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John F. Kennedy Space Center Americas gateway to the universe Spaceport News June 13, 2008 Vol. 48, No. 12 Closeout crew gets it done by the numbers By Kate Frakes Spaceport News A s countdown to the launch of Discovery on its STS-124 mission ap crew helped strap the astronauts the space shuttle at Launch Pad 39A Thompson and his team were the space shuttle and they only had 50 minutes. 50-minute timeframe was never far from his mind. Discovery lifted off May 31 at 5:02 p.m. EDT. It was a successful launches scheduled to complete at the International Space Station. This particular launch was Thompson said his crew pre the others wait outside. The closeout crew prepared seven astronauts for launch includ Chamitoff will transfer to the performed a rendezvous pitch heat-resistant tiles and send the analysis. After necessary pressure Pressurized Module and its Remote Manipulator System. After Garan surized module for its installation to Rotary Joint. They installed a re techniques to clean the surface of STS-124 is the 123rd space the 35th for Discovery and the third lead of the closeout crew for more full of the mission patches I wore Travis Thompson, right, enjoys a light moment with STS-124 Mission Specialist Ron Garan in the White Room on Launch Pad 39A prior to launch May 31. NASA Smoke and steam billow across Launch Pad 39A as space shuttle Discovery races toward the International Space Station. for NASA As of press time, the landing of STS-124 was targeted for 11:15 a.m. June 14. For complete coverage, photos and features, go to Touchdown time Workers strap in STS-124 astronauts, close hatch before beautiful launch


Page 2 SPACEPORT NEWS June 13, 2008 Leaders sign Space Act Agreement to help work force during transition K ennedy Space Center Development Board President future missions at the space center. for the transition from the Space It is important that we the aerospace industry. Bus at various locations around the center. contained career center on wheels as well as new sources of other career interests. Rice praised the center for opened channels of communication resource departments. Rood said it is part of the vision to help create and maintain a Brevard County. relationship with Kennedy Space By Linda Herridge Staff Writer It is important that we communicate and work together. Getting started early is the key. Bill Parsons, Kennedy Center Director NASA/Kim Shiett Brevard Workforce Development Board President Lisa Rice, Kennedy Center Director Bill Par sons and Brevard Workforce Development Board Vice Chairman Jack Rood signed the docu ment that will help pave the way for work force cooperation between Kennedy and the BWDB. Transition Working Group seeks to involve everyone To nd out more about the status of the Kennedy Transition, including TWG presentations and minutes, go to: http://ksctransition.ksc. More online P of Kennedy Space Center ramp-down of International Space wide involvement. The Kennedy was chartered in 2006 to provide center leadership in those efforts. transition and retirement are dis cussed. to stay on top of transition issues and develop center positions to ered the most vital and important civil service and contractor person so all directorates are aware of the and any issues that may arise. that every dollar spent on transi tion and retirement is a dollar not items of shuttle personal property located at Kennedy. sessed and cost effective methods developed. for other uses or for closure. tion and retirement efforts are re and notes potential impacts so cen ports to the deputy center director quarterly.


SPACEPORT NEWS Page 3 June 13, 2008 T he technical marvel that is does not stop with the space craft. Spacesuits the astronauts cool. situations. part that everyone sees as astro launch pad is simply the top layer. fully encloses the astronaut in an air the same air pressure as a person That air pressure was chosen to act automatically. dia said. on the suit tells the main parachute ness has water-sensitive devices to detach the parachute when the astro deploy a life preserver around the astronaut in the water. The helmet is equipped with a valve that lets scoop water out of the suit. water. 12 different size suits for its astro several astronauts over the course of many different missions. Spacesuits remain cool despite always-changing fashion trends By Steven Siceloff Spaceport News Shuttle Crew Escape System Manager KC Chhipwadia describes the elements of the helmet that is part of the launch and entry suit (seen on the table) used by shuttle crews during their missions. NASA/Amanda Diller Team prepares Kennedy, CCAFS for new contracts K ennedy Space institutional con tracts Transition Team has for the contract transition. contractor is Space Gateway Support and the KICS con tractor is InDyne. includes services at Ken nedy and Cape Canaveral Air institutional contracts will at Kennedy and seven new director of Cape Canaveral the team is to help provide a smooth and seamless transition to ensure continu ity of services to customers without disruption. There the customer in terms of who Riquelme said infor Kennedy contracts will include Institutional Support ment and Communications Grounds Maintenance and Pest Control. The Kennedy Institu tional Support Services con tract was awarded to ReDenot limited to technical train The NASA Protective to Coastal International Se New contracts at Maintenance and Pest Man Collection and Disposal Support. opportunities where each By Linda Herridge Spaceport News may procure services from the other when needed. Communications Services Support contracts. The NASA Protective Services contract will have a 60-day phase-in period Control contracts will have a 30-day phase-in period A similar phase-in on the dates the new con tracts are awarded. More information will as the new contracts are announced. Riquelme said additional Spaceport News articles and the KSC Daily News Bulletin online. Two e-mail accounts concerns to help ensure a Transition and KSC-KICSTransition. for transition communica so the team can post updated address in the KSC Daily News or a future Spaceport News article.


Scene Around Kennedy Space Center Page 5 SPACEPORT NEWS Page 4 SPACEPORT NEWS June 13, 2008 June 13, 2008 You are encouraged to send unique story ideas and exciting photos of workers in action for possible publication. Photos should include a short caption with the names and job titles, from left to right. Send e-mail to KSC-Spaceport-News Spaceport News wants your photos Workers maneuver the lightning mast onto the ground on Launch Pad 39B at Kennedy. It is part of the lightning protection system being built for the Constellation Program and Ares/Orion launches. Pad B will be the site of the rst Ares vehicle launch, including Ares I-X. NASA/Jim Grossman for NASA Fifteeen students received their preschool diploma from Kennedy Space Center Child Development Center during a graduation ceremony June 7. About 80 people attended. The graduates are headed for kindergarten. NASA/Cory Huston High school students release a weather bal loon June 6 during part in a ve-day, free pro gram called the Governors School Summer Academy. Funding for the program supports planning to establish a Governors School for Science, Mathematics and Space Technology at or near Kennedy.


Scene Around Kennedy Space Center Page 5 SPACEPORT NEWS Page 4 SPACEPORT NEWS June 13, 2008 June 13, 2008 A group from the rst graduating class of astronauts after the Apollo program gathers at the Banana River viewing site at NASAs Kennedy Space Center before the launch of space shuttle Dis covery on its STS-124 mission. In 1978, after nine years without new astronauts, a new group of 35 astronauts was selected. Since then, a new group has been selected about every two years. NASA/Jim Grossman Suzu Sawanuki presents artwork by her husband Toshiro Sawanuki to James Hattaway, associate direc tor for Business Operations at NASAs Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral. NASA/Bill Ingalls A technician inspects a replacement part for the Zvezda Service Module toilet on the International Space Station following its arrival at Kennedy Space Center. NASA/Kim Shiett


Page 6SPACEPORT NEWSJune 13, 2008Kennedy visit inspires boy in Doodle 4 Google contest From left, Pvt. Marin, Pvt. Miloro, Pvt. Cook, 2nd Lt. Chris Scott, Cpl. Galletti, Sgt. 1st Class Maschek, Cpl. McGrane are among the troops of Charlie Company 2/7 Cavalry stations at Fort Hood, Texas. They are performing security tasks in Iraq. Karl Berg s inspiration came from his 2007 visit to Kennedy. Karl Bergs award winning Doodle 4 Google highlights the Wright Flyer, missions to the moon and the space shuttle.hile American soldiers support different na support we received. Everyone is said. It also means a lot to realize that people are still out there that It is so awesome that my teammates would adopt me and my son as family after only a short Keim said. on immediate needs. them monthly. Keim said they interest and support my team Keim said. and KICS employee Ted Cayer.Co-workers adopt sons Army unit headed to Iraq Spaceport News To adopt an Army unit, go to: adopted_units_cav.shtmlAdopt a unit for NASA opportunity to share his enthusiasm for NASA. were required to center around the found inspiration when he and his family visited Kennedy Space Cen and was fascinated to learn that the space shuttle and its launch platform school student from Colorado who selected from a pool of 400 state the national winner. employees lined the pathway and cheered for them. The winner was The competition is held to en Spaceport Newsfor NASA for NASA


Page 7 SPACEPORT NEWS June 13, 2008 Sallys ride 25 years ago was a giant leap for women Remembering Our Heritage By Kay Grinter Reference Librarian NASA le The STS-7 crew, from left, Mission Specialists Norman Thagard and Sally Ride, Commander Robert Crippen, Mission Specialist John Fabian and Pilot Frederick Hauck, answer questions from the media at Kennedy on June 3, 1983. A stone in the advancement those trained as test pilots. The new than three. nounced the candidates selected for of a Ph.D. in physics from Stanford Sullivan. American woman in space. They other shuttle systems made her an deploy two communications satel lites the ANIK C-2 for TELESAT Canada and the PALAPA-B1 for trieve the Shuttle Pallet Satellite on Crippen was impressed with that she serve on the STS 41-G mission which he commanded in my missions. And there were no countdown demonstration test launch dress rehearsal. said. and wanted to learn all facets of our attentive and appreciative of our Crippen praised the Kennedy founded in 2001. Its innovative My involvement in the space


John F. Kennedy Space Center Managing editor. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Candrea Thomas Editor. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Frank Ochoa-Gonzales Editorial support provided by InDyne, Inc. Writers Group. NASA at KSC is on the Internet at USGPO: 733-049/600142 Spaceport News Spaceport News is an ofcial publication of the Kennedy Space Center and is published on alternate Fridays by External Relations in the interest of KSC civil service and contractor employees. Contributions are welcome and should be submitted three weeks before publication to the Media Services Branch, IDI-011. E-mail submissions can be sent to Page 8 SPACEPORT NEWS June 13, 2008 I now drive a motorcycle. And lets not even discuss the rising cost of food. I live on the other side of the bridge in Titusville. It has affected the other cars in my household. Jerome Bostick, electrician with United Space Alliance Chris Grubbe, contract administrator with NASA Dennis Dammann, project manager with Met-Con Inc. Neil Roever, computer science staff IV with United Space Alliance I use cruise-control more. Not much you can do when you have to travel 37 miles each way. If (gas) continues to rise I may have to carpool, vanpool or even telework. I try to cut back as much as I can. I drive a motorcycle on evenings and weekends. Russ Planke, project superintendent, with Speegle Construction II How has the price of gas affected the way you get to work or travel overall? Looking up and ahead No earlier than Dec. 1 Launch/CCAFS: Atlas V, SDO; TBD No earlier than Nov. 24 Launch/KSC: Atlantis, STS-125; TBD No earlier than Dec. 12 Target Oct. 8 Launch/CCAFS: Delta IV, GOES-O; TBD Target Nov. 10 Launch/KSC: Endeavour, STS-126; TBD Launch/CCAFS: Atlas V, LRO; TBD June 20 Launch/VAFB: Delta II, OSTM/Jason II; 3:46-3:55 a.m. No earlier than Nov. 13 Launch/CCAFS: Delta II, STSS; TBD Target Dec. 4 Launch/KSC: Discovery, STS-119; TBD June 20 2008 KSC Best BBQ: 3 to 6 p.m. KARS Park I June 26 11 a.m. to 12:45 p.m. Leukemia/Lymphoma Symposium; Mission Brieng Room in O&C Building Tickets will not be avail able after June 13. The 2008 KSC Best BBQ will be June 20 at KARS Park I (Area 2) from 3 to 6 p.m. Food will be served from 3:15 to 5 p.m. There will be a homemade dessert contest. For more in formation, call Janice Everett at 867-8421. Also, a spades tourna ment will be held along with a cake walk, 3-legged race, intern scavenger hunt, kara oke, volleyball and an intern vs. employee tug-o-war. To sign up for the spade tournament, call T.C. Wil liams at 476-3648 or Gloria Y. Johnson at 867-9150. For more information call Brittani Sims at 476-4000. Today is deadline to buy BBQ tickets NASA Employees of the Month: June Employees of the Month for June are, from left, Ralph Mikulas, Launch Services; John T. Jones, Engineering Directorate; Penny Myers, External Relations; Gladys I. Morales, Engineering Directorate; Irma Granell, Chief Financial Ofce; Carol Cavanaugh, Center Operations; Cindy Dunn, Human Resources Ofce; Lisa Peckham, International Space Station & Spacecraft Processing Directorate; and Neil Berger, Constellation Project Ofce. Not pictured are Tracy Lee Belford, Chief Counsel; Bill Dearing, Information Technology & Communications Services; Eugene (Trip) Healey, Launch Vehicle Processing; and Chris Weaver, Safety & Mission Assurance. NASA