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Any number weh play,these gamblers never lose

In 1999, the Political Reform
Commission appointed by Prime
Minister Said Musa reviewed the evils
of unlimited campaign contributions and
gave the highest priority for enacting
legislation limiting the size of these
"donations." According to the Reform
Commission Report published in 2000,
by unanimous decision, "The
Commission recommends that
campaign finance regulation be
developed as a matter of urgent priority
for implementation before the next
national election."
The "next national election" they were
referring to was in 2003. But neither the
People's United Party or the United
Democratic Party made ANY effort to
enact ANY campaign financing
With another national election in the
offing-perhaps within months-there
still has been no move by either party
to address the issue of campaign
financing reform. In fact, by their own
actions, the political parties indicate they
are not in favor of laws that would
uphold the people's right to a fair

The Belize Council of
Churches is confronting
corruption head on. This week
they are hosting a regional
conference and public forum on
the theme "Corruption and its
Effects on our Churches and our
The week starts out with a
meeting at Trinidad Farm to be
chaired by Reverend Canon
Flowers. Presidents and
representatives of the Caribbean
Conference of Churches and the
World Council of Churches will
be in attendance.
A public forum will take place
at Holy Redeemer Parish Hall on
Wednesday, December 5, 2006
beginning 7:00 p.m. Professor
Neville Duncan will make a
The delegates will also look at
other aspects of life in the
Caribbean as it impacts on the life
of our peoples. This is the first
time that Belize is hosting such a

Yet they continue to give lip service
to the idea of changing how Belizean
elections are paid for.
In the very first edition of the
government sponsored television
program, Vision for 2025, Prime
Minister Said Musa told host Nuri
Mohammed that he is committed to
putting in place a campaign financing

law, one that will go as far as putting in
penalties for its violation. He claimed he
recognizes that the present system is
capable of being corrupted by big
money and that corruption hurts people
on the bottom rungs of the social ladder.
That is fine talk, but why now? Why
wasn't a campaign financing law put in
place before the 2003 national election

tackle corruption
conference. The Council extends concerned about these critical
an invitation to all Belizeans issue to attend the forum.

It's Christmas time in the CitY

as Prime Minister Musa's own
commission recommended?
In the interview the Prime Minister
further stated that guidance is "what
leadership is about." Sadly, the Prime
Minister has a habit of saying the right
thing, then doing nothing. Or, worse,
going off in the opposite direction. Ifthe
(Please Turn To Page 2) e -

Inside this Issue

Ketch and kill
pg. 5



What the
stands for
pg. 11

I I a B I L 1W
www.lordashcroft. corn Offshore bank of Montevideo, Sir Barry Bowen employs
Cayman, Panama and ??? thousands of Belizeans.

Christmas season looks bright as Belize Bank
lights up Belize City (photo by Julia Heusner)

Tuesday, December 5, 2006 The INdependent Reformer Page 2

-M E (Continued From Page 1)
Prime Minister truly means what he
said, he should immediately propose
the necessary legislation. If the Prime
Minister doesn't do so, it can only be
assumed his statement was merely more
political rhetoric and that he has no
intension of providing political
reform. Nor does he intend to
provide the guidance he said
"leadership is about."
Perhaps he is more concerned about
what sponsorship is all about. After all,
elections are expensive undertakings and
campaign contributions help the party
pays its bills. The problem is, following
the election, it leaves them deeply
indebted to their patrons.
The larger the contribution, the
greater the influence over party politics
and policies the financier has. What's
more, this is not a one shot deal: the
political party receiving the contribution
will repay the debt many times over to
ensure they get similar, even larger,
contributions in the future.
Even worse, those with the most to
gain, including narco-traffickers, give the
most generously. They rely on their
largesse with the politicians to ensure
they can continue with the activities, legal
or illegal, that provided the funds, which
made the contribution possible.
It is often said (particularly by the
Leader of the Opposition) that he who
pays the piper calls the tune. During the
1998 election it was Ashcroft interests
which paid the PUP piper. Ever since
that election Ashcroft interests have
certainly called the tune.
The question remains, do his interests
call the tune for both Political Parties?

In the National Election of 2003,
Barry Bowen interests contributed at
least $1 Million (that we know of
courtesy a canceled cheque) to the
PUP campaign. The PUP prevailed
and Bowen has been generously
rewarded. The reduced tax that a
Bowen interest paid during the PUP's
tenure is significant, accounting for the
loss of millions of dollars in revenue-
money that could have been used to
pay interest on millions of dollars in
international loans, which the middle
class and the poor must assist in paying
The Bowen group's latest attempt
to have the present proposed Shrimp
Farm Bill passed indicates that they
still call the tune, and would like it
played even louder as Belizean
prepare to go to the polls again.
We can only guess how much the
Ashcroft interests put into the PUP
campaign of 1998. But among the
many rewards reaped after those
contributions was a tax write off of
$13 Million. The Government has
recently stated that it will give BTL
yet another $5.8 million dollar tax
break. Again, we can only guess how
much these interests supported the
PUP since 2003.
Large campaign contributions are
not exactly bribery, but some have the
same effect. Therefore, there must be
a limit placed upon political
contributions so that the rich do not
buy the elections while the middle
class and poor pay for the results:
*No corporation should be allowed
to contribute more than $5,000 to a
political party, or $1,000 to a

candidate, during an election period
or during any one year.
*The name of each contributor and
the amount of the contribution should
be made public within 48 hours of the
contribution. All contributions should
be made at least ten
(10) days before the balloting.
*There should be a severe criminal
penalty for violation of any statute
limiting political contributions. Such
criminal penalties should also apply to
the failure to report such contributions
as required.
*Contributions by individuals
should be limited to $2,000. The
criminal penalties should extends to
both persons and corporations who
directly, or indirectly through
subterfuge, exceed the amount
provided by statute or fail to properly
report the amount.
And finally, who will be the finance
of the next national election? Have the
rewards been given in advance and
has been enough money been received
through corruption that an additional
outside finance will not be necessary.
Should one refuse to vote for the party
that raised the most money and
dances to the donors' tunes?
Political parties are adept in the use

of insinuations, half- truths and bold-
faced lies. The theory is that if one
tells a little lie, no one will believe it;
however, if many people tell a big lie
promises big results, every one will
believe it. Certainly they will want to.
The communist philosophy takes
lying one step further. It suggests that
if you tell a lie often enough, people
will believe it. It is these same, large
political contributions that enable a
political party to repeat its lies over and
So was another big lie of the 1998
campaign that there would be political
We would have to think so, for
certainly there has been no reform of
significance. If there had been, the
country would not be financially
strapped as it now is. If there had been
Political Reform, the big contributions
that will be used to repeat the big lies
would not be available during the
upcoming National Elections.
But, without meaningful reform, the
voters of Belize are bound to be lied to
once more. (for a full copy of the
report go to www.http://
AmbergrisCaye. com/pages/town/

complete .htm


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Tuesday, December 5, 2006 The INdependent Reformer Page 3

The staff and editorial board
of the Independent Reformer
would like to give you all a
huge THANK YOU for the re-
ception we received last week
on our first issue.
We cherish all the
congratulatory calls and
emails. The warmth in the
streets, the offices and schools
as we distributed the paper
was nothing short of phenom-
enal. It seems you embraced
us before we even went to
print and were just waiting for
the nnner tn reach voun

Believe me, we are
taking your comments and
recommendations to heart
and welcome each one.
We would also like to thank
our colleagues in the Belize
press corps for their support
and publicity, especially Mr.
Evan X Hyde, Adele Ramos
Daly, Frankie Rhys and News
Thank you to all our
sellers in Belize City and the
vendors in the districts who
are working hard to ensure
the nennle nf Relize re

supplied with information
from all media sources. You
have generously opened your
arms, and doors to this new
kid on the block.
Special thanks also to the
transport ground and air
crews for their outstanding
efficiency ndl exnediencv


Tuesday, December 5, 2006 The INdependent Reformer Page 4

Destroying Fish Stock For Shrimp

Adaptedfrom: www. mercpress.com
It is the world's most sought-after
seafood commodity: some 3.5 million
tons of the many-legged delicacy are
pulled from the ocean's waters each
year, with another 2.4 million tons raised
on aquatic farms.
The popular seafood is a gold mine
for poor countries feeding avid
consumers in northern markets.
Developing nations supply some 90%
of the shrimp consumed in developed
countries, to the tune of 8 billion US
dollars a year. As a result, the jobs of
hundreds of thousands of people in the
developing world depend on shrimp.
But the sector is also one of the world's
most wasteful fisheries. In some places,
for every kilo of shrimp that fishermen
catch as much as 20 kilos of acciden-
tally netted marine animals are tossed
back overboard to die. Generally, 8%
of all fish caught -just over 7 million
tons are discarded this way each
year, estimates the Food and
Agriculture Organization of the United
Nations, FAO. Of that total, tropical
shrimp trawl fisheries have the highest
"discard" rate, accounting for 27% of
the waste 1.8 million tons.
New technology offers solutions
Discards of "by-catch" which are
not only wasteful but can have broader
environmental impacts on both specific
fish stocks and entire ecosystems -
have been a concern of FAO for years.
"The capture of juveniles of
valuable fish before they have the
chance to reproduce constitutes a
threat to the well-being of fish
populations, while extensive
removal of non-targeted fish is a
threat to marine ecosystem
biodiversity, thus impacting on the
productivity of a fishery" explains
Jeremy Turner of the UN agency's
Fisheries Department.
In 2002, FAO teamed up with the UN
Environment Programme (UNEP) and
the Global Environmental Facility to
establish a 9 million US dollars five-year
proj ect that aims to reduce unwanted
by-catch in shrimp fisheries. As lead
executing agency, FAO manages the
project's activities in the field,
working with trawlers, small-scale
fishers, national fishery agencies and
regional fisheries organizations to
introduce new technologies and fishing
methods designed to target only desired
fish of a certain size while letting small
juveniles and non-targeted animals, like
sea turtles, escape. FAO is providing
technical assistance to help fishermen
modify their trawls and equipment and
is holding workshops to train them in
their proper use and to discuss changes
in fishing techniques that can also help.
The Organization is also working with
local authorities to conduct sea trials on
vessels fitted with high tech sensors and
underwater monitors that assess the
effectiveness of the new trawls and
trawling methods in order to further

of income for them," explains Turner,
"so you have to do more than just
give them new technology."
Countries where FAO is implementing

the project are Bahrain, Cameroon,
Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba,
Indonesia, Iran, Mexico, Nigeria, the
Philippines, Trinidad and Tobago and
Venezuela. The Southeast Asian
Fisheries Development Center
(SEAFEC) is also participating.

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develop the technology. At the same
time, FAO is helping countries
re-draft their fishing regulations so that
they promote wider use of the new
technology. "There have already
been some dramatic results, with
by-catch being reduced by as much
as 50% in some cases," reports
Turner. This not only benefits local
ecosystems and fish populations,
making fishing grounds more
productive, it also means financial
savings for fishermen, since they don't
need to spend as much time sorting and
processing their catch.
In Asia, however, the situation is
trickier. There, fishermen might earn as
little as one US dollar a day, and
by-catch is often not discarded -boat
owners let their crews sell it for
processing to meet demand for
human and aquaculture consumption.
"It represents an important source

Shrimp Trawler- Menace to fish stock

Tuesday, December 5, 2006 The INdependent Reformer Page 5

By: TrevorVernon
In kinder, gen-
tler times fisher-
men were taken
into consideration
Sf by the taxman, on
par with the well
Not so anymore.
Things rough and
only getting rougher for those who fish
for a living in Belize.
Fishermen & women get no break with
duty free or reduced duty fuel to deliver
their product to the co-op. And

& Killing
fisherfolk, by and large, don't have
access to diesel powered boats. The
diesel engines too expensive; unlike the
diesel engine cane trucks.
Second, in kinder, gentler times
fisherfolk were given, through their
cooperative, a slight reduction on duty
when buying outboard engines. This
facility has been removed and
professional fisherfolk must now pay the
same rate of duty as the pleasure
boaters. (Although we all know some of
them get exemptions due to family and
business connections...)
Fisherfolk have a hard enough time as
it is with the robberies and "jackings"

I~dloMel plwi4

Chalillo Dam
By Sharon Matolla
Usually, I give a brief mention of the
Chalillo Dam in the introduction of The
Belize Zoo newsletter. However,
because many of our readers and zoo
members followed this provocative
debate over the years it endured, it is
time for a longer 'I// Uinig ".
Afew months ago, I visited a lodge
located on the Macal River, some 20
miles or so downriver from the Chalillo
Dam. The proprietor of the lodge and
I went to the river for a swim. Rather
than the blue-green waters I recall from
a not-too-distant past, the river was the
colour of mud. It smelled like
machinery. The rocks were slimy.
When I made a few comments about
the obvious decrease in water quality,
she replied, "It's usually worse".
Thanks to Fortis/BEL.
This very lodge is now planning to
build an upscale swimming pool, so that
guests can bathe in clean water as they
enjoy the lodge's tropical ambience. In
contrast, sadly, villagers who live along
the Macal River, are stuck with a
degraded river, one which promises to
provide them with water which is
unsafe to drink, bathe or fish in- Thanks
to Fortis/BEL.
Tour guides from that area in Belize
have complained to me that they often
must "drag their canoes over bare rocks
for long distances". Thanks to Fortis/
The only known nesting grounds for
the endangered Scarlet Macaws of
Belize are gone forever. Thanks to
All of us who worked to try and stop
this project were concerned about

2006 Update
rising mercury levels in the fish in this
river. The official word from the Belize
Health Dept,.and the dam folks is that
it is fine to eat the fish from the Macal
River. Just don't eat too much.
If the economics of this project pops
to the front of your mind, allow me to
clear that one up for you, too. Fortis/
BEL saw to it that our electricity rates
increased 26 percent in early 2006.
They continue to call for additional
None of the above comes as a
surprise. It was all predicted, based on
a great deal of scientific assessment.
In 2007, renowned writer Bruce
Barcott will see his book about the
Chalillo Dam published by Random
House. Entitled, THE LAST FLIGHT
story will bring to light the unfair and
unjust development proj ect called the
Chalillo Dam. The book, in manuscript
form, has already received an
Honourable Mention from the
highly-prestigious Lukas Award for
Hopefully, Bruce Barcott's book, and
the continued efforts from The Belize
Alliance of Conservation NGOs,
BACONGO, the Belize Environmen-
tal Law and Policy Organization,
BELPO, and others, will keep in
steady view, the need to fight unsound
development and the urgent necessity
to protect our remaining natural
resources. Here at The Belize Zoo, we
remain proud of our strong stand taken
against the Chalillo Dam. We will
continue to broadcast a principled and
just position on behalf of issues
affecting our environment.

on the high seas. Is it fair to for
government to jack them too?
Subsidizing diesel by taxing it 50%
less that gasoline, discriminates against
the traditional fishing industry which
numbers some 2,000 heads of
household from around their country. If
we estimate that each fisherman
supports at least four family members,
that is 8,000 Belizeans affected.
Consider this: a fisherman will
consume approximately 50 gallons of
fuel per week. At the rate GOB is
currently taxing them, that's $250 dollars
a week per person in fuel taxes alone.
Now this same fisherman/woman can
only get $2-3 dollars a pound wholesale
for his fish. Therefore the proceeds from
the first 25 pounds of fish alone go to
Fonseca/Musa in gas tax, the next 25
pounds goes to the gas depot for fuel
cost. He/she has to sell 50 pounds of
fish before any money goes into his or
her own pocket. And that's just
subsistence cash needs. That's
not counting prorated licensing
requirements, depreciation of equipment
(outboards come to mind), ice purchase,
losses from theft, food, ice and other
In kinder gentler times, not so long
ago, fisherfolk weren't burdened with the
massive extra costs in licensing and
outfitting their crafts or faced with
excessive fines.

The typical boat owning fisherperson
is now strapped, on average, with an
extra $300-500 per year in outfitting
traditional fishing crafts with functional
first world gadgets or face $1,000 dollar
fines and/or lose their boats!
If we look at the accrual basis of
accounting to take into consideration
these other factors, it's a wonder that
fishermen make ends meet!
It is past time to cut our fisher folk some
slack. Here's what the Government of
Belize needs to do for our traditional
fishing industry:
1) Give similar duty free exemptions
on fuels to fishermen through their
cooperatives AS IS CURRENTLY
EXTENDED TO OUR proud and well
organized 'CANEROS' in the north.
2) Give total duty exemption on all small
outboards purchased by fishermen
through the cooperatives. The
precedent is there.
3) Ban all trawling inside our main reef.
Penalty for law breakers: confiscation of
all assets. Trawlers destroy 15-20
pounds of fish stock in order to
harvest 1 pound of shrimp that can't even
compete on the world market.
Government support of trawlers is not
only shortsighted, it is discriminatory.
We cannot turn back the clock and go
back to kinder, gentler times, but we can
make the lives of Belize's fishermen and
women easier and give them more
incentive to continue supplying the rest
of us with their daily catch.

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Tuesday, December 5, 2006 The INdependent Reformer Page 6

Integrity Commission Needs Rethinking

By Meb Cutlack
As we near a possible election, one
of most urgent problems facing Belize
is the structure and the integrity of the
Integrity Commission. Its lack of
credibility comes about almost through
no fault of its own. It has no teeth, has
never had teeth and no government
seems prepared to give it teeth!
It is a totally useless commission as it
exists today. Members of parliament,
highly ranked public officers, all of
whom are supposed to submit details
of their wealth including homes,

PUP snaps up INdependent
First sales on our newspaper soared
unexpectedly when PUP Minister's
drivers and other PUPs circled town
buying us up. We are very cheered by
this obvious vote of confidence in our
newspaper and will happily give the
PUP a better than retail rate if they wish
to order from us in advance.
Fortis Scores Again
A person worked his way through the
usual long line to pay his electric bill at
BEL in San Ignacio had a nasty surprise
when he reached the window. He was
told he had to pay a reconnection fee
of $10 even though he explained that
his electricity had not yet been cut off.
He was still forced to pay the fee and
told if he did not, his electricity WOULD
BE cut off!
Village Councils Speak Up
Leaders of rural Belize converged last
weekend at the Agricultural Show
Grounds in Belmopan for the Annual
General Meeting of the National
Association of Village Councils.
According to Channel Five, "among
the resolutions passed at the AGMare
requests to all political parties to
refrain from partisan politics into
village council elections, the
appointment of village water boards
by village councils, not central
government and passage of
legislation to village councils to
collect trade licensing fees. "

Northern highway; a disaster
waiting to happen!
That's nothing new, as the potholes
get daily worse, but what the powers
that be should be careful about is the
stretch from the Haul over Bridge to the
airport road. It is just waiting for a
really bad and probably fatal accident
along its riverside length. They should
be careful because there were once
yellow guidelines, centre and sides, of
this road but they have faded and have
all but disappeared. Any night accident
along this section could put the powers
that be in court on a heavy "injury"
and/or "death bynegligence"

businesses and assets in Belize and
abroad- when entering public life,
simply ignore the order and are not
penalized, not even by publication of
their names.
Again and again members of the
commission plead that they would be
able to do their duty if they were given
the authority to summons miscreants
to force compliance and explain
themselves. Because the Pup will
certainly not be a party to enacting
forcefu legislation, perhaps the
Ombudsman or the GG should point

It's a pleasure to drive on those
splendid roads between Buttonwood
Bay and Princess MargaretDrive. And,
what mansions and superb houses
abound in this area! Of course, they
must be owned and built by our new
elite of the PUP hierarchy and their
cronies but its careless of them to build
such fine roads When the south side
roads still look like New Orleans after
the hurricane. Someone is going to notice
and maybe vote away from the PUP.
"Sad little figure!"
That's how one diner described our
PM's exit from a restaurant recently. He
waved happily to the people still at
table, waved again and his happiness
disappeared. Nobody waved back and
only a very few raised their hands an
inch or two above the table. He did not
see that but he should take comfort from
the fact that a few did care an inch or
Election speculation!
No, we know nothing of what is in
the air and no Idea of a date for the
election. There is however one huge
hurdle ahead for the PUP. If they don't
go to The country before the end of
March all their bills are going to
catch up with them and make the
unmentionable become a reality! Yes, a
considerable devaluation against the
dollar! That's about their only reality as
the big international banks refuse
further lifelines.
Our sincere "Get Well"
greetings to Robert Leslie.
We hear that Robert Leslie, long time
PUP Cabinet Secretary is ill. We wish
him a very sincere "get well!" because
here indeed was a tried and true
Belizean who has served Belize
faithfully a- no-doubt hard task at
times considering the nest of vipers
around him.
Jim Hyde passes
It is with great sadness and respect
that this column notes the passing of Jim
Hyde. He was also a true and proud
Belizean who served his country
faithfully, both in public and private
service and, as our ambassador to
Washington. Rest in Peace, Jim!

out the criminality involved in not
submitting accurate information of
one's assets.
There are mountains of evidence
about the misdeeds of various
ministers and their deputies. Even
going back as far as Dito Juan, a simple
investigation of the extraordinary
growth his own and his family's asset
growth would reveal enormous rises in
material wealth. He was a mere
amateur when you get to persons such
as the infamous Ainslie Leslie.
The whole charade of ministers
declaring their initial wealth becomes a
total farce when considering Mr.
Leslie's reign as Deputy Lands
Minister. He evolved a technique of
signing conveyances to all and sundry
(usually family and friends), not
registering these transfers, and then
finally registering when a third party
appeared with a lot more dinero.

It worked like this: Mr Leslie would
sign a conveyance to a friend or his son
for $X,000 and then the conveyance
would be remarketed to a third party
for $XX,000 or $XXX,000. I have no
fear of repeating this accusation
publicly because I published exact
details of several of these phony
transfers several years ago in The
Reporter and Mr. Leslie merely
Independent candidates in the next
election should make a point of
stating their willingness to declare all of
their personal assets and, a general
and non-public description of the
wealth of all members of their family.
Of course all PUP and UDP candidates
should be urged to do the same, but
such a declaration from them is
about as likely as snow at Christmas in
Teeth, Teeth and Teeth is what the
Integrity commission needs and teeth is
what all parties should pledge
before the next election.

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Caye. Measuring approx. 50'of beach frontage x 95' depth. $65,000.00 US.
San Pedro Lagoon (G35) Large water front parcel on San Pedro Lagoon. One
acre only $70,000.00 US.
Downtown Commercial Property (R47) Best commercial location on the market
right now. Corner property on 'Front Street' in down town San Pedro. The prop-
erty presently contains three businesses and two private residences, but has the
perfect location for ocean view hotel, office building or condos. Seller may accept
Belize Dollars. Price $994,500.00 US.
Belizean Shores Located 3.5 miles north of San Pedro Town Center beautiful
resort great investment! All units fully furnished. (R45) Unit 5B. $220,000.00 US.
Caribe Island Resort located approx 4 miles south of town. (M56) 1" floor 1
bed/I bath, ocean front junior suite. $185,000.00 US.
Upscale & Secluded Villa (A23) Custom, unique architecture, beachfront villa, 5
bedroom, 5% bath, three storey solid concrete building, tastefully furnished.
Nothing compares in class, style or quality. Call for further details. $1,669,000.00
US. Cash.
Back Street Home (R35) 2 story, wooden home. Lower level-2bdrms, 1 bath,
open living, kitchen & dining area. Upper level-3brms, 2 baths & 2 kitchens.
Residential and Rental property in San Juan! (A21) 50' x 75' lot, two story
concrete house with (7) rental rooms and two bedrooms/one bath owners apart-
ment.. Very fairly priced at only $350,000.00 BZ or $175,000.00 US.

I Topical Ti*dbi*t8.i I

Tuesday, December 5, 2006 The INdependent Reformer Page 7

Black SGH-DS20
* 1.3 megapixel camera
* MP3 player, ringtones
* microSD card expansion
'bluetooth headset stereo
* Quad-band GSM
* USB 2.0 connectivity
* S-video TV output
'73MB onboard memory
* 2.2-inch QVGA high resolution


' -I i _

..' '.. .7
c -
'- -,N"
** ***" V

* GSM 1900/850
* color LCD screen
S128 X 160 pixels
predictive text
clamshell design

A 1200
* TFT touchscreen,/ i im Ld 6
256K colors super slim design
* micro SD slot, stores 100 apple iTunes .
TransFlash card long battery life up to
* Intel PXA270 b 63. hours
processor bluetooth wireless
Handwriting and epandtechnology
speech recognition expand cablrd slotry
bluetooth with stereo video capture &
headset profile playback
S2mn 1600x200 nixels. video(CIF) giant color screen

KG8OO Black
13 megapixel camera
with LD flash
tri-band GSM & GPRS
'128 MB internal memory
USB 1.2 Mass Storage
MP3 player
fashionable design
high-quality finish
touchpad navigation
*fast system response

S2 megapixel KI KRZR
digital camera
Quad-band GSM & GPRS
" 20 MB internal memory
"microSD(Transflash -
card expansion
SPolyphonic MP3
bluetooth technology
Built-in handsfree
SVZ navigator
Enhance music
player I


* 13 megapixel camera
with LD flash
* tri-band GSM & GPRS
*128 MB internal memory
* USB 1.2 Mass Storage
* MP3 player
* fashionable design
* high-quality finish
'touchpad navigation
*fast system response

177 Silver
65k-color display
I* MP3 player, ringtones
Quick access external LCD
S32 polyphonic ringtones
S multimedia messaging
* voice command & memo
| WAP 2.0 internet browser
S internal & external
display screens

Tel: 227-3596 or 227-0088

#33 cor. Albernust & Bishop St Belize Cityor
#33 cor. Albert & Bishop Sts, Belize City.

5rv .1
- 3- d i 7az, a, ,27-

Tuesday, December 5, 2006 The INdependent Reformer Page 8

Why Be lizeans should pay attention

Regional & International News

Air Jamaica lost US$120 million

Air Jamaica recorded a loss
of just under US$120 million
(approximately J$7.8 billion)
during 2005, the airline's
financial statements for
the calendar year have
According to the statements,
which were tabled by the
minister of finance and

planning, Dr Omar Davies, in the
House of Representatives
yesterday, the airline lost
US$119.9 million in 2005,
compared to US$99 million in
2004 and, as of December 31,
last year its current liabilities
exceeded its current assets by
US$92.1 million.
The increased loss was

New warrant for ex-Mexico leader
A judge in Mexico has no confirmation whether the
warrant would be used
issued a warrant for the warrant would be used
arrest of former President immediately.

LUlS Echneverria on genocide
A judge ordered the arrest of
Mr Echeverria, 84, over the
killing of up to 300 students in
Mexico City in 1968.
The latest ruling in a long-
running affair came just
four months after a court
dismissed the charges, saying
the killings happened too long
Mr Echeverria was interior
minister when troops opened
fire on protesters days before
the Olympic Games opened.
In July, a judge ruled that the
events of 2 October 1968 fell
outside Mexico's 30-year statue
of limitations, ruling out a trial.
But prosecutors successfully
argue that Mr Echeverria had
effective immunity until he left
office on 1 December 1976,
and the statue should be
considered from that date.
Because of his age, Mr
Echeverria would be likely to
face house arrest, but there was

He was originally placed
under house arrest in June, but
released after the July ruling.
Juan Velazquez, a lawyer for
Mr Echeverria, said he would
appeal against the latest
Mr Echeverria was interior
minister in 1968 at the time of
the killings in Tlatelolco Square
in Mexico City.
Human rights activists say
up to 300 people were killed
in the shootings, although
officials said the death toll was
just 30.
Mr Echeverria denies
allegations that he posted
snipers on scores of buildings
and gave orders to shoot anti-
government protesters, and
disputes that the deaths on
2 October 1968 constitute
Mr Echeverria was president
from 1970 to 1976 during
which hundreds of people died
or disappeared during the "Dirty
War" on leftists.

primarily due to a huge
reduction of approximately
US$80 million in its operating
revenues, mainly in terms of
passengers and to a much
lesser extent in terms of
The airline's accountants
suggested, in the report, that
its continuation as a going
concern will depend on
continued support from the
Government, as well as
obtaining necessary funding and
future profitability.
However, the losses could
have been a lot more, as the
figures showed dramatic cuts in

Kitts and Nevis Minister of
Public Works and Public Utilities,
Dr Earl Asim Martin, says
the twin-island Federation
will begin benefiting from
the PetroCaribe Energy
Cooperation Agreement it
signed with Venezuela, when the
first shipment of asphalt arrives
in December.
Martin, who has responsibil-
ity for energy, said he has signed
a one-year fuel supply
agreement with PDV Caribe, a
subsidiary of Petr61leos de
Venezuela, SA (PDVSA).
Under the agreement, the
Venezuelan state oil company
will supply 21,000 barrels per
month of by-products, such as
jet Al, diesel, fuel oil and
PDVSA's Refining Vice-
President and the President of
PDV Caribe, Alejandro Granado,
announced that the fuel
supply will start on January 1,
2007. The total figure includes
1,700 barrels of asphalt per
year, the first cargo of 400
barrels arriving at the islands on
December, together with the
shipments that are going to
"St Kitts and Nevis joins the
group of Caribbean countries that
are making true the initiative for
integrating and uniting people
under PetroCaribe's Energy

operating expenses, including
flying operations, maintenance,
passenger service, aircraft and
traffic servicing and promotion
and sales. Foreign exchange
earnings also fell by almost 50
per cent.
The airline suffered a loss
before government grants of
US$138.9 million, but gained
government grants of US$21
The airline's chartered
accountants Mair Russell
Grant Thornton drew
attention to the fact that
"the company continued to
sustain losses".

Cooperation Agreement,
operated by PDV Caribe," stated
Martin commenting on the
social impact of the supply
agreement said it will allow
"major savings in resources that
will be used to drive projects
that will improve the standard
of living of the people of these
The supply agreement is
governed by the conditions set
forth in the Energy Cooperation
Agreement with PetroCaribe,
signed on June 29, 2005, and
ratified by the bilateral
agreements signed in Montego
Bay, Jamaica, on September 6,
this year.
PetroCaribe is an energy
cooperation initiative proposed by
the Bolivarian Government of
Venezuela, with the purpose of
solving the differences in access
to energy resources, in an
equitable and fair manner among
the countries of the Caribbean.
PDVSA estimates it will
achieve a 5.847 million barrels-
per-day production capacity by
the year 2012.
On January 1, 2007
Venezuela takes control of 32
oil fields, putting an end to
disguised concessions granted
during the oil opening, and
advancing towards full national
sovereignty over natural energy

St Kitts-Nevis to get first shipment of

asphalt under Venezuela oil agreement

We Belizeans Against the

Dam (WeBAD)

applauds the start of the

INdependent Voice of Belize

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us at:
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Tuesday, December 5, 2006 The INdependent Reformer Page 9

Karla Heusner Vernon
"Whop! Buff! Bam" again and
again he punched her, pushed her
down, dragged her by her hair. "You
stupid, sorry creature, what makes
you think you have any say in this
house? I am the man, do you hear me?
No one dares to challenge me! If you
don't like the way I run things, then
go live somewhere else!"
The children cowered under the
covers, they could hear the beating.
Again. It's almost every week now,
the abuse, the ridicule, the arrogant
They tried calling for help once. From
uncle. But he did even worse, hold-
ing Mama down and doing something
nasty to her. Then he invited his
friends in to take turns at her.
The children cried for days after that
one. Mama didn't say or do anything.
Except try to cover her bruised face
with makeup. Then, inexplicably, she
went with Papa to a party and they
both came home kissing and hugging
and smelling of rum. They locked
themselves in the bedroom and soon
everyone could hear the bed creak-
Brother got angry and smacked
little sister when she tripped over his
foot. "You stupid girl, watch out where
you're stepping."
"Leave her alone fool!" said middle
brother. But he got cuffed too for his
trouble. So he turned on Sister. "It's
all your fault, why do you have to fall
on people all the time." She started
to bawl. "Leave me alone, leave me
alone, you're just as mean as Daddy.
I wish someone would come and
make all of you go away!"
Many of us have been wondering
lately why it is no one in Belize ever
seems to get mad at the people
responsible for the mess we are in.
Instead of going after the top brass
who embezzle our money, we rail up
at the incompetence of the public of-
ficers who filled out the forms.
Instead of having high society
murderers arrested, we print
sexypictures of the Director of
Public Prosecutions and call for his
When the children fail the PSE
worse that can be reasonably
expected from a nation of bright chil-
dren, we blame the teachers rather
than the examination being given or
the people who continue to impose it.
Rather than stop the GST from being
imposed, we hurl obscenities at
merchants who charge it.
We practically screech at gas sta-
tion attendants when our $20 doesn't
even get us a quarter of a tank
anymore, instead of pro-
testing the 43% tax being charged on
fuel. When we have to buy yet an-
other tire for our car, fix our cvjoints
because the roads are so bad, we
curse the rain for making the
potholes worse, instead of Central
Government which has diverted
money away from necessary things
like road maintenance.
When people die at the hospital due
to lack of personnel or supplies, we

condemn the medical professionals gal age. That somehow people
instead of the administrators and don't understand what the saying
ministry. "when good people do nothing, evil
I could go on, but you get the idea. flourishes." Or if they do, they think it
Like little children who cannot stop only applies to good people in other
their grown up father from using their lands.
mother as a punching bag, we hide Oh, we will show them at elections,
under the covers, cover our eyes and you say. I hate to be the one to point
close our eyes tightly, as if doing so this out, but didn't we say that the last
will make it all stop and cause him to time? And what happened? We don't
magically vanish, even know. All we do know is we
I used to be furious with all the were flabbergasted at the results.
Belizeans who would not stand up to There is no guarantee it will
Daddy and do something to save not happen again. That the very
Mama Belize. But then I realized that people beaten down the hardest will
maybe they think they are not old not dress up and go to the dance with
enough, or big enough to doit. Some- Daddy and come home tipsy and
how they have not noticed they are lovey-dovey again.
no longer immature and small, And then what will we grown chil-
that the country itself is well past le- dren do? Continue to turn on each
PV- -q

other because we feel helpless? We
cannot wait for elections to try and
remove the threat to the thing we love
most. Elections can be bought,
and people can cheat. Worst of all,
the people we rely on most, our fel-
low Belizeans, can let us down and
vote for the wrong people. Either be-
cause they are greedy, are stu-
pid, or just so used to hiding in the
bedroom they are afraid to come out
into the living room and face a house
in which Daddy is no longer in con-
Don't think we can call Uncle. That
only brings more trouble.
It is up to us now, the children of
Are we man and woman enough to
drive Daddy out and take care of
Mama? If we aren't, they maybe WE
are the ones who should go live
somewhere else.


4 Ir


op 7
- ~. -

Tuesday, December 5, 2006 The INdependent Reformer Page 10

OAS Takes Off The Gloves In The Fight Against Corruption

"Democracy is not a luxury or an
issue of ideology; it's a fundamental
precondition for social and economic
development," Huguette Labelle, Chair
of Transparency International, said
today at the Organization of American
States (OAS), as she headlined the
seventeenth conference in the Lecture
Series of the Americas.
Speaking to diplomats, students,
academics and civil society
representatives on "Beyond Words and
Paper: Why the Americas Must Act
Against Corruption," Labelle
highlighted the interrelation that exists
between poverty in the Americas and
"Corruption does not make a
country poorer just by
undermining its economy. It makes
the poor poorer," she explained,
"because part of their meager
earnings, their nonexistent disposable

You should not attempt these
things during an actual exam!
The following is meant for
entertainment purposes only.
1. Bring a pillow. Fall asleep (or
pretend to) until the last 15
minutes. Wake up, say "oh geez,
better get cracking" and do
some gibberish work. Turn it in a
few minutes early.
2. Get a copy of the exam, run
out screaming "Andre, Andre,
I've got the secret
3. Walk in, get the exam, sit
down. About five minutes into it,
loudly say to the instructor, "I
don't understand any of this.
I've been to every class all
semester long! What's the
deal? And who are you?
Where's the regular teacher?"
4. On the answer sheet (book,
whatever) find a new,
interesting way to refuse to
answer every question. For
example: I refuse to answer this
question on the grounds that
it conflicts with my religious
beliefs. Be creative.
5. Run into the exam room
looking about frantically. Breathe
a sigh of relief. Go to the
instructor, say "They've found
me, I have to leave the
country" and run off.
6. Do the entire exam in
another language. If you don't
know one, make one up! For
math/science exams, try using
Roman numerals.

income must pay for basic services
which otherwise should be free."
The keynote speaker under-
scored the need for international
organizations, civil society and citizens
to work together to demand
accountability and transparency in the
region. She warned that influence is
exercised through a number of
methods, noting that "campaign
financing, trafficking in influence,
control of information and at times
extortion are all tools of the abuse of
power for private gain." She added
that "as a result, public policies are
seriously distorted and resources
The head of Transparency
International acknowledged that many
countries have established formal
democratic systems after a number of
free elections have produced a new
generation of leaders, "many of

7. Bring things to throw at the
instructor when s/he's not
looking. Blame it on the
person nearest to you.
8. Turn in the exam about 30
minutes into it. As you walk out,
start commenting on how easy it
9. Comment on how sexy the
instructor is looking that day.
10. Bring one pencil with a very
sharp point. Break the point off
your paper. Sharpen the pencil.
Repeat this process for one hour.
Joke: A professor was giving a
big test one day to his students.
He handed out all of the tests and
went back to his desk to wait.
Once the test was over, the
students all handed the tests back
in. The professor noticed that
one of the students had attached
a $100 bill to his test with a note
saying "A dollar per point." The
next class the professor handed
the tests back out. This student
got back his test and $56 change.

or want to share
your thoughts
call us at
Tel#: 225-3520

or Email us at:
Independent newspaper. bh'amal. cwm

them elected on anti-corruption
platforms." However, she cautioned that
"no country has a total monopoly on
Labelle lauded the OAS for steps
it has taken, including the adoption of the
Inter-American Convention Against
Corruption, and she called on the states
parties to implement all of the treaty's
requirements. "It is time for this
generation of Latin American leaders to
publicly account for progress in fulfill-
ing these obligations," she said. "By
doing so, they will reassure citizens
across the hemisphere that they are
moving beyond words and paper and are
acting against corruption."
Welcoming Hugette Labelle on
behalf of OAS Secretary General Jose
Miguel Insulza, the Assistant Secretary
for Administration and Finance, Frank
Almaguer, recalled that 2006 was
declared the Inter-American Year of the
Fight against Corruption. "The OAS is
the premier regional forum for
multilateral dialogue and is dedicated
to promoting peace and prosperity in
the Western Hemisphere," he said. He
underscored the importance that the
Secretary General has placed in the fight
against corruption. "Fighting

corruption strengthens democratic
institutions and prevents distortions
in the economy, improprieties in
public administration and damage to
a society's moral fiber," he said,
citing the 1996 anti-corruption treaty.
Transparency International is
a civil society organization dedicated to
the fight against corruption around the
world. Huguette Labelle, a citizen of
Canada, was elected to chair the
organization in November 2005. She is
currently Chancellor of the University
of Ottawa and Vice President of the
Council for the International Union for
the Conservation of Nature.
Created by the OAS
Permanent Council to promote
democratic principles and values in the
countries of the hemisphere, the
Lecture Series of the Americas invites
recognized speakers to address key
hemispheric issues, such as the
strengthening of democracy, human
rights, social development, hemispheric
security and the fight against poverty.
The conferences are being held thanks
to financial contribution from Peru's
San Martin de Porres University, as well
as s support from the governments of
Greece and Oatar

Fl rpcAir-Fy rpcAir-FyrpcAi

I "The ~~AirieO eie

Totally for Teens

"How NOT to take Exams"

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Tuesday, December 5, 2006 The INdependent Reformer Page 11


By: Meb Cutlack
I have had a 'love affair'
with Belize for the past 27
years. Like all love affairs, my
'affair' with Belize has had
its ups and downs. In my
experience as the editor of
the Tuesday Beacon, then
the Belize Review, and as
a columnist for The Reporter
newspaper, I made a
great number of political
judgements which I admit,
for the most part, in the
end, turned out to be
I backed the UDP against
the PUP in the early 80's,
supporting the idea of free
enterprise and an expanding
eco-tourism industry. My
disappointment with the
UDP because of its sloppy
leadership led me to back the
PUP in the hope that a new
and young leadership would
emerge. It did not happen
and the old guard PUP
stalwarts laid down a new
high water mark in graft and
I took my support back to
the UDP in 1993 (not a great
present for them I admit) but
I became totally disillusioned
with the party when, with the
Toledo timber deal cooked up
by Dito Juan and other
happenings, it became
obvious that corruption was
on the rise within the UDP.
I ask now who amongst us
(except diehard UDP's) did not
envisage the young, reform
minded government the PUP
presented in 1998 as an
answer to all our prayers? Of
course we were wrong and it
did not take long for it to sink
in that once more all our
hopes were dashed. Said
Musa's PUP, for all its
promised reforms and
transparency, turned out to
be more authoritarian and

is appointed and not elected.
It is also very obvious today
that neither of the two main
political parties, not the PUP
nor the UDP, want an elected
senate. They both want the
status quo to continue and
their right to rule Belize as
an oligarchy to remain
unfettered by an elected
second parliamentary
chamber an active indepen-
dent Senate.
By the same crooked
token neither party has
shown any inclination at all
to stop government ministers
and their cronies treating all
the lands of Belize as their
own private Christmas grab
bag. They may preach land
reform but neither party has
spoken of any intention of
relinquishing their ill gotten
practices of handing out land
like poker chips to themselves,

their friends and their
Land reform is on top of The
Independent's list of priorities
and such reform must take
land distribution away from
the Cabinet and Belmopan
and hand it to the regions.
Why should a greedy and/
or corrupt minister in
Belmopan decide who gets a
huge land grant, or even tiny
slice of land, in Toledo,
Corozal or elsewhere? The
power of land distribution
should be handed to regional
land committees made up
of representative of all
political parties, a business
representative and a local
church representative.
The only agenda of 'The
Independent' is reform,
removing total power from
the oligarchies which have
ruled since independence

even more corrupt than
any government that
had preceded it since
I suppose this was all clear
from the start, the signs were
there, but like so many of you,
I just did not see it until the
Musa/Fonseca combo made it
clear their executive power
was absolute and that
so called 'democratic'
government in Belize was no
more than a sick joke. At this
point. It is obvious to me that
no Belizean government could
be anything but a 'pretend'
democracy as long as the
second chamber, the senate,

and returning power to the
people of Belize.
Our newspaper, as its name
suggests, is free of all
political party or financial
group support. In fact, we are
financed by donors who
stipulate we not be party
We congratulate all
members of the Belizean press
corps who have managed to
stay the course and not allow
their newspapers, radio or
television stations to be
hijacked by partisan interests
and refused all bribes from
campaign financiers. We are
honored to join you.
Most of all, we are
thankful that the eyes of
Belizeans are now opened
and people are prepared to
embrace reform, despite
any and all errors in their
own political judgments, or
willingness to believe that
changing governments would
change Belize.

Tek 5M-02240,~, Far W223-3478
FmaiIk a$i~antlfi12*t2hanik nm


Tuesday, December 5, 2006 The INdependent Reformer Page 12

Is Cruise Tourism Our Future?
Reproduced with permission from
Business News America By Michael

Belize's Department of the
Environment (DOE) could give approval
to two terminal construction projects at
the Port of Belize worth someUS$45mn
by around January, Belize chief
environmental officer Martin Alegria told
The department has currently
formed a committee to review the
environmental impact assessments
(ElAs) for the two separate projects.
The first is a multipurpose
construction project at the port's
Belize Cruise Terminal and Free Zone,
to be carried out by Belize Cruise
Terminal, a joint venture formed in July
2005 between local port operator
Belize Port Ltd and the Miami and
London-based Carnival Corporation
Belize Port Ltd has controlled 100%
of operations at the Cruise Terminal and
Free Zone since purchasing from the
government a US$40mn, 30-year lease
in 2002.
The project is slated to take 24
months to carry out, costing some
US$25mn, Alegria said, and includes
the construction of two cruiseterminals
to accommodate as may as 3,000
tourists a day from ships arriving at the
It would also encompass a 338-
acre Free Zone for commercial
merchandizing businesses and light
manufacture and assembly, according to

an EIA on the project from local
consultant Tunich-Nah.
The Free Zone includes 160
one-acre industrial lots and 209
quarter-acre commercial lots, as well as
a 10.25 acre plot for a hotel, according
to the Belize Ports Free Zone website.
Works at the port also include
expansions to the Low Berth docking
facilities for sea-bound domestic freight,
the EIA states.
Meanwhile, Miami's Royal
Caribbean Cruise (NYSE: RCL) is
planning a separate US$20mn proj ect
with local developer Stake Bank
Enterprises to construct two more off-
shore terminals, also with a capacity for
some 3,000 cruise ship passengers a

Combining capacity at existing terminals
with the proposed new ones, the port's
total cruise passenger capacity will
reach 8,000 people per day, said
The ElAs for both projects have been
sent to the DOE and are currently
being reviewed by an appraisal
The Stake Bank/Royal Caribbean
ElAwas submitted inAugust and could
be approved sometime around
December 2006, while the Belize Port
Ltd/Carnival EIA was submitted in
October and would be approved no
earlier than January 2007, Alegria

Environmental issues have become
particularly important for both of the
port projects.
While Tunich-Nah's EIA states that
the Belize Port Ltd/Carnival project will
have only "minor impacts" on the local
community relative to its social benefits,
advocates such as the Audubon
Society have debated this claim.
Audubon advocacy manager Tanya
Williams-Thompson indicated to
BNamericas that both the Belize Port
Ltd and Stake Bank projects have
engaged in unsanctioned activities at the
In the case of the Belize Port Ltd/
Carnival Cruise Terminal and Free Zone,
"land reclamation activities have
continued unabated" in spite of a stop
order from the DOE, according to a
statement from Audubon.
In addition, dredging and land
reclamation have been conducted on
Stake Bank without the necessary
permit from the DOE's Geology and
Petroleum Department and mangrove
clearance was also conducted there
without a permit from its Forestry
Department, the statement added.
Dredging has been conducted at the

Acidic soils cost Belizean farmers
millions of dollars in reduced crop
yields. Scientific studies show that acidic
soils (pH < 6) reduces the availability of
important nutrients, creates toxic levels of
aluminum, iron, and manganese, and
damages root systems.

Recommended by

Correct your acidic soil conditions
with Punta Gorda Dolomite and
increase your yields! Punta Gorda
Dolomite quickly reduces soil acidity and
provides calcium and magnesium-vital
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Belize Port Ltd project for the last four
years, while Royal Caribbean began
dredging at its Stake Bank cruise
terminal in December 2005, Williams-
Thompson asserted.
Members of the local Port Loyola
community believe that this has caused
lower fish yields and possibly a higher
riskthat flooding will occur, she added.
The DOE has previously found that
Carnival and Belize Port Ltd were
engaging in illegal land reclamation and
brought them to court for such
activities. Prime Minister Said Musa
intervened before the trial and issued a
pardon to the companies in exchange
for their consent to carry out an EIA
before engaging in further activities,
Alegria said.
The DOE also found that Royal
Caribbean and Stake Bank were
engaging in dredging activities in March
2006 and offered them a pardon if they
agreed to carry out the EIA.
Both companies complied and have
carried out the EIA, added Alegria.
"Since the [Audubon] release [early
November], both [companies] have
submitted EIAs. Within those projects
they require further works in terms of
dredging and land reclamation, so the
[government] agencies could look at
charging them fines before they obtain
the permits for such activities," Williams-
Thompson said.
"The companies are a little more
compliant now but the separate
agencies like the Geology and
Petroleum, and the Fishing Department
might want to discuss penalties for these
companies' violations in the past.
However, that's up to the separate
agencies," Alegria added.

"The Port of Belize initiative is still
being evaluated from a number of
factors and a decision on whether the
proj ect will continue or the extent of our
involvement has not been determined at
this time," Carnival public relations
director Joyce Oliva told BN
"The project will offer great
opportunities to my fellowBelizeans in
areas of construction, operation and
services, and will broaden the
opportunities of those involved in retail
and tour operations, as well as
investment opportunities in the adjacent
Free Zone development," Belize Port
Ltd and Belize Cruise Terminal
chair Luke Espat was quoted as saying
byTheBelizeTimesWeekly in 2005.
Construction for the Cruise Terminal
and Free Zone project will employ at
least 2,000-3,000 people and will
retain some 500 transient and 250
administrative workers upon its
completion, said Alegria.


Who se money no grow pan tree?

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4 C 4


Tuesday, December 5, 2006 The INdependent Reformer Page 14

A Bit Of Ancient History Lesson
The question was asked
recently, "Is the cruise ship
industry a boon for Belize or
a Trojan horse?"
Well in case you did not see
the recent movie "Troy" here's
a little recap of what
happened circa 1200 BC.
The Greek siege of Troy had
lasted for ten years.
The Greeks devised a new
ruse: a giant hollow wooden
horse. It was built by Epeius
and filled with Greek warriors Tenedos. Meanwhile, a Greek
led by Odysseus. The rest of spy, Sinon, convinced the
the Greek Army appeared to Trojans the horse was a gift
leave, but actually hid behind despite the warnings of
From The Association of Realtors

Press Release
November 29, 2006
The Association of Realtors and
Developers of Belize announces that on
Thursday, December 7th, 2006
Minister of Natural Resources the
Honorable John Bricefio will address
the Association's membership on
Government's initiatives to improve
order and efficiency in the sale of land
The Minister's remarks will come at
12:30 p.m at the Sibun Bite Bar and
Grill, Old Belize, following the
Association's regular monthly meeting
at 11:30 at the same venue.
The Association of Realtors and
Developers of Belize, formed
September 5th now legally incorporated

is a grouping of over thirty five (35)
Belizean real estate and land
development companies and
individuals whose purpose is to raise the
professional standards and make the
business of the real estate sales more
transparent and convenient for
purchasers and sellers alike.
The December 7th meeting is open
to all members and features a
luncheon, at a cost ofBZ$55.00 plus a
cash bar. Prospective members are
invited to attend but their membership
must be financial prior to the
For further information contact the
Administrator, Ms. Linda Mufioz at
telephone 223-6766 or e-mail

Laocoon and Cassandra;
Helen and Deiphobus even
Investigated the horse; in the
end, the Trojans accepted the
In ancient times it was
customary for a defeated
general to surrender his horse
to the victorious general in a
sign of respect. It should be
noted here that the horse was
the sacred animal of Poseidon;
during the contest with
Athena over the patronship of
Athens, Poseidon gave men

the horse, and Athena gave
the olive tree.
The Trojans hugely
celebrated the end of the
siege, so that, when the
Greeks emerged from the
horse, the city was in a
drunken stupor. The Greek
warriors opened the city gates
to allow the rest of the army
to enter, and the city was
pillaged ruthlessly, all the
men were killed, and all the
women and children were
taken into slavery.

Phone 223-1691 or 602-8954 -

We tatef: www.e reabfart caotemi a
af/e, -maielt re'icntia area a nfckt aiay
from t;/ie Featustftfusf ^ariFFeain '3 ea..


6043 MNanantee Drive, Buttonwood Bay
Belize City, Belize C.A.
Phone/Fax: 223-1691 or 602-8954
Web: www.villaboscardi.com
E-mail: boscardi@btl.net

a Sport Utility


hLU ',

=MOTORS---lip. -*---

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Your weekly oC al Tpg

(Mar. 21- April 20)
Don't get upset. There is not much you can
do to alleviate the problem, but consider
putting some extra work into your house.
Cultural activities will prove to be quite
enlightening for everyone. You are best to work
behind the scenes on projects that require
detail or precision.
Your lucky dah this % Mcck \\ ill be Wednesday.
(Apr. 21- may 21)
Your ability to be practical inbusiness will help.
You should be on the road. Someone you work
with may be trying to make you look bad. Invite
friends or relatives into your home.
Your lucky day this week will be Friday.
May 22-June 21)
Get rich quick schemes will not be
successful. You can help sort out problems
that friends are facing. Include friends and
family members in your redecorating plans.
You can make money ifyou work on personal
Your lucky day this week will be Saturday.
.(June 22-July 22)
Opportunities to show your worth will
enhance your reputation and bring possible
advancement. You should get out and enjoy
social events where you are likely to meet
new potential mates; however, don't over
spend. Rethink your motives and make the
necessary changes to yourself. Resistance
leading to conflict will only make it twice as
hard to turn the situation around.
Your lucky day this week will be Monday.
.(July 23-Aug 22)
Family outings should include visiting
friends or relatives. You are best to do
something energetic with friends instead.
This is a great day to beautify your living
quarters or to entertain at home. Don't let
any money slip through your fingers this
w e e k
Your lucky day this week will be Tuesday.
(Aug. 23 -Sept. 23)
This is a great day to start that new health
regimen you've been talking about. You will
expand your circle of friends if you join
groups. Things are looking up. You have
two choices; Get out on your own, or bend
to your mate's whims.
Your lucky day this week will be Friday.

.(Sept. 24 -Oct. 23)
Throw yourself into your profession. Keep a
lookout for any individuals eager to confront
you with unsavory situations. New hair, new
outfit, new you. Do not borrow or lend money
orbelongings to friends or relatives if you wish
to avoid any hassles.
Your lucky day this week will be Saturday.
.(Oct. 24 -Nov. 22)
Don'tbend to the pressure. Your versatile mind
and common sense will allow you to come up
withvarious solutions. Don't hesitate to voice
your opinions when it comes to matters
pertaining to work. Travel will be favorable.
Resist overspending on luxury items.
Your lucky day this week will be Thursday.
.(Nov.23 -Dec. 21)
Set your goals and stick to your guns. Your
boss may be onthe rampage and you certainly
don't want to be the one to take the brunt of a
bad situation. Plan a trip to the country or take
a drive to the beach. Uncertainty regarding
your direction is likely.
Your lucky day this week will be Monday.
.(Dec 22.- Jan. 20)
Your home may be in an uproar and you are
best to stay out of the line of fire if at all
possible. Think twice before eating spicy
foods; you may have problems with your
stomach. Keep your ears open, especially to
those who care about you. You need to get
out and challenge yourself.
Your lucky day this week will be Friday.
.(Jan. 21 -Feb. 19)
Try to include the one you love in your plans
this week. Those you live with may be
experiencing problems. Your determination and
sheer desire to do your own thing will be
successful. A female colleague may cause
problems for you.
Your lucky day this week will be Sunday.
(Feb. 20-Mar. 20)
You may be sensitive concerning friends and
their situations. Someone you care about may
notbe too pleased with you. You mustn't make
promises that you won't be able to keep.
Accomplishment is yours if you direct yourself
Your lucky day this week will be Friday.

Francesca Sharp, lead dancer in Belizean Nutcracker
with Director of the Vista Dance Studio, Sistie
Fairweather Harmes on opening night, November 24,
2006 at the Bliss Centre for the PerformingArts

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