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Title: An Adaptive use study for Wilson's Department Store, 22 East University Avenue, Gainesville, Florida
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Title: An Adaptive use study for Wilson's Department Store, 22 East University Avenue, Gainesville, Florida
Physical Description: 129p.
Language: English
Creator: Mills, Jerry W.
Publisher: Jerry W. Mills
Place of Publication: Gainesville, Fla.
Publication Date: 1976
Copyright Date: 1976
Subject: Adaptive use
Historic preservation
General Note: Course number: ARC687
General Note: Professor F. Blair Reeves
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Source Institution: University of Florida
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U. ~i


'- .~rt~P

~.~--k_~. i---.


S:a ~ .,

d .;:
.-w. -


T- K


-E A 3 iE- OF- COM o^
T1L o 1 O 0

c.LP, Kf 1i 2!
-7;Y y


---~ ~20 ~ ~ c~~




22 East University Avenue
Gainesville, Florida



An AE 687 Program
F. Blair Reeves
at the
University of Florida


The purpose of this project is to provide an exercise in adaptive

use for the student whose major lies in the field of Architectural


The building studied was the Wilson Department Store located at

22 East University Avenue, Gainesville, Florida.

All data that could be gathered, which would have some value in

describing the building and it's surroundings, has been studied and

reproduced on the following pages to help provide a viable reuse solution

for the buildings comprising Wilson's.



I. Transportation and Site Analysis

II. The Building

III. History

IV. Future Possibilities and Changes

V. Economic Analysis

VI. Conclusion

VII. Appendices


Wilson's Department Store has been undergoing management changes

recently. Until five weeks ago, Webb City Pharmaceutical Corporation,

a subsidiary of Dupont Corporation, held an option to buy the business.

To clarify a bit, this meant that Webb's, for a certain amount down,

had the opportunity to buy that business or sell their option within

a given period of time. Most likely they wanted to hold this option,

without making any expensive commitments, until they were aware of

the future of the downtown shopping district.

Without making any changes Webb City sold their option to Schwartz

and Klines, 1260 Monroe venue, New PHiladelphia, Ohio. Their intent

to date is to keep their lease on the building, occupying it as it

has been since the late 19th century as a department store. They

have incorporated the business and sold stock. The present corporate

title is Wilson's Department Store, Incorporated.

The store's past concept of business was conservative a wide

variety of traditional medium priced goods: clothes for all ages, jewelry

for men and women, shoes, coats, hats, linens and fabrics.

Today the majority of customers appear to be middle age and older;

people who have shopped at Wilson's for years, long before the new

shopping centers and mall were ever conceived.

The new manager, Edward Mendel, agreed with this and stated that

this new Wilson's would be changing their image. They will be leaving

their traditional concept and leaning more towards contemporary items.

They will be more fashionable in style and strive for better quality


Parking and advertising are the main problems which could temporar-

ily slow down the store's comeback. Presently no solutions have been

given to solve the inavailability of parking, however, the advertising

end of the situation is being carefully studied. This is the present

state of the "Business."

The "Building" is another matter. One-third interest in the physical

structures and lots are owned by two individuals: Mary G. Stringfellow

and L. W. Graham, Gainesville Attorney. The other two-thirds interest

is presently in the trusteeship of The Atlantic National Bank of

Jacksonville. The building is leased to its present occupants.

Several attempts have been made to meet with L. W. Graham, however,

he has made himself quite unavailable. He is said to be knowledgeable

on the history of the department store and presently owns old photo-

graphs of the building. Besides this vital information, he also has

plans to expand his facilities on the property where his offices now

exist. This property is at N.E. 2nd Avenue and N.E. 1st Street. This

alone attests to the necessity of professional office space. Other new

professional offices have opened and more are planned along N.E. 1st

Street. A portion of the solution for the adaptive use of Wilson's lies

with this need.

With professional services moving into, and shopping facilities

moving away from the downtown area, a possible lucrative future arises

for housing (professional, i.e. offices), feeding and entertaining the

newly expanded professional work force.

It is with this in mind that the author and architect of this

program basis his solution.

A study by the University of Florida and an interview with John

Carlson, City Planner, has helped to justify functions to be housed

within Wilson's complex of buildings.

_ ---- --- c .: '- ..-. r- <,--*.- -

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et- --o r C~-- -

1 c l I o
-" co-'y-

_- .- -- ._ b b i- . --.
-, <** \^ ^--- o r- \ F <'-.-< O C I /, ,

11 4 -r"Y

p- I-

~7) __ _____ _____ W r'Ls

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4 ,tc~e E FC I ralo

/~~A I bA^p KLil^RS
o CI Cor 1, Mo f-c, &
vJs-l cTP + o- -| INC \
ujti-s~h I4L +<^l> INC.~~a ~ Lta ko\M^ ^


y'~ 77s~ s;~C~-

-- bJ+tec~ yQ~t. r~~c~i

S (? e Vi < [-a--

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V I.I M .(\ ,

j*( 1~
1~8 te v ... ?


Gainesville, the University City,
Alachua County, is located in North Central
200 feet above sea level midway between the
Gulf of Mexico, as well as being almost the
of the state.


Major transportation routes serving
Roads 20, 24, 25, and 26 all providing
The "Old Orange Blossom Trail" on U.
the North through Gainesville along one

and the county seat of
Florida, approximately
Atlantic Ocean and the
exact geographic center

the city are U. S. 441,
access to and from the
S. 441 vrings travelers
of Florida's most scenic

routes leading south into the citrus and lake section of Central
Florida. The above Vicinity Map shows the general connecting
routes of the interstate system r Nrth Florida.








"- I- -- -r -

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7 ~ [ * _' _

Ej@ FLu OA [

U':, thr,, r ,l, !
t Pleasen tSLOW DOWN


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: -" _-_'''''___ Z .. .
____________ N




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.^ ,'FL oRIDA

* UJ

*Ti~"y f.'" --

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-I - f 1

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i4- ) >, (f

x~ to 0 9 A-a A
1C~v4 o < i -ocr -
O ^- coo 14 BTO --oC co

he~r rA UP , T Liy
---- --^iz'^aT~j4X.cw Ccr>

C*^, A>~?. A -bist c. +( -c^-E e /
/;4 17
#A. T r , .ttrP iTtd <
.C<,- iry A f

c .5 9? P oofr
y 7Z',, M d,5 A w Z('
SI15' t Lo'
7 775.xod 1 1c

54, 4oo0

tJ 75C '.-.T o--w.

o -, -s
C S l^_-_ :Lg

4 i 6i2 o


d- V " S2
U 6 -. ?> E G- 4

8 |, a s"

149 7.

---~ -~~~~~






1 Housing part of residential neighborhood to the
north and northwest.
2 Seagle Building.
3 Southern Bell Telephone Company operations complex.
4 First Presbyterian Church.
5 Great Southern Music Hall (movie/performing theater).
6 Florida National Bank.
7 First National Bank with parking structure.
8 Guaranty Federal Savings and loan Association.
9 Masonic Order Lodge (built 1908).
10 Holy Trinity Episcopal Church (built 1907).
11 [lain downtown department stores, from west to east:
J.C. Penney, F.W. Wloolworth, Wilson's.
12 City Hall complex (offices to the north, public lib-
rary to the east).
13 Housing part of the Historic Gainesville neighborhood
to the north and northeast.
14 Office building, under construction.
15 Chamber of Commerce Building.
16 Gainesville Recreation Department.
17 County Courthouse.
18 municipall Court.
19 American Legion Building.
20 Federal Building.
21 Florida State Employment Agency.
22 Land Title Building (Alachua County Abstract Co.).
23 Cox's Furniture Store (Old Opera House, built 1883-
24 Twelve East Restaurant (Old Opera House Carriage House/
garage, built 1910; immediately to the west is the
former Opera House stable).
25 Old Post Office Building, occupied by the Alachua
County Board of Public Instruction for offices and
storage (built 1910).
26 Gainesville Sun Newspaper.
27 Johnson-Hayes Funeral Home.
28 Deteriorating housing with some newer small commer-
cial and office buildings.


r :
i ',4 _

2 .

1~ 'I
/-4 .-


'- '
---iI 23HKIF [20

i .r'Loi i -i j ,

i '5 .
1F2i 1 3

0". r=
P3 Ll

Jr~r-: *; :r-^ ^:: ?: S T .

Ii L= U ;dM S-y UNaIVEIN3TY f_ UlLOFA cL!f0
J*,iE~\ 71 UR*
,,. I/' ."" " ._
l <-:.'.; 1,":!I",.z, t ',.1 .'.:'," .g 'u"L...!. ,,-'.. 4 ".:' l, :. : : I. T y 0 L .,-" Z,;";' .:'.C

L IL) r
; Lj .
V~~r I
I~ EZ -





_A--go:-.-J,,, I L


16- "5r 48 C c

O. I- .. i 1 L-- .


ot a

*, 46.4
-9 -rt..



? 14954 I 4S g 41
" 47 .



r -


C r AC
I CG "' &

t 463
~~ c ....i

8.E. IST

S... 4) /

? i 1 1 .

4 14567
\ e ..

S 4.

14560 14863 14565

I4.0 ,S ,AC BP

5 12832

5, 3 "


g '
4 5

I s.w

2 S.W

m45S3 14595




1277 9 27

12777 1278




H12 206








J L3\~~- N> w o c
-: x I

la w o
9 0 0F

0 Z
L -J

n a. 3tO
Iii- 1339 ULLS





7 7=c~ f~rN==




, .1 ,


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J ~~4FF 16




* L




The parking lot map on the following page was provided by Brian

Kanely of the Traffic Engineering Department at the Thomas Center.

Lot 9 in the center of the map is actually across the street to the

south and 14 spaces larger, as can be seen by the notation made by

Mr. Kanely.

New parking lot schedules and projected changes are now being

studied by the City and the only available information is shown in

the photo which follows the off-street parking lots map. This photo

merely shows present on-street parking in the study area (block M).

The solid dots are two hour parking and the circles are fifteen minute


The heaviest business in the projected "Entertainment Center" would

most likely occur after working hours, opening up lots 5 and 6 parking

within walking distance and ery close to the main entrance, located on

N.E. 1st Avenue.

Use of the restaurant in the "center" during working hours, speci-

fically at lunch would be primarily by professionals and office employees

within walking distance.

Recently in a discussion with a Mr. Williams, temporary City Traffic

Engineering employee, the question was raised as to whether or not he

thought downtown workers rotated the responsibility of keeping the meters

of their parked cars from violation during the working day. His reply

was negative and he said most people don't bother to keep the meters

paid since the city has a lack of meter readers. During his survey he

noted better than 50% of the meters in violation.


- I 7I a-



-i i






AUGUST 9, 1973




Nl: 2til A vinU-

S 0


Ea.t University Aventir

IS 0 500 e OqOo


SL 1. Avenue

SE 2nd Avenue

* -

___ 1

IL- .

Ak-ti C

T WT. 2 iC~e

PUc 4,,

IJ bT1-:' c lJCtc /<2 a TM ER I ^La
7 -L. WCE--'- TE tCr^

-3v -r> '~ 7


At i

~-k \y1&.Q-


r_ c-

?-~ ;~itl

y c-.

- i-V

-.-- -. -



ei j


<-f --7 f < ( I

~-~-~ -

c / c, i/4 k J ?_, '-- .

~-, --



~~ I LI~T ~\ZCb~l

Co Lc rl

Sv\--T-r P

0"C v^ci 4" '^


I. West Elevation (alley)

A. Materials

Brick unpainted, full two stories

Stucco rough finish, painted white

Concrete Block painted white

B. General Appearance

-where windows once existed in the exposed brick wall, new

brick infill has replaced the sashes and jambs. No cracks

visible, some repointing necessary.

-cracks occur frequently in stucco where windows and doors

previously existed.

C. Comments

-electrical utility hook-up here (see photo)

-two dumpsters

-carrier A.C. system (not and cold water)

II. North Elevation (N.E. 1st Avenue)
(see photos)

A. Materials

-smooth, pointed, white stucco

-stainless steel flashing at parapet

B. General Appearance

-Paint appears to be new. The whole of this elevation seems

to be in excellent condition.

-small set of 4 aluminum frame windows at second floor (these

were set in where original windows previously existed.)

C. Comments

-Store front at west end, street level remains much intact.

All other windows and doors have been filled in.

III. East Elevation

A. Materials

-First floor green, yellow and black travertine marble

veneer (3 ft. sq.) extend from the north to the south end of

the building. Interrupted only by display cases framed in

in stainless steel (see photos ).

-Stainless steel framed, cantilevered sidewalk canopy over display


-Red and white canvas awning hangings from canopy.

-Second floor smooth, white stucco, pointed at north end.

B. General Appearance

-Condition here, as in the north is excellent.

-Strip of windows (9) at second floor are part of original

second floor windows. No other original conditions exist.

C. Comments

-Marble removed from exterior could be used inside.

-standpipe and fire alarm

-fire hydrant

IV. South Elevation (E. University Avenue)
(see photos )

A. Materials

-First floor consists entirely of display windows framed with

with stainless steel marble veneer pilasters and column.

-Stainless steel from cantilevered canopy over entire eleva-

tion, with red and white striped hanging canvas awning.

-Second floor smooth, white stucco conceals all early


-Stainless steel flashing at parapet.

-Stainless steel "Wilson's" sign in script on this elevation

B. General Appearance

-Everything is in very good condition.

C. Comments





., .1

ri, t;,
;~c~i ~i~_ r
~~ ~aa~'ittt

- I



~7 -c

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>4 1

- -r

M mnlnrrrr


--e --". ,



~t~32: / 2.2. -



I .o

V .r.

2- .44 -- ...A

fA .j -

1~~~^- 1-'-.4--~

S~a!~' C

I Il&J~s~B~Lll~r~..a~yyr~*ih~.~?; -.;~F r !-~ I~


i ...
J-i t.,,c---
i ii

-' S

. .

. a. ...
C"" . "





7 -


".r. _-1

r .

'"' ''



5~ li~
r; i'
r ...

,. .

~LiT0- '1iCS

- ~1-


N'K/AbLSL c;


~A I z .3 o

r- V'OOO06

S14c >7 / yv C

0V ico- 9.

c c/^ Five AsyiS^ A ^pG^^ -1/>0/ 0 IbL

i --


io~d D~br" C -"-)

_Tcnr ~osi- C ,)

I -


C 5, I L< Ei <3=


Irc*'$41I F-uj -~

413-1~ b lr-R-L3(

cv~ Ty&"

0 TA E~-

Clc r'

CL'.^-- 1^J- ^ -s '2, \-\ -f -<:* ..\ C'- L'\> (c" 1L '^ -. 4 1
L. . v c I j tl L I c.C \
4x s r x FL^. -4 "o.c. /

tj jpL I- k h\

'V \ 7O

7 'r r -.t.)--. -I I/-z tI~i v-

O T r--

\/ C U! C L

Qoci e :

<^^T7' CL3-c

e~~'~ 04


C)e5 I1

-- -- ----

&c: _

c 1k wT b



Fo-r c MrT

,O -C IT
V'T "t'r,

ILSIv,., A'c-

J-1- I : | \'/, 7 u c w 4 7,

^^ .a e.- a- .R ... ,-t -
r -e5 16 i g C
i~ c~L ~ Tlvc`C.. t---.-. kUe-^-. >- ..b^ Cr^^7 ** r^~;~~-c~ i~ *- *Y~ ^.'-bcl-i -,---
ou6. ^A -- / ^^ ^ -^ -i ^ ^ ;T^:i:,,:

- 6
I. CK~~S -iC~sc



Zl(,js,tC. /!:.['


, i-.,-14-

~c~sr- o _J~? f "i -;-. -s C i LT L-~~L~~ C
I Ihh bc;ddc~
~5PjT~ J~~1 ,cr f~"'-"` '
Ck ~:,
~~ccsl I-\-i;l- :l,'ri''

O3- fi ~Eri

V ( --::

C-Colv INo-' \-TO

~-~.-- ,T25~5-~ h~r, c.. ~i-ciY~- 5 I'~lb"

SI~C~r~6W Z~6

The following code information was included because of its direct

pertinence to the solution.

The primary source was the Code of Ordinances, City of Gainesville,

Florida. Charter Laws and General Ordinances of the City (Jan. 4, 1960).

Section 14 Restaurants

Section 22A Street Graphics

Section 29 Zoning Ordinance

Plus Chapter 8 Buildings Southern Standard Building Code

The outline for using the Southern Standard Building Code in the

front of that code was used with the functions proposed, hence the material

shown here.

In the final draft specific code information will be either underlined

or boyed in.


an approved thermometer shall be available con-
venient to the vat. The pouring of scalding water
over washed utensils shall not be accepted as
satisfactory compliance. Where hot water is used
for bactericidal treatment, there shall be pro-
vided a hot water heater (preferably controlled
by a thermostat) capable of maintaining a water
temperature of at least 170 degrees Fahrenheit
in the vat at all times during business hours, and
water at such temperature shall be available at
all times while utensils are being washed and
given bactericidal treatment. The heating device
may be integral with the immersion vat. Pro-
vision shall be made for compensating for heat
loss to the utensils.
Care shall be taken in the bactericidal treat-
ment of containers by immersion in hot water
or chlorine rinse to prevent the trapping of air
in the containers, thus preventing contact with
the entire surface of the container. This may
be accomplished by placing all glasses, cups, plates
and saucers in a venting position so that air will
not be trapped.
(2) Immersion for at least two minutes in a luke-
warm chlorine bath containing at least 50 ppm
of available chlorine if hypochlorites are used, or
a concentration of equal bactericidal strength if
chloramines are used. The bath should be made
up at a strength of 100 ppm or more of hypo-
chlorites and shall not be used after its strength
has been reduced to 50 ppm. Iodine in proper
ppm is acceptable as directed by the Health
(3) Exposure in a steam cabinet equipped with an
indicating thermometer located in the coldest zone
to at least 170 degrees Fahrenheit for at least
fifteen minutes or at least 200 degrees Fahrenheit
for at least five minutes.

(4) Exposure in a properly designed oven or hot-air
cabinet equipped with an indicating thermometer
located in the coldest zone to hot air at a tem-
perature of at least 180 degrees Fahrenheit for
at least twenty minutes.

(5) Equipment that is too large to immerse may be
treated (a) with live steam from a hose, in the
case of equipment in which steam can be confined;
(b) by boiling water rinse; or (c) by spraying or
swabbing with chlorine solution of approved

(6) When dishwashing machines are used, the ade-
quacy of treatment shall be determined by tests
under the direction of the health officer. Under
no circumstances shall the treatment be less than
180 degrees Fahrenheit for twelve seconds. Each
dishwashing machine shall be equipped with .a
Fahrenheit thermometer on the rinse section.

(1) Storage and handling of utensils and equipment: Af-
ter bactericidal treatment, utensils shall be stored
in a clean, dry place, protected from flies, dust and
other contamination, and shall be handled in such a
manner as to prevent contamination as far as prac-
ticable. Single-service utensils shall be purchased only
in sanitary containers, shall be stored therein in ,a
clean, dry place until used, and shall be handled in a
sanitary manner.

(1) All containers and utensils shall be stored at a
sufficient height above the floor in a clean, dry
place, protected from flies, splash, dust, over-
head leakage and condensation, and other con-
tamination. Wherever practicable, containers
and utensils shall be covered or inverted.

(2) Drain racks, trays and shelves shall be made of
not readily corrodible material, and lwil claln.


14-19 14-19


(3) Containers and utensils shall not be handled by
the surfaces which come in contact with food or
drink. Fingers should not touch the inside sur-
faces of glasses, cups, dishes, etc., nor the bowls
of spoons, the tines of forks, or the blades of

(4) Spoons, spatulas, dippers, scoops, etc., used for
dispensing frozen desserts when not in use, shall
be kept in running water.

(m) Disposal of wastes: All wastes shall be properly dis-
posed of, and all garbage and trash shall be kept in
suitable receptacles, in such a manner as not to be-
come a nuisance.

(1) All plumbing shall comply with the city plumbing
ordinances and shall be so designed and installed
,as to prevent contamination of the water supply
through interconnections and back-siphonage
from fixtures, including dishwashing machines
and sinks. All plumbing and fixtures shall be
maintained according to existing ordinances of
the city. All pipe installed against floors, walls
or ceilings shall be so arranged that all surfaces
and areas around and adjacent to such pipes shall
be accessible to easy cleaning.

(2) All garbage shall be kept in tight, nonabsorbent
and easily washable receptacles which are covered
with close-fitting lids while pending removal.
The minimum size of garbage cans shall be ten
gallons and the maximum thirty-two gallons.
Garbage cans shall in other ways comply with
existing city ordinances.
(3) Accumulations of trash, other than garbage, shall
be placed in suitable containers in the rear of
the business establishment and at a place ac-
cessible to the employees of the public service de-
partment of the city.

(4) All garbage receptacles shall be washed when
emptied, and treated with a disinfectant, if
necessary, to prevent nuisance.

(n) Refrigeration: All readily perishable food and drink
shall be kept at or below 50 degrees Fahrenheit ex-
cept when being prepared or served. Waste water
from refrigeration equipment shall be properly dis-
posed of.
(1) Perishable food and drink shall, without limita-
tion, include all custard-filled and cream-filled
pastries, milk and milk products, egg products,
meat, fish, shellfish, gravy, poultry stuffing and
sauces, dressing and salads containing meat, fish,
eggs or milk or milk products.
(2) All ice used shall be from a source approved by
the health officer and shall be stored and handled
in such a manner as to prevent contamination. All
delivery of crushed ice for use in restaurants
shall be obtained only in single-service sanitary
type containers subject to approval of the health
officer. Water used to wash ice shall comply
with the safety standards of item (i).
(3) All waste water from regrigeration equipment
shall drain into an open sink or drain, properly
trapped and sewer connected; provided that where
sewer connections are not available, the drainage
may be disposed of in an approved manner.

(o) Wholesomeness of food and drink: All food and drink,
including condiments, dressings and sauces, shall be
clean, wholesome, free from spoilage and so prepared
as to be safe for human consumption. All milk, fluid
milk products, ice cream and other frozen desserts
served shall be from approved sources. Milk and
fluid milk products shall be served in ihlo ilNdividial
original containers in which they we c reccivtid I'rm
the distributor or from a bulk crni;iini-ir eoquiiped


14-19 14-19


with an approved dispensing device, provided that
this requirement shall not apply to cream, which may
be served from the original bottle or from a dis-
penser approved for such service. All oysters, clams
and mussels shall be from approved sources, and if
shucked, shall be kept until used in the containers in
which they were placed at the shucking plant.
(1) All custard-filled and cream-filled pastries served
shall have been rebaked, after filling, at an oven
temperature of at least 425 degrees Fahrenheit
for at least twenty minutes and cooled to 50 da-
grees Fahrenheit or less within one hour after
rebaking; or the filling has been heated before
the pastry shells were filled, so that every particle
of the mix was held at temperature of at least
190 degrees Fahrenheit for at least ten minutes
and cooled, either before or after filling the pastry
shells, to fifty degrees Fahrenheit or less within
one hour after heating.
(2) All milk, fluid milk products, ice cream, frozen
custard, sherbet, ices and similar frozen desserts
served shall be from sources approved by the
health officer. Pasteurized milk and milk products
shall be used.

(p) Sandzwiches: Prepared sandwiches containing readily
perishable food ingredients shall be maintained at a
constant temperature of fifty degrees Fahrenheit or
less from the time of preparation until they are
served or heated for serving. Refrigerated sandwiches
and the ingredients thereof shall not be sold, offered
for sale or served for human consumption after three
days from the date of preparation; unrefrigerated
sandwiches shall not be sold, offered for sale, or served
for human consumption after one day from the date
of preparation.
(1) All commercially prepared perishable sandwiches
shall be purchased only from approved source'

as permitted for operations under the provisions
of Chapter XI of the Florida State Sanitary Code,
shall be accepted for sale to the public only when
delivered to the establishment in a refrigerated
vehicle or conveyance, and shall be maintained at
a constant temperature of fifty degrees Fahren-
heit or less until served or heated for serving.
,2) Sandwiches prepared on the premises not for
immediate consumption shall comply with the
regulations for sandwich processing plants as
specified in Chapter XI of the Florida State
Sanitary Code.
(3) All sandwiches shall contain a label stating the
manufacturer, ingredients and date of manu-
(q) Storage, display and serving of food and drink: All
food and drink shall be so stored, displayed and served
as to be protected from dust, flies, vermin, depredation
and pollution by rodents, unnecessary handling,
droplet infection, overhead leakage and other con-
tamination. No live animals or fowls shall be kept or
allowed in any room in which food or drink is pre-
pared, stored or served. All means necessary for the
elimination of flies, roaches and rodents shall be used.
Evidence of the presence of rodents, roaches, ants
or other vermin shall be considered as a violation of
this item.
Food or drink shall not be stored or prepared be-
neath overhead sewer or drain pipes. Food or drink
shall not be stored on floors which are subject to
flooding from sewage back-flow. The location of a
restaurant in a basement below the surface of the
ground shall not be permitted. The pouring lips of
bottles containing milk or other beverages shall not
be submerged in water for cooling.
All unwrapped or exposed food and drink on dis-
play shall be properly protected from contamination.


14-19 14-19


ing portable street graphics for a period of not
more than thirty (30) days or until installation
of permanent street graphics, whichever shall
occur first. (Ord. No. 1878, 1, 4-23-73)

Sec. 22A-5. Regulations applicable to the display of street

Except in areas of special control, and as herein specifically
provided, no street graphic may be erected, displayed, or
substantially altered or reconstructed except in conformance
with the following provisions:

(A) Area classification:
Except for individually described land parcels designated
areas of special control by action of the city commission, all
land parcels in the following zoning categories are classified
as follows:
(1) Commercial. All land zoned BA-1, BA-2, BR-1, and
BR-2 is classified commercial.
(2) Industrial. All land zoned MS and MP is classified
(3) Professional. All land zoned AP, BU, MED is classified
professional as well as BP and RP when used for non-
residential purposes.
(4) Residential. All land zoned RE, R-la, R-lb, R-lc,
R2-RD, R-2, R-2a, R-3, RM is classified residential
as well as BP and RP when used for residential pur-
(NOTE: All land zoned SC, BI-1, and BI-2 is desig-
nated urban plaza.)
(B) Items of information allowed:
(1) Each ground floor occupancy fronting on a public
right-of-way in areas classified commercial, professional and
industrial is entitled to display street graphics containing up
to ten (10) items of information on each street or highway
Supp. No. 37




to which it has frontage and access. However, if the legal
name of the professional, commercial or industrial occupancy
of the building and its premises contains ten (10) or more
items of information, the legal name plus one single addi-
tional word and one additional graphic symbol to identify
the type of business or activity conducted, may be displayed
once on each street frontage, provided that the legal name
may not include more than three (3) words which are
descriptive of goods or services offered by the occupant.
(In case of multiple occupancy-a building with more than
one occupant for each ground floor occupancy fronting on
public right-of-way-the occupants without frontage on the
right-of-way may be listed in letters three (3) inches or less
in height). Second floor occupants with no ground floor front-
age may display permanent window graphics with the follow-
ing restrictions:
(a) No more than ten (10) items of information (or legal
name of occupants) per occupant or per window,
whichever results in the lesser allowance.
(b) Letters, symbols, etc. six (6) inches or less in height.
(c) Not over thirty per cent (30%7) coverage of window.
Ground-mounted or projecting street graphics having two
(2) faces back-to-back are entitled to ten (10) items of
information on each side. Other street graphics that contain
more than one face are entitled to total of ten (10) items
of information in any 180 degree horizontal sector. (Example:
A cube with four (4) vertical faces is entitled to display
five (5) items on each vertical face, a pentagon is entitled
to a total of ten (10) items on any three (3) adjacent faces,
a projecting V sign is entitled to a total of ten (10) items
divided on two (2) faces as the occupant desires).
(C) Type of display allowed generally:
Provided the item of information allowance authorized by
this section is not exceeded, street graphics may be displayed
as ground graphics, wall or roof graphics, projecting graphics,
marquee graphics, or window graphics within the limitations
and restrictions as further provided by this chapter.
Supp. No. 37

(D) Ground-mounted street graphics and projecting street
Any ground floor occupancy fronting a public right-of-way
may display one or more ground-mounted or projecting
graphic (in addition to the allowance for wall graphics) pro-
vided the graphic meets the following specifications:
(1) Area and height regulations.
(a) If the posted speed limit is thirty-five (35) miles
per hour or less:
(1) The maximum area of graphic is thirty-two
(32) square feet, and
(2) The maximum height for projecting graphics
is sixteen (16) feet or the height of the build-
ing, whichever is less; the maximum height
for ground-mounted graphics is the height of
the building or sixteen (16) feet whichever
is less when the graphic is within ten (10)
feet of the structure, and a maximum of six-
teen (16) feet when the graphic is a clear
horizontal distance of at least ten (10) feet
from the structure.
(b) If the posted speed limit is greater than thirty-five
(35) miles per hour and less than sixty (60) miles
per hour:
(1) The maximum area of graphic is sixty-four
(64) square feet, and
(2) The maximum height for projecting graphics
is twenty (20) feet or the height of the build-
ing, whichever is less; the maximum height
for ground-mounted graphics is the height
of the building, or twenty (20) feet whichever
is less when the graphic is within ten (10)
feet of the structure, and a maximum of twen-
ty (20) feet when the graphic is a clear hori-
zontal distance of at least ten (10) feet from
the structure.
(c) If the posted speed limit is sixty (60) miles per
hour or more;

Supp. No. 37



22A-5 22A-5






(1) The maximum area of graphic is one hundred
sixty (160) square feet, and
(2) The maximum height for projecting graphics
is twenty-four (24) feet or the height of the
building, whichever is less; the maximum
height for ground-mounted graphics is the
height of the building or twenty-four (24)
feet whichever is less when the graphic is
within ten feet of the structure, and a maxi-
mum of twenty-four (24) feet when the
graphic is a clear horizontal distance of at
least ten (10) feet from the structure.
(2) Only one graphic of over six (6) square feet, either
ground or projecting, is allowed per occupancy front-
ing on public right-of-way. Additional graphics of six
(6) square feet or less are permitted providing the
ten (10) items of information are not exceeded.
(3) Ground-mounted or projecting graphics of over six
(6) square feet may be displayed:
(a) Only on a frontage of fifty (50) feet or more;
(b) Not closer than twenty-five (25) feet to the near-
est point of neighboring occupancy.
(4) Each occupant may display as many ground-mounted
or projecting graphics of six (6) square feet or less
as desired, providing that:
(a) On occupancies with public street right-of-way
frontages of less than twenty (20) feet, no ground-
mounted or projecting street graphics are per-
(b) On occupancies with public street right-of-way
frontages of at least twenty (20) feet but less
than fifty (50) feet, ground-mounted or project-
ing street graphics shall not extend horizontally
more than four (4) feet (measured at right angles
to the plane of the face) from the plane of the
outside face of the building housing the occupancy

Supp. No. 37




or be spaced closer than twenty (20) feet mea-
sured horizontally and parallel to the right-of-way
line from the nearest ground-mounted or pro-
jecting graphic of any size on the same occupancy,
nor closer than ten (10) feet from the property line
of a neighboring occupancy.
(c) On occupancies with public street right-of-way
frontages of fifty (50) feet or more, only one
ground-mounted street graphic of any permitted
size may be displayed more than four (4) feet
(measured at right angles to the plane of the face)
from the plane of the outside face of the building
housing the occupancy. One such graphic may be
displayed to each public street right-of-way front-
ing the occupancy.

(5) Where a single occupant fronts more than one hun-
dred (100) feet on one public right-of-way, the area
allowance in square feet for ground-mounted or pro-
jecting graphics of over six (6) square feet may be
increased one per cent (19%) for each additional foot
of frontage over one hundred (100) feet up to a maxi-
mum of three hundred (300) total feet. (Example: One
hundred fifty (150) foot total frontage permits 1.5
times the area listed; three hundred (300) foot front-
age permits the maximum of three (3) times the area
listed). The height limitation shall be raised by one-
fourth per cent (ii'.c ) per foot for each front foot
over one hundred (100) front feet, up to one hundred
fifty per cent (150%) of the allowance heights listed
in section 22A-5(D). (Example: In a thirty-five (35)
MPH zone, a two hundred (200) foot frontage is
entitled to 1.25 x 16 feet = 20 feet. In a thirty-five
(35) MPH zone, a three hundred (300) foot frontage
is entitled to a maximum of 1.50 x 16 feet = 24 foot
height). (There is no allowance for an increase in the
number of items of information). In the event the
occupancy loses frontage through voluntary sale or
other relinquishment of a portion of the frontage to
Supp. No. 37


any but a government body then the street graphic
must conform to the new allowance within six (6)
months of the date of loss of frontage.
(6) Projection over the right-of-way is prohibited for all
ground-mounted or projecting graphics. Projecting
graphics (except marquees) may project no more
than four (4) feet horizontally from the wall and must
be pinned away from the wall at least six (6) inches.
(7) The height of a ground-mounted or projecting street
graphic shall be measured vertically from the estab-
lished average grade directly below the graphic to the
elevation of the highest point of the graphic.
(8) Ground-mounted or projecting graphics under which
a pedestrian walkway passes must have at least a nine
(9) foot vertical clearance.
(9) Special devices. For special devices such as time-
temperature, changing message, see section 22A-7,
Auxiliary Design Elements.

(E) Wall and roof-mounted street graphics:

(1) The occupant displaying the wall or roof graphic may
determine the signable area by choosing one such area on the
building facade below the height limits for wall and roof
graphics established below, and by then calculating the num-
ber of square feet which is enclosed by an imaginary rectangle
or two superimposed rectangles which are drawn around this
area. Signable areas do not include major architectural fea-
tures, and a graphic may not cover or interrupt major archi-
tectural features.

(2) The permitted area of wall and roof graphics is thirty
per cent (30%) of the signable area of the building or struc-
ture which may be utilized for wall or roof graphics.
(a) If the graphic is enclosed by a box or outline, the total
area of the graphic, including the background and
frame but not structural supporting element outside
its frame, is counted to calculate the per cent of the
Supp. No. 37

signable area. If the graphic consists of individual
letters, only the actual area of the letters is used to
calculate the per cent of the signable area;
(b) If individual letters or a box graphic is placed in the
clear area included in a horizontal rectangle across
the facade not interrupted by windows, the height of
the letters or box may not exceed two-thirds (2/3)
of the height of the clear area.

(3) Each ground floor occupancy fronting on a public
right-of-way may display wall or roof graphics, or a combina-
tion of both. Wall graphics may be attached flat to or pinned
away from the wall, and may not project from the plane of the
wall by more than twelve (12) inches.

(4) On structures constructed after the effective date of
this chapter, adequate signable area shall be provided below
the roof line, and no street graphics shall be permitted to
project above the roof line except as may be provided in
areas of special control.

(5) Where the wall supporting the wall graphic is less
than twelve (12) inches back from the right-of-way line, the
wall graphic may project over the right-of-way provided it
does not project more than twelve (12) inches from the wall.

(F) Marquee street graphics:

(1) For each auditorium a moving picture theater may
display either on a marquee or a ground-mounted graphic ten
(10) items of information on each public street right-of-way
frontage with the following exceptions:

The following minimum necessary information may be
displayed even when the total number of items exceeds ten
(10) :
(a) The name of the theater.
(b) The title of the current film or other attraction plus
two (2) words indicating actors or performers' names.
(Second features or other additional information may
Supp. No. 37


22A-5 22A-5


be displayed in letters three (3) inches high or less
without limit).
(2) Other establishments may display up to ten (10) items
of information within the limits of section 22A-5(C) provided
that on structures constructed after the effective date of
this chapter, the letters and symbols shall be framed within a
continuous element of the marquee and not break the natural
profile of the marquee. Where the framed element exceeds two
(2) feet in height, the height of the letters and symbols must
not exceed two-thirds (2/3) of the height of the framed ele-
ments. Existing structures may continue with free-standing
letters until the marquee is demolished or requires repairs or
renewal to over fifty per cent (50%) of the material in the
(3) On marquees all lettering over three (3) inches high
is debited against the total number of items of information
allotted to that occupancy.
(4) Marquees may project over the public right-of-way two
thirds (2/3) the distance from the building to a vertical
plane formed by the face of the curb.
(5) Each occupancy which has a building entrance over-
hung by a marquee is entitled to one graphic for each front-
age where such graphic is suspended from the underside of
the marquee.

(G) Window street graphics:
Window graphics may not occupy more than thirty per cent
(30%) of the total area of the window (or glassed area,
whichever is larger) upon which they are displayed. If the
lettering in such display is higher than three (3) inches, it
is debited against the total items of information allotted to
the occupancy. The area occupied by window graphics is not
debited against the area allowed for wall graphics. Where
windows are placed in separate nonparallel planes, the limits
described above shall apply to each plane separately. Example:
Windows at end of showcase perpendicular to right-of-way
are subject to the same limits described above).
Supp. No. 37



June 1967

board of adjustment may require appropriate conditions and safcguaord, in cccord with pro-
visions of this section. With or without structural call actions the board of adjustment nmoy permit
V a nonconforming use to be changed to a more conforming use. Whenever a nonconforming use
has been changed to a more nearly conforming use or to a conforming use, such shall not there-
after be changed to a less conforming use.

(c) When a nonconforming use of a structure, or structure and premises in combination is
discontinued or abandoned for nine (9) consecutive months the structure, or structure and
premises in combination, shall not thereofriFr be used except in conformance with the regulations
of the district in which it is located, provided the board of adjustment may permit the re-establish-
ment of the use where it is determined by the board of adjustment offer public hearing that the
design, construction and character of the building is not suitable for uses pcrnilted in the district
in which such nonconforming use is situated. The board of adjustment shall hold a public hearing
on each case in question after giving ten (10) days du., notice of the time and place of such
hearing, in order to determine the question of suitability of uses permitted in the district in
which such building is located. In no event shall the board of adjustment permit a change to
another nonconforming use which would not be peri~'.ible in the some zoning district as the
original nonconforming use.

(d) Whenever a strLcture, or structure and land in combination in or on which a nonconform-
ing use is situated is damaged to can extent excocding ninety per cent (90%) of the assessed
valuation as fixed by the Cily of Gainesville inmmdiatlcly prior to such damage, the use of sCurh
structure or structure and land in combinc'ion shall thereafter conform to the regulations for the
district in which such structure is located.

(e) When nonconforming use slcius Qpplies to a structure and premises in combination, re-
moval or destruction of the structure shall climinate the nonconforming status of the land.

(f) There may be a change of tenc'nt, ownership or rncncigement of a nonconforming use
provided there is nc change in the nature or charalcter cf su.h nonconforming use except as may
be permitted by this section.

Section 29-17 Off-streci parking and loading faci lilies. (3/19/68)

(1) Parking space requirements. Parking spaces sho!! bce -r-ovided and adequately main-
tained by each property owner in every zoning district for the cff-strcet storage of motor vehicles
for the use of occupants, errploy-.:s, and patrons of each building and premise constructed,
altered, or enlarged, after the effective date of this section provided, however that structures
existing on the effective date of this Ordinance may be altered or enlarged, or a change in
a permitted use may occur so long as any alteration or enlargement or change in type of use
does not require ac'Ytional off-street parking as set fe:'h in Section 29-17 (4). The numn e r
of off-street parking spaces, in conjunction with all land or building uses, shall be provided
prior to the issuance of a certificate of occupancy as prescribed in Section 29-63. The provisions
of this section shall not apply to BR-1 zoning districts ond the BU, BI-1 and BI--2 districts shall only

9 *


June 1967

be subject to one-half (1/2) of the parking requirements set forth in this section.
(2) Requirements for a use not mentioned. In the case of a use not mentioned,
the requirements for off-street parking shall be the same as for a similar use specifically
(3) Existing parking. Except as provided in Section 29-17 (1), every building,
use,or structure, instituted or erected after the effective date of this section shall be
provided with o;'f-street parking facilities in accordance with the provisions of this
section for the use of occupants, employees, visitors or patrons. Such off-street parking
facilities shall be maintained and continued as an accessory use as long as the main use
is continued. It shall be unlawful for an owner or operator of any building, structure,
or use affected by this section to discontinue, change or dispense with, or to cause the
discontinuance, sale, or transfer, of such structure or use, without establishing alter-
native vehicle parking facilities which meet the requirements of this section. It shall
be unlawful for any person, firm or corporation to utilize a building, structure, or use
without providing the off-street parking facilities to meet the requirements of and be in
compliance with this section. Any violation of those requirements shall be punishable
as provided in Section 1-8 of the Gainesville Code of Ordinances.
(4) Parking Space Requirements. Off-street parking spaces for motor vehicles
shall be provided in accordance with thl following schedule:

(a) Residential
(1) Single family dwellings : One (1) parking space per dwelling unit.
(2) Multi-family dwellings and apartments:

A. University Oriented housing as specifically designated by Ordinance
One (1) parking space per each family unit with one (1) bedroom, one
and one-half ( 1 1/2 ) parking spaces per each family unit with two (2)
bedrooms, two (2) parking spaces per each family unit with three (3) or more
bedrooms ; provided, however, in eveiy cc!'_ not less than one (1) off-street
parking space shall be required for every two (2) total occupants of river's
license ( as an operator ) age of the aniire project or group of apartments
or multi-family dwellings in a single project.

B. CBD ( Central Business District ) oriented housing as specifically
designated by ordinance One (1) parking space per each family unit with
one (1) bedroom, one and one-half ( 1 1/2 ) parking spaces per each family
unit with two (2) bedrooms, two (2) parking spaces per each family unit
with three (3) or more bedrooms.

Co All other multi-family and apartment projects One and one-half
( 1 1/2 ) parking spaces per each family unit with one (1) bedroom, two
( 2 ) parking spaces per each family unit with two (2) or more bedrooms,
provided that in the case of an odd total number of one (1) bedroom units
in a project the total number of required parking spaces shall be reduced
to the nearest whole number. (8/19/68 )


1967 '

(e) Baiber and bcaufy shops: Two (2) parking spaces per beauty or bcibcr

(f) Banks, fincnciol and I::business offices, professional office or lawyers,
architects en,!in-ers and siril r o; allied profession- : One (1) parking rpmce
per every thrce hun (.'Id squcare feet ( 300 sq. ft. ) of floor area.

(g) Profeisional offices of doctors, cdntists and similar professions and
medical and dC'nalcl clinic: One (1) parking space per every two hI',idred
square feel ( 200 sq.fi.) of floor arca.

(h) Retcil stores, eocrplt where olherrwisc specified herein: One (1) parking
space per every lthr~e hrndrcec square; f:-'t (300 sq.ft.) of floor area excluding
parking space within or on the building.

(i) Super mc,-ket, self--ervice food store containing over four thousr.nd
square feet ( CC3 sq. fl. ) of floor c: ci: One (1) pldking space pe-r very
one hundred fifty rqu;rre foot ( 150 sq.fl.) of floer area.

(j) Store for the retail sale of furniture, appliances, household equipment
or hardware; plumbers showrooms ; dJ:coralors showroom, electrician shops
and similar trade shops ; shoe repair shops; personal service shops, ( other
than barber and beauty shops ) warehouse and wholesale outlets; uses similar
to the above specified uses : One (1) parking space per every eight hundred
square feet ( 800 sq.ft.) of floor area, plus one per every two (2) employees
in maximum work shIift.

(k) Laundromats and so!f -service dry cleaning establishments : One (1)
parking spcce per every two (2) washing and/or dry cleaning rnachiines.

(I) Service station: One (1) parking space per each service stall plus cne
(1) space per each lwo (2) employees in largest work shift with a minimum of
two (2) parking spaces for employees.

(m) ';! tor vehicles sales and service establishmronls : One (1) parking space
for each four hundred square feet ( 400 sq. ft.) devoted to sales.

(n) Restaurants, cafeterias, tavern bars, with only indoor service: One (1)
parking :pace per each four (4) seals plus one space per each three (3) employees
in largest work shift.

(o) Drive-in restaurants which are only self-service,where the patron may
park his car, order and receive food at the counter, and consume the food on
the premises either at an inside or outside table or bench or in the car:
One (1)space per each twenty square feet ( 20 sq.ft.) of gross building
area exclusive of the area within the building devoted to the receipt of and
consumption of food by the patrons. ( 3/19/68 )



(p) Drive-.in reitclurc!nts which hlavc curb service where the patron? rmciin
in cars and are served by ( mo loyecs of ihli drive-in or which contain tc'.'Ios in-
side the building which are served by employees of the drive-in: One (1) space
per each four (4) pairori :ea, iL. plu one (1) qac:e for each three (3) crmployccs
in largest work shift; provic', thfc! thcoe spaces utilized ex~c:!tively for curb
service shall not be co i ic ol c s pcr; C!'ing space, as heroin r:.''ircd.

(q) Drive-in rcf eur :.,i which have only curb service whcre the patrons
remain in their cars to place their crc' r ancd c;.e served by cmplo)ycs of the drive'
in: One (1) space per each three (3) en, ''yces in largest wo;k shifis in a !cdition
to the number of ,pices. provic.:r' for curb service use. Curb service spaces shall
be designed! in connfceiit y withl ili parking qpace requiremonis of Ihis section.

(r) Drive-in fc-:l and bovoro-ra esc'.liih.[mienl \whcre service is provic'::l
From the c'rive -in \vi ndjovw o the p1Iron and uomc o biles. : Three (3) storc:ic
;paces for every service window (dY.igned to serve drive--in poaron.3 to bc provided
in the approach lana to ccch service wvinriovw or in a c:';-nmo: reservoir siornge
area ; provided, such store does rno ir :,crfc:re with oli)hr required off-' ir :ct

(s) Drive-in fc, csfc.blihrnm-eis v.here the food is purch:eed over thli
counter and conncsumed off the iprnirscs :1 One (1) space per each one hundred
quaree feet ( 100 sq. ft.) of gro.s building area exclusive of the area wii in lhe
building devoted to lthe receip of food by Ihe pct'ron;.

(t) Drive-in bc!n!;s: Five (5) spaces per each teller window c!signed to
serve drivc-in piroens to be provided in ihe approach lane to each drive-.in
window c. in a common reservoir storaej orea ; provided, it does not interfere
with other required off--street prikini.

[u) Drive-'in cleaners cind other siminii!i drivo-in fo:i li ties not herrin
;pecified : Three (3) spaces for coch drivrn-in scrvic window desirIed to serve
Jrive-in patrons to be provided in the c'pproc!-:h lons to each service window
or in a common re'.crvoir storage area ; provided, it does nol interfere with
thor required off-street parking.

[v) Bowling alleys : Four (,') spcico per ccS!- bowling lane.

(w) Auditoriums, theatres, stc'diums, assembly hills, etc., with fixed
seating facilities : One (1) space per each four (4) seals.

(x) Churches : One ( 1 ) space per each five (5) permanently fixed secias
in the largest assembly, meeting or congregation area. If permanently fixed
seats are not used, one (1) space per each five (5) persons of legal capacity, cs
stated in the building cocd of Ihe City of Gainesville, in the largest a.csnil.ly,
meeting or conregraiion arca.

(y) Auditorium, i h;, theatre stadiums, oasnmbly halls, community centers,
union halls, etc.,nol having fixed scai!ing facilities, dance halls, roller rinks,


June 1967

table game establishments: One (1) space per each four (4) persons of legal
capacity as stated in the building code of the City of Gainesville, Florida.

(z) Hospitals: One (1) space per each patient bed.

(aa) Convalescent homes, rest homes and sanitariums : One (1) space per
each iwo (2) patient beds.

(bb) Orphanages and similar institutions : One (1) space per each five (5)

(cc) Morturaries and Funeral Homes : One (1) space for every four (4)
permanently fixed se;as in the chapel and funeral service rooms or, if temporary
seats are used, one space for every four (4) of legal capacity as stated in the
Building Code of the City of Gainesville, Florida. In addition to these requirements,
one (1) space for every two (2) employees on Ihe largest work shift plus one (1)
space for every vehicle maintained, stored oi used in tie normal conduct of

(dd) Motor vehicles laundry wash rack, automatic car wash: Where a
conveyor system is used, one (1) space per each adjusted footage of con-
veyor belt ( adjusted footage is equivalent to 80 % of actual footoae of con-
veyor belt ), plus one (1) space per each four (4) employees on the largest work
shift. Where a system other than a conveyor system is used to move vehicles
through a washing operation : parking or storage spaces for eighty per cent (80%)
of the manufacturer's hourly rated capacity for the system in use, plus one (1)
parking space for every four (4) employees on the largest work shift.

(ee) Self-service car wash: Three (3) spaces per each washing stall to be
provided in the approach lane to each washing stall.

(ff) Manufacturing : industrial concerns not catering to retail trade : One
(1) space per each three (3) employees in the largest work shift.

(gg) Manufacturing and industrial concerns with retail business on premises:
One (1) space per each three hundred square feet (300 sq. ft.) of floor area
devoted to retail sa!es or service plus one (1) space per each three (3) employees
in the largest shift.

(hh) Transportation terminal facilities including airports, railroad stations,
bus s-rtions and truck terminals: One (1 space for each one hundred squc--
feet (100 sq. ft.) of public waiting room floor area, plus one (') spr f: .o each
two (2) regular employees on the work shift, plus sufficient space to i':: store,
load largest work shift, plus sufficient space to park, store, load or unload all
commercial motor vehicles incidental to the facility. (3/19/68)

(5) Location of parking area. Off-street parking areas shall be located in relation to the
use they are intended to "erve subject to the following :

(a) Such parking space as required in this section shall in no part exist


June 1967

upon and no part of any vehicle shall overhang the right -of-way of
any public road, alley, street or walkway. There shall be no off-street
parking in the required front yards of residential districts, provided, that
this restriction shall not be interpreted to prohibit parking that normally
exists in driveways and provided further than this section not apply to
university oriented and CBD oriented districts as defined in Section 29-
C6.2 (3).

(b) Manuevering and access driveways for off-street parking areas in all
zoning districts, except residential parking areas requiring six (6)
or less parking spaces, shall be provided within the plot on which the
parking is located so that automobiles shall not be required to back
into or manuever within the public street right-of-way entering or
leaving the off-street parking areas.

(c) Parking spaces, other than those accessory to residential uses without
special accessor; parking permits as provided in Section 29-17 (9),
shall be located on the same lot as the principal building to be served
or within three hundred ( 300 ) feet of the principal building to be
served cs measured from the nearest point of the building to the nearest
point of the off-street parking lot; provided,that this provision shall
not be interpreted to permit the location of off-street parking spaces
within a zoning district where parking lots are not permiiled as a
princilnl use, unless a special exception is granted by the board of
adjustment pursuant to the provisions of Section 29-17 (9).

(d) Off-street parking areas may be situated in any R-2,R-3 or RP district
abutting any commercial or industrial district to a depth not exceeding
three hundred (300) feet, provided, that all off-street parking lot
improvements as required in Section 29-17 (8) are complied with.

(6) Joint use of parking area. The joint use of parking facilities by two (2) or
more uses is pcrmnitted whenever such joint use is practicable and satisfactory to each
of the uses intended to be served, and when all requirements for location, design arid
construction con be satisfied In computing capacities of any joint use, the off-street
parking requirement is the sum of the individual requirements that will occur at the same
time, provided that the total of such off-street parking facilities required for joint or
'collective use may be reduced by the building inspector in accordance with the following
rules and standards:

(a) Uses for which the joint off-street parking facilities are to servo do not nor-
mally operate during the same hours of the day or night.

(b) Not more than fifty per cent ( 50%) of off-street parking facilities required
for theatres, churches, bowling alleys, dance halls, and establishments for the sale
and consumption of alcoholic beverages, food, or refreshments may be supplied by
off-street parking facilities which are provided for other buildings or uses.


June 1967

Section 29-18 OverhFcnrgng or extruiding projections.

(1) "R" districts, and M" districts.

(a) Every part of ci inquircd yard or court shall be open from its
lowest point to the sky, unobstre"'.ed, except for the customary
projection of sills, belts, courses, cornices, ornamental features,
and eaves, provided, however, that none of the above projections
shall extend into a requited yard more than thirty-six (36) inches.
Open or enclosed fire escapes, outside stairways, balconies,
chimneys, flues, or other projections shall not ex?- A into any required
yard except that uncovered steps may project not i .re than three (3)
feet into any required yard .

(2) Bus.inss districts. With the exception of the BR-1 and BR-2 districts,
there shall he no projection of sills, belts, courses, ornament::al
features or eaves, over any public right-of-way. Within Cito BR-1
and BR-2 districts, such structural or ornamental features may project
not more than six (6) inches over the public-right-of-way line provided
that no projection shall exend beyond a vertical projection of the
property line between the sidewalk or grade level and ten ( 10 ) feet
above such sidewalk or gradu except tia marquees or canopies may
extend out two-thirds ( 2/3) of the way between the fcice of the
building and the curb.

Section 29-19 Validity of previously issued permits in conflict with these

Permits for either the construction of buildings or for the use of land or
buildings which hove boon issued prior to the adoption of this chapter and which
are in violation with the regulations of this chapter shall be declared void unless
evidence is shown to establish that substantial expenditures have been made cither
for the preparcaion of plans for construction or for preliminary planning. In-,
vestment in roal property shall not be construed as an expenditure towards
construction: Unless actual construction work, including grading and excav.'ation
is under way within six (6) moni;'s after the adoption of this chapter, such
permit shall become void.

Section 29-20 Permitted building area.

The principal building on any lot or parcel of land shall be erected within
the area bounded by the building lines established by setback or yard requirements.
Accessory buildings may be erected within any building line establishedC for the
principal building and in required rear yards as may be otherwise provided in
these regulations.

Section 29-21. Effect of objections on plan board recommendations.

In case of protest against any change in the zoning of property, signed


3) MEMO~ lovdjrj cMr! PAhIN~ ro di~h pcicuwi K u;ion to 1I0
items in (cQ) lbovn oncld Tlo ccnom c c, noise, u!ere, or odor AffMcIt of
I ho loccriontr oF m.id,;l vir cTCon oCdy( kanoi.iV i ( o;ivrd prop iii es pu ncr'
alliy ini 111C (sri

c) Rehisc ond.c. ivi CVIe.w, iC vvii i. !o r::CrCI IiC tO tho j j (. )
and (h) alo''c.

J) UBiifticr, with icfcrclncc' to IM c! in tawco; i ori c'ncld cov bH!)i i y and
caopai iyiy for I-i ieLc prc? c c; cJ.

z) Manner of of'.2 of I h' rrcvlrY, \vi poiriiculcar reference t, 16
effect oF Inovisia: is for Adncir v:i odicircil'e prop-:i fics ind il', :
quenccs of sud:n c6 c!inc'nc, o:n ovwrcll city cd)'inc!L)C' 1ci u ticf.

F) Scroorztinc, ard hufri; icr- vwfhil to lrcfc'n l-i o.ypo, ( m'nlsiCn-, aind
choracictr to prac wrve and ithnm'w co ,i1I o;ly Ind i 1*.),.Av,,ccl
the propoSed uQV ind i uTO o ;wand skuc!urmms or an;cd' ent and nook)i ,y
propc'rti es ais d ircl; i r csnd : i a! I>' in 1 12 disri

j) Signs and Ipr 5dice 10 ); lore wii rf; c
saFcfy ccommii c OWNcrTls c 1thy scns~ on prop~rrics in IAho Chisir-t,
and coimrpclhibility nd I i:nn'iy vwii inccir-iy properliics.

h) Gencrol trrni lien ,onc convoCnicncc., wiI IQ referencc, to insuring hAll
exterior alpp-.ci (ncnQ of An Iwp:'02sc',d mc!toi borne pik M'wilt be as
corip ci icr ai I( W nownim vn b w prcprl l, c' s in I he on-oro! arecj cis
may ho ond %viltnl mho so o vrc~ri oce wdi Iiotor uses in An gono ~ l
cocaI as to C~iOC= au~ SCOW Alne1(pc riai ii of prop~rt) va I is.


)n 29--39. piclon

Within all buciscns districts ( hccL. ,A*- P ,rIr, ,r2, EtUSC, [ 1R-1,
DA-2 ) as shmo'An oil 111 zoning napiO~ of iM,, Cily o( Gcincsvijle, Floricd-,, the
ttnc regulacrions shill ci:i)Iy -y

1) Fa`crnfi ~oF_~.! 2~:si 'cs. vn oFppli ccolc, b n moss uses shtInl face
business or comimerciad lislricis cci a street if wil bin a business or inciunriit
3nd slatll not fhce rosi 21 ial munins '2 di mnny front on an inierseci mo or
reeto adjacent to sucl'. husi nany or coiarnrciol zoflO

2) Access In businciys us. Wh .ro b!Isfrict properly o cihvo 2
C, nd themo tHt [IMAIo of Mue1 bi Ich~ uzincess district

ic 1967

perty alr!o c!but cny resi.deunin' diC rict, access to such bu:sness disTric;
par;y shell bI p;-,ovi'.:-'d orly fi;o:n l il s:1 ; nof ;bu iing ci icrsidenlial

(3) Scrcovnin or His'.; rioy. .

A. A continimn '.:ny ,ny vwl of not rimovtc. than 1wernly-five (25) pr'i
i open face consiruction, ;ix (6) fr. in h':ihlt shall bIo provid-ed alon!ig ih
vual houti;;!: y line b': I.-.:r v\r',V'ic' ur s or' zo.70 in ig disl'icts except f o i aly
ion of st; 5' bouildckry tiho lir wil.hin a i equird front yard, under th0' following

1. Whnovc r a .kin"Ac lol, cxceiit ca rcsicdenial pai king lol conichiiiig
six (6) or less ;.acc;, is ed:ciont tu ciiy land zoned R- lia, R-b,, l Ic which
is not u:cd i;r ri;ici.'d ac.c scory p ;iking.

2. Whenever a buildin. ci lannd is uacld, or wvhenCvorc a building is
erected, conncicAcd 01 siaicLtu;'illy oalter.Id f non-resi'dnce purpose's
in a ResA:i, iial-Prof;:.slot I (Pl ) zon: '. ici abuts land zoned RE, R--o,
R-lb which is not' uc:d for ciicled acccsory parking.

3. Wihennvcr a lul!ding or land is uscd, or whenever a building is
ericc(d, conni':cicd or si luci:t-,i||lly o'icr.: in a norn-'r'sI!entioIl zone
which abrus land zon!dc to ony resic;ntiial classification except Residonifol--
Prof:csio.ncl (IP').

B. Whcen-ccr in hiis ordis"nce a six (6) foot liigjh masonry wall is
uired, tII !! v V:alI r ccictd io thc Wiccei;'d h ei~hl, measured from the
aceni s.,r W.cn of tfheo non .si!n:;';idIly zond prop-r;y

C. VWh-nevcr in ihis odinWnco ac six (6) fool higih mcisonsy wclll is
uired, a \v.-cl, fncc, f vc jreten hi'.:c!ge and/or oih'-. suitable screening device'
'he sami or Icrrocr hIigtli nviy b' pemitiiiod by tlie bocird of adjustImnt as a
clal ex:cepiioi n lieu of ihe rq'qu:ired solid masonry wall, if, after public
ice and I'a,'ring, the I-,ioard fin'. .Tlchcat such c; wull o; screening. would provii
,al or ,qrc.c;itr protection to Ihe residoiiic!l plcci)[ly from any adverse effects
jlling fro:mi tih usa in the non-residential dis'tricl

D. Wh-re a boiundary w,'!l -o" i~irrnitcd suslisurte is required pr,'''vati'
he provisions cf ihis s'ctioi, such vall or subslitu;o shall Ib, croctzd prior to
issuance of a CiCtiifiea(ic of O.cupc;icy.

(4) Prusinsce i. ius cfoaiin:neo sc:iandis(,dso. In rord to protect adjoin .
and ajcircci prYI1'ii':5 1.! Oi' ,nc)ioious, detrimnilnhi and adverse C.ffocic
,l ing from ei!7i op,'ratcion of any buI.rin.:s, irsde, or profession, all ucss ipar-
ied within all Il-usin.ss dir.;icls sall comply wilh 'th following reogulions:

Jvun 1967

(ci) ScW,, c cMn'! Wh:. fIoi AT wi by ng Codi:ion of \'t c.rl,
SMU duo;, Car, fly CA or C-'.l)'yc~~o fran"
any phiCs, VWig(Z, ao Ar r or firom cn> cll-rr
SOiMC', N o fh, car. 1./M fu'7! t!r i L: ei illsrm
in nzr uhrc or dlAI V. jcd o cis fo r-rven cin, k!
of VoZCe SM RI Hy ccah, or cirAMcr in:o 1ihe a~ir.

(h) FUIM, VwpCJo5,Cpir T2'S. [bro iiil! -, 1!7 cin c"'
any fumns, \w:or, or Onns o' Cn nrO::iou.., toxic, or
corrocs~'o Ivo: 1104n, S'uch cn cC r'M Cm7ay orny cr ir i f. :ion
to hil lth, Winatr W;, vcQ-Qjion, or to an)y fonn ?[F

(c) Se Tw We sh'dll h)3 no a ct ooy point of
Liquid cq solidi \v':-cs intio viiLy pub ic Sm`e', dt om
'YeC1 \-All ov cu"Iod succh s.;crn or clcnr"e &':mrim q I
erfocts in Idi fvion. d trvirni cc fln pi!)Iic-, owol. Tho .

privoio APOF91 SYMI-11'F70: 7 5 n: re, 2 Vm'm or inli'o III,:! f:,Oun
of a dcind or ue v4 uich n- M y concimnirw~ ony vx'cicr
supply or ocIouV? c 0,,c Wv omission of Monr rowU or
Aobjcciorw:b!o Clonwig or con! N ins 1 Tlv'r sh1hc 'H b II-
ricctuvtioctivri of As id V Coz0iz' t 1 o F Vcc--r-lin of
rodenos or inW-ads.

(d) I-lout, cold mrfpnnwrs, or rnevcornmt of oir. Acfivilt-s v'm.cfh
shall rpz:.-'luco ('wy. c:ch'coi F Oir2 c on the Cion'p'';''Iu Ol
motion, o; IhiuWiJy of IS C mor2! .zz bcyon7d Oh') lo -n?
shc It not h o puniA; d

(o) iT'h" pz: rn- s:C1 Icvcl of I or sotind (Iiti.n c;
tho propriy lin of ih Ik-' cn \'v'hzCih the prinecil v1 u- is
located shcdall not cc: onyOw cxeced 1110 C'jm -az i
level Piovciaingjf m' any' civc:n I'ou'r, aOs ( rec by slaccl
a'nd 1rtz fic octiv\'iiy. ih C i'c!cni-nciion cf noiso level sali i
be mIcIsuocl wilh o ounc1 1('cl rn:c:Icr ihcio conforms to
specifications pvu:! T17Qd ky flfi! Anl-inirican Si-cndlrds

Odor. Tliei-c, dicil' YI: no vmolrsz-on of odorous e-ozrs o-
odorou5 rnswr;cv in su Ii o'rwitips as to bn oMnsivc, oMnai;:
OUS, 0Or )lCAJ''I. b:!yon1i lcprY lino on v.iich tl-r
prinipcul ur2: ik Acn):?'. pAn ccess, inckuzini tlhl pro-
paro a or fcod, wdi'may i i vVey thie crcl'Iion vnd
emibsion of oay srf:A ri r s )-:0 Ir1II 10ioid witl bohl a
primrg and a raconlo: ~oFanamrWcl syrgoln so MatII odor
conIrOl wiay Ito mwln'ciinrxl in 11 :.\'flcnt of a failuro of tiH-
primcniry Tr.

(g) Glore. There shell :be no direct gl'.ire visible from any residential district
caused by 'Inbhilcldld flo-li i):ts or othir sources of high intensiy lighting

(5) Setbacks for Iuildi:i:; nd sirLucl urs, iln business dirricls. For every building or
structure eiccied in any blusi .:,rs ci,'i;-ici, thi rh:e sh ,Il be provided a setback fiom
the p c')-rly line bcginniitq ci a a height o no more than Ihirty-five (35) feet
from the first floor level, providing r for four (4) incdes of setback for each
additional foot of building highi over thirly-five (35) feet for flth side cind
rear of buildings. Front setl'ccl.s shell be applied at a height of no higher
than eighty (80) fe:;f from the: filrs flo,,r level providing for a setback of three
(3) inches for each addiliona'l foot in height over eighty (80) feet.

(6) Conduct of business uses. All princilp! uses in any Mecl.,A-P,DP, B-1,BI-2,
BU,SC,BA-1, IBR-1, anci BRi 2 district shall b? contained within c: !npletely
enclosed buildings, except cs otherwise provicdd herein. This shall prohibit
any outdoor stloricg or dirploy of goods and commodities not contained within
a completely enclosed building. IHiowvc:r, off--sticot prC-king lois shrill be
permitted in each of these clisiiicts outside of o cormpnc'.: ly encloosd building.

(7) Shopping centers in "B" districts. Shopping centers, subject to the provisions
set forth in the shopping center distiici, sho.ll be perrmitled in any BR-1,DR-2,
B!-1, BI-2 DA-1 and BA-2,disirit.


Section 29-40. Purpose of Business Districts: Medical Center District, Mecd.;
Administrative and Professionul, A--P.; Business and Professional District, BP; Business
Institutional District, BI--1; Business Institutional District, I1-2; Business University
Service, BU; Shopping Center Dishrict, SC; Cenlral Business District, BR-1; Retail
Business District, BR-2; Business, Autonioiive, Resiricted, District, BA-1; Business
Automotive District, BA--2.

Business districts ore estaili!edC for the purpose of providing areas i which various
types of business activities ma)y :,c conducted compatibly with the character of the
neighborhood or area, and such districts shall he established for the purpose of pro-
viding business areas to serve a given geographical or trade area or for a particular
business need.


1 29-44. Cenhi'al Pusminss District DR- 1.

Jses Permitted.

Prof' ional services, business services. personal services, hotels and mno' ,
sales and services are p-rmirnited, but automotive s~Ales and services, service
s, and drive-in restaurants are prohibited. Vendors of alcoholic beverages
3 a beverna license issued? by the City of Gainesville as either Series A,
,E,F or G, as referced to in Cir-Tper 4, Section /'-4, of the Gainesville
)f Ordinances, the same liiing Ordinance No. 11/4, are permitted in this
I. Nisht clubs (re also peoritiod in this district.

ot and Duilding Recqireemrnis.

None except as thcrric p:ovc'd h5e. rein.

1 29-45. Retail P :'ss, BR'-2.

Jses Pcrmitied.

professionall services, biusFiness rorvices, personal services, hotels anci mo!'es,
;ales and services, and cdry cleaning plons \which ui'lize only noncombutiible
19 fluids are permitted, ILbu ou;oiiioitive salos c'nd rervicc:, service stations,
ve-in rectauranls are prohibited. Vendors of alcoholic beverages holding
rage license issued by the City of -inesvilio as eithr Series A,B,C,D,E,F
as referred to in Clih; tr 4, Sctic 4-4 of lhe Gainesville Code of
inches, the scme bein:j Ordin-'nce No. 1174, r:oe permitted in this district.
iubs ore also pe rmnttcd in hi district.

.ot and Building Pcquiremen.s:

Minimum lot arca 5,000 sq. ft.
minimum lot wvidth at the building linj 50 ft.
Minimum lot depth 100 ft.
Minimum rear ycard None
Except where such rear yard cibuts n rcsidcntial
district, a sebac-ck of five (5) feet shall be
Vinrinum side yard, interior None
Except where such side yard ab-is a
residential district, a setbacck of
five (5) feet shuill be required.
V\inimum side yard, street None
Maximum per cent of lot coverage 100 %
VMaximuim building height Unlimited.


in ownership due to sale, transfer or any other cause
shall revoke and cancel existing permit and the new
owner shall apply for a new permit before continuing
operation. (Ord. No. 905, 2, 10-20-58)

Sec. 14-18. Examination and condemnation of unwholesome
or adulterated food or drink.

Samples of food, drink and other substances may be taken
and examined by the health officer as often as may be neces-
sary for the detection of unwholesomeness or adulteration.
The health officer may condemn and forbid the sale of, or
cause to be removed or destroyed, any food or drink which is
unwholesome or adulterated. (Ord. No. 905, 3, 10-20-58)

Sec. 14-19. Sanitation requirements.

All restaurants shall comply with all of the following items
of sanitation:
(a) Building: All buildings used to house a restaurant
shall be free from rats and vermin and maintained
in a rat and vermin free condition. New buildings to
be used as restaurants shall, in addition to the above,
be rat and vermin proofed and maintained in a rat
and vermin proof condition.
(b) Floors: The floors of all rooms in which food or
drink is stored, prepared or served, or in which
utensils are washed, shall be of such construction
as to be easily cleaned, shall be smooth, and shall
be kept clean and in good repair.
(c) Walls and ceilings: Walls and ceilings of all rooms
shall be kept clean and in good repair. All walls and
ceilings of rooms in which food or drink is stored or
prepared shall be finished in light color. The walls of
all rooms in which food or drink is prepared or uten-
sils are washed shall have a smooth, washable surface
up to the level reached by splash or spray.





(d) Doors and windows: All openings into the outer air
shall be effectively screened and doors shall open
outward and be self-closing, unless other effective
means approved by the health officer are provided to
prevent the entrance of flies and other insects.
(e) Lighting: All rooms in which food or drink is stored
or prepared or served, or in which utensils are washed,
shall be well lighted.
(f) Ventilation: All rooms in which food or drink is
stored, prepared or served, or in which utensils are
washed, shall be adequately ventilated.
(g) Toilet facilities: Every restaurant shall be provided
with adequate and conveniently located toilet facilities
for its employees and guests in conformance with
Sections 1, 2, 3 and 4 (b) of Chapter VII of the
Florida State Sanitary Code, 1956 Compilation.
Toilet rooms shall not open directly into any room in
which food, drink or utensils are handled or stored.
The doors of all toilet rooms shall be self-closing.
Toilet rooms shall be kept in a clean condition, in
good repair, well lighted and ventilated.
(h) Lavatory facilities: Adequate and convenient hand-
washing facilities shall be provided for employees
and the public, including hot and cold running water,
soap and approved sanitary towels.
There shall be provided in the toilet rooms for the
public or in separate rooms adjacent to toilets, at least
one lavatory for each two hundred persons based on
seating capacity or number expected to be present at
one time if seats are not provided, but in no case
shall there be less than one lavatory for each toilet
In addition to the above, there shall be provided in
restaurants with ten or more employees, one lavatory
for each fifty persons employed, but in no case shall
there be less than one lavatory for each toilet room.


1 14-19


(i) Water supply: Hot and cold running water under
pressure shall be easily accessible to all rooms in
which food is prepared or utensils washed, and the
water supply shall be adequate and of a sanitary
(j) Construction of utensils and equipment: All multi-
use utensils and all show and display cases or windows,
counters, shelves, tables, refrigerating equipment,
sinks and other equipment or utensils used in con-
nection with the operation of a restaurant shall be so
constructed as to be easily cleaned and shall be kept
in good repair. Chipped or cracked eating and drink-
ing utensils shall not be used or kept in any restaurant
and any such utensils found in any restaurant may be
destroyed by the health officer. Utensils containing
or plated with cadmium or lead shall not be used;
provided, however, that solder containing lead may
be used for jointing.
(k) Cleaning and bactericidal treatment of utensils and
equipment: All equipment, including display cases
or windows, counters, shelves, tables, refrigerators,
stoves, hoods and sinks shall be kept clean and free
from dust, dirt, insects and other contaminating ma-
terial. All clothes used by waiters, chefs, and other
employees shall be clean. Single-service containers
shall be used only once.
No articles, polish or other substance containing
any cyanide preparation or other poisonous material
shall be used for the cleaning or polishing of utensils.

After cleaning, all such utensils
subjected to one or more of the
equivalent bactericidal processes
health officer:

shall be effectively
following or other
approved by the

(1) Immersion for at least two minutes in clean,
hot water at a temperature of at least 170 degrees
Fahrenheit or for one-half minute in boiling
water. Unless actually boiling water is used.

, 14-19


* \



I', ,


- )

co-eEl, -~


'n hb blc
*1 I; -. ~

t ----. --

IF' ~.~b

i.. J

- *1~

Ii N

,-.-~ /


~ n~)~I~


T'F f


-- --


'- i k) I



i i

r .i



Zri~ -:


*j 1

2 t :c72



iG- )~

11~*' .~


---: J- h

Iv 1


v .

\iM k!>w



0i r

i'j t (1



Ib ,

\ ;

...,~~.. --II_ I-_C-



/' I
I~UM*; i, ;

1 T-^

I C~ z



1. c2


) ?


' 4-.

I- j '

- 1
r -

'1 i ~




m -




n v-i

P iN.. CY

-t 1


n I ' a "': t r.-

Gruc.p E .- Asw.mbiy Occ,.ua:.y &Wl -. 170
folo ing:

Dance Halls Rst rit (L.
Gy;n em n's SItab S a. i C
MI:tion r;. CLir'e es TewF ('2 :
Mus eun's The; :rs

g -,tIers, the





i-u nN

1 i ,' a td K I-,T a Ud A1 a

21. i .1 i

1. Pr.,iection uf Vertical Oi.-*,:p:un s

5. IFkr..ctir n of Wal! Oiifn1ngs

(4 SYrMMile:s a:,, SiTar:pites

8. Light, e( Ri'ati'n and S1 a:'.: inm

9. H u- i;t:g R:q-i';i'meits ..



... to 0 K'l ive

. 2i) t,)o 25002, ircl .-i\e

. .... CL .t r V il[

S..p SU B-C' ..(i 4 -FICA' T NS

Group E hih. i] e vdey l into --a. -' n as set f-t.h
in this Se tion, bo, if I: hi .hi; c-:'; !-hetf for
G c-Up E Or.u ia-.y a-ess o :-:. se r:.. :

(a) :Group; E-l--- large .AssX .blyi

G)tiOUi F-1 Sh n aclde t E:.'s and e-s of public as-
bly W ,av a .. ..g- stage (se O : : a ity-: '. : t
of se en :. I i ( ) or, : n e P w-. s: a! 44 -" u,"
f ,at r or i 1 1o r a -, -. g

(b) G'ioi E-2----Sm ll : .-;..< -

Goup E-2 e of
)ng a ;;q 75 or m9e v a 'q'P'hly less;
Lax '0 G i '-p F-1.


41S .5 -SP>i. 'L i :;MNTS ;: P "E" OCCUP'' t.\C

i. Pe: ar: tion of Bnoler and Fu!imace Room ......... 812

M. Non-(".0 .ni :I ; :e'l S niri:r'.'\ay Rciili ,rin-fts ... C ;::],;(r XI

N S y l I ( n- ', N M

plotfrc iii of ')IGrcup "E" .-,5s ciori'dance v,' h Sb-*ction 5'2.

Tt .. ...... ... ... 51.2

4... ... .::s ::nid G]:rard.%t _uds .... ... ........... ... -10

' 9 1;!

:. : er .

4 1

S .' t' .. ..

... . .. ..l E q . ...... .e

'' ,,.r X'

IL t E I

I. N

Type II

If -t
Ic il

I E 2 ,e
,C 'I F, '. -"'
(; 1.. "

Typ2 '

T I ', L V-'(-


1, .. ''n. (1w n bAa
o f T y ; t c u o u : S

70 by or( "l) n is Fq4; -.d v it} an. I'.
:' .' .,
'!";t I'll1 A M ow, ) Nm

NoL ;mit
r Ft.
'*,- i', it


N,:.t T',i- .tted

0 :e

No !t PeI "-:;,,

s;i,- bny a ,.;
" if t .-1 .


No LUmit

N'n Li:n


,0'. )0 "'i :'-
if' 0 *' -'

5.ooo" :"*

."! I Dci n ) '

No Li;it
No Li it

No,t Po) inittted

Not 'n fitted
Not lO 1 -t

N,. ', i t:ed

Y i.
Not I'i -nitoed
N,(' I '** (

Not 1', finitied

* i; 'i" :.nce. ''

nd ALimite

No Limit
.' n i Vh t


v7 ;,, *: < '. 5 : '.; a st ge- or ;t; provide d.Ta c gl a or

S1, e\ ..(-, ''. fiei i Gioup E---As..eniig oly
:i :,-.t :n G.. :: :,:: sc Oc ~ ipancy (Se e Section 408).

M'5.: -- i i;'i TETi C i: Ui t' i 'N TS--G!(OP "B"
("-Cl-.1X tSECTION

1 l : e Area
I a' I Ane9 'z g-
2. Types of < on

. r':,;- i .! pipes .

7. ;, and Sel: nation
,. L vghT er :-t ,, and sPaitation

.. .... ..... ...... 40 5.5
ti p of c,',triition used.
Chapter VJ
Ser XI
S901 to 902, inc'iisive
RF q: 'iei' nts .. ... .... 412
2001 to 2002, incisive
... .. .Chapter VIII

;(-,.l'- <;-;!.K '')q- E \ETS -C!;ROUIP "B" OCCUPANCY

i -'; ... -." :.:r i;u!;.rn t .. Chapter X
T .- .. .... .. ... 04
L 7.- '. "' _.505
r. Gn.fls .-' 509
C. ... . n ... .. . . ......... .C :p er X IX
7 oi. gc d .....g df p'! d Q",uia" hnids -ha be prohibiited;
:- ::... ] :. 'r: 5 = ') ri','g.] S 0S) "'.,: :2 O ' I e 7lC > Il L

Type I
Type II

Tae H!

F-l 2 -0 ^.- ,, tle

-1 1 ,fies ~etc.
9-2 --'f .-ca tle
F'3 e VI

(a) TE: T: h g-l c6:

1fs .1.
f:) In all "'g-n f ,

t .

S t No L:rt No L init
,O f:. ia) No ,I m'it No L nit

- .,00
12.: 00


!U. ,rOcO

1 .U i

1 .- I. (

:2 0

] 1,000

i .: l ,oc'r
;. d .',L.;..-e
No LKircit
No Limit



7.00 Not Pe ni "tted
4.(0 Not Permi .ted
C .L'i !,,-" .1 ; ( t or

Ty, Hi C'-,'..: : f-.r A ,uimiN gs of Group "A;" B inLMS- S O(:0,: p vs;a- shai not be
lc-re:st.^ ce 1 of n;' w, ns Ah lIl eI rot Is t'.: ;2 hours, and of &he othe-r .tr(tiural
as, FshRll i!e no a:: that s-,.n in TaM :. but n no case ,.s tan 2 hours,
of r :- '- : :" in- ': is1 cWcoW.trIuc n.
.p ics-- fk li A'.r:i gs-of T'ype I Co.'N.trucon, the p'artitios, columns, trs.-es.
Srs y .. v e (1) ar.r if -e 1 n , ;,ped 'It[] ,n .. .,.qC"ov d auto-
:T : : .- ly 1..}. C1 1 u l vne (1) 1 .c fM e rle-

A' n 3 P V

, 2' 7

'''0,' NO2) 5 1 4

21 "4

V 4- 444. *. IZ .

,4' 4 :-4 ~ [ -- -'-}1, "

606.. ---AL 'OWABt E AQEA C-- 'i t -:,,-;ve

69S6.5 sRlPE-i OTECI E l r:Q !:E ENTS T YPE V

TA ;LE 66.5-- if E PiOTECi.u} REQL IMIENTSfl -

Re uihred
S: 1',BERS Es1 R nce
( n ) )
Pa rt Walls 4 '-'ty'v. .- fire .asis .hall Cx-
Fire WMINs 4 'e nd :nct ess than ihrce (3)
S a" .'v, -.: : a en at
ed 2,t e:te4'4 ave
.' t- '. r-nf is of
}, c.n-tru-t i for
e -ea .,hi.; forty (40) feet
hh oe f t e ",,all.

.xterior Rearing
,Va! s 3

v 0) f'et

Exteri4 'on-EcaCriP g
(Wa! Is 2
S : a 2 ",-r 7 ZS WK Al E.

I 1

or 1:):S g WElls

Other Cohinns

Supporting M&asonry
or Bea g als,
Col.i ns, Girders,
S:pportling Roof
C(Other Trusses

OtMier Be.ms

Deck Cnsruocrticn |


'hl4ld flbe e 6- g i ? prs re-p
quIted for the wall it s,.1pports.

S'e Footote for
requirement ts.
See Footnote for,

SSee Foo'note for
rqucC? e n,'ent s.

hl' an:; ce

P',:4' Cr, i 'ucl ion '

ABI E;VIATIMNS: "N.C." w..s Non-Coibu,.tible.
NOTE l) ruildinegs of Type \' Conj.rucion tv.o or ;m-,cre -tories
in ei-: t, ev>:,-.t ,.-e <.;d tv.o '-.ail ,v',e ,;5, floors
'ated u .ia:e ly aibov:ie .a--pases an :c:-..'ts or
colJars aI.d 'ave f-i:-ianas shal Lave one hour Cire pro-
t4coion except v;,e o. m int or celar is -q"ip.pd ,ith
an a!romd avi--& 19 -r .sten.


c -, 2

'< ,,, s at. t (l de

'Thi c .'- ent ap';"'!'";:; o:.iy 1t0 str-ict 'i:a' ru.nibers
supporting .L-:.; wa-s except that thi .es ot pply
in o:e st.ry lildings or whEre the only 'nss; nry sup-
-ported is a masonry vx.ser.

...Extericr wal!s shail exten nor ks t!a. eiglIteen (18)
in,",s "- roof. (- *9'-e lnt
be constructed on build'gs vht.ic the rof slopes : re
than four (4) ini]hes vertical to tv--le (12) riches hlori-
zontal fr.!m the back of the extei--ji v-al! of such buildings
or where Ithe ext-rjor wall of such buiiing is located
fifteen (15) fn-t or Ir r i-e i.-.iace from' :: piolweriy line
or is lorate,! o one alley or public way of fifteen feet or
more in wilth.



ROOF COVERING ............

.... Section 703

.. .-.....Section 705
... .......Section 1115

...S-11t:ns 301 and 706

a*. :'* i :n .i Si- 1 L HI z -'T .. .- jy G

c. N , .. K1 .'C1KE. LD, SE. ,'I'S.

aiREUE. TIMEl DiTS LTS .. Chapter
a. Enimum Design Leads ......Chapter X11

h. Foundati ons .. ......... ..........

c. W ood . ....... ... .. ... ..
d. Steel ... .
e. Concrete ........ . ...

f. M asonry .. ...........

g . lumi i u ml ... ................... .... .. ...

h. Lathing, Plastering and
Gypsum Wallboard..........
i. Stair C ",i tr'cctii n .........

j. Elevators and Escalators .......
k. Safeguards During Construction.

S ; Z' i 1
l~vii .V.7

.......Chapter XIII

.....Ch -er XVII

... Chanptr XV

.......Chspter XVI

.. Chapter XIV
Chapter XXVIII

Chapter XVIII
...Section 1115

Chapter XXIV
.......Chapter XXI

" r" 2J


a. G oters and LIaders ...... .........

b. Dormer W'''dow.s .............. ....

f. y i h ts ..... ... ...... .. .. ...... .
t -- 0

.Secton 712

.Scction 709
S ction 713
.Fe 7-. 5
-: r 714
S*- t'on 707
"1 207: :


' ".1 -GENER A L

t.e .rea It of s h ter, '- of1e ld.

.2 DEFN i '' ONS

and 7 h '. n -:A :.:
' ', vWa]s not over f:ur 14 i high, 1,: .nd -e_:th: ss
) r- he e to e 1sclos s : -,;.y" pa .-;, ele, -a i-ry or so;,,n)
of Tp t I or p a 1 -c nt io,.: i .ee t he i p. 2ed in
,de ng thle highest p n of te 0l 'g: g ded "at the
h1e i det eini e 't Ien 'i e f "c1. i: i .'t : of t& r- f of
the 5 'g'-iest -nh1 se v :.ggsegate alea .Q a peFn:' .: ses
and other roof struck .res :- as n)e-th'd ( of the area of
the ro'f upon whic] they i sta d nSee r (equ'en: i'-s of Setion 712
and 71.2).
Ab v hei e a 1t-st,-' ou t :.'.t : open).
of Type I or Type 11 Co(1 '2 i' with -":'",'ke t i'.r p'vid led

f'--n't1one r g. ... s 0 o e0 i a :. o-y
less e tLey exceed thiy-th e and one-ti'rd (33 1) pecem t of the
a g' L:.zte ground for".' ava.
The cbas.:ent or ce1 ar fa !builing sha.:l not ''nt as a
Y e fi t fo a :: :::. :t C.:' :-t.e (r7 feet abo-e g ade.
"-I' _' .if th1 e "'-'d g s of p.:yxe d 1-:,e h: ,.t c--., by.
; :e :o-. if the ing ;v inn' K h -: c ... ..lers
:1 ,oug!..; it n a (c (7:: 3n .e ': I : of C .' ap ,- I '-:cpt
such h-Eght ii, ease .all na e j ~intted in P r.W gs ]e:e the
:l C '' -' '', _' ,.. -': ',S w "T ',',: A te

.o v : "- -ING a: .1 0
::; : g ; , M : .0.

T. : . ... .. of :

, __


%d a A the 1,tr
"''1 ,-
S'e ,. f th-s Code
"_ d ]:" !g]t : > _. r :.r :'. :',::.o

'., 1- '. F '.tE FOR SEPAR. C'. : ON TVO 0i. '10i :f'i ,
- i, : O, '1 HU! LDiNG


:. ::es of 3 :n :, t tl; .
a. or -, v :Wa:Jes if a !-a ':g of ,"y .up vey

4 -3

_, ::rl:: i 'AC TON

"rei-gs 0, "04n-
LF 3n1 yte

m y:.:. t:
-: -. : :
:_ '7 .

, i. I.d f

(,j iH 1 u r;ON)
The .,r,:ase of Ma A;,;s 'wymied 1, "iF he
thv W", -n aY N','. c c.t '-A Q in .L& ,.s i n ve.1c-,r" e of

r4 ;u, irstn sa ie- ent, -a 1 *.mtic qui, phly r uonnt is
f 'ir--,d, as specified in Frt on 901, no increa-e of area shall e0 per-
:ited ica se of such cr:,;triation or equipnmrnt. Ex'cpt as provided
in Section 403.7, the total perinissive area sh:;l not exceed 450'; of
the basic area.

(a) G For thpe pu-,se of thiF Code, -ach part of a hu:dhI.g ir !''uIded
-..iiihn file w'al. s shall le deFncC d to h e a e11; rate L
(h) New Buildings
No b'uildi:g shall be lin Ited in area v'hen divided into sec-
tions by fire walls having not less than four hour finre-resistance
ratings, as specified in Chapter VI, piriovided no section exceeds the
riaxiuni a!2owa1,1 le fi,.or or'iea in this Cln'ter.
(c) Existing Buildings
No buil:lng !i--r.'ftei :cr-''ted s -ialh be et: ide ied to exceed the
;::';f. u2m floor ara set forth in this chapter_ governed by tie oc-
cupancy and type of consuiiction. However, a building .heretofore law-
fully erected, which el r ady exceeds such maximum area, imay be
extended, p ovide'd su h e:i'n.ion dces t exceed the roaxin uin area
prescribed and provided such extend sion is srated from tle existing
bui,,g by a. fi've all ;g 't 1'-"e1:r,- 1:". g,, n t -s fl an

(*,'.1 -- A.-1A I('RE.tStf' FOR ONE-I{OUl'i FlE-i,.T SISTANCE
Except in n:i!dgs 1 er ie the occpr.cy or c ;ndi:i:ons are so(ch
that one-hour fire-eistn;;'e is a eq'.ire .n.t of Itis Code, o h'n ulo gs
of Type IV, .pe V i'd l'ype VI Constractir"s, interiors cf which
are provi ded hreuiot v ith i t less than P ;e-hour fic-r.esistive
cn:truction may ,,ve the :raxium al',able a!-a? of this ChEapter
inh.':'eod fiftv y5) pheno,

, - ,r

1 1W,

1 N


*. K'
0.. :

20 i.

7 t. N' g 4 g : :
'5 '-' el of-
hra :g

'. , r 20 t.




b y L :.:! a u r. a m al hL I-. -, sed
,., 200' i ue st-:ry bl '"s -,'i i li0', for u;i!dil -s over
Kne s,, i 41 t if e ,- j i i N I ..l w.h autmnttc p:nk-

c:ept Fu -a h .e -MAKted iS n fui gs twhre

reC ni- t-t his co &e. c h n tin: i'rovisions of S('ctin 4i02.

The :n f a onp or I f *' p 1 ,.- ss, CN F
-i.nge, or Gup G : _: s l :. Le t o-

vided the 1 -'ng ins e< i.ed h an ;p moved autorMatic' spri.ker
si s.n." . :'.lt, ain IOd v t F n.' 901 tor o h r j' 1atic
enx -' g : :- s as j 0 .i K i4 g 'fUiM l, ":. d is
s r.r rd1 d on all aides t byK. 1 'tnnt nn sr co f not o< than
s~rty (;) '4" 1

S 11 r e l

. -I 'a
- 00.

-.. :: f])'e otht er five -,[: :7 ,sh-
"-,,, ,- }.ili gs u ,,d f r the
S: trialsals idu J ibg not

r. _: !i&'. ..al n i > 5' 4h ,

'C'" -- -'*i~' er" Xt \ 2 .lNP 3

W 1 V 2!rL

(-e) Ke P 'l, of y

'' TRE ( :... '



; 'i tS ,, Int

AT s ; o

D '4 i 3 11'
O)C('f' XN-~CY

C- li..F11S p



K&E -

It ',, '1

-2 1

- I 3 o

PE~ ilt (r 2 'trci) of
(cop. ri"


c~ib:tx ;- i C~] N e.
K 44 \ '1 ''' ; it
(f) i'5`41T4' ]is e F Ly

''0j~ iLK. 1i~ 11' 1'. 'j'NC N' (C
u-1 of on co"- ~i

I , , j., Y F ,L it
fv'4th '11e1,

11015.1- CPC\4(I1T(I OF ESCJAW'AiS i '0 (At 'NVN STAIS

The Woo: nd 'l it cay,y of .2-t'>, Fi'.i..pN114 .h:th mbe
13 U 2 W Ft : 1.7 'K f .r 4'ln y xK


i . - -~

-" *, /.4.
K' ';

(a) IM &I hKi 1/, f'our L1) 00"

&I- t'le

'.43 cll :, >A- hg 'I~ Etc
rind F' a I ~ .1

s W. Mom hi h il Ieigi] t, except~
t -'11 pn::e ,citocaiM'd b y 4

1.t, 1,4 'Ay


4 F *: f 1 : j ,4 I',

'4 -'it

4 44'

! '.- i : d .
} i '," q, A4.

1 I! It -O

.'- ,
>P :,5


-: --.
" : : 1 . .

) ,


: :-.-

* 4 4

44 ''4'

n. W i_:n orng nil -S '-. 2' n'.W 'ce.
(c) 'ie "dth of t s .: L-.g s -a- e Wt less
ih:-~' th width of th :ts ereto. T'se 1Eall I< no re-
d cti:oni of width in ti. n, _xit (t .avel. S .ci: c:.d:;rts or pass-
P?-pi_ .:.--! Al be -t -: t W t.
(d) 2'pe of ft ros i. ":s sh n t e.:o ",t in -I feet.

tiCi{ON I i3 -- fOYER -- ,c.? R'!tD
(a) in every GCroup E-1. IE ge Assembly Pi!hes. a foyer con-
-sting of a space at the mWin : rc-- mce of the i.ditc.rium or ;lace
of e; m,:: ly sa1 eP pr. ': d. -:; fyeqr, if not -. t t- ced
to a public street by al0 the n" .ai e:t: an'-ie or exits. hall 1hve a
straight and iunob:st'ctepd coridcr o passage te -eryi s;Vch main
eN.trance and exlt.
(b) The width of ,'- c- at :,: ::,t s: ,:' ,, '.- is 7 s Via The
: ned ivJdth of :: s, :-.s. ad I a t0 -Au T"rv
the:eto. Th]e foyer shf;i be at: <:.- I .the of the
Wui:.toh r n, and ,exits iag -: ..l -r. bl. e a per
gradient than one foot in "tn feet.

SECTION 111i4 -- i'I-G S'ACES -5 T -3
In i!V ers and Sbr Gr,,p F, As--.!y ,es, re

CiO. 1115 t St.' Y CC-.v;i. '

.4 4 1 D T Y7 w r-
5 4 4

,c ...

id :) E cept ln 1- 1 a. d 2-f',at ily b, .;;'A;y.. ch o; re l .m 3:.a'
three (') stories in height, no co set shall be .;cated Lervath stairs
that arc in whole or part of FconbusibWl ,n.istriuctin; s'ch' space
bral be left ntirel]y lpen 'n'id froe f" 1i u-" 'r ance.o
(e) Fxcelt in 1- ;iv 2-:f; 'ly dwY Ki n s th Ln -''. f .t,.Vrior
Ma '-ays. if of c,.n'' e'sibile (4 ;,tliu't .n, sb;11! lie pro h P.,,d' to pro-

(f) In buildiings two or three solie. in eightt \ith ki ties,
1,u,'ches or galleries v-hera each roo'm oprnss ,'ireotlry into such -reas,
exit staiiirwa s nay extend from floor ,to I ',r on the out ide pro-
viied su1ch stair'vay. are prcotted by a o'ne-h,'ir .ir'--' :'lstice sep-
lra'ion frimi the be:ilding. In blui :ings four (4) or more stories in
height, tvwo (2) hour protection shall be provided.

1115.2 -. ASFli.T ST YV RS
(a) In Giwup E, Thete.rs and As .aFnmly occu'pancie, no exit
stair from a lo1ver story shall lead to ;n exit door,'ay se rving an
exit stair from 'an upper story.
1b) In n: c;.seC shall a stair fri 'i a 1 vcr story lead to an exit
; :,'e.-way ser'vi'g ;'n ex-it stir ifr'n [. Liper story, 1n1less suich
tair f:;rn 1 i s pated at its 'p'' :! -id frmin the tair abloe

11 5.3 -.... ;,.',U, \S A ND lIiSi,!;S
t( ) T ad: '1 ers o .f : `:ud i, ''s ."!- in so -.:r n -ed
fW W :F.,n Af t.o (2) vrgl : 0>1 a t'okey, A:,Ive of ,.:,eti.n
f -, s A"an i ur ' Wi es :,r ; a! e 1C' ani
t )ty-ive .:5) ':ies. The ight of Km-r '. in 1~i .' :EnT
and 1hree-qu ter (7:0) 1 .', .sd .WE.4s, xcluive of n.' g. ball
"be not leis tan ine () ;Yn,(:s wvide. .,ry Frcud Ws:.a tfhan tn
11 -. 11

tn .4'y F

. 1,

I 1

3(3-i i 3 >'. h

the nr tsa1% 't &9 Oe '3V jK"
A at mr2e flot ofr

Me Wi dows

42st oye 3) fc lap on each up~lindnsede
-0I &- und in Rc A"I1Non of sh rr-

f.1C'33> 1117rI 3 1' I h o

NIL ii A3 3 *3 1311 K

1117.1 -;ii-*N 11f L

.14"3F fJ ment Of fthi ('30.0' d n PIT' ,n1 T ''
4 ':~ ~ ~~~~~ O I e l l If t 'wC' .p E r a d I .I 1 g c 1 2 y 1 3 0 3 p r o te d e d


I.'13 ue

a,- : i
07, re

'ie's -:,3 L


!he r-pnpd

i 3
112,, ,y jr "!~,II

o 4f V 3n 051 TO
*f',:l~~-h (I & AMp v> 471 JPn x I 13
(5' V 1 3



10 not
it 11 13 ::than
2 1al doN

I I .

' -~ L- I



I,, "C")li. Q;~ ;


i -
I .


:-: :~-i

2. of .. ,: r- q.-e or

T, ._ :" g ."w 1 tuts of ,, To: 0t A1~ I

"g) R v n -.;.d it d- ;,_ s _- be ,--ri able fri.Om t]he i'kS C without
A',- A.se .f ac 1. 1 g ; kw': ge or Wffont. ,h> n xit do,.rs

M-: s .'face b''W s are '- ,:.'.t d. if ,i.p roved r.ut,;atic fl]sh hnlts

the ex t capacity of .,. ys, see S-co 's 1i05.2 and 1105.3.
i I.- cks, if -r.', -' :. ot : ar. re any key to optralt frtmni
the i.se, except as may be r ~-ui'ed for mentA' and penal ;intilu-

in a G.W p B, E-2, I w 1 C- ..i :. cy if th:-e is a .aily v iile
ui,:.c sign uor or .~ -wnt :o the door t ''iing "-THIS EXIT TO
'N Ni.OCD..-, rV'D i -N" 10i'SINESS {LOURS." The sign
shall ,e in ]trrs no v's than 1" high on a enitrasting ba.Rground.
Ti.e '..."g device nst i-he of a tyiie iiat wMill bt.e readily di'tingu'; h-
able as lc':ed. The o:e of this :.coton m"ay be revoked b)y the
13:.1i-g W fON:- fa: Le c:wse.

'' (''1 l 0
(a) '.. it : (v t o of A shool

.<.e ,, ,n .k -,d 0t b, .o,. r"s of r y ,p A.it)y A 3.M

-::- : .i: to ci.ceJ !" -,: s ; i L:. to tfe ;r .i : g keviccs
SRhe '.h of in-- -g .06ces rhy be
's -r es "' t, An two-1-_irds cf the vdth of
.,--. .2 I"-at l, ". fYOr e senice rei &Ared, but


1 11 t 1 h

C .D Q a ,
is :. e 1 o '

::1 a,-d d :,:ectiy to the <,yt :u'

(o- ) Sf ,? o f -::, i: : . "*

(d p1L t is sn1 O -e of 0 -ng 1
as abhe h:,:s- .-0>itt er foO h dn.5 .

4 1 a C
4 l j I :: -_ c ,
: :': :. :{, 7:c~a ,;:(', :;m :: e ,:: :' :.e c *" 1]' s ":. ", N-. : : t
1 :: 1 I,,e : ( . t :A t ., ; t : f :

119 AS

Pu r , : 1 1,

t < ( '- t- i ,tr,
-t on., x..- +,_]:its

(i) \"h' -,e there is a <, i' o,. 1 f : ,e! 'Letw' > 1 s,

ch-st ructed.

SH(.lN i 20 EX)i TO fROOF

it vicw:ues to t he roof.

() t hl o ,ofs a ued ) fo 'r.lf g:CA ns ,r for a t i.W rp 's ,
iS" v p M::,! e ,?r led :, -i(r sucv- h u-e o- ., onh: i ea.

i. e 1 .: I

'O 11I21 -- :VTO RS
5-.' : ', ' 1 ":':\',: ) ?

.1< C
1 1 1 1 III'
I .11.

" ;*"11"-

i 1

jfl ~ I:


1? 0


IV! P 't fS , "

- : vi gh ,e"

-, ...5,

(b) .-1 ,.. _: ":- t e -

-e, r 't a tr a,- o .f Ii n for

5.ur fr 4- Ws. A- c n C a r-

ti-e -;.':4 !:.ay be uIed %a C "!-.0 Y- :2 ,

.-by a o A a e t ;s e of Emg W5n the .n i
p-, r or.: W g ta, wOil Lba- , MasY: at f 100

fet. W"h-erE a :-a;l entrance :.-. as an e.t and is vi e to the

(c) V'-t-r- e exit lg!hts or o' t e s he ve are not
visible F r n the exit :qlpr:. ch., i:'.-t. :'a! a'E s i-.die iAng the way
of egre: : -. b e p-. v:ded. The -v? at '}.h t re :s :IE'c exit
'''2 !! a ., 'e C. ""

(d) L: g' n f.g of exit signs -:. .: f-:4a b :ce -inde'c l nt
of the E --, 4 g y iNg :70 : 44ly
ccfUparLy r C(' pa r int st S res :., g oner five t :wnd (0l0)
sq. ft. -f at;-. on any x .one sales f.' or, in ho:'- s wi'h '. e-p- ng 2-com-
n,-.dat', i for ior.e t' .: one d- (10CI per.- : s: 5 a-nd in Group

is x :A: :i lht V jot '- -nn9 ", -;-4V D V y at ,,S
1 4>' 4:4: >.] 44' .n~Up1.tS.

the f .: ,' :. ..A .

-. ... .. .4- ... .


2)2.' -, -'


- I

Vof : wE4 ....ve w-,ng Sxy.-, NFP.A '7-2A, 44f'.1 be

with anl i t. rn:tic fi'c -e Wo : stt i or' an a.,i,'niatc s n :O' r sys-

,,upn A: Hoes having .n' :at;-ns for ; rie toLn 15 a.:ts,
.;rt!-: ouses four 'ori-s or mn-e in h(:4gt, d:rni "-, 4l2,ng
cr ,o -: J.',_ 's h .11g owmogre 2han 0 sap n ong s.
Group 8: IDuiness Iu- i.gs having a iotal ,ccup'4,wy4 of 010 or
io rej persons or more than 100 prisons above or }h'ow the -reet
Group C: Schools.
Group D2: THopita!s, sa.nitaiiuns, iu.r3;ing homes, hornes for ;e
agpd and orphanages.
4. F: ,-4' ,y rg a n y of 1] 00 FP s.
Group (3: industrial (ccu!;ci. of build:ngs ovetr i vo or
.ore in W- ght, and Lavi.g a o'; a ity of o00 or o'e a e or
be!ow Ite -t:.et floor 1."-el.
Group H: Hazardous occ-iup:.ncies.

S1- 3

. 3 -- -

!I -!

1"- h-i Of: .ir

A v'-''Iq

'Iat Wy an O n w i UK 01t o salh

a ~ ~ ~ l this a a Cu..e Nap1 Y* t tIc >hiag of wo orm e
ci~::L-::~- i! o n vamere l c or"Kr-: w. P MA`' ed thm A! PQW- we a~ of
su w"t "a-I at(o I 1 ''].p-' eo 9 all ofj a'o of.in~st',sp
Np ''1- r,: '
cili r:- ifol :); Y (Of t'nhc'r !: ct..i

s 1'. ta o lo
f -

It:- I'''~;;; a;-l

i I .

i y

1 -- j-,- t 1 , 't' % %, '_ n. *IJ
1"f 1 e u n v, r ta o- 1)" bg n, ila 11 tI\ '_1 Y Of I !!I' Ii:1-1 af-
fectIC 1 of lis i0 utatim to1 carr uip so 11(lillili .
-\ : u.1 I' Bli\E'

1%' C N ''I0 lee v, s. "f Io I I "I's
( N , t '. j 1
I'' Il. I S

(1)li 1111'. Bath Of ll, QXat 'd s~~,IoAt (l p' tl- u it ~ ~ ro-
vi ded1; su s :h a ' Wle ho l iio'c i i ll i h tI Ia Vlien itl oaf
lalwrntoy' for he 11 ii,.(ndnd nnd arc jn-,ap-d iiilri arc-i danct. vcth

('~I;~ biist clt to'i III'S .:lll~i-lt~ l~iil~l I If lt im 91 .- i I 0'F .11', \.lell ia h'ai

til l!~ie.

(h t.-ii clEinlii'' (:1j I'('J ilst S Y d.!' l

I "I' i iil \,
(( ) f' i. ( 1 ckiIt!1 -.ch d ") c g o l o

31, ,"

+ : 1!

s M I

1. ~ ~ Y n1 1 'i 321 of 3' 1


1,, b n v*' t>


'3- : 11

I Ail J 1 hv ay I'-

y I '

f y 3 1 1,C

-1 3 I~!~: I ,;11I '3' ,iifl'':1

- er ,,,:,
h y, lh- 11 n
'on 333 or,'t nn ''131n~f

)wr 1,C' pl-,n 3.1 by uk.g *_, 13 for ,. a


1!,w 12-


':1 3 .


--. 1., -;

t'- t
Y , ; -,

, -- "

' 1 '

bf a 'uidi .'g .hin 10 feet. .- :' .e 2.)

L 1 A H v W 4Now, jams %7 s4i, iwal Le n 4 an ay

ng u ot he
p~~ ced grAinst a -hinIey at a: y pii.,t br.re tian 1A." f;.:m
te rner of the ch.nn'y, ut t shall rt n eoent W ,.'ak wr-
i;g ire tlvy on the nma rm. y or. on metal ;ath .. m....?tal fur--
ri;g, :nor shall it prevent pjaci:,g ,'hminmeys for lov.: heat appli-
ances entirely on the exterior of a lhuidinpg against the

(a) Con.striuction. Masonry >-himey f.cr 2me)it l oat a-i.ies
hadl be co ; rirctid lot le's than 8 i.ch- s thick, except that store masonry shall be not
ess than 12 ihnch.es thick; and in addition, shall bp lhed wkith iot !ss
ban-" t i4 n Whes of fire brick ird oi the 41-, inh be-d i firo, c4 y
nor1tr, sta/ 4,g not less th;e -' feet 1 euv,- the ,.hini:;-ey ''n;teftor
1it.;'ice ai' e : ,ai i-g for a di n4e of at bastt 25 fr-et ab.ve the
a:] ey s enti. on t. 'L:.: .': .df ng 25 feei t .,' 4 ess4 t :,ttoe
he ,i h, .- 12 i :er the t.:.

ha,1 c:tt d : ss th,]an 10 fnxz Ig: er than aiy p .t.:- of ,.
ujM i Xdg with i' 25 feet.
U() iC"4 a; f'w Tw Al e La 1rialq. f '0 rin.e-s f.,4
eW M'in We* a(y. aes s0r l have a !arm'nce of 4 kites fA]nm
44444I *' :1,4'-. 44
14 ii' 44 3 4

(1) T-0 4 b4 4 4444 4 1 '.



ss ThMn 10

2' Min.

A- ss Than 10' -w

S.n 2' Min.
"__ _.....4_

," 'I4'444-4'44-4 4444444,

* "1

or 'ent

Wall or
Pr'a pet

3' Min.
tas Vent
or Type
L Vk W M;,-,g


Chi mney or Vernt

Ch;:.ney or Vent

8 1

, J i

Y. "\

L I:Ii

F- 'F.-re's

C -I;Ii:.t -: 1

* ''-:#
- ; Z

:~.l~- C-: .IF'S a

S e i

I :-. ;E

-Z t 't'F k.

*i F-F-F rid

r, FLF-< I.~



X a r ,T- 'At -" SF
C ''s.'F

F--r -s F-5

C. F~r-:- F--,. Fa

7 Fs -

C _., _. | . s- , -
F- "

S n IV

, --
i < ,. d .r ;. s

F. Fr F' F-F-IF-;I

F I (

F- F-' F

CFi-F- F- is.

F- F- '

'eF-- ~ -. - F' -

A- -t nr 1 4:

'1'-'sedWs i'- 00 ofa B or Tne L Y-'t mn-
1 for 1istd gas 1pA~, v Srf or of Typew L vn
nwi Al fo '1 "'~lx :.s fo Tc ', For

to Quay ne.

4 ," ,, ,'Z 4 .' 4 '4 '

SiGa;aniZed Sheet
Gage No. Ccti

"" :. ;: i C r As

Dia ",:ter of
.necfor. InchTes
10 or less
10 to 12
14 to 16

1i) 7D~al connc'0 w fo~r '- 4 4 4 't av'i. 41i" t" o 'eIa i
Ohl 1 1du114 r,'. "rc ci :4r otu t uir er

Iir: ' '14 4lr ii : p
tha that drolai lOt 'i' '811'''WULT 1) '. i-5tlian,

4vb in44 1-, ,,. -a

01 &W o Ynasnntt &I .dt Pric-

KA" l W e4 m Y n .~ of .,... -.,

ned 'Y nrUot'-' ,c- '_2J

FAay type RA
AwI nl n
-,t zs _'. 4 of 5 jo o!
K A ype A orTypL ih, n! Al
C, T.,

Si6.3 -LENG TH
A connector shall be as .short and MtioiLght s'i po-si'. The
alpp!i.nce: shall be ionated :as c(loe as : praRA ht to the hiam:ey. gas

nectltj o a na"trl C.aft aey -, oro tr vt rv;rg a Ayle i' lie'"di or
solid Wu,.] LIrnning ,;pp-;ij nc,, shAll nut 4, mn- than 75 p; .r-pt (f the
bight of the Nenical 1-,kn of te ( min. ry or qat :n.v iU e no-
r c'.or, i"nless pairt ofl an e gl 'P : clred venting >ystm.
(b) The horizontal run of an i"' =ui{.t d coni.ctrli' to a i.atural
('aft .i.lmney, or iunt, serving a i .gle gs fOn: Y';-" :pip ;mwe' shall
be not wiiore than 100 piernit of te hi of iethe he rtif c;.al portion of
the chimney or vent above the connector, unl,.s iart of a;n engineered
venting system. The horizontal length, design, and i.citruction of
combined connectors, oF counnectors to 1a rllaifo;ld jonin. g two' or nmore
1i1hanes to a ch(iinV or w 'i o: 40 'od in icJolda lce
with approved engineerin g methods.

806.1 -- SIZE
The coonnectol, fur its entire length, shall be not s'.a1l'! than the
flue collar of the appliance unl.s- otherw' ,.''e -"'i, niei!tid by the
ap)pl]ance, "itlmney, or vent u.-manufa:cturer.

' -"TE RAN E
C!-m1 ce : s fom P1;! ~ mair ter'ial Fsir!! iie j n ', .',J:.;mI1' v 7th
T::1'e 81]-A or S1H-B.

When the c'o;nn(ctor' 'u'ed fo(' a gas a.ppliance avin. '. a 'aft 1i od
m -.-t be located in or pass t}high a crawl ,-ace '- or 't'her (q'i d .4,-a,
that po tion of tie sectorecto r J, he of liitAd Tyi. or Ty'pe L vent


] -,

V -W! ! Tz yp

i.; -. :..

gI.pn cMiA t Onj Wn"
Cr~.buSti, !i -I :I

11 '

1 ?

'i 1

4.il 4*

'' 4-
2. Mv d 0% Z,,s~ c~ i~r

wnd to cse OP Sl sny h

I:~ '``. ii ''

qW I Li

PU oil pv

.41 -

44 4 -I

vents or Cof (X49 1d, 1110 to ; 2
FA 074- on the apahmw -0, of AM bod

W L wi It S .vf gat aH 1

'4.7.' v1 tI1'1p c t

o 73.

N '

It :11'
41 14~

(a) Gas apil w nm "W to ;' 4 a iiir tian W14' lv-

y (d I &W 1N S4dn k -, e ""c ';l d af

-"i 0XnAinOSO 4,41-" l Ki O-,

.1: 0



1 , -


l at ,p- es
Cc!u' nn Tab!e 8!,--A

Singrl ; -- a Pf ipe C'necors
Oil. 00d soy, ;-F A' S

WOE -H W- Ls
i f ,

-- x'I .,.. ,

,L !., ,'y (', "r, E ,.' _,; 7" 7. z-, ,,r .. F' e -,-; 1; .u r, t .

8, !, f n h of ; g .
a-ig at kat to ,-E ur f> nv" "rl h CLb i r or
S: h -g not ss ia two d -alf hoi fir,-
'.-i ;a;,,e, P[ro'. ,d, } :.',.i \'e', t lat v. c(.n in 3 he o, i; iin f.f the 1;Id-
(:)." ci4 :a] it is d( 1',AlY to j ,,'j f' or ,. v.'i nt ; oig f ,i i . hie
up.,-ard t 1 Anth a e::y ho 4.:"ded J :'> whh thne

t..l :>N 813-STEAM AND t HOT VW'ATiR

(a) Steam pipes and hot water heating pui- s -hall It installed
with a clearance of at least oin (1) inch to all .il.obu.ti.i construc-
tinn or '.r1t.crial, exc(et that at the pots vl re pipes caryi.ng
steam or hot water at not (\ cr f;ftni(. ( n1 ) i,,,,.'.: ;ug e .e:s re
iemerge from a floor, v.all ,o g cling the clcar;,nc at the ojp.ing
thro'igh the finish floor r 1'i o .r c1 ing" b i !s n5.ay be
Ics than one (1) inch but not .less thn one-forlrth (. ) inch. Each
such up-p:ing -hall be cove''d with a p)lte of non-conibustible

ll 1 1o!.

S.2.-- i" : COviHI N':K:;GS

- I l - ,

ft ~,

, s f fre-
e :th

7' 7

t d L a dry

7 7 I-
I.~ a o '

((Id C' 721M 1
linNg and cov Cn 1nw at i;a ha
"n l-ied.

(c) I1 s O n Le 0 c. -C
12 !.n, o r V. i
', 0y , ::. f 8'. _

S21 W : :,> v }n f.J f,

(a) Re- dntial

L, he C < Q'' andi 0. C ii
L'en :' Un d f m the pta h O inEg


( '' 1 Io
:, ,....i Iq 1: . .< I~

. ... 'C 'I
>: ~ -,r: .
-' "'. '


,,23.5 -- ACCi.SS

: by .a,:, of g : ; , at 'f:st

a 24- bq y e. d v ". -s : :- d
-"-" .-
: e..

D ,cts -'.t s l d c'ed in I',rt i!s
R,.und .::cts

71 1C IS

ND 32,71 (


GoIv. Sh,' Gauge

:Jh i; : mn:

.' .

C C: (I


H- &S CGuge

.' ( :::.0

, .1 n ts -

S I '. ::3)

:_ ;; ':)

it n ,





e e




1" u

13" Kau i s'"

19" thru 30"
31" thru 42"
43" thru 54"
55" th: 60'

i-'- o o
',-ei 96"

T r -

*- '" I. ''

13 gr -

*W2 (.025)
20 (.032)
20 (.032)
18 (.040)
1i (.040)
16 .051)

?-. 0et




T, '

" u ""

o' V3 60" *lS
37" thni' 50" 2
51" thr 6.0" -
61" tr 84" -

Th' e S ,.t: r i t d r,, ' of

water; I-igh Pr Ut ,, up .o 10" '. all i,- t, t Vhese

\vaucs are the I s in the d t, t the dalft iL t the i : Z1. te fan.

a) If ducts are for ed yg s cture thei
,m,,struction shall cn n st of not hs -] rte r (o) in h
'..&j' (I1f f ll,,lc, C l 01;0 CKC

S ntial to 11& 1 ( I' i i, .
su .-tantially sul ported b'y mete] ].a., < o' p, },* . h.e
6 1"

(c) hei-c a' tos nri l woot
i,;ce a .f ,: ", , ,

I ,I- ,

11:0 n~j"K0

i .

: j e for

t',.,,ng and a,7: i s, ,- 9j _- Z

,c ) Fr-sh air tr .es hal b p:ot..cti : i ,,-r :ie and
.-:;:oie -x .be ifE ap'i oi\red i \ i s i!: .pers r or .' : i. .ives.

(d) A rI o 'n, attic, void, i'hollvow or :.ea' s:- :-:l1 ncot' b used
as It.-gral paj t of a (d et r, ::l.' . r .t parts of
su h. since is ,o.sr.:ted e.ti'ey of :,.-: .n_ . p.'i ofr-
.-. i '--r '.: .- - .- '. th e
no fd a 'I 1 'W s a, tiifa' ifs of
tee assemmy..

(i) Pub!ic ; :C
:.t>es, iu]ti-fa: ni:iy i

2.'if if i

*o ; : "'u in

S e u '.---d ". a ; .0 W i 'i i, i-f
fall- f
'if f. ''i i d i

'^ -: .
r i. 7:,' :. .("i::
": k: N I:. of

S" .:i '7: Ci:Ot_'

- at
-.-' .. ..i 7 ed

I. P e i f'' -, -
s' .

Q,) Tj &Out : f C% U S hall
I a 'i pL- e j> s-not~e ,ic': o pe'd rantrig 1:''t ( vc-1 IO.

(,:c) The is-;s or r '-es N-. i. ' t s, a P to
'if a h 1 .1ih ,a-i,' i .A i,, gs.

(dW ) There shall be no d'ir- ,t-f id .t h' ,.i of .iny
*i"n .!!" a.1, i .- i oif
grilles, ard' that thr .sy t. m rs:1. 1 't ],, .,L :h J' n air, '
temperature ex g 350' P f..; a T Go. -'ppy uct
to the rc -g'ters and gr iles.
NOTE: D irect-fhed h. t (c h r rs s h;I ;ll .! ; A,, fn, 1 'in s
i.i h fu 1. s' ',u it :.,.i's, 'i1.1,;t h'at-" s. l 1s. t, c.i n-
s I''"''d to >1nch e "op cn-v. ire" c!,ni-ift. ''ti t.'n, ''. ? th' l"
(-elemeniot or "l ''.: as.'s d" -}i-nf. t In '" 'tlrite ct.t 1.- 's'? L'',v- c t'.
st,'r.: Io:]s oi2 edli i 1,' 1,.v ,. "- u ur> ,f 'if l, ,1 i,.'. -,n a u; ve
u:e of I t i er 1 : l r t :1 i A r -: ti
.1 ,'m
((e) The Fi.aj,' in ;.whk h the r-gi s r, s nC'e 'u ;, dot. e n'iot
pmc At a -zaid .ion -0115m sWo .o .. Ty or,
r git,.rs Or g IllCs.

(i) .V'h is v ed iart iof Qte o n 'ce:l; g or Pr- f ifng a"n-, pen-
"rigs ,l m ) prb ct Je.d vth a 'p ed fre .A Iw,. o! r S ct y ing
n fiff cf < 1' in 1''W" Wh CT <' i's


'1 TV 1 1 -W! ko n'

if'i ..

1 -Z'

lo n,

4) Sr om. al T, U' z ..

1w r a ... "h f i'.'' ~: x 1

i i 'rC '', : i s


--~ I-


i hy this C ce K ha i

r. :.gle ,, '.
' 4'4

1.3- -0( i [ANCY C('l S. i! tCATIONS
1 a d '" ;...3 t.e
.,.. f.1r irsta]li.g "S l,:h.k r ',( NlFPA 3- 72," onu-

T1.(- 'l-' J '.A ZARD
d,;. A -, B-, C A D
( ROt 3' 3-2, 17, F G
(,!;O1UP H

,OL!) ..I eVI -'n IAIL

I'- - TA 1 .

1 W, 4. q "'4 .4 '." '-
4J _,9 4 'A *1-1 -

.4' 1 4' LI -.

4 ,, 44 44'* 44 '3

4 4

4 ..- I -

A -; 2.

ST' iON 502 -- STA'iJ ,S

002.1--- It: IREMtENTS
I i s ,. MviMe prd1 IA 43 n :p s,A I 1 w 'i di I ns,
4. 4.,,j4'jtsQI ''is'W uew., sall be ed ond
i 'tal It.- '. th'.e r-.i' u i .n *,ts of the st;o td d f r thi : ilatinll
of "'tandp'ie nd lHsc Sy -itns, NFFPA 1--1971", excpt that tl-he
single -.i:' f o 'f vatr sua ply, if r1l (a'' an.d c'Tab1e ,f '.1.i, ('ti y,0y
s4i),i!\ !g the r>_'equir'ed service, '3y he provede d lby the Buillhng

90?.2 --- APPROVAL
'he coiple't.e layout of the stl:ndpipe and hose systemL shall be
sub:riIted t tthe Building Off cial before instEllet.tn.

Boil'dings g hail bIe equi; ped with s.n.i!pijpes as fo!loivs:

(1) ::i'dings t, o (2) stories or '-,"re and 50 fe t in liiight.

(2) ;: Pr 'p i-l, T: A 1. o a i ... ..t-
: wi"h .'A4! : r:(' on Lirt of th t i,, ol
ch .n'y d :l.-ry ln (",h d1 o of 1 Ie FC.:: e, on :h t oir of
d ,s h. ,',4ns, i.rd v.ithin 5t f 't f s tl Art.'erty r '.,'.s, '.i e ro.'ns
:d A or rl'4 ,. 's See S':-ctin 512.15.
1,3) in G rnup ")"--I t oi-al oculr.n.c 's :e0 io's or
MoIwe in L' ht.

"5.i1 'n N th* .,. 'iii i OfWN and Cief of
(the 1 *... :: n t , , o'n Z -.. -" r 5,,'y 5s

v1.2---h h'.'E! -i ?EhNT'S

"r 4' '-,m s "'i43 & ;-4 .3 ; ..
,3:_J,,u: :: 4' G% t''' : :'.
4 '7ml., .4 .'(w '\ i
4. 2

i; ~

9 01. A- -- G N AL

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