Title: Live & life in Palmas
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Title: Live & life in Palmas
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Language: English
Publisher: Rosado & Morales Inc.
Place of Publication: Palmas del Mar, Humacao, Puerto Rico
Publication Date: February 2010
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They Live, Love &
SWork iu aradl5s



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Dear friends and neighbors,
February inevitably makes us think about and celebrate LOVE. But...it shouldn't be
that way. We should celebrate Love all year round. As a New Year resolution I invite you
to embrace life, love your community, your family and friends. Tell the people you love
"I love you" every single day. Surround yourself with positive people, people who love
and enjoy life, people who give you positive energy, not those that take it away. Always
see the glass half full. Laugh as many times as you can everyday and most importantly:
don't fight over insignificant things. Choose your battles. Remember that your way is
not necessarily THE WAY. Be less interested in putting in order and cleaning your
. house or your car...go out, share with your family and friends, walk on the beach, enjoy
nature, go see a good movie, attend a good concert. ... Just love life and people around
you and that love will return to you in happiness. It's a matter of choice! Your choice!
Celebrate love every day of your life.
I In this edition, we portray five happy couples that not only love each other and enjoy
life together, but they work side by side every day and have been doing so for many
You will also find a pictorial account of all the wonderful Christmas Activities our
Community had this year. Does Palmas like to party? See it for yourself. There were
many parties and very good ones if I must say so myself. We have to highlight two
major ones: The Lighting of the Tree at Palmanova Plaza and the traditional Christmas
Golf Carts Parade. The photos speak for themselves. Congratulations to PHA and
Palmanova Plaza for a job well done. A

Lissette Rosado, Editor live.Iifeinpalmas@gmail.com
Keep yourself informed, register at www.LLPalmas.com

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.1. ett RoSs a a Editor
lrosdo~rsadooral:* co
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Zead S anuj
'-S S PS int SnS
Moe Ofse Prntn (M P) Hu aca

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...a th-ec

A very romantic ceremony
took place right at the beach
(near the Beach Bohio area).
The bride and the groom,
Rick and Candace, are both
from Suffolk, Virginia.
Candace is a triplet and her
sisters are Courtney Prevatte
& Christina Parker, maid and
matron of honor respectively.
Rick's groomsmen were his
father and brother Larry Ev-
ans, Sr & Larry Evans, Jr.
The intimate reception took
place at the Four Point Hotel
bv Sheraton.

Ai.. *,,i,.:e were: Bride-Mother of Bride and fiance-Beth Prevatte and Sean Bridges; Grandmother -
Deanna Freeman; Brothers-in-law Will Parker & Colt Eason; Uncle Scott Freeman Groom- Moth-
er Patsy Evans; Sister and Brother-in-law Tina & Roger Rosenberry (sons Connor and Carson);
Sister-in-law Deneen Evans (daughter Chelsea); and 16 of their closest friends. A



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Sap Juct CkilJre.s. Ckoir



The 2nd Christmas Carol Concert
to benefit the Holy Family Chapel was
of high cultural value and delighted
the public with profound and joyous
Christmas spirit. Miss Maria A. and
Miss Maria G. Fernandez Cerra,
two sisters that graduated from
Palmas Academy as well as from
the Coro de Nifos de San Juan,
excelled in directing the choir of
50 children's voices. Juan Carlos
Rodriguez, our acclaimed tenor,
filled the interior space of the Chapel
with great emotion and a beautiful
voice when he sang The Christmas
Song, among others. The highlight
of the choir was the singing of El
Villancico Yaucano, Los Pastores,
Aguinaldo Jibaro with our cherished
instruments, and Silent Night in
three languages, accompanied by
Juan Carlos.
j The Catholic Ladies of Palmas
coordinated the activity to establish
rr a fund towards the improvement of
the acoustics of the Chapel. "We
wish to thank every person that
contributed towards this successful
and unforgettable evening in
Palmas, and we are looking forward
to the 3rd edition of this new
Christmas tradition," says Lola
Roig who coordinated hand in hand
with Lula Rodriguez, Lucy Bravo,
Wanda Mediavilla, Idalia Rojas, Yayi
Casillas, Camary Bague, and Debbie

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bMcu. P caLK onrao1 mTA rt m M
aUamUan. bamEMuIATA AND AvanaCt cLAfml OrvM

Lucette & Daniel from Chez Daniel, Las Tapas & Bistro Rico were meant to
be! They've been ,'Ii iii, I ,, Ill. i for 42 years! Daniel is from the i ,, i1t
of France, I. i, 111. I. located between the capital city Paris and the Ei i, il Ii
( 11 i ,,ii i. She is from the south, "' ii' 11, 1 close to the border with Spain.
But...destiny took its course and Daniel ended up in "' ii'i 111 "My par
ents used to have hotels, one in the mountains and one on the coast. In
December 1967 Daniel came to work at the hotel. Four months later we
were married and ,,iii of us kept '' I ii ,I with my family at ( , i i ', in
i, ii i ii i until they sold the hotels," said Lucette, "Food has always '..i. iill
us ''" ill, 1, Daniel is from a 'i ,' I line of butchers and I am from the hotel
business." There are also many similarities... Lucette, as well as her mother
was, is the one in, I i, i, i of administration and ," i1 I i i i. Daniel, as well
as his father was, is in 1 11,1, of the kitchen. I 1ii about at the house?" I
asked. "No, at home the kitchen is mine. I cook every I "she said. Believe
it or not! "They I, ii, I and their 11 In i i ', come every day and eat at the
house," she stated.
After L i, I' ,parents closed their hotels Daniel received an ,'iI i to come
to Palmas to work for six months. That was twenty eight years -i,'. They
have never left. At that time Celine and Severine, their twin 11 n, ill i, were
only nine years old and didn't speak a word of Spanish nor did Daniel.
Lucette spoke some Spanish because she studied it at school.
The tradition is not over; Severine & Celine are ,ii in the restaurant busi-
ness with them. I i they are not only i i, iii', I the restaurants in Pal-
mas but also Bistro Tartine in ( i 1i 11 Do you talk at home about work?"


Ill, "'et at a
i ii, l u lu Ilile i i

,,I l i ui Ilut ,, 111 of
Ill, iii Ii, ., involved
i il one else.
I lil ,' later they
I uii ill, o ach i, bouti-
r i. t h is I il iis timc e thpersoey
a d, h, i. Cupid took
riraI i on hise rest arid
il. , 6 11rs 1 1 i i

Ihii Ill, ,iost about
Frank is that he is a very nice person
and a hard worker," said Valerie. Frank
lerie & Franlk on his ,,i, ,11 said that what won him

I asked her. "We can't talk .
about Ilii ii I else," she
,111, ,I i, And, what do you
share the o,,, I I asked.
F ,,i1! We both love to eat,
T i i our main il'lil1, .
We go to dinners to the
Chaine des ,I,, 'i an
iili ili il h ii II''h,,i i i, -.
society founded and dedi-
cated in ',I ii i i, i ni, I 1, 11, i
I ,, ,.who share a mutual
interest in cuisine, wine,
and fine lii ili' y I in a spirit
of camaraderie. Every
iiii, i related to ..... Ii
she cried. Other than that, they enjoy
,,,,,li, I a month in France in their
house in ( ,111, ii 1i, How do they
do it? I l' ,, i know. They are hard Lucette & Daniel
workers and as we all know always
very warm a r d pleasant.A

over was her beauty ald that she also was avery, .....erson,
Later on he found out she was a perfect wife and mother. "It's
been i i i years of happiness," he stated. "We, i ', i, ,i, I
space to do what we like to do. Frank love sports, he plays tennis. I just go
ill iii l my i .....Ifriend Carolina and talk. "liiillIli 1 1, 11 1, I we usually take
a month and go to France. i,, ,, we spend a lot of time i' h. especially
I to restaurants," Valerie told us.
They work ,, 1, 1ll, six days a week, so they try not to talk about work
at home. "We hardly Th i i but when we e," iti at work for some reason, it is
over when we get home," said Valerie. At home Valerie cooks and he eats
whatever she puts on the table because he knows that if he complains, she
won't cook anllymore. He only cooks when we have special, ii, I .
Valerie & Frank have one I ,, illh i. Aureli, 16 years old, who was born
and raised in Puerto Rico. Do you remember our last cover, the model in
front of the church? That was her, a sweet and I n ,'I French Rican girl
and a student in Palmas Academy. A


The Magic of The Cellar brings them together. Arleen used to visit The Wine Cellar with friends and with
i i i smile she won Miguel over who observed her from a distance with iiiii.itii ,ii and 'h iii, i, Arleen is from
ii "' i, i worked in Arroyo and was Il i 1, I her master's 111 ii "I 1'i. i. I 11 it was 111. i1, that a ,, iiiiii 1 1 11.1
I .i iih.' i ii.iii,, would come to The Cellar 'i, 1,' ',l "i Miguel tells Live & Life in Palmas. One day Miguel broke
il. ,i ,id invited Arleen to a party at his house. From this first invitation a friendship ,ii until cupid decided it was
i,,, ,, ork his deed. Soon iii, i, Arleen moved to Humacao and the rest is history. -11 ..' of us that visit The Cellar
ihi I l il live I i i i, ii i them their romance with happiness.
ii \rleen admires most I ,,i, iI i li. i I is that he is very Ii il, i and i I li. ii I has been my mentor
ii ii, ,i, of wine 'i and the ,' ii 1.I of wine with foods. I have learned a lot from him...especially 1 i ii',, 11 she
I' ,' 11 i li. I, n ,I i i I I1 I i II I 11 i i -- we talk a lot," saysArleen. "We are both passionate about
I i. I wine," Miguel tells us and added that this is ,1,, lii, i they share deeply.
I '' ears i, ,, Arleen quit her job and joined Miguel in the management of The Cellar ,iI i,' I hand in hand with
li, ,, idll aspects of the business while il iii i, her master's I. 11. in (0 l 1'1 1iiI i. i I E.I hi i and Safety. Miguel
I i' ire ,1 i1i 1" i 1ii i of the business and Arleen feels comfortable 1 iin i, i the administrative part.
I.. .u get lii i 11 1 '.' i 1, II, ? i il has been the ''i'.i I problem?
"In the ',, i ii i ii. when men 'ii'Il i know we were 1"i il'. 11.. ,1 1, I flirt and even try to court her," Miguel said.
"In I, 'I we get l ',,i i very well. We are always well ii, ,, I. we share the same, I, I ." said Arleen and added that
she Ih l know what ii ii i ii Ii a bar meant. "It is an almost 24 hour ,,il
Now the confessions: Arleen knew NOTHING about I i" i, i1. wine or., iii i, i. Now I hear her talk like a true profes-
sional. "I have learned and I like it," she stated. They cook most of the tapas they serve except for the plates Dona
Elba, 1, llI mother, prepares such as the best ,i, feet on planet earth, stewed cod fish, shrimp ",iinil," and
,i I ,11 peas. A A .,, .u , .. .--

They've been ,, i, i ,ll ,i for 22
Years and you always see them smil-
ing and happy,, i i,. Ii life at its best. Their
story is both cute and funny as most stories of most couples
that get i. ii ,. 1. There is always children to hide from, parents
that sometimes 1, ,, understand, and ,i, i 'Iii i ii but... love prevailed
and here they are. From the very ',,", i ,il I Esteban was determined. "He
sent me flowers to work every day until one day he invited me to dinner
and then on a trip to Jamaica," recalls Ceci. But on the day of the trip, with
tickets in hand, Ceci refused to fly because it was cloudy and too windy. No
problem! He then invited her to his boat in Palmas. She accepted and the
rest is history. Next 'I iiil i they were i ,, I to Monte Carlo where they met
with a Puerto Rican friend that had his yacht i, and they traveled with
him all over the French coast. I.,, I I i ,, ii stated Ceci and i,, i,, .I.
I ii i ii ,ii Esteban used to have an apartment in St Thomas and a private
jet. It was like a fairy tale," she added.
Two years later Ii, , i, married. Ceci had two children who were nine
& eleven and Esteban's two children were already adults. In the ',, i" iiiii,
they used to come to Palmas i ii i, I I weekends but' i lii 1 1. 1i, they
moved to Palmas full time. -1 ,. worked l l' I from the very ',,, 'i i
ning. Fi" I, i, had a very successful natural health supplements store, then
they owned a, i station and five years i, ,, they founded Palmas Insur
ance. The latter has proven to be a very successful business that has been
,Il,, i ,I i ,1 I hi i111,. W hat has been the hardest part of 1,I i.i1 .i i11. i ?
"Not much really because we divide our tasks. I take care of sales and


,,n ,I 11,,11 while Ceci takes care
of the ,heli li r' II, i said Es- .
teban. "Our most important differ S
ences have been about work but '
not many," added ( a I. Other

interests such as ',,, l i 11 Ii y 1 i,
water skiing, scuba li i,, I and
at the present l ii care of I
s p I Ill, i, ti. Nowadays they
I practice ,,1,, Iii, I any
sport. Esteban plays, ,1i'i and
( , ill i loves to ride her bicycle
and practice Pilates, but they
support each other very much in
their interests. They enjoy their
business and are proud to have a
business that serves their community.
"We are here 24/7 for our clients, that ecilia & Est
are also our friends." And it's just that...
living and ,Iii i, i in Paradise is a ', i .
especially with the one you love.A





Kala & Tulio

Ii i, Tulio have
,, 4 ,,,1 Ii i for 14
IIey met on a
I I I Ite Ii 111,11 ,I
I I ll, Traceys wife,
II upI easy to win
I,, 1I I t ," said Tu
ici II ",ok me some
I,, ala, on her
I, ,II aid that Tulio
SI / determined.
I III o )ld him that I
i ii, I to take a
,,, to Mexico
111 III' next day he
II.... up with the
tickets, but I wasn 't sure
if I wanted him to go so I decided
to invite him to Culebra first to see
if i, ,- was chemistry." And sure
, li there was! Not too i I after

they got married but not before Kala told Tulio of one, i ,iii iii ,: the honey-
moon had to be a Safari Trip to Africa. Tulio .. I and they left to Tanzania
for a month. i a wonderful ,.,ii. ,,ii,. ".i they both i, i, No l .-il w !
In the ',, iii I they ii,' I work ",i I1, 1, Kala used to work with her
father, at Tito Matos /',I i iii and he had ,11, machine (ir.i i h,,tiiI
business.. "I used to I, iI i I would never work with my dad but in 2000,
when my oldest son was born, I quit my job at the 1, ,1, and we moved
to Palmas," said Kala and explained that since she was a little girl she used
to come to Palmas at least one week a year because 1. 1 1 111, 1 . Palmas
del Mar's first I I li i ii I ii' She was a housewife until two years ,,'
when they lii Palmas Market and started 1i,,,i with Tulio. She is
in 1111' ,. of ,, I1, i,'., "Tulio is in I, l ,, of adm inistration and 'all the
headaches," she added.
Live & Life in Palmas i 1, ., li ii l i iii. ill I. about business at home?
"It's inevitable. It's a food business and we are open seven day a week,"
Kala told us and added that living in Palmas keeps them ", 1,1 ll I because
1 1 i 1111 l is here: the school, the business, and their home. This .,, iiiii .
them to spend a lot 'li ,i, 1' p l, il and with the kids- the oldest is seven
and the most recent 1, I., I. .1 is only one year old. Well.. the result is 11 1 ii
are all witnesses of the 11 iini,, i i transformation of Palmas Market. It's a
lot of hard work i ii iII i love Il ii 1, I is possible, ( i ,1 ii ii II 1ih, i I A



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and rentr sine 1988.
I.- S- I.BBC
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dii I. ill, ilhil F.I .1 hI I
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You may know Victor Nieto
and Marta Rivera but what
you may not know is that they
were struck by Cupid through
the web. It's a very funny story. g
Victor had been divorced since --
2005 and Marta since 2001. One
night she was bored watching TV l
with her younger daughter and
they saw one of those web match
commercials. Her daughter sug-
gested her to join the site. "I dare
you," the daughter challenged
her. That was enough to spark
her interest. That same night she
registered at the site and filled out
her information. "I just wanted
some friends to go with. I had just
moved from San German to San
Juan and I didn't know that many
people," she said. In the beginning she
didn't upload her picture but one month
later, when she saw that she wasn't get-
ting any clicks, she decided to upload it.
Then she started to search by towns, and
since she had lived in Palmas for several
months when the company she worked
for moved her from San German she de-
cided to take a look in this area. There
were two candidates and one of them
was Victor. She looked at his profile but
he had indicated that he was looking for
younger women from the ages of 30 to
45. She didn't qualify so she didn't con-
tact him. Nevertheless, this site lets you
know when somebody has visited your
profile. When Victor looked at Marta's
profile Cupid launched his first arrow.
He didn't waste any time and sent her
a wink and his telephone number. She
didn't waste time either and called him.
He immediately told her that he wanted
to meet her and they decided that they
were going to meet at Las Musas del
Paseo in Caguas. He arrived and as soon
as she saw him she knew the man had
potential and he thought the same. She
was a little nervous and had a complot
with her youngest daughter who was her
accomplice (her eldest daughter was op-
posed to all this fuss). "We had arranged
that she was going to call me during the
date. We had a cue: if I answered yes
to our secret question, she would know
that he was alright. If the answer was
no, she knew it was not good and that
I would not be staying on my date for
long. The answer was yes and her daugh-
ter was overjoyed! Victor invited her to




by Lissette Rosado

r i.. ,
TI L,, ,. ..I
r l . . ,.I
cided up [dlk-
ing outside at the
Plazoleta. He would not let her leave.
This was when the second arrow was
Victor was leaving on a trip that same
week and told her that he would call
her when he got back and he did. They
started dating and one month later he
invited her to Paris (by that time Cu-
pid had finished his job). Twenty eight
months have gone by and they are still
together, happy, and in love. It's amaz-
ing because she signed up in August and
her subscription deadline was December.
They met September 15th, one month
after she registered.
"We are so alike in so many things,"
Marta said and Victor agrees. "We also
have the same moral and spiritual val-
ues," he said and added that in their dif-
ferences they complement each
other. "We are amazed to dis-
cover how we do things in the
exact same way. For example,
we both place loose change in
a bag and since we both like
to paint we both have a drawer
with books and colored pencils
arranged in the same way."
Victor has his own business Lift
Truck & Parts and Marta is a Purchas-
ing Manager for a local pharmaceuti-
),cal. Victor has two children, a
27 year old son and a daugh-
ter who is 23. Marta has two
daughters who are 23 and 26
years old.
May God give them many years
to enjoy their love! A



There is no doubt that Humacao is one of the most 1991 and 2001, and Super Li'i 25 champions for 2004 and i ..
important cities in Puerto Rico, and I,111i, ii our mayor, Hon. Marcelo Trujillo, embarked on the task of ii i, a BSN
the main one on the eastern part of the island. franchise for our city, which became a iii 5 years ii',. when the Grises
I i, i ii l o I.. ii ll I ii ii I i ll isthe main of Humacao team was born.
sport in Puerto Rico,',, ii i, our National Team the i... Ill .under the leadership of Marcelo and Tonin ( i ii ,, both former
pride of all Puerto Ricans. T i, r li ..i r premier basketball players, the team 1I1, I, iii, i 'total renovation in order to make
basketball', ,,r,, 11, I it is ranked i1,i in the world it one il i elite BSN teams. This new and improved team will be worthy of
and second to the NBA in our hemisphere. Basketball .1, ii ., in our new state 'il ii art stadium which will have 8,000 seats and
is the most iiiiI sport event around. 1,600 iI ii i, spaces. The new stadium is 1 iII ill, under .," i ii. ii and
Aware of those facts and Humacao's rich basketball will be ready for the 2012 season.
tradition i i .i .i ', of La Liga Puertorriquena 1981, The first step was to, I, 11 i. its name for one more in line
with our roots aind the hirt 1 I, hi climate where
..d it is ,iI to excel. T : why, in honor of the local tafno
Cacique Jumacao, after whom our town was named, and
whose monuments stands as a symbol of our town's pride
right across the street from our new stadium, the war name
Caciques was selected for the team.
The next step was to hire the best coach available, Mr.
Carlos Calcaflo, who will be responsible 1f l I li", I our current
'i""i''uof d1,,, ii i,, couple of imported players allnd
several newcomers to be selected at the yearly draft to be
held next February 12, 2010, to the next level.
It is ,i i i 'i i, i ih, ii iii i, I ii ii year's draft has the best talent
ever, and Humacao has the first 3 picks in it, for which we
i, i ii I, 1 iI 1i i i ii i, I iliilii fhavingbignames
like Guillermo Diaz I ii-h ,, , ii in member), Dennis ( i, ,,,, l- i ,, State
star at the NCMAA), Edwin Ubiles, ,, , star and very likely an NBA, ii iii,, ,.
and Kleon Pernn (7 foot center from the ii, Islands National team who
O 2 happens to be born in Fajardo) 'i i i,, I our team.
The upcoming season promises to be very il, 1 1111, 1 arid, ',u" Ii .
Only 10 out of 13 teams will compete, Humacao ', i,, I the only one on
the eastern part of the island, which will cause a ,,,, i of the best
players on i, ,.-teams.
For all the above reasons, the Board of Directors is iil,, I about the
Caciques and extends an invitation to all of our, ,i "iii,,,ii, ,l support them
by il, 1 hi,1, I the games at the Emilio Huyke coliseum. The season ',,, i,,.
March 4, 2010. Game dates will be available on local newspapers, and a
,1 I li 1I 1 11 111i ill ....i i be available.Tickets cari be ,, i, ii l ii I, I lliiil
on game days, and/or by, ,iii,,, i the team's ,iii, (787) 852 4620.
For season tickets, contact Tonin ( iI,,. at (787) 647 2331, ( I, ii i
Benftez (787) 647 9246 or Eui, ', ,i,, Vives (787) 649 0678.
Be a proud member of the Humacao Caciques fan base and feel the
thrill ill i Ill. game! A

A scaled rendering of the new Humacao Coliseum to be
inaugurated in 2011.


ej 7 VA q0cdl vF~la. T -

Carr. # 3,Triumph Plaza
Lote # 6

Carr. 901 Km. 13.5
(Frente a la Urb. Valles de Yabucoa)

CARR. 31 KM. 3.7
(Frente Ferr. Cariro)
TEL. 465-0032

LAS PIEDRAS AVE. PINEIRO (frente al Correo) TEL. 733-0959



info~stjamessecurity. corn

Is it a buyers market.

MoCe cV Pt adisc!

* Sales
* Rentals tio.
* Relocations


www~emreatypr~om L0453


We begin the New Year with great news. We finally concluded the negotiations
with Palmas Properties Inc. whereby the Palmas Tropical Forest (51.7 cuerdas),
the Forest Passive Park (5.4 cuerdas) next to the Tropical Forest and all remaining
green areas (approximately 100 acres) have been transferred to the PHA. And yes,
the so called 600 meter at Surfside Point, which actually are about 1,200 meter re-
mains as part of the PHA green areas. This is part of a court settlement agreement
reached to close a long-standing litigation associated with Candelero Park next
to Marbella Club. What remains to be done now is for Candelero Point Partners
to complete the upgrades to be installed at the Marbella Park as stipulated in the
Court Order. When completed, this park will become another center of attraction
for Palmas families as it will have beach access and feature a children's play area
and a passive recreational area with ample golf cart parking and rest-room facili-
ties. For our part, in close collaboration with the Puerto Rico Conservation Trust
(Fideicomiso), the PHA will soon begin to seek possible government and private
sources of funds for the restoration of the Forest boardwalk and
the development of the passive park which will become major
community amenities for our residents and visitors alike for
years to come.
Also, on a sour note which we all know through the
news media, Puerto Rico is undergoing a very diffi-
cult period as a reflection of the state of its economy
and the social environment which has come upon
us. Notwithstanding that the community's security is
r i PHA Number One Priority, we all must realized that
rl k. is a limit within our resources and within our author-
i what measures the association can take to maintain the
l. ti it level of our residents and owners alike. Thus, it is cru-
I. i that each resident and each residential area takes a good
1 I, ,ok as to how it can help during this difficult period and
rhat such efforts are consistent with the programs and ini-
tiatives being undertaken by the Association in order to
create the combined synergy that will lead to a safer and
secure environment. Remember, SECURITY STARTS
:, Please, help us work with your communities in de-
veloping effective security, maintenance and service
ki programs that contribute to our quality of life and to
S,.. sustain the value of our properties. In this edition, we
emphasize again on several security tips and recommen-
dations for your use. Please take advantage of this guid-
Fi L ance and do your part to insure they don't fall in deaf
ears. Let us all remain focused on the challenges we
face in common. Working together we can overcome
any obstacle regardless of its magnitude.


The PHA-ARB is up and running smoothly.
Effective January 1, 2010 and, as a result of
negotiations with Palmas del Mar Properties,
Inc. (PDMPI), PHA began to operate a new
PHA Architectural Review Board (PHA-ARB)
to perform the architectural standards review
functions and duties outlined in the Restrictive
Covenants governing the community of Palmas
del Mar.

Lngmneer Miguel mantago
Executive Director t
PHA Architectural Review B i

The PHA-ARB will continue to prepare,
promulgate and enforce design and develop-
ment guidance and construction rules and
regulations for the Palmas community. As
authorized by ARPE, the PHA-ARB will issue
endorsements for construction and use permits
and for changes in occupation of facilities. The
existence and enforcement of the architectural
standards, the design guidelines and the con-
struction rules are key factors in administering
the overall development of Palmas del Mar con-
sistent with an architectural theme, a master
plan and community-wide standards.
The new PHA-ARB operates on an identi-
cal manner as the former ARB in accordance
with the prevailing design guidelines and the
construction rules and regulations. Engineer
Miguel Santiago, a former member of the ARB
Modifications Committee, has been appointed
as the PHA-ARB Executive Director. Archi-
tect Raul Rivera has been selected as Chairman
of the PHA Architectural Review Board of Di-
rectors. Other Board members are Engineer
Gabriel Espasas, Engineer Ricardo De Varona,
Engineer Julio Bague and Engineer Daniel Tor-
rellas. The new PHA-ARB is located within
the PHA '".,il.1i...: and its telephone number is


Guards at the Main and Service Gates will no longer allow visitors
into residential areas unless prior notice has been received.
The security of our community and of your individual property is paramount. It is absolutely important that you exercise
extreme caution when allowing people to enter into your residential areas and your homes. To help you exercise control
of who comes into your property, regime guards should not allow anyone to enter your residential areas unless specifically
previously authorized by a resident. Guards should take every measure to insure visitors are properly identified and that such
identification cqtq i' recorde-d qnd filed. tn br-e iiued in the e&ent ctf in tiejn-'qti< n

ldi l I ..B t i dll .. 1. I ml -. fl. 1..1 IJIi- .
r 1 >.- 1 1I[ iI . m r .,I ,
,I i '11 [ I,.i l r. ii ,r r ," .'",F, _' ,- r .. F I I I..

, i, *,_ ..,. r ... .... I.. ... .. r,. r ... r . r . ,, -

r l i l ,l ii' l !"" li r

[' i .. III I .... F. ', r.I r. .. r k . ri..I
rF., i. .I .. Ir Ir iii 'I. Fr. r Fii .r F r. i FlI,.! 1". I [I ri F I ii r i [ ... I i .Ii i. ,. ,r'F
authorized; neither have the capability, to contact you directly to grant access authoriza-
tions. The use of visitor's telephones for such purpose is strictly p1' .!,4 r...
Please help us tighten the security of our community while avoiding inconveniences for your guests. Stay involved. Know
who is coming to visit you and let security know so we may keep other unwanted visitors out of your area.

SECURI .- ...

by Tony Maldonado

There are some basic measures that you can take to protect your prop-
erty and your neighborhood from potential criminal activity and vandal-
ism. The following are some security tips you may want to consider when
evaluating the security of your premises and around your residential area.
Most of these tips come from security experts, criminology professors and
candid conversations with people behind bars who are experts on how to
steal stuff from you. This is not an all-inclusive list but a general guide of
suggestions as there may be other measures that you could apply to your
particular situation.
Keep security and police emergency numbers readily at hand. In ad-
dition to 911, use quick-dial method on your phone to communicate with
these agencies.

Palmas Security 78
Puerto Rico Police 78
Municipal Police 7

* Maintain your home
low cost .. bulbs
for the outside
* Secure and store inI
SAlwacces to remember
* Always remember to

* Install a home alarm system

www.LLPalmas.com 19

7- 852-7775/ 852-7745
87- 852-2020/852-1224
87- 852-6438

* Do not open your door
;itors not known to vou ( th

* Do not let workers

* Question

* Notify security, you
or Tak someone unk
* Take a good look

* Make sure

* Become an
around your
to unusual or su
call security immediately
* Avoid announcing,
your address andI p
* Invite Police and
* Insist your .

* Thieves do look

* If you have a safe for your vuables make sure is down do not have me to
break into your safe hauled it away
* Become suspicious and check source of any sounds even if you hear it once
T break windows even noise, It is human nature to hear one loud sound, stop
what you are and wait to hear it do not hear it 1, back to what you
were 1' while i has it his way in your ... house or in another part of your home,

Always stay alert!
Add to this list other items you feel are important to you and your neighborhood. Dis-
cuss them with your family, friends and neighbors and take steps to implement them
if not already doing so. Please contact PHA should you need further information or
assistance in this or any other matter.

present to you
the profiles of
leaders who
have come
forward to
assume a
position of
leadership in
the PHA Board
of Directos as
These are
high caliber
totally dedicated
to making
Palmas del
Mar the best
community it
can be. We
present to you
PHA Board
Members: Ms.
Rita Molinelli,
Mr. Eric Grafals
and Mr. Jaime

Rita Molinelli Freytes, Esq.
Rita Molinelli was born in
San Juan, Puerto Rico and has
been a resident and property
owner of Palmas since 1996.
She is a practicing attorney and
the President of VIP Properties,
a realty business in Puerto Rico
with its main offices in Palmas
del Mar.
Rita is the Vice-President of
the PHA Board of Directors and
of the PHA Executive Commit-
tee. She previously served as
a member and as Secretary of
the PHA Board of Directors
from 1998 to 2004. Also, Rita
has played a significant leader-
ship role in the solution and
becoming involved in just about
every major issue faced by the
community. As such she has
chaired and served in numerous
committees working on critical
matters such as beach erosion,
beach access, habitat conserva-
tion, transportation, security,
beach safety, access control and
the settling of major legal issues
affecting PHA and the commu-

20 www.LLPalmas.com

nity in general. In doing so, she
has generously donated personal
resources and her valuable time
for the well-being of the Palmas
Rita's leadership has also
spread to many individual com-
munities and condominium
areas within Palmas del Mar.
She has been the President of
Palmanova Plaza, President of
three condominiums in Beach
Village, President of Club Vil-
las and member of the Crescent

Cove Board of Directors. Cur-
rently, she is the President of the
Crescent Beach Board of Direc-
Before turning into the real
estate business, Rita was a prac-
ticing trial lawyer in civil and
criminal cases and head of her
legal firm for twenty-two (22)
years. Additionally, she served
as a member of the Board of Di-
rectors of the Puerto Rico Bar
Association for several years and
as President of the Caguas Bar

Association. During this time
she was also a newspaper col-
umnist and a radio talk program
host and interviewer.
Coming from a prominent
family of entrepreneurs and
owners of the famous Francaise
Bakery, in 1996 Rita decided to
venture into real estate business.
She founded VIP Properties,
Inc. located in Palmanova Plaza
becoming one of the premium
and successful realty agencies in
Palmas del Mar. As the princi-

pal officer of her company, Rita's
success strives on giving her life
and soul working relentlessly to
make Palmas del Mar the place
of choice for short-term visitors
and permanent homeowners.
Rita is the representatives be-
fore the PHA Board of Direc-
tors of Palmas District Eight (8)
which includes Harbourside,
Club Villas, Palmanova Plaza,
Montecarlo and the Plaza Re-

Eric Grafals, MHSA, J.D
Eric Grafals was born in San
Juan but has made Palmas del
Mar his permanent home. He
holds a Bachelors Degree in
Psychology, a Masters in Health
Services and a Juris Doctor all

from the University of Puerto
Rico. Eric is a stand out profes-
sional and well known leader in
the healthcare industry. He is
the recipient of multiple indus-
try and organizational awards to
include the President's Award
and the Administrator of the
Year Award for his achieve-
ments in hospital administra-
Eric is a member of the Palmas
family since 1998 and has been
deeply immersed in our com-
munity affairs since his arrival.
Although an extremely busy ex-
ecutive he finds time to remain
very involved in the solution of
matters and issues affecting the
well-being and quality of life of
Palmas del Mar. Eric has been
a PHA Delegate and President
of the Shell Castle Club Neigh-

borhood Area Association. He
was elected to the PHA Board
of Directors in 2008 and is a
member of the PHA Executive
Committee and the Secretary of
the PHA Board. Also, he is the
Chairman of the PHA Channel
77 Oversight Committee.
Eric has been the Managing
Director and CEO of several
medical facilities in Puerto Rico
such as the San Juan Capestrano
Hospital, the Carolina Regional
Hospital, the Dr. Tito Mattei
Hospital and the San Francisco
Hospital. Also, he was the Vice-
President, General Manager
and Chairman of the Board of
healthcare management compa-
nies such as Silverado Health-
care, Vencor, Behavioral Health-
care Corporation and Behavioral
Healthcare Partners, Inc. He is

currently the Vice President
and General Manager of HM
Strategies Inc, a technology-
enabled complex care man-
agement services company
for patients with the greatest
medical needs. He is a major
partner with a private group
in charge of healthcare and
other related investments
and development opportuni-
ties in the Puerto Rico and
Latin America markets.
Eric is the representative
before the PHA Board of Di-
rectors of Palmas District Six
which includes all the resi-
dential areas in Shell Castle,
Surfside, Roble Valley, Cedro,
Cocoloba, Port Road, Harbor
Lights, Harbor Lakes, Har-
borview, Ridge Top and Shell
Castle Club.

A special note of thanks to the entire Palmas del Mar community who responded in a ,, i, ,ini ,i and overly 11' 1, 1 ii11: manner to PHAs call for
help for our 1, iil ,i : from Haiti I i ii i a most ,ii. situation. Truck-loads of over the-counter medications, non-perishable food and water were
collected at PHA and delivered to the central-, 1i, 11,i i center in San Juan for Ili ,ii 1 'i to Haiti. This overwhelming response amply demonstrates
that ours is a community that knows how to pull '- l Il not only when i I its own internal problems but also, 1 i the 11..111. I : of need ,i I ,,,
less fortunate.
Once more, thank you for your '\ 11, 1, ,.: support and ask you to ," ,ii 11, to help Haiti with your cash donations 'I il the American Red Cross.


Jaime Morgan-Stubbe, Esq.
Jaime Morgan is the Presi-
dent of Palmas del Mar Prop-
erties, Inc. (PDMPI), the
master-developer of Palmas
del Mar. He hails from San
Juan, Puerto Rico and is a
graduate from Tulane Uni-
versity in New Orleans and
from the UPR School of Law.
He is a member of the Puerto
Rico Bar and the Federal Bar
associations since 1983.
Jaime came to Palmas in
September 2000 and has been
a member of the PHA Board
of Directors since that time.
He is a member of the PHA
Executive Committee and has
served in several PHA com-
mittees addressing multiple
community problems and is-
sues. Jaime is also the Presi-
dent of Palmas del Mar Util-
ity Company (PDMU) and,
until recently, President of the
Palmas del Mar Architectural
Review Board.
As President of PDMPI, Jai-
me oversees the development
of the largest master planned
residential-resort community
in Puerto Rico comprised of
approximately 3,000 acres.
With an annual average of
$131 million in Real Estate
sales since the year 2000, un-
der Jaime's leadership Palmas
del Mar continues to be suc-
cessfully developed in har-
mony with the environment.
Jaime is also the President
of Palmas del Mar Country
Club, Inc., a subsidiary of PD-
MPI which owns and operates
the resort's club amenities.
Prior to coming to Palmas,
Jaime held several important
positions in the private and
government sector. From
1983 to 1987 he exercised his
legal practice in the Litigation

Division of the Federal De-
posit Insurance Corporation
(FDIC) in SJ, where he han-
dled commercial and banking
litigation. In 1987, he joined
the law firm of Calverbert &
Brown where he specialized
in Transportation, Corporate
Law and Real Estate Law.
His extensive practice in Ad-
miralty and Maritime Law
qualified him to achieve the
status of Proctor in admiralty
as certified by the Maritime
Lawyers Association of the
United States.
In August 1993, Jaime was
appointed Executive Direc-
tor of the Puerto Rico Mari-
time Shipping Authority also
known as "Navieras de Puer-
to Rico" and member of the
Governor's Economic Devel-
opment Council. In Septem-
ber 1994, with the unanimous
consent of the Senate, the
Governor appointed Jaime to
the position of Administrator
of the Puerto Rico Economic
also known as "Fomento", and
Chairman and CEO of the
Puerto Rico Industrial Devel-
opment Company (PRIDCO),
the economic and industrial
real estate development arm
of Fomento. In his capacity,
he was 1-..-..,i ,ill.. for foster-
ing private investment and
job creation in the manufac-
turing and export oriented
service sectors. In March
1999, after six years of public
service, Jaime returned to the
private sector joining the Law
Firm of Goldman, Antonetti
& Cordova, PSC, where he
practiced business, corporate,
real estate and tax law.
In addition to his posi-
tion as President of PDMPI,
PDMU and a member of the
PHA Board of Directors, rep-
resenting the entire Palmas
community, Jaime serves as a
member of Triple S Board of
Directors, member of Board
of Directors of the Puerto
Rico H.- ,i ..liiilJ..i.. Associa-
tion and member of the Board
of Trustees of the Palmas

Open for lunch Fridays and Saturdays from 12:00 noon 3 pm
Open for dinner Wednesdays to Mondays from 6:30 pm 10 pm
Sunday Brunch from 12 noon 4 pm Closed on Tuesdays

0 Monday from 5:00 PM PM Closed on PTuesdaysM
Monday from 5:00 PM 11:00PM Closed on Tuesdays

Light lunch

Mni'ne'r 7e nf r 72fnioo n plosec

I on Sundays


22 www.LLPalmas.com

, .

* I

,: CU
9 ~. m
9. ,

by Dr. Sigrid Soto, Palmas Academy

Research has shown that,
a well-developed preschool
education program can result
in "long-term improvements
in school success, includ-
ing higher achievement test
scores, lower rates of grade
repetition and special edu-
cation, and higher educa-
tional attainment"(Barnett,
S. 2008); and The Palmas
Academy is not a stranger to
this fact. A combination of
a solid preschool education
and the most qualified and
experienced teachers, make of
The Palmas Academy the best
choice for a head start for our
community of young ones.
The Palmas Academy has al-
ways strived to provide the best
academic foundation for all its
preschool students, by offering
a Montessori preschool pro-
gram which scientific research
has proven effective as it "leads
to children with better social
and academic skills" (Lillard &
Else-Quest, 2006). Montessori
is an early childhood method
of education, based on the
works, scientific research and
findings of Dr. Maria Montes-
sori (1870-1952), Italy's first
female doctor. Based on her
observations, Dr. Montessori
developed a series of didactic
materials meticulously created
for the direct or indirect refine-
ment of basic skills and the de-
velopment of the child's inner
initiative that are fundamental
for future development and
growth. The Montessori Cur-
riculum is divided into six basic
areas: Practical Life, Sensorial,
Math, Language, Science, and
Cultural Studies. The skills
that are developed in these
areas range from activities

that focus on the language and
basic mathematical concepts
skills to the psychological and
social aspects of the student,
as well as fostering the care of
self, others and the environ-
ment (Association Montessori
Internationale. All areas are
interwoven and are in any
particular time studied at all
However, a preschool pro-
gram is only as effective as its
teachers' preparation in the
early childhood field. All of
our preschool teachers are
certified in the field of early
childhood, by the Depart-
ment of Education of Puerto
Rico. In addition, we have a
Head Montessori Teacher, Ms.
Gloribel Ortiz, who is not only
a highly qualified and experi-
enced professional educator
in the Montessori Method,
but that as one of our pioneer
teachers, has witnessed almost
two decades of the steady aca-
demic, social and emotional
growth of our young ones into
well rounded contributors to
our society.
At The Academy, we are
proud to say that our students
have higher scores than that
of other private schools in the
subjects of Mathematics and

English in the Learn Aid,
for levels kinder through
eight, and College Board
examinations. The advan-
tages of having a preschool
education are not only the
solid foundations that it
establishes for the elemen-
tary levels, but the wider
gap of options it sets for
our high school students
who want to pursue college
or university studies after
their graduation. Proof of
this lies in the Academy's
college acceptance rate of
100%, meaning that, all
Senior students that gradu-
ate from our school are ac-
cepted at universities or
colleges across the nation
and worldwide.
The Palmas Academy
pioneer class of 1992 was a
group of multiage preschool
students who experienced
firsthand a quality educa-
tion, and who are today
a vivid example of what
we want our Dolphins to
become. You do not need
to look too far to see where
our 1992 pioneer class is
today, just roam around the
Palmas Del Mar community
and see who our calves have


"It is the child who makes the man,
and no man exists who was not made
by the child he once was."
-Maria Montessori

Christina Col6n, from our Pioneer Class
of 1992, has rejoined our PDM community as
the owner and manager of Cafe de la Plaza.
Ratl Cosculluelas, Class of 2005,
juggles his last college years with graphic
designing for publicity group, Publicidad
Tere Suarez, and as the Graphic Designer for
notorious Rapper Cosculluelas.
Montessori educated celebrities:
Some of the most famous entrepreneurs
and innovators of today have actively credited
their success to the education they received
in a Montessori classroom. Among these are:
Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon.com; Sergey
Brin and Larry Page, co-founders of Google;
Sean P. Diddy Combs, rapper and CEO of Bad
Boy Records; Julia Child, worldwide renown
chef; Princes William and Harry, Lady Di's
children; and Hollywood actors: Helen Hunt
and George Clooney, among others.

(Ametican Montessofi Intemational/USA)

Dr. Graciany Miranda Tristani
HematologiliT- Inst l Oncologisti
Hematologist Oncologist

j [ * Chemotherapy Bisphosphonates (Reclast, Zometa, Boniva)

F I-

Annually Trained Personne
Hematologist Oncologist
Oncologist Nurses

Hemoderivates (vitamins-Infed intravenous)
Biologic Therapy (monoclonal antibodies: Remicade, Rituxan)
Treatment for Solid Tumors and Hematopoietic Tumors
Antineoplastic Treatment (Rheumatoid Arthritis Crohns
el disease in adults and Ulcerative Colitis)
Intravenous Antibiotic Therapy Hydration Therapy
Intravenous Line Flushing
* Diagnostic Hematological Procedure (Bone Marrow Aspiration)

#7 Dufresne St. (East) First Floor, Humacao, PR, 00791 Tels./fax 787-852-5260 6 787-285-7958
Hours Monday through Friday from 6:00 AM to 3:00 PM. By appointment only.
TEL 787-852-5260/ FAX 787-285-7958

Sea V ubefre

(Located in Palmas Del
Mar Marina in Slip #15)

No Certification Necessary-
For Ages 10 and up!
Experience Scuba Diving

W.~din" Caiprul. A 5"10I ~15 e Snnnas -sbw* Evufit Pluning Cuiuul4*fn

PADI Open Water Certification
Advanced & Specialty Courses
2 Tank Dive Excursions
Night Dives


R 4

1 Bsh:

Our young Be good looking

A Qo0f FY

Oh, of Y.' ig
u Ice 'c
0tdt-imk eh ~e

2 0 aote&

MI wil lrio...

at the. Qolf Club T
Max Alverio is an authentic i hiii, i,". Hea 11 up in Palmas and has always been tied
to Palmas in one way or ,,r'III ,'. Now he is back in Palmas ,,I i1,I as a Golf Teacher
at The Country Club. i iii is home. I am in love with this place. For me, Palmas' d, ,1
courses are the best in Puerto ,,,. 'I
:. i ,, the last time Live & Life in Palmas interviewed him back in 2008 Max played the
PR Open i i in 2008 & 2009. He won the PGA Island ( 1, .I. i 2008 Tournament, the
Minor L, Tournament in Florida, i I i,, I I third in the Tour de Chile, fifth in the Tours of
Las Americas, ii Ii in the Tour ( Ijii 'ii' .I ii. of Las Americas and won the Pro and Overall
Division I Ii,,- Johnny Walker Cup, which opened the door for him to play in the PR Open
2010 that takes place this next March from the 8th to the 14th. Because of this, Max has
been iii I this past year with his coach Seth Bull in Palmas. "In the Puerto Rico Open I am
,ill i to represent Palmas and Puerto ,., he stated. Max is also I il,, as a i, 11 i I,
at Palmas' Golf Country Club. "I have seen a big development in the youth of Palmas. There
are many dedicated 1 11 1 1, 1,,, i1 and I love to help them improve their skills," said Max.
I i ii ' 11' 11iii I helps when it com es to ',l i, a I Ih i i iiu iiii', l il with my
* ,i i clients. I joke with them and speak their ii ,." he said.
Max ,II I, private clinics and classes to youth (18 and under) and adults as
well. These classes can take place in the li ii i, ii i, or on the 1ii11 course.
Live & Life in Palmas asked Max what was the ideal ,- to start, Ii i, ii I '
"The ideal i,, i is 10 but just for fun. Between the of 11 and 12 you can
start' I ii' I the game more seriously but without ',, I the fun. I will like to
stress that parents should not pressure their kids, they should i,, I r game.
My parents always supported me but never pressured on me.
For ininto .ii, ii, you can call 787.285.2255 A

ivLatr itor
[ by Lissette Rosado

Javier 2ae rga...
at tke. Tehhk Club
Javier -" ,, i,1 is a very talented anrd i ii ...'',i .I man. His iiii,' Ii
career started very early in life. "I have to thank Juan Carlos Escudero,
who believed anrd i 1 "i 11, me 'I ii il i ii my career," said Javier arid
explained that he has been ,",i", 111.i since he was eleven year old with
'I,, ii results.
The first year he competed he ,i1 11",I in fifth place then, in his second
year, he placed third with only 12 years of i, .. at 13 he was already
number one. "One of my 'ii, 1, I satisfactions has been the ability to
travel to represent my country in places such as San Salvador where I
played the Copa David; in Ohio I ,' ii 'i' i, i i the Junior Olympics
and the Super Nationals took place in Kalamazoo, i, li1, I
have played in a total of approximately 20 states."
Javier is hii, I ii i Communications arid I I ,1
and, as many of you may remember, he ,, h 1' I
in ( ll,, h ,, F a m a i ii, i 1 1 ,,lll h , ,11 l I 1 11
sixth. He has already recorded a CD and sings in
private anid public concerts, activities, ii I ,i I
campaigns etc.
Javier still competes and plays in the adult cat-
Sii 5.0 and since December he has been work-
ing in Palmas as a Tennis teacher for private, 1, "ii,11 clinics or
classes. For ii ,i ii ihi i call 787.285.0717. A



. .

" Palnma ij 1 1 .1. i I nI, liii, ,..1it: ii 11 i I,. 1 'e the club experience.
Be a Full i iji.' iii, 11I lilit: l 1 l,:n 1:11, i Ij 11, i: tennis, and workout.
Enjoy l al t i ii, :i m,1ml -i 1t- ] ,.itl ,. l ch i ib Facilities enjoy and
bellelit ti iln liie :11:,: :, 111 ll: illf j ii : 1111 'tlit- is receive in our shop
and lestauJain, :
If '01.1 Ja 1i,1:1 .: it- ,-I ilitl- ii iiiii ,i ;Club offices and claim
youi gJirl v:1.1i ill ItIll .I iii i' i iiiii:iiii-ii.:n Pass for you and your
fam ily l:iu 1. ri,:ii r ii--:1 hii: ., .: ,iii, i .:ill ,:ll iiiled to do is show up or
ca ll LIS to, Il : .:11i .:. i :,l m lin 'l ;:;, ;- ;' ; '

Eve ',rone ir: ii P.:i- 'il.:lii : i:iii li.: waii iii:iitecause if you are a
menihb '.i '. ll a .:i ii r i :1 on-i :1- i.:I :iiI: iiiientary guest pass for
the use ,:, i i l- BLe-.: i I iii:i F.: lar, -

'Coriipliriir.1ii ri::,-: ,, i.,- ,ii. 11 in ii,- ,.,-i i ,:, i ,1 ackout dates. A




iQuiroprdctica para Nifios, J6venes y Adultos!

Contamos con equipo de alta tecnologia de
evaluacidn del sistema nervioso central
Evaluaciones metatarsals y de
postura- Modernas facilidades
ratamient para.. con sistema paperless.
Subluxaciones Vertebrales Dolores de Cabeza
Dolor de Cuello y Hombros Adormecimiento de Manos y Piernas
Espasmos Musculares Discos Herniados Dolores de Espalda Baja
Sciatica Radiculopatias

martes a viernes: de 8:00am a 5:00pm y sabados: de 800am a 12:00pm

REMAX de Palmas
PnIm- s del Mar, Humacao, PR
787.B50.7069 / 787.850.4343
email: remaxpdm@coqui.net
^^^^^^^ Myrna Rios-Milam ,P t .

The Real Estate Leaders

Villa Franca home!
Friendly neighborhood is one
of the many great
amenities of this 4B/2B home.
Spacious terrace with jacuzzi
S for entertaining!

No better location!
Port Road Lot #18 No better

.NU ome. Homesite approx.

Foreclosure information available

BA-3Ci OAS1-t1) MA.

MW M MW AllW alA

%5.00 off*
*in any purchase over $25.00 Offer valid until 4/15/10. One coupon
per person. Offer don't apply to mail related services and 2 X $10.00 T-shirts.
Coupon required for offer.

A1 Ask our clients...
&* Ray Gagnon, Palmas Academy Principal
I -.:1.1 iii ,I ery happy with the service and expert recommendations provided
I: ., I- :r. 1-n :1 President of Palmas Insurance. We feel secure and confident that
our Insurance Policy fully protects our School and all of our prop-
Berty. On 2007 we changed to Palmas Insurance and since then
-Esteban has been able to provide us with a much better cover-
age at a lower price year after year. When the New Buildings
-. were completed they started the negotiations with the providers
and he was able to obtain a policy 25% lower than the first of-
fered in a very short period of time.
Julio Bagu6, Casillas de Palmas
"It has been a very pleasant and rewarding experience having named in the year 2007
Palmas Insurance as Casillas de Palmas insurance broker of record. Not only has the
policy premium being reduced 40% during this period, but the coverage has been improve
.. .year after year impite of the increase value of the property"

- .... Barry Lawrence-

-- "We saved 17% on our insurance package purchased through Palmas Insurance.
Moreover, it is so convenient dealing with Esteban, Cecilia and Kathy at their local office
in Palmanova Plaza."

Costa del Caribe Realty

Great time to Purchase!
MA... Olthi otd 'nd AI.dran V& I'Mat 115" S W
ITI"-f ,llU .* C 'SA rii t.l LMA Ii i:L T't E IFtl "
:Ghre p r, t '.ra d r* prI-pasrr l.al o" ul*IW
4.ip '1 -.' r- Inprd a- l l," 4mi 's ort`e
adk.jl L^A, .-6 FIN S.iE;LE.AT.1.
l,,*I J i t,, E*,,u m, ] ee,"E E f. i' ,..'tfl
arI." 1ive Ls t E) Wwem Co nur nr r. rnber'

SOur Best deals this month iIs
O Veacvlla ocean 3/2 $395,000
artlrla Club puflhvcu $825,000
Shell Coeli Hcrne $3,290,000
Palmanaova Vdillage $ 485,000
The Wo& s4?5,000
seacA Village %295,000
Othpr refl and Wititarr avarilabk; Radge Top, SurflM, SAn Migud &
San MarCp% Iland, Fairwy Cur*, Firlakwa. Paknas Dtada.
adi ~i iir c :',mn.-. .iuT s'r.il',-- 'hm




Ways to reduce trash (by Pedal People)

* Here's a list of ideas we've come
up with to reduce the amount of
I- h : i l-oi t .;ioes to the


0 '- : mIn3ume less
-, ,il live m ore
: nii:.i Borrow,
i-,,i :I share with
I ,l-ii' :, : friends,

':i : -i : : i aste in-
:t -,-I : t -: :I ,. You can
S I*.-:t. :i- : ii compost
i':ii I ,'- :I a pre-fab
i- :.-. i :.iistic com-
i:: :- t :-ii -it cost from
c m:'-,: I i:,-ople, or
:-,: -I dal peo-
I:,1- I:.:1< up and
I-_ l vay your
.. :. st. Pedal
I- i:.1- :Ioes NOT
compost pet litter.

* Avoid buying and using one-
time-use products. Use cloth

napkins, handkerchiefs, reusable coffee
filters, travel mugs, etc.

* If you buy kitty litter, one alterna-
tive is sawdust pellet litter. Throw away
the poop in the trash. Studies have
shown that flushing cat poop is harmful
to ocean life. When the remaining pel-
lets break down into sawdust from the
urine (after several weeks), then you
can mulch bushes with it. Feline Pine is
a brand that works well.

* Bring a cloth reusable bag to
markets and stores or carry plastic bags
with you to reuse. At many grocery
stores there are bins by the front door for
"recycling" bags; grab some of those.

* Carry a small washcloth or hand-
kerchief to use instead of paper towels
or hand dryers in public bathrooms.
It's small enough to fit in a pocket or
purse, and you can wash it along with
your laundry.

* Buy fresh local unpackaged fruits
and vegetables from local markets,
farmer's markets, or grow your own if
you are able!

* Avoid frozen or processed foods;
packaging creates excess waste.

* Cook at home when possible and
buy unprocessed food in bulk. With
the Pedal People Food Collective you
can get staple goods in bulk and bring
your own reusable containers instead of
buying individual packaging..

* Make your own! Canned goods,
condiments, juices, vinegar, yogurt,
cheese, breads, etc..

* If you go out to eat, bring your own
reusable container to take home left-
overs in instead of using plastic, paper,
or styrofoam take-home containers.

* Drink tap water or filtered water.
Bottled drinks are a major contributor to
pollution and waste. 1.5 million barrels of
oil are consumed each year to produce
enough plastic for water bottles. Plastic
water bottles take 1,000 years to biode-
grade. Also, tap water is actually more
strictly regulated than bottled water.

* Avoid buying plastics in general.
Plastic is made from gas and oil. Don't
use styrofoam. It is non-recyclable and
non- biodegradable.

* If you menstruate, consider less
wasteful alternatives such as a men-
strual cup, sea sponge, or washable
cloth pads.




by Kathy Bonnet Fernandez


A -





* Use cloth diapers instead of dis-
posable diapers which are taking up an
immense about of space in our landfills.
Consider Diaper Free/ Elimination Com-
munication. Breastfeed if you are able.
* If you shave, use long lasting ra-
* Make cleaning rags and hand-
kerchiefs out of worn-out clothes and
material scraps.
* Reduce your junkmail! Contact the
DMA (Direct Marketing Association) at
212-768-7272 or on the web at www.
dmaconsumers.org. Call the 1-800
number on the back of magazines or
mail that you don't want and ask the
companies to remove your name from
their mailing lists.
* Use rechargeable batteries. As
batteries become older and don't hold
a complete charge, use them in items
that don't need a completely charged
battery; i.e. the use of almost worn out

digital camera batteries AA and AAA can
be downgraded and used in things like
electric toothbrushes and flashing LED
bike taillights.
* Read the newspaper and other
publications at your local library and/or
share subscriptions.
* If you have reusable items you
don't want, try Freecycle.org, Craigslist
(westernmass.craigslist.org), the Salva-
tion Army, and other local organizations
or put a "free" sign by the items on the
* Host or attend a clothing swap
where friends/family bring unwanted
clothes to swap.
* Repair rather than replace items.
Learn to fix things.
* Salvage discarded items that could
be used. A

Plastic water
bottles take
1,000 years to


As we presented in our last issue,
Palmas has become a very chic wed-
ding destination because of its paradi-
siacal sceneries. An example of this new
trend is Rebecca Figueroa Wessendorf
and Eric del Pino Valdivia's wedding in
the new Yacht Club. The ceremony took
S place on a beautiful afternoon at the
outside terrace overlooking the Carib-
bean Sea. The blue sky, a mild wind and
a peaceful sea conspired to create a
harmonious atmosphere for the oc-
casion. Padre Pedro Van Marissing of
the San Martin de Porres Foundation
declared this beautiful couple husband
and wife while overlooking Vieques Is-
The brides' maids were Mirna Fer-
rer de Gordillo and Marimar Perez
while the best man was Diego del
Pino. The parents of the bride are
Leopoldo Figueroa & Elsa Wessendorf
de Figueroa. The parents of the groom
are Diego del Pino Sr. & Carmen Val-
divia de Paz. A

ca Fig essendorf.
:icdetPino Vadivia


v v

On January 16th and under
the new motto, "Academic
Excellence, Quality Environ-
ment", The Palmas Academy
inaugurated its renovated
adjacent ., I..l.1 i that will
house the administrative of-
fices, Secondary School class-
rooms with three modern
science labs, each specially
designed for biology, phys-
ics and chemistry classes, a
well-equipped library with
group-study rooms, a resource
center and a multipurpose
conference room.
This event marks another
step forward towards ac-
complishing Phase II of the
Academy's Master Plan for
offering a college preparatory
education in a quality envi-
ronment. This eventful day
would not have been possible
without the collective efforts
of our Dolphin community of
parents, students, teachers,
administration and Board of
Trustees. The excitement
that these new facilities bring
to our Pod represents, not
only years of hard work and
ups and downs, but the re-
alization of a dream that was
abruptly interrupted with the
total devastation of the school
after the passing of Hurricane
Georges back in 1998. Our
Pod has come a long way from
those "stormy" waters, and
has emerged once again to
see their love for the Academy
reflected in the completion of
th is '.,,il..l. i :.
The former high school
'1.",..1In, will now house the
Learning Center and the
elementary classrooms from
grades 2 to 5, with its own
computer lab, library and
meeting room. The next
steps towards the completion
of Phase II of the Master Plan
include the remodeling of the
covered court and preschool
classrooms, a new auditorium,
a wellness center, and a soccer
field surrounded by a track
with an aerobic platform. A

__T Mrw1







We are sure that one of them will fityour lifestyle and budget expectations:










Toll free 1- 8

oo-PALMAS 6 or call now 787-852-8888
www.palmasdelmar.com I www.movetopalmas.com

The largest inventory of new homes and resales.
Exclusive broker for Palmas new communities. "
Cutonmer service oriented Sales Professionals
who know and understand the market.

Palmas del Mar Real Estate isproud to
welcome our new Real Estate Professionals,
Oscar Maldonando &
Anabelle Caballero Berrios AdivisionofPalmasDel Mar Properties, Inc. Lic.#7493


For most budgets and lifestyle needs.

BE k' H ViLL kA;E

,, ilh I I il II I i i i I, 7I. 1 ii ,
' l i .11" '11 111 1 I I I -1 0
[':'7 1 'I U 1 11 7 1 1 1 7 P.1 1 1 1 1- ` 1

i F i -,. i I'i i A .

ISLA >AN !\1 i'. 'LL

:11 1 ,' l I iI I, h ,
I TI-.-- 'I 'A

1.,ill 1 I l 1 1 1 1 '1 I l l I' I 1 1'7 ':l

. s "- .. ,. ,, "

ISLA S N N.1 i. LL
S I I 1 1 I-7 I7 I'

.I -/ .I I .- l? . . .

PAF'-LM A- 'k I Ak IiTI A
.l l In h I W I l I Ill -

HT.-n ,lI.-.1 A - . .

H AkB ''. F'' k i NT
,'I' l l I hI i l I I I i
I ,11- I1 1- 11 , ,7 ] =7 ,1 I 11, h ,
7'I f 1T 1 7 .'] A 1 .1, ,,,, ,-

S ii K F i E

i 1i 1 'il 1 I, I . I l I '1 .
I. I I .-l I I.', 'A, I I I I ".

_.."T-. \ \LE RE>E
,I IA I, tll 11,,11,7 1i1 I ' i ,'I ,
I ,. I I ii i 1 ii i l i I I i ii I

F1i. R-hlu. (,', :I IA 4 ,

N k ALA' .'
l- , 11 II l-7 1, II I I ,, 1 11 1, 11 1
11i I I- I ll 7 II I i 1 7 1I 17 1 'I h I I h i i ,.1 1

H'I iPi i- i i i i E 1%

I r 1 1 .1 1i. 1i i IA 1 1 -
, tt ,1 I 'PA- .. .

1 r A Ii1 A "l '' Il k 7 IS '

I .'l T l- .-I I.' A ,- _

F'P L F'L 'ANT i, Ii N

I.l l ,.' ,.iA ,77.. A, ,_

1 crw weror s t Ask for other real estate opportunities.

1 \ I 1l. 7 \
I I 1- -111 1 I, ,i 1l, i 7_ I D I I 7 111I :Il l- 'I l

h 'I,,I I I, 1 :,ihilA Il I1 I l : 1
1. 11 111 7 1.1 1

il Ii i I.




4 L~i





i'm j~d

/.| I


' I

T 111M CA I


Surround yourself with...
by Li I. Rosado
I love orchids. For me orchids are nature's piece of art. They
are so delicate yet so strong. They need special care but they
grow in the wild. I have to clarify, I'm not an expert. I just love
them and have learned to know them a little bit. Orchids just
need the ideal environment and you can almost forget about
them. I found Palmas an ideal place to grow orchids. We have
here three of the main elements: light, ventilation and not too
much rain. It's just a matter of knowing how much sun they
need. If they are the type that like a lot of sun, you plant them I d
in a place they receive the afternoon sun. If they don't need
that much sun then they can be planted in a place where they
receive the morning sun. Others don't like direct sun; those
orchids need to be placed under a tree.
Ventilation is very important. It helps evaporate stagnant
water trapped during watering or rain where fungi and bacte-
ria breed. Without ventilation or fresh circulating air, orchids
eventually die from rotting. In Palmas the east side is the most
ventilated. Always water them early in the day so that your a
orchids dry out by nighttime. In general, water once a week,
unless it has rained.
Another important aspect is the fertilizer. In nature, orchids
obtain nutrients from the environment: decomposing leaves,
bird or animal droppings, or minerals found in rainwater. But,
you can help your orchids grow faster and bloom sooner by
feeding it the right fertilizers. Look for products that contain
nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), and potassium (K), along with
trace elements such as iron. There are some other products
that can also help them bloom. Ask for advice in your local
nursery and if everything fails: Threaten them! I did it and it
works. I had a beautiful orchid that didn't want to blossom so I
told her (yes, I talk to them), that if she didn't blossom I would
throw it away in a month or two. Sure enough she did bloom!
Going back to light, the leaf color is a good indicator of
the amount of light a plant is receiving. Orchids should have
bright green, healthy leaves; yellowish-green or red leaves in- .
dicate that a plant is getting too much light. Palm trees are an
ideal place to plant them. In the beginning, you just need to "
tie them with something (my mother used old pantyhose) but
these can be removed soon.
I planted them everywhere, even on a sign post in my re- .
gime. But the one I want to share with you is the one I planted 4 i
in front of my porch on a big planter. I just bought the orchid
mix sold in the nursery and planted there many different types j .
of orchids, all that like the morning sun. It took them like a
year to mature. This year they have given me a beautiful spec-
tacle. Every morning I wake up, open my door and go to my
porch to see how many flowers have bloomed. It's so BEAU-
TIFUL! Lose your fear! Nowadays I plant them everywhere, "
even on the trunk of the beach grape trees. Before I forget,
when you cut the branches after the orchids have bloomed
don't throw them away. Leave them in a dry place and casu-
ally recline them in a clay pot and you'd be surprised how they
give you grandchildren. Do it! Surround your regime with L
orchids. A -

PHA Christmas Golf Cart Parade
The PHA Christmas Parranda was a terrific fun-filled event for the Palmas families. Old and
young alike thoroughly enjoyed the golf-carts parade and the celebrations that followed at
Palmanova Plaza. Once again, homeowners went out of their way to show their innovation
and originality in decorating their golf carts making it extremely difficult for the judges to
select the winners of the golf cart decoration competition. The top-three golf-cart decora-
tion awards went to: Cuquito Muniz 's Santa's Toyshop Comparsa, Merce & Ismael Ferrer's
Ginger Bread House and Carlos Santos' Nativity Scene
Well done to the top three decorations and to all the participants for their tremendous
efforts and inventions. Also, a special work of thanks to our Santa (George Mulligan) for
his magnificent jolly work.
Carlos Santos'

Nativity Scene

^ -NMerce & Ismael Ferrer's
Ginger Bread House

. .'. L L F' I A : .: .: i 4 3

: s' e "
J l e ..1

tL ~ S



^ -L



44 www.LLPalmas.,: ,:,



AA olk.

F '~k~?~



www.LLHalmas.com 45

tigeR woods, his mIStReSS

... hIS

wife weRe theRe too!


During this celebration special awards and recogni- ,
tion was given to the best decorated entrance regimes
within Palmas del Mar. The award for originality went
to Crescent Cove. The award of balance and best use.
of materials went to Palmas Plantation. Casillas de
Palmas took the most elegant honors. Also, special
mention for excellent decoration work went to Fair-
lakes III, Aquabella and Fairway Courts.


Eno ou Ch c lt S p Ped i cu*re!

C all f o o u 6 e n i n oSS .fe rs .
787.852.* 110
Cocout Gove laza #3 Rd 906^K km^ 115 Humacao^^^

lia Fra

-41 --mC

- (z 1 ", .

)' '....!

BIZCOCHO Contact Myrna Rios for more information
aracelissantana@gmail.com ...... 787-317-5993.





www.LLPalmas.com 51

Av 0-:,low am .."F 7.
.. :4.0iW
hotSPIOT TUUsurfers!

0 itrw.e.roal..

"I remember as if it were
today... my first wave in Pal-
mas, right here in front of
the Beach Bohio. That wave
changed my destiny. My fu-
ture was written that day,"
said Pedro and added that
he never thought that waves
could make such a strong im-

pression in somebody's life.
Thank to that passion and
many hours of practice, Pe-
dro has travelled around the
World M6xico, Thailand,
Bali, Japan and Hawaii, the
place that every surfer dreams
about. Pedro had the oppor-
tunity to live for the last elev-

P0inr KBreaS
Palmanova Plaza #126 181.285.4155

We've got them all!

en years of his life in Hawaii.
There, he has not only surfed
the big waves but, he also met
his beloved wife Aiko and
where his beautiful daughter,
Lya Maria was born.
He remembers his early days
in Palmas when Rody Terr6n
saw his talent and gave him a
brand new surfing board and
when Manolito Angler6 vis-
ited him in Hawaii.
Another of Pedro's pas-
sions is the kitchen. Once
again Palmas left a mark in
his career since his first job
was at the kitchen of Paolo's
Restaurants that many of you
may still remember. Today,
Pedro is a private chef known
as The Organic Surfer Chef.

Pedro, with his many years
of experience, gave us some
good advice when practicing
the sport of surfing:
* If your are starting to surf,
do it under the supervision of
a professional surfer such as
our surfing teacher, Fernando
Alvarez, considered one of
the best in the C ,i b.l. ,ii
* Don't surf on waves that
you are not comfortable with
* Stay fit. Surfing is a very
strenuous sport
* Don't drink alcohol and
* Practice. If you want to im-
prove, you need to practice.
There's no other way! Surf on
a regular basis
* As with swimming, do not
go surfing for at least 45-60
minutes after you eat.
* Always wear a good water-
proof sun block
* Always surf with at least
one other person
* Be aware of currents, if
you are caught in one, don't
panic... paddle across the wa-
ter current not against it until
you are out.
* If you visit a new spot, be
sure you get some informa-
tion on the surf conditions
before going in.
* Always think... SAFETY


for palmas Academ 1

The Palmas Academy held its First Annual
Gala Festiva in December. All proceeds di-
rectly benefited the children of The Palmas
Academy by helping to put the finishing touch-
es on their new facilities. Many thanks to all
the volunteers and participants of Gala Festiva

Nz r\ 'T



. .. .... .....

..k ~.......

_ _0t.

i] .

*v i t- h ** h i (3 h- s-- c: r- 4c i s t -. ( sF i t.**
Pama Plataio is ver muc a fa il orene co m nt wit im otn intitie aie to prmt an enac th qult
of lif and fa il values of it resdets Thi inlue th recen re oee nrneadtebatiul eoae o mnaes
--- ----e cal th enrac roa th "Ca p E s foet Bu thi yer the intatv went on tpfrhrwe-tgv eonto
to hre f te esChisma -deoae homes5. It ws an hoo fo me tob h setomkthselcinadIavtoayht

_~~~~ 0 _et- 0

And h~c WV~n*LM-S l W *L

* -- -. .* a *xi Fa il Cala a T.* 1(: (* t Family *-e *
wh crete a trdtoa an cooru Goo copsto an coo cobnto.aF ml -

reprsenatin o theNatvit wih muic deoraion hattrasmi thefesivedecratin ws vry legat ad sber

0 0 .:e .'
0 6 6660 -
0 **
Cal 0or an appointment.



F F1 -iE
H i

night to boost its
anti-aging abilities.
Available at

Very ethnic, very
colorful. Ideal for
Spring and
Summer. Available

N TIT Sophisticated and stylish
W A N T 1T "dress-up" fantasy! Available at
Unique & trendy...enjoy the
textures and colors.
Carry this bag as a clutch
handbaq or wear it as
o1 .II,,I,,-i 1,, I




An ideal gift for Valentines Day! The latest
in technology with a 4X optical zoom lens
that brings distant subjects closer for great
outdoor, sports, and travel photos.
Available in THE SONY STORE.


Be casual! Be your-
self with this colorful
bag that is fun and
naturally beautiful.
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Over volumed? Rebellious hair?
No more!... with this revolutionary hair
slimming duo. A technology developed by
Loreal, Keratese Oleo Relax Slim.
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Gkktvxs kit& tket &outkeoatI

The southeast community of Palmas del Mar threw
its very first festive occasion. Starting at 3pm, a
constant flow of neighbors, families, and friends
attended the event which carried on until 12am.
Guest artist appearances included Danny Rivera Jr.,
MapeyP, Pablo Marcano y Orlando Vallejo. With-
out a doubt, the support and enthusiasm of the
community made the activity a complete success!
If you missed the opportunity to attend
this marvelous affair, there is no need
to worry. On February 13th, starting at
8pm, the southeast neighborhood will
come together once more to celebrate
1 St. Valentines Day. The event will be
held in Surfside at the residence #63.
Come join us as we enjoy fine food,
74 our guest artistsa" and tunes, and cre-
ate new memories in the new year as a

Incluimos todo lo necesario para servirle en cualquier lugar.
Barras Portatiles Bebidas/Hielo Bartenders *
Fiestas Privadas/Corporativas Bodas/Quinceafieros
Para reservaciones y consultas Unlimited Bar Solutions
787.289.7654/ 787.536.4778

unlim itedbar6 6utionsIho6mai* 6om

Josean Terron &
John Eric opened
a new restaurant
at Palmanova
Plaza. As good
as always, It's
good to see them
around the Plaza

Par Avion Book Exchange
Program has been a total suc-
cess, Remember not to bring
more than two books at a time,

Palmas Market announced the
availability of a great variety of wines,

Visiting Heron...
Have you noticed one of the most
regular fan visitors of the Tennis
Club? She is very interested!



G -1 t[lW I IO .,- .: -: -:1- ll :
One on One Fitness Studio
opens its doors at Palmanova Plaza.

Our Children Park (next to the Tennis Center)
has now mature vegetation and is more beautiful
everyday, Enjoy it!



(6 UL Ui, ,; ,i H un_ . ,, PR 787.852.1550
or thofi g( hotm a il com

Se aceptan planes medicos con cubierta w [vl0 tLIn p a ,-, I

/ A

IT, H.111 IE RF-,), E


La Jolla...Beautifidl villa /
Enjoy the tranquility and a B
wonderful view of the ocean
and marina area from this
beautiful remodeled and
nicely decorated 2 bedroom,
2.5 bath villa. It offers area
for BBQ, community pool
overlooking the ocean with
gazebo area. Security guard
24 hours and parking for
your visitors. I
Price $390,000
For more information call

at 1-800-PALMAS-6,
787-852-8888. Or visit
palmasdelmar.com or

San Miguel Island: Beautiful Townhouse
If you like the marina this .
is the house for you! This
beautiful townhouse has
2,220 square meters,
3 bedrooms, 3.5 baths,
terrace with access to your
55' private boat slip on the
best side of San Miguel.
Price: $1.350 M.'-

For more information call

at 1-800-PALMAS-6 or
Or visit palmasdelmar.com
or movetopalmas.com

60 www.LLPalmas.com

A place to call home.

.I:" _..
7 i

One of the largest penthouse units in the Marbella Club
community, a corner apartment.
* Spectacular panoramic ocean, golf and rain forest views
* 12 foot ceilings, retractable ceiling to floor glass walls
* corner luxury apartment decorated by the prestigious and
known designer "Pilar Moreno",
* Crown Moldings, furnished by "Importadora Espanola"
* 3 large bedrooms with den
* 3 bathrooms, plus 1/2 bath
* Garage: 4-Stalls, detached "assigned under-ground park"
* Basement: Walkout "Assigned Storage Area"
* Furniture and art included
* $2,750,000
For more info call CPM Realty at 787-850-4401
Cellular 787-637-7945

www.LLPalmas.com 61

\ /
Harbourlights Estates
A true tropical paradise!
* situated on a huge home site (2,300 sq Mt)
* 4 bedrooms
* 2 story house, extremely elegant and spacious
* beautifully appointed bedrooms
* state-of-the-art subzero kitchen appliances
* lovely pool with cascading jacuzzi
* immaculate gardens with open social areas
* very private, located at the end of a cul-de-sac
in one of Palmas most exclusive neighborhoods
Price: REDUCED TO $895,000 Brokers welcome

Call Frank Bonnelly BBC Realty 787-632-2106 or 787-850-5800
email: frankbbc@gmail.com

Fairway Courts

Choice location at a choice price!
Lovely, breezy, two bedroom
unit, Beautifully furnished ready
to move in. Upper level terrace
offers beautiful fountain views,

For more information, call Myrna Rios
at Re/Max de Palmas at
787-850-7069 or 787-317-5993.

Your Caribbean escape! -
A view from just about every - "'
room in the house! This won-
derful 4 bedroom, 5 bath and
well constructed home will give '
you all the comfort you have -.
always desired right on the
Caribbean side of Puerto Rico!
The property features: fabulous
infinity pool and gazebo uniting
you with the refreshing view
of Vieques & the Caribbean
Sea, ample spaces with great
architecture, gourmet kitchen
with an appetizing dining room
connecting you with the ter-
race for great enter-
tainment. Now is
the time to get this
wonderful property..
at a great price!
For m ore illf, lih,,llii
and viewing the prop-
erty call; Costa del
Caribe Realty and I-
Ask for Monine Perez
(787) 11- 3030.

1INEW PIZZA Aperitivos
.. Calzones
- Lasagna
10* Papas Asadas
.* Polio (787)719-5887
Carnes Ven y disfruta el exquisito menu...
Frente a Palma Real Mall, Carr.#3
Urb. Bux6, Humacao

is Palmanova

w L
LT on P

"wWclvLv9tiAn Casft-b

Ask.,& 4o -- 'I' ` I



lle insect has a big name:
Exop decimpunctatus. There
are cies in the Antilles. Central and
North A ~ e. This one was seen in Palmas.

by Frank and Adriana Torres*
Coloration is probably the most effective strategy of nature to guarantee pollination.
Imagine a bee flying at about 10 miles per hour over the green foliage of grasslands and
forests. A red, orange, bright blue, or any color contrasting the grayish green back-
ground is strikingly visible. A second strategy is aroma or perfume of flowers which also
attract bees and other pollinators. And the third is nectar. Some flowers save energy by
just providing color but not perfume or nectar. Bees are attracted and seek the nectar
pollinating without any prize. Bees don't seem to have memory but have an excellent
color vision. They can detect colors that we can't see in the range of the infrared and
ultraviolet in flowers that look to us as simply white ones.
When my granddaughter Adriana brought me a tiny beetle of a beautiful iridescent
light blue color it occurred to us that we can photograph as many colorful tiny creatures
as possible to prepare an article on colors of nature. Her enthusiasm was overwhelming
and soon enough she was dragging me over the forests and lakes of Palmas with cameras
and collecting gears to get the materials for the article.
Biologists tend to explain every feature in plants and animals as selected traits by
nature to guarantee the survival of the species. Color can be a trait that can be explained
in these terms for many species. However, no logical explanation can be found for some
exuberant colors in birds and insects. Few biologists think that nature can also be ca-
pricious and some traits like the striking color of color of this beetle do not necessarily
have a survival value. (To be continued)
I* tir This tree is known in
-. .- English as Kapok o Silk
-- Cotton Tree, because
it produces a silky
cotton (kapok) that was
used before foam was
invented to fill lifesavers.
In Spanish it is called
La Ceiba. It is part of
the family of giant trees
of the Amazon and the

787.850.4044 Tel
787.850.0171 Fax
Monday Fridays 8:00 AM 9:00 PM
Saturday 8:00 AM 5:00 PM
Visit our r L







, ,

I" r i 1 IF 1t 1

Re aurant


by Jose Coln, La Jolla Board President
Crime prevention is the duty of ALL of us at Palmas; we cannot delegate
that to PHA and St James only. It is our duty to be aware and help them by
keeping an eye out and calling security at 787-852-7775 if you see anything
suspicious. (Save this number in your phone as a speed dial number). If
you have suggestions on ways to improve security call Roberto Melkndez,
our PHA Security Director or Tony Maldonado, our Executive Director.
They will be glad to listen and take them to the Security Council and to
the PHA Board if necessary.
As president of La Jolla, I am proud to say that we are doing our part to prevent crime, and as
of today we have had excellent results. Our regime is--I'm certain of this-- the one with the lowest
incidence of burglaries and problems in Palmas.
If all of the regimes and residents cooperate, we will remain the safest place to be in Puerto
Rico. A member of Puerto Rico's police force once told us when he came to a Security Committee
meeting some months ago: "When I'm inside Palmas I feel so much safer than outside!" That is
absolutely true and we have a right to feel that way.
At La Jolla we have joined forces with PHA and St James to prevent crime and solve situations
before they happen. We work on prevention. La Jolla has installed a very sophisticated camera
system on our premises two years ago, even before PHA installed the existing perimeter system.
At our gatehouse the guard is aware of what is happening on our premises and very soon all the
homeowners will have the capability of viewing it on their computers.
We have just finished the construction of a new guard house and the installation of a new tele-
entry system. With the same AVI card that we have for Palmas main gate we will be able to open
our new gates. Also, with this new access control system, we will be able to open our gates remotely
with the use of our phones to let visitors and other personnel in and out of La Jolla. All this will
be recorded with cameras, so that we know who comes in and out of our premises. Guards will
also inspect all commercial and service vehicles as they exit.
To keep the system working in the case of power failure we have installed a new emergency
generator that will keep all our common areas' lighting system working so that we won't be left in
the dark. Be pro-active! We should all be security agents. If you see something fishy or you are
not sure that something is right, call security! A

W"$- f -- -La Jolla has

installed a very
Camera system

on our premises
two years ago,
.even before PHA
installed the

TEL 787-719-5913
MON SAT 7.00AM 9:00PM


The Palmas Ladies Com-
munity Club members met for
their monthly coffee gathering
at the lovely home of Barbara
de Paul on January 13, 2010.
Everyone had a wonderful
time thank you Barbara for
your warm hospitality. The
club was founded in 1991 by
seven community residents
and now holds a membership
.4 ,f ,-. 0 women.
T ..lub's goals are to en-
I I i ... ..r community through
I,,. ..i ltural and charitable
[I, rlirln .


Ocur shin

From this edition on, Live
S. Life in Palmas, with the
sponsorship of Bambola
Store at Ave. Chard6n,
S will be highlighting the
(/ 0 ( works, recognition and
(7?/ I special events of our
c little ones. Please keep
us posted of your
m bola children achieve-
ments and recogni-
tion. You can send us
an email with good quality photos to live.
lifeinpalmas@gmail.com. You can include
new birth, baptism, birthdays, etc.

The most awaited baby in Palmanova, Denise Di Brito & Tim
Smith's baby has arrived! We are sure that everybody will spoil
this new "Palmefio", especially the next door neighbors from
the Blue Hawaii team. Very soon Christian will be eating su-
shi! Hope Bella is not too jealous. Welcome Christian!

Our good friends
Jeannette Schuck &
Johnny Beltran are
grandparents again!
On January 14, 2010
their second grand-
son was born. His
name is H6ctor Jos6
Pdrez Beltran. His
parents are Jeannette
Bertran Schuck y Jose
Rall Pdrez Gonzalez.


Beautiful pictures from Elena
Spackey, age 7. Elena has two
very significant internationally
recognized artists in her family:
her great Aunt Barbara Beck-
with is a classically trained and
internationally known (she
was a graphic artist for the
Detroit FreePress and other
national newspapers) and
her grandmother, Mary-Ann
Beckwith was recently award-
ed a national honor as a water
color artist (very select)...she's
a professor of Art at Michigan
Tech. Clearly Elena has art
in her genes... We will keep a
close eye on her development!

A mix media I.. h1.
and pastel pailiriit I.,
Valeria Corujo I.. II, i.
nine years old ,iI '. ] ,
talented. She ..
acts and paint-.
beautifully. I gi." .. .
has inherited r .ii' i. .ii' ..
mothers multiil. r .. I
Valeria is the .Ii..l
of Rosa &Javier C'*i.'
from My Corner.

Let's welcome Gonz, I., L.i. L.. dI
M arquina, the r... .. I, iriniil.
son of Marnie M V, ii.1i .11.
Country Club M.i. iIi ,iI.
Marketing Director. '.i.. . ll..
see him on the driving. i ,ii!.. .I
maybe in the -.. ii i... r'


Romantic Dinner at Chez Daniel
with the music of Omar Lama
at The Bistro in Caguas Daniel offers 7
a special menu for dinner with the
pianist Miguel Monserrat. Cetebo

IokTll-.,' W de Freo,Zro .'Ol
T111 h CniC

6-7-30prn m
7 30-10 OOpm 'o

$150p/p "
f 'i',c, e JI o 1,40 pX, rO i, ,rl




at Palmas Academy
9th grade activity

Have a nice day and bring your dog win a price!
Sunday, March 7th
2:00 PM, PHA Building
Con la participaci6n especial de Susa y Epifanio
Exhibici6n de perros terapia
Exhibidores con products para perros
Desfile de moda de ropa para perros
Show de perros de "Puerto Rico Dogs".
Fashion Show de perros de los
Homeowners con premios por categoria

Best Foreign Film. Daigo Kobayashi is a devoted cellist
in an orchestra that has just been dissolved and now
finds himself without a job. Daigo decides to move back
to his old hometown with his wife to look for work and
start over The film follows his profound and sometimes
comical journey with death as he uncovers the wonder,
joy and meaning of life and living.

- ...; --4 -






.T a .. .
, ,. '. ** 'yf '* t^ !: f

-- xi:-e. #N^b* v

*1. -,

ble digitaf.*6144.'fker

.9^ I

I*- ^ ---- I^

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