monday from 5:00 PM 11:00PM Closed on Tuesdays

Light lunch an inner 57 pen from 2 noon-pm osed os n Sundays

www.chezdanielpalmasdel mar.net

Have a nice day and bring your dog win a prize'
"Re-asingacion: S'unday, April 18 2:00 PM
Villa Franca Clubbouse, Palmas del Mar, Humacao
Con la participaci6n especial de Susa
E'hibc, ,o)r d1c p, rr,) ([ rjrpij
E'i.hibdor_. oI)rl prl)ddc ,') r para r>,rr,)..
Dg,.ifl, dl, niod3a )dl r).3pa pai prrr..
Sho,)w 1d p.,rr.c. agi,..
Fa'.:i on,,::- Shio, rvw dl7 p,7rr,).. d l I..
.,.tErtE.. conrl prenio.. por cat Eg,)r1.


li ,.1 .. r i,..,.. .. i .. :.r i..e rr.:. i..,:.r ,. .jre .:.r.:j
L.e ., r.,..,:. ,1 1 r... jr..,. 1 1 I 1 ,r:. 1 1. .- .....i. I..
, r,' . l L.r.r ,. .r, .... . ....

I toe /e ude -...

,:,r Mre information cal Palmas Acaey


APRIL 23 & 25
d Palmas International Grand Slam Tournament
at the Yacht Club. For details call 787 '-



www.LLPalmas.com 79


Chez Daniel & Tartine
t Special Mother Day Brunch

2 ...to Fashion & Wine
L r:h: .r h _h-rh [ h : r r 11 r,
May 15 at 6:OOPM
,/- I :,l :i r afl nhiri ri,:, i i- I -

I i i: .:.n h.ir .i h
1. ,1 r h r, ['r.:. ll r r .r:, rhr

II .. Il ., I I..- I.

--, a rLS

- '-I -




' ; . '." ..." -"' ."
'^- i ". .'. ,* *,. > ;'

"T. .
".' i~i ,if

* F
'S -4. -. *~ -
..s: .5.4.

f. Ai y^ t f "J ^'.. .' .'. .v I

* -. "' V .r.-. "
* >.KM00


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