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S, l ..II g |- i 1:*1

ELBosa uPJu

0* I

Volume III, Issue 3 Fall, 2009




* Forest Supervi-
sor's message...
* National Public
Lands Day (cont.)

* El Yunque at the
* Comings/Goings
* NoteslQuotes
* FS Awards-2009
* EYNF partners
with Wal Mart.

Ivette Martinez



El Yunque's National Public Lands Day
Celebration- A Great Day in the Forest!

The El Yunque National Forest
joined other national parks, for-
ests and grasslands across
America on Saturday, Septem-
ber 26th, 2009, to celebrate Na-
tional Public Lands Day...

Adding excitement to the cele-
bration, El Yunque's Conserva-
tion Education Staff offered
visitors stimulating interactive
educational activities and ex-
hibits at various locations
within the Forest.

The day's activities started
early with the registration of volunteers by El Yunque Administration staff mem-
bers Delia Gomez, Elba Garcia, Ivette Martinez and Shari Pomales, assisted
by Lucy Cruz of the Forest Supervisor's Office. A briefing on the history and
2 significance of National Public Lands Day to the nation and El Yunque, and a de-
scription of the special exhibits at El Portal was provided by Conservation Education
Program Manager, Blanca Ruiz. Volunteers were told of the many rewarding op-
portunities for service in the Forest and provided with pertinent safety information.
VIS Operations Leader Victor Cuevas described the Forest Service's "Leave no
3 Trace" and "Pack-it-in, Pack-it-out" programs which the volunteers would be help-
ing to implement on the Forest's Big Tree and La Mina nature trails later that day.

On this special day, Forest visitors were granted free entrance to the El Portal Rain
Forest Center, where they were treated to an entertaining and instructive exhibit
4 installed near the entrance to the Connections Pavilion on the center's upper level,
S describing El Yunque's water production, and management, and its importance to
surrounding island communities.

"THIRST," a thought-provoking, bi-lingual, High-Definition video presentation cov-
6 ering the important subject of water conservation and describing the critical global
water situation was shown throughout the day near El Portal's theater entrance...

Between 9:00 AM and 4:00 PM, at the Forest's Big Tree and La Mina Nature Trails,
volunteers from adjoining communities, including 26 students from the Estancia
Montessori School were divided into two teams led by Visitor Information Service
(VIS) staff members Victor Cuevas and Aurea Moragon to present the "Leave No
Trace" and "Pack-it-in, Pack-it-out", instructional interactive programs that encour-
aged visitors to appreciate the importance of bagging and removing (continued on page.2)


The Forest Supervisor's Message

A lot is happen-
ing at El Yunque.
As a high prior-
ity, we have been
busy planning
vital American Recovery &
Reinvestment Act (ARRA)
projects for the Forest. Assisted
by our Southern Region head-
quarters we are crafting an ar-
ray of projects to benefit our be-
loved Forest.

The task is monumental the
challenge has been to meet and
solve environmental require-
ments in a timely fashion, since
each project must be shown to
be "shovel-ready." before ap-
proval. However, by closely co-
ordinating with our regional of-
fice we have effectively designed
a number of challenging "green"
projects for implementation at
El Yunque. We are working
hard to ensure that all these
projects will be contract ready
by the spring of 2010.

The projects that did not make
the ARRA "cut" will be consid-

ered by our Washington Office for
subsequent investment opportu-
nities. The work is arduous but
the rewards are of immense bene-
fit, both for El Yunque and to the

In an effort to relieve the de-
mands of high visitation, we are
working hard to have a demon-
stration of our Mass Transit
System ready by the summer of
2010. We are also hoping to be
ready to implement an alterna-
tive Intelligent Transit System
(ITS) on the PR 191 corridor dur-
ing the same time period to better
serve visitors on peak summer

Because we experienced ex-
tremely high visitation challenges
this summer, I have chartered a
Forest Capacity Commission
to identify problem and define op-
tions to improve visitor access
management during peak periods.
The Commission is recommend-
ing a host of useful options that I
hope to test during next year's
spring break time period.

We constantly strive to improve
care and stewardship of the For-
est however, we cannot accom-
plish these tasks alone. We
must partner with the commu-
nity if we are to successfully im-
plement the many critical pro-
jects necessary on the Forest. To
do this, we are actively estab-
lishing a "Friends of El Yun-
que" ("Amigos del Yunque")
group.. We hope that this new
group will serve to encourage
membership from all sectors of
our island society to collaborate
with us on El Yunque's many
vital challenges and projects.

As a final note, November 30th
marked the end of the 2009 hur-
ricane season. We give thanks
that we were blessed with such
a mild season this year.

Until next time...

Hasta pronto,


El Yunque's National Public Lands Day Celebration- A Great Day in the Forest!

(Continued from page 1)
trash when visiting the Forest,
leaving behind no trace of their
At the Palo Colorado Interpretive
Site, visitors enjoyed a Live
Aquatic Invertebrate exhibit
and lecture by Cynthia Man-
fred, an expert Forest Service
nature interpreter, offered in the
morning and again in the after-
noon. The exhibit and lecture
benefited greatly from the gener-
osity of Jimmy Cortes of the

Reef Zone Pet Shop who provided
an aquarium, and from the out-
standing efforts of Anastasio Go-
mez and Benjamin Fuentes of the
Eco-Systems Team who trapped
an excellent cross-section of El Yun-
que's river wildlife for the exhibit.
Forest Supervisor Pablo Cruz
stated "El Yunque's celebration of
National Public Lands Day was a
resounding success it provided our
visitors with some valuable lessons
in vital forest conservation as well
as a rare chance to get a close-up

views of some of the Forest's exciting
aquatic wildlife an enjoyable and
educational experience for all."




EIYunque at the Movies !
Q: What do these four "blockbuster" Hollywood movies Captain Ron (1992), Goldeneye (1995), Che! (2001), and
The Rum Diary (2010) have in common?
A: They all have scenes that were shot in the El Yunque National Forest!

The James Bond thriller "Goldeneye" features aerial footage of the Forest's "jungle" among
other shots; the Caribbean comedy "Captain Ron" had important second unit footage (the
Forest was a "stand-in" for Cuba!) shot near the El Yunque's Nature Trails; the political
drama "Che" included scenes filmed in the Tabonuco forest area and the semi-
autobiographical movie "The Rum Diary" (scheduled for 2010 release) featured 1950's vin-
tage automobiles in scenes taken along PR 191 in the Forest's recreational corridor.

Hundreds of movies, TV shows, MTV videos and print media have used the Forest as their
"location of choice." Why? Because the Forest is spectacularly and mysteriously beautiful, lending itself easily to
many variations in script and story plots...
Special Uses & Land Programs "guru" Carolyn Krupp, ably assisted by contract employee Sidney Salyer are
responsible for reviewing filming requests and granting permits. Carolyn works closely with the production crews,
making sure that Forest regulations are observed and helping film crews with logistics and locations...
An exhibit "Hollywood comes to El Yunque" is planned for the near future at the El Portal Rain Forest Center.
Visitors will be treated to a visual montage of movie, TV show and MTV video activities with an El Yunque flavor
that have been produced over the past decades stay tuned for details!

('Cmninisms oimG IS: 'Is T.lm l A iurea Moragon i Irn I'in in -u, ii I'l lI\\II \\.'I in ih. \\i I
-h:lirlin': hII., a:ll,.ll \\ I ll,. 1".'S i ',,n -, 'l, iliinl',h'lu ,l l I, ik- I',.,--'r.;Il Jeff\Val ker :N.i ,Ii I :i [II ',-
,111- I i, P ,,1 Ih-, ;i, l A 1,111_\ '. -1 1- I I ,.'Ii ,l "1 2 hl l i l- l l :11 i ll,. km i, Iii li '. iI, \\ ii1n il I'I'l I.inl, i 1' .,,11 \ IS
I I.I'-,;I illn l..:iilr,' Victor C'ue\'as ll \IS n ili 'lii'r.I.' C'y it ia Mi anfred, in Ni\ ri.1li-i :I I.ln,1i1I lIh. Na-
tional A association for Interpretation INAI) 1 1111in II Irill .111 I \\ I li 'k-li lI|

Notable Notes & Quotable Quotes Around The Forest

In 2010, the United States Mint will begin to issue quarter-dollar coins depicting na-
tional forests, parks and other national sites as part of the America the Beautiful Quar-
tersTM Program. In 2012, the mint will honor the El Yunque National Forest with one
of these beautiful coins stay tuned for details!

The Amigos del Yunque (Friends of El Yunque) are a non-profit, citizens group dedi-
cated to the preservation of the El Yunque National Forest's lands through education, out-
reach and stewardship. The group is just starting-up and is recruiting volunteers for
more information please contact them by e-mail at: amigosdelyunque@gmail.com or by
calling Juan Vaquer at 787 599 5181.

El Yunque has been selected from over 200 international locations to number among the
exclusive "Semi-final 28" contenders in the New 7 Wonders of Nature competition!
The last stage of the competition which will select the Seven Finalists is underway vote
for El Yunque at: http://www.new7wonders.com!

Property Management Team Civil Engineer Guillermo Aponte on December 4th, pro-
vided an update on the closure of PR 966, stating: I contacted the Federal Highways Con-
tracting Office Representative (COR) for the latest status of the work. (cont. pg. 5)




2009 Forest Supervisor's Awards

On December 17th 2009,
Forest Supervisor Pablo
Cruz announced the annual
El Yunque National For-
est, Forest Supervisor's
Awards for 2009 at an "all
hands" assembly in the fore-
court of the Forest's Cata-
lina Service Center.

The award categories and
the names of those excep-
tional individuals who were
honored by the Forest Su-
pervisor for their exemplary
service are:

Excellence in safety and
Occupational Health-
Group Award:
Anastacio Gomez
Benjamin Fuentes
Orlando Carrasquillo
Ecosystem Management

Felipe Cano

Leadership Award:

Edgardo Martinez

Excellence in Providing
Business Operations Sup-
port Award:

Elba Garcia

Volunteer Hosting

Jaime Valentin

Partnership Award:

Blanca Ruiz

Customer Service Indi-
vidual Award:

Luz M. Cruz

Customer Service -
Group Award:

Blanca Ruiz
Victor Cuevas
Aurea Morag6n
Cynthia Manfred
Frank Torres
Edwin Velazquez

Law Enforcement -
Group Award:

Jos6 Ayala
Carmelo Ortiz
Aymat Verdejo

Management Initiative

Pedro Rios

Heroism And Emergency
Response Award:

Bruce Drapeau












EIYunque NF-USFWS-Wal Mart-P&G; AWin/Win

"Parrot Partnership" Activity!

The El Yunque
National Forest
joined with the
US Fish & Wild-
life Service to
partner with Wal
Mart and P&G providing educa-
tional exhibits and a narrated MS
Power Point presentation on PR
Parrot conservation at Wal Mart
and Sam's Club stores across the
island. This was the second con-
secutive year of Wal Mart/P&G's
"Amigos del Yunque" promotion.
I/CE Program Manager Blanca
Ruiz collaborated with Wal Mart
Special Events staff members
Ivelissa Rios Torres and Romy

Toledo to coordinate the complex lo-
gistics and timing of exhibit and per-
sonnel placement at locations across
the island. The power point presenta-
tion on Parrot conservation, narrated
by EYNF staff members Victor
Cuevas, Aurea Moragon, Cynthia
Manfred and Myrna Tirado and
USFWS staff members Iris Rodri-
guez, Pablo Torres and Gabriel
Benitez were augmented by a con-
tinually running video on the PR Par-
rot. Nearby tables contained an artifi-
cial parrot nest exhibit and PR Parrot
coloring books and crayons for young-
sters so that they could participate in
the parrot story. From all reports, the
presentations were well attended and

much appreciated by store custom-
ers and the kids enjoyed learning
about the colorful PR Parrot when
they used their crayons to color in
the booklets provided by Wal Mart
- All in all, a very successful and
educational partnership effort!
Wal Mart and P&G will donate 2
cents from each P&G product sold
during the promotion (up to $10,
000) to Amigos del Yunque- the
proceeds will be di-
vided equally between
the El Yunque NF and
the US Fish & Wild-
life Service's Parrot
Recovery Program.

Notable notes & Quotable quotes around the Forest

(cont. from Pg. 3)

As of today, they have completed stabilization work on the side of the mountain be-
hind the retaining wall. They are placing material to raise the road approximately 5
feet above it's grade this change was necessary to provide stability to the wall. Very
soon, if everything runs smoothly, the road will be ready for asphalt work. After as-
phalting is finished, there will still be some minor tasks to complete, such as re-
surfacing ditches and installing new guardrails. If everything proceeds as planned,
the road should be opened before the Christmas break.

El Yunque National Forest Recreation Manager Jose L. Ortega recently detailed
the El Yunque's capacity management plan for 2010: "Forest Supervisor Pablo
Cruz has created a Forest Capacity Commission. The main objective of this
Commission is to evaluate how the forest manages parking areas and traffic flow
along PR-191 during high use seasons and holidays. The Commission will recom-
mend ways that Forest visitors can be informed of available access and parking op-
portunities prior to arriving at the recreation areas. They will also look at ways the
conservation ethics message is being presented to the public.

The Commission seeks to present alternatives on how to deal with issues and con-
cerns created by excessive and uncontrolled visitation to a very ecologically sensitive
tropical rain forest. This is a critical problem that puts pressure on the Forest's
natural resources and reduces the quality of the experience shared by all visitors."





Pablo Cruz Forest Supervisor
El Yunque National Forest
Telephone -787 888 1810
Fax 787 888 5668
e-mail pcruz01 @fs.fed.us

Alan Mowbray Editor
El Bosque Pluvial
Telephone 787 888 5654
Fax 787 888 5622
e-mail amowbray@fs.fed.us
Graphics Aurea Moragon
Photos Hilda Morales (Adventours); Wal Mart Special

El Yunque National Forest
Telephone -787 888 1810/1880
Fax 787 888 5685
Web www.fs.fed.us/r8/el yunque
Mail USDA Forest Service
El Yunque National Forest
HC-01 Box 13490
Rio Grande, PR 00745-9625

This issue the Lorest Spotlight is on the Administration
Team's Ivette Martinez I unique's budget Officer.

Ivette was born in Caley, a small town in the center of the
island "a town of beautiful Fields and a Iovel c imate." It was
there that she grew-up and Il.,-ii graduated From c .11I
in I 991. 5he lived in (aguas For awhile, I. -11I moving to Gurabo
where she has resided For the past 1 7 ears, although she "misses (Qagey's

In high school she was a baton twirler and leader of various school groups -
she has ,always loved dancing." ivette's parents loved nature, transmitting
that affection to her. The Family frequently visited the beach and hiked
through the campos (mountains) of the (arite and Toro Negro forest
recreation areas, and to the ~I (_horro de Dolia Juana I i -,II ,1urpris-
ingl, the Familj never visited EI yuncue, so when Ivette came to worL For
the First time "in that wonderful forest, it was a blessing From Goodc.

Ivette Finished her bachelor's degree in D)usiness Administration with a
concentration in Accounting at the (jniversitj of Fuerto Rico, Cajej
campus aftergraduation while worLing For a private Firm, she received a
letterfrom the U DA Office of Personnel Management, offering her a
job in the Financial area she "gave the job a shot" and "the rest is history!"
Sebruarj, O1 O will mark Ivette's twentieth anniversary with the forest

5he started as a Voucher Examiner, was quickll promoted to financial
Assistant and then to Accountant, F. .11 attaining her present position as
budgett Officer. 5he sa5s: "it has been a wonderful experience- love mj
job in the finance area at the same time I feel that I'm working For an
agency that accomplishes a vital task preserving natural resources For m3
children and Future generations what I refer to as a job with a purpose!"

A jear after Ivette began working with the forest e rvice, she was married
to her high school sweetheart 5ose the have two "extraordinary" daugh-
ters; Viviana (age i ) and Valeria (age i ) who are also avid nature lovers
and "deFenders oF the environment." Ivette's beloved mother Ldlia is "a
tireless Fighter" whom she respects and admires.

In her spare time, Ivette does volunteer worL at her daughters' school and in
her community. Most she lies to spend "cqualitj time" with her amilj and
Friends she likes interior decorating, gardening and bicycling she also
enjoys traveling "'rom time to time."

All in all a well rounded and very accomplished lady _I Yunque is Fortu-
nate to have Ivette as an important member of our admin staff.



The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) prohibits discrimina-
tion in all its programs and activities on the basis of race, color,
national origin, sex, religion, age, disability, political beliefs,
sexual orientation, or marital or family status. (Not all prohib-
ited bases apply to all programs.) Persons with disabilities who
require alternate means for communication of program informa-
tion (Braille, large print, audiotape, etc.) should contact USDA's
TARGET Center at 202-720-2600 (Voice and TDD.) To file a com-
plaint of discrimination write USDA, Director, Office of Civil
Rights, Room 326-W, Whitten Building, 1400 Independence Ave-
nue, SW, Washington, DC 20250-9410 or call 202-720-5964 (Voice
and TDD). USDA is an equal opportunity employer and provider.

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