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Title: STENAPA update
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December 2008

SNewsletter 4/2008


10th Anniversary Quill/Boven National Park

20th Anniversary National Park Foundation

In the second week of December
from the 7th to the 14th, the
National Parks Foundation cele-
brated its 20th year of existence.
Making it a double celebration
was the fact that this year is also
the 10th anniversary of the Quill/
Boven National Park. STENAPA
organised a whole week of
events to commemorate the oc-
casion. Particular attention was
given to the schedule to ensure
that most events could be at-
tended by as much of the gen-
eral public as possible.
Three guided hikes were held in
the weekends before and after
the week of celebration. Three
hikes were given during the

i.L-.. J-W-..
*l -:- -

On Sunday the 7th of December
there was a guided hike which
ended at the Botanical Garden
with a picnic to honour all past
and present board members for
all the work they have put into
the Foundation.
In the middle of the week on
Wednesday, there was the Statia
Park Splash for children at the
Statia Terminals playground. It
was very well attended despite
the occasional showers. At one

point the count was up to
150 children. There was live
music by a DJ, face painting,
Wet the Ranger, Find treasure
on the Quill, Pin the iguana
on the Silk Cotton tree, limbo
dancing and other activities.

,. ,1
':V '

A photo competition was also
part of the anniversary week.
Well over 100 photos were
entered. Winning entries can
be seen on page 2 of this
newsletter. There were very
beautiful entries that did not
win a prize but got a special
mention because of the qual-
ity of the shot.
An island wide treasure hunt
was held during the week It

was designed to get persons
out and about and enjoying
the beauty of the island.
There were clues based in
places easyto get to such as
Oranjestadandthe Botanical
garden for those persons
who are not the hi king type.

And finally, except for the last
two guided hikes planned for
the weekend, the anniversary
week came to an end at the
Statia Terminal playground on
Friday evening. A catered
barbecue was held for the
general public from 4pm. The
kids could get another shot at
the bouncy castle which was
such a hit on Wednesday and
all competition entrants had
to wait nervously until it was
dark enough to view the slide
show presentations which
were a part of the prize giving

STENAPA gratefully acknowl-
edges funding from Sti chting
Doen in the Netherla nds;
they made all these events

Inside this Publication

10thAnniversary of the I
Quill/Boven National
Park and 20th Anniver-
sary of STENAPA

Photo competition 2
winning entries

Bird Monitoring Survey 3

Turtle Conservation 3
Training Bonaire

WideCast on St. Kitts 3

Friends of Stenapa 4

Whale watching at the 4
Botanical Garden

Don't forget....

A glass bottle thrown away
todaywill still be there i n the
year 3000.
Plastic bags take 20 to 1000
years to degrade a nd ca n never
actually completely degrade.
We cannot recycle glass at the
moment but we can tryto re-
duce our use of plastic bags.
Use your eco-bag, refuse a plas-
tic shopping bag for only one
item or ask for an empty box to
transportyour groceries.



loth Anniversary 2008 Photo Contest Winners

A photo competition was held as a part of t he anniversary week of celebrations. Partici pants could take pictures between December
Ist and December I Oth 2008. There were three categories that would bejudged, namely Statia views, animals and plants. There was
a maximum of five pictures per category and entries were accepted through email, memory stick or on compact disc.

Well over a hundred entries were received and thej udgi ng was done by Mr. Charles Undo, Deputy director of the Tourism office and
Hannah Leslie, National Park ranger and person in charge of the competition. Winners received a large print of their winning entries
in a very attractive photo frame.







"Zeelandia from Big Pasture"

Winner: Ms. Pat Wesley

"Cactus Close-up"

Winner: Ms. Pat Wesley

Winner: Ms. Kate Smaby

"Zeelandia Beach with Ouill"

2nd Place: Ms. Dagmar Paulus

'II I I W F .
"Sunlight through branches"

2nd Place: Ms. Claire Winfield


2nd Place: Mr. Steve Cohen


3rd Place: Mr. DanielAdonis

"Sunrise over St. Kitts"

3rd Place: Ms. Pat Wesley

"Lizard shedding in the shade"

3rd Place: Mr. Celford Gibbs

Page 2


Newsletter 4/2008


Bird Survey and Monitoring Meeting t. Kitts


In the last week of September and the
first few days of October, residents of St.
Eustatius will have seen many National
Park staff around the island staring up
into the sky. There is a perfectly Iogical
explanation for this. Some members of
staff were taking part in a course on bi rd
monitoring during that week.
The course was led by Dr. Adrian Del
Nevo, a professor at the California State
University and CEO of Applied Ecological
Solutions, a firm that is hired to solve en-
vironmental issues, usually in courts.
Three rangers from the Sa ba Conserva-
tion Foundation came to Statia to take

part in the course. It was a week with a
mix of class room lectures and fieldwork.
Participants went in groups of two to
various sites on the island and put into
practice what they had learned during
the lectures. Besides learning to recog-
nize the various island birds on sight, staff
are now able to recognize the different
birds by their call. Most have agreed that
theywould like more train ng in the bird
calls as often during monitoring you only
hear the bird but still have to record it.
On the final day of the course a short
on the
way of
han- I
dling a
bird to
avoid injuring it.
Because of the great enthusiasm shown
bythe staff during the course, all were
given a gift of their own copy of the bird
book usedwhile in the field. The course
was funded by DCNA, the Dutch Carib-
bean Nature Alliance.

Turtle Conservation Training

In the t third week of October, Mari ne Park
Manager Lee Munson and Office Admin-
istrator and Marine Park assistant Jessica
Berkel visited our sister island of Bonaire
to attend a week long course on turtles.
The course focused on research and
management techniques of sea turtle
conservation and was held by Sea Turtle
Conservation Bonaire. All costs were
funded by DCNA, the umbrella orga niza-
tion for parks of the DutchAntilles and

The topics covered include d sea turtle
anatomy, behavior, feeding habits, nest-
ing, diseases, first aid and rehabilitation
and hands on training in properly field
techniques for handling a live sea turtle.

Training for Staff

1?TiA $P1d

The course ended with the performing of
a necropsy (a animal autopsy) of a hawks-
bill that ha d died during Hurricane Omar.

All islands participated in the course ex-
cept for Curacao.

Pass by the Visitor Center at
Gallows Bay any weekday be-
tween 7:00am 5:00pm

Prices start at FIs 5,-

The Annual General Meeting of WideCast
was held on St. Kitts at the Ross University
of Veterinary Medicine from December
18th to 2 st. Attending from St. Eustatius
was Parks Manager Nicole Esteban, Ma-
rine Park Manager Lee Munson and Ma-
rine Park assistant Jessica Berkel.

The Wider Caribbean Sea Turtle Network
(WideCast) is dedicated to ensuring a
Wider Caribbean region where humans
and turtles can live together in a perfect
balance. Most of the countries in the
WideCast familywere able to attend this
year and they ranged from Suriname,
Guyana, Dominican Republic, Anguilla,
Barbados, St. Kitts and Nevis, St. Maarten,
Bonaire, Martinique, Costa Rica to Brazil.

It was very interesting and educational to
learn what other countries are doing to
protect their turtles and what ki nd of
programs have been successful.

It was especially good to be able to meet
other members of WideCast that you
only ever get to correspond with by
email. Now we can put a face to many of
the names that we know so well.

Benefits of vigorous networking at the
meeting are that we are now able to
expand our Friends of Stenapa program
through the use of the WideCast US bank
account andwe now have access to a
lab in the Caribbean that can readily
process our turtle samples,

Page 3

Page 4

St Eustatius: National and Marine
Parks and Botanical Gardens

National Parks Office
Gallows Bay
St. EustatiLu, Netherlands Antilles
Phone/Fax 599-318-2884
Email: semp@goldenrocknet.com
info@statia prk org

"Friends of STENAPA"

The Friends of STENAPA program allows
nature lovers in the general public to
contribute to nature conservation on the
A number of local businesses now offer
discounts to persons presenting their
Friends of STENAPA membership card.

Blue Bead

5% All food and drinks

Brown's Garage 10% All labour
Dive Statia 2nd hour free-kayak rental

Five Pearls shop 10% All purchases
I.F. Rivers 5-10% General merchandise
Largo Heights 10% Foodonly
Pandt Steel 10% Gates/weldina reDair


10% Dive fees (rack rates)
10% Food(no take-out)
10% Hot lunch
10% off Espresso Cocktails

Persons wishing to become a member or
purchase a gift membership can obtain
more detailed information from the Na-
tional Parks Visitor Center by calling the
phone number listed above or online on
our webs ite (wwws tatiapark.org).

STENAPA is an environmental non-profit foundation on St Eustatius and
was established in 1988. The objectives of STENAPA are to upkeep the
natural environment, to preserve and protect endangered or endemic
species (flora and fauna) and to educate the community about the im-
portance of the protection of the natural environment.

Areas of responsibility include management of the marine park, the na-
tional parks and the Miriam C. Schmidt Botanical Gardens. STENAPA is
legally delegated by the Island Council to manage these protected areas.

Vice President:

Irving Brown
Ronnie Courtar
Ruth Pandt
Ingrid Walther

Next edition of STENAPA Update available soon with articles on:
New Ouill/Boven National Park and Botanical Garden management
plan launched
First phase of annual bird monitoring
Annual dive centre meeting takes place
Latest volunteer activities
Meet the board of STENAPA...

Whale Watching Afternoon at

The Miriam Schmidt Botanical Garden

It is almost that time again. Very soon the
whales and calves will be passing byStatia
on their long migration route from their
breeding ground in the Caribbean to their
feeding ground in the chilly North.

A perfect vantage point to enjoythe view is
the Lookout Garden at the Miriam C.
Schmidt Botanical Garden. With the re-
cently installed telescope, visitors to the
Garden can now get an up close look at
the behavi or of these gia nts as they pass.

Humpbacks exhibit very distinct a nd inter-
esting behavior patterns. They are very
acrobatic and love to breach, which is to
jump very high out of the water and slap
the water hard as they land. Sometimes
they twist in the air while breaching.

They a lso do s om ethi ng call s pyh oppi ng
where they poke their heads straight out of
the water and look around for about half a
minute before sinking back down.

Humpbacks stick their flukes (tail) out of the
water and slap the surface very hard whi ch

makes quite a loud sound. That is called
lobtailing. They do the same with their

The public is invited to come out to the
Garden and spend an afternoon whale
spotting and relaxing. Humpbacks always
put on a good show.

Whales can be seen passing on both
sides of the island but viewing them from
the Garden makes it a two for one trip.
Children can enjoy the playground
equipment in the Children's Garden
while parents relax in the Lookout Gar-
den or take a walk up the Bird trail. The
whales will be traveling well into the
month of March so if at firstyou don't



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