Title: Live & life in Palmas
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Title: Live & life in Palmas
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Publisher: Rosado & Morales Inc.
Place of Publication: Palmas del Mar, Humacao, Puerto Rico
Publication Date: December 2009
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i2009/JANUARY2010 VOL.2 NUM.6

Y4's2' &2



I' ~

- . .
-. . - -- '*- ..

. .


'V em


Deeme 31 2009
Yacht ClubS

Children 3r & *ndr3FE


My dear friends:
It's Christmas! Time to celebrate life with family & friends. It is also time to think back on what
we left behind with the past year but what becomes most important is the year ahead of us.
Let's think of the new year as a new opportunity to re-invent ourselves. Let's all together make
a commitment to be happy and make happy the people around us. Let's make the commitment of
being better people with each passing day. Let's also be thankful for all our blessings! We live in a
beautiful community with people that want to make a difference, that aspire to live a happy life in
a clean and safe place. That, I think, is the thread that connects all of us who live in this Paradise
called Palmas del Mar. We all have a strong desire to live a better life!
I have to thank all of you for the support and beautiful words I have received during the two years
of our magazine. Yes, it's been two years already! This is our second year anniversary issue. A special
thanks to the Palmas del Mar Homeowners Association team and Board, of which I feel very proud
of belonging to. Cheers!A

Lissette Rosado, Editor live.lifeinpalmas@gmail.com

Keep yourself informed, register at www.LLPa. mas.com
Keep yourself informed, register at www.LLPalmas.com

I~tl .- .4h &- .-.. .
Z lp -Omm.


.. ==

ble dilitAC1416-Whifternet
-11. - L'd

." 'I

,* '


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nenos para una experiencia inolvidable...


787-850-4401 787-852-7161
#10 Palmanova Plaza, Palmas del Mar, PR

Ninoska Bonnelly Marl Suarez


Ancors Vilae 110, HaburD. Suit #6
Palmas delMaumcaoP079
CEL 787-649-361. 77-64-162
FAX 77-85-055

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heart of Sailing

at ?aqica5
By Lissette Rosado

a nautical adventure... 7
for children with special t.


V.A .:

The Heart of Sailing Foundation's
(Puerto Rico Chapter) inaugura-
tion voyage took place at the new
Yacht Club & Marina at Palmas.
The Heart of Sailing Foundation's
mission is to provide educational
and recreational therapy for people
with special needs while improving
their quality of life. George Saidah,
founder of the Foundation, traveled
to Puerto Rico for the occasion and,
in conjunction with 7:.,ifill. gifted
the empowering experience of sail-
ing to a group of children. The activ-
ity was promoted by :.,,if,,ll Sailing
Club & Charters who has a special
affiliation with the Heart of Sailing
Foundation and who will also serve
as promoter in Puerto Rico.
I, myself, had the experience
of seeing how Jonathan's attitude
transformed from being very appre-
hensive to becoming truly pleased
and peaceful at the end of the trip.
He was smiling, confident and em-
.. I .. i ril ....i .

1. 1 ... I .!' n i, .I i..h I . ,i .. .. .
II _' I,, r .l i I ,. r, !..l I . ..
Ikil ,ii,,iilnl A


N If

h '*--


salud, paz, prosperidad...

...y un feliz afio nuevo!



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* large swimming pool
* build in a lot of
1,142 sqm.
Unique property!

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Antonio & Lolita Roig
We enjoy the most professional & reliable insurance ser-
vice through our friends Esteban & Cecilia of Palmas In-
surance. Our insurance expense for our yacht and home
have been significantly reduced every year. Now I can
cruise and sleep with peace of mind knowing that we have
the best insurance care.
Reynaldo Encarnaci6n,
Palmas del Mar Utility, Executive Director
Palmanova Plaza Homeowners Association, President
In today's competitive, world to asses an excellent insurance service is not
only limited in having the best cost effective policy, but also, in those added
values like prompt claims handling and good advisory to clients which guar-
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.-Bart Patel
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more importantly, their efficient and responsive service has saved many
hours of my time spent dealing with insurance companies."




vizia +"

mi imu IUS-NU

NPJ -~

Mlai mi-iaruu

It was a long....long day! We did six shoot-
ings in one day. Six dresses, six hair dos, six
make-ups, six locations, and four kids involved!
For those of you that know about professional
shootings you can picture our day. But every-
thing ran smoothly and we had the last shoot
at The Yacht Club with the last sun light of the
day, the most beautiful hour at the Yacht Club.
I have to thank many people here: Aracelys
from Keila's Salon, she was great. Thanks for
her patience and for her excellent job (just take
a look at the photos). To my friend and new
collaborator, Carolina Dugarte-- Aranguren,
who served as my right hand and made pos-
sible this special report on weddings. To Abdel
Mendez and Raymond Perez of Radel's Novias
who not only loaned us four extraordinary
beautiful wedding dresses from their magnifi-
cent collections, but for all the help in the pre-
production stage. To my art director, Sandra
Rodriguez, for her support and art direction.
To Encantos Novias for their support and the
two beautiful wedding dresses that our model,
Aureli Arnauld, wore. To Yolanda Sanchez of
La Mufequita for their spectacular children's
clothing and her help at the shooting. To Perez
Tuxedos (in front of Palmas Reales Mall) who
loaned us the outfits for the male models.
And...to our beautiful model Aureli Arould that,
despite feeling sick, kept a smile on her face
the whole day. To our male model Julio Ce-
sar Dugarte who, without being a professional
model, did an extraordinary job. The photos
speak for themselves. To our incredible chil-
dren models who, regardless of the long day,
behaved like real professionals. A



the details, details, details,,,

OUR COVER: Aureli Arould with a beautiful
wedding dress from Radel's Novias.

And the "groom"
observes from afar....

The photographer
Jose Bobyn
coaches Aureli

from Keila's
in action...

Our younger models rest between shoots.


The Making Of Clan has
some last minute fun with
the "bride and groom"



m-. f

L ii

Once again...

Palmas leads the way!

-, li: : fl l,:,:.F i,

I., ,,I i I.* ii r, i. i l i ,i jl,.,.r,
and when it comes to water manage-
ment and treatment we are far ahead.
Did you know that Palmas re-uses 80%
of its water, produces more than 200 cu-
bic meters of organic fertilizer per month
and does not discharge used water into
the natural bodies of water? That's im-
pressive! Once again Palmas shows how
avant guard we are when it comes to
the management of treated water.
During the last six months, PDMU has
conducted a pilot plan in coordination
with New Technology Systems (NTS)
for replacing the chlorine traditionally
used in the industry for disinfecting wa-
ter. The use of chlorine by private and
public municipal systems demands an
extraordinary number of controls and
preventive measures.
NTS built a portable plant of their
MIOX system and a trailer containing all
the system components was placed at the
PDMU facilities, right next to the chlo-
rine injection station. The technology
consists of using commercially available
salt to generate a liquid chlorine based
oxidant solution, which is injected into
the Waste Water Treatment Plant efflu-
ent at the appropriate treatment dose.
These on-site generation systems meet
the compliance requirements from the
Environmental Protection Agency, the
Health Department and offer a number
of advantages over the use of chemicals
and others technologies in different ap-
plications; such as pools, potable water,
industrial processes and cooling towers.
It eliminates the need for preventive
measures and regulatory requirements
including Risk Management Plans,
training and SCBA equipment.
This "green technology" also offers
improved energy efficiency, which trans-
lates into savings and more importantly
eliminates the storage and transport
of chlorine inside Palmas. No hazards,

i ,ii. I! .. iir. l ,, I .. ii .i s E. iil.r

i''l i I ~i r' I. H -I t' fl i '. i- ,r l !ir

i.i,' r .F ..... .I iFrI ',' i l i F. I. r, I',.... Iii

The engineering students next to the
NTS MIOX pilot plan trailer.

naci6n shared with representatives of
PRW&EA, PRASA and EPA the details
about the operations and systems of Pal-
mas del Mar. Once again, they were re-
ally impressed with the technologies dis-
played and the excellent results achieved
in water loss control, the electronic
remote reading of subscriber's water
consumption and the on-line invoicing.
The use of the Stahlermatic Biological
reactors continues to be one of the most
energy efficient technologies available in
the market.
Eng. Eugenio Vives, a Palmas del
Mar resident and President of NTS, ex-
plained in detail to the audience how the
MIOX system works and the benefits of
the technology. Eng. Carlos Pacheco,
President of PCA & Associates also
addressed the group about the Stahler-
matic technology as well as the design
and history of the unit at PDMU. After
the technical session, the group had the
opportunity to visit the PDMU facilities
to observe the Waste Water Treatment
Plant in operation. The day concluded
with the group witnessing how the used
waters are collected and reprocessed,
for later use in the irrigation of the golf
courses and green areas. They also
observed how the sludge is mixed with
vegetative clippings and converted into

Eng. Eugenio Vives, President New
Technology Systems and Reynaldo
Encarnaci6n, Executive Director
It was an excellent experience for all
those involved. PDMU received similar
visits from the Sacred Heart University,
as well as the Catholic University earlier
this month. At this point they are mak-
ing the arrangements for conducting
similar sessions for the students of the
Palmas del Mar Academy. A


Maria 1. Ortiz, from PRASA observed
the effluent clarifier in operation.


Oxidant or ai6s

l- f- 'r IH
Water 0 L7-7-


IlIILtd IllIUllllldi 'A I M I Ii '- A UK S
varacha d ,M M
'87.65.522 78.8210 78*5231

Icadefflia~ deliiia ei

By Maritza Toste, President of First Class Services and a Palmas del Mar Homeowner

Cruising for romance

Romance is always associ-
ated with peace, seclusion
and lots of --.... well, rest. And
there's no better way to escape
quotidian life with your part-
ner than traveling on a cruise

to faraway, exotic locations.
Luckily, such voyages exit.
Windstar Cruises is known for
the luxurious, relaxed and in-
timate trips that have made it
a favorite for couples.
Sailing in the Caribbean,
Costa Rica, Panama Canal,
Mediterranean and Greek
Isles, Windstar itineraries are
naturally romantic visiting
more secluded ports and hid-
den bays than other lines. In
my personal experience there
is something inherently ro-
mantic about being on deck
under sail. The Windstar
ships bring out the romance in
us all. It's in the atmosphere,
the small-ship feeling (only for
148 to 312 privileged guests),
and the tables for two at din-
ner, the luxury amenities, the
personal service.
Windstar offers various
packages to indulge. For ex-
ample the "Honeymoon Ro-
mantic Bon Voyage" package
which includes a bottle of
champagne, chocolate-dipped
strawberries, breakfast in bed,

a picture frame and a special
Honeymoon certificate for a
nominal cost.
Couples can also explore
the exotic port of calls and re-
connect with each -r!. .. i L.
taking idyllic sunset walks as
well as enjoy various moun-
tainous views while cruising
Aside from the sensual
locations, guests enjoy alter-
native dining venues, shore
excursions, complimentary
water sports, deluxe spa facili-
ties and luxurious accommo-
Nothing says "Amore" like
traveling with MSC Cruises.
Couples will discover ro-
mance at every turn--from
the elegant Italian ambiance
and white glove service, to the
seven-course gourmet cuisine.
As brand new or veteran hon-
eymooner, you can begin with
breakfast served on the private
veranda of your stateroom
or suite and end an evening
of music and dance with our
midnight buffet. MSC offers
a Romantic Sunset package
which includes one bottle of

Champagne Moet
& Chandon Brut,
two MSC fluts
(giveaways) and
a tray of choco-
late strawberries
for an additional -
Discover ro-
mantic Europe-
an destinations
such as Ven-
ice, where you
can enjoy a gondo-, t-. t.- ,
splendid piazza, or share an
afternoon in Capri, Provence
or Barcelona. See breathtak-
ing Baltic fjords and fairytale
castles together. Or relax un-
der swaying palms in the sun
swept Caribbean. Wherever
you go, your cruise is going to
be an unforgettable journey to
a lifetime of love and new ad-
One of the delights of a
Holland America Line cruise
is the many thoughtful and
unexpected touches that make
your cruise vacation especially
memorable. Visit Alaska, the
Last Frontier, Exotic Asia or
the Spicy Caribbean; there

is hudtlh, llluiu- lu-
mantic than sharing a cruise
with someone you love. The
couples' packages are a won-
derful way to celebrate your
relationship, privately or with
family and friends. "Just For
Us" package includes a dozen
roses, a bottle of Mum Cordon
Rouge, 2 bathrobes, dessert
and champagne served one
evening in your stateroom,
guaranteed table for two in
the dining room, two 25 min-
ute aromatherapy massages,
dinner for two at the Pinnacle
Grill and a 10x7 photo for a
nominal cost.

Romantic hideaway offers
Windstar Cruises' Wind Spirit sails from St. Martin and visits the
islands of St. Kitts, Tortola, Jost Van Dyke, Virgen Gorda and St. Barts
from November through March starting form $1,165 p.p. in Cat B.
Holland America Line' Amsterdam has an amazing sailing from
Singapore visiting Sihanoukville in Cambodia, Phu My, Halong Bay and
Hong Kong on March 20th starting form $939 p.p. in Cat MM.
MSC Cruises' Musica offers sailings through the romantic Greek
Isles sailing roudtrip from Venice and visiting Bari, Katakolon, Santorini,
Mykonos, Pireus, Corfu and Dubrovnik from May through October
starting from $899p.p. in Cat 1. Call First Class Services Cruise
Department at 787-722-8536 for more detailed information on these
and other exciting itineraries.


Allo sji nsyn.

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Excusivas colecciones...
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Manuel Mota
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Servicio complete
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* Vestidos
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* Accesorios
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de novias de
Nuevas ins tala:-io
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prueba de





,Ii '

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carr. 111 Krn 179 San Sebastian, PR
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\ American
-.< -- plastics ,,,
Y ,\ e- & isFabr


[^KilfejftB~ $
"'. < qh^^^^^^B^MB^^BB^^^Mi~~l^^BMBB~

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Waiting for Christmas Spa
* Bafio de Vapor
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Rejuvenece: cara, cuerpo y alma.


Escoge entire cualquier tipo de masaje
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Agnes CoIR...

By Lissette Rosado

Ever since my daughter was a toddler (she just turned 20),
I have visited Bambola looking for toys that would help her
develop her intellect and creativity. I would spend hours in the
store. There were so many interesting and fun toys! I would
also visit Bambola whenever I needed a birthday gift for chil-
dren. I was so sure that I was going to find a nice gift at Agnes'
store that many times I stopped at Bambola on my way to any
given birthday party. On top of that she would wrap your gift
very nicely. My daughter grew up and many years later, I ran
into Agnes. "How is Gabriela?" she asked me. I was in shock!
How could she remember my daughter's name after almost 15
years? Because... she cares about her customers and takes the
time to know them! Agnes is the type of person that loves
what she does and has her heart in everything she does. The
day of this interview, all the kids that came to visit the store
would run to her and give a hug and a kiss. I could
tell nothing had change. We have to be proud
that Agnes is one of our Palmas Homeowners
with her husband Ricardo Roman Eyxarch.
TI y have two children: Gabriela -19 and
I i,.go 16.
Agnes started her business eighteen
,ars ago when the store used to be lo-
ated in Santurce. "I used to visit Bam-
bola and one Christmas I noticed that
they were selling the store. I bought it
Sand a short time later I got pregnant
With my second child," Agnes recalled.
She also remembers how that year she
worked at the store with her big belly
until Three Kings Day. After that day
she retreated to her villa at Palmas
until Diego was born on January

'Th,. ',,Ir 1.1r ![ rIl r r,,, F', i,

are in February and two weeks
after giving birth I had to leave
to New York and leave my baby
and my two year old daugh-
ter with my husband. I didn't
have any choice," she said
and added that in NY she felt
the post partum blues. But, all ht It-
fort was worth it. Agnes has had the store
for 18 years now, first in Santurce, now in
Chard6n St. in Hato Rey.
"My focus is to bring the type of toys
that will promote children's creativity and
develop their intellect by stages. A kid
should crawl before they walk. The same
goes with intellect. A young child has to
scribble before he can paint and so on," explained Agnes. She
points out that she has kept her store away from electronic
toys. "Electronic toys have become a babysitting device. I have
.. I.I i.Ir- ., IrlI .i.' i I. r mIrants where the kids do not
lr i, i r.. .ir ri... i ,. r. i!, because they are hypnotized by
, I l... r F. r.., 1 r.. ..I out. "Those kids don't develop
rln. -. i I I. i. !.. i.. ti lite in society," she added.
I'n r t i.. mission at the store is to offer
ai' l!,r. guide of what their kids need
ill li ke according to their personali-
r .. id tastes. "It's a very rewarding




I already have clients that were
1. [is when I started the store and
iiow they are parents. The cli-
ents that come to Bambola are
looking for something differ-
ent," Agnes said proudly.
At Bambola
you can find tra-
ditional toys such
as: marbles, yoyos,
jacks, jump ropes,
evergreens toys like
F Thomas Train or Calico
Critters, classic wooden

r p


rt for W years

toys, collectable toys, and creative kits like Runaway Fashion or
science kits. You can also find all types of curiosities and innova-
tions such as the Flying Turtle, books, fashion gadgets and much
more. Believe it or not I ended up buying a couple of things
for my daughter's 20th birthday and when I gave it to her she
nostalgically said: "Oh Bambola!" I am sure she will be one of
Agnes' clients when she has her own kids. A



thiS [hriStMPS!
A^ _


OATe... ON
I*'_ -- n


N *V






K, I i.,-r, H ild.1l ,

.1r0-4.... r! '.,r an artistic
1 u. r. Ir !- Iii.. J !. ,in l... H is father
t I.. I i nr..1il, nid gave him '
..r: l, ... rl ..l..lle nam e. H is
completet e name is William Quet-
zalcoatl Morales. Quetzalcoatl was
an important god of the Aztec pan-
theon and was related to gods of the
wind, of Venus, of the dawn, of arts,
crafts and knowledge. He was also
the patron god of the Aztec priest-
hood, of learning and knowledge.
The ironic part of the story is that
he never used his middle name until he began painting. His
father died when he was eleven and never had the opportunity
to see him shine as Quetzalcoatl. His mother is Puerto Rican
and has always supported him; she has been his number one fan
from day one. I can only imagine poor little William trying to
learn how to write his middle name! It's hard to pronounce and
to write. I call him William.
William came to Palmas to visit with a friend and fell in
love with Palmas. "I hadn't visited Palmas since I was a little
boy and one day I came and that was it! I wasn't looking to
buy anything but I ended up buying my villa. I was seduced by
Aquabella...and I still am," said William. He moved to Palmas
full time and had lived there for three and a half years when he
was offered the opportunity to buy an apartment in San Juan.
Since he had his workshop at his mother's house in San Juan he
decided that it was a good idea to buy it, that way he would be
able to spend more time with his mother. "I am very disciplined
and go to work every day. I get to paint and spend time with my
mother," he added.
Nowadays, William is one of those "Palmenfos" that ccmems
every weekend. "I have a lot of good friends and clients ii i' 1 -
mas and I enjoy my villa very much," he said and I believe him.
His villa is beautifully decorated and vibrant, with a lot of art,
colors and flowers. The villa looks like it came out of a maga-
zine, with his seal in every corner. It is creative and colorful,
elegant and chic but very warm and relaxed, very much like
William. "I bought a golf cart and once I arrive I go everywhere
in my cart. Monday, when I leave, I feel as if I would have taken
a vacation," said Quetzalcoatl.

William Quetzalcoatl started his art career with Andy Bueso
at the Andy Bueso Art Academy. Later he studied with the
Spanish painter, Jose Asaustre and then at the Fashion Institute
.IT..,. .1. .. NT l. .. .. ,. ... .'portunity toworkfor
I 'i ,.., F.,'. Il..I.,ri i .i i,,.- I.. ... I y he cam e to Puerto
i".i.... r. i: .. i.r i..I A'. ...!. r.. N Y but destiny had
.. h.i.. r r. r. ... Li-:', 1" ii .. ...I him ajob atBBDO
A I.. i.i A ,. In 1 r.... In '. as a school for me. I
rlink rl! r In' i r !i ...I ni., .1 '... .i ii,. seal," he said.
ii I''. i .. r- I nI ..l II rn-r in .tessional exposition,
,.h I,,.. ,r rl.. i t.i nii ii ry Hall. At this time
1- i Ii' ,2 .. "i "j I "i 1 M. % t .,i ire painter is Salvador


Dali and at that time my paint-
ings had a lot of his influence, but
later I developed my own style,"
he said. In 1996 he had another
exposition where his themes were
women and love, Canciones para
tus Ojos. This collection was not
as surreal as the first. I personally
think he has never lost that Dali
influence and sooner or later it
comes out in some of his paint-
ings, even in his present exposi-

In 1998 he felt the need to change from oil to acrylic and
started his abstract 6poque. "People liked it and accepted the
change. My career started to bloom," he said. His period with
the abstract continued for several years with big success, until
2006 when he decided to make a 360' change. He recalls: "I
wanted to play tribute to women, to motherhood, to love, to
women as the fountain of life. It is here that I began to paint an
erotic image of women and the tribulations of modern woman-
hood. It was a risk because my clients at that time didn't know
that part of my art work. Most people knew me from my ab-
stract 6poque. But my clients, the general public and the press
understood my need, and followed me in my new journey." We
began seeing his women everywhere. I see them from afar and
I know they are Willy's. He style is unique and captures your
attention immediately.
Presently his works of art show more eroticism, political
consciousness and social denunciation. His last exposition,
Palabras Promiscuas, is a reflection of our present society: the
complaints, sorrow, Swine Flu, lotto tickets in all the paintings,
the need to save light and water... the complaints we hear in
our everyday life. Palabras Promiscuas is also an invitation to
introspect, to use our mind's own light, the water in our body,
the energy of our inner self...to appreciate our inner real wealth.
"We are alive! We have a mouth, let's smile! We have hands,
let's share...that's my religion!" finished Quetzalcoatl. I am re-
ally trying to learn how to pronounce his middle name. I have
even practiced out loud! Quetzal...coat, I guess you don't pro-
nounce the final L.
Quetzalcoatl, Palmas is proud of your success! A


A Caballo ;-' .. '..

I ,.1I , Slut

Located at Coconut Grove Plaza,

- *


next to Martin's BBQ



o en la cocina...
Shhhhh...nadie tiene
que entei a3se.
His alternatives son vaiadas,
*apidasy saludables Snvelo
en bandelas bonitas antes de que
Ilegue tu maiido o tu visit

el famoso polio al BBQ
care de cerdo
arroz con habichuelas coloradas
yuca y batata
mofongo de platano o yuca
niame, yautia, guineos
Guineitos en escabeche
S*tostones. papas fritas y amarillos
arroz guisado variaa por dia)
ensalada verde

787-O285-770 0
Coconut Glove Plaza Caii 906 (hacia Palmas del Mai) Hui
.1,,,,,,,, , i I I I '"' "1 1
I- I 1, I' n -II , H I'I
Centio Comeicial San Jose, Humacao Cian No 3
Abierto todos los dias de 10:00 AM 10:00 PM

VIP Properties Rita Molinelli
Sales & Rentals
Palmanova Plaza 134

Come, get your place in Paradise
Enjoy a Great Vacation or... Stay Forever!

It is not very often that you find a property that has
been thought and done with great care. This is it!
Make it yours. Show off your refined taste.
Crescent Beach Penthouse:
Two bedrooms plus loft, two bathrooms. Terrace with Jacuzzi. Spectacular
ocean and mountain views. Completely remodeled with the best quality
materials. Designed by well known architect. Price: $850. K



A pod of many talents...

It takes more than a solid academic
foundation to develop a well rounded
student. Educational research has prov-
en that the study of fine arts benefits not
only academic achievement, but brings
about the development of many social
skills, such as creative problem solving,
risk-taking, critical thinking, and team
work (Deasy, R. (2002), Stevenson,
L.M. (2005)). It is no secret that The
Palmas Academy has always embraced
the fine arts. Art, theatre and music
are part of the components in the area of
fine arts, that the Academy offers all of
its students and neighboring communi-
ty, through its curriculum and extended
day programs.
One of the most prideful components
of our fine arts curriculum is the drama
program. Early in our program the
school embarked on a project known as
the Creative Writing Workshops. These
workshops culminated in the presenta-
tion of several student-written and di-
rected one-act plays, performed in UPR
of Humacao. Today, our Drama Pro-
gram is part of our curriculum as well as
our extended day program. Our drama
program has successfully presented a va-
riety of shows that encompass original
plays all the way to rearrangements of
classic plays and musicals. On Our Own
(1998), Relatively Speaking (1998),
Questionable Quest (1998), Midsum-
mer Night's Dream (2004), Our Town
(2005), Music Man (2006), And Then
There Were None (2007), Alice in
Wonderland (2008), Peter Pan (2008),
and The Importance of Being Earnest
(2009), are just some of them. Rela-
tively Speaking was presented in Cen-
tro de Bellas Artes, in Santurce, while
Questionable Quest was played several
times in school, prior to showing in the
For more infromaci6n call: (787) 850-9120

Interamerican University and Broadway,
New York. In 2002, one of our students
was part of the Murderous Instincts cast
of professional singers, featuring salsa
scores by Puerto Rican composer Alber-
to Carrion, with books and lyrics by Cin-
da Fox, which debuted in Bellas Artes,
Santurce to later perform in England
and Broadway. All productions prior to
2004 were professionally arranged and
directed outside the school, with active
participation from our student body.
Needless to say, the Art and Music
Departments work collaborately with
the Drama to enhance the performance
of our young actors. The students in the
Advanced Art Class engage in the aes-
thetics of the stage, helping the Drama
teacher bring the setting to life, while
the Music Department may work on the
technicalities of the performance, such
as lights and sound.

"Tell me and I will forget.
Show me and I will remember.
Involve me and I will
-(Chinese Proverb)


As we approach the beginning of a New Year, let -,. r.. i
hopes that bright days are just ahead. The year tlr .... r.,
an end has been difficult for everyone. As the glo., i ...
local economy slowed down, it has impacted the ...t I
ress we had become accustomed to enjoy at the Pa- < ... I I i
Homeowners Association in past years. But, we arn ....I in
very optimistic that, with your collaboration, we will ...-, ii.., ii
north and get back to the track record ofcommunit, .- I.. rl, 1I.i
In 2009, in spite of our economic woes and fiu .i... i
straints, the PHA was able to bring to fruition signifi..r i....r
of positive impact on the community. Among these, .. .
to: (1) continue to expand the Perimeter Security ..il....
System thus,, providing for a safer community; (2) ii '.... r..I
beach erosion control measures; (3) established o ii .. I1
T.V. station solely dedicated to the Palmas del Mar... m r,.
(4) expanded through sponsorships the number aji.I ir, ,,t
community activities and events; (5) enhanced ke-, I ..I ...I
areas and lastly: (6) settled long standing costly le .. 'Ir ,.1.. -
ments. As we have done this year, we will pledge to I t-. 1 ...
and work just as hard in 2010 to keep the communir, i,..,' ii., I
the right direction.
You will note in the 2010 budget you are about to .. rI dr
there will be no increase in assessment fees and tl, Ir .
reduced the Association's spending to the maximur.. '.r.. ir
sible without affecting the quality of the services I... .' ..
While holding down costs, efforts will continue to b. r.. I. I
responding to the community need ii|- I-. r.-
those essential services and program r li r i..-
tain community growth, enhanc. ",,, it I1r,
of life and property values, all wirl .*.. !..
environment for our ,.,,..
residents and visitors.
This being my last r.... ri1
year, I am glad to take t, .. ,
nity to wish each and every. ,. ,
wonderful Holiday Season and I,, ri.. N..
Year be full of blessings, good he rl !I.. ....... I

Julio Bagu6, P sident

III Lll d lU III
the next issues
of the Live &
Life at Palmas
we will be
presenting to
you the profiles
of outstanding
leaders who
have stepped
forward to
assume a
position in the
PHA Board of
Directors as
of your
district. These
are extremely
high caliber
totally dedicated
to making
Palmas del
Mar the dream
we want for
ourselves, our
children and
We begin our
PHA Board
of Directors
profiles with
Julio Bague,
Raul Rivera and
Felix Santoni.

F.I '. "I ,ir, !, ., .r I., I H A ,.

I l I'
.. i i. I I l . .. .11. 1 1 ,'I

i,, F! 1 iF .. i... I ,,1 ,,ui ..[d ii ri r! ,,
ri ,i 1., ,, .,! l i., U. I

r!,, iv l ', .. .. ii 'I ..li i! I r t

t . A i ... .. F.,.h I F -. .I
,< ,! . .1 I. I r! I, l h. I, tr I r i ._

.. r. i i- i I, ,, l r ', ,1 1,.1
J, .r!, ... r . J .. t

.l U, t,, ll '... r, 'i.. ,


1.. l "... ......... .... ,.
II I.I.I I. I I *t
PHA Executive Committee and
served as a PHA Secretary. Fdlix's
leadership has been prominent in
several committees but his work
with the Palmas del Mar Security
Committee has been particularly
significant. Since his arrival at
Palmas, he took it upon himself
to guide the community security
programs insuring our residents
were afforded maximum peace
and tranquility in a crime free
community. Palmas reputation
as a resort community with the

I ,,, r l i i .. . I I f.. I r Ir
is a credit to his contributions in
this critical aspect of the superb
quality of life we enjoy at Palmas
del Mar. Fdlix also served as PHA
Delegate and has been a member
of the Board of Directors of La
Jolla for many years.
Felix is a retired business man
from the insurance industry
where he worked for more than
36 years. He was the Executive
Vice President and Deputy Man-
aging Vice President of Barros
& Carrion, Inc., a subsidiary of

.- _'N I L ,.,' ,p...ijt[i... ti...i, [ '.*- 1 [,_.
1993.and is a CLU ( Chartered
Life Underwriter).
Felix remains heavily involved
in several business and profes-
sional endeavors. He serves as a
member of the Board of Directors
of the Angel Ramos Foundation
He is also a member of the Board
of Directors of CBC Realty,
Inc., of San Lorenzo Develop-
ment Corporation, of the ICPR
Junior College and the ICPR
Foundation, and of the St James
Security Company. Additionally,

Fdix works very closely with all
veterans' organizations in Puerto
Rico and has played a prominent
role interacting with the Federal
and State governments to insure
that active, reserve and retired
military personnel are provided
with the best possible care and
service support facilities.
FMlix is the representative be-
fore the PHA Board of Directors
of Palmas District Five which
includes Haciendas de Palmas,
La Jolla, Las Villas de Palmas
and Sunrise.

Ral1 Rivera is from San Juan,
Puerto Rico, and is an architect
in private practice and Chief
Executive Officer of the Archi-
tects & Engineering firm Rivera
& Lastra Architects PSC. He is
a graduate of Cornell University
and a registered licensed archi-
tect since 1978. He has been a
resident of Palmas del Mar since

Raul has been a prominent
Palmas community leader for
two decades. His commitment
and exemplary dedication to
our community are typified in
the John Wallace Award for
Community Service presented
to him in year 2000. He has held
numerous leadership positions in
the community which include
service as Secretary and Member
of the PHA Board of Directors
from 1994 to 2000 and again
as a member of the PHA Board
from 2005 to the present. He
has been very active in the PHA
Executive Committee, the Beach
Erosion Control Committee and
the Beach Access Committee
and has represented PHA at the
Palmas del Mar Architectural
Review Board for more than 10
years. Raul has served as the
President of Beach Village Re-
gime II and as a member of the

Crescent Beach Regime Board
of Directors.
As an active architect and
CEO of his firm, Ral1 is fully
responsible for Facilities Pro-
gramming, Space Planning,
Schematic Design, Design
Development, Construction
Documents, and Construction
Contract Administration for In-
dustrial, Medical, Institutional,
Commercial and Residential
projects. Standing out among
these are: Plaza AEELA in Hato
Rey, MOVA Pharmaceuticals
manufacturing plants, Pfizer's
Employee Support Facilities
Building in Caguas, the Puerto
Rico Manufacturer's Asso-
ciation Headquarters, and the
Palmas del Mar Homeowners
Association Operations Build-
ing. Raul has also been very
active in professional organiza-
tions, presiding the AIA Puerto

Rico Chapter, chairing the AIA
National Continuous Education
Commission, developing the
continuous education program
for Architects in Puerto Rico, and
presently presiding the Archi-
tects and Landscape Architects
Registration Board.
Ra6l is the representative be-
fore the PHA Board of Directors
of Palmas District One which in-
cludes Crescent Cove, Crescent
Beach and all regimes in Beach

Campus and has been a resident
of Palmas del Mar since 1998.
Julio is a distinguished member
of the Palmas Del Mar com-
munity. He has held voluntary
,, ^ community related positions
such as a member of the Board
/r of Fairway Courts, President of
Casillas de Palmas, Chairman
:t -of the Delegates Committee
from 2003 to 2007, Secretary
ENGINEER of the PHA Board of Directors,
JULIO BAGUE Chairman of the Architectural
Julio Bagud, a native of San- Review Board Modifications
turce, Puerto Rico and a retired Committee, among others. Ju-
business executive of over 40 lio is a member of the Board
years of experience in the inter- of Directors of Palmas del Mar
national arena has been Presi- Utility Corporation, a non-profit
dent of the Palmas Homeowners residential community public
Association (PHA) since 2007. water and sewer utility company,
He holds a degree in electrical were he has served in different

pti^Udt d ExLmutV DutLL.LuI
and consultant, Secretary and
Treasurer of the Board. Julio,
a Vietnam veteran served as an
officer in the Army in different
capacities being his last assign-
ment as Assistant Adjutant
General of the Antilles Com-
mand under Major General Del
Mar. Thereafter, Julio worked
for 30 years with Phelps Dodge
International Corporation in
the electrical wire and cable in-
dustry where he worked his way
thru from Production Manager
of Phelps Dodge Puerto Rico to
Senior Vice -president of Phelps
Dodge International with profit
and loss responsibility for a
number of subsidiary compa-
nies overseas; as well as direct
responsibility for the company's
purchasing and technical as-

tst,. plugltl,,ts \N,,tld\vtd,.
Concurrently, during his tenure
with Phelps Dodge, Julio was
elected President & CEO of
all the wire and cable com-
panies in Central and South
America. Also, during his
tenure with Phelps Dodge, un-
der his investment supervisory
role, he served as a member of
the Boards of Directors of all
of Phelps Dodge International
joint venture companies in
the Middle East, Iran, India
Southeast Asia and Africa. Ju-
lio is the representative before
the PHA Board of Directors
of Palmas residential District
Two representing Fairlakes Vil-
lage, Fairlakes III, Maralago,
Marbella Club and Casillas de
Palmas. He is also the President
of the Board.

Architectural standards
The PHA Restrictive Covenants clearly establish that no structure shall be
erected in the Palmas del Mar and no improvement to the properties should
take place except in strict compliance with the provisions outlined in the
PHA Restrictive Covenants and the Architectural Review Board (ARB) Design
Guidelines. Prior to doing any outside work on your property including painting
of your home, placing an additional structure or doing any modification to the
existing property, you must submit a written request to the ARB. Individual
owners, builders and developers must conduct their operations in Palmas
strictly in accordance with the Design Guidelines and the ARB construction
rules and regulations. ARPE will not issue you a construction permit or a use
permit unless you have the ARB endorsement.
Please help us maintain the beautiful architectural theme that has made
Palmas del Mar famous around the world. Avoid stiff penalties associated
with non-compliance of the PHA Covenants and the ARB Design Guidelines,
Rules and Regulations. ARB fines are posted in your PHA assess-
Z:^, _. ments account.
.-- .r e you thinking about doing anything
ru ine exterior of your home or erecting
S .imything in your lot or yard? Your first
step should be to call or stop by the ARB
office to get an orientation.

^ ."*^.j^I
^ ^*,

Food and Toys Collection Program
The Palmas Ladies Community Club (PLCC) has started a food and toys
collection program that will extend thru December 23, 2009
The items collected will be donated to the communities of Buena
Vista, Guayan6s, Casa Ronald McDonald and the Evangelical Church
for the Deaf.
All food items must be "non-perishable" and all toy items must be
"unwrapped". For your ease of donation, collection boxes have been placed
in several locations such as The Palmas Academy, PHA Office (during our
regular schedule 8:00 am 5:00 pm or Saturdays from 9am to 1pm)
and The Palmas Market at Palmanova Plaza (only from 6-9pm on Fridays
and Saturdays). We encourage you to support the PLCC initiative by
donating and helping the less fortunate ones. For
further information you may contact rie
President of the PLCC, Ms. Melisa Eal,
at 239-821 -6043 or the PHA office at
787-285-6425. C J


W1% Im-N /


Taino Concert
A special cultural and musical event was presented at the PHA Assembly
Hall on Saturday, November 21, 2009 at 6:30 p.m. The event included
a free concert by Enrique Cardenas, the presentation of Guaili Taina-Ke
taino dance group, taino artwork, artisans and delicacies. This event was
sponsored by PHA in association with Liga Guakia Taina-ke, a social-
environmental organization dedicated to the conservation, protection,
restoration, and management of the cultural and natural heritage of the
southeast region of Puerto Rico. For additional information on the Liga
Guakia Taina-ke organization you can access their web page at http://

Security Community Council
The Palmas del Mar Secu-
Nrity Community Council was
sworn-in on November 2,2009.
Se g The Council replaces the PHA
These new receptale arSecurity Committee and will
r a v an c a a bring about a closer working re-
rge a n lationship between the Palmas
A a c t o comuy community and the Puerto Rico
thehve bee donated by Vitual Ee police toward solving crime and
C a .y a 't a appro.ximae os o security issues in Palmas del
$5,000 Mar. The Community Council
is presided by Erasmo Reyes.
Those being sworn in are:
0 Erasmo Reyes, Julio Bagu6,
Edd Siler, Daniel Vasse, Jose
Col6n, Victor Nieto, Antonio
Maldonado, Mary Jo Espasas,
Javier Corujo, Roberto Melin-
dez, Pedro Ever Sanchez, Gra-
ciela Roig, Joseph Maqueda,
Heriberto Silva, Frank Torres,
r gGladys Fornaris, Chris Pennock,
g g Agustin Cabrer



Our traditional PHA
Christmas Parranda will
be held on Friday, De-
cember 18h Starting
d at 5:30 p.m. the golf
cart parade will leave the
PHA Building and follow
a specific route to end up
at the Palmanova Plaza
where the party will be
held. Musical entertain-
ment and dance music will be provided by Maribel Delgado & Flor BorikCn
and Daisy y Sus Amigos starting at 7:00 p.m. To continue our tradition,
prizes will be awarded to the best three decorated golf carts and to the
best decorated regime entrances.
The route for the golf cart parade this year is the following:
Start at PHA Building, Palmas Plantation, Country Club Drive, Palmas
Reales/ Villa Franca, Palmas Drive,Coral Way, Harborside and finish
at Palmanova Plaza.


Golf Cart

Your deadline for the renewal of
2010 golf cart stickers renewal
is January 31, 2010. After that
date any violators will be issued
a $60.00 ticket for carrying an
expired golf cart sticker. Please
avoid unnecessary fines by reg-
istering your golf cart early. The
new 2010 golf cart stickers will
carry a larger design and will be
available for purchase on January
4,2010. Remember that to renew
your golf cart stickers you need to provide Palmas del Mar Homeowners
Association (PHA) with proof of insurance, an inspection certificate, a
signed agreement and a $60.00 renewal fee. Also you will need to have
your PHA assessments up to date and pay for any outstanding ticket viola-
tions under your account.

www.LLPalmas.com 29

1 0

*No contiene formol
"Elimina el Rizo y el Frizz"

"Repara e Hidrata" el cabello


* Dolores. molestias
y mala circulaci6on
* Elimina toxinas
* Incluye reflexologia ---
o botas terapeuticas

* Dolores de cuello y hombros
* CiAtica y tunel carpal
* Mala circulaci6n
* Elimina toxinas
* Incluye reflexologia

Otras ofertas en...


4 '

4e1 "'





Palmas del Mar has always been an
idyllic setting for a wedding. There are
i, uy advantages. In Palmas you have
..'.. rything within the premises which
mi runs offers many alternatives for
i.....ptions depending on the style
,i,.I size of the wedding. From a chic
,i,.I elegant reception at Chez Daniel,
Sri .litional French restaurant on the
ll'-I..i a very tropical wedding at Beach
i MI, eight on the sea shore; a more formal
!i,..I logger reception at the Country Club
S.. ri., Four Point Hotel by Sheraton; and
ri ... rhe new Yacht Club & Marina. They
) I '.1 ,;ve their own charm.
Y.1 also have the benefit that your
,-, .ts can stay at Palmas, either at the
F., .r Point Hotel or renting a villa for
rI.. weekend...all in the same setting.
%X I..n it comes to amenities for your
S hired guest...Palmas has it all! Your
S. Hiding will be unforgettable!
Now we can add something else to
this menu and it is the recently
-- inaugurated The Sacred Family
Chapel, from the Dulce Nombre
.I. i1.. Cathedral of
1 im ,.,.. 10. Important
,.i,.. If you want to
_. r tarried in this new
-" ,. ,l|i don't leave it for
1 ,r minute. The bride
S.I the groom need to
_. r in touch with the
I ",,ice de Jesils Parrish
: >r "7-852-0868.

,,,-I. ling dress from
1 ,I-I's Novias.

^*Q ~ te -..01 F
"iT ~ ~ 161 Wa -A-.i i^^^^


Tendencies for 2010...

"The strapless dress is very strong, very el-
egant and a tropical alternative. One shoul-
der dresses are also strong and many times
comes with detachable shoulders. We are
going to see fabrics with lots of movement
like: silk chiffon, silk gauze and "raso" silk.
Lace is very present for its romantic look and
the Sevillian influence is clear. We are going
to see long veils. The bridal tiara is not that
hot. What are dominating this year are feath-
ers, flowers and combs. The flower bouquet
is smaller and you will see a lot of crystals.
This tendency is also present in the acces-
sories where chandelier earrings are a strong
tendency," Abdel Mendez.

On her part, Maureen de Le6n, from En-
cantos Novias added that the colors of the
new season are leaning towards shades of
pink and violet. "There're a lot of new colors
for brides' dresses," she added and stressed
that the sky is the limit. Maureen confirms
that the one shoulder and strapless dresses
are a very strong tendency. Maureen agrees
with Abdel Mendez about the tendencies in
fabrics and added that tight fitting dresses
are big this season. "But the most important
thing is that the bride should introspect and
decide how she would like to look. The rest
can be left to us!"



Ice Scupltures .1 'H ,ii:> .:lI : ,itil.il [i,,
' Il '- il il III ji t t l .1l [IIl 'i l 1 t i:.1l l i:l' i: ,
iltIl l :h I:11 f1:1 ll '.1 .. t- .- .:1lIII : ll l
lII I lt-' '.I.t l.l 11 :tt.tlllt l It, it t lit.-ll .4 11

..I' '_hil, 5,. biu n -' .11 :2 -' 1_







li- iijl. iith~i.i~ti 'Iiii- cake i: : II lli li1:: IiI .i ii 1-i
1i.111 l t- i'i [l .l- .iiij il' ti .ii j l li- t-l t-lti].ilil: I- I-i:].:iijlt i : [lil-
' I i.:|I i _' .ii i '. :I j : ti ilh l'i.:il i -I i :ii j IIti.:1l
i:| l i r I ll iii i i 'T : l it. il i:. ii t: l t1:1 l iil l .i. [lit- l it l il-
(:i-l':, r 'l ii il hra t -l S a :Ita il -i ., l '.iil t.li 1 1
,i:an ,:,,. :<1 Aracelis Santana .ar '- :':-: 1 2:.,':

Children's garb I: :[ii .-1, i 1..i:

lj: 'l l tll ; ,1 .11: /_..t A llio l 'i; tt
r It -Ill, .ili .:il I ti dir, ' i t- i I i 1 lIlt-
to i:l lIjlt-ll' .:all: .:ll FiIi .111 .:r|:i-
IloinhinirI .:ill Yolanda Sanchez

V .e,. ,Rs 1 ,.. '-, .. ` k -T T'


.. I-.



I-. '




!." ', -" .,-*





- V

For an ,el_-. iI and .:.,:ir,.: ,.:l.:ii.Iq" THE I: 'I.II ITF:( CLUB, very Spanish and spacious with flexible areas, ideal to customize your space and create Jiiff-r-rni set-
tings. Seats 150 guests. Buffet or seat down dinner available. Music and decoration coordination also available. For more nf:.rini.ili.:.in .:.ill 87) 285-2230.
Models: Aureli Arnould and Julio Cesar Dugarte Child Models: Camila Umpierre, Sebastian Maldonado, Bianca Orfila and Diego Alejandro Prieto
Wedding dress from Radel's Novias Tuxedos : Perez Tuxedos
k- C ... ,-

J -
tj' ~1


* r. i~.

,' \
' 7',


1 .



B K~9


...... ... ..... _
For a tropical look wedding, THE BEACH CLUB is an excellent alternative. The ':i 11.1:li .I : -r, Caribbean with plenty of space for a big
wedding or an intimate one at the ocean deck. The ocean front as a back drop make it's an ideal setting for a very romantic wedding. Buf-
fet or seat down dinner available. Music and decoration coordination also available. For more information call (787) 285-2230. Models:
Au.reli Arnoild ind Ih.lio Cecpr DP.i.mrte Child Model' Sebcthn Mildon3do Weddinq drecc from Encintoc Mo"i Ti.i edo' P4re: Ti.iedoc

*/,/ '~1'~

F ri-I 714r


Sel dia mas
en tu vida.

Segura Viudas

tfl.crLbuyr: %lrndr.y {h.rnpssu. ~.mJm.s Purn4r 14n

-'----~- -

* -


F n




* f

For a more formal wedding THE FOUR POINTS BY SHERATON Ballroom with capacity for 400 seated guests. Buffet or sit-down dinner
available. Also at The Four Point you have the Pool Terrace alternative with capacity for 60 guests. And if you are a nature lover, you can
have the ceremony or the welcome party next to the small pond. For information call 787.850.6000. Models: Aureli Arnould and Julio Cesar
I[ L.i irte Wedding dress from Radel's Novias Tuxedo : Perez Tuxedos

Weddings Corporame & Social Events Seminers Event Planning Consultanta




~r. I I



v ^ f"":"""N "


For a cozy and elegant wedding reception...CHEZ DANIEL, traditional, classic and...so French. Owned by the prestigious chefs Daniel Vasse
and Frank Arnould. Sit down dinner for 90 guests. Music, decoration coordination also available. Buffet or sit down dinner. For information
call 787-850-3838. Model: Aureli Arnould Wedding dress from Encantos Novias Child models: Bianca Orfila and Diego Alejandro Prieto

* -.!-w w-V



635 Ave. Andalucia, Puerto Nuevo


The new YACHT CLUB AND MARINA are truly very special places for a wedding, especially at the sunset. Right in the ocean with two beautiful
terraces and with Vieques in the background, The Yacht Club sets the mood for a very romantic wedding. The round structure gives the
sensation of a lighthouse on a Paradisiacal island. Buffet or sit down dinner available. Arrangements for decoration and music upon re-
quest. Capacity for 250 guests. Models: Aureli Arnould and Julio Cesar Dugarte Wedding dress from Radel's Novias Tuxedo: Perez Tuxedos

1. .

Resale Properties.

For most budgets and lifestyle needs.

F ., .
7':111 'l '7'1 :11 11 D IP I: 1:111 ''.7 h 1 -71' -1-7

SI H L LI s 1 I LI I

I i i- III I I I II7 I II I-7 i I III I '
I, I IIi,,I ,II I i i ,I I I I ,' I I I I I

H _f,- u F'- i NT

.' :1 I, l '7. '-. 111" .'- ,,.. ,-

Villawith lockout. 2 bedrooms, 2 baths and
partial view to the ocean. |
Offered $3 10 k Irvia Roque

I Il I
i II I 111,1 : H Il, : 1
j .,If l.- .- l i, 'A i i, ,, H

--I III I 1 : 11 1 .I I : 11 1 I-

I T' I ,i II II I I I 'lI.I I -' DI

p ~ ~ NIAkALA' k
1111' 111I 11i7':1 il 1 'ii' IH i'' ii I '111III ''

1- ki L -k K -E I I

lai ii I i' 'i

I, .

" Y. .

BE A. H -iLL ,;E.
1- 1- I -l iI 1' IIIi'j j' II'.''ii:' 1 I,:,i,,,, I II
1 bath, equipped. Near beach and hotel.
Offered $240k Irvia Roque

Empty lot of approx. 445 sq. meters.
Spectacular view to the marina!
Offered $630k

I: h hil T II 1 i 1 I1 ll 7 I I,- I III,, -,, 7, 1
55' boat slip on best side of San Miguel.
l. 1'i -l '7 .; .. l I ., ,-i ,

Brisas Model. Penthouse villa of 2 bedrooms,
2 baths, wine cellar, open terrace with Jacuzzi
and a great view.
Offered $575k Irvia Roque

1 T 'I, I I
': 1, ilh1 1,711 :1'.'7 1ii: ,l i~ .111 Y1'.1'

Palmas del Mar Real Estat.
,. proud to welcome our r ,
Real Estate Professional.

Erick Bracero.


Palmas del Mar Real Estate wishes youi ami your loved ones

Our superb new projects.
that one oJthlcm will fit your ,"i',tylc ad budget ckpcctations:

\IC arc suLre









Toll free 1- 800 -PALMAS 6 or call now 787-852-8888
www.palmasdelmar.com / www.movetopalmas.com

The largest inventory of new homes and resales.
Exclusive broker for Palmas new communities.
Customer service oriented Sales Professionals
who know and understand the market.



A division of Palmas Del Mar Properties, Inc. Lic.# 7493


A LOOK INTO 2009...


This year 2009 we enjoyed a calendar filled with great events, sp(

We say goodbye to 2009
and we welcome 2010 with open .
arms. Palmas del Mar will start
the new year welcoming more
than 60 new families to our
membership. We have increased
our members participation at
our events. This year we launch
a new Member Appreciation
Program that we know will
be very well received. We are
preparing a very creative and
exciting member program for
2010. We more than appreciate
your support to the Club.
Palmas del Mar Country Club

,' :,,.. .





VARD 2010

cial programs and benefits...

Annual Dinner
Guys & Dolls Golf Tournament
Palmas Annual Tennis Tournament
Easter Brunch
Ladies Member & Guest
Mothers Day Brunch
Fathers Day Brunch
Member & Guest Golf Tournament
4th of July Celebrations
Jazz Concerts at the Green
Salsa Concert at the Green
Events at the Beach Club
Music at the Beach Bohio
Tennis Member & Guest Tournament
Sunday Lunch Buffets every week
Thanksgiving Lunch Buffet
Grandparent Program
Free Guests Program
Rewards Points Program
In-house Charging Privileges
Preferred Vendor Program


Louis Marchesani
Luis M. Nazario Moux
Javier J. MuFioz
Daniel De Ontafi6n
Federico J. Fuxa
Herman Cueto
Viola F. Wiley
Duane Bolte
Damaris Cruz
Michael Hall
Yariela Suarez Pagan
Carlos Ezio Garciamendez
David Coira
German R. Ramirez
Johanna Rodriguez
Dr. Gerardo J. Allende
Luis F. Calder6n
Ana Maria Dominguez
Pierre Chartrand
Carlos Gonzalez-Aquino
Julio E. Abreu
Marigloria Del Valle
Norma I. Perez-Ramirez
Francisco J. Fontanet
Isaias Serrano Ramos
Julio Velazquez Sanchez
Luis F. Velez
Harry Negron
Carlos Diaz
Mariela Garcia Davila
Rafael Ufret
Anthony D. Cruz
Miguel E. Sagardia
Maria E. Villoldo
Benjamin Berrios
Rafael Ramirez Diaz
Alfonso Figueroa
Jose A. Vazquez
Omar Rosario Olan
Josue MuFioz
Timothy Schaaf
Jose Ceron
Dale Coram
Carlos Gonzalez
Jorhan Ocasio
Owen Woollis
Eugenio Garcia
Maria del C. Rodriguez
Chris Verner.
Peter Fallman,. ,
-Angel M. Vazquez
Karim Benitez Marchand

* 12/31 New Years Beach Club Style/12 noon
Rum Tasting and Live Music at the Beach Club

January 2010
* 1/14 Wine Tasting Event at the Clubhouse
* 1/15 Palmas Annual Tennis Tournament
* 1/16 Palmas Annual & Goli Match Play Tournament
* 1/17 Palmas Annual Tennis Tournament
* 1/19 Ladies Whiners Goll TournamenI
* 1/23 Palmas Annual & Final Round
Golf Match Play Tournament
1/24 Palmas Annual Tennis Tournament
February 2009
2/12 Guys & Dolls Cocktail
2/13 Guys & Dolls Golf Tournament
2/20 PDM Matches Cup Golf Tournament
2/27 Annual Dinner @ Beach Club
2/27 Member Appreciation /Golf and Tennis
Tournament starting December 26

Don't miss our Sunday Buffet every week at the Club!
Fun nights at the Beach Bohio every Saturday!

..,dadi V 0i0edadl s) F*.urrdS

Carr. # 3,Triumph Plaza Carr. 901 Km. 13.5 CARR. 31 KM. 3.7
Lote # 6 (Frente a la Urb. Valles de Yabucoa) (Frente Ferr. Cariro)
656-0002 953-0000 TEL. 465-0032

LAS PIEDRAS AVE. PINEIRO (frente al Correo) TEL. 733-0959

iQuiroprActica para Nifios, J6venes y Adultos!

Contamos con equipo de alta tecnologia de
evaluacidn del sistema nervioso central
Evaluaciones metatarsals y de
postura- Modernas facilidades
con sistema paperless.
Tratamiento para...
Subluxaciones Vertebrales Dolores de Cabeza
Dolor de Cuello y Hombros Adormecimiento de Manos y Piernas
Espasmos Musculares Discos Herniados Dolores de Espalda Baja
Sciatica Radiculopatias

mirtes a viernes: de 8:00am a 5:00pm y sibados: de 800am a 12:00pm
63 Av.PdeRieaHmcoPR 09
787 85.88 eathrwlcne ml~o

ni lawyering:


By Ivonne Cruz Serrano, Esq. / 787-474-0070

In Shakespeare's Henry VI, Dick The Butcher, a killer in the play,
uttered this phrase under a setup of a possible revolution. In the play
there was a conflict, in history is known as the "Wars of the Roses."
The House of York decides to start a rebellion in which he can assert
the claim to the throne and the pretender, Cade, is discussing how they
will start the war and begin oppression of the people by taking away
their property and individual liberty At this point, Dick, the Butcher,
a member of the gang of Cade, states in a comedic way that "The
first thing we do, lets kill all the lawyers." The context in which this
wisecracking comment is stated is that in order for them to succeed,
they must get rid of those who enforced the law, that if you are going to
oppress the people and take away the rights of the citizens, you need
to kill the lawyers first. Hence, without lawyers there was no protection
against their totalitarian regime.
Vilifying lawyers and misusing Shakespeare's famous phrase has
become something usual and common. But little awareness exists that
this phrase was intended as a praise of our role as lawyers against a
lawless system and its tyrants. As you may see, this phrase is of-
ten misunderstood and misquoted. However, I am not surprised. Our
justice system is adversary and lawyers are hired to resolve disputes
which in turn means that someone loses. Sometimes while advising
we have to tell things that the client does not want to hear, and we have
to warn the client of the good and the bad in order not to have them
hold to unrealistic expectations. It is only natural that resentment and
frustration is targeted against the lawyer. Many times, against their own
lawyer. We are an unpopular breed but I will strive to have this Shake-
spearean 's phrase placed in its right context and uphold its praising of
my profession. From my part, I embrace my role as an advocate and
my court experience in medical malpractice, personal injury, labor law,
contract disputes, settlement negotiations and other areas of the law
has brought me a deeper understanding of the system and the issues,
its complexities and the characters that come into play.
Fortunately, our system here in Palmas del Mar is far from being

lawless or lawyer free. We all share here this paradise in Palmas Del
Mar where many rules, regulations, laws and determinations co-exist
to maintain the order and a system respectful of the lives and proper-
ties and others and make our community a better place to live. From
the minute you enter Palmas Del Mar, the Access Control System is in
operation, with its set of regulations and procedures. Also the Palmas
del Mar Homeowners Association provides an organized set of rules.
Aside from these, each regime here in Palmas also has its own set of
regulations or restrictive covenants plus the many laws of the Common-
wealth of Puerto Rico and some federal laws together
with those of the Municipality of Humacao also
enter into effect to cover the rights and duties
of property owners bearing in mind ..i-i i- .e
enjoyment of the private property is in:ir .:n
absolute right.
In sum, many rules and laws corr i ii': r,-
terplay and must be considered wiiihen .,:,:
with a conflict. That is why is very iiii|:c:r.il .:
that whenever you are or may be ir,-
volved in a situation regarding youi
rights, including those regarding
your property, you seek profession-
al advisement to assist you with the
host of different legal issues and
regulations that operate and which
is unlikely that you have time and
knowledge to figure out correctly
by yourselves. The system is de-
signed to protect your rights and -
if you do not underscore the role
a lawyer can play, you will allow
the right tools to work cohesively.

Incluimos todo lo necesario para servirle en cualquier lugar.
Barras Portatiles Bebidas/Hielo Bartenders *
Fiestas Privadas/Corporativas Bodas/Quinceafieros

Para reservaciones y consultas

Unlimited Bar Solutions

unlimitedbar. solut i s mSiiW


A story to share...

around the world

in The Scholar Ship
By Lissette Rosado

Diana Rodriguez is an authentic
Palmena and a successful young execu-
tive that has a wonderful experience to
share with us. In the beginning she seems
shy but soon you realize that she is not.
She is very assertive and professional.
She grew up in Palmas and is the daugh-
ter of Antonio Rodriguez and Margarita
Flores. "I grew up in Villa Franca with a
lot of friends my same age. We would go
around Palmas freely and feeling safe,"
said Diana .1... i l.u&i her up-bringing in
Palmas. Today she is a full time CPA and
has a master's degree in International
Business. But you can't imagine the
wonderful educational experience you
are about to learn.
Diana traveled around the world (lit-
erally) in a ship called The Scholar Ship
where she did her master's degree in In-
ternational Business with 210 students
of 35 different countries. Can you imag-
ine such a fantastic experience? Just liv-
ing in a multicultural environment has
to be a tremendous learning experience!
I could enroll tomorrow.
The Scholar Ship is a globally rec-
ognized academic program aboard
a dedicated passenger ship specially

transformed to host undergraduate a i.1
postgraduate students on semester-long
voyages around the world. Participants
from diverse cultural backgrounds come
together to co-create life-changing ex-
periences that develop their intercul-
tural competence and foster friendships
reaching the far corners of the world.
They embark on a semester-long jour-
ney around the world to provide engag-
ing learning experiences through a port
program that complements the cur-
riculum onboard- visiting every 7 days
a different country. Her travel itinerary
covered: Greece, Portugal, Panama, Ec-
uador, Tahiti, New Zealand, Australia,
China and Honk Kong.
"In every country we had to do 'hands-
on' internship according to our curricu-
lum. For example, in Portugal I visited a
vineyard and studied it from an interna-
tional perspective. One of the angles I
looked at, for example, is the ways gov-
ernment promotes tourism through the
establishments of inns and other special
programs within the vineyards. After
visiting the vineyard we would have a
business conference with its administra-
tion and at the end of the visit, once we
were on the ship, we designed a special
project based on our visit and the con-
ference," said Diana. and explained that
on the ship they took
LLP: What country did you like the
Diana: None, every country has its
own enchantment. In Ecuador, for ex-
ample, I felt at home because it is a Latin
culture. New Zealand has a very inter-
*sting intercultural mix where Orien-
rals, Mexicans and Indians live together

without much noticeable conflict. All of
these races sparkle for different reasons.
LLP: What about the cruising experi-
ence, any rough passages?
Diana: Yes, the passage from New
Zealand to Australia was terrible! We
had to put our computers on the floor
and lay down. The ship was navigating
LLP: What about the distribution of
the students?
Diana: Everything was very well
planned and studied. The groups were
divided by cultural background, gender
and age.
LLP: Any romance?
Diana: Oh yes! There have been three
weddings already, one baby and a couple
of engagements...even amongst profes-
sors. After all those months you create
a strong bonding with everybody. (I sug-
gested to Diana that she should invite
all of them to Palmas. I would like to
meet them all!)
LLP: Any regrets?
Diana: None! This has been one of
the best decisions I have made in my
life. To be a successful professional in
the field of International Business you
need the intercultural knowledge and
understanding that comes from having
experiences within many cultures.
I don't have any doubts. We are
proud of this young executive and we
wish her a successful international ca-
reer. She is already well on her way!

oint Break
Palmannum Pl7 HIMi7

4 Cocinas
^ t //y Banros

Estimados Gratis
Garantia Incluida
Servicio de alta confiabilidad
20 aifos de experiencia en diseiio y manufacture

787.850.4044 Tel
787.850.0171 Fax
Monday Fridays 8:00 AM 9:00 PM
Saturday 8:00 AM 5:00 PM

Visit our

Major Medical Insurance Plans accepted ATH, Visa, Master Card and AMEX honored


info hemtolgyocolgycnte -co

TEL 787-852-5260/ FAX 787-285-795E

Servicios que ofrecemos
Administracion de Quimioterapia Ambulatoria
Tratamiento para enfermedades de la sangre (anemia, plaquetas bajas etc.)
Estudios especializados
Apoyo emotional individualizado
Charlas educativas
Actividades de apoyo y confraternizacion

Personal Altamente Especializado
Hematologo Oncologo
Enfermeras Oncologas
Personal Clerical adiestrados

Calle Dufresne #7 (Este) Primer Piso
Humacao, PR, 00791
Tels./fax 787-852-5260 6 787-285-7958

Horario de lunes a viernes de 6:00 AM hasta 4:00 PM por cita previa.

En Hematology Oncology Center nos
especializamos en el trato especial a
cada uno de nuestros pacientes con la
confidencialidad y profesionalismo
que usted se merece.


Dr. Mird i
Hena-lgo Onc -g

'1 -VM -

REMAX de Palmas
Plr-,=, d.l I 1' Ir Humacao, PR
787.850.7069 / 787.850.4343
www. discoverpalmas.com
email: remaxpdm@coqui.net
Myrna Rios-Milam
. 1984

The Real Estate Leaders

SUNRISE: Ready to move in! Private cul-de-sac location. Two story, 4B/ 21
and lot, 717mc. Partially furnished, fully equipped. $365,000.00

1- 11T

THE WOODS: Awesome goft course views from MONTE CARLO-PALMANOVA: Centrally located, in
breezy terrace. 3B/2 1/2B, furnished & equipped. like new condition. Freshly painted thru-out, three
Second floor unit at a to sell price! bedrooms, family, granite kitchen counters,stainless
$490,000.00 steel appliances. Covered carport. $399,000.00
Foreclosure information available


-. -, ..
pUS'fc ****w1-^*'a*

tapas y vinos

11:00 AM- 11:0 PM

calle canals 254 787-725-1345

Look Good! ...feel better!

Dr. Graciany Miranda's Hematology On-
cology Center sponsored, with the support of
Keila's Beauty Salon team, the annual activity
"Look Good, Feel Better" aimed to help cancer
survivors feel better about themselves by creat-
ing bonds and support amongst them. At the
activity the women (all cancer survivors) learn
how makeup and hair tricks can help them look
and feel good about themselves. It's also an
opportunity for these survivors to realize that
there are people who care about them and that
if they reach out there are always helping hands
to make life a little easier for them. "Most of
the patients go through a denial stage, then a
period of depression. But then, from the interior of their soul,
arises the survival instinct and suddenly they learn that every
day is a winning battle and that the possibility of winning the
war to cancer is a reality. They are so strong and powerful,"
said Yvonne Maldonado, the motor behind this activity and
Dr. Graciany's wife and right hand. The activity counts with
the support of the Sociedad Puertorriqueria contra el Cancer,
Capitulo del Este".

-1 -, 1

'" j qjs





Calle Dr. Barreras # 21
Juncos, PR 00777
Telefono/FAX: 787-734-2335
Aceptamos Planes M6dicos con Cubierta en Ortodoncia


I I Rmwet

Ralph... ,"te

The Palmas community ,
was there to back him up I

r This month, the new and majestic Ralph's Food Warehouse
of Rio Grande opens its doors. With an investment of over 4
million dollars, the 72,500 square feet supermarket is a state
of the art supermarket which also includes a drug store, caf-
eteria, Western Union and the facilities where you can play
Electronic Lottery.
Today, Puerto Rico and the Caribbean is waking to a new
and unique concept in gro-
cery shopping. The store
has a new and revolutionary
lighting and refrigeration sys-
tem. This will not only reduce 4
the consumption of electric-
ity dramatically, but it also
makes it an environmental
friendly system. The modern
decoration and the wide halls
are an irresistible invitation to
every customer who wishes to '
do their shopping in a pleas- ,
ant environment.
In this new supermarket the .
people from Rio Grande and
its visitors are going to find
the best quality in food and
the best prices; a combination
that only Ralphs Food Warehouse can offer to its customers.
This is the newest and twelfth store of the Ralphs Food
Warehouse family. In December 2009 they begin the construc-
tion of two new facilities in Las Piedras and Fajardo. In 2010
they will be expanding their concept to the metropolitan area.
There's no doubt that the best and the fastest growing compa-
ny in Puerto Rico is and will be Ralph's Food Warehouse. A

www.LLPalmas.com 51


ii choice

Crescent Beach \
An outstanding beach
front 2,400 square feet -
penthouse at Crescent
Beach. Completely
remodeled with the most
exquisite materials and
Italian furniture. Not a
detail was overlooked. w ---
S2 floors
* 2 bedrooms
* 2 bathrooms
* Sun room bar and roof --
terrace deck with spa.
* Commercial grade
hardwood floors
* Austrian glass wall tiles.
* Hurricane and impact .. .
resistant Valcor windows aln ,-,I .i t .... .
* Dimmed recessed lighting i,: -i
Kovacs chandeliers
* Central Music system with speakers
throughout and 4 TV sets
* Rollup shades with framed true black outs
* 2-vehicle covered carports and storage closets on the ground floor.
For more information call Lcda. Rita Molinelli 787.487.2995

The Views....It's a reality! These majestic residences have been designed with the most rigorous
standards of excellence. There are two models...The Vista and The Scena, both have 4 bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms.
From 2,700 to 3,000 square feet and 1,000 meters of land. High ceilings and open spaces are other features that
makes this residence very elegant and clear. The sales price includes the membership to the exclusive Beach and L
Tennis Club, 6 Lennox air conditioners and Kitchen Aid appliances as well as a golf cart. For more information call
Palmas del Mar Real Estate at 1-800-PALMAS-6, 787-852-8888. Or visit palmasdelmar.com or movetopal-
mas.com The first closing at The Views.

One of the most
awaited developments at Palmas
is now a reality. Located in the .
best beach spot in Palmas, So- t
area villas are the ultimate in re- ..
sort-style residences. They have J "
an exquisite blend of Caribbean
and Mediterranean architectural I
designs. "It's an apartment with
personality and elegance," I over-
heard the day of the opening. The
space is very well designed and
details are well taken care of.
Solarea is part of The Regent, a
prestigious five star hotel devel-
opment that will be constructed
on the site and will further en-
hance these luxury villas. So-
larea has five different models to
choose from and will have beauti-
ful gardens, pools, an extraordi-
nary club house and gazebo for
activities. For more information
tare at 1-800-PALMAS-6, 787-
852-8888. Or visit palmasdelmar.com .
or movetopalmas.com

The Woods To live in the woods is to live and be part
of the most complete resorts communities in Puerto Rico, I
del Mar. Located in a community with the amities that in(
Beach Club, Golf Club, Walking Trails, Equestrian Center, 3 a
miles of sandy beach, the Caribbean's largest tennis club, 18
rants from formal to informal, Fully Bilingual English Acaden
a marina with all of the services and facilities for mega ya
Beautiful 3 Bedroom unit with 2 and 1/2 bath open terrace
the Flamboyan Greens golf course Modern kitchen, the bes
* pool facilities club house with bath enclosed communil
Woods... more then a lifestyle a way of life. $650,000 obo Fc
information call CPM Realty at 787.850.4401/852.7161

* rI ll,) 1 '' t 4: I t.',: I I: 'i l 41t ] ll'l i .1 (11 t ..il l I II l I,, I
Il' i ,: ll l' : ,iiil' ,li k l'i l .l it ll.-i l |:il )ti| lT ,
' ht 1|:i [lli lt .;,: hl 1 '11 ll IAI.j illl il 'nl .j'10- L 'jk '-i
U l BBC Realty/Berta Bull .a . :;.:', ..; : ,, ':' :,,.,-':,;::. r,, :1, :. ,i .

Shell Castle is a one of a kind custom built house with a breathtaking view of
the Caribbean Ocean and Vieques of approximately 6,500 sq.ft. The lot is built on a
terrain of approximately 1,020 sq.meters.The property has 4 bedrooms plus 1 at-
telier convertible to a fifth bedroom and 5.5 baths. Showing by appointment only. For
more information, call Rudv Realty at 787-285-4226/647-8003.


Liberty Office in Palmas


Gaby Palermo, Vice-President Sales & Marketing, Liberty
Cable, and Jim Clark, Operations Senior Vice-President,
Liberty Global Latinamerica.

Liberty Cable just opened a new service of-
fice in Palmas to better serve our commu-
nity. The new office is located in Palmanova
Plaza next to Chihuahua Restaurant. For
the inauguration night a cocktail party has
held for the community leaders and board
Once again Liberty shows their commit-
ment with Palmas community. The office
hours are: Monday thru Friday form
10am to 3pm and Saturday from 9am
to 6pm. The phone number is 787-355-

III Ibwelcome'sa new
Palmenia. Maria Fernanda
I,,cia , 1 ei I the newborn
ti' tIa In I ,f our beloved Obed
.r II I Want to know a little
I, I ill her Reina Sofia. For
ll I like a little princess.
m lionshe will be ii iii for
iI I2 T, in Palmas. I will also
i I, ounce that I iili, I in
our next issue we will have a kid's corner. to announce births, birthdays,
special ,. ,, ii h, I etc. sponsored by Bambo/a a wonderful toy store for
parents that want ,oI Ic liI ii ll, 1. ll for their children. us informed of
your children's accomplishment.
-- - - - - - - - - -
His name is Andres G. Cruz, a
junior student at The Palmas Academy.
Andres was concerned about an issue
,,I,,li, i the ,i',,'iiiiilli' I to possess
a cell phone by our soldiers and their
need to communicate with I11,1 1i iili v.
back home. I got to the task of search
ing for an i,, ,h ,, that could pro-
vide a solution to this problem. On top
of that, calls from the Middle East are
extremely expensive. As such, I found
a Ii, ii,,, i ,ilii that met my
1, in Ce/I Phones for Soldiers. .
I ,,i ,,,I our school as an official
drop off point of old cell phones," said Andres.
Ce/I Phones for Soldiers hopes to turn old cell phones into more than 12
million minutes of prepaid ,I l, I cards for U.S. troops stationed overseas
in 2009. To do so, Ce/I for Soldiers expects to collect 50,000 cell
phones each month Ii,, I, I a network of more than 3,000 collection sites
across the country.
I I, i help our troops by I i ,i, I your used cell phones. You can also
',i, I your cell phone II I and accessories to donate. The drop off point
for cell phones is located at the lobby of The Palmas Academy. Drop off is
Monday thru Friday from 7 am to 5 pm," informed Andres.

Can you tell? Pa/lmas Market is 'i, ... in.i
their ,' I' ,'ii in delicatessen and gourmet
products every iii,. .11 I 1 11 11111i
new , li, ,a ri 1,'l I ii, IIl l 'I,, i' h I
some of Kala's I I, 111 i ii 111, I
desserts? Delio''l" I


e or
at Pclrvi.,s


The Cellar Informs...
* Basic Wine Classes coming soon at The Cellar. The course
will be 4 days, one hour per class. If you are interested stop by
The Cellar and reserve your space.
* Opera Nights on Tuesday. Every Tuesday The Cellar will
have opera videos and music. If you are an opera lover, we will

see you there.
* Bohemian Nights continues every Saturday.

A new book 1 li I. i,. ', ii i is i iii i
this month at Par Avion in Palmanova.
Milton i, i,,. ..is il ii I, to provide a space
in his store to establish a place where we
can take read books and pick up another.
It's important to ii, iiii, i Ill ii i no more
than two books at a time will be accepted.
This ,,, ii i 11 is a way to recycle books
and share them with the community,
not to empty our bookshelves.

- --,,I


\ I




Costa Rica... IN i if
here we .
Start F I we are
I to Cost a i this
ii i, 11! A ,i iu 'I, from Palmas is I l a uise tills Ilex I
to Costa Rica in the Winidstar, a very exclusive and cozy cruise. Our
friend, Maritza Toste is ,ii I ,i i, I this trip with me. It's a big opportunity to
visit Costa Rica and share a , ,iii ,i with us. The price is unbeatable-
$1.345 per person. Call Maritza at First( I, Services ~ 787-722-
for reservations.


As you know, the U.S. Census process will ',,, iii in
March of 2010, so here is some ii ,li, n1.,ii itfi ,,.li in ni
you should know to avoid 1 I 1 l 111:
* All census workers will be properly ,I I1i with
a ', 1, I, a handheld device, a census canvas '' i,
and a,,,,,,, i i' iii note Ask to see their ID before
,i, ih,, I any questions.
* Census Workers only knock on your door if they
need to verify some address or financial -No social
,, il i i, ,il card of i nh I iii ii,. ih, ii should be
provided to anyone even if they claim to work for the
U.S. Census.
* Census Workers may contact you by phone, mail or
in person at home but never.by email So beware
of email scams ',u", 11 i hl 'i the U.S. Census.PHA
will coordinate with the Census Bureau and will
advise Palmas residents of the census schedule for
our 1 1",,I,,,,i, before March 2010. PHA will also
identify and provide a letter of i, ill ii i .ii to census
personnel i i, i ,, I to Palmas.

This is
what I call
Daniel knew it all along!
When in Palmas, he posed
with who he knew was
going to be the elected
Miss Puerto Rico Universe,
Mariana Vicente. Daniel is
definitely a man of vision!


- S




j ~g


W/ .I

, \ .\



m -


.1"., .
r~dw Ambb:%glo











b -~

. Ik .

, 4


. d


- -

- -

PALAS from ayounger pespective

365 Days m

From this edition on, Live
& Life in Palmas will pub-
lish an article written by
a member of our younger
population A section
written from a youth's
perspective. We have
chosen Camila Sanabria,
an eleventh grade Palmas
Academy student, known
for her writing skills and
her desire for becoming a
journalist in the future.

1'I.) h ll I .i I : .il IInd I:it .1j :I I -
tl,, IIilIili ,ulIl' ilit, alid good
friends are what make Palmas
Del Mar the most amazing com-
munity to live in. What is it that its
youthful inhabitants adore about
it? The fact that you can wake up
20 minutes before school, hop on
your golf cart and still be on time
and having your best friend as
your neighbor are just a few rea-
sons we love this place. Palmas
provides us shelter, education,
entertainment, and food- every-
thing and more that is essential
to our lives. "A haven of fun and
excitement" is what some of its
dwellers call it. This fun land, this
paradise...is our home. Hang-
ing out next to the "No Loitering"
sign in Palmanova, eating ice
cream at Scoops after school,
driving through the golf course
trails, and refueling our bodies at
FI, ii Pl::a after a whole day in

11w li I .i '11 I I.- l I I I.-i : II : '.i -
liiIa 61 .lal l ,OUlIlg 1 ,I d6l'iL.
We get to live 365 days of it ev-
ery year, making us the world's
luckiest teens. And hey, having
the beach as our backyard isn't
so bad either.
Did I forget to mention that the
boy's varsity soccer team finally
started? Well it did, and there is
nothing better to watch than tall
figures with well built legs, run-
ning up and down the field, with
drops of sweat rushing through
their hefty bodies. This season,
the zest and spice of the long
lost "TPA Dolphin Sex" team
was finally recovered. Mad skills,
glorious goals, rude rivals, unjust
referees, vigorous coaches, siz-
zling weather, golf carts taking
up all the space in the field, and
a crowd anxiously awaiting the
winning goal or a fight, made this
season unforgettable A

to school

This fun land,

this paradise..

I Palmas Academy's Dream Team

glorious goal

Laiie Kamon tjomez fFL aur, urn rereyo, r1umacao

Fernan is a warm and non-chalant person. I have almost al-
ways see him with a smile on his face. I think he is fun and a
good person. Fernan and his wife have being one of my big
surprises at Palmas. They are the parents of one of my daugh-
ter's high school classmates, Andr6s. I have never pictured
Fernan and Viviana. I met her at the gym in San Juan, as
one of the Cupeyville mother that would go to the gym after
leaving the kids at school. We would go the gym so early in
the morning that looking back now I don't know how I did
it! Viviana and I also shared at the school tournaments, fry-
ing "pastelillos" and "bacalitos", for the senior funds. I never
put her together with Fernan until I moved to Palmas. And
beleive me... they have been together for ages! We will get
back to their love story.

Fernan, the businessman
Fernan grew up in Rio Piedras with three sisters. He was the
youngest one in the family and the only boy. That explains
why he is so warm and caring. His family is a very united.
Three members of the family, together with their father, run
the family business, Valcor Samcor. "Where everything is pos-
sible", as their slogan reads. Beatriz is in charge of marketing
and In6s is in the installation and guaranty department. Elba is
the only one that doesn't work with the company. His father,
head of the business, is still at the company but Fernan is now
the President of Valcor. "Now I do the administrative part of
the business but my heart is in sales," Fernan confessed and

r t.. I I,. r I. ir.t t rI t. I 1. 1 i. i. i. i i i, r ... J i i ... u r
it Fit i i l r l i F. ti i i i r.. J I i ii P I i I I .. I i .. d n i F .. I J t... I id r
Ii' >. ' I | 1 i iir ,,. r r i .. ri Fi 1. 1 r . ,I 1..
i r i r r i i I p.i 1i r I tI i F i i i i i.. F i I .. r l. I F i. i J
h n 'I Fr i i. i ..r l, J r ir.. r.... i r i .. i... .I
r, I s i..rs a ls.." ..... 1'.. I ,, t r ..

Vi F r h a-I e', ... I Il. e a . mr. l e I I e r i wi n.-

"I do the administrative

part of the business,

but...my heart

is in sales"

"Valcor has always excelled as a market leader in the win-
dows and doors business, because of their innovation and flex-
ibility to adapt to market changes. Their new campaign, "If you
dream it..." is absolutely true. For architects that means liberty
in design," Rakl Rivera told me, Architect and member of the
Palmas Board of Directors.
Fernan invited me for a tour of the physical plant. Impres-
sive! Nevertheless, it's hard for me to explain all the neat
things they do there because it is very technical and I don't
want to say nonsense, but I also have to admit that they are
right. If you can dream it they can make it for you because
they can create any form and mold as you need or want it. The
cylinders that you see in the photos are how they buy their alu-
minum. From that they can process them in any form or shape;
the same with glass. "We are always looking for improvement,
we travel a lot to Europe, they are way ahead," stated Fernan.
Chapeau! A

64 www.LLPalmas.com


Latinos at Palmanova
recently opened its tC
doors offering a twist
of the countryside. As
its name suggests, the
restaurant is a creole
restaurant with lots of
flavor and delicious
Latin seasoning. Their
menu includes plates
such as "maduros",
plantain filled with skirt
steak, or a delicious
ceviche...Try their
beans!! On Sundays...
"a comer gandules, a
comer lech6n"... yes,
roasted pork made right
there at Latinos. A

Fernan and Viviana
a true story romance
As promised, let's revisit Viviana y Fer-
nan's love story. This is a good one! They've
known each other before they were born.
Their parents studied together at Georgia
Tech. Back in Puerto Rico, these couples
married and had kids, among them, Fer-
nan and Viviana. Until today both families
are good friends, almost family. Fernan and
Viviana grew up together, their godparents
are the same, they did their first commu-
nion together, they are both Capricorns,
studied until third grade together and later
in eighth grade again until they graduate
from high school. They were sweethearts
in the eighth grade but it was very brief.
Time went by and they both continued
their lives. "We both had boyfriends and
girlfriends respectively, but we kept being
very good friends", Fernan said and added
that one day Viviana told him she was go-
ing to get engaged, which she did. But...
she couldn't follow through with it. She
hnp- hpr hp.ert 'at? enq.ggd ?omp'"'hrp
elM i I-,i ni':': ,i ,I i -t F Ir,.:-I',:I ': '`.J e
Lll l it: ![t, 1 -e l'li:].;ri:]i,1 lrl l r l tll II.t:!- lh.-i lll
j ,eji l ie' it : iiijiinine T nij n '..iji '. r: i-., r,
hl" .rJi.. ,j :,i W ht VVrl,: l'lt, i ,-nji't h:, it:,
t,,letit-i W it:iliB l ,,ui c:loti it it" Trie',' rli,-"e
", \ i*:,l i'lJlh hi'._' ri: le [. Y i i .l ll. [.1.j ,,

hi ..e,.t ,..fh liar lrue', I \:ei\^lined A

)pens atPalmas...


... .. ..


Palmas Academy Volleyball team

...making waves!

i'.e again, the Palmas Academy's
r.II r..nc Department has made the
I.. community proud. Both the boys
,I..] .iils mini-volleyball teams ( 4th to
'rI, A de category) made headlines this
t. ...,[ 1The boys team, coached by TPA's
21i ,i t, e Bobby Cacho, went undefeat-
.I i the C.O.PS.A.A. League regular
Then defeated Colegio Bautista
ii rl,.. semis and Colegio Radians, in a
i. notional final, to earn the title of
i 'S.A.A League Champions. They
. on the championship of the Cole-
._ L Milaerosa Tournament. The girls
team made some
S '..- r.I-. Coached
I, !. Iimer del
rlII.. ri!. Dolphins
Su_'I. hi,.hed third
ii, r!,.. t O.PS.A.A.
L .a._e. ad id went all
rir c or., the league
t.,nii a They also
rl I L impionship
,r ri. E..hion School
T.i.ii,,.. r Once
._, s ...,i,.-ratulations
T., r,.. Ti 'A Dolphins,
Il i n.. i, lobby, the
student athletes and Mr. Jose Alvarez,
director of the Athletic Department for
this achievement.

TPA Sports strikes again
Once again, the Palmas Academy's
Athletic Department has made the
school community proud. Both the boys
and girls mini-volleyball teams ( 4th to
6th grade category) made headlines this
season. The boys team, coachedby TPA's
graduate Bobby Cacho, went undefeat-
ed in the C.O.PS.A.A. League regular
season. Then defeated Colegio Bautista
in the semis and Colegio Radians, in a
very emotional final, to earn the title of
C.O.PS.A.A League Champions. They
also won the championship of the Cole-
gio La Milagrosa Tournament. The girls
team made some waves too. Coached by
Marimer del Valle, the Dolphins girls fin-
ished third in the C.O.PS.A.A. League
and went all the way to the league semi-
finals. They also won the champion-
ship at the Edison School Tournament.
Once again, congratulations to the TPA
Dolphins, Marimer, Bobby, the student
athletes and Mr. Jose Alvarez, direc-
tor of the Athletic Department for this


10 t ~ ~JACW&B"

787-713-2465 e 787-593-5578


Palm as (,11111111111, (i i ll, I has been in-
volved in the Palmas Community for 33 years.
T ii,, 1, ii, i1 the years they have been a church
in action ,li i, I 11, 1 ill, 1 Il, to help others. One
of the ways they serve is I, 1 111 1, 1 medical ser-
vices to Ii .. who 1111, 111, for the basics ser-
vices. Dr. Silvino Diaz from Marbella Club and
Rev. Darrin Kessler from Montecarlo ',, 1 111
what they call iii,,, l ii Klinics. To date they
have served thousands of needy and impover-
ished people who would .iii, 11.. l ,. to
receive basic care.
Their most recent clinic was held Novem-
ber 5-7 in Soto, Dominican Republic, a rural
farming 11ii,, outside the city of La' ', i. .
I 1111111, i ,i earlier this year with the forma-
tion of a team of doctors, medical profession-
als, and support staff. Raymond Emmert from
Crescent Beach joined as support staff,i 1111ii ,
his years of business and I i f I, ii 1111 1 expe-
rience. Darrin led the team I ,,ii iii team build-
ing exercises 1 I I I, ,l i, ,, I trust and I, liI i, I each
person's p.i, 1, iiit.m During the team's i,, ,-
day clinic they served 555 children and adults.
The medical clinic had four areas that need-
ed to be i ,,,i ,, I. equipped and I iI i, tI. The
first station was intake. The intake workers
interviewed each .iti,i it. Medical history, pre-
, i i i, I ailments and blood pressure were re-
corded on medical charts which were supplied
free of l 11, by "One iiiii, i and I, iil", a
Humacao company.
After intake the p. ,it-.. were il I and
given their first dose of anti I.i,.r .it, medicine to
,iI. i each p.ii n, p.ii it a full I ,l , i,. of p.i. -.it~
After the first dose of p.i.i.ii- :ii, Ii, liii,
the |.ii. it'. were seen by a physician. The doc-
tors' Ihii .w ere i, ,i ii,, norm al air, i, i.iiii I
facility with comfortable chairs and tables.
F. il i, I the clinic was assembled in a dusty rural
area inside a cement ,iil, liI i. Tarps were hung
from the rafters forming plastic walls ',,,1 i,,, I
portable chairs and benches. T'V,,i li the facili-
ties were crude the medical care was top ,i 1 ,I
line. The clinic's doctors were some of the best
in Puerto Rico and served the people with re-
spect, professionalism and love. They listened
as the I,. ii i.. described their ailments as well
as their life situations. T',,I, I i they had many
people to see, time was given to understand


our community church in action!
By: Rev. Darrin Kessler
the needs and care of the soul as well as the By: Rev. Darrin Kessler
After the p.tiiit saw the doctor, medical
tion was dispensed from the clinics pharmacy.
i, I ,i Klinics director Darrin Kessler 'I, l I
I iI with USA .I ,, lii I I warehouses
that stockpile ,, ,h ,i,,i for I iiii it-ii i.ii .1 aid.
II ii Klinics obtained $86,420.45 ,, i i of
ii, i ,i and clinical supplies. The next step
was I I i11 1. 111-,11 from the USA to the loca-
tion in the Dominican Republic. The 700 lbs of
materials and ii, i,, ,i,,, were shipped to an
,,,,i service in Florida which transported
the items to S i,, i -,,. Dominican Republic. In
I hh,, l to the 700 Ibs, i ,h, I ,i, and sup
plies were provided by people from the Palmas
(, ,,I,, ,iii,. One contributor was Fill,, I1, Pin-
zon from Villa Franca who printed hundreds of
S,,i, of labels w ith i , iii,.i ii ,i itii,,i. These
labels iii increased the speed of dispens-
illl : 111,, h 111h 11 1,, lih l, l i, t'. / 1 1 1, h 11 1
al supplies and ,,,, Ii ii, I ,. were purchased in
the Dominican Republic from funds provided by
a Beach' ill I, I- owner's private 1 11 1111, 1i 1.
Pastor Darrin Kessler comments that af-
ter serving some of the
poorest and oppressed
people in our hemisphere
it is a reminder to stop and
be thankful. It is easy to focus on what
is ,,i I ,I,, in the economy and become
Ill up in the i ill which seems to .
permeate our society. It is helpful to step back
and see all that we have to be thankful for and
learn from I who Il ,l,' to obtain the
basics. As we served ,,,, i l. the Haitian
and Dominican people they ii ,,, I and
showed us what matters most: God, family,
i, ,,,,,,,i and i 111111' others the way we
would like to be treated. If you would like to
learn more about Palmas Community (Il, Iiit
and see a short video ,, i, i ,h,, of the trip
g o to I l1 1111 i i 11111, 11, 11 11,l l, l
Video under ,,, I ,,, Klinics and wait for real
audio to load. A

e w



oce'ano ~
Atla~nti% .





(787) 656-7276
PCUIAL PFu41Au OrFU Fra rM mT r0 Mmauim

Calle Jose Barbosa #106,
Las Piedras, PR 00771
' ;VVisitanos en Palmas Reales!

Yes, you read correctly! This is the one of the
strangest professional combinations I have ever heard of, but
I have to admit that his work is fascinating and after the in-
terview I can perfectly see his female patients walking straight
and in high heels. Yes, I now you don't understand yet, but you
will (I hope).
Luis Humberto Negr6n Delgado is one of our talented Pal-
mas' homeowners (he has lived here for many years). "Palmas
has magic, people here are very friendly. It's a fantastic com-
munity, vibrant and beautiful," he said.
It all started when Luis Humberto was a kid. He loved draw-
ing since then but...that was not what was expected from him.
Medicine was the correct thing to do, which he did. Today he
is a psychiatrist. Nevertheless he never abandoned his urge
to draw and his hidden passion for writing poems. For many
years he did fashion design sketches and poems and put them
in a drawer. But such a talent was to be discovered and five
years ago somebody that knew his hidden talent asked him
to participate in the fashion contest "Kermesse de la Moda".
This was the summer of '95 and the result was that he won the

...psychiatri t, shion

first prize in three different categories. From that time on he
has participated in many fashion shows like the Civic Ladies
fashion show, Destellos de la Moda and The Red Carpet Fash-
ion International Convention. He has also designed gowns for
many private clients.
Now the question is... how does he apply his designer and
poetry skills with his patients? How does he apply his knowl-
edge in psychiatry with his clients and models? "I try that my
patients develop and unlock the artist that we all have inside,"
he said and explained that he makes them understand that ev-
erybody can write a story, or a poem, maybe a painting, dance
or create ceramics. "I want them to learn by themselves the
satisfaction of creating something. I want them to experiment
how good it feels in your soul. The results are very therapeu-
tic." With his fashion clients he teaches them to wear the
piece gracefully and with the models or beauty contestants he
prepares them to be calm and to project security.
"Posture is very important. I teach my patients and my cli-
ents that posture is part of your psyche. If you are hunchback
and looking down that's who people will perceive you to be
and will reinforce in you your insecurities.
It's even a matter of health," said Dr.
Negr6n and adds: "I tell my female cli-
ents and patients: wear your high heels,
put your shoulders back and you will
conquer the World!" We should all,
according to him, have a little black
dress that we can transform with '
pearl necklace, a broche or a .. i
"The dress should caress 7" ii
body," he said and explair... I
"You should be the real star. TI.
dress is a compliment to your p.. i
sonality, not the real star". Fro1
now on, if you see me in hili
heel and my shoulders back
you will know why! A

r and poet?

r a y ar elMa
yo o o a* est l

y tu sl
eag. la .6.e



.... ... 1: ii,,-per yourself
I I e new year
.... ......le es
I., less Facelift
i a Bottle.
li,, ,ites wrinkles,
h.,Ilens, firms,
IlIlllllllzes pores,
.-.1 .-. fine lines and
''~,,111 ..,uffyness. Look
-ii -I [eel younger
ii, nediately!!
Sailable in

liii il

,-I i l I -. II,-
.Il .'- h ,,m, I -,?1l:,- In
I_:. I:1.-,11 :. i /

From our
local designer,
a very feminine and
trendy purse.

Be unique: place you favorite shot in a digital photo
frame made with CRYSTALLIZEDTM Swarovski Ele-
ments, by Sony, available in the Sony Style Stores.
Note: CRYSTALLIZEDTM Swarovski Elements is the product brand
for the loose cut crystal glass manufactured by Swarovski.)


Recover the luminosity and
softness of skin with an immediate
filling effect. Visible results
reducing wrinkles with Fillderma.
Available at PINTAUNAS.

New Release: First limited edition of
Casillero del Diablo, Reserva Privada, from
Chile. Available at LA ENOTECA de Ballester
or at The Cellar right at Palmas del Mar. The
Santas gift box is only available at THE CELLAR.

Update the walls: You can freshen dull walls acquiring fine artwork
like Coral Celeste, a beautiful 48" x 60" acrylic paint of the artist
RUBEN RIOS, call (787)399-8595.

Even though the bathrooms are usually small, it is still possible
to create an illusion of space with this year's design trends.
I __


Remodel your
kitchen, you may
want to entirely
change its design.
Just call MAGRASOL
and coordinate an

shower in
stainless steel
shower head,
6 independent
jets and shower
handle. All
individually for

wa a huesucs.-ieamincgodcm

IZ~~. an frind une h tr.Vr odie!W
hop thi is no the 6006 boigmthw ac
at th Bec Club.

M6 00 *

SS* S 50 4M

4 46,



A r4

.. . . .


PO Box 1002A

Jackie means business!
You wouldn't believe the amount of exercise she does every day. She walks several
times a day, she lifts weights, she takes spinning classes... etc, etc. On top of that, she has
five children and a husband. You've probably seen her walking around with different
groups. Some nights, at eight o'clock, she is still training with somebody.
Jackie is a personal trainer, a sports nutritionist and also holds a BA in exercise physi-
ology. In fact, Jackie owned a very well known gym in San Juan for 20 years call Execu-
tive Body Fitness where she was personal trainer for many well known politicians and
When her last son
was born she moved to
Palmas and decided to
retire. Jackie had de-
cided to be a full time
mother and wife but
it didn't last long. A
friend called her one
day to ask her if she
could train a group of
friends and in the be-
ginning she did it as
a pastime but soon
it became a full time
job. The women in
this original group all
wanted to lose weight
and change their nu-
tritional intake. "I es-
tablished for them an
exercise routine and
a diet. One of those
women became a dra-
matic example of how
good guidance, strong
will, combined with
exercise and nutrition
could change not only Frances Serralles went from being a size 20 to a size 8.
At 95 pounds less she feels a new woman!
your figure, but your
Frances Serralles an example of determination
Frances was going to have a bypass surgery to have a gastric band placed. "I was deter-
mined to lose weight," said Frances.
She started with Jackie in August 20, 2007. Frances weighed 240 pounds and in one
and a half months she had lost 24 pounds. Later on she lost nine more and by February
2008 she was already weighing 167 pounds. In April 2008 she reached 165 pounds and,
at that point, Jackie measured her and established a new goal for Frances: she should go
down to 135-140 pounds! In May 2008 she was already weighing 157 and by September
she had reached her goal!! She has lost 95 pounds, 5' less from her arm, 13' melted off
her waist, and 16' less on the hips. The change was so dramatic that she went from being
a size 20 to a size 8. "At this point I gave away all the clothes in my closet to the Church's
Flee Market. But most importantly I went from being an old woman to a happy and fun
young woman." A









TEL, 77- 850- 2693

He is one of the familiar faces -U ,
of The Cellar. He goes there
every single day, very obser-
vant, to talk to the "regulars",
always with a big smile on his facd
One day I learned he had arrived r.,
Palmas by boat and that he was 1' i -
in his sailboat at the Yacht Club -
rina. Dodd is a retired lawyer frc Ai, .
and it has been sailing for the l:,r h ..
Every year, Dodd and his wife ..I.... If
around the coast of Mississippi, F .I i. .. i..
The Bahamas. But... this year tli.. ..i.... ......
to go further south. The route -r A,,-
gustine, down to Florida, Key Biscayne and
from there to Bimini in the Bahamas, Nas-
sau and the Exumas. Rebecca jumped ship
in Georgetown and Dodd's friend, Denis
Brown, helped him bring the boat. They
traveled first to Turk and Caicos, down to Luperon in the
Dominican Republic, the Mona passage and then to Ponce,
Guayama and finally...Palmas. Rebecca came on board again
in Ponce and sailed with him all the way to Palmas where she
stayed until the beginning of the Hurricane season when she
jumped ship again and left to Arkansas to take care of their
grandchildicn. Since then Dodd has been babysitting the boat.

"I am supposed to be fixing the boat but now I only have two
things left. I have to take it slow so that work doesn't end and I
have to get back home," he says and laughs.
Dodd comes from 4 generations of lawyers and he used to prac-
tice family law. "My legal practice was terrible. You couldn't solve
any problems when practicing family law; it's a terrible area of
the justice system," said Dodd referring to his cases. "I am hav-
ing more fun now with my wife than ever. We eat when we
want, we sleep when we want. I don't have any problems. If


Dodd has

something breaks in the boat, I
S* fix it and that's it."
And that's because he is a real
sailor. This is his seventh sailboat.
S We used to buy one boat and sell it
b. nuy a bigger one," he stated.
I .. i. so passionate that, 25 years ago,
Sr1.. 1..*ak of his career, he took a year
tr p.. s,, se with his wife and his 12 years
-.I .1., 1._ 1I rer. "My wife used to home school
I ra S morning and in the afternoon she
I, ..I i1 ,, We went from Boston, Massachu-
.r r. ri.. Bahamas and back to Florida,"
I..... II ..I md added, "That year I decided
ri r I wanted a bigger boat and that I was go-
._ r., ..o some serious sailing". His oldest sons
I .. .. i i college already and they thought he
.. g nuts.
i ..a wo...I ..alls how that year was the best. "We
.... r.. 'ork as a team, the three of us. It was a
very unifying experience. It takes a team to sail a boat," Dodd
This next year, their plans are to continue south to the Virgin
Islands all the way to Granada. "My wife is a very good naviga-
tor and a good planner. She loves to cruise but also, when we
arrive in a town, she loves to get off, go shopping and sight see.
Dodd said he is on the absolute top of his adventure and that he
is going to sail and play until his health permits it.
"Palmas is a wonderful place where I have met wonderful
people. The marina and all the staff are absolutely great and
have treated me like a king. It is a beautiful and strong marina.
This marina compares with any of the main marinas in Florida.
Next year, if there is any news of a hurricane, I will tie my boat
and stay at the Four Point Sheraton. There are so many things
to do in Palmas!
"Your worst experience?" I asked. "Being told that I have a
hip disease," he said. That's because he can't move his hips to
AM work on the boat (Very slowly!)
3:00 PM -pool time with a beer and stay there until 5:00 PM
when it's time to head for The Cellar to watch a game.
Dodd's good character and friendly attitude has gained him
many friends that show up to his farewell party organized by
him. Farewell because he has to go home for Thanksgiving
but he hopes to be back for Christmas. "I can't wait to spend
Christmas in Puerto Rico," he said. Sure, he has heard of all the
parties during those days. A

cel(787) 565-4712 /(787) 796-4617



By Lissette Rosado, Editor

Our feature surfers in this
edition are Jose Gabriel de la
Rosa y Gerardo Alvarez, two
members of our community.
"When I met Jose Gabriel
he already knew how to surf
and body board and he does
it very well. He learned from
watching his father Joe (from
VIP Laundry) and later started
to surf on a real surfing board.
After a couple of months he
was surfing like a pro; like a
person with at least two years
experience," ,.1.. ..I '....1 Fer-
nando Alvarez, Jose Gabriel's
performance. Later on he
started going with Fernando
to other well known surfing
spots like the ones in Agua-
dilla and other beaches in
the northern area. Presently,
he is starting to reach a com-
petitive level and if you want
to see him surfing, watch the
waves and if there are waves
there is Jose Gabriel. Take a
seat at the Beach Bohio and
enjoy his performance.
On the other hand, we
!,,' I. ,- n i., A l' i..- F. i.-

used to go to the beach in
the afternoons and the beach
was deserted," Fernando re-
calls. In the beginning Ge-
rardo used to go only one oi
two times per month to the
water. Nowadays we can see
him surfing every day. His
skills make him capable ol
surfing on any beach and he
is already starting to compete
with the Surfing Federation
of Puerto Rico.
Jose Gabriel and Geraldc
are good friends and like
in all sports it is good
to have competition.
These two are always
competing but in good
terms. I


l'- l ...,,', ,.1 hl r -II l Ml ll.I- Trll I. -l ir
Jiri ir ., r l '.ih ,, iri "T I,.,,',.i , i rliLJ,,i'
. .. .... _
iriiillilC.. ..l ,, -4,i .:l .::.'"* ., rII.,

AM_ _ -^ ift
ac T. ^^^
l~c a-^I^

a ** "i^^



Situated on a huge
home site (2,300
Sq Mtrs), this 4 r
bedroom, 2 story .
house is extremely '
elegant and spa-
cious. Beautifully
appointed bedrooms, state-of-the-art Subzero kitchen
appliances, lovely pool with cascading jacuzzi, and
immaculate gardens with open social areas, are a few
of the attributes of this gracious home. Very private,
located at the end of a cul-de-sac in one of Palmas most
exclusive neighborhoods HARBOURLIGHTS ESTATES.



DII;Imber 31, 200

Sunday Mass in English: 9:30
Misa Dominical en espahol: 11:0

UecemDer z4, zuuy
Palmas Community
Church invites you
to their
PHA Building
December 19, 2009
The concert is scheduled to start at 7:00 p.m. and all Palmas community
members are cordially invited to attend this event.
DONATION: $60 per adult Donations are funding the improvement of the
accoustic system. Children under 6 not admitted.
Over 6 years old: $10 Over 12 years old: full price

am Saturdays- always Bohemias


7-.4, oy N


F RUARY 2010

Mark your calendar for the upcoming 2nd
PHA Celebrity Dog Fest to be held on Sunday,
February 28, 2010. It will be another great
canine fun afternoon full of new events. Don't
miss it! Call PHA for more details:

January 2,2010
A Puerto Rican family
living in the area of
Humboldt Park in west
Chicago face what may
be their last Christmas

La Buena Vida Festival 2010 announces
that the Festival will take place Saturday,
September 25 at the Four Points
Sheraton Hotel de Palmas del Mar.
The BVF Commitee thanks Empresas
Santana, among other sponsors for their
commitment to this magnificent fundrais-
ing event. Arquetipo will be in charge of
the 15 year celebration ambiance and
decoration. More details in the next issue
of Live & Life in Palmas.

0011 MISS IfI

ECEMER 20'09
December 18, 2009 at 7:00PM
Starting at PHA finishing at Palmanova.

_r_ '_ -Aw-




4f : J*..

a Mir A
. .. .' ^. : ." . ... ,,.'! *

flf ^ -)(. ^g ''fffr^*^ H^ ** Lr "* ...rr
qr^^^*qi<^^r $* iw^ c

' ** .: '^ :it, a : *. : ''' .'.Y S W *

I .I.*~.* .4



T-m -AM AT X

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