Title: Live & life in Palmas
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Title: Live & life in Palmas
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Language: English
Publisher: Rosado & Morales Inc.
Place of Publication: Palmas del Mar, Humacao, Puerto Rico
Publication Date: October 2008
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v 1 no 5- 10-2008 ( PDF )

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S. Our Sailing champions

Horseback riding in Paradise
. Award winning PDMU




: :
i ":_lue:' t-l :.
LJ *^^
te^1' 'r

INZ 6,01.

* K



Material para pisos y paredes
Revestimiento de interiores y exteriores
Topes de cocina, bafio, barra y mds
* Todo lo necesario para bafios y cocinas

'" .= p .- >

f. .


I ,--' -

.4- -it

* mdrmol travertino coralina granito
* quarzo limestone mosaicos de
piedra y cristales y much mds

".;W,5, ..







, mw.

^* ***:;.- :^w,

.. -.e'*? **^ 1 *;

.* -











Living & Working in Paradise
... a different approach to life, a healthier and
more relax way to live and do business.

In this issue you will get better acquainted with some of our
neighbors that work and live in Paradise. Don't miss this series of
articles, you will find out a lot of interesting facts about them and
how we do business in Palmas. The more we know each other,
the closer we become as a community. These two months are go-
ing to be packed with action. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Palmas
del Mar Celebrity Dog Fest, an international chess tournament,
PHA Movie Nights and a lot more activities are approaching.
Check out the "Don't Miss It" section.
For me, October is very special because it is the month my
daughter was born, a good reason to thank God for that wonder-
ful treasure he gave me. This year she will be 19 and it seems
she was born yesterday! You will also find in this issue a special
report on Candelero Ranch (beautiful photos). In the October/
November issue you will learn how our water company works,
very interesting and something to be proud of! You will also
learn about ARB rules and regulations and why they are cre-
ated, the status of our Catholic Church and details of its design
and construction, our Palmas Optimist Dream Team Heroes,
The Blue Hawaii Family and much more. I hope you enjoy your
magazine and please write us with ideas and comments at live.
li 1. d in . I i ll

w Appointments .
are flexible and
easily rescheduled. 1
"No problem. We are Lissette Rosado with her pet, Frida
here anyway. and her daughter, Gabiella Collazo.
We aren't going
anywhere" once
you enter this time /

zone, you are safe!

Lissette Rosado, Editor




. ..... .. ....... ; 1



KOPE #1 :: Magia de la6*dn 08 Rf ida. KOE #2 :: Elao Roosvel #10 aoRy
78.5.40* 78.5825 78.7.90 98.6797


*hnt to welcome new hom
unity's activities and efforts
r e fullest. Be part of it! Go
I~.p.ow Palmas becomes ho
1; It's ok, we all have go
nanently, congratulatio

I =" I I

1* 2 .

Beatriz Archilla
& Obed Borrero

In I ll I, o'0 1
.1. *gg gg~ ~ ,iiii ilar
,lt i hl l I lz iI he
li,,iii I h im i, Ill b e ,
is from Ponce, raised in San Juan and forced to live
Humacao. I didn't have a choice, Beatriz is from Huma
can and she has always wanted to live in Palmas. But.
* I I complain. I am happy because once you cross
the ill -youtend to le nd In I1 1 traffic on road #30, Th
*beautyanld peace ofPalmas, ,',i, ii i I Ii,
Beatriz is General Ii, i, I I i ) Radio in Humaca
and is president of the Broadcasters, ...1 11, 1 ,, Obe
is President of Virtual -, I, ,I- (, 1 11111, I1 Group,
company i1, i Ii i,, I in web development, online ap
SS a S plications, and provides consultations to small/mediu
gg', io, ii liiI therservices. They',i, I IIiI I1,,II i
Palmas because they want to eventually have children
and they will like for them to have a place where the
can ll I i, in II I.ll i, environment. We want quality
of life. We want our children to live in a safe and order
place like Palmas, where they could go to school, d
spors and,,, ii iilli freedom," said Beatriz. I Ih
meets all of our requirements," added Obed.

L6pez Covas,
Jennifer Odell
i, lived to Pa
i i, I I,,,,I h iIy [,, a ,, ii,
,ll iiihl ,I iie for us an
,i,, I ,,s David an
;*.* *,, I ,pez Odell o
one year anld a halt Pa
mas ,I us an ,I ,I life style where our children
can go to school in the near future and enjoy the ex
tracurricular activities without ', ii ,, I to be too far fro
home. i,, IIi i is a medical doctor with a specialize
tion in internal medicine. His ,' I I, is in Humaca
Sll',, iii on the other hand is a lawyer and works fro
the house.
I ii I iii also likes the factthat in Palmas he can pla
a, al ad be close to the beach, And, i I,, I, 1 I ',Jen n
fer is the I 1 11 I, of Lolita r i., so the kids will be ver
close to their, "Ii Ii ., Lolita and Antonio r, i.
What a perfect move!

eowners and neighbors to our Paradise and invite them
. We want to welcome them and wish that they enjoy
out. visit our restaurants, our markets, meet new friends
me. But beware... Palmas is habit forming; you will like
ne through that stage. Those of you that moved to live
ns, you made an excellent decision.






!Benjamin Negr6n &
Somarie Quijano
Illn reason we
iIi Palmas is be
,I ihe ambiance
i I activities for
i11 ,1 Peace and
', 1 'as also very
important for them. "We getto Palmas on the weekends
1 1. 1, II I 1 11 1I i i,, i o u r 'l ii ill, I i ill "sa id
Somarie. "Our kids love the Beach Club, the Aquabella
swimming pool and Ii i 1, I around in the, i, ,n carts. We
love to ride bicycles and horseback i, Ii ii, : in Palmas
we can do it all!"
At the present they are owners of Benso (_ .1.. 111.i .1,
food distributors in Puerto Rico. Benjamin is the president
of MIDA ,, i 11I de Mercadeo Industria y Distribucion
de Alimentos). They have 4 children: Gabriela, Adriana,
Benjamin and Claudia.

Debra Provin
Martin &
-. -Timothy Martin
I I Illem one night
II I1 Ilar. They were
I i Ii i, peak Spanish
S i,,I ,Lied to know
a '-.-Ii iAi, I l item of the
,,, ii,,1 i,. Later that
night, we had a news-
paper open and they were trying to read Spanish. Last
I , Iii 1 trying to dance salsa. They are, i,,l I
to enjoy their stay in Puerto Rico! Tim is a mechanical
1 ii, i'i I and came from New Jersey hired by Eaton to
be in, I11 , of ,-I ii', I and automation in a iil -to five
year assignment (I wonder how they are lii to leave
Palmas after they get used to it!).
They have two sons: Nathan 18 and Noah 10.
It II I like most about Palmas is the people, people
are really friendly, We all love it here! Palmas is a happy
medium, we have the Puerto Rican culture but with a
touch of North American culture." Noah ii I ,,iii, ih, i.
Their sons are already in Palmas Academy.





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TW XTW 2 + 2 GA 8, New 2008 units with 2 yr Warranty,
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Regular price $7,200.00, only 8 units available. Offer valid from Oct. .1, 2008 to Nov. 30,

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mm *4

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h-rarchitectural detailan

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Ahora que la vida familiar gira en torno a la cocina, F *
Freire te ofrece la reconocida Ifnea Viking con -
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Creado por Daniel Vasse
Ave Degetau 500
Torre Hima Plaza 1, suite 102, Caguas
Abierto 11.00 am hasta las 11.00pm
Valet Parking de 6.30pm a 11.00pom.



By Lissette Rosado, Editor

,h1 11 A x\ .uii i

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lil' t i i l : 1 1 :l l 'iI i It:ii i l I .it iit- ii I: I
by : i !i:, :i .:t li n 1 1l li- i :t .:ii 'I ,:i i].:'A i -lj

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i'11n,] i r i'.:i i .:i: i: ll ..: i.:i I i i : i i ] h ill
1 ll IIll.Ii.:i : u, r, .: 1 .:i ] :, .: i' :i .: ]
iii ,:, l i : i i' i 'l I: i i i.:i, .:i _-iiir I i] : : 111, iii I :
i l'i ..:iii .h i.:i li I .il' l t : : i : : l :ll l -

II [I : [l l I : i II I II I, li':llit i l :l i :,
, i[ i iii, r:| : .:j i:].:li'i:[ .:l i:l.:l : : 'lin d:,' :, 'wtr l-
h :,:,-i r i] t'i! : t .:1 .: 1i' It-i:|llt- : I I I' I I:| i:,
i] : lll t t :i:ll -ll i- :, l, I : : l : i] : i ii i,
i :i 1 i : liii it- : i i i : .i:- i :i .. i' -

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S.:ill- IIi ll: I W .:l I t.: :ll, Il -: :l' ,lll ll l:l

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I I I j I I I I I I ] ,
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I 1 wItl ,i:.I I I t il ti : t i lt .jI III.j i]I 'tl! lI l it!
I : ,li l' l I l .I II I: l' i ] :,II ] .(I II 'i I t
-l lit! l I I I: :| : id:l illt 'ill 'I] t! I : t! ..il i:] ii:i
II I [:1 1 'it: l it: I .:1, il :l .j11 I l:itilit 't! I[
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hi ll it : .:jio t t! li Il1:,l |i]li I .ilI i ',:l I Il ii
.Ih:l[ l[i~It : II i.:i,:].01i _-llr I : Ii,:,[ .'iI'i t-.'1 : |I:i|:i I:it- -
Il- '. l l 1 1 I .ji i |:I .: : : 'I l I I I : t: : :l
i:t! I: '1 n0 ] l I:, l I li:i' li ,: I ll l I.i i [. .:i
' I In [l ll ii !]: ' ,: I : : i I : .I I .: : :i i
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TlI,, ,:,ll'it-l :.:1 TuIi [.]l.:lh:|,:,l'i.:nd:| ~ 1:1111
I:'.:lll111.:l1: ,:|l, l [.].'ll H ,:,ili it ,:,' 'il' ~it : : :,:,: l.:lh ,:,rl'
T I1: lh t i l i :h .:,ii :l lli : i 'i ,
I' II I lit li :I ':I .:H I : I 'it ir I '.:il .:i:

t! -i III l ] I iltl : ,:lI 'I:i I 1 I 111. I: Iltl.: -
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, ,,:,il lin i:] l[nii 1:11i1 .:ii l t .'ilI' '.'i : Iil.'i iln :] .'i 'i:i:"i:":l
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11it 1 AI IIik l I IM ,1 O l! ,I.I

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l l.j 'i I i li [ lit lit I .jil : I ,
li-i'l :i .jI ,i i( ii ii.j .m i:l i l i ilil H .il '.Rii
h, I II! .i I- ,1 : lit -I : : .iIi: I I.i, : I i .t i i li'I

I I .. I ( .. l j I I -i t jII IW I I _I
Iri :l i i I.- i .i il : i I.:i: : ,I. i r I I t I I -
I.:ni 'ill i.Cii.i'i. ji',:! -i:].:11:,lh:, -ri'nl tI i:i,:, hi:,

ii h ii il : :ill : I:| I: ii l i- ll, [., r, .I

1 I1 t! Il KI
11 II la Rel II
III I p fl I b IIl<
H :; i,: Iiii, ,:,ii[ i L : ,l It:itF .- t.:1'.\ ~. w i iiiii i|il'i1:
11ii 'ir ii'i[ :, i. i n:|i if,, [.i U irll- .:II' :l Iiii ,:l ,:i i[ .:il:i,:,l ll
' 'Ii.li[ 'i[Ii ['lir: ir' t' i.:n: l'i[ Ii hnl) .iii: :,: ,:,ii'

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D l~I ,,':]: ,1:1I Wil'It ill I ti I- ,:, i' 'II,:IInItI,:, 'I 'II
I II, I '1:,I 1" ',:,I llll:I .:I I .: ,ll.:1 _.:I II: :,:.: I| II II
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[. l.:II hl li.,:i-' .:11l>- _L .II'II:I :,|: .:I|:II':l i : iii', ) i [i .:i,: [,i~
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... .. iii ,' ll lli iii l l ll l Niii 'IiI I ,I ,lI ,iii ll I,, i Ih, I'i, l l i l ii, i h, i' I, I

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l 1 1 1 I l I , I ,,,I I I I I lll I I I I, l , I l, ,l l l l l 1 1 . . I I 1 II Il i l l l,

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1. 'Id I I I ,

a smirk a I III .t o tells I .tha he c:
rou nd s. ,An d , ,, ',,, ,, ,, , , , , ,' ,, i ,, ,, , ,,. ,, , ,
othu dt s on f thegorn d if ho i', ,, , ,, i i ,',,, i ,',,, ,
e, ',| , 1 , ,, ,, , ' i '- ,"' i ', ,', , , ,, ",,1 , i , , ., , ', , ,, 1 ',

always willing to hearwhatthey ha. .. , I . , i ,,,
Ilia is from Hum acao and isplea , , ', , ',' ,, ', , i , , ,, I ,
II celarify)am ohv ta on g e I 'fl il I ',. ,II III a p st I i ,I y, ,1 ,' ....

love m ost aboutPal asis, ,. ,. ii, i 1 1 i , u, ,, ,,,, i ,
a smy, h tha t n, , , m 'h , ,1 ,' ,, , ,, , ,, ,,, , 1,, ', , , ,, ,' ,, , , i, ,,

my ounsew witheouoptbisah a I I.i ,'i '*. i .ae lli i.
c sm iry) ta pon sto miv e th at Tont e g ,,,' ,,, .. . ,' . i ..... , ,, , , ,, ,, , ,, , ,
-a-.s. ,, ,, ,,: I

ali.y w to live with all the freed' . .. . ... .. ,

1 11 11(1 F1% 14

Tulio & Kala, on the a 111 1 hand, lived in Palmas before they were able to establish their bu 'i.
iill have been 'i ii 1i in Palmas for eight and a half years. They have a 6 years oldk i
Nicolas, and another to come, Lucas. (Kala will be 7 months ... .,I'.1 by the time this art., i
1, Ii li ,. I, Both are Palmas kids.
Tulio & K i i l ,, I 1' li il l, supermarket (lucky us) nine 'iii ii, 1,,, and they have turned it u 11,
down. "Did you have any experience with supermarkets?" I asked. "No. I come from the se i,,
industry. I usedtoworkfor a .,,i,'11 i I distribute ,,,II, ,,, ,, ii,i the one people put in i1, i
businesses. h i,, also distributors of bottled water," Tulio answered. Kala has a ', I i, 1 I,' I
in the i, i, 111 ,iI I She was the vice-president of her father s advertising agency, Tito iI ,,-.
Advertising- for 1, I11 .t was a very well know and ,, II11,, ,11.advertising company,.
"I spent years (actually eight years) ii 11ii 11 I of a way to not have to go to San Juan
anymore and n. 11 the opportunity came and we decided to buy the supermarket," .
said Tulio with the satisfaction of having found a light at the end ,111 i ,.tunnel.
And everybody is happy! There was a need for a ..... I ,, i,, 1, il i, I Palmas,
so you don't have to go outside Palmas. I'm 1, 1i1, I you, this is a syndrome. I have
named it il, i fS S.,ii,,,, ,i 'almas Auto -Reclusive -Syndrome). Some have it more

1, i Il i l ,lll, I I I i i hl l ,, I '' III ,,I 1 111 1 , I II ,,,1 ,1 i I I ,I II, 1 1 1 1 I'I
I II I i, I I I I II I i I I II I I I hII II I'' HII' iI I I, I, I I H I I I I II 11 11 1,,11 I ,1,I ll I lI II II I II I i III I I w tIII II I I I I H II, I I II

II I illi Ill, II .. I .....Ii i I l, IIi i,,, iI, ll, l,,I, lll ll l,, I,, I,,II i 1,i I,, IIili ,,ll l .. 11 i1i..i i i, i i, II, ,,', ll,, i 'l'l''i IiI ,,IiIii ,iIii '1'1
I I ll ,,I I Ii i I lll i'I lli,, II i I, I, Il , ll'll i, iii .. 1. Ill 'li,,I, i,, l ,, I l ui '''ii'iii' iii liii' I I
I1, IIll II .I' ,li lli l ll1 Ill, Ill' II Illi i ,,,li i lh li l ''''iiil i ll i ,lI .I .i.' ii iii'l'ii, II l ,, 1 ,11, I I I II HI l ,,,

I l IIi i i l l l ,ii i i i ll, I ,' I1

I ,' II, I, II,,, Ill, 'Ii' II I 1111 I,111 lil l ,,I Ill, I I, ll,,ii II I l I ,I i, 1 11 ll,' I ,i l, ,II I ,I' ,i l',I I ,i ,,I II ilI I iillI' hI ,
I Il l ii Ill I
IIi I I i II I ll , I h ,,i'i IIi 1 I iii i I Ia Iilh ll, h ii ii ii iii l hiii Ill,, Ii, I I 111 ..... I ll' 'ii, I I I ll ll I I

1(1t1 10 G 6 V r 0 G 0

Valerie and Frank
& d when they arrived
at Puerto Rico.

you wod be But no she ooks she s so

Franerik n the much missed and foPuertondly remembered "color
Va Frank were when ool" of the Sun Fun Hut.
Daniel V bel th hm F th ther at sa id Pa risniel

-and they felt the humiud heat that they both said way! There is nn way we

** "

I -'

WarU tUVU PSI de ti DM9 KfSW9



Pr shop
.. .Hablaran de ti

San Juan Ave. de Diego # 309, Puerto Nuevo | tel. 787.775.2030
Guaynabo Carr. #1 Km. 23.0 Barrio Rio | tel. 787.720.2030


Living in a community
like ours is a dream that has
come true for many of us.
Whether you work, live or
vacation here or maybe do
all, it is a great way of life. In
spite of the economic and po-
litical ups and downs on our
beloved island, Palmas del
Mar keeps on the move and
continues to thrive with sig-
nificant milestones of prog-
ress. The groundbreaking
r for the construction of
our much anticipated
five-star Mandarin Hotel
and the inauguration of our
first-class Yatch Club and
M arina are in l li 1 l.. *r., .
that punctuate our progress
and our standing among
resort communities. There
i. nnthin_ liike PqlmqQ'

I r .. I, iI r, l ..I

Living in a


and thriving

community like

ours demands

from all of us our

involvement and

our contribution

for the well-being

of neighbors. We

must live and

show respect

with the utmost

consideration for

each other.

sideration tor each other.
We should be the first to set
the example in our families,
in our neighborhoods and
certainly to our visitors. All
of us should become active
in the solution of problems
and issues being faced by our
communities. Your commu-
nity representatives and your
homeowners administration
does not have an answer for
every challenge that comes
along. Lend us your ideas
and inspiration on how to do
things better.
I am counting on you to
help keep Palmas moving
forward in the right direction
with programs and initiatives
that will enhance our qual-
ity of life and the values of
our properties. That is the

,. ..... i, ,r .n i . .I
r, .. .. r r .. r ,, ."II1. *I r. 1 I.


/ Iiili.

lo I.I i. ii d i Ir .F '

PHA activities summary

PHA community activi-
ties during the summer were
enjoyed by many. From
the award winning Movie
Nights every 1st Saturday
of the month, the rejuve-
nating power walks, the
intriguing bird watches to
the array of beach activities,
there are many new ways we
can enjoy life in PDM. Our
younger generation enjoyed
a fulfilling 3 weeks adventure
at the PHA's summer "Kids
Aboard" Boat Building
Workshop. With television
newscast coverage of their
regatta and the non-stop

hands-( i 1 b..,, r i,.il. u. r, expe-
Cultural activities brought
us a magnificent opportunity
to enjoy Humacao's 4th Re-
cordar es Vivir Festival. The
TRAPICHE (sugar cane mill)
exhibition, the world wide re -
nown Rondalla de Humacao
performance, the vintage car
show, the artesanos and the
dance competition were all
part of the festivities enjoyed
by many Palmas homeown-
ers. Also our 1st Music and
Artisan Festival held in Pal-
manova Plaza and at Villa

Franca was a solid step in
program of cultural activi-
ties for the enjoyment of the
entire community.
In the works are PHA
Opera Nights, a dog show,
and a joint effort to take part
in and celebrate the interna-
tional coastal clean up day,
as well as an educational
Paso Fino exhibition and
a calendar of activities for
the teen center. Be in the
look out for these fantastic
community events. Don't
miss them!



Jaime } \uI I
Morgan- ----
Stubbe, I V *AS
Palmas It I
del Mar NS a
Properties It's a fact

SThe Mandarin Oriental will be inagurated by 2011

- ,,, ,,1l,. -...
i i S .,,,, ,,", I ,, ,.l l., I !. ,.

h 1l i 'r .. r. d I ,
t.-. 1. 1. 1. 1 l. A . h d1. ... .i
. i...** l,. ,, ., I .r ..I .* | i. .I

, r r . *, r. I',. ,! r
r i ii. r.. A r I '1 1 i i r i1
- I!. I- I r r i i kr -. 1 I -

k ..., i. i m .. A. r l. i r l. i...
. i. ... .. 1 ,. .. ,
i .. ... r ,,,-I k ..... I i r. i i i,

r. l i. A.f . 11.li i H I *r i.r. 1 i..r
r r. i' I, '1" .. I.' r, ,J rI 1 ,.

I ! ,r .r . , r! 1,.

Gabriel Espasa, Tony Maldonado,
Wilfredo Lo6pez, Julio Bague
Director of
the Puerto
Rico Tourism
(PRTC) and
Raul Rivera,

Charles E.
Chairman and
Chief Executive
Officer, Maxxam

... --




will monitor and detect intruders penetrating the perim-
eter of Palmas del Mar. Phase I of this project includes
critical perimeter zones in Cocoloba, Roble Valley, Port
Road, Harborlights and Sunrise. This is an interactive
wireless system consisting of an array of high resolution
cameras, transmitters and receivers. The system will
be monitored by PHA security that will have a visual
presentation and audio alarms of the areas under surveil-
lance. This will allow for an immediate response of our
security forces to intercept intruders as soon as they are
The cost of the initial phase of this project is approxi-
mately $175,000. This is another example of how your
assessments are being used for the protection and the
well-being of our community.



The PHA recycling program is in full
swing and growing fast. On October 21,
2008 our recycling program carried out
in coordination with the Municipality
of Humacao, will enter Phase II. This
phase of the program will add La Jolla,
Aquabella, Fairway Court, Casillas, Pal-
mas Doradas, Fairlakes Village, Crescent
Cove, Crescent Beach, Fairlakes III,
Maralago and Marbella regimes. Recy-
cling items include corrugated carton,
paper, aluminum cans and plastics.
Items to be recycled should be de-
posited in bags that allow contents to
be visible to the pick-up personnel.
Materials in black bags will not be col-
lected. On the morning of the pick-up
day (for Palmas this is every Tuesday at
8:00 am) recyclables should be placed at
a pre-coordinated spot at the entrance
to the regime. This will allow for a one-
stop pick up at the regimes and a wider
participation by the entire community.
Our next phase of the program will
include the rest of the Palmas del Mar
community. Information will be forth-
coming as soon as coordination for that
phase is complete.
Thank you for your support.

-- m


PHA continues to upgrade the different accesses to the beach areas in Palmas del
Mar. At the entrance to the access directly across from Fairlakes III, we are construct-
ing a golf-cart parking with appropriate landscaping to accommodate all visitors to the
favorite Punta Candelero beach spot particularly during busy holidays. Additionally,
the Solarea developer is helping to improve this beach access with landscaping along
its way and enlarging the turn-around circle at the end.
At the beach access between Crescent Cove and Crescent Beach, we are modifying
the cart path in the area extending it to the entrance and then cutting across the
road to the Fairlakes Village side. This will allow direct entry to this beach access
while at the same time reducing the current safety risk of having to cross the road at
a curb near the entrances to Crescent Cove and Fairlakes Village.
The beach access near Plaza del Mar has been improved with new gates to keep
i ir. .i....... out of the golf-cart parking areas. The area is being cleaned and con-
ditioned to accommodate more golf carts and visitors.
You are reminded that, as a habitat conservation measure to protect endangered
sea turtles, beach access is restricted to daylight hours (dawn to dusk). To insure
compliance with this requirement opening and closing hours have been posted at
each beach access gate. Please help us protect our habitat while enjoying the pleasure
of our beach areas.

Sf ray 4n S
PHA continues to work hard to resolve the problem that brings the
population of stray dogs that from time-to-time roam our community.
In addition to our daily trapping and collection efforts, PHA has now
contracted the services of Dr. Edwin Serrano and the Humacao Animal
Shelter to capture and remove dangerous dogs with the use of tran -
quilizer darts. Once dogs are captured they will be taken away to th..
shelter according to the laws of Puerto Rico. Initial results are paying
off as a number of these dogs have been already removed and we wil'
pursue these efforts until this problem is neutralized. Operations arc
being conducted at different times and days of the week. Dr. Serrano '
and the Humacao Animal Shelter have all the required permits and '.
licenses to carry out this function.
You can help in this effort by keeping your trash receptacles
well-secured. Do not feed a dog or a pet that does not belong to
you. Report any sighting of stray dogs to PHA Security (787-852-
7775) or to the PHA Office (787-285-6425). These reports will help us in the
tracking efforts. Please stay away and do not, repeat do not confront these animals
unless absolutely necessary to protect yourself from harm.

S,- rd


Many of our residents enjoy sitting
down in our beach and do a little fish-
ing from the shore or surf-casting. This
is a wonderful way to relax and to take
in beautiful sunsets and sunrises. How-
ever, some times this activity competes
for space with other beach visitors and
swimmers, and if not managed properly,
it can result in disturbing the enjoyment
of either the beach goers or the person
fishing with the high risk for others
who could get tangled in fishing lines or
nicked by a fishing hook.
PHA will insist that such a fishing
activity be conducted away from areas
where there are swimmers or children
playing. Areas in beach front residential
regimes and favorite swimming spots
such as Candelero Point should not be
used for surf-casting. Ideal locations
for this activity include the mouth and
north of the Candelero River, the area
near the beach access to Plaza del Mar
and in the areas on each side of the
beach at Surfside and Shell Castle.
Everyone has a right to enjoy all the
pleasures the beach has to offer. Let's
do it safely!


October 10, 11 & 12 at PHA
Sponsored by the Puerto Rico Chess Federation,
a member of the International Chess Federation
Will have three categories depending on the number of
* Open Section where all the Puerto Rico and
International Masters compete.
* Class B Section for anyone with a chess
playing rating from 1800 to 1500.
* Class C Section for anyone with a chess
playing rating less than 1500.
Among the participants will be members of the
Olympic Team that will be representing Puerto '.1.... m11
the 38th Chess Olympiad in Dresden Germany.

YMac~k ~&~u&~ir&

Some reminders of community etiquette...
* Please keep your dog on a leash at all times
* Scoop up your dog's dropping
* Take your garbage with you when you leave. If you see that someone left
garbage behind please pick it up also. It won't harm you but rather make
you a bigger person.
* If you smoke PLEASE pick up your cigarette butts. Soda cans make
excellent ash trays and are also a good way to recycle.
* If you wish to listen to music on the beach please keep the volume
high enough for you to hear it but low enough as to not bother those
around you.


The Mayor of Hu-
macao, the Honor-
able Marcelo Tru-
jillo, has approved
manning the police
station located at
the PHA '-..1.1,,
with officers from
the Municipal Po-
lice. Two police

officers with a patrol car will be assigned
initially to cover the night shift (8:00 pm
to 4:00 am). These officers are being
augmented by the State Police during
week-ends and holidays. PHA security
will help the police with dispatch ser-
vices and radio communications with
the dispatch desk and the support of our
security patrols.
The new police station services began

on September 15, 2008 and provides for
a fast response to any security breach in
our community. This has been a long-
standing effort by PHA which is finally
coming to fruition. We thank the Mayor
for his support and concern with the
peace and tranquility of our community.
Please call the PHA Security Dispatch at
787-852-7775 or 787-852 7745 should
you need police or security assistance.


.3 I Seuit

DC I PetRic

PR-MT MaineSrie
Sea Vetue Snreing

Shrao ForPonsoe
Via Car Reta

Rea I
BBC Relt
I P Realty
Masr Rea Estat

The Palmas Business Association is pleased to present to the community two of their members. The purpose of this
column is for the community to meet those who serve them well, with a strong business community sense, and within
the responsibility codes of the Business Association. They are our business neighbors that support community issues and
business difficulties. They are also responsible for activities such as the First Puerto Rican Music and Artisans Festival that
was held recently. A big success! In this occasion we will present Dally Castillo, President and owner of CPM Realty; and
Manolo Rodriguez Fornaris, owner of the well established restaurant, La Brochette.

Dally Castillo
I love Real Estate, I was born into Real Estate, who would have guessed that I would
follow in my parents passion. My parents have always owned properties in Brooklyn, NY
and now in Puerto Rico. I attended Brooklyn College, my passion then was Early Childhood _
Education until I started practicing the same and found out this was not for me. I did many
things from working at the Trade Union Courier, a Teamsters paper as a proof reader
performing lots of research in the NYC library for the paper. Later I worked for a wonderful
Wall Street firm specifically in their Personnel Dept; still young and bored I decided I
wanted to open my own company. I transferred to Puerto Rico after growing tired of NYC
and the stress that can come with a fun life...
Blessed, as always I was able to immediately work in the once very popular "Gonzalez Padln" as a Jr. Manager at the popular spa
Adrian Arpel, in Hato Rey, Plaza Las Americas. This is where I met Diane Marsters, my mentor. Finally someone I could speak English
with! I still laugh when I think how I must have smothered Diane, I wouldn't stop yapping. It was Diane Marsters who introduced me to
Palmas del Mar, she is a true pioneer and an excellent teacher. A real professional. As fate had it, it was time to go on my own and since
then I have been servicing the community for over 18 years. (I did start at a very early age). My philosophy is basically "Always do right,
it will surprise some and astonish the rest" Mark Twain.
What do I say as a broker, real estate professional? Basically, in real estate we are ambassador's, what we do for our client should be
for the long run; not just the commission. I love what I do. We work to help our clients, in turn our clients will help us, in the long run.
Our motto is "Helping you make the right move" and we mean it!
Rough times ahead? Yes there are some, however in the market that we service, this beautiful Resort community known as Palmas
del Mar, there is something always moving as we cater to second and/or third time home buyers. Ours is a different market ours is
a moving market. Palmas del Mar is true paradise, it's people who live here year round, its snow birds who are here during the winter
and the corporate guests we attend to, there is just a wonderful variety of friends, guest and clients that we cater too. We, as part of the
Business Association should work together to help our own community grow; to cater to one another to be ambassadors to the resort as
well. The CPM & Realtors team is made up of Wendy, Julio, Yari, Mary, Mildred, Miosotis, Leslie, Luz, and myself. And a bunch of other
people who network with us. Our offices are located in Palmanova Plaza #10; we do have a smaller office in Caguas but Palmas del Mar
is always home for us..

Manolo Rodriguez
Manolo is one of those Palmas kids that are no longer kids, but in his spirit he's still a
kid. Manolo is always very relaxed and friendly. He moved to Palmas with his mother, Gladys
Fornaris, his sister and brother when he was 11 years old. "At the beginning I fought because I
didn't want to come. We used to live in Condado and all my friends were from there. Now I fight
whenever I have to go to San Juan."
Manolo has owned La Brochette since 1993 and since then they have developed a loyal
clientele. They have clients that live in the States that come here year after year because they
know food is always the same quality. I can testify that at La Brochette you can eat the best
rice and beans ever, the "aranitas" are fantastic and the beef... well the beef is always Angus.
"I started this restaurant with my mother and we didn't know much about this business at that
time, but we learned, sometimes the hard way," said Manolo. "I want to thank Daniel Vasse &
Frank Arnould from Chez Daniel that unselfishly helped us, not only with the cooking, but also
by lending us plates." He recalls how one Friday a shelf filled with plates came down and broke.
"It was Christmas Eve, it was high season, it was 5:00 pm and we were completely booked. My
mother, Gladys, almost had a nervous breakdown. Then I thought: 'who can help us, where can
we find plates at this time?' Daniel Vasse! And he did, he immediately told me to come down and
pick up the plates I needed. He saved us that night!" said Manolo and laughed.
Manolo has been with the Business Association since the beginning, and has always been
present when needed. "That's the way it should be, we are almost a town and we have to be here
to help each other in good and bad times. We also should help our community grow and prosper,"
said Manolo. You know it's true; Manolo is one of those people that never says no, he always
wants to help and be useful.
On the La Brochette team you can find Reggie (bartender), Victor (waiter) and Gilda and Dona
Monse (in the kitchen) and Leticia Gonzalez his other half that is his support and partner.
Manolo is a great tennis player and golfer and has been invited for 12 years consecutively to
play the Korean/American Friendship Cup where the country that wins the tournament decides to
which charity the money collected goes towards.



51 ,
Ag:% Vi


Cardiologfa Cardiologfa Pediatrica Cirugfa Cirugia Plastica y Reconstructiva Dermatologfa Endocrinologfa Endocrinologia Pediatrica
Fisiatrfa Gastroenterologfa Geriatrfa Hematologfa Infectologfa Infectologfa Pediatrica Medicina de Familia Medicina Interna Nefrologia
Neonatologfa Neumologia Neumologfa Pediatrica Neurologia Obstetricia y Ginecologia Oftalmologfa Oncologia Ortopedia Pediatrfa
Pedodoncia Podiatrfa Psicologfa Psiquiatrfa Reumatologfa Servicios Dentales Urologfa

Ahora puedes acceder a estos y muchos otros servicios del
Hospital Ryder utilizando La Tarjeta American Express*.

Tu centro mMdico del este

Ave Fon Mare #35 Hu aco PR 009 Tel 78 5206

.............................. ...... ............ Have you noticed that there is an awakening
of water sports in Palmas? Kayaks, paddle
boards, surfing... it is good to see kids
and adults sharing their passion for the
I sea! Thank to Fernando Alvarez, surfing
professor, for his patience and enthusiasm
Teaching the young and the not so young
*the sport of surfing and paddle board. Go
blue! Move your skeleton; you will soon see
that the benefits are immense. Here are
.some basics:
is a great cardiovascular exercise, using mostly upper body
muscles to do the paddling work, and leg muscles to guide
the board once you're up and riding. Since surfing involves
more time paddling, it provides an intense upper body and
core workout. For surfing classes, contact Fernando Alvarez
at (787) 426-8219.
Did you know that moving a kayak at about 5 mph is going
to require about 0.1 hp of effort? And that that burns up to
400 calories per hour? So, four hours of paddling is going
to burn up about 1600 calories! A weight watchers dream!
If you have a kayak or want to learn more about it please
contact us at liv li ,. i ._. il....

is a superior core workout on both flat water and amongst
the waves. It is an ideal sport for cross-training as it brings
together legs, back, feet, arms, neck and stomach muscles in
a graceful display of core strength and balance.
Go Palmas, go!! Let's meet at the beach and enjoy
a healthy lifestyle. See you at the Beach Bohio!
And while on the same subject of watersports and sea pleasures, there is a
new charter service available where you can book a motor yatch, sail boats
or a catamaran, with or without a captain. The best vacation in the world!
...... ...... And leaving right from Palmas (also available from Fajardo). For more
information call Nautifull at 787-761-5780, 787-647-3392 or by email at:
1 ,nr ii11,._' ,i! ....i i You can also access www.dufour/yatch.com orwww.
Smi rifull.com.
Nautifull also carries a full line of rigid and inflatable family, single and
r ling kayaks with skegs for smooth tracking, yacht tenders or dinghies
"-- .rl deep vee's and reinforced fiberglass transoms, PaddleSkis, SailCats,
..no ,rormount boats, FoldCats and accessories with a three year manufactur-
ers' warranty. They will soon be available for sale and rental at a
soon to be announced retailer in Palmas. An exhibition is be -
ing coordinated for NAUTIFULL to display its vessels
and units at a beach area, accessible location
soon to be announced.



From our
jewelry designer
always changing,
always so chic!
0111 1 I :l H En.. 1" .11l l ,-: I.,
'I ,[, II II 1 |[- H I-F: II I E1 ,-

ji T :1l~T1:1:-lFrom the new Cole Haan
Collection an exquisiteIli

combination of metal and
leather is a trademark of the
overall collection An elegantlIr:
t.- 11 n .-1 Bln .l .-r ..11: hn1.:h1 .-

trretro style for a sophisticatedI.
Irn : ,1,-I. I | l,- I .lh : :1n1 I- ,:,h,: I ,l
,1[lu l.:l,- : .1 1 I.I1 Iq -' ,
"k From the new Cole Haan
Collection an exquisite
combination of metal and
leather is a trademark of the
overall collection, An elegant
retro style for a sophisticated
look. Available at MIRO OPTICA
in Caguas. For information call

K4rastase Hydra softening
i i.- r< I :< -iiiii:I.-ni
[, 1, d11f I.:.: I1l.:1 I. unrul., lialf
W III1_''i I
S: F, I I: H I I:L

, l,: l; ,-:+ : 1 |.'i. .1::, : ,:r 11,
'[ ll,2, 11,-, h 2n ,.,

This is not a shoe.

...it is a fashion accessory.

..an authentic sculpture.


...exclusively at Youtopi
787-850-8534 /I/I

Qur new Catho

You must have noticed the impressive structure that is being constructed on the road that leads
to the Country Club...it's our new Catholic church. It's going to be really astonishing, a real work
of art.
But this does not come by chance, behind this church there is a lot of
thought, more than you ever imagined. This church is the result of a
lot of thinking and hard analysis from a group of very engaged people.
"Seven years ago I met with Antonio Roig and Padre Baltasar. From that
first meeting we were determined to give shape to this dream," said Tom
Marvel, architect of this work of art. He added, "The concept is the result
of a collective thinking process which includes the liturgic aspect of the
building and the structure itself. Antonio Roig has been fundamental in
this process, not only for his enthusiasm and vision but because he is a
specialist on liturgies and he gave me a lot of insight in developing the
concept. After all, it is meant to be a spiritual space, the ultimate purpose M
of a church. We decided that the church was going to be a traditional
church but at the same time modem, a church of the 21st century. The U
space has to be inspirational, and with that goal in mind I started thinking
of the church as a ship that is going to embark us on a spiritual journey"
added Marvel.
We have to point out that Tom Marvel has a vast experience as an
architect and has studied churches profoundly. He has designed other temples. Tom Marvel wrote, Tom Marvel,
in a joint venture with historian Dra. Maria L. Moreno, "Templos Parroquiales de Puerto Rico", a of our new
book about all the parishes in Puerto Rico. In 1990 he won "The Henry Klumb Award", Puerto Rico church.
College of Architects' highest recognition.

Some details
of our new church
Our church's name will be La ,11 I1, Familia alnd it is i i, ,, i to
have 8,000 square feet of w ii iI with I,, ,,. The tower is 1 H,1, I to be
seen as soon as you cross the Palmas, iI,. since the tower of the
,will be 80 feet tall il I can see it already). The rest
i nave is i i to be 45 to 30 tall in the lowest areas. The
entrance will host a foyer with space for informal i 1 I i and
ii 1111I, I The i, ii iil be towards the back id II,. il i in
accordance with the new tendencies of the church after the 1960 A C curious
council, as we learned from Marvel. It will even have ai i i, I room, N ot e
(not a room for you to cry in) a room to leave the kids where they can In the process of writing this article
rmake Heise or cry without ,, 11 ,,, i the pariLshioners. 1 1 11 ,,1 i ii I received a call (which I receive a lot
ful! La 1,, 11 Familia is i i to accommodate 400 people ii. lately, as a result of the magazine) of
The choir and the i 111 1, I il be at the front, very close to the a young woman asking me when the
altar. The altar, as well as the benches and all the wood work such church was going to be inaugurated
as the confessionary etc, will be 1 1 ,, I by Puerto Rican artisans. because she wanted to reserve a date
The bell for the ,, is coming from the U.S. The iI,, i day I visited for her wedding. Well for those of you
the church for a i,,, check up and I am very pleased, it is who have plans of getting married, the
what I had envisioned," said Marvel with profound satisfaction. church is supposed to be inaugurated
The church will also have its own Columbary with 1,000 niches for around April/May 2009.
urns ,,Il illi, Ii i ashes and a small chapel. Outside the church, in the
front yard, you will find a bronze sculpture that will be a represent
tion of The Holy Family.

C hu rch

The art
Antonio Roig, that the church will have plenty ot sacred art.
The church will have carvings created by renowned Puerto
Rican artisans.
The central piece of the altar will be an XVIII century Holy
Cross from Guatemala. Sculptures of the Virgin Mary and San
Jos6, originating from Germany, will also adorn the altar. This
Virgin, called La Virgin Peregrine, is right now in the Church of
Humacao. A Campeche Nativity Scene will also be part of the
art collection. The stained glass adorning the entrance will be
a Nativity Scene created by the artist Herminia Rivera. This is
just a preview of what's coming. We can be sure that the outcome
will be spectacular. Nevertheless, money still needs to be raised
to complete La Sagrada Familia, so those of you who want to
contribute in making this dream come true, there is still time.

From left ot right: Father Floyd Mercado;
Father Baltazar Nuiez, Priest; Ing. Carlos Garcia
and Mr. Angel FernAndez, Coordinator.
Antonio Roig, the engine behind the church.

J 29


ESTETICA CORPORAL tratamientos reductores/desintoxicantes a
base de algas marinas o parafango, exfoliaci6n, hidrataci6n

MASAJES CORPORALES terapeuticos, relajantes, estiramiento,
especializados para embarazadas y deportistas

- U, -, .

Corte, secado, tratamientos reparadores/
hidratantes, Nano queratina, color, alisados,
texturizadores, Bio lonics.

limpieza profunda,
tratamientos enzimaticos,
tratamientos aclarantes a base r
de acidos, SWICH, tratamiento
para ojos, mascarillas efecto
Botox, tratamientos para acn6
y rosacea.

manicura regular/spa, tratamientos
parafina, resina organica pedicura regular/
spa, tratamientos parafina.

V- 1

Ademis durante lunes, viernes y sibados. Ofrecemos 15% de des-
cuento en la primera visit para tratamientos faciales y corporales.

PARA CITAS 787 852-2111
Abrimos los lunes de 10:00 a 5:00/ martes a sabado de 9:00 a 6:00
domingos de 11:00 a 4:00 PM

Beach Village 1BR/1B $280,000.
Villa Franca 4BR/2.5B 350,000.
Beach Villa 2BRw/loft/2B 399,000.
Cresent Cove 3BR/3.5B 598,000.
Palmas Dorada 3BR/3B 750,000.

Spa Lifestyle:

An oasis at Los Lagos.
Set aside from the fun filled activities at Palmas del Mar,
Los Lagos creates life in a relaxed and tranquil environ-
ment. The spa lifestyle, unique to Los Lagos, comple-
ments the elegance and fine living created in this
magnificent community, which comes to set a new
standard of living at Palmas del Mar.

Los Lagos welcomes residents over a beautiful stone
bridge over the lake, setting the stage for its perfectly
serene ambiance. Among grand residences and
extraordinary landscapes, which have been carefully
planned and designed for the community, its private
recreational amenities are an oasis for residents. Open
spaces allow a flow of breeze and natural light into its
elegant 8,000 square feet club house hosting a fully
equipped gymnasium with air conditioning, a private
massage room and sauna, an air conditioned activity
lounge, and an open terrace with barbecue area and
bar, kids playground, and an extraordinary infinity
edge pool overlooking the lake and golf courses, whirl-
pool and a children pool, surrounded by an ample
sunbathing deck.

Owners at this exclusive community receive the Palmas
del Mar Beach Club membership (a $15,000 value),
which adds to the experience of outdoor living in Los
Lagos. However, activities are just a perfect complement
to the life created in these extraordinary homes. The
elegant models from 3,016 to 5,950 square feet, and 3, 4
or 5 bedrooms, provide one or two levels in ample lots

ranging from 855 to 1,981 square meters. Los Lagos,
set in 40 acres of perfect landscape overlooking the lakes,
El Yunque and the golf course will host the most extraor-
dinary residences at Palmas del Mar, in a unique spa
lifestyle. It's time for a change of pace, to the rhythm of
Los Lagos.

at Palmas del Mar

Extraordinary Residences. Spa lifestyle.

Prices begin al $865,000*
For more information please call 787.379.2488 or
787.474.8266 ext.23
Developed by PP-15Inc., Lic. LCD-07-188
Sales by Urbe Properties, Lic 97

*Phase #1

,.- J -1

Sri your 4o3 win a prize!

Saturday, october zsfh

coo PM, PHA vuii4in3
Susan Soltero y Suzzette Baco
Charla educativa con Susan Soltero
Exhibici6n de perros policia
Show de perros entrenados de "Agility Dogs".
Fashion show de los perros de los Homeowners
Habrdn exhibidores con products para perros.

Donativo: $5.00 adults $3.00 ninos
A $10.00 de inscripci6n por perro en el fashion show
Inscribete hoy llama al 787-505-3685
6 a las oficinas de PHA 787-285-6425 4
'. Recuerda Ilevar tu perro con su leash y vacunas al dia
phacelebritydogfest@gmail.com -


Let's show our kids we care...

For the second consecutive year Palmas Academy has joined the Yo Limpio
A Puerto Rico campaign "T6matelo en Serio, Recicla por Puerto Rico". (Sept
10th till November 21st) This campaign is oriented to promoting recycling
amongst the general public thru our school students. Students teaching their
The goals set to the students in this campaign: to collect as much plastic
and aluminum as possible, the school that collects the most gets a concert
with the biggest star of the Puerto Rican firmament Daddy Yankee.
For this purposes a recollection centers has been set at Sams Club
Humacao; Thursdays thru Saturdays from 9:00 am to 4:30 pm, we are
also trying to set one up @ Palmas Academy. Lets show our children that we
do care, lets help them in their collection. If we all put a little bit there are more
chances for them to win. Yes We came 7th out of 221 schools last year.
This the reason why we believe it's the moment for everyone to get involved
and commit more of ourselves to put PDM at the forefront of all the green
communities of Puerto Rico.
Therefore we want to invite you to help this program.
For more information please call Mrs. Janet Schuck
@ Palmas Academy, Mr. Ignacio Barsotelli (787-
390-4090) or Mr. Josean Terron (787-531-8849
to h '- ca.n fi irthi-r th-ir c.-.ili:- It i: for th-

Hurricanes can develop overnight.

.... ........

13 years of experience
10,000 square foot warehouse
New maintenance and repair department
justinorozcol @yahoo.com

La mejor tecnologia al mejor precio



Dry cleaning service
* Daily pick and delivery services
* Tailoring & alterations service

Monday thru Saturday
7 am 6 pm



OUR piece of ChintA in

Sue Sue is the face of Blue Hawaii, our
Chinese restaurant in Palmas. As most of
you know, Sue Sue is a small, dynamic and
a very sweet lady. She is really nice, warm,
always has a good attitude and a smile
on her face. That, I believe, is part of
her big success. She makes you feel j
welcomed and important for her.
Sue Sue and her family are an es-
sential part of Palmas' history; they
have been in Palmas for 26 years. .X
Everybody knows them and they
know everybody. They are admired
and respected by everyone.
Sue Sue


Yang arrived to
Puerto Rico 29 years ago and has been in
Palmas almost since then. They originally
opf,., ,, 1 m, r i fi..r , 1ii ...I i 11, 1 V il-
lage, in the heart of Humacao, but very
soon moved to Palmas to stay forever.
"We came to stay and my son Jimmy was
born and raised here. He studied in San
Benito, then in Palmas Academy until
the seventh grade, (at that time Palmas
Academy didn't have a high school) and
completed high school in San Antonio
Abad," explained Sue Sue, and added,
"We were part of the families that helped
built the school, when there was nothing.
We are proud of it".
Sue Sue's story is very interesting.

Her father was Chinese, her mother was
Vietnamese and her great-grandmother
was French. She was born and raised in
Saigon, Vietnam, where she studied until
she was 16 years old. It was the time of
the Vietnam War, so
her parents
..I... .- .I in
I 1 n'- to
... ,..I her,
.,-, ,s.._ ,ith
,. .'.rers

.... rii ri iii rsity of Chanching
SFrom Iwan she
S' o for a year and
Sre flew to Puerto
Sand I fell iTan love
r., get
li .r I ,.. Sue Suo the studied
.... i., .. i Ii.I, .rsity of Chanchi
id lk.I. in.. I r ..... I From Taiwan she
I.. -.i i ,. i, .o for a year and
,,i rdi., I le flew to Puerto

I .- m .. and I fell in love
I r r i . .. 1. .. ,se to the sea, we
l .. If.. 1.. trlier used to have
l+, h._ .._ A,.,. ,.. company. He
had a big fleet of boats at that time
and we always lived close to the
ocean," said Sue Sue with pride
and nostalgia, but with the same
joy that characterizes her.
"We are Chinese-Humacaefios",
she said and added that her son
Jimmy is 99.9% Puerto Rican. "He
likes rice and beans with chicken stew
he likes everything about Puerto Ric.,
especially Puerto Rican girls. When he
sees a Puerto Rican ._u lo ,.
around and over." Jimri, I,..
and asks me not to ptr rli.
in the article. Big mistal...
That's juicy inform -
tion. I asked JimmI

how he feels
and he ac-
cepted that
he is Puerto
Rican with
some Chi-
nese in-
fluence. .
He went
to school
here; he
Spanish (even though Sue
Sue made him learn Chinese). Jimmy Lo
Yang went to college at the University of
El Turabo and he is an electrical engineer.
He is modest and reserved but by talking
to him I can tell he is a very educated
young man. He reads a lot and knows
a lot about world history, including the
history of Puerto Rico. "I bet you I know


more Puerto Rican history than most of
the Puerto Rican youth," he stated after
sometime in the interview. He was more
relaxed and talkative. "What are your
goals?" I asked and he answered without
hesitation: "I want to be a respected en-
trepreneur. I want to be an entrepreneur
recognized for important contributions to
society." Very impressive goals if I must
say so. I'm sure that Palmas' community
will be proud of you!
Talking about what he believes are
his Chinese influences,

Jimmy told me: "Respect for the elderly,
discipline, and respect in general". Sue
Sue agreed, "He is very respectful to me
and the family."
"This is a much embedded Chinese
tradition," added Chin Chin, her sister.
"Our parents taught us respect and re-
sponsibility. When you say yes to some-
thing or somebody, your actions must
follow your words."
But going back to Sue Sue, she stated
that the big success of Blue Hawaii, apart
from the quality of the food and its taste,
is the honesty and the good service they
offer their clients. "We buy hotel quality
ingredients, and we don't deceive our
clients. If we offer you an Angus filet, it's
Angus and not anything else," Sue Sue
said. She is also very meticulous about
hygiene and cleaning procedures. As far
as the recipes are concerned, she told me
they are top secret. "Our chef Michael,

By Lissette rosado

who is also Chinese, has been with us for
many, many years. We also use Tommy
Lo's, Jimmy's father, Chinese recipes.
He was half Hawaiian and worked as a
chef in a Hawaiian cruise ship for many
years." Now we know why the restaurant
is named Blue Hawaii.
On the other hand, Chin Chin, Sue
Sue sister, who is now in charge of the
sushi Bar, is also a teacher. She also stud-
ied in Taiwan, at Normal University-- a
university specialized in education and
arts. Chin Chin is a high school teacher
but has been with her sister for all these
years. Chin Chin learned the art of sushi
with her brother in Japan. She is also very
charming and soft, always ready to please
their clients and friends (here in Palmas,
clients become friends and friends be-
come clients).
The day of this interview I thought
everybody in the restaurant knew each
other. I went for the interview and ended
up eating sushi and a wonderful house
salad Chin Chin prepared for me. While
I was there I met up with Glenda, my
sister, Denise Di Brito, Mercey Vilar, her
daughter Gabriela and we all ended up
eating at the same table. Later I went to
Denise's shop to take a photo and the
waitress came to bring us refreshments.
Afterward, we went back to the table and
Sue Sue gave us a bag full of star fruit and
mangos from her backyard. Denise also
gave us some mangos. That's Palmas for
you, a small town in Paradise. I had plans
to go to San Juan the next day (the day
that I am writing this article) but guess
what? I postponed it. If you are planning
to move to Palmas, be aware that this is
habit forming.
We thank Sue Sue and her family for
many years of good food, good service.
and a good community business.




300 Hostos Ave.
San Juan PR 00918-2318
t 787-250-8045
f 787-754-9636
e bjewels@coqui.net

1 0... 0

S.. ..

Grea.os n -uevo ein-Io Un U u U
co .- .n- -t-mim.s que iel a -en

Uocins 100% eU n i- i U

al euro

cocinas* bafios. muebles

* Showroom: Carr.#1 km 29.4 Caguas t. 787.258.0885 www.aleuro.com


MJ Electrolux

-.^ ..."-"gN

Sometimes, when you
have a second home
at a beach resort like
Palmas, you could be
tempted to bring left-
over furniture from
your main residence
to decorate and
furnish your villa.
Stop! Don't do it!
Your weekend villa
should be a peaceful
and harmonious
space where you can
relax and forget, at
least for some days,
all the stress and the
city madness.
"Once you cross
Palmas' gate you
should leave behind
all your concerns
and once you enter
your villa you should
feel in heaven,"
said Tensy Garcia,
"The idea of heaven
is not a "patch" ,
heaven should be
harmonious, soft and
peaceful. Palmas is
our Paradise; our villa
should be our private
heaven. You shouldn't
fill your villa with fish
motifs and/or shells.
Yes, you could have
a fish here and there
but not everywhere!
Buy good artwork, it's
an investment and
it speaks about your
good taste.


You should let the sea
and the green in. Use light
shades made from natural
fabrics and cotton yarn with
a little polyester. "Sheer or
straw curtains also allow
natural light to filter in," said
Tensy. She recommended
light colors natural and
warm to accent a wall or a
space. "The monochromatic
look is very strong. Light col-
ored wood such as teka and
wicker furniture are making
a comeback. Another ten-
dency making a comeback
is lacquered furniture, espe-
cially in white.
"If you use metal, you
should go with the stainless
steel or aluminum because
the sea salt will ruin your fur-

niture in no time".
Tensy also recommend
natural fabrics with solar
protection for the sofas,
chairs and rugs. "I don't rec-
ommend leather furniture
for a beach villa, kids come
from the beach or the pool
wet and sit on the furniture
and you don't want to spend
the day fighting with them".
Regarding illumination,
fascias are still very in and
very practical to provide an
indirect and soft light. Al-
ways use a dimmer to have
the right amount of light for
each occasion. "You could
also use indirect light with
floor standing and table
lamps," stated Tensy.

For the bedroom Tensy
recommends peaceful colors
like aqua green. "I like white
for the bedroom a lot. If you
buy natural fabrics, white is
perfect because it also cleans
very well."
Fans are also an element
that gives you a practical
function and a tropical look.
Buy good ones; there are
some magnificent alterna-
tives in the market that are
elegant and efficient at the
same time.

To "remodel" or refresh
you villa, move furniture



set from



and artwork around, paint trained to get the most out
a wall or two, and buy some of your space. Sometimes
new pillows. Change your I think there is little magic
placemats. Buy a new chan- involved.
delier, a beautiful vase or a At the end of the day,
new stunning rug. And last remember that your villa is
but not least renew your your private heaven and it
plqnt- the rcl! nnce in.d is fnr vnii and
r l,, st. ..^. N..',l I r"","' I .^ @
., ,, I, .. ,. ... .! n l l u,, I l ,, r, l.l
l .. r II . l ... . r l t 1 t
r, 'r 1- ,_ -
S I '!' .I. .. . I. F I i ... .
,r .ir ..!'_ .. I r!





Offered $550k NaniRob/es Offered $ 779,500K Offered $335k

Offered $499,000

Offered $395k

OTrered 4i.aM

s wh

.. .. ....

.... .

find your drean

The k -ir:eti~t6entcorN of nex,

*Excluii' hrcok-r fh)l, Palmas'i

Sale -,Prcde-,icnak xhcoknco"

W:,ill oPALN'IAS6

... a .

. ...... .

I home today!L
n home today! .

... ... ...

- m m


A division of Palmas Del Mar Properties, Inc. Lic.# 7493


0 ouS

+ -9t

- ,.. ,- f-;.



Poll Dolmoo Aal More Dpol C':


6icoe tehnlgia inoain 006t wi0.0
impove 0ou 6.il wl-being6

Design your project with
our eco-elements friendly
products. What goes into
ORG products is almost as
as the peace of mind that
comes out

From KOPER, a modern and
trendy dining set that reflects the
innovative lifestyle of the home.

you will find an ample variety
of avant-garde furnishings
of the today's design world.

I -




Integrated design, infinite possibilities I-SHOME
Street A Lot 1 A
Urb. Industrial Mario ' Puerto Nuevo
Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm
Saturday by appointment only
787.782.6764 www.ids-pr.com

: ..... ...... ..


Create a warm
ambiance with the lamps
available in A LA ORDEN.

IBERTILE Ceramic, always at the forefront of creative and unusual
elements, and with your discerning tastes in mind.

, I., : : ill .1 ::, '
3I 1 l l l ,- :1 1 1

.li,- i,- r i .:l :l ,: ,:l
,Our.1 I ,11,- :,r I .: i-
n ,-: : 1:11 I_, , ::
a l -. I,- : i,-I,-

:** L- 'M'E*ll lu
I I I I I: E | I h
l: ,2,i' .1 S :*
: I l r,- ,:,:, : ,r I ,
a l l, I tr, -l. I:


a,. */
A% *

SPersiNovw a Avenida Andalucia # 437
Puerto Nuevo, San Juan PR 00920
Persionos y Pjetoas Europeas Tel. 787-781-5805

t ,-.I ..:'ii l

-'a :.:*. .

lber le
I, ,v

Iber i www.ibertile.net

256 Ave. De Diego, Pto. Nuevo (787) 792-9317
Carr.#2 Km 17.1, Bo. Candelaria (787) 251-0160


,ri i- t llul
i rI III
i.I -,1~ 4i ,n W i.,,,I Iht

al PI
1 u I fi

a -I, **-1 --I i'C, I 1
rI a ,, ,1M.r.I I I 1

Di o o, I .hI. .
I II I h ,, lh 1,- ,
kT I_,,' "1,-1 IlI Ih, m, II, u d II.

h ,I,, I, I IIr. j
,h l- I iI .I , 1
.7' l P I xI II, N N II I
-' 1,, 1-, bI -, 1 1, I I, I 11II , 1, ,
al,, I .IIlh, ,- ,, l hr1,

4t, I I i 1 1 h I

I -,iArl [T. I A S
I1, h. -ll r I II Ih l e ,I IhI
Ir ,- Id ,, I In I I
l' l ,k I 1 I ,- ,II I r,[ 1 r1
214 P-LM15 INN \V Y
.tP I.:,, 787-852-1- 140


F ilI 6I8. FII F 785
CEL 787-649-6361. 787-645-1628 FAX 787-852-0550

Palmanova Plaza, C-7 (near El Banco Popular), Palmas del Mar
787 S79-689

o en la cocina...
Shhhhh...nadie tiene
que enterarse.
arrz cn habichuelas clradas ,-,,

el famoso polio al BBQ
carne de cerdo
arroz con habichuelas coloradas
yuca y batata
mofongo de platano o yuca
name, yautia, guineos
Guineitos en escabeche
tostones, papas fritas y amarillos
arroz guisado variaa por dia)
ensalada verde

787- 285-7700f
Coconut Grove Plaza C(ir 906 (hicni Palmas del Mil) Humicio
,I in ,- ,- I -II illI I
I ..I I I i -II '''IIIl
Centro Comercial San JosA, Humacao Carr. No.3
Abierto todos los dias de 10:00 AM 10:00 PM

riAiRi CJ DIIhW mivi




Getting to know our water company..


By Lissette Rosado

Something else to be proud of ...our water company, Palmas
del Mar Utility Corp.
It all started in the early 70s when Palmas del Mar Utility
Corp. (PDMU), a nonprofit organization, was created in re-
sponse to the need of developing the planned resort community
of Palmas del Mar on 2,800 acres of land in the municipalities
of Humacao and Yabucoa, Puerto Rico. At the time there was
no water infrastructure installed in the area. As a very innova-
tive and creative solution, Palmas del Mar Corp discussed with
the government the granting of a franchise to design, install,
and operate the water system s needed. The proposal was ac-
cepted and in 1974 PDMU was granted the franchise in favor-
of the subscribers with the master developer lending the funds '
for the construction of the infrastructure, paving the way for
the largest planned resort community in Puerto Rico with over
3,000 residential units, hotels, marina, school, 18 restaurants,
20 tennis courts, two championship golf courts, an equestrian
park, gardens, pathways and a natural reserve among others.
The foundation of our community was built and Palmas started
to flourish.

The results are impressive
PDMU started developing the infrastructure necessary to
bring water to the 2,800 acres that encompasses Palmas del
Mar and in 1988 a waste water treatment system was built. It
was expanded in 1994 with a secondary waste water treatment
facility based on a very sophisticated system (called the Stahl-
ermatic System) with a capacity to treat 1.3 million gallons of
water a day. Rey Encarnaci6n and Eng. Serafin Santiago,
PDMU, project inspector.


...between sustainable development



_- -k

Across the years, USA
& PR Government, as
well as some private profes-
sional organizations have
recognized the effort and
achievements of PDMU
& PDMPI. The plant is

often visited by engineers .,
and students to study the ,
operation and the environ-
mental benefits.:
1994 Recognized by the College of Engineers and
Surveyors of Puerto Rico as the Outstanding Engineering
Creation of the Year
1995 Contribution to the Environment and Quality of Life:
Legislative Resolution awarded by the Senate and House of
Representatives of Puerto Rico. Certificate of Recognition
awarded by the Municipal Government of Humacao
2004 Environmental Quality Award from the Environmen-
tal Protection Agency of the United States, Region 2
2007 Environmental Project of the Year awarded by the
Home Builders Association of Puerto Rico to PDMPI and
shared by Palmas Homeowners Association and PDMU
2007 Environmental Excellence of 2007 Award, Environ-
mental Innovation Category for Local Industries of the
. Industries Association of Puerto Rico.
2008 Dedication of the S ....., rf.. Fair by the School Luz A.
Cruz Santana of Humacao, Puerto Rico
The success of our water company is definitely another
reason to be proud. Palmas del Mar is the only commu-
nity in Puerto Rico with its own water company, a water


it an

* Palmas consumes around 700,000
gallons of water a day.
* 500,000 gallons of water consumed is
recovered as used water (and deposited
in the water treatment tanks).
* The water is processed and 90%
(450,000 gallons) is deposited in the
lakes for irrigation purposes.
* The other 10% (50,000 gallons) are
used by PHA, also for green areas.
* Monthly, the system processes 200
cubic meters of organic fertilizer.
* 1,000 tons of sludge and vegetative
material per year are not sent to
Humacao's regional landfill.



The company is managed by a Board of Directors
composed of four members appointed by the master
developer and three members elected by the community.
The board appoints a managing director to run the day
to day business of the company.

company that works in a very sophisticated and efficient Jaime Morgan-Stubbe, President
iay! This is the result of a strong commitment to excel- David Suson, Vice-President
ence and environmental respnnsibilitv. The work is Antonio Maldonado, Secretary
l I.. ,i!..I ri, !,. l t,, rl.i., .!i F. ',. ir Julio Bagu6, Treasurer
Il ... i...... I I ..r., r,, Ir 1 r r.. Ir Luis Rodriguez, Director
,..I. E ... E-.... r' .. [ .r, .4 1 ii Edd Siler, D director
. .. ...I .I. r...I r. . i Gabriel A. Espasas, Director
.. I I .. I .. .. I. I
| i .I. I I I I r 1 < .. I
SL .r.. I l -.

Environmental I I ..l.. ..

d environmental gyservation,



%ff to

Actually PDM Utility processes 700,000 gallons of wa-
ter per day, from which around 500,000 is recovered to be
used (after treatment) for irrigation purposes! That's really
impressive and something that we, Palmas homeowners, have to
be proud of. The recycled water is used mainly to irrigate the
golf courses. Around 4,000 of these gallons are used by Palmas
Homeowners to irrigate the green common areas. "Our treat-
ment system capacity is 273% higher than some conventional
systems, being one of the most cost effective systems operating
in the market and we have zero discharges to natural bodies of
water," says proudly Rey Encarnaci6n, Executive Director of
PDMU and I..p'. i'l... for many of these improvements and
But this is not all; the sludge that is left over from the
treatment is mixed with landscaping clippings and used
to generate compost that is used as fertilizer for green
areas in Palmas del Mar. That means that Palmas Land-
scaping uses organic fertilizer; the system monthly processes
200 cubic meters of organic fertilizer. Thus, in doing so, 1,000
tons of sludge and vegetative material per year are not sent to
Humacao's Humacao regional landfill.
The water that leaves the treatment plant, on the
other hand, goes to the retention lakes where it receives
an additional passive treatment that helps to enhance
our community and sustain the fauna & flora. Our lakes
contribute to the environment providing a friendly habitat
for birds. It also helps to avoid the intrusion of saline water
in underground water currents close to the shore. This water
recycling program for irrigation purposes equals a savings of
between 300,000 and 500,000 gallons of water each time the
irrigation systems are activated in the golf courses.
This waste water system has led to a sustainable model of
development and efficient use of resources at Palmas del Mar.
Nonetheless, PDMU is always looking for ways to improve and
make more efficient the operation. In recent years, PDMU has
installed a remote water reading system which allows the whole
community to be read electronically in only 45 minutes. This
system also allows PDMU to determine if there is a water loss
somewhere in the system. PDMU also uses a telemetric system
to monitor their operation and equipment. This zero water loss
culture and the service personnelrepairmen that isare available
24 hours/day, days /week has been instrumental in the results
obtained by PDMU.

...and the
compost is ready
to be used as an
organic fertilizer!

Rey Encarnaci6n with Project Inspector Engi-
neer, Serafin Santiago.

Mary Lou -
Customer Service
Representative, .- ....,.,...'
in charge of invoicing.



7.e Castiglioni

B-6, Bayam6n Gardens Bayam6n, PR 00957
FAX 787.730.1052 email pwsnarvaez@live.com



-. a.


* -r

Il ...,I-il



.- *n


*" -

-\ ."-


How does it work?
How is all this orchestrated?
ARB has a Board of Directors and an Executive Director, Wilfredo L6pez. The
Board is comprised of five members four of which are appointed by the Master Plan
Developer, Palmas del Mar Properties, Inc (PDMPI), and one by the PHA Board.
Among the four appointed by PDMPI, one is recommended by the PHA Board.
The current Members of the Board are: Jaime Morgan-Stubbe, Esq (Chairman),
Gabriel Espasas RE., Urban Planner Luis R. Rodriguez, Ed Siler CMCA, and Ar-
chitect Ral1 Rivera. This Board is it..f..i-Il.1.. for reviewing and ensuring that the
exterior structures and landscaping of all residential, commercial and institutional
new projects, as well as ofi. i.i .. li._ -ii i .li... -r. conform to the ARB Codes.
To help with the p.,i'.... r 21....1 ,. ii.. hf ..i Committee was created several years
ago. It is charged with reviewing i.. l,. .. i ...1ifi. r., I, of residential, commer-
cial and institutional projects. It is comprised of five members, four appointed by
the PHA Board and one by PDMPI. The Committee studies the cases and makes
recommendations for the ARB board to review, approve or disapprove. Currently
the members of the Committee are: Walter Fournier, Esq., Architect Jose Alcaide,
Ed Siler CMCA, Miguel Santiago PE., and Rafael Mendez, PE.
All this means that before moving one finger to make changes to the exterior of
your property, you should become familiar with the Architectural Review Board's
Design Codes. You can obtain this document at the ARB offices. Once you or
your licensed designer has familiarized with the Codes, you must first present
the proposed changes to your regime board or HOA in the case of single family
structures (residences), which will endorse or deny your proposal. Subsequently,
you must present the plans to the
APT.. i approval. It is important
r., i.. 'ron that even if your plans
i.. oved by the corresponding
i ,... or HOA, you cannot make
l1,, ,nges without the approval
1 i .. Without ARB approval
..not build or modify the
1.r, of any structure.

Guardians o

Palmas del Mar's harmony
and beauty is not left to chance.
There are some rules and regu-
lations that make it possible.
There are also people behind
overlooking, directing and
safeguarding this orchestrated
beauty. This is true for every-
thing from the landscaping to
the structures, everything is
planned and supervised. Now,
close your eyes and imagine for
a moment how Palmas would
look like if everybody could
do as they wish, without any
rules and regulations. I can
picture the scene: blue water
tanks and electric generators
in every ceiling, antennas all
over, chain link fences and iron
bars of all types and colors etc,
etc. etc.
What does ARB stand for?
Palmas del Mar Architectural
Review Board (better known as
ARB) is a nonprofit organiza-
tion, mandated by the Restric-
tive Covenants, as amended, (I
believe that the ARB pre-dates
1997). It is a creature of the
Master Plan Developer to pro-
tect its vision of the community
and the master plan itself).
With the mission to safeguard
the design, aesthetic qual-
ity, harmony and compatibility
of the various developments
subject to the restrictive cov-
enants encumbering the land
on which the projects are
built. In other words, to create
parameters that will preserve
Palmas beauty and architec-
tural harmony.

t Palmas beauty

What about
the master plan?
The Master Plan of Palmas del Mar is a development
plan approved by the Puerto Rico Planning Board. It is the
document that establishes the uses on undeveloped land,
and the authorized number of units-square footage for resi-
dential, tourist, hotel, commercial, and institutional uses.
Every new development in Palmas del Mar must comply
with this plan.
There is a Design Code available at ARB. In that guide
you will find all the dos and don't in Palmas.

Examples of these rules are:
All single homes should have 70% of the ceiling in an
angle and with roof clay tiles terracotta (60% in case
of the townhouses) the rest of the 30% should be flat
or roof terrace;
Spanish Mediterranean inspired arches, columns and
arches are encouraged for porches, window, door
openings and balconies;
Windows should be in clear glass. No more than 20 %
reduction light transmission. Reflective glass windows
are not permitted.
Removable hurricane shutters, approved by ARB,
can only be installed during an impending storm and
must be removed no later than one week after the
storm passes;
Exterior painting: Exterior paint colors shall be selected
in such a way that only colors from "the muted palette,
the neutral palette, and the historical palette" shall
be considered. All colors shall be selected from the
yellow-red or yellow -yellow color family.

These are just some examples of the ARB Design Codes.
Remember these rules and regulations are what allow Palmas
del Mar to remain as an example of a well designed and kept
community. They also serve to preserve the values of your
properties. When you enter our main access control, you im-
mediately notice and "feel" the difference from the "exterior
world" that is not planned, and not well kept. The results
are there right in front your eyes. Next time you complain
about the ARB's rules and regulations, close your eyes and
do the exercise I did at the beginning of this article. But not
for too long, you could faint!

The ARB, on behalf of the
Palmas del Mar Homeowners
Association (PHA), prepares and
promulgates design and develop-
ment guidelines and application
and review procedures collectively
known as the Design Guidelines.
In the event of non-compliance,
it has the authority from PHA to
enforce such Design Guidelines in
the courts of law, if necessary.

FInd youR innCR oAsis...

ScRCeiy n' Sout CoDssagec

* W(elness packages Swedish, -hai & Occep
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Estimnados a toda la Isla
TEL. (787)-295-0203
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Le prttgen un W"., de los rayo ult raviolta.
-* H* Ayndan a mantener una temperature miAs agradable.
Control el brillo excesivo y brindan privacidad.
Reduce el consume de energia de los A/C.
tintes.,i i1vic1 i. cm (752 '-8 122) Los mins grandes en el Caribe en la Industria de Cristales de autos y Times
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Married folks are welcomed with a single guest.


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VOn Saturday, November 15th the
S 1st Annual Palmas Academy PTO will be hosting a 5k
Palmas del Mar Run (starting at 9am) and 1-Mile Family
Turkey Dash! Walk/Run (starting at 9:30am). Following
the races will be a post-race party at The
Run off Academy, including food, music and local
vendors. Please help this first annual event
your turkey... be a success by supporting as a participant,
vendor, and/or volunteer. All proceeds
benefit The Academy, and you benefit
by running off your Thanksgiving
turkey early! Registration forms are
available at various locations around Palmas. For more information, please contact Heidi
at heidi creed@yahoo.com. PHA walkers & runners take note!

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$40./ $45. at the door (includes
dinner) and cash bar available.
Gina Nassar 787-613-0747






SPalmas International
\ Sailing Academy (PISA)
Nov. 27 30

! 0A_`




Jose Abreu is a familiar face in Chez
Daniel. Jos6 is a very discreet man, very
reserved, but you can see in his face
that he is noble and he takes his job
seriously. He doesn't take it lightly. He
knows he has a big responsibility with
Daniel's clients and he loves it. "I love
to work with people. I know most of
our clients by name. That's the differ-
ence in working in a resort like Palmas.
At regular hotels people come and go,
here they stay and come back over and
over. They become friends. Even tour-
ists come every year for years and years!
I have, in my years in Palmas, seen so
many kids grow up. Most of them are
now our clients," said Jos6.
Jose has been in Palmas forever; to be
exact, 36 years and 21of those at Chez
Daniel. He started as a cashier; he has
worked as a bartender and waiter for the
last 21 years.
"I remember when Palmas started. I
have seen so many changes and how
Palmas has evolved in becoming a
real town. I have evolved also. In the
beginning I knew about two wines, St.
Emilion and Mouton Cadet, but I have
learned a lot at Chez Daniel. The menu
changes throughout the years and every
time I learn more about French food

and wines," said Jose, who admits
he has even learned some French
but confesses he has not learned
how to cook.
He said he has gotten to know
a lot of famous local and interna-
tional celebrities as well as politi-
cians at Chez Daniel. He recalls
how Ratil Juliai would come for
dinner and always sat at the same
table, the number 36.
Since he is so humble, he doesn't
mention that he is an extraordinary
"He is never late, never .
absent, he could be alone in
the main dining room and not! -
ing happens, he manages everything
very calmly," said Valerie and told me
he was one of the employees that used
to bring them fruits when Frank and she
moved to Puerto Rico.
Jos6 is from Yabucoa and studied at
the School of Hotel and Management
of Barranquitas. He has 3 sons includ-
ing a pair of twins. He also has five
beautiful grandsons. He is a Palmas'
adopted son.

I I 1 1 1 I lNl, II I II I I I l i l \ 1 I I i l '
I I I | *II I 'i I ll 1 | 1 '

OR 1I O(I))ON. 1I 1

o Uri i -!i_, Hir' ',., PR 787.852.1550
lo Di'. B' ri'.i'.i.,-, 1I'\ P, R 787.734.7030
orthofig(@ prtc.net

Jose has bU
in Palmas
forever. To be
exact 36 years
and 21 at
Chez Daniel.
He started as
a cashier, he
worked as a
bartender and
as a waitress
for the last 21


.1,. III I
I,,, I I

Win Stylrs.
Because every day is an occasion"

75 Triumph Plaza Suite 102, Humacao, PR 00791

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as Del Mar .

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Boat Dives
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of Palm


- A .A.M

Yvonne & Raft Santos del Valle have lived in Palmas for
only six years, and it seems like they have been here forever.
They are everywhere and participate in almost all of Palmas'
events and community groups. This is so because Rafy and
Yvonne are genuinely very gregarious peo-
ple. They really believe in having a sense
of community and it's not only in theory,
they live and make life in Palmas.
They moved to Aquabella and even
though it's an apartment, it gives you the
feeling of a house. The space, the distribu-
tion, the entrance, the patios, the terrace,
all make you feel you are in a house, a very
cozy and sophisticated house.
"When our son, Rafael Antonio, was .
accepted to study his Bachelor degree in
the Georgetown Foreign Service School,
Yvonne and I decided that the time had
come to seek a quiet, pleasant and appro-
priate sized house to move into. Our house
in Santa Maria, which we had lived in for
20 years, had already served its function
but at that point it was too big for the

two of us and we didn't want to have a
feeling of emptiness when our son left,"
explained Rafy.

.,f v

LI- -

A it

Ene jpj

"The process of selecting the appropriate I"'..

wanted, what we expected of the place ...
selected, where was the right place, which
offer was good and what kind of housing we
wanted took us some time. It was Yvonne
who brought me to Palmas because for I
several years she had insisted she wanted
to have a house at a summer resort. But for
years, I resisted the idea and we had summer
houses in Guavate, Rinc6n, etc, etc. Each one
had its charm and we have fond memories of
them," said Rafy.
But like all women, Ivonne didn't give up
and finally Rafy agreed to consider Palmas del
Mar. After visiting several projects they chose
Aquabella. "Mainly because of the size, distribu-
tion, and patio overlooking the Yunque. We have
always enjoyed nature and for us it was necessary,
to maintain an intimate contact with it through I
palms, orchids, flowers and fountains in an appro-
priate sized courtyard. That is what we created and
achieved in Aquabella, our new home," said Yvonne.
And it's true, their house is very charming.
Initially they were still living in Santa Maria and
traveled weekends to Palmas but gradually their stays
in Palmas were extending until finally, three years
ago, they decided to make Aquabella their permanent
What did they find in Palmas? "Palmas is a vibrant
community, varied and balanced. I have seen in Pal-
mas a truly genuine coexistence of different groups
with different interests and different socio-economic
levels but living as equals. In Palmas there's active
participation in community issues. There is also a
growing Catholic /Christian community, dedicated

to Christian values and really special. We never ex-
pected to live the experience of real Christian values
like the ones we have found in Palmas," said Rafy.
"We are very happy here; Aquabella is beautifully
quiet and elegant. On the other hand, Palmas is over-
flowing and exuberant. There are good restaurants,
many activities, sports and enough space to walk,
watch birds and meditate looking at the sea or the
mountains, we have them both," said Yvonne.
"I thank God for bringing me to this place where I
have made so many good friends that make me feel
as if we have lived here a lifetime. Palmas is home,
-- : N -- our Paradise," finished Rafv.

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*.*: .Ind. Mario JuliA, Puerto Nuevo
(detrAs de la Bolera Paradise)

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TEL 787-852-5260/ FAX 787-285-7958

Servicios que ofrecemos
Administraci6n de Quimioterapia Ambulatoria
* Tratamiento para enfermedades de la sangre (anemia, plaquetas bajas etc.)
Estudios especializados
Apoyo emotional individualizado
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Dr. Grcin Miad S. stn
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Established in 1970

Now in Humacao

Laboratorios Borinquen

'78' 850-4900

P* m w"' 1-
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Vr" -F

P: 01 own


MEN Rose1~

Road #3, Km. 86.0, Candelero Abajo / Across from the Texaco gas station

26 locations, one near you:
Bayam6n Caguas Cayey Cidra Gurabo Guaynabo
* Hato Rey Humacao Rio Piedras Santurce San Lorenzo

Monday to Friday from 6:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Saturday from 6:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon


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iServicio es nuestro orgullo!

PALMAS PLANTATION In Ir gra, u.p rt iniidadt
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dr-ble ,i .tres "/i', Ierr ;*i., qiitn dr-r mu l.

h l l,1 .. ,-l ,ld ,- | "
l d I I 1. 11 1 i .1 .1 I I 1, 1 1, , ,-I I
l.l,,,I, -,1 h h ,; l,l,- 4 I,, u ,,, h ,l ,- ~,l |. ,, ,I, l,-I ,,
I..h 11.-..;. 1-. -1it.-11 ..l 1--I 1.-,.I
n i,,-l m ,-n I,- i, l ,-I ,il ,-:

I 11 1.-1 11 . 1 1 .- ..1 h i III,
I h 1, .-I Ih I.- .-h I.- .- h1-. . l.
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complete comunidad en la playa,
ofreciendo dos piscinas, servicio
conserje, cava, generador en cada
edificio y much mas.

casas terreras o dos niveles a
precio super razonable con buen
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'Ira,,,dsjyf a '

Talking to a 15 year old
teenager with such security
and aplomb shows what sports,
good family ties and traveling
does for the character. "I have
to thank my grandpa, Rafael
Taboas, who signed me up for
sailing classes at the age of
six," Ivan began our interview.
He finishes the same way, giv-
ing recognition to his parents
and all the people and enti-
ties that have helped him in
becoming what he is known
for today. Some of those enti-
ties he mentioned are: PHA,
and Tony Maldonado, Daniel
Vasse, Alejandro Berrios, Jorge
Santiago, Gonzalo Bocha Pol-
lizter and Manuel Many Re-
sano. He also thanked- many
times- his school

Palmas Academy
and Mr. Ray Ga-
gnon, its director,
for giving him the
flexibility and sup-
port an athlete of
this category needs
to travel and com-

pete abroad.
But, going back to
the interview, Ivan
told me how he has
been at sea since he was born.
"My grandpa used to take me
on his boat and taught me
everything from a very early
age. He wanted me to know
how to handle the boat in
case something happened. He
also made me take the Power
Squadron Course at the Can-
grejos Yacht Club." No won-
der Ivan is a sea lion; he has
the support of his grandfather
and his parents, who are also
sea loving people.

Ivan has competed |
extensively around the
world. He has visited
countries such as: Pern,
Uruguay, Colombia,

Ecuador, Virgin Islands, Cu-
ragao, many places in the US,
Spain, France, Italy and most
recently, Turkey, where he and
the Puerto Rican team came
away with many prizes.
"What have you learned
from all the traveling you have
done recently?" I asked. He
opened his eyes and told me:

"I have met so many people
and have seen different cul-
tures and religions. I have
seen different clothing styles
and different ways of doing
things!" But I insisted that he
tell me about the lessons he
had learned. He thinks a little
and finally tells me: "I learned
that you have to respect other

. ...I hn ... I was a little
.r ..... ked by the fact
1i r 1u1 Turkey, Muslims
I .. ,,r or five wives,
S id..11 s impressed by
S,. 'omen walking
i., i.i .I ..vith their faces
I ....I with the burka.
1i .ir I realized that
r ,rin rheir way and
ri.. ii. .1iture andl have
to respect that," he said.
I didn't have to answer or ask
answer any more regarding
lessons learned, I was pleased.
Lesson learned! Yet another
fringe benefit of sailing.
Going back to the main
reason for this interview, the
latest achievement of the
Puerto Rico Sailing Team

V. m 0

-. -........

i A.r

(Optimist category), we are
pleased to inform our commu-
nity that out of this team made
up of 9 members, three are from
Palmas (PISA School of Sail-
ing) and the outcome has been
really impressive. During this
past season at Curagao, in the
International North American
Championship, the team won
4 positions out of the first 10
among 200 to 204 competitors.
The overall champion was Rall
Rios from our PISA group and
Ivan Aponte, sub-champion.
Ra6l told us that it was his well
established goals and his focus
that permitted this triumph.
"Now I feel that all this sacrifice
and hard work was worth it,"
he said and added that he knew

he was going to do a
good job but he never
thought that he was
going to be number
one! (Number one
among 250 boats!)
Rafl told us that his
next goal is to win
the Central Ameri-
can Games in 2010
that will be held in
Mayaguez and later the
Olympic Games in London.
Juan Torruella-- interna-
tional sailing judge-- in
an interview published in
El Nuevo Dia, told the
reporter Osman Perez that:
"Extraordinary was not
enough to 1..... i'1 this
feat" referring to Rall Rios

and the achievements of our
"dream team".
But... if you think this is im-
pressive, wait until you learn
that in the Worldwide Sailing
Championship held in Turkey,
Puerto Rico was 3rd among
the first 20 of the world. And
it is not over yet,

haven't heard anything. They
won the Miami Herald Cup,
awarded to the best country.
(All the individual scores
from the teams are added and
the country with the highest
score obtained is the winner).
They won the Team category
award (the best team of the
WORLD!) and the Individual

Championship, awarded to
Rafl Rios, also from Palmas.
"This is something never seen
before for Puerto Rico", said
Ivan proudly, "This has been
my biggest satisfaction, seeing
Puerto Rico as a worldwide
competitor in the sport of

:/ SIOl

TIM- .\ES!



La Enoteca ofrecerA 10% de descuento

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va MAD

The Cellar



TRIO from
Ballester Hno;

By Miguel Guiot, Th(

Every Wednesday, The Cellar staff
ers to experience new tastes from a
the world. Our purpose is to broader
knowledge and our palates. We enjoy
gathering interesting suggestions
for our friends and customers. In
this quest we take into consider-
ation many factors like taste, price,
presentation, availability of the
product and versatility in pairing
with foods. Once again, Ballester
Hermanos makes available a new
line of very affordable wines from
Concha y Toro; a new taste from the
Rapel, Maipo and Casablanca valleys
from Chile has arrived.
Under the TRIO label, the winery
has put into practice the art of blending
And as its name suggests, three grape
found in each of its three wines.
Let's start with the Chardonnay
donnay, Pinot Grigio and Pinot B
Blended together, these three grape va
compliment each other to produce a
fresh wine with aromas and flavors of
cal and citrus fruit; very appropriate i
warm climate. It pairs well with whit

Q S Cabernet Savignon) is an attractive
and generous blend that delivers an
expressive wine of soft and velvety
tannins. It is aged 11 months in
French oak barrels. It has a deep
and dark red color; intense aroma of
S black fruits, cherries, chocolate and
tobacco. It goes well with chicken,
Prime rib and pork loin.
SThe Cabernet Sauvignon (Caber-
net Savignon, Shiraz, and Cabernet
Franc) allows three kinds of grapes
s. to gently intermingle, providing a
e Cellar at Palmas good structure and density. It has
an intense and vital red. The taste
gath- shell fish, sushi, light Italian dishes, and expresses richness in modern fruit,
round mature cheeses. especially blackberries. It pairs well
n our The Merlot (Merlot, Carmenere, and with red sauce pastas, filet
y mignon, or veal chops.

The Cellar at Palmas
cordially invites you to a
Trio Line Wine Tasting
Saturday, October 11th
at 7:00 PM -
PalmanOVa Plaza
Special Guest: Pedro Almodovar
Wine Specialist for Ballester Hnos.

)es a:..

or our
e fish,

Y ^ 4 T 5
Performance Iinperormance cruising sailing achs designed
by Umberto Felci and Patick Roseo. for high sailing. speed and
maneuverable, whilst enjoying modem comfod and luxury below deck.
Rangeof32 upto 52 blue watercruisers.
sr.L A

N: A01111111101111111m.


p, -4rft&Af
flY) C'

Dr. Chegui Benitez is a successful
ophthalmologist, but his real passion
are horses. He was born with flanges in
his hands. "Since when have you been
riding?" I asked him. "Wow... since I was
born. I grew up on a farm...this is my life!"
he said while looking at the horses. His
eyes sparkle. You could feel his love for
these animals and the ranch. "Horses are
in my blood. As soon as I wake up I come
here and in the afternoon, after work, I
come here again".
I don't blame him, it is a beautiful ranch
and even though I never learned how to
ride a horse, I love to visit stables. When
my daughter was a toddler I lived close
to one, and when she became restless I
would take her to the stable. We could
spend the whole afternoon there, looking
at the people working with their horses
and riding. She loved it! Eventually, she
wound up taking Paso Fino riding lessons
and she learned to ride very well. There

is some magic around stables; people are
relaxed and involved with their horses.
Maybe it's that they are transported to
those old times when horses where part

of the family. Horses are magnificent
animals; some are really impressive and
beautiful. My mother used to say that
they are noble animals, and it is true,
they are elegant and intelligent (most
of them).
Hacienda Candelero has a story in Pal-
mas. It's located on nine and a half acres
and has 75 stables, most of them occupied
by Palmas' home owners. Here they have
full service. When clients want to ride
their horses they can call and when they
arrive their horse is bathed, perfumed,
saddled and ready to ride. Every client
has his/her own storage area where they
can leave all their equipment. At the end
of their ride, they just ,'1, i l., ..i h i1.
with friends and everyrlii,._ i- r, ... ii..
of. "But some people III.. r., I.,rl. ri..ii
horses and take care (,t rin.. !, ,i..I rI ,r
fine to," said Chegui.
The atmosphere i- .. i.. I '..I ,.I
friendly that the ridin.. l.. . ..... r..I..
spontaneously by hors.. '.' i i. El -

a strong link among I. .i.. .n i. i, '\.
have become real friends. We travel to-
gether to other towns and even to other
countries", explained Chegui. He added


Ilii .#6



them?" I asked him. "Yes, they definitely
do! I don't know how, but they know.
When you ride a horse you have to be in
command and alert," he stated.

that they have at least two important
activities a year. Last year, for example,
they had a beautiful cavalcade and an
exhibition that was reminiscent of the
parties held at Sugar Cane Plantations.
To this party they also invited horse riding
friends from other towns or ranches with
whom they shared during the year. This
month they will have a Colombian Night,
which will be reminiscent of the parties
celebrated at ranches in Colombia.
The horses at Buena Vista Ranch are
all step horses, most of them are Paso Fino
horses. There are 8 or 9 that compete in
Paso Fino. Chegui also produce horses
which he sells, some he keeps.
"Have you ever had a serious accident
with a horse?" I asked. "No," said Chegui,
"but I have been stepped on, bitten,
kicked by horses but nothing serious."
This is not the case of his daughter Pilar,
who was taking care of a horse with colic
pains and was kicked in the face by the
horse. She required nine hours of surgery.
But, do you what to know what her first
words were after waking up from her op-
eration? "Did the horse survive?" That's
what I call a love for horses!
Rancho Buena Vista is a place where

you can go to have a wonderful
cavalcade while enjoying the
beautiful landscape that Palmas
has to offer. Chegui explained,
"The horses used for cavalcades
are a very different type of horse.
The horse has to be very easy to
ride. They are carefully chosen
and we don't expose them to A
the general public until they
prove to be very submissive.
Most of the horses used
for cavalcades from Rancho
Buena Vista have been with
us for 10 years or more. With
all my experience I have mis-
taken my appreciation two
or three times. Sometimes I
think a horse is going to be
good for cavalcades and I
prove myself wrong. That's
why we don't expose them
to the public until we are
100% sure." The result of
this meticulous screening
is that in ten years they
haven't had an accident.
"Is it true that horses
know if you are afraid of

What is the particularity of Paso Fino horses

Non Paso Fino horses cross their step:
left front leg, back right. Paso Fino horses
move their legs in a lateral way (right
front, right back, front left, back left), and
they always have 3 legs on the floor. An
interesting fact is that Paso Fino horses
are born knowing how to walk like a Paso
Fino horse if they are born from a father
and mother that are Paso Fino also. They
don't need to go to any special school
to learn this elegant way of stepping.
This is not true with the horses used for
competitive jumping. This is because
Paso Fino characteristics are genetically
determined. A pony born from both par-
ents who are trained for jumping is not
necessarily good at jumping.
Where do Paso Fino horses come
from? Well... some people say that from
Puerto Rico, while others say that from
Colombia. Chegui explained that both
were developed at the same time. Puerto
Rico and some areas of Colombia have
similar topography and share the same
absence of Indian warriors which is why
there was no need to have big and strong

horses. So it was decided to
cross breed two small Spanish
horses, agile and of a smooth,
lateral walk. Eventually, and
after many generations, the
Paso Fino, as we know it
today came to be.

im.r ..

a-l- U I

Mr. H4ctor Torres y Mr. Toto

Mercedes Caceres

The Observatory is located at University of Puerto Rico, Humaco
Campus and is currently opening its doors one day and one night
weekly. The observatory opens Thursdays during the academic year
from 7:30-10:30 pm to watch the night sky. All visitors have the
opportunity to observe the Moon, visible planets, multiple stars,
Nebulae, Galaxies and Globular and Galactic Clusters.
For information on the observatory schedule please call the Physics
Department at 787-850-9344.
Berta Bull and I visited the observatory and met
Dr. Rafael Muller, who gave us an overall picture
of the observatory and even though it was a cloudy
night we learned some interesting facts:
Stars don't blink. Blinking is the effect of
turbulence in the atmosphere.
Venus is not a star like the song says. "Venus, la
Imas linda estrella brindame su brillante luz..."
I t* Saturn is seen only in February

Phy*ic W e Without a telescope, the planets look like
ue The Orion Nebulous, is considered the most
Dr. Rafael Muller beautiful of the universe.
Physics Department Director The planets, the closest they are to the sun,
University of Puerto Rico
Humacao Campus the faster they travel. What takes the planet earth
to travel around the sun one year, it takes Mars 2.5 years to do the
What we call the Three Kings constellation, are part of the Nebulas
de Orion and are directly above us the 6th of January.
Nebulous are not stars they are a hydrogen cloud.
If you are going to buy a telescope, be sure it has a motor because
the earth is moving so fast that what you are seeing in the present will
no longer be there after 20ss.
Call the Observatory and give them a visit. It's fascinating!

Five years ago, a group of ladies of the community de-
cided to contribute with their work for the construction
of the catholic chapel in Palmas del mar. They opened
a Flea market (PULGUERO) to sell all those things that
many people are willing to give away.
This project has been a success. The main idea was to
sell at very low prices. You can purchase almost everything
you can imagine: cloths, kitchen tools, linen, furniture,
decorative articles... In addition to the contribution to
the Chapel, they are serving the needs of the low income
population that wait for Thursdays, Fridays and Saturday
to go shopping at the PULGUERO. Many people find
ii p. i ....1 i1.'. articles for a little amount of money.
The major need for this group of volunteers is to find
donations. They recommend that all those things you
have in your closet for more than a year without use
could be part of this project. Also, when redecorating
your house, donate your old decoration to the PULGUE-
RO! They thank all the people that have ..,!r i& ., r...1 to
this project in so many ways. The success is for everyone
that is part of the project!
So, move on, make some space on your closets and be
part of this effort that benefits you (that will have more
space on your closet), the church and the people that
look forward to buy this treasures.
For donations call
787-553-5100 or 787-632-7221.
Pulguero days
Thursday, Fridays and Saturdays from 8:00AM to
1:00PM Next to HIMA Hospital and the Catholic Par-
ish Office, Font Martelo Street beside the Cathedral in
Humacao Plaza

Berta Bull leaving the
Observatory dome.

Sponsored by Palmas del Mar Business Ass
The concert was a
delicacy and we had
record attendance.
It brought together children,
adolescents, and adults who
enjoyed a night of exquisite
music with the "Orquesta de
Cuatro Puertorriquefia".

ociation and Palmas del Mar Home Owners

The Family Day at Villa Franca
was also a success. Some good
old fashioned Puerto Rican
oldies, improvisation, and of
course the spark of Luisito
Vigoreaux and Tabin Pumarejo
made a very enjoyable
afternoon. The food provided
by Daniel Vasse (Chez Daniel)
and Josean Terr6n (Caracoles)
was delicious. Nothing was
missing from this banquet of
music and crafts. The artisan-
made candy was divine! I still
have some at home. If you
didn't try the sweet cherries you
missed out on something really
THANK, THANKS very much
to the Palmas del Mar Business
Association and to Palmas del
Mar Home Owners for this gift
of music and camaraderie! If
you missed it this year, be sure
not to miss it next year!

--Nmm w .1p -,

a Sg--t-

I I..


* p1 I -~

d o


M l




H^*ima-S Pabo Fondaton

The Hima-San Pablo
Foundation carried out
an exquisite fund raising
soir6e in benefit of their
scholarship fund. These
grants are aimed at
medical students who
are working towards
their specialization.
Scholarships are also
aimed to solve the
serious problem Puerto
Rico is facing of medical
. specialists leaving the
The activity was carried
out at the beautiful
residence of Joaquin
Rodriguez, Chairman
of Hima. The view was
astonishing, the food
was superb and the
ambiance very chic and
friendly. The activity
was sponsored by the
super premium Vodka
For more information or
donations please call:

sing 1 '


. '

4 p

........ ...... ....... .....


IR --

M lI

. .....


cEI Up-r dr EJlrenjcT 47D FD" 5U 5Prein l=-Z
d per vide E TO)DA& &UJ PEZA"!

inum -



mu. mum


MG y no require lub ,':: r


Garantfa de por vida y
financiamiento disponible.



C -, i.: BAYAMON
CAGUAS CAYEY Marginal Carr.167, #37
AB-6 Ave. Muhoz Marin Carr.#14, Frente a Frente a Rest. Los Gorditos
Frente a Cadena Salsoul Urb. Alturas de Montellano Urb. Magnolia Gardens
787-704-2300 787-602-1664 787-738-7941 787-738-8118 787-607-5030

i 19 Mos de exper- ia jf-ci ws eyl

_Iwm_ NWOW
now loom

01 as



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