Title: Live & life in Palmas
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Title: Live & life in Palmas
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Publisher: Rosado & Morales Inc.
Place of Publication: Palmas del Mar, Humacao, Puerto Rico
Publication Date: April 2008
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enjoy your next main event

or your important meeting


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m reservationspalmas@fourpointspr.com reservationscaguas@fourpointspr.com
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I www.fourpointspr.com/palmas



First of all, I want to thank our community for their
acceptance and great support of Live & Life in Palmas. Not
only for what we have coming to us, but because I have
seen the results in the community.
There is much enthusiasm and a great desire to continue
communicating; it has been like throwing seeds in fertile-
ground for later harvesting.
The ideas have grown and initiatives have :1.. J..1 as we
had expected. Ideas such as creating a French club, cooking
classes, wine tasting sessions, and getting ready as a team
for next year's Teodoro's 10K.. .who's in? I am! Can you
imagine a Palmas team at the 10K? We can make t-shirts
with the PHA logo and rent a bus
to get there. If we can get a good
i.. ii. maybe we can get
I'I 1.A to sponsor. We
.. I ..e a year to get
,. dy. If there is
quorum, we can
get in shape
in soon for a
great perfor-
mance next
Q year. There


are no excuses, we have a year to train!
In this edition we will brief you on the upcoming projects
which represent great progress to our community: the
Community Children's Park...on high gear, the spectacular
Teen Center in the PHA '.,,i.l.ii.. the forest, the board-
walk, and many more such as conferences and workshops...
too name a few.
We will also cover an extremely important topic: raising
kids in Palmas. We'll meet four families that are raising or
have raised children in "el Pais de Palmas".
This month we are celebrating one of Puerto Rico's most
important and spectacular fund raising activities.. .the
traditional Festival de la Buena Vida. An exquisite night
where art, fine dining, good wine and good people meet to
raise funds for several east coast non profit organizations,
which we will also address in this edition.
Let's welcome Spring in our hearts!

Lissette Rosado, Editor
Feel free to write us with ideas, suggestions and comments
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PoiNastro Anurro$- SPA Eirra PFru. Roffe Utly. knported and D~tbisuJ by CC I Rw I5trbto, Inc- Bayamdc Puerto Rico.






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There is a new corner in town...

I NE" I.
--7-r -71 J0.- 3 r t- % t.-LJ f Cj -1- I C-

Have you been to Palmanova lately? If not, you should go.
There is a new and wonderful spot called My Corner. It's a new
art and dance studio for kids and grown-ups alike. Check it out! It true
is a magical new place. Once you get there, you fall into a different
mood, you become relaxed, with an urge to let your creativity flow.
Rosa Maria Agosto, the owner, has a lot to do with that. You can
tell she has a creative streak, but most importantly, she lives what
she does and is committed to excellence. "This is not an extended
day care center. This is an art and dance space that encourages
self-expression and gives everyone the confidence to expand their
creativity in a cozy ambience", Rosa Maria stated.
Rosa Maria has been very careful in choosing the best teachers for
all the areas; they are professionals in their fields. They are profes-
sionals in their field. Art is taught by Rosa Maria herself, a native
Humacao artist, with a vast experience working with children.
For four years she was also in charge of the Pairnas Country Club
Drawing Workshop. .
"This is a dream come true. I wanted exactly what I have cre-
ated. Here the kids can learn new skills, express themselves creatively,
have fun, develop self-discipline and enhance their physical and mental
health", said Rosa Maria.
Another advantage is that while adults are learning yoga, dance, or
in a Zumba class, kids are in the next room having fun as well in an art
class. "You will be surprised at what you can do, once you let your creative
energy flow!", Rosa Maria asserted as she invited us to join a Zumba class.
This is better than psychological therapy!
Teens are also welcomed since they do offer dancing classes such as
salsa, meringue, and Hip Hop; or they
ii ,11 in modeling classes, yoga or
I,! .I''_g. Classes run for 8-week
i i 1\Yh Corner will offer summer
,., ..I ,,ig June andJuly. The plans are big andyouwill
l p. 1 ..' r rhem. During April we will enjoy the results of
r i.. rr i r ester with an art, dance and drama demonstra-
r ,i r A IMh Corner, Dance & Art Studio. Live & Life will
I .. r., capture that moment.
i. r nron for the next trimester is scheduled for April
r '-i i! 5th. The trimester is scheduled to begin on
S.i 1 -rl, Check for the new Zumba kids, Pilates and
.r.. ..- ,.,J- for adults.

Una experiencia ufnica que disfrutaris todos los dias.

~, ~ I~ L :4

.. ....
.. H... . .


Marginal Avenida Kennedy, Reparto Industrial Bechara 787-273-3000





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Ristyo mico
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By Lissette Rosado, Editor

On April 26, the Ballroom of our Four Points Hotel in Pal-
mas will become a magical place where exquisite food, wine,
art, and good people, dressed in white, will come together to
celebrate the 13th edition of the Buena Vida Festival.
It's been 13 years already since this group of friends and resi-
dents of Palmas del Mar felt the need to help their neighbors
in the south eastern zone of Puerto Rico. They chose some
organizations that were already established in this area such
as: PECES, a broad community program at Punta Santiago
beach; Casa de la Bondad, that help battered women; and
Casa de Todos, for neglected children in Juncos. All of them
with big needs and admirable missions.
These good neighbors got together and screamed for help...
they were heard. With Chef Daniel Vasse at the lead, most of
the Islands' prominent chefs perceived the need to contribute
and the concept of the activity developed into a splendid food
and wine fest. Dressed in white for the occasion, people enjoy
the delicacies of these prestigious chefs. Wine and liquors
distributors also participate every year. The activity is held in
our Four Points Hotel in Palmas, one of the platinum sponsors.
We are very proud to be part of this outstanding activity
and collaborate with these entities that are great contribu-
tors to the community", said Eddie Perez, the new General
Manager of the Four Points in Palmas, who added that he is
fully committed with Palmas and will like to create closer ties
with the community to help enhance the quality of life not
only at Palmas but Humacao, as well. "We are definitely going
to be working very close with Palmas del Mar Homeowners
Association for the benefit of all of us," stated Perez.

J ASO A -N ed .

A big applause to all of .a. . .Fn. he. ha
-- them. I invite you to ''SB* ** *
sponsor these

Schef extraordinary chefs that d Pla a
S..- so kindly donate Private*chefbetter
their art and

exquisite food to this MARI F Ni fr C and
magnificent fest! f m y

so * k. C a t .th M

tS E f o S a Ca C
ee f t t i C as

C C * O Be '

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a O S. * *J C.
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P ,.! .. I, ,, l. i ,i, ,,l I A. I,, .: h..":i 1,. T,, ,.. it .- k : I .!!.

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not Kli,.\ i[hi tih in.I i,'h thi.i nun jnd h.r Ia irn
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Eiftrei'aI; Sen I.'I i% a.' horn.
To.Ida tilih. t.'r i. ia .lill.ri.nit 'on.. Their liht.
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nian hb.in'i. i .rt anid ithli pl.rs'on ian.jn, .n L-.-
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rl,,., ~ ~ ~ ~ k I,,,l.,r, -, r I.. rl,,,,,_,,,, rl,,.. I.!,r ,.I ,i, I .I-I
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T L17 .. .. ,, I , d . %........ .. T -, iiiiiiiiiirl,.', ..t.1 I "t I" !
Fiti l i." 6 r" i,.I r i, t,,,r Fill. ii-A,' iir,.. i t, rl id [ 1J -
I 1 'E E1..i2I J II % II .. I1 .. ,. 1, 1I Iiad ,b .
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loft-%,..: I! ,,, m wr,.. ,. ,,J., V' it. 41, ,. 1,10. ,1 ] ..I H it-,. ..I r! it1-1
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'It I !I\ -.[h Il l,. 1'1,, I ... .. Fi, l l. ,,, r F[ ', t.lrl, I!,. ,- d,,
It 1 ] !! .. . 1t " . I.r !t m ,. r . ... !' ... .,,,, l ,,,
[-I it!- -b.
part o this rogram

Wha els could1 II say?1 We need r to hel he! h nesl




Juan. L did know wi
destiny had in store for for
future. They would spend 29 ye
S anniversary in Pai
with family and friends! hostel
' a n n iversa ry at '
Terrace Restaurant, which was i
Palmas Inn Hotel, and most
the Beach- F said Vicl

Ms Bes

eived our Vicky and
was, Gary 30 years
later with
middle o their children
tennis and and grand
Mi,,, children.

was ww

WS, SW O w

with water park and slide,
int. On weekends, we saw

in paradise




Representante en Puerto Rico de los pisos de madera i M o 'y _S_

Steel: 787-791-1454 fax: 787-791-4805 gjoverwoodflooring@gmaiL.com

Association .

BI Gol Cat

.1 I of Purt Ric

Pams onryCu

Perm. av.
Rach BunaVit

Se Vetue Snreing
Shrao Fou Pintoe
Via Ca ena

BBC Realt

CP &*eltr
Gem Real Esat

The Business Association...

an important component of Palmas.
Let's meet them. They
are part of our community!
Most of them are Palmas
homeowners and even
though some are not,
they are familiar faces .
that serve us day to day,
some for many years. In
this section, we will learn
more about them and
their businesses. The
Palmas Business As- .
sociation is segmented
into three major groups:
services, real estate i
and restaurants/bars.
The Palmas Busi-
ness Associationw, i Julio Aranguren(PRO-MATE Marine Services),Abdie Rado (David's Cook-
members are an im- ies), Daniel Vasse (Chez Daniel Bistro Rico, The Taas Bar WIF Slip Rental) Orando arao T
:ertant iclgreiienl in Magic Bean), Jeff Willenberg (Palmas Country Club) Patric racy SeraRon Four Poin ds Cook-
OuLI cornmiulIr,, n.ilo* row', left to righ Eide Sani e Flying Pizza)cMy Sherato Miam (RMAX e Palmas)
e I ill 1Denise Love (DCI of Puerto Rico) Carolina Aranguren (PRO-.MATE Marine Services, Wileno Nerisrn
Tcmuey a cidd iiv, ities1 It Sanliago (CNS Security Services). t a
1:1ovide vaer/ al to the
FPalmas lifestyle "We
strive to promote good vvill and
.canlaraderle arniili :ni r Li Iilen11-
terlship lencding 3a Iel:,ing 13land
illin lecensaiy and ,,;nmotIing We would like you to meet them
the Iicli1est stai:idaids of ,:Lualitv and get to know their stories,
an seirvic-e fr 1ni 1 eacl I:LiSIle.SS
Til3s .vay vve eliS Lue that 01. most of the time, unknown
ie31'ie llnts anl viSitrosr3 vaLIe tIeil
e .p,-tin,:.,es an Itu~ n ,,, ian- to a good number of us.
again ", .ail Denise Love, fOun:id-.
ing member and Management Boa t Loi Dlecto. horn f lm vl ie ent f i- sinesses in Palmas".
Agent of the Association. Tile tHey overlook. and pirot:ec:t tile says Daniel V\/asse P rest ient of the
entity has a strong commiitmnent ilteret. ,:f tle rn~ernIt e "IIv er Palnmas BusIness 4ssoL/t/on
to its members and has a vvas thle years, Ile AssoC:iatic ilon Ilias ai--
been actively involved in Palhnas C' rnI:lrislied a sul,'stantial amount
community activities. It also las1 of work. "IehirinI thle scenes" that
a seat on the Palmas Honeoi 1 nei as I. led to thIe healtllh d:evelor.-


Come celebrate
Carts Pro
10th Anniversary
Sales (New and Used)
-* Best Warranty in the market
Parts and Accessories
Service Customizing
(All major brands)


Freedom Gas Demo units 2 Years Warranl/
Canopy Hub Cap Front Rear lights Color Black
Other colors available at additional charge.

Near 's Golf Club House, before Palmas Utillities Maintenance Area
SALES 787.613.0155 SERVICE 787.282.7081 RENTAL 787.613.0177 FAX 787.852.5849
Monday to Saturday: 8 am 5 pm
Sunday by appointment only






In the in..ii ,i i,. o I.. ii .. t. .. . f li .I I
see kids c i r r r.. .. .1 ._. It .. i r- .. !i r
avoid sm In . I I... r ti r,. ir i, t 1 .!,.I- r., I..
able to dr_ .. !r I ri .. ,.i I J,.. n1 1 ......I
by the be iriin i i ... .t I in,,.'
T h en I i.... ,! ..I h i !, I r tm _.. I,, i .,i r, .l
long year- ..'.. ,. i F..I < i,. .i. r ,i ,r
for a ver I i I.. ., ,r ir rlo,,il. .t r ... ir
could be r., I im .. ii i.. I-. r., ..Ii ..
m y daughr.. i i !.. r -. .. .i..I ..It ir
B utthose ,.. ... i. i d..I -I... !. I, ... -
lege.T he , r i .. i ..I., .- .. ,. r l h. .. ,
otherpan. i... 1... r ._. r .. I ... I II. ii.
distan ce, ,, 1 ... , --i n .. ,r ,. ,. i, ,l 'I,,l !, rl ,.
w h ole far II ... ... I..1- ..l .il r I r .. ... .
so early. I ,r .......I rr i r Ii rl !i !! I.
are m ore 11, i i .- r., r II. ..I.-I, i.. ri.. i ri ..... r.
In th e aft. ... !,i rl ., i.. rn ....I !..l.I. ., .- ,
kid, I remember sitting at the table in the morn-
ing and eating breakfast as a family; scrambled
eggs, omelets, oatmeal, or my favorite, a big
ham, cheese, egg, lettuce and tomato sandwich.
Nowadays families live in such a rush that some
eat breakfast in the car! But...if you live in Palmas
and your kids go to Palmas Academy, mornings
become a more pleasant experience for kids and
the entire family.
In the afternoon, you will see them sailing,
playing golf, surfing, horse back riding or relaxing
at home, because again, they don't have to sit
in traffic to get home. To this scenario you add
the diversity of cultures they are exposed to and
the benefits of being surrounded by a clean and
organized environment, you have to conclude
that the odds are good. But...since I can only live
that experience through other lucky people I will
share their stories with you. (Be careful if you are
in the reproductive years.. .you will be tempted to
have kids again!)


Ivette Marrero and Manolo Forte have three children, a couple of
twins, Camille Michelle and Emanuel, 14, and the older one, Juan
Manuel, 18, graduating this year from high school. Their story is
interesting. They used to live outside Palmas (even :1,..,, 1, they owned
a villa in Palmas). Ivette used to come every morning to bring her kids
to school. She would go for a walk and hang around the villa while they
were in school and before she knew it it was time to pick up her kids.
As time went on, their stays became more frequent, until without much
planning, they started staying every night. One day, they realized they
had moved. Ivette goes back to the house regularly, to pick up mail.
"Our apartment is a lot smaller that our house but we are so happy
here!" says Ivette and exhales. Now we are planning to sell our house
and buy a house in Palmas. "My kids are all practicing sports and they
love to live here. They asked for it. We live next to the beach and they
go in and out with freedom. We feel they are safe and happy kids. They
are building good memories. That's important. We, as a couple, are very
happy. We have made good friends, enjoy our villa and being in Palmas.
I am still t'alkini, but now we don't have to come up with excuses to
stay in Palmas everyday," added Manolo.

Jose Beauchamp and Gloria Silva are also one of those
lucky parents .,,, ili..ii daughter in Palmas del Mar.
Monica is 11 years old and has studied in Palmas Academy
since kindergarten. "Once, we considered moving from
Puerto Rico and she completely .. i,, '.. says Jose. "She
loves her school and living in Palmas. I don't blame her. She
goes to school relaxed, no rush, no uniform, no .,11,.. jams
and after school M6nica goes home, eats a snack and heads
to the horse stables to take "paso fino" lessons as one of
the extended programs the school offers. Palmas Academy
Extended Program gives kids different alternatives for after
school like horseback riding, golf, tennis, and now the sailing
club program", explains her father proudly. Jose is also a
member of the Palmas Academy school board. "This school
is the result of a community effort. I remember when after
hurricane Hugo, there was no school left, It was devastating.
Suddenly our kids didn't have a school! The community got
:.., i .. and started building a new school. What you see
now has been built with a great deal of effort and involvement
from our community. Right now we are in the process of
a big expansion that includes a library, a laboratory, and
new classrooms. But we need more commitment from the
community in all aspects, even if you don't have kids or
your kids are not school age, you should get involved with
our school. It is the school of the community and we are
responsible for it. We have moved forward, but there is a lot
more to be done", adds Gloria.


Then we visited Los Chamorros. In this family i... i ,: comes
double. Both of them are dentists, he specializes in cosmetic and
restorative dentistry, and she is an orthodontist. And... they
have two pairs of twins, Alejandra & Gustavo and Eduardo &
Esteban. Ruben & Annelisse met at Odontology School, married
and decided they wanted to raise their kids in Palmas. "I wanted
my children to live in a safe environment, here kids are free to go in
and out. They get to school in no time. Almost all the kids in the
neighborhood study in Palmas Academy and after school they go to
all the sports practices :.. :.. it's u, .d.., lul said Annelisse.
"We feel they are safe. In Palmas everybody knows them, from the
waitresses, bartenders, and teachers to the security personnel. If
they need help they will have it and we will find out immediately",
Dr. C 1,,, ...... added. But the environment is not all. They are
very committed parents. Dr. C 1i,,, ...... is a member of Palmas
Academy Board of Trustees and member of the new PHA Teen
Center committee.


The Bague family arrived to paradise and found in the
Palmas del Mar community a peaceful place to live with
an improvement in the quality of life from the existing
one in the metropolitan area. "We were fortunate
enough to enroll Gaby at Palmas Academy, just five
minutes away from our home in Casillas de Palmas
(continues on the next page)

(continued from the previous page)

without the horrendous i,11i.. to and from school we were used
to while living in the metro area. What a relief! Now we have
enough quality time to spend with Gaby and have enrolled
her in after school sports such as tennis and gymnastics. Next
year, Gaby is looking forward to being part of of the Academy
C i..... I...,JI, 1: squad. Above all, we, as a family have more time

Marie Suarez y Pedro Cosculluela are at the vanguard.
They moved to Palmas 30 years ago with their two oldest
sons, Pedro 2 years old and Jaime 6 months. "At that the time
we move on a provisional basis, until a house we had bought
in San Juan was finished. But when the time came to move
back to San Juan, Marie told me that she would love to live in
Palmas and didn't want to go back. I accepted, sold the house
in San Juan and adopted Palmas as our home base", said

:...:.. ,.., to enjoy activities such as the Tennis Center Gym,
the Beach Club, a stroll along the beach, a visit to the Tropical
Forest or a simple drive around in the golf cart and relish the
magnificent view that Palmas has to offer", assured Julio and

Pedro I ..... ,i : i h.... days. "There were hardly 150 families
in Palmas. We started building friendships that are still our
beloved friends today, Ninoska & Frank F. 11. Annie &
Joaquin Soler, The Leason family, Berta & Seth Bull, Nilsa &
Mike Colon, Noemi and Pat Wauiun. among others. Then we
had two more boys, Jose, now 28, and Raul, 20 years old and
now they all love living in Palmas" stated Marie.
The truth is that Palmas didn't have what it has now. There
was ,,. il,,,: The school was a Montessori school outside of
Palmas. There was one supermarket outside, If you wanted
... ... il,,r: special then you had to go to Caguas. "Despite all
the inconvenience we had quality of life and our kids were free
and happy. Today Palmas is a well-rounded community. It is
still a wonderful place to live and raise your kids. Now my sons
are all adults and gone, but they love coming back and the two
that live in Puerto Rico come every weekend to visit us. We
all love Palmas and we would not change it for ,,,.i iI,:. Our
sons say that eventually they want to come back to live here.
Palmas is not a project, it is a life style. Living in Palmas is the
best experience we have had in our life", i llii.. Pedro.

Very powerful statements all! Well,
again, I have to say how lucky these
kids are to have the privilege to grow
up in such a friendly environment and
have such wonderful parents. It is the
combination of the two that makes the
difference. Lucky kids!

0 -


For over 30 years, we have been
making the hottest places cool and
the coolest places more comfortable.


Air Conditioners

-A Air Conditioning Inc.
Dealer autorizado: 787.273.7516

Great Boat Maintence Company

right here in Palmas!

Anybody that has a boat can empathize with this story:
you wake up early to get to your boat and leave early in the
morning. You arrive at the marina, carry all the groceries to
the boat, etc, etc. Then...surprise! The boat doesn't start. .
The reasons could be many, some easy to discover others a
total mystery. But it could be worst. You could depart and ,
in the middle of the ocean one motor could go dead or an __
electric problem could arise.,, ,
"This is the result of lack of prevention and regular main- "
tenance by a professional mechanic", said Julio Aranguren
partner of ProMate." amazingly enough (considering the in-
vestment involved), many owners do not check and maintain
their boats in optimum conditions. There are many reasons, :,,
some lack the time, know-how or simply do not know of a
company that could do it. .
"ProMate is a company created to provide the highest qual-
ity professional services in electrical- mechanical- detailing
maintenance programs for your boat so you can enjoy your
boat" said Aranguren.
As Pairnas residents they decided to establish their business
here to be able to offer a personalized service to boat owners.
Their offices are located on the second floor of Chez Daniel
and they offer service, if needed, 7 days a week 24 hours.
Just call them at (939) 644-1176 or (787) 552-9952. They
guarantee they will be there for you. Julio and Carolina Aranguren, Pro Mate owners



Whiten AND

Reshape YOUR



PO Box 1002

787.733.2000 (BY APPOINTMENT)



I I ing a year, a
,., . '. because
SI, rI,- o n c e
..l, there,
I~[ I' I' they de- j
-ri InrI.ii, Ii- I cided to
, -,,, ,. open a
,1 r ,. .. .!..... ,. C arib ,
I!- -h I r!,r I,, iii, bh a n

mango or guava sauce...
actually any fish he touches
with his magic spoon is...
delicious! His experience,
even though he looks so
young, is vast. John Eric
Morales has more than 20
years of experience in the
food industry. John Eric has
been a chef at Mangere, La
Carbonera, Patria in Cayey,
Sugar in San Juan Bay, and
he was the executive chef at
the Mayaguiez Best Western.
No wonder!
But...going back to the
enfant terrible, Berta Bull,
his mother (as charming
as his son) told me that, as
a child, Josean always had

was not hanging
out at the beach and swim-
ming with the fish," Berta
said and laughed. "He was a
dreamer. I remember once,
Josean and his good friend
Javier Casillas owned a small
boat for some months. They
spent hours, days, months
working on the boat and
making plans for the trip
they were going to take, but
that boat never touched the
water!", and she laughed
again. Later, at college, while
working at Le Maison Frances
(where Caracoles is now),
Martina, the owner, and her
fiance, Claude, invited Josean
to France for the summer.
The summer ended up be-


e in Per-

pignon. Needless to say, he
spent the academic year trav-
eling throughout the south of
France. Vive la France!
There are many more sto-
ries. For the unpublished
ones you can visit Caracoles
and Josean will tell you some
of them, or you can ask Berta.
She will tell you and laugh.
Maybe we should find out
about Berta's youth, why she
chuckles so much. Well, you
can tell she loves him very
much and has an excellent
sense of humor. Lucky kid to
have a mother like Berta!

Caracoles Restaurant

A little trivia, too....
Did you know that Josean
was Ram6n, the actor in that
famous Bacardi TV ad, in
the 80's, produced by the well
known filmmaker Marcos
Zin,., ., 1 ii, the memora-
ble phrase "Ram6n te atiende"
(Ram6n takes care of you)?
And he actually does. That's
one of Joseans' many skills!

1., I ii...
i l l, - ,! l ', l i l I [, ,

I[I ,I [ I II I |I .I 1 1* 111-


Or 1 ODiONL 1 1 A\

o IL. Hu;'.- ,- PR 787.852.1550
1V Di. B-.i''' ... PR 787.7 34.7030
orthofig I prtc.net

John Eric
Josean Terr6n,
his wife Nany
and Tommy

II III,. I~'i. I F


2 bedrooms -2 bath $750K & 2-2 3 bedroom 2 1/2 bath-golf- $575K
ground level $800K 4 bedroom-3 bath-Turnberry- $600K
3 bedroom-2 1/2 bath-Augusta- $445K




e *x 1-8836-90

2 bedrooms-2 bath Casita $750K 1 bedroom, 1 bath
2 bedrooms-2 bath- 2nd floor $515K ground level villa
Studio $325K & ground level villa
1 bedroom-1 bath ground level $385K Asking $385K

2 bedroomms-2 bath
ground level- steps to the beach
totally renovated $595K

Haciendas de Palmas
3-2-close to the pool
for sale $320k
Townhouse lots for sale in
Montecarlo from $195k
Peninsula de San Juan
Lot with boat slip $650K

2- 250/pr ot

2 bedrooms-3 bath- upper level 2 bedrooms-2 baths -ground level
$425K & $445K $415K




Mr. Julio Bague
I.- : :1.- ,i I- :,rlm as
H..i,,.- : ,1 I: Association

Ours is a vibrant community and the best in Puerto
Rico. That is why, as you will most likely conclude from
this magazine, your Homeowners Association is working
very hard in promoting and creating community ameni-
ties, promoting cultural and family events, activities and
programs. We are very fortunate to have available to
us major amenities such as golfing, beaches and swim-
ming pools, sailing club, equestrian center, tennis, the
new yacht club, etcetera. And lets not forget the school
and the religious activities. But we need to continue to
pursue those things that will bond the Palmas community
as a big family leaving the confrontation behind and
seeking moderation.
The creation of adequate recreational and passive
parks, the restoration of the Forest, the establishment
of our Teen Center and family days such as the Christmas
Parranda, Kite Flying Day, the Kids Sailing .-.. .., the
Academy Carnival and the Annual Homeowners Party, are
just the type of family events we want to promote and
support for the enjoyment of our entire population.
I am grateful to and thank the many members of our
community for their contribution through initiatives and
ideas that help to bond our community. Let us continue
to hear from you and for you to become active in making
Palmas the lifestyle of choice and the dream community
we all want and deserve.


PHA receil,
completed the i,-
stallation of s..~I
illumination along
critical dark areas NEW
along the golf cart SOLAR ILLUMINATION
paths. This project,
at a cost of $95,000,
responds to com m u- ...............___1
nity safety and security concerns and solves a
long existing community problem. It is our plan to continue
to use this type of illumination to solve other critical dark
problems throughout our community.
PHA is doing it's part let's us do ours. Drive safety, and
rember no kid's under 16 allow to drive golf carts. When
encounter another car on the path reduce speed and say hello.
It's makes life more pleasant and healthy (happy people are
healthier and live longer!)


The recycling program for Palmas del Mar got successfully
underway in January 29, 2008. This program, sponsored
by the municipality of Humacao and Palmas del Mar
Homeowners Association, consists of house-to- house pick
up of recyclables materials (plastics, aluminum,
newspapers and corrugated carton). The initial .
program is covering Palmas Plantation, Palmas
Reales, Villa Franca and Haciendas de \
Palmas and we are already working with the \
municipality to extend the program to the
entire Palmas community. Individual
residential areas will be contacted with
specific instructions as the program j
grows. -- .


Through negotiations with the ., /'.. i., i, i
and Candelero Point Partners, de\.. I. ,*.. i.. ,t rl .
Marbella project, PHA has reache..I ,i i!.... ..,,
for the redesign of the Marbella Pai 1. ,ii..I ir-
beach access. This park, located a..Ji..... r r..
Marbella Club and near the mouth ..t ri..
Candelero River, is part of the Pal:,, .I ?. .1,, p. 1,

For nearly three years now PHA has been looking for al-
ternatives to solve the loss of beach areas in Palmas resulting
form the continuous erosion of our coastal area caused by the
strong wave action and sea currents that impact our shores.
One of the alternatives under consideration was the construc-
tion of an artificial reef in front of Candelero Point.
Recently, PHA concluded its evaluation of the studies and
designed proposal for the construction of such a project and
has opted to discontinue this initiative as it was concluded
that such a project is well beyond the capability of the As-
sociation. It does not appear to be financially and/or tech-
nically feasible for construction purposes at this time. The
cost of such a project had been estimated between $15 and
$20 million.
PHA will continue to pursue other alternatives such as
nourishment of the beach by pumping sand back from the
sea or bringing sand in barges from other areas. Beach erosion
is expected to get worse due to worldwide climatic changes
related to the global warming effect. PHA continues com-
mitted to rescue the most important amenity by seeking new

Plan as an amenity for H l&', lg f
the enjoyment of the
entire Palmas community, visitors and guests. The recon-
struction of the park contemplates turning the park into
two separate recreational areas. One of these areas will be a
children's recreational space with modern playground equip-
]i.. Ir oI i ... the other will be for passive recreation and beach
access. The park will also have bathroom facilities, gazebos,
water fountains and golf cart parking. There will be a paved
cart path running from Candelero Drive through the main
entrance to the park connecting the two recreational areas
and cart parking. The access to the park and to the beach
located in this area will be opened to the community from
9:00 am to 6:00 pm daily. Together with the Palmas C liJl.. ,
Park, under construction by PHA behind the Tennis Center,
these parks will provide a formidable amenity and with a
family environment for the Palmas community.



PHA has recently hired
the services of Mr. Jose
Juan Martinez as PHA
Community Activities
Coordinator. Under the
leadership of the PHA
Executive Director,
Tony Maldonado, Mr.
Martinez will have overall
responsibility to develop
community programs for
the young and old and I
to oversee the plan and
operations of our new Teen
Center. Jos6 Juan has
been working hard already
structuring programs such
as cultural events, outdoor
activities, community fests,
flora and fauna activities
education programs and
entertainment events in
and out of Palmas.

Jos6 Juan Martinez


Palmas del Mar is fortunate to have in its midst one of
S the most valuable ecological treasures of Puerto Rico. In
the heart of our community there is a forest preserve of 52
acres of land consisting mainly of rare Pterocarpus trees
kept on its natural state.
The Pterocarpus fragrant,
yellow, pea shaped flowers
appear from spring to early
summer depending upon
the dry season. When in
full bloom few or no leaves
remain in the tree. In some
Central and South Ameri-
can countries and islands of
the West Indies, the red gum
of the Pterocarpus is used a a
hemostatic (to stop the flow -
of blood) as well as an astrin- --
gent. In Puerto Rico, the
wood was used for fish net
floats before cork became
available. The Pterocarpus is
also known as the "chicken
tree" because the base re-
sembles chicken feet.
In a proposed collaborative effort with Palmas Properties
Del Mar Properties Inc. (PDMPI), Palmas del Mar Hom-
- .,, u.mn i .A ..... .!1r1,,!! l i l .A !i. ,[*..- r,, . ..t r a ..-r..I ,r r .. 1

li i .l I H I .. I r .. .. .. I F .. t r ., ,, ..I.I k I!..I
I 0 l .-. r. .i ar ..I J. r I 1.'. 'irl I .. I- I .
1 ^ I',, .r.. ..r...l t. ,1 .. ar- r .... r1 .\ < [ .. ,r ,t rl .- r !,. ,.. .
i.. . n r -I r n il ., r. I i I.I 'I, i IF !. .,. I, I'

.. .. *t l d I -i .'.i. r r. rl F .r. -r r . 1 ... .I.. I
. iiiiiii, .Ir, .i~.f ['..l, T I . d r. r l i, i "I i.,- F.... ,r .I
ri ,. F , ,.., r i 'Fli t. I's l .. ... .1.l , i : r! ....... r[. .. ..
.. 1 r, i i. [! t0 i -,I 1 1 1r 1, at H i r, M il.i fol r r 'i('C 'I11.h. r. I'.,I

The new Teen Center
facilities were inaugurated
on February 27, 2008.
This long-time PHA
community goal finally
came to fruition with the
construction of the new
PHA Building. The Teen
Center is a 600 square foot
facility in the heart of the
PHA building and sports
table games, video and
electronic games, comput-
ers, movies, plasma TV,
karaoke, sitting tables and
graffiti scrolls. A full pro-
gram of activities s being
developed for our Palmas
teens by the new PHA
Community Activities
Coordinator Mr. Jose Juan
Martinez. The Teen Center
has been enthusiastically
received bI Lth: Llninu.-
nity youth.


Our greatest
appreciation to the
Cols family and KOPER
for their donation of the
"lounge area furniture"
for our recently
inaugurated Teen Center.
We deeply appreciate
their generosity.



The Homeowners Association is adding
another layer of security at Palmas del Mar
as part of its ongoing efforts to combat crime
and delinquency and provide our residents
more peace and tranquility. Following sev-
eral months of evaluations PHA has con-
tracted Virtual Eyes Inc. to begin Phase I of
the installation of an electronic surveillance
system to monitor critical security perimeter
zones in our community. The system con-
sists of an array of wireless-remote controlled
cameras capable of detecting and tracking
intruders entering though our perimeters.
The system will send an immediate visual
image and alarm to the monitoring
center, who in, turn will
S be able to give ver-
bal orders to
the intrud-
ers and to
dispatch se-
curity elements
to intercept and detain .
unauthorized persons in the secu-
rity zones. The system monitoring
center will be located at the Palmas
del Mar Security Dispatch which
will provide for quicker response.
Phase I of this project will cover
- Harbor Lights, Port Road, Roble
Valley and Sunrise perimeter areas.
Subsequent phases will cover other
residential areas along the Palmas


Kiti', I ).J .j \ili IrJIKJ,
sponsored by PHA and
Villa Franca Homeowners
Association was a big suc-
The afternoon was per-
fect. It was sunny and
very windy. An ideal
day for the kites to fly
high. People of all ages
gathered to enjoy the
impressive kite display
and share with neigh-
bors and family. There
was a competition cat-
egorized by ages. Adults
also participate and win
prizes. A truly community
gathering! Congratulations
to Villa Franca and the or-



By Henry Pasarell, M.D.
Plastic Surgeon

Co uIt your plastic surgeon
Without going into the topic of reconstructive surgery, it
is always important to know that the best plastic surgeon is
the one that can master several procedures, including recon-
structive ones. It is clear that a surgeon that can reconstruct
a missing nose or ear is a better artisan that one who only
improves their appearance. Therefore, it's important to check
the surgeon's credentials and not limit yourself to reading
magazines or watching television shows where some doctors
market their practice.
The most comprehensive certification a plastic surgeon
can have is to be Board Certified by the American Board of
Surgery. Other people's experiences are also important. The
most solid characteristic that distinguishes a plastic surgeon
as an excellent artisan is that his work can be reproduced
and is predictable. The same applies to innovative or appar-
ently innovative technology. Many products are presented as
the latest or the best, and it has been systematically proven
that evolution continues, but we always go back to what has
always given results.
Liposuction, liposculpture or suction assisted liposculpture,
are all the same. Ultrasound, the cannulas, anesthesia, inject-
ing liquid under the skin, or machines with computers cannot
take the place of a skilled surgeon.
The latest treatment for facial aesthetic is the improve-
ment of the volume of the face, and drugs used to paralyze
muscles, such as Botox. Approximately three products have
been approved by the FDA (Food & Drug Administration)
to be injected under the skin. None of them are permanent,
not even one's own fat tissue.
It's true that there have been improvements in pharmaceuti-
cal products used as anesthetics and to produce sedation and
that there are better machines to monitor the physiological
status of the patient. But the truth is that surgery in a con-
trolled environment, supervised by an anesthesiologist, and
with the support of hospital personnel cannot be reproduced
in the doctor's office. At most, the office is less expensive,
and this is not always the case.
Your best guarantee is found in the interview with the
plastic surgeon and in a thorough physical examination where
you receive information with realistic expectations, and the
possible risks of the procedures in which you are interested.
There are operations that are safer than others, and there
are patients that are at greater risk than others, be well in-

IS) ~JMI I ~ A

-.:- .... .

:. .- 4 ....'
. -.

.. ': .'*..Iff ',!! ....: : '

bath, tile & stone &tus pes


* Bayam6n-Sata de exhibid6n y almacdn 787.779-1855
Hato Rey -Nueva sala de exhibicln- 787-751-1446

I ob


Porque las mascotas son parte integral de nuestro mundo, hemos
desarrollado MAPFRE PET, un innovador seguro con el cual
protegemos a estos importantes miembros de la familiar. Llama a tu
representante autorizado o productor, o communicate con MAPFRE.
Asegura tu buena suerte y La de tu mascota.

o Esta cubierta es ofrecida por MAPFRE PRAICO
INSURANCE COMPANY. La cubierta especifica
otorgada por la p6liza est6 sujeta a los terminos,
condiciones y exclusiones del contrato de seguros.

Aseguramos tu calidad de vida

1-888-835-3634 (isla)


de mimbre para

exterior e interior

P rem~.ujdj en la Fe'r.i In~ernsraI;--a
del Nlu.c6Ie en Nladr~d.

Galerias Mervsa

SAve. Ponce de Le6n #266, Puerta de Tierra. Tel: 724-3130 www.galeriasmerysa.com
Horario de lunes a s6bado; 9:00 AM-5:00 PM. Domingos 12:00 m 5:00 pm Aceptamos:
Estacionamiento gratis detrds de la tienda. *



Unique spa lifestyle
Pa mas

Anew lifestyle is about to begin at Palmas del Mar. In
contrast with the activity filled days of Palmas del
Mar, Los Lagos will be a place where tranquility and
silence are part of every day living. Majestic Grand
Residences overlooking the lake and the 2nd and 3rd
holes of the Flamboyin golf course, set the mood for what
will surely become a new standard in Palmas del Mar.
These extraordinary homes host all the elegance you love,
with the placid luxury that comes when you truly appreciate
the valuable things surrounding you, like friends, family,
good wines, a good book, cooking, or just spending your
time in a favorite hobby: at Los Lagos, time belongs to you.

Privacy is one of the many things to enjoy in Los Lagos.
The beautiful setting creates spaces which invite to social
life, family, or the pleasure of time alone. These extraordinary
homes have been very carefully designed up to the
smallest detail. The homes offer elegant, quality finishes
including granite tops for kitchen and baths, beautiful
ceramic 24" x 24" floors, Villeroy Boch, American
Standard and Grohe bathroom accessories, and fine

Italian wooden cabinetry, among others. But upgrades are
also available. Among the offerings developers have
designed for The Grand Residences of Los Lagos, there are
optional granite tops, kitchen cabinets and other
customizing options.

Los Lagos faces the beautiful lake and the Flamboydn golf
course, in a showcase of extraordinary design and taste.
Its varied topography allows for a dynamic site, where its
residences, touched by the Mediterranean flair true to
Palmas del Mar, have their own character, and owners
have the choice of colors in roof tiles, that blend beautifully
with its surroundings and add unique personality to
each residence.

This personality is enhanced by the variety of residences,
with 5 models in one or two levels to choose from, a fact
unique to Los Lagos among the available developments in
Palmas del Mar. These magnificent homes are set in
ample lots ranging from 856 to 1,981 square meters aprox.
with areas from 3,016 to 5,954 square feet aprox.







. -^


But beyond the masterful design and impressive surroundings,
Los Lagos will bring a new vibe to Palmas. It is a place
where serenity is ingrained in its streets, and its facilities
provide a relaxed and elegant spa lifestyle. Its beautiful
club house, overlooking the lake will welcome residents to
an ample deck with a spectacular infinity edge pool and
whirlpool, game room, a bar, a fully equipped gymnasium
and private rooms for massages and sauna.

The creators of Los Lagos have also taken extraordinary
care to create an atmosphere attuned to the standards of
this community. A stone bridge has been designed to lead
the way towards the gated entrance, where a private guard
in an imposing tile covered gatehouse will welcome people
to Los Lagos. This entrance, breathtaking on its own, is a
preview of the atmosphere created inside by landscape
architect Gabriel Berriz, where colorful tropical gardens
add life to the community.

These 41 acres of perfect landscape looking toward the
lake, El Yunque and the golf course will host the most
extraordinary residences at Palmas del Mar. Expectations
are high and we are sure Plamas del Mar will vibrate with
this new and precious community.

r Los Lagos is the most recent community of established firm
Ss r r Desarrollos Urbanos, known for its portfolio of successful
f /communities including Maralago at Palmas del Mar,
Senderos en Montehiedra and Ocean Sixteen in Rio Mar,

at Palmas del Mar among others. Prices begin at $842,500*

*p1,11 1

SUITE 130 MBI 358
T 787.285.6400
FX 787.285.6401 .

Mi secret

4 'Shhhhh...nadie tiene c a
Sque enterarse. la CO C...
Mis alternatives son
variadas, rapidas el famoso polio al BBQ
y saludables. Sirvelo care de cerdo
en bandejas bonitas antes arroz con habichuelas coloradas
4 de que Ilegue tu marido ,* yuca y batata
oe I tu visita. *mofongo de platano o yuca
iame, yautia, guineos
Guineitos en escabeche
tostones, papas fritas y amarillos
arroz guisado variaa por dia)
ensalada verde

787- 285-7700
Coconut Grove Plaza Carr 906 (hacia Palmas del Mar) Humacao.
domingo a jueves de 10:30 AM a 8:30 PM
viernes y sabado de 10:30 AM a 9:30 PM
.o S HN to t ld787-285-0667 d1:.
Centro Comercial San Jose, Humacao Carr. No.3 Abierto todos los dias de 10:00 AM 10:00 PMP


APRIL 5th to 13th Palmas del Mar Country Club presents
the Puerto Rico Men's $50,000 Challenger Tennis Tourna-
ment. This is a pro circuit event being held for the first
time ever in the Caribbean.
May 17, 2008 at 10 am at PHA
Dr. Alfredo Torruella will visit us to teach us .iboulll lue lin 1'n ,' 11eh
reefs and the effects of the currents on our shores. Let's learn how
mother nature protects our planet with all it's variables (ever changing
climate condition). To learn is to grow!

On May 3, 2008 at 5:00 PM at PHA there will be a
meeting to explore the interest in getting organized as a
group 10 train for the next Teodoro Moscoso 10K Marathon. jP r A,'\wr HlDv
lDr. Ruben Chamorro will lead the meeting. Let's do it! A

non ,i ',1 i ,i,-I


"El Faro", Humacao's animal shelterle
is having a Movie Premier: Nim's
Island with Jody Foster on April 2nde Ile nd
at 7:00 pm at Las Catalinas Mall in 1 ll
Caguas, to raise funds for the care all SI -
and keep of rescued animals
Donation: $35. includes a cocktail.
Because every life is a light.

UIn i issI I. ucsniiic Ua
birth idaj/ par tile.:,' D':'n'
do thing, /OLu pr.l:', id'le-
[he ca[ e and [hey d.i
e. ei-/hinq h el..eei i:LIur
child vill feel ll[ e a .rar
anrid /'OL IIIe a quLeenrl a
ili .:iRrNERI



APRIL 19 -2:00PM AT
PHA BUILDING. Come and enjoy an afternoon with
our line feathered friends. We will start with an
audiovisual presentation from the Puerto Rican
Ornithology Society by Jos6 Enrique Rodriguez
dai Adelele ,:iual ad, lien ''e ,,ill1 go, ,u.
,1 I L I re I ,1 a d11 'a l : in .j

... 1 ...

A place for new starts
Where: Palmas Academy
When: Every Sunday 10:00 am
Small group Wednesday evening,
For more information call 787-206-8602.



Dont miss the Salsa Workshop
p for Couples at MY CORNER
April 1l? from
6:00 PI to 8:00 PM
Liriirted spaces call today to
ri ree, e. '87-285-4222


Par* a g v* aIdRWSV fW S.VSa^


...at our renovated supermarket at
Palmanova Plaza. Check also all the
' new goodies Palmas Market has avail-
able for us now. The good news is that
we heard it's going to be improving day
to day. Looking good!

S. shop
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look up!
by Lissette Rosado, Editor
It is 6:00 AM on a Saturday --a
day we all like to wake up later. My
alarm clock rings and I think, "Why
have I done this?" A bird watching
day beginning at 7:00 AM, on a
Resigned, I woke up and got ready
for what I thought was going to be a
nice experience.. But to mysurprise...
it was great! My first shock was to see
how many people came. That really
lifted my spirits.
Later, I discovered the phe-
nomenal spotting telescope that
Jos6 Enrique Rodriguez and Adele
Mouakad, our extraordinary mentors from the Puerto
Rican Ornithology Society, had brought with them. I
also got to try out their binoculars, and learned that a
good pair is essential. I am buying a new pair!
We started the walk from our PHA .,d.lHl_.. and
only a few steps away we spotted our first bird. It was a
gray kingbird (pitirre). We learned so much about him!
Specifically, we learned how to differentiate it from the
mockingbird (ruisenor). The gray kingbird has a black
mask over the eyes (the mockingbird doesn't). The tail
of the gray kingbird has a slightly forked tip; the tail of
the mockingbird is longer and doesn't have the forked
tip. They are both gray above and white below, but the
mockingbird has a white wing patch. When you look at
it through that marvelous telescope you really see the
We took the back dirt trail behind Plantation. There,
we saw two types of hummingbirds: the green-throated
carib (zumbador pechiazul) and the antillean crested
hummingbird (zumbadorcito crestado); another lesson.
Another lesson learned.
From there we took the back road that goes from PDM
to the Four Points Hotel. On that trail, we learned there
are five types of herons and egrets found in Palmas. We
saw them all: the great egret (garza real), the snowy
egret (garza blanca), the cattle egret (garza ganadera),
the tri-colored heron (garza pechiblanca) and the green
heron (martinete). The highlight of this group was the
great egret (garza real) in the breeding plumage. During
breeding, she grows a curly tail (like a can-can) and
paints her eyes with a colored triangle, yellow line and
green interior. Dressed to kill!
The green heron (martinete), seen through Jos6 En-
rique's wonderful spotting scope, is a beauty. When in the

sun, you can see so many shades and details! You can see
that the wings are perfectly designed, as if somebody had
painted the border of each wing feather with a yellowish
paint. Also, the zenaida dove (T6rtola cardosantera) is
astonishing when seen through these lenses. fahne 7 -
The list of birds is long, the sharing and camaraderie of the email: f. n arsf .
group was also outstanding. We made new friends, enjoyed
a great morning, discussed ideas such as forming a group for l s
the 10K marathon next year, and...the next
bird watching day was planned! This time we
will start with an audiovisual presentation at
2:00 PM (much better than 6:00 AM) and will oska Bonnelly
go to the field at 4:00 PM for bird watching at Ari Suarez
sunset. Save the date: Saturday, 19th of April.
Don't miss it! Please, no bright colored clothes
bring water, binoculars, and come with your E.
eyes wide open. I -
A special thanks to Adele Mouakad and Jose
Enrique Rodriguez for their time, enthusiasm --.
and desire to share with us their vast knowledge I
on birds and for being willing to come back to .|
Palmas to do it again




bOf lTfl
Anchor's Village, I 10, Harbour Dr Suite #6
Palmas del Mar, Humacao, PR 0079 I
CEL 787-649-6361.787-645-1628. FAX 787-852-0550

No Two



_O Enrique A. Pasarell, M.D.

Cirugia Plastica y Reconstructiva

a bite above the rest


Four Points Sheraton Hotel
Palmas del Mar, Humacao
850-6000 x 5042

U ~ U




REMAX de Palmas
Palmas del Mar, Humacao, PR
787.850.7069 / 787.850.4343
www. discoverpalmas.com
email: remaxpdm@coqui.net

I Above
Investment opportunities near...

Myrna Rios-Mylam
L.2389 Since 1984


* rentals

* property


"The Complete Supermarket".
Each day offering new products to satisfy
Palmas del Mar sophisticated Customers.

akias mrwKet


L= K"h'.h

Excellent investment

Palmanova Village

Palmanova Village is a very beautiful project
with a contemporary architecture, a
Mediterranean flair with tiles, balconies and
terraces, to enjoy the natural beauty that
surrounds it.
It is made up of 9 clusters of 4 floors each,
with 6 to 8 three bedroom apartments with N IIP I
3 bathrooms and penthouses with wide-open
terraces. The units offer details of high quality,
Italian kitchens with granite countertops,
Kohler fixtures and travertine marble in the
bathrooms, ceramic floors throughout the
whole apartment and Valcor security
windows. Following the latest trends, all the
units are prepared for air-conditioning
installation and an intelligent system. Each
apartment has its own storage area, 2 parking
lots and an additional space for each golf E I I I
cart. Palmanova Village also offers its owners .
entrance control, mail service, private
recreation areas with a pool for adults and CONTEMPORARY architecture with a
children, a gym and a gazebo. Mediterranean flair

* *-"Hi.',,,......

Luxury and DETAILS:
* ceramic floors with border accents in the perifery
* kitchen and baths with granite tops and travertine marble
* Kohler bathroom equipment, "whirpool" in main bath
* high ceilings
* cornices and moldings in the facades framing the doors,
windows and eaves
* water heater
* pre-installation of intelligent system and air conditioning
* 2 parking spaces and third for golf cart
* 24 hour security with controlled access

m ill. DE BONUS

SPACIOUS Penthouse Living Room with 18'ceiling


- ~ ~ -7 -:.


IECREATIONAL facilities with jacuzzi, club house and fully equipped gym

Palmanova Village

starting at $410,000

SALES & INFORMATION: 787.850.5085




Galeria Ashford Condado Villas de San Francisco#2
(787)721-9221/724-5103 (787)281-8769/250-8256

$200 Cupon
de descuento
*en cualquier tratamiento con idser.
Ut( tratamiento = 5 visits. No aplica en comnbinacidn
can otras ofertas. V61ido hasta el 31 de julio de 2008.
1 cup6n par client. No redimible en efectivo.


. ....be aw are............protect them!..... ...
be aware...protect them'.

In Palmas we are fortunate because
all year round we receive the visit of
the two largest and fascinating sea
turtles of the world: the Leatherback
(Tinglar or Dermochelys Coriacea) and
the Hawksbill (Carey or Eretmochelys

The Leatherback
Grows from 6 to 7 feet long and
weighs between 1,000 to 1,500 pounds.
It's by far, the largest marine sea turtle
on the planet and the only one with a
soft, leathery carapace shell, black with
white spots. On its singularly deep dive,
3,000 feet is routine, they also go for the
longest migration of all sea turtles, more
than 4,831 km (3,000 miles) from their
nesting beaches!
Leatherbacks existed before the dino -
saurs. In 1970 they were included in the
endangered species list, but be proud,
Puerto Rico is one of the few places on
earth where the nesting population is
Mating occurs at sea. Females come
ashore at night to lay their eggs, many
times at or near the same beach where
they themselves hatched. Nesting sea-
son begins in February and continues
through July. Hatching may begin as
early as April and continues through

The Hawksbill
(Carey Ereymochelys
Grows from 2 to 3 feet long and
weighs between 150 to 250 pounds
They have a hard brown and yellow
shell. The slender, somewhat flattened
profile of the hawksbill gives it a stream-
lined appearance. It is the only sea turtle

whose costal and vertebral scutes of the
upper shell (carapace) overlap the ones
behind them, much like a shingled roof.
The upper shell has a beautiful rich red-
dish brown or dark brown mottling. The
head is long and narrow compared to
that of other kinds of sea turtles and it
has a narrow ..--l... beak, for which
it was named. Hawksbills feed primarily
on sponges.


.JIN /


Nesting season: all year round
Let's protect these wonderful
and magnificent creatures!
Here's what we can do to protect sea turtles:
* Eliminate disturbances ,It I i:h-tir' :.,-i: h>:, I:,
i:l ,: ri .,3 -l ITITI, i.-il liijh tir' :i. L il -it ,l -.,: ,Ii u r, f0 rn n, .
Tronrui n_. -.ll ti n: l ,i .3U 3. h.3,:i hlir'ni :, l:, ,: t :,rnw i i ::,r i-

Avoid tl: u. :. t l,3l.:,:^n .-in:l hnjh |:,rr: :Jir
: i:I:lini I i ;hitir''.;. Replace Ii';Iht I l: l:: .itil
,ell,,' -- .' 3 -, u l:,: ,'.n rn _-r p- :in:,l U se
[:,r,:,I> ,:[ I t- :hi -l : : I :. 1:, IIni: l :| i'n, r: t3,t-ri h in :
tr l:,,-rln. Use min:, n,.:ln, i : I:i nt :
: :,. t,. n ,it m :,_jr B lo ck .'.',i'l:l,: I'.': lin-:|.
U se luni' :: t n [ ,:lro t : r In,- ,:l :,i,''l-n -.1 :1.
* Maintain the beaches clean. Tr,:ni., ',A'i:,Liiil,
p:l3 In, I;,3,1 1:- : ;," m:,n li a s:l, 1, in 31i t,:,r I tu_ Tll :. V.',, -e n
,:,:in!', t':,r .l 3 11-. I 31- t I;,3,': l- n ,: l .Ju : r-n ,j3 rlr,3,'je
In u \ ,. I BI'. ln ll ,l : I :- 1 i:|,: ,,: l :I )
* No motorized vehicles ,ir-- :,irmni[,:l in thi

* No domestic animals. D:,; :ti, ii:n ilr-- i I:-.rI-t
3,1-1:1 ,: nr- : t ':', : '. r 7 .i ,,- -'jT: ri-n : l l iur -.
If you see a nesting turtle :,r' ii ii :. : -t Ii,
l ei, l-lll -H. l I:II: IN 'I tI u ,:t-I t-I ,:,r m ,l[ ,NI:,,:- ,:,,,:1
l:, n-In :| I n. -e nl,: It- n lTn,:,i| nl-[-t 3 -,-|i : 3ll D F, [ 1-
I lJiir .:lI F:-: : D,, [ l:'- ,rTim i-i-ili. D i: i n':t :' l1n-
I l r : ,: nl l l 3 : .l l l t l .: :l h ,: r l n ,: ,t l r ,: j I l. t h ,
: :,- ul:l ,ji :-i : r i,--i : i1i,-I i: i :IP:ArI 1'-' :l. i
If you find a turtle, a nest or a baby turtles, call Natural
Resources Department immediately at
787- 724-5700/24 hours.

4:-. *n -' : r."'." ,.V,.,. hn ,- ,., .-' ', I -, 1.- ,''

Palmas del Mar
offers, in a unique marine
community, the perfect con-
ditions to develop the sport
of sailing. PISA (Puerto Rico
International Sailing Acad-
emy) was created in 2007
after many meetings with the
recently created Youth Com-
munity Task Force. The
idea is to provide an alterna-
tive project for our younger
population, and the whole
community, to experience, at
first hand, such a sport. Our
goal is to become the main
sailing center in the Carib-
bean and to obtain world-
wide recognition. We will

perform such duty by teach-
ing the sailing skills to our
community members, pro-
viding them with the prin-
ciples of discipline, team-
work and self confidence.
Another PISA objective
is to have the participation
of the Palmas Academy at
the ISSA/SAISA, a National
High School Sailing Organiza-
tion. It has seven regional
districts and over four hun-
dred school members. The
Palmas Academy has become
the first high school sailing
program from Puerto Rico
to participate in good stand-
ing in their events. In doing
so, we continue to foster
self esteem, goal setting at-
titudes and sportsmanship,
as ISSA promotes, in the
good spirit of competition.
The optimist, the club
420 and the splash, are the

main boat designs in our
fleet. We are planning to
expand to other juvenile
classes (Laser, 29er and
windsurf) with an expan-
sion to bigger ones (J-boats,
Melges, 470's and 49er's).
In November 2007, during
the Thanksgiving weekend
festivities, PISA planned and
performed an International
event in our community. It
was a well rounded activity
with excellent clinics and
coaching. There are plans
to repeat the event, Clinic/
Regatta, during the 2008

season. Concerning the
420's, we have already been
asked to plan, organize and
present a similar event dur-
ing this coming season. It
will involve sailors from oth-
er high school programs. I
would like to extend an in-
vitation to the Palmas com-
munity members and other
private entities to help us to
achieve the planned goals.


at Palmanova Plaza, C-7 Palmas Inn Road,
Palmas Del Mar, Humacao, PR 00791
near El Banco Popular

as a





tPat Rearnas

I l-
ati ts theF
i Auctionwere .

c i 1h'
TIro G rto I(
lu ching evet,'d

riht Lu s Iv r os s
Catlo S 1 s.d Mein
y Se





The' I of our
new PHA iiii iat
Las Tapas was a big
success. Homeowners
and friends, lI uI Ill i I
to celebrate our new
i ,i ,iill ,1 11 iii vehicle.
A perfect .ii iii Food,
music, friends and
a fresh winter night.
Special thanks to Peroni
beer, Chef Daniel Vasse
and all the sponsors
that make possible this
S ii Let's live
and have a, ii, I life in
o Pa/mas!

p rh


( ili i and Esteban mii 1, 1i
celebrated their birthday witn
a big party at their house that
l i1 ii ii 1 1, I i old and new
friends, fam ily and 1, i., li, I ,. It
i was a' I ii party and not even
the rain could keep the people

h, ~,~I Ih I



A hairless bikini line:
t for now and forever.--*
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see them, now you
don't. Askfor a free
trial at

EZ-GO ST Sport Factory lifted,
S4 passenger, extended canopy, 11 HP,
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.het For a sophisticated
look this summer
^A heat activated lookorheRG
rlA*NT .reconstructing milk to look for the RYGY
- B .Tiger bathing suit
fortify your hair. Your Tiger bathing suit
Feel healthy and Intensive treatment for your skin. Pure, runway collection
beautiful. Consult potent ceramides helps skin look younger, at YOUTOPIA.
*- Keila at KEILAS Soften the appearance of lines and wrinkles. Be your best!
BEAUi.TY SAL.'iJ. Beware, it's habit forming!
ILiu von'[ ,eqe Feels like silk on your skin.

I.' e lli: ,.Lolly Pup
(,ollection Irom Bria:I. _l
lTr:opical, fun, and
For a tro:pical chic
loo: A.. ailable at

Puerto Rico Men's $50,000
Challenger Tennis Tournament

4 *e- @

interior design & space planning

i',l ....1 l Ir Country Club ...., r. ,I '.
I',,.. r,, i .... i.H, $50,000 Challen_.g Ti T, ,' ,
mii. r. ir. A j l ,rl!-!3th. Proceeds fr,,i. rl .' r I ill
.-. r., r I... i' ..I M cD onald Childr..i, F, .11i.l r. i ,t
i' ir.. ki .. I I is is a Pro Circuit e ,.ir I. . .I. t,
rl.. rhivr rim ... ..I in the Caribbear TI... i'. it..,,r
, -. ,i .. .' r across the U .S. d rl. ,. TI ...
["I ',... I ii rl.i r .,,rnam ent w ill be coii ,ii ... ii .
Srli o.. !!..I I lo. )are ranked betwc,. i, ',- i'ii rli...
A TI..I TIlI i l, ,.ngereventistwok '.I. I.,. ... ri,. ii
I '..I i, il !,...I Tsongawho was aht' inlir rl,. ,.
.Al 1r1 iii ti 1 ii won a challenger .' ii. r iii,. i..,irl
I 1. ii. i.i his first grand slam final. As of right
I 1,'. I 1-i. I. I.ds has already confirmed to play in the
, ,.,Ar ..I .i. i i nked 106 in the world. More ranked
l ,,. ill. ..... firmed from the ATP tour staring on
T,..In, I I t ith and will be posted on the following
- .ir.. o, o ., lniascountryclub.com The first weekend
k .t ri... ri n .. ir on April 5 & 6 will be the qualifying
,..i.....I irl.i players competing in singles to make
ir r.. ri. ii ,I ..i ,v, which starts on Monday, April 7th.
The main draw will consist of 32 players in singles, and
16 teams of doubles. We are still looking for sponsors or
donations for this great cause. If you are interested in be-
ing a volunteer, need to buy tickets or making a donation,
please contact the tennis pro shop at 787-285-0717.

Acondicionadores de Aire

Calidad de vida.

... nologia Inteligente que le
garantizraAi.ro de Energia y

-- -- -
- -- -l







*Sujeto a la capacidad de los evaporadores.


Acondicionando tu vida






IN- --mmm

ii fE N ii
F4~iNat~r' P kttk 4ne 42Zf~~ ~ C~e sb t RM~rrtf

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