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A Belize Natural Eergy
(BNE) urce charges that
anish LocTat is causi the
oil cpany temns f sands
cf collars in dmrgs evey day '
byrefuig *togat th1nn e "
dr SRpmts toep thk
develganett of the1 Sanish
Inl t field.
B~E cdairrs tEy will e
holding Spanish Lo kout
acmiatable far the csses
ece their refusal is

d.ir a m tS. ,. ,.: -
ENE Curntly has 5 wes
pminiab 3,500ae Separation unit and storage tanks at Iguana Creek
cfo ad aday at --Tiuh lociat.
At anz-tt prices of $145/rarrel, Ch th dei hard, d nish lockat aE claus that tey hae 1eb danagL
d-th'shalf anllicnlalas ady, Vhich hl n't cre a-e tir with tE1 oil. t is b:EaU tlEy hIe to wait until rnB eek
nar~ that the oil caqy is 1csir still in the gtrd1 ay to be prd, or r nxt naith to m]ke the sa-re auntt
sme BZ$100,000 per day for each soit su-rb Rl1e a lbt cf l al y c f Enuey that they vat to make tcay?
raweIl tUcai't dll. ardl hiffirg ard paffir tThzats vnsa B-t that is Iy Gbd c2t ccrmts and

Belize's Economy Is Being Destroyed

e faca Britiah stateamaL W inrtn
Chrchill said, "For a nation to try
to tax itself into prosperity is like a
man standing in a bucket and trying
to lift himself up by the handle."
Wat wauld he have t-urght of Belize
riit roi?
Ii s econn calnTt survive
the b-das tht are beilg plaEd uLm
it. Nt just fin takes, hbt alsD the
bloated ctracts etere into by
Gbvernmat. here are records of
constrLtim catacts aAaad by the
Givernmeat which exceed four times
the arat cEf the bid cEf the Oest
By Espairg eaXes taxpay~ nomY,
Gb rntat officials have acted as if
thy hae a rigt to aard cntacts to
hiErabides, garallywell cQanace
inrividcals, even hal thmre are lcw
qualified ard occasioally better
cgalified loerbidOEs.
IHS eiBctrpDlitaL prtyde a-ra g
to stcp thisp piat? If the ae, it is
rut agaat ard nust inprtantly,tI~
rrt wrkir. If tyy ehavnl't, wry rrt?
Is the crOny system estid to bleed

the country dry while th1uars of
citizens go withat, ard the poar ard
ice class are victmi
It sers so, for the aArdirng a
bloated cnrats ccatines ard the
government catinues to barrc to
absErb the losses frcm these over
payTents. The national debt has
sky-i~ets to $2.5 billion, a sam that
the grafthildren C Etoday' s yuPstL
citiams will tbe st d top ay fcr nay
years to cr=e.
1t -lastobe antter E pnitiCral will,
for the prmtice could easily have beEn
stqpEd by the pcpriate legislation.
egislatia that wmd retire all
cnmtrts aboe $10 million to have all
bids pblised in gnally circulated
papers at the tine the award is
made, alcrg with the teams of the
ctract that was e mentally axaEted
by Gbvernmnt.
Rther nore, ary citizEn suaild
have the rigt to paCed in court to
have the bloated contract declared
void and recover daTages by way of
This te E legiwslationld aure

btana ry and aoataility for th use
Sftapae fridt, y nittrpitical prty
has p pqsed it. Suh refnm dbe int
sen to be cataited in either cf the two
main party's political rfonprqpcsals r
naifestas. D th major political parties
simply wat the cray systan to catiMe
so politicians can py off their electim
season dcut?
Amther great brdza cnn the Belizean
e=Dony is th eE iSe cE=t cf uLtilities.
There is t ay country in the W estem
Hmia~ ee huse citizens have to pay as
high a a iate for electrical, water a-d
rone service as is charged in Belie!
A m~ajr cause O the high cost af
electricity is the Gb ernat' s garate
to Fortis of a return of 15% on its
irestmt. W iithdisg ate3, Rxtiscam
p rfit ecessively by building ckrs, ard
j -ice in tte siz cfE te rts f oCEaar.
Rxtis could pably 3tain fitadr in
the vicinity of 5%. The 15% guarantee
gives a perpetual excessive return. e
Eturn is close to behrg eqal totwAce the
piper return n the ~ inestnts ard

(Please Turn To Page 15) MW

judges. FEbct, EE clairs that
diqates are ansd to be setJled

is sazi "no" toabiLcnW.
TIhe Mamniites have a well
establid ptaticn fer beige Ufair
and wanting to get alcng with
everybody, so jut what e eath is
going n here?
At the recent Landowners
As-sciatio n etiil lId at Saniah
Locut, Allea Reiner, Biman~cf
the Omanith lookt Oil Cbrrrittee,
cmTuBted that the prdblen is ND1
that Spanishi lookt wAi't garat
permits far the to new wells,
because thEy will always abide by
their agrearets. He says the
pdDenis thtaREaisincifajlt
cn a rn er oE issaes, ard the Oil
uirttee has retired that th oil
company curae all cf the defailts
inolvi ng the eisting prircctim
befcae any rns drilling site is

Frark edicrd, a consultant far

seb s ard inoLe noal as wll as

E es a lot of y to SLOe.
eIt ss ta t the oil ptdaers a
points cf disa3Sicn fir eeyre in
the Spanish Lookout Ctraiity,

so n one ns to have h oil is
It least JiAO big pmaalar dst: 1)

"The law requires that the
parties go to arbitration,"
cannot come to an agreement on
compensation. The problem at
hand is not failure to come to an
agreement, but rather default on
agreements that already exist.
Actually arbitration suits the
spirit of the Mennonites very

(Please Turn To Page 13) ElW

Le dI n e n d t O n l i e a t h t t p / / b ei z e n e w c o mi n d e e n d n t r t t p / / t n y u l o m / 4 5 d p



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Friday, July 27, 2007 The INdependent Reformer Page 2

The PUP is headed for OBLIVION!

Dear Editor,
With the birth of many new political
parties, I think the PUP will disappear
into oblivion and history? In the
beginning, they were the party of the
poor masses. Today they are the party
of the rich who want to get richer and
run by the wealthy. Consider that 55%
of the working population work for
the PUP government, at salaries ranging
on average around $1200 to $1400 a
month. You notice in this statistic that
the 55% of adult workers are
government workers, yet their
associated family members most often
are not. This gives another interesting
statistic of 85% of the majority
population in Belize with cash incomes
of only between $100 to $400 a month.
The division of adult voters is very
close! It is that low monthly cash income
flow that is the more meaningful.
Most of what the Peoples United
Party have been doing in recent years
in taxation, has been geared to feed off
the higher salaries of government
workers and Belize City merchant and
clerical type staff. Yet the majority of
the population in the nation do not earn
that kind of big money. They get by on
only $100 to $400 a month.
The PUP are so out of touch with
reality it indicates they can no longer

manage the country, if they ever could,
and all indications are they have been
lousy managers, or at best mediocre.
The only thing the PUP have going for
it, is a superb political machine, with
block captains, active vote recruiting,
or vote buying systems, using tried and
true political patronage to ensure
allegiance. In this, they have no equal
and in the past this has won many
elections to make the PUP members
more rich.
I think the majority people, the poor
people, are slowly waking up and
hopefully this next national election, they
will vote for the most HONEST
candidate and ignore the political party
affiliation. It is definitely time for a
Much of what the Peoples United
Party are implementing today, such as
laws that can be used to intimidate, or
punish opposition, or new taxes, permits
and licenses and other monopolies to
raise money for government, are the
result of their inability to govern and
manage the nation on government
revenues. All these new costly things are
punishing the ordinary citizen who finds
it hard to pay $75 for electricity, or $45
for running water, license fees and 10%
pyramiding taxes, taken out of their
$100 to $400 monthly cash flow. We
just are not that kind of country and you
can't build a nation like Belize based
on non-existing manufacturing
capability, solely taxing based on
government workers salaries.
With the birth of the NRP, the National
Reform Party, we have the Mennonite

element, of the Heartland of Belize. The
Mennonites original agreement was that
our national government would let them
govern themselves. They have built their
own schools, churches, streets and
highways and paved roads, factories
and stores, electric hydro dams, etc.
For fifty years they have shown the rest
of us Belizeans how to govern. There
are now 50,000 of them.
I doubt the NRP as a Mennonite run
party could find enough candidates for
all district seats of their persuasion, but
even so, if the Mennonite business
philosophy could control the purse
strings as Finance Minister, and Prime
Minister, and lend common sense and
long range planning to the Cabinet and
control things. I think it is certainly
worth a try to change horses in the next
Certainly after forty years ofUDP and
PUP we have learned the system of self
interest and greed do not do much good
for our nation building. Think about it!
There are other parties to choose from,
each has some good people to vote for.
The PUP created national debt has
this rich political party painted into a
corner. They can only see one way out.
That is to tax people more and more,
and estranged as this party are in their
rich life styles, I think it is going to
backfire when the poor majority finally
realize the PUP are going to make them
pay for everything.
The Mennonites well understand
volunteerism, and communal sharing and
work. The stretching of limited money
and resources after 50 years of
self-government themselves, within our
heartland, traits we in the rest of Belize
badly need. It should be possible to
improve and govern this country without
the foreign money the PUP would
borrow more of, if they were elected.

Only one of the new parties running
in this next national election offer much
hope for the nation in my current fluid
opinion and that is the Mennonite run
NRP. If this NRP could attract people
like Wil Mehia in Toledo and Clinton
Luna up in Corozal and hijack the
honest UDP politician in San Pedro and
maybe Mario Castellanos in Central
Cayo, they may have a chance?
There is no question about it,
especially financially speaking, things
are going to get worse for the nation, if
the PUP are re-elected; using their
formidable party patronage machine and
rich treasure chest. The only media
newspapers free, seem to be THE
and the AMANDALA this election
time? I would ask them to promote
these new political hopeful parties and
give us some choices. None of these
new parties have newspapers, or
television stations, or money to
campaign. It would be patriotic for these
free media outlets to level the playing
field for this national election.
The Guardian and the Star
newspaper are UDP organs. The
Capital is a VIP organ. The Belize Times
and Channel 5 are the PUP organs.
Even the honest members of the PUP
want to see the nation do better.
The reason I think the PUP will fade
eventually into history, is that good
members have been forced to vote for
their wrong party policies over the
interests of the nation and their
constituents. Coye is a prime example.
A nicer honest man you wouldn't
want to meet as a PUP elected
representative, yet when shove comes
to push, he caves in and toes the rich
interests in his political party over the
interests of his nation and constituents.
When a nice guy like him puts his party
interests over that of his nation and
constituents, then it is TIME FOR A
The system has gone awry and
the PUP will not reform the Constitution
and fix it, so they have proved.
All successful political patronage
parties eventually bite the dust. Will this
national election be the death knell of
the PUP?
Ray Auxillou

P.O. Box 2666
Bcli/c (Cil. Beli/e

Email: independent.newspaper.bz@gmail.com

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Friday, July 27, 2007 The INdependent Reformer Page 3

Not one of us does not support the Textbook Programe. What we
do not support is your choice of books in the Infant Division.
The teachers, parents, managements, BNTU and BRC have a
You have taken BRC's very successful and popular learning to read series out of the schools and
replaced it with Fast Phonics which you wrote and evaluated.
The Reporter Newspaper quotes Mr. Longsworth:
"...in March a revision of the list of text books by primary schools was done, experts
were invited to review the list and, based on a formula devised by the University of
the West Indies, the Ministry made an evaluation and arrived at a list".
You consulted with experts rather than the education partners because you knew that the education
partners would choose BRC. The formula devised by the University of the West Indies is no better
than the persons using it. QADS used the formula to evaluate Fast Phonics that they wrote and
wanted in the schools. Then, they evaluated BRC that they wanted out of the schools.
GoB, how can you accept the obviously biased and extremely optimistic opinion of QADS officials
and dismiss the testimony of parents, teachers, principals and managements?
On the 10th of May, 2007, the Association of Catholic Primary School Principals met. Not one of
the Principals stated that they had been consulted and almost 100% of the Principals stated that they
wanted BRC books to be included in the Textbook Programme. A large majority signed a petition
requesting the above.
On the 13th of June, 2007, the Catholic Local Managers met. They were not pleased that they had
not been consulted and that BRC's books were not on the Textbook Programme. The local managers
asked the General Manager to write the Minister of Education expressing their displeasure at not
having been consulted and requesting that BRC's books be an option on the Textbook Programme.
GoB, QADS believes that their Fast Phonics is going to be extremely successful. They believe that
children will be able to read anything put in front of them after one year of Fast Phonics.
GoB, talk to teachers. The English speaking world is struggling in its effort to teach privileged
children how to read in two or three years and QADS believes that they can teach non-privileged
children how to read in one year. GoB, our children and all of us will pay the price if you are wrong.
The decision is yours, not QADS.
GoB, even after your presentation, parents, teachers, principals and managements are not happy. If
your "experts" are wrong and Fast Phonics is not as good as BRC's Reading, you are going to have
some very angry people.
GoB, why are you going to risk the anger of the parents and teachers on the opinions of QADS? If Fast
Phonics and the New Caribbean Readers do not help children learn to read as well as BRC's Reading,
you have much to lose.
Your statement that "parents should not purchase books for core subject areas," meaning BRC's books,
is an effort to get BRC's successful books out of schools. Why? Why are you willing to go against the
wishes of a majority of parents, teachers, principals and managements?
Parents care about their education. If the children of parents who can afford to purchase books are not
learning as well as in the past, they will be really angry when the school tells them that GoB would not
even allow them to ask parents to purchase BRC books
Most schools which serve the needy have been using BRC's books. Many parents made great
sacrifices and bought the books because they believe in education for their children. Free books that do
not help their children learn are not going to make them happy.
Even at this late date, you could listen to the cries of the people and everyone but a few MoE/QADS
personnel would be happy. You would accomplish everything you set out to do with your Textbook
Programme unless getting BRC's books out of schools is part of your plan.
To whom can teachers and parents turn if your technocrats are wrong?
BRC Printing Ltd./Deacon Cal

Friday, July 27, 2007 The INdependent Reformer Page 4

Do You Curfew?
neglect. Agood reminder to the people
they live with that they are meant to be
home in bed after dark, not roaming
around the streets and alleys.
Alot of people have commented on
the curfew, criticizing and praising it. In

By: Karla Heusner Vernon
"It's like a ghost town, where is
everyone?" We were driving through
Belize City one night last week. It
wasn't late, around 10 pm. But it felt
more like 3 am.
It was eerie.
Yes, there were some people moving
around, but the majority of shops were
closed, shutters and burglar bar doors
drawn. The few people we saw on
foot were moving quickly, looking over
their shoulders, not milling about,
intent on getting to their homes, in one
Maybe there were more people
congregating in areas off the main
streets, in alleys or on their front steps
and verandahs. But from our route
through town, we did not see them.
I don't know if this is the case every
night. I don't live downtown anymore.
But when I did, it seemed much more
lively, and people seemed less afraid.
So it was with some surprise that I
read online that the police department
was re-instating its curfew for children.
My first thought was: there are hardly
any grownups out at night anymore.
let alone children. The whole town
already seems like it is living a
self-imposed curfew. Do we need a
legal one?
But no doubt the police know their
business better than the rest of us do.
No doubt they find unsupervised
children all over the place, getting into
trouble, or become victims of bad
intentions. Arunaway child was already
returned home safe last weekend; five
or six others picked up and taken to
their parents the week before. Clearly
this is a necessary service to protect the
kids, from bad strangers, and perhaps
their own family's lack of interest or

our own Independent Weekly, Canon
Leroy Flowers, writes about it
elsewhere in this issue. My daughter
Julia did a cartoon on it for Teen Page
last week. The drawing came out a bit
smaller than she anticipated it, so the
sign showing who was under curfew
was difficult to read. But her take on
the issue is different than many people's:
she believes the child molesters, rapists
and drug pushers should be the ones
banned from public places, during the
hours of 7 am and 7 pm. so the children
and teens of Belize can feel safe,
play and congregate at parks or with
I believe she has a major point that
might escape some of us older heads.
Not all crimes against children happen
at night. In fact, from news reports it
seems an awful lot of them occur when
the kids are traveling to and from school
(which is why we had a warden
program) or in their own homes and
yards pretty much any time of the day
or night.
The two Chinese children who
watched their mother shot to death
recently and were then themselves shot
by a crazed drug addict had all this
happen in their own home, while they
were snug in their beds, exactly where
they were supposed to be. Many of the
children injured by stray bullets during
gang cock-fights are in standing right
near their parents, or even in their
mother's arms. Often the real, intended
victims are their older brothers and
fathers, or boyfriends of their sisters and
The girls who were murdered a few
years ago by the man described as
"Jack" disappeared in the daytime. I

INdependent Weekly
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of Karla Heusner's
collection of columns
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doubttheirkiller(s)waiting until nightfall
to butcher them.
How many of our precious Belizean
children have been slaughtered or injured
in broad daylight? Is it as many as the
shopkeepers murdered during normal
business hours, in front of their regular
customers? How many bank and payroll
deposits have been held up at night,

versus in the day? How many citizens
ofBelize have lost their lives during the
normal course of duty in places they
should have been able to feel somewhat
How many home invasions now
occur in the middle of the day or at
dawn, often under the cover of rain and
thunder? How many students have had
their property taken away at knife or
gunpoint under a sweltering sun?
I suppose my point is that while a
curfew for children is a good idea-if
the police can handle the additional
responsibility- is it based on a false
premise that somehow Belize is more
violent, more dangerous after 9 pm than
it is after 9 am.
But let's say the child curfew is a good
start. Perhaps we can extend it in the
near future to include all those
unemployed youths who dropped out
of school and roam the town all day and
all night, scoping the neighborhoods

and looking for easy prey among the
walking, biking, driving, working,
washing, and sleeping citizens. Perhaps
instead of taking them home to their
parents, they can be sent to military
camp or chain gangs or on patrol to
protect the border from Xate cutters
and bandidos, made to do something
productive instead of destructive. Their
penchant for violence and love of guns
channeled into some useful work.
For right now, it is these youths, from
12 to 19 or so who appear to be holding
the rest of the country hostage. It is these
youth who seem, at least from the
headlines, to be doing the most killing
and the least ail time. It is these youths
who are the most active of all criminals,
hard at "work" 24 hours a day, 7 days
a week.
Who knows, if we catch enough of
these boys wanting to be men before
their time, a legal curfew for the rest of
the citizens might never have to be
And the one our people have imposed
on themselves might be lifted, bringing
our cities and towns back to life after
dark, once more.

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',6" ail

There are hardly any grownups out at night
anymore, let alone children. The whole town
already seems like it is living a self-imposed

Friday, July 27, 2007 The INdependent Reformer Page 5

NALEB: Fighting Minority Rule In Guatemala

By Trevor Vernon

There is a powerful organization in
Guatemala called NALEB (pronounced
They are fighting for the voice of the
mostly disenfranchised indigenous
populations to be heard and reckoned
with. They don't field electoral
candidates but they sure as hell can
make and break them; so in this
sense we will call them a political
organization. We ran their entire
"manifesto" last week on pg 6 of this
paper. You can read it at: http://
tinyurl.com/245dpp or http://

Now you have to understand the
history of political organization in
Guatemala, especially when juxtaposed
with their history in Belize. We take a
lot for granted here. That's not the case
in Guatemala.
In Guatemala the indigenous people
are for the most part Maya, but they
are not a coherent group. History has
been harsh to them, keeping the
various groups suspicious of each other.
But any outsider sees them as one.
The history of governance in
Guatemala, post-Columbus, has seen
them placed completely outside the
nation state. As a group, they may well
have been living on a "USA-Styled"
reservation as they receive very little if
any social services: health, potable,
education, power, etc.
Recently there has been some
degree of reservation jumping and
co-mingling with the mainstream in
Guatemala. Migration from the rural to
the urban areas, from the traditional
dress to the more western garb... from
speaking their provincial tongue to
speaking the language of Cervantes.
The result of the commingling has
given rise to a new class called the
Ladinos, kind of like what we call
Mestizos here in Belize.

Traditionally in Guatemala the
indigenas were ranked below zero on
the social totem pole. This is not unlike
the case in Belize today where in
order to arrive socially you must not
acknowledge your "tar brush" roots.
So there are some similarities.
On the political front, in Belize,
everybody who is here legitimately
(or not) votes. That's not the case in
Guatemala. Of the 65% of the
Guatemalan population, only a mere
5% of them get to vote for the
president. Wow! Now that's a huge
paradigm shift for Belizeans to digest.
Generally speaking, if you wear
traditional garb you are isolated
In Belize, on the other hand, there are
quite a few people who don the
unfavorable garb and hairstyles and still
remain at the trough.
Anyway, I am fascinated by
NALEB's objectives. It will bring about
a huge paradigm shift in the old Spanish
Capital. And they have seen the
precedence that some south American
countries have set. Out with the old
blue eyes and in with the "cholos'".
I think this will have a big effect on us
here in Belize in the next 5 years, if not
before. Why? Well, right now we are

getting a huge inward migration of
Guatemalans from the Peten. Mostly
indigenas, but also Ladinos. The lower
classes who came and are still coming
are from the lower "castes" and have
been motivated by somebody here to
If and when these pressures are
removed in the Guatemalan totem pole
where the indigenas have an equal
chance as the ladinos and the
"rabbiblancos", they will surely want
to return to their motherland even if
Said had given them Belize passports
and voter registration cards and a piece
of land. And then what?
Even knowing of the existence
of NALEB, if I were a Belizean
with Guatemalan indigenous ancestry,
I'd feel the need to want to help out
and eventually return to my motherland.
So I am sure a lot of Guatemalans
will be leaving once the NALEB gains
her successes in the Presidential
elections slated to be held in
Guatemala on September 9th, 2007.
Therefore as a public service,
all media houses in Belize should
be circulating the NALEB objectives
and principles as a humanitarian
gesture to our brothers of Guatemalan
Indigenous ancestry. And this is what
I find most interesting. Let us support
the work of NALEB whatever way
we can.




Friday, July 27, 2007 The INdependent Reformer Page 6

From: www.nrpbelize.org. The
Office of the National Reform Party
(NRP) -
What do you mean? We are so
frustrated, so tired, so broke, so
confused! Boy life "haad out yah". This
is the cry of the people. The focus of
our country is lining up, on the General
Election to have a new government;
even though it is claimed that we are
eight (8) months away.
There seemed to be a lot of energy
going into what we need to improve and
what we want to see changed in the new
leadership. General election is one area
where all different ethnic groups and
cultures and the poor and the rich all
share a deep concern.
The newspapers are packed with
discussions about the direction our
country will choose to take within 8
months. There is a good reason for this,
because we will choose the leadership
called Government Administration for
the next 5 years and they will bring our
society either up or down; more
starvation or more prosperity; more
crime or more tranquility; more war and
blood or peace and happiness; more
bondage and taxes or more freedom
and better living. The bottom line is that
good leaders will go to higher levels and
bring the people to a higher level.
We are hitting a hot spot here. What
is a higher level you may ask? Some
people move into a better house, but
for the first time in their lives they find
they cannot meet the obligation because
of high payments; others may credit
groceries to make the payment and not
lose the house. The question is. Is that
a higher level? Or just a different
situation? The question is where have
we changed and for what reason. Many
things happened in 15 years for people
to look at and examine it very closely
and carefully.
The people of Belize have learned all
about their political leaders, and they
are still learning. The media is busy
bringing out all the facts and truth to the
public. They hold a very sensitive and
important position. There seems to be
a big breach of trust between the
political leaders and the people of the
country that have led us for the last 15
years. Why is that? you may ask. We
need 100 pages to begin to describe
what has happened, but let's give an
Say you are a woman and your
husband is the leader of the house. One
day you come home and your beloved
husband has sold your vehicle without
your consent. But he says, "Do not

How To Win And Never Lose

worry Honey, I will buy you a better
one later". The following week you
realize that he also sold your stove and
he tells you, "Do not worry Honey,
we will just go to the restaurant and
eat". The next week he sold your dress
shoes and he says "One pair is
enough. Just trust me". So you are
waiting for the better time to come.
Then one day he announces: "We are
short of money". This means that
those things that were promised are not
coming. Now he is saying "Honey,
why don't you take one more job
while I make a loan at the bank.
This will help me to get approval
and later to pay the loan".
Every time you feel bad about where
things are going, you ask for an update
or an audited account. He avoids the
issue. Now make your own estimate.
How long will this partnership operate?
For him to spend your money is not the
worse part, doing things without your
consent as a partner is the most
sensitive part. It will not take long until
she would tell her husband "You are
too old for me, or you are not
capable of taking care of the
house, "especially when she learns that
the bank is taking the house against the
You may say these things will never
happen to us as a country! But our
problem is that these things are
happening to us already and yet we act
as if it's not real, or cannot be so.
Normally, a warning comes before
the accident. There is also a saying,
" Who don't want to hear, must feel
it That is hard language, but so true.
We should avoid that as far as is in our
power. In kriol there is a saying "dat
dah notin nice". We come back to
word truth. People will perish for the
lack of knowledge, meaning before we
know where we are, we cannot come
out of the situation if we are sunk into.
Here is a word to the leaders. People
do what people see. There are those
that will say, "Do what Isay, but not
do what I do, "but that is not the way
it works.
There is a great truth about people:
they will not forget how you made them
feel. They may forget what you said and
even what you did, but not how you
made them feel.
People will reflect the attitude of the
leader. What has taken most leaders
out of office in our history is that they
may understand politics and their ob,
but not the people. To their surprise,
when they thought that they led well and
wanted praise from the people, they got

jut the opposite and were called
gangsters, gamblers, people with no self
respect. Some of them have also learned
to stay quiet for several years and the
people voted them back in and the same
scenario happened all over again under
a different form
There are 4 descriptions below
about knowledge and mentality of
people. We tend to think we are right
and judging our selves by our good
intentions before we run a check on
ourselves. Here is a check list to think
1. He that does not know that he
doesn't know, is a fool. Don't follow
him. They say they sometimes show up
in the mirror.
2. He that knows that he doesn't
know is a child, teach him.
3. He that knows but doesn't
know that he knows, is asleep. Wake
him up. He has potential.
4. He that knows and knows that
he knows, is wise. Follow him.
In the case of political leaders, what
do we need to know, you may ask? This
brings us point square to principles,
character and attitude. This is what we
need to know about our political
leaders. This is a part of the top secrets.
We have seen how some have tried to
become political leaders and gain the
trust of the people. They spend all their
time and money which is a tremendous
sacrifice. In some cases they have lost
their house, wife and children in their
ambition and race for power and
position. When they do not achieve the
position they are very hurt, especially if
one of their own caused them to lose.
They tried to get the trust of the people
through money, material things and
speeches which work for a while to get
their identity. Then it all vanishes.
Again here is another top secret. If
you see a leader gain some trust of the
people and have the ability but if he
does not carefully study leadership
principles, good character and right
attitude he will lose everything he works
so hard for. On the other side, if he
embraces leadership principles,
character and attitude he will get all the
trust he wants from the people for free
and he can never lose.
How can a man get to where he can
never lose? Tell me about that top
secret. Yes, because even if he loses a
convention or even an election, he
remains with his qualities. The world is
short of this kind of leader! It will not
be long before the public will come and
look for this person to help them and to
lead them. There is nothing so great in

this life as to lead by example. It satisfies
the leader and pleases the followers and
the other side of the coin there is nothing
so conniving and hurtful as leadership
by force and manipulation.
Here is a broad picture to lead you
into more top secrets. Here are 7 ways
people come to power: which we need
to know
1. BY FORCE: That is when
people have no choice but to accept
what comes their way.
That is when people are pushed to the
point where they can do nothing to
change to a better situation.
When people are coerced. When
people are led to believe but then get
people trade for something they think is
better or just to get rid of what they have
now to try something different.
people are convinced by information
and education.
people act willingly to improve
themselves by the help and
encouragement of their leaders.
7. BY HONOR: When people
are honored by their leader and they
respond accordingly.
Which one of this leadership
character or attitude will you choose in
the next election to lead us for the next
5 years? May we never come to where
we have to learn only by circumstances
and consequences! Belizeans are above
that and we shall keep searching for the
top secrets until we live above bondage
and not beneath it.
Keep this in mind when you think
about your short life on earth and
choosing a leader for your earthly affairs.
Think which one will help you reach
your goals.
Here are some pointers:
1. Remind yourself of what you
know to do and do it well.
2. Ask yourself, "What do Ifeel
I should do in life?"
3. Ask yourself, "What I
actually want to do?"
4. Try to make up your mind what
you are going to do in life.
5. Really think of this one: What
is it that you are doing right now that
you will feel good about in time to

[th rto

-- -M .. ol SFee 0042 -3 3



wHELAf M-1'Wo
























The INdependent Reformer Page7~

Friday, July 27, 2007

By: Rev'd Canon LeRoy Flow ers

A couple weeks ago it was
announced that a curfew for children
will be introduced effective Friday, 15th
July 2007. Sadly, the media and
others have been rather negative and I
am yet to hear an objective discussion
on the problem and how to address the
situation. So far, mainly the police and
politicians have been attacked.
While it is easy to play the blame
game or become self-righteous, it will
not help the situation. As is now the
norm in the wider society, we seek to
kill the messengers and forget the
Let us take a brief look at our present
condition that has placed our children
in such a vulnerable situation that has
led to the re-introduction of the curfew:
(1) Approximately 40% of us live
in poverty.
(2) Many in the middle class are
one pay-cheque away from poverty.
(3) Approximately 45% of our
population is under 6yrs.- 17yrs.
(4) The housing conditions for
many are overcrowded and deplorable.
(5) Many children are cared for by
one parent (working single mothers and
(6) Too many dysfunctional
(7) For many, extended family
members no longer give the support
to children's upbringing.
(8) Many fathers are irresponsible
and have more children than they can
care for adequately, financially,
physically, mentally, spiritually.
(9) Many voluntary groups (guides,
scouts, youth group) lack adult
(10) Many children are used by
adults for criminal activities.
(11) Too many young children can
be seen nightly wondering aimlessly.
(12) Too many children are abused
sexually when in these vulnerable

y n
(13) Too many children live in
t fear and have no sense of worth
and security to simply be children.
,4 Parenting is a great challenge and
requires patience, sacrifice,
dedication, commitment, and love.
Most parents are overwhelmed by
their daily demands and in the
performance of their duties as parents.
This points to the importance of the
extended family, as well as the support
of the wider society on a whole.
It serves no useful purpose to
talk about what used to be. We need
to take steps to right a horrible path
before us. This we must do collectively
and individually.
To this end:
We must make our homes child
Fathers must make every effort to
bond with all their children.
Parents must be held legally
responsible for their children.
Parents must put an end to animosity

By: Ray Auxillou, Hillview, Santa
Elena Town, Cayo
li The two
major party
i candidates
for the Cayo
Central West
seat seem to
Sp be contested
by two very
nice guys.
M ari o
Castellanos is running for the PUP. He
is the incumbent and then there is Rene
Montero who is running for the UDP.
The NRP, headed by Cornelius Dueck,
a Mennonite running on religious
Christian party fundamentalism has been
putting signs up around the area and has
everybody curious: who is their party
candidate? There is no sign of any other
third party candidates advertising and
visiting voters in this District, at least that
I know of.
We haven't seen Mario out here in
our Hillview area for nearly a year. He
did get a water line completed to some
house lots on the north side of the hill,
which were highly appreciated by
The waterline project had been
promised for over six years by the PUP
and area residents had to do without
water access until last Fall.
This promises to be a close race. As
Mario has been unable to do much
during his term, because of the
financial problems caused by his party
Rene, the new guy in this competition
for the UDP, is moving ahead of Mario

towards each other and have respectful
relationships for each other, even when
not living together.
Adults who abuse our children must
be severely punished.
We need to create child friendly
neighborhoods, especially in challenging
areas of the city.
- Our leaders must have greater vision
in town planning and creating more
open spaces for recreational purposes.
Adult Volunteers are needed to
mentor our youths.
- Churches and all NGO's must work
towards harnessing the wealth of our
young for the greater good.
- We must have a meaningful sexual
educational program in all our schools.
Our Educational Systems must
become more relevant to the needs of
the wider society helping to create
discipline, creative thinkers.
Our homes must become safe and
secure for our children
We must encourage wholeness,
family values and attitudes.
The extended Family and
neighborhoods must take interest in our

in the vote getting it seems. Though
Rene is a new UDP representative for
the area, he is moving ahead
aggressively. He has assisted over 300
campesinos and Permanent Resident
citizens who qualify for citizenship after
their over five years of residency to get
their citizenship applications in
Currently he is running these people
who cannot afford the fees for
citizenship, HIV and medical tests, plus
the fees for police reports, photographs
and JP signatures around in his vehicle
and helping them do the paper work.
Avery smart move on his part and I
forecast that the election between the
PUP and UDP is going to be tight in
this area. Especially when only 20
votes sometimes can be the difference
between winning and losing.
Traditionally Cayo West are
SWING VOTERS and tend to vote for
the best judged candidate, irrespective
of party connections, or national
I hear Rene Montero is a successful
businessman and since I met him
yesterday, find him impressive.
But then Mario of the PUP is also a very
nice guy.
Unfortunately, Mario doesn't seem to
work his constituency much and the
financial scandals and waste of over a
billion and a half dollars in shenanigans
by his party leadership cabal, have left
him with no ability, or resources to have
done infra-structure things for his
Most people feel it is time for a
change! We need culverts and street
work out here in Hillview and there is a
big argument between the UDP

children and provide support and care.
- We need volunteers to make better
use of our church and school buildings
that are locked up most of the time.
The task may seem daunting but it us
critical that we seek to reach all our
children. Let not the so-called experts,
who have never reared a child, nor had
to face such challenging experiences,
tell us what to do, as we battle to rescue
our children.
Help them to grow up in a secure,
loving, caring environment. Where they
will have the opportunity to be children:
to live out their dreams and hope.
Rescuing one child at a time is the
answer. No child must be discarded or
disrespected. He/she must be made
to feel wanted, loved, valued and
The curfew speaks to a larger social
issue that we cannot run away from:
parental responsibility and social moral
decay of the wider society. It allows
personal responsibility and making
choices for the greater good of families
and society. It is never too late to begin,

Town Council who claim Hillview is a
central government DFC project and
their responsibility and the PUP who
are silent, but flat broke, having
apparently thrown away the next thirty
years of government revenues already
and lack the party financial management
skills to look after their area
representative's constituency. Can nice
guy Mario overcome his PUP party
deficiencies through personality alone?
Like most people out here in Cayo
Central West, I look to hear more from
the NRP who have put up signs all over
and to meet their representative,
whoever it is and we also hope to have
more vote choices from another fourth
party, if the Independents can put their
power plays and greed aside and form
one national party.
I know one thing, if the NRP run on a
platform of mixing religion and
government they won't get my vote!
Got no time for religious nuts and liars
of any persuasion.
Everybody out here knows ITZAM
NA created our Universe and without
the Sun God, KINICH AHAU, life on
our planet Earth and in Central Cayo
West, out here would not be possible.
Anybody who has to go around
SELLING their European, or Middle
Eastern religious beliefs door to door,
is a phoney, a liar and a cheat! You
can't elect a political representative
based on religion and get fair service
from your government.
Civil wars have been going on for
two thousand Years over separating
government from religion. We don't
need that issue here, the issue is good
government and good fiscal
management of government revenues.

I A Look At The Political Scene In Cayo Centr:a]l

The INdependent Reformer

Friday, July 20, 2007 The INdependent Reformer Page 8

NEWS FLlSH Truth IS stranger than Fiction

A German bus driver threatened to
throw a 20-year-old sales clerk off his
bus in the southern town of Lindau
because he said she was too sexy, a
newspaper reported Monday.
"Suddenly he stopped the bus, "the
woman named Debora C. told Bild
newspaper. "He opened the door and
shouted at me 'Your cleavage is
distracting me every time I look into
my mirror and I can't concentrate
on the traffic. If you don't sit
somewhere else, I'm going to have
to throw you off the bus.'"
The woman, pictured in Bild wearing
her snug-fitting summer clothes with the
plunging neckline, said she moved to
another seat but was humiliated by the
bus driver.
A spokesman for the bus company
defended the driver.
"The bus driver is allowed to do that
and he did the right thing," the
spokesman said. "A bus driver
cannot be distracted because it's a
danger to the safety of all the
A German man who startled his
neighbours when he hurled his computer
out of the window in the middle of the
night, was let off for disturbing the peace
by police who sympathised with his
technical frustrations.
Police in the northern city of Hanover
said they would not press charges after
responding to calls made by residents
in an apartment block who were woken
by a loud crash in the early hours of
Officers found the street and
pavement covered in electronic parts
and discovered who the culprit was.
Asked what had driven him to the
night-time outburst, the 51-year-old
man said he had simply got annoyed
with his computer.
"Who hasn't felt like doing
that?" said a police spokesman.
While escaping any official sanction
the man was made to clear up the
Volunteer firefighter in south-central
Kentucky was arrested after allegedly
making false 911 calls because he was
bored, police said.
Joshua Matthew Garmon, 18, a
member of the East Barren Volunteer
Fire Department, was charged Sunday
with nine counts of falsely reporting an
incident, according to the Barren
County Sheriff's Department.
The false calls came from cell phones
that don't work anymore except for
emergency 911 calls, Detective Rusty
Anderson said.
Anderson said Garmon allegedly
made false reports of fires and wrecks
with injuries because he wanted to go
on fire runs.

Most people would agree that miners
have a tough job. Now an Italian trade
union wants people such as barmen,
hotel porters and even ballet dancers
to be ranked alongside them.
As part of negotiations with the
government over reforms to the
pensions system, unions are pushing to
widen the category of jobs officially
considered "arduous" so such
workers can retire earlier than people
in less stressful occupations.
Currently the list is restricted to
traditionally tough-sounding jobs like
mining and deep-sea diving, but to
soften the blow from plans to increase
the minimum retirement age from the
current 57, unions want the list
Luigi Angeletti, head of one of the
three main unions in talks with the
government, told Corriere della Sera
daily that anyj ob which has nightshifts
should qualify, including nurses, police
and hotel porters.
Primary school teachers should also
be on the list. "I'd like to see you
keep control of 25 wild children -
what a bunch of stress, he said.
The life of an Italian barman was not
all flirting with the customers, he added.
"A barman can't choose. If he has
10 people in front of him who want
a coffee, he can't go and smoke a
cigarette, he has to speed up his
The plight of Italy's ballet dancers
was also a "serious problem",
Angeletti said, saying that the 300 of
them employed in Italy should be
allowed to retire at 45.
The pensions negotiations are proving
one of the toughest challenges Italy's
Prime Minister Romano Prodi has faced
since being elected a year ago as he tries
to square demands from the left to
soften reform plans with the need to
reduce the cost of pensions to the state.
Want to help fight global warming?
Take off your tie, says the Italian health
It has urged employers to let their staff
dress casually at work in the summer
so the air conditioning can be turned
"Taking your tie off immediately
lowers the body temperature by 2 to
3 degrees Celsius," the ministry said
in a statement. "Allowing a more
sensible use of air conditioning that
yields electricity savings and
protects the environment."
It called on all public and private
offices to let employees wear no tie
during heatwaves like the one that has
brought Africa-like temperatures to
many parts of Italy this week.
The move echoes a similar initiative
from Italy's biggest oil group, ENI,
which told its staff earlier this month they
need not wear a tie at work.

Tie makers, however, were left hot
under the collar.
"Italy confirms that it is a strange
country," Flavio Cima said in a letter
to financial daily II Sole 24 Ore under
the headline: "I, tie maker, am
responsible for global warming."
"We can now happily continue
with our lifestyle, using cars,
consuming fuel, heating and
cooling our homes at leisure. On
one condition: we should not wear
a tie while we do so," he wrote. "I
should have listened to my friends
and become an oil producer
Italy is one of the European Union's
worst performers on the pollution front
and is among the EU countries expected
to exceed their greenhouse gas emission
Beijing television channels should ban
sexist and sexually suggestive adverts
during the summer vacation to protect
children, state broadcaster CCTV said
Monday, citing experts and parents.
Explicit commercials that promote
breast enlargements, women's corsets
and cosmetics and unproven medical
treatments are common on local
"Advertisements that contain
sexual hints or flirtatious language
are easily seen on some local
television channels," CCTV said on
its Web site (www.cctv.com.cn).
In one breast enlargement
commercial, a woman with small breasts
walks by while a man is heard saying
"too small to be good." Another
woman with bigger breasts shows up
and the man shouts "bigger is better!."
"These kinds of adverts reflect
discrimination and disrespect for
women ... which could mislead
teenagers," youth expert Zong
Chunshan was quoted as saying.
Many parents would rather send their
children to summer camp or sports
training during the summer holiday than

let them stay at home and watch
television, CCTV said.
"My daughter told me that she
would not eat cakes anymore,
because if so she would not have a
good body and boys would not like
her, a parent was quoted as saying.
China has been trying to clean up
commercials on its plethora of local -
albeit state-run television stations,
especially those advertising miracle cures
or ways to attract the opposite sex.
The winner of a Bolivian beauty
contest for indigenous women was
stripped of her title moments after her
coronation when judges noticed she
was wearing false plaits, organizers said
The Miss Cholita Pacena pageant,
held in the Andean city of La Paz late
Friday, seeks to instill pride in
indigenous women who choose to wear
the traditional dress of wide skirt, bowler
hat and long plaited hair.
But doubts over whether the winner
was a genuine Cholita Pacena the
name for Indian women from La Paz
- led judges to strip her of her victor's
sash and call for a rerun, said pageant
organizer Walter Gomez from La Paz's
city government.
The judges "disqualified the winner
because they realized she didn't
have plaits, that the plaits she had
were false," he told Reuters. "Having
short hair means they don't live like
Friday's contest was a far cry from
the mainstream beauty contests that are
popular in Bolivia, in which the South
American nation's indigenous majority
are under-represented.
Not a bikini in sight, the toughest test
for the 14 contestants was making a
speech in the native Aymara language
to prove their Cholita credentials.
It is not the first time scandal has hit
the pageant. In 2004, the winner caused
a stir after her coronation by saying she
did not normally wear traditional dress.

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reserve, forests, and jungle. You can paddle kayaks through mysterious
caves, try rafting adventures, and ride horses.

The Caribbean Sea, island cayes, and magnificent barrier reef are only two
hours away for diving, snorkeling, sailing, fishing and heavenly
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Friday, July 27, 2007 The INdependent Reformer Page 9


Rt. Hon. Said Musa and

Hon. Michael Espat

Support Eco Park Plan

Bv: William "Chet" Schmidt

The Prime Minister; Right Honorable
Said Musa, accompanied by Honorable
Michel Espat, Honorable Marcel Mes,
Honorable Florenco Marin, The Mayor
ofPunta Gorda Town Carlos Galvez and
Mr. Henry Usher Secretary General of
the PUP, held a massive meeting in the
Sports Center in Punta Gorda Town
on Friday July 12th.
The Prime Minister, in answer to a
question from the floor, asking what is
being done about the lack of
employment, replied, "Toledo has
great potential for ecotourism
development" and looking directly at
me said "I see people in this crowd
who have very good ideas on how to
develop this potential. I have asked
Minister Marin to support them. "
The next morning I spoke to Minister
Michael Espat, Area Representative for
Toledo East who told me the Prime
Minister had brought the Toledo
Peoples' Eco Park up at the last cabinet
meeting and had in fact asked Minister
Marin to help. Minister Espat said he
would also ask Minister Marin to
support the plan.
This week we sent Minister Marin an
update on the proposed Six Day Eco
Cultural Nature Conservation Tour, with
maps and suggestions on how we believe
he can help us to proceed.
At the June monthly meeting of the
Toledo Branch of the Belize Tourism
Industry Association a letter from the
Punta Gorda Conservation was read
asking for a letter of support. Later
members and supporters were sent by
email a copy of the INdependent
Reformer article, "Toledo Cacao Fest
a Smash Success" Friday, June 29th
2007 page 8, and two follow up letters
outlining the Six Day Eco Cultural
Conservation Tour Package and listing
the following potential benefits.
(#1) The Six Day Eco Cultural/
Nature Conservation Tour will bring
more visitors to Toledo.

(#2) The program will help the non
business owners as well as the business
(#3) The program will also help to
protect the surrounding endangered
flora and fauna.
(#4) The watershed for Punta Gorda
Town and Forest Home is also
protected with the program.
(#5) The Toledo House of Culture/
Museum will help to strengthen the arts,
music, dance, drama and culture and
be another popular attraction.
(#6) The Rice Mill Plaza can be
designed to include a traditional Maya
market where the arts and crafts
producers can sell their products rather
than in the doorways of our hotels and
(#7) The success of this pilot project
can encourage our people and the
funders to try the rural part of the plan.
The letters explained the importance
of the Belize Tourism Industry
Association's support for the proj ect,
and asked for a letter of
recommendation for the concept. If the
members would support our poor
people's plans and efforts, the president
of the Toledo branch would be
welcome to be a member of the
management committee of the PGCC
and to be part of a video documentary
being made to show what the district
has and how the people support our

plans for the responsible development
of the tourism potential.
Unfortunately repeated requests
went unanswered while numerous other
issues that we brought up at the meeting
were addressed in the preceding
months emails, no mention was made
of the Punta Gorda Conservation
Committee's plans or request for a letter
of support.
Tomorrow night will be the first
monthly meeting since the letter was
presented at last month's meeting and
the two follow-up letters were sent over
the e-mail. While it is a shame the
BTIA's support was not included in the
video documentary, we still have hopes
that the members will bring it up and
provide the requested letter of support
for our people's plans to share with the
BTIA membership the benefits of
responsible ecotourism in their monthly
meeting tomorrow night.
As the article on the Cacao Fest
pointed out, if the wealthy and powerful
will support and help the less powerful,
working together we can eliminate
poverty in Toledo, especially with
the Right Honourable Prime Minister,
the Minister of Lands and Natural
Resources and our two Area
Representative's support.
Last month, a highly professional team
of videographers spent three and a half
weeks and eighty hours of videotape
interviewing citizens of Toledo in the
rural villages and Punta Gorda Town.
They plan to spend the next three
months editing it into three separate
(#1) A general documentary on the
Toledo District flora and fauna,
geography, and people 25 years after
gaining independents from England and


making the transition from British
Honduras to the new nation of Belize.
(#2) A promotional video on the
Toledo Ecotourism Association's
award winning Village Guesthouse Eco
Trail Program.
(#3) A documentary of the
development of the proposed Toledo
Peoples Eco Park Plan, as told by
different Belizeans, who have been
involved with it for the last twenty years.
It's hoped that this third video
documentary will motivate those
interested in funding holistic eco
development to end poverty. To help
the rich and poor people who care, to
create replicable examples that will help
other peoples in need to use systems
thinking and people power in eco
development to rapidly move from their
poverty to prosperity.
The budget for the three
documentaries is $100,000 U.S.
dollars. The producer/director has made
over 320 documentaries; many have
been translated into seventeen
languages. It is expected that the videos
on Toledo will be broadcast worldwide.
Once the rich natural and human
resources of Toledo are seen and
people learn how they can be
sustainably used by and for the people
of Toledo, one question the video on
the proposed eco park is expected to
generate, is why didn't the private
sector, the NGOs and the government
support the people's plan? Some with
greater understanding, education and
experience may not have to ask.
One motto of the rich is,
"Knowledge is power; knowledge
shared is power lost. "One motto of
the Toledo Peoples Eco Park is,
"Relevant knowledge is power;
Appropriate knowledge shared is
power gained. "Power to the People.

II Puta Gor&
r e 's.. li u'

Welcome To Nature's Way Guesthouse

Clean, Safe, Affordable

Central Location Sea Front View & Breeze

Single $23BZD, Double $33BZDr- :

Triple $48BZD *.

Get off bus at Catholic Church onf

Main & Church Streets, walkdown.

hill 75 yards to Guesthouse..
r,,. .. ... "



Friday, July 27, 2007 The INdependent Reformer Page 10


The Trip
By Julia Heusner
Before school closed in June,
everyone was given a letter
asking us if we would like to join
the Hugh Parkey Foundation for
Marine Awareness and Education
to meet some students from
Virginia. My principal said that
since there were only 5 spaces
and about 40 kids got the letter,

the first 5 people who handed
the letters back get to go. Well
I was eager to go so I handed in
my letter the very next morning.
The trip was going to be in the
20th of July.
So this past week, the big day
arrived. As I got to the Radisson
dock where the boat was waiting
for me, I looked for my friends.
I noticed, Dave, one of my
former classmates. I ran up to
him and we stared to talk, then

Julia (L) and the teacher from Virginia (R)

"We don't have coke light! We love it!" says one of the
participants from Virginia

some more of my friends started
to arrive.
On the way to Spanish Caye,
we stopped to looks at some
They were beautiful! When
we arrived they took us to meet
the students from the US.
They all seemed nice, we
talked about our different types
of food we have, and they told
us they love our "coke light"they
say they don't have that in the
U.S. they have other types of
coke but not "coke light".
We played some introduction
games and said something about
ourselves. After that we were
taken to the manatee museum
where we learned about the
different types of manatees. It

was all fascinating. During lunch
we discussed the differences
about our schools. We played a
few games of volleyball. We also
swam for a little while and some
of us got a tan.
At the end we all signed a
clear sheet, just writing some
silly things and drawings and our
names so that the teacher from
Virginia would not forget any of
us. In the boat trip back we all
laughed about the great trip we
had and the memories we would
not forget.
So if you ever get invited to
anything sponsored by the Hugh
Parkey Foundation, or get the
chance to meet some teens from
another country, go! You won't
be sorry.


Parents, if your school used BRC's books last year, it is because the teachers
believe that children learned well using BRC's books. How did your children do
using BRC's Reading?

The Government has threatened schools and teachers if they ask parents to
buy BRC's books. If your school asked you to purchase BRC's books in June
(past),they cannot be punished when GoB gives an order in July (present).
Teachers want to use BRC's books because they know that the books help your
children learn.

If you want your children to use BRC's books, and it will not be a burden, you
can buy BRC's books. The school will use the books to teach your children. You
will be assured that your children will get a good foundation.

If you want your children to use BRC's books, and you cannot afford to buy
them,BRC will give the books free. BRC is struggling for those children who need
more than one year to learn to read using all 72 phonics symbols.

BRC Printing Ltd.

Friday, July 27, 2007 The INdependent Reformer Page 11

[TOPICL, T. mui u TS

Undersea exploitation
Belizeans were surprised to hear of a
death in southern waters of a worker
from an oil rig. And just as surprised to
hear about the offshore operation.
While all eyes are on Spanish
Lookout and Temash Sarstoon reserve,

it seems overseas partners are now
exploring for oil over our seas. Get
those block permits while they are hot
and going at "sprang head" prices.
Anew UDP government will no doubt
charge more to exploit local resources.
Condolences to the family of the man

who thought he was getting a good job
to provide for them.
Who is looking out for the workers in
Belize's newest industry? Is it time for
them tojoin the Belize Energy Workers
Union? Bet those shrimp trawlers will
get chased out real quick if oil is
discovered in those waters.
Grand Tour
It seems the leaders of both the PUP
and the UDP were on pilgrimage to the

Tourism Operations reportedly on the market
Among the hotels and lodges and Green Parrot, Maya Beach COROZAL
other tourism operations reportedly for Nautical Inn, Seine Bight, Hokiol Kiin Guesthouse, Corozal
sale, or recently sold, in Belize are the US$1,700,000 Town, US$598,000
following, with reported asking prices. Sugar Reef (SOLD) Las Palmas, Corozal Town,
Additions, deletions and corrections Macovy Blues Hotel & US$2,900,000
invited. Lan Sluderwww.belizefirst.com Restaurant, reduced to US$399,000 TJ's/International Cozy Corners,
(with terms) US$399,000

San Ignacio Resort Hotel, San
Ignacio, US$2,500,000.
Mopan River Resort, Benque Viejo,
Roaring River Lodge, US$250,000
Inn at Xunantunich, Succotz,
US$375,000 (with terms)
Casa Maya, San Ignacio,
Black Rock Lodge, US$1,100,000
Parrot's Nest, Bullet Tree,
Royal Mayan Resort, Benque Viej o,
Warrie Head Ranch & Lodge, near
Georgeville, US$1,500,000
Windy Hills Lodge, US$2,500,000
Touch of Class, Santa Elena,

Miller's Landing, US$1,500,000
Manatee Inn, Placencia Village,
Mango's of Maya Beach
Serenity Resort, Placencia,
US$2,000,000 (SOLD)
Singing Sands, Maya Beach,
Luba Hati, Seine Bight,
US$3,095,000 (SOLD)

Mariposa Beach Suites, Placencia CAYE CAULKER

Maya Breeze Inn, US$1,100,000
Rum Point Inn (SOLD)
Soulshine US$550,000 (SOLD)

Kanantik US$10,000,000
Toucan Sittee (SOLD)
Jaguar Reef Lodge, US$4,705,000
El Chiclero Inn, Burrell Boom,
JB's Restaurant and Cabanas,
Western Highway, US$300,000
Howler Monkey Lodge, Bermudian
Landing, US$250,000

Pedro's Backpacker Inn,
Salamander Hideaway,
Rubie's H (not original Rubie's), San
Pedro, US$399,000
Corona del Mar, San Pedro,
Lili's, San Pedro, US$1,500,000
Royal Palm, US$6,000,000
Seven Seas Resort/Timeshare,
Copacabana, US$375,000

"God Is Good" says Canon Flowers

By: Rev'd Canon LeRoy Flowers
The Trinidad Suite Chorale is on a two
week tour of the Anglican Diocese of
Last Sunday evening they hosted a
concert for the Parish in our renovated
upper parish hall in Belize City in aid of
our outreach ministry.
On Sunday July 22, they performed
at the Bliss Centre for the Performing
Last week the Anglican diocese also
hosted a father-daughter team from the
USA who were in the country to assist
the parish in its outreach ministry.
$20,000 has also been raised toward a
project of $25.000 and the parish
contributed the difference and

some labor to conduct works in
This included a fully furnished kitchen,
a well and installation of a pump which
now provides running water for the
school. The church building was also
God is good and we are looking for
another school-mission to assist in the
coming year..



Seaside Cabanas, US$2,400,000
Belize Odyssey Resort, Caye
Caulker, US$3,500,000
Tropics Hotel, Caye Caulker,
Barefoot Caribe (formerly Sobre
Las Olas), Caye Caulker,
Loraine's Guest House,
Bel-Isle Condos (unfinished),

Sea Front Inn, Punta Gorda,
Tranquility Lodge, Jacinto,

Blackbird Caye Resort, Tumeffe Atoll,
Slickrock Adventures camp,
Long Caye, Gloveris Atoll,
US$1,400,000 doesn'tt include island
real estate)
Caye Chapel Island Resort, Caye
Chapel, somewhere north of US$50

La de

*'Tke road cl l travelIleclu

www.olddrvc-a dvc nturcs.com

southern and western regions over the
past couple of weeks.
Elections must be imminent for them
to deign to visit remote villages and far
flung towns. Perhaps Belizeans were
satisfied with rudimentary water systems
and rural electrification projects, ferries
and one-room community centers
before... but nowadays? It's going to
take a lot more than rudimentary
anything to get the support from this
increasingly sophisticated electorate.
Biggest mistake either party could make
is to take the rural populace for granted.
Just look at the village and
municipal elections for proof that the
countryside is not satisfied with old time

Political Intimidation,
The new improved PUP are non-stop
at their political intimidation games
against the smaller parties. Mind games
galore. True story: in the middle of a
strategy meeting the phone of one of
the third party leaders rings.
Who is on the line? A convicted
murderer who had hacked the party
leader's brother to death asking if the
leader would give his support during a
hearing for his early release-after
serving only a quarter of his sentence.
It destroyed the meeting and the party
leader's focus as they had hoped. How
cold can Kolbe be?

Positively Vile
Ah for the days when government
hacks got nice offices and fancy rides
whenever they needed to be transferred
due to incompetence, and not their own
radio shows... Citco has actually had
to designate an entire crew to clean up
the filth emanating from the negative
vibrations set offevery morning in studio
off Coney Drive. Didn't take these folks
long to veer off their initial promise to
highlight the "positive achievements"
of the PUP. Fortunately the morning
listenership knows all the action is still
on KREM and the juice is on WAVE,
and every once in a while there is
actually someone interesting on LOVE.
Although, to be fair, someone must be
listening in Belize City; because, the
circulation of the INdependent has
skyrocketed and we keep getting calls
"Dey mi di taak bout unnu again!
Wey I kud get dis week paper? I
waan si wey gat den soh upset!" No
such thing as bad publicity.

Small Ax. Big Tree
What's up ole youth Said? You
couldn't wait another week or two for
Ms. Merlene to finish thej ob? You really
think the foreign development banks
don't read the internet news, after all
these scandals, and would be fooled by
a one man hand job? Or have you just
lost patience with G- man and want to
get those files to the DPP? GG isn't
about to take the rap for all a unnu.

Friday, July 27, 2007 The INdependent Reformer Page 12

Ethics In Government. Plank No, 8

It was our sincere intention last
week to publish the remaining two
components in the set of 8 Planks for
better governance However, a
miscommunication occurred in the
rush to meet printing deadlines resulting
in the reproduction of the first 6 Planks
along with Plank No. 7 and a part of
Plank No. 8.
In an effort to make amends, we now
proceed with publishing the final
component, being Plank #8, in its
Just to recap, we remained you of
the various headings of the first seven
Planks as follows:
No. 1: Granting of powers to Local
No. 2: New requirements of elected
No. 3: Implementing Recommenda-
tions of the Political Reform
No. 4: Planning and Environmental
No. 5: Economic Development of
No. 6: Support Constitutional
No. 7: Foreign Policy and now this
week we move into Plank No.8
dealing with Ethics in government but
before doing so let us also remind you
that this document was prepared
through consensus by a group of
Belizeans from all political parties in
Belize with some suggestions offered by
friends of Belize through the Belize
culture and polisci lists.
This document was prepared in the
hope that all political parties in Belize
would adopt most or all of these ideas
in their own manifesto (or political
platform) in upcoming elections. The
concepts are not meant to be in
support of or against any political
Some of the planks may have already
been addressed to some degree by
certain existing laws in Belize, however,
the purpose in listing these concepts is
that they show where improvements in
these laws can be made or better
enforced. They therefore show what
should be important to the political party
in the process of making reforms to the

Industrial lot measuring 0.86 acres
for sale in Belmopan, not far from the
Constitution Drive, near Builders
asking $87,500.00US obo,
residential lot
measuring 92ft x 125ft in the Orchid
Garden extension, Belmopan, near
the US
Embassy Residence selling for
$30,000.OOUS; other commercial
land also in Belmopan Starting from
for info please call 600-2499

constitution and laws of Belize in the
It is also hoped that the platform
will serve as a mechanism to initiate
public discussions that will lead to
improvements in these planks.
This document is for public
information and there is no copyright
claimed. It is hoped that any additions
or deletions to this document will be so
marked to show the clear difference
between any new version and the
original document.

Plank No. 8
Ethics in Government
Whereas this party will insist upon the
highest of ethical standards in the
operations of government, and Whereas
this party will deal honestly with the
citizens of Belize, and Whereas every
elected official and every government
employee has a duty to report violations
of ethical standards, and Whereas
knowingly failing to report a violation is
a violation of the Code in itself, and
Whereas this party shall insure that a
code of ethics will immediately be put
in place with the following elements as
a minimum, and Whereas failure to
abide by the newly established code of
ethics by any elected, appointed, or
other government employee will result
in disciplinary action up to and including
termination from elected office,
appointed office, or employment with
the Government of Belize at municipal,
District, or national level; the following
shall be the minimum standards of the
"Government of Belize Code of
1) It is the intention of this party
that the Code of Ethics will be applied
even-handedly and that all employees
and elected and appointed officials shall
be treated fairly. Elected officials,
appointed officials, and government
employees shall be guided in all their
relations by the highest standards of
honesty and integrity.
2) Belize officials and employees
must avoid any action, investment,
interest or association that might
interfere, or be thought to interfere, with
their independent exercise ofjudgment
such as:




a) Have a material ownership
interest in any business enterprise that
does business with the government.
(b) Pursue outside of his or her
employment or elected office any
business opportunity that could be
considered an opportunity that came to
the person in the course of his or her
position with the Belize government.
(c) Elected officials, appointed
officials, and government employees
and their immediate family members
should not do through third parties things
that this section of the code would
otherwise prohibit. Questions on
potential conflicts shall be resolved by
the "Ethics Committee."
(d) A standing committee known as
the "Ethics Committee" shall be
created and shall be comprised of 5
members of the National Assembly
( 2 appointed by the Prime Minister,
2 appointed by the opposition leader,
and 1 appointed by the majority vote
of the Senate). This "Ethics
Committee" shall have the
responsibility of oversight of ethics in
Belize Government.
3) Gifts The government must
avoid the appearance of an improper
relationship with current or prospective
vendors. Therefore, neither government
officials nor employees of the
government nor any member of the
person's immediate family may accept,
directly or indirectly any gift, favor or
entertainment that can reasonably be
perceived as an attempt to influence
government business.
4) Copyrighted Material and
Software The Government of Belize
will not allow employees to make copies
of legally protected works including
software, database information, and
other copyrighted materials.
5) E-mail Employees are
prohibited from using E-mail or other
means of communications in away that
conceals the user's identity, violates the
law, or distributes or saves
pornographic or offensive material. The
unauthorized use of another employee's
password or making use of other
unauthorized means to access
information such as database
information is strictly prohibited.
6) Harassment This Party is
committed to maintaining a bias-free
environment where harassment is
prohibited. This Party will not tolerate
harassment of any kind by government
officials or staff including sexual
7) Discrimination This party
will train, promote and compensate
individuals based on job-related
qualifications and abilities, without
regard to race, color, religion, natural
origin, gender, political affiliation, age or
8) Drug-Free Workplace The
use, sale, possession, negotiations for,
or being under the influence of illegal
drugs or alcohol on the job or on
government property will be prohibited.

The abuse or improper use of
prescription or over-the-counter drugs
or other controlled substances will also
be also prohibited.
9) Unlawful Payments It
shall be illegal for government officials
and employees to receive payments
from companies or individuals in
order to provide special treatment
or consideration with respect to
any government service or
10) Whistleblowing- It shall be
the responsibility of government staff and
elected and appointed officials to report
their concerns about serious misconduct
occurring within the government of
Belize including violations of the
"Government of Belize Code of
The Government of Belize will not
tolerate the punishment or unfair
treatment of any government employee
or official who reports concerns in good
faith or who participates in an
investigation of any such reports.
Retaliation against an individual for
reporting in good faith any violation of
the Code of Ethics or other serious
offense is a serious violation of the Code
of Ethics that will subject the violator to
appropriate disciplinary action, up to
and including the termination of
employment or loss of public office. A
fraud investigation unit and fraud hotline
shall be established. The fraud
investigation unit will report regularly to
the "Ethics Committee".
11) Nepotism Nepotism is
generally defined as giving special
favors to relatives. This party will not
tolerate nepotism within government
operations and will enact special
legislation to address the organizational
structure of the GOB and detailed rules
relative to this issue.
12) Government Hiring
Practice This party shall insure that
every position in the government of
Belize is properly advertised with a
detailed job description, salary range,
education and experience requirements,
and other appropriate information
about the government position. This
party will insure that government
managers are properly trained in
proper hiring practices. This party
shall also insure that promotions are
based on qualifications and experience
with proper documentation and
in accordance with a new and
improved set of Human Resource
13) All elected, appointed, and
government staff shall be required to
read and understand the new
"Government of Belize Code of
Ethics" that will be written in detail to
include the standards above and other
related standards. After reading the
document, all elected, appointed, and
government staff shall be required to
sign that they have read this document
and will be given a copy of the document
for their personal use.

Friday, July 27, 2007 The INdependent Reformer Page 13 1

(Con't from page 1)
well, because they prefer
to resolve problems
through discussion, as
compared to the
confrontational character
of a court room. But,
there is nothing to
arbitrate here. It is a
simple matter of defaults
that must be cured. BNE
has failed to meet the
terms of their agreements,
and Spanish Lookout is
simply saying, before you
go any further, please
clean up the mess you
have already made. That
is hardly unreasonable."

When asked about the two
big problems, money
owed by BNE and the
production not being
measured, Cavanaugh
said, "Look, I am an oil
man and the financial
affairs of Spanish Lookout
are their business. If Allen
Reimer wants to disclose
those details he will, but
don't ask me. Measuring
production is another story
though. Royalties,
overriding royalty interest,
production sharing, taxes,
and participation interests
are all determined as a part
of or percentage of the
total measured

"Our contracts require that
the production be
measured at the well site
by accurate industry
standard verifiable
systems. However so far,
there are NO verifiable
meters to be read. BNE
simply tells everyone what
they have produced. And
BNE refuses to install
meters. Spanish Lookout
has not been paid any
money for royalties or


"Junior" is a star at The
Belize Zoo. His molihcr
arrived as part of ithc
zoo's "Problem J1a'u2iar I'
Rehab Program". iheo
was a confirmed and
repeated cattle killer.

Weak physical condition l
most likely contributed
to her becoming a
"problem jaguar",
however, what zoo staff
did not know, is that she
arrived pregnant!!
Three months after her
"check in" at "rehab", her
cub was born. What a
surprise for everyone!
To the dismay of zoo staff,
the mother rejected her
youngster (this often
happens in captivity), so
"Junior" was adopted by all,
and lovingly raised.

because such payments are
related to the actual
production and there is
no way to know what that
production was. GOB could
be losing millions
here and they don't seem to
be aware or are not
concerned about it. This
is absolutely ridiculous!"

We found out that Prime
Minister Musa came to
Spanish Lookout last
week to meet with
Community representatives
and discuss the oil issues
and problems. Two days
later, a large group of
Landowners met to
develop a proclamation
apparently to present Musa.
We expect there
will be more interesting
developments about
Belizean oil very soon.

When "Junior" reached 4
months, he was put into
the main part of the zoo,
and due to his fondness
for people, readily
appears to delight his

Full Service Airline

With over 180 daily

scheduled flights

throughout Belize

and Flores in


Charters also available

mm- .m -

The Airline of Belize

Friday, July 27, 2007 The INdependent Reformer Page 14

Editorial STAR Newspaper

Edition No. 119, dated Sunday, 15th July 2007 -
Reproduced with Permission from the STAR Publisher

The Crumbs Are Beginning To Fall

Providing free textbooks for all
primary school students is an
undertaking that is long overdue.
The question is; why did
government wait until its back is against
the wall and with only a few months
before the next round of general
election, to push this 6.5 million dollar
bit of crumbs off their table?
It was the PUP minister and area
representative for the Lake
Independence division, Cordel Hyde,
who, in the House of Representatives
during the 2005 budget debate, told
his prime minister and indeed the nation
of Belize, that prior to 1998 (under the
UDP administration) Barry Bowen was
paying 25 million dollars annually in
excise duty on beer and soft drinks,
when the PUP came to office Bowen's
taxes was reduced to a measly 4 million
In this one instance alone, government
gave up 21 million dollars in annual
collectable taxes. "Isay return the tax
to what it was prior to 1998" said
Cordel Hyde, but like several other
things before, his call simply fell on deaf
At a cost of 6.5 million dollars per
year to fund the textbook program, for
every year that government would have
charged Bowen its fair share of taxes,
government could have comfortably
funded the program for three years with
1.5 million dollars to spare.
The program gets even more
affordable when we are told that the
initial investment is 6.5 million dollars
but that it will take less than 2 million
dollars each year to maintain the
program. Therefore, when we do the
math, the 21 million dollars collectable
taxes from Bowen alone could have
financed the initial 6.5 million dollar
investment with 14.5 million dollars to
spare which, at less than 2 million dollars
per year, could have maintained the
program for an additional 7 years still
with over V2 a million dollars to spare.
The bottom line is that if Bowen
alone was paying its rightful taxes, the
government could have not only
provided free textbooks but rather free
education for every single primary
school aged child across this nation. On

that basis alone such an administration
would have stood a fair chance of being
victorious at the polls.
It's unfortunate that the economic
situation in Belize has reached the point
where the majority of parents could care
less if the textbooks are up to standard.
The bottom line is that they are getting
these books for FREE and as such they
will not be required to expend scarce
financial resources to purchase new next
books for their primary school aged
children. It will therefore be left up to
the teachers to make the textbooks
work or face the consequences of being
labeled incompetent or outstanding
depending particularly on the results of
next year's Primary School
For some unknown reason it never
ceases to amaze ordinary folks how
politicians almost always take us for
granted as with only a few months
before a general election, they begin to
brush the crumbs off the table so that
the masses may feast.
Why is it that after taxing and
squeezing a people for so long,
politicians can spring up at the 11 t hour,
scatter a few crumbs and expect the
people to forget the suffering they have
endured over previous years?
Why are they issuing textbooks at the
11 hour?
Why are they only now filling house
lots for residents on the south side of
Belize City?
Why is it that with only a few months
before the expiration of government's
term in office, we are seeing them
scrambling to fix a feeder road in San
Antonio, Cayo?
How is it that after selling the houses
of so many Belizeans, this government
is only now, at the 11t hour, subsidizing
mortgage payments for poor Belizeans?
How is it that all of a sudden it
dawned on the prime minister that he
must visit and consult with the people
of Belize on a nationwide tour?
Why is it that we don't see the prime
minister taking, for example, 2 weeks
out of every year to undertake an
"Annual Prime Ministerial
National Tour"? In its stead, we have
a prime minister embarking on a national

tour once every five years as the one
currently in progress with just a few
months left before general elections?
The results of the March 2006
municipal elections, coupled with those
of the recent village councils, should
serve as a wake up call for all politicians.
It should serve to show them that the
people will no longer be satisfied with
these quick fixes.
The forgiving of DFC loans for
thousands of Belizeans a few weeks
before the municipal elections did not
deter the people from voting against the
party in government.
In the San Ignacio/Santa Elena
scenario for example, with just three
weeks remaining for the municipal
elections, one major street in Santa
Elena and another one in San Ignacio
were quickly paved.
The people saw through the gimmick
and voted against the party in
The people are seeing through these
political gimmicks. Despite the handouts
during this season the people have
not forgotten that prior to the last

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general election, the environmental tax
was at 1% and that today it is nowbeing
charged at 2%, being a full 100%
The people have not forgotten that
prior to the last general election the Sales
Tax was charged at 9% and that today
it is not only at 10% but more like 19%
because the initial 9% was never
removed from consumer goods and
services as was promised.
The people have not forgotten that
prior to the last general election the price
for a 100 lbs cylinder of butane was
$52 today it has doubled in price to over
$100 for the same product.
The people have not forgotten that
prior to the last general election they
were paying electricity at the rate of 21
cents per kilowatt hour and that today
the very same product stands at 35 and
44 cents per kilowatt hour.
The people are seeing through these
political gimmicks and hence the reason
why the amount of money any political
party spends during the campaign
season will play no significant role in
the outcome of an election as voters
will take the goods, the services and
the money that these unscrupulous
politicians disperse during these critical
months and vote for the candidate
or individual who is truly committed
to addressing their needs on a
continuous basis instead of only at the
11 hour.

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Friday, July 27, 2007 The INdependent Reformer Page 15

I~elze co'velnDtmoemA

3aly3 l-tini c iou-

VfJLW10 V FX F Xff

\\ I le \\e understand the sentilments
of those \\ho ha\e expressed
disappointment in the attendance. the
Mov eient remains clear and steadfast
to its Vision, Mission, Goals and
Objectives; to "Keep watch with the
angels, the stars and moon", to
protect Belize and Belizeans at all times!

()Uli celemoin \\as not to select or
endorse caIndidates for an election \\ e
are not a political part but a Patliotic,
Nationalistic, Benev olent, Altruistic
Faith Based Movement.
The 24th of June was our initial
publicized date for the Induction (date
of the Placencia Lobster Fest), but due

\ /

The Belize Covenant Movement
wishes to thank all those who attended
and participated in its Induction
Ceremony on Sunday, July 1st, 2007

Belize's Economy Is Being Destroyed

(Continued From Front Page)
drastically increases the cost of
electricity for Belizeans. Disclosures
show that Fortis' highest rate of
return on their international power
investments is from Belize.
While Fortis rakes it in, enjoys a gift
from the Belizean government, Belize's
poor cannot get a break and continually
have their electricity turned off when
failing to pay small amounts due.
Whatever happened to poverty
alleviation? Just lip service for foreign
donors, while foreign companies
increase their profits at our expense.
In 1998 the PUP came to power on
a landslide vote based on their campaign
charges that the UDP instituted a terrible
Value Added Tax. The PUP promised
to get rid of the VAT. They did, and
substituted the GST in its place. But the
adverse effect of the GST is many times
worse than the affect of the Value Added
Tax. The VAT has been successfully
used in other Caribbean countries. And
the VAT came with hundreds of
exemptions, especially health care,
medicines, and school books.
The GST is a real killer of some
businesses because it is not the usual
form of a sales tax, but a business tax
that takes 10% off the top of businesses
based on revenues. It covers most
everything; it is even added to your
hospital bill. Are Belizeans going to have
to pay to die? It is apparent that unless
things change, Belizeans are being taxed
to death.
The irony is that taxes such as the
GST only work up to a certain point.
Beyond this, the higher the taxes are
raised the less money a government can
actually collect as tax revenue. This is
because higher taxes discourage
investments. Consequently fewer jobs
are available due to the loss in
The Belizean economy is suffering
terribly already. Many of our businesses
are barely able to make 10% profit on
their operations. Some make less.
Businesses whose products must
compete with products from other
nations are subject to operational costs
that make them non-competitive,

non-profitable and can put them out of
For example, an attempt was made
to manufacture "flashlight" batteries in
Belize. But this was terminated because
costs were too high. These batteries
could be manufactured more cheaply
in other countries and imported into
Now we see Belize's largest garment
manufacturer laying off employees and
there is talk they will move their operation
to another country where they can be
more competitive. Business cannot be
competitive if they have to include in
their costs of operation excessive
charges for utilities and pass on the cost
of an excessive tax to the prospective
buyer. Don't our politicians understand
that? Don't they care about the costs
to the economy down the road when
they make tax policies and give
exorbitant profit guarantees in shady
deals to foreign companies?
What is going to happen to the people
of Belize? Where are they going to
obtain employment in the future if there
is not sufficient industry? Without
changes to improve the economy how
are they going to survive?
Now the government has come up
with the novel idea of free school
textbooks for primary school education.
They will also promise free medical
treatment. But nothing is free, we, the
taxpayers will pay for it all. Twice.
For the $10 million plus interest that
went to one crony would have paid for
all the textbooks and all the medical

care. The famous $30 million plus
interest paid out to favored brothers
would have paid for the books and
medical many times over, from the
cradle to the grave.
There are many, many other
outstanding loans that the government
does not even attempt to collect. They
just leave the cronies with the money
and"flim- flam" the people into believing
that the PUP is doing something for
them. Why doesn't the government try
to collect the overdue loans from the
Political Malpagos? Is it because the
borrowers did not get all the money?
Did some of the money go elsewhere?
Into other pockets? Are the cronies just
the front men?
If they are not, if the government
officials did not themselves profit from
these bloated contracts, and if the
government really wants to help the
people of Belize they would make the
cronies pay back these millions of
dollars and use it give the people free
education and medical treatment.
But instead, the government squandered
the money that should have gone for the
school books and medical treatment.
To make up for the losses caused by
their friends the government is
demanding taxes from the people. It is
the GST that will pay for the "free"
textbooks and the GST that will pay for
the "free" medical care. And it is the
people of Belize who will once more
pay for the free money loaned out to
freeloaders. Jorge Espat was apparently
right, after all. Whatever happenedto him?

Derek Aikman
Belize Covenant Movement


The Belize Zoo

I 7% -4

to the roof damage at St. Mary's Hall,
we were forced to change venue.
It was therefore not deliberate to hold
our Induction on the P.U.P convention
date, nor were we aware of yet another
Lobster Fest clash (the Caye Caulker
Lobster Fest on July 1st).
While it would have been great for
Belizeans to turn out in large numbers
Sunday to stand to create a new Belize,
the people who sacrificed all else to
come out and stand for Belize are
exceptional, brave, and courageous!
We congratulate you!
We have begun thej oumey and we will
not stop. We believe others will join us as
the journey progresses. Time is againstus!
Our Guest Speaker Mr. Mose Hyde
said that Belizeans have been asleep for
too long but are awaking from their
slumber. They need to keep watch! The
Belize Covenant Movement believes
that the more than ten thousand
Belizeans who turned out to vote in the
referendum on the UHS Loan
Guarantee in less than 48 hours is
testimony that Belizeans are awaking
from there slumber.
The Belize Covenant Movement
believes that with God all things are
Let us remember when Jesus went to
pray in the Garden of Gethsemane, He
asked His disciples to keep watch at the
gate to protect Him. When He returned
after a few hours He found them sleeping
and not keeping watch as He had
requested. The Belize Covenant
Movementunderstandsthatwe may never
have three hundred thousand Belizeans
keeping watch at the same time.
The Belize Covenant Movement
thanks the 127 who came out to join
the watch over Belize, while others
engaged in other matters. We believe
that those who are called to guard
understand that we must guard for all
even while others sleep. The Covenant
Movement will always watch and stand
guard over Belize no matter who sleeps.
We will always welcome every citizen
who chooses toj oin us if and when they
are ready to take this Covenant stand
with Belize.
As Ms. Les Wakefield from Toledo said
in her stirring remarks at the Ceremony,
"The chairs that are empty are filled
with angles keeping watch with
those of us who are here".
The Belize Covenant Movement
believes that her statement symbolizes
the very essence of our faith and
conviction as a people and Nation.
Please be assured of our very best
wishes, and again, ThankYou! We are
excited about the victory we will win in
unity forfBelize.
Yours in Covenant with Belize.

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