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September 2004

SNewsletter 3/2004


New Trucks for STENAPA

STENAPA is the proud owner of
three new vehicles. They arrived
within a week of each other to-
wards the end of July. The first
two trucks were purchased with
funds received from AMFO
(Antillean Co-Financing Organi-
sation for a project entitled
"Improvement of Access to and
Public Awareness of the Miriam
C. Schmidt Botanical Garden".
Financial help was also extended
by KNAP and Working Abroad
Program. One of the new trucks
replaces a similar one that was

already eight years old. Due
to the hard wear and tear on
daily trips over extremely poor
roads to the gardens, the old
truck was beyond redemption
and got sold off. The new
vehicles are fitted with safety
bars and seats in the back for
transportation of adult work-
ers and children, as a large
proportion of the Junior
Rangers activities are taking
place in the Botanical Gar-
dens. A further portion of the
grant will go towards the

production of a guide book-
let or pamphlet about the
Miriam C. Schmidt Botanical

The third new vehicle, also a
four wheel drive crew cab
truck was purchased for the
use in the Sea Turtle Moni-
toring Project. STENAPA
employees and volunteers
have to access the beaches
for patrolling, both at night
and by daylight.

New Logo for STENAPA

The old adage goes "you can't
have one without the other". So,
the new trucks had to have a
new logo as well. Fortunately
Matt Jack, a volunteer who has
been with STENAPA for the last
few months is also an artist, He
designed this beautiful and de-
scriptive new logo for STENAPA.

Eventually all stationary
as well as the organiza-
tion's web page will be
adorned with it. Thank
you Matt for ajob well

Illegal Fishing in Statia Waters

Statia fishermen reported to the
authorities that someone, pre-
sumably from another island, had
placed about 50 fish pots around
the South East Coast of the is-
land. STENAPA, after consulting
with Prosecutor Paul Mooij, an-
nounced on the public media
that the pots were illegal and
would be removed, if they were
not claimed within 2 weeks.
Nothing happened for a few

days until Park ranger Walter
Blair and two volunteers spot-
ted a fishing boat in the vicin-
ity of the illegal fish pots. This
resulted in the STENAPA pa-
trol boat giving chase to a St.
Kitts registered vessel. The
patrol boat was not fast
enough to catch up, so the
"Waterman" with Statia police
on board came to the aid. The
fishermen were duly appre-

ended and after admitting
that they were indeed fish-
ing illegally in Statia's territo-
rial waters, as well as placing
the fish pots, two fishermen
from St. Kitts were fined US
$3000.00 each. They paid
the fines and later, under the
cover of night, spirited their
fish pots away.


Stenapa and friends are
thrilled to announce the safe
arrival of Leon Esteban. Our
heartiest congratulations to
Nicole and Peter.

Inside this issue:

Botanical Gardens an
outside class room

Junior Rangers and
Snorkel Club

Turtle Watches ongo-
ing on Zeelandia

Youth Program

Volunteers from
around the world

Special points of inter-

* The Botanical Gardens are
open from 7am-12 noon
every weekday. Contact the
office if you want to visit
outside of these hours.

* You are invited tojoin pa-
trols for the turtle pro-
gramme on Zeelandia. Con-
tact the office to let us know
when you wish to come.

SSt Eut ti s Naio a and Mai eP r sa dBo a ia -ad n


Botanical Gardens an outside Class Room

Teachers plant trees

On June 29th, STENAPA hosted a day of fun
and learning for some of Statia's school chil-
dren and their teachers. The schools repre-
sented were the Plantation School as well as
the Governor de Graaf School, The children's
ages ranged from Grade one to Grade four,
making it a total of around 150 children.
Gershon Lopes, Assistant Manager of
STENAPA worked out a "relay" program for
the pupils and keeping in mind the age
group of the kids, a potential chaos situation
ran like a well oiled clock work. Groups of
about 8 0 boys and girls moved from a
short introductory "lecture" on plants and
birds to the various arbors, bird trails and
green house. STENAPA personnel and vol-
unteers took the children through the differ-
ent stages, with their teachers ever present
in case a bit of authority was needed 1 But,
the kids were well behaved and what struck
staff and volunteers alike, all of them were
very interested in and receptive to the infor-
mation that was presented to them. Lots of
pertinent questions were asked, especially
by the tiny tots, which made the whole exer-
cise so much more enjoyable for all of us.
Their teachers brought along a mountain of
delicious goodies to eat and shared so gen-
erously with all who were involved in the
mornings activities. A big thank you goes to
all the teachers. By one o clock a tired but
happy group of kids were on their way to-
wards home again. STENAPA is looking for-
ward to arranging many more "al fresco"
classes for all of Statia's schools.

I To mark the start of the new school
year, teachers of the Gwendolin van
SPutten High School, armed with shov-
els and spades visited the Botanical
Garden for a day of hard work and
,also a bit of fun. Camelia Berkel, Princi-
pal, explained that the school wanted
to give something back to STENAPA
for all the information about the envi-
ronment and it's protection the pupils
of Statia have received from the or-
ganisation. The teachers, with STENAPA
staff and volunteers planted about

Just before the end of the school year,
eleven youngsters who took part in the
snorkeling course received their PADI
certificates. The course, presented by
Gershon Lopes takes twelve weeks. The
children learn to swim with fins, use
masks and snorkel breathing tubes and
dive to a depth of about ten feet. After
completion of the last course, Gershon
encouraged them to write about their
impressions and experiences on and
under the water. A couple of essays
were printed in the press. Some fledg-
ling artists painted really beautiful post-
ers, depicting Statia's marine environ-

30 trees, all of them started from seed
in the garden's nursery. The trees,
among them fruit and almond trees,
are the start of a windbreak in phase
2 of the Garden Development Plan.
After a morning of hard work, the
group recouped their strength with a
barbecue and lots of laughs.

/Information provided by Lynn Ken-

IPhoto byJerry Kennedy)

Most children would rather be on the
beach than anywhere else. However,
there are some stalwart Statia young-
sters who dedicate some of their free
time to STENAPA by taking part in the
Junior Rangers Program. Under the
guidance of Gershon Lopes, they are
introduced to all aspects of Nature
Conservation on land and in the Ma-
rine environment. They help with
maintaining boats and equipment,
learn how to repair erosion and how
to plant and nurture trees shrubs and
flowers. The Junior Rangers meet
every Wednesday.

Snorkel Club and Junior Rangers

Page 2

Newsletter 3/2004

Turtle Watches ongoing at Zeelandia Beach

As has been mentioned before, the turtle
patrols on Statia's beaches will take place
until the end of November. Up to date
for this season, Rozenne Le Scao, in
charge of the Turtle Monitoring Program
has the following data to present:

LEATHERBACK: 16 beach visits by at least
4 individuals. The first visit occurred on
April 17th and the last visit on June 26th

HAWKSBILL: I beach visit June 26th

GREEN TURTLE: 13 beach visits by at
least 2 individuals. First visit on July 19th.
Nesting is still in progress, 30+ hatchlings
so far.

STENAPA receives help, both financial
and in the form of expertise and advice
from various organizations, e.g. WIDE-
who organise most of the volunteers for

For readers who would like to know
more about turtles and programs for
their conservation and protection, here
are a couple of websites.

http.//world-turtle-trust.org and

The World Turtle Trust is based in Hawaii,
but WIDECAST is a bit closer to home.
SERVATION NETWORK was founded in

Santa Domingo in 1981 to work on be-
half of six species of sea turtle that live in
the Wider Caribbean Region. The net-
work is comprised of Country Coordina-
tors in more than 30 Caribbean States
and territories. Because each coordinator
works closely with a national coalition of
governmental and non-governmental
stakeholders, WIDECAST embraces sev-
eral hundred scientists, conservationists,
resource managers, policy-makers, educa-
tors and others.

Obviously these organizations could not
survive without help from the general
public. Anyone wishing to make dona-
tions could contact the above addresses
or get in touch with STENAPA's office for
further information.

Green Turtle hatchling on his way to the
ocean /Photo byHeidi Duncan)

Antonio with Leatherback Turtle eggs
IPhoto by Rozenne Le Scao)

The Wider Caribbean Region once sup-
ported millions of sea turtles. The early
sea farers reported that massive flotillas of
turtles made net fishing impossible and
even the movement of ships was ham-
pered. Since 1970 an estimated quarter
of a million Hawksbill turtles alone have
disappearedd, due to trade in turtle shell.

LLooking at this information, STENAPA
:ind all other conservation groups are
r ateful for each and every person who
:.B generously gives of their time and
ird work to try and reverse the decline
k 'f these gentle creatures.

Youth Program

As a result of the Island Government Labour Department's ini-
tiative, to find employment for school leavers for the summer
vacation, STENAPA was privileged to have Raphael (Antonio)
Flemming assigned to them. Antonio is
a graduate of the Gwendolin van Put-
ten High School and a child of Statia.
Antonio spent the month of July help-
ing and assisting STENAPA'S staff and
volunteers on all projects. His special
love was the involvement in the Sea
Turtle Program. Together with Ro-
zenne Le Scao and volunteers, Antonio
did night patrols on Zeelandia beach
for nesting sea turtles, sunset patrols
for Leatherback hatchlings as well as

nest inventories of Leatherback turtles. In addition, he helped to
maintain the Marine Park's patrol boat and the upkeep of other
Marine Park facilities. Away from the water, Antonio helped with
the clearing and construction of the paths
in the Jean Gemmill Bird Observation Trail,
construction of stone walls and general
maintenance in the Sensory Garden.

For his hard work, diligence and dedication,
STENAPA thanks and salutes Antonio. It was
a pleasure to get to know this fine young
man and the management and staff of
STENAPA wish him well for his future career.

Volunteer group 3 with Antonio in front

IPhoto byRozenne Le Scaof

Page 3

St Eustatius: National and Marine
Parks and Botanical Gardens

St. Eustatus National Parks

Marine Park Office
Gallows Bay
St. Eustatius, Netherlands Antilles
Phone: 599-318-2884
Fax: 599-318-2884
Email: semp@goldenrock.net


STENAPA is an environmental not-for-profit founda-
tion on St Eustatius and was established in 1988. The
objectives of STENAPA are to upkeep the natural envi-
ronment, to preserve and protect endangered or en-
demic species (flora and fauna) and to educate the
community about the importance of the protection of
the natural environment.

Areas of responsibility include management of the
marine park, the national parks and the Miriam C
Schmidt Botanical Gardens. STENAPA is legally dele-
gated by the Island Council to manage these pro-
tected areas.

President: Ronnie Courtar

Volunteers from around the world

Since the last publication of this news let-
ter, two more groups of volunteers have
spent the usual eight weeks on Statia. A
new group is expected to arrive later this
month and as always, they hail from all
four corners of the world. Work at
STENAPA is never in short supply and
these young men and women are cer-
tainly not shy to make themselves useful
wherever they are needed.

Particular projects during the volunteer
periods include;

Statia Marina park

Beach clean up of a turtle nesting beach
at Zeelandia

Night time beach patrols for nesting
Leatherback /Dermochelys coriacea),,
green (Chelonia mydas) and Hawksbill
turtles (Eretmochelys imbricata) at Zeelan-

Sunset patrols for Leatherback hatchlings
at Zeelandia beach

Cleaning of dive site moorings in the Ma-
rine Reserve

MiriamC.Schmidt Botanical Garden

Clearing and construction of the Jean
Gemmill Bird Observation Trail

Construction of a dry stone wall and
planting along the border

General maintenance of the Sensory Gar-

Bench construction and planting around
the pond in the Palm Garden

National Parks

Trail maintenance on the Quill, Round
the Mountain and Crater trails

Quantitative survey of the roam-
ing goat population in the Quill
National Park

Installation of rubbish bins and
conservation signs for Iguana

Assistance with surveys for bats
in the Quill NationalPark

Due to the poor condition of the ,-
road to the Botanical Garden, the )
volunteers also helped with the

repair of the worst patches. A Statia
contractor, Mr Cyril Tearr donated Naf.
1000.00 worth of concrete as well as
the use of his equipment and his valu-
able time. STENAPA wishes to extend
sincere gratitude and appreciation to
Mr. Tearr.

To the volunteers, STENAPA could not
function without your hard work and
dedication. Thank you

STENAPA welcomes back Kath and Jim,
they are on their second stint as Interns.

IPhoto by Kath Selkirk)

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