Title: Small, minority & women business participation plan
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Title: Small, minority & women business participation plan
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Creator: Division of Small Business & Vendor Diversity Relations, University of Florida
Publisher: Division of Small Business & Vendor Diversity Relations, University of Florida
Place of Publication: Gainesville, Fla.
Copyright Date: 2008
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IB 1 % A Ja CoY 1 a X Wj
fin eS.lr- 'T'F -a /" Nr j* TC.in .


'For \\ 1( C~l 1 11011\ <1

Ojiflncer commitment that UF1 has1 for1<1t ensuring aces t
opportunities for small and19 11 minority bsinese s, UF1 le h a r gte\lvn(II)pbi
univrsiies in establishing an0 offieice s1\pecfialy deoe o1civn1spleivriyo

it\\ll t o <>1 p roile *dl' 'esllile Fo s al u in ses t1ltdn1om na11in r
Co m m vlltci10 1 i m i ngt C olellt1<> 0111111 1 I I 1t

open, an onebil t1hat is 111 nururng pomotes thel deelpm n an

vtlcompsonenth oforee ple bs andcouten tha they bringaddvletousplycin

Many efforts hel cohduced the foundatoun toe oeur porm hs tmfo h aiu

purchasing s-entatives and the small busjpin omniytgte i ubro
networking ns and outraea e-vents,

g iFo

Oa o& rt

g uiess h nomto s rce n oioe hog


DIN 1isit-l Re(lations DIN ision- I greet U a v o noti tip the oild car1 andle lmill mgilnt the n1ew\crbrnsititteoptut orflt
bactk oll \Nhatt hass Ltaken place duirling th at- a n olo aeda o\ ee\ r
heicade ill the< current \ car.

dterminingli the fturtie shaping1' of ouri prga oesr t non fetNcis n
This \car. N\t )c beh \ c \IIb n te xitn a-a o kt
resap and<111 implemen Nlicl 1a1jlull pro ram deindt n aceO t C- c dlNc\t
cus toerles. W\ Continuei to embaotrk upnefrt ie a salihn aiu e
linitlaiNies to furfther ouri success of prNing potnte o ml uiess

As \vc expeiennce variour hlegsadacmpihet-telepu
to ldcnttifti areas Nvhcrc Nv- are atchievingtegets eut s elalra hr v
should focus our additlioaml attention.Oroealest.cniueoshwsaes
\Ihcrc we ec eClled' areas where NN_ m:~ j~ te ,jdae % I[CN_ICC lr lii
IIn lotal. %e win2 se ano1the21 N a O 11,11ceSI12', tsl'111
NNe arc happ to rcportthtoracmlsmnsilud tfS n
place wirious ne'w initiatives (such as out ntw r'albsns icoy-blliguo
sonme existing ones and detormiining othesta % 1ddt eo iitlirtn ni
he Iuwa If 1IP-Am W

The jidhnoing initiatives represent dfforts aimndafite riotn h atcpto
small businesses, includling wolnica and minority we niessi hiprti
opportunities with the U university of Floridla:

IBrunch and Learn IThis is all oppor tunit-\ for smiallbsnse otk ra o oebuc Nh
the\ learn about what it takes to get in business and sa\i uies hssre sicroae spr
of the technical workshopseies

Business IExecutive Roundtable \e tu ork ing and buins dabsescrdxhngfou.M t
v th campus rerentatl es ro the areas here oil capst akaot-mtesfo
smal IntSI'li de len.

then del io products or scr ices to the LlIn\ erslt\binrangteunaondimo p etso
these businesses Effot l~b ht\Nen Our Pa\ables &, Dibreet1raa) hsd\iin la eutdi
the implementation of this initiatli~c Small business r foddteoprui\t cc< uce
turn-a-round on painmerit for scr lces/sppfics therebylpo n hlrcs lw h' smd osil
thrmwlh the Fast ITrack Pa Nment, Progrm,

Host various nmini-f'airs and networking events throihu h er

Facilitate & ordinavte Vendor campus visits andoinaonssos

/uring //he courseof< eyar lh/k ( on/nsivisein cointhtco exienisne ouineachsan
6n101il CI palle ng ill, a 1in er/c de i jine ildi// o 11ad cvv tle/uo us lrijllS
/~w orknt gfin-u/Nt, amedal OC,11/< n w''el/ 11,01in7ae lt 6/'//. /!/ninoiy i 1111e
/i,fng et# the variu~s c vnis that ive mayn p>al-fic pale in lion] yearto year (v )1-
of our oulieach qfftvi to i/enattf paolnt/elluip/lerys ll /pr vie/risfo 1/1"
'0 H ost An Annuatl Smiall Business Conference & Traide Fair
Of&/ (Hlliff 'lli(H lly()CI. f/'1 11/l//l co/llt'1 1 c fHcli/c/HL c
112/1/1, SI~l llilHSSa fnd the collllauih ntokwAce-to-lace nietwok
wliflinl SMwOvqenm O~portlmrittes- are provided for tos esexhbi orhe
wminc towl h viifo t nnokwdi u bu
iLL W,11O

* Small-Fed MBE-Fed U Cert MBE Non-Cert MBE

2007-2008 Construction Spending





-- American





150000 -



* 3500000

. 3000000





Architectural & Engineering Spending

nan 20%

SAmerican 0%


Hispanic 0%


o Small-Fed
O Asian Hawaiian

o African American 0 Hispanic
[ Native American A American Woman

vigs i Ur, n

'For Lne..

Hie u 3

Asianl liawai 9%n




4Nmerican 0%
Akria n
Hispani American 12%


Arl can
American 28%

Woman 15%

American 0%

Hawaiian 2%

'For// 1//T 7//q// tP { //ce(////

Di\\\tt'g /IN luttr il 1/ #'// Y2/ 00// -2//// FY//200S-2009, re

(16 lihut~essi jt UF M o,11L i r tir e so me<11 (#'lils1he iiy lhwiecicl( ui

business start1-upsi and D~buiness ex\pansion.

SMudl Blcvin chnca Tryinjin Workvs y he div --incnietoofrlcn a
wvork-ho 1 s number of buinss topics aime tm ial nomto

small, minority11 anid womenlti ownled companies ht ehpswsltllnLicuedi h

reotn of>1 act1 11ivls ity i or 01 buins condut e wit S/ B firms Itw sadISOrdsr

to recogniz the effrt tha'lt t\ are1 j o ccrrn through F dirctl asl wel siniecl
t1\ L 10011 o rbsie ss11 partne rs re lajted to the1 bui ns thyae on it / / Efr s

Currently, there is in plaethl a formalize proes fo the reotngO ubotacoctvt
jin >lte arao osrc tin As pail of theT'\ paylll appel iaonp cesC ntr tonM ag s
id11 a111 repor\ ting)1 I~of l busin es a tivt awaddtlm llb snseinldn o e

In addiltionl to subconltractor information101 obtaine o ostutoth nvrl ioe

tier dollar spend wt h sma bllt wo e andll mi nori t owndcmpaies

II UI o urdsire to ackilowled-,etheef rso u LSIS ales
initiatives and programs they have in place am dLtices'lyopruiisf) m l

bSiene PurV in-TeUiUiyin]retd

- ielmle ntio of1 o\lr sm l buins pla aimed at prmoin grae opprtniie f\or1 sm l buiese tolitl

andgol s N t h i t hell implhementing~ of o1r planit ernal 14-Lt\: tl

Conlutinu to inflorml cam u l i)1 an1 effor Clnto bring abou i nclrIleased ,\aetsain d iitain aut tf

op otuitiels for Small b0 usinesses i ncEludi n \Nl omt e n and mm rt111111buinsss1Te1roes1f1nfr1n

the111t campu inlues

Pomolte UFs Program Beflore Vari'ous Auitences -Work- \N\t rosaeso apst drs oeo h
issesca e fae b\ sm l business in0 thei effrt to do busnes N\1 It th11 unI erslt .o

PoNlide various incentives/initiatiN es to promote small businsde lo m tadop ruiisnc dng

,1AVin~eSS Ad~vocte I rainions Club Annuat recognitionadapeito ft eatetsaf
nd business pa ertheir contributions and support ofgalbsngeadteSeeso h
university s smna ness, program11

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