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December 2004

SNewsletter 4/2004


* 01 Beach Repleni

In the May 2004 issue of this design proposal s
publication, our readers were by the end of Jan
informed of the proposed study This will include e
This will include e
and research into the restora-
architectural rese;
tion of the beach at Oranje Bay.
designs and draw
STENAPA, together with the
shore breakwater
enthusiastic support of the Is-
torical buildings,
land Government and the finan-
cial backing of AMFO is well on
the way to making this far- Phase 2 will see t
sighted concept a reality, of one or more of
waters and the cr
On Sept. 24th 2004 Statia's Lt.
snorkel trail. A thr
Governor Mr. Hyden Gittens,
breakwater is env
AMFO Project Evaluator Mr
section in front of
Robert Budike and STENAPA
Era Hotel and ThE
Manager Nicole Esteban signed House, and two s
House, and two s
the contract for phase I or
tween Dive Statia
design phase, of a three phase
development programme. The
proposed restoration site lies In phase 3 the cre
between the Blue Pier and ration of the beac
Smoke Alley. AMFO will provide place, including tl
approximately NAf 60.000 for at least two history
the survey and design of the The promenade v
beach restoration project. and landscaping

Dr. Harris, Ph.D., P.E of the
Coral Reef Foundation and
Associate Professor at the Flor-
ida Institute of Technology is
the consultant for the Oranje
Bay Beach Project.

At the beginning of December
Dr. Harris and his team, to-
gether with STENAPA staff and
volunteers, carried out a hy-
drographical survey along the
proposed restoration site. Ac-
cording to Dr. Harris, a detailed Photo by H

ishment Project

should be ready
uary 2005.

engineering and
arch as well as
'ings of off-
s, restored his-
promenade and

ie construction
f-shore break-
eation of a
ee section
isaged, one
The Golden
Old Gin
sections be-
and Smoke

ation and resto-
h front will take
he restoring of
ic warehouses.
vill be created
will be done.

This is a very important fea-
ture as it helps to stabilize
the area and control ero-
sion during heavy rains.

For the construction of break
waters and artificial reefs, it is
planned to use Reef Balls, an
ingenious invention to say
the least. Reef Balls are con-
structed on site, measuring 2
meters X 1.80 meters and
weighing 3 tons. They are
made of concrete, with no
steel re-bars added. What
they do contain are some
additives to increase
strength and lower PH, thus
aiding the growth of marine
life on them. It is also
planned to implant coral
onto the Reef Balls, which
will help threatened species
to re-establish themselves. To
place the Reef Balls in the
sea, a balloon is inserted.
Once inflated it can be
floated to the desig-
nated site where the
balloon will be pierced
and the Reef Ball will
undergo a controlled
sinking. For further
information go to
www.reefball.org, a
most comprehensive
website, featuring the
use of Reef Balls world-

eidi Duncan

Inside this issue:

Beach Replenishment

Botanical Garden
Zeelandia Beach

Junior Ranger
School Visits

Snorkel Club


Meet the Board of

Special points of interest:
* The Botanical Gardens are
open from 7am--12 noon
every weekday. Contact the
office if you want to visit
outside of these hours.


St Eustatius: National and Marine Parks and Botanical Gardens


Botanical Garden

During 2004 the Miriam C. Smith Botani-
cal Garden has been a hive of activity.
Volunteers from around the world have
worked hard alongside staff members
and Interns of STENAPA, to make the
garden a truly beautiful sanctuary to visit.
November 1 Ith saw the opening of the
fifth and final arbour, the Sense of Sound
Arbour. The creation of the Sensory Gar-
den was inspired by Jean Gemmill, an
untiring supporter of STENAPA in gen-
eral and of the Botanical Garden in par-
ticular. As the cups of orangejuice were
raised to toast the new arbour, Jean was
very close to those present who knew
her. Sadly she left us a year ago almost
to the day of the completion of the Sen-
sory Garden.
The entrance to the Botanical Garden is
sporting a brand new gate, designed and

put together by interns and volunteers. It
is an impressive structure made of timber
with trellis on the sides for creeping
plants to eventually adorn it.
All the signs for the arbours have finally
arrived from the USA as well as all bird
signs for the Jean Gemmill Bird Observa-
tion Trail. They are printed on UV resis-
tant material, encased in waterproof
frames and mounted on metal posts. The
signs were erected by the volunteers at
each arbour and at intervals along the
bird trail where the visitor will find
benches in shady places to enjoy the
glorious view over the sea towards St.
Kitts. The bird signs as well as the sign at
the entrance to the bird observation trail
were designed on Statia and funded by
contributions received in memory of Jean
Gemmill. The signs for the Sensory

Gearden were sponsored by VNP
(Netherland's Representation in St. Mar-
Due to the good rains Statia enjoyed
these last few months, the Corallita poses
a never ending challenge to the hard-
working volunteers and interns. They are
tasked to keep the Miriam C. Smith Bo-
tanical Gardens a showpiece within the
National Park. A bouquet to them all.

Zeelandia Beach

Junior Rangers

Clean-ups on Zeelandia beach have be-
come a routine activity for STENAPA.
Volunteers, Interns and staff members
tackle the daunting job at regular inter-
vals. It is perceived that a large amount of
this unsightly and dangerous litter comes
from Smith's Gut Landfill, where rubbish
is overflowing the revetments at times.
Plastic and polystyrene, among others,
are particularly dangerous to marine
birdlife. If ingested it will remain in the
stomach, making the bird feel full and
stopping him from eating. The result is
death from starvation. Ropes, fishing line
and netting are killers for sea turtles, ma-
rine mammals, birds and fish.
With the end of November, the turtle
breeding season officially closed for the
year. All data collected still needs to be
assembled. The final result of the survey
on the status of sea turtles on Statia for
2004 will be published in the next edition

After thirteen months of regular atten-
dance, dedication and a desire to
learn, two young Statians have quali-
fied as Junior Rangers. Gershon Lopes,
in charge of the Junior Rangers Club, is
pictured with Florisco Dembrook and

Junliang Feng. STENAPA's plan was to
present the best Junior Ranger with an
open water diving course, when the
dilemma arose: They were both equally
good 1 Golden Rock Dive Centre came to
the rescue and will sponsor a course for
one of the boys.
The Junior Rangers Course is very di-
verse, the curriculum including both
land and marine environs.

It is hoped that more of the island's
youngsters will enroll in the Junior Rang-
ers Club, creating a nursery of local fu-
ture Park Rangers.
All youngsters who have completed the
snorkel course are eligible to enter the
Junior Rangers course, beginning the
first week in Febuary.

Congratulations to Florisco and Junliang

Photo by Jerry Kennedy

School Visits

To mark World Animal Day on Oct. 2nd,
STENAPA prepared a presentation on
Statia's indigenous wildlife. This included
most birds, reptiles and the one and only
mammal native to this island, the bat.
Armed with computers, memory sticks
and lots of enthusiasm,, Assistant Man-
ager Gershon Lopes and volunteer Heidi

Duncan set off to visit all of Statia's
schools. In fact we had to set off a cou-
ple of times as the programme was
comprehensive and therefore it was
impossible to visit all the schools in
one day. The presentation was well
received by pupils and teachers, with
lots of pertinent questions asked and

lively participation by the kids when it
came to question time. School visits by
STENAPA are ongoing and plans for the
beginning of the next school year are

Page 2


Newsletter 4/2004

Snorkel Club

On the 2nd of Dec. Gershon Lopes, his
merry band of snorkellers, interns Lucy
and Katie, as well as Walter Blair got
together to celebrate the graduation from
the snorkel course. PADI certificates
were awarded to all who successfully
finished the course. Children who previ-
ously received PADI certificates took part
in this course as helpers to the novices
and were presented with certificates of
appreciation by STENAPA. At the end of
the snorkel course, the children were
required to write a "report" on their ex-
periences, what they learned and the
benefits of knowing how to snorkel, in
their view. These kiddies are mostly of a
very young age.
Below are some excerpts of the essays,
copied verbatim. Lack of space prevents
publishing them in full, a pity, as they are
delightful and a joy to read.
I like snorkeling because I meet lots new
friends and see fishes that you never
have seen in your life. (Monique)
I was very excited about going to the
snorkel club, I told my mother she can't
be late to pick me up, and she promised

and she wasn't late (Akeem)
My group swam along the wall in the
water and we saw red fish, blue fish,
green fish and lots of other fish. The wa-
ter is fun. (Naomi)
When I am snorkeling I am as free as a
bird under water. But the real thing about
snorkeling is exploring the sea, we must
explore to find out what is happening. If
you don't, you will know nothing !!
Baracoota and Scorpion fishes are very
very dangerous. I love to see a dead


Since the last appearance of STENAPA
UPDATE, two more groups of volunteers
arrived on Statia. The group in the photo
below hailed from Britain and Holland,
with one young person from the USA.
They were involved with the usual main-
tenance work throughout the National
Park and the Botanical Gardens. This
was a rather large group of young men
and women with the result that a lot was
accomplished during their stay on the

island. As always, it was sad to wave
them off after their eight weeks were
over. STENAPA extends thanks and ap-
preciation to them all.
Two members of the group stayed on as
interns, Adam Levy from England and
Rob van Oosten, a Hollander. They will
be with us until April. Other interns cur-
* rently with STENAPA are Lucy Savage
and Katie DiCioccio.
On the 22nd of November an entirely
British group arrived and will be here until
January. They are doing battle with the
Corallita, also called Mexican Creeper
(an invasive alien), besides all the other
work on the programme. Projects on the
list are, developing the Crater Trail, ex-
tending the Kitchen Garden, creating a
Palm Garden as well as a Shade Garden
under the big Knip tree near the green-
Last but not least, Kath Selkirk and Jim
Taggart returned to Statia at the end of
August. This is their second stint as vol-
unteers/interns with STENAPA. Kath's

Baracoota. The lessons are such fun,
ecpeshaly going wonder (Gioshanty)
While we were snorkeling we saw pearls,
coral and small fish (Kareem)
It was cool of Garson to start the pro-
gram (Anthony)
My first day was like hell, the second
week it started to get fun (Dwayne)
Diving is the act of oneself in water.
Snorkelers as myself, wear masks with
glass to improve sight, it so nice to see
under water. (Celvon)
In snorkeling we must have a partner
and look out for each other, we must
also take responsibility for our equip-
ment. Fishes are also important to the
snorkeling club and to the people of
Statia because we love our fry fish and
snapper too. (Rijerika)
All these different fishes and other crea-
tures live in Statia and maybe some
eels and scorpion fish too, it can sting
you and it's very poisonous (no name

Photo by Jerry Kennedy

and Jim's hard work, initiative and dedi-
cation is an example to the volunteers
and certainly a very hard act to follow.
Alas, the beginning of January will see
the departure of Kath and Jim from this
island. They will return to cooler climes
for the moment, before venturing on to
other exciting destinations. They plan to
do volunteer work for the foreseeable
STENAPA's best wishes and gratitude go
with them as we bid farewell to a truly
remarkable couple.

Page 3

St Eustatius: National and Marine
Parks and Botanical Gardens

St Eustacius National Parks

: st- Eustatius National Parks

Marine Park Office
Gallows Bay
St. Eustatius, Netherlands Antilles
Phone: 599-318-2884
Fax: 599-318-2884
Email: semp@goldenrocknet.com


STENAPA is an environmental not-for-profit founda-
tion on St Eustatius and was established in 1988. The
objectives of STENAPA are to upkeep the natural envi-
ronment, to preserve and protect endangered or en-
demic species (flora and fauna) and to educate the
community about the importance of the protection of
the natural environment.

Areas of responsibility include management of the
marine park, the national parks and the Miriam C
Schmidt Botanical Gardens. STENAPA is legally dele-
gated by the Island Council to manage these pro-
tected areas.


Ronnie Courtar

Meet the Board Members of STENAPA

At the end of a very successful year for
STENAPA, we would like to introduce the
people who keep this foundation run-
ning and on an even keel.

Board Members of STENAPA

Office Bearers

President: Ronnie Courtar

Ronnie has been President for the last
five years. He is what one would call a
"good all rounder" as he is involved in so
many things. He owns a plant nursery,
he is a boffin with cars (which is a bless-
ing for STENAPA for Ronnie overhauls
and services all of STENAPA's vehicles
free of charge), he has a share in a hard-
ware shop and he is a Pilot with his own
plane. Ronnie is a born and bred Statian
and the welfare of this island is very close
to his heart.

Vice President: Irving Brown

Irving has been in this position since
2002 and is a very able and dedicated
man to fill in for the President whenever
the need arises. Irving works for Statia
Terminals, is married to Monique and

they have two children, a son Deandre
who is four and a brand new little girl
Eliscia, who arrived on the 22nd of Octo-
ber of 2004. Our heartiest Congratula-

Treasurer: Jana Mason

Jana hails originally from the USA but
has lived on Statia for 25 years. Besides
having a full time job at one of Statia's
businesses, she has been looking after
STENAPA'S purse strings for several years.
The Foundation is truly lucky to have a
conscientious and hard working treas-
urer such as Jana.

Secretary: Jessica Berkel

Jessica has been on the board of
STENAPA for 4 years. When she is not
organizing meetings and writing letters
for the Foundation, she produces the
STENAPA Nature radio programme on
the first Thursday of each month. Jessica
works in the control tower of Statia's Air-
port. She is also involved with Statia
Pride, a group of volunteers whose aim
is to beautify and enhance the appear-
ance of their native island. With all this

she still has time to be a freelance de-
signer; her boards and signs grace nu-
merous businesses on Statia.

Other Board Members

Ira Walker, Daniel Eaton, Kay Boyd,
Maaike Patrick and Michelle Faires.

Manager: Nicole Esteban

Assistant Manager: Gershon Lopes

On behalf of all Board Members and staff,
STENAPA wishes to extend sincere grati-
tude and appreciation to donors, bene-
factors and friends, as well as all volun-
teers and interns, past and present. With-
out their dedication, help and support
STENAPA would not be
the proud Organisation it
is today.

To all our readers on Statia
and wider Caribbean as
well as overseas, may you
have a happy and peace-
ful Christmas and may the
new year have only the
very best in store for you.

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