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The former Chairman of the Devel-
opment Finance Corporation Glenn
Godfrey has not only gotten an injunc-
tion against government's posting of the
first DCF Commission report filed by
Herbert Lord, he is also lashing out at
the people he says are truly responsible
for the whole mess and threatening
to sue them.
The report, a copy of which has been
obtained by the Independent Weekly,
has since been pulled from GOB's
website and the Prime Minister's office
has indicated it will wait for the second
report from Commissioner Merlene
Bailey-Martinez before it makes the
Lord report public again.
The Lord report created a stir, not
only because Justice Lord did not wait
for his fellow commissioner before sub-
mitting his evaluation independently, but
also because it seems to lay the blame
for the failure of the DFC at the feet of
the former Chairman.
That man, Glen Godfrey took his
campaign to protect his name public last
week when he appeared on the popu-
lar TV/radio talk show "Lik Road." He
did not mince words with co-hosts
Michael Finnegan and Michael

Former DFC chairman Glen Godfrey won't be anyone's whipping boy.
Peyrefitte,"...This governmentwastry- they were pushing through certain
ing to find a scapegoat, somebody who projects, projects he believes they knew
would roll over and play dead so that were not feasible. "Government more
they could look good and they picked than knew. They negotiated it."
the wrong person." Mr. Godfrey claims Minister Ralph
He says not only were the Prime Min- Fonseca told him not to worry about
ister and Minister Ralph Fonseca aware any losses because "Government will
of what was taking place at the DFC, cover it." Godfrey said if he is guilty of

anything, it was being too trusting: "This
government has no word. They have il-
lustrated it many times, with Intelco, with
the Port... several projects where they
give an exclusive and then they turn
around... (inaudible)."
He told co-host Michael Peyrefitte
he believes his former friends and as-
sociates turned on him "because they
feel I am expendable. They want some-
body to take the lick so they can go on
and win the elections."
Editor's Note: You should note that
nothing can be "pulled from the
Internet" once it's been up for more
than a couple hours. There is free ser-
vice that captures everything that's
ever been put up on the Internet and
archived. It's called
waybackmachine.com. When the
Musa Government decided to take
down the Political Reform Commis-
sion Report, 2000 off the GOB
website (on the same day we high-
lighted it in our first issue :11/28/06)
we merely visited
waybackmchine. com and retrieved a
copy. Therefore, Commissioner
Lord's Report is still very much a live
document on the Internet.

Ladyville Gas Station robbed again

ThefHighwayman Gas StationinLadyville
was hityet again July 30 asthe officeopened
a little after 6 a.m. Robbers were bare faced
withnoattempttomasktheiridentitybutwith ..
great strategy to take down the entire week- ,,, .. ...... .. ........
end sales.
Sincethe place hasbeenhitbefore, caus-
ing great bodily injury to the owner in the
past, the establishment had installed security ... '. ..
cameras that are highly visible. The robbers
were oblivious to the cameras and made no
attempt to conceal their identity, said one .
eyewitness.We expect them to be picked
get backthe $40,000 that was taken from
the safe. Highwaymanisavalueddistributor
ofthis newspaper.
Another key Independent depot, Bodale
Shop was also recently robbed and owner
Dale was stabbed repeatedly in his back.
Heis slowly recovering. Wewishhimwell. Highwayman Gas Station has been robbed repeatedly and staff held at gunpoint, shot at and robbed..

RedI need t Online at htp/blznw.cominepndet r ttpHgnyrg gm24d

I. IS ReadS S I~~Independent Oniea tp/blznwgcm idpneto tp/tiyrgo/4dpPg

Saying Goodbye to a
fine teacher
Dear Editor
More than 300 people crowded into
the George Price Centre auditorium on
Sunday evening, 22nd July, to honour
the life and memory of Peter GF.
This was a remarkable outpouring of
love and respect for the recently mur-
dered teacher of history at Belize Chris-
tian Academy; Peter had been in Belize
only two years.
Representatives from BCA, Step of
Faith Church, students and friends paid
tribute to Peter's joy in life, to his faith
in God, his dedication to doing the best
job he could. We heard over and over
again how Peter's faith had supported
him in solving his problems, how dedi-
cated he was to bringing out the best in
his students, how funny and goofy he
could be, and how he saw his life as an
ongoing voyage of discovery, while hon-
oring the best in everyone.
We heard how his colleagues and stu-
dents drew strength from his caring and
generosity, how he anonymously do-
nated some of his scarce funds to stu-

dents who needed help... and how he
took on extra janitorial work at the
school, so that he could pay his own
bills. (Peter found it hard to understand
why some people considered this work
inappropriate.) In his mind, all work
had honour and merit.
It was this clarity of thought that made
Peter so endearing. He felt humbled
by the opportunity and responsibility to
foster the growth of his students' minds.
He saw that these young people had
the chance to be the future leaders of
Belize. He wanted to help them do
the best they could.
Dr. Jennifer Morrow announced the
establishment of a Scholarship Fund in
Peter Phillips' memory. Substantial
sums have already been received from
Peter's family and friends in the States.
Dr. Morrow hopes that there will be
enough for one student to attend BCA
on scholarship this coming school year.
Contact BCA to make a contribution in
Peter's memory.
Sandra Braaten, one of Peter's stu-
dents at BCA, prepared a beautiful and
moving Power-Point Tribute to her
teacher. It included many photographs
of Peter, at work and at play, with well-

designed graphics and stirring music.
Copies of this presentation may be pur-
chased for a donation to the Peter
Phillips Memorial Scholarship Fund.
Featured speakers were: Mr. Derek
Morrow, Pastor Ron Braaten, Mr.
Lance Lewis, Miss Jade Ho, Mrs.
Casie Jones, Ms. Dana Lain, Mr.Thom
Moran, Dr. Jennifer Morrow.
A friend of Peter's

Not in Goldson's
name, please
Dear Editor
It was with dismay that we saw via
the media, Mr. Okeke soliciting funds
in the name of Philip Goldson. Mr.
Goldson was a very humble man and
the last thing he would have wanted
would be to have a larger than life sculp-
ture of him made at such great cost.
He loved Belize and the people of
Belize, and if there is anyone willing to
give their two, five or ten dollar bills, or
even a shilling, there are many living in
the Albert division facing dire poverty
and for whom that money could be put
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Friday, August 3, 2007 The INdependent Reformer Page 3



The International Organization,
Global Action on Ageing, spon-
sored by the United Nations in
New York, has published a new
poster from Belize on the front 0
cover of their latest Newsletter,
which is distributed worldwide.
The poster, sponsored by the
NCA and funded by the British
High Commission small grants
programme, has been printedfor WE OLDER PEOPLE HAVE MUCH TO SAY
VOICE the Representative Or-
ganization of Older Persons in SI PLEASE lSTEN TO US AND RESPECT
Belize, which is a newly formedPEASEISTEN TO US AND RESPECT
organization that seeks to unite
older persons in collective action 09 1 CON gERNm
to raise awareness of their con-
cerns and to lobby for an im-
provement in their quality of life.
The VOICE organization was
formed in 2006 and came about
as a recommendation made by the
participants of a forum entitled
"The Human Rights and Funda-
mental Freedoms of Older Per-
sons in Belize", facilitated by con-
sultants from PAHOI/WHO in
Washington, USA.
At this forum, older persons
unanimously agreed that they ,W want to beW w
wanted the opportunity to voice pensions for
their concerns on all issues af- respected and
fecting their lives and therefore all older
set in motion the formation of acknowledged
their representative organiza-b s people
tion.bys ce y.
VOICE has been holding pub- b c
lic meetings in the various Dis-
tricts across the country to in- Weewan
form all older persons about the
importance of having a repre- safe to eat
sentative organization in Belize
that will speak out and raise is- housing W e want nutritional
sues. -recreation food to
The National Council on Age-
ing is delighted that the poster abilities to stay
has been recognized by an in-4
ternational organization for the exercise healthy
contribution it is making to the
improvement of the lives of older
persons in Belize.
The National Council on Age-
ing is funded by the Government W e want adequate
of Belize through the Ministry of
Human Development. appropriate & affordable
For further information con-
tact: Lindy Jeffery, Executive medication
Director Telephone: 822-1546
ncabze@yahoo.com. The Glo-
bal Action on Aging website is
*0AMReevtos 512621

= M6E=

--7. -, -1 -1 T)
-C) 7t) -711 ,A C, 10-11 -11

I. IS ReadS S I~~Independent Oniea tp/beieescmidpedn rht:/inulcm25 ag4 1


were the real leaders. Pretended so well
they began to believe it themselves. Ap-
parently still do.
I suppose people in the United States

Train and the Economic miracle, the ten
thousand homes and 100,000 jobs, end
to the BTL monopoly, lower utility bills,
and all the other pie in the sky we were

BtI r What if we had not invited the carpet-baggers
'-- -./ to dinner, let them into our homes, allowed them
.- to "borrow" our furniture and carry off our
By: Karla Heusner Vernon daughters?
ThT ear iQ 19QQ8 ndrBelizeans don't

want to go on a diet. The Prime Minis-
ter, Manuel Esquivel is urging them to
trim the fat now for better fitness to-
morrow, but we don't want to lose any-
thing we think we are entitled to. Not
government jobs, not perks, not private
sector tax breaks or concessions.
We believe things are very, very bad.
No money no deh! We think the
Belizean economy is a mess and
Esquivel and his party have botched
things up. So we switched parties,
switched party leaders and switched off
life as we knew it. The irony is the
dreaded VAT Man did not plunge us
into debt and poverty. The Fat Man,
the supposed Money Man did. He and
the people he hid behind, pretended

must be asking themselves the big
"What if?" right now too. What if they
had chosen Al Gore over George Bush?
Would the man who is now raising mil-
lions, perhaps billions, for environmen-
tal causes and save the earth campaign
have led to them to what has become
the third world war? What would have
been his response to 9-11? Would 9-
11 have even happened?
What if we here in Belize had not been
seduced by the Good Time Good Ole
Boys either? What if we had not invited
the carpet-baggers to dinner, let them
into our homes, allowed them to "bor-
row" our furniture and carry off our
What if we had ignored the Freedom

promised, but had eaten humble pie in-
stead. If only we could have reigned in
our desire to punish the people in power
for our own lethargy and petty tribal-
Was it our fault? They seemed so sin-
cere. So full of promise, and promises.
How could we know it was all deceit,
that there was some grand design to
destroy us instead of develop us? Who
would have believed it that day they
rode into Belize City on buses waving
flags and sporting blue shirts. It was such
an exciting day, the dawn of a new era,
promise of a new beginning...
We thought we were choosing people
to lead, not people to feed. Big fat
greedy pigs who would hog up every-

thing in the trough of our national bounty.
Give our all the contracts to their fellow
swine, then stick their muddy noses in
our televisions and grunt out their lies
over and over. Daring anyone to punish
them, or even try.
The people we trusted to guard our
national patrimony have instead used this
country as if it were their own personal
estate. Supplied with slaves, household
and timber camp, to do their bidding,
no questions asked, no challenges to
their authority.
Some of us tug at the chains we say
the Great White Massa has shackled
us with, ripping at his throat, calling him
a Neo-colonizer. He and the other "in-
vestors" who turned out to be nothing
more than absentee landowners repa-
triating the profits from our resources
and labor to their home countries in the
But what to do we say to our own
countrymen who, like the tribesmen of
West Africa, captured and sold their
own people into bondage. Whose crime
is greater?
And what exactly has been our resis-
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J. v~.
I -it




The order
of the gittdn, w, ,A

/FDat da uwan. EAGL'

%wet so full Of SHIT,
dat he Kyan flY!!! / '"

LooK, Lord Mike, look at all the bling ah get pan mi trip!
But you won't get much for those at JL's, Mousa.


Friday, August 3, 2007 The INdependent Reformer Page 5

edals for




By: TrevorVernon
The Rt. Hon. Prime Minister of Belize,
Said W. Musa, was off traveling again
this past weekend to add to his collec-
tion of farewell medals from leaders of
foreign countries. This time it's from the
Dominican Republic where he'll also be
meeting with bankers and "businessmen
in private". This story was first released,
not in Belize, but from the Dominican
Republic. Our source:
"Santo Domingo.- Belize Prime Min-
ister Said Musa will pay an official visit
to the Dominican Republic from July
29-31, 2007."
In fact, we were hesitant to run it since
Mr. Musa promised (last Tuesday in a
political ad on www.7newsbelize.com)

to continue to sue those in the media
who write lies about him. And since
there is no official release from his press
office on all these medals, he might want
to tell the Belizean people that this
medal collection jaunt did not happen,
and sue us.
Maybe Press Office can inform us this
week as to the exact extent of the col-
lection of medals the Rt. Hon. Prime
Minister has been collecting, in the name
of the people of Belize. And maybe they
could list the dates of the award pre-
sentations too.
On the flip side, Belize's Prime Min-
ister has been handing out lots of Belize
National Awards. Can Press Office
please bring us up to date on who his
party leader has been giving awards to,
especially foreign luminaries since tak-
ing office?
Is the PM out soliciting medals from
foreign countries? Or, are these foreign
countries merely wishing him an early
farewell? Enquiring minds would like to
know, as we should. We do live in a
democracy, right? And last I read the
Inter-American Democratic Charter he
signed unto in 2001; he appears to have

committed himself to certain democratic
"According to a Dominican Foreign
Ministry source, Musa will meet with
President Leonel Fernandez on Mon-
day. Fernandez will be awarding the
Duarte, Sanchez and Mella Order of
Merit to the Belizean PM. and later that
same day the National District Council
will present him with the Keys of the
In Belize, we are getting no reports
of these awards from any official source.
No one seems to know that Musa was
planning to accept an award this week-
end. Shouldn't there be some select
senate committee to monitor and at least
make transparent the acceptance of
awards to our elected leaders? Why is
there never any media release and when
they issue it, it's after the fact?
When will President Bush line up and
give the Rt. Hon. Prime Minister his
award too? What's wrong with these
people? Don't they know they have to
give the ultimate demagogue his
"The visiting PM is also due to meet
with Foreign Minister Carlos Morales

to sign two agreements to set up a
Belize-Dominican Republic Bi-National
Commission and for Economic and
Technical Cooperation." [From same
New agreements they say? Like the
ones he signed with Columbia? Won-
der if those agreements will ever be re-
leased in Belize and ever put in force.
Will any Belize legislator get to review
these agreements? Will the public? We
need to know the details.
"On Tuesday Musa will hold private
meetings with local politicians and busi-
ness representatives." [From same ar-
Can the Prime Minister brief the na-
tion on his most recent trip to the Do-
minican Republic so we don't have to
read about it in foreign newspapers? In
most democracies, the travels of the
Prime Minister/President are published
information, except where it's of national
security concern not to do so. Please
Mr. PM, please let the nation know
what all these expensive travels are
about, unless of course the security of
the nation isn't being handled by the
Governor/Lord anymore.

What about our Oil Resources?

A statement from the NRP

When you are in Spanish Lookout
on a hill around the Esso gas station at
night and you look towards the east you
see in approximately 2 miles east the
air light up of a flame where Belize
Natural Energy is wasting natural gas
from the 5 producing oil wells all joined
by a pipe underground. At times you
can see the flame arising above the
bushes from 2 miles away and the toxic
smoke covering the whole area and the
breeze blowing it towards residential
areas. This has been going on since they
open the first well and the complaints
made and sickness caused by this
waste have been completely ignored by
BNE and other authorities.
The BNE is sending in various news-
papers a colourful release on how much
they have benefited Spanish Lookout,
by sales of goods and fees, and how
the have one person working from
Spanish Lookout Also how they have
pleased Spanish Lookout by removing
the gas burning flame from near the
houses which was sickening them over
one year, to 2 miles down the road to
where it blows over Spanish Lookout
in a wider area than before and how

they are promising once more that they
will get the royalty fee some day.
Then there are questions about the
actual amount of oil being produced: the
Spanish Lookout committee reports
BNE informed them they are extracting
3200 barrels per day. But the record
we have from the truckers indicates
they are hauling 24 tankers per day
which equals to 4800 barrels of oil per
day. What is BNE trying to hide? Do
they think they can hide a big semi-
truck? And what is exactly the reason
they bring out a colourful release of how
great they are, while they are intoxicat-
ing our air and wasting our irreplace-
able natural resources? They seem to
sell their public image relations real
Information from other countries
has also arrived. We happened to get
a visit from an oil specialist from
Houston Texas. He said that even in
Nigeria, a country with little social and
health control, they do not allow the
burning of toxic gas at the oil wells,
but they re-inj ect it back, not to dam-
age the gas cap in the earth. He says
the gas cap over the oil must stay there

until the well is depleted so we can
expect approximately 60% of the de-
posit, in the case of letting the gas out
maybe only 40% can be extracted. It
is also important how fast the oil is
extracted not to damage the core. He
also stated that the gases should be
pumped back into the gas cap in the
earth in any case to get 20% more oil
One must ask the question: Are we
so broke that we have to rush and get
the 40% of our oil resource and run
and not able to keep a record closer
than 30% from 2300, to 4800 bar-
rels and no matter who gets sick, who
loses and what is wasted, and to dis-

regard peoples health, rights, environ-
ment and international rules? Some
one sooner or later will have to an-
swer these questions. Before to much
negative vibes are created.

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Toledo News

By: William Schmidt
PG correspondent for
Coffee Growers form
More than 30 coffee growers met
Saturday, 20th July at Nature's Way
Guesthouse in Punta Gorda Town with
Mr. Joel Alexander Sr., coffee importer
with offices in Dallas, Texas and New
Orleans, Louisiana, USA.
Mr. Alexander told how his son has a
company that presently services more
than 350 coffeehouses. Research they
have recently completed shows that
there is a market for a new and unique
He has spent the last month visiting
our local farms, getting to know our
farmers and the different commodities
they grow. The first of July he distrib-
uted fliers telling of the first meeting to
find out if there was interest; it resulted
in the second where BEGAT was
formed. The word begat means to
cause, to generate, and to produce; it is
an acronym for the Belizean Ecological
Growers Association of Toledo. Mr.
Alexander plans to buy all the coffee
offered at $3.BZ per pound which is
above world market coffee price, be-
ginning the next season Oct. thru Dec.
While the first and principal product
is coffee, which will be marketed under
the name "Maya Mountain Coffee". Mr.

Alexander said there is also a market
for black and red pepper, ginger, herbs
& spices, teas and medicinal plants from
Mr. Armando Choco and Justino
Peck of the Toledo Cacao Growers
Association (TCGA) have been very
helpful with information and support,
they attended the meeting. After ex-
plaining his goals, objectives and rea-
sons for sponsoring the formation of
this association, Mr. Alexander encour-
aged questions.
At that point, nominations were asked
for a pro-tem administration for one
year, when it is expected the associa-
tion will have grown and new elections
will be held. Mr. Alexander asked Mr.
Justino Peck if he would nominate
someone for the first chairperson. Mr.
Peck said, "after hearing what Mr.
Schmidt said about the importance of
involving women in this association, he
would nominate Mrs. Maria Ack".
When asked if she would accept, she
told how she was one of the first in To-
ledo to roast, grind, bottle and sell our
local coffee, she would be pleased to
The following persons were elected;
Maria Ack Chairperson

IgnacioAsh Co-Chairperson
Pablo Ack Secretary
Victoriano Choc Vice-Sec.
Emertio Sho Treasurer
Julio Cal Vice-Treasurer
Agapito Shal Councilor
In closing, Mr. Alexander gave rec-
ognition and thanks to Mr. Barry
Palacio, Toledo District Agricultural
Coordinator for the Ministry of Agri-
culture and Fisheries, for his sincere en-
couragement and support.
The next meeting of BEGAT will be
the last Saturday of August, 8:00 AM
at Nature's Way, all farmers of Toledo
are welcome and encouraged to attend.
PNP Paints PG
People's National Party (PNP)
Leader Wil Mehia joined 40 youths on
Saturday 21st July to fulfill the PNP's
promise of painting the library. The
youths were eager and excited to con-
tinue to show their support for PNP's
plans to improve their community.

At the last event they gathered to
learn about the Maritime Areas Act.
This meeting was hosted by the Belize
Covenant Movement. The next event
will take place in the village of Big Falls
where the PNP will host a volleyball
tournament on Sunday 29th July com-
mencing at 10:00 AM. There will be a
cash prize for first and second place
winners and an opportunity to learn
more about PNP's plans for a better
Mehia and his team have been regu-
larly meeting in the rural villages, he says
that interest and support for the PNP is
steadily growing. '"Its time for a real
change, and our people know and want
For more information about the PNP
Summer Program for Toledo Youths,
contact Blues McKenzie at 614-8307
or 670- 8307
Still Waiting for
Support from local
(Please Turn To Page 8) E

PG youths obviously enjoyed their community improvement work

US coffee importer JoelAlexander Sr. addresses growers at meeting at Nature's Way Guesthouse.

The volunteers hard at work painting PG Lihrary

Friday, August 3, 2007 The IN

TOp Secrets: How to

dependent R

reformer Page 7

and never lose PiII

--submitted by the National Reform Party
Leaders do not gain rights as they as-
cend to the top, just the opposite hap-
pens, they surrender their rights. How
come? Well this sounds contradictory
but the truth is that it works like love;
you can only keep it by giving it away.
That is how it goes. A man only fights
for it until he sees he can do more by
not fighting. Some end up battling them-
selves and have very little energy left to
fight the enemy.
Leaders must surrender freedom for
the sake of others to be great. Every-
one wants to be thought of as a servant
but no one wants to be treated like one.
Here are six blessings for a real leader
1. You are blessed when you see
that you need more than you received
and see how little you have.
2. You are blessed when you are
content with just who you are and what
you have.
3. You are blessed when you
work up a good appetite for the truth.
It will satisfy.
4. You are blessed when you
care. The moment you care, you find
yourself cared for. When you get your
inside world right, that is your mind and
heart at the right place then you can
see God in the outside world.
5. You are blessed when you can
show people how to cooperate instead
of competing or fighting; that it is that
you discover who you really are and
your place in God's family.


6. You are blessed when your
commitment to God provokes perse-
cutions. The persecutions drive you
deeper into God's kingdom and result
in more rewards in both worlds.
The greatest temptation for political
1. To lean on their own strength
and to be self reliant and not depend on
God and not be open and vulnerable.
2. They will be tempted to be
spectacular, be a celebrity, to have all
about image and do not have integrity.
To put on a show to impress others.
3. They are tempted to want to be
powerful, be in charge, to manipulate
and control, and to take short cuts which



- in. (Continued From Page 7)
In last week's paper, I told how the
members of the Punta Gorda Conser-
vation Committee had waited for this
month's meeting to see if the Toledo
Branch of the BTIA would provide the
letter of support they requested. Un-
fortunately the support was not given;
the issue was not even brought up. This
is unfortunate for many reasons, not the
least of which is the fact that Valdemar
Andrade, Executive Director of PACT
told me that in order for PACT to be
able to fund the Punta Gorda Conser-
vation Committee we would need a let-
ter of support from the BTIA and the
Belize Tourist Board.
The BTB won't provide us with a let-
ter unless the BTIA supports the pro-
gram. The BTIA is probably the most
powerful NGO in Belize. Most if not all
the big time resorts and tourism busi-
nesses belong.
The Punta Gorda Conservation Com-
mittee who represent the urban part of
the Toledo Peoples Eco Park on the
other hand is made up for the most part
of non-business owners and some of
our District's and Nation's poorest citi-

Until the wealthy make a real effort
to help the poor, we will remain in pov-
erty. Karl Marx said they will never
freely do this, so far he has been right.
After years of struggle some here are
asking, is the peaceful, constructive
Belizean revolution really possible for
the poor? If so, when?
Last week's INdependent Reformer
Toledo section also told of our Prime
Minister and Area Representative
Michael Espat's promise on July 12th
of help for the further development of
the Toledo Peoples Eco Park. We are
still waiting to hear from Minister Espat,
if he has obtained permission for us to
use the old rice mill building and plaza
for a temporary Toledo House of Cul-
ture and permission from Minister of
Lands and Natural Resources to pro-
tect the last refuge of our areas endan-
gered flora and fauna and the
community's watershed. We have pro-
vided Minister Espat maps of these ar-
eas that were given to us by the Local
Lands Office, and written descriptions
of the programs. We are also looking
for support from the Ministers of Tour-
ism, and Culture. Power to all the

are never right.
Immature leaders are often worried if
they are receiving enough credit or get-
ting enough prestige. They are quick to
judge others' actions while they judge
themselves by good intentions. In the
our local newspapers we can find ex-
amples to clarify some of the points
These reflect our country leaderships'
history but will also have an impact in
the future. The young generations will
have to sort through them again and
again because this is how we can grow.
How were our leaders tempted? How
did they score in their field ofwork testf"
while they carried the responsibility of
our country destiny? We cannot ignore
the past as we look into the future.
Belize historical leadership inci-
dents. You may recall reading the fol-
low excerpts which I will quote, please
bear with me as we illustrate our points.
In June 17, 2007 it was described
how the current leader of the opposi-
tion took over from Hon. Manuel
Esquivel in 1989. The UDP called a
meeting at its headquarters and ex-
plained briefly that Hon. Esquivel
walked into a meeting as party leader.
When he came out, Hon. Dean Bar-
row was the new party leader. People
that were closed to Esquivel later testi-
fied that he was surprised to find out
that he had lost his leadership position
in that meeting. In the news it was re-
ported that Esquivel had resigned.
In 1995, the UDP government re-
trenched over 800 people at once at
Christmas time, apparently to please the
IMF. Many of these people had im-
portant positions in different areas of
services. These firings caused chaos in
so many areas and a shock to Belizeans.
Later many were rehired but many left
the country and formed their own busi-
ness. Others never recuperated. To this
day people don't know who to blame
for this, the then PM Hon. Esquivel or
his deputy PM Hon. Dean Barrow. It
certainly catapulted the country into
deeper financial desperation with no

hope of improving.
Be it noted here that the then PM Hon.
Esquivel was a man of principles in fi-
nancial matters; paying foreign debts
was one of his priorities. As a city per-
son he saw the need mainly in a better
phone company, hotels and a Central
Newspaper, in June 17, 2007, de-
scribed the PM Hon Said Musa in Oc-
tober 2003 signing a secret memoran-
dum ofunderstanding to buy out Carlisle
52% shareholding of BTL. "This has
repercussion beyond belief. The party
grass roots credentials, the
government's credibility and our
country's reputation was at stake; and
an investment climate became a sad
story of unbridled greed and a reckless
disregard for the Belizean consumers
and voters. The request on behalf of
Mr. Ashcroft to become a "permitted
person": permitted to illegally hold more
than 25% of the company; permitted to
extract tens of millions of dollars in man-
agement fees and deposits; permitted
to withhold dividends from hundreds of
small Belizeans shareholders; permitted
to marginalize the Belizean management
and staff; permitted to gouge the cus-
tomers, enjoy a monopoly; then per-
mitted to obstruct inter-connectivity and
competition, avoid taxes, blur the line
onshore and offshore and act against
the national interest of the people."
Thousands of people in Belize should
remember this nightmare. It was com-
mon that charges in their monthly phone
bills were extremely high, while con-
sumption was low. It seemed impos-
sible to bring the bill down. For instance
one contractor of a small business would
have 8 employees in his construction
company. He reported that they spent
$3000 dollars per month on BTL bills
between 3 cell phones and two station-
ary phones per month. They felt taken
because there was no other phone com-
pany until Intelco tried to surface.
People looked forward with great hopes
for lower rates. It was said that Intelco
would cut the phone bills in half, then
just as Intelco started operating they
were not permitted to interconnect. The
people were disappointed beyond
words. When the company closed its
doors, the equipment and towers be-
came "mute white elephants" staring at
us to this day; as we continue to pay
very high prices for such a service.
RT Hon George Price, the political
genius. George Price took no interest
in sports, food or comfort but he loved
classical music, politics dominated his
life, and has always been a devoted
catholic. He fully embraced his God and
his church. He always quoted Mathew
6:33 "Seekye first the kingdom of God,
and his righteous, and all this things shall
be added unto you". He built a bridge
that enabled him alone to quietly ab-
(Please Turn To Page 9)

I R e a d In d p n d n nl n a t p : /eiz e n e w ~ s c m in d e e n e n t o r h t t :/ ti y u r Sc m / 2 5 d ggP g e 8

Representatives of the Women's Is-
sues Network of Belize attended the
39th Session on the Convention on
the Elimination of all forms of Discrimi-
nation Against Women (CEDAW), at
the United Nations in New York from
July 23rd to 27th. The purpose of
the Session is for both the Govern-
ment and the NGO community to
present their official reports on the
status of women in Belize and imple-
mentation of the CEDAW.
In 1990, Belize became a signatory
to CEDAW and committed itself to
promote women's human rights, and,
to take national action to ensure ac-
cess to, and enjoyment of, these rights
and an end to discrimination. The
Convention defines discrimination
against women as "...any distinction,
exclusion or restriction made on the
basis of sex which has the effect or
purpose of impairing or nullifying the
recognition, enjoyment or exercise by

women, irrespective of their marital
status, on a basis of equality of men
and women, of human rights and fun-
damental freedoms in the political,
economic, social, cultural, civil or any
other field."
Since 1999, there have been sev-
eral modifications to Acts and imple-
mentation of policies in various areas
affecting women. The desired results
of these modifications and implemen-
tations have not been achieved.
Women, primarily in the rural areas,
are still not educated about their rights,
health issues, and economic advance-
The WIN-Belize Team which con-
sisted of Carolyn Reynolds, Execu-
tive Director, Karen Cain, Director of
the Youth Enhancement Services and
two consultants Luis Constantino and
Andrea Constantino, reported their
findings in regards to whether those
ultimately affected by national policies

and procedures are aware of the
means at their disposal to improve
their lives and, or living conditions.
Additionally, the Team discussed the
major issues affecting both rural and
urban women.
In consultation with representatives
of some member organizations of
WIN Belize, the coordinating body for
NGOs which address women's is-
sues, interviews revealed the follow-
ing concerns affecting the equality,
development, and advancement of
women in Belize.
Primary concerns:
1. The lack of implementation, or
effective implementation, of existing
2. The national budget alloca-
3. The reality of Belize's eco-
nomic condition is not conducive to
the advancement of women.
4. The progress of the develop-

ment and advancement of women and
women's issues is slow due to weak,
or, no implementation of national/or-
ganizational policies, some inad-
equately designed, and/or insufficient
resources, which contribute to poor
coordination between/among organi-
zations and agencies with objectives
for the intervention and provision of
services to address women's devel-
opment and enhancement.
Other concerns:
Sex roles and stereotyping
Trafficking of persons
Political and Public Life
Health Care and Family Planning
Domestic Violence and Sexual
Rural Women
-- release from the Women's Issue
Network of Belize.

A brief

By: Mario Lara
When I look around the streets of
Belize and see people bringing with
their gold chains, hair extensions, hun-
dred dollar plus sneakers, expensive cell
phones, SUVs and what not, I do say
to myself that things aren't so bad in
Belize at all (economically speaking).
Yet, there is a sense of "tings dread."
How can this be?
The thing about being poor is its rela-
tive. You are poor compared to oth-
ers, but sometimes to feel good about
your lot, you have to pretend.
So let's compare the different classes
in Belize: First you have your wealthy
foreigners who own property and busi-
ness interests in Belize but who mostly
live away. They partner with local elites
to manage their properties and interests
in Belize.
Then, you have your local elites.
These are Belizeans who vacation
abroad, have getaway villas in Hopkins
or on an islands where they go for ex-
tended weekends, own multiple prop-
erties, do most of their shopping in Mi-
ami a couple times a year, have bank
accounts offshore, etc., etc. They're
predominantly lawyers and well con-
nected business people who have a
monopoly (or virtual monopoly) in their
given industries.
Next you have your prominent politi-
cians. These are the folks who control
the publicly owned resources in the in-
terest of the wealthy foreigner and local
elites and keep everyone else placated.
For their troubles, they enjoy a rather

at the social classes

healthy lifestyle.
Then you have a gap. Very few
people enjoy what might be called a
moderate to upper middle class exist-
ence in Belize. They have either left the
country or are so few in numbers that
they don't really qualify as a social class
or grouping.
That leaves us with the working pro-
fessionals and small business owners.
These are a small group of people who
managed to get a higher education or
to start a little business and are able to
live a somewhat comfortable lifestyle,
but teeter on the edge of financial ruin.
Their security depends on the relation-
ships they are able to develop with the
politicians and local elites. Sometimes
they get lucky and break into the higher
social rankings through politics or mar-
riage. Sometimes they have to leave
the country to avoid a step down when
things don't work out. Many times they


teachers, nurses, (single moms), and
skilled workers. The only luxuries many
of them can afford are hair extensions,
gold chains, expensive cell phones so
they can appear to be ambitious and a
cut above the rest and hopefully attract
someone from the higher social class to
marry them.
Then you have your City and Town
"poor" class. These are the unskilled
laborers who catch and kill and eke out
an existence. Good looks are valued
more than brains to get you out of this
level so many ofthem also like to bling
up as much as they can and show some
skin in how they dress.
start all over again from scratch. Then you have the rural "poor" class
Then you have your hand-to- or thelmules. These are the farmers and
mothers. These are people who spend other unskilled laborers who live out-
every dime they earn. Some may be side the major towns and cities and are
lucky enough to own property so they only valued for their labor.
can take out small loans to close the Thisis pretty much the class structure
financing gaps that open up when they that has developed in Belize and the
need to take care of health problems or elites have a vested interest in pursuing
other needs. These are many of your policies that will keep it that way.

4uin r u

Friday, August 3, 2007 The INdependent Reformer Page 9

mb1~Kz~mvIU 9.-

3-4 weeks delays for
wire $ transfers?
The San Pedro Chamber of Com-
merce is advising its members that a
Canadian attempting to make a wire
transfer to a company in Belize was told
by his Canadian bank that new proce-
dures now in effect to prevent terrorist
funding and money laundering are caus-
ing wires to now pass through at least
3 U.S. checkpoints and will take at
least 4 weeks to clear!
Is this happening from the US as
well? If so, are Belizean businesses
expected to ask clients to transfer
money ONE MONTH before they are
going to need to pay for something?
Bad enough we have to wait for inter-
national checks to clear for weeks and
now, now we are getting screwed with
wire transfers too? Bet the big boys
don't have to wait that long.
Typo? Or Freudian
On Friday, July 27, Channel Five ran
a story on the Association of Con-
cemedBelizeans' case against the Gov-

emment ofBelize challenging the legal-
ity of the UHS guarantee. But in the
intemet transcript, ACB President David
Vasquez is quoted as saying... "To get
into the crooks of the matter concern-
ing this case, it is a very strong basis
from which we are bringing this ac-
tion into the court... "
Yes, David, everyone would like to
get to the crux of the matter, afraid we
already have a pretty good idea who
the crooks are....

Musa's award from
the Maya
Heard the Maya of the south gave
Musa an award recently entitled the

TOp Secrets: How to

walking eagle award. What's a walking
eagle? One that's too heavy with ex-
cess baggage to fly.
Sir George Brown,
Our deepest condolences to the wife
and family of the late Sir George Brown.
He certainly left his mark in the courts,
the sailing courses and the football fields
across Belize.
Political's foreign
We've been getting numerous reports
of extravagant purchases of estates,
homesteads, and condos particularly in
the southern states of the United States
of America by key players in Belize's
political directorate, red & blue. Aren't
politicians required by law to report
these acquisitions inBelize to some com-
Give the Mayor her
diplomatic passport,
What's wrong with Belmopan? Our
duly elected and highly popular Mayor

should be granted her diplomatic pass-
port. She goes to conferences to pro-
mote Belize not collect Medals like Said.
Bowen's big warts
coming on stream?
Big advertisements in all the papers
notifying PUC that Bowen will be pro-
ducing his own power in the south...
7.5 MEGAWATTS worth of it. Won-
der if he's using Chavez's crude or the
Lord's? 7.5 Megs is a hell of a lot of
power, more than the dams produce.
Wonder when he'll start to sell power
to BEL? Those warts generate some
serious power.

end never lose PiII

--- (Continued From Page 7)
stract his traverse between the political
kingdom and the kingdom of God. He
worked 7 days a week. He preferred
interacting with the people to the tech-
nical work of governance. Price never
chose between the political kingdom
and the kingdom of God. He sought and
served both well that is an accomplish-
ment unique in this world; whether con-
sciously or not, he steeped himself in
Christianity before his emergence in
politics. His lifestyle, his clean habits,
his social justice thinking, his political
kingdom, unceasing interaction with and
service to ordinary people was his single
political agenda. Price was never dis-
tracted by the lust for international pres-
How could this leader with such prin-
ciples and faith for over 40 years be
forgotten by the Belizean folks? We
hear some ridiculous things today that
"Christians" cannot be in politics. Poli-
tics is evil. One has to keep political
things and the kingdom of God far apart.
People get together to talk about God's
kingdom and don't want to talk politi-
cal issues. There is always a huge gulf
between what one believes and one's
actions. In talk shows, people seem sur-
prised when they have a politician talk-
ing about God and politics at the same
time. Can good and evil mix? someone
questions. Others see the need of God
in emergency only, like in a hurricane.
You may ask, was George Price a true
perfect leader? Some believe he missed
out. He ended up putting the party ahead

of the people which has caused many
problems. Party before people is a tem-
porary thing. The people will not toler-
ate it in the long run and it opens the
door for corrupt leaders to come in and
misuse the party and abuse the people's
rights and money.
Being a leader for forty years, where
are his successors? Where are his dis-
ciples? He may have many, but are they
standing up for his principles? Are they
following his footsteps? Mr. Price val-
ued principles over money. Unfortu-
nately, this is not seen today within his
party. Avery critical writer said that "the
people of Belize have become pawns
of the same political party they have
believed 57 years ago would lead them
to freedom, justice and equality". To-
day it seems that parties become busi-
ness corporations where the financial
and human resources become their as-
As the saying goes oppression has
no neutral grounds. We are the ones
that make the decision. "If we see evil
and corruption around us and we don't
do anything about it we are guilty by
association". Are our religious lead-
ers actively fighting against the evil? If
not then they will be guilty by asso-
ciation. When have they voiced their
opinions and given counsel to the des-
Apastor in the Belmopan area com-
mented: "Some ofus are afraid to speak
up against corruption in the govern-
ment". When he was asked why, he said
because they may turn against them and

not grant the next exemption when they
bring in a vehicle for a church. Many
religious groups do not even vote or
speak up to help the oppressed. By this
they hope problems will just go away.
Some say that evil is in politics so if they
shun it they become better people and
they just hope that the politicians will
keep law and order among the rest of
evil. But let us remind you of this top
secret: There is no neutral ground!
If we are not part of the solution we are
part of the problem or maybe the prob-
lem itself. This is a very disturbing truth
especially for those that are resting in
the comfort zone.
A letter in the newspaper said the
following: "March 27, 07 after the
largest political demonstration of our
history a group of church leaders of
Belize City of 7 different denomina-
tions got together with our Prime
Minster and also with the Leader of
the Opposition to bring out their con-
cerns. The accountability of the po-
litical leaders and governance of the
country to respect the law and prin-
ciples of the democratic process and
the sacred rights of the people that in
no way must there rights be sup-
pressed or denied but given serious
attention. The church by reason of its
faith in a God should demand jus-
tice, especially for the most vulner-
able among us. It has to speak pro-
phetically to the interest and well be-
ing of God's people citizens of this
country. We call on our political lead-
ers and both sides of the political

spectrum in particular to exercise con-
straint and not to encourage or excite
their followers to act in such a way
that can lead to a regrettable outcome
for us all. We call on our citizens to
continue to pray for our country, pray
for the guidance of God's Holy Spirit
to inspire our leaders, to seek the
greatest good, to choose the lesser
of two evils in every situation."
One question to begin with: Are we
at the point in Belize where we have
to choose between two evils? If that
is the case we are in a bad shape.
George Price and Philip Goldson have
not taught us how to do this maybe
because they did not know Belize
would ever get in a position where we
have to choose between two evils.
They well knew about choosing be-
tween good and evil or the common
phrase "you shall choose this day
whom you will serve".
Back to the top secret: Good
choices will never let you loose,
but bad choices will cause us to
loose every time. If we live with an
overburdened mind of greed or fill our
body with toxic foods causing pain
and irritation that will not let us have
a good attitude to make good choices.
Overburdened debts cause people to
live a life of what they would never
choose. Ignorance, carelessness or
cowardess of leaders causes a coun-
try to come into a condition and
lifestyle they would have never cho-
sen either.

I. --I ~ ~ ~ I RedIdpedngnlngthtp/blieesco /neeneto ht:/inulcm/4dpPae1

Belizean Concert Pianist and Com-
poser Francis Reneau has returned
home to offer piano lessons, master
classes and perform in two scheduled
concerts over the next month and a half.
Reneau, who last year premiered
Belize's largest musical project "We Are
Belize" commissioned by the Govern-
ment ofBelize in commemoration of the
25th Independence Anniversary, has
made this annual pilgrimage for a num-
ber of years in an effort to elevate play-
ing standards of a growing pool of

Belizean pianists. He also hopes to con-
tinue promoting the Concert Piano art
Piano instruction for students of all
playing levels above Grade I level of
the Associate Board of the Royal Soci-
ety of Music practical exams scale will
be offered at Pallotti High School,
Belize City beginning Monday August
6th and at the George Price Center be-
ginning Wednesday August 8'.
These lessons run through the end of
the month and culminate with selected

students from both municipalities per-
forming in concert with Reneau on Fri-
day August 31st at the George Price
Center in Belmopan and the Bliss Insti-
tute for the Performing Arts in Belize
City on Thursday September 6th.
It is noted that master classes will be
open to all music students and musicians
at the conclusion of each week.
Anyone interested in registering for
lessons may call 227-1336 or 605-
6217 or email soundboard@btl.net


-I l(Continued From Page 1)
tance? A few skirmishes in the camps,
on the riverside. Put down as easily as
the "revolts" of old. Public flogging, a
foot chopped off, castration. Thomas
Paslow was a saint compared to some
of these so-called men.
We were, we remain, such easy prey.
Yes, we can pretend the morning talk
shows and marches and rock hurling on
the bridges and at the National Assem-
bly show our displeasure. These are but
gripe sessions in the kitchen, over the
fence posts. Playing of the gumbay
drums in the shacks, a parade at Christ-
mas where the tribesmen wave their flags
of origin. The tiniest, frailest vestige of a
proud people now conquered.
We dance the Jonkunu and mimic the
pink faced man, putting out our hand
afterwards to receive whatever coins he
tosses our way before he walks back
inside the mansion we built and paid for.
Enters the halls where we must sit at
the back and mind our station, pull our
mule and cart over on the road to let his
carriage and footmen pass.
Where are our rebel leaders? Our
Marcus Canuls, our Will and Sharper?
Are we content to merely suck our
teeth as these overseers walk by, spit in
their lime juice? Does our contempt
make us think we are not letting them
steal our dignity?
No, it is not real slavery. It is not what
so many of our ancestors endured.
But we are certainly not the liberated
people we were at the time of Inde-
pendence, or even ten years ago.
We know we brought our subjuga-

tion on ourselves, which is why we do
not protest that we must pay 100% tax
on gasoline at the pump, 10% of the
purchase price on everything we buy
towards the $30 million dollar surplus
GST, tax on our phone, our electricity,
water and medicine. Rather than shut
down business and school and roads,
we simply continue to about our busi-
ness each day, handing over more
money to the very criminals who have
stolen so much money from the national
coffers, swindled so many international
lending and development agencies our
of funds that should have gone to us and
not their own pockets.
We meekly continue to fall into potholes,
fall sick with illnesses for which we can-
not afford treatment, struggle to keep our
children in school and ourselves on the
job, and spend every payday trying not
to fall to pieces because the money done
so quick! Blaming ourselves for the mis-
management of our money, inflation, and
corruption instead of the people bringing
it all on top ofus.
Yet we did allow them to do it: perhaps
not knowingly the first time and perhaps
not intentionally the second, but by our
own choice and own hand, all the same.
They say "Fool me once it is yourfault,
twice it is mine." The adage has no expla-
nation forthe state of mind of people who
let others lie and steal from them over and
over again.
We must like it, is all I can say. Or at
least have grown used to it.
If not, prove it. The chance will come
again injust a few months.
Belize, we gave up so much more than

Information ury
Information Security

we had been asked to give in 1998. We
cannot change get any of it back, or even
apologize to each other for our losses. But

we can stop the flow. We can stop being
indentured and servile.
Ifwe choose to. This time.

U.S. Embassy Belmopan 6' Annual

Fifth Floor. Radisson Fort George
/0 Hotel and Marina
Beli:e Citr, Belize
August 24-25, 2007
9:00 a.m. 6:00 p.m.


American Expo 2007 The place to promote your American
products and services in Belize! Especially those
new-to-the-market US-made products and servicesI
Finnms inkersted to s wcaose American products and senricc m. > contact
U.S. EniiL.s idepl one 822-40 1 I. celnsion 4-310
Or visit hri' u- I' o appli icno deiaili
Come experience a truly American event at
Admission on both days is FREE to the general public *
Sp sored by U.S E bassy-B rnopn and the U.S. Dcparu T of State


The Belize Zoo

The est ittl Zo


31h JLJ

Friday, August 3, 2007 The INdependent Reformer Page 11

3tdiw imwck6

Authored by members of the Belize-
Culture internet list serve, July 2007
Members were presented i /ih the
first two stanzas and asked to de-
velop the rest of the limerick, here are
the results:
Six feet below lies a Crook
He was hung for the money he took...
Easy money on government street
Now a tag attached to his feet..........
On the tag it said "Hung,
For the wrong you have done."
Now, off to the Devil you'll greet!

Six feet below lays a Crook
He was hung for the money he took...
Stole the national pride
Took us all for a ride
But wi di pipple get di lasjuk!

Six feet below lies a crook
He was hung for the money he took
Might have gotten a bullet instead
But the people could not afford lead
Not even a penny he overlooked!

Six feet below lies a crook
He was hung for the money he took
Now the ones that had hung him
Drank one-barrel around him
Remembering how bad they got

Six feet below lies a crook,
He was hung for the money he took
No more said the sheeple
Will you lie to the people
The debt has now gone through the

Hip hip hoorah a few still holler
While others shout "Not another
Is it true that things dread?
Or are we being misled?
Think before you vote or don't bother

Six feet below lies a crook
He was hung for the money he took.
Lying and stealing,
the Pol found appealing.
"Go to hell, said St. Pete, with one look.
It's clear why these men turn to crime:
There's no blood in their brains half the
With Viagra and money,
They just roll in the honey,
Pretending they're great, but they're
They thief all the money for schools,
Think only ofjuks and their ewels.
Take the money and walk
'Cause they know we're all talk...
Thanks to lawyers, they break all the
Why wait 'til the money's all hijacked
To make changes to have a good im-
The best time is now
The Chinese showed us how...
Figure out how to do it with tact.
Frustrated with Red, and broken
hearted with Blue
Belizean voters were now at loss at
what else to do
Political Reform was all that they

Top of the line parts.
Asking Bz$1,200 O.B.O.
contact Independent
Reformer Weekly


But lots of corruption was what they
were granted
The lesson in all this is, you reap what
you sow

Six feet below lies a crook
He was hung for the money he took
The country is bankrupt
Politics still corrupt
Voters be bait on his hook

He was hung for the money he took.
From one fund or another
Someones wife or their brother
Didn't matter all the same in his book.

Join the B Z -Culture list
Where we fight with our words not
our fists
Tho we might disagree on
Many subj ects we keep on
Trying hard to turn badness to bliss

Six feet below lies a crook

ARIES (Mar. 21- April 20)
It's time to reconnect with some of
the people you used to know. Your do-
mestic scene could continue to be in an
uproar this week. Try to visit friends or
relatives you don't get to see often.
Spending too much time talking to
friends or relatives could easily turn into
a debate that could lead to estrange-
ment. Your lucky day this week will be
TA URUS (Apr. 21- may 21)
Make changes regarding your friend-
ships. You may want to take a look at
the personal papers of elders in your
family. Overindulgence will mean poor
health. Put aside any decisions concern-
ing your position at work. Your lucky
day this week will be Saturday.
GEMINI (May 22-June 21)
Communication must be open, pre-
cise, and honest. Any financial limita-
tions will probably have to be dealt with
on your own. You should spend your
day trying to get things completed at
work. You can utilize your versa tile
mind and dazzle others with your speed
and accuracy. Your lucky day this week
will be Thursday.
CANCER (June 22-July 22)
Ignore colleagues who appear to be
going in circles. Have some fun, but
draw the line if someone tries to fast talk
their way into your heart. Romance
could develop through social activities
or short trips. Dazzle them with your in-
tellectual conversation. Your lucky day
this week will be Saturday.
LEO (July 23-Aug 22)
Look into events that you might find
interesting, and compromise by doing a
few things that you both like to do. You
may need the space, but you need the
extra cash more. You will find it easy to
learn and excel. Try to get out and so-
cialize. Your lucky day this week will
be Tuesday.
VIRGO (Aug. 23 -Sept. 23)
Sudden changes could result in
estrangement's. Someone you least ex-
pect may not have your best interests
at heart. Your doubt could lead to inse-
curity. Try not to hang out with cowork-
ers if you wish to avoid problems later.
Your lucky day this week will be Tues-

LIBRA (Sept. 24 -Oct. 23)
You haven't been totally honest with
yourself and it's time to review your
motives. Generosity will put you in the
poorhouse. Too much work and no play
will not only result in fatigue and frus-
tration but also loneliness, too. Your in-
volvement in sports or entertainment will
lead to new romances. Your lucky day
this week will be Sunday.
SCORPIO (Oct. 24 Nov. 22)
You will communicate easily and
should be able to develop new friend-
ships. You might find that delays will
cause setbacks and upset. Avoid con-
flicts with in-laws or other family mem-
bers. Try out for a local sports team
such as volleyball, tennis, lawn bowl-
ing, or whatever interests you. Your
lucky day this week will be Sunday.
SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23 -Dec. 21)
Don't get involved inj oint ventures.
It's time to consider putting money into
long-term investments. Talk to your
mate about a vacation and discuss the
expectations of your relationship. Plea-
sure trips will be favorable and bring
about romance.Your lucky day this week
will be Friday.
CAPRICORN (Dec 22.- Jan. 20)
Difficulties with older females in your
family may turn out to be quit trivial af-
ter all. Work quietly behind the scenes.
You will accomplish the most in the work
environment this week. You can get sup-
port from groups that you belong to if
you're willing to step out on a limb and
voice your opinions. Your lucky day
this week will be Tuesday.
AOUARIUS (Jan. 21 -Feb. 19)
Resist any idle chatter. You will have
excellent ideas for changing or renovat-
ing your home. Too much too fast will
be the attitude surrounding your home
environment. Get on with business.
Your lucky day this week will be Fri-
PISCES (Feb. 20-Mar. 20)
You may not be that popular at home
but you should be able to shine at so-
cial gatherings. Don't overindulge in
anyway. Do not invest in ventures that
only appear to be lucrative. Problems
with your mate will develop if you don't
let them have their way. Your lucky day
this week will be Monday.

Your weekly

[0[" 0 (? "



What is best for the Nation?

I think I've finally figured these myriad
political parties out. I'm not sure, but
as far as I can ascertain from reading
the weekly newspapers; there are the
NRP, the WTP, the VIP, the PNP, the
UDP and the PUP going to run for the
next national election.
How do they compare and stand
against one another?
I've met the UDP and PUP standard
bearers for my Central Cayo District.
Both have been to my house, once or
twice. I'm still waiting for the NRP,
WTP, VIP and PNP candidates to
come knocking on my front door and
explain what they are about. I don't
know who they are.
Generally speaking, I think the PUP
have lost, or should lose, as they have
wrecked the country financially and
demonstrated time and again they can-
not manage our money.
Even a political party made up of illit-
erates should be able to manage Belize
our nation better than the PUP. I bet
my two dogs could do a better job! This
doesn't mean the PUP will not get
elected next term, for they may. They
are superb politicians as a party and can
lie, cheat and steal with the best of them.
But manage our government, no way
Jose! Unfortunately there may be no
other choice..
The WTP doesn't come across as a
national party and as far as I know, they
only have one decent, but worthwhile
candidate living up in Corozal area.
Maybe local people will vote for him.
Probably they should; he has common
sense and is patriotic. He would be an

asset to the nation in our legislature.
The VIP is a mystery party to me. Not
sure who they are, except they come
out of Belmopan. If they are going na-
tional, they are darned slow about it.
Most of the articles I've read in the
CAPITAL newspaper, FREE at my lo-
cal bank, have been so-so. They sound
academically intelligent, but not street
smart. It is going to be a moot point
anyway, as apparently they also are not
NATIONAL and have no candidate in
my electoral division.
The PNP (underdog) I would vote
for in a flash, but they are not National
in scope either. They have no candidates
out here in Cayo West, at least not that
I know about. I do know the party
leader Wil Mahier and respect his
smarts and can-do attitude. Still, if you
don't buy a lottery ticket you can't win
the lottery and if they don't have na-
tional candidates they cannot win the
election either. I kinda favor the under-
dog and a bunch of common sense
practical rural people from Toledo
sounds to me they could do better than
the PUP in governing our nation. The
PUP are so smart, they run us into big
debts, proving they are development
dumb. Being an intellectual is no guar-
antee of being able to run a government.
Now the NRP looks like they could
run our nation. The little bit of writings
I've read from them have sounded
good. Last week, the business article
on relieving taxes on agriculture and
farmers to get our economy and agro-
tech industry going, made a whole lot
of common sense. Any reservations I've
got are their tendency to push their reli-
gion. I believe in a SECULAR society
and a separation between church and
state. The Mennonites govern them-
selves VERYWELL, better than either
the UDP or the PUP have done for the
nation with a lot less. In that sense, they
are like the Muslims, their religion is also
their government. If they can separate
that aspect of it, for the rest of us other
religious types in the nation of Belize, to
feel secure about our government, if they
took over: I'd be very tempted to vote

for a NRP candidate because I do be-
lieve the NRP will do better at govern-
ing than either the UDP, or the PUP.
I'm dead certain of it, as they have had
a lot of practice in communal and vol-
unteer government.
With the huge fiscal problems left by
the PUP, it is going to take the Menno-
nite style ofvolunteerism governing to
get Belize working again and progress-
ing. I figure at least four years of no
Capital 1 or 2 projects using foreign
borrowed debt in the new government
to let population and revenue growth
put us back on course. The Mennonites
would find a volunteer, or communal
way of doing what is necessary in infra-
structure and I'm all for that. The PUP,
or UDP never could or would take that
route. They don't even know how!
But again, is it a moot point? The NRP
have signs all over our district, but I've
never had the candidate for my elec-
toral division come knocking on my front
door... not yet. They either don't have
a candidate, or they don't know how
to campaign.
Then there is the UDP, seemingly a
political party of one person. Or at best
a bunch of academic townie intellectu-
als. There was some encouraging po-
litical reform in a sort of manifesto in
last weeks party organ. I bought my first
Guardian newspaper in months last week
to see what they were doing. The re-

form offerings didn't go far enough, and
are not complex enough for me. What
there was, some of it was good for po-
litical reform, but I think if I had to
choose between voting for the UDP or
the NRP, I'd vote for the NRP as a
more effective responsible nation build-
ing party. They at least with their com-
munal governing experience offer
HOPE for the future!
Then there is the PUP. They can't
manage our nation, but they have a su-
perb party campaign machine based on
patronage. The patronage is borrowed
money of course! There isn't much one
can say about the PUP, for they know
how to campaign and win elections. My
two dogs know more about governing
and managing the government, but that
doesn't take elections.
As a swing voter I may end up voting
for the PUP for lack of choice. Without
candidates in Cayo West from the other
parties we have no choice really.
All the political parties need to get
their candidates visiting us voters and
talking to us. Let us meet you! Start
writing articles in the newspapers and
let's hear your thoughts for the future!
As a SWING VOTER, I'm waver-
ing between the NRP and the PUP.
There may be a few months yet to
change my mind. Let's hear from the

Announcement of

Sale of Business

This article is to give notice that the business known as, C@f6
Caye operating at 12 Burns Ave, San Ignacio, Cayo District is
under contract for sale. Completion of sale to take place 28th
August 2007.
Any persons or businesses who believe they have outstanding
accounts to be paid from said business should contact;
Rainforest Realty, PO Box 195, San Ignacio, Cayo District, in
writing 7 days before the date of completion.

Independent Weekly gge'UG
An autographed copy
of Karla Heusner's
collection of columns

Only $25 BZ

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Independent Weekly

Friday, August 3, 2007 The INdependent Reformer Page 13



Before: photographer Richard Holder gets into the picture as he and Amanda eagerly

IR publisher Trevor Verjnon (right) with Ruben Campos -only Belizean Health
minister to be given an award by the Belize Medical & Dental Association. Also only
Belizean health minister to chair ComitteeA in the world health assembly in Geneva,
Switzerland and former Vice President of a past Directing Council at PAHO.
What year was this taken?

Fishing guide Claude Coye proudly displays this 70 pound Goliath grouper while Abel
Rodriguez cleans one that looks even bigger????? Both fish caught last week.
If you have any photos you would like to
share with Independent readers in our
Guest Gallery, send your digital jpg or tiff
images to

This brother and sister, Ronnier and Vannia Leonardo, just love Bacab Eco-Park.

IR at Rio 2007 Panam Games

Independent Weekly desktsop pub-
lishing technician/ reporter/ photo-
grapher William Ysaguierre was in Rio
de Janiero for the 2007 Panam Games

and retuned with these images.
Belize's seven athletes won no med-
als at the games, but Ysaguirre ac-
quired a wealth of knowledge and ex-

perience during his visitto Brazil.
Jonathan Williams, Belize's best hope
in the 400m hurdles, ran 49.84 secs but
was edged out of the finals by Brasil's
Mahau Sucuimati by 0.01 second!
Tricia Flores, ran 12.37 seconds in
the heats of the 100m, in which the
USA's Mikela Barber clocked
11.15secs. Barber won the gold, set-
ting a new Panam Games record of
11.02 secs.
Belize's Joel Wade hopped 5.97m

in the long jump, which Panama's Irv-
ing Saladino won with a leap of 8.28m,
10 cm less than he had jumped to qualify
in the semifinals.
Lionel Jones ran 10.94 secs in the
100m heats. Churundy Martina of the
Netherlands Antilles won the gold in the
event clocking 10.15 secs.
Belize's Kayde Vaughan jumped
1.65m in the high jump, in which
Mexico's Maria Rifka won gold at

Belize's Jonathan Williams,(center) ran 49.84 sees in the heats of the 400m hurdles, but
Brasil's Mahau Sucuimati (right) ran 0.01 second faster to enter the semifinals!

Brazil's Monica Freitas (above) mimes her jump for her coach before flipping over the
bar at 1.79m(below). Mexico's Ana Rifka won the gold in this event at 1.96m.

IR reporter William Ysaguirre stands at the base of one of the seven wonders of the
world, the Christ the Redeemer Statue atop the Mount Corcovado in Rio de Janiero.
The foundation for the statue was laid in 1923, but the statue was not completed and
inaugurated until 1931. Designed by Carlos Oswald and sculped by French sculptor
Paul Landowski, it is the largest art deco statue in the world.

Friday, August 3, 2007 The INdependent Reformer Page 15

i"- IA

--* (Continued From Page 2)
to good use, especially in the area of
education, which he was very passion-
ate about.
We truly believe using Philip
Goldson's name to solicit that kind of
money for some work of, and I use the
term loosely, art, is indeed dishonoring
the memory of the man we all knew and
loved. We do not think this kind of beg-
ging should be supported or condoned.

Jf0-'F4:'7 Y-- -Pionet 229S-14L1
'f(Wrobehlize Consulting A
ti;enri 8tsineoi & Peal Em i ate
4'- ....- Consulting Escrow Services *
Propeily Searches and more.
Visit our website at wfwwrobehe. c m far more
information or mail us at wobelize@gmaii com
Needed: Mountain Bike Tour Op-
erator wanted in Cayo with equip-
Tel: 663-5580 Cayo Adventure
Tours Ph# 824-324
Need help with cleaning, ironing,
painting or other household chores at
your Ladyville home? Then call me at
624-3652. Reasonable rates, mature
For sale: Home overlooking Sittee
River w/1/3 acre. Info/photos at:
609-5632 3-5pm daily. (Photo be-
"Free international real estate and
investment blog and podcast. Go
to http://investtheworld.blogspot.com

The use of a good man's name should
not be utilized in such a selfish manner.
Those who truly love and honor him
may use their money in his name to help
educate a young person in need, or take
some flowers to his grave, or simply say
a prayer for the people of Belize in these
trying times.
Elizabeth DePaz
Florence Goldson

as we travel the world for fun, in-
vestment and profit."For Rent: A (2)
bedroom flat located in King's Park,
Belize City $800/month
One commercial building (4 offices,
conference room, reception area) in
King's Park $1800.00/month
Computers $800/each Call: 223-
Put your ad here! The INdependent
Reformer offers a classified ad for
$20. Ads must be: 1) 20 words or
less 2) photo or business card sca
must be jpeg or tiff formats only.
Must be mailed, no disk pickup
or drop off
3) All classified ads must be emailed to
independent, newspaper, bz@gmail.
com with cc to
kheusner(,yahoo. com and checks to
PO Box 2666, Belize City.
Please note:
We must receive your ad by Friday
at mid-day for inclusion in following
Tuesday issue.

For Sale: Industrial lot measuring 0.86 U.S.Embassy Residence selling for
acres for sale in Belmopan, not far from $30,000.OOUS; other commercial land
the Constitution Drive, near Builders also in Belmopan Starting from
asking $87,500.00US obo, residential $30,000.OOUS. For info please call
lot measuring 92ft x 125ft in the Orchid 600-2499
Garden extension Belmonan near the

For Sale

Two Yamaha propellers:
1) for 115 Enduro (Aluminum)
2) for 200- Stainless Steel- 19 pitch

Asking Bz$600 O.B.O.
Contact Independent Weekly

Full Service Airline

With over 180 daily

scheduled flights

throughout Belize

and Flores in


Charters also available

The Airline of Belize

Change of Electoral division

Two months are set aside each year by Law for transfer of electors
from one electoral division to another.

These two (2) months are July and August.

Application for a change of electoral division from one electoral
division to another, will be processed during normal working hours
as of

July 1, 2007 to August 31, 2007.

Requirements to change from one electoral division to another are:
> Be a registered voter
> Reside at the new address for not less than two months

Visit an Elections and Boundaries District Office in the Electoral
Division where you reside, for more information.

TEL: 222-4992/4042

; ;-d I ElO
B~~~O % ^/f-
^ B-^- ^ E

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