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March/April/May 2013 Issue 153 The Antigua and Barbuda High Commission Official Newsletter Inside This Issue Commonwealth Day Observance 5 Prime Minister Appoints New Senators 6 Walker retains BMP Leadership 7 Barbuda First Calypso Tent 8 Coco Point Beach Barbuda 9 A Little Bit about Rosie 13 Barbuda Express 16 Update on New Airport 18 Kite Surfing Festival 20 Endeavouring all Antigua and Barbuda High Commission, 2nd Floor, 45 Crawford Place, London W1H 4LP Telephone:020 7258 0070 Facsimile:020 7258 7486 Email: enquiries@antigua A newsletter produced by the Antigua and Barbuda High Commission London for nationals and friends of Antigua and Barbuda Antigua hosts 57th Meeting of OECS Authority Heads of Government of the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS) and their national delegations gathered in Antigua, from June 2 to 4, for the 57th Meeting of the OECS Authority. The Authority comprised of prime ministers and chief ministers. The supreme policy making body in the sub regional grouping, continue to advance Economic Union during the session. The meeting agenda, for the business session on June 3 and 4, included mulling the financial landscape and the OECS development strategy. The heads also engaged the private sector, as they considered a partnership for growth and development. Work programmes and budgets of the organs of the OECS were to be examined. Before the leaders got down to work, however, there was the usual pomp and ceremony at the opening ceremony, on June 2 at which time the outgoing chairman of the Authority, Prime Minister of St. Vincent and the Grenadines Dr. Ralph Gonsalves, handed over the reins to Prime Minister Baldwin Spencer. Both the opening and the business sessions will be held at Sandals Grande Antigua Resort and Spa, at Dickenson Bay. 28th May 2013 * * * Antigua Carnival Saturday 27th July to Tuesday 6th August 2013


2 Address by H.E. Dr Carl Roberts CMG 23 rd May 2013 Distinguished ladies and gentlemen, I count it a privilege to speak to you this evening of the very interestperspective of Small Island States in the Commonwealth. Let me begin by congratulating you on the preparation of this insightful, thoughtful and indeed inspiring analysis of the comparative strengths and advantages of the Commonwealth. This is a broad based and detailed analysis; and it reveals many of the reasons why we as Commonwealth governments, policymakers and citizens, value membership and participation in this plurilateral association I would like to make some comments from the particu l a r p e r s p e c t i v e o f C o m m o n w e a l t h s m a l l s t a t e s i n c l u ding small island developing states and with a unique spotlight on the Caribbean region from which I come. Small States are integral members of the Commonwealth; and so are substantial beneficiaries of the extensive analysis prepared by the RCS in this valuable document. First perhaps some brief contextual information on Commonwealth small states : the Commonwealth has defined small states to include members with a population of 1.5 million or less. This is a useful benchmark small states hence over 60% of the membership is small. And among the 32, there are no less than 25 small island developing states. Not only are small states a predominate share of the Commonwealths membership ; but globally they also represent a large share with the 32 of the world 's approximately 48 small states; and with a larger proportion of the worlds SIDS represented as Commonwealth members There are seven (7) from Africa, two (2) from Asia, two (2) from Europe, twelve (12) from the Caribbean and nine from the Pacific. These simple facts have two particular implications for our discussion: first, they explain why the Commonwealth has worked extensively on small states issues over many years building up a globally recognized track record of advocacy, analysis, research and practical recommendations on the vulnerabilities of small states and on approaches to building resilience in small states. Secondly, they have a bearing on how we interpret the Commonwealth wide data which the RCS has so usefully assembled and presented the quality, extent and nuances which influence the "X" factor the special spice positions the Commonwealth beneficially for the future. For if there are limitations to the exposure of Commonwealth small states to this "X" factor, then there are limi t a t i o n s t o C o m m o n w e a l t h b e n e f i t s f r o m i t a s w e l l Let me bring four sets of issues to the discussion. Collectively they contribute a single set of thoughts for consideration in this discussion: that small states will need to benefit more substantially from the "X" factor pointed to in the report, if we are to substantively claim that such a factor, a Commonwealth ingredient and a Commonwealth factor for future success, exists. My first point is a general and foundational one that among Commonwealth members as a whole, small states suffer from acute vulnerabilities and are exposed to particular challenges to resilience building: their small population size limits their ability to diversify and yet retain global competitiveness; limits the opportunity to build secondary industries and a sustainable manufacturing base; limits economies of scale; poses a hard limitation on the available pool of human resources for development. His Excellency Dr Carl B W Roberts, CMG


3 Their remoteness increases the unit costs of trade, exposes their primary exports to unique challenges. Their small share of global GDP renders them immediate price takers, subject to volatility prone to immediate transmission effects from external economic and other factors; their location and limited infrastructure render them acutely vulnerable to natural disasters, to the impacts of climate change including sea water intrusion and results in disproportionately large cost consequences when disasters strike; and their limited individual and collective political power limits their ability to convey their challenges to the global finance, trade, regulatory and development community. With this context, let me highlight three ways in which these circumstances conspire to limit the "X'' factor for these countries. There are many more the challenges of access to development finance in small states, challenges in benefitting from inclusive green growth ; challenges in securing long term infrastructure financing ; particular challenges in achieving food security but I will confine myself to three others, for illustration: First, the challenge of achieving adequate levels on a sustained basis of growth: In the decade from 2000 2011, the compound annual per capita income growth of small vulnerable states has been only 0.83/o as against of 2.9% for Sub Saharan Africa, 4.12o/o for LDCs, and 4.24% for developing economies (and 1.32% for the global economy as a whole). Over the longer period of 1970 2011, their compound annual per capita growth (0.73/o) was lower than that of LDCs, and only marginally higher than Sub Saharan Africa. Relatively low growth rates over a sustained period point to the presence of structural vulnerabilities and challenges: these need to better taken account of in the search for our Commonwealth "X" factor; and better incorporated in the computation of this benefit. Second, the example of indebtedness One of the major challenges facing Commonwealth small states is unsustainable debt. In comparing Commonwealth small states with other Commonwealth members, this represents a particularly acute separation and indeed juxtaposition of circumstance. Twenty four, or just under a half of the Commonwealth's 54 members, are Commonwealth Small and Debt Vulnerable Economies, or "CSVEs". This situation has been precipitated by a waning of concessional finance for small states since the early 1990s, successive environmental and economic shocks, including but not limited to hurricanes (Caribbean), the oil and food price crisis (2007/8) and the 2007 U.S financial crisis. Since the onset of the crisis, average public debt stocks to GDP have been increasing. Between 2008 and 2009 average public debt stocks rose for all Commonwealth Small and Vulnerable Economies (or "CSVEs"), by an average of 11%. The majority of the debt burden is concentrated in the Caribbean, with St. Kitts and Nevis holding the highest debt ratio at 144.9/o of GDP. At the end of 2011 average CSVE public debt stocks were high and a number of CSVE public debt stocks exceeded the IMF threshold of 65% of GDP, a threshold, which has been recently used by the IMF to define a high level of public debt vulnerability. Eleven of the twenty four CSVEs have total public debt to GDP ratios in excess of 65/o Antigua and Barbuda, Barbados, Belize, Dominica, Grenada, Jamaica, St Kitts and Nevis, St Lucia, St Vincent, Maldives and Seychelles. Small states have not benefited from multilateral debt relief initiatives HIPC/MDRI be cause their per capita income places them beyond access to this form of multilateral debt relief. Seven small states have had debt restructurings between 2000 and 2013 reflecting the severity of the debt situation. Three (Jamaica, Belize and Grenada) of these have called for further debt negotiations recently. For six of the thirteen CSVEs for which data on public debt service was available in 2010, total public debt service exceeded 18/o of government revenue, a threshold recommended by the IMF and WB for LICs with a weak policy rating. Of these, four CSVEs exceeded the 22/o threshold recommended for countries with a strong policy rating. On average CSVEs spent 25% of government revenue servicing debt in 2010, compared to 23% in 2009 and 19% in 2008. (


4 Third, the challenge of access to global trade. Here the characteristics of smallness have had significant consequences for Small states as a whole, including Commonwealth small states. Let me illustrate with some aggregate data for small vulnerable economies as a whole: First, in the decade from 2000 2011, their compound annual per capita income growth has been only 0.83/o as against of 2.9% for Sub Saharan Africa, 4.12% for LDCs, and 4.24% for developing economies (and 1.32% for the global economy as a whole). Over the longer period of 1970 2011, their compound annual per capita growth (0.73/o) was lower than that of LDCs, and only marginally higher than Sub Saharan Africa. As a grou p small vulnerable economies have become marginalized in global trade. Between 1975 and 2011, non oil exporting SVEs' share in global merchandise exports declined from 0 71/o to 0.16/o In commercial service exports the decline has been from 0.86/o in 1985 to 0.40/o. In comparison LDCs and Sub Saharan Africa have seen improved shares in trade in recent times. Lack of productive capacity is an important for SVEs. This is also reflected in the lack of diversification The Commonwealth Secretariat s estimates show that of the US$34 billion combined export basket of SVEs manufacturing goods comprised less than US$8bn. Amongst others, preference erosion has also been a critical trade challenge for SVEs. It has been estimated that these countries as a whole are likely to incur an annual loss due to loss of preference of up to US$654 million out of a total loss of US$2 362 for all developing countries. That i s SVEs account for as high as 28 per cent of total costs for developing countries due to preference erosion despite having a population share of 2.3% of total developing country populations. Within the Commonwealth Mauritius Jamaic a Guyana, Fiji, Belize and St Lucia are likely to suffer most in terms of absolute loss of exports due to preference erosion. When measured as a proportion of respective countries' total merchandise export s export losses (due to preference erosion) turn out to be massive for St Vincent and the Grenadines (58 ) St Lucia (42/o ) Dominica (35/o) and Sao Tome and Principe (29/o). From the above it is quite clear what adverse impact the global crisis is having on development and growth prospects. National improvement gains over the last decade have been almost wiped out. FDI has all but dried up. Our main industry tourism is being adversely impacted by the unfairly imposed Air Passenger Duty of the United Kingdom. Many Caribbean countries are struggling to return any semblance of pre crisis growth. Development assistanc e though pledged has not flowed throug h due to limited human and institutional capacity. Climate change is one of the greatest challenges facing many of the Small Island Development States within the Commonwealth. Nearly every developing small state in the Caribbean has approached the IMF for standby assistance. The weakness of the private sector in the region points to another of these great missed developmental enablers. As has been said on many occasions a vibrant private sector is of paramount importance to sustainable growt h job creation and the reduction of povert y Governments need to cease being the employer of last resort and yet they are forced into this comer by the prevailing crisi s Public sector wage bills remain the biggest burden outside of debt servicing to governments in the region. Lack of negotiating strength and unity in world trade advocacy has resulted in loss of market share in suga r banana s rum and tourism. The prevalence of the divide and conquer principles of negotiations has also been a major concern to small states. As a former Caribbean diplomat stated, the 79 states of the ACP (Comprising 40 Least Developed Countriesand36Small Island Developing States) failed to maintain their strong unity and solidarity in the negotiations with the EU which existed between 1975 and 2000 where advantageous ai d trade and investment treaties were secured. In the early stages of the 21st centur y that unity and solidarity was fragmented leading to an unfavourable negotiated position for all in the ensuing EPA agreements. It is also to be noted that the Jamaican government early this year announced plans for its second debt sway in three years in the face of a serious economic crisi s Prime Minister Portia Sympson Miller is taking measures to re duce its deb t which currently stands at 140% of GDP. The Government has also taken steps to satisfy conditions demanded in a deal with the IMF. About 5 5% of government s spending goes towards paying the national debt and 25% towards wages.


5 Joel Henry is Flagbearer at Commonwealth Day on Monday 11th March 2013 In spite of it feeling like a cold Engsun was shining too) representatives from Commonwealth countries throughout the globe turned out in numbers parading their national colours and national dress on this auspicious Day of the Commonwealth. What a splendid display red gold blue black and white were the coldepicting our heritage, the golden sun, white sands and blue seas as Joel Henry carried our flag through the aisles of the historic Westminster Abbey. Joel Henry is the Marketing Executive Business Development for Antigua and Barbuda Tourism Authority UK/Europe. In the words of Joel, opportunity given to me to represent Antigua and Barbuda as one that can only bear fruit for my twin Opportunity Through Enterprise celebrates the enterprising spirit which unlocks opportunities in small ments ,encouraging us to find ways to nurture enterprise through eduRichard Branson owner of Virgin Atlantic was one of the Special Guests on this day and I thought it was even more fitting bearing in mind my pivotal role in helping to industry in the UK and Europe. I met several people from all over the Commonwealth with their different cultures and languages but all bound by the common principles and values of the Commonwealth. It was definitely worth the moment and a glorious opportunity for me. His Excellency Dr Carl Roberts, CMG, High Commissioner and Mrs Pauline Roberts attended the Commonwealth Observance Service. 11th March 2013 * * * Joel Henry, Flagbearer, wearing his Antigua and Barbuda National Dress tie while displaying the splendid colours in our flog at Westminster Abbey Antigua and Barbuda needs about US $10 million a year for the next 10 years to cope with climate change. This will go towards rebuilding our beaches being eroded by rising sea level s says Chief Environment. Two examples were cited in her presentation : Dickenson Bay is eroding quickl y Sandal's fencing has fallen into the sea and we are losing more of the beach every single da y Fort James has already been severely eroded as compared to twenty years ag o What are the pointers for the futur e in regard to trad e in extracting the X factor? We need to ensure that our small states have a better pathway to achieve sustained and resilient growt h ; a stronge r more development friendly global trade regim e which recognizes the vulnerabilities of Commonwealth and other small state s improves market acces s on better terms and provides the trade financing required to sustain significantly higher levels of exports from these countries ; and a new debt framework which enables them to address their current debt stock challenges and to have the structural features which draw them back to consistent debt vulnerability better addressed by the international debt architecture. In concluding I welcome this new analysi s It conveys a positive, valuable message about the role of the Commonwealth in the future global economic landscape ; and points to substantive opportunity to make that future happen. But we must be clear about the constraint s the challenges and the imperatives on the global financial, trad e and economic system, to create the enablers which will allow these benefits to be shared by that two thirds of the Commonwealths membership that call themselves Small States. I thank you. His Excellency Dr Carl B W Roberts, CMG


6 PM Spencer Names New Senators Prime Minister the Hon. Dr. W. Baldwin Spencer has advised Governor General Dame Louise Lake Tack to appoint Mr Mervyn Charles Douglas Richards and Mr Richard Sylvester Theophilus Lewis as Senators in the Upper House of Parliament, following the vacancies created by the revocation of the Instruments of Appointment of Senators Colin Derrick and Anthony Stuart. Senators Mervyn Richards and Richard Lewis received their Instruments of Appointment from the Governor General on Friday 15 th March. Senator Mervyn Richards is the former Director of Sports and has served as President of the Antigua and Barbuda Football Association and National Youth Football Coach for Antigua and Barbuda. Senator Richards who has pursued studies at the University of Canberra in Australia and the Centre of Excellence/Football in Trinidad and Tobago, in 2012 received the Queens Diamond Jubilee Award for Sports. He is also a National Awardee for Public Service in Sports. He has represented Antigua and Barbuda and the Leeward Islands in both football and Cricket. Senator Richards is also a trained telecommunications technician having studied and worked in a supervisory position for Northern Telecom in the USA. Senator Richard Lewis, a former Assistant Director of Education and Director of the Education Management Information System (EMIS), is the holder of a Master of Science Degree in Management Information Systems from Nova South eastern University and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer and Management Studies. Senator Lewis who co authored the CaFSET (Antigua) Office Workbook An Integrated Approach to Word, Excel, Access and PowerPoint Plus used in schools across the island, is a trained teacher in Information Technology and a former Lecturer at the University of Technology in Jamaica and UWI School of Continuing StudSenator Lewis currently works as an IT Consultant and is a Director of the Board of Directors of the Antigua and Barbuda Development Bank. He is also Chairman of the ency Branch. Both Senators Richards and Lewis took the Oath of Allegiance when the Senate met on Tuesday 19 th March. Meanwhile, in light of the approach adopted by Senators Malaka Parker and David Massiah in the aftermath of the evening of February 13, 2013 when the Senate voted against the Citizenship by Investment Programme Bill, by first seeking and receiving an audience with Prime Minister Spencer, expressing their regrets and apologizing for the embarrassment caused to the government by their actions and simultaneously offering their resignations, after due and careful consideration, Prime Minister Spencer has decided not to accept their offer of resignation and to retain their Senatorial appointments. Prime Minister Spencer was satisfied that they had demonstrated by their actions an acceptance of wrongdoing and were prepared to suffer the consequences by offering their resignations. The action expected by the Prime Minster is that they will continue to act in the best interest of the United Progressive Party, the Government and the Country in the discharge of their responsibilities as senators. * * * Excerpted from; caribbeannesnow, caribbean360news,caribarena Seen above Senator Mervyn Richards See Above Senator Richard Lewis Kicked off on Sunday, April 28. Antigua Sailing Week is a truly international event with yachts coming to Antigua from all over the world


7 Walker retains BMP leadtion turnout Newly re elected leader of the Barvor Walker admitted the party was complacent and now needs to listen to the people after losing the recent Barbuda Council elections. (Antigua) Labour Party of 28 years and I felt when you are in power for that you feel everything would be automatic and you will be returned The current Member of Parliament for Barbuda, who will again be the candidate for the BPM in the next general elections, said he hopes to use the lessons learnt from the BPM defeat in the council elections. politicians should always listen to the the people and I think the lesson coming on from the last council election is we need to listen more to the Meanwhile, he said the BPM convention which was attended by Prime Minister Baldwin Spencer and National Security Minister Dr Errol convention was a success. It probably will be recorded as the largest convention that the BPM ever had. Two hundred high persons attended yesterday, including our colleague from the affiliated United Progresenergise and re organise the party. After clearly having lost the council election we thought it important for us to do some introspection and to see what happened and where we go McKenzie Frank was elected as the new chairman of the BPM at the convention. The other new positions are: Treasurer Hartford John, Public Relations Officer Devon Warner, Social Secretary Lisa Charles, Youth Representative Ebony Shaw, Secretary Randal Beazer, Assistant Secretary Archiemore Walbrook, and Advisor to the BPM Sir Hilbourne Frank. * * * See Above Honourable Trevor Walker Antigua and Barbuda Ex Servicemen Association seeks two reputable Antigua and Barbuda citizens resident in the UK The Antigua and Barbuda Ex Servicemen Association has applied for membership of the Royal Commonwealth Ex Services League (RCEL) so that it will be able to access funds for the WWII veterans. One of the requirements is to appoint two reputable Antigua and Barbuda nationals living in the UK to serve on the Commonwealth Council. Interested persons should contact The Secretary on telephone 001 268 561 1062 OR The Public Relations Officer 001 268 721 1970 OR The Chairman 001 268 720 0058 The Antigua and Barbuda Ex Servicemen Association was formed after World War II (registered as a charity in 2010), to look after the welfare of all Antigua and Barbuda Ex Servicemen and women, widows, widowers and the dwindling number of WWII veterans who are not in receipt of a war pension or financial assistance. The Association also welcomes persons who served in any of the uniform services


8 Social Security announces reforms Effective May 1st, necessary reforms will be made to Antigua and Barbuda Social Security Board which help to ensure viability and sustainability, Director David Matthias said. The reforms come after several actuarial reports and rounds of consultations with stakeholders, including employer and employee representatives, the self employed, professional organizations, media, legislators, and the public. Three of the 13 options under consideration will be implemented now, with others to follow, such as giving the inspectors more powers of enforcement, after the passage of amendments to the Social Security Act. creased by two per cent. This will be shared equally between employer and employee. The ceiling on insurable income will move from $4,500 to $6,500, and government will pay $30 million into the fund no later than all understand the important role Social Security plays, not just for our pensioners and insured persons, but in providing a safety net for the community. It is no secret that Social Security is currently experiencing challenging times. I also believe the public comprehends that Social Security must be in a position to fulfil its mandate to provide for the people of The impending reforms represent the first substantial changes to the operating parameters of the 40 year old organization since inception. The last such adjustment was in 1993, to insurable income ceiling only. Social Security has operated with a deficit to $18.8 million. As at December 2012 there were 36,762 active contributors to Social Security, while 8,760 persons received pensions from the organization. The options under consideration include adjustments to contribution rate, accrual rate, pensionable age and insurable income; enhancing cash flow with a substantial injection from central government; changing from age to retirement pension; reducing administrative costs; eliminating transitional pensions; amending survivors pension to include widowers; and the introduction of unemployment and employment injury benefits. A number of useful recommendations have been submitted by various stakeholders, which will be considered as Social Security moves forward with the additional reforms deemed necessary to ensure the long term viability of the organization. of us regardless of age, class, political persuasion, and any and all of the demographics. As was said at the consultation, we must all hold hands on this one and do what will redound to the benefit of those depending on Social Security today and those who will look to the organization in the future, in short, doing all to ensure that Social Security grows to provide 15th April 2013 Barbuda opens first calypso tent Barbudan calypsonians recently marked a historic occasion with the the inaugural session was held last collaboration between myself and and coordinator of the tent, Shawn said the purpose of the tent is to get the artistes of Barbuda organised and Caribana, which comes up next month. The first session of De Party house, Danski described as calypsonians Father Lebkey, Queen Stabba, Lady Spice, King Montgomery will be coming. They just need some more encouragement because a lot of them have been out of it for a long time and seeing that this is the first the mainland last week, also made an appearance, including Shanna, Kyode this Saturday and every Saturday go said. will be Lee P Ching, a young female artiste by the name of Diva and DJ band over as well but just awaiting He said efforts are underway to arrange admission so that once patrons present a ticket, which proves they arrived on the Barbuda ferry, they would gain entry free. Meantime, Danski announced that while he will be releasing songs for this year, he would not be competing in the counport the artistes from Antigua and


9 Land for Sale 0.6 acres @ EC$14 per sq. ft., near Hadeed Apartments, McKinnons, Contact Dr Rodney Williams on 001 268 464 8393 Russian Diplomats Pay Courtesy Visit to Barbuda Russian Ambassador Vladimir Polenov and Russian Consul Andrey Dryakin were greeted and presented with a pictorial souvenir of Barbuda on a recent courtesy visit to Barbuda. The Russian delegates were on island for the recently concluded Russian Business Sailing Week of activities from March 16 23, 2013. The sailing event, now in its fourth year, takes place every year in March and attracts as many as 200 high net worth business people primarily from Russia. Local Barbuda officials Mr. Kelvin Punter and Mrs. Dorcas Beazer Williams, were on hand for the Barbudan welcome. Barbuda also hosted a day of racing, as sailing participants sailed to the sister isle, and there they were shown true island hospitality and local culinary delights. Minister of Tourism and Civil Aviation, Hon. John Maginley noted, tinues to be a prominent feature to year upon year. This has been one of our more strategic collaborations, as class sailing conditions but also allows Antigua and Barbuda to build on its relations with Russia, which is now While in Antigua, the businessmen paid courtesy calls to the Prime Minister, Minister of Finance, Minister of Tourism and Leader of the Opposition all of whom gave their commitment to work with the group. * * * Mrs Claudina DeSouza, Mr. Kelvin Punter, Russian Ambassador Vladimir Polenov and Mrs. Dorcas Beazer Williams APOLOGIES TO OUR FELLOW BARBUDANS COCO POINT BEACH IS IN BARBUDA NOT ANTIGUA AS PRINTED IN ERROR IN OUR LAST NEWSLETER ISSUE 152 Coco Point Beach is unique in that it is surrounded by ocean on both sides, as it juts out from the island of Barbuda. The sand is magically soft and the area is full of greenery and palm trees ( * * * Coco Point Beach Barbuda


10 Minister Maginley commends the nation on an exemplary immunization record The population of Antigua and Barbuda has come in for high commendations for achieving 98% immunization coverage, ranking the country second amongst the other territories in the PAHO Expanded Program of Immunization coverage. The commendation came from the Hon. John Maginley who delivered brief remarks at the opening ceremony for Vaccination Week in the Americas in his capacity as Acting Prime Minister on 22nd April 2013 an excellent achievement and the government of Antigua and Barbuda congratulates our nurses and doctors both in the private and public sectors, for the excellent job they have done in achieving and maintaining such a high level of immunization In urging the general populace to continue to cooperate and utilize the immunization services offered, Maginley reiterated the need to close the gap to attain and maintain full immunization coverage in the twin island state. is out there, public health risks exist in our population and we have a shared responsibility in reducing that committed to reducing and eliminating public health risks to keep our Vaccination Week in the Americas is being celebrated under the theme 24th April 2013 Honourable John H Maginley, Minister of Tourism Civil Aviation and Culture Millions more needed to continue Cathedral restoration Worshippers at the Cathedral of St John the Divine could be back inside the historic building by the middle of 2014. The construction needed to get to that point, however, will cost would call for expenditure over the next 18 months greater than what we have spent in the last three ject Manager Bruce Arrindell said. drive that as we speak right now. So in terms of the timeline for us to get back into the cathedral, everything is dependent on fund Arrindell said the remainder of phase one of the restoration project will cost between four and five million dollars, while close to three million has been spent over the last three cathedral restoration and it is a complete restoration of not only the one to allow us to get back into the cathedral to start worshipping while the other phases will continue while Phase one will see the entire interior of the cathedral restored including a brand new roof, ceiling, walls, floor, and brand new pews. The roof was phase is completed our attention will shift to the exterior of the cathedral and we will start addressing the deterindell said. Arrindell warned that if there is not a constant flow of funds, the construction timeline could be raising needs to be ramped up or else the Chair of the short term fundraising committee Heather Bailey said several fund raising events are planned for 2013. On April 19, the committee will be hosting Nostalgia 2 under the theme A Walk Down Memory Lane. Taking place at Splash, Fort James, patrons are invited to dress elegantly. Tickets cost $125 each. A necklace donated by Abbotts Jewellery will be up for auction. Interested person can follow the tion by visiting the website


11 MSJMC Receives High Marks for PAHO Vulnerability Assessment The results of an assessment of the were presented on 12 April 2013 at a workshop on safer hospitals in disasters, organized by the Ministry of Health and the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) Country Office. The assessment was carried out during the period March 6th to 8th using the Hospital Safety Index tool developed by PAHO/WHO, as part of the help strengthen national hospital emergency preparedness and disaster resilience in Antigua & Barbuda. The collaborative agreement between the Government of Antigua and Barbuda and PAHO also encompasses further development of the emergency management program for healthcare facili t i e s t h r o u g h a n a l l h a z a r d a p p r o a c h to address potential humanitarian needs in future crises and disasters and to comply with the core capacities outlined in the International Health Regulations. Director of Administration & Head of Disaster Services at MSJMC, Gary Thomas, highlighted that having a safe hospital is both an essential healthcare as well as a commercial requirement; the most expensive hope that the findings of our hospiserve as a basis for cooperation among all of us to foster the protection and safety improvement of this safe is a duty of the overall system as only safe hospitals save lives. The continuity of a functional hospital in emergencies is a prerequisite for stability and economic development and a very powerful symbol of social adTony Gibbs, a Fellow of the Royal College of Engineers and one of the PAHO consultants who conducted the vulnerability assessment said; the team of hospital personnel associated with maintaining the premises and preparing for emergencies was evident throughout the 3 day exercise. The leadership of Mr. Gary Thomas, Director of Administration, was outstanding. Mr. Thomas is knowledgeable, quiet but firm in manner and commands the respect of his staff. What was obvious is that Mr. Thomas and his team not only talks and writes but actually implement what is being preached. Continued Mr Gibbs, tic of the management. Throughout the visit the cooperation of the staff was impressive. It is not surprising that the Mount Saint John's Medical Centre has received the highest mark to date of all hospitals in the Caribbean assessed by PAHO's Hospital MSJMC received a score of eight (8) out of a total of ten (10) points. Determining the Hospital Safety Index is a new way of managing risk in the health sector. It is a comprehensive tool for identifying structural, non structural and functional vulnerabilities in healthcare facilities. It also allows a health facility's level of safety to be monitored over time. The Hospital Safety Index was developed through a lengthy process of dialogue, testing and revision, over a period of two years, initially by the Disaster Mitigation Advisory Group (DiMAG) and later with input from other specialists in Latin America and the Caribbean. 22nd April 2013 * * *


12 Ready for Take Off: Antigua Sailing Week It buzzed in Falmouth Harbour and Nelson's Dockyard as the harbours filled up fast with racing yachts from all over the world. Antigua Sailing Week's racing programme kicked off with the Guadeloupe to Antigua Race followed by the Yachting World Round Antigua Race. Racing at the 46th Antigua Sailing Week on Sunday, April 28. Weather forecasts predicted winds of around 15 knots all week with a significant sea state providing some big waves to surf down in the sunshine. Lighter winds were due to the Azores high being squeezed south by a low pressure system centred over Iceland. However, the low pressure system may move during the week and this could bring a change in the weather. Class splits have been confirmed, here is a run down on some of the runners and riders. The big race boats which made a splash at Antigua Sailing Week, Peter Harrison's mighty Farr 115, Sojana is undergoing repairs but the team raced RP78, Whisper for the regatta. Simonas Steponavieius Lithuanian team raced Volvo 60, Ambersail was in contention but Ambersail was sure to have a great battle with another Volvo 60, Cuba Libre sailing under the Austrian flag. Christian Potthoff Sewing's German Judel & Vrolijk 53, Auliana II made her Antigua Sailing Week debut. Hector Velarde's Peruvian NM92, Locura is one of the largest yachts but by no means the quickest. Jose Arozamena's American Farr 73, Maximizer will be difficult to catch but former Antigua Sailing Week winner, British CNB 90, Bristolian owned by Patrick Wynn with Antiguan expert John Burnie as crew boss, could well be the boat to watch. Venezuelan Oyster 82, Starry Night of the Caribbean will be impeccably sailed. This year Antigua Sailing Week featured a variety of fast surfing bowsprit boats. Philip Lotz's American Swan 42, Arethusa is a proven race winner. However Arethusa might struggle to keep up with some of the smaller rocket ships including Ian Hope Ross' Melges 32,Kick 'em Jenny 2 from St. Maarten and the National Sailing Academy's turboed Cork 1720, Digicel Challenger. RP37 Peake Yacht Services Slippery from Trinidad could also be one to watch. However, Richard Wesslund's J/120, Florida based El Ocaso cleaned up at Antigua Sailing Week last time out and will be a favourite for class honours. Twelve similar performance cruisers are grouped together. Lucy Reynolds' British First 40, Southern Child has had a great season and should have a close tussle with British sister ship, Lancelot II skippered by Chris Jackson. Five First 40.7s will have their own private sparring match including: Sea Gal, Spirit of Athena, Coyote, Caipirinha and Visiooptik. Also Jonty Layfield's British J/39 Sleeper may well feature after time correction. With over a dozen displacement cruisers 51ft or under, you could call the selection the battle of the light heavyweights. Antiguan resident, Carlo Falcone will be racing Caccia alla Volpe but Christian Reynolds' British Swan 51, Northern Child will be a force upwind in waves. Several other elegant Swans will be trading places on the race track, including Shane & Basil Diethelm's Australian Swan 48, Sumatra, Valerio Bardi's well travelled Italian Swan 46, Milanto and Swan 44, Selene skippered by Adrian Lower, Commodore of the Royal Burnham Yacht Club. Philippe Falle's Deep Blue Racing Team on Quokka should feature the British Grand Soleil 43 is a weapon in light airs. Karl James, head coach of Antigua's National Sailing Academy has selected Cliff Andrews to join the Quokka crew. Without doubt the favourite in the displacement light heavyweights is Ross Applebey's British Oyster 48, Scarlet Oyster. Ross will be sailing with the same crew as last year, all from Guernsey in The Channel Islands. Antigua Sailing Week is a truly international event with yachts coming to Antigua from all over the world and is also an occasion when Caribbean yachts race each other to settle the season's bragging rights. Thomas Mullen's USVI J95, Shamrock VII has had an excellent season and is sure to have a great battle with a clutch of Antiguan boats including Stephen Carson's Dehler 34, Hightide, Geoffrey Pidduck's converted six metre, Biwi Magic, Tanner and Shari Jones' J/30 Blue Peter, Sandy Mair's Beneteau 35, Cricket and Rick Gormley's Beneteau 38, Elethea. Thirty two Bareboats and five Multihulls will be competing at Antigua Sailing Week but the last word must go to Antigua's sailing icon, Sir Hugh Bailey, who once again will be proudly flying the Antiguan flag spinnaker on CS40, Yougo. Antigua Sailing Week would not be complete without Sir Hugh's Antiguan flag spinnaker! 26th April 2013 * * *


13 The Antigua and Barbuda Tourism Authority has relocated to the Antigua and Barbuda High Commission 2nd Floor, 45 Crawford Place, London W1H 4LP Telephone 020 3668 3800 A Little Bit about Rosie... As any local will tell you, the Hot Sauce brand is synonymous with Antiguan flavour and spirit. With a product as fiery and colourful as its home; Hot Sauce continues to be a draw for visitors who live for the heat! Rosemarie McMaster is daughter of Susannah Tonge, who actually bekitchen at Upper North Street, St. attest to the high volume of interest in the ever popular sauce and its home: the islands of Antigua and and bounds, and owner Rosie plans to spice things up even more in the form of a manufacturing and tourism complex. The idea for the complex came about a few years ago, but after dream is finally beginning to come true. Phase one is the construction of the manufacturing aspect of the complex, which will be the first to be completed and fully operational. The complex, which is scheduled for construction this year, will give visitors a unique and spicy tour experience as it offers a look into what goes into producing the award winning hot sauce. From the special mix of peppers and fruits from the gardens to the well honed skills of sauce making that only comes from years of experience. The complex promises to engage not only the senses of sight, smell and touch but also taste! Visitors will be able to ignite their taste buds at the, Spicy Deli where they can sample a variety of delectable eats. To commemorate the visit and to get your fiery fix for the tour will end with a visit to Gift Shop where branded items and souvenirs will be available for purchase. For those who are especially serious about their hot sauce, the complex will also include Vacation Villas for those who want a 360 degree experience. Whatever your predilection, complex will be sure to satisfy. McMaster is known for more than just hot sauce; she established Global Travel and Tours in 1982 and, at the time, was convinced that the travel industry was where she should be. However, after some soul searching she took up the mantle left by her mother Susannah and has turned into the successful enterprise it is today. Trust us, Hot Sauce, is nothing to sneeze at. With an array of international awards such as: three Golden Chile Awards in Texas and three Scovie Awards in Albuquerque, New Mexico plus the numerous international television and media coverage, is not just a household name in Antigua, but is continuing to give many foreign tongues cause to wag in more ways than one. Currently, there are several varieties of including: Origi n a l Calypso, Mango Mandingo, Tamarind Tango and Pineapple Pleasure. output is approximately 4,800 gallons per year with locals consuming about 80% of this, while around 20% is exported. This number seems to be growing though as has been exported to a number of surprisingly exotic locations like, most recently, the Czech Republic and Ukraine as well as Singapore, Korea, Italy, Australia and Germany to name a few. is definitely a local favourite, it has definitely found its way into the hearts of many. Manufacturing and Tourism Complex will add to the array of attractions that keep our visitors entertained, informed and satisfied with the tastes that defines us. * * * (excerpted from Tourism E Blast)


14 Tourism Authority Begins Promotions for Antigua Carnival 2013! Dubbed as the est Summer Festival nival is being promoted earlier than usual this year, in what is expected to pated showings yet. The Antigua and Barbuda Tourism Authority has already begun initiatives on its promotional schedule leading up to the carnival season later this year. Charmaine Spencer, Marketing Manager at the Antigua and Barbuda promoting Carnival earlier it introduces the region to the event well in advance and allows visitors to make choices in their travel plans ahead of time. We are competing with other regional destinations with our Carnival product and in order to capture some of the market we thought it best to introduce potential visitors to Carnival unique, such as the rich local heritage, Carnival pageantry, and the wide variety of Pre The creative marketing approach to be taken this year includes a mix of targeted print media, regional television advertising, promotions, road shows, and both social and traditional media. Under the theme, Sweet Misbehavin the Tourism Authority region as a cultural showcase as well as an opportunity to have a good time in the middle of the usual sumleading Mas troupe designers and provides a snapshot of the traditional Carnival Calendar of festivities, as well as it gives considerable exposure to the popular Pre Carnival fetes for the Carnival season. become more and more aware of the Antigua Carnival brand, and the many options and party experiences on offer, it will continue to grow as one of the largest festivals in the Eastern Regional television presence has commenced with the start of a 3 month campaign with CMC Media, with campaigns with other regional channels in the pipeline. The Caribbean office of the Antigua and Barbuda Tourism Authority continues work on promoting local events, which serve as the biggest pull for regional visitors to the destination. 18th April 2013 * * * Carnival 2013 Saturday 27th July 2013 to Tuesday 6th August 2013 Calendar of Events June 24th, 25th and 26th LIME Party Monarch Competition (Quarter Finals) July 5th, 06th and 7th WADADLI BEER Calypso Monarch (Quarter Finals) July 13th LIME Party Monarch Competition (Semi Finals) July 21st WADADLI BEER Calypso Monarch Competition (Semi Finals) July 27 August 06 2013 July 27th SCOTIA BANK Opening Parade / Ceremony July 28th STATE INSURANCE Junior Calypso Competition July 29th Queen of Carnival July 30th THE SOURCE Teen Splash Competition July 31th LIAT Caribbean Melting Pot August 01st ANTIGUA COMMERCIAL B ANK National Panorama Competition August 02nd August 03rd LIME Party Monarch Competition August 04th WADADLI BEER Calypso Monarch Competition August 05th August 06th Parade Mas Bands


15 Ambassador Shoul appointed representative to Vatican China, David Shoul has taken up another post: This time he has been named non resident Ambassador to take the magnitude of this appointment with the seriousness that is associated with it, especially the humility that comes along with such an apShoul said he prayed to the Holy Spirit to provide him with the strength and humility to carry out the job. ment I hope would be for the bettersaid. Shoul is the first person to be appointed in this capacity since the nation and Vatican City established diplomatic relations on December 15, before but not on an Ambassadorial countries have established diplomatic relations with the Holy See and many have in Trinidad the Apostolic Nuncio who is Ambassador and he looks soon from now we will be hearing that there are other Ambassadors appointed throughout the Caribbein his new role he anticipates that he would be expected to advocate for issues of significance to the Catholic Church. He said Pope Francis had taken up poverty alleviation as one of letting us know that he was going to be interested in seeing that the poor of the world got their fair share of The Ambassador received his instruments of appointment Wednesday morning and will present his credentials to the Holy Father Pope Francis I on May16. Thomas Cook announces new Manchester Caribbean flights By Amanda Greenwood Thomas Cook Airlines has announced it will fly from Manchester to Antigua this winter. T he Manchester Antigua route will launch on Thursday 19 December. The flights will depart in late morning to allow for regional connections. offer UK travellers seat only and holidays from Manchester to some of the most beautiful islands in the Caribbean, initially for the coming winter seaair travel at Thomas Cook Group. nections from Manchester to Gatwick limiting the travel options for those from the Midlands, the North and Scotland to connect with Caribbean be able to offer more flexibility and choice for our customers, competing with the very best scheduled and Manchester Airport said the addition campaign to encourage the four million passengers that travel to London to fly to choose the north airport instead. Flights can be booked on 10th April 2013 * * * Ambassador David Shoul and Lady Shoul presents Pope Francis with a boat carved by sculptor Carl Henry from Antiguan wood and the endocarp (shell) of a coconut, on behalf of the government and people of Antigua and Barbuda.


16 To Our Readers We apologise for the lateness of the receipt of the newsletter Notices and Announcements Antigua to Barbuda Barbuda Express! The main connector of goods, citizens and visitors to and from Antigua and Barbuda, The Barbuda Express is an innovative wave piercing catamaran giving maximum passenger comfort at high speeds. The crossing takes 90 minutes in nearly all weather conditions and makes it ideal for business use and for day trips or excursions. The ferry departs from Point Wharf, and ticketing is done on the same day of the sailing. Get there an hour ahead, to ensure you meet the sailing! Operates: 5 days weekly Tuesday to Saturday FERRY SCHEDULE ANTIGUA AND BARBUDA Departs Antigua Arrives Barbuda 09:00 a.m. (0900) 10:30 a.m. (1030) Departs Barbuda Arrives Antigua 03:45 p.m. (1545) 05:15 p.m. (1715) Costs: One Way Round Trip $110.00 XCD or $41 USD $220.00 XCD or $82 USD Child fares and Day Tours available. Call Fredrique at (268) 560 7989 or visit PM Spencer Supports Barbuda Blue Halo Initiative Prime Minister of Antigua and Barsupport of the Barbuda Blue Halo initiative which he says brings to the forefront the need for management of the important fisheries and ocean sectors in a sustainable manner and for a collaborative approach with stakeholders on Barbuda in improving the management of fisheries which will result in protected marine areas. The Barbuda Halo initiative, a project spearheaded by Ted Waitt and Dr. Ayana Johnson of the Waitt Foundation is designed to compreindustry and foster its sustainable management resulting in more and bigger lobster, conch and fish, healthier ecosystems, improved fishing catches, and strengthened ocean today, the government of Antigua the position of the Barbuda Council, that we strongly believe that the seas and oceans that surround our two islands embody extraordinarily lively and multifaceted environments that are influenced by a combination of natural forces and our own activiofficial launch ceremony in Barbuda recently. Prime Minister Spencer added that if our sea and ocean ecosystems are healthy, then as Barbudans and Antiguans we will also enjoy good health and welfare. is so because our activities on land, on and under the seas and oceans can determine the survival and protection of the rich resources of our Dr. Johnson and the Waitt Foundation and their teams for selecting Barbuda for the initiative and is looking forward to the potential outcomes including addressing the problem of illegal fishing in territorial waters and creating an awareness in Barbuda and Antigua that each citizen and resident must be committed to sustainable use of the naWe are pleased to present in full, Statement at the launch of the Barbuda Blue Halo initiative. 19th April 2013 * * * Fisheries Minister the Hon. Hilson Baptiste, MP for Barbuda the Hon. Trevor Walker, Dr. Ayana Johnson, PM Spencer and Ted Waitt


17 Notices and Announcements Vere C. Bird Jr. dies, ABLP issues a statement A few short days after being admitted to hospital and connected to a life support machine, Vere C. Bird Jr. has died. The son of the nation's founding father succumbed to his illness. His funeral was held on Thursday, April 18. The Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party issued a statement on the matter earlier today. This statement is reprinted in its entirety below. The Honourable Gaston Browne, Leader of the Opposition and Leader of the Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party (ABLP), expresses his sympathies to the entire Bird family, including Mrs. Ethlyn Bird, Vere Bird III and his siblings, and the Hon. Lester Bird, Leader Emeritus of the ABLP, and his siblings, on the passing of Hon. Vere Bird Junior. The Hon. Gaston Browne extends his condolences on behalf of the ABLP and all the people of Antigua and Barbuda. former light at about 2:00 pm today, Easter Sunday, March 31, 2013. He died following a very brief illness. Vere Bird Junior served in the Parliament of Antigua and Barbuda from 1976 until 2004, winning six consecutive elections as a CandiConstituency. He remained very active in the politics of the nation and of the ABLP despite not being an elected MP or an Executive Member of the Party. He served as Chairman of the ABLP for one decade. On the morning of November 26, 2012, he was among the first ABLP officials who publicly called for a coming together of the ABLP following the November 25, 2012, ABLP Convention. The Hon. Gaston Browne has said that he will always remember the Hon. Vere Bird Junior, his former Paliamentary and Cabinet colleague for this act of generosity, following a potentially fractious political event. ABLP Political Leader has remarked. Vere Bird Junior, born in 1936, was the eldest son of the Father of the Nation. He studied law in England and practiced his profession in Antigua and Barbuda, representing many clients at no cost. He was known to be very generous with his time and talent, and gave freely of himself right up until he became ill. He was an outstanding citizen of Antigua and Barbuda, a good father and husband, and an outstanding lawyer. Vere Bird Jr, was also a pioneer businessman and is credited with the foresight, as the first person to introduce Cable Television to Antigua and Barbuda. * * * Agriculture Minister boasts success of housing project Minister of Agriculture, Lands and Housing Hilson Baptiste reported that two thirds of the available government housing at North Sound have already been purchased. Baptiste was speaking at the Media Roundtable aired on ABS TV on Sundays, when he made the announcement. upon an empowerment for homeownership drive through private and public sector partnership to create affordable and low cost housing for The housing project, geared primarily toward civil servants, will see 79 housing units constructed 49 single family units and 30 two family units. The options are two bedrooms/two bathrooms for $206,185, three bedrooms/two bathrooms for $244,025, and three bedrooms/three bathrooms $257,271. Minister Baptiste said since 2004, government has partnered with several developers to provide housing including, Ballast Bay, Jolly Hill Gardens, North Sound Residential Community and Follies Housing project. The North Sound and Follies projects are the sole responsibility of the Central Housing and Planning Authority (CHAPA) to complete. The former benefitted from a humanitarian loan from Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela. The Minister said CHAPA is currently formulating a plan to move model, when completed, should allow for more flexibility for home * * * Useful Telephone Numbers in Antigua and Barbuda Registrar of Births, Marriages, Deaths 001 268 462 3725


18 Update New Antigua Airport Arrivals and departures into and out of Antigua have been marked for years with feelings of nostalgia, when thinking of the V.C Bird International Airport. Frequent visitors will tell you of the thrill of boarding and leaving their aircraft using air stairs, the immediate exposure to the fresh Tradewinds blowing off the Atlantic coast and the iconic coral terminal building, that reminded them, that they had arrived in a tropical oasis of good times and friendly smiles. Come 2014 though, anyone travelling by air into and out of Antigua when travelling through the new V.C. Bird International Airport terminal building, that is due for completion in the first half of 2014. Its sleek design and modern touches the major leagues, where Caribbean airport terminal buildings are concerned. It will feature 4 Jet Bridges, 6 climate controlled aircraft access gates and modern amenities to assist local officials and airlines with the safe and efficient movement of the growing passenger traffic that the airport handles yearly. The New V. C. Bird International Airport The construction area of the entire project covers a whopping 23,000m2 or 247,570ft2 of space. Fitted with 4 Jet Bridges, 4 Escalators, 4 Elevators, 12 X ray Machines and completely CCTV monitored, the new terminal building will surely bring air operations in Antigua and Barbuda up to par with best standards around the world. The passenger experience is also sure to improve! With full climate control, Antigua and Barbuda officials see this as the best first and last impressions of a wonderful holiday, the largest improvement in the local tourism product in years. We explore the departure and arrival processes in this issue, to paint a clearer picture as to what one can The New Departure Process The Antigua and Barbuda Airport parture process began with the dissolution of the manual payment of departure taxes upon departure from Antigua, which took effect in November 2012. The new terminal building will add more touches that modern travellers will enjoy. All departures will begin on the ground floor of the new terminal, where airlines will utilize 46 Common User Terminal Equipment (CUTE) stations for check also feature 15 self check in kiosks. Passengers and airport users will have access to the mini food court and light shopping, before clearing security and proceeding to gates. Using fitted elevators or escalators, passengers will go to the first floor for emigration and security clearances before heading to the gate. This is expected to be a much quicker process than currently, with 12 emigration stations and 5 security X Ray machines to be installed. Passengers departing on larger aircraft utilizing jet bridges will proceed to one of the six jet bridge aircraft access gates, on the first floor with a total of 750 seats. For all other flights not utilizing a 9 Jet bridge, passengers will proceed to the ground floor departure area, fitted with four gates and seating for 104. Shopping will be the attraction airside, as there will be 21 retail stores and 2 large restaurants to keep passengers busy as they await their flights. Smokers are also considered, as the airside departure area will feature 2 smoking rooms. Leaving in grand style will surely influence The New Arrival Process If one arrived on a larger aircraft using one of the jet walk right onto the first floor, and proceed to the ground floor for local clearance processes. Of course, for all other arrivals, entry into the terminal will happen on ground level, with easy access to clearance checks. The Ground Floor Arrival process will feature Immigration fitted with 20 clearance stations, and Baggage Claim with a spacious area with 5 baggage carrousels. Customs clearance will consist of 11 clearance queues that will be sure to speed the process on days of heavy arrival traffic. Once complete with the arrival process, passengers will enter the landside portion of the terminal featuring a Car Rental Kiosk, Police Outpost and Bank / Bureau de Change. Continued on next page . Page 19 Photography compliments Robert Samuel ABTA


19 Announcements Saturday 27 th July 2013: ABNA Concert (in Aid of the Fiennes Institute) Hornsey Moravian Church, Priory Road London N8 7HR Time: 6.30pm to 10.00pm Sunday 28 th July 2013: ABNA Family Fun Day, The Peter May Sports Ground, 135 Wadham Road, London E17 4HR Time: 11.00am to 8.00pm Sunday 18th August 2013: ABNA Bus and River Cruise to Greenwich See website: for contact details or telephone 020 8980 0805 Update New Antigua Airport (continued from Page 18) What this means to Antigua and Barbuda Airport and Tourism officials are happy for the improvements in the passenger experience as the new terminal will make the job of hospitality and border control services much easier, with spaces designated to VIPs, Immigration Detention and Customs Quarantine. So too, airlines currently serving Antigua and Barbuda are excited about the new developments, and the effects it will have on their passenger experience, safety and efficiency operating into and out of Antigua and Barbuda, many times with tight turn arounds. To those who enjoy those nostalgic feelings of arriving and departing from the current iconic coral coloured V.C. Bird International Airport building, soak up the feelings while they last, as the new V.C. Bird International Airport is due for completion within a year, and construction remains on schedule. Bon Voyage! (excerpted from Tourism E Blast) Sir Keithlyn Smith (Author of To Shoot Hard Labour) One of the Featured Speakers at University of London London WC1E 7UE Friday 26th July and Saturday 27th July 2013 from 10.00am to 5.00pm Hosted by Institute For the Study of The Americas and Supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund, Windrush Foundation Admission FREE, Limited Seats. Allocation on FIRST COME BASIS registration available only via: CLOSING DATE: 12th JULY 2013 Please indicate on which day(s) you wish to attend Further information from : / Tel 07508 903 634


20 Antigua and Barbuda High Commission, 2nd Floor 45 Crawford Place, London W1H 4LP,Tel: 020 72580070,Fax: 020 72587486, enquiri es@ antigua KITESURFING FESTIVAL LAUNCHES AT NONSUCH BAY IN ANTIGUA THIS MAY Nonsuch Bay and Kitesurfing school 40 Knots are introducing Ride Antigua a four week kitesurfing festival this May and June. It will be the first event of its kind in Antigua and will offer both beginners and experienced kitesurfers the chance to ride with Ozone pro surfer and Antiguan resident Jake Kelsick and improve their skills in some of the best kitesurfing waters in the world. Taking place between 20 May and 14 June 2013, Ride Antigua, supported by Ozone Kites and Crazy Fly Kiteboards, will include a five day programme of kitesurfing each week with separate streams ranging from beginners to advanced techniques. A special Ride Antigua package includes accommodation, meals, equipment, events and tuition with a price saving of 40%. Ride Antigua includes expert tuition from kitesurfing school 40 Knots, which has IKO (International Kiteboarding Organisation) qualified instructors and a fleet of inflatables for on the water tuition and support; technique clinics with pro surfer Jake Kelsick; access to the full range of 40 Knots equipment; and the opportunity to test the latest equipment from kite and board manufacturers Ozone Kites and Crazy Fly Kiteboards. Intensive Zero to Hero classes for beginners will take guests from theory and safety, equipment rigging and kite control onto water starts and cruising on the board. Tuition for the intermediates will improve their upwind riding and transitions and work on techniques such as toe side riding and air gybes. Jake and the instructors will help more advanced kitesurfers work on their techniques such as jumps, rotations, grabs, handle passes and directional board riding. The programme will also include a barbecue night, a trip to Shirley Heights for the traditional Antiguan sunset party on Sunday night, on the water videoing and a special compilation video review night. Other watersports available at Nonsuch Bay includes dinghy, cat and keelboat sailing, windsurfing, kayaking and stand up paddleboards. "We are very excited to team up with 40 Knots, Ozone and Crazy Fly to launch the first Ride Antigua at Nonsuch Bay. Our kitesurfing school is open all year round now, so in response to the growth in the sport we wanted to hold a special event for all kitesurfers. We've worked with 40 Knots to put together this special package pricing to offer the perfect conditions for kitesurfers, with big savings over normal rates," said Nonsuch Bay managing director, Cameron Fraser. Matt Taggart, managing director at Ozone Kites said: "Antigua is one of the best places I've ever windsurfed and kited so we are delighted that we are able to support this exciting new event." Nonsuch Bay provides an outstanding location for kitesurfing, being situated on the windward side of Antigua, where the trade winds are strong and consistent. The bay is completely enclosed by a barrier reef and offers two square miles of warm flat water, ideal conditions for learning and progressing quickly. Ride Antigua also caters for kitesurfers travelling with partners less keen to participate in the sport. There are a host of other daytime activities available. As well as lazing by one of the three infinity pools or lounging on the resort's beach, the other sailing and paddling watersports are available with tuition, there is snorkelling in the clear waters of uninhabited Green Island and the resort offers a full range of in room spa treatments. The rate for Ride Antigua for those travelling without their own equipment is US$1,860 (£1,240) per person for seven nights accommodation, full breakfast and picnic lunch daily and the five day kitesurfing programme with 40 Knots. This price is based on two sharing a one bedroom apartment and reflects a 40% saving on the usual rates. The equivalent rate for those using their own equipment is US$1,560 (£1,040) and US$970 (£667) for non kitesurfers. * * The Antigua and Barbuda Tourism Authority has relocated to the Antigua and Barbuda High Commission 2nd Floor, 45 Crawford Place, London W1H 4LP Telephone 020 3668 3800