Title: Live & life in Palmas
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Title: Live & life in Palmas
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Language: English
Publisher: Rosado & Morales Inc.
Place of Publication: Palmas del Mar, Humacao, Puerto Rico
Publication Date: June 2008
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\ p

H'I)MFI W iF H':,
A,;,;ii lATli'ir
k MA(i.IA-Il



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lunes a jueves y domingo 10:00 am 11:00 pm viemes y sabado 10 00 am 1:00 am Tel 787.746 7211
Locartzado en el ULincoln Center Plaza a metros de la fuente India Taina. 400 espacios de estadonamiento.



I have come to the conclusion that I have lived all the
summers of my adult life fooling myself. Every year, when
the summer approaches, I feel as happy as I was during my
school days. And every year I need to remind myself that I
am no longer a student and that summer doesn't mean that
I will have a "two month vacation". I have to keep working!
...except for the days I take my vacation (not necessarily in
the summer). But, that spirit of vacation is always there, year

after year; I learned that from my father. He declared that
summers were made for resting and having fun. He never
allowed us take summer school, not in high school nor in
the university. He would take a full month's vacation and we
would do a lot of activities together as a family. I definitely
grew up with a strong "summer spirit" which I keep until to-
day. During the summer, days are longer, and you don't have
to wake up when it is dark. That alone should be p.i.'i .l.r....1
by the constitution! It's so good to wake up when the sun is
warm and there is plenty of light, and Palmas is the epitome
of summer. Palmas in the summer is so lively and there is so
much going on for kids, teens and adults! In this edition, we
are going to talk about what's up for this summer. Get ready!
There are a lot of activities and events.
Summer is here. Let's celebrate... Palmas is our Paradise!
Keep it clean, keep it safe and enjoy your summer. Let the
sunshine in!

Lissette Rosado, Editor
Please feel free to write us with ideas, suggestions and comments

- aic^'il







i% ,V


t W- I-



1_I1U E .ULL ',,- ,'IL 1 JlJi .1

Lissette Rosado, Editor

Editorial Collaborators
Cirinelle Rosado
Rita Molinelli
iGraciela Roig

Graphic Design
Sandra Rodrigue:- RPosalo & Morales

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Lis.et.te Rosado Silvia Morales
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Model ifisel Printing |MO)P Humacao
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Live & Life in Palmas : i ii l. ..rldI .i.ii, .. i,,
',11 p. "11 1 1, '1 I 1 ,, 111 ,.,,1 11,- l[ h

..1 1 787-765-2190
Live & Life in Palmas i: i.... I.p.. iih..n li,
Palmas del Mar Homeowners Association
,iii Rosado & Morales, Inc.
-li II l- h: :.- l ,1
lIr=--,,-rul,,-hk,, lill--sl i, vell,,n 1- :hill, phr..Inlled,-,

You have probably seen him with his typi-
cal hat and his stick walking around Palmas
picking up what other people throw to the
ground. "I can't avoid it, I see the garbage
and I can't let it lay there", said M6ndez and

One of the
problems we have
in Palmas is that
golf carts don't
have a bag where
garbage could be
disposed of, and
the garbage flies
away with the
wind. There is
a definite
between garbage
and golf cart

tell us that it all
started at the
beach, "I started
with a plastic
cup picking up
cigarette butts
and other de-
bris". Then, he
bought a special
device made for
handicap people
and now his mis-
sion is more or-
ganized and so-
phisticated. He
goes for his walk
with two bags,

one for recycling materials and one for gar-
bage. There is no consciousness, he pointed
out, for example, the nicotine of the cigarette
butts ends up in our rivers and in our oceans
and it takes years to decompose. "One of the
problems we have in Palmas is that golf carts
don't have a bag where garbage could be dis-
posed of, and the garbage flies away with the
wind. There is a correlation between garbage
and golf cart traffic", said M6ndez and rec-
ommends that people attach some kind
of garbage bag to their golf carts to help -
keep Palmas clean.
Live & Life contacted Gilbert Saltier,
CartsPro President, who promised to find
or invent a device to solve this problem.
By the time this edition is published
maybe he already has found the solu-
tion. Call 787.285.7081 to find
out. Let's keep our Paradise.

A lifetime banker. "We
all like the relaxed at-
mosphere felt as soon as
you pass Palmas' security ,
gate. It's like being in an-
other country. But most *
importantly, we love its -.
splendor and beauty", 1
said Ren6.
As part of his exercise
routine, he likes to walk
around. "Every area or
residential development
surroundings is unique.
Flora and fauna are also .
at their best. It is always -
peaceful and safe. You
feel at home, you feel part
of the place, belonging and connected", Rend

"For some of us,
this is home- where
we live daily; for
others, this is our
retreat. This is why
when I walk around
and see a piece of
disturbing garbage I
can't help it. I have
to pick it up and
dispose of it in the
next waste basket
available", he con-
While not pre-
tending to preach to
you or educate our

For some of
us, this is home-
where we live
daily; for others,
this is our retreat.
This is why when
I walk around
and see a piece
of disturbing
garbage I can't
help it. I have to
pick it up and
dispose of it in
the next waste
basket available.

younger generations about the importance of
preserving our valuable environment, he just
encourages you to share this feeling and dis-
interestedly help me to keep "our place" clean
and beautiful. "If you are walking around ei-
ther on the sidewalks or on the beach, just
pick it up. It is not going to make you less
worthy, but for sure you will feel much better.
Carrying a plastic bag along your walk would
Sbe always convenient.
STogether we could make a difference
and ensure that our retreat remains
clean and beautiful. It is our Palmas' citizens'
It's good to know that there're people like
Rafael and Rend that care for the common
well being. We are proud of you two.


Sby example!


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EB Electrolux


." "..m


I wish to convey my appreciation to the PHA Delegates,
the PHA Board members and in particular those members of
the community that attended and through their participation
made possible for the outstanding Annual Meeting held at
the PHA '.,, d..i.1 in the end of March. From all indicators
this was the best General Assembly ever. The attendance,
flow of information, exchange of ideas and the community
participation were excellent. Also, the other community
events such as the President's Reception, the Golf Tourna-
ment and the Homeowners evening party were absolutely
great with tons of fun for everyone. I take this opportunity
to publicly thank Tony Maldonado, Denise Love and Paul
Sledzik for their hard work in successfully orchestrating
the various events which were greatly enjoyed by every
As I mentioned in my report at the Annual Meeting, copy
of which you should be receiving shortly, Puerto Rico in
general and the Humacao region in particular are undergo-
ing an unprecedented wave of crime and delinquency. In
spite of our best efforts and those of the police authorities,
we are seeing the impact of this situation already in Palmas.
This unwelcome activity is spilling into our neighborhoods
at levels never seen before. According to police experts,
these delinquent acts are inside jobs perpetrated mostly by
employees and service personnel working in and around our
residential areas and homes.
Irrespective of the security measures that PHA takes,
we need the cooperation and proactive involvement of the
community to overcome this problem. Therefore, please
make sure you know and you can vouch for people coming
into your homes and into your neighborhoods. You must
be absolutely certain as to whom you trust your unattended
home, your keys and entry beepers. Do not
trust anyone who is not part of your household.
Be extremely vigilant and report any suspicious
Sc activity to PHA Security immediately. Join in this
critical effort to make our community a secure place to live
and play. Crime fighting starts at home and you perform an
all important role in turning the tide.

Iii Ii., I .r~II.'

I 'resident /
Palmas Homeowners Association

Palmas can be a haven of
fun around the clock and we
want everyone who lives and
comes to Palmas to enjoy our
lifestyle. We only suggest to
you and your guests to use
moderation and self-control.
A well-balanced community
requires understanding, pa-
tience and tolerance from ev-
eryone while neighbors party
and listen to music, children
play, scream and run around
and pets inevitably barking.
Similarly, everyone must be
cognizant and respectful of
others right to peace and
tranquility and should avoid
excessive noise whether at
home or riding a golf cart and
respect the early morning and
the late evening hours. Make
sure your pets do not become a
nuisance and be always ready
to help your neighbor.


Palmas Securit Dispatch: 787-852-7775 17745
Puerto Rico Police Dispatc 787-852-2020 / 2115
fire Department: 787-852.2330 I 0872
Medical ereies 87-852-0460 I 787-343-2550
Medic ate Ambulance & Medical
EmeIgencv Sefvices- 787-85o0 -323
Department oi Nalual Resouces: 787-852-444013666
Electric Powel Company: 787-87285--0202
Palmas utilities tWateIl 787-?.850202
Local Hospitals
Ryde: 787-852-0768 10445
Hima: 787-852-2424 18585
joominguez: 787-852-0505,2955




"..,-- l'_. ...I r nu to be-
._ i.., 'ing your
!- !i.ii ri on and
..I ,,-,1 'r .- a n contin-
gency plan. As in years past, PHA will be set to go with its
emergency planning and response teams to handle preparations
in general, damage assessment, road cleaning and security. You
should review insurance policies, have videos/photos of your
property, recheck your emergency equipment and identify a
safe location for your family. Go over the inventory of your
emergency kit: cash, medicines, gasoline, food-stuff, water,
flashlight, batteries, radios, infant necessities, camera and film,
pet supplies, toiletries, matches, etc. Don't forget to keep your
telephone fully charged and the emergency numbers handy. The
official Civil Defense Shelter for Palmas del Mar is the Luciano
Rios School on Road 923 at Buena Vista Ward.
It is imperative that you remain at home during the first
hours after the hurricane to allow Emergency Response Teams
to perform their functions so later on you may be able to move
around in a safe manner. Palmas security will be exercising strict
control of movement of people and vehicular traffic throughout
Palmas. Only Emergency Response Vehicles will be permitted to
circulate initially. Access to Palmas will be limited to residents
and official vehicles. Security checkpoints will be established
to exercise control of major residential and development areas.
Only properly authorized personnel will be allowed through
these points. This is done for your own security and safety as
well as for the protection of the property.
Your cooperation, patience and understanding in the event
of a hurricane is a must. Don't wait to the last minute to get
ready now is the best time!!

When removing property out of Palmas del I'
Mar, security requires that a letter of author-
ity be given by the property owner to the
person removing the property. This letter of
authorization, which is also available in a form already prepared
by PHA Security, should list the property being removed, the
name of the person being authorized to remove the property
and the name, Palmas address and phone number where you
can be contacted to verify the information. Also, security will
inspect all trucks and enclosed vehicles in an effort to detect
stolen property.
Effective June 1, 2008 all disposable vegetation and grass
clippings resulting from yard work or lot clean up must be
deposited in PDMU. Please alert people doing your yard work
of this requirement as security will not allow vehicles carrying
this type of load to exit Palmas del Mar.
Please help keeping Palmas safe and secure.

Beach Patrols are doing
an excellent job keeping
our beach areas safe and
secure. However, be mind-
ful that our beach areas are
also known for dangerous
rip-tides and under-tow
currents which can quickly
turn your enjoyment into a
deadly nightmare. So far in
2008, 20 persons have been
rescued from drowning by
our beach patrols. As the
summer gets hotter and
the beach becomes more
inviting you should exercise
extreme vigilance when
near the water and heed
the advice of our beach
On a related note you
mav have noticed that our

beach areas are not being
raked clean with the same
frequency of years past. This is
due to the severe erosion prob-
lem we have experienced this
past year which has damaged
a lot of our coast and beach
zones. As an effort to reduce
the pace of erosion and the
disappearance of sand from
our beach, the Department
of Natural Resources (DNR)
has directed that beach rak-
ing be limited to three times a
week i Ti....I ,. Thursday and
Please help us keep the
beach clean by depositing
bottles, cans, plastics and trash
in the receptacles along the
beach areas.

Skating can be lots of fun if done properly and
safely. To do it otherwise can turn into a very dan-

some of our community youth using the steep areas
of Palmas roads for skate boarding and roller skating.
They are doing this during day and night hours at
high speeds disregarding their own safety and the
safety of others as they challenge motor vehicles in
their quest for fun.
Please don't let your child become another tragic
statistic. Help us instill in our youth good common
sense and good safety habits. Protect him and your
neighbors from a tragic accident


At the 34th Annual Meeting the PHA
Board of Directors was constituted as follows:
Mr. Julio Bagu6 President The following members of the
Ms. Rita Molinelli Vice President PHA Board of Directors were
designated as the PHA
Mr. Servando Diaz Treasurer Executive Committee:
Executive Committee:
Mr. F61ix Santoni- Secretary Mr. Julio Bagu
Mr. Jaime Morgan Director Mr. Jaime Morgan Stubbe
Mr. Luis Rodriguez Director Ms. Rita Molinelli
Mr. Daniel Vasse Director Mr. Walter Fournier
Mr. Eric Grafals Director Mr. Servando Daz
Mr. F61ix Santoni
Mr. Victor Nieto Director
Mr. Walter Fournier Director We thank these outstanding leaders for
Mr. Edd Siler Director stepping forward to help in shaping your
Homeowners Association and Palmas del
Mr. Alberto Rivera Director Mar into the dream community we richly
Mr. Rail Rivera Director deserve.

At the Annual Homeown-
ers Meeting held at the end
of March, Eric Graffals was
seated at the PHA Board of
Directors as the representa-
tive from the South District.
Eric and his wife Marilu are
long-time permanent resi-
dents of Palmas del Mar. They
have been married for 35
years and have a son (Eric),
daughter (Syndia) and three
grand-children (Evan, Owen
and Nohelia). They are also
avid golfers who recently
showed their skills in the sport
at the Annual Homeowners
Tournament. Although a very
busy business executive in the
healthcare industry, Eric finds
time to remain very involved
in the solution of matters
and issues affecting the well
being and the quality of life
of Palmas del Mar. Welcome
aboard Eric!


On Friday, March 28th the PHA Golf Tournament
was a resounding success. Homeowner Paul Sledzik in
conjunction with Denise Love (DCI) and the Golf staff
at the Country Club restructured the tournament to a 2
person scramble with handicaps (flighted). The tourna-
ment quickly filled up with the 128 limit. Everyone
enjoyed themselves immensely. We'd like to take this
opportunity to thank Jeff Willenberg and his staff for a
job well done.
Join us in congratulating the winners!
Closest to the Pin #8 Gerri Bloomberg
Closest to the Pin #12 Marilu Grafals
Closest to the Pin #4 Roberto Perez
Closest to the Pin #15 Oscar Luciano
Longest/Straightest Drive #9 Marco Ginorio
Callaway Flight
Third Place Net, with a score of 73 Harry Torres, Victor Falcon
Second Place Net, with a score of 71 Alfonso Lozada, Andres Lozada
First Place Net, with a score of 71 Oscar Luciano, Jose Ortiz

s Flight
PI.I, Net, with a score of 71 Koki Arostegui, Mar yn Hernandez
iili -'l.ice Net with a score of 69 Luz Agosto, Chela Villafane
-i, i Ph, Net, with a score of 66 Merle Keil, Barbara Brightonan
3rd Flight
iimi P11 Ih-' Net, with a score of 64 Eric Grafals, Jr., Marilu Grafals
.1-1 iiiI 'lice Net, with a score of 64 Jesus Latalladi, Nestor Catarineu
First Place Net, with a score of 62 Antonio Ginorio, Marco Ginorio
2nd Flight
Third Place Net, with a score of 66 Eric Grafals, Sr., Hans Garcia
Second Place Net, with a score of 62 Yogi Guinipero, Bill Geider
First Place Net, with a score of 61 Erasamo Reyes, Luis Gomez
1st Flight
Third Place Net, with a score of 66 Gary Hernandez, Juan Negron
Second Place Net, with a score of 64 Guillermo Toledo, Armando Colon
First Place Net, with a score of 64 Rafi Baez, Sr., Rafi Baez, Jr.

-Lil W LIE A I LI'AT' gl L-11I l i 11
The Palmas Business Association is a group of extremely committed business people that have a very strong busi-
ness and community sense. By meeting them you can tell, they are the type of men and women that are willing to
give the extra mile in favor of the common interest. They have a broader vision of what a responsible business is all
about and that giving is receiving in the long run. They are our business neighbors that support community issues as
well as business difficulties. In this space, we will try to portray who they are, their views and their businesses.
Let's meet them. In this issue we will portray: The MAGIC BEAN, RE/MAX, CNM Security Services.
In the upcoming issues you will get to know them all.

aThe new kids on the block is a family
business. Magic Bean... is i..... cof-
fee, 'I I.... .I. I fam ily ties;
the decks of cards were' iI. Orlando
& Millie have a similar story, they -iii
where born in the US, and came to Puerto Rico at the ii, of 10. They left
Puerto Rico as ', i, ,, met in i 1 11. I, .i i as students and now they are
back in Puerto Rico with two ,i 'lI1i, i children the eldest is Iii, I ii, I in the US.
Magic Bean is not a franchise. It is a concept developed and implemented
by Orlando. "I have had very successful businesses in the past but I really
wanted to do , ii, ii,,, I that I really liked, where I could serve people. I also wanted to live in a place with a '..... I quality of
life. As soon as I came to Palmas I i ,,, ii'iii: This is it!" said Orlando with the vi itrii .i..-i i that characterizes him and that has
, llni l I him to 'ii', ii ii- easily into the Palmas business ',, "1 ii,,,,, as if he has been here forever. "It's very important to
have '' Il i' l ii"', i in Palmas as a business, and to know you are backed up in a moment of crisis, ,II ii, .to share
your concerns with as well as your success stories." Orlando added.

T l Ana Rodriguez-Smilh (kneeling). Carmen Julia del Moral.
Gladys Martimez,. Myrna Rios-Milam. Reina Rivera. Angelic Burgos
RE/MAX,I, I Im,,, i iil,1 Il, i olli l II^^hH

Humacao but describes herself as an army brat ii l ii I..I a
ii, iI deal but,' 1",i' ili imagine i ii. .iI down anywhere else but her beloved Puerto Rico. After, iii. h ii.I' from
the Ili ii i i, in Kansas she found her way back. Jerry is ,i, i ill from St. Louis and his job at Sun Oil in Yabucoa ',.i'ii'lii
him to Puerto Rico. As 1, l i, would have it Jerry and Myrna met here, in Palmas, and have chosen to make it their home
for over, iii, 1 iiyears. "We have always ....iii, I the importance of',, I i' ii', ito a 'i1 ii i, 1, ii iir,, which supports and
promotes us. We have also seen the value in ',, ih I an 1 i .- member of our local business i '" 111, iii' I, ,'' its i ,11 i'ii
it has worked ., 1, I in I. i i'I and .,i,,i.,iiii i our rights within our resort 'tl i..ii ,. As an 11 p.iill, ipiini, we help
to iii, ii, ,' decisions which could affect our business, it promotes -'-i ill and i. I 111 l .I among lii. i fellow business
owners and gives us 'ii' ii satisfaction in ii, ii' I that we are an ii'' part of i, ii i our "..'"'"""i an even I place
in which to live in."

CNM Security Services

Candido Neris and wife, Monica Rueda

curity company, CNM, Security Services & Consultants
which ,ii', .' hil, services to individual uiiiLs wi iii PHlilias.
With all the years of experience in ', 111i, at Palmas, he is now, i' ,,liii' I his business to i i i ', ii ', escort and limou-
sine service with 111 i,. "My personnel is highly trained with at least a basic course in 1 1i, that includes: i."." iiiiii,
and duties in their work place, ,i I aspects, and i 1 1 11 i' i I i ii ii ', stated Neris and added that all his personnel
require an official license as i, i., Guard from the Puerto Rico Police Department.
Candido believes that ',, ii', I part of the Business/ '",,, i ii,, has an extraordinary value, "It ,, iii. you to communicate
' ii I I, with the rest of the business ,, '11 111,,,,, share concerns anrd serve our 1,,,,,,,1 ii In fact, Candido donated his
i' ,' ,i, personnel for The Buena Vida F ii iI as part of his '"1,111111i 1 ,ii to the ' ,1111111111ii ,.



on Friday & Saturdays
come, dance,
enjoy yourself

Relax and enjoy
great food in a
pleasant atmosphere.

FO R ID PO RINT s vations757-285-0307
FO UR. PO INTS o 787-850-0000, ext. 5040
BY SHE .RAIO Valet paring available.

Ever Ihbod loves
1 1_ I rl: t:'i ,I- hi ,I i l

He is a familiar fac. rl ,r '., ,
smile and a genuine ., 1 .- _i...- r..
you. Reyhasbeenin P, iu- t.i .,'
You can imagine all tl. Iii..', iorr'
knows from working as I r.. i ei'
manyyears! But... nol.. K .. I... ,- a .0 d.
tomb... I did try! I was in.. 1,.. L i
us some interesting st .i ..I- <..,,"iik1W
he has heard and seen I.ir i... ''
"As a bartender you n, .. r., I-.lC i
blind, and mute. In a v I .. I. r.
are like a priest, a psycl ._i-r i ..
tor", said Rey. And he i- I._I, r lI.i rn r, i
is thereto listen to his ci. r.,in..!- ,i .. l|:1
them feel good. There i- !. r .t ,t i..1
behind his philosophy. A.. rin ,1, ir I- r. .
be very interesting ar... i 1.. hr.- r., I..
an observer of human behavior behind a
bar without judging or criticizing anybody.
When you think about it, that shows a lot
of wisdom and kindness. You could see
that kindness in Rey's face.
Reynaldo Morales Rivera (Rey's full
name) began working at Palmas in 1974
in the pool bar Sun Fun Hut, the colorful
summing pool next to the miniature golf.
That same year he was selected employee
of the year. Later he moved to El Juma-
cao, a formal restaurant at the basement
of the Palmas Inn. "To eat there, men
have to be dressed with a jacket. It was
very elegant", remembered Rey. From
there he moved to the pool bar of The
Candelero Hotel, today the Four Points
But to make a long story short, for the
last six years Rey has been at the Beach
Bohio, serving drinks with the same smile
and enthusiasm as on his first day. "Over
the years I have been offered opportuni-
ties to move to other positions, but I like
to work with the public. I am happy if a
customer is happy, it doesn't matter if he
tips or not, for me the more important
part is my client's satisfaction." And you
can tell he is sincere. Rey has his fan club
of locals and tourists who come every
year to hug him and ask for his famous
drinks such as the Coconut Kiss, made
from Kahlua, Grand Marnier, Coconut
Cream and Vanilla or the Sea Bubbles
with Vodka, lemon juice, cranberry, Pas-
soa and a pinch of soda.
Rey has also played an important role
as a "foster father" for many of the kids
that have grown-up and are now growing
up in Palmas. He is out there watching



m I I i k. ., d .. I 1 .,

said key. He also told me that he would
never sell alcohol to a minor.
Other than work as a bartender in J
Palmas, Rey has participated in many
bartending contests and has won many
first place prizes. He is one of our
champions! This year he belongs to the
organization committee for a convention
of International Bartenders that will be
held in Puerto Rico. This will gather
more than 800 bartenders. He has also
served as a judge for many bartending
We asked Rey to give us his wise
recommendation for a hangover: "A
good Bloody Mary", he replied without
hesitating. So.. .next time you have those
horrible symptoms in the morning, run
to The Beach Bohfo.
"And if after eating your stomach is up-
set, mix club soda at room temperature,
three drops of Angostura and the juice
from half a lemon" added Rey.
Rey is one of our good people from
our Palmas community. Go visit him at
The Beach Bohfo for a drink or just to
say hello.



rtf ~ A*I 4 7t ,h d

-u lo ,_--, I, ,L r,,

Come celebrate
Carts Pro
10th Anniversary
SSales (New and Used)
--' Best Warranty in the market
Parts and Accessories
Service Customizing
(All major brands)


Freedom Gas Demo units 2 Years Warranty
15 CARS Canopy Hub Cap Front Rear lights Color Black
()Other colors available at additional 'charge.

Near PDM's Golf Cu House, before Palmas Utilities Maintenance Area
SALES 787.613.0155 SERVICE 787.285.7081 RENTAL 787.613.0177 FAX 787.852.5849
Monday to Saturday: 8 am 5 pm
Sunday by appointment only



que revoluciona
este verano!

Brazilian Keratin Treatment
by Marcia Teixeira


/ //



0 1


c.4 01 A -

... .. ..1..

.. ..........

..- .


to 17 wil .me .6l 6hi

6onr Asoiain 6 t hl emn o

6aln sk6ms It 6i6s
shop It wil tec *

saior. The trai-
to^^^ i buji l 6 th i A j schedule includes 2iweeksiof sailing in PR.
own boat, which6
6he 6wll 6beablei For the GreenFlego ontrwlbatird
to sail at he end 4 wek of sailng in St Tomas, wher 6e 6 ill take part
6f the course. V in the Ofl isaiSu C mnd m.bank
This is an m&Jl&Luym Regatta. Th^^Bis Smmr Cm io boy and* girls^

all th .c m th s h o a et ero nba. 6 h r mig6 t

firs ai anba
safety 6hile 6en
gaging 6heyouth.*

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activity 666 building
6 boat.

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building. 6aptai Curts L intenatioal coah wit morethan year
T^ ^ ^ucker o flKd Aord6ll t n 2 s gc 6il me
^ B.ledte rogr m..outo.et n he oar ad h vefun erad
Visit .6 6ww^kidsaboar

is cetfe6yteRdCos h nentoa
me.hpsog to lan 4

6n wek6y from Jul 14t 6g 6osat dlscnlanhwt ufto
Sp6c 6 6r li mitd sobado6hi is a n n5o6casste
please~~~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ cal Mr. .s 6arine ar6cigwvssadFrad.Teol
atte. *H at 78.8,45rqie eti ta o aet nwhwt
66r mor inomain swi 6n hav 6eietolan
mo 6nomto *otc ennoAvrza
78*6681 6r met 6.d 6. 76*otal~

Palmas del Mar Country Club
has a broad agenda for this summer.

p. -




A, -

I %



"The Complete Supermarket".
Each day offering new products to satisfy
Palmas del Mar sophisticated Customers.


I U luau

a g gg a g ga a
I I I I I I.

Palmas del Mar Regimes Residents

Invest wisely your

insurance premiums

By Esteban Santiago
Palmas Insurance, Corp.

There are two kinds of Regimes
Regimes that insure the property of their Condominiums
or Walk-up apartments, plus the Common Liability, all in a
Master Policy.
Regimes that only insure the common areas like pools, club-
houses and the entrance gates, etc..., plus the liability of the
F residential complex. Each individual owner has to separately
insure his own property in a personal package policy.
There are two kinds of property
Common Elements (Bare Walls)
Private Elements (Kitchen cabinets & appliances, alterations & improvements)
There are two ways to insure your property
Common Elements option based on Bare Walls only. It's a lower premium but requires
that each resident insures its private elements separately in a personal policy.
Common and Private Elements option- it's a more comprehensive coverage that
not only covers the walls but also covers the kitchen cabinets and appliances, bathroom
fixtures, improvements and alterations. The full resident's general assembly has to choose
one of these options. The Insurance Commissioner requires that all condominium regimes
assesse the value of the property every two years and insure it on a replacement cost
based on this valuation.
Important things when quoting or renewing your insurance policy
1. Best Coverage For Property
a) Ask for Replacement Cost Coverage based on the valuation of property (avoids
depreciation when replacing losses).
b) Ask for Agreed Valuation Endorsement. (avoids co-insurance penalty when adjust-
ing losses).
c) Choose 80% co-insurance in property for windstorm. (There is small probability for
a total loss in a concrete building and will reflect big savings in premiums).
2. Separate and insure the total complex in small clusters so that the deduct-
ible for losses will be applied to each cluster and not to the total value of
the building complex. (Example: 2% windstorm deductible on a whole condominium
valued at $10,000,000 is $200,000. If the condominium complex can be divided in five,
$2,000,000 clusters, then 2% deductible will only be $40,000).
3. Be sure to have coverage for Trees and Shrubs on a "Special Form" so
that it covers Hurricanes. (Some insurance companies exclude Hurricanes).
4. Directors & Officers Liability is underwritten in a "Claims Made Basis"
which provides coverage for losses occurring from claims by reason of
wrongful acts occurring only between the inception date and the cancelation
date of the policy. Be sure to have a Retroactive Date for coverage of prior wrongful
acts occurring before inception date. This coverage should also include the Directors &
Officers wife because Puerto Rico has a Conjugal Partnership law.
5. Be sure to have an additional name insured endorsement where the
property owners are included.
6. Best Premium: this can be achieved by authorizing at least three different brokers
to quote exclusively with two or three Insurance Companies. This will induce, at least, six
Insurance Companies to compete forcefully for your account.

We are conveniently located in your neighborhood at
Palmanova Plaza :, 1, ii -ll ,i. 11 787-850-9209
1..1h- ? : .' I i,, I_ '! I l.. 1. I ,, [ I..l 1, 11 ll .1,,, 1,_ F l, : .I11

if you can dream it...

it eonld happen.

ue reort at Palmas deTar"

Marbella Club at Palmas del Mar is
like a dream come true. Just bring your
clothes, your provisions and an open spirit
to let you go with the Marbella flow. Close
your eyes and picture
this: You arrive to
this beach front lux-
ury resort where ev-
erything is taken care
of, open the pocket
JUL doors to the porch
ls and the sea and the
golf course become
part of your villa in
a space where nature
and luxury became
one. Need a bottle
of wine? No problem,
call the Concierge
and she will take care
of that too.
This summer you could enjoy fully-
equipped one, two and three bedroom
villas for vacationing at one of the most
up-scale villas at Pal-
mas. The villas are
exquisitely decorated
in a very elegant and
comfortable way.
With unparalleled
ocean and golf course
views, the villas are just
44 steps to the beach A ]
and feature Spanish
Colonial architecture.
The spacious and airy
units have high ceilings O-

and retractable windows,
creating a magnificent in-
door-outdoor lifestyle. Every
.,,il..1,is contains an atrium-
like courtyard surrounded by
lush landscapes and gardens.
Residents can also benefit from
the personal services of the on-site resi-
dential concierge.
Within the Palmas del Mar's resort
community you may also enjoy a light
lunch at the Beach Club, a seat at Las
Tapas at the marine for some tapas and
a drink, play a round of golf at any of the
two championship golf courses, visit one
of Palmas delightful restaurants (ask the
Concierge for advice), go for a walk on
the 8 miles trails, or just lay down at the
beach in one of the Marbella's hammocks.
Want to play tennis? No problem, there
are 22 tennis courts available. There are
also fabulous equestrian facilities where
you can go for a horse riding tour. And
one of the favorites hobbies in Palmas...
a ride in a golf cart at
sunset. Need a golf
cart? Call the Con-
..... cierge, she will take
care of making the
arrangements for you.
The villas also
provide you with ac-
cess to a gym, two
swimming pools and
a Jacuzzi in front of
the ocean with a pool


attendant to serve your needs. If you want
to pamper yourself with a massage at he
beach, no problem, ask the concierge, she
will arranged that for you also. That's

why some people say that Marbella is
like having a villa with a guardian angel
included. Now open your eyes, and call
787-852-4992. Tell them that you have a
dream and you want it to come true. It is
real, in one of the most private and beau-
tiful spots of Palmas... Marbella Club Va-
cations Program. You deserve it!

~; ~~t It /
co wear.


by Graciela Roig NEIGHBORHOOD




it 1,011 -1, rir. In, !nl-. i- 1t rip. i...m...|
ot Directors ot Villa Franca, what have
been the most important elements that
have i...ir l'.iir....1 to the transformation of the community,
they will tell you about commitment, team work and commu-
nication. The combination of these ingredients has produced
a huge amount of energy that has gone further out of Villa
Franca to other groups that joined the efforts for this trans-
For years, Villa Franca was lagging behind the newer com-
munities, and it was no easy task to bring it up-to-date!! With
a great Club House surrounded by a beautiful green area, that
was in much needed state of repair after years of neglect, the
facilities were deteriorating, and the need for a new, dynamic
Board was in order.
The previous administration did a wonderful job working
in the development of Rules and Regulations, the By Laws
and the Association incorporation, elements that were neces-
sary in the organization of a community. However, little was
known about their work. In November 2006, this new Board
was elected to continue the work already started. Therefore,
the first thing that the new Board of Director did was to in-
form the residents about the 2006 accomplishments and the
new plans for the year ahead. A delegate from each street was
chosen to visit each residence and distribute the Villa Franca's
Regulation approved by the previous Board and the By Laws
to be discussed in a future general assembly. In that visit the
delegate would also talk about the future plans and the impor-
tance of paying the annual dues for maintenance and renova-
tion of the Club House.

T I:ur . i....i t il energy brought many people into the Board
.A..I ri.., ll I-.....ame involved in different ways such as giv-
m.I. r'i.r- r...- palms for reforestation, getting neighbors to
I'l, rl. ... II.. Wiping in the activities and in many other ways.
I.'... ..i. .. .1 rl.e Club House bathrooms was the first project
ii r,.. ir-I.. r.d to see a change. A bi-annual Bulletin was
irl-.r, I.,r....I ,..I ,ig all the residents with information of how the
ii,.. i- I......I ro improve the common areas and to highlight
.i. r in... ri ,r o ..-re held to share with the families. A sense of
i..niiiiir., -r hiredd to grow and other people also wanted to
contribute to this transformation.
The Mayor of Humacao, through his
team, worked in repairing the basketball
and tennis and indoor soccer court. He
also made a donation for the children's'
playground. Villa Franca Residents Asso-
ciation also bought some other equipment
for the playground. Palmas del Mar Hom-
eowners Association helped in many ways,
such as sponsoring some of the activities
and getting people that could help in some
ways. Their support was also given for the
cleaning of the green areas through Pennock Plant and Design
and their team. Palmas del Mar Utility Corporation and Con-
structora del Alba helped with equipment and operators for
the transformation of the green area.
On June 2007, a general assembly was called with participa-
tion of the majority of property owners. The Bylaws were ap-
proved and members of the Association were very enthusiastic
about the improvements. That was a great achievement. The
Community has worked day by day, long hours to make this
happen!! ~ Every homeowner, responsibly paying their dues,
is part of the conversion. However,
there is still a lot of work to do.
The most rewarding thing
about this effort is coming
home from work in the after-
noon and seeing the park full
of children, adults, young
and old, families from Villa
Franca and other communi-
ties sharing quality time in
one of the most beautiful
areas of Palmas del Mar!!
A big applause to all the
persons that have made
possible Villa Franca trans- /
formation!! Bravo!






The Palmas del Mar Yacht Club, Puerto Rico's first mega-
yacht resort marina, will open this summer.
This exclusive marina is available to the discerning connois-
seur of grand living. Built with a $40 million investment, the
Yacht Club accommodates 162 yachts and mega-yachts of up
to 175 feet long. The acquisition of the slip includes member-
ship for the Yacht Club, the Beach Club and the Tennis Club
at Palmas del Mar.
The Yacht Club includes a private lounge for members only,
a fine dining restaurant and a bar and grill around a gorgeous
infinity pool. To cater to the busy lives of its members and
guests it will operate a business center, convenience stores
and deli. Each yacht slip is equipped with electric and fresh
water service, telephone, high speed Internet service, cable
and other boating amenities. Yachts can be fueled with diesel
at each slip.
Yacht Club members and users will have access to concierge
service that can make arrangements for land and air transporta-
tion, scuba and fishing charters, show tickets, yacht provisioning
and catering, repairs and maintenance, dining, spa, coordinate
sightseeing, and shopping among other services.
The Yacht Club will position Puerto Rico to fully participate
in the glamorous and affluent world of mega-yachts in the Ca-
ribbean. Aside from the many services to be provided by The
Yacht Club, visitors and members of the club will have access
to Palmas del Mar, the largest planned resort community in
Puerto Rico. Golf lovers can get off the yacht and play in one
of the two challenging championship golf courses that Palmas
del Mar has to offer. Tennis lovers can choose from one of the
22 courts, and from one of three surfaces to test their game.
P liin del Mar operates the largest private tennis center in
the Caribbean. Horse lovers can go for a ride at the Equestrian
Center and take a romantic stroll on the beach.
If food is an interest, they can dine in any one of 18 res-
taurants. They can also participate in the many events and
attractions of the Palmas del Mar Beach Club.
For information on acquil i._- .h I. J -1-. I. ll '-1 4 .
787-502-4599 and' x ir ,, at palnasdelniarNacthclub.coni.




will place Palmas del Mar

in the International spotlight

by Lissette Rosado, Editor

Liverc I Ii i I r I. i 1 1 .11 President of Palmas del Mar -i,1 i i, .
Inc. (PDMPI), at his head quarters to inquire about the status of two ,i i" I,
most important projects Palmas has in I,, illi, ii 1 ii' iii',,)w:theYachtClub
& Marina and the much talked about, Mandarin Hotel.
"The Yacht Club & Marina will become a ,iii i' ii ,iii' i factor in the
"' ii i1 I of Palmas in the world. No l iN resort in the Caribbean has a
marina. T' ii i ii, ito make a liii' i, ,, in Palmas. Marinas are not usually
a, I, i ii, 'ii, but in this case, Palmas will illI i a wide variety of activities
ii 11 i. ii to I i ii,,i People can come to visit Palmas in their boats
and be able to play, ii,. tennis as well as enjoy all the culinary II. i ii1. from
our 1 11 ill restaurants", said Jaime' l,, i .
T i, ii Ii I classYachtClub, l ill I "I I .iin. Iii' i, yachtsfrom 50
Sli i 180 feet 1i 1 i yachts. The first ,, ill be handed over Iliii, i
.i, ', 1111 i ii and the Yacht Club will'",, i iii 11 ii I next September- just
in time i, ii new high season! It is Ii ii 111, I l iii i ito be a plus for Palmas
arid for the business, ,"ii,,ii, ii proprietors, anrd residents in, i, i i, I. For
more ilii i l ,iihll iI iI iii I the Palmas del Mar Yacht Club & Marina,
please read our ,ii. i on 1 i'- 29.

On the ,"ii, I hand, The Mandarin Project that has been in the works
since 2001 is finallyJ I i, l I shape. "This last Wednesday the '11 11 i 11 i of
the Project was approved with an H' ii i.. I investment of $320 million
dollars and it is supposed to be i 1 1.11 il in October 2011: The hotel,
as all the Mandarin franchises, will be a splendid one. It's l ii', i to be
constructed in one i l i l :,, I i i il. I' I I i of Palmas' ,'q," ii where
the ,I, i, i id'l, 11 ,, I i il l 1, The Mandarin Hotel will have 142 keys
plus 44 Mandarin Oriental condo hotel residences, and 25 branded estate
homes" stated Jaime.
The Hotel and all the satellites homes and ,, I" ill be constructed, as
yo u c a n a p p re c iate in I,, i, 1,I, 1 i i, .1.11 i I ll, . .. lll,, ll .1, ill ii ,,1 1111 il
which will make them very private and cozy.
"The Mandarin i 1 I will mean, ',, ili' iii ,, I Palmas in the illiiiii.h, 1.il
market which will represent an important exposure for iiitiii .i, ,i- il .i iti.il
investors. T i, I I ii Iiii i ill be ..... I not only to Palmas but for Puerto Rico.
It will elevate us to an iit ii.iti, iii.il ..I11, iiill Jaim e ll'' i' ii concluded.
No doubt, we will have a unique '"inI" ', i I '1 1, i, I i such a Hotel
and marina on our ii,,, I All i, i l, 1 I1 visitors will have the op-
. iii iil, to experience what Palmas Living Style is all about. -.1 i i1,I to
know Palmas is 1. i ll1. I love it! I'm sure many ,i l I" visitors will end up
I,' i ,ii' in Palmas or coming backyear ii' i , 11. Our snow bird ,. 1 "ii ii 'i
is 1l'ii ito rise, i ii for sure.
i( iii i ii li ito Palmas for such an 1, l and let's hope iiin. march
1'"' liii ii, the Yacht Club and The Palmas Mandarin.

Jaime Morgan
Palmas del Mar 'h Inc

Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group is the i I ilii owner and operator of some of
the world's most 1, li, i'. 11. hotels and resorts. Mandarin Oriental now operates, or has under
development, over 10,000 rooms in 23 countries with 16 hotels in Asia, 14 in The Americas
and nine in Europe and North Africa.
The ,.il.l .ii. i includes our 1,ii i, II i,,1 iiil, ; 1'i" ii'" the acclaimed Mandarin Oriental, Hong
11. I and The Oriental, ," ii.1 il Our 1,,ii, deluxe hotels are located in prime I ,, ,i ,ii'. ,,
worldwide, from London and New York, to San Francisco and 11 ii, 1" ', .
Known as one of the best luxury hotels 11'11 1 in the world, I' i ili,, i exceptional
customer satisfaction in each of their hotels. i,, iii', ii
liI, i, of the Mandarin
( rn iip iq to ,... Ii ill
,,ii,,, 1 0,000 rooms in
,,i, li,, I inmess centres and
I, I, Ii, destinations around
Ill, ,,il, Nhilst 1 ii liiii,, I to
S ii I II il ir presence II, il l I .
Ill, ii ,' lit , ill, ,lh, reaches
i, i, I111 I ,,i lil l iii a n d
i I iiiu l Hiiil on i I illlli, I
,I, I,,piliii ill plans,

"; "-

KOarfU T

Palmanova Plaza, (.-/ Palmas Inn Road, IU L11I upuI
Palmas del Mar, Humacao, PR 00791 787-719-6892

jDVDNo express

. '. .

Boulevard Plaza
right above Econo
Supermarket in

Mondaythru Friday (1 1 .
W wednesday thru Sunday 11 I i ....
Thursday thru Satur .. ,

G (
begi onMa 1s fo
12no :0pmfraut n



ri-erua peso pur meuiu ua una nuiric
balanceada y limpieza internal.
787-469-3424 I1





By the time this magazine comes out
we should have around 12 new beautiful
baby ducks in our community; that will
make a total of twenty young ducklings,
twenty beautiful creatures that bring
beauty and peace to our neighborhood...
the newborn ducklings from Palmas Dr.
North End Lake (between Harbor Lights
Road and Port Road). But this blessing
didn't come easily. There is somebody, the
Ducks' Angel who has been taking care
of them and has struggled to keep them
alive and safe.
It has not been easy. The first couple

of ducks where sadly found dead by Wil-
liam Renwick one morning that he, as
he every day does, was bringing cracked
corn to his adopted feathered children.
He could not believe what he saw that
morning. The duck and his beloved drake
where clubbed to death and left there
in the same ground they decked before!
With frustration and sadness Renwick
buried their bodies in a shallow grave
next to the pond and rushed with the eggs
to a local vet to be placed in an incubator
with the hope that they would hatch. It
did not happen! Renwick was indignant
and very sad and asked Tony Maldonado
at PHA for help, which he immediately
got. The area was roped and very soon
another couple of ducks where nesting
and this time with the proper surveil-
lance and care of their adopted family:
Mr. Renwick, PHA and the Community


Church--they were born and are growing
fast and healthy. Now we should have
another generation of ducks that should
be swimming around the pond by the
time you read this article. In the photo
you could see the duck nesting and her
drake protecting her and their future
ducklings. What a beautiful scene!
Mr. Renwick not only asked for help
from the PHA, he also mobilized the
Community Church congregation that
prayed for the ducks to survive and be
well ... "I believe that the power of prayer
should never be under estimated", said
the Ducks' Angel, a big man with a big
heart and a great sensitive soul part of
our Palmas Community. I am definitely
very proud of having him as a neighbor
and I am sure everybody does. Bravo!
Renwick also wants to thank Pen-
nocks who are working on a design to
plant more trees close to the lake to give
shade and promote other birds to share
this pond, which is happening already.
The day I took the photos there were
Widow birds and killdeer playing around
with the ducks.
Renwicks' father was from England
and managed the World's Largest Nut-
meg Plantation on the island of Grenada
where he was born and grew up. He
came to Puerto Rico in 1995 but lived
in many countries of the world before
moving here. He grew up in a farm where
he learned from his father to love and
respect to all Gods creatures. where he
married a Puerto Rican lady, Yolanda
Resto who is his partner in this duck
mission. Yolanda, good you catch such
a good man and thank you to share him
with the community.
"When visiting this magic place, this
nature's sanctuary, enjoy the peace and
beauty of it with respect and give space
to the ducks and other creatures to live
in a wild environment", pleaded Renwick
with an emotional and peaceful voice.
A big applause and our respects to this
angel within our community.



Lln MA





It is summer and here in Palmas we are
all organizing our vacation activities...horse
riding, golf, swimming in the pool, the beach,
fishing, diving, barbecuing and sharing with
our family and friends. We will spend these
days of summer in the sun, at the beach
and in outside activities. Some prepare their
boats, others their golf clubs while some
change their horse's horseshoes. And no
matter which hobby each one of us has, we
should not forget about the moments for food
and drink. It is important to hydrate oneself
correctly. With the high temperatures we have
it is necessary to consume lots of liquid. And
when we think about wine we should consider
those that offer freshness and smoothness
to us when ingesting. With sea food, salads,
fruits, dish of marinated raw fish and barbe-
cue we should consider wines from grapes
that offer the flavors that we are looking for.
Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Pinot Munier, Sau-
vignon Blanc and tempranillo grapes bring
crisp flavor, structure, acidity and fresh fruit
flavors. Some of the flavors and aromas are
apple, pear, almond, citrus spice, caramel,
herbs, guava and blackberry.
Let me share this example of weekend of
summer in Palmas. Friday at 7:00 a.m. is my
tee time in the Country Club. I bring two bot-

ties of Domaine Chandon Brut from California
that is a blend of Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and
Pinot Munier, and for pairing I bring smoked
salmon, capers, onions, eggs and toasts.
For a quick lunch time meal, my choice is
a tuna wrap. At 4:00 pm my destination
is Hacienda Candelero. I bring two bottles
of Terrunyo Sauvignon Blanc from Chile to
join to a group of friends in a "cabalgata".
During the trip, while the horses have a rest
time, we stop at a kiosk to open the bottles,
ordering crabmeat "alcapurrias" and conch
salad. After the "cabalgata" I drive to the
villa to join my family at the swimming pool.
At 8:00 pm I invite the neighbors to a
barbecue on the terrace and there
we open several bottles of Riscal
Tinto Tempranillo from Spain.
Each wine has its moment and "
space. At the time of selecting
wines we need to think about

the food, the place, the moment or the oc-
Activities might vary from Saturday to Sun-
day, but generally they are at the same hour of
the day. So if the three wines could be repeated
consider buying a case or more. These wines
are part of the great selection in price and
quality offered by Ballester Hermanos, Inc.,
and they are my recommendation for summer
2008. Enjoy!

:* .



- -


r C

I have always been fascinated with our cousins, the monkeys,. walk and try not to look at them right
Now, living in Humacao and knowing they are so close, I could in the eyes. That could be interpreted as
not wait to have an excuse to visit Cayo Santiago. a challenge". And it worked, in no time
In the past, I have kayaked around the Island, watched them I felt like one of the scientists that visit
from the distance and observed the scientists with some envy. the Island frequently. We started the walk
Finally my opportunity came, a story for Live & Life in Palmas! around a trail and there were monkeys
I hope many people enjoy it. everywhere: resting, playing, mothers
The visit was a process. First I contacted the Caribbean breastfeeding their little ones, or just
no watt hav an exus to visi CaoSnig.acalne. n twrei otm

1 llldLt ICCmaL tle esearc llL Lenter to as permission LU VItSL Llt ie san U,
sent a letter of intention and documentation for the purpose
of my visit and the interview, took a tuberculin test (to protect
the monkeys from being infected), and finally... the day arrived.
That morning I was a little bit nervous, after all I was going to be
walking around 900 monkeys in the wild! I woke up very early
(I am not an early bird) and I arrived to The Center in Punta
Santiago half an hour before the agreed time (unusual for me
since I always arrive photo finish to my appointments) where
I met Adaris Mas Rivera, a PhD Resident Scientist at The
Center, a fantastic young female scientist that, from seeing her,
you would never think that she knows so much about primates.
Well, she has a BS in Biology, a MA in Physical Anthropology
and a PhD in Biology. Her academic preparation is both in
Anthropology and biology with a specialization in Primate
behavior. She is the first Puerto Rican Resident Scientist at
Cayo Santiago.

Inside the Island
My excitement was in crescendo, I could not believe I
was actually going to the Island. After some paper work and
formalities (that included a disclaimer in case I would contract
Herpes B from a monkey biting me) we headed towards the
Island in a small boat. To my surprise, once I arrived to the
Island, I was so confident and relaxed I could not believe it. As
soon as we arrived, I spotted the first monkey. "What should
I do?", I asked in low voice. Dr. Mas replied, "Nothing. Just

hanging around... doing monkey business.
They are so interesting; they look so much
like us! "What I found very interesting is how they manipulate
their hands. They are so precise. They have a powerful grip
but at the same time they could be so delicate with their
hands," observed Dr. Mas Rivera. For me it was interesting
to watch them relax in the forest, grooming. An act that is
not only helps in removing ectoparasites, but also shows
affection among primates. It was nice to watch the mothers'
breastfeeding their babies. There was one scene, which I
include here in the photos, where the mother was against a
tree breastfeeding the little monkey while grooming the male
as he was lying down on the ground on her lap. It's like looking
at any Sunday afternoon family siesta. There was another
resting on an old cement structure with his arm hanging as if
in an attitude of absolute abandonment. And my favorite was
one that was apparently really concerned about his behavior.
Don't you think so?
It was also impacting to hear the silence on the Island; the
only sounds came from the monkeys, the birds or the iguanas.
The few humans on the Island speak in a very low voice. It's
wild and beautiful; the view from there is extraordinary. The
eastern part of the Island is very high with cliffs form where
you see the ocean, and from the western side you can see a
fantastic view of Puerto Rico.
Only at one point I got a little bit scared because I was so
involved with taking a photo of a baby monkey that I got a

What am
I going to do
with this kid?!

little too close to him and
Dr. Mas alerted me that his
mother and other mothers
from the group were in an
alerted mode. If the baby
screamed because he felt
threatened we were the
ones that were going to be
threatened. I backed up in -
a half a second and when I
looked I saw them looking at
me but we kept walking and
nothing happened. Dr. Mas
Rivera explained that the
females move in groups and
support each other; females le ..I r 1 r.I i
they mate with whom they wai r I I i'. .. ,
said, "If they don't like a moi!.. i.. o. ll iI ,r
let him mate with her." "Good I rl ...ii .r i..
continued, "Another interestir,. t,..r .,t ,rii .
behavior is that the male will not mate with
their daughters, it's an instinctive form of prote r,._
themselves from inbreeding."
I think we have a lot to re-learn from animals. I felt, after
being there and seeing the monkeys so close together, that
we human beings are lost in cement and conventionalisms.
Human beings, I think, have lost so much of that natural
intelligence animals have, partly because we have become so
distant from nature. "Animals cure themselves", explained Dr.
Mas, "When the Chimpanzees have parasites they roll a leaf
that has thorns, eat it, and when they defecate, the thorns pull
out the parasites." Impressive!
I swear, I was there for the morning but I could have been
there the whole day. You can feel so much peace and silence
in Cayo Santiago and Mother Nature is so palpable! I want to
go back.

In Puerto Rico
there are only two
people specialized
in Primatology and
they are both women.
One is Dr. Adaris Mas
Rivera and the other
is Dr. Janise Gonzalez,
Associate Director of
the Primate Center of
37 the Caribbean.

Adaris Mas Rivera, PH.D
Resident _,., ,i i d II ,:I ,

The Caribbean
Primate Research Center
in Cayo Santiago
The Cayo Santiago Island is one of the most
important research centers for primates in the
world. It started in 1938 with 400 monkeys.
Nowadays 950 monkeys occupy the Island.
On the Island there has been nine generations
of primates- rehsus macaques.
In the present, the Island is used exclu-
sively to study the social behavior of pri-
mates. The Center serves as a laboratory for
scientists from all over the world that come
here to study the dominant patterns, social
intelligence, organizational patterns, mating
patterns, etc. of monkeys. Monkeys on the
Island are not use for invasive experiments;
they are captured exclusively during the an-
nual roundups in the feeding corrals. The
priority of the annual trapping season is to
tattoo animals, give ear notches for individual
identification, give tetanus inoculations, and
to bleed monkeys for paternal and maternal
DNA fingerprinting. Investigators can also
collect biosamples for paternal and maternal
DNA fingerprinting, hormone, parasitological
and inmunological analyses. Each year, one-
year old monkeys are culled from the island
for population control and to maintain an adult
sex ratio of one male per two females.
Scientists have been able to study the
life, family and death of each individual that
lives on the Island. They study their bones
for biomedical purposes such as arthritis and
osteoporosis. The most recent study will de-
termine the exact paternity of each of the 900
monkeys that lives in Cayo Santiago through
"It's a very important research center and
I will like to see in the future, the involvement
of more Puerto Rican scientists in the field of
primatology and at Cayo Santiago. We need
to stimulate scientific discussion and develop-
ment in Puerto Rico," stated Dr. Mas.
If you want to see a video of Cayo
Santiago visit: http://www.youtube.


Another marvelous advantage at Los Lagos,

Even though luxury details and quality materials are
standard in these magnificent homes, the ability to
choose from a beautiful array of colors, materials and
textures is unique to Los Lagos at Palmas del Mar.
Customizing gives your home a special touch that enhances
your living experience. It is choosing from extraordinary
alternatives to create your own individual home.

A kitchen to your taste
Luxury upgrades include custom cabinetry from
KraftMaid or Venicia, 3 beautiful granite tops or 2 types
of contemporary wall mosaic. Create and combine to your taste.

Masterful bathrooms
Master bathroom includes Villeroy Bosch accessories and
contemporary Grohe faucets, among other luxury details.
But being able to upgrade your home with custom cabinetry
from KraftMaid or Venicia, beautiful granite countertops and
marble walls, is a masterpiece in itself.

A step up
Elegant flooring is a standard feature at Los Lagos. But
upgrading your floors is also possible in 24" x 24" polished
monolithic ceramic tile with 3 1V molded base by Insepo.

Looking up
Windows are open to possibilities at Los Lagos with the
elegant Continental line by Air Master Windows and
Doors which may be upgraded with 5/16" glass, certified
by the Miami Dade County safety standards.

Top quality
The beautiful roof tiles that add flair to Caribbean
architecture now go beyond the traditional with red,
brown or peach, or a unique combination of these shades
of color.

Upgrade your lifestyle
In every detail, in every space. Los Lagos is unlike any
other place at Palmas del Mar, or Puerto Rico for that
matter. Come see the life you have earned, and desired. It
is available, and the choice is yours.

Extraordinary Residences. Spa lifestyle.
Prices begin at $800,000*
For more information please call 787.379.2488 or
787.474.8266 ext.23
Developed by PP-15 Inc., Lic. LCD-07-188 Sales by Urbe Properties, Lic 97
*Phase #1

-- -.

,, I, I, I I,,,l ,i, l .li I1m

i '

* rrIceu from ~3/3I~JLO mia ~~uu S
* Nan/Rob/es


* uTrerec ai v>i'u,UUU

S UTTrerea ait i /o,uuu
Ana Stahel

I tselow marKel value
I Elder LoDez

Uinlv Zb+/o.uuu

fh e r


..................................................................................... ..............................
.......................................... .. .... .... ..............................
.......................................... .. I .... .. ... ....... ..............................
.......................................... ..... .... .... ....... .. .... ........................................
.......................................... ..... ... .. .. ... ....... .. .. ... .........................................
..................................................................................... ..............................................

i Trrereu ait I .ivi or uoeer OTTer I vI IrI u UL / /0,
Mayra Rivera & Omayra Sierra Mayra Rivera

* The largest inventory of new honie

* Exclusive broker for Palmas' new communities

* Customer service-oriented Sales Professionals
who know and understand the market.

cal 787-852 -8888

urrerea at .ZOOIVI
Eddie Moreau

w"*'-. -_

iii~ ii
ii i liii I I I
ii ii I I Ii

11111'' II ii I I
Iii ii liii Ii
II I I I iii i. i
I II II I liii I

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I iii

I ll 1 i I- II .1 ii r ::v id
I lli II IN e l l ir 1 1 i Jr
II 'Ir I II i r s .

I II I Ii -i 1 lii ir I"i, l l 1 1 I ir 1-
I. Prem io Herencia I II, II 111 I 1 - i 11 i
II Environmental Quality Award i 1 ii,, 11 I i ii .

NI I II I I I I I Id r i I I -reI I I II h I I I II
I I I II II | t II I l- I li II I 1

N w oIun -i r in, a[ a -s Mll-s, I l',- ,1 a en ir

New communities in Palmas del Mar, in perfect harmony with the environment

U iI,-r --- -" sfi
itS" in m i l.
IL.^ r' "a.u

* W-.. a a W

Palmanova Village

Humacaoo, Puerto Rico

* EraoorTdinor,as Villas de arquitectura medilerr6nea
can inigalables vilaso 3 dormitorios 3 balos
club house piscina y [ocuzzi gimnasio
equipado y much m6s

desdce: $410,000

- : .4 ," -"a:
.":--' + .- ]
"1 " 1 .1 y

1 : -- ._ . .- *
o:.;. ,
C -s


-I -


' ''.'2: '", '-" 4, .
d41 "dibsb:.-. i jJS

ii : .. .,
S-'- I .r. -

*" '' *. -

1'-.iii t l' R I .., !-;i .. *, ,n .J. d i.T.rf. r,.'r I. .,. r |V.P:I MIIIi. f'..v .. J r \, 1i .*
TID;i Ii lU' iin'L i 1I1 ..fiL I, I- I.41 i. j'.' ', r .i j. I. I.. oi .. i." -1, ii i. 1;..1 h Ihi ir
S. r -',, '.h in i j. r e 'ii ,. m. ' '4 *i' .' ,.i li,:.J r, ", I 'r.tm.i :
v1. 4Ir.: i&...- .l 'dtl .'.... I '' I [i .l: ,. .w I .* f ** tI W.h is 4


Fbln Wlvfl It f tSn l ib h 4 I4
75 FniM in In Y 9 HII ml u, f x. h iNX fr.:,,r*, 4 DIB VA

-- '~~Wtn
* W~r -- We~
#rr 1,*

9"" Do it together and enjoy
.your rnaster plie(e
With simple and inexpensive
-supplies froni around the house,
kids can produce an art gallery,
worthy of any, lamnlily i ooi I Fill
a rupboar d with consti action
F F H; t 'In -, papel,teripela paint nlalkers,
J.4 pip, cleaners, cololed pencils,
Hj l crayons. cia.1i foam sheets.
i "IiI ' ,- "' ,i ii Ij watercolo'Is. glue stick white
HI- ,,1, glue & childiens sciss-s
.easy-kids-r' 'nI
cipes COm/heay-smoothierecipes html

ii.'t-' iiliii-' I, i ,,'e lle
a meajul-e o1 Uu beulblul Ilaild.
ho http://welcome.topuertorico.
"Fodcsoine s a truly magclpouct A mumdop
canturntheordinaryintoth eextaodarI Visit the Yunque Rain forest site:
S A N VU I Vu ? u r. I. http://www.fs.fed.us/r8/caribbean/

d I&AMVr)%W

WWak a s"Tervaltat

Tenemos todo las piezas genuinas CAT que necesita su embarcaci6n y el
servicio de nuestros tecnicos marines especializados en un s6lo lugar.
Visite nuestra nueva tienda, alli gustosamente lo atenderh
nuestro supervisor Jose R. Col6n.
TELS.: (787) 885-4618 / 885-4619
FAX: (787) 885-4620

Reciba un 10% de descuento en su proxima compra de
piezas para su motor marino al presentar este cupon en
nuestra nueva tienda en Marina Puerto del Rey.

(Valido hasta el 31 de julio de 2008)


Real estate agents

you can depend on...

*IXElR A Ba Ki T

Qui6n dice que no puedes tener una cabellera bonita? Ahora Ileg6 a
Puerto Rico un process revolucionario que suaviza, alisa y da brillo a tu cabello...BKT
Tratamiento Brasileio de Keratina creado y fabricado inica y exclusivamente en los
Estados Unidos.
Alisa el cabello y evita el frizz ocasionado por la Iluvia, la humedad o el sudor.
Los sistemas tradicionales debilitan el cabello y la fibra capilar...Ahora, con la aplicaci6n de
BKT puedes salir del mar, hacer ejercicios y secar al sol sin necesidad de usar or i .. ..... r..
para alisar tu cabello.
BKT Tratamiento Brasilefio de Keratina estara disponible er,
los principles Salones de Belleza en todo Puerto Rico.

Contiene una porci6n de Formaldehido, aceptada por la FDA.



-><-n Properties



PROMATE announces...


Galerfa Ashford Condado Villas de San Francisco #2
(787)721-9221/724-5103 I (787)281-8769/250-8256
Certificados de Reaalo DisDonibles

S-- ------ -- ----------- -- -----

$200 Cupon
de descuento
*en cualquier tratamiento con ldser.
*Un tratamiento = 5 visits. No aplica en combinadcn
con otras ofertas. V6lido hasta el 30 de agosto de 2008.
I cup6n par client. No redirnible en efectivo.
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Promate, a company created to provide
the highest quality professional services
in electrical, mechanical, detailing and
maintenance programs for your boat has
announced two special features in their service
menu: Boat polishing and Ozone Treatment.
"If necessary, we start with a wet sanding
treatment. After, we apply the ultra gloss
compound with a polisher. Then we follow
by waxing the surface using a polisher and
finishing with an application of Glass Coat.
The job also includes metal polishing", stated
"Seeing is believing", said Aranguren. "The
boat you are seeing (the one in the photo) was
abandoned in the baradero area and was almost
gray. We polished it for demonstration purposes
and the results are what you see. You can use
it as a mirror".
On the other hand, Promate is offering a
new service with a special Ozone machine
that eliminates odors and the ini.l. that
grows in boats. "Ozone generators are one
of the most effective ways of killing mold
and inil..', Mold is a major problem in
airtight environments such as boats. Indoor
mold can be one of the most insidious
environmental risks we face. Mold is routinely
found on shower walls or around window air
conditioners and where moisture condenses,
such as boats. "These areas should be cleaned
regularly", said Aranguren. "But what about
the mold that is hidden away, inside walls,
under carpets and in damp areas? Spores
from this hidden mold can be circulating all
through the boat completely undetected, yet
wreaking havoc with every part of your body
and your mind, as well."
Promate is located on the second floor
of Chez Daniel and they offer service,
if needed, 7 days a week 24 hours. Just
call them at (939) 644-1176 or (787)
552-9952. They guarantee they will be
there for you.

Promate are also exclusive i ri ,iir ., of
Woody Wax and now of the prestigious Fuller
Group Ocean Guard marine line, already
, d 1l. in most marines stores.


7---1 -

In accordance with the PHA i,' i, ii
Covenants, every property owner at Palmas
del Mar shall comply with the provisions set
,',iii in the Covenants and any rules and
,nii iii ii which from time to time may be
adopted by the PHA Board of Directors. The
non-payment of PHA assessments when due
is a ',i ii11,,i of the PHA Covenants subject
to ', ,i I action and 11, i 'i,,i II,,i i If an
assessment is past due, PHA may ','i ii I an
action by law ,ii i I the owner personally
, IIir, iih, I to pay the same or initiate judicial
Il i1, and liens i i, I the property.
Also, in accordance with the PHA Bylaws,
m em bership i i il, ,i such as ', I i, lili' .l
AVI cards, use of common ,''"" i, ,il
cart ', ii ii ii',I etc,, will be suspended when
assessments remain past due and unpaid for
more than 30 days.
PHA has I 'iiih 'I an illi -.ilul, trend
whereby an '1. 1. ii number of assess-
ment accounts are iiii I in arrears and
i,,liii management measures are required
to insure the timely 'iI ,11' 1'ii of such ac-
counts to il 11 ,i' the / ,, i ii,,ii ability
to provide its services to the', ..n 1n ,i,,,. Ac-
i ,i,'Ii,\ and as directed by the PHA Board,
' ii i July 1 2008, a policy I i, .i,- will
come in, ,I', i i i, i all accounts in arrears
by a quarter plus 60 days will be referred to
iI Il l for ', il l ii 11 hl i actions in ac-
cordance with the PHA Covenants. These
accounts will be iiii ii ii Ill i :I ii l ,I to
the appropriate ,h1i ,ll ,,, i and all PHA
membership 'ii il' 'i will be immediately
You are ', ,, ,i i', to send your timely
payments to PHA and to ', i l, your accounts
up to date as soon as possible. i, 1 avoid
' 1i I I ,,ll 1 ,1i. I ,. ,11 and problem s and help
keep your Palm as ..iiiiiiiill, ill i Hii in
,1' I" il, and beauty.

We are I
going I our
to the Chef Daniel Vasse
10K! inducted into
Tables Magazine
I Hall of Fame!

A dozen of Puerto ,... finest chefs re-
I , i i i, coveted l ,I, Il. 1, ll ( ll. I :H at
Award and two more were inducted into the
I I, 1 .1i, i ,) Hall of Fame, at the 8th Annual
.i," ', ii " ll ceremony held last month.
"Winning the Award for the 4rd time and
becoming members of the Tables 1' i, i
Hall of Fame were chefs Daniel Vasse of
Chez Daniel at Palmas del Mar, and chef
Esteban Torres of Pamela's in Ocean Park.
Daniel: Live & Life in Pa/mas, all your clients
and friends are very proud of your success. You
deserve it! Yes!

I Jenny Craig
arrives at Palmas
Jenny C',i .1 Delivery ,i 1 i i is now available
at Palmas. We can now lose weight without
', I ii i, I Palmas Country.

I 1i 1-;L I -l 1 1 Ji l ll ml I, l ,

The PHA Runner's & Walkers 1i. I was
held at PHA and there are many details to
put in order as a 'ii i ii before ll i,,, i' ii
ning the next Teodoro Moscoso Marathon.
Dr, ( I ,,i ,, i,, the leader of this i ,i 11 is very
enthusiastic and has contacted a trainer from
a ,'ili I team to help us get in shape for the
next marathon. The plans are to have at least
one power walk a month as a, ii 111. The two
first dates are already decided on. On June
14 at 7:00 am and July 19 at 7:00 am, both
' I the new PHA ', iliii,.
Upcoming Marathons
Dr, ( I I i ii,, i informed us that a 5K mara-
thon will take place on / ,1 i, I 24 at Hato Rey.
This is a very ..... opportunity to start ', il' lil I,
up stamina. Let's do it! Other ,..liiiihiii, .
* Race for the Cure, a 5K Susan G. Komen
September 28, 2008
* n.,, 1 li i 10K January 2009
* World Best 1 OK Teodoro Moscoso I, I,,
February 2009.
Let's get ready. If you are interested in been
informed of walks or i ,ilii i activities, please
sent us an e-m ail to Ii i iii' i ll I I ', ill, i.




help and fun in
the same bucket

Back in 1991, Diane Marsters and Myrna Rfos conspired
to create a club to help other women. These women were
the wives of executives recently relocated to Palmas. These
"corporate wives" needed a helping hand to get incorporated
in the community. They needed information and a vehicle to
meet new friends. They needed information from where to
shop for groceries to where to get a plumber or an electrician.
Thus, there was a real need and the desire to serve...voila...
the club was born with great enthusiasm in July 1992 as a
nonprofit organization. The fundamental purpose of the club
is to help improve the quality of living for the residents of
Palmas del Mar through social, cultural, and service oriented
programs. In other words, the best of both worlds: they help
each other, the community and have fun, a perfect match.
Actually I was there when they were planning their next lunch
meeting, a trip to the country side. Sound good!
Among the projects the Club has undertaken during
the first year was the Gala Event for the benefit of the newly
established (at that time) Palmas Academy. The gala was a
success and they raise $15,000 for the recreational equipment
of the school. The Club has also benefited various charitable
organizations such as: Casa de La Bondad, PECES, Casa
Ronald Mc Donald and El Faro.
The first executive board was formed by: Rebecca Jensen,
Myrna Rios, Diane Marsters, Marylin Dempsey, Linda Kivett
and Joan Matthews.
The current newly elected board is Merle Keil, president;
Anna Mathews, 1st Vice President; Margie Miglietta, 2nd
Vice-President; Diane Incorvia, Recording Secretary; Sue
O'Brien, corresponding Secretary, Joanne Marchesani,
Treasurer; Myrna Rfos-Milam, Activities Coordinator; Marie
McDonald, Head Caller and Millie Alvarado, Cultural
Committee Chairperson.
Want to join the club? Call 787-850-7069 for information
and step in!

Eno thi sume wit ou fukndcl
orful beac bas fr mm Tepe Jcso an a
pini day wit Frnc Bull talwr colle-
tin design by Jacki Shapiro.




Make this summer exciting,
fun and in style with ...

I.:. :ee [he .:.:.n ple[e
.:,:.lle.:[i,:.n pile-:e vi:i[



.. .iilji:C'Os, E11ui.S Y Accese, rios

Reparacion y Manteniniiento
de Jacuzzi y Piscinas

Calle Flor Gerena #6 norte,
Humacao, PR 00791

285.1919/ 594.6366

Speara nifos y adults

V-... zlE Ulh1
Ponte en forma al ritmo de la music.
L-M-V 6:00 a 7:00 PM
M-J-S 5:00 a 6:00 PM
9 al 28 de junior de 2008
7 al 26 de julio de 2008
Package de 9 classes mensuales s61o $75.

Snacl --: cvrt -A 1' j "-1
Palmanova Plaza, Palmas del Mar 137* Humacao*

Segundo Nivel
Plaza Las Americas
(al lado de Magritte Chocolatier)


\ (


PHA Power Walks
Put it in your calendar!
June14 at 7:00 AM
July 19 at 7:00 AM
Meet at PHA Building

Don't miss the
Summer Fashion
& Food Event
at Palmanova. Join Youtopia,
My Corner, Keila's Salon, Palmas
Market, The Cellar, Blue Hawaii,
La Brochette & Flying Pizza in
a summer afternoon splash of
fashion, food and beverage.
June 28, 2008 at 6:00 pm.

Father's Day Activities JUNE 15th
Father's Day Paella at Capriccio
For reservations call:
Father's Day Afternoon at Sebastian
at The Four Points Hotel at Palmas
787-285-0307/787-850-0000 ext .5040
Father's Day Brunch at the Country Club
Main Clubhouse, Flamboyan Room
For reservations call 787-285-2233

4 a

--* 4



Art Exhibition
at the Country Club
Original oil paintings of typical scenes from
Puerto Rico. Opening: Saturday
July 5, 2008, 7:00PM. From Art Lovers
at Sears, Plaza Las Americas.

Summer Wine
Festival at Palmas
Don't miss the first wine event of the Summer at
CANDELERO RESTAURANT sponsored by Ballester Hnos.
July 19, 2008

Put it in your calendar!
The first Saturday of every month,
movies at the PHA building.
Premier July 5th, 2008

Don'1 mi, ilhe ne' 1pa1n1 i al MAGIC BEAN.
AsI also Ir he Ha, iendias de Cale fou rs I--- la7.ra7
and UIJi.iadr,. iC-ll .Orl1ind 1 r' I e :r 7 r.i spci:e. ci'in
Ihe g.]iui.ipl Alsorl ai Mg.]: >eani DVD RENTALS, ne,,,
reIe. ,ses I,'r' nl7 1 1.99 Ille ni.]I (',j. docn'l 1It e
Ic, le.t' e I-'cil iiC". 1 ,ri ir y 11 ,1 i j'iLe 11i
see ci ,jc',,:c'd nc,' iie.

Don'i iss Stonewall Kitchen
seas'ionigs al PALMAS MiARl ET al
Palihriani' a FIPlaza. A g.real line ,.,.
I ili:hen sIL.c,:es' 10 i) e 'l,' r re:ip:'.es
a go.11uriiL l i:I El rll ess...'deh:.:! s.
['iin' 11.3' I lell ianylne ,' i..r ser, el.
li..icl add i perso'niil l'i.,:hi si.i:i c I. i
hilllie iricre gjcii :, l.cineiie, pepper ,


Marginal Ave. Kennedy, Km. 3.5, San Juan 787-782-4030
*Basado -i- -i I : I I -


So elegant, so feminine...

1- 1- 1: .I: il il 1' l
-irh- ,le i, I I ,- ll, :,

i: v will see llIe
- ,il:,i.- i ELIZABETH AF

F~ From the
Hernandez 1r
Palmas del Ml1
Ve c.

A statemer i'

Elegant frames and
sunglasses of prestigious
-l ,, .:.,.designers available at the
.1:..1-i ,- :, -.new MIRO OPTICA
S ill in Caguas
u, ',, h, (Behind Caguas
RDEN counters. Expressway Motors).
Great selection,
.. I I i:

pri ,-

Animal print
still in fashion.
Very elegant,


Shhhhh...nadie tiene
que enterarse.
Mis alternatives son
variadas, rapidas
y saludables. Sirvelo
en bandejas bonitas antes
de que Ilegue tu marido
o tu visit. *

Mi secret

en la cocina...
el famoso polio al BBQ
care de cerdo
arroz con habichuelas coloradas
yuca y batata
mofongo de platano o yuca
4* iame, yautia, guineos
Guineitos en escabeche
tostones, papas fritas y amarillos
Sarroz guisado variaa por dia)
ensalada verde

787- 285-7700
Coconut Grove Plaza Carr. 906 (hacia Palmas del Mar) Humacao. i
domingo a jueves de 10:30 AM a 8:30 PM
viernes y sabado de 10:30 AM a 9:30 PM
Centro Comercial San Jose, Humacao Carr. No.3 Abiertotodos los dias de 10:00 AM 10:00 PM


On the Sunday afternoon
of April 6th, the first group of
children that graduated from
My Corner Art & Dance
Studio gave a beautiful dem-
onstration of what they have
learned and lived at the stu-
dio. You can tell they were
having fun, and the audience
enjoyed a very colorful and
playful afternoon. There was
a dance show choreographed
by Gina Hernandez, a dance
teacher from My Corner
The afternoon activities
included: baby ballet, ad-
vanced ballet, jazz, folk-
lore, salsa, hip hop and
corporall expression. At
rlie activity we could ap-
I reciate beautiful balleri-
iias ranging from 3 to 15
ears old.
The Drama Group,
Directed by Neggy & Jas-
mine Silva, professors of
My Corner, took us on
a trip to the Ocean. A
drama filled with magic
and fantasy! I loved the
birds, the mermaids
were lovely and the
gentlemen very funny;
all of them were great.
The Fashion Show,
was impressive, the
children had excel-

lent demeanor and self con-
fidence. Good work Nany.
Those girls have a future in
magazine covers (maybe in
Live & Life in Palmas!!).
The art exhibition from
the art class (ages 3 to 12)
was excellent. There was art
everywhere, from paintings,
drawings, and murals to ce-
ramic sculptures. This group
was directed by Rosa Agosto
& Michelle Collazo.

ifT~ iirrct I asPi eiiif* .ee stiu i

Air Conditioning Inc.

Por los ultimos 30 anos, hemos estado
enfriando los espacios mas calientes
y los espacios frios mas c6modos.
Air Conditioners
* capacidad x capacidad la mdquina mas eficiente en el mercado.
* desde 9,000 btu hasta 36,000 btu (pared).
* sistema INVERTER.
* 21 seer
* 50 60% mas eficientes (basado en sistemas de 10 seer)
* garantia 6 ahos en compresor y 2 ahos piezas.
Dealer autorizado: 787.273.7516



Juxtaposition. 2001
New Art Concepts announces the release of Series 1, a limited edition, signed and numbered by the artist.
It is comprised of 12 images of paintings by Diego Jacobson which have been shown
in North America, South America, The Caribbean, and Europe to outstanding critical acclaim.
This selection of paintings have been reproduced here on canvas and paper in limited editions
of 100 and 250 copies each using the highest quality materials on the market

Giclee prints, posters and catalogs available at

Virtual Catalog www.diegojacobson.com

5 A LkI A It?


A new concept in wooden floors. Be creative, give charm
to your house or office with colored wood flooring by JOVER.

1::::":............. ...... ...... .!!::: ... ....;;; i d
..... ...... iii...iiii..... .

ELECTROLUX brings together the
engineering and European design to
our kitchens with special features
and technologies.

From KOPER, this elegant and comfortable sectional
with an innovative system of three headrests that you
can adjust in different positions.
For a very cosmo and modern home.

a ....

CEL. (787) 960-0911




Al Euro...100% aluminum kitchen, modern, sophisticated and well
i'lesionel c

Q -1

VALwood new from VALCOR SAMCOR
As part of Valcor's commitment with the
environment, Valcor Samcor presents
VALwood, aluminum that looks like
wood. There are a great variety of
colors and patterns. Check it out at:

Ceramics that make your dreams
come true. Imagination is all you need, for the rest... IBERTILE.







. 7

-r .: i 1 I7 I II3 l- I' H 1 ll ..u l -,5t.--
CEL 787-649-6361. 787-645-1628. FAX 787-852-0550

Piezas y accesorios de reconocidas lines que aumentan el disfrute de tu hogar.
Horario: lunes a viernes de 8:00 a.m. a 5:00 p.m. e s6bado de 9:00 a.m. a 6:00 p.m.
Guaynabo Calle Arbolote #7 9 Tel. 787-622-0505
1Sujeto a aprobaci6n de cr6dito. Financiamiento a trav6s de CitiFinancial Retail Services de Puerto Rico.

0000 0000,0000 0000

Para su hog ficin

Cuadros abstractos para su hogar.
Disponibles en tamaiios 36" X 48" $200. c/u sin marco
$350. c/u con marco*


Plaza Las Americas, Tercer Nivel
787. 753.1240/787.773.7055 /787.562.8509
Gran variedad de abstractos disponibles para escoger.
Marco 4" tabl6n wenge o 2" flotante wenge



PISA was fully involved in the 2008 South American
Championship event held in Peri. Gonzalo Pollitzer, sailing
director, and his "buddy", Manuel "Manny" Rezano, took the
Puerto Rico Sailing Team under their guidance and respons-
ability and completed the "notice of the decade" as pointed
out by Ronne Ramos (FVPR-President). In the individual
racing category, Puerto Rico had four top ten finishes. The
Caribbean topped five of the first ten places. There were 189
competitors from 15 nations. Puerto Rico also had first and
fourth places at the Nation's Cup Team.

Individual Positions
2nd (PUR 859) Ivan Aponte
3rd place (PUR 5395) Raul Rios
4th place (PUR 5595) "Juanky" Perdomo
8th Place (PUR 111) "Tito" Aponte
20 th Place (PUR 4557) Fernando Monllor
26 th Place (PUR 5565) Ram6n Gonzalez
45 th Place (PUR 5775) Alejandro Monllor
81 st Place (PUR 6572) Juan Carlos Franco
155 th Place (PUR 5598) "Manolo" Gonzalez

Five of the top ten competitors in this Championship had
all participated at our November/Thanksgiving Clinic held at
Palmas. We will also congratulate Ian Barrows (1st place)
and "Nikkie" Barnes (girls-silver), both from ISV. Lastly,
Just van Aanholt, from Curacao (13th place), rounded the
C i i i .., i outstanding demonstration.
Photos: Matias Capizzano (www.capizzano.com

Whiten AND





PO Box 1002

787.733.2000 (BY APPOINTMENT)


...a star from

by Lissette Rosado, Editor

rim R*ri 4*irp m. o RI

PG Tou. hi o "St *i won *a Gol C lub .aiMtaensgv
This~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~~~~~S pas Mach Alxwsdru ece;h nw hw efWlib n
rersenin Purt Ric lo and know ho to spo al th stfhtgv em. Whe I leav

so ovrhle to fee al Abu ho. Pama ha chmin Abu th gol Pam s Palmasi
that~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ supr fro mypolSnlecdhsotoea orsh tts TePl o e rwu
tha I din' dar to. hi the peso an.sagleAlx i5euiu.adfn ths he e hsi h r

his. on the bac of my nec saf to gro uphr All chlegn 5 Itsa hmpofa iy r.

Alex Sit evdn emto. I wer always wachn Sfe WigFo* nNwYr s mve h epn.Wl..i

a grea exeiec. Thi tu y I wol like to giv an hmi. The Sot Af of yo. Yo .r ar ams

I nee toi pr v Nex year pae t gav m. When I to Pu rt Rico b t .. to hi your tru ph vey he e
my gols towntetora ev I alay wan to com SU PIE On da thr Seh yo. keep uspstd
mn and with Set Bul as bc oPla. Pama is wa a 5 Cor in th .re n

I> i. iii...
* I, .., II -I, *II.' II II I II*,I I ii-
* I I I I -I II I I I,11 111

O R 1 O() Nt I, 1I
(6 U1.. i n .-ii, Hu;i .. PR 787.852.1550
1 i L) i R i11. -. N, -. PR 787.734.7030
orthofig@@ prtc.net

Our Consuls
In Palmas we have the privilege to have two honorary con-
suls: Patricia Tully Martinez, British Honorary Consul and
Manuel Morales Jr., General Honorary Consul of Japan. It's
an honor, not only because of the prestige that comes with
the position, but because after talking to Patricia and Manuel,
I realize that there is a lot of commitment and dedication in
such an appointment. Interestingly, both used the same words
and emotion when 1.. -..i i'i their duties. "When an emer-
gency arrives we have to give ourselves in life, soul and heart,
whatever it takes". This means an emergency that involves a
citizen of the country they represent.


Patricia Tully Martinez,
British Honorary Consul
Patricia first joined the British Consulate in San Juan as a
Commercial Attache. She was later promoted to Vice Consul
and Head of Post in 2000. She remained at the consulate un-
til it closed in 2005. At that point, she was asked to become
Honorary Consul in Puerto Rico, which she gladly accepted.
Since then she has been dealing with all types of critical situ-
ations. "It happens every 4 to 6 months but when it happens
you have to be there for that citizen 24/7 if necessary. When
a person is in a foreign country and has an emergency they
are defenseless. They don't speak the language, don't know
the laws and, are in a crisis! The person depends solely on
you", says Patricia Tully, "Last week a baby died in a plane
that landed in Puerto Rico. The mother was desperate, and
on top of her grief, she had to deal with Puerto Rico's Forensic
Department, do all the paper work and at the end, she had to
identify her baby's body. For a second, just picture that Eng-
lish mother trying to deal with all that bureaucracy in Spanish
without a helping hand".
Patricia also points out that this position also allows them
to meet and share with many fascinating people, who have
traveled a lot and have vast cultural and international experi-

Manuel Morales, Jr.
General Honorary Consul of Japan
Manuel Morales stories are very similar. One time he re-
ceived a call informing him that a Japanese citizen had been
picked up in the middle of Baldorioty de Castro Avenue on
an electric wheel chair and spoke no English or Spanish. He
thought it was a joke but after asking several questions he
realized it was for real. There it was, this quadriplegic Japa-
nese man that had bought a false tour that was supposed to
pick him up at the airport and take him to Old San Juan on
a tour for handicapped people. When nobody showed up he
decided to head up to Old San Juan by himself! Well, Manuel
had to start working with the situation. He hired a translator
to find out what was going on and helped him find a place to
stay for 4 or 5 days. "And like this one, there are many cases
where you have to leave everything else to help that person in
distress, sometimes for days", said Manuel Morales.
Manuel also explained that a consul also has to serve the
nationals of the country they represent, in his case
the Japanese citizen. The consul looks after that
country's enterprises
in Puerto Rico, rep-
resents the Country asto
before the Puerto
Rican government,
offer information to
the public and, keep
the country informed of any news related t..
In his case, Manuel deals with a really dif-
ferent culture.He explains that he is very
familiar with the Japanese culture since he
managed for 20 years the advertising of
Japanese companies. No doubt, it's a very
challenging and exciting experience. I will
definitely wouls like to be Honorary Con-
sul of France. Maybe Daniel Vasse could
put in a good word for me! I could picture t
myself in Paris, Bordeaux or Montepellier.
C'est sera magnifique! '



by Rita Molinelli, Esq.

First and foremost an owner should
attend and participate in the Annual
Meeting of the Council of Titleholders
of the Regime (This word does not make
sense and should not be used... I would
you use unit or housing complex- I prefer
the latter). The main reason you should
attend is that very important things will
be decided; the officials of the Board of
Directors will be elected and all the con-
tracts and the budget will be approved.
Do not complain later about the deci-
sions taken by those who attended and
.., &.,, rii 1.l with their ideas and solutions
to common problems.
It is also very important to understand
that the decisions taken at that annual
meeting should benefit the general inter-
est and not the selfish interest of a few.
Of course, if you do not attend, that may
If quorum is not achieved at the an-
nual meeting (usually one third of the
title holders) there will be a second call
which cannot be held in less than twenty
four (24) hours after the first call. The
quorum at the second called meeting
will be reached only with those present.
Majority will be calculated taking into
consideration only those proprietors
present or legally represented.
A property nwner i. entitled t onlly

,,r li ... i F ,. III ,r-w r,.1 ,Ii r Fit ,.,l I ,,

or tenant.
Any other person may represent the
owner if he proves to be legally designated
as such in a power of attorney executed
before a Notary Public. A legal represen-
tative (custodian or legal guardian) can

Needless to say,

no improvements

should be approved

if they threaten the

security or stability

and firmness of the

building. Alterations

of the facade or the

architectural design

of the property will

require the unanimous

consent of the


also represent the owner. Corporations,
special societies and the like need to
present a corporate resolution designat-
ing their power of representation. If an
apartment belongs to several persons,
one of them has to be designated officially
as the representative.
Contrary to what is usual in many
corporations, a person can only carry
one proxy; he cannot represent more
than one titleholder. According to the
Law, majority is a concept that can mean
either half plus one of the title holders
or half plus one titleholders who at the
same time represent at least fifty one
percent (51%) participation in the com-
mon elements of the regime. For certain
specific things, like major improvements,
a two thirds majority vote is required
(two thirds of the titleholders and two
thirds participation in the common ele-
ments). A major improvement is any
kind of job that is permanent and has
the purpose of increasing the value or
the productivity of the property, and the
services provided by the condominium
to all the apartments or all the common
areas. A maintenance project that is of
such nature or scope that requires ten
percent (10%) or more of the budget, or
the approval of a special assessment is
rnni.dered tn be extrraordinarv if it wiis

(continued frmpe iou ae

security or stability and firmness of the
.,i,.l.i i. Alterations of the facade or
the architectural design of the property
will require the unanimous consent of the
titleholders. Given that strict require-
ment, the Law provides that opposition
which are considered to be frivolous or
senseless will not be taken into account.
If at any meeting, a decision taken re-
quires a unanimous vote or a two thirds
vote, all those titleholders not present
have to be notified of the decision and
they have thirty (30) days to express in
writing their opposition. If they do not
respond, it is considered to be acquies-
cence. As indicated before, opposition
cannot be capricious.
Whenever the original elements of the
l,,.1.. li like windows, doors, lamps, rail-
ings cannot be repaired or replaced, the
Council of Title Holders should approve
guidelines establishing the approved
Paying Regime fees is an obligation of
every owner and you cannot withhold

Living in a community
requires understanding,
patience and tolerance. If
it is not possible for you to
make concessions every
once in a while when your
neighbor listens to music,
has children, has a pet, is
making repairs, then you
should buy a large lot of
land and seclude yourself
there or buy a unit in a
wonderfully isolated elderly
home that includes the
latest technology.

payment of the fees even if you have
a complaint against the Condominium
Board of Directors or the administrators.
By the way, it is very necessary that we
recognize the work of the Board of Di-

rectors. While you rest and enjoy your
home, the Directors spend their time and
efforts voluntarily. Living in a community
requires understanding, patience and
tolerance. If it is not possible for you to
make concessions every once in a while
when your neighbor listens to music, has
children, has a pet, is making repairs,
then you should buy a large lot of land
and seclude yourself there or buy a unit in
a wonderfully isolated elderly home that
includes the latest technology.
On the other hand, one should be
respectful of other people's right to enjoy
peace and tranquility and avoid excessive
noises, respect the early morning hours
or late evening hours, make sure your
pets do not constitute a nuisance and
be always ready and willing to help your
Try to do more than complaining by
joining your Board and making your
contribution a benefit for us all.



I 30 afios de
Bo. Aguacate
Calle Sol carretera #908 km 11.0
Yabucoa PR 00767

de las
prestigiosas lines
Pionite & Harmony

_______ __1SOLIDA DE 10 ANOS
__ ].)<*(.,i rn ivc, S"urf~i<--s_________

, J. ,r , i, ijn ll, 1 ,,I ',I 1 .1 I i r
cicLlI [h, rtslih )uLL ,,lL ihd liu'\ lhu I

do it?
I did. Fishermen always have
wonderful stories to tell and the sea
itself is a fantastic world.
The Fisherman Village has been
here for many years. "We have been
here for years, when there was not
even a road", said William Cruz, one of
the fishermen I am sure you have seen
walking in and out of Palmas every day.
William walks 2 hours every day in and
out of Palmas, four hours a day. Good
William comes from a family of fisher-
men in Humacao and has been in Pal-
mas' fishermen village forever. "This is
not an easy job, many times you don't
sleep the whole night and you are ex-
posed to scary experiences. My boat has
been turned over twice; one time we
were rescued by another boat, the other
time we had to swim to shore with my
partner fisherman sharing a lii. i ..!. r

The boat left us behind, the boat arrived
to the shore before we did," explained
William and added that other than that,
he hasn't had any major distress at the
sea other than bad weather. "You can
go out with a beautiful day and when
you are out there the panorama can
change dramatically. In those cases you
just have to wait for the bad weather to
pass. Sometimes you don't see the shore
or where you are going and end up in a
different town!"
On the other hand, Samuel Jaime, a
twenty year experienced fisherman, does
not come from a family of fishermen, but
he is also from Humacao. Samuel stated
that one has to respect the sea and be
cautious. "One time I jumped out of the
boat and I was trapped in the current
and could not come back to the boat.
My partner had to go and get me with
the boat. It was scary." But in general
he hasn't had any bad experience other
than that one. He says he always hears
the weather report and will not go out
if the weather is rough. "But sometimes

*Ii ." r r" . .1 ,11 r... .. ', ,,,ir
I -.I.. i.l.d I had to see and share
irli rlI,. m the actual experience
,t I..i out there in the sea. I
r 1.1, [4.ed Dr. Martin, the Fish-
... i... .Association President, to
r I... mI.,. on a trip. His initial
Ir'. ..I .i vas that if I brought him
a waterproof disposable camera he could
take some photos for my article. "No, I
really want to go with you on a fishing
trip," was my answer. After a few seconds
of silence he agreed to take me, and later
admitted he thought I was going to be
sea sick. Surprise, surprise...I not only
survived without any inconvenience but
I helped them spot three buoys. Actually
I enjoyed the experience very much and
learned a lot of things about the sea and
fishing techniques. Like, for example,
they put bull's hide in the traps to attract
the fish because it takes a while to de-
compose. I also learned not to complain
about the cost of fish or Lobster. It's a lot
of work!!! We left at 8:30 a.m. and we
(continued on the

-, "-a

Sameul Jaime

(continued from previous page)

came back at 3:30 p.m. and all that time
William, Arsenio Cruz, and Dr. Martin
were working nonstop. They don't talk
much; they observe the sea, the sky, and
they listen to the fish line. They are in
tune with the sea, with nature. They
know to read the wind, the currents,
and the birds. "There are dorados there,"
said Arsenio pointing at one spot in the
"How do you know that?", I ask Dr.
"Well, there're some small fish jump-
ing, the t'i. i..r r are catching the jump-
ing fish, that means there is a bigger fish
and they are dorados, we see them jump-
ing. That's easy!" I didn't see a thing.

Lisstle bullIba, Iljad

much work many of them were empty,
but Martin explained that this is a low
"The good season begins in August
and we are getting ready for that mo-
ment." The Association is working on
constructing better and more efficient
traps for the high season. Actually the
boat they are using is relatively new.
"We bought it less than a year ago but
we worked on it for months before being
able to use it. People, get ready for the
big season we are going to have; a lot of
lobsters in August, September, October,
November and December. And please

If you have been on a boat you prob-
ably have seen those buoys that every
boat owner is afraid of getting tangled
in. I always thought they only had one
trap. You won't believe it! Some of them
have seven to eight on a string and they
are 130-150 feet deep. Pulling them up
is an event.
"There is not a fisherman boat in
Puerto Rico that could do what you are
seeing now. This is an art that not many
people in Puerto Rico have had the op-
portunity to see," Dr. Martin told me
proudly. As you see in the photos they
are big and heavy. It was really impres-
sive to see them in action. That day we
(they really) pulled almost a hundred
of them. The bad part was that after so

Maria Cumba, madre

..I. n't complain about the cost please!!
This is definitely an art...the art of
We also visited the kitchen and met
Iris Serrano and Nicolasa Lazfl, respon-
sible for those wonderful empanadillas
we eat. I even met my namesake, Lissette
Cumba, who takes and delivers the or-
ders, coordinates the operation and, her
wonderful mother, Maria Cumba, who
peels dozens of plantains for those mag-
nificent tostones of la Villa Pesquera.

Season the fish with salt
and adobo (no pepper)
Oil should be very hot
To know if is ready, try to take off
the meat with tongs,
if it comes out easily, it is done.
Then put it in a hotter
oil pan just to brown


Arsenio Cruz

Let's get started with your skin care at home. To obtain
that gorgeous sun kissed tan look, exfoliate your skin
with a natural, homemade scrub. Mix sugar with olive
oil and massage throughout your entire body. This will
prepare your skin for obtaining that desired sun kissed
tan. If you wish to give a little "Aroma-therapy" touch,
S ou can also add a few drop of your favorite essential oil.
protect your hair at the beach
anld pool please!
. ... nd salt minerals attach to the hair cuticle causing dry and
Sd..iI1 ,, ii 1 umidify your hair constantly with fresh water and apply
S I t ,. ti vorite hydrating conditioning
S,..ii, generous amounts all over
i r hair. While the hair is
under the exposure of
the sun, the cuticle will
expand and hydrate.
........... ..... This will also help to
protect from hard water,
I. providing nutrition to your
II l.. I dso use Krastase Soleil, a magnificent
ii. i.i i:ii treatment made for care under the sun.
after exposure
to, tl-he caribbean sun...,
Si. i 1..d.. : rose water and a couple of opened vitamin E
'I rhis mixture onto your face after a day in the sun.
TI, Id i r rk. face from dehydrating and scaling. It is better if
I I. i i ature...try it you'll love it!
I t.,i.. ..I trer exposure to the sun) the wonderful
El -..Is A. ..- I ramide Capsules. Your skin will absorb it
I I....I r.. !, It works like magic!

De todo para
confecci6n de collares, etc.
Pregunta por nuestros
talleres y campamentos
de verano.



Ave Domenech #284
Hato Rey, PR



The PHA Homeowners Activities started with the Presi-
dent's Reception held at Chez Daniel French Restaurant,
Invitees included PHA Board members, Delegates, service
contractors and homeowners who have stepped up to the
plate to volunteer their services towards the betterment of
Palmas del Mar,



S\ntro de adeigazamiento mds conocido en Europa

Remodela tu cuerpo
Libera a esa mujer delgada que hay en ti.

Ejercicios en camilla patentizada Oxigeno activo
para acelerar el metabolismo, demoliendo la para estimular microcirculacion.
grasa y celulitis de esas zonas critics, eliminando grasas, celulitis ./
mientras tonifica los tejidos. y toxins.

Llama a Figurella AHORA t
para un anilisis GRATUITO de tu figure.

I :

w /"

787-707- I 010

en Italia, donde somos lideres en
remodelar la fiaura femenina

Sata de To e at Sa Pari.o .al Ta o oB ,s ie81



I 'S*

On Friday evening, the
Homeowner's Party
held at the Sheraton j
Four Points was truly
a night to remember.
The fantastic band,
Latin Spirit, under the
leadership of Luis
Pabon, had everyone
up on the feet dancing
the night away! Our
thanks to Sheraton
Four Points Catering
department for
really great food and
excellent service.




All wo


In Palmas del Mar, the topic of
wine is becoming more and more
interesting lately. On Sunday May
4th, at the Candelero Restaurant,
renowned sommelier Kiko Delgado
offered the first wine tasting and pair-
ing in a "Mystery Basket" style. It is
very important for Kiko to recognize
the quality of the wines with a tasting
and later giving them the opportunity
to express themselves better with the
food they are paired up with. It is very
important for Kiko to recognize the
quality of the wines and later present
the wines in their full expression by pa i -
ing them with the appropriate foods. K.I.., II,
been doing this same exercise for two I.. I.'. nr iI ir.
hotels, and at local and international e' iir- F., rl ... -i ,ii
Mr. Larry Holman--vice-president of i!d... r I .I!.. ,
the Jacuzzi and Cline wineries in Sono,. i ,hit iit., r.,
Puerto Rico.
On this occasion Kiko decided to e.r.. I t L, 1......I,
to a "Mystery Basket". During the ev,.ir 1rr.1..'.in..l, .r,.
wines were served with a sheet of pape: '. r r ri nr-
ten on it so that notes could be taken '." .ii... Ir F-nii.
taking place, Chef Luis Rosado listened rn r I ..i!.. i.n, ., r I.
wine tasters and compiling the informri. ,i i 'ii.. rrI. Fr .Fiir
was over each one of the sixteen guest. '. ,. i rI, .., r
paper provided, the protein they would hkL tu pail ;\ al Ldl
wine. The Chef then had to prepare a recipe at that moment
to create the perfect pairing. When the first course arrived, the
Chef explained the first recipe and why he created it, using as
reference the comments and feedback he had heard from the
wine tasters. And so the exercise of pairing continued with
the rest of the wines. What was most exciting to see were the
interesting recipes created with the rest of the wines. It was an
afternoon filled with smells, tastes and sensations that, as Kiko
said, is the magic of gastronomy. At the end of this journey Mr.
Larr-, I ,I 'i I r rl, r r di r .'.J. I I. !. ii. Ni l ', irl

been K ik e I ...,I I,,. I,!, r,,,, I I I..


- at the Candelero Restaurant

Kiko Delgado owner
and Sommelierof
Candelero Restaurant


Marcos Mercado, Sommelier

I i r r .I r
L. i ii I.. im r iii I. I.

I I. .. ,

h -II II I I I 1 1 ,' I "II I
I-. 1I, -i" i :, 1 r.], : i-

a bite above the rest
from 6am 11pm

bon't miss our
breakfast! A

Scrambled Eggs Omelettes Pastries
Croissants Donuts Fruits Waffles
Cereals Coffee (regular & frozen)
Tea Juices Refreshments
Four Points Sheraton Hotel
Palmas del Mar, Humacao
850-6000 x 5042

Ice Cream -OI VL s
We proudly serve AB0 "8' ,i

Try our variety cream

Special Discounts for Residents
of Palmas Del Mar -1

PADI Discover Scuba
No Certification Necessary- Experience Scuba Diving
on a half-day excursion. For ages 10 and upt
Boat Dives
PADI Open Water Certification Classes
PADI Advanced & Specialty Courses
Morning & Afternoon 2 tank Dives
Night Dives by Appointment


The Buena Vida Festival was a ',,11
success, once 1 iili. E I ii I was 1, 1" i!
The food was super (our I '1 ," 1' '11' to all
the wonderful ( ,, i ,,. The lI .... 'iii, ,,, by
/1 i11 i 1 h,' was ', i11111,i 1. The art work was
exquisite. Once more, our artists' support
m akes a big h ii ii' 1. ii iii, I this is
one of the most, I, i il i of the year.
Everybody looked, ,, I in white!


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Oriental Managed Investmentsmr
Nuestro innovador program de inversiones que
le brinda a tu dinero las mejores condiciones
para obtener optimo crecimiento.

Ejemplo de la apreciaci6n annual del "Sigma Multi-Manager
Account Growth Global Concentrated Portfolio" a septiembre
de 2007 asumiendo que la inversion se hizo hace:

2 afos

3 aflos

5 afos


Resultados pasados no garantzan rendimiento future y no estin garanUzados
por OFS, Corp. y estin sujetos a riesgo de inversion incluyendo la possible
pdrdida del principal invertido.

* TO seleccionas el nivel de riesgo con una amplia variedad de
alternatives de inversion

* Trabajamos con experts "money managers" y poderosas
herramientas, antes solo disponibles para inversionistas institucionales

* Constant anAlisis de tu carter de inversiones para diversificar y
balancear el dinero
Tenemos products de banca, inversiones, hipotecas y seguros
para ayudarte a alcanzar todas tus metas financieras.

Aquf tu dinero crece"

Los products de inversion no estan asegurados por el FDIC, no son dep6sitos ni obligaciones de Oriental B and Trust y no estAn garantizados por dicha instituci6n; y estan sujetos a riesgos de inversion, incluyendo la
possible prdida del principal invertido. Este anuncio no constitute una oferta para vender ni una solicited de is para comprar valores. La oferta se hace solamente mediante el Prospecto. Solicite y lea cuidadosamente el
Prospecto antes de invertir. Oriental Financial Services Corp., miembro FINRASIPC y Oriental Bank and Trust son subsidiaries de Oriental Financial Group Inc. 02008 Oriental Financial Group Inc. Derechos Reservados.



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