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March 2009

k Newsletter 1/2009


New STENAPA Marine Park Manager

Outgoing Marine Park Manager Lee Munson /// and Tadzio Bervoets
who startedhis orientation as Marine Park Manager on March 29th.

The National Parks Foundation is
pleased to welcome Mr. Tadzio
Bervoets as the New Marine Park
Manager for St. Eustatius. He will
assume the duties of Lee Munson
who is returning to the UK after a
year of working on St. Eustatius.
Tadzio is a native St. Maartener
who specialized in NGO's at the

University of Florida. After
volunteering for the Nature
Foundation as a ranger, he
became one of the original
founders of Ocean Care on St.
Maarten, an organization
concerned with reef health
and marine conservation. He
was a site coordinator for

Reef Check and is a certified
Reef Check instructor.
After becoming so involved in
conservation he obtained his
education in Marine conserva-
tion in Amsterdam where he
graduated in 2008. After com-
pleting his thesis on coral reef
valuation on Bermuda, Tadzio
stayed on to give Reef Check
training and to follow a lion
fish seminar.
Then it was back to Holland
from where he left to go to
Tanzania to take part in a
project to train child soldiers
to become Marine Park rang-
ers. While there he was con-
tracted to do a study on the
Crown of Thorns Starfish and
Sea urchins's impact on the
reef. Going back to Belgium
where he was busy with a
specialty re-breather dive
course he saw the ad for a MP
manager in the on-line daily
Herald and the rest is history.

Early Start for Turtle Season

The first leatherback female of
the season nested on Zeelandia
beach in the early hours of 17th
of March. Nightly beach patrols,
which were due to begin as
soon as the first turtle nested,
have now started. The National
Parks Foundation is happy to
have the help of Mr. Micah Her-
riot, who will be working as the
turtle program intern for this
year. Mr. Herriot who hails from
Canada will be doing most of
the field work and will be assist-

ing Ms. Jessica Berkel who has
taken over the role of Turtle
Program coordinator.
The program coordinator
would like to remind the gen-
eral public that it is a violation
of the law to, in any way, dis-
turb nesting females and their
nesting beaches. Loud noises,
bright lights, bonfires and driv-
ing on the beach are strongly
discouraged and the public is
kindly asked for their coopera-

tion. Sand mining remains one
of the largest threats to the
successful hatching of the
STENAPA's monthly radio pro-
gram "Nature on Statia" which
will air on Thursday, April 2nd
at 10:30am (and again at
2:30pm) will focus on the turtle
program and provide listeners
with more information. Call
the office for more information
on how you can assist.

Inside this Publication

New STENAPA Marine I
Park Manager

Turtle Season Starts I

Visiting SHAPE Nature 2

Sea Bird Survey 2

Sediment Traps in Park 2

Tanker fined for illegal 3
anchoring in Marine Park

President Does His Part 3
for Community Clean Up

Friends of STENAPA 4

Botanical Garden listed 4
as "place to see before
you die"

Don't forget....
* Tune in to 91.5 for the
"Nature on Statia" radio pro-
gram on the Ist Thursday of
every month.

* Volunteers are always wel-
come to help out at the Bo-
tanical Gardens.

^St Esai uSs:ainln ainears andotancalGrdenw-Wsw^ ^

. ... ... . :....
* ..,- :"" -= .


Photographers being photographed

STENAPA was very happy to welcome a
group of five professional nature photog-
raphers at the beginning of March. These
photographers are among the best in
their fields and are working with DCNA
to take land based photos of all the
Dutch Caribbean islands. The group's
spokesman, Mr. Henkjan Kievit explained
that they were here to take pictures in
the Miriam Schmidt Botanical Garden,
The Quill/Boven National Park, White-
wall and other scenic areas. Of the thou-

s .kf~

Sea bird Survey

sands of pictures taken, DCNA will be
able to choose 150 from each photogra-
pher for its use in promotion of the na-
ture of the 6 islands. Each photographer
had their own specialty which included
landscapes, insects, flora, birds and ani-

Milos Zumrik, who specialized in photos
of animals and birds was tragically lost in
a swimming accident on Thursday,
March 5th. Although it affected the
group deeply, they all agreed that Mr.
Zumrik would have wanted them to
carry on the work

On the last day of their stay, the group
treated STENAPA staff members and
interns to a slide show presentation of
some of the photos that they had taken.

A compilation of the photos will be avail-
able on their website in the next few
months. Interested persons can visit the
SHAPE website www.shapeofnature.net
to view the tribute that has been posted
in honor of their lost friend and to get an
idea of the amazing array of photos that
they have taken over time.

Sediment Traps in Marine Park

In the middle of March, Chantale Begin,
based out of the Simon Fraser University
in Canada, visited the Statia National
Marine Park to conduct some work as
part of her PHD, which is the correlation
between sediment and coral diversity
and abundance.

Chantale is primarily looking at the situa-
tion in the Windward islands from BVI
right down through the islands and has
been working with the various Marine
Parks to obtain permission to place her
sediment traps.

With the help of the Marine Park man-
ager Lee Munson, Marine Park ranger
Walter Blair (Gadjet) and Marine Park
intern Caroline Kull, Chantale installed
sediment traps at 4 dive sites in the Ma-
rine Park. The locations are, after much
discussion, in areas where the best and
varied readings could be obtained. The
traps have been positioned near the
Statia Oil Terminal, just outside the har-
bour and in the Southern reserve. One of
the traps in the Southern Reserve has

been placed at the Mushroom Garden
dive site, which is reasonably close to
shore and where it will be able to meas-
ure the amount of runoff from the Quill.
The installation of the sediment traps was
done by drilling a small hole into dead
coral or rock and hammering the stands
in. The drill was powered by a dive tank
and though initially there were some
hiccups, all traps were installed in 2 days.
Chantale's work, fortunately, blends
nicely with Caroline's project which is a
health assessment of Statia's reefs. The
information gleaned from the sediment
traps can be integrated into Caroline's
reporting on the reef health.

How often the traps will be checked and
the contents measured still has to be
worked out with Chantale, but else-
where in the Caribbean her traps are
being checked every 3-6 months. Since
we at Stenapa have regular access to the
traps during research dives and line
cleaning, on Statia we will probably be
able to check them every 2 weeks or so.

Visiting SHAPE Photographers

Page 2

the Caribbean (EPIC) visited Statia in the
last week of February to conduct a sea
bird survey. With the help of STENAPA
staff they were able to visit the many sea
bird nesting sites around the island by
land and by sea.

One result from preliminary counts is that
it is clear that Statia has far more Tropic
birds than previously estimated.

The group sailed from Europe doing sur-
veys on most of the islands along the way.
The completed sea bird atlas will be made
available on line. It is estimated the entire
study will take two years to complete.

Newsletter 1/2009

Cargo Tanker Fined for

Illegally Anchoring in Marine Park

Stenapa representatives on board the cargo tanker Heinrich Oldendorff along
with the shipping agent's representative awaiting a meeting with the Captain.

The St. Eustatius National Parks Office
(STENAPA) this month issued a summons
to the cargo vessel Heinrich Oldendorff
for anchoring outside of the permitted
anchorage zone within the Marine Park.
Using the newAIS Vessel Monitoring
System, which tracks the movement of
vessels in the waters around St. Eustatius,
STENAPA was able to determine that the
vessel anchored south of the allowed
anchorage area, causing possible dam-
age to areas of coral reef.
After consulting with the Public Prosecu-
tor, the Harbor Office, Statia Terminals,
and the Seven Seas shipping agency, it
was decided that representatives from
STENAPA would board the vessel and
hand deliver a summons to the captain.
A monitoring dive was also carried out in
order to gauge the extent of the damage
to the reef caused by the vessel's anchor.
After researching the area it was deter-
mined that, although significant damage
from anchor drag had occurred, it was
difficult to gauge the extent of the dam-
age to the area due to lack of reef value
data. In the coming months STENAPA
plans to conduct a Reef Valuation Study
in order to determine the monetary value
of the island's coral reefs and the level of
appropriate damages that would have to
be paid if anchor damage to coral within
the Marine Park does occur.

Although the area is mostly rubble
caused by earlier anchor damage, there
is some sea life present. Juvenile fish,
moray eels, sea anemones, sting rays and
over a hundred conch were spotted on
the assessment dive.
The Public Prosecutor did decide
that the Heinrich Oldendorff would have
to pay a fine for the illegal anchoring and
would be detained until it was able to do
so. The vessel subsequently paid the fine
and was allowed to leave.
This is the second such incident
in recent months. In November lastyear,
the Tanker Centennial Jewel anchored
outside of the permitted anchorage zone
within the Marine Park, causing signifi-
cant damage to an area of pristine coral
reef. A summons and a fine were also
issued to that vessel. The recent
incidents have shown that there is a
need to ensure that proper communica-
tion is given to tankers before anchoring,
thus avoiding instances where vessels
anchor within the Marine Park and coral
reefs are damaged. The preservation of
St. Eustatius' coral reefs is important to
the local community, providing a source
of income from dive tourism and fishery
to the community. The damaging of the
island's coral reefs could have long term
negative effects on the economy of St.

President Does His

Part in Clean Up

STENAPA President Mr Irving Brown and
daughter pictured with collectedbottles.

As just another example of how every
little bit helps, STENAPA president Irving
Brown and family have started collecting
bottles from the environment around
town. The family has two drums outside
their gate and while driving if they see
bottles on the side of the road they
would put them in the back of the pick-
up, take them home and deposit them in
the drums. When the drums are full, Mr.
Lennard Brown collects the bottles for
recycling. On Saturdays Irving Brown and
his family spend about two hours picking
up bottles at
different sites in
town. So far
they have filled
5 drums. This is
about 1700
In Mr. Brown's
opinion, "If
more people
would pick-up
bottles on the
side of the road it will make a big differ-
ence in the environment. Also govern-
ment need to find a way to enforce the
littering laws."
The National Parks Foundation is encour-
aging everyone who has the capacity to
collect bottles to join in this effort. Con-
tact Lennard Brown on 318 1107 to ar-
range collection..

Pass by the Visitor Center at
Gallows Bay any weekday
from 7:00am 5:00pm

Open during the lunchtime !!

Page 3

Page 4

St Eustatius: National and Marine
Parks and Botanical Gardens
SISr r4>

National Parks Office
Gallows Bay
St. Eustatius, Netherlands Antilles
Phone/Fax 599-318-2884
Email: semp@goldenrocknet.com

"Friends of STENAPA"

The Friends of STENAPA program,
launched last December, allows nature
lovers in the general public to contribute
to nature conservation on the island.
A number of local businesses now offer
discounts to persons presenting their
Friends of STENAPA membership card.
Blue Bead 5% All food and drinks
Brown's Garage 10% All labor
Dive Statia 2nd hour free-kayak rental
Five Pearls shop 10% All purchases
I.F. Rivers 5-10% General merchandise

Largo Heights

10% Food only

Pandt Steel 10% Gates/welding repair
Scubaqua 10% Dive fees (rack rates)
Sonny's 10% Food (no take-out)
SuperBurger 10% Hot lunch
Intermezzo 10% off Espresso Cocktails

Persons wishing to become a member or
purchase a gift membership can obtain
more detailed information from the Na-
tional Parks Visitor Center or online on
our website (www.statiapark.org).

STENAPA is an environmental non-profit foundation on St Eustatius and
was established in 1988. The objectives of STENAPA are to upkeep the
natural environment, to preserve and protect endangered or endemic
species (flora and fauna) and to educate the community about the im-
portance of the protection of the natural environment.

Areas of responsibility include management of the marine park, the na-
tional parks and the Miriam C. Schmidt Botanical Gardens. STENAPA is
legally delegated by the Island Council to manage these protected areas.

Vice President:

Irving Brown
Ronnie Courtar
Ruth Pandt
Ingrid Walther

Next edition of STENAPA Update available soon with articles on:

2009 Summer Club Activities
Fisheries Improvement Workshop
Turtle Program Update
Various other activities

Botanical Garden Listed as

Place to See Before You Die

All the work done to carve the Miriam
Schmidt Botanical Garden out of the wilder-
ness that it once was has paid off once
again with a mention in the publication
"100 1 Gardens You Must See Before You
Die" by Rae Spencer-Jones.
The publication "1001 Gardens.." is a stun-
ning collection of magnificent gardens
from around the world contained in 960
pages. A team of 70 photographers, writers
and horticulturalists spread out across the
globe to document the most amazing gar-
dens in the world. Every garden in the
book is given a short description, a compre-
hensive history, design and climate infor-
mation. A short description and history is
given of Statia in our case as well.
The National Parks Foundation is very
proud to receive this recognition of all the
hard work of staff, volunteers and interns
over the years. The general public is always
welcome to visit the Botanical Garden to
enjoy the quiet and the beauty of the sur-

This year also marks the 10th Anniver-
sary of the Miriam Schmidt Botanical
Garden. There will more publicity on
that and a week of celebration later on
in the year. In the meantime, persons
wanting to purchase the book to enjoy
the many gardens it contains can do so
by using the ISBN number below.

I pas I i^afl M

ISBN- 0: 0764160052

E S7t. p^ko

* *

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