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Spaceport news
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Kennedy Space Center
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Kennedy Space Center, FL
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United States -- Florida -- Brevard -- Cape Canaveral -- John F. Kennedy Space Center
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Orion recovery tests done off Cali coast A bout a hundred miles off the coast of San Diego, in crew module, tethered inside, Building on the knowledge Research Center in Virginia, next phase, seeking turbulent water off the west coast in safe until being jettisoned, just before the parachutes are During the testing, the tether lines were unable to support remaining testing to allow engi didnt go as we had planned, were learning lessons that will help us be better prepared to re than 3,600 miles into space and comes home, said Bill administrator for exploration is helping us work toward send accomplished before the remain parachute, and demonstrations of the coordination required be tween the team onboard the ship and mission control in Houston Controllers at Johnson Space Center in Houston simulated the launch and splash down descent through the atmosphere and splashdown, as Johnson and procedures, demonstrates capabilities and incorporates The next steps will be to incorporate lessons learned and By Linda Herridge Spaceport News Orion and how it will serve as NASAs future exploration vehicle, click on the photo. NASA


Page 2 By Linda Herridge Spaceport News Lockheed Martin preps Orion for EFT-1 A Theres an accumulation of a lot of work Price said the team is focused on build return a crew from long-duration missions Price explained the scale of deep-space and adding on more and more components hardware are operating in the loop like Meanwhile, according to Price, Congress with all of the turbulence thats going on, Were building a machine to do what


Page 3 Emergency Response Team earns top 5 in contest K tor Bob Cabana is committed than 50 teams from Florida, the During the competition, train with other teams, shared and discussed best practices that could help other ERTs cope with said Mark Borsi, the chief of secu in this tough and prestigious com petition demonstrates the teams and also assist with certain highties around the center to keep their during the training, including land facilities, special equipment and ERT team members are chosen based on their leadership abilities, Another ERT team member said: The professionalism of the ERT By Linda Herridge Spaceport News diversionary device during specialized training simulations at the Protective Services Training Academy at Kennedy Space Center as a helicopter hovers rent. To watch the group in action, click on the photo. NASA


Page 4 ML strengthened for next generation T he mobile launcher that will support is being bulked up in preparation for the The steel mobile launcher towers 405 bringing new capabilities to the construction ing humans to near-Earth asteroids, Mars or facilities and support equipment are in full consuming work of updating the launchers ure and strengthen it to accommodate the launcher to expand the exhaust opening port beams within the launchers platform, We broke the job into logical stages, Canicatti said, explaining that much of the structural work could be completed with just needed to know about how much the this part of the project with support from of the one used during the Space Shuttle the surface of the platform and underneath progress on the power, air conditioning, launcher, its construction zone north of the being upgraded to allow more on-site test the interior panels of the mobile launcher while helium, an inert gas, allows the team ment and Communications Support contract construction site, allowing for much more Although the launcher and its com tight tolerances on this particular project, so if things shift just half an inch or a quarter to do? By Anna Heiney Spaceport News


Page 5 Scenes Around Kennedy Space Center Health & Safety Days inspire workers to take the next step BEST that focused on advancement in education and excellence associated with a strong work included presentation of four college scholarships. take part in the many activities offered. This month, Kennedy directorates and contractor organizations are con organizations providing information. Presidents Active Lifestyle Award participation level of prior years.


Page 6 Tracking and Data Re the launch window opened on America kept the liftoff on track with quick troubleshoot ing when a problem with of a rocket during the launch While a rocket is on the Hangar AE on Floridas Cape Engineers monitor the data coming in and ensure it is sent either through a hard line, which is called an umbilical, or RF radio signal, said Alex A few minutes before launch, we want to switch to RF, or the radio signal teleme to be used when it lifts off the pad, Biamonte explained, but with RF, we do encounter data drops, or interference on the This posed a problem dur spacecraft was embedded in gar AE, data from the satellite was extracted from it and sent Periodic drops in the rocket The countdown had gone ning, and clocks were holding ing of a 40-minute launch win until the countdown was set to resume, the hold was extended so the team could work on the when we heard of the dropouts, was we wanted to correlate the spacecraft dropouts to the dropouts we saw on the launch real and that we were talking Clinger proposed a solu through the remainder of the countdown, and then manu successful launches, had the mission operations director in Hangar AEs Mission Direc tors Center during the TDRSdiscussion on one of the launch teams communications chan There was a call to hold at T-4 minutes, and all the team -launch team members spacecraft personnel, as well as polled its members to ensure When countdown clocks By Anna Heiney Spaceport News Tuan Doan is a communications engineer for NASAs Launch Services Program. Tim Clinger, who made the proposed solution, is the lead telemetry engineer for QinetiQ. Services Program. reached T-0 and the Atlas V began its climb into space, Clinger performed the switch We made the switch, it was The United Launch Alliance Atlas V rocket craft. To watch a video of the telemetry solu tion, click on the photo. NASA


Page 7 Beyond Earth: Pioneer 4 marks 55 years ASAs commitment to exploration Just two months after its inception, moon and return data about cosmic radia Pioneer 3 and 4 spacecraft were small designed to impact the moon, but due to an Pioneer 4 made its closest approach to mechanism as a test for future photographic past the moon, the camera sensor failed to distance for a human-made object at the The spacecraft is designed to take astro tronauts to destinations such as an asteroid apogee on the second orbit and a highsimulate the conditions that are expected as By Bob Granath Spaceport News designed to measure the intensity of the Earths and moons Missile Agencys Development Operations Division at the spacecraft to escape Earths gravity and passed within


Page 8 from a remnant named Cas Stars are spherical balls of explode, that explosion would look like a uniform ball ex panding out with great power, said Fiona Harrison, the princi explosions heart, or engine, Harrison is a co-author of a paper about the results ap Some 55 members of the scope capable of producing case, the element is titani um-44, which has an unstable nucleus produced at the heart of suggest the exploding star liter -and did not expect -about Looking up and ahead . All times are Eastern Feb. 27 Mission: Global Precipitation Measurement (GPM) Core Observatory Launch Vehicle: H-IIA Launch Site: Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) Tanegashima Space Center, Tanegashima Island, Japan Launch Time: 1:07 to 3:07 p.m. Description: GPM is an international satellite mission led by NASA and JAXA to provide next-generation observations of rain and snow worldwide. March 16 Mission: SpaceX 3 Commercial Resupply Services Flight Launch Vehicle: Falcon 9 Launch Site: Cape Canaveral Air Force Station Launch Pad: Space Launch Complex 40 Launch Time: 4:42 a.m. Description: SpaceX 3 will be the third commercial resupply mission to the ISS by Space Exploration Technologies (SpaceX). To watch a NASA launch online, go to http:// NASA Employees of the Month: February NASA News Report