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September 2008

SNewsletter 3/2008


Boven National Park's

Archaeological Treasures

After standing by for 10 years
due to an ongoing land dispute,
this year STENAPA was finally
able to begin actively managing
the Boven sector of the National
After a year of surveys, mapping
and trail cutting, National Park
ranger, Hannah Leslie and in-
terns and volunteers, succeeded
in setting out a new trail network
in the Northern Hills.
With the help of Dr. Grant Gil-
more of SECAR, the many ar-
chaeological finds were also sur-
veyed, mapped, photographed
and researched. According to Dr.
Gilmore, the Northern Hills have
some pretty amazing historical
areas-'not many archaeologists
find evidence of three unmapped
slave villages in one day'.
Evidence of various slave villages
have been discovered in Boven
and Gilboa Hills, such as founda-
tions, living areas etc. And with
the help of an old map, it is even
possible to link the villages to
nearby plantations. The names of
the plantation owners are on
record (such as Michael Cuvalay)
and they undoubtedly would
have been the owner of the
slaves living in that area.

A sugar mill has also been
discovered, complete with
coppers and some old equip-
ment. Remains of an old fort
are extensive along one of
the ridges of Gilboa Hill.
As well as dwellings an im-
pressive amount of very well
preserved dry stacked stone
walls are present in Boven
National Park. With the help
of those walls, plantation
boundaries were marked and
erosion was kept at a mini-
mum so they served a dual
Also orchards with many fruit
trees have survived, such as
blackberry trees.
Dr Gilmore shared much of
the details of the finds at
Boven National Park during a
recent radio interview on
STENAPA's "Nature on Statia".
A photographic presentation
of the information takes place
on Wednesday, October Ist,
at the National Parks Visitor
Center in Gallows Bay at
Guided hikes to the area are
also available with a few days
notice. Simply contact the
Visitor Centre to make your




At end September, the St.
Eustatius National Parks Foun-
dation along with the sister
parks on Saba and St.
Maarten, received funding
from Stichting Doen via
DCNA to cover some opera-
tional costs for 2008.

Besides urgently needed op-
erational costs (salaries, mate-
rials for park maintenance),
grant money is included for a
new patrol boat. The
"Success", our current patrol
boat, is over 9 years old and
the wear and tear is translat-
ing into higher maintenance

Also included are funds to
build a retaining wall behind
the Visitor Centre to prevent
injury or damage from the
large rocks that come hurtling
down from the cliff almost on
a monthly basis.

A new mini- guidebook con-
taining more detailed infor-
mation on the Quill and
Boven National Park trails can
now be developed and
printed. Lesson plans will be
developed, and training given
to our staff to start a regular
education programme for
primary schools from August

Inside this Publication

Northern Hills Archaeo- I
logical Treasures

Funds for 2008 received I

Summer Club Highlights 2

Junior Ranger Divers 2

Coastal Cleanup 2008 3

Remaining Staff Training 3

Upcoming Fishermen 3
Training Workshop

Friends of Stenapa 4

Fruit Garden Blooming 4

Don't forget....

Green Tip:
Pouring lemonjuice around
areas with ants is a great
way to repel them.
A small bit of lemonjuice
poured onto minor wounds
can help stop bleeding and
disinfect the injury (it will
sting a bit).
Straight lemonjuice can be
used as a general degreaser.

St Eustatius: National and Marine Parks and Botanical Gardens


STENAPA Summer Club 2008 Highlights

Summer Club 2008 was another re-
sounding success. Some 35 children
signed up for four fun activities per week
for five weeks. These were held at the
Botanical Garden, at the National Parks
Visitor Center, in the Marine Park and
Ouill/Boven National Parks. Students
grew grass heads, snorkeled, went on
boat rides, learned about sea turtles and
hiked various trails while learning about
the island's flora and fauna.
Several of the hikes and Botanical Gar-
den activities were filmed by videogra-
pher Dwight Barran and shown on
Statia's local GIS TV channel 15. The ac-
tivities were sponsored by SOL which
meant STENAPA was able to offer free
entry to all students attending Summer
Club. SOL even donated boxes of parting
gifts for the children at graduation,
It is our hope that next year's Summer
club will bejust as well attended andjust
as much fun!

On this page are some photos taken dur-
ing this year's activities. STENAPA is hop-
ing that some or all of the children who
attended will take part in our regular kids
clubs that are held during the year, Snor-
kel club, Junior Ranger I and Junior
Ranger II.

STENAPA Junior Rangers Graduate

And Go On To Become Divers

In June nine students successfully gradu-
ated Junior Rangers I and II. The two
after-school programmes were held
weekly and ran concurrent with the
school year from September 2007. Stu-
dents were taught a variety of topics
relating to Statia and the broader envi-
ronment, from how to grow plants to
learning about marine life and food
chains. The best students from each
group were awarded a special prize
thanks to the generosity of local donors
Dive Statia and Scubaqua.
Student Martin de Jong learned how to
SCUBA dive, Ali Hook achieved Ad-
vanced Diver certification, and Revinio
Schmidt gained free entry to Junior
Rangers II as well as receiving a book on
medicinal plants. Matthjs de Bruin also
won the opportunity to become a diver
but due to circumstances his training will
be postponed until next year.
STENAPA hopes that all students who

graduated JRI will return this September
for JRII. Those students who have already
graduated JRII will be encouraged to do
an internship at STENAPA when they
reach the appropriate age. It is hoped
that in the future they will become in-
volved with the organization as staff or
board members and that they will make
a positive environmental impact on their
beautiful island.
The Junior ranger II program will start on
Thursday, September 25th and will have
a duration of 9 months. The program
consists of 30 lessons with a graduation
date scheduled for June 2009. The cost
of the entire program is FIs 75,- per child
and includes a t-shirt and a cap among
others. Registration has started and chil-
dren ten years and older are encouraged
to sign up.
Parents can contact the Visitor Center for
any additional information and to regis-
ter their interested childrenn.

Page 2

Newsletter 3/2008



MP manager, Lee Munson, weighing the
bags of garbage which is a requirement
of Coastal Cleanup.

The annual International Coastal
Cleanup, an initiative of Ocean Conser-
vancy, took place on Saturday, Septem-
ber 20th with more than 140 countries
taking part.
Circumstances led STENAPA to hold their
cleanup on the Friday before but we are
proud to have once again been a part of
this worldwide effort.
This year about 20 members of the public
and STENAPA staff and volunteers col-
lected a total bag weight of 206.6 kg
/150kg fishing net included).
As usual there were some very odd items
collected from the beach, from
toothbrushes to shotgun shells.
A staggering 301 styrofoam items were
collected in-
cluding cups
and take-away
A total of 27 13
items were
removed from
the beach. This
year, the clean
up took place
on Zeelandia


Staff Training Training Workshop

For 2008

There are several training opportunities
for staff for the remainder of 2008.

At the end of September a Bird Monitor-
ing workshop will be held. This workshop
will be for the duration of one week and
will be held all day. There will be theoreti-
cal sessions as well as in-field training.

The purpose is to train staff to recognize
the various local birds on sight as well as
to be able to identify birds by their call.
Also important will be the training in the
proper methods of collecting data on
bird surveys and passing the data on to
wider bird observation networks. Partici-
pants from Saba will be taking part in the
course as well as a representative from St.
Maarten. The course is led by Mr. Adrian
Del Nevo and organized by DCNA.

In the middle of October National Park
Ranger Ms. Hannah Leslie will be on Saba
for one week as part of an ongoing
DCNA ranger exchange program. She
will be working with James Johnson, the
Trails Manager from Saba Conservation
Foundation, to learn new and different
techniques of trail building and erosion

Also in October, Marine Park manager
Lee Munson and Marine Park assistant
Jessica Berkel will be on Bonaire for two
weeks. First to attend the international
training course on Research and Man-
agement Techniques for the Conserva-
tion of Sea Turtles with Sea Turtle Club
Bonaire. After that they work in the Bon-
aire National Marine Park getting ac-
quainted with their daily working prac-
tices. This is also funded by DCNA.

Violet Busby, our office manager will be
attending a course on financial manage-
ment before the end of the year. Logistics
of that course are still being worked out
such as on which island it will take place.

Lastly, Violet, Jessica and Lee Munson will
attend a course on project management
once details are finalized.

After two attempts, STENAPA has finally
secured funds to conduct a training
workshop for the local fishermen.

The idea came from the fishermen them-
selves who wanted a solution for the
damage caused to their fish traps by pass-
ing boats and tankers. These vessels often
rip away the buoys that mark the traps
and at the same time drag the traps to a
new location. This results in on average
100 ghost traps in the park everyyear.
Considering that each ghost trap can
catch up to 100 pounds of fish before
disintegrating enough to allow fish to
safely pass right through, you can esti-
mate the kind of damage these traps can
do to a fisherman's livelihood.

Fishermen will now be trained in gal-
vanic timed release devices, submersible
buoys and proper use of a GPS device.

On the successful completion of the
workshop the fishermen will be able to
keep the brand new GPS units used dur-
ing the training.

It is hoped that all local fishermen will
take part in the workshop as the success
of the training is directly correlated to the
cooperation of the fishermen and we
would love to be able to make a positive
report to the funding agency. Notices
and more information will be published
nearer to the start of the training.

Ptla 9 Sale

Pass by the Visitor Center at
Gallows Bay any weekday
from 7:00am 4:00pm

Prices from FIs 5,- to FIs 50,-
Open during the lunchtime !!

Page 3

Page 4

St Eustatius: National and Marine
Parks and Botanical Gardens

5 T

National Parks Office
Gallows Bay
St. Eustatius. Netherlands Antilles

STENAPA is an environmental non-profit foundation on St Eustatius and
was established in 1988. The objectives of STENAPA are to upkeep the
natural environment, to preserve and protect endangered or endemic
species (flora and fauna) and to educate the community about the im-
portance of the protection of the natural environment.

Areas of responsibility include management of the marine park, the na-
tional parks and the Miriam C. Schmidt Botanical Gardens. STENAPA is
legally delegated by the Island Council to manage these protected areas.

Vice President:

Irving Brown
Ronnie Courtar
Ruth Pandt
Ingrid Walther

Phone/Fax 599-318-2884
Email: semp@goldenrocknet.com


"Friends of STENAPA"

The Friends of STENAPA program allows
nature lovers in the general public to
contribute to nature conservation on the
A number of local businesses now offer
discounts to persons presenting their
Friends of STENAPA membership card.

Blue Bead

5% All food and drinks

Brown's Garage 10% All labor
Dive Statia 2nd hour free-kayak rental
Five Pearls shop 10% All purchases
I.F. Rivers 5-10% General merchandise

Largo Heights
Pandt Steel

10% Food only
10% Gates/welding repair
10% Dive fees (rack rates)
10% Food (no take-out)
10% Hot lunch

Intermezzo 10% off Espresso Cocktails

Persons wishing to become a member or
purchase a gift membership can obtain
more detailed information from the Na-
tional Parks Visitor Center by calling the
phone number listed above or online on
our website (www.statiapark.org).

Next edition of STENAPA Update available soon with articles on:
The 10th anniversary of the Quill and Boven National Parks
Birds on Statia
Efforts to propagate our endemic plant
What's happening with our children's clubs?

The Successful Fruit Garden Area of

The Miriam Schmidt Botanical Garden

The development of the Fruit Garden is
now well underway. More than a few fruit
trees have been planted and are beginning
to thrive. We will soon have information
signs about growing fruit trees at home.

Among the fruit trees that have already
produced fruit are mango, pineapple, ba-
nana, fig, lime, pineapple, papaya, banana,
grapefruit coffee and sugar apple trees

There are also fruit tree saplings being
tended to in the shade house. They are
coming along nicely but are not quite
ready to be planted out.

Some of those are cocoa, yellow plum,
regular red plum, avocado, star fruit, bread
fruit, oranges, tangerines, rum berry, straw-
berry guava and sour sop. There are many
more planned however seeds and saplings
of for instance the sapodilla are not easy to
come by.

Some local residents have been very helpful
and provided the garden with particular
seeds or saplings that were needed at the

start of the development of this area and
the Foundation is very grateful for their
help. Their generosity speeded things up

All the fruit trees were planted for the
pleasure of visitors to the garden. Visitors
are very welcome to pick a fruit and en-
joy a healthy snack. It is not permitted
however to fill a sack with fruit to take
away as that would leave less for others
to enjoy. A variety of vegetables are also
being grown for use in the garden and
for the plant sale.

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