Title: Live & life in Palmas
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Title: Live & life in Palmas
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Language: English
Publisher: Rosado & Morales Inc.
Place of Publication: Palmas del Mar, Humacao, Puerto Rico
Publication Date: April 2009
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amos los espacios de tus suefios


" /1

lr.iw mumumUUom afin 87 ON
EEL MMEffEEmM M3 111111-* 2 ON 0 *
iir mmum ,**.M.&o* aEl

Material para pisos y paredes
Revestimiento de interiores y exteriores
Topes de cocina, baFio, barra y m6s
Todo lo necesario para baFios y cocinas


78 -93 5 4 tel


) 12-1

*. I .......

~=. -


Ahora Banana Boat@ te brinda una protecci6n con Triple Accion, para que toda
tu familiar se divierta bajo el sol sin ninguna preocupaci6n, gracias a que protege
ahora, despues y por mas tiempo.


Banana Boat", protecci6n ahora, despu6s y por mis tiempo.



-t MAHJ~i

April & May are two of my favorite months. I guess this is so because it is
[-<. Il. h.1. to summer, my favorite time of the year. I have never abandoned
rl. I ... t rhat summer is synonymous of beach time and vacation. Even
it I I... r really go on vacations and I am working hard, during summer I
St..I ... I am on vacation. This is especially true living in Palmas. During
.. rime Palmas become more vibrant and effervescent than ever, the
r.. I._.. rs warmer and the beach is full with families and friends.
.rk April come the Easter activities, PHA week, then mother's day
Si .. ii birthday (no need for me to go into details). This year we will also
I '.. '.. ry close to us, The Thunderbird's air show; an exquisite concert
I .. J I 'uos de Amor with three important sopranos and tenors; and many
I* .. I ..tivities, please check the "Don't Miss" it page.
!i, rl1is issue we explore the topic of motherhood and we interview
1nri. I, of two generations or more that have lived in Palmas for many
,... i You will also get to know some of our Extreme Palmas Weekend-
..1 ,. )u know, those homeowners that religiously come to Palmas every
weekend or else they fall go into a deep state of depression. In our Snow Birds sec-
tion we will portray fascinating people who are part of our community. I hope you
enjoy this issue as much as I enjoyed doing it. As I have said before, it gives me the
opportunity to get to meet extraordinary people. A

Lissette Rosado, Editor


my .


"N V

.*. ""=

ble dilitir,416-Alsifternet

." 'I

,* '


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Zead S*S S rj-

-oefsee- Prntn (MP) Humca

itne tor acth Pala co m nt an its

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Cover models Provita Gonzalez & Leticia Gonzalez
Photographer Jose Bobyn
Art Director- Sandra Rodriguez
Fashion Denisse Di Brito/Youtopia
Make-up and Hair Styling by Keila Rivas /K's Salon.
Beaut'Products .i -~rden

'- "a : Keila Rivas d(



sabados y domingos
I ,oZA,

bufd que une
desayuno y almuerzo.
9am 1pm
iMas para todos los gustos,
s6lo en Bonanza!

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from Palmas firmament
By Lissette Rosado

I have known Maribel Castrodad for
many moons, when she was just start-
ing her business, La Nouvelle Estetique,
now La Nouvelle D'Spa. Destiny decid-
ed to reunite us again as Palmas hom-
eowners, a passion we share. "Every time
I find myself coming more and more to
Palmas. Now I am trying to convince my
sister to buy in Palmas. For me Palmas
is my therapy," she said. "And the ambi-
ance in her villa is an extension of her
Spa," added Brenda,her sister.
Maribel is a pioneer and a very hard
working woman with great vision and
good energy. Maribel studied Business
Administration but during those years
in the university she was also attending
beauty school and giving facials in her
home as a part time job. And ... believe
it or not, Maribel worked for the Inter-
nal Revenue Service with Hacienda but
soon she realized that her passion was
beauty and wellness. Maribel has always
been very avant-garde and she was one
of the first persons (if not the first) that
brought the concept of spa to Puerto
Rico. For Maribel it wasn't enough to of-
fer good massages, facials and having a
beautiful salon, she wanted her clients
to have a space of their own to relax and
feel good about themselves. This vision
comes because she always had looked to
Europe in search of new technology and
beauty tendencies. Maribel did her spe-
cialization in Spain where the concept of
beauty is a holistic and integrated con-
cept that includes body and mind.
On the other hand, her spa is equipped
with the latest in beauty technology.
The minute you enter La Nouvelle D'
Spa you feel better, it is like magic. Ac-
cess http://www.nouvelledspa.com for a
virtual tour and you will feel the peace
even via internet. La Nouvelle D'Spa
is a very modern and spotless spa with
9,000 square feet of space consecrated
to wellness of body and mind. Their Spa
menu includes: Massage Therapies, Re-

juvenation, water & mud therapies, slim-
ming and cellulite therapies, exfoliation
and body wrap among many others.
Maribel also engages in education
through media. She's been on TV for
twenty seven years, has participated in
many radio programs, and writes in many
of our magazines as a collaborator. At
the present she has a beauty segment on
the television program Entre Nosotras,
broadcasted by WAPA TV. "I love to
educate and communicate what's new
and how we can look and feel better,"
stated Mariblel.
Now, she brings new technology to
your home, with a new anti-aging kit
ises to reduce lines and aging signs in a
week. The kit includes a small machine
that helps stimulate the collagen pro-
duction and a serum based on neuro-
peptides. This product can be used as a
preventive measure as well as remedial,

when the lines are already there.
We will see more of Maribel soon, sine
she is restless and is always looking for
new ways of helping other women feel
good in their skin.
Maribel is married to Jose Pab6n, a
very experienced publicist and producer
and has two children, Jos6 Jos6, 26, who
is working with Maribel in the admin-
istrative area of the business and Ale-
jandro, 22.
Maribel is another of our Palmas' shin-
ning stars! We are proud of your success
and celebrate your triumphs! A



A great home improvement idea
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California closets O
30 A)
3oyears ofleadership INDUSTRY'
PARTNER 9 2009 California Closet Company, Inc. All rights reserved. Each franchise independently owned and operated.



a common creature in the tropics. The, run a\vav from
the \winter every vear. Thev like palm trees, sand and golf.
The also like good food and wine. Watch closely the, are
very friendly and fun.

B, LUItEE KuO t Jdu

(Lou) p /AoIvjflk 4%AWi*Wt

pot Ak Jomat C

This is one of our family's favorite recipes from Tom's father,
Silvene Bracalente. We make it all the time especially for
Christmas and Easter Dinner

Italian Scripelle Soup
From Northern Abruzzo and Teramo region
This is a basic chicken soup recipe you can add your
I ow

Ingredie 0 1 mm- VA
I111.| I. 4ppo l".101177h III 'l ... f
4 whole peeled Carrots
6 stalks of Celery
1 ii'I, Onions chopped
Fresh Parsley chopped Bay Leaf Salt and Pepper to Taste

Cover all i, i, Ili, Ii. with water and cook on top of stove for aprox. 1 hr .
or until chicken is tender Remove chicken and I, IlI cut into small
pieces set aside. Strain ...I by l1,1I a strainer over a ',,- ,bowl and
line the strainer with a couple layers of cheese cloth. Add chicken and cut
up 'II i

S.... *Seee eee teee ItaeenSees~eeSeSe e
Crepe Recipe
034 cup Flour
Pinch of Salt
% 14 cup milk

1 Tbls. Olive Oil
Grated Italian cheese

Makes 12 crepes. I double this recipe.
For 'ii' pot of soup.
Procedure Put all , I, i in
blender, mix until all 'ii, ,,Ii, Ii are
blended, and scrape sides to be sure every
il is well mixed. Tip: Use crepe pan or i, II 11 1i ,,irfry pan add Pam
....I i spray or a little oil, pour a small amount of crepe 11,, to cover
,II of pan, brown on each side. Crepes should be very thin. Remove
from frying pan. Sprinkle each crepe with 1 Tbls. of, 'i ,h, I cheese and a
little cinnamon. Roll and set aside.
m110 1
To serve Put two crepes in each soup bowl, cover with very hot chicken
soup, add finely chopped parsley to finish. Iii
im pec mI-S SAMTUCE ,I,,al,
T'.0.r5W 6m1r-24i n 1a L nun w28M-a IL N 118 7141I
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a imas marKet



We are now providing
To the Palmas del Mar community

For your clinical lab tests, please call:
787-850-4900 to make an appointment

Or come see us at:
Road. #3, Km. 86.0,
Candelero Arriba, Humacao
Monday to Friday from 6:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Saturday from 6:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon

26 locations, for your convenience in:
* Humacao Bayam6n Caguas Cayey Cidra
Gurabo Guaynabo Hato Rey
Rio Piedras Santurce San Lorenzo

You can pick up your lab results in any of our 26 locations.

Delivery available 5 pm 9 pm 'TEL 787.

Creando un amb'ente,,,

agradable y funcional.

IL I,,:-r, ,- ,:|,- .h,:,r,,:
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Archivos alta densidad
Sillas ergon6micas
HMobilario para todo tipo
de presupuesto y necesidad
Cotizacion y diseio
computarizado, libre de cost

-"TEL 787 294.7800
FAX 787 764.0800
120 Domenech Ave. Hato Rey

-/o de descuento en depilaciones
' -ZOo de descuento en planes cosm6ticos*

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L..Se, ',e-'e,-esis
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Acne y Espinillas
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I *~ :iI~ir'i.~ Je i

Masaje Corporal
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relajar tu cuerpo
y mente
Precio regular: $125
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I Microdermabrasi6n
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para Cicatrices
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For 'l' 1- 1' lr II'll o1I all'l'lll lO plea-e call.

During these tough times...

let's paddle together...

Looking for a great place for breakfast?
Cafeto Center Court Tennis David's Cookies
Interested in a casual lunch?
Bistro Rico Blue Hawaii Center Court Tennis Chez Daniel French Restaurant & Tapas Bar
David's Cookies Flying Pizza The Bohio The Beach Club The Country Club
No plans for dinner look what's available!
Bistro Rico Blue Hawaii Caracoles Center Court Tennis Chez Daniel French Restaurant & Tapas Bar
Flying Pizza La Brochette The Beach Club The Country Club
Looking to buy, sell or rent property?
BBC Realty CPM Realtors RE/MAX de Palmas Palmanova Real Estate
Palmas del Mar Real Estate The Villas at Palmas del Mar
Service Businesses Supporting the Community
Banco Popular Best Golf Car Rentals DCI Puerto Rico PBI Security Services Rosado & Morales
* Sea Venture Snorkeling The Pennysaver The Sheraton Four Point Hotel and Casino Vias Car Rental *


As you are well aware, the PHA Board of Directors monitors the finances of your
Palmas del Mar Homeowners Association very closely. This is done to insure the finan-
cial health of the Association so it may remain focused on major community needs and
interests that enhance its security, quality of life and property values.
I wish to reiterate that we are very conscious of the economic situation and outlook
affecting everyone both in the mainland USA and in Puerto Rico as well. As an organi-
zation with fiduciary responsibility to its membership, we want to act prudently during
this difficult period. Accordingly, we have adjusted our service contracts, held back
operational expenses to absolute essentials and substituted traditional homeowners
activities with less expensive but just as much fun community events for the Homeown-
ers Week. This also means we will not be doing capital investments projects in 2009 as
aggressively as we did in 2008.
By now, you should have received your copy of the annual PHA financial audit. Once
more, as it has been the trend over the past 10 years, PHA received an unqualified opin-
ion. More importantly, the report reflects that in 2008, in spite of a significant drop in
collections and certain unexpected expenses, we were able to invest close to ":'.',.',.'..
for key capital community projects directly oriented toward enhancing our quality of life
and the well-being of our community.
Major projects that saw fruition in 2008 included a state- of-the art community chil-
dren's park at a cost to PHA of approximately $143,000, a perimeter surveillance security
system (approximately $175,000), installation of beach access improvements and golf cart
parking facilities (approximately $50,000), major landscaping upgrades (approximately
$35,000), repainting of road lines in Candelero (approximately $30,000) and refreshing
road signage (approximately $23,000). At the upcoming Annual Meeting you will receive
a detailed report explaining these investments to make sure the community understands
that your assessment dollars are being used wisely while maintaining the necessary fiscal
restraint that our current environment demands
I look forward to seeing you during Homeowners Week and
r., continue to count with your support for the PHA programs
h .-. 2, 4red to uphold and strengthen the growth of our community.



Congratulations to Ricardo
de Varona for his selection
as District Seven
(7) the Marina
District repre-
sentative before
the PHA Board
of Directors. Ri-
cardo is a long-
time resident of
San Miguel Island
and the president
of that residential area. A me-
chanical engineer, developer and
entrepreneur, Ricardo is married
to Patricia Escoto and they have
two children Patricia and Ricardo.
He loves the Palmas way of life
and spends a lot of time enjoy-
ing cruising in his boat "Guru".
Ricardo will be seated as a new
Director of the PHA Board at
the upcoming Annual Meeting
for a three-year term. Also, con-
gratulations are in order to Mr.
Julio Bague and to Mr. Daniel
Vasse for their reelection to a sec-
ond three-year term as members
of the PHA Board of Directors
representing District Two and the
Business District respectively.



Try these basic steps:
Black Screen
Verify converter connection to TV and splitters
TV should always be on channel 3

Problem with certain channels
Unplug the converter from electrical outlet five seconds.
When plugged back in, it should say "Loading."

Temporary Off Air
Verify converter connection
Unplug the converter from electrical outlet 5 seconds.
When plugged back in, it should say "Loading"
Verify converter connection to TV and splitters.

Interactive Menu does not appear (NO DATA)
* From the remote control press guide and OK simultaneously, the system will say "Loading"
Unplug the converter from electrical outlet 5 seconds.
When plugged back in, it should say "Loading"

Snowy picture or Tiling
Verify converter connection to TV and splitters

VOD Error
Unplug the converter from electrical outlet 5 seconds.
* When plugged back in the system should say" Loading"



As part of the Homeown-
ers Week activities, PHA will
bring to you the concert "A
Tribute to The Beatles" by the
famous Juke-Box Band. This
extraordinary concert will
take place at Palmanova Plaza
on Saturday, April 18, 2009
at 7:00 p.m. Theater seating
will be arranged and pay-as-go
bars will be available on the
sides of the concert. Also,
Palmanova restaurants will
be offering a special menu to
mark this special event.
Don't miss this wonderful
evening of family fun and
great entertainment.

In an effort to protect the endangered sea turtles that
make the Palmas coastal area their favorite nesting habi-
tat, Palmas del Mar Homeowners Association (PHA) in
coordination with the Puerto Rico Department of Natural
Resources and the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Services (FWS)
agreed upon a Habitat Conservation Plan (HCP). The
sea turtles are protected by the Endangered Species Act
and any action that adversely affects them is punishable
by federal law. With that in mind please be extremely
careful should you observe or encounter any type of sea
turtle activity including an eclosion or the birth of new
sea turtles. Your first reaction should be to stay away and
to keep others at a prudent distance from the activity and
notify the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) at
787-724-5700 or PHA Security at 787-852-7745 immedi-
ately. DNR and/or the Security Department will make the
appropriate notifications so qualified inspectors respond
to the site and take over the situation. Should the turtle
or the new- born hatchlings appear to be in danger, you
should include this information in your initial call. DNR
or appropriately trained personnel will advise you as to
the actions you may take under those circumstances.

ments the latest technology for
personal, residential and com-
mercial protection. Several
companies have confirmed
their participation and will
be setting up booths and
information displays to share
the latest information technol-
ogy with the Palmas community.
Mark your calendars and don't
miss this important event. Experi-
ence first hand how to protect your-
self and your individual property.

Meet Juan and Peter. Together they are
credited with saving 39 lives in 2008 and
four (4) more already in 2009. These are
- real, human-size heroes you can meet at
I our beach anytime.
Juan Ramos and Peter Whalton are two
I -1 1.11 officers with the assigned duty as
* K-.:,':.-curity Patrol. But they are not the
ri :.i:1 ,ii'-of-the-mill security officers. In
..- ,:ii,: ,,, i,, their security skills there are highly
[ ii. ire:l lilly certified individuals who have
i, ii riliie the most rigorous qualification
in. rioiin;i i insure they are totally capable of
l l:r|ii;i Ailers in danger without becoming

I h




6:30 pm
PHA Delegates
I i lH l
r i t i i I' I .i i

FRI -.A1

8:30 am -12:15 pm
Annual Meeting
at PHA Conference Hall
8:30 am
Delegates Registration
9:00 am
Business Session
11:15 am
Open Session
12:30 pm-1:00 pm
PHA Organizational Meeting
7:00 pm- 9:00 pm
"A Tribute to The Beatles"
at Palmanova Plaza



a victim themselves. This training includes, among other things, endurance
exercises, development of swimming skills, development of rescue skills and
techniques, CPR, first-aid, use of rescue equipment, rescuing victims under
various scenarios and situations, evaluation of victims, assessing weather
and sea conditions, etc. They are retrained and requalified annually to make
sure they stay on top of their trade.
When talking to Juan and Peter you immediately sense these guys are
ready for action at anytime. They are always alert monitoring potentially
dangerous situations, observing people and, particularly, the interaction
between parents and small children. At the first sing of trouble they alert
each other to render mutual support and to summon additional paramedics
and security help in case it is needed. While one enters the water, the other
monitors the situation, coordinates assistance and gets ready to provide first
aid to the victim. As soon as the victim is out of the water one provides first

aid, CPR or life-sustaining help while the other recovers from his rescue effort.
Once the situation stabilizes, the victim is turned over to the paramedics, as
appropriate, and the general situation to the security supervisor for investiga-
tion and documentation purposes. Meanwhile Juan and Peter recheck their
equipment and go back on watch. Ready for the next situation.
With the Easter Week and summer vacation holidays approaching, Juan
and Peter have some sound advice for beach -goers:
Pay attention to red flags warnings
Keep a constant eye on your children
Listen and heed beach patrol advice
Have safe fun!
Congratulations Juan and Peter. Keep up the good work!




BABAMALUA ciiw i ~mwivi


beas of us o le in Pal
6 * 6 s 6B

thLRe mri ine an* ice r,, (yu ae

keep ... te i Palms !). I,,, ev
used he unitC,

6.o sto o the wa to Palmas. Yo d6't

end (That w.a.s ...bef. I, our I Pa
supermek. . in, RI II I I r,
S a i .t* h 66 6 a i i a. p oi

6 r l I ,
* -i 6 . *6 I I I I L I .
to al ou S. y 6 *do6 6

e eyee6 e. 6 ndI.i Good ti tht Koper sascefbi
Jaime is the President ot the exquisite furniture store, Koper,
a family owned business managed by Jaime and his brother Juan Carlos Cols.
Lourdes is an Optometrist at Miro Optica in Caguas. Lourdes & Jaime's twins,
Lourdita & Jaimito, are about to graduate this year from high school.
Jaime has a small boat and with his friend Manolito, likes go to fishing almost

every weekend. Good thing that Koper is a successful business. The biggest sh
andy have cagh is a "sierra" that fts comfortably in the average cutting board!
I .Te important part is that they have a good time. Who cares, there are many
.startn .. . good restaurants in Palmas where you can eat good fresh ash and lobster.

start watchifi ng 5 In the near future, Jaime & Lourdes will like to move to Palmas on a full time

Sa Jua yo keep potonn it,watn thyhvcagtia"ser"tafiscmotbynteaeaecuigbadI

thatsomthig hppes ad yo do't he mpotan pat istha thy hve god tme. ho are, tereareman



necLed widi Palmas throughout die whole week
I., ..mail or phone with friends like me who
li .. here. On Friday they start calling at
on to confirm our plans for the night
,nd the weekend. In the beginning they
used to come late on Fridays and leave on
Sunday. Now they are starting to come
early on Fridays and sometimes stay-
The ing in Palmas until Monday. Tensy also
comes during the week to see her clients
in Palmas. Tensy is an exquisite interior
designer who has decorated many apart-
ments and houses in Palmas. Antonio is
an experienced attorney at law and no-
SO Rotary that mainly covers civil and litiga-
tion cases. Antonio is one of those, like
me (in the past), that gets upset when
something happens and he can't leave
the office early on Fridays. Antonio &
Tensy have three adults children: Tensy, who is living in
Panama with her husband and 2 sons; Antonio (also a lawyer),
who comes very frequently with them to Palmas; and Sofia,
the youngest who just got married.
Antonio loves to listen to good music, and loves to invite his
friends to eat and share a good wine or a good blackk" (what
he calls Black Label).
They are planning to live full time in Palmas when they re-
tire. I think they are going to move full time to Palmas sooner
than they think.
They are our #2 extreme case of Palmas Weekenders war-
riors. A

Gloria, Miguel & Javi
(Javier) arrive at Palmas
every Friday. "As soon
as I cross the gate I feel '1
relaxed and in peace. I
feel I have just entered
Paradise. I leave all my
concerns at the front
gate and pick them up on
the way out," said Gloria. & I
Miguel is retired from the 1.
furniture business but Glo-
ria still works as an interici
designer. "Gloria works re I
hard all week. For her, it i-
very important to come he ..
every weekend," said Miguel.
Javi, on the other hand, loves the Beach Club.
He enjoys being at the Beach Club where he
knows everybody and everybody knows him.
Javi is a special kid! He's a lovable young man,
very sweet and pleasant. He enjoys life plenty
and Palmas in particular. He hangs out with his
parents' friends and is always laughing with our
Miguel and Gloria love to spend the week-
end with friends, walking, at the Beach Club,
partying, or at the Casino (Gloria is very good
at playing in the Casino). She is also lucky in
love, she has a beautiful family. Gloria has
three children: Javi, Vanessa & Miguelito.
They will also like to move permanently in
the near future.
They are our #3 extreme case of Palmas
Weekenders warriors. A


Irir IF rk .1

ri.. 1, ill. T ill 1, .i l IF 'ip,. F. I. I-A
I 1 ... P i r,

I i i r r i. .- IF.ii






Hle works in the banking indus-
I' y, in the mortgage area; she is a
Pediatrician. They live in Ponce
A R OS but she travels every day to
Jayuya where she has her of-
Te o fice and comes to Palmas every
weekend. Some days she also
E & goes to Aibonito to visit her
I In Palmas they have a group
of friends and neighbors with
whom they do different activi-
ties such as BBQ's, walks on
the beach, go out for dinner,
ride bicycles and go for a ride
in the golf car.
"For us, Palmas is a stress re-
lease," said Milagros while Marcos agrees by nodding his head.
"It's a very bad feeling when we can't come to Palmas. It is like
an obsession, we have to come!" said Marcos.
They like it so much that they convinced her cousin to buy
in Palmas and now they also come every weekend. Milagros
& Marcos are also planning to retire in Palmas. Marcos has
two children: Maria Rend & Estefanfa; and Milagros has one
son, Francisco. They have a son together, Manolo, a beautiful
They are our #4 extreme case of Palmas Weekenders war-
riors. A

-A l.l K I I I IId a )
Nelly and Antonio are the in-laws of Ingrid and
Reynaldo Salas Soler. (Nelly and Antonio's son is
married with one of Reynando's daughters) Both
couples--Nelly and Antonio, and Ingrid and Reynal-
do--go for happy hour every afternoon from 5:00 to
6:00 PM. Sometimes you see them in a small boat
around the marinas waiting for the sunset.
Antonio and Nelly are both from Humacao and
moved to San Juan to study and ended up living
there. He is a retired CPA from PriceWaterHouse.
Ingrid, with four kids, is a stay at home mother. They
have four children: Antonio, Marco Antonio, Maria
Victoria and Omar, who lives in the Dominican Re-
public. Antonio says that he has been ready to move
to Palmas full time for the longest time but Nelly is
not ready yet. She will!
They are our #5 extreme case of Palmas Weekend
Warriors! A


Dr. Sigrid Soto, Curriculum Director

The Palmas Academy has been
very busy building relations
with, and receiving recognition
from the community and other
organizations nationwide.
Between the success of the
PTO's Second Carnival, held on
Valentine's weekend; the Ninth
Grade Class Give Love, Give
Life Blood Drive, held on March
11, and the honorable mention
to three of our High School
students: Isabelle Soares, Nikki
Pizarro, and Shirley Ng,
The Palmas Academy could
not be more proud of their
pod of dolphins.


narnivall planning ominee
(in green): Miosotis
Pimentel, Denisse Valledor
& Leila Morales

The Carnival...
Ti,- PfTO's School Carnival is a fundraising
.-v,'i,, sponsored by the Academy's PTO
.:iirI:i 'ildent Council to help raise monies
i:i ...i ::. a targeted school need. In this
.i r, all of the Academy's stakeholders
unite to help our students.
SThis ','ear it supported the
m, -,, yardss providing re
-,i, ti, 1,,r the new Science
i i L.::: i r. will be located in
Si ii 1t Secondary school
I. iiiiihi .ind expected to be
ii::,iiplit:i by the 2009-
",i, :I:iool year. A


k1 .. w



Plaque from

the Mayor
Last, but certainly not least, The
Palmas Academy is very proud of
Nikki Pizarro for receiving a Good
Samaritan Plaque, from the Mayor
of Humacao, Marcelo Trujillo. We
are proud of our Dolphins! A

Nikki Pizarro parents, Nikki Mayor's wife and
Humacao Mayor, Marcelo Trujillo

- ;V


a comminon creature in the tropics. They run a\ival from
the winter every -ear. Thel like palm trees, sand and golf.
The also like good food and vine. Watch closely they are
very friendly and fun.

A ~ K Ii i-1k- I- iii

Tt~. S&iA

S~cX~.~ii~4\ &G\& S

Ii iI''ii'i liii IIi'ii I
I ii I' ii ii' I I i, I Iii I, I i I~ ii, liii ii I,
liii' i'ii'''I'''i' iii''
liii I iliiiiil Ii'i' iii
111111' I Iii' 'liii I'i' i'I iii'II'iiII'i Iii'

ii 1,1'' iii'I I'll iiil''' I ''i''i' 'iii
'ii' 111,111 I iliiii I

lllly dlalll UI ul, ydU yAA pl U Illd[ lllo
camp included the family. Kaylee was 2 and Jackeline 5 when they first
came to Palmas. Now, as adults, they keep coming.. .sometimes alone
sometimes with friends. "I remember the Sun Hut Fun, the mini I ,III and
the 'iliilil. I learned my numbers and ii i, in Spanish in order to be
able to play i, i,,." said Kaylee. "We spent here many Iiiii,, I breaks
with friends. There is m, ii,, i, I ,i I about Palmas. Days seems so
long (we do so much ii ii I, I the day) but yet when it's time to leave you
wonder where time has i ,ii, We always want to come back. I consider
Palmas my II, I home. Palmas is a piece of what I have become," said
Kaylee. I Ill ii Kaylee is 1 1ii i llI an I il iii 1111 ll in M anhattan,
she comes here to unwind, like this weekend that I am II, I i, i,,,I her.

28 liveifeinpalmas@gmailcom

"I 'I' .ll need to leave Palmas for 11 illiii, .i, here I have i illll, 1."
ii I iI. I liillke her sister, Jackeline is an artist, an art teacher in an
, i i ,i ,11 I ol in the Bronx and a natural adventurer. "On every trip
i i, ii, i I...Id San Juan and explore the Island," Jackeline tells us.
, hI,,ll I,, I ,I a trip around the Island camping with some girl friends
11, 1 1i, , 11i is Luquillo, Arroyo, Utuado, Vieques, among others.
i I I I hil I I, s musical inspired art as well as art, 1 11 1 i 1. That means
iii i, I ,iI ith her hands or with her feet at the III, lliil i Ill, music
,,i I ,I,,, i , I sit still. I tend to i 1 ii ii" towards musicians since
ii, i 11 111, i iration. M usic and art feed my soul. If I am not ',, ii',i
i i iI 11 i live m usic I am 11,,I lil, i the woods Ii ... l i more
i I iii I i ity". Visit her at jammin up art at My Space to know
,ii' about her art work. She also I, i1,,. and produces

Hoola- H' illii' an art or game that has iii. i. ..
iii ill referred to as Ili IliiI or simply
II, 1 ,I I' to i I hll, ill II it from the children's game. If
you I, "Hoola H., i, I you will find i and
I, i, I, There is even a Hoola -' ii 'i i, I I I i ii, I and
in ii it -il ,ml. ill World Hoop Day!
Kaylee and Jackeline's artistic ilI Iii .ii,,i r. come from
e ir parents who are musicians and artists. John 1 i ii,
ii ieil 11 and is senior president of rights & i, Ii i,.ii of
ii.i Lane Music in NYC. This company buys and sells
,,,, isic rights which means 11 ii i own the rights of many
I ,ious composers and iiii ( ii, Lane deals with the
; iiil ic "1' ii 1iii, 11 aspect of the business. For example,
ill,, are the publishers of the music of Elvis Presley. That
means that if you want to use Elvis' music for commercial
purposes, you have to do business with John. The company also has a
music publisher and print division whose mission John Stix summarizes
in a ,Il I I, thesis written by Michael Brillante as to ", I I sheet music out
of the piano bench and onto the piano." So... if you are I 11 ii, I a movie
and you need music for it, John is the man who can help you acquire the
rights or even get someone to write it for you. If you have written a I I1, I
you think could become a hit, John can sing it for you. You never know!
As I Iiii, in chief, John has interviewed artists such as Led Zepplin,
Billy Joel, Jeff Beck, Metallica, John Mayer, Van Halen and the Beach
Boys among others. In an internet ',I1 i. some guy named Denis Taaffe


wrote: "I sent a demo to John Stix and it was one of the first ones I ever
sent out. John Stix took the time to send me a written i1 i, i iv and this
was hand written and he actually listened to my 4 track demo (which If I
remember was one of 1,, ii I..... li,,i i. I not very, .....I haha)." This
means that' I i, 111, John has passion for what he does and sensitive
to others needs. In Palmas he plays music all the time and plays tennis
every inil, day!
On the liii, I hand, Andi Stix is also an artist. She has been a ballet
dancer all her life and sings in a chorus. But her real passion is for i ,ii I
books. Andi has a doctorate I. 11. from Columbia I i ii, and is a
I I i h, '1 (- ', ii i Coach, il Ii il h in 1 ',I. ii i..,. That is about how
to apply the same 1i, ,ii I. that professional business coaches use to
help students achieve more in all subjects and at all , Il. levels. Andi
teaches teachers how to teach. She is also the cc i ii'i ii iu, exploring
History series, an award-winning simulations curriculum, developed and
cc ,,ii 1 il 1', I with Andi Stix, Ed.D and Frank Hrbek, for teachers of Social
Studies and Humanities in 'ii 4 5 ii,.,i.iii 12. Exploring History
1 i o ii, i, students to simulate historical events, read historical fiction,
write persuasive essays, and analyze primary source documents. Andi is
also the founder and director ",i i I Gifted & Talented Enrichment Center,
also known as GTec-Kids that provides a rich and personalized after
school enrichment ,.,, ii ,i for 'iiijll and iii children in ii I, 2
i, ii'ii 111 5. She loves to dance and music is always present in her life.
"I use classical music to write my books and when in Palmas I sit in my
balcony at Crescent Beach." She also loves to ride her bike in Palmas
early in the 111,iii,.i and take the Pilates classes with Betsy at the
Fitness Center.
In the future, Andi & John will like to spend more time in Palmas and
Andi will love to work in Palmas Academy. "We just love Palmas, people
here are so happy! You meet people and they become your friends
, i.il lill A


guest speaker at K's Salon

Eric T Adler, MD, Board Certified Fa-
.I r in. ~ surgeon, will visit Palmas April
', r' t. i.i a brief conference and share
r.. .n- -ommunity the latest trends
I r.astic surgery and facial fillers
r1 r. I ct signs of aging. "While in
rFl.I r ir was usually an older patient,
in. I ,ve experienced the trend of a
,E- r ..' pulation interested in improv-
ivi ,!i- i imperfections and signs of ag-
ai. ti preventive" fashion. As a Facial
i' lri.. figeon for the last 15 years I
S ...n r ssed a better educated patient
I. .. r to participate in the decision
1 1a .f ice all options to improve his
... ..... have been presented. With
r,. k,. I..,t new technology, we can now
better diagnose and treat many of the present signs of a patient interested in improv-
ing his appearance without the need of long procedures and recoveries", said Eric

THE FILLERS... a non-surgical rejuvenation procedure
The use of Facial Fillers as a way of Rejuvenating has continued to grow amidst
our global economic crisis. Several reasons are ie .. il for this trend. "First, it is
a true non-surgical rejuvenation procedure which reverses the natural aging process
of losing facial tissue and volume. In my 13 year experience of fillers I prefer to use
non-permanent fillers with duration of up to 2-3 years. It is wise to avoid permanent
materials since the process of aging may require products to be placed in different
anatomical regions according to the needs at a specific time. What may be needed to
rejuvenate a face at the age of 45 may change at the age of 60. I rather use a product
that will make the face look natural and youthful at every stage and age. Finally, the
no down time and lower cost of injectable procedures in comparison with 2-3 week
downtime surgeries has also made this trend take place" said Dr. Adler.
This and other topics will be discussed with Dr. Adler at K's Salon April 20, 2009
at 1:00PM. "It's an honor for us to have Dr. Eric Adler in our salon and to offer our
clients the opportunity to be more informed about all the tools available to look
younger and feel better.", said Keila Rivas, owner of K's Salon. To reserve a space for
this conference, please call K'salon at 787.852.7099.



He is six going on twenty five. Can you
tell from the photo? He is in the first
grade and when he grows up he is clear
that he wants to be a doctor, a toy mak,
er and pop corn maker in a movie the,
ater. His name is Jos6 David Puell, the
son of Rebeca Alberti and Jose David
Puell, our doctors of Palmanova. The
day of the interview he immediately ap,
proached me to explain that he had won
a trophy as part of a competition of the
boy scouts. But first, Jos6 told me that
he was a tiger and soon would become
a wolf and proceeded to showed me all
his medals and badges. The interview
with his parents had to be postponed.
It was fascinating how he explained,
with such aplomb and self confidence,
all his achievements until he got to the
ultimate award, the trophy. He won
second place in the Space Derby of
Borinquen District that included Ca,
guas, Humacao and some areas of San
Juan. The goal was to develop a rocket
that would travel the farthest. I saw it in
action and it actually works very well.
He has a future as a toy maker and who
knows maybe he can end up working
at NASA.

Rsk your boristo

I ll. r- i ,. i I 'I, ,I l tI l ri l i,.
I, ri I j lij n I t, I l' ' i I,

I', I ~' I ir i F 'i I I | l'' ,

I 1II 1 . I i i 1. I I I
II I I I!' L' I ,, i, [I i I
F. I I' i i ii.! iF !, i I. !
S, ,! i i J. i I I .
I I I F i r N I. *l l
r .1 r I ii *'.. .. !" I 'I ii i ', i. i '. .... rF i...

r' i F. rI, I. ''!' F' I' II. !iH .. i F, I F! I ,
I 1. 1 I I F F I iF I I F l i.. I ill I

II,.I 1. 1 ,. 1 r ,. I t

I. I I l. l iIF,''! I I tr. I ,'-' F
t, ,,.,,i '.' .1 rl. ,. I,, .!.. r... Ii. i ,. !, r ,t rl. i ...

]' Il i ..I tI,. r r Ii r F r II rF l I l i I r I, r
,! i ,.. , r ... .. ti .... !',, F ', '-. r,.

_I. ,. ,.. I ri !i ,. I .! '. I' ir 1 .. tI . I F ,"i

i ,,, ,I .I . ,, 1 ,, I ,i ,F .I '! I'! "
,. 11" , ,11 !ill i, i!!' 'i l F, . .. 1. .1. 'F .


I , I ] , , .. ,. 1... I I I ,,, . , ,, 1 ..

Puerto Rico's

S ___

Isla Verde:
787-791-4120, 791-2600
(airport service)
787-796-6404, 796-6882
787-852-1591, 850-3070
Free pick-up at the airport.
Service is our priority!

Calle Isidro Andreu #5, Playa Punta Santiago, Humacao, PR
(Antiguo local de Tulio's Seafood)
Horario: Miercoles y Jueves 5:00 PM 10 :00 PM
Viernes y Sabados 5:00PM 11:00PM
Domingos 11:30AM 7:00PM
(787) 850.6666
Meni confeccionado por el Chef Javier A. Santos Jim6nez

Ideal as post-traumatic therapy, deep
skeletal-muscle relaxation as well as
total wellbeing and general fitness.

CALL TODAY 787.246.8261
For more information and benefits of
V" ~these therapies and AcuaYogi classes.


\Af _'

By Ficir de Iris Santos

The Rice Grains...

Tr ai /os granitos

Mrs. Bartola Rodriquez, the
family matriarch and widow,
remembered that while she was
enjoying a traditional snack of
leftover rice stuck at the bottom
of the sauce pan with her 11 chil-
dren she got an idea. She wanted
to create a fried snack that would
serve as a fun and daily treat for
the people of Humacao and at the
same time bring her family some
financial stability.

We have one of Humacao's best kept
secrets right next door. Early in the
morning, when the sun has not yet made
its appearance in the horizon, there is
an entire family getting ready to satisfy
the demands for their famous "Granito",
Humacao's typical fritter made with fried
rice flour and cheese. The carts that sell
these fritters leave the Patagonia Ward to
the streets of our city to sell the "Granitos"
throughout three different time shifts:
4:00 a.m., 5:00 a.m., and 6:00 a.m.
Mrs. Bartola Rodriquez, the family
matriarch and widow, remembered that
while she was enjoying a traditional snack
of leftover rice stuck at the bottom of the
sauce pan with her 11 children she got an
idea. She wanted to create a fried snack
that would serve as a fun and daily treat
for the people of Humacao and at the
same time bring her family some financial
After some years, the confection of

this fried treat was converted into a small
family business passed from generation to
generation. It has also served customers
from Humacao and other towns who wait
patiently in line early in the morning to
satisfy their fried fritter cravings.
For special orders, they prepare boxes
(20 ea.) of this tasteful delicacy ready to
fry and enjoy. You can also enjoy tasting
these traditional fritters as part of the
tourist attractions tour free of cost pro-
moted by the Autonomous Municipality
of Humacao and the Hotel Four Points
by Sheraton of Palmas del Mar the third
Saturday of each month. (787) 852-6000
or (787) 852-4401.
"Granitos"... another unique treat
that contributes in making Humacao the
Eastern Capital of Puerto Rico!
For more information, please contact
the Rodriguez's family at: (787) 852-
0772. A

Some of the family members work
laboriously with higuiera and coco-
nut in hand, preparing more than
thousand grains per night.

By Lissette Rosado

overwhelnlninf alanche oMt l 'e I'ou [eel thei.ll 1t- 1 i-i- iiiii:i),.
Suddenly everything charlnge::,I 11111 le i iiri 'li i, Hin I iiit h :- t
what unconditional loves is t le :i .aii i lit ,:11 i i 1:1 it:i llt- 'e
that this little person was inside 'ii bi 11:ii : I it-I'- ,l, ii ",ll II- .it
him Ol her astonished Stlddenril; l liai 1 i. I I i i id i ill lilt- 11 ii ii,111
yOUr O il parents makes sense WIVHi u ii. e i ,- : Il 11 fi il ,i
will uncdelstand how rriulh :e l '. ;ou i -i. I t-e it-i- 1: 1 i l t "
uncdelstand it Then Iyour ba t.ilIt':. iii .ni i .iil ,1ill:i .ii..
are not in a mrlovie and iral birtie: :, : 1 I(i- tlee- .ii i-t
sick, don't follow illlStR ih ln ,l d 'll 1 :111 1 ,lll ',lli l .- ill.ir'lli.il Ilil-lel.
Not everything is peaches alnd ,J e rll E.n e It li .,ill J it I :.11 i :
buyV milk becomes a big pi) je:t Tlini i ,i.1 ii iI l Ii.i t' hi t i 11 ,ilit
,it thte i.lii (i i: Iiiii iii li- ,ii: [e l ille
i .I ,-,e uhFt ill l e t 1 lll -e
,Then they e.o i ll llet r it i.i l nile I l l-

Sa d u s the l l.,. h -li' i i ii I, IiI 'ii- lii

then 11 he .adolescent ,u W j ii'iii -i 1 1 'ii it-i *ir, l,

lotofpatience and ~l'; ,1i ] i i iii ti:'i i ii'i 11, :. :- 1i: n'it i .
th one l. t. lo Iou h iiie - t-.r I i ll i/l

srri'oo hly Even tlhouU li sh- i::' riuntt-'tt'l, Ii i t1 i .1 i. Iit- : :- 1ii1i *ill:i il
e a e ov tis ''ear? a ii r I '- 11 '- .i 1 llE I liiin .i i i, li n
t( ,-,, ll ,Z ,",l illE I.in ,'" 11 ,,, h

11is an h.r student in : l ll Ii.iiii i ] iii 1

iijiyaquez andi is alm t 'an iju .ilt V i l' l i.i t- I i. 1 t it-iiii
Thenli they be .omrne ,a illl.srs l iet er ii l llt 1 it- .1I i]i, liiiqt it
thleesatu e this issu e sic ri i ';i .1 ii l ei t! 1 1i ii.iil lllii ti!n I .id
buthen them adolescent t rlsiul Whii t jI ill.'litI- 1 111 ii ,ll l i '.iiiri, .
Rlot f patising k a d in ,e P ,l -1i.is 1 a piilie e 11 I l- 1l1 :h I i, -I I- 1 1 l1111.1i111
eithe had tat. ou h ulA rlit I it! i .li L.ill
srrioothly Even thou,)[l she is rnrn lt ii ]lill n [ il .. nIl Ij idll :.1/
we are. over those ;tais ar 1 n'), 't t j n i ll j i- l.hn:IlnI .leI
Is a ln honor student in he :etn ,'e .i i .l : ll.ljn .l (nllwi:ll n0 Ill
M ayaguez and is almi1.,st an 1i.dull VVW ll -,: it!lllll it- I Ii.Ij t I IllIluilid
herl She not yet aJl1I adult ,n'd th.JI I -Ji I1 l lll ln
W hen sh1e graduates ind e-elnitni.-ll, ,il,:l I nn.jnnnLI- I 'nil 111 ',L 11 11 -lle,
Could live and raise Iiet .lids In Pall nnl. ,t! [it- I 'nll, ntl L ,il,f nil h)
teat-.Ile In this Issue 1P,[Vit 1111r; 1 -I1 'e n' n .wrnId Ill, (1 najiln.]rn( I oitIn :Iie,
but for them to enll the qnual, t, ,I Ilt ,in! :In j nl, nnI II I llnn ..
Raising kids in Pmhnas is a pn'.ileile Thi- nii lllitl -", .n, j I tL inn
here had that Iluck A




aa r

Provita & Leticia, our mother and daughter fashion icons! Provita
always carries a classic and elegant look. Leticia, she is a trend
setter, she knows what's hot and what's not. If you have any doubts
about fashion ask Letty, she will know. She is always looking sharp.
Provita is soft and low key and Leticia is vibrant and full of energy.
But they look alike and share a lot of the same interests. "We like
to exercise, to walk, to go out for dinner or simply visit each other,"
said Provita. She also admitted that they share accessories and
beauty secrets and accessories (we have to find out what they are
because they both look so pretty). "We used to share clothes but

...our cover models
not anymore because Leticia is skinnier than me now," says Provita.
Provita is from Ponce where she met her husband, Hector Gonzalez.
"I met Hector in school and our families were friends, so I used to visit
his house. But when I fell in love with him I stopped visiting. Hector
is one of 10 brothers and all of them were very handsome and quite
popular with the girls. Then I decided I was going to play hard to get
and it worked! He courted her and they have been married for fifty
Provita and Hector have three children: Leticia, the only girl who has
two sons, Fabian & Sebastian; Hector Oreste who lives in Indianapolis
and has four children; and Miguel who lives in Boca Raton and has
four children also. Even though they live outside of Puerto Rico they
see each other often. Both Provi and Hector visit them or they come to
visit their parents. The family also travels together once in a while.
We used to live in Ponce but we would come frequently to Palmas
and rented out a property but in 1990 we moved permanently. Leti-
cia came with us and eventually also bought a villa. "Why Palmas?"
I asked Provita. "Palmas is the best place in Puerto Rico to live," she
answered without hesitating. "I like the peace, the ameni-
ties, the people, the beauty, everything! I wouldn't live any
place else."
Leticia, also a Palmas resident for long time, loves
her villa in the mountain with an astonishing view of .
Palmas' sea and the mountain. Her house is a clear
reflection of her creativity, audacity and fun spirit. You
will never consider the things she does for decoration
and they look great! Like for example, an antique four
post bed placed in the living room or a Christmas tree
that hangs from the ceiling upside down like a huge chandelier. Her
beloved Manolo Rodriguez and three wonderful dogs are part of her
immediate family. Luna, her small dog, travels with her most of the
time and is always as fashionable as Leticia.
"My mother is amazing. She is more than a mother; she is my best
friend, my big sister, but also my mother. She taught me all about
smells and food. She taught me that food is the element that brings
families together. I remember when I was a little girl the women of the
family (regardless of their ages) would come together to make 'sofrito'
I remember the smells. My mother and I have always been together,
she used to be a very good volleyball player and I was her cheerleader.
Now we both live at Palmas and we share a lot together. Together we
are very happy and we both like to party, to eat out and go shopping.
She is great!" finished Leticia. A

"My mother is

amazing. She is

more than a mother;

she is my best friend,

my big sister, but also

my mother."


Marta Fernandez Stiehl

ivinne Garcia Fernaindez

"My grandfather
bought La Australia,
a 2,400 acre farm of
sugar cane that was
sold to Maxam in 1972
and that became part
of the Palmas del Mar

Marta Fernndez & Vivinne Garcia look more like sisters than mother and I 1I 1 They
look alike physically and in their .,, iii, They are ,ii i soft and warm people. You canl tell
they have a, ii, I mother and I ,1 in, 1 relational ship. I went to Martas house to interview them
and we ended up, iY oI neefor hours. (1i, 1 I as so 1I, 11 happens in Puerto Rico, we have
friends in common. My, I 1 l, ,, 1 studied where Vivinne studied, my ,ii, i, i is a friend ofVivinne,
etc, etc. 01i li, i II li this area, Martaactually i ,I inl the farm land that years later became
Palmas del Mar. "My o ii 1 i, I I, I hi Opt ,Australia, a 2,400 acre farm of 11. cane that was
sold to Maxam in 1972 and that became part 1i I1a Palmas del Mar u n1 I, ," Marta told us.
Marta is married to '' iill l Garcia from I i" i1i I- and lived ih the metro area for many years.
Our children ii up in a 11 ,il,11l house in Cupey among horses and I i. ." said Marta and
added that they would come to Beach Villa in Palmas on weekends too. It was iii,1 1, 11 times.
Palmas was a big family where everybody knew each i,.II, i. I remember when Ii '., was a bus
that would take the children for a ride and would take them to the movies and back.
Marta has a Masters I,, i,, in social work and for some years home schooled her children.
Not an easy task! You need her patience. As time went I i, i II Palmas 11,ii i them to settle
there. Towards the end of 2001 they rented a villa i Club Villa, and thien they ', l, a1 their first
home in Palladio. Later on, they purchased a home in Palmas Doradas where they live in a
wonderful house with Ho plans to move.
Vivianne went to i I school at ( ," 1 ,il, (like my 1 11 1, and later studied Optometry
at the University of Miami. She has her Optometry ,i,, in C( ill 1 but lives in Palmas with
no plans to move 1 1, 1. 1 love Palmas, all my family is here. My uncles, my cousins, all of us
live here. (Actually her brother lives next door to Marta anld has a small ,i I,- to cross from one
patio to the ,I ,,. Vivianne knows everybody and everybody knowsVivianne, I ,i part of what
Palmas ii i community and family feel. We are like a small town, but a clean and ordered
one. A

36 ve fenpamas g ma com

Aileen, Rosalyn, Claudia, Patricia Roig

Four I, of real
k I, that you are from the i family is
like I you are from Humacao.
St1 ii ',i I Ferre is the matriarch of the
fam ily. i I i lllil l nl i l ],vial
spirit. ill I I was born in Santurce but lived
all her life in Humacao. Her I, il liIIill,,, II
Rosario ,i Ferre, was the sister of Don er
Luis Ferr6 and Sor Isolina Ferr6. ii, 11is
the sister of Antonio ', '' i. our Palmas well I
known II i lll, and imii,,h, leader., i I II
has three children: Rosalyn ii' 1. i .
Jose lit I I F,- i, I & M arie ll. 1 I ,l. i.t .,
Sil,, ,ii always looks so ,i' I, anid I ,l i 1
and is always in such ..... I spirit. She likes
to celebrate life and has many reasons to
do it. She has eight ii Ii IIll, li II and one
II11 II ll .1 Ii il I and has lived a I, hillill
life.,i ii up in Humacao, just in
front of her 111 iii' II' 1 i. house--what is
now the Casa .' i Museum. This used to
b e he r II ,11,,1 1 ,I ho mn e S o i I, I u p 1 1,. , ,l 1 i I I l lI I, ii,l III Il,, r d,.1 1 .-I hl l1-v, ', n, Ii-il l, -, I
Nechodom a at the , ll i ,l of the 20th cer i I2, i ii 1i .. i. i iIllI 1 1 i.11 l l, 1 I, i i ii ,it1 1rl r. ll.
town 's o nly ml,- ill. T he -.-i, I fam ily a lso l o I ,,I ii i 1.1 li 111 ,I I, I I I II ,, II Ih 1 1, It il llI h l ll i l rI hill I',, llh l 1 1ljI1, 1.1 I i, I,
bank, Banco Popular, in the 1990s.
H er first husband w as Joose ,,II. father c i 1 111, 1, I .Ih l II, 1 h,,111l'll- II l l t, 1111 11 1 11 up 1 I1 1.', I, I1. .- V.' 1r,,1
S pain, his ,11tl P uerto R icar T hey cam e t ,,, I , 1. 11 11,,1 1111 I llll l l . 11 1 .r I ,i ,_, ll' II1 ,
go back. Jose ir up ib n Coam o anid later w i I1i 1 1h1i ii ii I I ii1' i i . 1 i 1 i 1 I .. I'.i ll iif ,ii Ih ll> i. lI I i. lii ,
l"The best memoirs of my early years are from I 1 I u111, 1 1 .. i >,1 ii n i ii 1111i I I I, II, ,, ,_ il l :. , il
S Rosalyn recalls. She spent part of her childhoc" l I ,I i
Years later, il l 'i re-m arrived Iilt iilCasas,h, hiii li ii' 1 11 I ,,,11 1 ,1 II l'r i'dil .111 ii, ii i l. IIiriiii-A iiii ,iri
cam e to Palm as for a tennis tournam ent., : I ii ih i ii l. i I 1' lIi 1 1i l i 1i [ i l l.i Il,1 .til ur II,, l i I k l I i;, Ir
Chultz took him to her ii i, house but there I I IIn I i, Ii I ih, ,i ,, I I,, i ,,t I i, F i'' hi ,-ii i I l ,I I 1ir, I[J,, ,
lives six m onth in Palm as and six m onth in Ne I II iii. i. ii II I. . ul i. ,i iii, ill i ,iii 1 iiiii- I
Rosalyn i, up in Hum acao but w ent to .,1,I. 1II i I l l iiih 1 n .I l l J ll, I ; "il, 1[i H.ii l 1 .. .1 4 1 11 il i.,i
business ii liil airline reservations. She m arn' I ,ii, i ii u Iii i i i I I I ,iii., t ir ltiill, 111 r1, lh Ih .it Iu I '1 i
has lived for the last tw enty years. Herchildreli 11ii' 1 1 1. 1. 1i. I ,, i, 'Ii 1 r 1 ,lii u i, i ', i I lil1., i 1' I l I ,'iiil, ll 'i
not only i, up in Palm as but tm arrived Jose i d' i , 111,i I I 11 11. 1 i ,11 .n l, i h ,' lll 111, ill ,_ I',_1 1 .14 r.l lI I 1 ,I i,,
S he is a real I h II"II that consume es w hat F 1II 1 Iill, I1l, ii,,il, lill, 11,, I, -. I 1,',,, ll, l, d I l lnl ll .lh InI l 1I, I- ,
beer in love since they were n ine," says Rosal i I I 11' 1 i 1 iii iii' l ,, iI l .ji l.ji' I rI ]ii i .l.'l, llll ii, ii ,
she used to .,I i i h il for the university tean i I ,ii 1 i, I 1 I l I ,ii. i i 1 'l I i l i.I 1 111 i'.,1 i J .'.ii. ,l I. .. l i ,
She is also a surfer, a tennis & i'ii player. Clailuh 1 1,1 1 ,ii 1 1' ii 111 iii i i i ii i i ii11 'I iIh l'.1i l ul, i li ,
her since she talks to everybody. ii do yc I III i i, 1 11,, iii ii 1i i i i1 l i'ii i 11i lii ,l i I I hii i. iir. .1111
i h i, i poses. Patricia is already in a Montessori school al ii i' i I I, I .. .i h II II I ,i i ii .i1 -. h r-.iri lr I1,
Jose Adrian, Rosalyn ,,' ,ii Ison is l 'ii iiii 'I,, this yearly i, i iii ,1 i l ,l ,Ii ii.i ,i i, hi il r I, i .. Iii
This , iu iul four 1' i I i i ii i, of Palm as del M ar w om er ii, I, h ii i' i 11 ii iii i i i hi I I I'ii i 1'i i i i iIII I ,Il i ill I 1 .
still ii I I and Jose Adrian and Angel Jose are not married i A

The young look of Experience

The USAF Thunderbirds will ...coming soon to a sky near us!<<<
cross the skies at the Jose
Aponte de la Torre Airport in, i .1
Ceiba, on April Saturday 18
and Sunday 19, brought
to you by the m._,

Puerto Rico Air Show...



I2 I ,ll , ,I l f v le i.l, I, li0 l ll i 1 1 .l l I, I1 IIh I ,I II I I 1 1

a Ilc II 1 1 1 I 11 IoI .n o, Iand 'al1 1 il1.ii .i jii '11 iii 11
IN I, I, Il III, II I iIl l'' lil- i ll i il l il' li1 i I ll I ll II II

1 1 l hi, I Ili l ly ll l, l l I I II ll Ih i l II h ,li i l l I I I

a show pu ert i iii iIiII I i Pually r e l w iiii, il
,llh tll w I I 1,, l ,' 1 yo u II lil ul, I i I is Ii i iii i l ll i l li

I l i11 ss. I ll l es lh ll l il l r vll r iii i i,11, ll ''h l ic n Ii ll ii' Ii
i$205,000,l fuel f,,or over $300,000 itwith $30,000 aId
the i1 rini1,1 of averrse much needed 100 temporary jobs.

attractsll thousa s of spectators ad ll Ifas lt I y1 11 1 ill b
I I I Io I I l I 1 111 rt at P R P ii.ll I ,i, LLu l I ,i Ii, i ll I, a

19,'i i I i ll",1 yO il, I 111 f 11 I 1,30 airplay e Ito B a ll52. The airplay e
a iurd helicopter l I iiis really impressive, i l ii whol e I iii, ill
show inl P ue to R ise I I I I I II IiiillII II lIllll Iil I I lli I I II
t IIh IIwIond lifle I a P alm l M r... alnltll I b.... II hIl si i t i 1 i h llt

abou the as ol of over o uc youreded 100 thisporar is Il Ijobs U
wa t to miss. Ticketo Air Show prices presented by Heineken P riu ight your
attrmily actsd trieousnds of spaid Hectators aid faster at PRAIX i, ii te tickets
w ll be sold I Ill ll, Ticketpop i l I llli 787274, Illl4001),l
111 i.... I Il rul, I I t f ro wha C130 hairpla de t hisaB 2 The pssibplae
and helicopter l is Director ally i R Portessive Iii I, whole is all about
I be abletosee f r illl llP, ul, l, I ilco, saidl l ll i i ,1 uc
waSt to b e aware... you might comes are avery oe l i so you can 'iI your
famiyii of extremely taleited professor i ls, who likpartner at PRAEX, tickets

the wonderful life at Palmas del Mar and the best it has to ,lIl, it's
F o r iII ii ldiii i i, e TI i iil. iIi, i I ii i l i ii Il i ll ii i illi I
corn for the G olden 'I I, I I I HiIII ll Iii Ill 1iii, ilI lllli. A

I Uotered at $1.275M
Irli/n Rnnap

I Offered at $419k
ine liminn7

...U. ...

Dinordo Poollio


II *1 .

N ~nFar-Eest ln%\eitcl\ (z)f" ie\x, hom)n]es and resales.
Excluhsie broker for Palmas' ne\, comnimuninities.
omer service oriented Sales Professionals
5 Wn"t: un<:lerstand the market.
L wk.

A division of Palmas Del Mar Properties, Inc. Lic.# 7493




6.- .0666 666 -n g ;
inog eatlgyoclgycenter^co

TEL 787-852-5260/ FAX 787-285-7958

Servicios que ofrecemos
Administraci6n de Quimioterapia Ambulatoria
Tratamiento para enfermedades de la sangre (anemia, plaquetas bajas etc.)
Estudios especializados
Apoyo emotional individualizado
Charlas educativas
Actividades de apoyo y confraternizacion

Personal Altamente Especializado
Hematologo Oncologo
Enfermeras Oncologas
Personal Clerical adiestrados

Calle Dufresne #7 (Este) Primer Piso
Humacao, PR, 00791
Tels./fax 787-852-5260 6 787-285-7958

Horario de lunes a viernes de 6:00 AM hasta 4:00 PM por cita previa.

I lI

iQuiropractica para Nifios, 16venes y Adultos!

Contamos con equipo de alta tecnologia de
evaluacion del sistema nerioso central
Evaluaciones metatarsals y de
postura- Modernas facilidades
con sistema paperless.

Tratamiento para...
Subluxaciones Vertebrales Dolores de Cabeza
* Dolor de Cuello y Hombros Adormecimiento de Manos y Piernas
Espasmos Musculares Discos Herniados
Dolores de Espalda Baja Sciatica Radiculopatias

6 A P Riv Humacao, II 0
I 8 eas I li c nI r mlly Il

En Hematology Oncology Center nos
especializamos en el trato especial a
cada uno de nuestros pacientes con la
confidencialidad y profesionalismo
que usted se merece.


Dr. Grcin Miad 6. stn
Board Cetfe Inera Medicine
Hem.6666o Oclgoe

By Lissette Rosado
Laboratories Borinquen, with more than 25 locations, is a 100% Puerto Rican busi-
ness serving all the east side and metro area of Puerto Rico. In Humacao they are locat-
ed at Candelero Arriba, very near Palmas.. But ... did you know they of-
fer home services? This means they come to your house to take your blood
samples and/or any other service you may need, and bring you back the results. Isn't
that wonderful? But that's not all, if you want to pick them up, lets say at one of their
facilities in San Juan all you have ._ 1

to do is let them know, they are
linked by a computer network.
Lydia Cora, MSMT (Master of
Science in Medical Technology)
and operation manager of Labo-
ratorios Borinquen explained to
us that Laboratorios Borinquen
was founded back in 1970 by a
group of doctors of the area. At
the present the board of direc-
tors is formed by Delia Manrique
Whitlock, her three sons, and
Dr. Ricardo Mulero. She ex-
plained that Laboratorios Borin-



Lydia Cora, MSMT operation manager of
Laboratories Borinquen and Yolanda Martinez,
Supervisor of the main laboratory.
quen has a very strong customer service policy
since day one. "'For example 80% to 85% of the
blood tests are done at the laboratory because we
give the customer the results faster than most labo-
ratories. On the other hand, they have extended
service hours. In Caguas we close at 10:00 PM and in
lot of the other laboratories they close at 8:00PM.
7e are conscious that the process of having a blood
*st is not a pleasant one, for that reason we want to
cilitate the process for our patients," said Ms Cora.
Laboratories Borinquen is always on the cutting
1.....f technology and has a very well educated med-
i.. d staff with four medical pathologists, four doc-
r. Is in the laboratories in case a customer has any
ii iestions, fifty five medical technologist and 75
iiurses. Overall they have 300 employees. They
ire now waiting for a Certificate of Necessity
and Convenience from the authorities to build
a new laboratory in Dorado.
Good job! Well done! Puerto Rico needs
more enterprises like this one that creates
jobs while practicing high business stan-
dards. A

Es tu espacio,
dale personalidad.
Obras de arte y enmarcados de
alta calidad para todos los gustos.



Llimanos: 787-703-0464 / 787-703-0424
Carr. #1 km 26.7 Esq. Carr. 798 Bo. Rio Caflas
(una cuadra despuds de AVON en direccion a Caguas)


Open for lunch Fridays and Saturdays from 12:00 noon 3 pm
Open for dinner Wednesdays to Mondays from 6:30 pm 10 pm
Sunday Brunch from 12 noon 4 pm Closed on Tuesdays

Open wednesday to Sunday :00 oon 00 PM
Monday from 5:00 PM 11:00PM Closed on Tuesdays
Unmb" -

Light lunch an inner Upenfromf2 noon pmr Posed on Sundays

By Maritza Toste, President of First Class Services
and a Palmas del Mar Homeowner

Good news! Live & Life in Palmas will
have the collaboration of Maritza Toste,
President of First Class Services, who is
going to keep us posted with all the in-
side information about first class cruises
around the world. Be ready and have your
passport updated... we are going to have
fun! Maritza is a Palmas homeowner and
an experienced traveler who specializes in
first class cruise lines. "We represent the
finest cruise lines in the market such as
Holland America Line, Windstar Cruis-
es, Cunard, The Yachts of Seabourn,
MSC Cruises and Sea Dream Yachts,"

7 -' ..' "

told us. Starting with our next issue,
she is going to be writing this sea travel
section because right now Maritza is on
vacation aboard the Wind Spirit, a luxu-
rious motor-sail-yacht with a capacity for
148 passengers where you are treated like
a queen (or king). It's a casual yet elegant
vessel, with five star service and exquisite

cuisine. You can even
sleep under the stars!
But we'll let Maritza tell
us about it in our next
issue. Be prepared... we
are going to create a
"group-cruise" from
Palmas very soon.
As a starting point in dita
new adventure a Palmas group visited
the Ms Eurodam vessel, a brand new
luxurious ship from
Holland America
that was docked at
one of the San Juan
piers recently.
From the mo- '
ment you step aboard
one of the Holland I
America's mid-sized
ships you know it
is all about quality.
Did you know Hol-
land America has
nearly one crew member for every two
guests? The Ms Eurodam, for example,
has a capacity for 2,104 passengers
S, i.1 i .. rew of 929. "Their goal is to
I.!' i... award-winning service that
I..ri..- .. classic cruising," stated Mar-
ir: TIe Ms Eurodam furthers the
S i.'. ,,ri. Ian, of the sophisticated mid-
i:... -liis with 11 passenger decks,
* s i .., r.,I)side Pan-Asian restaurant,
Ei.l.. ,ier's Lounge bar, a new Ital-
i i. i.-r iiirant, new atrium bar area,
an enhanced and reconfigured show
lounge and a new photographic and im-
aging center. On the technical side, the
Ms Eurodam features the latest state-of-
the-art navigation and safety systems".
We saw this with our eyes. The boat
is spotless, elegant and has a lot of ame-
nities and special features, equipped to

From I rt to righl: Cuca Zalduondo, Edwin Ramos,
Tensy Ramirez, Maritza Toste, Antonio Garcia,
Lissette Rosado and Rail Rivera.

pamper you. We had the opportunity to
have lunch at the award winning Pinna-
cle Grill at the Ms Eurodam. The food,
the service and ambiance was superb!
Thank you Maritza and welcome aboard
Life & Live in Palmas. We will join you in
your next adventure at the sea.
Start packing your bags! The First
Class Palmas Cruising Group is departing
Copenhague August 1, 2009 in the Ms
Eurodam for 10 night trip cruise around
the Baltic. Prices start at $1,139pp. Take
advantage of the 50% reduced deposit of-
fer for a limited time only. For more in-
formation, call First Class Services Cruise
department at 787-722-8536, Ext. 108,
109 or 110. A

By Ceci Virsida de Santiago, V.P. Palmas Insurance, Corp.

* Are you sure

you're gettingUN

the right discount? Carr. 2#107 (
Personal Package: I'll bet you have some of these coverages.
But are you getting discounts for living in a controlled
neighborhood like Palmas del Mar? and also. receiving
"Good Experience" discounts every year? TE O8 l
All in one Up to a 40% Discount in:
Your Residence or Apartment
Your Auto
Your Public Liability
Your Golf Cart
If you have a "non-handyman" husband...
you need urgently these coverages:
I. Emergency Home Assistance 24 hours, 365 days
* Plumbing unclog toilets and sinks
* Electricity- Short circuits and electric outage
* Lockset replacement stolen or lost keys
* Glass Glass Breakage
Up to $300. per event
II. Emergency Auto Assistance 24 hours, 365 days
* Towing
* Tire Replacement
* Gasoline Delivery
* Lockset replacement
* Assistance in starting your engine due to Battery Discharge

We are conveniently located in your neighborhood at 2nd Level
Palmanova Plaza, Suite 119-C or call us at 787-850-9209 in front of Amado Amado S
from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm from Monday through Friday. T 787.763.2026

al lado de Suchville Plaza), Guaynabo
783.0301 / 603.1026


By Lissette Rosado

Dra. Josie Mutoz Nieto ...a real "Palmefia"!

A real "Palmefia". Josie has lived in Palmas for 30 years. She
is petite, very sweet and evidently has a real vocation for serv-
ing others. "I have been serving the community making house
calls for 28 years now." I have used her services. My daughter
was very sick once and Josie not only came
to my house on a Sunday afternoon, but on
Wednesday she called me to find out about
Gabriela's progress and then on Saturday
again. Berta Bull had told me about her
but I couldn't believe how nice she was!
"I love to serve, it is my vocation and I
don't have any problem in waking up in
the middle of the night to visit a baby or
an adult that is sick and needs medical
attention," said Josie. She explained that
sometimes she has to refer the case to the
emergency room. "One day I went to see
a man and when I arrived to his house I
realized that he was about to have a heart
attack. I called the ambulance and coordi-
nated with the hospital the patient's arrival." During all these
years Josie has taken care of many emergencies-- from severe
sunburns to heart attacks-- with a calm attitude and sweetness

Better by the couple...
Dr. Jos6 David Puell and Rebeca Alberti de Puell came from Cali-
fornia seven years ago and have been living in Palmas for five. He is
a pediatrician and family doctor while his wife holds a doctorate in
family nursing and they offer on-call medical service in our commu-
nity. You can call them and make a same-day appointment, mainly
for the afternoons or night. They also see patients Saturdays, Sun-
days, and holidays. "We have a service oriented practice, where the
patient doesn't have to wait for us." Dr. Puell has more than 30 years
of experience as a doctor and works as a professor at the University
of Puerto Rico, School of Medicine and sees patients at the Pediatric
ward of the University Hospital during the day. Dr. Rebeca Alberti,
on the other hand, was the director of the Family Nurse Practitioner
They can send, if you request it, your prescription to the pharmacy
or if you are from the states and want your doctor back home to have
copy of your consultation they can send it electronically. As a family
physician, Dr. Puell takes care of minor surgical procedures or pri-
mary orthopedic care as well as family planning, Pap test, diabetes,
thyroid and acne cases, among others. "If the patient can't come to
our offices, we go visit them to their villa or hotel room." They don't
accept medical insurance but their rates are very reasonable. For ap-
pointments call 787-285-4455. A

about her. "I have gotten to know Palmas through my pa-
tients. My friends are my patients and my patients become
friends," said Josie
I learned that some snowbirds call her before they ar-
rive to make sure that she is going to
1.. around when they come. She told
Sii she has received many greeting
| .'. rds, gifts and thank you notes from
r/ r patients she has attended. "I even
Si...eived a check one day from a per-
n I had attended and didn't have
,,, r I e money for the consultation at that
losie is a medical doctor who spe-
I dizes in occupational medicine. Josie
S ,s worked in public and private hos-
I rals but now she works for the Fondo
J. I Seguro del Estado in Humacao. Josie
!, s two sons, Enrique, the eldest and
Carlos; both of them grew up in Palmas.
The day of this interview she was expecting her first grand-
daughter, Maya. She was born the day after this interview.
Josie was there to welcome her. A

at Palmanova Plaza

.. ,



i en la cocina...

Palmas Del Mar Country Club recently hosted
the 2nd Annual Palmas Del Mar NCAA invitational
in March 8-11. Notre Dame, St. John's and

r In ,-i I. h -. I'Ii allm,-,I -I l.

I i ici F11r 1

each day. Falma: Del Mar Cuntrv Club
Sj l. would like to all the teams that partici-

of the
NCAA..g If tourent



... ...... "
.. ...m . ... '. .
.... o.. aEl Bi ii :' '. .........i "" '


V, ie d' ii escuraI

Carr. # 3,Triumph Plaza
Lote # 6

Carr. 901 Km. 13.5
(Frente a la Urb. Valles de Yabucoa)

CARR. 31 KM. 3.7
(Frente Ferr. Cariiio)
TEL. 465-0032

LAS PIEDRAS AVE. PINEIRO (frente al Correo) TEL. 733-0959

Paellas Pa' Ti
del "Chef Dubua"
Paellas Marineras (mariscos)
Paellas Camperas (carnes)
Paellas Mixtas (pollo y mariscos)
Paellas Vegetarianas
Pastas. Ensaladas, Risottos
variados y much mas..

Disfrute del show de prepararle la paella
frente a sus ojos u ordena para entrega.

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*Exfoliaci6n de espalda
con sales de mango y papaya
*Bafio de vapor
S11 OfP /l99poip a eja,

SweeT aND F-esH SPA,1\
*Terapia Facial
con frutas orginicas
*Masaje relajante
con aceites tropicales
*Exfoliaci6n de espalda
con sales de mango y papaya
*Bafio de vapor
#12 8p/^23 O\oj aeja

Rejuvenece: cara, cuerpo y alma.

Andalucia 701, Puerto Nuevo (787) 783-9492 www.nouvelledspa.com
Ciertas restricciones aplican. Oferta valida hasta el 31 de mayo de 2009.




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- ,,, Firming bronzer
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a ... AtB

une sird hai r iapas
f* as Svl
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6~ 6 *6 .S b

Harveys bag, made
from authentic seatbelt
material. Tr6s chic, tr6s
ecologic! Comes with a
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super ..- ,
urban i 11 ,ii
Exclus, ,- -i




Bedrooms: 1 "Large Spacious room" Bathrooms: 1 "completely refurbished"
Garage: n/a "Open Area" Size: 1,370 sq. ft. "large spacious ready to move into"

Serious &
quick response

Tel 787-656-5997
Cel 787-914-2470
Fax 787-656-5997

alI euro -

cocinas* bafios.



Showroom: Carr.#1 km 29.4 Caguas
t. 787.258.0885 www.aleuro.com

- I


When you think ofprotection;
think Global...

Work for yourfinancial safety,
personal & commercial


*Asset Protection
eProperty and Casualty: Auto, Hazzard. Yacht, Liability. etc...
*Tax Advantages & Retirement Planning Products
*Life & Health, Accident
*Travel, Home and Road assistance.
*Protection of your money against:
Lawsuits, Inheritance, Associate's or Key Person Death

L Tel. 787689-6011 a:871-i89-6010 1-88-508- 3567
* TeL 787-882-3416 Far787-882-2416

Pams bace
ar tetmoyo

a0 0ya
*mm mm S- ASxi, o m

Kirwan Sweeney and Roberta Kent.. both
celebrating their 100 years in Palmas

In recent days two important birthdays took
place at our beaches. Both were picnics held at
Shell Castle beach in honor of Mitzie Federici's
mother and Marie MacDonald's father on
their 100th birthday. He is the father of Marie
MacDonald who lives fulltime on San Miguel
Island. She is the mother of Mitzi Federici
who lives in Fair Lakes. The photo speak for
themselves. How wonderful being 100 years
old and still have that spirit to celebrate life.
Good for them! Hope they celebrate many more
with that same spirit.
The other happy birthdays, are two snow
birds that happen to turn 80. They are Hanon
Murphy and Guy Reny. Hanlon Murphy lives in
Beach Village and the other one, Guy Reny, lives
in Crescent Cove. Congratulations to them too,
they look fantastic. A

i l-DflT flT (fl PflCLES

Joanne Cohens celebrated her birthday with a
big party at Caracoles. Her daughter and grand-
children flew to Puerto Rico to be part of this
celebration. Her beloved husband dedicated
the song he wrote for her, Coraz6n. Among the
guest present were Fernando & Marie Allende's
son also singing & playing the guitar in Joanne's
honor. It was a lovely evening. Good food, good
people, good music and a wonderful spring night
with a lovely tropical breeze. What else could
you ask for! Congratulations Joanne and thank
you for sharing with us your joy of living! A




Fe* f a1a..

fitb buhine55 aT FunTa SanTiaAo
ui P ~R_ ^^ B Lissette Rosado __

Punta Santiago- Our Palmas del Mar ho-
meowner and well know Juan Santos Berrios
(better known as Juanchin), announced the
opening of a new restaurant in Punta San-
tiago that specializes in sea food called Pes-
cao & Salsa (Fish & Sauce). Javier Santos, a
very well known chef in Palmas and in Hu-
macao, is in charge of the restaurant. Javier,
despite being from Vega Baja, was adopted
by Humacao many years ago when he fell in
love with the native Humacaefia, Maricar-
men Andreu back in 1999. She is now his
wife and soon mother of his first son.
Javier inherits his passion for cooking
from his mother who used to do catering.
"When I was a boy, my father and I helped
my mother by peeling potatoes, cutting
onions etc, and little by little I learned to
love the art of cooking," Javier tells me. But
if you think that's all his training you are
wrong!! Javier is a very well educated chef
and not only in the culinary arts. Javier
has two bachelor's degrees: one in Physical
Education from UPR Mayaguez (he actu-
ally was a special education teacher in the
US) and the other one is in Culinary Arts
from the prestigious Johnson Wales Univer-
sity. Later Javier did his internship program
in Carden Park Hotel in Chester, England,
now one of England's finest luxury hotels.
This young chef had the opportunity of be-
ing part of the team that opened the Trump
Sonesta in Sony Isles, Miami. He also did an
internship in the Mandarin Oriental at the
Biscayne Bay in Miami. There he had the
opportunity to work with prestigious chefs
such as Michelle Bierntein and Clay Con-

I.. y. Back in Puerto Rico, in 2005, he
married Maricarmen and began work-
ing at the Palmas del Mar Country
Club for two years. There he worked
with Rafael Alejandro, now his sous
chef. Later he created his own ca-
tering business, Gustos, which he
still has and runs parallel with
the restaurant.
Recently Juanchin offered
him the opportunity to design
th.. I. ;ii ..f Pescao & Salsa
and later, to [.,. the chef and
mInna,'_er '.hih.1, 11 .... .r1..
"Pescao & Salsa is a restau-
rant intended to be a family
restaurant focused on sea
food of the area. Our goal
is to consume what our
fishermen catch to be able 4
to offer our clientele fresh i
fish always," said Javier
and added that they also
are trying to keep prices
accessible for everybody.
It's true; the average plate
price is $15. "That also
guarantees that the food
is fresh. If you have vol-
ume, the fish is consumed
on a regular basis and is al-
ways fresh," added Javier.
Pescao & Salsa, as you
can appreciate in the pho-
tos is a very elegant but yet
simple restaurant where
you feel comfortable. The
staff is well trained, you
can tell. (A little secret: You know who
works there as a waiter? The Brazilian Wax
guy! Next time, when you visit Pescao &
Salsa, tell him..."nice"...)
Try the "Salad al pescao" with balsamic
herbs (it doesn't have fish. Everything you
see "al pescao" is their signature plates).
You can ask also for the lobster salad with
cilantro and onions and an orange aioli
sauce or the magnificent "Langosta al Pes-
cao, a lobster stuffed with sea food. Don't
miss the mofongo and the risotto (a different
one every day) and the latest creative tapas



nfl A

The latest creative tapas of
Humacao: Stuffed Granitos!

of Humacao... stuffed Granitos! If you are
a chocolate freak ask for Javier's mother's
chocolate cake or the homemade Casquitos
de Papaya, made the old fashioned way.
Pescao & Salsa is located at Playa Punta
Santiago, Humacao, on the main road, right
at the small community area. Call 787-850-
6666 for reservations and more information.
It opens from Wednesday to Sunday mainly
in the afternoons except for Sundays that
they open from 11:30 to 7:00 PM.


flTlrrraars; -

ITALIAN AWNINGS, top quality awnings that make a statement. All types of awnings available: lateral arm and maxi
retractable, Serina, Domnie, traditional, commercial & canopies among others. Easy operation and lasting beauty give
your home protection and provides a cozy ambiance for any family and friends get together. A

CALIFORNIA CLOSETS, knows that stunning
design is achieved by integrating unique
materials with distinctive, innovative
components. California Closets, an authority in
closet design, opens new possibilities to bring
color, texture and light into your home. A

The value of natural stone lies in its durability
and strength, its antique feel, timeless quality
and aesthetic appeal. MAGRASOL has a grand
variety of beautiful granite stones and styles. A

Reconnect with nature, enjoy the view,
the greens and the good companion.
Barbacoas Luna has an assortment of
professional designs, and values plus the
expertise of the outdoor kitchens. A

White is back! More and more, this clean style
is being adopted for its fresh and simple elegant
lines. The Kitchen emphasis is on style and
practical sophistication, a kitchen you will want to
cook in. A

-j. l3 (


Chandeliers for any room in the house!
Chandeliers add sophistication, style and class to
any room. They are the ideal lighting option for a
space where warm ambiance and indirect light is
desired. A 5 Light Modern Pendant Chandelier in
Polished Chrome with MYLAR Shade available in
Impec. Astonishing! A

Solutions takes
very seriously
the value that
the space where
customers work
and live has and
incorporates this
one of their top
design concepts.
Modular and
filing systems,
seating, floor
to ceiling and
products. A


.20 % discount when you frame the Festival de La Buena Vida
Portfolio trio if you mention you read it in Live & Life in Palmas.
Offer valid until 30 of August, 2009.A

Experts in creating harmony between beauty and security to create
works of art for your home or business. Custom works in wood or
aluminum to fulfill their customers' needs and desires. A

A magic space where your travel around the
world through the magnificent pieces of art anc
furniture brought from Morocco, India, Turkey,
other countries of Europe, Asia and Africa. There
you can find anything from a curious oriental
figure to an important furniture piece like the
mirror we feature here. A

60 Min's -A combination of kneading movements, cross-fiber friction,
and gliding to reduce all over muscle tension and stress.
Calms the nervous system and promotes blood circulation throughout the entire body.
60 Min's Effleurage, Myofascial release and trigger point therapy on neck and
special needed areas. Perfect for chronic pain, sport injuries, muscle spasms
and orthopedic dysfunction throughout the body.
Calms the nervous system and promotes blood circulation
throughout the entire body.
Aromatherapy oil, isolated stretching and a little reflexology on feet with each session FREE...

239.821.6043 / 787.656.9061

360 degree view Lot size is 2232 sq. m,
*> ** Aprox. 7000 sq. feet house 3 large bedrooms
IFt ReaIy 4/2 bathrooms large comfortable kitchen
I W ^ large ocean view terrace


Ae. 787647800 Lai ,40




REMAX de Palmas
F- -.-i.as del Mar, Humacao, PR
787.a50.7069 / 7B7.a50.4343
email: remaxpdm@coqui.net
Myrna Rios-Milam
L Since 1984

The Real Estate Leaders

FAIRWAY COURTS: Lake and pool view! two bedroom,
furnished, shaded balcony in the afternoon. Just
reduced! $360,000

BEACH VILLAGE: beach front three bedroom plus loft,
completely renovated, open kitchen. Price reduced to

PALMAS DORADAS: Relax in this one bedroom
ground level, steps from the beach, private
corner. $395,000 furnished
sales rentals property management



Villa Franca Do you remember e house
full of Christmas ornaments and lights?
Well, she is back with more decorations.
This time it is Easter bunnies and eggs.
Stop by and enjoy this wonderful
spectacle of light and dolls. Annie told us
she hasn't done this in the last 12 years,
but before she used to do it every year.
What energy! Thank you again for your
gift to the community. A

The Cellar's

Afincado Terraza de los Andes Reserva Terraza de los Andes

Andres Belinsky visits Palmas del Mar

Andrs Belinsky, InIHiiI. ii .il Brand Ambasador of
>. I 1. .Terrazas de los Andes y ( I, I des Andes,
iii Moet Hennessy Group in /'i, ii, visited Pal-
mas del Mar ... iii, to present us the winning trio
of Terrazas.
For over a decade Terrazas de los Andes has been
dedicated to i. i, iii, I high quality varietals wines ..
, i I in Mendoza,; , ii i,. and 'I, i 1 I for the ... .
world's top luxury wine markets. "After several years
of research, and ii,, ii i1 ii coming from the
best areas in Mendoza, we i, niii,' I which varieties
were best suited for each of the areas, and we were
able to I i ii the ideal iii1 for each iii,
said Belinsky
Altitude plays a key role since it controls day and
night temperatures and favors the ", ,iiiii, i iiiii of
certain aromatic and 1 1, components, particularly
polyphenols which add color, body and structure to Luis (Cuquito) h
the wine. The Iii, stars of Terraza de los Andes are: Belinsky at the
Afincado Varieties: Cabernet S ii i1 ,,. Mal-
bec Oak: 18 months, 100% French. Produced in very limited quantities
and only released in exceptional years, 1i, next '1 ,,, i iil' ii luxury wines
from /; ,iiii i are rooted in a truly local style: full-bodied power, high


intensity and structure, with ripe, rich and persistent
aromatic fruit.
S Terraza de los Andes Reserva Varieties:
( II Ii iii ,. Malbec, Cabernet S i, i ,,. Syrah, Tor
rontes and Merlot. Oak:12 months, 80-100% French.
Terrazas Reserva wines are hand-harvested from select
estate vineyards within the top districts of Mendoza: Tu-
Sii, i ll, Vistalba, Perdriel and Cruz de Piedra. Devel-
oped with extensive focus on vineyard management,
and only released 11 1.I excellent ii iii these
Shines stand out for their aromatic intensity and com-
plex style.
Terraza de los Andes Varieties: ( Ii 11 I .1111
''fl [ Malbec, Cabernet Si i., I ,i ; i. Vineyard Age:
,n*I 12 years. Terrazas wines are sourced from carefully
selected vineyards in Mendoza. Each ii 1 1 variety is
S 1 11 ii. ., I at its ideal i ii,,i i above sea level, to ex-
fiz and Andris press the pure tipicity iI varietal. These high quality
w Yacht Club. wines are characterized by their intense fruity aroma
and 'i i ,, soft tannins and well-rounded structure.
The Terrazas wines are distributed by Ballester Hermanos and available at
The Cellar at Palmanova Plaza.

_________________ ticketpop.com.
Adultos $20.00*
0 FES "0 OCERO Ninos 3 a 10 aos $10.00*
ISLA ,..--" Descuento con ID Militares*
*lIncluye IVU. Descuento con ID Militares en venta adelantada se debe de presentar ID al comprar y en la entrada. No incluye cargo por servicio.

fssion HunterDouglas'
Ave, Castiglioni B-6, Bayam6n Gardens Bayam6n, PR 00957
de 787.730.4988 FAX 787.730.1052 email pwsnarvaez@live.com


By Lissette Rosado %

In this Editors
Choice issue we are
featuring six ex-
traordinary proper-
ties, I have chosen
from our realtors,
for their value,
beauty, uniqueness
and price. This is
a buyers market,
and an excellent
opportunity to buy
that dream villa or
house your have
always wanted. In
this edition we are
presenting differ-
ent alternatives
and types of prop-
erties, from a cozy
one bedroom villa
overlooking the
golf course and the
beach to a spec-
tacular mansion
overlooking the
ocean or a marina
townhouse villa
right in front of our
new and beautiful
Yacht Club. You will
also find oppor-
tunities such as a
lock-out villa next
to the hotel and the
beach as well an
ideal family house
to raise children or
enjoy your retire-
ment in a very ex-
clusive community.
All of them with
a special charm
and enchantment!
Don't miss the op-
portunity to live in
Paradise and enjoy
a better quality of

66 ive lifeinpalm

Beautifully Remodeled San Miguel Island Townhouse.
Belongs on the cover of Architectural Digest!
- -



On the ocean side of San Miguel Island within steps of the new
marina and Yatch Club. 4 bedroom / 3.5 bathroom / aprox.
2500 sq. ft.

wn to its ow

at 787- 21 ,, -or at BBC Realty 787- -

Just bring your hammock
and watch the fun!
Paliias Plantation-overlooking
the golf course at an affordable price!
* 3 bedrooms / 2 full bath / 2.5 baths
* one level home / added terrace space with
over 640 meters overlooking hole #9
* Full powered generator / storm shutters / appliances
* Ceilings fans / 2 car garage / golf cart parking

For a showing call Costa del Caribe Realty
at 787.717.3100 $595,000

An italian villa...

at Ridge Top
Palmas del Mar
A sense of place inspired by
an Italian mansion set on the ,
iI I point of Palmas del Mar, .
this property is one Il most
spectacular mansions available in
the Caribbean.
2,200 sq meters of land
6,000 sq ft. of living area
* 2,000 sq ft. of terrace w/pools
S, 1 1111 iI fully equipped
2 bedroom/2 baths ii I house. :-: I: .1 r i: .
* 5 bedrooms / 5.5 bathrooms aluminiumrn kitchen
.4 car, ,, I,. by Cocinas al Euro,' ..... .
I' car, Il ', IGranite counters i,, l-
Iii ,,i, ,, f tof the sea byMaraol
& mountains by ...so

-liM choice


Beach Village
L F !,: I :i It! I l,: J [li! !
recognized communities in Palmas del Mar.
Near the hotel and the beach this is your
spot. An exceptional location with the best
price in the market. This is more than a tra-
ditional Villa, this is the place for pampering
yourself. ^1
* 2nd level Villa overlooking golf course
* 1 bedroom / 1 bath
* Price $262,500.00 For more information call 787-852-8888 or visit Palmas del Mar Real Estate.

Ocean and golf view, in one of the greatest communities.
Beach Village
Enjoy the life at Palmas del Mar. Those memorable moments with your family and friends, those special
days of relaxing and pleasure comes a reality in this cozy Villa...a traditional style designed to transport
you to that place that you always want. At Beach Village, this second level Villa provides you a great deal
of privacy with:
*3 bedrooms plus loft/ 3 bathrooms I"OT
I F l I I 11it!

: Palmas del Mar Real Estate ,

Just walk to the beach!
PALMAS DORADAS amazing view to its nature
surrounding the pools, lakes and the beach!

* enjoy the amenities of the next-door,
Sheraton Four Points Hotel & Casino!
* ample living facilities with 2,011.74 SQ ft
* 3 bedrooms and 3 baths including the lock-out unit with kitchenette!
* designed as a condo-hotel villa shows so beautiful and very well kept!
* Fully furnished and equipped! Just asking $665K
For information call Remax 787.850.7069

Ninoska Bonnelly Marl Suarez


Pama de Mar, HuaaP 09
I.1 78 l69-36. I 8764 I o628

FAX ; 7,-0550



B- ... ......... I ---
. ... ....-.



CRANIOSACRAL By Lissette Rosado


Debby Torruellas, one of is aimed to chronic conditions as well as a pre-
our distinguished Palmas ho- ventive measure to balance your body and mind.
meowners, was definitely a Craniosacral therapy is a gentle touch therapy
mermaid in a past life. She's applied in the water, enhancing self correcting
been swimming since she mechanisms of the body. As we lose gravity, the
was five, and nowadays she techniques release tension held in the intracra-
spends an average of eight nial membranes, along the spinal cord down to
hours a day in the water. Do- the sacrum/coccyx area. This allows the release
ing what? Three fabulous of tension at physical and /or emotional trauma
treatments and or classes: level, which creates unbalance in the body.
Watsu, Aquatic Craniosacral Craneosacral, physically, allows free flow
Therapy and AcuaYogi Class- and mobilize joints. It enhances the exchange of
es. I had the opportunity to fluids, stimulates the immune system, relaxes the 4i
have a Watsu massage and it's nervous system, quiets the mind.
the most wonderful massage Craneosacral, psychologically, induces a
I have ever had. It gave me theta state allowing the subconscious mind, heal
the feeling that I was floating traumatic experiences and release them. Intra-
again in my mother's womb uterine space and experiences are safely allowed
and that's because everything happens where during therapy
you are floating in the water moved gently by Craneosacral spiritually, we feel one with
Debby. The watsu combines stretching and re- the water and reconnected with all aspects of our
laxation in warm water with pressure on some being ,inducing harmony and self healing.
acupressure points to help re-establish a bal-
ance between body and mind. When you see it AcuaYogi CLASSES HERE AT PALMAS!
from the outside you can tell what she is doing. One of the services Debby offers is the AcuaY- *

sure taxation purposes. going to offers them at Palmas on request. We are-
ing c .making a group to do-. it ..on . ,. If you want

Aquatic Craniosacral Therapy to join us or form your own group, call Debby and
thDebby also offers the bio aquatic sacrocranial le ,,r, ,.,., t 'her know at 787.246.8261.. I also invite you to ...
relaxpy in ther water .. This thera.. py i intended access her site (http:www ..l !.. .I..I rI, .
a n d y r r I ,, r;l., I, hrl ,, ,,, ,r, r r . I i,,!,,,, I. .. r . .. . l.. r

for people with chronic conditions as well as for on that area. These are group classes and s he is
relaxation purposes, going to offers them at Palmas on request. We are
making a group to do it on Saturdays. If you want
Aquatic Craniosacral Therapy to join us or form your own group, call Debby and
Debby also offers the bio aquatic sacrocranial let her know at 787.246.8261. 1 also invite you to y
therapy in the water. This therapy is intended access her site (http://www. r.. i. ,..., ,r. ., ,
to work with the spinal cord and your head for more *_ ,. ,. <, ,d. and benefits of the thera-
as the base to look for balance. This therapy pies and classes. A


Only one place in Palmas del Mar, will wrap you in luxury... and care.

Los Lagos





ow you can belong to the most elegant and creative spa lifestyle in
Palmas del Mar, with exclusive services by renowned New Fitness Concepts.

- Cardio and Strength machines
- Group classes such as Yoga
and Mat Pilates
Certified Personal Trainers
Relaxation Pool for Wat -Sui
(floating massages)
Boutique Spa offering
Array of Massages
Facials and Body Wraps

- beautiful infinity pool
- ample deck enhanced by private
pool-side cabanas
children's play pool and playground
club room for your social pleasure

Be one of the few to enjoy this limited time membership at
Los Lagos Club and Spa, available only to Palmas del Mar
Residents and Country Club Members.
Call now.
To be a permanent resident at Los Lagos and enjoy
these benefits year round, call 787.379.2488.

0 0
Health Club Management Solutions

at Palmas del Mar


P, Lissette Rosado

'A..)on as he sees you walking along
rl. marina sidewalk, you know your
..h1 is on the way. Jos6 remembers
I i t you drink, your name and if you
I .pped by for a while he knows. "I
S. r !.e attendance." I know who comes
Friday and who comes on Sat-
i days," said Jos&6. "More than any-
rking I enjoy the love my clients
,how me. In Palmas I feel at home.
I have received offers to move to
San Juan, but I belong here," stat-
'...I i..... [..i its true, we all love Jos6. He al-
ways has a big smile, ready to pamper you and make you feel at
home. And his un. .ir..-' Simply...THE BEST in the WORLD!
"I have welcomed tourists that ask me for my in. ,ir. because
some other tourist told them to ask for it when in Las Tapas,"
said Jos6. He is not humble about it, he
knows he is the best and he is not
willing to give away his recipe.
i I. ri ,,r I.. t.els
', .r i. I . I r, .. r. ', ith

IIF, Fl,,'_I I F. rF. 1 m i.r, ,,Ii ., Of'

I, .1 . .
I a ..i .. .a
Id J

Jose has been in Palmas for 14 years. He started at the Coco-
nuts Bar, then at The Beach Bohio and later at The Beach
Club with Daniel. Now, Jos6 is Las Tapas Bar's manager. Jos6
studied in Boston Food & Beverage Services and has always
worked as a bartender. He even knows the kids names and
has hidden toys for them. Kids just love him. The other day a
client was telling me that his kids wanted to come to see Jos6.
No question about it! Jose definitely belongs to our Palmas
community and we are proud of him and recognize his profes-
sionalism and hard work. "We are a team and we help each
other. We are a family," he stated recognizing the work of his
co-workers with humility. And remember, if you haven't tried
his mojito, next time you go to Las Tapas, try it. You won't re-
gret it. (Unless you drink more than necessary.) Bravo Jose and
to all of Las Tapas team! A
I 4 Graciele

His mojitos?



La .

. I

- I mY




W-. 0



1 ,

I i tiqil


-4 \';

S p.


op .

1 .

wml* 4C.g




'-' By: Rafi Casanova
L ~ ~If' '.1I .1III is IlelII II,: llel* llill II 1l:J lIsI]
-si ._ 1 :'I'[,1 I ,, llepll q .:'IIII I- ..1 I: II h ll I l1
I .11 I I t llill Ih lil-I 1l Il IIl i -I
:: 1'!1'. [1 ,l , : i II, b I i.i [ll i "
I- t! 1. 1 .I I .jI Ill
IIr Ij.ll1 l
I illi I. iiti i :i 1 Il i ii iL t L
I li t!. 11l 1 1 h l i ,I, I I ll I I i H ll
-j Iti III I h 1. 1 h, I t I ,-' j.; tLI lihj I ,11
[l-'' -' it I! i lIi.'iit A lIi 11w I'-

I i l l, .i il. i I l a' i I l- .' 'u l Iit!
li .' lilii i II ,flI IIk i ,ilh llih H i.ji u

hpui l ll-lt,--ulhu'-,'. .uuI ull u l utii lul :, uuuFll
0 ". I ll It l ilt! Ihl IIA 'Il

Il tl.11 11l1 I i 11 [I lit H~ I 1 .11
Il 1ut I I I:,ill ''t I rl lt lltl. l Ihl ii ,1t
lk h.11 It .lit I t! .lilt It i lt. !
[..li I 1. 11 1. t I It!l I h jIIll l I I ..jI : 1 1 -II I
r l. [i, I : Ill .1 11li ,i,[ I ll I 1 l il l,

O P!III ae .
.]Ii i
Il4 1i ii ll II I l II
ol : I I I w 1', .A

I!', IX lld i l.| III I .i ll I I I~ h lI h. I,[
i I~~~~ ~~II ll h lllilI.II :r. 11: l''.:I I1.II, .11 : :

iV tli, :,:,ii ~ ~l:', .il.1tr [.: 1 [ ]. Iil
I . I:.: Ii.:i h illi.11il Il III, I:I:.I [.1 ,l I b' i,
:[.:1~ ~~~~~~~,il I illi it .2111 I I,] i .:llit] [,, ,IiI i, [.11l it_
.:11"It: :i:,~ ~~~~ III.:II', in ll : 'I' II,:, Ir t rl 'e II: .:I[ l'Il
,~~~~~~.:, lIf It l h I fli e [l .:il, Ilt i,:i llilis l,, I t -

T*-* !

'* --

:i li.,... .

I arc'
IL 2

It was definitely a family
affair. The Second Annual Kite
Flying Family Event was a huge
success. Everything turned out
perfect: weather, attendance, kites,
and lots and lots fun! Everybody
enjoyed this Puerto Rican tradition
under the sun. There were trophies
and ribbons given out to the
participants. Domino's Pizza, one
of our sponsors, gave away to
the winner a large pizza and soft
drinks. They are committed to
sponsoring the event next year
and giving away more prizes to the
winners. We also wish to thank PHA
for sponsoring the event.



'C -
. I

1 '






'It V~





S ,-,

M4 V





Palmas presei i
evident ii
Deste//os de ,
Some of us ii I l,
in 'i.,i, 1 thai i i ,
Roberto Brit,, i 'ii ,
/ lie 11 e L io ,
who took us ii' l
the Hotel San iii i
and back to i im i
The fashion si,,, i
exquisite anl(I 1 1 iI
was ai I
girly dJ, I



. I ,


I P 1,:1 :'

O *' T ,.


TENORS Antonio Barasorda Juan Carlos Rodriguez Fabian Robles
SOPRANOS Hilda Ramos Meliangie P6rez Magda Nieves
Sunday ,May 24th 2009 4:00 pm
Joaquin y Lula Rodriguez residence Ridge Top 11, Palmas del Mar
Cocktail & buffet Donation: $100 p/p
Benefit for: ( L', -. Familia, Palmas del Mar
Sponsored: HIMA and Damas Catolicas de Palmas del Mar
Info. Lola Roig 787-850-4182 E-mail:. -
L. a ,. -: 787-438-0054

Palmas Community Church
April 10, 2009
Good Friday Service
6:30pm at PHA Meeting Room
April 12, 2009
Sunrise Service
5:30 am at Beach Bohio
Continental Breakfast Served
April 12, 2009
Easter Service
10:00 am at PHA Meeting Room
May- Sunday 10:00am
Worship Service

Classes for Kids
7 years and over
Classes on Saturday
from 11:30 AM to 1:00PM
8 classes $160.
(includes all the materials)
Limited spaces available
Call 787.285.4222
for more information.

Every Saturday at 9:00 PM
The Cellar in Palmanova Plaza

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