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Title: Panama Canal Customer newsletter
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l-- Ia Canal ACP

March 2001

Advisory Board concludes 3rd meeting

Upon concluding two days of
intense sessions in Panama, the Panama
Canal Authority (ACP) Advisory Board
expressed great satisfaction with the
Canal excellent performance during the
first year of Panamanian administration.
On a scale from one to ten, the Board
gave the Canal performance an
impressive twelve. "The achievements
attained during this first year of
Panamanian administration are
immensely gratifying," affirmed William
O'Neil, chairman of the Advisory Board
and secretary general of the International
Maritime Organization (IMO). The
Advisory Board members also expressed
their satisfaction with the ACP's decision
to proceed with plans to deepen the
channel and Pacific entrance to 46 feet,
considering it a positive first steps
leading towards further Canal capacity
improvements. "We would consider it
irresponsible for Panama not to develop
the necessary plans to manage future
traffic demands, considering
international trade growth tendencies,
which also translate into additional
transport requirements for the
international maritime community.
There are a series of engineering,
sociological, environmental and
financial considerations which will need
to be meticulously examined, such that a
responsible and professional decision
can be made in terms of how to act,"
O'Neil continued.

Next Advisory Board
meeting in Hong Kong

The ACP Advisory Board will meet
again in Hong Kong, August 9 to 10,
2001. The ambitious program will
include a mini customer forum and
maritime caucus, as well as meetings of
the Advisory Board members and joint
meetings of the Advisory Board with the
ACP Board of Directors.

Can al
Alberto Aleman
Zubieta said that
Panama must make
a decision regarding
the future of the
Canal. "This
decision should be
based on a clear
vision of what is best
for the country and
the waterway,
without failing to
consider industry trends," he said.
In its discussion with the ACP
Board of Directors, the Advisory Board
stressed the importance of developing
an integrated maritime strategy to
leverage Panama's resources and
develop the country's potential as a
maritime hub. During the sessions,
ACP officials presented Advisory
Board members a summary of
achievements of first year under
Panamanian stewardship and progress
reports on market and Canal
expansion studies, including the water
level situation forecast. The Advisory
Board also heard about the status of

Upcoming Conference
Administrator Alberto Alemin
Zubieta has been invited to address the
22nd International Association of Ports
and Harbors (IAPH) World Ports
Conference. This conference will be
hosted by the Montreal Port Authority
at The Queen Elizabeth Hotel in
Montreal, Canada from 19 to 26 May,
The theme of this year conference
is "2001, a Maritime Odyssey." The
sessions include The development of
the world economy at the outset of the
third millennium, The realities and
challenges facing port industry, and
Productivity and competitiveness in
the world marketplace. Administrator

modernization projects and the ACP's
decision to initiate plans to deepen the
navigational channel, thus increasing
the Canal's reliability by creating
additional water storage capacity
throughout the lake.
This is the third Canal Advisory
Board meeting, following the Board's
installment in December of 1999 and a
second meeting in London, in June
2000. The Advisory Board, established
through the ACP Organic Law, puts the
Canal Board of Directors in direct
contact with clients and the maritime

Alem~n will address IAPH members,
representatives of leading ports in 89
countries all over the world, and
delegates from more than 100 shipping,
stevedoring and warehousing
businesses on the afternoon of May 23.
IAPH is often referred to as the "United
Ports of the World", because active
players in the global port community,
namely Port CEOs, Port Directors and
Port Managers, are represented to
promote and advance their common
cause and interests.
For more information regarding this
conference, visit the IAPH web site at:
www. iaphworldports. or

Panamax Vessel Transits Continue Growing

The first five months of fiscal year
2001 recorded 5,125 oceangoing
transits, a 1.3 percent increase by
comparison to the 5,059 total in fiscal
year 2000. Panamax vessels, the largest
that can fit through the Panama Canal,
registered a 5.7 per cent increase to
1,915 transits, 104 more than those
registered in the previous fiscal year.
The enclosed chart illustrates the
monthly trend of transits by Panamax.
These vessels represented 37.9 per cent
of total oceangoing transits for the five-
month period under review. Today, dry
bulk carriers, with 28.3 per cent share
and containerships with 26 per cent,
constitute more than 50 per cent of all

Month FY2000 FY2001 %Change




Tolls revenue collection for the period (Oct
October 2000-February 2001 totaled Oter
247.8 million, a 3.1 per cent increase
over the previous year. Overall, dry
bulk carriers, containerships, tankers VehicleCarriers
and vehicle carriers held 13% Tanke
approximately 75 per cent share of 13
total Canal tolls revenue.

Infinity Cruise sets New Toll Record

The magnificent Infinity Cruise of
Celebrity Cruise Lines made its
inaugural transit through the Panama
Canal on March 8, breakingthe record
of the highest toll paid by a single
vessel, US $192,750, also
contributing to establish the record of
tolls collections on a given day. The
previous record was set in October 2,
2000 by the USNA Charlton which
paid US $ 184,420.63 to transit the
The Liberian-Flag Infinity was
built in St. Nazaire, Francia and
inaugurated on March 3, 2001.
Infinity Cruise's first trip through the
Canal commenced in Ft. Lauderdale,
Florida and its final destination, after
14 days of voyage, is San Diego,

California. According to the certificate
given by Lloyds, the blue and white
cruise ship gross tonnage is 92,280; its
length is 294 meters (964.6 ft.) and beam
of 32.38 (105.6 ft.), thus classified as a
Panamax vessel.

Canal Transits and Cargo Information

Available cargo statistics for the
October-February period of fiscal year
2001 reflect a 3.7 per cent increase in
commercial cargo tonnage to 81.8
million long tons relative to the 78.9
millions recorded during the same
period of fiscal year 2000. Some
commodities contributing to this growth
included petroleum and petroleum

products, containerized cargo, ores
and metals, and refrigerated foods.
Grains, the principal commodity
group shipped through the Panama
Canal, remained constant with a
meager 0.8 per cent increase from the
17.1 million long tons recorded last
year. According to reports from the
U.S. Department of Agriculture, corn

exports from China to other Asian
countries may further impact negatively
the U.S. shipments to Asia.
Containerized cargo, the second most
important Canal commodity group,
continued an upward trend with
shipments of 14.2 million long tons
during the first five months of fiscal year
2001, a 10.1 per cent rise from 12.9
millions registered in 2000. Asia and
East Coast United States trade, the
predominant Canal route for
containerized cargo, increased its
presence by 23.3 percent to 6.4 million
long tons, fueled by strong trade to and
from China. Petroleum and petroleum
products, third commodity group in
importance, recorded 12.9 million long
tons, a 26.5 per cent growth over the
10.2 millions during the same period of
fiscal year 2000. The enclosed chart
compares the major Canal commodity
flows for the first five months in fiscal
year 2001 versus 2000.



Canal Tolls Revenue
tion by Vessel Types
.2000 Feb. 2001)
Dry Bulk Carriers

ers 23%

Visits by Clients and Users

Cosco Americas, Inc. and

Norton Lilly International, Inc.

On March 8, Mr. Zhang Liyong the
President of China Ocean Shipping
Company (COSCO) Americas, Inc. and
Mr. Brendan R. McCahill, President of
Norton Lilly International, Inc. visited the
Panama Canal. They were accompanied
by Mr. Song Qiming, Executive Vice
President of COSCO Americas, Mr. W.
Grove Conrad, President of China
Shipping Agency Co., Inc. (North
America), and representatives from
COSCO Panama Maritime, S.A. Norton
Lilly is the oldest steamship agency in the
western hemisphere and its presence in
Panama goes back to 1925. With nearly
15% of all the traffic that passes through
the Panama Canal, it is among the top

agencies attending
vessels at the
waterway. COSCO
is one of the top ten
customers of the
Panama Canal, with
over 180 transits per
year and tolls paid
in excess of US $ 11
million per year.
Upon their
arrival at Miraflores Locks, they were
taken to the Locks Control House
where they observed lockage
operations and Mr. McCahill had the
opportunity to operate the miter gates
from the Control House. Following

Scheduled Locks Outages
The Director of Maritime Operations in Advisory to Shipping No. A-21-2001
released the tentative schedule of locks outages for calendar year 2001. In
scheduling this major work, Canal engineers perform the delicate task of balancing
the maintenance requirements of the locks, while trying to minimize the negative
impact of such work on transit service. Accordingly, a long-term locks overhaul
schedule is routinely reviewed and updated by Canal engineers after evaluating
traffic conditions and resource requirements, and the priority of specific tasks. To
better accommodate our customers' needs, maintenance lane outages normally
performed duringthe month of May have now been scheduled in October.
In FY 2001 the locks overhaul program includes recondition of miter gates and
other major locks maintenance and improvements, such as rehabilitation of 1,515 ft
of locomotive tow track in Miraflores, 3,360 ft in Pedro Miguel and 1,400 ft in
Gatun. This project has been accelerated to complete the Pacific Locks towing
system in FY 2003. The overhaul program is critical to continue providing safe and
reliable Canal operations. At the end of 2001, the completion of the Gaillard Cut
widening project will increase Canal capacity, thus minimizing the negative impact
caused bythe lane outages required to complete the towtrack rehabilitation.




Pedro Miguel



June 4 to 14 11 Lane Outage* Lane Outage 30-32
July 9 to 19 11 Lane Outage* Lane Outage 30-32
August 13 to 24 12 Lane Outage Lane Outage* 26-28
September 17 to 28 12 Lane Outage Lane Outage* 26-28
October 22 to November 1 11 _Lane Outage* 26-28
* Identifies the locks requiring a major outage of one of its two lanes for major
maintenance/improvement projects. The Panama Canal Authority may take advantage of these
requirements to perform simultaneous single lane outages for additional maintenance at other locks.

the tour to the Miraflores Locks, the
delegation of distinguished customers
visited the Administration Building and
met with Administrator Alberto Alemin
Zubieta to discuss issues of mutual

Kudos to Tommy Thomsen
A.P. Moller, the parent of Maersk
Sealand, announced that Tommy
Thomsen, the president and chief
executive of Maersk Inc., USA, has been
promoted to a partner at A.P. Moller.
Thomsen, 43, has been president of
Maersk's agency in the United States
since 1995 and is serving as member of
the Panama Canal Authority Advisory
Board since its inauguration in December
of 1999. Mr. Thomsen's extensive
maritime experience and expertise has
been called upon many times during his
tenure as member of the Advisory Board.
The Panama Canal Authority staff joins in
congratulating Mr. Thomsen on this well
deserved promotion, a recognition of his
strong leadership and valuable expertise.

WORLD LEADER in services to the
maritime industry and in the
sustainable development for the
conservation of the Canal watershed;
CORNERSTONE of the global
transportation system and driving
force of Panama's progress and
MODEL of excellence, integrity, and
transparency, committed to the full
developmentof our work force.

Severe Floods Managed Without Affecting Operations

At the end of the year 2000, the
Panama Canal area was hit by a series of
severe storms creating great instability
and producing intense rainfall, condition
aggravated by a cold front traveling
through the Caribbean from the north.
The watershed received 12 inches of
cumulative rainfall in a four-day period,
almost doubling the 31-year average for
the entire month. The lakes were at
maximum levels as it is expected at that
time of the year. The available storage for
flood control was insufficient to manage
the large floods that took place during
the events. The Office of Meteorology
and Hydrology monitored the watershed
24 hours/day using state-of-the-art
technology such as Real Time Telemetry,

Outreach Efforts
On February 7, Mr. Alberto Alemin
Zubieta, the Canal Administrator,
participated as guest speaker in the
"Business Opportunities in Panama"
Seminar organized by the Houston
International Initiatives in coordination
with the Panamanian Consulate in
Houston, Texas. His presentation
touched on Canal operations and
ongoing improvement and
modernization programs being
undertaken by the Panama Canal
Authority in its quest to provide the
highest quality of service to the maritime
industry. The event took place at St.
Thomas University and featured Panama
with the objective of cultivating and
promoting bilateral trade between
Panama and Houston, Texas.
As part of its intensified outreach
program, the Panama Canal participated
in the 17th annual Seatrade Cruise
Shipping Convention that took place
from March 5 to 9 in the Miami Beach
Convention Center, Miami Beach,
Florida. The Seatrade Cruise Shipping
Convention, sponsored by the Florida

Meteorological Radar, Satellite
Imagery, Weather Balloons and
Hydrometeorological Models. But
the situation forced the Canal to
activate an emergency light it had not
used in more than 15 years. Large
spilling operations were conducted in
a scientific, controlled and timely
manner to prevent the lakes from
reaching critical levels, thus avoiding
lost of lives and preserving the Canal
from severe damages to its
installations and machinery. The
waterway welcomed the new year in a
state of emergency and the
unparalleled spilling operation was
conducted without affecting normal
operations of the Canal. A total of

Caribbean Cruise Association and the
International Council of Cruise Lines is
the largest gathering of cruise line
owners, operators and suppliers in the
world. This year, more than 100
participating countries and close to
1000 exhibitors came together during
the convention and conference.

From March 19 to 21st, the
Panama Canal Authority will
participate in the Connecticut
Maritime Association (CMA)
Conference and Exhibition Shipping

We want your comments
We welcome your comments and suggestions regarding this newsletter. We
want to convey important news for you and your business. Please let us know your
views about this media (format, content, topics) and what you would like to see in
our next edition. If you rather receive it electronically, please send us a note with the
correct email address to: cpxc@pancanal.com If you need additional copies or
copies mailed to other officials within your corporation, please contact us (see box
at right for address, fax, and telephone numbers).

seventeen billion cubic feet of fresh
water was spilled to the ocean from
Gatun Lake. This was the most extensive
gate opening emergency operation in
the last 15 years, but with the newly
received responsibilities for the
watershed, the ACP had also to maintain
permanent communication with
residents of six of the adjacent
communities. Tranquility was restored
and the abundance of stored water
prepares the Canal for the dry season.
The high degree of professionalism of
our work force once more demonstrated
true commitment to the Canal, to
Panama, and to all the clients and users
of the waterway the world over.

2001 with exhibit #69 at the Westin
Hotel in Stamford, Connecticut. The
CMA conference this year brings
together leaders in the industry for a
look into the future and an examination
of today's critical challenges. North
America's largest international maritime
event attracts distinguished
representatives from all
sectors of the maritime
industry. Panama's
ambassador to the United
States, His Excellency
Guillermo Ford, and officials
from the Panama Maritime
Authority (AMP) will attend
the exhibition. The AMP
will co-sponsor the Gala
Dinner on Wednesday,
March 22 to present the
Commodore Award.

Corporate Planning and Marketing
Panama Canal Authority
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Miami FL 33102-5513
Tel.: (507) 272-7961 Fax: (507) 272-5916
e-mail: cpxc-lbl@pancanal.com
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