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September 2007

SNewsletter 3/2007


10th Anniversary of St. Eustatius Marine Park

This year marks the 10th An-
niversary of the active man-
agement of the St. Eustatius
Marine Park.

Legally established in late
1996, the Marine Park en-
compasses the entire coast
extending from shore to a
depth of 30 meters.
It is 10 years since the Marine
Park first opened its office
and started operations to in-
stall the first moorings for dive
sites and yachts. The initial
activities were funded by a
start up grant from World
Wildlife Fund Netherlands.
Since then, the Marine Park
has gone from strength to
strength in its efforts to pro-
tect the 27.5km2 of coral reef
and sea grass beds around
St. Eustatius.

These efforts include in-
stallation and maintenance
of moorings to prevent
yachts and dive boats
dropping anchor on the
reefs, creation and moni-
toring of several artificial
reefs designed to increase
fish population and en-
hance diving opportunities,
the monitoring of two re-
serves where anchoring
and fishing is prohibited,
cleaning of the accessible
beaches and most impor-
tantly working in partner-
ship with all stakeholders
to ensure that the Park
remains in its present un-
spoiled condition.
To celebrate this important
event, the Marine Park,
supported by the St.
Eustatius Tourism Devel-
opment Foundation and all
local dive centres, is plan-
ning a series of events,
starting on Monday 3rd De-
cember 2007.
Activities will include an
underwater photography
course and contest, scav-
enger hunt for divers, eve-
ning talks, Statia Park
Splash for children, snor-
keling fun competition and
a party to present prizes
and celebrate the anniver-
sary in style.
The St. Eustatius National
Parks Foundation is invit-
ing the general public to

join us in celebrating this
anniversary to mark 10
years of protection of pris-
tine coral reefs and diverse
fish populations.

The tentative schedule of
events in December follows:
Monday 3rd: The official
opening of the Visitor Centre
including judging of the
school competition entries.
Tuesday 4th: The Charles
Brown Scavenger hunt Dive
Centre followedd by an eve-
ning seminar.
Wednesday 5th: The Charles
Brown Scavenger hunt Dive
Centre #2 followed by Statia
Park Splash for kids (boat
trips, games and fun fair) and
ending with an evening semi-
Thursday 6th: The Charles
Brown scavenger hunt Dive
centre #3 followed by Snorkel
fun for kids and ending with
an evening seminar.
Friday 7th: A celebration party
with live music, prize giving
and a buffet which will be held
at the Gin House Patio.

Check www.statiapark.org for
the latest information

Inside this Publication

10th Anniversary of The I
Marine Park
STENAPA Summer Club 2
Picture Diary

Kids' Clubs Soon to Start 2

Activity on the National 3
Park Trail Network

New 5 Year Marine Park 3
Management Plan

New Friends Program

Don't forget....

* You can join us for our
regular beach cleanup.
Watch for the flyers that
will be posted around
town or call the office.

* It's turtle nesting season,
please refrain from shining
bright lights and walking
or driving on the beaches
at niqht.

St -utaius Natial andMarinearsandBotanicawl-Grdes


STENAPA Summer Club 200oo7 Was H

Learning about nature on the trails with
rangers, interns and volunteers.

Learning about local plants in the Botani-
cal Garden.

The children looked forward to the snorkel Playg an interactive game to test the
trips that were sometimes at a Snorkel Site children knowledge of sea turtles.
which meant a fun boat ride was in the

J ,2 lL


And of course after the program is com-
plete and certificates given out, there's
always time fora little party

Children's Programmes To Start This Month

Interested parents should keep in mind
that all National Parks children's pro-
grammes will be starting up in this
month of September. This is little more
than a week away so parents are re-
minded to come in and sign up their
The three programmes that are due to
start are Snorkel Club, Junior Rangers
and the all newJunior Rangers II.
Snorkel Club
Children interested in this programme
must be at least eight years old and able
to complete a swim test. This is basically a
short swim of 50 metres and is usually
from the little beach at the harbour to
the small Ro-Rojetty. The two hour ses-
sions are one afternoon a week and last
three months. Cost for this programme is
FIs 50,- and includes a free t-shirt.
Junior Rangers
This programme is geared towards older
children and those that have successfully
completed Snorkel Club. Participants
must be 10 years or older. The 21/2 hour

last nine months. Cost for this program is
FIs 150,- and includes a free t-shirt, base-
ball cap and snorkel kit. Children taking
part in this programme will learn about
what STENAPA does in all three areas of
the Parks. This means they will be in the
Quill National Park, the Marine Park and
the Botanical Garden on a rotating basis.
They will also learn about sea turtles and
animal welfare.
Junior Ranger II
This is a new programme that will be
introduced this year. This programme is
geared towards those children that have
completed the first Junior Ranger club.
During these sessions children will gain a
deeper insight into the different aspects
of nature and the environment.
The course material will cover subjects
such as energy, plant growth, marine life,
biodiversity, climates, pollution, the water
cycle, sea turtles, pollution, recycling,
erosion, endangered species, volcanoes,
ecosystems, food chains and animal wel-

Most of the information taught during
classes will be backed up by audio visual
materials and practical outdoor activities.
Children completing this club will be
versed in a wide range of conservation
issues and hopefully go on to further
their education in a field of conservation.

Upon completion of the Junior Ranger II
program, the students that perform best
and show the most interest in environ-
mental matters will win a free PADI dive
certification training sponsored by Dive
Statia and Scubaqua. It is hoped that this
will further stimulate students' interest in
nature and offer them the possibility of
discovering many of the beautiful sights
inhabiting Statia's tropical waters.

All children's clubs will begin the week
commencing September 17th. National
Park Ranger Hannah Leslie has visited all
schools to inform them beforehand and
has left behind signup forms for inter-
ested children to take home.

Page 2

Newsletter 3/2007

Activities on the National Park Trail Network New Marine Park

The Quill National Park offers hikers a
network of trails ranging from 'easy' (Bird
Trail/Botanical Garden trail) to
'difficult' (Mazinga, crater). The purpose
of these trails is to provide hikers with a
path they can follow without getting lost,
however they also serve to prevent ero-
sion or the destruction of vegetation.

It is the job of National Park Ranger Han-
nah Leslie to keep these trails maintained.
She does this three mornings a week
with the help of a National Park intern
(currently Emily Gregus from Canada)
and Stenapa volunteers. Ranger Nadio
Spanner also assists. Recent improve-
ments have been carried out to the crater
trail and the Around the Mountain trail.
Large dead tree trunks that had fallen
and blocked the trail in the crater have
been moved for easier access, and stones
have been placed along the sides of the
trail to guide hikers in the right direction.
The crater trail is difficult to maintain
given the steepness of the slope and the
risk of rock falls due to erosion.
The Around the Mountain trail, a four-
hour hike around the circumference of
the Quill, has recently been completely
overhauled. Sections of this trail, espe-
cially in the White Wall area, were se-
verely eroded and narrow in parts. These
sections have been widened where pos-
sible to reduce possible danger, how-
ever we still advise hikers to take care.
The trail takes hikers through different
vegetation zones and offers visions of
orchids, bromeliads, gum trees, black-
berry trees, as well as spectacular views.

The Courtar Mountain trail (pictured in
yellow below) has been completely reno-
vated In fact it has been relocated! The
new trail is located very close to the pre-
vious trail, which was discovered to be
on private land. With the help of Stenapa
and Broadreach volunteers, the new trail
was completed in July 2007. The trail is
relatively short and leads hikers to the
Around the Mountain (N) trail. It cuts
through thorny vegetation and silk cot-
ton trees, and a number of iguanas have
been spotted there.
After many months of closure due to a
beehive at the entrance of the Panorama
Point trail, Stenapa is pleased to an-
nounce the trail is open again! The bee-
hive was removed in March 2007 by
Rangers Hannah Leslie and Nadio Span-
ner. Unfortunately bees are a problem on
many of the trails and there are a num-
ber of nests which need to be eradicated
for the safety of hikers. A large nest was
recently removed from near the bottom
of the Quill trail. The hive was locatedjust
a few meters from the trail.
The main Quill trail is up for improvement
next, with plans to remove rotten logs
along the side of the trail and replace
them with stones found on the slopes.
Further erosion and drainage control will
also be incorporated. Stenapa wishes to
thank all the interns and volunteers who
have worked on trails, without whom
none of this would be possible.

Happy hiking!!

Management Plan

The New Marine Park Management plan
is now available for review at the Na-
tional Parks Visitor Center at Gallows Bay
or online
http://www.cozm.co.uk/eux manageme
nt planning documents.htm.

This plan encompasses the next five years
and includes an outline of the goals that
the board and management would like
to see achieved in the Marine Park in that
time span.

A great deal of work went into the crea-
tion of this management plan and it will
serve as an important reference tool to
gauge the progress of our work in the
Marine Park in the coming years.

The National Parks Foundation expresses
a heartfelt thank you to all the stake-
holders who came to meetings, filled out
survey forms and otherwise voiced their
opinions so that their views and visions
for the Marine Park could be included in
the management plan.

Anyone who wishes to have a look at the
plan can check on line or come into the
Visitor center or call and request an elec-
tronic copy which will be e-mailed to you.

Work will begin shortly on the new Quill
National Park management plan and the
National Parks Foundation is looking
forward to working with all stakeholders
to create this very important document.

w3~ Ol

calIGa$ajFb -p


Pass by the Visitor Center at
Gallows Bay any weekday
from 7:00am 5:00pm

Prices from FIs 5,- to FIs 50,-
Open during the lunchtime !!

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Page 4

St Eustatius: National and Marine
Parks and Botanical Gardens

_. IS r,4 >-

National Parks Office
Gallows Bay
St. Eustatius, Netherlands Antilles
Phone/Fax 599-318-2884
Email: semp@goldenrocknet.com

Launch of New Friends Programme

Later this year check out our website
(www.statiapark.org) for complete details
about our NEW programme offering
membership in "Friends of STENAPA".
This will beyour opportunity tojoin oth-
ers who are dedicated to nature conser-
vation of the pristine eco-systems of St
Eustatius by investing in the future of the
National Parks.
You may not be aware that the National
Parks Foundation relies heavily on grants
and donations for the majority of our
funding. This type of funding can be ir-
regular and inconsistent, thus creating
uncertainty for program, project and staff
planning. Your support will help maintain
reliable fiscal responsibilities that are es-
sential to the sustainability of STENAPA.
Highlights of "Friends of STENAPA":
- Five Membership levels from which to
choose. The membership packages in-
clude some very nice incentives which
increase with the levels.
- Various items with exclusive "Friends of
STENAPA" logo such as t-shirts, cotton
canvas tote bags, polo shirts, magnets,
decals, desk calendars and much more.
- Quarterly e-newsletter "STENAPA Up-

- Discounts on STENAPA brand items.
STENAPA has some very interesting pub-
lications that are increasing in number all
the time.
- Discounts at all participating Statia busi-
nesses. A complete list of the businesses
that will recognize and honoryour mem-
bership card will be publicized at a later
time. Membership cards will entitle you to
a discount for a variety of services and
- Invitation to special events and behind
the scenes opportunities such as accom-
panying the rangers while on patrols.
Persons wishing to make one time dona-
tions only or persons wishing to become
members but would like to forego the
package that comes with it will be able
to do so.
There will be an amazing amount of
ways in which you can contribute to the
continued daily operations of the Na-
tional Parks Foundation.
So look for the complete details soon at
www.statiapark.org where you canjoin
and proudly say "I am a Friend of
STENAPA, you can be too."
With your help we can continue to main-
tain the beauty of Statia on land and sea.

A Special Thank

You To A Sponsor

As a non-profit organization the National
Parks Foundation often relies on funding
from aid organizations to have sufficient
monies to successfully carry out our
It is therefore very encouraging when a
private company is willing to donate
In late June Mr. John Wiginton and his
wife Danielle, both managers of the com-
pany VECENERGY, having heard our
radio ads for the Summer Club Program,
came into the office and offered to spon-
sor all participants' fees.
To add to such amazing generosity a few
weeks later STENAPA received a ship-
ment of two boxes of learning material
for our soon to be introduced Junior
Ranger II program, courtesy of VECEN-
The National Parks Foundation is ex-
tremely grateful to VECENERGY for all
their support financial and otherwise and
look forward to continuing the relation-
ship in the future.

STENAPA is an environmental non-profit foundation on St Eustatius and
was established in 1988. The objectives of STENAPA are to upkeep the
natural environment, to preserve and protect endangered or endemic
species (flora and fauna) and to educate the community about the im-
portance of the protection of the natural environment.

Areas of responsibility include management of the marine park, the na-
tional parks and the Miriam C Schmidt Botanical Gardens. STENAPA is
legally delegated by the Island Council to manage these protected areas.

President: Irving Brown
Vice President: Ronnie Courtar
Treasurer: Jana Mason
Secretary: Vacant

Next edition of STENAPA Update available soon with articles on:

* New guide to Statia Marine Park
* More on the celebrations of our 10 year old Marine Park
* A day in the life of a Marine Park ranger
* Developments in the Botanical Garden



E S7t. p^ko

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