Title: News from ... the Panama Canal
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Title: News from ... the Panama Canal
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Message from the Administrator

On this occasion, I want to express my
sincere appreciation to all of the customers,
governments and organizations that
honored us with their participation in the
consultation and public hearing process for
the "Proposal to Change the Structure of the
Prices of the Panama Canal". The valuable
comments, opinions and arguments
presented by the participants provided the
Panama Canal Authority (ACP) with the
opportunity to listen to the individual
concerns of many of the stakeholders of the
waterway. This hearing also reaffirmed that
the Canal maintains an open and orderly
process for reviewing critical issues that
may have an impact on Canal customers.
Following a thorough evaluation of all the
information received, it was decided that the
tolls increment be implemented in two
successive periods. This will allow the Canal
and its users to more effectively plan for
these changes. Although this action will
result in a significant reduction in forecasted
Canal revenues, it demonstrates that the
ACP is responsive to the concerns raised by
the industry.
The new pricing structure signals a shift
toward a market segmentation approach by
vessel type that will allow the ACP to deliver
customized services tailored to meet the
individual needs of each of the market
segments we serve. Additionally, it meets
the criteria we have established of being
clearly published, simple to understand and
easily implemented.
In closing, I wish to reiterate that the
Panama Canal Authority remains fully
committed to modernizing the waterway,
while ensuring the safe and efficient transit
of all vessels. We are constantly exploring
ways to provide new and improved services
to Canal customers and implement new
technology in every aspect of Canal
activities. The inauguration of our new
simulator center in August, the arrival of
new highly advanced tugs and the use of our
Communications Tracking and Navigation
(CTAN) system are only a few of the many
areas benefiting from new state-of-the-art
As always, I encourage you to share with us
any ideas you have that may improve our
existing services or provide new value added
services. By working together we can better
serve you.

On August 15, 2002, the ACP inaugurated a modern
Simulator Center that will be used for providing its maritime
personnel with the highest standards of training in an effort
to maximize Canal safety. The center includes the latest
technological advances in maritime training and is valued at
$1.8 million. Its equipment includes a 360-degree visual
simulator, a 150-degree simulator and a third auxiliary
tugboat simulator that replicate real life situations.

IMO Praises ACP Work
On occasion of the 88th anniversary of the Panama Canal,
Mr. William O'Neil, Secretary General of the International
Maritime Organization (IMO) congratulated the Canal
administration for its "professional conduct, its long-term
vision regarding its modernization and technological
developments and efficient service to the international
Mr. O'Neil acknowledged the ACP efforts in enforcing the
international regulations adopted by IMO on safety of
navigation and prevention of marine pollution, and
encouraged the ACP to continue with its commitment in
achieving the smooth, safe, and economic international
trade through the waterway.
As Chairman of the Panama Canal Advisory Board, Mr.
O'Neil has provided expert guidance to the ACP. The
Panama Canal Authority highly values Mr. 0' Neil's views
and his extensive maritime expertise.

* Tiered Tolls Approved
* New Simulator
* IMO Praises ACP
* Canal Traffic
* Modernization
* Columbia River Pilots
Visit Panama Canal
* ACP Co-Sponsors the
2002 Annual
IAME Meeting and
* New Pricing
* Upcoming Events
* Canal Advisory Board
To Meet In Florida
* Canal Manager


services to the
maritime industry
and in the
development for the
conservation of the
Canal watershed;
the global
transportation system
and driving force of
Panama's progress
and growth;
excellence, integrity,
and transparency,
committed to the full
development of our
work force.

Cargo Down Overall, Containers Up

Although several weeks remain before the close of the Canal's
fiscal year, preliminary indications are that cargo levels at the
waterway for fiscal year 2002 will register 187.4 million long tons,
a 3 percent decrease from the previous year. Industry analysts
and economists attribute the decline mainly to the slow global
economic recovery. Preliminary figures show that key
commodities at the Canal such as grains; petroleum and petroleum
products; coal and coke; lumber and products; and chemicals are
reflecting declines. Containerized cargo, on the other hand, has
continued to surge and it is anticipated that this will be the number
one commodity group moving through the waterway for this fiscal
year. Other commodity groups recording positive performances
include ores and metals; manufactures of iron and steel;
phosphates and fertilizers; and refrigerated products. For the
most part of fiscal year 2002, manufactures of iron and steel, and
ores and metals showed steady growth rates. Refrigerated foods
showed a positive trend, signaling a possible emerging recovery
for this segment.
The adjoining graph illustrates comparative commodity flows for
fiscal years 2001 and 2002.

Modernization Program

With the recent arrival of modern and technologically advanced
tugboat "Herrera", the Canal's tugboat fleet increased to 23. The
goal of the modernization program is to have a total of 24 tugboat
units operating by the end of this year. The new units will fulfill the
additional requirements for tugboat services that have arisen as a
result of the increased number of Panamax vessels transiting the
waterway. Tugboats assist vessels during their Canal transits,
especially at the locks' entrance and exit, and during their journey
through Gaillard Cut, where great maneuverability and power is


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* FV 2002
SY' 2001

1 T. "J. UUU lJ IJUL
Th1o.Aand Long 1o0n.

Positive Performance Expected
for Panamax Transits

Preliminary traffic projections for fiscal year 2002 indicate that
the Canal will record about 11,917 oceangoing transits, a 2.3
percent decline from the 12,198 transits recorded during the
prior fiscal year. Even though world economic conditions
continue to affect Canal trade, a positive growth pattern for
Panamax vessels, those of 100-foot beam and over, can be
observed. The adjoining graph illustrates a four-year historical
trend of Panamax transits through the waterway.
For the twelve-month period of fiscal year 2002, transits of
these vessels, the largest that Canal locks may accommodate,
are estimated at 4,560, a 3.0 percent rise over the fiscal year
2001 total. Further, vessel transits in this category are
expected to represent 38.3 per cent of oceangoing transits.

Panamax Transits 100' Beam & Over










FY 1999

FY 2000

FY 2001

FY 2002

"Preliminary estimates for fiscal year-end 2002

j.iI' 0 % uJ' I>. ,.juo

Columbia River Pilots Visit

Panama Canal

Following a recommendation made by the Volpe
Transportation Center of the U.S. Department of
Transportation, six top representatives of the Columbia River
Pilots Association visited the Panama Canal in July to get
acquainted with the Communications Tracking and Navigation
system (CTAN), used by Panama Canal pilots.
Mr. Steven D. Brown, the Columbia River Pilots President, said,
"It is evident to us that we could save much time and expenses
if we are able to implement a system such as the one used by
the Panama Canal pilots. The CTAN is a safety tool and a very
useful instrument to schedule the meeting situations of
transiting vessels."
The Panama Canal Authority continuously seeks ways to make
the waterway more efficient and safer with modern
navigational systems. During fiscal year 2001, accidents
reported corresponded only 0.13 percent of the overall transits
made, the lowest accident rate in the Canal's history.

ACP Co-Sponsors the

2002 Annual IAME Meeting

and Conference

The Panama Canal Authority is co-sponsoring the annual
conference and general meeting of the International
Association of Maritime Economists (IAME) to be held in
Panama City from November 12 through November 15, 2002.
This event will include the participation of internationally
recognized personalities representing more than 35 countries
all over the world, aiming to share information on the maritime
industry and its future development.
IAME Panama 2002 will feature top quality speakers exploring
a variety of topics including shipping markets and maritime
policies; port investment and public regulation; logistics; and
technology and intermodal networks. For further details about
registration, fees, hotel reservations, and the conference
logistics, please feel free to visit the website
w w w panca nal com / iame 2 0 0 2

On August 21, 2002, the Cabinet Council of the Republic of
Panama approved the implementation of a new pricing
structure for the Panama Canal. The new pricing structure is
the result of the consultation and public hearing process held
by the Panama Canal Authority in compliance with Agreement
No. 3 of Panama Canal Regulations. During this process, 70
interested parties, representing all Canal market segments,
submitted their comments on the ACP proposal for changes in
its pricing structure. Of these, 48 asked to participate in a
public hearing held in the Republic of Panama on July 19, 2002.
In response to the compelling economic concerns presented by
many of the participants in the process, the Board of Directors
of the Panama Canal Authority established, and the Cabinet
Council approved the following:
1. That a general tolls increase be implemented as a two-step
increase in successive periods. The tolls increase includes the
segmentation of the market by vessel type. The first period will
be effective on October 1, 2002 and the second period on July
2. That a new tariff for the use of towing locomotives be
established effective October 1, 2002, as a related service,
based on the number of locomotive wires required by the
vessels to transit through the locks, at the rate of $200.00 per
wire used.
The approved pricing structure differs from the original
proposal in that a phased tolls increase is provided to allow the
Canal and its users to plan accordingly for these changes.

OCTOBER 1, 2002
Tt First 10,000 Next 10.000 tons Remaining tons
Type of vessel Laden Ballast tons |PCUMS (PCIUMS) (PC/UMS)
Laden Ballast Laden Ballast Laden Ballast
General cargo $257 $204 $280 2 22 $2 78 2 21 2 2 75 $2 18
ReingeraLte cargo $2 57 $2.04 $2 80 $222 $2 78 2 21 $2 75 $2 18
Dry bulk $2 57 $2.04 $280 2 22 $2 78 $2 21 $275 $2 18
Tamners $257 $204 $280 $222 2 78 2 21 2 75 $2 18
Contaner sr..ps $257 5204 $2 8u 1222 52 78 2 21 $2 76 $218
vericle careers 2 57 $2.04 $280 2 22 12 78 $2 21 $2 75 $2 18
Passenger snips $257 $2.04 $280 1222 2 78 $221 $275 $2 18
Others $257 $204 2 80 5222 12 78 $2 21 $275 $218
Displacement $1 43idespiacemenl tor. s1.5l.-spiacemeni ion
Minimum oils will remain he sarm.e

JULY 1, 2003

First 10.000 Next 10,000 tons Remaining tons
Type of vessel Laden Ballast Laden Ballast Laden Ballast
General cargo 2 96 1235 $290 1230 1285 1226
Refrigerate cargo $2 96 1235 $290 1230 $285 $226
DryOulK $296 $235 $290 $230 $285 $226
Tankers $2 96 12 35 $2 90 12 30 $2 85 $2 26
Container snips 2 96 2 35 $290 1230 1285 $226
Venicle earners 2 96 1235 1290 1230 $285 1226
Passenger snips 2 96 52 35 $290 $2 30 2 85 $226
Others $2 96 12 35 $2 90 12 30 $2 85 $2 26
D.splacemenI $1.64displacemenl ron
SMinimum tolls ll rerr.ain the same

September 2002
From September 15-19, 2002, and as part of the market
segment study aimed at gathering in-depth information on the
dry bulk segment, the Corporate Planning and Marketing
Director and members of his staff will be visiting the South
Louisiana Port Authority, the largest tonnage terminal in the
Western Hemisphere which ranks third in the world. The
committee will also be visiting companies in the grain and other
dry bulk trade business. Some issues to be discussed are port-
dredging projections, the potential benefits of an expanded
Canal for the grain and dry bulk commerce, and projected
shipment sizes.
On September 19 and 20, 2002, Administrator Aleman Zubieta
will be attending to the VI Meeting of the Panama Canal
Authority Advisory Board to be held in Miami, Florida.
From September 22 through 26, 2002, Administrator Aleman
Zubieta and Corporate Planning and Marketing Director,
Rodolfo Sabonge, will participate in the American Association
of Port Authorities Annual Convention to be held in Palm Beach,

October 2002
From October 7 through October 15, 2002, representatives of
the Panama Canal Authority will be visiting the major importers
of containerized cargo in the United States to gather
information necessary for the development of the liner
container shipping industry study being conducted by The
Louis Berger Group.
On October 17, 2002, Mr. Rodolfo Sabonge, Corporate Planning
and Marketing Director, will be a speaker at the 11 International
Commerce Congress to be held in Sonora, Mexico. Mr.
Sabonge will be making a presentation on "The Panama Canal:
A Commercialization Strategy for South America"
On October 25, Administrator Aleman Zubieta will be a keynote
speaker at "Panama Week 2002", sponsored by the U.S.-
Panama Business Council. The event will take place at the
Ronald Reagan Building & International Trade Center, in
Washington, D.C.
On October 31, 2002, Mr. Sabonge will be a speaker at the Port
Symposium 2002, "Emerging Trends and Strategies in
Maritime Economic Development", to be held in Gulfport,
Mississippi. The topic to be addressed by Mr. Sabonge is
"Forming New Trade Alliances".

November 2002
From November 20-22, Administrator Aleman Zubieta and Mr.
Sabonge will participate in the first Latin America Business
Summit 2002, "Collective Action for Sustained Growth and
Social Equity", sponsored by the World Economic Forum to be
held in Rio de laneiro, Brazil. This event will provide
participants with the opportunity to share experiences with the
international community and the private sector by identifying
new businesses and evaluating investment risks.

Canal Advisory Board To Meet In Florida
The Panama Canal Advisory Board will meet in Miami, Florida on
September 19 & 20, 2002. The meeting will be presided by the
Chairman of the Advisory Board, His Excellency, Mr. William
O'Neil, Secretary of the International Maritime Organization
The Advisory Board meetings provide the Board of Directors of the
Panama Canal Authority with the unique opportunity to exchange
ideas and obtain counsel from the renowned business leaders and
Canal customers that form part of the Advisory Board. During the
Miami meeting, the Panama Canal Authority will present updates
on Canal operations, the Canal's master plan and a financial
outlook, among other matters.

Canal Manager
Recognized Posthumously
It is with deep sorrow that the Panama Canal
Authority announces the sudden loss of one
of its valuable and highly respected
managers. On August 15, 2002, Mr.
Rodolfo J. Lammie Graham, manager of the
Office of Executive Administration, passed
During his fifteen-year career at the Panama
Canal, Mr. Lammie was instrumental in the
development of new learning technologies.
Even prior to joining the Canal work force he
excelled in the field of education by providing educational
counseling and guidance to Canal employees and their families at
the Panama branch of a university based in the United States.
Thanks to his leadership, the ACP now has a Corporate University
that provides high quality employee training in line with the new
vision, mission, and corporate values of the Panama Canal. As a
dedicated and supportive executive, Mr. Lammie was responsible
for the certification of the ISO 9001 for the Training and
Development Division and the design and coordination of the
succession plan for more than 140 executive and managerial
As a Manager of the Office of Executive Administration, Mr. Lammie
worked in the development and implementation of the corporate
communication strategy and organized several events that
fostered a positive image of the Panama Canal Authority, both at an
international and at a national level.
For his exceptional contribution to the Panama Canal, the first Merit
Award under the Panamanian administration was issued to Mr.
Lammie as a tribute to his memory.

I We wan you comet fo mor inomto

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receine it electronicalk. please send us a note %ith your correct e-mail address
to cpxc@pancanal.com it \ou need additional copies mailed to other
onicials % within \Our corporation. please contact us Isee box belo\, tor address
tax and telephone numbers).

Corporate Planning and Marketing
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