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Title: Live & life in Palmas
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Publisher: Rosado & Morales Inc.
Place of Publication: Palmas del Mar, Humacao, Puerto Rico
Publication Date: October 2009
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Throughout this edition, we are going to be celebrating Thanksgiving. t i ii is a good opportunity to
share with family and friends, but more importantly to make an introspection of all our blessings. Count
your blessings and you will realize that you are a multimillionaire. (Don't forget to include in your list
m the sun, the sea, the flowers...) Since I was a little girl my father used to tell his five children, "we are
multimillionaires". Not because of money, but because we are a very united family, he said. We grew
up with this mantra in our head. Our second generation (e.g. my daughter, my nieces and nephews)
inherited this mantra and what is even better, we all have internalized the meaning of that phrase and it
has become a philosophy of life. At the end of the traditional Thanksgiving prayer, we all said our mantra
out loud. My father asked We are...?" And we all answered: "Multimillionaires!".
Now living in this Paradise, we call Palmas del Mar, the need to be thankful is more evident. Palmas
is really a peace haven where life runs smooth and harmonious. But we must not take it for granted.
There are organisms and "government structures" that are 1i.'-. t-i.l. for all this harmony, beauty and
security: our Board of Directors and our Palmas del Mar Homeowner Association employees. In this
issue, you will meet the PHA staff, be informed of what they do and their backgrounds. You will also
have the opportunity to meet some of our community members, and reflect on security issues and ways
to reinforce the already efficient and diligent security we have in Palmas del Mar.
Our cover story, will show you a part of Palmas you may not know. The equestrian life in Palmas is
fascinating and some beautiful spots that you may not be aware of. I have to admit tha Pepi Suarez looks
like a real cowboy in the inside photo! Enjoy your magazine and don't forget to write me or call me for
ideas or comments. Visit our www.llpalmas.com to keep posted on upcoming activities and to see all the
non-published photos of the events.

Lissette Rosado, Editor live.lifeinpalmas@gmail.com

Keep yourself informed, register at www.LLPalmas.com

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(1~ '

hl-we e


Lissette Rosado, Editor

Editorial Collaborators
Martiza Toste
Debbi Provin-Martin
Dr Grace Medestomas
Antonio Maldonado
Obed Borrero
Frank Torres

Graphic Design
Sandra Rodriguez / Rosado & Morales

Sales & Marketing
Lissette Rosado / Silvia Morales

Assistant Editor
Zenaida Sanjurjo

Model Offset Printing (MOP), Humacao

Live & Life in Palmas is a bi-monthly publication
intended to reach the Palmas comruniby and its
visitors with the purpose to inform and communicate.
You can send us your comments to
or call 787-765-2190.
Live & Life in Palmas is a co-production of
Palmas del Mar Homeowners AssociaMon
and Resado & Morales, Inc.
All rights reserved.
Reproduction without permission is strictly prohibited.

Palmas del Mar Homeowners Association




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By Lissette Rosado, Editor

means tourism!

"We literality grew up at the airport when there were nei-
ther restrictions nor checkpoints," recalls Jose A. Santana de
La Rosa MD, the oldest of the Santana clan, a very warm and
nonchalant man. His father, the very well known and famous
Jos6 (Tony) Santana, originally from Naguabo, founded Empre-
sas Santanas back in 1950 after the war. "In the beginning the
business was about offering "light" maintenance to airplanes.
Later, in 1984, he launched the food business, providing meals
on planes for 24 years," said Dr. Santana and added that the

business was sold last year. Throughout all those early years
Jose, Willie and Edwin ran freely in the airport. (I can picture
them.) Those were the days when families visited the airport
as part of their Sunday outing. I remembered myself going in
to the airport to watch the planes take off and say goodbye to
the passengers from a terrace provided for that purpose by the
airport. The airport also had a big pond with many fish that we
kids used to love to see and feed.
With this upbringing and heritage, it is not surprising that

the Santana's sec-
ond generation,
after their parents
died, took over the
business. I guess it is
in their veins. .
Nevertheless Jose
studied medicine *
(he is a gynecolo- *
gist & obstetrician). --
"I practiced medi-
cine for twenty five
years, until the year 2000. After my father died, my mother
and us, the three children took over the business. Presently,
their brother Willie is retired in Florida and is not in the busi-
ness. "We started the hotel business with the Travel Lodge in
Isla Verde (now a Howard Johnson), then The Four Points by
Sheraton at Palmas del Mar (''.). and later The Four Points

by Sheraton at Caguas. We are Puerto Rican and we are in
this business to stay and create a good product. I firmly believe
that tourism should be one of the main sources of revenue for
Puerto Rico but unfortunately, for some reason, none of the
governments have had the ingenuity and firm commitment
to develop Puerto Rico as an attractive destiny. They all agree
but nothing happens. Puerto Rico has had the same number of
hotels rooms for years! Tourism could not only bring revenue
but create a lot of employment because you need three shifts
twenty four-seven," stated Dr. Santana. The three Santanas
owned hotels directly employing 425 employees. The Palmas'
one employs around 150 170 mainly from the Humacao area.
"Our new General Manager at Palmas, Jessica Rodriguez, is
from San Lorenzo and started with us five years ago work-
ing her way from the bottom. We gave her the opportunity
and she has developed to be an excellent professional, she is
very dedicated and loves her job and the Hotel," said Santana



"Well, actually it is already designed and approved by
ARB," said Dr. Santana. He is talking about a new Condo
Hotel that will be built behind the hotel parking lot. But,
since these have been hard economic times, the project is on
hold for the moment but in plans for the near future.
The Condo Hotel will be constructed on five acres
of land and it will have a tropical "neo-Caribbean" look, as
Tom Marvel, the architect who designed the complex, de-
scribes it. "The .',,il.li', will have roof tiles, high ceilings,
porches, and a central lake," stated Dr. Santana.
The Condo-Hotel concept has a lot of benefits for
the owners and he explained: "As much as fifty percent is
1..,I1.nr... from your income tax and all the income gen-
erated as rents are free of taxes. The idea is that with the
rent that it generates you can pay the mortgage and at the
same time be able to enjoy it. With this concept you can rent
one room, two rooms or the whole apartment because every
room has its own bathroom and has lock-outs. Sounds good!
Let's hope the economy starts to improve.

'At the hotel we are planning to add a new '.,, ild. 1: where
the back patio is now located (behind Sebastian Rest)," he
said. The new .',,il.1is will hold some hotel rooms, a gym, a
spa and some office space.
Other than these new plans they just finished restoring
'."il".'iis three and now they are going to do the same with
number one. The Four Points hotels have very strict regula-
tions. He explained that every certain number of years they
have to change the mattresses and furniture with first quality
brands that they have to buy from the Four Season Corpora-

It's important to mention here that the Santana Company
has just donated $40,000 to the construction and design of
the Lineal Park that will run by Candelero Dr.
"We are proud to be part of this beautiful project because it
is a legacy for our community. It's not only going to be able to
be enjoyed by the families who live in Palmas but also by the
tourists who visit Palmas. We have
always been there for Palmas, try-
ing to help and cooperate in all
we can," stated Santana.
Jose Santana de la Rosa is mar-
ried with Diana Santiago and has
four children: Marivi Santana,
who has 2 girls; Jos6 Santana
(third generation) who has one n
boy; Angelica Santana, who has
one boy and another on the way;
and Paloma, the youngest who "'
studies in Mayagfiez. A

Jessica Rodriguez, General Manager
Four Points Sheraton,Palmas del Mar
www.LLPalmas.com 11

Behind the PHA walls...

By Lissette Rosado, Editor

Each day I am more convinced that we in Palmas del
Mar have one of the most efficient and committed organi-
zation in Puerto Rico. I am talking about our Palmas del
Mar Homeowners Association. I highlight the word our
because we are all part of it. I, unfortunately, believe that
some people haven't realized that every one of us is PHA.
It is the association of all Palmas homeowners!
The other night, at Fernando Allende's concert, I over-
heard a person saying: "It is good that they gave us this
concert for free for all that we pay them!" I couldn't help
it. I turned around and told him, "Sorry sir but the money
we pay in PHA fees is not for them...it is for us. For all the
benefits, services and facilities we enjoy in this privileged
place called Palmas del Mar."
The reality is that, when you think about everything you
get from the moment you cross the gate, you have to admit
that we are the most efficient organization in Puerto Rico.
We have beautiful landscaping, controlled access, security,
illumination, beach, roads in great conditions, excellent
golf cart paths, parks, beach patrols, activities, outstanding
facilities and services, great care of common areas, etcetera.
All of that and much more provided by our PHA. (You do
the math! Calculate and take a look at your PHA annual
assessment and you will be amazed as I am of the great work
and superb job that our PHA does with what you give).
But things don't happen at Palmas by magic. There is a
great team of unsung heroes behind our PHA. These are
people who work for us every day with tremendous com-
mitment and extreme professionalism. They are who I call
the PHA Dream Team. They are the ones who make things
happen, who create, implement and make possible what
we, as homeowners, enjoy in the community.

Our PHA Executive Director, Antonio Maldonado, is a highly efficient, well
prepared and very experienced executive. He listens to homeowners, takes
his cues from the PHA Board and from there he makes things happen. He
is very creative, assertive and the true leader of the PHA working team. He
is the mover and shaker of our community.
Tony's background is impressive. He has over 40 years of experience in
critically demanding jobs and in structuring complex programs and projects
at the highest echelons of government. He is well versed in logistics, quality
control, security, infrastructure development and strategic planning among
others. Tony is also a retired US Air Force General and command pilot with
over 4000 flying hours in combat jet airplanes.
After leaving the Air Force, Tony became President and General Manager
of the Puerto Rico Industrial Development Company, better known as PRID-
CO. Later, before coming to Palmas, Tony served as CEO of the American
Red Cross overseeing laboratory operations, manufacturing of biological
products, providing hospital services and coordinating disaster relief opera-
tions and emergency programs, among other responsibilities.
His academic background is equally impressive. He holds "Suma Cum
Laude" BA and MBA degrees and is a graduate of the Harvard Senior
Executive Development Program and a distinguished graduate of the US
Air War College.
Tony is a Palmas homeowner and the PHA Executive Director since
1999. In this capacity he has an unblemished record and is directly respon-

12 www.LLPalmas.com


sible for the 'ii, ii and orderly way that our Palmas 11.. 1i1111. Ii works,
for the many improvements you see 'I ii, il I.. i the community and for the
I Ii i li li, ,, I services and, ,i, ii 11,, PHA provides to homeowners. It's been

a ',,i, I road but we can 1, 111 ii Palmas del Mar is the most enviable com-
munity in Puerto Rico thanks to the leadership, commitment and skills that
Tony has given to us day-in and day-out. ( I .l.i ,!

Daisy Diaz, PHA E ,, "i
Assistant, is the right and left hand
of Tony Maldonado. Daisy has been
part of PHA for seven years and a
Palmas' homeowner since 1'..
Daisy is in l Ii i, of all the ', i', II
administrative aspects of the PHA
' 'ii, ,' and of the Executive Director,
supports the PHA Board of Direc-
tors and coordinates PHA commu-
nity activities and events 11 Ilii', I
PHA Movie 'i, 11i and the Teen
Center. She is extremely i ii, i

anrd, with the same smile as in the
photo, takes care of homeowners
concerns and needs. "As a hom-
eowner 11, Ii I treat everybody
the same manner I will like to be
treated," said Daisy.
Daisy was born in NY and moved
to PR when she was 7 years old.
She first moved to Cabo Rojo and
later to Carolina. Daisy is married to
Carlos Ferreira and has three chil-
dren: two sons anid al' 111, i 1, i.

Answers your calls, solves many of
your problems and provides you
first class service. Cindy has
ill with PHA for 6 years.
,-he handles your i 11 cart and
I ,;le l Ih ih,,ii. issues elec
S ....A.iiiiii.. a d ii ,, b access passes, ,i li I aind
ii Inew owners arid collects
assessments. She is the one to
ii if you have any question about
PHA fees or need inform
, I. l I services available to
is a homeowner or resident of
Cindy Claudio ii i ,I ,as. Not ... i i,,ithe ii ,, i, Hil
1111111 ,,,, ll I, Assistant and Recep by mail? Call Cindy and verify your
tionist,: 1 i I ii I i i i ,i ', ,, iii I address. She will always be
you at the PHA ill',, the one that there for you with the same friendly

Alex de Jesus, the numbers
guy! He is the PHA ..... iiiiiI
' 1 1 1.1. 1 and the PHA Property
Supervisor. He has been with PHA
for ten years. Alex is from Juncos
and studied at Turabo University.
Every 1 .'ii,. i. at 7:30, he ',, ,ili, .
his rounds at the i iiiIi at the
southeast ,i i.I, l I...ll. ..I area, then
the marina, the beach, candelero
areas, the parks,, i, 11 areas, park-
'i11. '! i l' ii l1 areas, the hotel,
the beach club, the tennis area, the
country club, etcetera. He looks for
problems on the roads and streets,
w ith the 'i, Ilil i, ii I 1 i, w a-

voice and liiiii smile. "I feel at
home here at PHA; we are like a
family, all my co-workers are i ii.
extremely responsible and very ser
vice oriented," Cindy said.
Cindy was born in ( Iii ril and
moved to PR when she was 15;
first to San Lorenzo iii l in i to Hu-
macao. Cindy also studied at Turabo
University. She currently lives in Las
. i, ii i. or "almost Humacao" as
she claims. Cindy is married to Re-
inaldo Lopez and has three boys:
cI' 111 1i1, Kevin and Laurence.

ter supplies and coordinates with
the contractors or PHA personnel
for the repair and maintenance of
roted 'i1 I i i i,, In coordination
with the Architectural Review Board,
Alex makes sure that houses and
lots are in compliance with Palmas
covenants, rules and ,i ii il ii i .
1'1i1, ill i ii', AliciaSantana,
Alex is also a Palmas resident. "A
year i, il I moved to Palmas which
gives me the opportunity to be on
site at any moment if I am needed,"
says Alex. I am sure you have seen
him around always involved and

A birthday break to celebrate
Orly's birthday. I was lucky to be
there at the right moment. Good

www.LLPalmas.com 13




Roberto Melendez is the PHA Security actor. iN under Tony
Maldonado's 'iiII i1 Roberto is responsible for '1 i i1 iii and imple-
ii liii, I all security and access control operations and ,,, ii -, in Palmas
del Mar. This includes ',,,, i ,' I St. James ', 'i, services, street and
beach patrols, ',ii, operations, incident I i1 i ii1 security 'i lii,, i. and
I..... I i ii operations with the state and municipal police. For more infor
mation on Robert please take another look at the June/July ih liii of Live
& Life at Palmas del Mar.

c4 FS. Magalie Garcia is our Securit
- ii i 11 11 icos but moved to Queens


Roberto Meldndez Baez, our new Security Director and his office team.
y Administrative Assistant. I i, been with PHA for three years. 1 Iil was
s, NY at Ill, and returned to Juncos in 1977. Her ,' I.'. 1 'iiii include

I 11. ii I and ,i i il ih I the daily ,i,, reports and I, li i, Ih I follow up to '"'I and safety situations. She
ii 1, i, i ,iies the monthly security reports and ,ii i lI i, of all incidences within Palmas to be delivered to the per
ih, ,i ,,,i 1 il. and Board members. These reports are also posted on the PHA Web Site .' l I. ,Ii.' is a 1' 11i, 1
,I , I a very compassionate person. "I enjoy very much my work and I feel at home here," she stated and
i t 1 11 ii i l iii' the first days she was I ,iii I this job she turned 50 and her co workers', her a big happy
I iiI 1 i-prise: "I was very touched because I had just started iliii' I here."

I I i. .7 8 2

Linda FontAnez Estrella
is our security access check point
ii, iii. She is in Il ,. of the Ac-
cess Control Office and the ', 'i
tration arid issuance of i ii ii ,'ii
cards, passes anid ,, ,iiii to all
service vehicles and people work-
ing in Palmas del Mar. She iii, .'
where they are 'li I and for how
', i, Linda told us: "If I have any
doubts about the veracity il i 1, in-
", 11 i'ii,, ,, I double check with one
of my security ",ii,, i I have the
individual followed to 1' ,iiiii his
actual 'I,' 1 i1 i ,'ii." Linda also par
ticipates in the 'I i, i ii, I of the ', i i,
personnel to insure they can quickly
spot any false or expired creden-
tials. She maintains complete files
on individuals, contractors, workers
and service personnel 'i, i' lii i
services within Palmas del Mar.
Even 'I,.ii Il she's been with
PHA for only two years, Linda has
been around for a while ', I i i,
since she worked with Palmas Se-
curity for a year and at the Beach
Club for Ill, .

Keila Velazquez Rocio Gonzalez Agosto Tia Guzman
They are the ones that answer your call when you call for assistance. They take down your ii ifi iiii. m-ii and
coordinate the necessary help as needed- internal or external resources- such as: security patrols, ii,, Il i1ii
ers, ambulance or the state police, among others. They are also in I, I. of ,, i1i Ii i, the cameras, alarms
and radio ,11,ii",,11. iiii ,i systems. Next time you call the Security 11'11 i you will likely be answered by
the very professional, I, i II. and friendly voice of Keila' i i ,' Tia Guzman, Rocio (i.,, ii' or
Arlene Melendez.

The Maintenance Staff
Orlando Rodriguez, Roberto Martinez and
Zulma del Moral round up the PHA staff. Zulma
makes sure that all PHA facilities ,i Il I li i, I the en
Oi tire PHA ',,il liii, I and the access, ,l are kept
neat, cleaned, orderly and in top shape. Orly and
I PRobert are PHA handy men ,l,,, 111111 I Ii
Sfromr I PHA facilities, roof tiles, ,,,ii, I trees,
Ii I i, ,, I' I ll I h ,, ,, I, , ,i, l 1 I a rid i Illi I s ig n s
Sto the, I, ,i, I of debris and litter from our roads
adid i areas. You find them all over Palmas
performing all sorts of odd jobs. Its I ,,, ii i, I what
'Orly and Robert can do and it shows in the 'i, i
'I. way that Palmas looks.

14 www.LLPalmas.com

Cuatro escapadas por el precio de una


X 4 estadias de 3 dias
2 noches cada una

Ademas, puedes redimir en cualquiera de las siguientes
tres fabulosas hospederias:

Para reservocones;
,eiorvaltorishIC howafdjohr4nrip c.:,,-


CAGUAS 787.653.1111


U saIs@impriaosoanluna cor

Vdidos pare cadioa bassa e 20 didembre 2009. Sujso 4 oabidcd, no incluv 11% reportt fee" + 11% ipuso.
No aplica a grupos, evntos. Otra refrieccione aplican,

It seems he has been in Palmas for-
ever and it may very well be because
Mark has been around for many years.
He always has a smile on his face and
willing to please you. Mark is another of
those Americans conquered by a Puerto
Rican girl. But, even though that ro-
mance was not that successful, another
more powerful love captured his heart...
Puerto Rico! Mark Smith, The Cel-




lar Bartender, is from Kentucky where
he met this Puerto Rican girl whom he
married. Mark came to Puerto Rico for
the first time in 1993 to meet his fiance's
family. On this occasion he spent only
three months here but he came back in
1995, got married and moved to Puerto
Rico. Years later he divorced but never
went back to Kentucky. Mark stayed
in Humacao and made Puerto Rico his
hometown. He learned Spanish, lives
on the country side, planted plantain
trees, yucca, eggplant, cilantrillo, and
cebollines. He has become a "jibaro
puertorriquefio". "I live on the country
side in Humacao. I think I will never
leave. Puerto Rico has an "island" time
zone. Life is slower than in the States,
but at the same time there is a lot hap-
pening and I have so many good friends
here," he said. Mark also likes Puerto
Rican food and Puerto Rican women.
"I can feel it in my parent's voice. They
would prefer that I go back to Kentucky,
but they respect me because they see me
happy here," Mark stated. His brother
and his parents come to visit him peri-
odically. "My brother came in August.
My parents are coming in December".
Even though Mark lives a "vampire

like" lifestyle--as he said--he has found
time to tour around the Island. (Vam-
pire because he goes to bed at dawn
and wakes up at mid day) "I have been
around the Island many times. I used to (J
go surfing in Rinc6n, I have visited La .
Parguera, Boqueron, Aguadilla, Dorado,
San Juan, the mountains... all over," he
Two things I have to highlight that I
have observed since I first met Mark is
that he is not a judgmental person. He
treats and serves all his clients as equals
and with the same smile and good atti-
tude. The other one is that Mark has
made a real authentic effort to blend
with Puerto Rican culture and language.
Sometimes I have noticed that if you
speak to him in English he answers in
"My father was in the military: ind I
lived in Germany from the age..! rl i....
to seven and then again when I v .. I.. -'
en up to when I was sixteen. I I.. i ..I
about diversity in Europe. My farI.. I I
gave me the opportunity to tr <'. I
around all Europe; France, It2 I,
Spain, etc, etc. A

By Lissette Rosado, Editor:


Desde niFio sentiste tu vocacion....

...nosotros tambien.



Para tu conveniencia ahora tambien estamos en Humacao.
www.laboratoriosbordnquen.com 787-850-4900
Hato Ray Guaynabo w Rfo Piedres Santurce Caguas Bayam6n Gurabo San Lorenzo CIdra Cayey Humacao


Very recently I heard a close associate of mine and permanent resident of Palmas say with great
excitement how proud she felt about Palmas del Mar upon visiting other prominent residential
resorts in Puerto Rico. In her own words: "there is no comparison with the superior ambiance,
aesthetics and quality of life you feel upon entering Palmas del Mar. There is nothing like
Palmas". This is the same feedback we constantly receive from visitors and people who receive

our Live & Life Magazine.
This feeling of residents and visitors alike tells us that we at
Palmas are on the right course and that, in spite of the economic
woes being felt worldwide, in comparison, we are doing well and
continue to meet the objectives and goals set by your Homeowners
Association on behalf of the Palmas community. It tells us we are
fostering innovation, making the right investments, carrying the
right programs and maintaining the right focus in our constant
search for community excellence.
Winston Churchill once said, "We make a living by what we
get, but we make a life by what we give". Palmas del Mar has an
approximate population of 9,000 people. In terms of presence
in our community this number floats among permanent and
non-permanent residents. However, it is significant to note that,
regardless of whether you reside permanently or not in Palmas,
your contributions to our community is equally impressive. From
community involvement through the various PHA committees,
to maintaining your annual assessments current, your presence
and impact on our quality of life is being felt.
Thanks for helping us turning Palmas into
a magnificent place to live and a model
o-,mmiinmity for others to emulate.

It tells us we
are fostering
the right
the right
programs and
the right
focus in our
search for

The Restrictive Covenants
that govern our community
require owners to maintain
the properties in accordance
with the maintenance and
aesthetic standards of Palmas
del Mar. PHA as well as the
Architectural Review Board
(ARB) inspectors are often
sending reminders to peo-
ple who deviate from these
standards. But in reality
there should be no need for
those reminders. We live in
a paradise community every-
one feels proud of. In a great
measure the magnificent look
of our community is also at-
tributable to the great care
our homeowners give to their
individual homes and proper-
Don't be the "odd-man
out" or let your property stick

I hold you, my fellow homeowners, in great admiration
and respect for being at our side sustaining Palmas through
rough waters or calm seas. Thank you for your commitment
and for bringing to life that old axiom, "To be free is not to do
whatever we want, but to voluntarily do our duty and to voluntarily
carry out our obligation". A

out like a sore thumb by not
paying attention to the com-
munity standards. Dilapi-
dated and faded paint, vis-
ible trash cans, unkept yards,
dead trees, etc., have no place
in our community. This goes
along with dogs barking and
running loose in the neigh-
borhoods, cars parked on the
streets and other community
nuisances that affect every-
one's quality of life.
Be a proud Palmas hom-
eowner and lead by example
among your neighbors. Let's
keep our paradise as the
bench mark of what a dream
community should be. A






Upgrades to the Can-
delero Park next to Marbella
Club got underway in mid-
September. The Candelero
Community Park will be
undergoing a renovation by
phases to turn this parcel of
land into a major community

Owners of closed vans are re-
minded that, in accordance with
the Palmas del Mar Access Con-
trol Rules and Regulations, all
trucks, closed vans and commer-
cial vehicles must use the 923
gate to enter and exit Palmas
del Mar. Also, please remember
that commercial vans as well as

amenity for the enjoyment
of the entire Palmas del Mar
community. The initial phase
consists of a major clean-up
of the existing area and fa-
cilities and the installation
of bollard type fencing along
the boundary line between
the golf course and the park.
The next phase to commence
in January 2010 will create a
new recreational area con-
sisting of modern playground
equipment, the establish-
ment of golf cart parking
next to each recreational
area, a paved cart path run-
ning from Ocean Drive going
thru the main entrance of the
park and connecting the two

recreational areas, together
with the installation of land-
scaping consistent with Mar-
bella Club grounds.
The follow-on phase to be
done in January 2011 con-
templates the construction of
a large gazebo similar to the
existing one, the installation
of water fountains and rest-
room facilities, umbrella-type
gazebos and additional land-
scaping. Once completed the
park will provide the Palmas
community with two modern
recreational areas next to the
beach and to the mouth of
the Candelero River. These
major upgrades are the result
of a settlement agreement

.q. rl, i..;ached between
-" I'hif- ,..1 I Mar Homeowners
\ i "- r i... i. Candelero Point
i d the Marbella

La. a.

NEW PHA SATURDAY HOURS.........................


N' ~

- 0

In order to better serve the Palmas community, particularly our
/ non-permanent residents that often just come to be with us
during weekends or short stays, PHA has adjusted its Saturday
working hours as follows:

Weekly hours remain unchanged (8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.).
Please contact PHA at 787-285-6425 should you need informa-
tion about our services and hours of operation. A


yflAwwaaat -J5?a&&/a1 -'W. E~ena~we


Pure. Clean. Water.
Quality Filtration/Purification
at an Affordable Price
Convenience of
the Everfullm Bottle
No reordering
No delivery
No bottle storage
No running out of water
No back-breaking refilling
The Consumer's Preference
Side-by-side comparisons
show that consumers prefer
water from a bottle they can see
Made in the USA
Distributed by




Bottled Water

NinosKa Bonnel Marl suarez

A A#

Aqui encontrards la mayor varledad y los mejores
preclos en LUmparas de Jardin ll


TEL [8716*2424 TEL [87M 621-0611
FAX 177] 653-2496 FI1167876204171

TEL H7871 87-140
FM 1871 887-1445


Lovo s4o

By Lissette Rosado, Editor

tiini Edd aler
at Keila's, where a Puerto Rican woman
was complaining about Puerto Rico. He
turned around and with a great sense of
humor told the lady: "But what are you
complaining about? You people are the
happiest in the world. You park wher-
ever you like, drive against traffic, any
reason is good for a party, and weekends
almost start on Wednesday and last un-
til Sunday night (sometimes late Sunday
night). Forget it! Puerto Rico is the best
place in the world. I wouldn't change it
for anything in the world," he insisted. I
laughed and thought that he was one of
those Americans I have met that really
fall in love with PR. I liked him from that
day. Later, we have shared many times
and I think he is authentic. Edd has not
only fallen in love with Puerto Rico but
also with a Puerto Rican woman to who
he has been married for ten years now,
Carmen Le6n. "Tofiin Casillas told me
one day that I was the closest to a Puerto
Rican guy that he has met. And then he
added: "I really like you!"
Edd is from Baltimore, Maryland and
back in 1990 a friend of his, who was
working for Maxxam, called him to see
how he could help him. Edd has had a
lot of experience working for other re-
sorts in Florida. In 1991 he was hired
to work with Shawn Hurwitz, son of
Charles Hurwitz, CEO and President of
Maxxam Inc., owners of Palmas Prop-
erty Inc. Shawn was living in Palmas
at that time. Edd then was in charge of
security, landscape and the regimes. At
that time the company was in charge of
almost everything (security, landscaping,
roads etc) including the development of
some of the regimes. For example, Cres-

cent Cove, Crescent Beach, Fairlakes
and Fairwork Courts was built by Palmas
Properties. Later on they started selling
land to different developers and PHA is
now in charge of most of the operational
aspects such as security, roads, beach,
landscaping etc. "I am the one who has
been a board member in the PHA Board
of Directors the longest and I enjoy it. I
like to go out of my way to find out how
to fulfill homeowners' needs," he said
and added, "I absolutely love this place.
Palmas is unique and special. People
have always treated me with a lot of re-
spect." Ed sits on the PHA Board as a
representative of Palmas Properties Inc.
Edd has three children. "When I
moved here I had my three children
with me; actually, the two youngest ones
(32 & 22- girls) grew up in Palmas. The
oldest one is 39. My daughter was a big
surfer. My son who is now 32 went to
Baldwin, but my daughter studied at
Palmas Academy, which we parents built
ourselves working on the weekends," re-
calls Edd. Palmas Academy's "casitas"
were built during that time.
Carmen, on her part, is Puerto Ri-
can and has two children of her own
a girl (24) and a boy (14) who is still
in high school at Palmas Academy an..I
has Carmen's same beautiful smile.
Between them, Edd and Car-
men, share five children,
five grand children
and their love for
Puerto Rico
and ir,

ture. "We go once a month to Guavate.
We tour every place and go to every fes-
tival on the Island," said Carmen. "My
favorite festivals are the: Crab Festival
in Maunabo, Aibonito Flower Festival,
the Coffee Festival in Maricao, and the
Pana Festival in Humacao. I also love
visiting the Luquillo kiosks, among
many others," said Edd and added that
he also loves to dance. "Carmen has
taught me to dance merengue, salsa &
bachata. I was a good dancer in high
school," he assures us. Carmen also told
me that Edd loves to play dominoes and
has a collection of 37 different dominos
"This is home to me, when I retire, if I
ever do, I will stay in Puerto Rico. I will
go to the States just to visit," he stated.
Edd also likes to play golf, eat out and
have a good time among good friends.
He is one of those guys you can tell that
enjoys every single day of his life. Good
for you both! That's the attitude. A



Don't fight the

Rip currents...
i l! , ,. r .... , ,.I ,.... 1 .. r. l . ... |', ,. .. l r ,, '_ ... .. r r . i i i', r, ,
1 '. 1 ...I. ._ !. H f ll f ',, .r r n ..l f i,, .I !*. .. ... !, .h r i .., ,!, |. | r , r .. .. l. i,! ',. ,.!.l-,r l l ',.! .! ,,, i ,, i. .. "
r, I ... ... ,. ,,_, ..... r, , , .. r ,, r, . T , I . ... .
,. ll !!. .r ',, !! h III I !!,,. .. .... .. ,, ', .. i. ,_ I.i.r f !,,.I ',,' ,.. r ,,. !, ,,..I i,,. .. ....

S,,. I J r -I r .... . .. .. .. .. . ! . I .. .. I, i ,. ,.
..II,!, . r,!, f l, |',!!, !- r !,.. l rl". f ....I li ,. !* *I r ( I, *,r .. l. .. l i. ,,_! ... . i,. r r ". I .... l .. ,, .I !, ,. I,, ,. ,

..., .. i r.. r lr r i, I, d iIIIl"I.- ii, ii.. l l l l rT I |, I i, l l I i, l r
- .. ... 1 r l r. .i r I ., u .i I 1. r rI. I i..1, . i 1 .!.. r. r i .. i i I .. .I
1 1 id 11 1 11 1r I I IF o 11 1
I F I I II i n J. r. 1 r 1 1 1 1 .
'II' 'I I l I I I.
l. r .. .r '. '. r, t .. ,i .,, ,'.! ,J r !, .! t! .l.' H i .l .. I..r.r .., !,r !. . r !i ..l !.. I I !.. H . l r l. !

.I.. . I I .. I 'F , I., . I I.t. ._ !I ..I . . J i. .. .. , .. .. . . ..
I r .h '. u . 1 .. ,_ .I .. - ,'I I. I I I I,.-I !, r, r,

! I ',. , .. I ',, H , r l,, ,. _T !,. ,, I. ,.I i.. .. I.. ... ,,l ,J ,,t, ,t I t .
I. i ... . ,.i.. I, .. .. I, , ,r I I. ... J n , J. .. I'd,. ,r l.. ,. 1 , r ,. ,, I. .. !,. . ...
Ii , f', ,.' ,. 1 I!, ,. ,. .. ...! r ,,. Ir t, .I I'' ..III ,, ,!. r _T!, . r ,II. .I I ... I l .. . ,', , !. ,.! ,, i. r l ,-
* .. ... .. I .! 1.1. 1 l .. 1,. r. . .. I . . 1 1 1 1 'o I, I rI l .
'I I I II I I 1 1

L id 11 1 .
, ,. , I. , ,, ,! r ... ,, i .i i ,n ,.it ,. .11 ,.l L, 1. r ,, |', ,- r,. ,I Ir ir I o. i i
I ,.,..I tl. ,_. ,,, !, l ,.!, l ,,l .h ,. fr,. I !,,,_!,,. r!,. u li., r l. .I f: !, .,.l 1 'I,',. ', l ,l rI- I ,.rH., , r ,,.I ',, ,-

F;, -I'iililn, ].;hiii.; i H

. Whal is a rip currenil?
P .I ', 'I ''. 1 '" '. I I, l l d --I I ll ,,' '. ,

S: How do rip currents lornn?

.I h I. -. I lh. i ,. ..1

SHow big are rip currents?

I. I Im.... I ... I, I. h I h .l

'.f How lasi are rip currents?

. ,l II ....i i,.i ,d, hI. .

( I Are all rip currenis dangerous?
I i, .u.. I i,. d ..I ,,I, I-. Ih , ib,

I I'd.~ m I, , m ,. ,I h I'd m- .I ,,I I .. ,- I, I ,

i, , liF ,. Ii

" r .I 1 1 i . .
it , ii .. l i r F .. r[ .I
E '..,. r d,.,., il i ,. r l ri ,r F t ,. I .I r 1 F i 1 11|"' . 1 r r r, 1. 11 11 1
calm to conserve energy. Don't fight the current; think of it like an
aquatic treadmill you can't turn off. You want to step to the side of
it. Swim across the current in a direction following the shoreline.
When out of the current, swim and angle away from the current
and towards shore. If you can't escape this way, try to float or calmly
tread water. Rip currents eventually subside offshore and, when it
does, swim toward shore. If at anytime you feel you will be unable
to reach shore, draw attention to yourself: face the shore, wave your
arms and yell for help.
You can help someone caught in a rip current getting the attention
of the beach patrol or a lifeguard. If no beach patrol or lifeguard is
available have someone call Palmas Security at 787-852-7745 /852-
7775 or 911. Throw the rip current victim something that floats such
as lit I 1... r. a cooler or a ball and yell instructions on how to escape.
Remember many have drowned trying to help others. Don't become
a victim while trying to help someone else.

24 www.LLPalmas.com

- -- i- - qlmam
je N-ati i :-jna a L Break the Grip of the RipiS

m w rtpoamtin ouMrcs

Information contained in this article has been obtained from the
National Oceanic and Atmosphere Administration (NOAA),
the National Weather Service (NWS) and the United States
S.. I Association sources.

Mercer Living Room



-,Rik PAmerican
: # tics Eo.,,

.. .0,
P. Carolina

78A.75A.52 0
Pwww .a set.furnitu,,xo

",:P 'h'.

By Lissette Rosado, Editor

Jos6 is originally from Mayagoiez, but he left PR to study
medicine in Salamanca, Spain. There he met, through a Puer-
to Rican friend, Elisa Hernandez. "He used to come back to
Puerto Rico every summer, but destiny had other plans. That
summer he stayed in Spain and a Puerto Rican friend intro-
duced us because, even though I used to study nursing, we
never coincided. We married a year later," Elisa confessed and
added that her mother's only concern was that he could have
a wife in Puerto Rico. For that she contracted a private detec-
tive and once it was confirmed that he was single, they were
happy and her parents approved the marriage. This was 37
years ago and since then they have become a big family. Elisa's
parents come to visit them frequently and Jos6 and Elisa visit
Spain every year. "Every time I have moved my mother comes
to make sure I am ok wherever he takes me," Elisa said and
Jose, his son, who is now in charge of the new VIP Laundry
at the entrance of Palmas, was born in Salmanca.
But, after Jos6 finished his studies in medicine, they as a
family came back to Puerto Rico to live in Mayagoiez. "In the
beginning my parents used to send me canned food and things
we could not buy in Puerto Rico at that time," recalls Elisa.
She stated that she has, nevertheless, raised their children as
Puerto Rican. "I teach them that they are Puerto Rican with a
big Spanish influence but Puerto Rican. I have some Spanish
friends that raise their children in PR as if they where Spanish
and that, I believe, causes a lot of issues with their identity."
They do conserve many of the Spanish traditions such as sit-
ting at the table dressed with a table cloth, eat with wine, and
sleep a "siesta". "I work with my husband at his pediatric prac-
tice for half a day, then I come home and prepare dinner," Elisa
said. I also found out that every Friday afternoon Elisa and
some friends (Puerto Rican girlfriends) get together in Elisa's
home, put away the furniture and practice Sevillanas. This is
another story that I will publish in the next issue.
Elisa has also been a Yoga teacher for many years. You can
see she is a very calm and peaceful person.
In 1990 they moved to Humacao in search of a better job
opportunity and since 1993 they have lived in Palmas del Mar.

Joito (Jos6 Jr.) and Elisa (daughter) both studied in San An-
tonio Abad and grew up in Palmas. "Joito was a business man
since he was a little boy. He used to take apart skateboards or
bicycles and sell the parts," Dr. De la Rosa said and laughed,
"Now he is in charge of the VIP Laundry. Elisa is the Assistant
Manager of the Oficina del Retiro del Maestro."
"We are very happy here. We love to visit Salamanca, which
we do every year, but we wouldn't go back. Winters are too
cold and long. We can spend a couple of months, not more,"
they both agree.
"I fell in love with that celebration from the
beginning and I adopted it. But, we celebrate
it the way we celebrate Christmas Eve."

A Calabacin soup

(all accompanied with a Cava or Proseco wine)
"Jam6n Serrano" with mel6n
Meat croquettes (grandmother's recipe from the times of war)
Shrimp ceviche with coriander and dialii.,
(Dr. Jose de la Rosa's specialty)
THE ENTREE (served with a good Ribera del Duero wine)
Boneless turkey stuffed the Spanish way and served with potatoes,
pimento sauce and a good salad.
Macedonia (strawberries and bananas with orange juice
and a bit of sugar- made the night before)
Chez Daniel's famous and spectacular apple tart.
A well known staple by all "Palmenos"
Then... a coffee and a good Oporto.
"And what is more important thank God for life,
our family and our food. Now-a-days the prayer is done
by our grandson," they stated.



A J `fs, t
& J


have ran into Rosa through different friends
and most recently at the Jackie's Fitness Summer
Camp. I found her to be a very warm, fun and happy
person. I was going to interview her about Jackie's
Summer Fitness Camp but I never made it to the camp
and the interview never happened. When I was planning this
edition, Rosa came to my mind. I thought that maybe now
would be a good time to interview Rosa. I didn't know much
about her, but I like her aura and I believe in people's aura. I
then called her and asked if she would accept the interview.
I wanted to know more about her and her family. Little did
I know! The day of the interview I arrived to their beautiful
villa at Plaza del Mar and...SURPRISE! Her husband, Hector,
was one of my spinning class buddies. I didn't have the slight-
est idea who her husband was! But...he knew I was going to
his home to interview them and he never said a word. It was
so funny because H6ctor and his inseparable friend Pedro, who
is my neighbor and the owner of El Rancho de Papa in Juncos,
are like Mutt and Jeff. They tease each other, they complain
about spinning and they make funny comments. They are so
much fun! They are also brothers-in-law because Pedro's wife,
Reina, is Rosa's sister. "They, Pedro and Rosa, arranged us on
a blind date and one year later we were married," said H6ctor
and added, "That was 35 years ago."
After this long introduction, let me introduce you to Rosa
and H6ctor. Their complete names are Rosa Hernandez and
Hector M. Flores. They are both from Juncos and have three
adult children: Alex, 33, who is an industrial engineer; Ricky,
30, is a pediatric oncologist; and Tito, 27, an aerospace en-
gineer. "They are our most valuable assets," they both agree.
"We are a very united family. We have three wonderful sons.
They adore each other and are very close, as brothers, and
with us. They respect and admire each other very much," said
Rosa. H6ctor smiled proudly and added, "God has blessed us

with kids that respect us and recognize all our hard work." See
what I was telling you about the aura? I could tell she was good
people. I thought the same about H6ctor; I just didn't know
them as a couple. They are very family oriented. They both
came from big and united families. H6ctor has 13 siblings and
Rosa has four. The results are there, loud and clear: happy and
mentally healthy people.
Hector is an accountant and work on his own with private
clients. Rosa is the president of MC21 Corporation, a very
successful company that administers pharmacist services to
medical plans.
Hector and Rosa used to live in Isla Verde but one day they
bought a villa in Plaza del Puerto because they had a boat and
needed a slip. Two years ago, when Plaza del Mar was built
they where pioneers and bought one of the most privileged
spot in Palmas with an astonishing view to the new marina
and Yacht club and to the sea. When "their nest" emptied they
moved to Palmas full time. They have a really beautiful villa.
May God give them health and many years to enjoy it!
Their oldest son already bought a villa in Palmas and the
youngest one wants to buy also, they told me. I guess the mid-
dle one will eventually buy one.
"We have a lot to celebrate because, on top of it being
Thanksgiving, it is the birthday of two our sons. Since
we have the boat, we have celebrated on the boat. But,
if we are in San Juan we have Thanksgiving at home... all
the family together. What are we thankful for? Our sons!"
they shout without hesitation. A

Samn arcos .aMd prt your bat i your backyard!
4 bakuns 4 blSo fine IKm s5* arm.l.i 50 lat btg Ibm
-* tflaht gvd tin PmiE m-uw ahed hm Aqpm im W nd r hEJk
(r d tie Ibn qpxrmin in .Sm tms aInid ft IKt mmii
........... ... ..I

qqus 'J~ l {,

fakxdn 737-285-7047
emal gfomans@grmilcom


h e m- ........ .. ,,


b,.D ,..

n 'nIa "m-&wM -%il I-aDO P
Ham ~ Mhue lH Ni-1o id
iam ii sAM- nm RAi
HoiKMMot sm a>A-aDH

Bo. Lirios, Sector 4 Calles
Juneos, PR 00777


Sylvia Villafale... our art guru

By Lissette Rosado, Editor

Sylvia is one of those people with a
built-in Duracell battery. You can tell
her creative mind is always planning
something or thinking about a new way
of doing things. One idea takes her to
the next one and then... it is too late,
she embarks on this big project that she
embraces with passion and determina-
"How did all this start?" I began my in-
terview. Well...to make a long story short
when she was still married she used to
travel a lot. She was always visiting art
galleries and inquiring about local art
and artist. "When I divorced, I was on
my own and I had to make the big deci-
sion: What was I going to do for a living?
I tried working in the banking industry,
and public relations but none of them
would satisfy me," Sylvia stated. Then,
she decided to follow her heart and put
energy into what was her big passion...
art! But the question was: How? The
answer was a gallery where she could co-
alesce what she loves the most: art and
people. She started little by little. She
wanted to keep it small because she was
raising her daughter, Sylvia Beatriz, bet-
ter known as Trish. But...since she can't
do anything small and simple (and since
her mind can't stop developing ideas),
the gallery grew like foam. Her timing
was perfect. It was the beginning of the
90's and at that time there were hardly
any galleries that would showcase local
artists. The local artists were orphans
and didn't have a space to expose their
art work. "Many of the artists we still
have today, like Martorell, Rafael Rivera
Rosa, Kike Rentas, Daphne Elvira have
been with us since the beginning," said
Sylvia. "I really wanted to give a space
to the local artist. On my trips I noticed
how local galleries in Spain, France, Ar-
gentina etc, concentrated their efforts in

developing their local artist," comment-
ed Sylvia and added, "I wanted to put all
my energy and will in the local artist as
a way to make a cultural contribution to
my country". But again, since she has a
restless mind, with time she began inte-
grating other forms of art such as fash-
ion, jewelry, music, dance, etc.
Always open to new venues, to spread
art and educate, Petrus has given semi-
nars to different sectors like, for ex-
ample, Interior Designers, women and
children's groups. She also started a joint
venture with Imagen Magazine and the
Caribe Hilton to create a program that
recognizes women art collectors.
Sylvia also has made important con-
tribution to museums and art organiza-
tions, like the Art Museum in Ponce,
and created a program to take our artists
overseas. This year Petrus is invited to
participate in the Miami Art Basel Fair
- Scope Miami with Bernardo Medina
and Bobby Cruz. On the other hand,
Petrus bring to the Island the Marlbor-
ough Gallery, one of the most prestigious
galleries of the World founded in 1946
which represents artists such as Botero,
Mir6, Picasso, Manolo Vald6s, Richard
Estes, etc.
Definitely, Sylvia is linked to art and
art is link to Sylvia. She gives art a dif-
ferent twist.. .the social twist. She opens
art's doors to a wide scope of people pro-
viding a space where people feel com-
fortable (and not intimidated) with art.
If you think she is done, WRONG! She
has a more ambitious plan: to create an
art educational program in all schools.
"In life we have to look for beauty in art,
music, and culture in general to become
better human beings," said Sylvia. She
is right. A person who appreciates art is
more sensible and respectful to all his/
her surroundings.


Petrus, iii Petruso :lli:F lii-,,i F- I'-i I, ',.-vi
I ii
Ih 1, I lull j li li h j -
1 ', ,UI fll l ll d [- I ll ,J,-l l [111 ,. 1,- ll HI

TI rI iiri I ,_l, i ilih ,. III .I i d Il

,--Hii i 0ilit' ll
l,. l I I. 1 1 10 1 I l'l- [1 .I 1. -l,- 1 1 I a 1 1 1 1 ll' l -Il' 'I l -

Petra's I ri Ii sn i liir ll ii I i, I-riiii ii'
:ii,.i- h f, rl- i [ 1i.in ri,- l ii, P0 I..14 i, i j i 1 1 1i.l,',-
I',- I11l i l l ,s ,l ,- I ,- i. 1 l j iJ I:',-I '1 1 1 11
i iPetras A

i Petra's A

,1.5au r ants

For more information, please call: 787-285-6400

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Every Tuesday from
5:00PM to 9:00 PM
from September 28 to
October 31, 2009
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rin i ,Ia ac~cm wnu

9n 78-5251


i Quiroprdctica para Nifios, JOvenes y A dultos!

f Contamos con equipo de alta tecnologia de
evaluacion delsistema nervioso central
Evaluaciones metatarsals y de
postura- Modernas facilidades
con sistema paperless.
Tratamiento para...
Subluxaciones Vertebrales Dolores de Cabeza
* Dolor de Cuello y Hombros Adormecimiento de Manos y Piernas
Espasmos Musculares Discos Herniados
Dolores de Espalda Baja Sciatica Radiculopatias
6:00 9:00 PM lunes a jueves
63 AvadrIivllHm
787.~~ 85.99 escIoelcne~ml~

Dr. Grace D. Medestomas-Rivera
': ,, 1 1, , -7 r -i,1 7 1 1-I 1, 1-,
295 Palmas Inn Way, Ste. 130 PMB 145 Humacao, PR 00791
For more information please call 787-638-5350
Email: info,'drgracemd.com
1, . :l, i,,n I',,l',, .,-i ,1 ,: sl'l, ,,I ,:, Ij ll,,: I-I ,j -1 1.i.I 'l,-Ii ,

PW Celeslial

4jS Se r ice

:~iiiii.~ :1.:

B ifQ

By Debbi Provin-Martin

The 10 or More Club!

Do you want to lose 10 pounds or more? I've had numerous friends or
acquaintances say to me 11, i want to lose just 10 pounds"... 've said
it ii, I. I admit that since i, i to PR I've put on a few extra unwanted
pounds. I also quit i, i i,, because of a hip injury. Well, I had i 11 II I, I
over the summer so I'm ready to GO! Who wants to join me in not only
', i, I those few extra pounds, but in 1 i1 i the right choices about what
you put into your body? Let's get, iiN! Let's become aware of what we
eat and why we eat it....and in the process lose 10 or more! Join us for
the 10 or more club. If you are interested in ,'iiii, i our 10 or more club
send an email to: 10club@sustainyourlife.com
Each week I'll send out emails Ii, Ii, Il, I recipes, tips and more on how
1 1 Ill I we can lose 10 or more and make food choices that are I
to our health. Below are a few tips to get you started.Drink at least 64
ounces of water each and every day. Water I h, In n i, ,. ,, i,, 1 1. 1i i
and flushes out toxins. Water is important when ',, i,,, I weight. If the idea
of water is 'Ii, i,. add a squeeze or two of lemon or lime juice ', ii ii for
the immune system) an ounce or two of pure cranberry juice, a mint leaf, a
cucumber slice...very I fI lii'i.
Add fresh raw fruits and vegetables to your daily diet. By
, I in, I fruits and I I i, to your diet you are not only "', ,I Ii r, I out" bulky
carbs, such as white flour, white rice potatoes ect, you are i, i the ben-
efit of all the wonderful vitamins, minerals and fiber they ,ii, i ii ,I to
, 1,i l 111i I w eight and Ih i, '1 11 i1.
Eat protein. E liin I protein with every meal is a must for ..... I health and
', i,, i weight. Protein is needed by every cell in our body. ( I .... .....
sources of protein; fish, poultry, 11 ii i1 nuts, and whole ili .
Exercise is just as important as I iiiii iii lii
when ',, i, i weight. Go to the gym, dance around the house, walk, cycle,
,\. swim...there are so many ways to get 11, ini. Make the ,,ii be
I I -everyday.
Snacking. E Ilin i , I i ii important part of I ii iii diet. ii iI
to choose snacks 11 ii i I, I your body and satisfy your ii i, ,i. Listed below
are a few healthy snacks...a i ii1 11ii ii ii' to the iP I i fat, I', ii snack:
" I' I II i,, I hum m us ', ii iiii I Trail m ix Rice i. III
ni it ii ~ Apples mixed with walnuts and honey.

ai Hope to hear from you!
Until next time, remember to Sustain Your Life'1 Il i
I l ii ihii i and wellness!

iE J,,

Open for lunch Fridays and Saturdays from 12:00 noon 3 pm
Open for dinner Wednesdays to Mondays from 6:30 pm 10 pm
Sunday Brunch from 12 noon 4 pm Closed on Tuesdays

Light lunch

) 0- 11:00 PM
Closed on Tuesdays

Spm sedon Sundays



Lici and Pepi Suarez are part of Palmas' history. Pepi's broth-
ers and sisters, all have villas in Palmas as well as his dear cous-
in, David Schaeffy, to whom he is very close to and who shares
his passion for horses and golf. Pepi is brother to Marie Suarez
(Casa Bonita), Jorge Suarez and Tere Suarez. "When I finished
my sub-specialization in Orthopedic Surgery, we didn't have
any money and my father gave us the down payment to buy a
house in Villa Franca where we lived for four to five years until
we moved to San Juan where I did my medical practice and
visits to the hospitals. Actually their oldest daughter, Maruchi,
was born in Palmas. In 1985 they moved to San Juan but soon
came back as weekenders, first at Palmarina, and later at Shell
Castle, where they still are. At that time their big devotion was
the sea. "We used to have boats until our kids got married. Our
first boat was "La Big Bird", which we enjoyed very much," Pepi
recalls and Lici agrees.
Pepi & Lici are one of those couples that have been together
forever. "I have been with Pepi for more years than with my
parents," said Lici and explained, "I left home when I was 18
years old to attend College. Then I got married and left. I have
been with Pepi for 47 years: 10 years as boyfriend/girlfriend and
37 years married." But not only that, Lici has been Pepi's Of-
fice Manager for 30 years. What is most important is that you
can tell they keep enjoying life together and sharing passions
such as the sea, horse riding, family and friends reunions, and
Palmas, among others.
"We've been riding horses since we were dating," said Lici.
Pepi commented that when he was a small boy he would go
with his grandfather and his cousin, David Schaefy, for horse



rides. "What is ii ......h.1.. is that David and I keep doing what
we used to do when we where eleven," he said. Lici shares that
love for horses because her fiiil, o,.. i.. also horse lovers.
Later in their life, after their children were gone, they went to
Carabali one day and fell in love with horse riding again. They
bought their horses: Gallego (Pepi's) and Principe (Lici's), two
beautiful "paso fino" horses. Some years later, Chegui opened
Hacienda Candelero. "When we found out we immediately
moved our horses to Palmas. Oh God! Our horses were so hap-
py. For them it was like staying at the Ritz!" laughed Pepi. For
them it was also very convenient. They could go ride horseback
with their friends and family. "We have an excellent group. We
ride every Saturday and go to "cabalgatas" around the Island.
Horseback riding allows you to be in communion with nature,
and Palmas is so beautiful that it is a privilege to be able to
ride in such beautiful surroundings. The other day we were
behind a beautiful tree on a hill where you could see the golf
course, the beach and Palmas in the distance. I told David, jok-
ingly: 'Not even Donald Trump has this privilege." I could give
faith to this! We were there the day of the photo shoot and the
place is breathtaking regardless of the heavy rain we had in the
middle of the shooting.
"Riding horseback allows you to disconnect from your prob-
lems. It is very therapeutic and on top of all that, horses are
such spectacular animals!", added Lici.
Pepi, on the other hand, has played golf almost every Saturday
with the same group of friends for years. "How do you manage
to do both on a weekend?" I asked, because when I have played
golf I end up exhausted (and I have a lot of energy!) "I wake up
early to play golf and in the afternoon we go ride horseback. At
night I just have energy to eat and drink," he said. Impressive! I
can picture the day: after twisting around all morning (playing
golf), jump up and down on a horse all afternoon!! It hurts only
to think about it! "On Sundays he lays down here," laughs Lici
as she shows me the sofa. Lici, on her part, says she is making a
comeback with golf.
About moving to Palmas full time, Pepi said that that's
r eir goal. But for now the plan is to expand the weekend
Sine more day. "If the new Hima at Palmas entrance
opens as expected, then I could move in full time," he
Pepi and Lici have two daughters, Maruchi and
Mariela, and two sons, Pepi and Jorge Carlos. They
have also four grandcihiddicn. The dining room table
is so huge that when they remodeled the house they
brought in the table and then built the walls that
enclosed the dining room. Pepi showed me the table
and added that it is always full, if not with family, with
friends. If some day they decide to sale the villa, the ad will
read like this: "Villa for sale with dining table included". No
way out! A



By Lissette Rosado, Editor


Hacienda Candelero is
built on nine and a half
acres of land and has 75
stables, most of them
owned by Palmas' ho-
meowners. "Here they
have full service. When
our clients are coming to
ride their horses, they can
call and at their arrival
their horse are bathed,
saddle, and perfumed...
ready to ride." Every cli-
ent has their own stor-
age area where they can
leave all their equipment.
At the end of the ride they
can just enjoy a drink with
friends and everything is
taken care of. "But some
people like to bathe their
horses and take care of
them and that's fine too."
said Chegui. A

01 -~



M -aiL

\if *




en la cocina...

By Lissette Rosado, Editor
Christian Jos6 Rivera is one of our shinning stars. Christian recently became Puerto
Rico's Junior Golf Champion, a competition played at a The Palm Court at Palmas del
Mar. Even though Christian resides in Guayama with his beloved parents, Doctors Jose
P Rivera and Tulia Rivera, he spends most weekends at their home in Plantation.
Christian started playing golf when he was only six. "I fell in love with golf while
playing with my father. I like golf because it is a challenge and very difficult. It was that
difficulty that hooked me. You never know how you are going to play the next day,"
Christian stated. Christian is in his first year at the University of Puerto Rico and plans
to study Cardiology.
At his short age of 17, he has already played with important golf personalities such
as: Chi-Chi Rodriguez, his brother Jesls Rodriguez, Jason Tobar, Carlos Cestero, Miguel
Suarez and Jeff Willenberg from Palmas.
A little bird whispered in my ear that at a recent tournament in Ponce--Pros vs. Ama-
teurs (a nine hole tournament) -- Christian beat a very well known pro by shooting 4
birdies and one eagle for a score of 30 versus the 38 obtained by the pro. Ouch that
Christian and his other Puerto Rican junior golfers who qualified in diverse age brack-
ets traveled to Jamaica, and for the second year in a row defeated all other teams from
the Caribbean countries. Bravo!!! Then, they traveled to West Palm Beach for an In-
ternational Junior Competition and their experience was awesome. As of now he is
awaiting for the amateur league to begin so he can participate and hopefully qualify for
the Puerto Rico Open. Live & Life will be there! A

*No contiene formol
"Elimina el Rizo y el Frizz"

"Repara e Hidrata" el cabello

* Dolores, molestias
y mala circulaci6n
* Elimina toxinas
* Incluye reflexologia -
o botas terapeuticas

* Dolores de cuello y hombros
* Ciatica y tunel carpal
* Mala circulaci6n
* Elimina toxinas
* Incluye reflexologia

Otras ofertas en...


Ciertas reticoesalc










TEL, 787 -850-2693

The daughter of Johnny Bertran and
Jeannette Schuck inaugurated the new
Yacht Club by celebrating the first wed-
ding to take place in this idyllic beautiful
endroit. God give them a long and happy
life together!
The bride and groom
Jeannette Bertrin & Jos6 Raul P6rez
Parents of the groom
Jos6 Ratil P6rez Cuenca
Myriam Gonzilez Cordero
The priest
Padre Pedro
The bridal party
Giovanna Bertrin, i,
maid of honor and
twin of the bride
Juan Rafael Bertin
Rocio Sinchez
Mali Sanchez
Le Cumberry
Cuarteto Clisico de Violines
Jackeline Schuck -Ave Maria
Grupo Rigel -Besitos de Coco
Pleneros del Sol
Palmas Country Club

Security Surveillance Systems ...

YOU CAN COUNT ON! By Lissette Rosado Editor

When it comes to security, technol-
ogy is a powerful ally. As I stated in my
Security article we have to protect our-
selves against crime and nowadays there
are many devices that can help us PRE-
VENT crime. One of them is alarms.
Yes, they have existed for many years but
in the present there's much more to it.
They can be monitored from a distance,
you can add cameras, light, motion lights
etc. to them. In Palmas we have the
benefit of having a private monitoring
surveillance service that works in close
coordination with our PHA Palmas Se-
curity Office Dispatch.
To find out more about how the alarm
monitoring service at Palmas works, Live
& Life interviewed Mr. Luis Edgardo
Gonzalez, President of Campo Rico
Electronics Inc. who has partnered with
PHA to establish an alarm monitoring
system in the PHA Security Dispatch of-
fice. Campo Rico Electronics Inc. offers
this service to the community as one of
our security contractors. Mr. Gonzalez
who has more than twenty five years in
the security business, has installed in
Palmas a very sophisticated security sys-
tems such as the AVI system (automatic
vehicle identification system), security
cameras and infrared security sensors
around several Palmas regimes perime-
ters. Just like the home alarms connect-
ed to PHA security, this sensor system
also communicates with the security dis-
patcher to let them know that somebody
has penetrated a particular given point
of x zone. The dispatcher then indicates
to the patrol the exact zone where the
penetration is occurring and a more tar-
geted action can be taken.

You can have an .....hl.. alarm that
emits a sound to the exterior of the
property and immediately sends an au-
dible and visual signal to the PHA Secu-
rity Office that the alarm system of your
villa has being activated. Immediately

the dispatcher sends a message to the
patrols on the street who then mobilize
to your villa.
"Recently we have added an-
other system to this service that
if there is a power failure, the
system sends a signal to the dis-
patcher and a patrol is sent im-
mediately to the property," said
Gonzalez. He explained that
this system was implemented
due to a modality adopted by
thieves where they would turn
off the main breaker, wait a
couple of days until the battery
back-up was exhausted and
break in. Well, no more!
The second alternative is a silent
alarm. This one doesn't emit any sound
but sends the same signal to the PHA
Security Office that a break -in has oc-
curred and a patrol is sent to your villa.
The third alternative is an inter-
nal alarm system. This one emits a very
powerful, very high intolerable sound in-
side the property. This alarm also sends a
visual and ...... signal to the Security
Office to activate the patrol officer that
somebody has broken into your house.
Campo Rico Electronic offers both
services, the installation of the alarm
system and the monitoring services. The

alarm cost will depend on the particu-
larities of your property; the alarm Mon-
itoring System has a modest monthly fee
(residence, commerce and boats). If
you are interested in this service you can
call them at Campo Rico Electronics at
787-764-1755 or PHA Security at 787-

As the saying goes, God says: "Help
yourself that I will help you", this works
for security also. "People are sometimes
too trusting and thieves are always look-
ing for opportunities. If you make their
life job easier they will choose you," said
Gonzalez. He also mentioned that he
continues to be amazed by the number

of people who leave their homes alone
with unlocked doors and open windows
and garages, have very little or no out-
side security illumination, do not acti-
vate their alarms and, worst off, entrust
their properties to complete strangers.
There also others things we can do to
protect our property like outdoor light-
ing and cameras that can be monitored
by a private company or by yourself from
a computer/ but also by us. You could
be in New York and be monitoring your
patio or the inside and outside of your

Our superb new projects.
We are sure that one of them will fit your lifestyle
and budget expectations:

Ask around... You'll see that these committedprofessionals
are the absolute experts in the Palmas del Mar market.



Angel Del Moral

Omayra Sierra



Omayra Sierra





Monine Perez



Monine Perez

Iris Piovanetti


Amalia Cardona


Carlos Naveira
Carlos Naveira




Omayra Sierra

Nani Robles

Ju y
Omayra Sierra Omayra Sierra

Omayra SierrAugust Monine Prez
Omayra Sierra Monine Perez

Zorayda Santos

Diana (Uintron

Toll free 1- 8 0 0 -PALMAS 6 or call now 787-852-8888
www.palmasdelmar.com / www.movetopalmas.com

Second level villa. 3 bedrooms plus loft, 3 baths,
balconies, ocean and golf view.
Offered: $425k Irvia Roque

1st level. 2 bedrooms, 2 baths, lock-out,
terrace and lake view!
Offered: $400k Amalia Cardona

Offered: $465k

Beautiful second level
condo apartment near
the Palmas Marina.
3 bedrooms,
2 baths.

Omayra Sierra

Brisas Model. 2 bedroom, 2 bath villa.
Excellent view to lake and pool area.
Offered: $525k Nani Robles

Ground level villa. 1 bedroom, 1 bath, beautifully
decorated, walking distance of the pool area.
Offered: $350k Omayra Sierra

TI Ii i 4 I i i' '' I,- iil I'
-, _'k


- -r -w. -7

The largest inventory of ne\x homes and resales.

Exclusive broker for Palmas new communities.

Customer service oriented Sales Professionals
who know and unclerstand the market.

One level home of 4 bedrooms, 3 baths,
game room, gazebo and Jacuzzi.
-ffrl d _-Ok __, ,- ,,_


Ti *I ,-ll Il AI -,ii I I ,ll *, I i ll I ,im, Ii ,' i, I,,-I
I Ih I l lh I I I ,, 1 : I,:,:, I I-,10 0 1 bll Il l 1 1- 1

lI id, t_ 1

M .-. N T E .-. L

1' in l illl il' 'i .i i. l I, ',;I ,-

m m

I Ili on of : Orl n : Iel I'.h r F' lC 3i .-i lie1 ILn: Li': 4 -4 ,

Valderrama Model. One level single family
home. 4 bedrooms, 312 baths, 2 terraces with
12 bath, water fountain and 2 car garage.
Offered: $850k Nani Robles

(- S0 1 \1 \ ERD E

I 111 1 1 Iii
', 71 h ', .i, i' lr.l; r ,

H AR BOl R Li-;T flH E \ .

l i ,.u :, h.i I, I, :h , n "I h II .1 h-
I ill, Ill I I I I 1i ll' ,,,, i li ii i I,, ,
,IIII l l i lll l I , '


Costa del Caribe Realt)
Our mission is to locate the Right Propert) for you!
Many properties & Location to choose from!
Welcome our newest Listings:

j l-.7

1C. I1 I Kn i 1 5 1 tr.T-kA6 .1'R -X07'JI
J 73)85S uS w~w KrLwdJILIL.1iLlr1Ixvr.ctxwn
N-nniftI" PrnjWrW 16I4hiArsnrnt


Cy Ban os

Estimados Gratis
Garantia Incluida
Servicio de alta confiabilidad
20 afios de experiencia en diseiio y manufacture


IliL.1 III ~IIII N.ti ac CriL-d11LL Plub~lc \L-4111.11 [tInk I' c'l IL,%%


Accounting, Tax and Business Advisors
CPA Roberto V61ez Medina, Esq.
Reparto Mendoza A4, Humacao, PR 00791
Tel. (787) 850-7164 www.velezmedina.com
Services start at $150 per month.

We all sho lId be...

a security Officer!

By Lissette Rosado, Editor
I always remember a poster I saw on a NYC subway after
the attacks of September 11th that read: "NY City has 19 mil-
lion citizens, which means 38 million security cameras. If you
see something suspicious call 1-800 -NY Police" (a telephone
number that surely I don't remember). It really struck me. It's
absolutely true because when we talk about security everybody
should be involved.
Security should be oriented towards prevention rather than
enforcing laws. At Palmas we have one of the most efficient
security programs in Puerto Rico. It is not perfect but it is
highly efficient because problems are addressed and action is
taken when needed. The PHA Board has a Security Council
that, in coordination with our Executive Director Tony Mal-
donado, the PR Police Department and the Security Director
Roberto Melkndez, develops and implements security plans of
all types. Cameras have been installed in many places, new se-
curity electronic passes have been implemented in the recent
years, inspections at the security check points are stressed and
many others security measures are taken. What is the result?
Crime statistics has gone down 50% this year! BUT... We need
you!! At Palmas we don't have 38 million security cameras
but at least we have 9,000 security cameras (eyes) to watch for
any suspicious movement.
In a closed community like Palmas del Mar, our enclosed
perimeter is our first security measurement. The second is the
security patrol force in coordination with the Security Council
and the PHA Board, and third but not least important is the
security measures taken in each residence and regime. BUT
most importantly YOUR COOPERATION! Be aware. If you
see something strange, call Security at 787-852-7775. Don't
waste any time. Record this number in your phone and then
assign it a speed dial. Seconds count!
Sometimes, as civilized people, we develop mechanisms
for rationalizing our gut feelings but our protective animal
instincts are still there. Follow your instincts. If something
doesn't feel right call Security. The worst that can happen is
that you were wrong, and nothing is going on. Good!
I you see something... Tell someone... Do something!
It is absolutely necessary for ordinary citizens like us to do
our part. We need to be the eyes and ears of our community
and help ensure our own safety and security.
That doesn't mean that you shouldn't take your our own
security measures like alarms, security cameras, dogs, and oth-
ers modern security devices. Your goal is to create enough of
a hassle for a crook so that they can tell that your home is not
worth the effort.

If vuse

smtin Itau
cal Ieuiv.


Guiamos sus inversiones

en la direcci6n correct.

CDoAamcu a.m un qplp de cmnulkn
m empe-la-t
y futu para wEoiadE.

AEfado a una
Iti nAi FiIanidm sTlA
itn .ic qnace -
im n dala.

ManJamcd sbte:
ezhm BLa m"
d 15 mol aI*ne*4

OmiAnM alay n Hagew ald peOdAM &
Imywulmd i iul y hauDes., Hdwm un
mecida y p f ins ece&.L

=ms N Iumlabr tm u .1 7-i 7B-7 7400 o l 1-80-Mi1-7400.


dw iw aleR Fk a kp padi H -damm gm ppar
: p"r I m= miNZ lmdw :di E Erd = 7Im u"ha Vmmm Imvmfh I mdmc mdeIdm3mgiam mun.P Madmue
,^ 1P_>^^i**^ ^__^_^_^ ^J^k_ uy^^__^^_^^_^^ ^^^^^^^^ ^ __^^1^^^^* ^^du^^.,^,^i-- ^_,^.^^__

...i. ,

Complete hair care, manicure,
spa pedicure, professional make-up,
facial and skin treatments
Monday 10am 6pm
Tuesday to Saturday 9am 6pm
Coconut Grove Plaza #3,
Carr. 906 Km 11.5, Humacao, RR.
T. (787) 852.2111

By Grace Medestomas, MD

Despite being from Nagua-
bo I consider myself an adopt-
ed Humacaefia because my
years of college at the UPR
and the ones of high school
at San Antonio Abad were
here in Humacao. In 1997
I left to San Juan Bautista
School of Medicine achiev-
ing my MD after completing
my Internship at HIMA San
Pablo-Caguas. Coming back
to Humacao and now living
in Palmas since 2006 has
been great! Meeting up with
old time friends around the
community but now having
the opportunity to offer my

Concierge Medicine is
nothing more than returning
to the days when people paid
the doctor directly for medi-
cal care and had a doctor who
knew them, was available to
them, and cared for them. It's
only in the recent ', i i, i ii,.i that
we've become used to third party
payers. The norm used to be that
you would pay the doctor his fee
and that was the end of it. Offer
ing, personalized health care, con-
'. lll i.i, on the real needs and
well ', i, I of m y p.I iti-ii., 1 1 i. 11
know them & understand their life-
style is crucial to me. As their phy-
sician, I will become their trusted
medical advisor and stand between
', iii and the complex medical
'"nrld Hin" pnnpl hq n

care industry since 2003 and
: "M in this short period of time
I've had the opportunity to
be part of and analyze dif-
ferent aspects of the health
care system. I began as an
ER physician, later working
I for a private company that
1-. administrates Urgency Care
Units, better known as CDT
j for various Municipalities in
Grace Medestomas, MD the eastern area where I was
ascended to the Company's
service to them as well as the Medical Director. The
rest of the Palmas del Mar knowledge and experience I
residents and our visitors obtained in administration of
with non-urgent matters. Hospitals, Emergency Rooms
I've been in the health and CDTs was very reward-

but what about their most precious
asset Their health! I will provide
this excellence in care and I count
on an 1 i ,ii 1 i 1 and 1 1 1r i, l. I
network of ,1II 1, ii l iii i to as-
sist in any way for the well ',, il,
of each Ip.ti iit. The contact with
specialists, if necessary will be ar-
i,,, laboratory drawn without
', i i i their home, and i, 'Ii '.i
, III, I shipped or taken Ii.. II, to
their door, so Ii ,, is no need to
leaveto waitfor 11 Iii ii' i.S. i1 i. l ii
a limited amount I Ii i ii, will per-
mit me to provide my full attention
in Il ind l1 the excellence in care
to i, i, I1, I i, i. I h ,.iltl 1 ii.i and
ii I of each and every one of
m y p.ilt i'l i ..
I also provide my service to
,, , niI Ih,,, it' f th thi t

ployees do not take the time to see
their physician on an annual basis,
let alone when symptoms present
i, 11ii I Instead, most indi-
viduals wait until illness physically
..II ,111 them from i, .i I to work,
and at this point the illness is typi-
cally worse than it would have been
if they had an ,il..inI i 111.i Iill
with a physician and care had been
given in a more ,.i" I .' manner.
W ith the E ,i, i ". .| ii ",
h, IIIII & W ellness ,ii, i 1. I will
provide exclusive health standard
service to employees, which will be
,, Ii l II fo r Ii, ,- ( , 1 1 , to
receive easier access to health care
no 11,, ,iii i ,, i at their corporate
On the ,ii, I hand, Doctor

i l l .. ..1 I .I I .I. I. i i~I t

The health and well being
of patients to me is the most
gratifying aspect of medicine,
my compensation for the de-
votion I put in to my voca-
tion is to obtain that in each
and every patient I have, that
is why I decided to leave all
behind and start with my
own practice, I do not want
to be "one more" of what
the healthcare system has
become. Patients have to
wait for hours just to obtain
an average of seven to fifteen
minutes with their physician.
Frustrating isn't it? A

i, 1, ,, and get or discuss lab
results for more details go to www.
i, i I, i i ,I i ll, .
I want to ,i, 1"~, medicine like I
I, ii, t it I was 1 i, I to the first day
I started medical ii,! I want to
form 1' I 11 and ,, h real
medicine, even if it is with a new
:. I i ,1- 1 i hl, ,I i l 1 ,, i . 1, I b y
a web app il it I i-,; communicate,
document 111 IIl 11 1 i IIi my pa-
tients so 1 i11 today's ', I, lI -l1 i
and mi.i.,, 11. ,iii,1 by email, IM ,
Twitter, Facebook or video chats if
necessary, cuts back, ii I ii ill, on
unnecessary .ii-... visits. In Hii, I
words I want to take the ,. i. I,.
to the p.itiiit. The h. h ilit ii .il ap-
proach as I 1 ii1 111'1, ,I previously
has been to increase, ii income
by ii, I more p.Iti-i l' and work-
ing harder but here is when quantity
overrides quality but now because
a lot can be done ii,', iii technol-
,,, so why even have an, ,iih for
this type of service? Instead the
tim e spent in iiii I, I an .Ii ..' will
be the I h, i, t, ii i time we all
deserve. A

1, 11 1 h ill Ill I I lild

I it 11 d 1 1 1
11 1 1 1, i ll I, hill d

IF- N a

4L: P I'- I p1

quiickk r.v&P(!

Tel 7B7-656-5997
Cal 787-914-2470
Fax 787-6S6-5997

etI re&,...to look your best this Christmas with our

rcW9A' I-od &
A^-^ jl Tr~iPrvii~oW^^ ovl
^^^^^R^HHa^ ff 1 LV ^^ J .4%e(i^^:

For information call
787-533-5360 or 787-996-8797



'ecentyears, Puerto has been L increase
y costs, Our island does not have its own ane system which is
;pend on other countries to import petroleum and to 1 1
of electricity 'i Puerto Electric Power ,
As a consequence it is impossible to control the rse in
ptrc ecye

f our islan, studies have found Puerto can use systems to B
sun, wind or even animal manure in areas, Our
located where wae have sun and wind year round, For i
state and federal, have started an incentive for the use
ble systems can be usedto produce to be used in
business c common system s are sun and construct renewable soar and wnd systems and ar
The last one s ommonly known as or wi nd In system, to recover the from cow m
I can be "1 anaerobic I system, The ,
ducked can be used for personal use and/or to sell it to the ,, A Green E & Fuels, Inc, does commercial ai
person 'i net ' ,: can make the, ects, Commercial projects should perform an
net is a policy forces to buy unused, a renewable, system, E assessments are '
Renew able energy nesses in use of electricity and can determine where it has I
system s can be used to incorrect use and of ir, 1
produce electricity to be used tor or lawyers can reduce its electricity by simple
in the property, business a minimum investment where payback period can be less
or for agriculture. The m ost determine your and'' these systems our trained t
common systems are sun your property
and w ind. A renewable, system has a payback period of 6 to i

787-548-7061 / 787-717-2372 info@gefpr.com www.gefpr.com


S--" i
,r ,,. !JLm

Montesol The Spanish highlight of Palmas del Mar. Beautiful and cozy Montesol gives us a unique style inside Palmas del
Mar. This corner unit villa with 2 bedrooms, 2 baths, cathedral ceilings and astonishing views; is the excellent location to have your
piece of paradise. Offered: $345k For real estate opportunities, please call Palmas del Mar Real Estate at 787- 852-8888 or
1-800-PALMAS-6 or visit www.palmasdelmar.com or www.movetopalmas.com.
Maralago Beautiful project located in front of Palmas del Mar Beach Club, gorgeous surroundings, Club House with pool,
winner of the Multi-Family Community of the Year in 2004, Maralago offers various models starting in the $400's. For real estate
opportunities, please call now Palmas del Mar Real Estate 787-852-8888 or 1-800-PALMAS-6 or visit www.palmasdelmar.
co m or www.movetopal mas.com. .

i'm '^



Plaza del Mar... 24 ocean front jewels. Next to the new exclusive Yacht Club and
Marina. 4 bedrooms 3.5 or 4.5 bathrooms 3,000, 3,280 to 4,560 SQ.FT to choose from 2 buildings -only 12
apartment per building underground and outside parking generator for all the apartments kids and adults pool gym on
each building. breathtaking view. For more information, call Gladys Fornaris Real Estate & Assoc. Cel. 787-647-6421
Fax/phone 787-285-7047.

The Woods Ih1i, i.lle
CPa ill Rlh t1 y 1 1H II.-i I 2l0pletely

S: ,.-lflani,,rn I.1. ih ll .- g ll alh-. Ces,

R F tl -'f. _;' 1111 11 Fnll l F II Iore
-I11 1 I11 .- h l 3 I,.- .-ill Costa
Caribe Realty. 7--a 7 Ix ,',1"13030
(11 il I .."..".. .. i li I l I o m

ww.LLPalmas.com 51

lisi~f o ra ttu7~M

S.'- -' No-- *NO
--'.'..A M.; l ILl I'm T.

0 bpiuM

'ligu~fd -ih



_____________F FUITI Mi
lb W ~Im aLC umdB O 10 &W w -hd m
Am" EiWmla p=MM M~m thm pm~ Mm* md MI
qh h madik% lmd. md N11 1W&M of -
SIbe ivm&Umfdi m I& lb rdm b aft

Nbm ao urn U I. lwum ~- - ~biu
ms uwrn -* bl e I DJ bu .
-d my idb NmuM& zit
m~h am imk Un r mod
mrmfi -.i Il Lb mb
- .mMb* i iM

Nund si. ha unfd V. Ik pow~

MdahmdMpnaidHumuf~l .lm -

-hir Thwuhrmjrhdphl&

III I 1111 I IIIII i I 11 III. I ..
AMw wMW A W w AW A- AM


xy lausawk

By Maritza Toste, President of First Class Services and a Palmas del Mar Homeowner

I invite you to sail to the world's most enchanting places!

Last August we embarked on
Holland America Line's newest
ship, the Ms Eurodam, on a 10
day Gems of the Baltic Cruise.
This had been our dream for
many years and finally it was be-
coming a reality.
We sailed from Copenhagen,
the premier capital of Northern
Europe, Scandinavia's most fan-
tastic city and the centre of the
most dynamic region in Europe.
Home of The Little Mermaid
and not exactly Disney's! The
city is one of Europe's oldest
capitals with a royal touch the
monarchy in Denmark is the old-
est in the world! The first port in
our trip was Wamemunde where
we took a private train to one of
Europe's most fascinating desti-
nations-Berlin. Some of the fa-
mous highlights visited were the
remnants of the Berlin Wall, the
Brandenburg Gate and Check-
point Charlie, the legendary bor-
der crossing where spies crossed
between the American and So-
viet sector during the Cold War.
Next stop was Tallin, Estonia
with its beautiful medieval cob-
blestone streets, its Gothic style
Town Hall and a shopping haven
for art galleries, souvenir shops,

jewelers and Estonian handicraft
Finally, the City of Eternal
Splendor, St. Petersburg, Russia.
So much grandeur is impossible
to admire in only two days the
ship is in port. We rented a pri-
vate van for the day in order to
view St. Petersburg's most beau-
tiful highlights. Katerina, our
Russian tour guide introduced
us to the history of the city while
we enjoyed a 1iii..iiIh.. I.r view
of the Neva River and the Roas-
tral Columns, which served as
signal columns. We also visited
Peter and Paul Fortress which
was founded to defend the city
and actually is the burial ground
for many members of the Ro-
manov royal family. Then, our
main destination of the day, the
Hermitage Museum which is lo-
cated within the Winter Palace
and is a work of art by itself. It
is also important to mention our
journey through the rivers and
canals of Venice of the North
en route to visit the Church of
the Spilled Blood. The Cathe-
dral which was built in 1907 is
covered with 23,000 sq.ft of
indoor mosaic work. Sr Sirlii.
and beautiful! Important to

note that if you book the shore
excursions through the ship you
do not need a Russian visa.
Our next visits were Helsinki,
Finland; Stockholm, Sweden and
Keil, Germany. Enchanting cities
with beautiful sights. A refresh-
ing stop was the visit to the "Ice
Bar" in Stockholm, where the
temperature inside
was a cool -5C and
the entire inte -
rior 'i,..!.,,.Jl ,.. the
drinking glasses)
are made of pure .
ice. Before enter-
ing we were given
a warm fun poncho
and mittens and
vodka drink in an
ice glass. That was
lots of fun!!
The Ms Eurodam carries for-
ward the signature service and
style that sets Holland America
Line apart. Light-filled spaces
inspired by global trends in mod-
ern design. New restaurants of-
fering cuisine from around the
world. Luxe amenities like an
upscale jewelry boutique, private
poolside cabana< and w! lov.l -
oriented ,!" *r I r i ..i.
Holla,.I .- I m.I i t

wealth of fascinating options
for discriminating travelers
to relax, recharge and redis-
cover life at its best. The Baltic
Cruise season begins in June
and ends the beginning of
August. In 2010 we will have
eight extraordinary itinerar-

ies 10 to 14 days long, sailing
from Copenhagen, Amster-
dam, Rotterdam, London and
For more information please
contact First Class Services at
787-722-8536 ext 108, 109,
110. I

A toy for
big kids!
h i i I i I- i l I.II I ii I -I. I -. i. ii-
h i i-t ii I -I I I b I - l l,- i -I -i i, l i ii
-11-1ii i i - I -i ,ii. I I I ,l

- IIll I 111 l 11 11 1 1 II II It I -I I t Iit I it -1 I 1.- 1

iYo me lo merezco!

The forty candidates for the
Miss Puerto Rico Universe
2010 pageant stayed at
The Four Points by Sheraton
at Palmas del Mar for a
week, where they received
different training and
seminars combined with
social activities and special
visits. Beauty was in the air A1
that week and Live & Life in
Palmas brings you a pictorial
summary of that week. You
can also visit www.llpalmas.
com for more pictures. Our
thanks go out to Luisito_
Vigoreaux & Desiree Lowry
for giving us the opportunity
to share our paradise with all
these talented Puerto Rican
beauties. A -

The first night out was to
Las Tapas at Chez Daniel. It
was a very traumatic experi-
ence for me. As a local and
frequent client of Las Tapas
.. lam used to being treated
with a lot of attention and
Love. BUT...not that night! I
was almost ignored. Neither
Jose, nor Alex, David, Rey
or Pablo came to welcome
me and serve me my usual
glass of Cabernet Sauvignon
wine. The photos speak
for themselves! Thank God
these beauties are gone and

.. IL ..


W. ,t ",4" I'


By this time I was already resigned to the idea that they were
the queens of the week, so I didn't have the trauma of the
first night at Las Tapas again. I simply concentrated on taking
photographs and admiring such a beautiful and happy group of
young women. After all, I knew by that time that it was just for
a week. Luisito Vigoreaux and Eduardo, Cepage owner, gave
me some attention... at least!

%m ..- 0


T1. ii I.i, ili iJ l

1,ii1-tt:iii( il[ ''Il .j
II iiliI 'I Ilt 'i-.

l I l I, H
i p 1I it! ir -, 1 1I

l-qilt: .-Hi Hi--
III '',A:,l jll[ l lt itH !
I i
I. -Iil', i h i,, ] _I,:11.

_1]iI uuu II Ii Iii
'till t:t I .:-h
-- __+ -- .11iill 'lii it' 'li-'1 I t-:lil
__ !. _i .ii III,:l '.liI h:, :t-t-
I it-l l i ,
s ofI



.. .. ........... ......: .. ........" ":... : EEEEEEE E : i ........ . .. .." :.. .i il~

.. .... ....... .... L +i::,,,, ... ..

.......~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~. ......... i !i++iiiii ,! 'i!MiMm%,. .... +
.. ...... .... .

A piece of art adds warmth and beauty to your home and reflects your personal
tastes and your individual personality Beautiful art work from MARIBEL DE VARONA

Your room is your temple. Let the
experts help you make it unique
and cozy! Colors? Forms? No
problem. They can customize it for
you at CASA BONITA.-

I I IF E1:
.: 1, 1 1 1 ,:h: 1 1 .:.11 ,,

Fl r, i i ',:,r II, :,- i
p .11 I 1F'I'

l- "gl ,

S|_..I 1 I . -


PIkr^u, bS<
.. :_ -,.
^^^^\64 hF


SMake your kitchen the center of the
J --- World! In the end... that's where ev-
erybody gathers. ACTUALITY GALLERY
does it for you!

You'll love to live in the
laundry room!
With Electrolux's new
looks and technology,
washing and drying
have become "fashion

2:~ x.L~Iivn aS. C 0M

Elegant home decor that
combines quality and
beauty to make you look good!
Contemporary, modern...
chic... at SAVARONA.

The possibilities are unlimited.
Call the experts and enjoy the
outdoors like never before. Your
dreams come true

Think Green, embrace the planet and lower
your electrical bills. Now you can produce
electricity with renewable energy system
at your home or business. Just call GREEN
ENERGY & FUEL for an orientation.

www.LLPalmas.com 61



0 0 U
14pa Plaz
-41 topS

A *"I I II S I
A;~~~~~~~~~~ : *im-8mSite10PlaaPaa778279
0-5 X 787-852-8400r,.


S .... ... .... Soft, healthy

This season emphasize
on the return of the
power shoulder and sexy
silhouettes which were a
huge trend of the eighties.
Sculptured jackets, high
-wasted pencil skirts, leg-
gings, sexy party dresses
and tops.
Colors are electric neon
hues; hot pink, neon yellow,
electric blue and purple. At



The power of magnets
applied to beautiful jewelry
for the health and fashion
conscious. Daysie Diaz for
an appointment at
.. Alli

and shiny hair,
with the Keratina
Hair Treatment.
offers for this k
season at

Look fantastic
this Christm sl

I.:,:,1, ITr F l : F ,:,n 1 1 i :h,,

I- l II


colorful, trendy

The new Cyber-shot cameras
DSC-TX1 and DSC-WX1 uses
'Exmor R' back illuminated
sensor technology which
provides twice the sensitivity
of cameras with traditional
image sensors and drastically
improved low-light performance
and results in cleaner images
with less noise. Availables at


(Located In Palmas Del
Mar Marina in Slip #15)
No Certification Necessary-
For Ages 10 and up!
Experience Scuba Diving
PADI Open Water Certification
Advanced & Specialty Courses
2 Tank Dive Excursions
Night Dives
Rl, k




Whether it's
a Car, a Golf Cart
or a Bike, we've got
the vehicle that's
just right for your
perfect getaway!

0 Daily, weekly & monthly
rates on all vehicles!

0 Optional Products that offer savings and
convenience on the road. (GPS Navigabton.
Electronic Toll Payment, Car Seat. Helmets & more)

Widi us at THE YACHTl CLUB
al 1241as del Mar




air ot Pal
up 787.656.'



at 9 PM
The Cellar in
Palmanova Plaza



S ~--*

By Lissette Ros:-,' I,,

a new

hotspot for surfers!

According to Fernando Al-
varez, a Palmas surfer for al-
most twenty years, surfing has
been growing fast during the
last years. "I have seen three
generations of surfers and wit-
nessed how surfing is growing
in this area in the past twenty
years. Before there were many
surfers at Palmas but most of
them were from the area not
necessarily residents. Now,
between 2006 and 2009, I
can say that there are around
30 to 40 local surfers without
counting the visitors," said
Fernando who teaches surf-
ing at our beach.
This growing fact obviously
improves the sport's skills be-
cause it stimulates compe-
tition. We are talking ages
five to fifty, so no excuses. It
is never too late. "I am sure
that in one or two years we
are going to have surfers from
Palmas excelling in compe-
titions around the world,"
stated Fernando.
"Palmas is an excellent
place to practice the sport of

surfing," said Fernando and
explained, "The waves are
always consistent in Palmas
and there are many surfing
spots throughout the beach-
es. Surfers don't have to be
all in the same spot; there are
good waves from La Pocita to
the Yacht Club," he said. An-
other good quality of our spot
is that the bottom of the sea
is sand. "The currents at the
beach are actually good for
the surfers since when there
are currents there are "chan-
nels" (between the currents)
where it is easier to get in
and just in the outside of the
currents is where the waves
breaks best." Very interesting
If you want to feel the
adrenaline of being on a
wave and being carried away
on a board, access this site:
user/tekowuz and you will see
a video made in Palmas by
Kristian Ferreira. A

visit this address to see the video

OCTOBER/NOVEMBER ISSUE: Kristian Ferreira from Villa Franca

:ntl ii Ii I P1 j ", h -It |A.jllI .: 1 1"1it1, ,l1..-J' 'i'"n:l jiti :t

S P'i: l ni|'l',J P jl t: . nun '-,n l n1 l l'|: II:n: l. ll 'l H .-fl n lh I I 'Ilt-:, I I I Ij: ti-" l ijtl :]i- i:,l I
Kristian films all his surfing action out and inside of the water with a camera he attaches to his
board. "I am grateful to all the people that support and help me. especially God. my parents. my
girlfriend and her family. Manuel Rodriguez from Fox, Fernando Alvarez and to all my best friends
with whom I have the blessing to share all the wonderful waves of our beautiful Island."

I svt &

H *

S ** S S S** S

TEL 787-852-5260/ FAX 787-285-7958

Servicios que ofrecemos
Administracion de Quimioterapia Ambulatoria
Tratamiento para enfermedades de la sangre (anemia, plaquetas bajas etc.)
Estudios especializados
Apoyo emotional individualizado
Charlas educativas
Actividades de apoyo y confraternizacion

Personal Altamente Especializado
Hematologo Oncologo
Enfermeras Oncologas
Personal Clerical adiestrados

Calle Dufresne #7 (Este) Primer Piso
Humacao, PR, 00791
Tels./fax 787-852-5260 6 787-285-7958

Horario de lunes a viernes de 6:00 AM hasta 4:00 PM por cita previa.

En Hematology Oncology Center nos
especializamos en el trato especial a
cada uno de nuestros pacientes con la
confidencialidad y profesionalismo
que usted se merece.


Dr. Grcin Miad 6. stn
Bor Cetiie Inera Medicin
Hentlg -66 0 elgo.


-R 1 -9 j W- 0 '
a, d I ej V i" d,'.I,,! F I ---,
le al \1
:00 :J- -

Carr. # 3,Triumph Plaza
Lote # 6

Carr. 901 Km. 13.5
(Frente a la Urb. Valles de Yabucoa)

CARR. 31 KM. 3.7
(Frente Ferr. Carifio)
TEL. 465-0032

LAS PIEDRAS AVE. PINEIRO (frente al Correo) TEL. 733-0959


The dazzling trainers of our pod

Research has proven I I I I 1'
quality plays an essential role in stu-
dent ', ,iiil i, I (Rivkin, S., Hanushek,
E. and Kain, J. (2004), ,,,, I,ii, J.
i 1 1 ,, In 1I, I, 111 11, it is no secret
that besides preparation, teacher
motivation, enthusiasm, and in-
:..ii, i,,.il abilities combine to cre-
ate, what we know to be a highly
I ii i,, I teacher. At our community
school, Palmas /, 1, I, they are
very much aware that quality of in-
struction translates into academic achievement. C',,,, I,, ,11, not only
do they make every, 11, ,11 to have the best teachers for what they call our
"dolphins", but they strive to provide them with i '1i ,,ni, that will ill
in their continuous professional development.
"All teachers at The Palmas Academy hold at least a bachelor's de-
i,,, in , I11, ,11 and a valid i ii', 11 11i from the Department of Educa-
tion of Puerto Rico. I1 i1 more, ',11, I iii I of them have a ,,,i11 I, 11 ll -,
SI, in education that can go as far as 'il, ,llii, I a doctoral I ii, We
can ,1 1, 1" I part of this success, not only to their love for ', Ii,, I and dedi-
cation to our students, but to the support we provide for them. Every year,
the Academy allocates "', li1,, I for 1 ,, 11 lii 1, I 1 ,111, i and professional
'i liii in Puerto Rico, as well as in the United l ii, FiiiI I, ,, i, the
commitment that we have towards our faculty surpasses that of 1,ill, I
track 1i i i, 1 professional, ii,, I i while ',, i, I part of our staff. We are proud
to say that, if ever any of our teachers decides to leave our school, to fur
their enhance their careers, we have an "open door policy" that many times
results in them hi ii i, I to us i, equipped and determined to fulfill the
needs of our ever ii i, I and I1, ,i i, I community of learners", said Dr.

I i, i I Soto, Palmas Academy Curriculum Director.
I '" 1 we are proud to say that for the past five years, we have
consistently scored 'ii, i1, i than the 1 I 1 scores of private schools in
the subjects of Mathematics and Ei, li Ii on the P.Ill-, , Board examina-
tions and in the Learn Aid, for levels kinder ii, ,11, I eight. The 2009 SAT
',,ii,' Report demonstrated that our high school students ranked above
-i , i, in the areas of Critical Thinking and ', iii I in comparison to the
National Mean and Puerto Rican Mean scores. This academic year, we will
be 1 '1, il1 i i1,' Iowa Test of Basic Skills, for our 7th, ii 1, I 1 which will i ill, I
aid the teachers in ii, lii, I areas of 'iii,, i development and will paint a
more clear picture of how our students are ,1,, 1, i 1 II ,1 11 1I, 1,1 1 their
high school years. The Academy invests in our faculty by ,-1,, Ili i, i ii I i, I
for i lii ill i, I i, 1 I ,1 1 and professional 'i il il1 1.i, Teachers annually iiI. I1 i
workshops and conferences in Puerto Rico and the United Si ii, Our
teachers are professionals who provide a quality education for your children
in an environment which supports student success" added Mr. Ray ,, i i,,,.
School Administrator.

A Palmas Academy
: School Administration
I Rosario Torres,
Elementary School Principal

Ray Gagnon, Head of School
Janette Charriez,
Secondary School Principal

I got my l Ihiii 1 11, I in
Spanish ii I,, , of 20, I started
to teach full time in ( II Public
Schools in I until 2004, and
then from 2005 until now at The
Palmas Academy. I have i ll
Ei iill Ii as a second -i ll' i, and I
am ii, ill Ii, Spanish asa
second'"",i',i. .l lam a ,, lilii
teacher in Puerto Rico and Illinois.
I am ill1 1il ''1il i with the
school's SSL Club.
Ms. Nancy Roman I love being part of the
Faculty Selection Academy because it is a
family oriented school, well
organized curriculum, and a faculty and staff who are very
respectful and professional. The Palmas Academy students are
very 1 1' i,, and when they accept you they love you forever. To me
they are like ii i, I i d I part of my extended family. The Palmas Academy
as a whole feels like home.

I have been ', I, 1h math-
ematics for 36 years, 30 years in
Texas arnd 6 years at The Palmas
Academy. It is a pleasure to teach
at the Academy because the
iii h, I environment is wonderful.
The faulty and i i ,iio .tai, i i are
ve ry helpful, ....i i i ,1 , I i I l ,,
have a ,'ii, 1 interest in the stu-
dents. The students are very
Ms. Leanne Lofti enjoyable and make teach-
Student Selection ing easy because of their
willingness to learn.
At the /, ,, 1 l I sponsor
the Math Club for secondary and elementary. I also help with the Math
Counts '-,II I' ll.

The Elementary Faculty team
Jose Alvarez, Jam ie I ii 1,ii 11, I( eii r ll. ii i' 1 1, C1, i I ( ilhii ,, Hilda
Gerena, Pily (.,,, I, Ida ii i1ii, Myrna Mendez, Rosa Oquendo, Glo
ribel Ortiz, Lory Petty, Nikki Pillichi, Aixa J Jose ,, I ,, Giselle Ruiz,
Iralys Sanabria, 11 ,,h 1, I , V ,,ii I. -I 11" ii Schuck, .11,, Tejada,

The Secondary Faculty team
Maricarmen Andreu, Brenda Carvajal, Mary Ann Cabrera, Maritere Car
dona, Jose Cruz, Kathy Jeakle, Aura de Leon, uan Carlos Garcia, Leanne
Loftin, Maria Lomba, Samuel Molina, Blanca Nieves I, ,ii, ,II,,
Perez, Marie Sylvia , I ,, Veronica , I ,, Claudia ,h ,,, Ita Rodri
i, i, Nancy Roman, Lizette Sanabria, Sandra Yumet
Support Services team
Alice Ouslan, I I : Evelyn Cadiz, Librarian; Maria uli', I.
Counselor; Sylvia I L, i Center; I, I Soto, Curriculum;
Berna Ruiz, Nurse

Dally Castillo, Real Estate Agent
"Our experience with Palmas Insurance is a personal and
professional one. We are not just a number."

L Guido Brito, Architect
"When you do business with Palmas Insurance, they always
treat you with a smile. they are willing to spend the extra time
and effort to provide the best premiums and coverage. Keep
up the good work!
E Jeanine Lavergne CPA
"Very professional insurance services. They are always here
at Palmas 24/7. I don't have to go to San Juan anymore."

We are conveniently located in your neighborhood at
Palmanova Plaza, Suite 119-C or call us at 787-850-9209
from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm from Monday through Friday.


^ EAER~fS-a^


A<00 AN I
wne ver(+ (5r&5

Dear Lissette,
Thankyou for a beautiful and undeserved article., many people have congratulated
me, but most importantly, they have called me to donate clothes for the "Hermanos Sin
Techo",..many bundles and just this week, from Alexandria, Va., Mrs. Maria Gutierrez
Frisenger sent two boxes full of her son's clothes...neatly folded and packed! She's
a winter-bird a Beach Villas.
From San Juan, my friend Nono Maldonado called to say he'll have a few bundles
soon! If you notice well dressed homeless, you'll know the secret......please call me .
at 397-8287 in case you have clothes to donate!
Dr. Vargas Bidot, whom I consider the father of Puerto Rico's Homeless, gives us
motivating talks every so often to charge our batteries and to not lose hope, being the
percentage of rehabilitated homeless is very low. Well, last Thursday we met for one
of these meetings and the guest speaker, Millie, captivated our hearts, spirits, and
soul! She's been clean for 13 years yet was able to give us her side of the story of how
she became a drug user, pusher, her experiences of what caused it, her experiences
on the street as a beggar, prostitute, and thief......her feelings and emotions are
captivating. We learned sooo much from this 1 hour talk and what we should do to
prevent our kids, grand-kids, from falling in this bottomless hole. .
If you're interested, give Lissette a call so we can organize it. We want to begin
first for parents (at PHA), then to our children at Palmas School. What Millie needs:
bundle of old clothes, or monetary assistance of any kind being she's HIV positive &
Hepatitis C infected and unemployed. We need to hear her story to learn from it.
The list of clothes donors from Palmas:
Felix and Graciela Roig, Chela Roig..(Baby's clothes for recently born children to a
homeless Moms),Ricardo Casillas, Jose Juan Martinez, Katia Bobonis, Ivonne Cruz,
Lissette Rosado, Jose Beauchamp, Rafi Sepulveda, Lara Toro, Cisco Pereyo, Lola
Roig, Ahmed Bajandas, and about five bundles with Daisy at PHA.
Wow, what a terrific response! I know many will keep me in mind in the near
future...this is a great project to give LOVE to those who need it most! *
Kike Toro
L2I1~,AhEPECIaUMAD EN A# f u-Nup E N

787-713-2465 787-593-5578


was cancelled due
to the depression,
storm, hurricane
and finally water.
Las Tapas was
one of the few
activities that was
able to be held.
There was music,
I:,lobsters and go od
friends. No rain,
rio i i n d...
a per-ect night.

~y -



'71 .

- 1

1St in case...

yo4 (1 not knoW.

This is a Hurricane Georges'
souvenir at the top of a tree
Oust behind the Beach Bohio)
Just as a reminder of natures
force. There's even a legend at
the bottom of the tree.





?Ed -V



and what they do,,,

Architects are the only professionals
educated and trained to provide design
services in connection with the con-
struction, enlargement, or alteration of
a .'ii..'lI,i or group of ,I..1. iii, and the
space within and the site surrounding
such '-, i!..I.1 ,-., which have as their prin-
cipal purpose human occupancy or habi-
tation. These services may include site
selection, programming, planning, draw-
ings, specifications and other technical
submissions, as well as the administra-
tion of construction contracts, and the
coordination of technical submissions
prepared by others including consulting
engineers and landscape architects.
In Puerto Rico, a licensed architect
has been educated for 2 ii-WlrTrf 5
years in an accredited 5. l....! ,t Ai.. .I-
tecture, has b.,. I, r i I ...1 J i intern for
2 years, hats --.... I i '' ... rIons of the
licensing examwand takes a minimum of
I'' ,. 'ii of continuous education every

year. ,I ir. ir,, Rican architects are also --
-..i.. to observe high standards of ]' ,I r, F Rico, to contract architectural
.rl. i..1 .. r'i,.r .... .. and regula- services directly 't Irir the public and to
ri,,!, 'ui. i '' rI., '"r.:tion of the assume -.iuiin responsibility fo6 tj \
'.!,..Ir,4ff r! -t..r, and-Welfare work:' No one can use r I
, Ir. I..!, ,. . r ,.. . . I,, , ,, -
IA, .!.:-r-_. I I..I,..I i,i visualizing i, !. r ,,. r i r ,_-' ij' .
li t.. .. I i i i l l.r I. i iterials r ii, l I .i..I.. ', ', 'i. I 'r i.. . .. i .
,. i. r i.. .! I !r!, ,ri !i .... ur i. .! .. l,, ..... i .. I!,:i r,.,.1 r r i r l !.,u l '
,, ., n, ,. ,,,,! .... l,.. in i, ',u ""'al. ; .l' -. l.l,._ r.. .1, + i.... : i lidd lini .
-, .,n~i r, -..- ., ,i,.:t''r, l,, t l ... h '.,.I ? '. [, L,..I. .. T .r., r l,| ,ii ,r.,in, r,,.
I r-'r.. r ri ^, r, 'r I character ol i I.. TI .
II" Il ...,.l., '4 ,. l .i , ...... .. ...ar restrictive .
!, I Ir, i !, .r!i r.ir al it r ,,. ri A R to revi.. II il r... .
! I I I i ... .. . I. de erm ine I r i '
'.hl. I, ,. .I r, ri, r r res the i for ,. r,.,. ,. is --,. ri ll, ii.i.Ir, r r., ri,,.
pi,, i.iILL i ',.ri ,! and practical ,. i .. ,.. ri ,. harm ony), i ..i r li. I . l .
tiar '.n r ..r I rrle cultural, social, en- 1, i1.n. A .
n, i. ..ii ban context in which

td *,. i..
Only registered licensed architects are
authorized to practice architecture ii.
r .. '" oecx

By Raul Rivera-Ortiz, AIA*

for you!

r-o *





*The author i 1jrn I. i,,,, .. l,, of) i,, I./ Mdar'PHABoair Member, ARB Mem-
kr ,,,, .. I,,,,, i,. Pr, .,:, ,, ..( the Puerto Rico Architects and Landscape Architects
'.... 'i i,.II ,i j *

~-* ^

. ....... ..... ...



By Frank Torres
When I knew that I was able to build a house in my lot at Palmas, we started plant-
ing fruit trees and promoted the development of the native trees such as Almacigo,
Pendula, Corcho, Roble and others. It was not an easy task as the lot was covered
with three non native and very aggressive vegetation; the African Yerba de Guinea,
that covered most of the undeveloped hills twenty years ago and you can still large
areas of it East of Palmas Drive fronting Villa Franca. The second one, the Australian-
Indo Pacific Albicia tree, some still present along Palmas Drive and the dense bush
Zarcilla. Two common denominators among these are that they prevent the growth of
our native trees and that they bear no food for our native birds. Our efforts rewarded
us in many ways with an explosion of birds surrounding our home without any artificial
feeding. These photos are just one example of nature's gratitude.

2 -k ^s -dk B_ ^^

rflSET Liz

Juveniles or Hatchlings
two weeks old.

Fully feathered
three weeks old



October 3, 2009
at 7:30
PHA Building
A charismatic young Irish
guitarist (Jonathan Rhys
Meyers) and a sheltered
young cellist (Keri Russell)
have a chance encounter
one magical night above
New York's Washington
Square, but are soon torn
apart, leaving in their wake
an infant, orphaned by
circumstance. Years later,
performing on the streets of New York and cared for by a
mysterious stranger (Robin Williams) who gives him the name
August Rush, the child (Freddie Highmore) uses his remarkable
musical talent to seek the parents from whom he was separated
at birth.

S....... ONCE
November 7,
2009 at 7:30 PM
PHA Building
A Dublin street musician
living with his father
S attracts the attention of
a young Czech immigrant
who encourages him
to record his songs.
Drawn to her, he falls
literally under her charm
and confides in her his
ambition to produce a
demo and take it to London. They write, rehearse and
record songs during an eventful week that reveals their
unique love story.


Tuesday's Specials at Palmanova

Buy one Sushi
get one FREE
(of the same price
or less)
Every Tuesday from 5:00PM to 9:00 PM
from September 28 to October 31, 2009

Palmas Acaden

Gala Festiva

Join the event of the season!
December 5, 2009
7pm at The Yacht Club
Palmas del Mar
Dining Dancing
*Auction Entertainment
For tickets and
information, call
787-914-3442 or

SBuy one Burrito,
get one FREE
(of the same price or less)
T --, Tuesday from 5:00PM to 9:00 PM
r h..... -,-ptember 28 to October 31,2009
*(Delivery or takeouts are not included in these offers.)

1 . .. .
OCTOBER 18, 2009 2:00PM
Juncos 787. 376.8673
General entrance -$10.

Saturday, November 28
Lighting of the Christmas tree at Palmanova Plaza.
Bring your decoration for the tree!
Join the Christmas spirit.
There will be music and folkloric dances.
Be part of it!

w w w L em i .S C M W

Ia 5 **e S.., .



ij : ':" '
"-' - -.


.. .
** '. .. ," : * ,:' "

A.' -:. " 4" '
,..y,^ **- *i :

;i-'/ : ,6(* :* *:, : i jt ,
* ..: ** ,,^ .- ..:. ,. "* ;

.... v, _" "' .., , .

s^ ^' : [ . ,**: .. t L .. .. l~i: :,

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