Title: Live & life in Palmas
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Title: Live & life in Palmas
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Language: English
Publisher: Rosado & Morales Inc.
Place of Publication: Palmas del Mar, Humacao, Puerto Rico
Publication Date: June 2009
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Palmas Fathers & Sons
---- --- ----;-' N",.. -.' *"n" ", 'n a-.:- al


amos los espacios de tus suefios


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Material para pisos y paredes
Revestimiento de interiores y exteriores
Topes de cocina, baFio, barra y m6s
Todo lo necesario para baFios y cocinas


78 -93 5 4 tel


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Summer is back! And for those of you that don' it i, iil. i from my last
summer letter... I love summer! It just makes me go back in time when
school was over and we had all the time in the world to enjoy life. Those were
the days my friends... we thought they would never end. But they do and now
as an adult most of us don't have all summer off. At least we live in a beach
resort community that even if you are working hard you feel as if on vacation.
i Well, some days I don't, but most of the time I do. I guess this is because I en-
joy what I am doing and because I am intrinsically a happy person. I have to
thank my father for that. He always taught me to see the glass half full and no
matter what to be positive. "Your mind is a computer, if you put thing in your
mind it will happen," he used to tell me all the time. I think he should claim
to be the author of the book "The Secret".
In this June/July issue we recognize three Palmas' fathers whose sons have
made their life in Palmas: Joaqufn Soler and his four sons; Dr. Amed B i itJ and his two sons; and Miguel Guiot
and his son. We also acknowledge a young man that graduates this year and has been working in Tapas at Chez
Daniel as a waiter during all his years as an engineering student, Gadiel Prez.
On the other hand, we have this month the well awaited inauguration of our spectacular new catholic church
Capilla Sagrada Familia, a big event and a historical moment. The church is really a work of art. You have to visit
it and as Antonio Roig would say, "There is still a lot to do and money to be raised to finish all the details and pay
the loan". A

Lissette Rosado, Editor live.Iifeinpalmas@gmail.com

* J '.'
. = .. *.. ..'


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,.-p -No AFT '.ri 09.*



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Costa Verde- $1,350,000 Palmas Plantation- $595,000
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provdin a unqeee

- psevie.o'uy-s ..llr
and~~~ retr:sne198:

By Sylvia Burn

,.at Pama...

at Palmas

It was 7:00 PM and my husband and I
were at the Beach Bohfo. The night was
dark and the sea was silver when we sud-
denly felt the sand sparkling at us. Then...
something came out of the water. It was
really big! We realized it was a Tinglar
or Leatherback turtle. She was coming
out of the water looking for the place to
lay her eggs. This experience lasted until
11:46 PM and it was spectacular, sensa-
tional, and absolutely extraordinary. She
started to go around with her front legs;
suddenly we noticed how with her back
legs she was digging an immense hole in
the sand to lay her eggs. After this ini-
tial ceremony the Tinglar started to lay
her eggs without any hurry. Then she
started to cover and compact the sand
very carefully. Protecting that way the
future generation is something you have
to see to believe! It was just ii. !....Ih..,
the size of the Tinglar, the depth of the
nest, and the spectacle of seeing her lay
her eggs was just hallucinating. Then...
as she came she left, discrete and in si-
lence to the immensity of the sea that
waited for her to come back. She simply
disappeared, leaving us astonished and
without words. It was a gift of God, we
were not looking for her, she came to
us...we were just at the right place at the
right time. Thinking back, she was so
considerate with her offspring, she laid
her eggs very close to the beach so when
they hatch, they could quickly reach
their real home, the ocean. We feel
blessed! For us it was more than a privi-
lege, it was a spectacular experience, a
communion with nature... an unforget-
table night at Palmas del Mar. A

-Ty 9

The Tinglar or
Leatherback is the
biggest marine
turtle of our planet.
Adults Leatherback
could measure
up to 7' long and
could weigh 1,400
pound. It is the
only marine turtle
that has a hard
shell and comes
back to nest where
she was born.

11 a %0%1-4r1% 5L9 19-'P ....


By Lissette Rosado %

A Beautiful House in the greens!...VERY HOMEY

A I .'1( 1 II II, I ..i'1 ,l ,,i e -i,* I II I (11 ::1 1 ii ,A |j 'IIi 11. 1
... u, ., .u. Palmas del Mar Real Estates 787.852.8888

Beautiful villa with modern decor. Cozy terrace with views of the golf course and a relaxing environment. Exceptional location, near the pool,
hotel and beach. Enjoy the privacy of this well-kept, second floor villa at a good price. 1 bedroom 1 bath 864 sq. ft
Offer: $265,000.00 For more information call Palmas del Mar Real Estates 787.852.8888

et so trojSicaI!

The unpretentious atmosphere of this home is the perfect antidote to today stressful lifestyle. So why not capture
the spiritual calm of the ocean view and that of the country side by creating your comfortable sanctuary? A place to
create memories, to throw your hat. This informal European style home makes the perfect choice for living. It's interior
and exterior offer a layout that flows; combining the traditional old world excellence with rooms in which to relax, high
ceilings, bright, open and airy, capturing the sea's ambiance of the Mediterrean life style. A home on the top with views
to the bright Caribbean Sea. Shell Castle above it all. Style: 2 Story Bedrooms: 4 Bathrooms: 4 Size: 6,000
sq. ft. Price: $2,150,000 For information call CPM Realty at 787. 850. 4401

A MEDITERRANEAN VILLA...What a patio! What a view!

llM choice

A jewel! A real house...Lot's of details.

..- O l it J [l I l III I li 1 i l lll ll till- !, .i l it ,ll- ,i lV ,,ri I 11 -
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III .j : 1jIlll [..ill it I I t .il [lit! ti i [l l:te I ti
... ... .. ....I .. ip lij n ll~t, IlI1 :11 1: lu lf 11 l flt It ll: 11 r n t 11i! 11 it: t: TI~ 1 Ir I Itiji11
~ ~ ~ ~- : .... ... .. .... ...... .. .:... . ... .

. .I11 1 ,i lr l 1 1 l l i ll 1 1 'j .y 11 I 1i 6 t 1 1, p l. i. : !i 11 .ll I ,
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-z~~ ~ ~ FS i l li6 in i,.i alin 1 .ll Costa de Caribe Realty 787.313.4526

Live above...

feel the breeze....

feel the ocean a

Shell Castle Club
Breathtaking oceanviews from
open terraces and balconies.
Lovely three bedroom town-
home, two & half baths with
spacious areas for family and/or
entertaining. $499,000.
For more information call
Remax at 787-850-7069.

--- -


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S 0 L A EA

Localizado en una exclusive peninsula, Solarea es la combinaci6n de lujo y vida extraordinaria.
Bafiado por las espumosas olas de Punta Candelero, estos lujosos apartamentos
forman parte integral de un complejo hotelero de 6 estrellas.


* 4 models a escoger
* 2, 3 y 4 habitaciones
* Desde 2.5 hasta 3.5 bafios
* Cocinas estilo europeo
con superficies en cuarzo

*Terminaciones en marmol
* Fascinantes vistas del mar Caribe
* Espectacular Area recreational
con piscinas

Aprovecha desde
esta oferta 37 7 /0

Disfruta la experiencia Anica de vivir en Solarea.
Ven a ver el apartamento modelo.
Colecci6n limitada de villas frente al mar desde $700k.

Financiado por
El Banco del Pueblo

Punta Candelero Developments Corp.

*Sujetoaprobad6ndecrdito. Ciert t nosyrestrionesaplican. Estaoferta es vdaparaquiees opdoneaparrdehoy, caique nWestenbnk Puerto Riy e tuantesdel deuliode 2009. Ofertadehipotecaaplicaa90%L de
prdo de venta a 35 aios. Ejemplo de pago basado en unidad con predo de venta de $690,000. Mensualidades (redondeadas al d6lar mas cerano) desde $2,657 (Pd) aprximadamente al 3.75% inters manual los primers 3 afios, los 32 afis restantes al 5.80% y
oa mensualidadesde $3,404 (P) aprmadamente. Pagosnoduyen segurs ontribuciones. El desarollador no se hace responsible por las fddades del hotel y de Palmas del Mar y no puede asegar s dispnibilidad. Las ilusaoes son interpetadones del
arista. Para especficadones, refirase a los plans de construcn y desarrollo del proyecto que prevalecn sobre este ando. El desarrollador se reserva el dercho de susituir materials por otros similares en calidad, de no star estos disponibles cuando se requieran para la
consru n. Iradicad de esta oferta conla(s) agencia(s) gubeamental(es) petente(s) no constitute neam a aproac de s) ag s), de ve ni de o de ni coniu a gant de que info aqu da es correct.


Si 6el ya to tiene todo,

'-e setting, a beautiful
house in Shell Castle
the spectacular art by
Pedro Sinchez and the
delicious French crepes
by Chef Didier Matheu
was the setting for the
presentation of

new anti-aging
product, MC ION
lovely afternoon
gathering. A

Cuello $700 $450
Barbar $1,000 $750
Pecho $1,000 $750
Abdomen $1,000 $750
L .....

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Mi creto en la cocina...
Shhhhh nadie tiene
Sque enteiaise
MIs alteinativas son vawiads,
rpidas y saludables Snvelo
en bandelas bonitas antes de que
Ilegue tu maiido a tu visit

el famoso polio al BBQ
care de cerdo
Sarroz con habichuelas coloradas
yuca y batata
Smofongo de platano o yuca
name, yautla, guineos
Guineitos en escabeche
tostones, papas fritas y amarillos
arroz guisado variaa por dia)
S* ensalada verde

787- 285-770
Coconut Grove Plaza (ani 906 (hacia Palmas del Mil) Humacol,

Centro Comercial San Jose, Humacao Carr. No.3 f
Abierto todos los dias de 10:00 AM 10:00 PM

2 bedrooms
2 L'q Bjirhioofiri

Sea/ qodf/pooI.
*E(lUilped -' fijfr ni hed

tD ~ ~ h t h e i r- n Hotel.


Si~ctat- y Bainos



- ~ -Z

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.1 L Ini ll Ic ..urr.L ir l in I[ Iiro ,pit .
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sc.r. Tl \ hkv I i p lin Ir.ccl, ..i. 3d 1nJ
g,,I1. T hv l l.- >'>' l 1>'i. . nd I1 ..
\\.u.li 1>%t.I1\ lh '\ .4r.c '%.r\ Iric.inJI,
.111 ILill.

COAY/ LmjW /AVodovta...

Connecticut r

"Life has been so ', \I to us, ',i1,1, us to
a place like F eii i said Linda. Tony ,i', ,'
and commented that what makes them keep
coming back to Palmas is the people: "We have
made many, ..... I fi. 11.1 I11. 1.- who have become
family, like Frank ,',i, Ii and Ninoska who have
decorated all of our villas here, some of them
twice. They are so, '....." They also mentioned
Berta and Seth Bull, with whom Tony has many
ii1i I. in common, among them 1 11,iI.
Tony and Linda came to Palmas back in 1992
and stayed at Club Cala. They ''ii lii the villa
which they still own and share with their kids and
family in Fairlakes. Five 11 ii they purchased
in Marbella Club and they love it, "We love to be
so close to the ocean",said Linda.
Tony and Linda come to Palmas several times
a year with their two i iii il cats, t 1l .iii. i i
and Spade. Tony is il 1., I and Linda works
in a veterinary iiii,, with, you i, lit cats.
"I love to play ', i,' and Linda loves to lay in the
sun to read and observe people. She also loves
to walk," said Tony. He commented that he was
very surprised at how friendly people are here.
"In the ',, ii ,i,, ii would go to the, 1d11 course to
play by I 'I and immediately somebody would
invite me to play with them. This type of 'li, I
makes us feel at home. Palmas is a wonderful
community, we felt we ',, I, , I here from day
one." The couple has many friends from the
Ei ii' who come to visit them all the time, and
who they show all around the island. "Some of
our friends have 'ii, lii villas here also," Linda
said, and told us that the ,, 11 11.1. I of their two
sons will be married here in Palmas nextThanks-
,i ii,,i. When they i,,, Tony and Linda plan to
come for ',i i, I periods of time.
Thank you Tony and Linda for I i, I Palmas
your home! People like you also make Palmas
special. You i i, I, i ,, I to our community
and we hope to see you around more, in i i! A


iW . . : ---- -

Affure afon...

you save $15.00
Coconut Grow Plaza #3, RD 906 Kin 11.5 Humacao
Monday 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM Tuesdays to Saturday 9:00 to 6:00
Call to find out abour other packages!

, .,, Ic, L ,,I 1) IVElI
dL E.l

i* *
Supe^h^^T~frmera Ecno-Humacao^TpT^^^^
^^^^^^Fax 787.852.5319 ^^

u | A well balanced community requires tolerance, understanding and patience
from one another. It provides room for differing views and beliefs, or life styles,
while allowing those who differ, work for the common goal; each one must give
a little. Our community is that kind of a neighborhood. It is large, yet tight
enough to feel we are all one big family. It allows for dissension of opinions, yet
it let us be heard loud and strong as a single voice. Not too many communities
can do that. Only those united in common purpose.
As in all big families, there is always disparaging and converging view points
and even sources of friction. But at the end, family bonds always prevail. Simi-
larly, in our community there will always be differences among neighbors and
friends on how we approach situations or who we choose to lead our battles.
But here again, at the end the common good prevails and keeps us united in
common purpose. It is then for the common good that we should always try to
temper our spirits and attitudes.
As I begin a new term as member of your Board of Directors, and as President
of your Association for another year, I pledge to you to work with everyone in
putting behind anything that may have made us drift apart. I commit to you
not to waste energy on nonsense and ego-surviving battles regardless of who
they come from but rather to focus in bringing us all together for the same cause
or objective. There are too many things that unite us and just a few, worth
ignoring, that pulls us apart.
Ours is a strong and vibrant community. Let's keep it that way and enjoy it

Julio Bague

A well balanced community requires
tolerance, understanding and patience
from one another. It provides room for
differing views and beliefs, or life styles,
while allowing those who differ, work for
the common goal...Our community is that
kind of neighborhood!

7- ~Construction
a e y Rules in Palmas del Mar

read y


The Hurricane Season is, once more, upon us. Now is a good
time to begin reviewing your preparation and elaborating your
own contingency plan. As in years past, PHA will be set to
go with its emergency planning and response teams to handle
preparations in general, damage assessment, road cleaning and
security. You should review insurance policies, have videos/
photos of your property, recheck your emergency equipment
and identify a safe location for your family. Go over the inven-
tory of your emergency kit: cash, medicines, gasoline, food-stuff,
water, flashlight, batteries, radios, infant necessities, camera and
film, pet supplies, toiletries, matches, etc. Don't forget to keep
your telephone fully charged and the emergency numbers
handy. The official Civil Defense Shelter for Palmas del Mar is
the Luciano Rios School on Road 923 at Buena Vista Ward.
It is imperative that you remain at home during the first
hours after the hurricane to allow Emergency Response Teams
to perform their functions so later on you may be able to move
around in a safe manner. Palmas security will be exercising strict
control of movement of people and vehicular traffic throughout
Palmas. Only Emergency Response Vehicles will be permitted to
circulate initially. Access to Palmas will be limited to residents
and official vehicles. Security checkpoints will be established
to exercise control of major residential and development areas.
Only properly authorized personnel will be allowed through these
points. This is done for your own security and safety as well as
for the protection of the property.
Your cooperation, patience and understanding in the event
of a hurricane is a must. Don't wait to the last minute to get
ready now is the best time!!

To safeguard and preserve the harmony and quality of life in
Palmas del Mar, construction rules have been established by the
Architectural Review Board (ARB). These construction rules
are mostly implemented and enforced by the ARB and apply
to all construction work in Palmas del Mar.
The ARB makes sure that our peace and tranquility is not per-
turbed in hours that are not designated for construction activity,
this is why that one of the most important rules is construction
hours. Normally no construction can start before 7:00 a.m. or
continue after 5:00 p.m. during a weekday (! I.,i i., to Friday).
On Saturday only specific work is permitted, except that no
work can start before 8:00 a.m. and past 5:00 p.m. Construc-
tion activity permitted Saturday is work that does not generate
noise, such as plaster, installation of tiles, electrical work, paint
work and the similar. Heavy machinery such as diggers, electric
generators, or other work that generates noise is not permitted.
On Sunday construction activity is not permitted.
Special permits are granted by the Palmas del Mar Archi-
tectural Review Board on special circumstances to continue
work after 5:00 p.m. or before 7:00 a.m. on weekdays or on
Sunday. These are mostly granted to construction sites that
are away from occupied residential areas and hotels usually in
undeveloped areas. It is very important to always check with
your regime or condominium for their specific construction
rules before starting any construction work, also verify with the
ARB for construction endorsement on all exterior construc-
tions. Both the ARB as well as the Homeowners Association
are always on the lookout for our peace and tranquility. For
instance, other requirements are installation of safety construc-
tion fencing. Damage to green areas or other neighbor areas
is not permitted. Most important, construction employees are
required to strictly observe good conduct while in Palmas del
Mar. For a complete list of construction rules call the ARB at
telephone number (787) 285-2279.
The Palmas del Mar Homeowners Association (PHA) and
the Palmas del Mar Architectural Review Board (ARB) are
proud to serve the Palmas del Mar community in maintaining
and safeguarding the architectural character and the beauty of
its pristine surroundings. As such, the Palmas del Mar commu-
nity is internationally recognized as the model for architectural
uniqueness in Puerto Rico.
(continued on next page)

(continued from previous page)
To accomplish these objectives, all of the
Palmas del Mar residents are required to
comply with the Palmas del Mar Covenants
and restrictions and well as the ARB Design
Codes. Recently, the ARB has been perform-
ing inspections to verify compliance with the
Design Codes sections regarding mechanical
equipment. These codes mandate that all
mechanical equipment be concealed from
public view with a plant hedge if they are
placed on the ground, or with parapets or
if they are placed on rooftops. Do not get
caught of guard, if your property has an
air conditioning compressor (rooftop or on
the ground), electrical generator or other
mechanical equipment that can be seen
from public view including the golf course or
higher properties, it must be concealed.
The ARB is more than happy to offer you
alternatives to conceal existing mechanical
equipment. A list of appropriate plants has
been put in place by our landscape architects
for this purpose. We will be happy to deliver
it to you upon request. Just call the ARB
offices at (787) 285-2279 for the said list or
for suggestions on how to conceal mechani-
cal equipment. A

lA A I As part of the Annual PHA Meeting
an award ceremony intended to
recognize different members of the
community for their commitment
* ^i F and achievements

A recognition to Juan Ramos and Peter
Whalton, part of the beach patrol team that
day in and day out put their lives on the line by
performing waler rescue missions in addition
lo Iheir security patrol responsabililies.

Special recognition to Israel Delgado. who
generously donated his experience and skills
as an allorney and as a concerned member
ol Ihe community to help PHA to tackle some
legal problems.

Johnny Gonzalez and Giancarlo Castellano,
part of our special night tactics crew. In
recognition of their super performance in
the prevention of criminal activity in Palmas
del Mar.

Ms. Keyla Velazquez, the outstanding security
officer of the year, a very friendly but extremely
knowledgeable voice you hear every time you call
the Security Dispatch Office.
A loken of appreciation
to Mr. Waller Fournier
in recognition of his
outstanding contribu-
tions on behalf of
the Palmas del Mar
..'' Community. For his
commitment, good
work and dedication for
many years.
SgI. Daniel Muyet,
Ihe oulslanding
patrolman of the
year. Dislinghish
for being extremely
proaclive with the
.. community. You
probably have seen
him invesligaling,
j intervening or
helping somebody
in need!

,,i I,. n. !, patrols keep doing a marvelous
.I- 1 .. eping our beach areas safe and
.. I As we go deeper into the hur-
I. i. eason our waters become a bit
I i, I and the rip tides more promi-
',. Ir Thus, as the summer gets hotter
I Ik.. .h becomes more inviting you
I .I,, I.I exercise extreme vigilance
I.. e, iear the water and always heed
r. 1.. JI ice of our beach patrols.




Palmas Security
(787) 852-7745/852-7775

Police Department
(787) 852-2020/852-1224

Fire Department
(787) 852-2330/852-0872

Medical Emergency
(787) 582-9013

Agency for Emergency
Management in Humacao
787) 852-0460

Department of
Natural Resources
(787) 852-4440/852- 0460

Weather Bureau
(787) 253-0855

Electrical Power Authorities
(787) 852-1300

Josie MuIioz, MD (House calls)
(787) 354-5635



His name is Roberto Mel6ndez Beaz. He was born in Ceiba, lives
in Humacao and has vast experience in the investigative field. He
has been a policeman for 13 years with important positions such as
Detective for the CIC for six years and investigative agent for the
Drug and Narcotics division of the Fajardo area among others. Mele-
ndez comes from a very united family of four of which two are police-
men. "My brother is a special detective in the Baltimore Police," said
Melendez and told me that since he was a kid he told his mother that
he wanted to be a private detective. "The area of Investigation is my
passion, and that I do well," said Melendez a very affable person and
a very experienced man in the area
of security.
"I want Palmas residents to feel
secure and enjoy their Paradise.
I will work hard in combination
with St. James Security Co. to as-
sure that Palmas remains one of
the most secure communities in
Puerto Rico," he said and added "I
will go further and say that Palmas
is the most secure community in
Puerto Rico. My goal is to improve
our levels of security and I know
I am going to achieve it with the
help of the residents and the strong back up of the PHA administra-
Working with Tony Maldonado, coordination is already in prog-
ress to upgrade the PHA Security Committee into a into a Security
Community Council to broad its scope of work and tighten its rela-
tionship with the police. The Council will be made up of people
from the community to work hand in hand with the local police, St
James and myself in order to become more alert and create an effec-
tive community security network."
Melendez told us that his phone, 787-717-6861 is available for any
resident that could need him or want to share with him any concern
or any suspicious movement. The call can be anonymous.
Palmas Homeowners welcomes Roberto Melendez and urges the
community to be alert and call Palmas Security 787-852-7775 if you
see anything suspicious. We have more that 3,000 thousand pair of
eyes in Palmas; if we keep them open, it would be like having 6,000
thousand security cameras moving around. Connect them to Pal-
mas Securitv!

By Lissette Rosado

Last month, the PHA Annual Meet-
ing was held with a significant turn out
from the community. The agenda in-
cluded, among others things, a complete
and comprehensive report from our PHA
President, Mr. Julio Bague. He reported
on all of last year's achievements
and gave a comprehensive over-
view of the work performed by
the Board of Directors for this
In addition, Mr. Servando
Diaz, PHA Treasurer, gave a com-
plete report of the financial situ-
ation of PHA and the economic
outlook, including the 2009 year
projections. PDMPI, President,
Mr. Jaime Morgan Stubbe, also
gave a briefing on the status of
the different developments and
future projects of Palmas del Mar.
The swearing-in of the new directors also
took place as part of the agenda as well as
the yearly award presentations. You can
read all these reports in full by accessing
the PHA webpage- www.palmaspha.com
Among the highlights of the President's
Report, were the significant security ini-
tiatives taking place in our community.
The installation of Phase I of the perim-
eter Interactive Camera Surveillance Sys-
tem has proven to be a very effective tool
in our crime prevention program.
Also, the President informed us of the
acquisition of a new cleaning device for
the beach that sifts the sand so that the
sea-weed and the beach debris are re-
moved, while the sand stays in place. This
new method cleans the beach while help-
ing to avoid shoreline erosion.
Mr. Bagud also reported on the plans
for the reconstruction and improvements
for the new PHA Park (the Marbella Park)

PHA meeting


that is schedule to start January 2010.
Another major initiative and achieve-
ment of this past year was the commitment
of Liberty Cable to make accessible to our
community PHA TV Station (channel
77) soon to be launched. This initiative is
possible thanks to the sponsorship of Lib-
erty Cable who has generously donated
this channel to our community and has
provided PHA with the necessary soft-
ware to carry out the programming at no
cost to PHA. Along with the Electronic
Billboard, the Live & Life Magazine and
the PHA Web-site, Channel 77 will defi-
nitely be another important communica-
tion tool for our community.
"Let me assure you all, that this Board
and the PHA Executive Director will
stay focused on matters that are most
relevant to our community. That our
programs and investment will always be
oriented toward improving our quality of
life, enhancing the values of our proper-
ties, the preservation and improvement of
the amenities that this community offers
you, as well as your personal safety and
security," finished Julio Bague his
I think we should all give
a big applause to our Board of
Directors, to our President, the
S I'1 IA personnel and to PDMPI for
ri r [me and strong commitment
i Ing Palmas a five star com-
in.iir, Palmas is the result of good
ii iiii' .inent and a well planned
.. iiiiiiiiity. Be proud of it! A

Servando Diaz,
PHA treasurer


and productive
"Our programs and
investment will
always be oriented
toward improving
I__I_ our quality of
life, enhancing
the values of our
properties, the
preservation and
improvement of the
amenities that this
community offers
Syou, as well as your
personal safety and
community participation

No Kids?
j, No excuse to not

U) 0

- 7

( "T
*- 0









. -D

- o CD




53 (D



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M 0


(D CLi

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ac c %

D- m
"D ( (I)

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QD (D0
3 3 5

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.3 0 <

(3 D (D

=(D 0 -0

0 1



(D r+
-* r+

> 1|
C- 2

* -. -

L i :: L
L ,.


,- -


(D >


F +




|0 U)
m3 )
(D0 r-
(r 5 r*
A. U



mE Electrolux

J- ..**



Calle Jos5 BarLosa #106, La Piecdras, PR 00771

Life at Palmas requires perspective.
In moments where the next move
may seem uncertain we offer to secure
more than your smooth-sailing assets,
we guard your lifestyle.

For over 25 years your satisfaction
has been our priority.

For information in Palmas del Mar.
you may contact:
Palmas Insurance, Corp.
Esteban Santiago, Insurance Broker
Palmanova Plaza,
Suite 119-c, Palmas Del Mar
Humacao, PR 30791
Phone: (787) 850-9209
Fax: (787) 852-6941
E-mail: palmasins@prlc.net

Guardian Guardian
Puerto Rico US Virgin Islands
Tel 1787., 721-7801 Tel L340) 776-8830
Fax (787) 721-7817 Fax (340) 774-8830


Simp y GRAND.

Among lush gardens, lakes and water fountains, an extraordinary place
exists to provide you with a Spa ambiance and unsurpassed excellence
in every detail. A place where life takes on a new meaning: your own.
Residences of up-to 5,950 sq. ft. in
four elegant models are surrounded
by an extraordinary 8,000 sq. ft.
clubhouse with a beautiful infinity
_7 edge pool, children's pool and
playground, plus a the state-of-the
art fitness center managed by New
at Palmas del Mar Fitness Concepts with relaxation
pool for Watsu floatingg massages),
787.579.2488 boutique Spa offering complete Spa
787.474.8266 ext.41 and fitness services.
Model homes open Wednesday thru
Saturday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Sunday from 12:50 p.m. to 5:50 p.m. loslagosatpalmas.com

1 a I i Q-1100o,,o u-- o3 Prices begin in the $800,0001*
lAsE 1 Iic.*97G pUALeTd bNV RO NMENT" bin t
*Phase 1 Developed by: PP-15, Inc. Lic.# LCD-07-188



This year we celebrated the traditional Annual Dinner at the beautiful & exclusive Beach
Club with a tropical and elegant dinner based on the Magic of ATLANTIS. This magical
night, with more than 650 members in attendance, was designed to transport them
underwater, while a fun Live Band brought the special touch to this unique and enjoyable
event. Needless to say everyone was on their feet dancing and enjoying the night. The
food was superb, the members were delighted by the menu created by our own Executive
Chef, Jose Drouyn with different food stations like; Paellas, Risottos, Carving Stations,
Potato Bar, Grill stations, Raw Bar & Ceviche on illuminated Ice Sculptures, and to end the
night with a tasting of a variety of hand crafted Chocolate Truffles and Petite Fours.




V-.qhw N.


C '()L NT1i'Y (CIA1

Guys & Dolls
Palmas recently cel-
ebrated our 2009 Guys
& Dolls Golf Tourna-
ment during Valentines Week.
The event started Friday night
with a lovely cocktail
reception on the back
lawn of the Clubhouse
followed by a Night
Golf Putting Contest.
On Saturday, over 35
couples played a Two
Couple Golf Scramble
Competition. An award
ceremony followed with lots of
food and fun.

Palmas Del Mar
Cup Matches
Our annual Palmas Del Mar Cup
Matches was held in late
February; 24 of .
our "snowbirds"
golfers competed
against 24 of our
local Boricuas for
a friendly two day
golf match. This
year the snowbirds
prevailed with a
strong finish on -
Sunday. Needless
to say, there was
plenty of food
and drinks be-
tween rounds!



t'W Lit

~.d J~_



Become a
Club Member!


$1,000.00 Gift Certificate
for Merchandise at any of our Pro Shops
$25.00 Certificate
of Consumption at any of our Restaurants
10 Complimentary
Guest of Member Beach Club Passes
2 Complimentary
Guest of Member Golf Passes
One Complimentary Beach Bag
Ask About Attention Club Members
Our Non-Deposit Membership You may also benefit from this offer!
Opportunities and our Share this offer and refer your friends
Member Rewards and receive 10 complimentary
Program Beach Club passes for the Summer.
CONTACT US: Melissa Chico, Membership Sales Representative
787-285-2232 melissa.chico@palmasdelmar.com
*Valid until July 31, 2009


1 i ,:1-1 N :l I l-l:, Iir-.:l rt -. hI :r P :ilim : I 1 .,:11n :. ir rh-.: t :l ,, t I I 1,,I i rl n I : In -
ri : I Z t ,: l e.u 1:, 1 To :, IT1 ,:l,: l j ,,:,[ Th :i -. r ",1-.1-: 1 [q.: ~ ,, i-:l ri 31 :ii hI l, t :] ", rh-
it In :1 i.:]i-j- i,:r : Th- F ti 1 1-:1 In: ", 'i.:l [i:.i .q r .,r ,:l rl- 'h P :illhr Ln : i : r l I r i r i
rt Don't miss our SUMMER EXTRAVAGANZA on June 6, 2009 ri,- .::1 iritri,:i-: ,t ill rl,-
rt ,tt ji-,:| I:, rl- ,: -, ,:.-i rl r ,:1 t ,Filn , ,- t[:,l -_ r ', I : t i _: : I-. l.. : P i:-
h ._i ri., 3r- : t._ i P -_ r r rji ': .F' 31'.1:l [1rn.. lI. r i 'i -_ F '3 r n : I.:-_ I I 3 3 '.:l L.ir-_ rlh -.-
,:._ r :- l- ,L,.. r I l~i : rl. i-_ ,:l, ,:ir ,:|E -_n r 3r rl -. ':-_ lt,11 : I..Il:, 31 _. :-_ _13:: ,-, .:.-_ r .-_n r F ,i ,:l.-_r3.1l
I ,I i :.-_ 3 ,ri-., .311 1:: -d:,:F,-2 -::


a 1,,



At Palmas,
Summer is

great fun
and cool
That's why your kids will
love the Beach Club Pelican
Camp at Palmas del Mar -----
Country Club
Camp Month July 13-31, 2009
Ages 4 to 14 Camp Hours 8am to 3pm
Extended Child Care from 3pm to 5pm $6 per hour per child
* Members Weekly Rate $150 Non-Members Weekly Rate $180

Swimming Classes Aqua Aerobics Tai-Chi Yoga Story Telling
Outside Excursions Water Basketball Volleyball Arts & Crafts

l11 hIri I n i j_ i I :, [,ri H.,,Ii-i r-rir
For Registration call 787-285-2231

Presented by Energizer & Banana Boat
Event : Jump Around with Energizer
Energizer Inflatable House every Sunday from 12 4pm
Dates: June 7, 14, 21, 28
Event : Jump Around with Energizer
Energizer Inflatable House every Sunday from 12 4pm
Dates: July 5, 12, 19, 26
Banana Boat Independence Day Beach Party
Games, Live Music, many surprises and lots of FUN!
Banana Boat Constitution Day Beach Party
Games, Live Music, many surprises and lots of FUN!

The Club celebrated the
traditional Easter Brunch
Event at the Main Club-
house where 118 members
participated and enjoyed
the event. There, we shared
the participation of more
than 500 members and their
guests who took part in all
the activities the Beach Club
staff designed for them this

^aA \Aw



Palmas Del
Mar is proud
to announce
our partner-
ship with Nike
for this year's
Gigi Fernandez
Tennis camp
and Golf junior

camps. Gigi Fernandez will be the host tennis
instructor and will work with our staff to pro-
vide the best tennis camp on the island. Many
of the children attending are from the United
States and will stay in Palmas for the week. We
expect over 100 juniors to participate in the
camp. Activities include instruction by Gigi,
competitions, Beach tennis, and other fun ac-
tivities. Nike will also work with the Golf camp
this year, and we will have our own top island
golf professional Max Alverio, our own Georgie
Rodriguez, and a special LPGA golf Profession-
al will host the camp. The week long event will

&TENNIS CAMPS July 13-18
focus on personalized instructions, on course
demonstrations, and a competition at the
end of the week.
For more information please call the mem-
bership office at 787-285-2221 or go to the
Nike summer camp website to sign up for ei-
ther camp at www.USSportscamp.com.

In addition to the Nike camps, Palmas will
host a week long Members Junior Tennis
Clinic in June 15 July 6, and we will have
two sessions hosted by our own Luis Carlos
The annual Beach Club Camp will start the
13 July and will go from July 13-31 and will
offer all kinds of activities for juniors ages
4-14 including swimming classes, water bas-
ketball, arts&crafts, aqua aerobics, and much
more. Call Mayra Morales for more informa-
tion at 787-285-2880.

The Ooncert Series

Sabado, 6 de junior

Viernes, 26 de junior

Trae a toda tu familiar a disfrutar de esta series
de events. Entrada GRATIS. Habrd bebida,

comida y un gran ambiente. iTe esperamos! .- 1.
Golf Clubhouse de Palmas del Mar / 5pm 9pm N.oanddehdn.

^ 1.

The Beatles Concert, the
S closing activity of the PHA
week celebration was an
unprecedented success.
Kids, adults and senior citi-
zens enjoyed strolling down
memory lane with the
music of the Beatles
(Juke Box Group).
It was truly an authentic
family gathering. A

We all live in our Yellow Zubmarine...Yellow Zubmarine...Yellow Zubmarine

3 want to hold your
hand....3 want to
hold your hand,

at Palmanova Plaza!
6he love you yeah, yeah. yeah!


Ye.terday... all my troubles seem
5o Iar away...now they look a5
though they're here to 5tay...




-~ U,,



p.-- .~A

and then...

bohemian Rights

with Manny Mianuel

lter more than two hours ol the
leatle5 Concert, the night started
S to mellow down with the bcautilul
,i voice ol marny Manuel. Many o0
4 "the couples danced under the 5tamr
.(it wa5 a beautiful summer night).
The photos 5peahk or themselves.
Definitely P-1T1 Week wa5 closed
with a golden 5eal.
What wcre the unisonou5
adjcctivc of the night? "Excellent,
awcaomc. wonderful, outstanding,
vcry good and others." 31 you where
thcrc y'ou know what 3'm talking
about. 31 you mi55ed it, be sure you
don't mi5 the next one. A



Do you know that corrosion makes
your AC equipment work twice as hard,
consuming unnecessary energy?
Corrosion also can cost homeowners
thousands of dollars, not only from ener-
gy consumption, but also from costly re-
pairs and premature equipment replace-
ment. For all of us that lives so close to
the ocean this is more dramatic and you
don't need to be an expert to see it hap-
pens before your eyes. In salt-laden envi-
ronments, studies demonstrated that the
corrosion process in aluminum equip-
ment begins as early as 30 days after the
installation, and is evidenced by gray-
ish particles in the equipment surface.
This deterioration of aluminum makes
the equipment less capable of transmit-
ting heat and increases operating costs.
In the first two years of installed, an AC
equipment can experiment as much as
55% operational efficiency loss. Besides
this efficiency loss, corrosion makes the
compressor work twice as hard, increas-
ing energy consumption.

Within the first
wo years of installation,
an AC equipment can
eriment as much as 55%
rationall efficiency loss.

There is an efficient way of protecting
our equipment from the corrosion and
save energy, that at the end is money.
Bronz-Glow anti-corrosive treatments
saves up to 20% on your equipment's
energy consumption.
We are talking of Bronz-Glow anti-
corrosive treatments, an exclusive prod-
uct from Aireko Services and
Installations. Bronz-Glow, established
over 25 years ago, specializes in anti-cor-
rosive products and treatments for AC
and refrigeration equipment. This line
of anti-corrosive products is the only
one that has the Energy Star Partner
approval sign, given that its application
helps reduce costs and promotes energy
savings. Bronz-Glow products must be
applied by a certified trained applicator,
to ensure its proper application and war-
ranty. Aireko Services and Installations
is the exclusive certified applicator for
Puerto Rico and the Caribbean.
Anti-Corrosive products are an in-
vestment, and not an expense. The
treatment pays itself by avoiding repairs
and replacements, and by providing a
more energy-efficient equipment.

In salt-laden



demonstrated that

1Z <_ 7-~

Aireko Services & Installations is the specialized services division of Aireko En-
terprises, a leader in the construction industry for more than 45 years. Aireko Ser-
vices & Installations was established in 1963, and has more than 25 employees fully
dedicated to servicing and maintaining facilities for more than 65 satisfied clients in
Puerto Rico and the Caribbean. Some of ASI's clients are: Ecoelectrica in Penuelas,
AES in Guayama, Plaza del Caribe in Ponce, JC Penney stores, Best Buy stores, and
Colomer & Suarez. Other clients include BecktonDickinson and P&G in Cayey, Eli
Lilly in Guayama, Amgen in Juncos and Medtronics.
With more than a couple decades of experience, and a renowned customer service
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ASI provides services to residential, commercial and industrial facilities, improv-
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ASI's facilities maintenance plans provide substantial benefits to its clients, in-
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to their situation".

This photo shows two AC
condensing units that spent
18 months on a 10 story
high rooftop 500 ft from the
ocean. You can clearly see
the difference between the
original one and the one that
was treated with a preventive
anticorrosive treatment from

Aireko Services

& Installations

is available

24 hours,

7 days a week...
and has the most advanced
equipment and products
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ASI is the Certified Applicant of
Bronz-Glow anti-corrosive
treatments in Puerto Rico
and the Caribbean.

vvww*aireko^com or call
an 8-844S4001

Vikrt r hilrAn dp Un modern y elegant concept
"'" para el cuido de personas de edad
avanzada. Creamos un ambiente
hogarelo, tranquil y seguro para
cuidar a su familiar con dedicaci6n,
dianidad v much carinio.

By Lissette Rosado

Loyda Martinez,MD

Capitan Burleson's
wife, mother of four, -
a committed doctor B :..
and 30 year Palmas .--- --

She decided to make a
bucket list.
One was to take a
cruise for a
week, which she did!
"Man, it's hurts", is how Capitan Bill Burleson .. .. I the loss of,
who was been his best friend, wife of 50 years and the mother of his
four children. "From the moment we met we both knew they were
made for each other. It was on a Sunday afternoon, back in 1959, at
a Club in Vieques; we talked and talked until they through us out
of the place.", Bill recalls and added "You know, I married her three
times without a divorce!" That's because, the first time, the Marine
Court never accepted our marriage through the Vieques justice of
the peace, so they has to marry a second time. Then in 1964, when
their oldest son was going to the school of Notradame, the school
made them married by the Catholic Church....sot hey married again
for third time!
In 1980, they came to live at Palmas and bought a house in Villa
France where he still lives. "It's so hard now to get home and know
that she is not there anymore.", said Bill with evident pain.
He told me Loyda was an extraordinary woman and a very commit-
ted doctor. She was the Out-Patient Medical Director of the Fajardo
Regional Hospital for many years and later the Medical Director of
the Sub-Regional Hospital in Caguas.
"She was a very dedicated doctor and she always felt she had a
commitment with Puerto Rico. She was aware that she studied her
BA and her medical career with scholarships. Loyda always felt she
was in debt to her country; therefore she loved to serve, Bill told me
and added "She was so good in clinical diagnosis!"
At one point in her sickness, Loyda realized she was going to die, so
she decided to make her bucket list. Two of the top priorities was to
take a cruise for a week, which she did, and to makes Bill mad, which
she also did. How? Taking over of his reclining chair! Good for her!
She died in peace with herself and surrounded by her beloved fam-
ily at the moment of her departure. The Palmas community will miss
her and empathize with her family in this unfortunate loss.

Standing from left to
right: Kathryn(Meca),
Alexis, Carolyn,
Julian, William(Bill),
Seating: Edgar
Omar, Loyda(Tata),
Stephanie, Louana,
Kamila (in her
mother's arms),
Gabriel & Bill. Seating
on the floor: Bryan,
WRyan & Michael.

REMAX de Palmas
P .-,-.E-is del Mar, Humacao, PR
r 7S7.850.7069 / 787.850.4343
www. discoverpalmas. com
email: remaxpdm@coqui.net
Myrna Rios-Milam
L.2389 Since 1984

The Real Estate Leaders

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Estudios especializados
Apoyo emotional individualizado
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Actividades de apoyo y confraternizacion

Personal Altamente Especializado
Hematologo Oncologo
Enfermeras Oncologas
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Calle Dufresne #7 (Este) Primer Piso
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Horario de lunes a viernes de 6:00 AM hasta 4:00 PM por cita previa.


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A division of Palmas Del Mar Properties, Inc. Lic.# 7493


fid I:ur JdrcI




1 :.. "

I IH r l. . I I I
H I,, ri ., r r. ni '

I !I.. I I I I r l i .I ,i. . 'I, I

interview. They all participated
and Argued about dates and facts (like in my family, we are five

and we are very close also). I knew my choice couldn't have been
,better and the "fricas6 de pollo", the best of the world.
I.I' ir ', r. . !, i ., !!,. i ....I

Dr. Ahmed Ba. andas is an Anesthesiology, born and raised
in Humacao. He studied Medicine at the University ...Of Puerto

.Rico School Of Medicine and later did his residency in Anes-
thesiologr .. After studying medicine he worked for the Navy as

interview. They all participated
and argued about dates and facts (like in my family, we are five
and we are very close also). I knew my choice couldn't have been
better and the "fricase de polo", the best of the world.
Dr. Ahmed Bajandas is an Anesthesiology, born and raised-
in Humacao. He studied Medicine at the University Of Puerto
Rico School Of Medicine and later did his residency in Anes-
thesiology. After studying medicine he worked for the Navy as
a doctor in Illinois, where Darlin & Hector were born. (Ahmed
was born before they left to Illinois). In 1962 Dr. Bajanda came
back to the Island with his A,.rl.i.!.-i,1...,_ specialty which he
still keeps active. Almost 50 years of experience as an Anesthe-
siology! Then Jeannette, the youngest one, was born and they
were officially done with adding members to the family.
During all these years they have lived in Naguabo, and in San
Juan for almost 11 years. Back in 1970 they lived in a farm in Hu-
macao where Dona Lucy's mother used to have 20 acres of land.
(This is where Sams and the expressway is nowadays located)
"In that land we learned to deal with horses and cows," Ahmed
(son) recalls nostalgically and added that his grandmother made
for him a room in the big house where he spent wonderful years.
After many years he went back to live in the farm already mar-
ried already with Rose. "My grandmother built a house upstairs
and left us her house," he said. Amed & Rose have a 27 old
daughter and owns a medical devices store in Humacao.
Darlene is married with Dr. Chegui Benftez, an ophthalmolo-
gist, and they have three children, all in college. H6ctor is re-
cently married and has a vending machines business but is also
a Captain and a real estate agent. Jeannette is still single.

left. "In the bheilimig bwilt
l . II. i n ii 'l l,in l rcr

I ll I 0 '1 1. 1 Ii ..

SI ... I i

at 5:00 p.m. with a very rough
sea and arrived to Punta Arenas at 11:00 p.m., we were almost
shipwrecked," remembered Dr. Bajandas. "Another day we were
at Isla Verde in a Hobby Cat regatta and Ahmed (my son) fell
in the water, and when they came back to get him they were
very far away from where he was. Ahmed was hanging from a
buoy for long time before they could get him," recalled Dona
Lucy and they all laughed. "We used to go to
Monkey Island and back from Villa Palmira
in Humacao," added H6ctor. "We as a fam-
ily used to camp a lot around the Island,"
added Ahmed son.
Nowadays they all live in Palmas and share
a lot every Wednesdays. They have four
grandsons and they also share with them
a lot.
Dr. Bajandas keep's practicing his pro-
fession and goes to work every day and
enjoys what he does. "I go surgery very
well prepared because I take the time to
talk to the patient, get to know him,
find out what he takes (medicines), his
life style, his special conditions if any,
etc.," he told me. Their sons assure me unan-
imously that he is the best at what he does and
I have no doubt. You can tell he has the knowl-
edge and the good heart to make a good and
caring anesthesiology. But most importantly,
they are a beautiful family!

r1 ,... r- r i It. .1rn ,, .r1II. r i -' ,i\i ,i i r hit,. Ir'- .... di r, ',- 1. LIJ r
,J..h lr | .... r .r h. r I :. rl,,.. lI ... ...' rr .,',,...I

.. ..I E ll ., ..l I r ... l! ..lh l . |I l .. 't H .. I . 11
owner), Eileen and Elvita. They all live in Palmas.
Miguel Sr. is originally from Cayey, Elba is from Comerio.
How did they meet? Elba was studying Medical Technology
in Kentucky but Miguel's brother's girlfriend convinced him
that he should meet Elba. The rest is history. They have been
together for fifty two years. At the beginning, when they were
newlyweds, they lived in Rio Piedras, but then they moved to
Venezuela, where Miguel Sr. worked for Tropigas. There they
lived for ten year. Miguel & Eileen were already born and there
they studied elementary school. "When we moved back
to Puerto Rico, Miguel used to speak with a Venezuela
accent," said Elba. In 1967 they moved back to Puerto
Rico and lived for 33 years in San Juan. But in 1979
they bought a villa in Palmas and began com-
ing to Palmas on the weekends. Eventually,
like most of us, they moved permanently
to Palmas. They started staying more
and more. First from Friday to Sundays,
then to Mondays, then from Thursdays
and... then... moved! "I stared ask-
ing myself why I had to go back to
San Juan when I liked it so much
better here!", said Miguel's father.
Miguel has always been an import
merchant and representative for
many manufacturing food produc-
ers of Latin countries.
By the time Miguel and Elba made the deci-
sion of moving full time to Palmas, Miguel Jr.
was already living here. "This was definitely
an important element in our decision," said
Miguel Sr.
Miguel Sr. still works in San Juan but, "I
go to work every day, but when I cross the
Palma's gate I begin thinking I am on vaca-
tion". At the moment Miguel is working as a

S .. . .... i I I. i 'I nI r .. .. ..n ii ... ill..
(with the well known and fantastic director Ms. Pagan). He
lived in San Juan for many years but when he divorced he
moved to Palmas. Since then he has met many people and is
acquainted with the community and the town. Miguel studied
Marketing at the University of Puerto Rico, Turabo Campus.
"At that point in my life I was in search of peace. I wanted to
run away from the noise in San Juan," said Miguel. That was
12 years ago and he is still here, I think for good. Miguel has
two daughters 26 and 22, Michelle & Monique.

I start asking myself why

I have to go

back to San Juan when I like

so much being here!
"I've always been a merchant. I have always worked with
my father in the import business and four years ago I started
Cepage (a small wine cellar at the Four Point Hotel)". Two
years and a half ago Miguel founded The Cellar at Palmanova,
a very successful and cozy wine cellar where Palmas locals and
visitors enjoy good wine, food and good music. "The Cellar is
a place where you can always find a friend and enjoy a good
glass of wine," said Agapito Cosme. Most recently, bohemian
nights every Saturday night have become the favorite place for
those of us who enjoy singing and meeting with friends. A lot
of talents have been discovered recently!
Miguel Sr. and son are a good example of people who comes
to Palmas and will never consider leaving. They are real
"Palmenfos", good people and very hard workers. They are one
of the lucky ones that have the blessing that all their family
lives in Palmas or come almost every weekend, like Eillen &
Elvita. A

......... ..... ........ .. 'i.- l i I [ F 1.

Pit iiili r I 1: II r i rii 'i iJ r ii r, ri. r ~.I i i I r. I l$
t. o r I 1 i'. Ii. l if Ii 111. [Ii. ti ili I F [i i. 1.11

Joaquin Soler Garcia came to Palmas del Mar directly from
Catalonia in 1977 with his wife Annie Ortega Leyva and four
sons. Even though Catalonia is a coastal city it is very different
from the tropics. But the adaptation, according to Joaquin
and his sons, was not hard. Catalonia is located in the north-
east of Spain and lies on the Mediterranean coast. It borders
France and Andorra in the north, the Mediterranean Sea in
the east, the region of Valencia in the south, and Arag6n in
the west. But...nothing like "the jungle" that was Palmas 32
years ago. At that time Joaquin "Quino" Soler, the oldest of
the Soler Clan, was 10 years old. Today Quino is a realtor and
he's in charge of the sales and administration of Palmanova
Village. Jos6 Soler, the second son, is a Civil Engineer and was
in charge of the Palmanova Village Construction. He serves
as a consultant for important projects such as The US Navy
Radar in Vieques, Ceiba's new airport, the new wing of the
Catalinas Mall, among others. Next in line is Jorge Carlos
Soler, owner of the very renowned granite and marble, Magra-
sol. The youngest of the Soler is Enrique (Kike) Jaime Soler,
who was only 2 years old when they moved to Puerto Rico.
Kike graduated from advertising and works in that area. He is
the youngest and is still single (and available). Take note the
young girls of Palmas! "We use to run free around Pal-
mas, there were no restrictions, no boundaries. Af-
ter school we would go to the beach, to play tennis
or to play around," said Jos6. Jorge Carlos added that
they were a bunch of kids running free around Pal-
mas. He mentioned the Lavernes, the Terrons, the
Cosculluelas, the Casillas, the Garcias, the Diaz,
and the Rivieras, etc. They also mentioned the
famous Sun Fun Hut pool. I don't think there is
anything else from Palmas' past that people miss
as the Sun Fun pool! "It was safe and our parents
knew everything was going to be alright." They all
agree and history proves them right. Today they are all

north-east of Spain at that time. Caribe Canal bought Palmas
and Joaquin Soler became president. Joaquin, who had stud-
ied Economy, together with the Caribe Canal executive, put
together a sales and development plan. At the beginning they
were selling Beach Villa, Club Villas and Harbor Side (Club
Cala). Then, the second stage of the development began sell-
ing individual pieces of land (parcels). They constructed 10 or
12 houses but their first development project was Shell Castle
Club, then San Marcos and San Miguel. Some years later they
sold everything. At that point, when he had decided to go
back to Spain (1985-86), a French group that had bought
some of the land wanted him to become their partner and that
is how Palmanova Plaza was born. "The design was made by a
Spanish architect, Jose Sobrevias and the structural blueprints
by Willie Ramirez, who is today my partner at Palmanova Vil-
lage project. The French asked us, (Willie and me), to buy
them a piece of land with a beautiful view of the Beach Vil-
lage, the palm trees, the ocean and
Vieques. We decided to buy it and
that's how Palmanova Village was
conceived and born.
The Solers are a fam-
ily of entrepreneurs and
adopted children of this
country and definitely of
Palmas del Mar. They
are part of our history.
Actually I suggested
to Joaquin to write a
history book, what I
have included here is
just a brief summary of all the
history he told me. Again,
congratulations for such a
beautiful family! A

By Maritza Toste, President of First Class Services and a Palmas del Mar Homeowneri

Welcome aboard to luxury

cruising 180 degrees
As we boarded the luxury yacht in Crown Bay,
St. Thomas, after a 40 minute II iiii from Isla
Grande on Seaborne, ii iii we were, li ii ii
, ii,, I, I by the Captain and Hotel '1 111i, i. We
were welcomed on ,,, ,', I iiil "ii rented cold
face towels and a delicious fruit punch. Immedi-
ately we knew we were embarking in the most
1 1i i, 1i ,, I and luxurious cruise vacation,.
The W ind Spirit, 111 i, i iust 148, ii i visits
hidden harbors and secluded towns of the world's
most treasured destinations which ,I, i ships
cannot n, iI. This time we were hiii,, I from St.
Thomas on a seven day Caribbean cruise I ii i, I
the islands of St. John, St. Maarten, St. Barts,
Tortola, 'i,, il i Gorda and Jost Van Dyke.
Officially a motor-sail yacht, Windstar ships
are uniquely i, I to unfurl i .., 1, 1 l Ii white
sails in two minutes with just a push of a button.
Wind Star, sister ship to the Wind Spirit, has a
148 i, i,, I- capacity while the Wind Surf can
accommodate 312.
The comfort of our ocean-view stateroom
included a custom Euro-Top mattress, ii, i'I
w ithall-I ,ii.,,i',, ,, liii, i 1,1I iloftyduvet. Spa-like
amenities in each stateroom included LT'. ,ii i. -
en Provence bath and body products and lush
waffle terry robes to wrap, ii ii ,iiiTheDVDcol
Sh i i i ,1 ,1 iii H i 1 i, I LCD television into an
intimate movie ii, I. Just call Room Service for
the popcorn. In- room-Bose sound dock systems
are ready to play the IPOD nanos fully 1 1 I I1 i
a custom play list which you can check out for as
' i i as you like. Wireless internet and cell phone
service is, ,, iii, available at sea.
When it comes time to dine, the venues aboard
Windstar ships are unmatched. i,, ii, you
dine on The Restaurant or any of the alternative
Sliili, I venues you'll find sumptuous cuisine that

from ordinary
meets all tastes. For breakfast
and lunch you can select the
Veranda for an al fresco experi-
ence. And new to the Wind
Spirit as well as the Wind Star
is Candles, a new Ili il i, I experi-
ence under the stars i lI, I
the finest steaks and skewers.
W ith no i, ii iiiI you're
free to dine with whomever you
choose, ii, I I I ,,
... i. ,I,, I china and cut crystal
., I, I stemware.
For the adventurous, Windstar I i .a an array
of complimentary water sports like i i Iii ii.
ii 1 1 i l lii h I , il I l i, h u h i i, I a rid ,I i,, I [ ,
the ships' aft Marina Deck.
Windstar Cruises iii,.iIi-. cover the most
I iiiii I calls i, ii ii Caribbean, the historic high-
lights of Europe, the majesty of the Greeks Isles
and the wonders of Costa Rica and the Americas.
With its world class service staff and those picture
esque sails ii,, i the backdrop, Windstar ships
'ii romance to the sea. A

An unbeatable offer!
Greek Islands...
French & Italian Riviera....
Windstar Cruises is promoting unbelievable
new offers for the upcoming Mediterranean
season. For example the Greek Islands, the
French and Italian Riviera as well as theAdriatic
and Amalfi Coast starting from only $935 p.p.
Call First Class Services Cruise Department at
787-722-8536 for more detailed information
on these and other exciting itineraries.




We can accommodate any special request: catering@cigifood.com
T. 787.756.9290 ext.1045 Fax 787.756.9293

AO. 1*48L

Paellas Pa' Ti
del "Chef Dubua"
Paellas Marineras (mariscos)
Paellas Camperas (carnes)
Paellas Mixtas (polio y mariscos)
Paellas Vegetarianas
Pastas, Ensaladas, Risottos
variados y much mas...

Disfrute del show de prepararle la paella
frente a sus ojos u ordena para entrega.


is now a full fledged engineer!

By Lissette Rosado
Gadiel Perez Vkzquez is his complete
name but we all know him simply as Ga-
diel, the nice waiter at Las Tapas that
is always willing to serve you with a big
shy smile on his face. What most people
don't know is that this sweet young man,
besides being a waiter, has been study-
ing chemical engineering at Mayagtiez
for the last 5 years while working at Las
Tapas Chez Daniel to pay for his ca-
reer. Not an easy task because chemical
engineering is one of the most difficult
branches of engineering that you can
study. "I started working at Las Tapas
by chance because a friend of mine, who
used to work at Las Tapas, had a concert
in San Juan and asked me to cover for
her and Daniel asked me to stay." Since
that day until today he has hardly been
absent to work, Valerie told me. On Fri-
days, after a full day of university work
and a two hour drive from Mayagfiez,
he comes to work with the same good
attitude and ready to serve his clients.
Wow! My daughter, who is also an engi-
neering student, tells every time she sees
him: "I don't know how he does it!" But
he does and has done it for the last five
years. Chapeau!!! I am sure he is going
to go very far in life. Attention you own-
ers of businesses related to the engineer-
ing industry... Gadiel is great candidate!
Gadiel will be looking for a job after this
summer when he will say farewell to Las
Tapas, to all his co-workers, and clients.
We will definitely miss him but it is his
time to fly with his own wings. "After
the summer I am going to take a break,
the one that I haven't taken in all these
years. I am going to take a month to rest.
Right now I have an interior peace that I
didn't have for many years," Gadiel said
and sighed.
Gadiel is from Humacao and with his
two sisters were raised by his mother,
a public school teacher. He graduated

from San Antonio Abad when
he was 18 years old and was
admitted to the University of
Puerto Rico, Mayagtiez Campus.
One of his sisters is also graduat-
ing next year as a social worker
and the other one of Business
In the future Gadiel said he
wants to start a business of his
own but he doesn't know yet in
what area. Actually he is plan-
ning to do another BA in Busi-
ness Administration in the near
future. No wedding yet, or kids,
even though we will like to see
him eventually get married and
have his own children. "But first I
want to travel and for that I need
time and space," he said. But...
maybe cupid has other plans.
From Las Tapas he takes with
him the love of all his co-workers
and his bosses Daniel, Frank, and...
Valerie and Lucette that accord-
ing to him are the staff's sweet-
hearts. "Working at Las Tapas has
also made me improve my culinary
art abilities. I learned to cook ev-
erything that is on the menu," he
claimed and said that in Mayagtiez,
where he lives with two other stu-
dents, he cooks some days. "We
take turns to cook," he said and
I am sure that with the schooling
he's had, he is the best. "I also im-
proved my English and got to know
many different types of people--
some more difficult than others but
I always try to please them all."
"I know he is going to be hard to
said good bye; it's going to be sad
but I will always be in contact with
you all," he said and I am already
crying. A

4 e1...

aejire~vc &fzulrmcfK-

~-j. ,1J


From Redo del Olmo, jewel designer,
a fun and very creative necklace.
Available at ALLURE SALON.
(40 % discount during summer months).

S2t~bti, Limb.

-a '-

p U-~ U

From KAOBA in Las Piedras,
very ethnic, very tropical
& colorful necklace.


Ceramide Plump Perfect Cream SPF 30
& Gentle Line Smoothing Exfoliator.
Plumping benefits and helps enhance hydration
and reinforce skin's barrier with an optimum
sun protection with SPF 30.

a very chic and unique pamper bag made of seat belts.


The iPhone 3G with more than
:.,000 applications avalialbe. The
.... st wanted iPhone! Available at ATT
I,,umph Plaza, (behind Ralphs) & in
,'i'ilmart in Palma Real.

Cyber-shot T900 Digital Camera
Ultra bright photo-like quality LCD.
In addition to 12.1 megapixels and 4x zoom,
this T Series Cyber-shot digital camera features a
wide 3.5" touch screen display with
on-screen icons for easier camera control.
Available at SONY STORES


I F. iiii I

Mirart i

Italian Awnin System
sun & hurricane contra

........... ......rea k~ .......w ~ / nt na
.. .... .. .... .....; .; :. .. .. .
::: ~ ~ ~ ... ........|!_ ''2 -

M EL .......... .... '"."....l


m a. ,.od

SUN BLI N DS ndrs ,O Doi
U. 2 A.. Ld n .. .T.P... ....
3Gm M met Tns e 787849 oLS 7OR

The young look of Experience

age- nter ention technology/

em Mc-'oe/ Ce25t'roc~de
5 minutes

to a more

youthful look...
: i N U : ::li: :i


For more information, please call: 787-285-6400

eMce Business
C 8 U S/

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, state

By Lissette Rosado ,

For three days Palmas was the site for
the filming of the movie "One Hot Sum-
mer", a Robert Katz production for the
Life Time Movie Network. "The story
of the movie, directed by Betty Kaplan,
was adapted from a fictional novel of
the same name written by Carolina
Garcia-Aguilera. The script was writ-
ten by Nancy De Los Santos and Gloria
Calder6n Kellett," Rosi Acosta told us--
Production Supervisor of the film.
"Margarita,(Vanesa Marcil) a beau-
tiful Cuban-American lawyer, faces the
greatest dilemma of her life a choice
between her Cuban husband, Ariel

Vanesa Marcil, main female actress as
(John Seda) who is eager to start a fam-
ily at any cost and the "romance" of her
life, Luther who unexpectedly returns
to capture her heart once again. Set
against the backdrop of one hot summer
in the sultry city of Miami, this roman-
tic comedy examines the lives and loves
of a contemporary woman and her two
best friends (Viviana and Anabel) as
they straddle two cultures to navigate
through the dilemmas that are thrown
their way," explained Acosta.
The three main female actresses are
Latin as well as John Seda, a Puerto Ri-
can descendant who lives in Los Ange-

les. John Seda played Selena husband in
the movie "Selena".
This movie represents an investment
of $1.2 million in 16 days to Puerto Rico
and employed around 350 people ( 15
local actors, 200 extras, 100 crew mem-
bers ) Among the local actors Acosta
mentioned were Cordelia Gonzalez y
Angel Viera.
"This is the fifth Lifetime movie filmed
in Puerto Rico since 2006 thanks to the
incentive Law #362. This incentive put
Puerto Rico on the map as an alterna-
tive for the production of movies," said
Rosi Acosta and added that there are
around 42 states that have approved this
incentive law and Puerto Rico is among
the most competitive. "Being an Ameri-
can territory where we use the same cur-
rency and there is no need for passport
or visas, the trained personnel and being
bilingual make us a very attractive loca-
tion," stated Acosta.
At Palmas we are glad to be part of
this initiative.
"One Hot Summer" will be aired July
26 by the Lifetime channel. Watch for
the Scenes at Margaritas apartment
(supposedly Coconut Grove at Miami).
Those where filmed at Plaza del Puerto
at Palmas del Mar. From here to Hol-
lywood! A

- "


Betty Kaplan, director and two members of the
productoin crew.

The Yacht Club was the main quarters of the
production team. The big revelation? We learn
Jerry Navas, the Yacht & Marina, dock master has
being the marine coordinator for many movies
filmed in Puerto Rico.

r -A

[i3RBCMSLNA ci jfgfyl ii

Located on the hill side of Monte Sol this corner unit offers high ceilings,
large open space, bright light and cross ventilation. A spacious living room
and dining room with easy access to the kitchen. A modern upgrades
contemporary kitchen with views to the garden, granite counter tops.

IL 04534

r~jr qjyj j

}0PA M

When the floor becomes art...
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* -

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SMarble & Granite

Serious &
quick response
k *k*kf

Tel 787-656-5997
Cel 787-914-2470
Fax 787-656-5997

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.. w- .................... ..

su pro
Renewable Energy Solutions

Instalaci6n de panels solares
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T. 787 774 797 e 8 .60 .1 8


By Lissette Rosado

Ricardo Vila, Aureli Arnould, Maricel Morales
& Denise Di Brito from Youtopia & Ola Ola at

Amy Penock, Maricel Morales,
Demi Penock & Aureli Arnould.

Our cover models are: Demi
Penock, Ricardo VilW, Ma-
ricel Morales, Aurelie Ar-
nould, Julio C6sar Aran-
guren & Amy Pennock.
They all belong to our Palmas
community; they are beauti-
ful, talented and very good
kids. Demi & Amy Pennock
(sisters), lives in Palmas since
they were toddlers. They are
both very creative girls and
have stood out in Palmas
Academy for their involve-
ment in arts and theater. Amy,

who graduates this year, won
the Ford Top Model Contest
two years ago and still is a
very humble young girl. She
also plays the guitar and used
to have a music band. Demi,
on her part, already gradu-
ated and is studying architec-
ture. They are both from the
Desired Lowry Model Agen-
cy and has modeled for many
important designers. Maricel
Morales, on the other hand
just won the Countreau Lips
Contest this
vir ind .i run-
ii.i_. t.. M iss
S1h I..'. 'llerto
i.. l.i... uty

I ..I she
I,.. .. iuti-
ill, .Aure-

..I ,,._ ,r..r of

Frank & Val-
erie Arnould,
is a natural
model and has
been modelling
for the Unica U
Model Agency
for some time.
Aureli won the first finalist
award of the MTA (Model
Talent Action) of New York
and the second position of
the Cover Girl Contest. At
the present, she is competing
in the Imagen Face contest.
Our male models, Julio C6sar
Aranguren attends Palmas
Academy and is a very good
student and a soccer super
star. Ricardo, our newly dis-
covered talent, attends San
Ignacio and is a natural in
front of the camera. So much
is so, that his own mother had
no idea how much of a ham

he was. Confession: We dis-
covered Ricardo the day of
the shooting at the Beach
Club when he was playing
ping-pong with his father.
Can you tell how much tal-
ent we have in Palmas?

Photos: Jose Bobin
L Space (girls) & Pavic (boys)
from Ola Ola at Palmanova.
Hair care: Keilas Salon
Location: Palmas Beach Club


VA iC, d' d_ jFieqra

Carr. # 3,Triumph Plaza
Lote # 6

Carr. 901 Km. 13.5
(Frente a la Urb. Valles de Yabucoa)

CARR. 31 KM. 3.7
(Frente Ferr. Cariio)
TEL. 465-0032

LAS PIEDRAS AVE. PINEIRO (frente al Correo) TEL. 733-0959

Our seniors, our pride!
At The Palmas Academy we are exceedingly proud of our student's achievements. Our vigorously researched and meticulously
designed college preparatory curriculum prepares our students well for the exceedingly competitive college environment they
confront upon graduation. Our students walk out the door with much more than pride and a high school diploma under their
arm. They venture out with solid leadership skills, strong moral
SI Fr.r and eager to take on the challenges in their future.
r uarally diverse student population is suitably prepared
ston I.. I bal environment to which they will enter.
S N. you aware that 100% of our high school graduates
e I a i ..... n accepted to universities in the United States, Eu-
I, ,,. U eada and Puerto Rico? There are not many schools on
r ,U i i- that can boast this same performance. As educators
.,t r ,.. row's adults we do our best to prepare our students for
rl. lr,, A e. And it shows. Our track record speaks for itself.
TI,.. I 'nas Academy is thrilled to brag that since our first
,,., 1)01.ol class of 1997 our graduates have been accepted by
r,. I,!!, ving prestigious universities:
.- ii -,ia State, American University Rome, American Uni-
.I Barcelona. Auburn, Bard College, Brown, Clemson
,i i II.. Dayton, Dubuke, Duke, Embry Riddle, Georgetown,
Florida Institute of Technology, Florida State, Iowa State, John-
son and, Wales, Kent State, Lehigh, Les Roche Marbella Spain, Lewis and Clark, Loyola, Manhatanville College, Marquette,
New York University, North Carolina State, Notre Dame, Northeastern University, Pratt Institute, Sarah Lawrence, SCAD, Schil-
ler International State University of New York, Syracuse University, Trinity College, Tulane, Virginia Tech, UCLA, Universidad
Interamericana, Universidad de Puerto Rico, Universidad del Turabo, University of North Carolina, University of Prince Albert
- Canada, University of Kansas, University of Massachusets, University of Miami, University of Michigan, University of Oregon,
University of Tampa, University of Virginia, US Air Force Academy, Wesleyan, Xavier, York University Canada A

The Palmas Academy Extended Day Program (EDP)

...is a supplemental cur-
riculum created to enhance
,1 the existing offerings and to
promote skills dc- -
i" .opment in other _i_
areas of interest
to all Palmas del
Mar community
members. .

The Last Act... Superbe! Chapeau.

What a beautiful night!
The coqui's quietly singing in
the background, the breeze
gently winding through the
stage...the last play of the
year was sensational! The ef-
forts behind this production,
"The Importance of Being
Earnest", did not go unno-
ticed. The set was amazing,
costumes grand and the tal-
ents of the players unlimited.
Nick Pizarro and Diego
Martinez were exception-
ally enthusiastic as Algernon
and Earnest Worthing. The
ladies of the play, Amy Pen-
nock, Natasha Leyva, Valeria
Aponte, and Andrea Cortez
were all charming and beau-

tiful. Graeme Giltrow, hair
slicked back, looking very
distinguished in his clerical
cloak and cross played the role
of Dr. Chasuble. Merriman
and Lane were played with
gusto by Adrian Rodriguez
and Juan Pablo L6pez.
The seniors can move on
knowing they entertained,
and left a lasting impression
on the younger thespians.
Also, a big, big thank you
to Maritere Cardona, who
spent countless hours helping
the kids prepare and kept the
drama club going this year!
Maritere you will be missed in
the drama club next year. A

This is the entire cast, including Maritere...the teacher who helped
keep the drama club going

86% of Pama Acd m stdet

inth aeage an abv aveag numbers~

Onc upo a tie Th Pama Academ was knw as"h.etmetsce".Wla
wa thn hsi o. Ou scoo has grw sta.l thog the yer in tem of failtis H
.6.6hnt fauly acdei and atlei prgrm. Th pefrac of TP stdetsi
stnarie tet is a tru mesr of the sucs of th scoo' acaemi ofeins Thi
tets no only mesue iniiulsuetsaaei6.llbtcmae h colpr
forac agans siia qultylve chos
The 209 SATresult showthat 6%. ofTAsuetssoeakinteaeae
abov aveag numer in al thre area of tetig crtia redig mat an rtig h
PSA scrs whc th stdet tak sic 9th grad to prpr for th A,6hw .m
in reut evr yea. Th 200 .EA tes ( Purt Ric .nvst *6 o Tet as
sho avrg/bv average scre in al fiv area of tetig veba and mat reaonng
Enlih mat and Spaih An fialy th 2009 Lear Ai Tet whc copae sc. e
amon scol of siia acdei lee fro 1s thog 8t grae, sho tha 75%to90
of TP stdet ran in the avraeabv aveag scre in al fiv area tse.
6hnk to our6 stdet and deiae faut 6h wor is out and evrbds
ing.~~~~~~~~* Palma Acdey 66elec ineuainadqaiyoie

its convenience since activi-
ties may include supervised
study and/or adult supervi-
sion plus, the program runs
every day until 5:30 p.m.
There are over 20 activities
to choose from:
* Art Baby Ballet Ballet
* Chess Conversational
French Drama Drums *

Fitness & Yoga Guitar *
Gymnastics Hip Hop *
Jewelry Making Karate *
Painting Piano Pilates *
Sailing Soccer Singing *
Scrapbooking Swimming
* Violin A

U r I

I f I


Elizabeth Arden
E" 2r=: .

Los tratamientos antienvejecimiento PREVAGE tratan los efec
en la piel, una de las principles causes de envejecimiento epit
en la exclusive formula de PREVAGE se ha comprobado cor
mas potente* para proteger la piel contra el da
ocasionado por las perjudiciales agresiones amble
Resultados...no promesas.TM

Prevage anti-aging treatment, .07 oz;
Prevage Eye anti-aging moisturizing treatment, .05
y Prevage anti-aging Night Cream, .08 oz.
70 live lifeinDalmas@amail.com

Visita el mostrador de
Elizabeth Arden en JCPenney
en Plaza Palma Real, Humacao y recibe

una muestra triple de Prevage.
Valorada en $22.00


Oferta valida hasta el 8 de agosto 2009. Disponible 96 muestras, una por client.

iviemoer (uest Ladies (OIt tournament

On Friday April
3, the Palmas
del Mar Ladies
Golf Association
celebrated their
traditional Member
Guest Tournament.
Thirty two
members received
their guests to play
a 4 Lady Scramble
in the Flamboyan
course. In a
beautiful day, 112
players enjoyed
a challenging
competition full
of prizes, gifts,
music, great food
and surprises. The
shoot for the circle
brought $3000 for
Casa Providencia,
a residential
program to
woman addicted to

Some of the winners were:
First Gross with a 70: the team of Chela Villafaie, Sylvia Gonzalez, Graciela Escudero and Lauri Noya
Second Gross with a 71: Luz Agosto, Vilma Nigaglioni, Elsa Abreu and Annie Alfaro
First Net with a 59: Conchita Cestero, Vilma Cruz, Lula Vl1ez and Olga Gonzalez
Second Net with a 62: Koki Arostegui, Martha Tennant, Mayra Morell and Ada Torres
Third Net with a 62: Millie Fuentes, Tensie Vl1ez, Marie De Choudens and Myriam Deya
Fourht Net with a 63: Consuelo Bravo, Karen Mendez, Sonia Oquendo and Atheline Aponte
Fifth Net with a 53: Tati Oliver, Norka Morales Carlina Rivera and Martha De Jong

........ .Su~r S @ S S A ** -
S S 66.6 -- .71 S S. SDE-V. StfiT^
Liberty^^ Cablevii Otima IsuranceCompan, RealLegacyAssurane Compny, Raph Foo
Warehouse, Publididad TEr u~S Coca Cola, Hole i One, Mi Cos SbeClubRioMar


1S a


handss tat meadeityal

Brief history of the construction of The Holy Family Chapel in Palmas del Mar
i- decade of the seventies the development of Hernandez was named Parish Priest and he '
what it is known today as community of Palmas del Mar the teams He th

mass, now t(
Walter Warwr

work wi

Mar we

with Mr

was wit


two del Me

,w ( will allow

steps neee were me removal a
unstable material and the
drain the subsoil l
Antonio i E /
the work under the leadership of
In the of year



who named Mr

project: a Flea Market,
in Humacao,
hitect contracted to
Marvel of Marvel & Mt
narv were

1 9 V 'I.

Puerto Rico's


open 7 days/ 24 hrs.

787-791-4120, 791-2600
(airport service)
787-796-6404, 796-6882
787-852-1591, 850-3070
Free pick-up at the airport
and nearby locations.
Service is our priority!

No Two



Crecated i

a bite above the rest

Four Points Sheraton Hotel
Palmas del Mar, Humacao
850-6000 x 5042

Isla Verde:




Coordinacidn de events
Sociales y corporativos

Baby Shower

Fresas con Chocolate

DiseTo Floral
Decoracion de Eventos
Catering con mozos
Iluminacibn de Espectaculos




Dr. Eric T. Adler, a local Board Certified Facial Plas-
tic Surgeon from San Juan, gave a complete presenta-
tion on the Latest Trends in Rejuvenation and Facial
Plastic Surgery. Dr. Adler first carefully gave a detailed
description of the process of Facial Aging from a Tri-
Dimensional perspective. The Aging Model presented
demonstrated that weathered skin with laxity, loss of
volume and sagging muscles are all to be considered
prior to coming up with a Rejuvenation treatment plan.
Detailed information on latest technology skin care, vol-
ume replacement and the natural ways of lifting sagging
tissues were all explained. Dr. Adler also emphasized the
new Non-Surgical modalities available to improve your
appearance without the need of long and downtime
requiring procedures. Dr. Adler used plenty of Before
and After pictures on actual patients to demonstrate his
talent as a physician and artist. The afternoon ended
with an Injectable treatment session for patients inter-
ested in improving their appearance at the same time.
Look around to see who of us did it.
Dr. Adler has already announced another visit to Pal-
mas for June 15 Limited space is available. RSVP at
_Keila's Salon (787.852.7099) A

A cqSUStai *fQ

___ ~ By Debbi Provin-Martin

Tim and their two beautiful kids, Debbi and family moved to Palmas last July
so, her husband could pursue a career with Eaton Corporation but it seems
like they have been here forever. They have adapted extremely well and are
involved in many aspect of our community life. Actually Debbi is the new PTO
president of Palmas Academy. On the other hand Debbi is very conscious about
the importance of a good nutrition. From this edition on Debbi will share with
us her knowledge and nutrition tips on how to sustain our life through nutrition
and wellness.
My interest in nutrition really began soon after the birth of
our sons, Nate, 18 and Noah 11. Their food allergies inspired
me to understand more about this nutrition, and I have learned
how powerful a healthy diet can be in
r.. i, Aling good and staying well,
I...r l, .e ally and mentally. We have
..II to a gluten free and dairy
m ... t e which has challenged me
i ii i t entirely new way to cook

F,. r I. who are open to an easy and
Sr.i 4! ,, to feel better, I would like
rI i, knowledge and enthusiasm
B .e r airing good health through
i*. 1 B ( i envision this column grow-
ni ....,_li participation and sharing
.i.i -.I I. rirough questions, comments,
1.,1.. for future articles.
i i mn.. i er is upon us let's start off
*I . it healthy smoothie recipe.
E ,, r.. i ke and packed with nutri-
tion, we start nearly every day in our
home with these cool, great tasting beverages. We've all heard
that we shouldn't skip breakfast...let's take that to the next level;
make your breakfast nutrient packed, make what you eat count.
Keep the sugar low and the nutrients high.

Berry Creamy Smoothie
1 Banana (high in Vitamins C and B6 and potassium)
Handful Berries (high in vitamins and antioxidants)
8oz milk (soy, almond, oat, cow)
1 tsp ground flaxseed (helps lower cholesterol,
triglycerides, and blood pressure)
1 scoop high quality protein powder (optional)
1 tsp sugar, honey, agave nectar (optional)

I will end with a clich&...You are what you eat. But to take
this a step further; you feel what you eat!
Until next time, remember to Sustain Your Life through
nutrition and wellness.

60 Min's A combination of kneading movements, cross-fiber friction,
and gliding to reduce all over muscle tension and stress.
Calms the nervous system and promotes blood circulation throughout the entire body.
60 Min's Effleurage, Myofascial release and trigger point therapy on neck and
special needed areas. Perfect for chronic pain, sport injuries, muscle spasms
and orthopedic dysfunction throughout the body .
Calms the nervous system and promotes blood circulation
throughout the entire body.
Aromatherapy oil, isolated stretching and a little reflexology on feet with each session FREE...
239.821.6043 / 787.656.9061


Ideal as post-traumatic therapy, deep
skeletal-muscle relaxation as well as
total wellbeing and general fitness.

S. CALL TODAY 787.246.8261
For more information and benefits of
these therapies and AcuaYogi classes.


A Tu G usto
A Tu Medida


e g ',s d I ex.
eiBn Rpbicarf Dominia
A ga en Purt R

........ '
"-31-* ,


Simply superb! ...an exquisite musical program. It
was a banquet of good music in the splendid voices
of the tenors: Juan Carlos Rodriguez & Fabian
Robles and the sopranos Hilda Ramos and Magda
Nieves. An absolutely perfect afternoon.
Bravo, Bravo, Bravo!!!

^i Calholic Ladies ol Palnias del Mar.
organizers ol Ihe even.
Wipa m-W "^ '- ...a




a. .

N~' ~'N~


n ~r~i




,it II


m 81


out of 1

Maite Ubarri, Jochefy Mufoz de Morgan, Ivonne Cruz de Toro
Esq, Ing. Maribelle Mufiiz & Enid Catarineu, our Palmas Jewels.

I _7L 2

Open for lunch Fridays and Saturdays from 12:00 noon 3 pm
Open for dinner Wednesdays to Mondays from 6:30 pm 10 pm
Sunday Brunch from 12 noon 4 pm Closed on Tuesdays

Open',ednesday to Sunday 00noon 0 PM
Monday from 5:00 PM 11 :OOPM Closed on Tuesdays

Light lunci

By Lissette Rosado
Last month, Demel Fine Jewelry celebrated
Jewels of Philanthropy for its third consecu-
tive year and recognized the women who give
their time, energy and love to the needy. The
leadership of these committed women benefit
many causes and institutions.
Thanks to: Enid Catarineu, Maite Ubarri,
Gregory Demel, Ing. Maribelle Muniz, Ivonne Cruz de Toro
president of Esq, Jochefy Mufioz de Morgan, Myraida
Demel Fine Chaves Carbia, Brenda Rodriguez, Pinky Ti-
rado de Gual, Virginia Bouzan de Rotondi,
Carmencita Santiago Chard6n, Ruth Dahlia Torres Esq & Sandra
Torres, the first five of whom are from our Palmas Community!
These women received the "Jewel of the Philanthropy" award
from Demel Fine Jewelry for their social work and dedication. A

Ad on Sundays




Whether it's
a Car, a Golf Cart
or a Bike, we've got
the vehicle that's
just right for your
perfect getaway!


Daily, weekly
monthly rates m
i all vehides!

0 Optional Products that offer
savings and convenience on the mad.
(GPS Navigation. Electronic ToE Payment, Car Seat.
Helmets & more)

Visit us at






The beauty of
design you can trust.


P"V16.~c, P&44 V DO(k"
Palmas del Mar Maintenance Complex, Country Club Drive, Humacao, PR
787.285.8211 6 787-285-0783

Listen to how
beautiful my
Tono sings! A



C 0 By Julio Bague
It dawned on me one day that the Master Plan .
of Palmas did not consider a central park for the .'
community to meet and share. Yes, to share... to -I,
share each other's visions and thoughts. In other ,:
words, a meeting place for youth and adults where `0
we can talk, laugh and enjoy each other's compa-
ny. A park where one can stroll along and do ones
daily ., 1 -. mixed with exercise stations, or just
plainly enjoy nature's fauna. A park available to
the community day and night. That is, as we know
it in our beautiful island the town's Plaza.
Under the present circumstance I asked myself-
what can we do? We certainly have to be creative
with the resources that we have in Palmas. Thus,
one day walking along the cart path of Candelero
Drive, I realized that this walkway is one of the ,
beautiful spots Palmas offers to owners, residents
and visitors alike. Although at the present time it
cannot be seen due to the outgrowth of undesirable
vegetation, there is a canal running right along side
of th&?'green area that holds the cart path. On the
othot side of the canal, there is the Tropical Forest
of talmas, a Natures Preserve which is home for
an array of different species of birds, specially three
be utiful white ,.. ,..- !_ ....
,Ience, I realized that the vision, the dream, I .
had of a town Plaza could easily be achieved by '
turning the Candelero Drive cart path into a Lineal
Park, Our Town Plaza. A

Rendering & Design concept by Pennock. "
Construction subject to all ARB rules and regulations.



N ~-' -~----
~ Forest K

Palmas del Mar Four Points Sheraton
became the first company to sponsor
the Lineal Park by donating the
completion of the second and final
phase of the solar lighting poles project.

f "f ,-'

a6e 2



W -i 1
l' *1 '





To fund this initiative, PHA would be
looking for institutions or families
that are focus on social/community
projects willing to adopt/ sponsor the
Park. You can adopt a bench,
an exercise station, a garden or
make a monetary contribution.
PHA will open a special account -
Palmas Lineal Park Dream-
and will create a committee .
to look for ways of making <
this dream come true. /











0 1 0 ytics 19

78-8552 7774-601 8-78300 7783-30 8-41806 7778-55 8-5554


wwatru~o 78-88-11

During the Extravaganza
days, walking towards
the Country Club, I was
captivated by a small boy
at the putting area. He was
absolutely concentrated on
his golf stroke. I could not
help taking a photo of him.
He was so focused that he
didn't noticed my presence
until I called out to him to
get a look at his face. I
am not sure if he was so
pleased with the idea of
me taking a photo, but his
grandmother was.
Here the graphic sequence
of this photo story. Isn't he
Later I learned that his
name is Sebastian Andres
L6pez and is three years
old. Let's wait some 15
years to see the outcome!
You never know. Maybe
this photos will make


PF k O1ur neighbor from Monte-
,. r lrie little Alvir Antonio
Sn i.. h)uinfones, urgently needs
~ t transplant. Her mother,
-.F..I, Liz Quifionez and her
Io m,, I needs all the help we
..them. They have to
m w.n. r., Connecticut with Alvir
Si to wait for an available
I .. ere they will probably
S"I year, the average time it
e r, .vaits for an available liv-
Sr, rgery and the recovery.
.. show your generosity
i, i r i Popular Bank Branch in
Palmanova and make your con-
tribution. An account has being open for this purpose. The
number of the account is # 041-77297-0 del Banco Popular
Pro-Fondo Alvir Alicea Quinfiones.
For more information you can call 787.214.5262 or
We want Alvir to became a healthy Palmas kid! Let's make
it possible. A

Noel Molini-Vivaldi, B.A.,D.M.D.,M.S.


B-3 Reparto Mendoza, Carr. 924 (cerca Colegio San Benito) Humacao



of Orthodontists

a letter from the north
I met her at the Beach Club, I was with my daughter, she was with hers. She
asked me if I was the editor of the magazine and then she told me she was
a writer who lives in New York part of the year. As you all can imagine I
became a little stressed thinking that my work could be judged by a New York
writer! But, immediately she told me she loves our magazine and the way it
was written. I was so trilled! The rest of the day I floated. Here is the letter
I received after this brief encounter.

My husband and I come back and forth to I
Casillas de Palmas. I enjoy Palmas; as he wo
time. My name is Astrid MariniPerez and
for Pall Corporation, a manufacturing compal

rks, I write and
my husband Rob
ny which has a bi

and stay in our villa i
he plays golf in his fr(
erto (Liloi Perez wor


Huntington, New York.
Our villa has a view to a mangrove a
turtles greet me every morning with th
a couple of white cacatuas that squawk
sDrin_ how to live in this sanctuary.

I always have a piece of writing in process and
circled paradise. I am inspired in Palma's bea
,-founded The Renaissance We meet ev
We live on a bay, where many boaters come fro
ne. We live in the best of both worlds, as we love
immer all long. we travel, no r

witn tneir tan pa

braced by Palma

gives snacie mo me road, To our pamn. i go i
very knowledgeable and caring instructor.
In Palmas del Mar we have celebrated en

gatherings, corporate meeti
of January of next year our
It is our favorite vacation
all cherish Palmas. We
daughters, we spend every (
see them at the Beach (
restaurants and playing golf
our family gathers together
Palmanova Plaza is like tl
around, while family, couple
fountain keeps projecting it
residents commemorating...
gathers together all dressed

With its Me(
calling us, to itl
to have places

ent of Pall Life Science. We liv

st preserve. There is a river and
tive eyes asking for bread. Thern
From tree to tree, teaching thei

SPalmas is the ideal setting as it
utiful surroundings. In Hunting
ery month at Book Revue, a book

, all over te wori(

Mar we can enjoy "It IS like living in
PaPlmas beq(,hpq

ie wind.

re its old trees and wild flowers; the birdE
wree when in bloom is like a red canopy thal
lake classes and train with Betsy the gym'E

ngs and dinners in all of which has beer
son Roberto and his fiancee -- are
spot for our four children. All of them
Shave two grandchildren, and together
vacation in this paradise. At (
in Palmanova Plaza, having lunch at the
enjoy every amenity that Palma

yearly, a

nd" are always
r of this town. Di

s water high in the air, celebrating the
community. It is like living in a sophistica
up or in resort casual on weekends for Bo

;erranean Revival style architecture, living in I
own...in the Caribbean. We love New York, but 01
to this enchanting heaven which is Palms
the best of both worlds. A

have American partners, yei
with our son and our three
time you can alwayE
STennis ( dinners at loca
s offers. It is the place where

satles Ni

children play

occasion, Palmas del Mar
ed town where everybody
emian Nights or to listen

s is like living in a coastal
)me in Puerto Rico is alwayE
Mar. We feel very fortunate

a sophisticated

town where

everybody gathers

together all dressed

up or in resort

casual on weekends

for Bohemian

Nights or to

listen to

the Beatles,




is Presid

id a fore
ir inquisi
and float


matter whict
ously dancil

UIJr buei ri m blernti c :.'ri r vi'i d1r
excelencia para bodas, events sociales
y corporativos.


Dra. Vivianne Garcfa
Tel 787-746-9290/ 787-903-1120 Fax 787-744-2860
Munoz Rivera # 9 C-2, Caguas PR 00726
(frente al Registro Demografico)


,Me !ME0ll__ l,

Salsa Verde Guacamole
Serves 6 8
* 2 ripe avocados (1 1/2 cups), peeled diced and slightly mashed
* 1 cup Stonewall Kitchen Salsa Verde*
* 1/2 cup tomatoes, diced
* 1/4 1/2 tsp. salt
* 1.2 tsp. ground cumin
* 1/4 tsp. garlic, minced
* Place all ingredients in a bowl and gently toss until thoroughly
mixed. Serve with tortilla chips.
Recipe Tips
Garnish with sour cream and chopped cilantro if desired.

nutritional beverage Get your eco shopping
Endorsed by The Chopra Center bag at Par Avion and
for Wellbeing. Ad years to to help the Planet be free
your life! Based on the millenary of plastics. A
Ayurveda medicine. .
Amalaki fruit is grown exclu-
sively on certified organic /
frme Th fri it rnnntinh ths Im

highest content of vitamin C of
any natural occurring substance
in nature. It maintains balance
amongst three doshas and
effectively controls diges-
tive problems, strengthens
heart, normalises cholesterol,
prevents cancer, builds up and
sustain defence mechanism,
improves eye-sight and detoxi-
fies the body. A

IF ,

L1!14 T-1, "It

Protect yourself this summer
As we all know during the summer the ultra violet rays are
more intense and to be sure you are protected with Banana
Boat Ultra Defense that give filter the UVA & UVB rays, is wa-
ter resistant and contains Vitamin E and Aloe Vera. It pro-
tects you from the sun after 40 minutes in the water! Don't
get sun damage, don't age prematurely. Think wisely. A



a bite above the rest'
New! Convenience
store at
David's Cookies for
all those emergency A
ic. essencials. A U

~dnk I M

UNO Chicago Grill
& Fuddruckers
...much more than food! 4
UNO Chicago Grill & Fuddruck-
ers restaurants are offering now
catering services that includes .
everything from food, decora-
tions, music, waitres, dj's and
more. Just enjoy your party! A

I 7Activia, Smoothies
is a great-tasting lowfat yogurt
I from Dannon that contains Bifidus
RegularisTM, a natural probiotic culture
that can help regulate your digestive
system by helping reduce long intestinal
transit time*. Bifidus Regularis, available
only in Activia, is a live "friendly" bacteria
that's beneficial when eaten daily. A
I ^ 1 ,*,U Available at PALMAS MARKET







At the beach between Cresent Cove and Cresent Beach.

10:00 AM
Brief orientation & kayaking
Kayak rentals -$25.- 2 hours*
1:00 PM
Brief orientation & kayaking
Kayak rentals -$25.- 2 hours

9 am, I I am, 2pm & 4pm
12' & 14' sail boat demonstrations and
2 hour clinics (free courtesy of Nautifull
Rental $25-- I 1/2 hours
*You could bring
your own kayak.

Send an email to:
live.lifeinpalmas@ gmail.com
Write in the subject:
I want my spitfire kayak
The raffle will take place
the day of the event
(July 19,2009).
One participation per


NAUTIFULL's Sailing Charter-Dufour arrived to Palmas
The Palmas nautical community welcome NAUTIFULL Corporation's new arrival- a luxurious, well-appointed and
S. fast sail yacht and an honor to its slogan as "The Ultimate Sailing Pleasure", a DUFOUR 44 Performance Arpege
I .ii t.-.a I-.1,rion. It was designed by Umberto Felci and Patric Roseo, Naval Architects at Cantiere del Pardo in Italy
'. A ,.1 Ii 'Il: ,'IR Yachts at La Rochelle, France. DUFOUR builds Performance-Cruising sailing yachts designed for high
-.- .-I : 1,l-.1 I, speed and manoeuvrability, whilst enjoying modern comfort and luxury below deck. This new vessel
.:,, i : ..- I .hnired and sailed from Pier 11 at the Village (in front of Chez Daniel's) through NAUTIFULL's Sailing
S.-, i.--: and Club, for evening cruises, day, and weekly trips, both bareboat and captained- skipper, provisions
-.i .:. th.- services can be arranged by calling 787-761-5780 or 787-647-3392. Make your reservations now
1 I.:.-: e already been taken up by enthusiastic residents and visitors!
Palmas the NAUTIFULL Sailing Club
',i, til.- other hand NAUTIFULL is launching in June at Palmas the NAUTIFULL Sailing Club, offering members
the opportunity to learn, enjoy the pleasure of sailling, and cruising by renting luxury racer-cruiser sailboats, like
its flagship DUFOUR 44. By becoming a member, you also save the major financial commitment of buying and operating a new or used but owned boat,
marina fees, maintenance costs, insurance. The club organizes flotilla trips to neighboring islands, sends a newsletter to members with lates sailing news
in PR and Caribbean, such as regattas and friendly trips, special deals with strategic partners such as hotels/inns, nautical equipment vendors, kayak
regattas and trips. Palmas homeowners are entitled to a 10% discount on the registration until July 30, 2009, limited memberships available. For more
information call 787-761-5780


- 10:00 AM

Sof isti t

aa e

aferoo inn


I [ [I,,,..
- I *ll I [I I II lI I I 1 I -
I 1 1 I I l I I I 1 I I .l

Ou 1 )Dno N I, 1 A\
6 Lii.. i i ; Hu;i-L. PR 787.852.1550
16 DI. .-. R-L .. -.' PR 787.734.7030
orthofig( prtc.net

S. S

...to elect the new Board of Director
and present the treasurer report
Thursday, June 25 at 7:00 PM
at Villa Franca Club House


Saturday July 4
Jodha Akbar" is an epic romance
made in India. It stars former Ms. World
and "Queen of Bollywood" Aishwarya
Rai and Hrithik Roshan. It is a sixteenth
century love story about a Mughal
emperor and a Rajput princess"

Sabado 13 de junio, 2009
Palmas del Mar, Humacao
Para inscripciones o mas informaci6n comuniquese al:
787.783.2226 / 787.783.2447
Hospital del Nifo de PR
o a trav6s de: evaz@imageworks.com

JULY 11 & 12, 2009
Three (3) categories:
under 14 under 16 under 18
Location: Beach Bohio beach area
Late Inscription Saturday, July 11
1:00 pm Exhibition Games, Clinics
Sunday, July 12, 2009- 11:00 am Tournament
Register your team by calling PHA at 787-285-6425
Cost: $15.00 per team

90wT gg

73 \.19

Saturday, June 28 at 2:00 PM
at Bellas Artes Caguas -
"Hasta que la Muerte nos separe" i
an afternoon of comedy with
Suzette Bac6 & Jorge Castro. Plus
Noelia Crespo with "La Risa Remdedio Para el
Estr6s". Donation: $30. on behalf of PECES. Includes a
glass of wine and a snack. Cash bar available.

Or Ufli Evil




Sponsored by
Palmas del Mar
Homeowners Association

- /1 -


a -' -ap
The U timate Sailing Pleasure
Yacht Manaj.jement New and Pievcously OnBd Models Sales
Charters. Caplain, Guide and Skipper Services

Kayaks* Dinghies* Sailboats

SailCats* Paddle Boards & More!
Tel: 787-761-5780 Cel: 787-647-3392
11318 F.D. Roosevelt Ave.,
4, i Puerto Nuevo, San Juan, PR 00920
./ www.nautifull.com
S.j nautifull@gmail.com


,1! .

T-s- -S 7*-j.::


r.. '

... .. .-
^'. i;. :" "- "..: -

.." .. ,. ;:...,, , .. . -.... ,. *
*: *** ^l^m^^^^ ^f"-
*'"-.*^ *^^Bfl^^S I>,!'

j~k~9Z -~ ljt-i ...rr
-% prr~.t %3- Iw~
I 'S *~ a

J'~ 4.sr -

I. I
la.~ **
I I .4
- .i.

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