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Title: Live & life in Palmas
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Publisher: Rosado & Morales Inc.
Place of Publication: Palmas del Mar, Humacao, Puerto Rico
Publication Date: August 2009
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Gu,r.t- #1K i 11,,,, 1 Ph TI I'i I A '3



,, Dear neighbors and friends
This issue harvests a wonderful summer that, as you all have noticed, has been a very colorful one. The
Flamboyan trees, the Queen of the Flowers, the oak trees, the "Cruz de Malta", the "Isabel Segunda"
flower, all of them have blessed us with an amazing showcase of colors and forms. George Mulligan stated
that this extraordinary blossom is due to the amount of rain we have received this year.
During this summer Palmas has been effervescent with great activities and events. During the last
two month we have had: PHA Summer Splash Kayak & Sail Day, The first PHA Beach Volleyball
Tournament, The Fathers Day Golf and The Member & Guest Tournament, A Mexican Night at
Palmanova with Fernando Allende, a Concert at the Country Club, Remembering the 80's, and a very
successful Nike Golf & Tennis Camp with Gigi FernTndez, as well as many others. In this issue you
will find a summary and photos of all these events. The good news is that from now on, you will
be able to see the photos published in the magazine and those that were not published in our Live
& Life in Palmas web page www.LLPalmas.com. I hope you enjoy this new issue the same way
I have. Now it is ready for press. See you around in Paradise. A


Lissette Rosado, Editor live.lifeinpalmas@gmail.com

Visit www.LLPalmas.com to enjoy this and other photos of our magnificent trees!

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,'.*,. "

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,Ie-, :....-. "-,:.I,: XXX XXXXXXXXXXXI


1 1 S,- I ' '

-g ll tl 5 o
P Fly

Eh lll' '
Zea aida Sa 6' .L
M rt a a a a

Sada aorge a oad& Moale

Sae & ar astan a

Bag ssea oad a Siva go a ge s

Znia Sanjurj


nenos para una experiencia inolvidable...



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by Lissette Rosado or th w oTrM

Nancy Cruz and her husband Jeff
Dixon are real animal lovers and now
they are making their passion a business.
Perfect! That's the way it should be. If
you love deeply what you do, the odds
are that you will be successful. "I was al-
ways frustrated when travelling because
I couldn't find a toy-venir (from souve-
nir) for my dogs. I thought then about
creating a dog related business, but years
went by and it was not until the company
I used to work for moved to M6xico that
I made my dream a reality," said Nancy.
With her husband Jeff, Nancy began to
do research two years ago and to design
these beautiful toys for dogs which they
have called "Pawz Around the World",
because that's their goal: that this prod-
uct could be .hi r il ,, r....1 everywhere in
the planet and I can see it happening.
"Puerto Rico Tourism Company reports
approximately 3 million tourists a year
and studies reveal that in the States,
36% of all households have at least 1
dog. This means approximately 360,000
dog owning families visiting PR each
year," said Jeff.
Nancy's backgrou..I iiil.
she used to be a c'ii r!'.! ..
for a big company.
Jeff's background,
on the other hand,
is in engineering
and design. The i
two make a per- -: .
fect combination.
Nancy was born i
NY and raised in Ag i ll, i.. it I ti. ,i,
California but has been in PR for twenty
years. How did they meet? In the bottom
of the ocean! They met in an advance
scuba diving class in Puerto Rico. It was
meant to be. They had a mission to cre-
ate Paws. They married and eventually
moved to Palmas in search of a better
quality of life. (It seems like a common
goal for most of us that have made Pal-
mas our home!)
"Our goal is to share our enthusiasm
for our canine family members, of-
fer unique pet products which
combine a love for animals
and travel, and to increase
awareness about the re-
sponsibility of pet owner-
ship and treatment," said

I was always frustrated that
when travelling because I
couldn't find a toy-venir
, (from souvenir) for my dogs.

Nancy. She explained
that they have also cre -
ated "Pawz for Dogs", a
non profit organization
through which they con-
tribute cash, products, time, advertising
support and services to animal shelters,
humane society and other animals relat-
ed organizations. This is because a por-
tion of the profits from every purchase
of a Pawz product are donated to a local
animal shelter.
At the present they have three differ-
ent designs: the paw, the cruise ship and
the airplane. "All of them
are made from high
quality materials:
heavy canvas and
nylon outer shell
for durability, 100
% polyester fill and
riree "squeaky" de-

vices in every toy to keep your pet enter-
tained for hours," said Nancy, who has
two beautiful whippet dogs herself.
Every Pawz pet toy is designed and
beautifully embodied with the official
Pawz logo and location of your vacation.
This means that you can bring your dog
a "toyvenir" from San Francisco, Las Ve-
gas, and coming soon from Paris. After
all, who's happier to see you when you
return home from a vacation that you
beloved pet? In Palmas, Pawz toys are
available at Par Avion in Palmanova.
Nancy and Jeff are also looking for re-
lailers interested in carrying their prod-
ucts for an extra income. They are offer-
ing a very attractive introductory offer.
So, if you are a retailer yourself or know
of anybody that could be interested call
Nancy 787-850-0088. Lets help them
spread the news...Palmas Pawz needs to
reach the world! A





Join the
Palmas Business Association
for a weekend of music & friends
at Palmas del Mar.
Visit all our member businesses
throughout Palmas and
enjoy good food, drinks & music.


For a detailed schedule,
please access:




7K* t?..Ai-. v -. 2 S

', L i'', l


S. ft

Frank Bonelly and
Enid Catarineau

II II Ii,, I I, I Il l ii 1 -i nI l ,,iii, nI I,,, i II ,,i l,'
I I I I ii Ii. iI.'l, I.I. .I l IIl. il I I l I I

Ill,- ID I. M II ID I k I II I 1111 1 III 1
I I II I I-1-. 1. I n] l l. l hll "II I I. I I I" I I l li
li -l 111 l...l P .1 II I I,- "l i l l . l h. I I . Iiio
h I. l '- I I 1 I I I I" l l I
I'I" h l' I I' II i I iiT i II" I- h 'I I II III ll- l''
II. I I II... Ii l I...h' "iil.' h., il ill i' ii I II ii 'llh
II l I h I I I ll, I P,, h II 1- I, 1 I Il h l,,li
i II ii Il I i I ll iiI I III i I i T i i I ll*,, i i1 I I II I I
I I ll i I I l I i i I I l I I I I I I

I I II I l i ll I I Ill I II II I I ll ii
, iI l "l i I I, iiH I,,i IIII II i I I I' i i,, I i I' i, "l i, I I, '
I -IIII II H IIH ,., 1 I' I I, I, I I, H I , I l I" h "I / I Il I llI, I
I- ill i, I:'i i ,I I I" I i I-- I I l ll I, i I l l l I i' , l I ,,,II| I

iul it;or iyllly ouvt id iiudlID. A

www.LLPalmas.com 13

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m imm,,l~


* ~

* ~




Ask me if I am proud of my community and watch me answer
you with a'. -..1 1in d.. Every day that passes it never ceases to
amaze me of the great community we live-in and how fortunate
we are to be in a place like Palmas del Mar. But what it makes
ours an amazing place, is principally the people who make up

our community and the way they
respond to its needs and their will-
ingness to contribute in any way
they can to make our community
the dream we all seek.
From picking up litter to con-
tributing their in kind, as well as
financial resources in the creation
of parks, the installation of solar
luminaries, benches and trash-
cans, the sponsoring of major
community entertaining events
and the establishing of our own
unique, first-of its kind, PHA-TV
channel system, our residents
and the leadership of PHA have
become a formidable force of
progress and achievement in our
community. That trend fills me
with enormous pride and great
hope for the future that lies ahead.

what it
makes ours an
amazing place,
is principally
the people who
make up our
community and
the way they
respond to its
needs and their
willingness to
contribute in
any way they
can to make our
community the
dream we all

For, in spite of the economic woes of our country, Palmas del
Mar continues to forge ahead thanks to the help of the people
who make our community. The pages in the issues of our
magazine are full of examples of our residents
and collaborators who have stepped to the
I.1, r.) help us accelerate our pace in
i. 1 i g our goals.
'.i, too can join the many others that
are saying present in helping us
push ahead our community. Be
part of our great Palmas del Mar
ream donating your time, skills and
resources and watch the community
Am I proud of my community and of our
people? You bet I am!!!



During the course of the past two years, there has been a fast
proliferation of incidents with golf carts emitting loud music to
the point of creating a nuisance for the community and disturbing
the peace and the comfort of our residents. In spite of PHA's best
efforts requesting our community for temperance and specifically
asking golf cart drivers to moderate the music, we have met little
success in obtaining their cooperation.
In accordance with the Restrictive Covenants that govern the
community of Palmas del Mar, no person shall make or permit
any disturbing noises nor shall do or permit anything to be done
which will interfere with the rights, comforts or convenience of
any other person. Also, the Restrictive Covenants clearly state
that no nuisance shall be allowed nor shall any use or practice be
allowed which is a source of annoyance to residents and interferes
with the peaceful possession and proper use of the properties by
its residents. The Restrictive Covenants gives the PHA Board of
Directors authority to promulgate rules and regulations to insure
compliance with these Restrictive Covenants which requires every
property owner and their family members, guests, visitors, employ-
ees and tenants to comply with such rules and regulations.
Therefore, following a careful evaluation of this situation by the
PHA Security Committee and the PHA Board of Directors, effec-
tive September 15, 2009 PHA Security will begin to issue fines to
owners of golf-carts emitting loud music which in the judgment
of a Security Officer or any other person making the complaint
constitutes a source of annoyance and violates the restrictions
outlined in the PHA Covenants. A progressive system of fines
($50, $100 and $150) will be imposed for these violations.
We want everyone, young and old, to enjoy everything our
community has to offer. But we also need you to be mindful of
the rights of others to enjoy the peace and tranquility that every
homeowner deserves and that Palmas offers.


/Wekutiic [u 11 IYA. T'v ulihd-
nel 77 serving the community
of Palmas del Mar. Yes, our
TV Channel 77 is now on the
air. This is a PHA dedicated
channel- the first of its kind in Puerto Rico geared to serve the
needs of our community and comes to you as a courtesy of your
Palmas del Mar Homeowners Association in close collaboration
with Liberty Cable Vision of Puerto Rico.
This service is another significant achievement of your hom-
eowners association in its efforts to enhance the scope of services
it offers to the community. PHA intents to use the channel as
a communications tool to keep you informed about important
community services, events and activities, as well as abreast of
matters that have a bearing on the quality of life our residents.
The channel will operate under the direct supervision and control

It is extremely important that everyone is aware of the
rules before considering conducting an event or activity in
Palmas that may disrupt the lifestyle and the quality of life
of the Palmas del Mar community. Special events require ample
advance planning and coordination with the PHA to insure there are no
disruptions to the community and that all permits, emergency, safety,
security, logistics, etc., aspects are properly evaluated before making
a final decision on whether or not PHA endorses such an event.
In order to comply with the restrictions outlined in the Palmas Cov-
enants which prohibit the creation of sources of annoyance, nuisances
or disruptions to the comforts and peace of Palmas residents and
to prevent unsafe and unsecured situations in the community, there
are special guidelines that need to be followed when contemplating
to conduct major or special events at Palmas del Mar. Organizations
and/or individuals planning such type of activity must obtain PHA
approval and comply with the terms specified in the PHAAgreement
and Authorization to conduct a Special Event.
Please contact PHA at 787-285-6425 well in advance for guidance
and coordination during the planning process and certainly prior to
conducting a major special event in Palmas del Mar.
m-mmmmmmmmmm m

ot PHA and ot an ovetsighl commiULee appouiLed by the PHA
Board of Directors.
We will take a small step-by-step approach to grow the pro-
gramming capacity of Channel 77 to insure any investments in
this initiative are wisely made and in response to real commu-
nity needs. Our next step in this new venture is to provide you
with video streaming capability so you may access the channel
through your computer at any location and learn what's going
on at Palmas.
PHA wants to express its gratitude and recognition to Mr.
Jose Alegria, President of Liberty Cable Vision of Puerto Rico,
for Liberty's generosity in making this unique communications
tool a reality in our community.
Again, welcome to your PHA TV Channel 77 servicing the
community of Palmas del Mar.

and Pic ii ng
We thank Ted Kite, Rend Chinea and Rafael M6ndez for
setting the example and giving us a model worth emulat-
ing. Just like Ted and Rafael, if you are in the habit of "
walking our trails and along the beach, please make it a _-
habit to pick up any litter and place it in the next receptacle
available to you along the way. Look not only for the big
things but pay attention to items such as straws, plastic
bottle caps, cigarette butts, etc. These small items are
often more damaging to our eco-system since they be-
come embedded in the ground and in the sand causing
potential harm to our habitat.
Give us a hand. Help us keep our grounds
clean and our beach areas pristine. Palmas is a
beautiful place, let's keep it that way.
iTake pride in your community!

www.LLPalmas.com 17




gxieor o
AjIeor d x" au Moricebli

WOW! What a wonderful way to
end the summer! Fernando Allende was
spectacular and the Trio was a the per-
fect complement to mellow the mood of
the night. "Fernando made this evening a
true family event and the attendance was
superb. I estimate that close to 800 per-
sons attended the activity and I am sure
everyone enjoyed the show, the food, and
above all the opportunity to share happy
moments with family, and friends" said Ju-
lio Bagu6 evidently proud of the outcome
of the Noche Mejicana. "What makes me
really proud of this event is that it was a
genuine community effort. My special
thanks to Fernando Allende for donating
his time and to the unquestionable support
of our sponsors. And last but not least, my
sincere thanks to Tony Maldonado and his
team for making this extraordinary event
possible", finished Julio. And added "Keep
it a secret, but we are already working on
the next PHA event. We will let you know
prior to the next issue of the PHA Live & -
Life magazine."

represented by Manolo Forte
Oro represented by Angel Aponte
Banco Popular
represented by Wilfredo Colon
New Technologies
represented by Eugenio Vives
Liberty Cablevision
represented by Gabriel Palerm
GaId 8- ra n .
The Wine Cellar
represented by Miguel Guiot
Blue Hawaii
represented by SuSuYang
Chihuahua Tex-Mex Restaurant
represented by Rend Arana
Laboratorios Rodriguez
Rancho de Pap6
represented by Pedro & Lorna Rodriguez
Flying Pizza
represented by Eddie Stah
represented by Denise Brito








A i




r I


o en la cocina...

Centro Comercial San JosA, Humacao Carr. No.3
Abierto todos los dias de 10:00 AM 10:00 PM

by Lissette Rosado al W ays at

Don Carlos Chinea is an institution at the Country Club. He his secret is for such su
works at the Country Club Members Lounge, better known as "Honesty and responsib
"Hole 19". (For those of you that don't play golf, the course and taking care of the c
only has 18 holes). Don Carlos has been in Palmas for 22 years. butter. My job is one of
He knows everybody by his or her name and everybody knows fession. You have the op]
him. The Members Lounge is in one of the most visited places you learn to relate with
of the Golf Club. It is there that the game played is discussed His best drink? "I hav
and the frustrations hl.. I r-..1 Carlos welcomes each of them "My Cuba Libre is said t
with his favorite drink and a big smile. with coconut water is f:
Carlos is from Toa Alta but moved to New York in his early Mary well..." I could at
adolescent years where he finished middle school and high stroke is the most impor
school. "It was in Time Square where I acquired experience as excellent service to his c
a bartender. In 1975 I came back to the Island to work at Rio Don Carlos is anoth
Mar where I worked until 1987 when I moved to Palmas to community, Palmas del
stay. I love Palmas because it has always offered me security.
This is like a big family. I have been here so many years that I
have seen many of my actual clients grow up," he said.
Carlos always has a smile on his face and is in the best dis-
position to please his clients. He spoils his clients to the point /
that he brings them coconut water for their whisky. "The day I '
don't bring coconut water there is a crisis," he said. Don Carlos
also teases his clients and jokes with them about their game. O.
"My clients are my friends. They come to the bar sometimes
and talk to me about their problems," he said.
Even though Carlos doesn't play golf he knows everything
about it and can understand his clients' frustrations and sto-
ries. Everybody loves him. He is special. I asked him what



hole. 191

access and he immediately answered:
ility. I take great pride in protecting
company that provides my bread and
the best jobs if you don't have a pro-
portunity to meet so many people and
all of them.
e several," he said without hesitating.
o be the best in the World. My whisky
famous even overseas and my Bloody
test to its deliciousness! But his best
tant one: his commitment in offering
er example of the excellence in our
Mar. A

A\ c^4-octm\

(W6AajV t&

CxotN couvs4



S nJ

41" "'"

Marie Suarez and Ninoska Bonelly co-owners of Casa Bonita and best
friends for more than 27 years moved their atelier to a new and bigger loca-
tion at Anchor's Village where Remax used to be located.(Remax moved to
a cozy office on top of Chez Daniel).
At their new home, Marie and Ninoska will have decoration pieces from
art work, lamps, sconce, vases, among other treasures available. With
the humor and creativity that characterize these inseparables friends and
colleagues they explained that this new space will permit them to offer an
extended service where their clients could buy a special gift or that lamp we
have been searching for months or years. "Our client could be able also to *
order from our catalogs according to their needs and preferences," explained
Marie and Ninoska.
Congratulation on this new venture! We are sure that with their exquisite
taste and creativity this new atelier will become one of the favorite spots in
Palmas. Next time you walk by, pay them a visit and relax... because the
place is truly relaxing. A






ARE "IN"! ,

by Lissette Rosado
They are all from the community; they practice with serious
commitment and compete around the Island with other leagues.
"Palmas has a big tennis tradition. We have always had a team
and in two occasions have won the national championship and
have competed in the USA," said Evelyn Marrero, captain of the
category 3.0 team. "Two years ago Palmas' coed-team won the PR
championship and represented PR and the Caribbean in Florida
and ended up in second place," added Evelyn.
At the present, the female (category 3.0) team is getting ready
for the regional competitions and has very good chances to win.
By the time this edition is published they will be competing.
"Tennis has given us the opportunity to have fun, exercise,
peace, freedom, and friendship.
STonni fulfills your life," said an-
Category 3. ,r,. i .,t the member of the team.
team t- rhle captain's job, Evelyn
S..r ..I that the function of the
J.I I. i r, unify the group and mo-
Category 3.5 r, r im to together represent
team i1 i.. I. 1Mar.
TI, t, male team category 3.5's
S, Vicky L6pez and they as
11 ,. for the regional compe-
riri,,, TI!ey are 14 women and all
I players. "Most of us start-
SI r'h, ive years ago in a 2.5 cat-
I itow they are competing in
Ir.. The most important part is
to work as a team and remember that
r,.. h._._... wr l ,r. iai, rennis player has is his own mind," said
d. ., i t., i .... ... .r in of the team for five years. "My work
II I .. .. l... .. .r.'...-..ombination of players and the schedule
I, !.. i rFit-. l.. _-m_., r., ,lay andwithwhom; and of course, moti-
Kr. rA.. ,_ ...OW .I ..... rhe team in high spirits," she finished. A


- : .. ..


j -
*. "aj

-* ." -"r J


"' .".-

.''E'.. . "
,,',*J -.- -.r5 .. .- ,.5=., ,. .

.-t 'S I-,-Sj
-..... ,,- ,.w., -

.7. 'S




rr -


MqSchering-Plough del Caribe @2009. Use segin se indica.

S ....... ^ .
:F :: ...........


y i se tT SILeVEH AiNGEL
by Lissette Rosado

I will try to write this article as objectively as possible, but
I can't promise anything because Kike is my friend and I love
him very much. I feel a huge respect for him as a human be-
ing, for his values and for his actions. He is a true friend, a
committed community member, a Good Samaritan, a good
husband, an excellent father and very fun to be with. (He is a
lot of fun!) See? I can't be objective. But being his friend gives
me some authority and inside information to let you know all
the kind of work that Kike does every day. I found about it by
chance, because he is not around telling everybody what he
does. One day, Kike was going to San Juan and I asked him for
a ride. His answer was "yes" but added, "I can take you but I
have to make a stop to cure my homeless in Rio Piedras if you
don't mind." At this point I didn't understand because I knew
Kike was not a doctor, so I asked him to explain what all this
story was about. "Well...," he said, "One
day Sor Ileana Silva from a program
called "Amanece para los Herma-
nos sin Techo"(A Sunrise for Our
Homeless Brothers) asked me to
Donate Nanosil, a very successful
product I distribute which is a
silver-based solution. It has prov-
en to be very successful in healing
ulcers for its anti-bacterial proper-
ties and I told her, "no problem I
will donate a certain amount of the
IIO)duct". Immediately she told me:
"N.,' I need you to come and help me, I
du t have the time, and you have to cure
r ri..m yourself!" I was in shock, "But I am
i. r a doctor," I told her. Then she asked me
r., kneel and next thing she declared me
\ Doctor Honoris-Causa from the Uni-
versity of The Good Samaritan," he ex-
plained to me. And from that day on
Kike visits the Proyecto Amanecer
five days a week to clean the ulcers
of the homeless and apply this won-
derful product that cures their in-
fected legs and arms. "The problem
is that sometimes they don't come
to the treatment sessions." I saw it
with my own eyes how they call him
doctor and how he knows them by
their name and treats them with
such a loving attitude. "It's impos-

sible to walk with Kike through Old Sand Juan because all the
homeless call him all the time," said Ivonne Cruz, his wife. By
now I hope you understand why I can't be objective. Kike is a
very special human being.
But this is not all, Kike founded back in 1982, a company
call K Toro Garrat6n to distribute wheelchairs specialized and
custom made for children and adults. But he not only distrib-
utes the chairs, he gets involved with "his" patients and goes
overboard making possible that his patients have the maxi-
mum comfort and mobility that allows them to have a bet-
ter quality of life. "When I founded my company I made a
special emphasis on educating the health professional about
the importance of early intervention and I have the satisfac-
tion of having my patients tell me how this or that device has
changed their lives"., explained Kike.

This is a very interesting one. Kike started distributing silver
compression socks some years
ago successfully because
these socks not only had
compression properties but
also served as a fungicide
and anti-bactericide, impor-
tant qualities for people that
have circulatory problems
that even a mosquito bite
could be mortal. But since
Kike is always looking for
ways to help "his patients"
he figured out that if the silver socks works as an anti-bacte-

rial device, it will work perfectly as a cushion (thinking about
people in wheelchairs), heel and elbow protectors and sheets.
Actually when he had a surgery some years ago, Kike himself
brought silver sheets to the hospital to prevent bacteria's from
getting into his body! The stories of successes are many but
Kike recalls one about this man that had spent about $700,000
trying to save his legs from being amputated and with the sil-
ver socks he was able to kill the bacteria and cure his ulcer.
"Today he is walking as you and me," he told me. What a

Now... the second part of the story. Since the Universe con-
spires to make things happen, Kike's success story as the King
of the Silver Socks reached the ears of a man that had devel-
oped a nano-silver solution with the well know anti-bacte-
rial characteristics of silver. Kike brought the product called
Nanosil and immediately became a big success. The stories are
countless but the most famous one is the Sandra Zaiter's sto-
ry. "When I found this silver solution I immediately thought
about Sandra Zaiter because being in a wheel chair for many
years she has recurrent pelvic ulcers. I called her and gave her
the product to try it. In two weeks she was
in my office looking for me. She told me
to take off my shoes. I thought she was
going to hit me with them," he laughed.
But all she wanted was to kiss his feet (ob-
viously a symbolic gesture). The success
was so big that in less than a month the
"Fondo del Seguro del Estado" approved
There are so many stories! If you talk to
Kike about it and you have a good stom-
ach, ask him to show you the photo al-
bum he has of his homeless patients. The
results are impressive; I met some of them
and saw the before photos.
No need to say that I have become a fanatic user of Nanosil.
Everything I solve it with Nanosil: a rash, a mosquito bite, a
scratch etc. But not only that, I prescribe it to my friends and
We all have to be honored to have Kike as a member of our
Palmas community. Yes I am proud to be his friend and NO I
AM NOT being objective. A

Kike asked me to petition all of you!
His homeless patients need clothes.
If you have clothes and shoes you are going
to discard, please call him at

ry oe rIg Laurry pianchado .Sastreria

L"iI. ajj Ii1

Ur bu ri .Lri a ibieri t l cc, ir v i,'l:, dr
excelencia para bodas, events sociales
,_m.__ ^.y corporativos.


Bo. Lirios, Sector 4 Calles
Juncos, PR 00777

Sr. Pedro Rivera
Sra. Reina Hernindez

Costa del Caribe Really
Our mission is to locate the Right Property for you l
Many properties & Location to choose from!
Welcome our newest member. Ricardo Casillas!!l

Coconut Grove Plaa(nex to Martin'i BBQ)
CO(TA Carr.90o6 Km u.5 Humaneao YR o0079
fL'- .-. (787) 8 -30o30o www. eCftdloarnbipr.com
Sakl Rentbl Property Mnuipmont

Crescent Beach Location! Location! Location! Enjoy the beautiful view of
the Caribbean Sea from this outstanding and remodeled beach-front/two-level penthouse that meets all your
needs: elevators, privacy, access control system, swimming pool, and two parking spaces attached to the build-
ing. Its ample terrace, locked-out room and location makes it a unique and ideal design either as your first home
or as an investment property. Go for it!! 2 bedrooms 2 bathrooms 2 terraces family room For more
information, please call Palmas del Mar Real Estate at 787- 852-8888 or 1-800-PALMAS-6 or visit www.
palmasdelmar.com or www.movetopalmas.com.

La Jolla... an arquitectural jewel by Jorge del Rio
S At La Jolla you don't have to get out of bed to
enjoy one of the most outstanding panoramic
views of Palmas! Cathedral ceilings, perfect
cross ventilation (look at the East), natural
light, beautiful sunrises splendid sunsets.
Full moon? You won't believed it! Big kitchen
and bedrooms. Designed by the prestigious
Architect Jorge del Rio. One of the best kept
secrets in town.
2 bedrooms with the same beautiful view
2 bathrooms
2 parking
9 plenty of parking for visitors
$389 K
SFor more information, please call
Palmas del Mar Real Estate
787- 852-8888 or 1-800-PALMAS-6 or
visit www.palmasdelmar.com or
www. movetopalmas.com.

www.LLPalmas.com 31


r,',il ,I h1 I .',1", h- p t

i- .Iip hi l ll iii l It- : .1itii 1i I .11 h1, I
1ll 1 1 Ill I t. l II II t -.I III- 1 I'.l I l i i [.l.i I TI .: 1 I.,i Il

,,I 'llt h l :' 'thll t *l limt I ,.i l l h t l.lltl I .:1 I i
Isill w w .cstade il tl Ica b lc It omll Iv I-
\~ Ill I t b I.lt l *1 t .ll II 'l ll *il ,i l ll.t *I l :l.11 :.1 l l: lI .1

S .1111 1i'w II 1 0 Lj li l l' h l.l [till j i ili i .11 7 1
a ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ i 111 1111ll'Il .1II le il l. I I I l
lr-1 Illl h IIIJill .11 1; I ,_ i
visit www.costadelcaribepr.com

Spectacular Maralago Penthouse
* Fully furnished 2 bedroom 2 bathroom Ready to be moved into. Private,
peaceful, impeccable with panoramic views, across from The Beach Club. $650,000.
For more information call Remax at 787-850-7069.

A luxury lifestyle amid nature's glory -- a dream come true!
E sThse atl 3 ble apartment
,, at~::~,le M:c be yours at the
,:r..,,king Per fe l for entertaining.

: ,, .-. model only 4
nI i. I- 1. ,, l.ralago
S Bedrooms I..ige master quarters
Bathrooms : hill baths
Garage I ,,-i ilp assigned/golf cart space
Basement r .., lots of storage area"
Size 2' -,:1 r1.
._" l ll.il,: 11 1 1anai

,r ,,lii' call CPM Realty '

Bonus feature...
Fully equipped Custom Hummer
golf cart included with purchase

Ecstasy at Marbella 343...from sunrise to sunset
Located at the Marbella Club, this
two-bedroom, two and half bath-
room ocean front Almacigo Mod-
el Apartment on the 4th floor was
upgraded in 2008 to include new
kitchen and stainless steel ap-
pliances with European cabinets
and granite top counters. Pro-
fessionally decorated. Steps off
the beach, pools and next to the
Beach Club. Spectacular views of
Vieques Island and the Caribbean
Sea. Sold in "as-is" condition.
For showing appointments please
call realtor Frank Bonnelly at
BBC Realty, Inc., 787-850-
5800 or mobile 787-632-2106.
Also available for winter rentals.
Call for rates and sales price.

Ninoska Bonnel Marl Sulrez

6 I s .) "
Ancor' Vlae 110 HrorD. Suit #6 I
Pama del Mar HuaaP 09
CEL~ ~ 78-4-31 I776512

Calle Jos5 barbosa #10o, Las Piedras, PR 00771
Visitanos a partir del 15 de agosto en Palmas Reales.


sa r/lp

1 2-


29 *.

Eslimados Gralis
Garanlia Incluida --a
de exp riencia en diseno nanufaclura
riencia ,-- ^


Paradise is now online!

Good news! Live & Life in Palmas is going virtual taking our .. ....- -
PHA magazine one step further to facilitate and improve even
more our communication as a progressive community. "Palmas L I\ LIFE
del Mar is growing as a cohesive community. An important
element of this maturation process is in the area of communi-
cations. Your Association has developed an array of tools that
complement each other to provide the community with the
latest information of what is happening at Palmas. We started
with a newsletter that grew into the popular PHA magazine Live
& Life in Palmas' The newsletter was followed by the Electronic 17
Billboard, the magazine and the PHA-TV channel 77, which b.o.wil-'
by the way will be seen shortly at the PHA web site (www.pal-
masdelmarpha.com). Now, I am happy to report to you another
milestone in the PHA array of communication tools: the PHA ....
magazine Live & Life in Palmas will be on-line either thru the
PHA web site or directly at www.LLPalmas.com. Feel proud...
this is your community," stated Julio Bagud, PHA president.
Starting this month, you will be able to access Live & Life in
Palmas from every corner of the world. You can even admire our
impressive sunrises from your computer or cell phone. This page
is also a window to the world that will allow Palmas to enter in
a new dimension in the resort community.

From our Webmaster's desktop...A new window to the world

With the launching of the Live & Life in Palmas web page a
new venue of opportunities opens for all of us at Palmas del Mar
and for millions of people that surf the web. The portal will serve
as a vehicle of keeping us linked and informed in a dynamic and
innovative way. The portal offers several innovating tools such
* THE PALMAS WEB CAM this service consist of two
cameras, one of video streaming (live video) and a photographic
one that gives you a "fresh" photo every minute. The last one
could be accessed from your cell phone by accessing: www.LL-
* THE WEATHER a weather section synchronized with
The National Center of Meteorology and more specifically to
the Roosevelt Road station. This service will provide you with
relevant and last minute information of our area and a link to
the most important radars of the region.
* CALENDAR OF ACTIVITIES Here residents and visi-
tors will find all the activities and events going on in the com-
* PHOTO GALLERY This portal has a very sophisticated
Photo Gallery where only those registered will be able to ac-
cess pictures of recent activities and even vote or comment on
* VIDEO AREA This portal provides a free video uploading

service where you can share your YouTube.com videos. You will
only have to send it via web link of your video.
of the past Live & Life in Palmas editions? Or... you simply want
to collect them? Don't worry... through this portal you will be
able to download every single one.
* ALERT SYSTEMS our automatic RSS system will notify
you at your email of any new article posted or new editions. It's
that easy! This system will be very useful in case of an emer-
gency or special events.
sified ads service completely free for Palmas Homeowners and
residents. This will not include Real Estate Ads. A service di-
rectory will also be provided.
* FACEBOOK Y TWITTER... the latest...we have them all!
Become fan of our page in Facebook or simply follow us on Twit-
* BLOGS & FORUMS...coming soon.
As our slogan says: "Paradise is Online!" That's the whole
point... to make us closer as a community and show our friends
and visitors the wonderful community we are. Share your ideas
and comments about our portal with us. Write to us at comen-
tarios@LLPalmas.com. Enjoy it!

It's all about safety...

,. belts!

Authorized retailer for Puerto Rico bimmerboutique@gmail.com

boutiq ue

Laboratorio Clinico

"Donde estamos para servirle."

0 Bririi]anios servi,:o ai rlogar
cubriendo toda el AREA ESTE
0 Para una atenci6n rapida, eficiente
y professional contamos con un staff
de 6 enfermeras y 7 tecnologos m6dicos
Poseemos la maquinaria automatizada
mas eficiente y de alta tecnologia.
Ademas ofrecemos servicios a asilos
de envejecientes, industries y dopaje.

Abierto desde
5:30am lunes a s6bado.
Ubicados en el centro
del pueblo de Las Piedras
con estacionamiento.

Fax 787-733-7788
Aceptamos la mayoria
de los planes medicos y Reforma.

REMAX de Palmas
S i-,-,-,-3 del Mar, Humacao, PR
'0-4 787.850.7069 / 787.850.4343
email: remaxpdm@coqui.net
^ Myrna Rios-Milam
'.2389 Since 1984

The Real Estate Leaders

SUNRISE: Ready to move in! Private cul-de-sac location. Two story, 4B/ 2 1/2B, spacious outside living areas
and lot, 717mc. Partially furnished, fully equipped. $365,000.00

THE WOODS: Awesome goft course views from MONTE CARLO-PALMANOVA: Centrally located, in
breezy terrace. 3B/2 1/2B, furnished & equipped. like new condition. Freshly painted thru-out, three
Second floor unit at a to sell price! bedrooms, family, granite kitchen counters,stainless
$490,000.00 steel appliances. Covered carport. $399,000.00
Foreclosure information available

,/By Maritza Toste, President of First Class Services and a Palmas del Mar Homeowner

"It's yachting, not cruising"

S**** Service **** Cuisine

Sea Dream Yachting is completely
different from big ship cruising. Picture
this: only 56 couples are pampered by an
award-winning crew of 95. Cruising on
one of Sea Dream's mega-yachts is as if
you were cruising aboard your own per-
sonal yacht. You can be as active or as
laid back as you wish while experiencing
the best service at sea.
Sea Dream Yacht Club operates "Sea
Dream I and Sea Dream II- elegant twin
mega yacht cruises" which visit intimate
harbors and ports that large cruise ships
cannot go to. From April through No-
vember they cruise the Mediterranean
and from November through April, the
Caribbean. In true yachting fashion
Sea Dream's specially designed yachting
itineraries also feature overnight stays in
port so guests can experience the night
life of some of the most famous yachting
ports in the world. The All-Inclusive
Sea Dream voyage includes all outside
ocean view accommodations, gourmet
meals, wine with lunch and dinner,
open bar with selected premium brands,
gratuities, use of water toys, mountain
bikes, books, DVD and CD player.

Do you wish to
sleep under the stars?
Your Sea Dream Yacht also offers re-
laxation. You can read a book, catch
some rays or simply watch the world go
by on their Balinese Dream Beds. De-

signed for two, should you wish to sleep
under the stars, they will provide turn-
down service with bed linens, pillows
and a cozy duvet.
Dining aboard Sea Dream is a culi-
nary adventure for the senses. Wheth-
er dining in the elegantly appointed
Dining Salon or Al Fresco, all guests
enjoy open seating dining and award-

winning service. The wine cellar offers
a wide selection of both Old and New
World wines.
The "Champagne and Caviar
Splash"... a true celebration of the
yachting lifestyle. The guests and crew
celebrate with flowing champagne
toasts and caviar served shore side on
top of a surf board followed by a delec-
table beach barbecue, elegantly served
on china.
Sea Dream Yacht Club has received

many awards, honors and accolades for
many years-either rated at the very
top of the scale or scoring in the top
percentile-the Berlitz Guide to Ocean
Cruising and Cruise Ships publication is
perhaps the best indication of its excel-
Come live the yachting experience on
spectacular sailings on October 3rd, 2009
for 7 days from Alexandria, Egypt to Pi-
raeus, Athens visiting Cyprus, Rodes,
Kos, Kusadasi, Mykonos, and Santorini
from $3,299 per person.

SWhiteBay, J s6 a yeSnJa

Rates:startng at$799 er pesoinY
caeoy remcm re

www.LLPalmas.com 37

Desde ninfo sentiste tu vocaci6n....


...nosotros tambien.



Para tu conveniencia ahora tambi6n estamos en Humacao.
www.laboratoriosborinquen.com 787-8504900
Hato Rey Guaynabo Rfo Piedres Santurce Caguas Bayam6n Gurabo San Lorenzo Cidra Cayey Humacao

I How to grow
By Debbi Provin-Martin orch ds

Control Your Cravings...
don't let your cravings control you!

* Eat fresh whole foods eat a fresh, yummy, sweet piece of fruit rather
than cookies, candy or processed sugary snack bars.
* Try to eat every few hours choosing only fresh whole foods such as
fruit, veggies, legumes, nuts and trail mixes.
* Take vitamins to help keep your body nourished as well.
* Don't forget protein. Eating protein at every meal and with snacks will
cut the cravings as well.
* And of course, move your body.. .get that heart pumping!

Challenge Time!

Nate's Peanuty Lettuce Wraps
* A-P I aq n nlikhIN tfhirp PqvI P

Peanut Sauce:

the workshop!

Let's do it,,
Like everything in life, growing orchids has its own science.
There are some basics principles and secrets to grow healthy
orchids. Dorilinda Ramfrez, M.B.A., motivator, journalist and
a connoisseur of orchid growing, explained that to be able to
grow healthy orchids that bloom periodically you have to un-
derstand the anatomy of the plant. Like any other house plant
they need water, light, fertilizer but orchids have some pecu-
liarities. The real magic in orchid care is to have some experi-
ence, education and to prevent any problems. Once you know
the principles and basic rules on orchid care it really doesn't
take much time or knowledge to keep them healthy.

Some of the aspects to consider are:
Water Too much or too little kills slowly.
Air Circulation Required!
Humidity a challenge inside or outside.
Potting Mediums Bark, peat mixes, sphagnum moss,
treefern, osmunda, lava rock, even old tires etc, etc.
Fertilizer Fertilizer is food and there is a co-relation
between food and health.
Light orchid doesn't bloom if it's not receiving enough light.

To learn about these basic principles and more, Dorlinda
and an agronomist will visit Palmas the 26th of Se mber.
from 11am to 2pm, to offer a three hour work- '
shop on Orchid Growing and Blooming. The 1
cost of this workshop will be $75 and includes
a handbook and a light "snack". The workshop
will take place at the Villa Franca Club House.
An exposition of orchids is also included. For
reservations call 787.602-0019. A minimum de-
posit for reservations will be required. A

To assemble:


1 k-o w0

I Offered at $390k

i Great Price! In the $400's
S/ ,rine AITl/ irn

Call for Appointment
MAnninp POro




I 1 '

Arn--ra Qi;rr-

An1-1 -ri -dor-l

ade~ninf Dcar

this i w h

Real Estoitc oid

find IourI di-cii





-C rl ,
- iT1 1e-



aw l




l'oest 11nvntcoli"- Of n-e\\ 11ieS and resales.

* Exclusive broker f1or Palmas new comnmunities.
|Olltoerl service Olriented Sales PrO' esslonals
EM 2 Cand understand the market.




S,,gt2 pflah10 .',,)

A division of Palmas Del Mar Properties, Inc. Lic.# 7493

- U

9! uL

- -

.... '' -11&0 12 ----

... our Mayor and neighbor.

Marcelo Trujillo Panisse, the Mayor of
Humacao, is also one of our Palmas' community distinguished
member. "We moved to Palmas 30 years ago when our kids were
very small," said Rosa Elena Plumey, his beloved wife, co-worker
and buddy. "I told him, the day he decided to become a politi-
cian, that I was going to be there with him by his side; he was
not going to put me aside," said Rosa Elena and she meant it.
Even though she doesn't receive a salary she is there for Marcelo
all the time. She takes care of many municipality projects and
gives him all the support he needs. On the other hand, Rosa
Elena explained to us that Marcelo joined the political arena
once their kids were adults and professional. "My first commit-
ment was with my family and I was dedicated to my 2 sons and
a daughter throughout their formative years. Once they were
gone, I became a politician," our Mayor said proudly.
Marcelo is originally from a family of 5 brothers and sisters
from Guayanilla but an adopted son of Humacao and Arecibo.
He did his university studies with a sports scholarship at the
Interamerican University of Ponce. He majored in social science
and politics with a minor in physical education. During those
years he was a great athlete. He played basketball, volleyball and
baseball with the Interamerican University. Actually he played
Puerto Rico's Superior Basketball League with Los Leones of
Ponce. Later, he coached Los Capitanes of Quebradillas and
Los Grises from Humacao. In 1971 Marcelo was elected one of
the 10 most prominent young people of Puerto Rico. That same
year he was elected coach of the year. (He didn't tell me about
all these recognitions... Rosa Elena, his #1 fan, did). In 1991,
when he was the owner of Los Grises of Humacao, they won the
championship. In 1999 Marcelo was also President of Puerto
Rico's Superior Basketball League.
After finishing his studies he worked as a professor for sev-
en years at the Interamerican University in Arecibo. Later he
worked with the Dupont Company and in 1978 he was hired by
RJ Reynolds Tobacco Co. where he worked for 18 years in the
department of human resources. In 1996 he retired but destiny
had a different plan for him. A group of people called him to
become part of the Municipal Assembly of Humacao. Shortly
after, in 2001 to be exact, he was asked to run for Mayor for the
town of Humacao--where he still serves today. "I didn't want
him to be a politician, but then I thought that if he were to die
I was going to feel guilty for not letting him achieve his dream,"
said Rosa Elena and laughs. But Marcelo clarified that he is not
a politician that he is a public servant, which is different.
Rosa Elena met Marcelo when she was studying in Arecibo
and Marcelo was a professor. They married after only a year of
dating. "I am a man of action," he said and added that they
have been married for 46 years. "Forty six years of absolute hap-
piness," he stated proudly.
Going back to politics, Marcelo told us that one of the things
he observed immediately after becoming mayor was the fact that

I. ,

., -
-- .

in Humacao politicians would think small. "I want to make pro-
found changes in Humacao; important infrastructural changes
such as our new coliseum and Fine Arts theater that will be
ready for 2010, among others, without leaving behind the small-
er communities," he said. He went
Son to explain that they have been
working with all the wards so that
P every community has its own
game court and Cultural Center.
The Mayor's wife tells us that
i they have been working with a
very ambitious project: The Elec-
tronic Library in all the wards
h with five computers in each com-
munity. The idea is that every
child can have access to a com-
puter, internet service, a photo-
n -c copying machine and a volunteer
that can help them look for infor-
mation and do their homework. Actually they are looking for
volunteers to work in this project. "At the Junquito community,
for example, the program has been a huge success. We can see
how kids are more motivated and have significantly improved
their grades," explained Rosa Elena.
Rosa Elena also gave us a scoop on a new Cancer Treatment
Center that will be a part of the Oncology Hospital that will be
established in Humacao to give support to cancer patients.
Marcelo has also implemented a scholarship program in a
joint venture with the Cooperativa de Crtdito Oriental for high
school students who graduate with a GPA of 3.5 or more. These
students receive $300 plus an ATM card with $50 credit as an
incentive to promote savings.
As a Palmas resident, Marcelo is proud of what Palmas del
Mar offers the Municipality of Humacao, not only monciia
but because Palmas has become an important site for tourists
visiting Humacao. Nevertheless, our mayor invites us to partici-
pate more in what Humacao has to offer as far as its rich cultural
and natural resources. He mentioned that we as a Palmas resi-
dents should get to know and visit more La Casona, The Lito
Penfia Cultural Center, La Hermita Guzmin among many others.
You could visit La Casona, Humacao's Tourist Department to
find out more of what's going on in town.
There is also many fun and colorful festivals such as Santa
Cecilia Festival, the Lancha Planua Festival, Festival Playero,
Playa Los Goyines and the Festival de La Pana, coming soon
(September 4-6) at Barrio Mariana. During the Christmas holi-
day Humacao also has the Fiestas Patronales and the "Encen-
dido Navidefno". Live & Life at Palmas will keep you posted. Look
in this magazine for the Festival de La Pana article. I am not
going to miss it!
Marcelo, Palmas is proud to have you both as part of our com-
munity and appreciate that you share with us all your plans and
dreams for Humacao. We certainly want to see them come

Lcdo. Nector Robles
"Palmas Insurance help me improve my Insurance
Program and Reduce Substantially my Premiums"

Agapito Cosme
"Palmas Insurance help me reduce my 2 BMW
premiums by half. Easy to find, next to The Cellar".

Anthony Miodonka
"Simply: Best Prices Best Service and... Good
Golfer Buddy"

We are conveniently located in your neighborhood at
Palmanova Plaza, Suite 119-C or call us at 787-850-9209
from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm from Monday through Friday.

350 metros: -
S6,200 p/c construccior,
S4 hab con walk-in closet dLe
California CIc,'sets
family r,:,:mn
c6modo laundry 10' > 11'
Scuarto herramierintas
10'> 11'
4 baWos modernos (Lari:o
master en mrmni:ol
y jacuzzy Whirlr,,:,,:,l i
* c6moda y modern cociria
en madera y granite
* 4 consolas de aire nuevos
marca Trane
* transfer switch para plant
cinco aios de construida
$875. K
Para mas informaci6n
787 717 2854



ra cke

n ~~~~m iL ...ra I I

....An ~ ''i
rl 4 AM 0

As part of our new Sacred Family Chapel in Palmas del Mar,
blessed on June 7, 2009, there is this special Morada Sacra
Chapel, which allocates the columbarium. We are blessed
with a privileged columbarium where the members of our
community, as well as their families, will have the opportunity
to choose the interior of our brand new church as their final
resting place.
It is around and within the Church that some of the most
important events of our lives take place: the birth of our chil-
dren, the act of holy matrimony, our encounters and reconcili-
ation with God and with our brothers and sisters, as well as
respite in the time of death. Our columbarium is here so that
one may choose to store their earthly remains physically and
spiritually within the Church.
A columbarium is a conjunction of adorned alcoves destined

Potegemos lo que

mas tu valoras.
-fl .... _^^

for the allocation of urns which
contain the incinerated remains
(ashes) of our loved ones. In-
scribed on each urn are the
names of the deceased as well
as their dates of birth and death.
They provide a sacred place,
of perennial, dignified beauty,
where we can visit the remains
of our family and friends on hal-
lowed ground.
Our columbarium is a perma-
nent fixture in the basement of
the Chapel, composed by a series
of over a thousand consecrated
alcoves. Making this ever-so im-
portant investment relieves
the pressures and stresses that
accompany the moment of
death, and it presents a more
adequate alternative to a tra-
ditional burial. In addition, it
provides substantial financial
relief for the families of our
deceased, as well as the knowl-
edge that you will be contrib-
uting to the sustenance of the
Sacred Family Chapel in our
Palmas del Mar.

The columbarium
is a vault with
niches that are in
the Morada Sacra
Chapel located on
the first floor of
the Sacred Family
Chapel. Each
niche can hold up
to four urns with
the ashes of four

Come and visit our Chapel and Columbarium every Sunday
from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. We offer 0% interest for two years
and a special 10% discount for columbaria reserved before
September 30, 2009. Every Sunday we have mass in English
at 9:30 am and in Spanish at 11:00 am.
For more information or to make an appointment please
contact Ivette: 787-384-0556, 787-607-0907 or email us to
"t111 Ald il I -l

www.LLPalmas.com 45


Pama todos
los pfesupuestos

Cocinas Closets Bahos
La Casabella 1400 Magdalena Ave. Condado, PR
787.721.5555 www.cocinaspr.com

78: 5-4018-8276
ww *pratp~o L 0453


Suk Asian Roots... a
complete line of con-
temporary Asian style
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among others..

Accentuate your patio
with the relaxing sound
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this exquisite fountain
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Transform your backyard or patio into the ultimate outdoor
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Awnings can highlight
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48 www.LLPalmas.com

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Doors. Exclusive and
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con A, cuelga la terrible afeitada
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Ferraioli's and the Puerto Rican Guernica.

by Lissette Rosado

Our in-house artist and good friend Eddie Ferraioli's most
recent works in glass fusion and paint will be presented on
September 10, 2009 at Petrus Gallery in Miramar. His work is
based on the painting by Pablo Picasso depicting the bombing
of Guernica, Spain by German and Italian warplanes at the
behest of the Spanish Nationalist forces on April 26, 1937
during the Spanish Civil War. Ferraioli
is using Picasso's painting as a "pie
frzado" or, in English, as a starting
r ,int to denounce what he considers
Fre "Guarnica" that the island is
kI.. ing subjected to as far as its social,
cultural and environmental
development. The artist tells
us: "I saw Guernica in 1972
and no painting has ever
impressed me so much. That
same year I saw a military
parade on the "Gran Via"
in Madrid presidedby none

...... F f I !,i It- ,

h 1

growing in me for the last 35 years. My exhibition is homage
to that painting and my denunciation of the state of affairs in
Puerto Rico which our news media so graphically reports every
day." A


\\ 1,


Rk v


--1 -~



I ;t A m1k

p u-u
' II- EW~~W




photos, visit www.LLPalmas.com


l~i. dga, 7f 4e)DVWAr, i, e IF

Carr. # 3,Triumph Plaza
Lote # 6

Carr. 901 Km. 13.5
(Frente a la Urb. Valles de Yabucoa)

CARR. 31 KM. 3.7
(Frente Ferr. Cariio)
TEL. 465-0032

LAS PIEDRAS AVE. PINEIRO (frente al Correo) TEL. 733-0959

Should we clone

by Lissette Rosado

He has it all figured out. He divided 5 I
the beach in five imaginary areas and he
takes two hours every morning in each
of the zones to pick up every single piece
of trash. This means that in a week he
has covered the entire beach.
His name is Ted Kyte and he comes
from Los Angeles, California with his
wife Mirna Castro every year and rents
a villa in Crescent Beach for a month.
Mirna is originally from Puerto Rico and
on her 60th birthday she asked Ted to
come to Palmas del Mar...that was 12 .'.-
years ago.
As a retired pilot of TWA and the Air
Force Fighter F-100, he is a man of mis-
sions; but this one is very different from
his past missions...in a month he has to
leave the beach "pristine". "It can be
done," he said and explained to me how
he does it. We went down to the beach
from his apartment and he taught me his
technique. "You look to the ground for
any article that doesn't belong there, a
red tab, a cigarette butt, a piece of rope,
anything. Then when you bend to pick
up something you try to pick up at least <' r. ri All. I, T...I
three things at a time," he showed me. li, . ii .,t J- r .i,.. r.,t lii
"In a month you will see a huge differ- i r. r .i ..l ... r ..
ence," he stated and added that if he I r ... .. ril r .'.. In '.
would live here he would do it all year i I .l. hi.r. 1, rli.iii.. -. I
around. Ted suggested that if we can find in.. r..' ..I., .. ,'. 1.,
five volunteers that could adopt one of it iI 1 ... r. 1.,ir .,t Ii.
the each imaginary zones he has estab- T. Il Il..l. ., a r 'l. i'llA
lished our beaches could be "pristine". ,... ii 'm"...,
He even volunteered to "train" them. ... ,lI. ,... ,,, Ir 11i11 Ii
"I have to point out that I found a .nrl.
big progress in how the beaches are be- TlI.iil. ,T..I .. i. ,
ing cleaned and want to recognize Chris r.. .i I.. .... li.. i .... ..I
Pennock and Tony Maldonado for the I.i.. rlmr !i...r ,. ...... I, r
conditions of the beach shore," he stat- .. !. ii. rr. I.iirr mi rip. !i.I L. r'
ed and also mentioned that people have .... 1I... i ,...... i r r., i
become more conscious and are putting I, .i... A

ir I[ rILC

I I'f- ]"1

miJd \

For the
after school
P mrLnchies
go straight to


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these sweets FREE*...

s'$AKES kOeAM (2
i,: L'. "

From 3 to 6pm
*Valid from August 1 st to September 30, 2009.
Not valid with the member card discount.

6am 1pm Sunday to Thursday
6am 12ntdnght Friday and Saturday
Golf cart parking available between the hotel and Palma Dorada
Four Points Sheraton Hotel
Palmas del Mar, Humacao, 850-6000 x 5042

:_Ae E .'I b
SI ^^^^^^^^^ S.^^


Isla Verde: open 7 days/ 24 hrs.
787-791-4120, 791-2600
(airport service)
787-796-6404, 796-6882
787-852-1591, 850-3070
Free pick-up at the airport and nearby
locations. Service is our priority!


Puerto Rico's

by Zenaida Sanjurjo I have been ,I ii, I as an A , i, ir, il, for Live & Life in Palmasor
ili ,,tt years. It iI 1I 1111, i read what happens in Palmas and
II i ii Li, i eyes, what 1 ... on in the community. The weird
iI ime about my job is that I live on the, i, i side ,1 'li -i island....
I I I live in San i i li i and teach at UPF i i ,ill i. I really 1,11 ,,
1 d'i' UPR-Rio ,,, t. (which I drive to 3 ,iih, i week for my PhD),
I Nords, the East coast is basically uncharted territory as far as I
s ,, ,t a earned. So, imagine how it has been for me to read and learn
Si, t I almas wlhen the i i I was i, ,. was circa I My eyes
i1l, I ist coast have been Li Ih .since 2007.
1 1 ,, ii this, Li i iw i ,I me over for the weekend and i ii 1w I
San,,i i ice about ,ii i i. I just told my husband that we had to be in
B' I ,i Hiecause I was -l' i i I to do some i, I, ii, journalism (I had
I, up ,wii lill, I to 1 i1, 1 him down to Humacao!). What started
,,,,i i little white lie turned into Li i, l Iii lm e to write an ii'l'.
iI ,, ,i ii I / experiences.
I I i day ',, i ii with a visit to Las Tapas. As soon as we walked in
I i d I ii I r .ii' 1111i it .i i r all felt surreal to me. I had been Ii, i before,
i ii, i i the pictures in the ii, i, hi.- atnd when I saw Julio Bagu6
I t'lt likn I was ,,i h, I a', i i I lost friend. All the faces where familiar
,,, I .,.... ,i ,, I everyone and could name them without ever
i producedd. It was then that I realized how I was not only
i for the i i, i ii, but I was as much of a reader as Ii ...
S iii lually picked up the ,', ii in 1 ,i or received it by
i,, ,,t i was a part of all this too.
I the opportunity to meet some of the wonderful people I
iI out and talk to some i, ,,. I even met Chef Daniel since
it our table and spoke to us for a while. No more pictures
iis, I was in Palmas!
I, i,,i, it we visited The Cellar where I got to meet Miguel and
S wine while I observed how Li II, job is never done.,
'1.. I1 11 1, ( .I..I I, il, I w as ',,lll'i, '. ,' introduced. Ihad
iii, i at the weekend was 11, i1, to be action packed and I was
ii, i iiii, I to see 1 i II I with my own eyes.
, urday I had the chantice to drive around and see some of
I ,i, s and meet more people. E 1 1 it ,I was so 1il111 l and
ul, now I know why I heard people complain about 1 -,i,',
ii, an.. .oh yes, I heard the complaints, but you know what, I
donut blame them. After i l, l ,I l l .. 1,it l..it Il. day: school, pools, beach, church,
gyms, yacht club. .. I Ii i I i. leave!
My day was coming to end but I could t leave without , I,, I Sue Sue at The Blue Hawaii. My
dinner was fabulous and I got to really see Sue Sue in action, with all her warmth and 11, 1, 1 I really
had to leave Saturday so I couldn't really I i ii, out" ,i 11 1, i i I was dying to see what Bohemian 11, I I .
was all about and, iii, what... I DID! But my night had to come to an end so after half an hour I had
to go.. .awwww! Not really what I wanted to happen.
Buti, what? I came ,I i,,- ,next weekend with some ''II, friends. And, i, I il was
the tour i, I, with all the inside scoop of what was ,i, 1, I on where ...yes me, the one who lives in
San 1, i, I' .1 ,, them such an excellent tour that they are i, to look into ',, i, I property in
Any ,i ii, ,i of what do ii iiiiI I should i ii i Palmas? I am game! Feel free to email me
at zenaida.sanjurjo@upr.edu or z i, i,, I i...ii, ,i ,, HOPE TO HEAR FORM YOU!!! Maybe I will
have 11. i. 1 .....I reason to write iI. II, I like this!


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Floor Tall Display Rack
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toys. Free Small Display
Rack (valued $40.) when
you purchasing
12 or more toys.
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discount prices!
PMB 140
295 Palmas Inn Way,
Suite 130
Humacao, PR 00791


e j -- ., 5-


a i


Calle Isidro Andreu #5, Playa Punta Santiago, Humacao, PR
(Antiguo local de Tulio's Seafood)
Horario: Miercoles y Jueves 5:00 PM 10 :00 PM
Viernes y Sabados 5:00PM 11:00PM
Domingos 11:30AM 7:00PM
(787) 850.6666

Aral PM

M .

.A ii ; |
C -.
.-at -
- .- __. ; .. ,
Al"a% t "

Joseph LeRoy .7.
from East F
Puerto Rico
to the groupI -
what we were .
about to see. .

from the other side
by Lissette Rosado
It was a beautiful day, a little too early for me but I had made
a commitment with Joseph and I had to make it. I made the
effort and I didn't regret it. I arrived to the Yacht Club to meet
Joseph Leroy, president of East Puerto Rico Diving, and my
scuba diving buddies for the day. Some were from California,
some from Texas and some from Arizona. Seeing Palmas from
the other side (from sea to land) is a beautiful experience, I al-
ways see the boats leaving and entering Palmas from my porch.
This time it was the opposite, very different, breathless!
East Puerto Rico Diving is the Dive and Snorkel Charter
Company based in the Palmas Yacht Club. They offer PADI
Instruction ranging from 1-day resort-style "Discovery Dives"
to complete Scuba Certifications. East Diving also features
both Day and Night Scuba trips and full boat charters and
snorkeling trips, most often to Vieques' beaches.
Joseph LeRoy, a very experienced diver and passionate
for the sea, states that the Palmas area has one of the
best diving spots in the Caribbean. "We absolutely J ,
love the diving found here and wanted to share
what we believe is "the best-kept secret in the Ca- C
ribbean". We believe this area ranks among the
best in Puerto Rico and easily rivals spots found
elsewhere in the Caribbean. Our guests enjoy re-
laxed, non-crowded diving, rarely even seeing another
boat! Visibility can be excellent at 100'+. The unusual
structures and pristine reefs are alive with an ii i.....1... vari-
ety of healthy corals, sponges, fishes and other "critters." It is
not unusual to see turtles, eagle rays, eels and more on a single
dive. We've even had dolphins share dives with us!"
East Puerto Rico Diving was created by a small group of div-
ers and diving professionals like Joseph, who are familiar with
rI11 ..I.... .....I ,i.I non-crowded, spectacular diving locat-
I...I r ... . rl. ....-n Palmas and Vieques. "Our company
i- l... ,.., I, ....I 'rl, certified, experienced staff committed
r., r. .I. rl. st level of customer service. Rusty and
It. 1., i i.'r F it. are Coast Guard Certified. Brad and I
[.i. IA 1 I i. m. Instructors. Our 37' boat, "Longest Dive",
....-r i ,.I i r in.d for 22 passengers plus 2 crew," stated
I .. Lr L ,
L.i.,. ..r..1 .-d that they bought a twin-turbo-die-
I r.1.,. .. I r..pose-built dive boat in Key West and
I I I .'.r.. .'.. upgrades done. "The boat has a swim
platform at a comfortable height and a
c .ustom-built extra-deep dive ladder to
make the entries and exits of the wa-
ter easy," Leroy explained.
To find out more about East PR
Diving you can visit:
Visit their website! www.eastpuer-
toricodiving.com A

of my porch!


.1A very
(Sad note...

theothe day, (afteril wrf it-

in ti ar icle I s w a
blc r~ibbonl in th,,e Yacht

die. Mea scolnt
beiv th le'S anwe: 1o

be psi ble. ad just

iQuiropractica para Nifios, 16venes y Adultos!

evaluacidn del sistema nerioso central
Evaluaciones metatarsals y de
postura- Modernas facilidades
con sistema paperless.
Tratamiento para...
Subluxaciones Vertebrales Dolores de Cabeza
* Dolor de Cuello y Hombros Adormecimiento de Manos y Piernas
Espasmos Musculares Discos Herniados
Dolores de Espalda Baja Sciatica Radiculopatias
6:00 9:00 PM lunes a jueves
63 Av.PdeRieaHmcoPR 09
787 85.88 eathrwlcne ml~o




From KAOBA, an -

S From o
an exceptional
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Margarita Nido. -
Tourmaline, I
chrysoprase -
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earrings .
mounted in
white gold.. .a
one of a kind
Very fashionable pair.
Sentiment Bangles from
CAROLEE, Plaza Las From YOUTOF -
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Moroccanoil, turn your hair to ..," ,
silk. Apply it on a wet hair or dry,
before styling or after
Available at KEILA'S. ., ,o

Beyond beautiful hair, this Global Keratin 0. .
Shampoo & Conditioner is specially formu -. .
lated to nourish hair and provide a healthy ,
glow. Ideal for those who have Keratin
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From BIMMER, a sophisticated clutch
made of authentic seatbelt material.

q __ For music lovers who enjoy
having the latest gadget
on the market -SONY
GL Am- launched the Walkman
I.Video MP3: 16GB, 3" OLED
touch screen, built-in Wi-Fi,
up to 33 hours music and
9 hours video playback,
m I premium noise canceling
'headphones, 1 00 free



The Nike Jr Summer Camp with Gigi Fernandez was a huge
success. It was a historical event to have a tennis legend such
as Gigi Fernandez directing a summer camp in Palmas del Mar
Country Club. The first session started July 13th to the 18th
and we had 85 tennis players and 27 golfers. A second ses- P'
sion was opened for the tennis camp on the 19th of July to
the 23rd with 32 participants. Having junior players ranging S
in ages from 9 to 17 and all levels was a great experience and .".'
opportunity for every camper. Evidently with this turnout of
golf and tennis players we are about to see a new generation .
of athletes among us.
At this moment an adult tennis camp with Gigi is being
planned for the first weekend of October.
Our golf clinics had 27 juniors and were coached by Geor-
gie Rodriguez, Max Alverio, Isander Alvarez, and Jose Diaz.
Jane Geddes, US Women's Open Champion in 1986, gave a .
one hour clinic on the fundamentals of the game. The camp .
concluded with a fun team golf tournament and awards cer-

Dise o de cocinas

* Disenos europeos o tradicionales
* Muebles a la media en cedro
* Topes de Granito, Corian y Cuarzo
* Closets Juegos de cuarto Vanities

^19A Z I l' i 1 I I 1

787.282.6461 / 787.754.4229
.ti. kAA -. .... I C' A .... ,.'.- fl .. -- I'n __ t' t' t' V A

Ave. 65 Infanteria (a 4

Sk i care
I Ii ., I. i\Il ious Formulas.
\ ,Ih i i.i I \li ll-aging technology.
I i -,. i k I I tough results.

Elialm hla Anrt


I J ..' ,*
hi Im

H Elizabeth Arden





Your gift with the purchase two or more of
Elizabeth Arden skincare products.
a $81.50 VALUE.





As every year, Chez Daniel closed its doors for a month to
take a very well deserved vacation in France. This year, they
closed in June, but stayed in Puerto Rico with a mission: the
remodeling of Chez Daniel. The remodeling activity took
place behind closed doors, inconspicuously and quietly. We
were all wondering what would be the end result. Well, as
all they do...everything was beautifully designed with refined
taste and so very French! Of course, it's the same Chez Dan-
iel Restaurant of always...cozy, unpretentious, yet elegant and
homy. Congratulations for a job well done. We are happy to
have you back!

Open for lunch Fridays and Saturdays from 12:00 noon- 3pm
Open for dinner Vednesdays to Mondays from 6:30 pm 10 pm I
Sunday Brunch from 12 noon 4 pm Closed on Tuesdays

Monday from 5:00 PM- 11:00PM Closed on Tuesdays

U pr .Ricardo Reguero and family enjoying a quiet lunch at
Light lunch n innerpen from2 on pm osed on Sundays Chez Daniel.




...an italian TV series filmed at the Yacht
by Lissette Rosado
The new Yacht Club became the scene, again, for a motion .
picture. This time an action-comedy series, 'Angeles y Diaman-
tes" that will be aired in Italy's Channel 5, on prime time, during
the winter of 2009-2010 or spring 2010. The main characters
are three gorgeous young women: one Italian military police-
woman (GIORGIA), one policewoman (LAURA) and one
customs officer (CHIARA) who under orders of the DIA are
sent to Puerto Rico to arrest a dangerous criminal and succeed
to frustrate an international complot.

The truth is that the
"dangerous criminal",
..John Gavi, aka Giovanni

S... gentleman thief who has
stolen in Italy a large
amount of diamonds in or-
der to become associated
with the American mafia
*, in an ambitious project
designed to build on the
va, island of Puerto Rico a
ivera new Las Vegas, including
er prostitution, gambling
and other money launder-
S, ing activities.
Carlos The girls finally arrest
is,very Gavi and recover the
known diamonds, that's when the
aman. game gets dangerous and
the three girls put their
lives at risk. Thanks to the corruption of policemen and some
local politicians, Gavi is released from jail and the girls become
involved in new, more dangerous adventure that leads them into
the middle of the jungle, to shantytowns, to luxurious villas, 5
star hotels and mega yachts.
Among those who help the three splendid heroines there is
a Puerto Rican boy, 8-10 years old, Carlos, a tiny delinquent,
two faced, cute and tender; Giuseppe, with whom Giorgia
falls in love with, except she later discovers he is a priest, and
Steven, chief of security of the hotel where the three girls
live, gets involved, against his will, in dangerous incursions

The main actress and the stunt woman,
Atabex Rivera from the Yacht Club.
and breathtaking actions. Between Gavi and Chiara the fight
continues, punches and all, and between them a dangerous
attraction is born. The film is a co-production of Fidia Films
As in the other movie filmed in Palmas, Jerry Navas, the
Yacht Club Dock Master, worked as a marine coordinator and
assistant production crew and one of the employees of the Yacht
Club, Atabex Rivera was the stunt woman of the main actress
in one of the action scenes.
Palmas is becoming a famous spot for the filming of movies.
Maybe someday they will start look-
k 9_ .in, f-r 1.."cl Palmas talent! I will let
,.... ., t-i the casting. I will be
ri,. I r .... ,,,, never know. A

Jerry Na
Atabex R
and Javi'


* r


As expected, the Palmas Del Mar Member Guest
was a smashing success. 210 players competed in
a flighted round robin match play tournament over
three days on both courses. Although the competition
was fierce and fun, the parties after play stole the
show. Our kickoff party started Thursday night with a
cocktail reception and night time putting and chipping
contest. The Beach Club was the scene of action
for Friday night and of course our family picnic on
Saturday was attended by over 400 people. All 17
flight winners participated in a Sunday shootout for an
overall champion team won by Guillermo Toledo and
Fernando De Zengotita. Sunday's awards ceremony
on the Country Club back lawn was a perfect ending
to one of the best golf tournaments on the island!


.7 I I,

~uv F





It A

Palmas Academy's new
facilities...a step ahead
in excellence
A new era
for The Pal-
mas Academy
will begin dur-
ing the next
year. The new
school facili-
ties, ..lu,' ,
2 and 3, will
soon be com-
pleted. The
new climate
controlled air
1.-1.',d , will
house 21 classrooms, including
science labs for biology, phys-
ics and chemistry, a computer
lab and an art classroom. There
will be two conference rooms,
and the state of the art second-
ary school library with reading
and studying areas, computer
stations, audiovisual storage
and educational resources. As-
sembly and multipurpose rooms
with ceiling mounted multi-
functional digital projector and
screen complete the new fa-
cilities. With 13 administrative
and student support offices and
additional restrooms and drink-
ing fountains the new Palmas
Academy is ready for future
growth. Although all the facili-
ties will not be ready by August,
they will be made functional
gradually during the year. There
is no doubt that the new fa-
cilities are a step ahead in the
Academy's commitment for, as
the school administration puts
it, "Excellence in education and
quality of life". The school is still
open for enrollment for the next
academic year. A





without searching far.
Tucked away in a jewelry box, stowed away in the corner
of a drawer jewelry ready to be reborn.
Explore the possibility of redesigning your pieces and
creating custom works of art. Precious sentiments preserved
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Contact Carat Corp for a complimentary jewelry consultation.

Fir,- r, i,,- ,,- ; C u t,:::.r-i, Je e lr,


#1w 40-k448 U^)


are made
of this!


f -iI


w- E. q -.. ,....a^

*'^f :. ", ..* -. :.., ... :. ....


4.- ~
:4-~ i





Our annual
SFathers Day Tournament
hosted over 80
participants. Juniors,
young and old, competed
in a fun filled two person
scramble followed by
an awards luncheon.
Over 30 young juniors
participated and
supported Dad in the
junior flight and of
course our junior adult
golfers came out to play
with Dad as well.
As always,
this is a great
tournament celebrating a
special day!


Age is not a problem for Luis Humberto Torres

You have probably seen him around jogging up and down
Palmas. What you probably don't know is the incredible
background and history of this 81 year old man that still
runs marathons.
Luis Humberto ran:
44 times the St. Bias Marathon (winning 2nd place
27 times the Fathers Day Marathon of Aibonito
9 times the Boston Marathon
8 the Teodoro Moscoso Marathon!
These are just the most famous ones.
On the other hand, Luis has competed in the Central
American Olympics Games in Venezuela, Jamaica, PR,
Cuba and Panama and has traveled around PR and the
world (Germany, New Zealand, Australia, Italy, Spain,
Mexico etc.) This summer he will be participating in
the National Master Olympics Games in Wisconsin and
then in the International Olympics Masters in Finland
in the 5,000 m cross country and 1,500 m with obsta-
cles. He is amazing! Still, at 80, he established records
in a lot of running categories! By the time this magazine
is printed he has probably won two more medals.

Against all odds
But if you think his athletic trajectory is amazing, his life
is unimaginable. Luis Humberto was born to a poor family
from Las Piedras, PR. He initially went to school up to the
ninth grade. Then he started working in the sugar cane fields.
Later he went to San Juan and worked as a messenger making
$9.00 a week. Years later, back around 1950, Luis moved to
New York pursuing love. Love didn't work well for him but he
found a passion that became his life essence ...running! When
he moved to NY he started working in a cafeteria and this
changed his life forever. "In the summer of 1954 the owner
of the cafeteria sent me to Philadelphia to work in a summer
camp. One day I finished my work and the fathers of the kids
from camp were playing hand ball. They were all profession-
als-- doctors, lawyers etc.--and one of them (the one that in-
vited me to play) was very impressed by how I ran and jumped
for the ball. He befriended me and counseled that when back
in NY I should practice a sport, which I did. Back in NY I read
somewhere about a Puerto Rican Athletic Club. There I met
Rodolfo M6ndez, a very well recognized athlete that helped
me a lot. Little by little I kept progressing and one day I beat
Rodolfo. That was a big success for me! He kept helping me
and that's when we signed-up for my first Boston Marathon
and I arrived #14 overall!" he recalled proudly.
Eventually Luis Humberto returned to Puerto Rico and de-
cided to finish high school, which he did by the age of 27 in
1958. But he kept running and in 1964 established a record

in the Patillas to Ar- W
royo marathon with ."
a time of 1:11:30.
Running marathons
at Syracuse he met
Dr. Luis E Sambolin,
Director of the Ath-
letic Department of
the Interamerican
University, another
person that was cru-
cial in his life. Dr.
Sambolin helped him .
get an athletic grant
to study at the Inter-
american University.
Luis had asked for a grant before to the University of Puerto
Rico and was denied due to his age (he was already 31). "They
thought I didn't have the capacity to study, that I was too old,"
he remembered. But Luis Humberto proved them wrong! He
not only graduated with a BA in Physical Education but he
completed two Masters Degree: one in education and one in
Physical Education. In 1961 he ran from San Germen to Las
Piedras to celebrate his graduation! Yes! Thank God he had so
many angels in his path. It makes me think how many great
talents like Luis are lost in the road of life because nobody
gives them a hand!
The rest is history! He worked then as a Physical Education
professor, was Head Coach of the Interamerican Team that
won seven championships establishing an all time inter-col-
legiate record. He later applied for a grant to complete a doc-
toral degree but unfortunately was denied and he didn't have
the means at that time to pay for it. But ...he became a famous
coach and athlete and, in 1961, after graduation he married
a young lady of Las Piedras, Elisa Martfnez Crespo to whom
he is still happily married to. They have two children: Luis Jr.
who also has a Masters Degree in Physical Education and runs
with him frequently and Lizandra, who has a doctoral degree
in Political Science from the UNAM (National Autonomous
University of Mexico) and is writing a book on Luis Humberto
Torres' memoirs that is about to be published. I can wait to
read it! Don't miss it because this article is just a taste of what
this ii i.-..h-1.. man has gone through and his achievements.
Today, Luis Humberto is the Palmas Academy athletic coach
for elementary and high school and a very well loved one. I
was witness of how he was greeted by the students when they
saw him the day of the interview.
I have to thank Dr. Chamorro who insisted that I should
meet him. He gave me a big privilege. A

...a much anticipated celebration!

The heart and center of faith and communion of the Community of Palmas del Mar

By P. Floyd
With these words ii, i i Ii. of the
Diocese Fajardo-Humacao, Reverend
Eusebio Ramos Morales, dedicated
the Sacred Family ( i, 1|, I of the
Sweet Name of Jesus Co-Cathedral
in Palmas del Mar, Humacao on June
6. This celebration i il I many
people who have dreamed about
this special moment in which many
people can come and worship God.

The Mayor of Humacao, Marcelo
Trujillo, the President of Palmas del
M ar, ,"1i i,, Inc, Jaim e "1,,i'i ill
and the President of PHA, Julio
" ii'. many priests, nuns, and other
, ii I were present as this chapel
was blessed.
For almost 20 years a ii"ii,
of residents of our .".,,,iiiii" in
Palmas desired to have a place to

celebrate Mass and to worship the
Lo rd ., I iiliiii ii iii i 1 1 1 1 i,
are part I 1i 11l. i ..ii il l ii have
helped in this project, it is also import
tant to remember those priests who
have accompanied this community
I 1 i iI' ii the years especially the
Benedictine and diocesan priests.
At the end of his homily our
I iii, said: "This project must

take us ||I,,,, i1, to i ,i, as
a family, to be a Community of faith
and hope, to be the (111, Ii and to
construct, with conscience and heart,
the Community of faith of Palmas
del Mar in the Diocese of Fajardo-
Our celebrations are on Sundays
at 9:30am in E, ili i and 11:00am
in Spanish. A

i -- I .

I i

0,:. AA

;Q09 SUN

The Summer Splash Kayak & Sail Day
was definitely a big success. The forecast 5
called for a wind and rain dav, but...
wrong! It was a beautiful day and even
though there was a great deal of wvind,
children, adolescents and adults spent a
wonderful dav at the beach.
Our thanks to PHA, Nautifiull and .,.
Coppertone who made this activir .
possible. We Pa Irneno sure .
know how to have fu n!


,r ~


Daysie Diaz

.-*Slft. ___


.MMAN.-k .1.


Lara Tapia, one of our Palmas' resi-
dents, emanates peace as soon as you
start talking to her. You can tell she is
in full control of herself. Her body lan-
guage says it all. "Yoga becomes a life-
style because it starts to change your way
of thinking," she said and explained how
the simple task of learning how to breath
and oxygenate your body forces you to
become more acquainted with yourself
(without even beginning to talk about
the obvious health benefits).
"Learning to breath helps you to en-
joy life, to live the present. Yoga is a way
to reach your spirit through your body,"
explained Lara. The word yoga means
"union" in Sanskrit, the language of an-
cient India where yoga originated. It is
the union that occurs between the mind,
body and spirit. "It works for everybody,
no matter the age or gender. In children
it helps to develop the neurological and
motor capacities, balance, focus and it
is a fun way to learn discipline. It helps
them to develop better body awareness,
self-control, flexibility and coordination.
Yoga has also been shown to help the
hyperactive and attention-deficit child
as well as autistic conditions. Yoga helps
them channel these impulses in a posi-
tive way. In couples, on the other hand,
it helps them to have a more conscious
relationship," said Lara and added that
sometimes couples live their lives with-
out communicating on the spiritual lev-
el, trapped in the day to day routine and
problems. "Yoga helps couples connect.
Yoga is a means for deepening commu-
nication and harmony on many levels,"
Lara stated. Obviously all aspects of the
relationship benefit from Yoga, including

Palmas as scenery
Yoga leads to a better quality
of life. You will fell more ener-



quality of

ife one step


by Lissette Rosado


getic, centered... and in control! Eventu-
ally it can make you a happier person,
which you transmit to your family and
kids. Its helps you to be more relaxed
even in the midst of this stress stricken
environment. You can even practice
yoga in a traffic jam! I've done it and it
works. You feel elevated and your per-
spective completely changes. It's just a
matter of breathing and concentrating
L i.. .. ]..I ',. ,a for kids in Palmas'
ln,, ,. I .. Ir' iq..I she is also available
t.i r.' r.. .. .-"ii classes. "Palmas is a
.. t... r ... I i. .1 oga, it is taking Pal-
im-' .ii .ir, .t lite one step further,"
I. .i..I .,II can contact her at
7il n- ).-"'360. A

, N

The Chorus/Synopsis-_1949, post-War France- In a dark room, doom-
filled school for troubled boys where hope itself in short supply, a mild-
mannered new teacher has just arrived, only to find himself surrounded by
prepubescent thieves and unapologetic rebels. Or are they? When Clement
Mathieu introduces these supposedly hard-core delinquents to something
they've never experienced before the freedom and joy of music he
discovers there is far more to these children than anyone dared to believe.
Priceless /Synopsis
rlim In the south of France, Jean, a shy young bartender, is mistaken for
a millionaire by a beautiful, scheming opportunist named Irene. When
Irene discovers his true identity, she abandons him, only to find that a
love-struck Jean has no intention of letting her get away. Jean's comical
attempts to gain her affections gradually evolve into setting himself up
as a gigolo at a luxury hotel, until Irene finally starts to warm to her
I* -g persistent, persuasive suitor


September 26th, 11AM 2PM
at the Villa France Club House.
$75 includes a handbook
and light snack.

Don't miss the new spot
of Vias Car Rental at
Club Cala for car rentals
and bicycles.

ony Oil
REMEMBER this... h



On July 22, 2009 the Club celebrated the installation
of it's new board. The new board members: President,
Melissa Ealy; 2nd VP, Margie Miglietta; Secretary, Beth
Frasher; Corr Secretary, Sue O'Brien; Head Caller, Marie
McDonald and Activity Coordinator, Barbara DePaul.

Palmas Community Church is a supporter of African mission.
Come and hear from Zimbabwean National.
We meet at Palmas Academy Cafeteria
Sunday Worship: 10:15 AM Children Classes provided
I llI I- I ll iIl lI ll

www.LLPalmas.com 79

T--~ -S 7*.: 1


- 1' **r.





;<~t~ .1

I '.
I I .4

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