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Kennedy Space Center
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United States -- Florida -- Brevard -- Cape Canaveral -- John F. Kennedy Space Center
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April 6, 2012 Vol. 52, No. 7 John F. Kennedy Space Center Americas gateway to the universe Spaceport News SLF offers Morpheus realistic, rocky road Inside . Page 2 'Rocket University' inspires engineers Page 3 Trajectory Team keeps eye on target Page 4 Astronaut meets Dragon capsule Page 7 SCA crews focus on ferrying shuttles home A n area near Ken nedy Space Center's Shuttle Land ing Facility (SLF) will Morpheus lander. This someday be used to build moon. The lander has been un dergoing testing at NASA's Johnson Space Center in Once the lander has approach while avoiding Morpheus integrates an autonomous landing and hazard avoidance technol ogy (ALHAT) payload that will allow it to navigate to clear landing sites amidst But to put that capability avoid -and that's where the ating several potential test Spaceport News shuttle runway would be the best choice. "Kennedy Space Center "Range and airspace avail propellant handling capabili available runway near which the Kennedy team thrives Kennedy's Morpheus test site manager. "Our team is summer." The upcoming test rep Systems (AES) program in tion and Operations Mission rapidly developing proto ing operational concepts beyond Earth orbit. at Kennedy has not been the series scheduled to wrap schedule is dynamic and changes as the vehicle and weather dictate. The public Morpheus' and Twitter http://morpheuslander.jsc. Center in Houston. Project Morpheus integrates an engine that runs on "green" ard avoidance technology into a fully operational lander that could deliver cargo to control of the vehicle with little risk of damage to the lander. For more on Project NASA/JSC NASA/JSC CLICK ON PHOTO


Page 2 SPACEPORT NEWS April 6, 2012 Aerospace engineers stay on course at 'Rocket University' T here was a launch nonetheless was an accom NASA's Kennedy Space Center. The launch had everything The operation was even led by aerospace engineers. designed to climb high into the stratosphere carrying a parachute and associated equipment. That it was being launched by engineers ac customed to dealing with space shuttles was the point accomplished specialists out nological tips along the way The mission was a loon launch. "It's an opportunity engineers at other centers to in labs and actually build payloads and in some cases and to learn some really "What we're encouraging much deeper than hobbyistto proven management pro a NASA systems engineer. "It's advancing our ability altitude balloons is one area the program deals with. Others include building unmanned aerial vehicles and other aerospace special sive and the payload was assembled by the university members' down times. The launch pad was a it went along. "We saw the burst live loon's avionics. "Everything It climbed higher and higher every minute until the pressure inside was too much and it burst. That was deploying a parachute along the way and splashing down land in the water or on land They also had to build a sphere and handle the speed opening. "We were combining power source that operated loon wouldn't be lost. "We require a lot more research to having a part handed to us The two-month deadline to build the payload and launch the balloon provided a much more rapid schedule to the team. a much larger balloon Wallops Flight Facility in tion and equipment to test It also may open another entists outside the typical The group came away to start the more-advanced mission. would say this is the prob ably the most I've learned since the shuttle program ended." By Steven Siceloff Spaceport News Photo courtesy of Rocket University Technicians pull in the six-pound payload box from the ocean after it parachuted Photo courtesy of Rocket University


April 6, 2012 Page 3 SPACEPORT NEWS Trajectory team targets perfect 'Flight Design' CLICK ON PHOTO R the men and women who gets there. the groups most tested on launch world. its predicted course and transmits a whether it is healthy and the condi tions onboard. new course. they wouldn't have it any other way. operations integration engineer with an airplane." this is what I always wanted to do. go?' analyzes the programming that the launch site and then stop when it reaches orbit. The programming lays out how much thrust the engines will use need to point its nose toward the Earth has to be matched so that the a rendezvous with the distant world. said. "The targets change at least minute-by-minute basis." the booster and begins its mission. "It doesn't get any deeper into said. "Being a detective is very the data and compares it to what everything is going well. The num or "no" signals to indicate whether relay data such as vibration and tem perature aboard the launcher. Harris. said. "We have to have strategically placed antennas all over the world." what occurred during a launch and telemetry is virtually the only source get repeated. place at and around the launch site such as those at Cape Canaveral Air There are more options all over the and even Antarctica. call on mobile antennas mounted in airplanes or on ships and even portable arrays that can be erected when the launch is complete. tion and as launch times and events Harris said. "It's never really done." By Steven Siceloff Spaceport News Ground tracking stations around the world are Center. Other antennas can be put together and mounted in different locations. Still others can be mounted on aircraft or on a ship to follow a rocket. NASA/Rusty Backer-George Roberts NASA See TRAJECTORY Page 4 CLICK ON PHOTO


Page 4 SPACEPORT NEWS April 6, 2012 Astronaut gets familiar with SpaceX Dragon capsule can change which antennas get NASA's Mars Science Laboratory to have antennas at all the locations have to calculate how that will energy to reach orbit? Benson said. "Sometimes it's easier to get a mobile antenna in place." important because the research day-out. "I would say I scored my dream changed its course because it was long as it could to retrieve the criti cal data that would allow engineers to pinpoint what went wrong. said. "The switches that would they didn't change status when the separation command was issued. The temperature data inside the There have been many success mission to study Jupiter and its NuSTAR mission to launch an observatory into Earth orbit that leads to an intense data review during which engineers pore over said. improve." From TRAJECTORY Page 3 N ASA mission specialist Megan McArthur was "in resenting NASA's astronaut corps Canaveral Air Force Station in sule. The upcoming SpaceX Falcon Commercial Orbital Transportation begin regular commercial company Space Station. it provided a training opportunity to ing with the actual hardware they would use. payload integration personnel and although it still is equipment integration and testing sule's equipment and its associated Flight controllers were able to at the International Space Station. serving as a crew member aboard space shuttle Atlantis on the ing mission to NASA's Hubble Space Telescope. McArthur remains an active Spaceport News Photo courtesy of SpaceX


SPACEPORT NEWS Page 5 April 6, 2012 Scenes Around Kennedy Space Center ing transition and retirement activities are preparing the spacecraft for public display at the California and the hardware they use as they prepare to build a lunar lander prototype and compete in the Google NASA/Cory Huston NASA/Tim Jacobs Photo courtesy of Space Florida CLICK ON PHOTO NASA/Jim Grossmann


Page 6 April 6, 2012 SPACEPORT NEWS All-American Picnic celebrates 50 years, 'Greenateers' W teers" better understand how be reduces pollution and saves Recycling and Sustain manager. While environ As Kennedy celebrates center has proven to be a leader in sustainability. Sustainability Fair. Ken nedy will host vendors that commercial or residential use. welcome table to learn what planet healthy. They also communities. that are biodegradable and or recycled paper and will become healthy new soil months. Smith said the plan this waste to be ground up and and enrich the soil. There will not be regular collection stations will be strategically placed around waste in the right place. A mobile mechanical grinding Reduction Technology will the waste material prior to onsite processing. can be rest assured those The cobs will be collected in special containers around car and motorcycle show Live entertainment will slide. activities will all be held at Kennedy. commercial partners and local groups will display operating in a sustainable scavenger hunt. Astronauts scheduled to sign autographs and snap photos with attendees are the new events in action begins." Center Operation's Envi ronmental Management ability support is being provided by United Space Applications and URS Corp. considering the importance 2012 All-American Picnic pet policy The annual KSC All-American Picnic continues its policy of KARS Park which does not permit any pets on the picnic grounds, excluding service or assistance dogs. This policy is enforced out of respect for and safety of all the animals. The nature of some of the events held on the grounds requires caution to prevent possible injury to the animals being exhibited. Also, crowds can be a threat to the safety of pets. Do not leave pets unattended in parked cars, regardless of whether a window may be open. KARS Park patrons occupying campsites are permitted to keep pets on their campsites only. These pet owners should exercise caution to prevent possible injury to their pets, exhibited animals and picnic attendees. For more information, email Sam Talluto at sammie.s.talluto@ By Frank Ochoa-Gonzales Spaceport News NASA/Tony Gray Be a Greenateer Five unique stations explain how todays KSC All-American Picnic is helping the Earth. Visit each station and win a prize! Heres how the adventure works: Fairs welcome table and pick up a Greenateering map. each Greenateering station on the map. the Greenateering sign, and punch a hole in the map. map to the Sustainability Fair welcome table to pick up a prize. More online For more information on the thirtyyears.htm To learn to learn more about biocompostable tableware and opportunities for eco-friendly alternatives to everyday and bio/index.htm. CLICK ON PHOTO


Page 7 April 6, 2012 SPACEPORT NEWS SCA crews focus on ferrying shuttles home By Kay Grinter Reference Librarian S pace shuttle missions came to nations aboard a Shuttle Carrier NASA acquired during the Space and simulator training twice a year. pilot and engineer instructors in the program. program installed to simulate the alistic. The instructors simulate the three-day sessions. System Beall will analyze weather condi The weather pilot advises the The main weather hazard is rain. and altitudes to the SCA crew. be challenging. Turbulence is also a that number could double. said. Taylor and Larry LaRose who do a the John F. Kennedy International will support the last-ever shuttle Endeavour to the Los Angeles Inter national Airport. to date. also accompanied Enterprise on a outside London. The traveling companions re turned home to the U.S. amid much NASA/Tony Landis More information For more on the history of the


Page 8 April 6, 2012 SPACEPORT NEWS Managing editor . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Candrea Thomas Spaceport News service and contractor employees. FROM THE VAULT In celebration of Kennedy Space Center's 50th anniversary, enjoy this vintage photo . Looking up and ahead . All times are Eastern 2012 accomplish a successful lunar landing mission. compartment packaging and deployment issues. For more about CCP and its commercial Parachute drop test demo a success for Boeing Co. CLICK ON PHOTO NASA