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September/October 2013 Issue 155 The Antigua and Barbuda High Commission Official Newsletter Inside This Issue Independence Speech 1,4 Liberta Sports Club receives grant 8 Free Pre School opens in Greenbay 11 H E Dr John Ashe, President of the UN 68th General Assembly 12 New School for Five Islands 13 Six Female Police Officers journey to South Africa 15 X Factor with Mary J Blige and Nicole Scherzinger in Antigua 17 Antigua and Barbuda voted ing honeymoon destination 18 Female WWII Veteran to receive grant 19 Endeavouring all Antigua and Barbuda High Commission, 2nd Floor, 45 Crawford Place, London W1H 4LP Telephone:020 7258 0070 Facsimile:020 7258 7486 Email: enquiries@antigua A newsletter produced by the Antigua and Barbuda High Commission London for nationals and friends of Antigua and Barbuda Greetings 32 nd Anniversary of Independence Celebrations Antigua and Barbuda: One Family; Celebrating with Pride, Vision and Integrity My Fellow Antiguans and Barbudans and friends in the Diaspora. I am delighted to have this opportunity to extend Greetings on the 32 nd Anniversary of political independence of our beloved nation Antigua and Barbuda. As we celebrate the 32 nd Anniversary of Independence, Antigua and Barbuda: One Family; celebrating with pride, vision reflects what it truly means to be Antiguan and Barbudan. Every year at this time, we reflect and celebrate with pride the contributions of the men and women of our nation who have gone beyond the call of duty in giving service to the citizens and residents of Antigua and Barbuda. It is the selfless dedication of giving back to the nation by ordinary Antiguans and Barbudans that make our nation great. Our independence celebrations, particularly those activities that involve our children, teens and youth, not only give us a sense of pride in the future of our country, but they are a reflection of the vision that we have for the future of the nation. When we plan for our young people, we envision a future that is secure with a cadre of educated and well trained professionals. That is why the government remains committed to ensuring that the greatest number of our young people are given the opportunity to gain university level education. Our future will be secure if our vision for the future is paralleled with our programmes and policies. ence Speech continued on Hon Dr W. Baldwin Spencer Prime Minister of Antigua and Barbuda Antigua and Barbuda One Family: Celebrating with Pride, Vision and Integrity


2 An Analysis of the Youth Development Index of September 2013 What does the CYI mean for Small States especially Antigua and Barbuda. What are the indices for and what are the common myths about what they are used for? On the 19 th of September this year, the Commonwealth, in collaboration with the Institute of Economics and Peace, launched the Youth Development Index Report, the first index to measure the development and empowerment of young people worldwide. five domains of health education employment political participation and civic partnership, which establish a framework used as a tool to monitor change over time, identify areas that need further attention and promote investment where necessary. Measuring these levels (health education employment political participation and civic partnership) provides researchers, policymakers, young people and civil society with a resource to compare countries on their relative levels, identify where countries are doing well and areas to focus on investment Currently, 87 percent of young people aged 15 24 live in a developing society, and out of the two billion people living in the 54 Commonwealth member states, 60 percent are under the age of 30. In understanding these percentages, it becomes evident why approaching youth development is a necessity for the social and economic benefit of both present and future generations. Independent to state size, culture, race or political affiliation, every youth has the right to education and freedom to realize his/her potential as an individual. Inspiring and enabling youths on how to develop the skills to approach such rights and freedoms, contributes to the development of democracy that drives change. The Commonwealth Deputy Secretary General Mrs. Mmasekgoa Masire Mwamba, from the Republic of Botswana, affirmed that member states, makes it more vital than ever that we engage in practical action that matches the sense of urgency and Antigua and Barbuda is ranked 21 st out of 51 states in the Commonwealth Youth Development Index and 87 th out of 170 states in the Global Youth Development Index. What does this information mean for Antigua and Barbuda? How is it beneficial to our youth, and to those of neighbouring island states? Addressing issues of health education employment political participation and civic partnership through data, allows for socio economic goals to become tangible and solution processes to be monitored more effectively. For small states such as Antigua and Barbuda, this process allows for local implementation of internationally identified trends, bridging a closer gap between thinking global and acting local. Furthermore, it becomes essential for a small island state to globally portray how such objectives and means of achieving them are implemented successfully, locally. International recognition brings a greater feeling of nationhood to the people; it portrays political and economic stability, social development, and encourages investment. His Excellency Dr Carl B W Roberts, CMG


3 The Youth Development Index allows for the visibility of trends within specific sectors of society. Below, the enrolment in all secondary and primary schools in Antigua and Barbuda is monitored between the 2003 04 to 2011 12 school years, and will continue to be monitored in the future. The table indicates an exponential growth of the enrollment in Secondary Schools every year (5895 student enrolled in 2003 04 vs. 7907 in 2011 12). These statistics not only monitor progression and/or regression, but encourage hope and motivate ambition as Antigua and Barbuda moves forward in the achievement of universal secondary education. In knowing how far we have gone, the vision on how far we want to go begins to develop more clearly. With clearer long term objectives, confidence increases in approaching a more socially inclusive sustainable growth. Small island states bear the burdens of resource scarcity, inadequate skilled labor and dependency on tourism. The role of Youth development contributes to sustainable development factors through widespread education, upsurge in the skilled labor, diversification in employment opportunities and consequent elimination of economic dependencies. "Education is the most powerful weapon with which you can change the world." Nelson Mandela. Some key facts and findings : Young people aged 15 29 make up around, on average, 28% of the population in Commonwealth Countries. Democracies score considerably better in Youth Development in comparison to Authoritarian regimes. Australia, Canada and New Zealand are the best performing Commonwealth countries. The average youth unemployment rare in Commonwealth countries is 22.9% Developing such findings requires access to data, and ability to incorporate empirical and statistical techniques to draw quantitative and qualitative conclusions. Dependency on local data serves as a foundation to the research, but availability and validity become questionable. In addition, equally balancing values of Commonwealth Small States need to develop the opportunity and skill not only to source new data and rely on its international solution implication, but need to improve on existing data, how to effectively track it over time and Nonetheless, it is the levels of correlation between two variables that depicts how they associate with each other, that allows for the recognition of multiple actors to be influential as conclusions become drawn empirically. In April of 2012, the Antigua and Barbuda Ministry of Education, Youth, Sports and Gender Affairs, launched a Business Practical Training Camp for Form 4 business students. The goal of the camp was to allow students to expand and implement the theory studied in the classroom in a practical setting and to offer guidance and training to students on starting and operating a small business The correlation between the launch of educative programs for students such as the Business Practical Training Camp and the increase of enrollments in secondary schools provides evidence that afterschool workshops are associated with greater interest in education. To conclude, the Youth Development Index will contribute to a clearer understanding of how young people are likely to respond to change, how they envision their future and how their expectations and self motivations can transcend to individual and communal opportunities for well being. His Excellency Dr Carl B W Roberts, CMG


4 to continue our social programmes for our young people ranging from the school uniform and school meals programmes, ICT initiative to our scholarship programmes. Our Leadership through Excellence Award Programme (LEAP) and the Work Experience Programmes have seen successes. In the Leap Programme, young graduates are given a three month attachment to a Ministry, Department or Agency within Government. During their three month attachment the participants are mentored and exposed to the operations of the Public Sector. Each LEAP candidate receives a monthly stipend and is eligible for a $5000 award upon successful completion of the programme. The Work Experience Programme, operated through the Ministry of Labour also provides on the job training and development for our young people with the option of full employment after their period of attachment. As a government, we do all of this with integrity. We remain focused, consistent, committed and honest in our actions for the nation and people of Antigua and Barbuda. Over the past year, Antigua and Barbuda has continued to make strides in its efforts to improve economic conditions in the wake of the global economic and financial crises. The Government continued to control expenditure and sought to improve overall fiscal management, in keeping with the objectives of the Fiscal Consolidation Programme. The fiscal policies pursued by the Government have resulted in a significant improvement in fiscal performance. There was significant improvement in the overall fiscal balance as the deficit declined from 5.3% of GDP in 2011 to 1.4% of GDP in 2012. The primary balance, a key measure has also improved from a deficit in 2011 to a surplus of 1.2% of GDP in 2012. However, for the fiscal year 2013 both the primary and overall fiscal balances are projected to decline. This is due to the Governward with the economic stimulus aspect of the NEST Plan, under which work would proceed on several major capital projects, despite lower than budgeted revenues. With respect to growth, Antigua and Barbuda recorded real economic growth of about 2.8% in 2012, the highest rate of growth in the Eastern Caribbean Currency Union. This improvement in GDP is an indication that the efforts taken to improve fiscal management in Antigua and Barbuda have begun to bear fruit and will lead to further economic improvements, in the years ahead, as the global economy rebounds. The increase in economic activity in Antigua and Barbuda was due to a growth in the tourism sector and a nearly 10% expansion in the construction sector. This growth in the construction sector is due in no small measure to the Construct Antigua and Barbuda Initiative. There has also been significant progress with regard to a number of structural reforms. Over the past several months, a number of initiatives were initiated to improve operations at the Customs and Excise Division and the Inland Revenue Department. These include a new Customs Control and Management Act, introduction of the HS 2007 Customs Code for classifying imports, streamlining procedures for the payment of taxes, and introducing the use of electronic systems to allow payment of taxes with debit and credit cards. Additionally, The Government is making it easier for Antiguans and Barbudans living abroad to invest in the country. Under the Antigua Diaspora Investment Partnership Program, Antiguans and Barbudans living abroad will receive a waiver of the Revenue Recovery Charge (RRC) when importing approved Construct Antigua and Barbuda Initiative building materials. The rate of the RRC is 10%. While we as a government continue to implement programmes and policies to stimulate economic activity and provide economic and social relief to the population, the pace of economic recovery in Antigua and Barbuda will depend largely on economic development in major advanced economies especially in the EURO region and the United States. Given the small size of our economy, its openness, and our resultant dependence on our major trading partners, it is imperative that we remain on the path of fiscal consolidation to ensure that we continually position ourselves to benefit from the eventual improvement in world economic conditions. For most of us our independence celebrations is also our New Year. Our New Year to recommit ourselves to building and molding a strong and free nation. It is the time that we redouble our efforts in doing good for each other and our country. It is also that time to demonstrate that we are Antiguan and Barbudan by developing a new level of cooperation a new level of patriotism a new level of working together as we move forward. It is my hope that during these independence celebrations we will heed the call to usher in a renewed sense of pride and resilience to overcome all challenges. Let us join hands on a journey for our future A future where every boy, girl, man and women is given the opportunity to live their vision and contribute to our nations sustainable development. As responsible citizens of Antigua and Barbuda residing in the Diaspora, I ask you to give your support to the govtion forward and making it more productive. It is my hope that this independence season will reignite in all of us a sense of patriotism that will take our nation towards a better future. I wish you and your loved ones a truly enjoyable Independence celebrations, join your Antiguan and Barbudan sisters and brothers at home and around 32 nd Anniversary of Independence. May God Bless you and our Nation Antigua and Barbuda Independence


5 Councillor Michael Desmond, Head of London Borough of Hackney, Mr Everton George, President Antigua and Barbuda National Association, fellow citizens and friends of Antigua and Barbuda, it is my pleasure to address you on this the 32 nd anniversary of independence of our beloved country. As usual we take the time to remember how God has blessed us over the last year and to ask his blessings for another year in our lives. Most of us will immediately acknowledge that it has not been an easy year by any means and we therefore have much to thank the Almighty for. The Government of Antigua and Barbuda has selected as theme for this year's celebration: Antigua and Barbuda One Family: Celebrating with Pride, Vision and Integrity From this theme I take as points for our reflection the concept of one family, living with (a) pride (b) vision and (c) integrity. Here let me repeat for emphasis a few things I said last year. It is very clear to anyone assessing the political environment in our homeland that we are not living as one family. That is not to say that a family must at all times have the same points of view. Neither do we necessary have to hold the same vision for development. What must be obvious is that the family should, no I dare to say must, have an agreed vision which takes the entire family forward to a better standard of living, a safer environment where each member of the family has the choice to improve and live in peace and safety. The discussion should not be about the politics of government but about the policies of governing; about developing clear and fair guidelines which are transparent, productive, equitable and just for all. Neither should it be too backward looking, trying to re create the lifestyle of yesterday while neglecting the possibilities of tomorrow. I am sure that all of you are as proud as I am read of the stalwart reprediplomats abroad. The recent elevation of Ambassador Dr. John Ashe to the Presidency of the 68 th Session of the General Assembly of the United Nations in New York is just one of those events that bring pride to this small nation of Antigua and Barbuda. Nor should I forget the untiring efforts and achievements of Dame Deborah Lovell in Washington, nor Ambassador Sir David Shoul, our representative to China, nor the staff at the High Commission in London. Though the spotlight falls on a few we should also be proud of the many others who have in the past delivered, and others who continue to deliver, sterling service on behalf of our beloved nation. We all deserve your commendation and appreciation for working under, sometimes impossible conditions to serve you and our country. Our vision should also include where we would like Antigua and Barbuda to be at the end of the next twenty years. What would we like our country to look like and what qualities of the society we most desire as factors around us? I was ever so pleased while listening to a discussion on Observer Radio in Antigua and Barbuda last night to gather that such a desire is shared by the host of the programme as well as his guests. Many of those calling into the programme also held the same point of view. No doubt your hearts swell with such desire to see such a vision, but more so to observe clear and unambiguous steps towards achieving the same vision. The final theme looks at the critical aspect of integrity of character. This may mean different things to different persons and could easily have been the entire focus of my short presentation. In examining the definitions of this word, I came across a steadfast adherence to moral and ethical principles; of sound moral character; a state of being unimpaired, sound, truthful and honest; consistency of actions, values, methods, measures, principles, expectations and outcomes. Are these attributes to be applied to the State or to the individual citizens who live therein? A read of the bible dispels any doubt that they apply equally to one as to the other, for good citizens make a good nation. As the bible infers a bad tree cannot bring forth good fruits. By your works you will be known. If this is to be taken as a template of the citizens of our beloved nation then let us answer the call to action embodied in our National Anthem. In our own way each of us is a representative of our country in the eyes of our neighbours. Let Raise the standard! Raise in boldly call of duty wherever we are in this country. Fellow citizens, times are indeed hard. But in striving with Pride and Integrity to deliver on that Vision let us not lose the integrity of our character, which draws respect from our neighbours but more importantly form our living Saviour whose example we emulate. Our united efforts will hasten the arrival of the vision we share and the hope that dwells within each of us. Happy Independence to us all! Presentation by His Excellency Dr Carl B W Roberts, CMG at Antigua and Barbuda National Association Anniversary of Independence Church Service At St Matthias Church, Stoke Newington, Wordsworth Road, London Sunday 27 th October 2013, 3:00 pm


6 Excerpted from; caribbeannesnow, caribbean360news,caribarena National Flag of Antigua and Barbuda Designed by Mr Reginald Samuel in a 1966. The seven point Golden Sun symbolises the dawn of a new era. Red: symbolises lifeblood of slave forefathers and dynamism of the people. Blue: symbolises hope. Black: symbolises the soil and African heritage. Gold, Blue and White: Antigua and Barbuda's tourist attraction sun, sea and sand. "V": Victory at last! The flag was adopted on February 27, 1967. Celebrations in the UK for 32 nd The 32nd Anniversary of Independence was celebrated in the UK by the Antigua and Barbuda Association London Thanksgiving Service at St Matthias Church on Sunday 27th October 2013. The address was given by His Excellency Dr Carl B W Roberts, CMG, High Commissioner under Many nationals and friends attended. Some Renditions included Antigua and Barbuda National On Thursday 31st October 2013 Evensong at Westminster Abbey was dedicated to Antigua and The Second Lesson was read by His Excellency Dr Carl B W Roberts, CMG, High Commissioner. The grand finale will be a dinner dance organized by the Antigua and Barbuda National Association and Stoke Newington Travel on Saturday 9th November 2013 at the Novotel Hotel Hammersmith. Antigua and Barbuda will celebrate 32 years of Independence while Stoke Newington Travel (owned by nationals of Antigua) celebrates 40 years since its inception. His Excellency Dr Carl Roberts CMG, Nationals from all around the UK including Leicester will join in the celebrations. National Flag


7 * * * Minister of Education remarks at Youth Rally 2013 "Stronger Youth; Stronger Nation." simple, so straightforward, so factual like arithmetic. It reminds me of that timeless debate about which came first, the chicken or the egg. At the end of the debate one will find that each is dependent on the other. How do our youth build a stronger nation? You do so by taking advantage of every opportunity provided for your empowerment. Your nation provides eighty nine public and private schools both primary and secondary for your intellectual and technical development. Your nation offers you the Antigua State College for higher learning. Your nation offers you teachers and technology, equipment and resources for your intellectual and social development. Your nation offers you scholarships to expand your mind and broaden your horizons. The Department of Youth is passionate about dialoguing with you. I know all young people want to be heard and Ms. Athill and her staff at the Youth Department listen. They give you a voice. Youth build a stronger nation by being good, disciplined, law abiding citizens; by doing your civic duty and ultimately by giving back to community, your fellowmen and country. These are all ingredients, which, with your own personal ambitions help build a solid citizenry. ernment and opposition, private sector and public sector; young peovation of our heritage, our customs, our beliefs as a people and the practice of our culture. The stronger and more rooted you are in these aspects of Antiguan and Barbudan life the stronger your future; the stronger our nation. When you are no longer youth it becomes your responsibility to ensure that the youth are grounded and immersed in all things which will make them strong. Lead by example, Lead in the positive way you were led or the way you wish you were led. As your Minister of Education and Youth I feel exceedingly proud when I look at you in all of your glory representing your schools with pride. You stir memories of my own Youth Rally days. The sea of colours and the passionate energy you radiate are stunning. Young people, you are indeed beautiful. You are the jewels in the sand of our shores. You are the rays of the sun in our flag. You are the hopes and dreams of our foremothers and forefathers. Today is yours. Tomorrow is also yours. Today as always, I pledge to bear you up, support you, encourage you, nurture you and make you stronger so that you will in turn bear up the generations after you making them even stronger. At this time let us observe a moment of silence for our dearly departed teacher Sean Williams, a teacher of Old Road Primary, who was brutally gunned down in the prime of his life and whose students and influence are present today. Also we observe a moment of silence for Rushaun Nathaniel a St. Mary's Secondary student who perished in a fire in Bolans; and any others who were part of our school system in some way. Let us observe a minute's silence. Thank you very much. On behalf of the Ministry of Education, Sports, Youth and Gender Affairs and indeed on behalf of the government of Antigua and Barbuda, I wish you all a Happy 32nd Anniversary of Independence 2013. Thank you 31st October 2013 * * * National Flower The Dagger Log's (Agave karatto Miller) yellow flowers rises from the large rosette formed by the Agave plant. Years ago, fishing rafts were made from the flower's log (or stem) and fishing bait was made from the white interior pulp of the leaves.


8 Antiguan Culture on Display In dance Performances display Monday 28th October 2013 night as dancers, actors, singers and cultural enthusiasts participated in a creative extravaganza dedicated to local folklore. Folk Night/Heritage Night and Evening of Dance is one of the many events being held in honour independence. Held at the Multipurpose Cultural and Exhibition Centre several dance groups entertained the audience moving to the rhythm of drums in madras themed costumes or traditional clothing depicting the Antiguan flag. There was also an appearance by this year old Baby Eve and the St Josephs Academy Glee Club. are being held under the theme Celebrating With Pride, Vision and 29th October 2013 * * * Antigua and Barbuda High Commission, 2nd Floor, 45 Crawford Place, London W1H 4LP For more information or to make an appointment please Telephone 020 7258 0070 Liberta sports club receives half million US dollar grant pansion programme got a substantial boost with a US $500,000 grant from an overseas donor to build a pavilion at the Ball Beef Ground in Liberta. The ground breaking ceremony took place on Tuesday, October 15. The LSC executive is delighted and its president Kenny Benjamin explained that the process has strengthened the LSC. for the past two years to ensure that we both benefit from this grant. We have ensured that we are now a registered non profit organisation and we are in negotiations with the government to lease the sporting faciliserious we are about developing a sports complex that will not only benefit our community but also our The project is expected to take eight months to complete and will consist of a conference room, two suites, an area for the LSC youth development rooms. The pavilion drawings will be posted on the LSC Facebook and website Liberta Sports Club was founded in 1991. 3rd October 2013 * * *


9 Proposals under review for the construction of a new prison Five proposals for the construction of a new correctional facility in Antigua have been submitted and are currently under review by the Ministry of National Security and Labour. Minister of National Security and Labour, Sen. the Hon. Dr L. Errol Cort made the announcement in a statement in the Senate while addressing an incident that took place within the walls of the prison last weekend. yielded five responses, which are the government is encouraged by the quality of the proposals that have been received and is confident that the goal to have a new prison facility built is now more reachable. Each proposal document also comprised of a financing component. The National Security Minister said he would share further deals with the public at a later date. Earlier this year, a call for proposals for the construction of the facility was put out by the Ministry as the overcrowding within the prison grew worse. At present there are over 370 residents in the facility that was built to house 150. 16th September 2013 * * * Over five hundred state college students opt into governments Tablet programme On Thursday, 10th October more than five hundred Antigua State College students were allocated Samsung Galaxy Tablets with 4G LTE connectivity under the e Education connectivity component of the Government Assisted Technology Endeavor (GATE) programme. The plan is for the students from the Department of Undergraduate Studof business, department of engineering and construction and the school of nursing to utilize the tablets in and outside of the classroom. Last week faculty at the tertiary level institution was also given tablets and connectivity. It is envisioned that as the students and lecturers familiarize themselves with the technology they will not only become consumers of digital content but also creators. Minister of Telecommunications, Science and Technology Dr Hon. Edmond Mansoor said students of Antigua and Barbuda are the first in the region to integrate 4G LTE technology with their schooling. and the Ministry of Education are leveraging on the latest mobile technologies in innovative ways to improve learning, teaching, and communication between students and Antigua and Barbuda has set the trend in the region after being the first to launch 4G LTE, it is now the first to provide such resources to students island wide. So far over three thousand tablets have been distributed to fourth and fifth form students in private and public secondary schools under the GATE project. The Government Assisted Technolo g y E n d e a v o u r ( G A T E ) p r o g r a m m e is a four component, award winning partnership between the Government of Antigua and Barbuda and Telecommunications company Digicel. For more information on GATE check 11th October 2013 * * * Excerpted from;; caribbeannesnow, caribbean360news,caribarena


10 CAPE Digital Media Course signals a new Approach to education The Caribbean Examination Council (CXC) made history in Antigua on Thursday September 5th 2013, with the launch of a CAPE level subject in Digital Media. The launch which signals a new era for education in the region and for the forty year old organization was fittingly held at the game changing ICT Cadet Training Facility in Antigua. The move, CXC Registrar and Chief Executive Officer Dr. Didacus Jules said marks a real highpoint in the transformation of CXC into an IT intelligent organization. opportunities for Caribbean people that builds capacity to participate as digital citizens in this new world of ICT. To date, most of what passes for computer and IT training is largely about teaching people to be users of existing computer programmes, and not enough of this effort has been directed towards making us creators said. The CAPE Digital Media subject is intended to help lead a new cadre of students to careers such as animators, web developers, graphic artists and mobile app developers. The Syllabus was developed by a team of Caribbean Experts. A Working Committee drawn from academia and industry practitioners provided guidance to the Panel on the focus and scope of the syllabus. said. Minister of Telecommunications, Science and Technology Dr. Hon. Edmond Mansoor said the move by CXC is visionary. However he cautioned it will call for a total realignment and refocusing by educators and other stakeholders. and old with the opportunity to besaid. tent is monarch and this facility here, is geared towards training people in content creation, whilst at the same time the New Media Unit which shoots in high definition is literally see the same thing for the other CarDr Mansoor noted the game changing Government Assisted Technology Endeavour (GATE) programme which was launched in Antigua, focuses on broadband Internet connectivity, innovation, entrepreneurship, job creation and sustainability. CXC Advisory Committee Member Bevil Wooding said to combat the shortage of teachers able to deliver the programme, orientation videos have been prepared to assist both teachers and students in the subject. contain videos that explain the programme, expert lecturers talking about technology, inner working of also collated a number of info graphics to help in the classrooms so that teachers can refer to charts that simplify what the different streams Prime Minister Dr. Hon. Baldwin Spencer said the move by CXC is not only visionary but also revolutionary. CXC for choosing Antigua as the country to launch the initiative. that we would position Antigua as the ICT capital of not only the Eastern Caribbean but the Caribbean and Minister Spencer said. A digital copy of the new syllabus was presented to Prime Minister Spencer and Director of Education Jacintha Pringle by Dr Didacus Jules during the launch. Find more information about CAPE Digital Media click here http:// For more information on GATE check or E mail: 6th September 2013 * * *


11 Government opens free pre school in Greenbay A third government operated pre school was declared opened on Thursday and is expected to bring much relief to privately operated institutions that are overwhelmed with children. The Greenbay Preschool, which is being housed in the same premises of the primary institution, will have an enrollment of 30 children commencing Monday 16 September, 2013. The opening of the facility was made possible through financial support from the Board of Education of approximately $ EC 42,000 and from the Mill Reef Fund. Declaring open the facility on Thursday, Education Minister Dr. Jacqui Quinn Leandro said her ministry and by extension the Government of Antigua and Barbuda is serious about education, and is determined that no child is left behind. special about this and the other two facilities is that it will teach using the gence. They will be allowed to explore in a relaxed, clean, child friendly and caring environment under the guidance of capable teachers, using the tried and tested critically offered by the government free of cost to those of the lower income bracket of these communities. We in the Ministry strongly believe that reeconomic background all children must be exposed to quality stimulation. The aim therefore of the education system under this administration is to give every boy and girl an equal opportunity to ensure readiness for primaDr. Quinn Leandro credited the Mill Reef Fund for the continued interest their board members have shown in early childhood education, noting corporate community and philanthropic organizations such as Mill Reef are able to catch the vision of agencies of government and to work harmoniously in benevolent public acknowledged the role played by the Board of Education in providing funding for the renovation of two classrooms and other additional work in preparing for the preschool. The Minister of Education told those in attendance that Antigua and Barbuda is well on its way to providing the highest quality of education for students, with the ultimate goal of attaining Universal Tertiary Education (UTE). cation is expensive business. Education is dedication. What we are doing here today is not simply for pomp and ceremony; it is a serious investture. We are laying the foundation for future educators, Prime Ministers and education ministers; for future professionals and masters of their the Greenbay Primary School today. There are many other schools that would love to have pre schools attached to their institutions but you are among the first. In time, however, preschools in all primary schools will be the norm and that is a norm I hope is never ever taken for granted. As this country has already attained Universal Primary Education, (UPE). We have this year begun Universal Secondary education, USE. Our goal is to eventually attain Universal Early Childhood education, UECE and UniJacqui Quinn Leandro declared. In 2008, the Simon Bolivar preschool was opened. In March 2013, the Villa preschool became operational, and preschool brings to three the number of early childhood facilities that will be operated by the government. make strides and to be trendsetters in modernizing education in the OECS and we can do it. The only thing or people who could stop that from happening is us. It is people who make things happen and as long as we have the will, the way has no choice but to follow. We have it within ourselves to be innovative and Jacqui Quinn Leandro declared. 13th September 2013 * * * Excerpted from; caribbeannesnow, caribbean360news,caribarena; daily observer; * * * Above: Dr The Honourable Baldwin W Spencer and Dr The Honourable Jacqui Quinn Leandro


12 GENERAL ASSEMBLY HIGH LEVEL MEETING ADOPTS OUTCOME DOCUMENT SEEKING TO PROMOTE DISABILITY INCLUSIVE DEVELOPMENT President John Ashe Notes Glaring Absence of Disability Rights from Millennium Goals UNITED NATIONS, New York As the General Assembly adopted a landmark outcome document aimed at promoting disability inclusive development, during its first ever high level meeting on that topic, its President the instrument to guide efforts towards the creation of a fully inclusive society through 2015 and beyond. group, the onus is on us all to ensure that any future sustainable developsembly President John Ashe (Antigua and Barbuda) stressed, pointing out the absence of any reference to people with disabilities in all eight Millennium Development Goals. The international community had now realized that it would be impossible to meet development targets, including the Millennium Goals, without incorporating the rights, well being and perspective of persons with disabilities. By the text adopted today, Heads of State and Government reaffirmed their resolve to work together for disability inclusive development and commitment to advancing the rights of all persons with disabilities, which was deeply rooted in the goals of the United Nations and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. World leaders also underlined the need for urgent action by all relevant stakeholders towards the adoption and implementation of more ambitious disability inclusive national development strategies, while expressing their resolve to undertake various commitments to address barriers, including those relating to education, health care, employment, legislation, societal attitudes, as well as the physical environment and information and communications technology. The text urged the United Nations system as well as Member States to stay engaged in efforts to realize the Millennium Development Goals and other internationally agreed development targets for persons with disabilities towards 2015 and beyond. It encouraged the international community to seize every opportunity to include disability as a cross cutting issue on the global development agenda, including the emerging post 2015 United Nations development framework. Assembly President Ashe (Antigua and Barbuda), noting that some had emphasized that people with physical, sensory, mental and intellectual disa1 billion. ied group, each with unique gifts and abilities, and each with unique chalonly lessons about love and respect, but also about persevering against the Turning to the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, adopted by the Assembly in 2006, he noted that 134 countries had ratified or acceded to the treaty, which had been envisaged from inception as both a human rights and a development instrument. Lastly, he said international efforts should be focused on providing critical leadership with a view to mobilizing action and support for specific policy commitments in national and regional environments, and to harnessing best practices, experiences and resources from effective multi stakeholder partnerships. (UN News Ends) * * * 24th September 2013 United States President Barack Obama congratulates His Excellency Dr John Ashe, Antipost of President of the UN 68th General Assembly


13 The Antigua and Barbuda Tourism Authority has relocated to the Antigua and Barbuda High Commission 2nd Floor, 45 Crawford Place, London W1H 4LP Telephone 020 3668 3800 Government to break ground for new school in Five islands Next Month A new multipurpose secondary school which can accommodate 750 students will be constructed in Five Islands. Financing for the construction of the new secondary institution is being made available through a China. Government officials revealed more details on the project which has been in the works for sometime now during a press conference at the Office of the Prime Minister. Apart from housing classrooms, the Institution will also contain an IT unit and science laboratories, a gymnasium, and a music room among other facilities. The ground breaking ceremony for the 6,450 sq metres institution has been slated for November 17th 2013. vid Shoul described the facility as a first class, modern secondary school. However he noted there have been a few challenges that delayed the start of the project but he is confident that it will be completed. The new school is expected to help ease the strain on overpopulated public secondary institutions. * * * 24th October 2013 75 Recruits join the ranks as Police and Fire Officers On Thursday 10th October 2013 75 recruits successfully graduated from the Police Recruit Training Course 44. The 48 police recruits and the 27 fire brigade recruits participated in front of hundreds of dignitaries, fami l y a n d w e l l w i s h e r s Three salutes were taken; the first by Commissioner of Police, Vere Hon. W. Baldwin Spencer and the Governor General, Her Excellency Dame Louise Lake Tack. The Governor General also in spected the parade, after she was given a report by the Parade Commander. The audience expressed audible appreciation for the precision and uniformity with which the March Past, both slow and quick time, was con ducted. The keynote address was delivered by the Minister of National Security, Sen. the Hon. Dr. L. Errol Cort who called on the new officers to be disci plined, to have integrity and to continuously seek to develop their skills. He encouraged them to uphold the standard as police officers. Dr Cort also commended the Commandant, the Chief Instructors and other instructors for a job well done. He noted that this batch of officers was exposed to an expanded curricu l u m t h a t i n c l u d e d s u b j e c t a r e a s such as human trafficking, financial crimes and the constitution of Antigua and Barbuda. Several awards and prizes were distributed during the ceremony, with the Baton of Honour going to the Best All Round Performer and Valedictorian No.64 Constable Jamal Wright. Prizes were distributed by the Governor General, Prime Minister and the National Security Minister.


14 Minister of Finance lays foundation for investments from UAE Minister of Finance, the Economy and Public Administration Hon. Harold Lovell returned to Antigua from Dubai expressing confidence that the groundwork laid for Antigua and Barbuda to be considered for investment and as a service destination for the Emirates Airlines will materialize in the near future. Mr. Lovell was invited to present at the inaugural Global Citizens Forum 2013 held at the Armani Hotel, Burj Khalifa in Dubai on September 12. The Global Citizen Forum is a platform for exchange between relevant stakeholders in an effort to build awareness, educate and promote Global Citizenship as a way of life. Attracting Investment to Antigua and Barbuda, during which time he highlighted key components of the Citizenship by Investment Programme. While in Dubai, Mr Lovell met with His Excellency Shiekh Tariq Bin Faisel Al Qassimi, chairman of Emirates Investment Group, and Mr Raza Jafar, CEO of ENSHAA, the company behind landmark projects in Dubai such as the Palazzo Versace Hotel, Emirates Financial Towers, which entered the Guinness Book of World Record for car parking in Dubai, and the D1 tower, which is arguably the best high rise residential tower in Dubai. Mr. Lovell also met with executives of Dubai National Air Transport Agency (DNATA) and the Emirates Airlines to explore possibilities for airlift out of the UAE region into Antigua and Barbuda. There was a pledge by all of the parties to actively pursue hospitality projects in Antigua and Barbuda. Mr. Lovell thanked President and CEO of the Arton Capital for extending the invitation to participate in the high level Global Forum. More than 150 industry professionals from across the globe attended the session. Among those in attendance were distinguished speakers from government agencies, leading financial and legal experts and industry professionals. Topics presented included Concentration of Wealth and Locating Future Global Citizens; Political challenges and stability of legislation and programme; Privileges and responsibility of global citizens; Wealth and estate planning for future generations; Why does one of the 25 most powerful Arabs need second citizenship; Regulatory bodies and due diligence; and Attracting foreign Investment through investor programmes for residence and citizenship. Mr. E. Casroy James of James and Maginley Ltd., local partner of Arton Capital Group, accompanied the Honourable Mr. Lovell. 16th September 2013 * * * Minister Harold Lovell seen here with His Excellency Shiekh Tariq Bin Faisel Al Qassimi, chairman of Emirates Investment Group National Dress (Designed by Heather Doram) Worn by market vendors and cake makers in Antigua and Barbuda, circa 1834. (This version designed by native Antiguan Heather Doram.) "National Day" is when many Antiguans and Barbudans proudly wear their national clothing, serve or eat local food and drinks, and attend national prayer services. (Photo by Timothy Payne). National Fruit Originally introduced by the Arawakan speaking people, the Antiguan Black Pineapple (Ananas comosus) was used for making twine, cloth and for healing purposes. Today it is mainly grown on the south side of Antigua.


15 Six Female Police Officers journey to South Africa for the 51st International Association of Women in Policing Conference On Tuesday, 15 th September, 2013, six (6) female Police Officers from the Royal Police Force of Antigua and Barbuda left on a journey to take part in the 51 st International Association of Women in Policing (IAWP) Conference in Durban, South Africa hosted by the South African Police Service (SAPS) from 22 nd to 26 th September. The International Association of Women in Policing (IAWP) equips its members for success, providing the highest quality of education, leadership, information exchange and recognition of excellence through a network of local, regional and international chapters preparing members for the workforce challenges of tomorrow. Female Officers are faced with issues such as transformation and gender bias which still engulf many organisations around the world. It has however been recognise that the resilience, courage and determination of women despite all odds continue to thrive daily. This conference was held as the South African Police Service (SAPS) celebrated 100 years of existence in Month, which was held in August. A quote from the late President Thomas Sankara of Burkina Faso based on the struggle for gender Mothers, Life Companion, our Comrades in struggle and because of all this fact, you should by right affirm yourselves as equal partners in the joyful victory feasts of the RevoluThe hospitality of the SAPS and the Durban Community in general was very well received and will forever hold a spe cial place in our hearts and memories. Even with the mixture of culture from across the African Community and females from the other parts of the world to include the Caribbean (Antigua and Barbuda, Trinidad and Tobago and Jamaica), Europe, the Untied States of America, Canada etc.. were able to share a wealth of knowledge which was well received. Topics like Policing of Gender Based Violence in S.A., the Strategies to prevent Child Labour, the Multi Dimensional approach to combat violent organised crime, cloning of Bank Cards, Rape: A Sociological and Criminological perspective, Online Sexual Abuse of Children, Trafficking of Endangered Species and human organs, the abuse of Police Power to perpetrate Sexual Violence etc.. After an Educational and Intriguing journey to South Africa two of the officers PC Carla Teague and PC Isarda Ogarro came to Leicester, England where they were welcomed by Mr. and Mrs. Brillheart James. Mr Brillheart James is the President of the Barbuda Association UK. The officers were taken on a tour of downtown Leicester and to Mansfield House a Police Station within Leicestershire where they had a one to one discussion with Chief Inspector Mrs. Donna Tobin Davies who explained the important role of Female officers who take on any role within the organization doing any task that is set before them and a breakdown of the structure within the many stations which forms a part of the Leicester community. The officers were able to explain their roles as officers in a smaller nation and the structural make up of their organization in Antigua and Barbuda. Excerpted from;; caribbeannesnow, caribbean360news,caribarena


16 To Our Readers We apologise for the lateness of the receipt of the newsletter Notices and Announcements Tourism Officer within the Antigua and Barbuda TourJoel Henry has been recognised as one of the UK fliers under the age of thirty. by Travel Trade Gazette, the indusmost inspiring young people who have made an outstanding contribution to their business. Henry was nominated alongside other young people across the travel industry, including tour operators, travel agencies, and young entrepreneurs. Minister of Tourism, The Hon John ment, calling him an asset to the Antigua and Barbuda Tourism Industry. to excel, setting even higher standards within the industry as he represents Antigua and Barbuda and ensures greater success for the destinaHenry, started his travel career within the aviation industry aged 16. He joined the Antigua and Barbuda 2009. UK Director of Tourism Hilary Modprofessional in the travel industry. I am not surprised Travel Trade Gazette has recognised Joel among the top 30 young professionals in the With responsibility for marketing and business development within the UK office, Henry works with trade partners to create strategic and tactical initiatives to increase the number of UK and Ireland visitors to the islands. In addition to his duties within the Antigua and Barbuda Tourism Authe Board of Directors for the Caribbean Tourism Organisation UK Chapter. "The large network of business relationships and contacts that Joel has achieved for our destination in the few years since joining the team has Antigua and Barbuda Tourism Authority, Colin James. On behalf of the entire team, I would like to extend well deserved congratulations to Joel on this achievement". The Tourism Officer specially thanks all industry stakeholders for their support and encouragement over the years. * * 30th September 2013 National Animal Thought to be brought to our nation by the Codringtons in the early 1700s, the European Fallow (Dama dama dama) deer live and breed happily on Barbuda and Guiana island. They do not live on any other Eastern Caribbean island. There are two varieties, black and common. National Tree The Whitewood (Bucida buceras/font L), a wide spreading ornamental shade tree with nearly horizontal branches, is part of the Combretun family and related to the mangroves and almond trees. Its timber is heavy and hard and was once used for making gun carriages. Because of its "black heart," the tree was once known as "Black Gregory." National Bird The Frigate (Fregata magnificens L) is also known as Man o' War or Weather bird. Relatives of the pelicans, the male is glossy black. To attract females, he blows up his scarlet throat. The females have white breasts. Frigates weigh about three pounds, have a wing span of eight (8) feet, a deeply forked tail and fly about 22 miles per hour (mph).


17 Notices and Announcements Antigua and Barbuda in the spotlight during X factor filming with Mary J Blige and Nicole Scherzinger The spotlight was on Antigua and recognized views, excursions and party loving islanders, will be showcased to over 10 million viewers on the British television music competition show, The X factor in the first week of October. The show which aims to find new singing talent, is contested by aspiring singers drawn from public auditions within the UK. Created by Simon Cowell, the show began in September 2004 and has since aired annually from August/September through to December. throughout the X factor and Xtra factor UK shows, when X factor judge, Nicole Scherzinger, announced which of her 6 contestants in the into her final three, and on to the X display as globally recognized celebrities Scherzinger formerly of the Pussycat dolls, was joined in Antigua by R&B superstar Mary J Blige and other celebrities, for filming of the 10 year anniversary show. The Antigua and Barbuda Tourism pitched the destination to producers of the hit television show, as the ideal location from which to host the ceHouses. Though filming had only just wrapped up, the destination had already benefited from PR coverage, as images of Scherzinger partying at Shirley Heights, and enjoying the island with Blige have been strewn across UK newspapers and online sites. Scherzinger, Blige, other A listers and members of the crew spent a combined 7 days on island filming. Marketing and Administration Manager within the UK Tourist Office, to be very creative with our marketing initiatives during the year and when we heard about this opportunity, we had to grab it. We knew we were competing with other glamorous destinations for one of the four year milestone, and with the full support of the Minister of Tourism, the office, alongside our hotel partner, worked really hard to ensure X factor came to Antigua. The exposure will be unsurpassed. We are now working on other marketing activities that will allow us to capitalized on the interest we reHouse episode aired during primereceived from Government stakeholders, the Antigua Dance Academy, Vitus Cultural Performers, the Point & Villa Iron Band, the Halcyon Steel Orchestra as well as all the extras who participated in the shoot at borne. She also thanked excursion and location providers, whose sites were revealed on the show. CEO of the Antigua and Barbuda Tourism Authority Colin James said visibility opportunities that will get our message embedded in the minds of the consumer. an inordinate amount of inquiries after the showing and attract bookdestination would continue the momentum built from having had The Bachelorette in the US Market and now the UK X Factor, by looking at additional marketing opportunities that would lead to global exposure. X Factor UK is the originator of the international The X Factor franchise. 23rd September 2013 Seen Above: Mary J Blige and Nicole Scherzinger National Sea Creature As distinguished by its narrow pointed beak and often jagged edge on both sides of the shell, the Hawksbill turtle (Eretmochelys imbricata) was originally perceived as a gift from Caribs, Arawaks and archaic gods. Once actively hunted for its highly valued "tortoise shell," the Hawksbill is now on the endangered list National Stone


18 ANTIGUA and BARBUDA RECONIZED AS THE HONEYMOON AT THE 2013 WORLD TRAVEL AWARDS AMERICAS GALA CERMONY Antigua and Barbuda The twin island state of Antigua and Barbuda destination was conferred as the th Anniversary of the World Travel Awards Caribbean & The Americas Gala Ceremony held on September 14 th 2013. The elite travel awards event which el industry recognizes and awards excellent performance throughout various areas of the world travel and tourism industry. ding & Honeymoon market it is indeed an honour to be recognized by an organization like the World Travcially since the selection is made by members of the travel trade and Maginley, Minister of Tourism & Civil ceive this top accolade however I would like to recognize the hard work and dedication of our hotels, tourism partners and all workers in the hospitality industry, that without their efforts this achievement would not be possible. We intend through continued strategic marketing and improvements to our tourism product, to continually enhance the visiBy winning the WTA for the Antigua & Barbuda the opportunity to be nominated within the same category at the WTA Global Awards. This is an accolade that the destination will be striving to coup from its Caribbean competitors. In addition to winning the hotel properties and businesses were also recognized at the prestigious gala ceremony including, Hermitage Hotel, Carib World Travel was tion Management Company, Curtain Bluff Resort & Spa received awards ing Spa Resort. The Sandals Grande Antigua Resort & Spa was recognized moon Resort and Antigua and BarbuResidences at Nonsuch Bay Resort Leading Hotel Residences and Blue Waters Resort won Antigua and BarThe tropical landscape and natural beauty of Antigua and Barbuda with its beautiful secluded beaches and coves is the perfect backdrop for romance. This coupled with the desments, which allow couples wanting to get married to do so in less than 24 hours, make the destination the perfect paradise for any couple wanting to be wed. There are no residency requirements to obtain a marriage license and the paperwork is almost hassle free. A merous options available to accomgua and Barbuda have also received several accolades by both Brides Magazine and as one of the weddings and honeymoons The Huffington Post has also recently cited Antigua and Barbuda as one of the top five honeymoon destinations in the world Receiving the top accolade of of Antigua & Barbuda hosting the two part finale episodes, including the Season 9 final Rose Ceremony episode, of the ABC TV Primetime The popular reality show has introduced the destination to millions of fans around the world and with formidable airlift to access the destination scheduled for the upcoming 2013 2014 winter season, Antigua and Barbuda is poised for growth. or follow us on Facebook at 17th September 2013 * * * Photo Caption: Prime Minister, Dr Honourable W. Baldwin Spencer accepted the WTA photo Prime Minister of Antigua and Barbuda, Hon. Baldwin Spencer and tourism industry officials


19 Antigua and Barbuda Participated In World Travel Market 2013, Excel Centre, Docklands, London Monday 4th November 2013 to Thursday 7th November 2013 Sole Female WWII Veteran to receive grant The Antigua and Barbuda Ex Servicemen Association has been successful in its bid to secure financial assistance for those men and women who have risked their lives female World War II Veteran, will receive the first grant from the Royal Ex Services League (RCEL) based in the UK. This was made possible through the local association, which joined the membership of the RCEL in May of this year. Secretary of the Association Keith Eastmond told Observer media this was the first of several applications submitted to the RCEL on the behalf of veterans on the island. Nanton will be granted a sum close to £400 per year to offset her upkeep. seven applications, there are another three to be submitted. However, those records of service have not yet been found. We have quite a job to find these records and theEastmond said. The RCEL helps support veterans and ex service members of the Commonwealth. And former Commonwealth countries and is a union of 57 ex service organizations. It promoted the welfare of veterans and their dependents while helping them to meet their own charitable objectives. Eastmond said with the assistance from the RCEL old war veterans would better able to help themselves.. He also added that applications would be submitted to the RCEL once a year. for the Royal Army Peer Core as a stenographer during WWII. She will be receiving her grant in early October. * * * 23rd September 2013 Useful Telephone Numbers in Antigua and Barbuda Registrar of Births, Marriages, Deaths 001 268 462 3725 Land Registry 001 268 462 3745 0r 562 3943 or 562 3894


20 Antigua and Barbuda High Commission, 2nd Floor 45 Crawford Place, London W1H 4LP,Tel: 020 72580070,Fax: 020 72587486, enquiri es@ antigua The period for mass registration has been extended by one week, Public Relations Officer for the Antigua and Barbuda Electoral Commission (ABEC) Anne Harewood George said on Friday. According to the PRO, Governor General Dame Louise Lake Tack has issued a proclamation that extended the registration period for five days. This means registration will begin again from Monday, October 28 until Monday, November 4. No registration will take place on Independence Day, November 1. the opportunity to register, are given that opportunity; especially those in the larger constituencies. Two weeks after the mass registration period, ABEC will publish a preliminary list. The list will be made available to the public for 30 days in which time it can be scrutinised. At the end of that 30 day period, the claims and objections phase will begin and residents will be able to make objections to the names of voters on the list. So far (ABEC) has registered over 40,000 voters. 26th October 2013 * * * Tour to the Holy Land Led by the Reverend Tom Maginley (Antiguan born) (Telephone 0121 523 3415) Sunday 15th June 2014 to Sunday 22nd June 2014 For more information including booking form, itinerary and cost contact Worldwide Christian Travel, 36 Coldharbour Road, Bristol BS6 7NA Telephone 0845 458 8308 or email: info@christian Voter Re registration Extended for five days