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Group Title: A Trip to British Honduras
Title: A Trip to British Honduras : and to San Pedro, Republic of Honduras
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Title: A Trip to British Honduras : and to San Pedro, Republic of Honduras
Physical Description: 125 p. 17 cm.
Language: English
Creator: Swett, Charles
Publication Date: 1868
Subject: Belize -- Description and travel
Honrudas -- Description and travel
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lritish ionituras.





.ns we hobnvc statl in "Prfoey torem"rk" that ve wree
opq os] itoeigfoation to Houdtec, It my be oensar for uo
(to ay Lthat w0 hv, t the i allowing -acont, giv l datyrip-
(Ioe of wlot we scw, frahillruy, nod ae far to pouible without
I irullce.
It oeur ientiun.rlo pohtbl "Preftonry tmnnrB-k' uo ltoe
tira the article 00 wetlltn, (October 7A, halotwe rervnel it
e 'bliatitn ict ecraooon with what we should see ie ITon.
I dua, which in doin'withlat alring a wod, or the eraure ot a

Aeril, 1868. cfI ias ri

Prefatorv omearka.

Soverol fritds and relatives nioertaining the idea of visiting
Beli., (ltith Honduras), oommo tifcaitd btoir iteantiuo" o to me
ane i oprmd a wIslthaet I- loold compay. lbthorn, wichl I
cooioL dltinent tr do; but pmeropnt. Lo ti ink of tie nmlter
end to gic Lthem un auWoer be-ore their departure, fooling tais.
,a they hd Imol fully dteermtitu to go; but being aurd Lbat
\Ioy wotll go t at loot coourled to accompany tile, prnvidel
untiing saonid occur to pr. t. If-tey go, it ia for tile p0r-
pga of -It vorlg to convince Libnnheles thot it iW Ietto "
ounlry tlimno t, ntot for the porpos oJf ea iblihiog tiouielvo
tWU if they fid t6icoutlry eb as llthey ilievo l lto be. Il
go, it will Im r,,r the nrpo e of gOetirying titoe who deliro Ony
t-otminy. oao with tom f iad d.oltninatlion to rmke it my thotie.
bi to thl contrary, with -very feeling of oppeitiou to that poo-
ton or the earth's 1urrce. tV, trsentL kntow Wut ittle or
ll aldl 0n I my t eild etallienL itdttcten t to io int Itat
nt ory; butl at parent, ir akd who etor think it woold he bot-
to-At Wo .1t -th ogo, would answer with a decided ooi'te.
Wte h0 v Try reason t- to bdlioe thiatl ontry to be cov-ril
Iith Jangle aidrl ialooon, tot which, I hi l. aeaLion, of tIi-
Pliettto am Carturoledl tytdiogn cga, co-tetuiet iupo (he
Ipti n of oiotd ond vq table octetr, nin=t 1 eo great
in to Pre0"t Ih tt ilytp of sioarogns onaepi-g its
o ami, niorinr toom 0 itoiao that uwil produIc remit-

~ * romat necfsarily under-

go tois oln1tion will ever rnjoy
wao thli in lt oown country!
'he Iltitad i trurther so th ..l nimatr the equator, an it i
S I autltotnticatod fact that it ia more desaiblo in it Hygieter
point ofview to roiovo from a watm to a cold el materi
t*JoriLf of inanc than from a norithent o a latiudo neter
Ito oqulttr.
lie notL o us Ire oolimatntd.mandif taken eicah we hL&o
i -' ,_. .i ++ 1 -'.L +I F lb r '

be a Illter cbatlM of our rouveoo tlin, h would be the o in
anotih Intiltod,. lowvmer skilirfl thl treantl o oif r oCrU
nighl bo, ir ui iiwtooitaio by the airulunslomco umbov, uawtol.
nITr wq have ienlt who whil rejoi with us in our ipripelty,
iil who will aponpathimr will ut itn our nisfirLtuno, whiolh we
can uot tin a strange lain. In a wrd, thbi l ionel; a
land thatiosol; dolhtyent; having ben I tIotid to s
by otr [fothor(am, who lfitod their lively Ir tihe war of the
ievolulioi,, aniil by lot Whu. o so intly dild iit I roain attapt
to ilace our stlion in a poitlion of intlclndeneo. khnuld this
tonilry nilt be dear tolu eve r .to us hwlie ms uilhiM rHfkatiotm?
Sioild we tot rinl inh lhereo nd keep frever greot the graves o
departed heroes, or should we desert a land tlit hat beomi b"oght
at sucli a priMe, nod forget thei dunferhg 11id lriltioin of Lhose
who oe now boyTnil roach our iiymlalhy, mitd Iwhno nio im1
ouratotongeitwet can rmnolt, but whos- tiniorites we osoAld
elirisli, uind whoao dtals wo ihotld bikp forever frk1 ih in nor mo n-
ories Should we forget the niilnighL bivou n I and sicty meal,
witl Ihon told wlt gsrood for our bed arnd ithe icanopy or hinven
Itnr only covering? LIti long ald tirom n marchiM, through rain,.
snow nutl ice, with t -ed t o nd ragged clothing? Sltihol we

auolh lth drecoil oil ofall thi, from ourminds, andl-avo bloik
hbe nlam nrow ouiopibl hy such Itllow-d mImorir No. let n
delitiarte well before we ieave our huboe. Il is. a, rioa matter
ot any lime, adI patioularly eo at Ile prlentl. Ifise step that
shopll ido be taken without the mot careful and ebhnnstivto ow-

to hoklobere, Yet n theo same .hem tt.ed it to hu hio ditermtoa-
tion to -rlan hco q long as he could, ad ouid he would l-
rtise fi to do ao s long ea it could It done with honlior nd
afelty. .
At Lte tirl of retiring thbi letter I ctotliplloted g0i0g lt
frerico, Wbt the wbol. currno of my iboughlt w cltangled,
and I ulntot rotne 1o tbh poiiLt'o conclusion to remain le ort
Ione it would be done with honor d safely." Sier then,
orntia hiav rapidly troinplrd whioh b.r. been of a oharacrte
to tdlmtjutifry detterination to changeyet such was not
my rIf log at t tim t Ue coultemplotd trip wa mado hnown
bo mo, nor to i L t pre0n1 ; though, under a cetuleu condition of

be er mrfriuno to witn Stlce to l e lot w ir. thoumeand
have lur ttht coun try with Ue view to betcrinrg their condition.
and many more conlutmplate leaving, notwitlhtaltoling the fieL
f1aL raw, if ay, orf all who md. the claogeo have been able
to rendr sich an eMointl or their mIW home as to induac their
iflendf to follow. Many have gore, and owre will go withitic
giving tlikobjeot the consideration it demtLds, bil makro th
le(p in the dark, awl without maltuling Lh result ir thoy fall to

O A Trw TO BoDuBa

leap the caoim, and should reoh the hbomn of an unfdthmcaicle
abyr or fuLUa miery, want and Msilrig. Woo bavo 'fom a
to ti a been visiled by so called agoold or foreign nnd mre
bTomrd lsads (f) who, in too macy on slonlMcare wary little whot
ulimately become of their dupes o long as their own im ate
Rolled, and who hIta aandtid the most *atraclive tio iDn e
any objectiog to the eci-on they prmteod to sprepmnt that msy
be raidal by thow who are opposed to caigrting, o Thly rep.-
ient to the ly nod indolent that, by emignatig to their cli.do
epot tlhy will find a country .o favored by nation oan ia whlnh
tho sponniaeous production nf the soil an sa varied and Ihoon-
Liful. .n to pteetodo the ncreicy or labor, and to e more
grasping and arieionas thy reprtmeut that a forimo is in slore
For tlhei, sd when eqaired thoy will be enablel to sueancfaUy
eatlalih thselres woher thc y plase. These two clI 01
]mrsons or line, if any, uone anywhere, ail can be very wel
qarcd fro n our own dSunny oath ; hou th-T ie another
class chat ia being induced o leave on, who will, if they re
main, contrlbtle largely by lihir energy and nladILry in doing
all itht can be done towards n-1.abllhi.i uas in 0 condition of
indupndencew, Lad lo a gre at ont I renporate our now hint-
tered trtuu, It is this letter iPorlle o or ..o poopl that wI
dcBiro shonull macon, and not e led atry by the welf in
shlcp a clothing." Ic cannot to ciastioncd that at this tioe rhe
whole aconty is in a condition of greater pecuiary prmLra-
tiou hoan we have ever hbforo relied, and that oar slion
seems to have reached O low a point s olmot ho bave pad
the limit that will jnetify the hope or r operation ; yet we are
cncisl "O hen thing t h oh Ihir woi they genrally im.
provo-, nud in this rlemlioi them reis room for a liLtie hope, if
not far grema buoyancy of qpirilr. It i. oth.erettLl that

Lb time of itmprovenmet in oar ircnuanances in the dim aMd
ditani fuPiM no far, indeed, that wo are unable to pen trlte
the gloom by which we M rrounde, ond tbrough which
there in aarcely a gloom of light 0o dtiroc u on our 0 wa. 1Th0
work or a poplo in rnccuperatiug their condition after
ach l[oes o wa have m lStainied, in a flnanciat iMnL of viw
only, must inectaarily oe inmw, and rquimho time for it. cuaut-
mtlon ; hot with uo it cun refly be tid (lNcre i. no foundatin
on which tl build, or at least it n of uuch a chaiect en ti
preennt or rearing a supretranctun otit will promt i slure-
bility aond oatiaclioi, W are deprio ed of our Former lAbor
lyteU, that enabled u0 to increase ,nT wordly po ioseninon Mld
eorieh the North, nud ar now conmpoled to dlpeuod upon a
sydolin or labor that prevents the possibility of our raoisi1' our
poreat taple productiolo at a price thot will prove rt0u-
tnorating. Our cotton, atL ill one tiino: onabtol ns to coutri-
hoelo o omuch toward defrmoopi the oe n-e of the Govern
mont, on do so no longer, aud those who I ve beeonngngol in
ita cl'atiot.on sie o the w-ar, m11 dln4oniuoma il, lo. hoe
alliWold nearly eiery e(niot to produr" it by our own people '
who re aqoiuatol with thi plont, ad a bo waIt o- IL "
0-0. lm oltendhi l r.the le nad by tbi who n:- I h to .... nmI
other tioaod tho bknw btitllol o.f ia h.dik. btiotnu an
whowe cpiai wmo thIe only advantage tlely po.essl over us.
Again, it I well known that Europa no loner looks to his
country for its apply of ttLLon, and that we [iave loot control
of the eottoon rarkela or the world whiuh wae not he c.a
bMfore the. r. We arn witlhot capital, and try lhw are will-
ing to iuWol thbir moa in our oetion during the present dis-
trtmld cosditlou of oar affain.
Thi deotrctin o of our great potnLiog Inimten hua reduced

Iu to a coming, inatlid f being, Ae oe early, aproduahllo
people, and wo cannot. epec4 fIr a long time to come Iha tl
will occupy any otler postioni. The hiisory of lt world prn
ducea mliniiat erideen by the experioucea or all wholpow gope
befratun Ianl a people to ba pa-sniroan must bavn tha n blaLnc
of trade in their Inavor, or aqt last there -hold no be sac a
dilflrneuas n4 L present exie between onnlv ani t i raeL o1
thbnworld. If wa cannoL ,is. IJ ,..,-" ,= i, .
cpltlnm (u irotlume ind elhi i I h t. .
eimble an nla govern the markets that renqidl them for cn.
snmption, it may be well to k whab we can rnlre. Tlero can
be no d abU o ur ability na proancm all, or nearly all we may
rmnrlni to ftmbleL npon, hot what can we raia for exporti, A
:lu-eby py a1nt tIen ncaAivo anl ce oaf trade being a g st n
lot we knol to Lave boon the cina during the punt thr e
year ? Thi quetnnion is more easily al tIian answetl. 'The
sulacsiful cltivation of the soil ill insure iprcierily In every
blusinll and piarmait, usd a railunr will prolue a coanrre ondio
or prIportlnate dapean in every oryupaioln thbe Ihuaa
fannily In engagal in. Albougih we lavo s climate as genl a
any on ( arth, asd a nd l i rich,'we must come Io thu unfar-
tIonal conIn ello ta.lt onr A.,gri enlal In traeuit muad langniai
for a tine, and dllring Lbat tlin we mat main i cnsumniQg
people, and Ico ueatly be ponrer to ay than we wnne yes.
trday. For eary evil there iP a 1mody, if we only kanw how
and whe W an pply It, and all who eud dthee miag a as
capable of applying It a m"yd r, ant It i hoped, more bo*"'
'1Thr tIhuughli are euaggstd by tIe t eat of Imvlnving besn
almant ntirely o.ngogd in planting, and ban conmpuratfvly
little in mnnnfral ring, and shiow pidily how poor wo hae be-
comeae a people. This ooudition cme Damy Io look hlon

thet ende&tor to fIx upon ame spot whier they may have o
more favorable pr'speolof making a living than aL pne t seos
tobethe casee r. Thi primary catse of Lhe disotisfatiotn
oa our people, and di cause or every oril we are now subjected
to is, the pol ti aosphlere of the bonitry, and no app-.ent
lrofltct of its changing for the bettWr at an early day. We
pre pnliLicaly nothiig-Laxol beyond preceint-deoniod repre-
senfiltioo-alaint dcprlvodl of [he ability to piy tuar. and
without a voice in bthe ornatrion of thonelaw by which w
are to be governe-the parol in power lriv'ing by eets
neaio in it power to place an iierior tce in a position or
political Imporeance, ant to 'e;n eloevat to social qualityy a
ieopa it was iindtabledly the i oaion of our ('rootr should
-ro py a ]s-ition boeaw t, and Iunder direction as cer-
otialy an it w0 J [is intention that the sO prior Sho-u d control
t li interior. Thl is a gloomy army of cril, and should it uot
ti tha ease o to hinkle on our armor and to mie oa powfcrl
ort to kceecp this ountro under the control of white month
1Tier. are thomands o of r friend who msua permtonently
Ohabid here, come wol or coen wo an slonld wire not feel it
ineaBelo asntpn us to remain and engage il that polhLieal CD-
Stot for seproeacy whidh mun a0n0e saoane or later, nod prehapa
at n early day? a struggle that will be oro flcerely ceaonte'l
latto ay wahbooe gone through wshn -the ali, I boom or artil-
Iby, the uatt of musketry, and the dying groans o oar friends
an drilalivea worhbas-a eonteit fraught with moutmoment-
ouisuin than it has ever beon the dty of a nation h ore lto --
egae in, o it will wsellc the question whatlhr we are o ie slaves
fr reemen-wlother weTare to be governald ly in'elli- o, or by
ta iguraneot ppulioi wlte principal itoffli rIy -cins to
be that itL oniasts i the remove l of t ry estnlinit, thoe nhmsonc

1P To uowbunRI,

ofn ll lai. L. mnkend dterilnedltl ar to. o the old ship
that hob weathereld o emny sotns, ad is nw [ n. thI bremaer,
and in ilenge, of belng aed in liei aod not sy we car not
lwho i at e helolm, or how flerioly the storm rug. Ir, after
ncl.g every meantnt or co man, line vesol 1e wheeled, we
may then seiz a plank amd i et to the Gir of ll Good oIn
-fAt in a harlior of safey.
Whattavo woe yet done to elieck Iho current ethen seoer
lurrying to de lreetioe ? Nolhlng, simply nothing.; and tie
iden that we are Ioo weak, i t.nl feeble a g nrgument for men to
. whIo Ihae undergeon what we mave feom 18I1 to the present
Lime. What we ol ve done since theine of the war ha en.
eouneadl the rulical party to inoke greater doaiiinds thliat lley
wounil ait n hoight oer nLking, but iior our cnoaines from

We ben tnkeon cou el from onr fre. and tavo done to inuch
l-rough policy, hfruil that hai arn il inviting itXorie,. but
willhin is Iitter indeed. Ul In r(tler clian l.1 we feel we are
LuttIlei1 to, and eonlend tor il will dl our porr ; again I any
leune dloordaelnty. &il irw ae ov-erlion etl verepowored, teL
every trun amn honortil sutlirou Im pmeprep d to exclaim,
.. ; 1 then ealt cLny T did i."
S,. e "* *J agmenml he maty have veom
from the wrnk, -lete thn houe plf hi childhood, Lho gvet ofl his
kinded, and seek som land where It iay lhave the eatisctloen
ef roeing ie cehlklmen 1in the md&t of ih e who h.vo feelings in
e.mamon witl lhenm, and with whlto they may -tintol oien nee
orelunlity. Wo hv tam rfl eld nearly our entiet property In
the vain enldevor o ette or iondiition; and Ilt .us haw to
the world our wllllcngso to make other Olcd greter crifices,
out not to the end lint MradicLlLm shall wle thli land-he

reit o'einTh, mnd uen flwr to thoe who are ir every way un.
S i 4 ai| . I i.
&.'. -'1 1. '.., f.r better lbat thia
d ahooid Atnl, md thai wave of oeean s.ooT roll over what
oneo a happy ano. a prospoMau coanlty-tal thi mayp of
world should ehow mo sl|t ona occupied liy our territary-
r nases be a yih--our reqauiem ba the hoavling wiind and

S ,. ... ,M -.. ,

i4n0w Lra rini, ei will l Whnl[ to arrendertis land to
e rctlosj, ud limw will -ake h-own whether thsy 1a-s
Swell r widely. Let r I i nod overy oni do what se- ith

u i p 1 1 ,. e !,plihe if
ifam .' .. -. Wlv e"
to otaifocrneseonle. (ontrfi ocranti.an onenboro,

& L -o .I.

12 A irw oa.cl.. ,e.

Under certean clramstemee IL will be hman I favor emigroati
and this may be thi moso fIvorable time for sobh a maovem
At all event, I shall, on my reltu from felize, publish oal I
informtliou gntlered in ,tht country, and ifit omrvw-a n gi
to even one in the formation of an oploioon a to what it best
be doue, some Iflio good may ie accomplilhoe.
It is my intention to get information from the mea rlial
eoarc-s, ad to describe a nearly as pomblo what is seen, and
the trip ip not for ourpoioe of spmculation, I hope tol be abl
give o correi, thougli condoemd account of that dlontno Inmd
every pariiular that promises ta be of protl to those who e
template nmakig it their future rmidenoe. .
This is the Ind of my birth and where I ,d beoped
be ablo to live in the peaceful gnjoyoment of my own. It I
been my desire here beo be bur, and lat my aseo romi
mingle with those of my kindred, bot it may he other
odoi0, aad be oiy lot to r0po-e i n t Ind frr dirtaot Nem i
seens of my childhond; and ifts, I will -t the mnitor ofb,
in asuc water" as my deotin y m aft tam to, ever trnstiov
Him wlto doeti all d tthig well,' to carry me nafely tihooig i
earthly pllgrtmage and finally to a bnvon of tcrmi -al.
Irorrn Co., Min. Oto.ir 71A, i,

*i ad ..r -.. r* .. .. ..: .

.l al-.,n i do ot give aio
.rival.t o r tpoi of lr tinatio .a, la to .k ito tlneet, for
Sto iom, a we can writl by reton or e ro tleln 'ig
l she lies ,t 1elize eveo odays. We rtcbtl Nle Ormitis
ratry. v l A. M., arn mw now fouled at the .t. Cltiem.
e Ior tlbem hao' I bad such IOAllogs a p0o00e mte tl this time
t w ow totg o axpres tbeom. lis certainly .notiilg new
toom) tot beoat nit froet homne, io lato wt r heeiog teieisitot ol

irAto et otknol anmd rrpraornllitg otteor, It os my ero.tBt wtsi
Itoaatoa W iitiAor I.. ha-rllbtootmiof uof I m.. ultt oil

a- R- t' z :r t-talo" of 00a ."d lift
teorofnwtoiL of fidolece in my fellow rITII, or (firot
1I-rll , , ..., ]:..

o.itiotll, bt. Itr s o Ul im
t-o0in 1 nto t aillt. b iof t otr m rtg iwit inh t ctitt if r it,,
el t who r tm n facLk ia n l rme r g]iti w ith 1n [is tloii itf I: wL is
a 2e"la id ranse sae a falIue n l

In th emoruinagour party will pro. to J Lget together
drtlelcan we may ne-d for tihe trip, not thstiig to eur t.li
anything at Belize.
Dehait-e- 27lth.-To-day Wes Bpcat In cnmploting our
aid in obtaining letter, in which latter Tnderlaking we
very inuct asnelted by (oneral B., who secnrd for s on ir

DexeBR 2'lthl-Not having quite earmpleted our' arm
nes on yetera.y, wo err makhig a fii i -.
on shiphnt.l by 5 P. M., according lo 1
ther is no absolute necessity for hurry on thatl ucnuot, i
aro knoirn uottia oobeq quite puoaeal as the ni. Or
clbai being completed, and on hoard at I o'clock, we lef '
hotll for Ith etamer Traile-Wind, t[oelting to be In the !
bofoee morning. The vrssol wao ready to nBil by 7 clock, I
a d An fIHg rising, we lay at th p)iur all night, much lo oa.7

tlie Allibllily or hanai ecullatlon, wlioth we can no cly do wi
oat fear of being opposed by thi elril oef por r ar r any l
or line, Would we rnkl cay a, anmc orf ibat loud wh
ocl tesin L tble fldi ourn, peilleal hod ii, nwl alrcw n
tliratniiig loeil the sinr of hopo with iLt funlceil pall;
fist produce not a ducagrecable moruatlun of chillinwer, but
lattnor penetrafting te liaintL rceroe- of tlhe Iart and Cain
degrine of iold that carotL be r-novl by any orninyary ma
lnoenova 29th.-Thi morning we feid *ursclvte atill at
pier. bat not wItholt 'horp of bing ablh to get off in an I
two. '_iye fog dl ippyrring at 7. 15 A. i
and may now consider ourslve on or we .

ot bot be amlired, though I Cod. a that it would reqnir more
iban th writr oer had or ever ex. oao l to poas, to indoe
oveoftho uinekinL Uis pedia Ispa Lho t the Pioneer sould
rer every connection wilh his former home, anm then, i[ dv-
tiltl with a new ...ountry t fdt, he will f ni n andeveltuatlly
nome reoonciled oL thos citomh e ad thins ha ot f nft rt d iae
an uafavoralve Impresioo, ani might havc id-uc.d a departure
Fron a l Ond tlat pomiae less han was epeted,. Todty has
been gloomy, with rain, which icre d a the n ado nce.d
ao wO we come to anchlor, jut inside the bor. there is every ap-
;Zra- orastorm. H mere wams lay till moving; it ing-
imrupslhk to ru over lhe bar to-nigh(.
Our aonreul comnmnder iod frmo n u it is possible we ny have,
.to 0uj.in at olr aleihorge for severall hours in tile itornig,
1.te E. t0 ,-Tlis morning it h elondy, cool nto windy,

Id. outidu to be party roumh, with the wind i ioa pre-lt di-
tretion. Thtlr- artc m .n on board who old prelbr inooLh
nratet, ad dtoiogh ohy were otxious to leao the OGreacntl ity,
ud have shoIw soe impatience atL o. ddey, hr now willing
to .bkle by the decision of one who has tile ration of being
t t-celllnt seimao; al1 fearing sea-sicl ss, which l. onythiog

JIn thl morning our pirLy wll prou tl lb gaL toV tller i
articles a we may need for Hte trip, not truiLing to our get
anything aft Bdia.

:verFy nudeiiisiald by Ucuctral .. who bsecr id for on c ai
ductioit to tim tritibh Can"l. and a letIr from him direct i
Ixcellaecy thle Go-eraor ITor Iduroae.
DElxeeen 2Ithi-Not hAving quilc wmplled our aria

1 .1 .*i I - i hi
th.l itIo absolute neasiLy for urry Mon tit ucaount, lr I
aI klnowi nlb to equities piuncatuat it th sun. Our
ctia lining eompleled, aud o liunl ait .l o'clock, ao lif'
hoiil for iam pcrtiTmr rale-Wind, eixpttiag to I ill l[hi
before moroiag. The vessel wta ready to ail by 7 o'clock,
a deane g tiing, we lay ti lth iier all night, much.l our

die ftaUibilily or hu an ailculttiou, whldc we can Ifeaily a
ouL fear of being opposed by thia elnd (io vtpor for alny he
S-11 f that clond "I
..aa .1 ihai a, .aI It
lliomenint to Ieil tIhe Wtar of tiop wmih its funeral .l
tart produa not a disage'athle naialn f cdilianes, 1 Nut

two. i, o, i-Iap raig T..3 A. M lol r ioo
t'and Iay now consider ourtivia oni oar way. ''his bhing

, ae hlt Diovine fioerca; tle llev. Mr. Morrill, of Tea ,
actingg, wlo although over sixty years oags, is on hie way to
nareounltry.I t h though in feeble health. does noL sot to

a em eorsen etle0 antry. His fnillh mi determinaio.,n rn-
et bht e admir, though I conlerf tiot it would reqnin onore
ha the writer eer hat l or ever exClIels t possss, to indlce a
er se ho he hihte kiiL IL s priytap rt that the 'ioaoce elouhl
r erveay covnlscion with h. former home, and then, if dio-
otiai so will nvew country at sh, he will eamiin atin evelulnlly
.iomc rne-n Viled to those csiaones and tlhinga that fat flI e mlde
mn ua se ble impreion, andi might bav induced dparluro
ri11 u in[1 llat prIomit-s le than was epcted. Tolny)' Ihas
en gloomy, with rain, whieh inaread o t hen day R nn 1,
aa weco me to analor, just insldsi Ise bar. there every ap-
I annce of a slrm. Hoero weo m t Iny till taeoning ; Il bIoi
iatoolble t go g over ibe bar o-night.
Our caretuil cominaler inrorea us it is p tssibk e we mny ihave
i aea in at our anahothge for saverol houm in the morlo ni.
DtarMtava 30th.-This imornig it Ia closly, cool and windy,

i'he oushide to pretty erougl,lvh l le wind in its present di-
ction. Ttreaare many on bonnl who would profsr annolh

an (xcelt.l s1rtmi all I firing m-sickn-ss, whiicl I noyLlnig

It1 asgbite, ihose who haAvo eolteriendl its Qobtl st
that wlie indier i f itniiac, is die 1it poslble tiro furn ia

"lge o it ny be otlial Lio wOiO wto t,'s heard soa ,,le
;anioi to ierify doIns satelCment By tho way, we have lx
told by tle ioitiate, it is Ot a bad plan Lo lako a litlI spi:
t. pirenlt nBml. N-o having U'icd it, nn oay nothing o f
lM.eiacy, ill bt -n g 11 al dd our taomony to ihe faet thatii
proei tioii ii noi lid .1p, mil hatng a Ii iply of lhoe .ia
etino 'ilih it iiOL iosprobnble we may tiry it. Wt hato o
lnot iaorni hllat olaclhum onain eory good y fr tin srmc |i-
pIit 1ml ni otr o itsones arc no5 itn af lialthy 0 itlullti n5
ron riays, as "11111 Art siid, dwhn asked whatil s0Ila liti

.. 1 i i. * ago. I ayilob be
on hontrl, wo itghtill anchor loiid agiin ptursouetl oii wny
tlio Sotih-Wsi I'-, lttiiligh wliioI wn mnit oaur Imn.c

ai i,, 1 1 i ndos or a
't it

i .. . 11.,, ,i 'There w
no wish fro hal tible dringti lit (lay 6nr he tiex, 'U. "I
anit ith inni r tll w]! d m'e Itsortnl tllo willl n, i.
pierhlii we l aiulgh to staoi la-.that ost i
S fi ttli efl t11.1 aliould Ill l

wY ,1 m 1h' i ictiiio iti lr arisil t- ". it

o,, ( o itinliu aoal hi'pboanl, uj hIo, wo l h,v cI it
1 1, are c naid upon bry dir ardor Iillanit n liii ontiirol

b ta ,.'.
,. .. ,.- .. i i .i Iny he last

1.-" . I u .1 , .. .. .h l l 1 1
Ir' -..ii IL i

k ,aJ e I I.JaI

.*q . i IB,4 1 their berths. W, kuw
S 1 ia, a. ,. i l. wi uie tl1b of
BL* a i I.ir- l atr,..,i IJ I \h i niolher a1nl child
a ir 1 ni ully feals -Ie ofthe
p [ 1 1 .. . .I O1 I e w av' a I d 11r.

.r . .. Year's dito.r, if wilih
'| ,,a, L. l. ,]yi.ic i prola toiB For n
S i J from our LhomiE and to be
urTau tul r by f ware of water which we r any inot itnippirori-
-a,, I uinti tcodaidi orol
-I'l a- a n -pi T- .ll, li, c aiirn rtl -o lilioil o i or nn-
a ag i J 1 which Crns spaianiton l oni tihe
oCTU.4and in occupy 'o polnlt 1 jioslion, coil wlcur i Iashcd

byangry politinI w'taers which throeatn the dlrtleCtion of 1o
old [ hiip of Stal, we ar noiltil in our doLer illaon toa cana

eoidenia of what will promote oar welfare, and rust to the kinl.
in l i [hose om whose midst we imay be, to feel nud to eecreow
ruticilo charlty lowardi u, to cauW them, in somn ieonaire. to
prm-ide for or political wnnts.
J.tenv 2.-W find in our little' veel many geotlodne.
from Louisiana, Arkonnos, flKlimippi and from oilher Ioathlr
Stae,. isho, before the.war were in i.fluitui circunmsta.lc, 4uiD
coe|lqently removed frhol he neciesity of per orn.ig all
kind of manoul labor, now oxpren their williugn ss to do
at far ea they aru able, whaevor may ie necsary tM e,
able heom to emke a supportt for theneehos iul fnamili;.
We hae a nios eoxcllnoetit El rpaenolgrs, nudl h]ave in very
fortinmaie in forming a party for esplorntiou, conistieg of sin- ,
of the hot men it has ever been our fortune to meet with. All
-eeo dirmly ittpreaed with the necily for a olmnge, and the
doteratintion they evince, alnd I willingness they expo i,,
combat any Imrdehip thely may bhne to encounter, and to ovr
come ill obactlneb that may be preelntod, [ a pretty good eit
delce limt eaeces is likely to allite their eflbrot, or at leal
nfdlrq ti reasonable hope that eocl will the flenl riult.
.).-seer A.-Te weather still continuoh noliwhn clondy.
wthi is forLulnte for us, a the temperate lower in oI\e-
quelnc, though we have at no time siaeo leuvtin New
Orleanl found in as high a. in that elly. ILdwid, though .,o
are naptlruhing ehe equator, thc nwoarkabln fact h, impresst l

Wll, the hat i lss oppreaito from day to day. To-

Jdos or locomotion may be enjoyed.

clsoonl lby the eight, anol now. fiel satisfio this i thl lTat day
of our voayag, which has nlrehdy otanelod t, u greater length
lahn any of os couud Iws wishiol. Ilfore lsvitsg our homa,
wowere inforeedl tRim ritp wolid occupy tieIr blnya; by thi
time we rmch New Orloeas, ive d ys, whlicl by the time we
rashol thbe month or the river flhad ateinLd o ssi, ard our a p-
fortunote exrienci is tlial srtven aur required; at least sich
IUse htie h time on our p sg. twe hvinig sot se nneho li
evmeing, nt alnt 0 o'cll, ioff' lih ton oI Belise, Britilsh
lionsslu, atid step insmber tue my .now fliriy I coselide I

lietlfs leaving the s e I fesel it to lb o y lty to pseak Ri
s..oeo praise of etr p r. Cil. lusrsyO, 4O 6 1 s -
asnfrlelrne, tand a ohsl- itsl, liberal geislscllm; inid of
AMr. i fosilj], alibi lgliner of il hboat, lthrosuh -hose hkind.
Iseo s weros ppliel d il o of the beA r 1111 Ut \ml,
he iaviug with a spirit or lisemlity awd ealt denial mraly wit-
te l in these dayt of &s]flsshis reigned to our use Ihis own
ro-m, thereby aubjatiIg hiitli to iuconveeuiece, but we oin-
emoly hope, eot tt discomafol. May hI never feel the sout of a
friemI, sand may ile pilgrimage although life he tteladed with as
**-. .i' .I l ot of man. We will ever bhil
-.ti t s ,*. e e all osoions lo mit ashore
o-lighl, bholt Iaving malde earnest cffobr to lslu so, asd itilong.

Lhat lhey euld become tritisi Subjeela, it its mll t ext'tdel t
ee, were informed by hIa oellncy, has after they tld a,
Itte.l th ceontnry ae tihei place of rtesidene, elould they nul I
appllntioin for letters orf atualtiation, they would be g-rted,
hat they, vould ony entitlo thie iipient to colonial proteeitn,
while In the tolony, ad 11not to the prolectiol of the Briliish O e

eiti-en tity ewold eacut to tlhemolv ltan I ntnll. '
certainly tthe b t governmost on earlt, e lurver 1e ,
be, ho los. as ihey clauieed tlheir Ioe ietn ritllth i odura. I
i T'erT Utit.-Beiug busy to-dtyt in coI o being our ro
amraine to explore thllehal we giu cll in reqaqoli

trt.J i .. .,,. ,,,

to, or at lat "doa tle work of aoal Ihre nstnr. I:aving
deemed it bet to d i t . i .
uovey UR tao any pt 1 -
definite length of time. Onr -lrty behlg dividd hto) tom-
itttoet. in or1er to Itlciliilate bushina, we lioto to be offi tI
morrow. Siteo our arrival here, the treme hta been co.etatt y
blowinf very fretsily fone t ie bty, and at night we were lulled
to slp by its iglitt i tiliough the Inttit, the sound would
alternately rlse to Eolla t aeinss, and almost die away, wlticl
wos perlitarly grateful to tho feeling, and fr frobm bling en-
pleaItnt to Lteo r ; but what pleaSuro wa ever unalloyed, or
conlmut for any length of time without Intenrrption? 'fit
wind entihlely dii away at 8 o'loek thiae eTeing, and before
Iten heant d .o tle north-wt t, causing ne tur.iaon of our

bpenioite by sua, u form or sand firm a to render opp Ition

- 1 4 ,. a -I..1 -5
rmed til moruig of mendion.h t at the moment on orr-li
biane ee.ded. Uotto it to sIay for ehe a prtlent tiat, they gave
'no notic of their apIproac, came in immense force, and each inr
diJvidel armol will wla( seemed to nu9 o be a sr -lhot needle,
whirh they nsIl with u vigor worthy or a better auone, and
ronrve to ilmnish tire poor lx-iconfed thnt it wa slill their
(telhny to suffer,
Jat-tor 9Us.-This morning tIhe wind i blowinig frtennl t
asirtoele dirooetio, mrd Itli are gone, and we will endeavor to
forget he ni-iserea or the past night, and morse portultl.o e a
we have determined Uot to be choked by any obetlta or ant-
sormn we may omae with, but to bottle odicrfully teury
ppin in rig a trisidg for the end we wid to altain. Al-
thsugh we hod fully exicted to miake a .ot this morning, thr "
sery disgrroblho nfornmtliun ins epariel to ne that the vel
htherlred 3oalerda s not go, andl w me uroler dle nct -
sily of getting morhr. Fortalutcly. a chooner io Jia iort rromi
OmC owichi we have Olgage and which in niow kunldlidog.
therlform cen reasonably |elreet to lear Btellte in tlit di tanct
.- i furthw. i i 1,, i. i

feel iL our duly to miakethe following Unltemael, in the liOe it
ey to ;(f nrinrs cervien trr Ihoee who may ereefstr hbe itmtiod
11 we weir. ttlwern Omlon and Belize a monsidrerale tlade is
oiel on ill swino, by on. r of llchootera vsrylil inll paedy
fro ten ln ifny lois, tie aniiman being plinic in tIre 1 Id of Ire
e6sel. Thp scihoonr seltLed by us had jutearriv, l irIs u

a-rg of Li i
citanrlig, *I .. -, ii-.1. .
the process might have ain carriedl s mcl gnater c xt
with decided advantage.
Jot -ay 10th--Ai 9 iths moneinig we AiniL R.,
setaner "Three Bidtese," or 11 tona Uapt. F-nnci,, Soi!,a
which wan anchored abont Jimlf a mile Itohm 0lor, thOnilh 1

litilo west of otiih from ielize. The pilot who wam to et
pany aIB, came on d with the Captino. bi, wittolt his kno-
ing it reinam in the boat that brought hem ol f. Aefl ,aile
a mle, we camo to wachor, acd Capt. Sularo returned to iMIa
to inveotigapt the conduct or the pilot Being pliaeantly l]ocat
and a delightful breeze blowing frm the Uortih-wet, laa>
'exrei palioce, our stook ot hieh we dib Ilbul xct Ivit

immedialdey. At 3.15 it. Captain retu l without thu pil

our captain does not know all the pohniL we deilmr to v-i
Hifving tml ci ucli of Spantich UHouulran dtl llg r flow J,.

but a fIw taya to do ao, and me can thcn v ei or diprovte
occeulr idemootrion ia eixltr vmgatnLorisiwme htvelia e dI
1it iiltbliei. rinumotatlcr.Fl. G M., L72: 12t U., e82; '

J.ta an.,d,

wr10 night. in Donicqioncc of our laIce tarlt, h-c co-
n go on, aod ois iL on our return. AL rA onbti
ho it t w disponed onrtelr ror lt; the olidr g enl.-

dlrotCnt oor oa pplyin thaLdiretion.h Asforthowetting
_e _c'civCI. dnr .x1itriOnt ill that way hli. bo-n too elteoivoe
in time p D to gi Ita Itaing iLoughtl ILt ing o sery emnl

1:,i. i 1.: i "" i--- I b, -,
d til n with the cur onit. o'lhis Cnmarkalhen dlerenLot between
= 1,and frml one's falinl ppumt temperaLuru. will
UroL In gain whea n thoutibjct of climate.
Ja-sarT 1lth.--At a A. M. we were very nmr Cdi outnl
tf Ntorh Stan Choak, dilt L thirty-fHi mriH frontm t1i.e, amd
OA30 olh it in rr to' go o al At we tL nclhor, antl
vitedl a Crib viite locaWal hber, which r fou to erovt-n
tiole llc ontC fork ti disan.ct of hialfanilenl.aod Lo contai
abot S00 intaljitantn, and a otholdil iil a ca holiic cluth.
rl-BrOW-, tire police oflkcr ofr te place. was ab.enll aC w. s
M-oho tto hllmtir diln itT i lio-rtoreo, we 1(a.l tllrogli tlh
"i1ago li Iclol rto ou oobsrvnUon [o r inform-nion. i We
InDl 9 he hoites to De rill abohnt 1, uon, nigbtrn fect the
0"a"l s nC, hu o to be co nrct of ltutdling, i lit ctne of the
try fered am-d dehut, and fillc wii clay ; Lhe roof belg
stElp, formipy an gqoilaotetl Iriangle, an i, e -overt d

itlh tile splii brntches of Ihe Cnhono n i]mt. Tbo hoiw
chimtiooo, no *. *** Ott o" .. OI -
of mothle _orn r . n.. 1 ,

root.) Tlie roolt eratoed atid _plod in a long tljb, or ,
fvle rntt it length alt Fonew inchl in diameter, wliich is st r
from n Itoom till all ust of the root is drained from it, wh"I

cc,' .r, ..".0 .* ." ol t. ,-

picooc liimltogloy 1t indles tLtiek,18 Jnthawido d2J 2f rMo
acrosll wLic inea ore dtown thlnt-ro rtLs ot to inl, apurl.w

ialf the size or o p, and tcr grator is complete. Tbe titi
,4, ,, ,t t ,. 0 At. 1

From eight toen nmilon ilt rir of 1114 place, lhooglh i lic t -1
i1a noL appear ao grnt,, theru IR rouge ot high hill T he
i ts plaint at an d on r thce ise of b- Thf and dolt1pentlt 00
ianlize market for the eo of oi lloth Ir te diapose ol.
ctoot is uot oorr tlcnt twoo fot above lce t'relnr otlote oo,.

the atoomenia of 1itoe 1i't

lt .ict totrel a c loro, 0 tt

., 7 feet wide, 3 feet rlep, 11 inho thicUk uonj
rturml to I V.essel a. d alt 9.20 A. ff.
i ., .I ines." forly-five miles lislntl from
S.. i h vHlao just left wer 4onl In le
lvici, and wieellgIg atiwred ay qoi. (loia we propouuded.

eliatoled I tonlig ei. They coirli all spe a EMnglieb, u..i we
rhhfore hod neo dilfircily in innkin" ourselves uileerstood.
'con nilo oril from thle cocoa eiil, uild rv ncv wasn all hliey
H-eel ro1 aile.
Si reing kiecl why thel oil was so weic e uil lliel,, lihey re-
t lir l i "ilI belnu the wvarllke is l i cildI I n rlltirnomoeter
a ehev ile ranging (s higih a 7i Thlier being vey' [lele
Irewn. we lid oe v dh *All Pin' t0i H 2.2 5 P. 1.%, wnIre we
Simnnlliot-ly wet Fllorv 1 for the Ptrpe of viiling Olle of tIh
'loc evivrs ofr M l. Vthd. We uner Alr. DIheecoin, wiose
o nsidenc o op tele ooe.t, imiolutedely on la-ill olh rn-ci-l
on try cordiUily, niid epiqree1 hie rcgel tirl le could not
oronihL .i itih .o.voyaoey to [eI estve. A lie eiln distant,
ihAt Cv ing, lhere liing too manny of e1 Wl neconioolee e e hls
L nel tre limiiil notice giver Jhim.nn d o w wr wro ulor vto
ktnp moving, al "iio pre cledl 011 foot fonr theli Eslnea." For
o'horlteI diruO ftoni the c- O to vthe Eitratei', we frounl
01 .1 , ,

(00 tdils by Mr.N cl)elnOI There ia quite n largvestore var
' colti, Tery cnplele lumber inill. antd foundry, the I ro-
"ny of the Fsatlu. Overe le tediinb e liotween thele two

-'e? ...i SERVIDt

polit isto a most etellent road. which, for about half tln
t1. be-n thrown up, at great txpeanI in order Lt a idl their,
of ftn wet oenot. The EsiLtas, there being thrae I) itma
uad not very f1,r unter, 3M. DebUatm O unrnte nds the W,
whih-I are htualted on the Bitnt" rlive, oid lwendo I.
front f lI t it by wettr though only tiTO by Innd.

pat o e. Mr. Aqqeiit, Mr. Svgnee Ind Mr. HIltnn, who to
i1 charge of different duties on the preritti, very kindly pta
itlltne infotnltion we dital. r 'l t wn here witne.wed wef
earlainly sntonli- a Loulneiniea ut1r planter. The plae n
opened in -6 atr i ..t I ,t s .
I Inkerir -it I, *.. i *m C.,
fotiur lihunidifd ner in tUltivlatiun, it to 1 sileionII or in
juo niltk to decide how mlto r offit It will weroten. A gtI
mea our party who i well acqainaln with tihe preductn
tugae, wthet fold of the expeitah11itton to yteld robeod itoend

hin tiris. rtleny or ihe cnuie war, t o a iad tlf incehii
SW11. PI F ., -1 . I i wi

ntttl ttittufr .tieir own wl eltt filling, ow and kpilt geowtit t p

won nt anor. iifii ihrw fete rbove the ground. tid takit one
of thel gentlei en.iu eLargie "f ehe pince i"f Ie linl dilanl rU:r

i 6I acorre to all parti% co rnil. ,'Th buildings on
Le p -liie no t cuialrct l of brick, aind might ie more pi -
;.rly cal11 s hI though )coaErncted in tllhe mot sublentinil
..nner, wilh g...n. dl .. rrgat el iron roofing, nd L lan-
ollnery ref tn m -t co.My nod ppri ed piAtern. A v.or) r I- y e
ms hels h peondol, and thus fer no retur- for t e nllay of
caXri!. No plows Ire usd ia prMparilg thegroend, Ibut ho'l

tl.utk to ore foot in leoghli. nd wlhen otnce Ipln id il ii

lbfr c Incior lei Ih of titeh. The bl.t thnl for plating tou
c e Ls in Or bohr nud NovImber, though it -u"y lIb plcintel ia
my tine during d o, miny season-w ich is aid to Igiu iiuitl
.ti lii t of Ju.oe nd it continue to the oid or the y.on.
The gpinding is con micucea In from twelve to hurteen ninius,
olaoithtdiiing (he Maleltits that ihvo appratmd in print tlii
tIwo aot hr crps t pa hoe maul in a yvtr. fhving m ,i e see
of lhe word Machete" for the hsllA timo, ilnd its leinog soi in-
disponsbarti l re in ithi conutr, iLt is oe wli tod a rib it he
ts t-owherI [IL Ni a havy knife, from oightn o to twouL-fonr
ibe. ini loongthLl. uni from wo to two ti't a t iuf ich in,
idli, with a proporltinao thickunes, and is to the nwati, ho
oxe. his haicl.h,. lis saw, hIs plow, luirrow, shoovl spiud, ho.,
Pruning knil. mnd woopon of idtolhei. I'ty never go to thr
wood-ithout IL, aed wo hcvU too them cout suniler logs eight
sad k-u intche in iamLecr will, them, thon, gh of .-ourse ihe
inpetoent wouldl Ive hben hrokt in the h au of onn or less
expeieonst) We Iniaured L All Pines a TD.reiy tia i

no I I., .o.noao-

lhtrhni 'ho Irgsrt in Tfondia. Ii is iitrly-ihe fot [I
eight feet wide and four ftot deep, and is Lu reeo.ve maleit
that will weigh too umi, and hbo ned hetwee lthis point

next plc of eInn ng will t uLhI SItnii Creek, fifty nulI r
Itelize, nod it being cln by, bive deteriIed to lay heL I
night and inakc n, early start inl it iorliging, treittomnit
A-M.rt 7 ; 121.8 1:S P.rY.SO.

'taWloberlin, who hn a larin body. o1 land at this point, 1
chaoul of Mr. 3talh6. -* .* . I i .. .-
though hl6 nh been i t. i.o : tir I- -I*
family iving within r i j .- .. .
in poreSion of a much larger ptio. of this world' gm

but little protetliot, acod Ie- prmectl of itcu oilin, n[ !
tiey reap thu reward i (n i.., o i, i .. .
diao. iMr. (. inno be-al hero for a very ]lior iun, it !
Smaden very litlo l c hring, bt having cnt a re, for an aill
from the ecbat to the ititerir, we pa.ed over it uiler Lt'
gtidanee of Mr. Wailher, amil foadl thel lhuad very rich, with i t
Calo o ialm the prevailing govo-th. For hair a mile iach fr e

Ir o st-p-er als not quite so ftr-i. will be iiecisa- y Io

h '. .' vety low-am yet ilhini iani Io r to
-i ,. ; : .i, L rltainM sa of the year for
the 'lrey.'" We round in our walk a loltedloil: i'r India.

a0 'flw very htaely, and ao thicken almost iilan'ily uimdr the,
action or the nmopal wre-ae portion of whilh we srna-pd oft,

light crnni color, atl iln th qantiy tlint can be ohtinaed from a
_Ir ima hi1eL ilncraelible; ti willow being much nril rapid than
we havn evr M -en from any o(her tir. At the lattlig wo
I ad a Ibunihti thaint wa nao at clo-th line, that measured
f$irlyghlt fltl in length, fie iu bis in diameter at the butt,
and two inced. in diaeier a thlie other end rher. it had bhn
atl if, and riginlly unst hire beer nt el eat 11mkly ftat in
length. We also naw an ntelMaure ande wilh lihe Piute, a
iti. of pal gi.wini from lwilvr to itfteon feet In height and
lirie to Fair inclic in diameter, very ktraJgia anid wlmoui
lintM iom fenin, aidl in tie following ma.r. r: The pole
am cut ai.xt ifet n length, driern laue the ground f or or si
ilse, cltoe egiether, roid polta of Ui snare ina il at'placed
horizontally within a foot of the loa ou aeilt ,id, ai] oppo.
die, Ib y e then lied wlth li ine,ad l in iiauiil. Th'i
late ll is uiLe very exriulvely thlingloul lthe country, lWr
aity purposes. Here we also aw aonm e of the natlie wtalher-
bha1nlig, male from the ehbbge or Rntil palm tree. Th"

A TarI To iumnsalJ.

Irtt lit a very atoaihit. moortli bltdy, fnttiiolLT bi.'nr Ofif
high, .mu a foot in iamontr. For half t io t of it, d epthl.

Irniiik i'rovn itn T ala~b ftron tl to ftIburl tn ftl it Ino gLh oa
iour to sri indis, in width. In uiUK it for eootier-tnonelta
n p ion ly iinm y-Im Ye. u o. do- not 't,4

Wootrils ieotnte dry tiy orn otly fit for fit wood pile, t ilt
I or111 ottl or te T e .ntihve will gnet -t 1is toward fm.
teo diloll per 1000 i upornicial feet, and furidlh their own pr
vision, Aftlor joyi g the IiopiLaliy of Mtr. C. aidl rNl.4

crnfi, oin at 0.16 wihoel ,, .or .it ent! il orn t even IToit

.M01 12 1[,B 2; 6 FP.31.,f1l.
. 13.-At A. .. i oppoi te n o

Doey antdl wo bots eof tlheo rw to go "ltioror noilte purtt Sn
or gottiog guide cdl tilpatlS (KOo I-ooc) or lE f i
gcr of thon teni 1 lilltegar Estate ofM r-. i i -
Co., to wliom our party brought let ers tioi 1he fim at HI litD-t

. I .J _- .1 .

*. . e. ,, I r

owed a Bhoeil that was vtry thickly mroewn with he -owei mid
atofchi, eold e ln a-vmel attclliptel D obtain omen will tour

be fteoiu rnd hn lofet doqep, lu river haelfa nmileo rint eit mmelt
bting rntn 'eonnl-yv t. on hwunde d ardk widow. Sntn fler
' lenial lul, ,lilo e braterng up FI ithe l nortl-enLMt,
lhilI muetoii l I ero plos.antl killing ilter elI enanntt iree
,e1t ieltlgieg in toe pletmiug reoflrtioen Ino will not be auder
Ile nLoewi ty or daetdllog ao wcond line' over ths waste ol' woter,
te o etr tol c1n notl i u he wIiil towhtr s ee. Weu ronul
O'n (ie islhunte l lolmolt Itore sixltecn inliheo In dliamc er but little
Wit on it, 'fi "ail bot iarig tpow l a ,l e we concldel to
peak[lU to a villa,.g a frw nilUui nB, n1 J proc dal bul n ,hart
distance when tih boyTs expressed a desire trn Ienn to 1th
SinoharT, as iho wa I Feedieg for ItI norlth..ooe t. l wed ere
i tO i 'roe, hc. Io gcmtillwl thet, atele it pratOw (-renlo rlee
n, rtac4ing d vessc at a.a,ov-or 1 prot rough a for n r
'itle ctufth A natite. w1c. i the lehoonhcrn otelo. h ce itme,
who WMe wo hi, way Ito Seen IUll Or-,on wh.'o' Mr. IleinIll
]li. Frote ths leein it wc. uertlaind we wer to o for esotle
l'ee 01ti ollM.
Wlilne returning to tiho mne
[Iher fnad nid winch emhnhidl i


we left. As we paddled loog ice coel, Ihore retur iog to th

scr pu1 from them, they w re o rear tranpairelt thee pri :
co-ld Ie read itogh thelir baois, though they wre iro- i]al
oo-furte .r ainc inl i th icleus They cokald on the schooiie.
to-hLiy, n cabbnge from tirh cabbage trei, boiling it with iaron
a3 seaeoinug, and which wes found to be viry nmudh like Ue

.- ,_ -, u l .
uulhing more lthin the pidi of 11i top of the trunk of tliho Rill
ple, and may be tltniloed leur incelie inL diamete r nd I(wiv
ifloe leetihd iu lengfil rito a tree that Is twenty ""ol -icgh-
teaelincg Ith monlti or Storn Mitle" er-. Mr. Mrcri-, I)r
G. A Fritoon and myl]ir proceeds up thie cick to theI
stkolc of Mr. ]tnloll, to wbhol we delicerod our letter, ad
he promil Lto have at tle mouth or tie i Olo riMvlo r, 20 milu
olow( Seren Mille ic, for our uie nLt daiight In tlie caorniug,
two Doriew, lrope'rly ia ieucd oid illh iconolcnt guide Sowa
arier wo lfle ti1 vessel A slqatll caooo otl, with rue, htoontc
paccec off. We wero in it lolng eough 'o gio welt, bull 1
Ilco inog reculoinlwd to thlt oeurroence in thli ktiilde II-el
we oado otr lirot ilnqnuy -oncetrning the ulLivawion, or roller
grow lh or cwn, yld, Ic. Mr. I.sttald tha hohihe d ois,,l IO

done on lice k19h of Uiircl ori tha o yhit.r, aoh too hWociilol aL l
fany errs nre now in cultivalior ur rallte plan 1 In cae I
lltivi io word i i w thi woury. We reltu0nlc o thll
vessel after dark, wed rnfer reporli.g prcor-es, it wae ngrwl
tliht the parly elioul]d x divided ; onie to take a iot aI d oe- I

ehn nMi ''i 4i. r choone

e lRio Ih nevid. li0her they would he le tel for the sopedition

team and Moho rters to consist of Mcv. Mr. Pe, Mr.
morn& Dr.G. A.Frlersan and mynOlf. Mr. Kce went .aliore to
inarm. Mr. Benieit of the ehadge in our pryoemine, and we
gndually turned to our bload, anJd bilkekts or lie night.
Thornimatr > A. M., 79 ; 12 S., A2 ; G P. 31., 81.
Jf.i'A 14Hi.-Th.lgh we hadl IIavyr inl stliightlilthere
isair propesa or a good day for oer eox(dilion, nd by 7 A. M.
we e're ou Our way for Middle Itiver, which we found to Ibae
3 1-2 fW walor at their bar, with mnld bollom into which the
S . ,. i pth of two feet, whiei i
s' rn , .. .e si g hie different n Ixlwen
Sgroe nuling el n t1l aed ou sand. Thie river i one hundred yards
ite at h dbennce ofoli hundred and fifty yard ftoat ils lontlh,
d lre illielaine of two mll it skirted widh Mlegrvoe to tlei
llC'er edlge, litih growhl ie somewhat on Ils BRnyan order.
is limbs tluming to th wer sai p-ineir-ting the mud at dUe
htrome. The Maingrve for he disioane menminel il small.
Iang noit ,mre thnu eigi, or Ltel fI, high, b.o atel p'aeing tie

' nphly 1teed. It ghi not 4wys looud onl low ground. For
lenil mile, up ids river' lit' Il is resor vd b eev --r.

Tulhlo & Go., which Infel main we rea ivei Cnf.i one' onf
arty wi knowt Mr. ieontett, ndt hal1 bocn a oltoramtdly n.
.ntllotut. W fued at the dlisana ir three ille Iforrit

lourleenfAil. lit semin to ve been a1oeled by MrI, &,!
a itello fr hil loatr, aIn c lount of ile elevation, ble bl
cngagnl In ttling Mahogany, bat berig alioul eIrugh,
were itilformtl lie would lenve for another lonhliy ina toe 'et
Tler weos en the fGrat hive orfilngleIe be. They nra sin i
one thiid smaller that our heas, nid irodncing a very 1t
qloinily of hboey, for workl'ehtn oitlleri bi .. "
in any locality where hey would live. T' .i ,a 0
plugged at each end with wood, amd or convenilent tengtih
ti ...- i- -i t l 1 o m .n of nie'

tihopluga nd( breaking the cwllt conlaining i i t
peated pon cUhinog w1ith a dlarpen Atick, when II 1 I -
i volvted aind i honey i eas oL The lil -
lt ot long, nd hliad a hollow abho t s l i t. t. .*F
naid to yield in Febrtary, at which ,. .
to IllTre quarl. oflhoiey, bIy the ieant a it .trr vt- iaitiet
lire r few einitle wto aoved forget d. Th'lrearnblnh ot i
above Swaarli'. the north bank risoe to t.er fotl, tlt oSri
-itg COveratl wilh courf- gra-, while Ilih opposile iank b
two fotligh. r fourithla ile further on the lib h ik
more tlmn fifteen or eighicn inches high, lle grownli I
OItho an t Pimenlc. lere Ile river torroen o twenty'


leiaae eao"iaonl ofg e. ctmiug 10 it. We puirel a iree fl-

p, ;. 1-, or Arkimsass. was reached at 8.30, Ule Doatol being
rinnl busy with his hai inoarnud cl ring. Tho mobk an ihis

|eno. Frnia here, north, the guide irlodrmci i1, 1le difglta rl
|w rele ofilas to th( Gldlenotramo. Oolehlmdig to go a thort
dielunr inta lhe country, we crowd 'lo olnhee clitr 10. 10 anl

Thn routel) worn very sloppy, -Ind we had sonic wndig To ldo.
thugl we o ared but one bcyo, wihe will prove ono dvalntge
wlhegn Wneldnsnatuim1drain. Our boairun, tbreo innum-
ic ler, ware ea wh or onreo bah nh oe i]rovidoil, wa they never
-ilwlake sbeh eo.oplitioen without a "Pntikee" iln w Ce to
iry ceanec aerloi ieb, and ny aricli ol'convoni the"
y1ineed. lItn Pnalkwt ise hakeL marileoile lilts} of a vi
lia ctlitretlio, and in dlio foro I trunk; he hbsko slopi
uienel, in oenler lirL the top may 1il tiglely, 'Tirm two are
treJl wHli pari lmacvn, acl1 another I-ulkel is wovcn OTer mch.,
lio eit ;i iMcrl fo .ici] rlo a d eop of nih I" ig labl Lo )eni-

Bidliag ali n to tie De ort 3i P. bf., we ,moved down th
Crt0 with [ic intention ofr capiang mear ili moaLh till morning,
b ioe lmcta to acenod'l tle Gokleu-atroc lOin ore ai y
ere..rign piee- of gronnd nholt 2 1. 2 anrll ablve the inlI

38 ie re tenotluats.

that w eve l ntly higher than le nrrounding countryr'
nob knowing it ext ul, we wailed cro the ti initer e in
grove swamp, node aL examioalin aend feond it to be
It extln, with a liur lamegoon b u.ding it on Lwo airle
t. 05 r boat handed at ell village, half a mile h Ji) i
river's moulh, whato w reweined for the Dight. After c *4
nd dislmoing orf or lmple nseal, due enjoying a cup oF K
fthrished by the erolehice of %[r. Morrl., we built a fir a,
angago l in lth drying proeete, which occupied the night W. I
hta hour. Th, Il re n waimae of dry LMahogaua, aud we o
tetify wile being most excellet duel, nud the only thin tae
preveneal our Inaing n broil ws the want aetea, keanlb i
coala leng on hand in large qnentity. The mativ doltel
S .1 .. .. ad d. all that eam
S e e '-e.' .- 1r..andle.i
P. elumg their lhmoeinoal Mr. 1.. and myself prrifing lk

r. t:12 31.78: G P. 79.
S i --T' i- *.ins monling Ior the (lhe- il
t- .. u i .it1 -.. i tIo bar, with med tbohlm
Forn a ditance of foer mila ioe shoe Is very low and ctetl i
will itiegrove, after wbhicl Uliber elc 1 to he wten r w .lIIF:
a ind Pimento is very lhiek. TtIrer is ,also emo or tees .f1

pi ion of thle guide. At thd distance of anix ilet from the bet
cal_. to a boom pla d a urw the river Ito eakh Mahogany lah
which was tote without dlllelty. eviin il U rem Il
mouth or the river there is tlieet o otbnk itill etehoon in abi
dance, the street being forly yanrs wide. wileth telve feet Wat e


n a i 1 'o p i. will. no-(nil
: : thee fe in .,
r .d alter very
tAnlollo (,tr
1. .111'. for t.rIe yenrs,
=. .r a, :I ,,11 I 1n hltaon ld lighor,
L( ,".. ." .. .1 b I, lh rger t hun the-
S, . .. t bme mde

fi lg dinspontl lo e flopol byan by lubl l ostacle in ssuggesto
o Atonia tit w"m mahk hie aletmpt to cross, whiei heI did not
.pose. we having found him at all times very aecoimmnidntiig,
hnt hintg informed ofanoahLr bonom a (hort distan, allow this
Oetainte logolloram o-nd eXlie tlhe iouotry, though we
ei- veory anvitla to go idgher. Lemminog at 12. 15 I'. M..o
toUolocd the courr of th river tlirougb waetr atd awoamp for
Iho d lianc of a mile and haif, frtqueaily waui ng to r
ka, when eaCot 1o the bum w nWeo lula of, which roi-

elor, and rllalance ren1 [the hay nlic mitts The Iuolok is lhee

S- h u.. -'. .1 len fet hlg.
Fr e illlia Ilace we moaed in the direcelon or Seam'yn land-
figt mnthuord) for adltaaoe of oue antld u Ihalt miln, and
trdctkil n.ry gad eouutry, cnvynrel with ah(eon nod an under-
- * i ., v .. ,, 1, pyoi bomina lon
L- L bi . . lig ale to ford it,
,. r ,. I .r. lurnaed onr files towan
4' i f lit night at f. Ia.
pqluliiig Anio o tn make all things really for our depnrturc

rnioh-i ohe bchoonior 0oo0 atmtid.uighlt, On our way doi",,
snd 6r.on abou ailto our t rt, Anroolo burird1 thAe nsconmi
Zonobiu, bound for Seven Hills, and the properly of Yonc,
Toflko & Cto, he iof, inied a bottle ofAiotooo, wirbi oouo-
Ihe blood of Le cuilire party to ot w lef1. olfti llij'y, Ant broqngh
from "ernimo" nd S. i." it wo f hlo 0rw, er ml Spaifr

posedl tlrougli it, mado thl trip ne of thne ioac plteIaoL e
will prollbI mlka 'o dlrinr ou tay Is the conrutry. Afot of ith
parly len o the u oalner wilen noe lp0artl d for Middlt ne, .
lhad ion, IL, f1r, MAlo, l 0 w, e -concludctl to r1ni-p oA shAre
arnd follow tlhom nbe frekrl Ftn Ithel norsing. Th'llontoual'r
6 a i..n1-2: 12.2:6 ".. 8 l2 .

S j i i- r alj
yards froo the mouth, in Ih one liuilrd] Afd fifty yarda, litd,
dw peservclr fho bree toroib ofa mile. Th saoullh b:rk, rfoi
tho ,linllnn orac mile i, skirtlu with Moigrveo wlih isA [arr
toun thbfaionl n onilchr lhe , r iv0r or Goldfedo Sitcroar
thic lm ge"oth tbing on o bank. though -ranl'er.
Ttrree foutlire s1 n mile from tho bar e imall c troif o noe ano d a s

S 1 r .. i. r in. i i nbfer rnin.1
, .-, ... .. , .up ra .ur of
an. as .. * i * rt

Saentoevernil hbunderl ylr, Ith intcrveting pa'e being
cveta] with Mangroveo whidh coniineo ftor a mdn, wihen lijiu:
alnatolt oentiirn"peion. uot INll we ln plea over a
.. .r.-. t . i F. i -.i .1 rlih
. E, Smith, Civil Engineer, who has a tumibr oa .osiit ana ril
is ngagid in o .rte)ing lnd for tMewmr. Yooitg, Tol i Co.,
nttwlia. 'Nis (amp i x 0 I, hore the level of th ri ver,
hil d e ground eredel. A AhorL dis tnie below .here c lauded
toct~ln a native'splantation, containing 9il or eight iae-s.
teeeelsaiiudt growing lth Pinl.apple, sugaruCne, Lw=-owa.
yam and-tIndin-cora; the, owner being in the mp!ay lof .Mr
ta ty Ainl litvlg on Middlel river, many milbs disanl The
riue aL C'uatp Dwight, Capt. Smilli' pniw-t locality, is
iyly yadia aide and no bollom with 20 fool line. uck w-a
-oTsionally nwen jaling from the bank as wo ptlaelldt lonig.
though noei wn Vhible on ihe surface olf hie ground. A }tavy
nan epLua hereo till 1I.2. li-en we aIwin pfuhed out wlilh the
hope of o ertaklog Col. Ilanisaon, who preceded As, having left
lie vTleel yteserday morning, and Camp Dwighn it Gi A. M
today. PrOvious to ioedj- we ha e been surprised un the iur-
city of animal lifes,so munch en that the renler will remember our
Imnig tnentionel sewing evtral bi id, hlown to un i Lhe Blaot
hLLt asliorl di ianco from Camp Dwigtlt wo asw [lie fpgtiunr i
,- I. i -1. r beantifiul plumngae wllie

t i .i I .i ,

42 t .Al to otAle .

ld with hlmt, reaching the schooner ul (. 20., whler th Coloelr
gae nr tAe following accent of his trip. "Found flie feet maea
at hebr, erossdflL rapids sixteen mnile up nd the faecu
fway milm frro bar. finding iwo ald a Ual rf water on li,ea
and a fall of thr' freel in oae ahundrd yards ; the rapids coi'
dig for several burned yanl, no attnempt was made ton et
them. Here tie party lnd and alter going two and lhll
mile north, nome to a bayou twelve fcL wid, wrilb si. fbtl l.lkit
aut land Iat and wel. COllonm wo- faoad one Arite from llak
of river Several gaenidemt went niuh to lthe ba.m oea inen-
tain or lre hill wtichb was tfond to e I than a mile frbe
the river." COl. T-.,whcn we melt lim Ins return, w. a in
company witii several boats onIhaining p ersao ngatgl in tie
* oame aulertlking our.emleM, ndit whiom we did not Lk:i
a bno pof whom oxpresd tllemmelvea mtianal will what thet lad
deoa. lose of thesis paoun hodl their camp at Potlo-Gord.e, a
rew mlle north of the the Mh do the uisc. The exijdiltin
up lthe Ilio-r ndo was made by Chpt. Inckuer, Mr. Peak and
bhe. Owie. Prom the OapLain wen raeived the following rep1ot
-te't dLe schooner Booni ter you did, ellring tli river nt 9 .f .
M., a d inding it one hunilod and ifty y nil wide, olin ien.
dred am fl ly ards fron the month, which width it nltabi t ;
halair mile, wlm re it ilminiihes to oue hubondrd yanls; mangrove
growing oincilhbr ide. One and a half otill up, timber read'o
the water' edge ona the nortb side, where le Ibaok wam found to
be firu .el high, which contiau-ed bolt the oarmelghtl ai rhr
ao "Big'Hiltl," which -re ten mil ora rom h Ibar. There ale ciu
otlier above tlit, thie inatbeing tnlfta mile distAnt and the oltire
oe inile; at the bas of w.lii, is an old Spaulh atleiiiot'.
withb Cocen n aand Banouo trens growing. (Wiby wis lthi
plgce abandoned? ) 'ThJ'li lill, a ab Lt high as tle e'

. y one hundred sad Aifty t Iwo iheudred feel. At a diL
raOfleilxtea miles from the bar, came to a camp establiaieal
arognne y tcutl where the partly slammed nd entered the
,for hlair milke, bIut finding the land to be what hliy
die ,lnnied to tlieir bu, wholre a unive informal thee
uee c.eld go as flr es teo rapiels, thilly miles abuve, hat no
etielT ronm this place they reluned to the eschooer. Ther-
mnielir c A.. TL : 12 X. T7: 6 P. Mt. 77."
JAelaiS 11Th,-Al 9 AL our anchor as again brought to
Ut te.on mnrdwe filed away for Livingestoe, Utllemali', a
(he m-thl at tI DiUnic rier, whllt iaowt from lake TeaIal. We
as ontis L L highe e highest la we hd Sen since eaing
Mw ; the nmollineeR ftequtently eeining to Lti see. Rain con-
doel dllring imoet of Iettnight, hbt we remained on duck, and
a." dell in protecting o irlva pretty t ell by meata or aiiltdi.
roblmr eas sd umbrdla, nul in atsiog positutn, eleplL pOaudly,
useeladoften done before. At noon we red a saeed
gleeas, pempadred the most approved ntylt by the mehooer's
t d Jl after laying auide t11 projudiT, it we. pronounced
npal to youig sllre] In IdetrHey atrinvora, totdy mw

Ingee aeitth grea n l iada to erI-in et anchor l dOa Ak tlhc
thme or leaving Belit them rowas some cholera eporlcd at
"te plans, whide was hot unknown at Liviatngtn. Soon as we
=mitored a health officer aeme abonnl, and we ws iformted it
C.. -. ar i o, r e i

eiral ti t lalk lsabal, ami to romteble over a littl high
ILretetl,b t conld not think orauIjecting onraelvce to the modtes
enitrnaenL of several days quannuline. Not belng able to go

utshmr wocscMcecll hi replenisling oIr lock of fluicN wilI,et
bottleso[iullve rum. lihoughi t person who b ronht it
coidi noLroad dio deck of the vsoel. Presum e h ite

itfcled wilh acks and AlcMhnlic ttquor linig conoiircl ico

iletralizing anlteric, we call eDlenUy eacoemeud tihe tm u
Livicgston for the purpyseu milled, ls wc cerltoinly nuclr i000
succl villltaioue cultl-for, dlirig thec whole conrsu of rour ie
not excEling the Pine top of Oonfdecrtle time which i hrk
in th.u s .bcuti completely p. te "Uoi of dly" daw tie rh c.
egit [wlnh s o f rarelling rush light. 'Thank, however, miW
ropullemun o w o w kinld eunngh l obtain it for 1 iL t
uildlobllly lie bto lih e could do, W \' o.. obtained of MIr.-
e1 bunch or Cue ouP ,I . o, I t f, I. 1 I
liing fAiled in all our i. *'i
seild oloing the coat. LiVington ecmced to l e a c ry co ec
place, wo miw only a few lhoute, near the blu'e on wi
it i etlliunl,. and which it from owouty to tlirty frt Ik

away rrom Livinglon in the directloo of Omioa, in ete Repo
of iHoitIures. ThImomet-r,6 ..M.72 ; 12 75 i Gr. -
JAcea IBot.-A i cv ro li this morniuat ae n uIWtI-
iblie hotor irrec up the deok aliopers, anol.thi waTer -t
rough Lh- ecvrel of tlihe party were se-ic' A. we sio
along. che cout preaconl lie eame u-ppearmoo e at aln
Livingaloe, the noulI int coming to tlcI "e. IWe ough
leave reabcd Onda during the night, Lu It I nlt till a 1ltc


-so nfaernoeO, adl while repidly approaching the harbor Lte
a'ain 1was Iotd from a smal a ati in a l ugult geg we did not

o till. Iorre or heor.o, the authnorildi arne lnld chol.
fImiwil ooe ur in hIe morning. Viti'os of .|i0rn0tilino ri[e
,,e cr tl.otting oat rom our view nili that is Ie-autifrl, aoal
nothng ftroom thot oer t"oy all that is hopecral. One lthig we
t; oard of, if Ibhey wiila a ttholer germ tl Omo0 it wonld
ala itoe eaory to hkep ua In the Pig-alty ce wre occpyiug
el iley waoldl get it or the mnot vlrulent tylp. Wu deter-
.,id lt go ,hl there Si next day, if nt t tOaion, at sone other
oe. *omed o days past n ly oerY hygiunic iat iea been
i 1anyt al, al for tU troA time itp at, lile wo r itclioial
ohab o that Disa"w is ian mty caso c aneqeent upon the
.mihio of law of nitus." 'loernomolr f A. [. 77; 12 i1;
ik: ; 3P.M. 79-.
J.-a nt IS.-We postd a very disageeable night, haWing
fetrato sloowe bua were clotera by thie oin' ap]a'ra n at
TM.toota s O proucsted to "haog out our elotlals, bluuk~ot, &c.
flatrin left narly all oar baggage at Btlizo we wfreqonlly finD
otsoolit to toe dry go ent when the rain continto.. hlit
Oltlrated fort or Omon Is within n short disnao oaf e, lint tlihe
Sak ltsilfa eiil h-ack, atrd loks rather t mallfor t, Tge.
At 8 A. M, ., DrDSoto, tho health omlior eaoe on iwartd,
lt in rltg tali individual in possassias of. nup of oe toind
ied taok conclaued we were a- right, anw rotrned to, report,
ali hour id a-(|Uarlcr. elnoinagly a very Inn liae, I'rnoit -
dot was grneto us to go shore, of wliclh t wewe lot slw tol
ald oueales.. arid very sno all were oance oro on 7Tro

o I ..hor lb, [ o.i.bi&... d
I c the In- Ii = ... .1 i, r i 1. A.,
bwl0 th 'Jd," i '* ..II .... i ,4
eirult otffl o f u civil i i_ i,, p i i W
in the ploe. re io .
',. a.. .-i 1 . i ihed le pK .

0 joudg hh lm '.
We have yr- IIi hear of Lic firt person goi to tice Ju ,
hungry rld lrovit' unu, or gaoingr with nt imolor anl gho
aAy ecpty. Wl were h-e reocpitont of nry kindn-ro ta.
hoJomlgo. inthemince ofartclwslertwihliiaordll iniotheir in
uiiil or ull aocaions fonud him eqiral tonry trust conlllclk I
lin,. Wo realt1l shore in tirne for breakfast which, .ccrnliq
Io othe 0n0tom of the country is plud on Ih board at 10 A. .
coflc avirig ben b eWred ao 7,,acd wrlhichlia cr siderrd irnciao
founndalloi, bult couIrtowe rl nay ilt, l.foro tic broukfrirl Ihom I
Ual ot rfoundatlion would hardly ropport the aopeorLrucltre dr
rjrpectd to placo upon it.
.tl 1 1. 11.. (OI. ITarioan. aod myhtllr obLrinil hoi or
lrr guidao~n t of o Ienrlenou who Ihad viilt thi corA t, &
a trip to "Poret ,i ia- .1 t I: "i. r La.r,, ir
nrrodhrw tririnus ir r . .- ,r 7 j. 1r
0 00111 tror dir Ih. i . ., .,, i
suooyodl iry .Mr. lrantwriio 1ro dId n exioro oeoorctcfwob
ltt thousand ddllnars. The leorirt of route r uri ry I1
rlo t our lricifrd oal] hify mller. We pardo ion r ot*
Lree LI gigoulic size sa i *l 1 -1 .. 11
Gra r ai Dlns" for . ,. i. . I *
ro wrnr bo c in rri0 I vols. Toe porr la viiuied it tob hrad

i ,yd n a tie or tiehe llR-t rb o i tIhe wnri :
* rereparl il ElnglUiid lron 'onst surveys, slibew that tile
. --ai n inlirl- Mtlin ary abllort lisipll of thle

- aih tie. and we rl y oi o lpe ho may realiii cesr aT -
pno. un. A 4.3U we street on our rolri fore Omate, liit in
A. , , 4 .0 i a . .. h:

heilt, eoialudld o stop tor t0. *.
C glorirto, 31r. ilbhbson, who place bholo us fior supper,
wE[, wheam bread o fral Piaort. We re leaning to o at
I*.,'-, l-. . .. ..,i r .-. r

: h oit on it brast boing quito a inch thick, mid vry tender.
W Wlr Iroiritol tot P onno ni e then. d to cl pd1 e ourwlae-
' ea .. -. .. .1 ,. -. , ,. .,, -, ,, ,
leo sew* ineariablt eo tongh tiat parboeiling mad timuhiag wroe
W-isiry to ieoable one to tliik o aLttemptink to diaget it.
O th oute between Oboen oiil.he piot itih ne.aary tu
PlMtheugh two Corib villog.s. Cinoagnoit and Titli 1, oit

i t te I I .. . r .. I .,
em' otioiL,i-. ,,. .._ .i..i -, ,a .ii, ,- .,

ral mnounltain o teams otsmaltl az, all of which totelir
s*h lru l'nllai, hlave rald currents over rolky boatlom ,nd
Swatter very cldor, cool amnd palatablte ThermasoerIter ; A. 31,
Ilh it.,e0; P ALt., 77.

JAoLan" 20Lh.-AI Ibis Tnoruing we ogi g oa
Onon, toppingg on. the way .o Weimina Colle a,
Ruooclo, wlich w fs the lrt mwo ad seen, (For d-rai.ic.
"croductior or ITondanrn") We were in former on tl i
[he Cle mnlicon river could be navigolal to w.liln [lr"
ofr an Falio SlI io it i. so, wly pas never tic i.nl'
-i a. -* r n ...

rock, med by ** i -
for the ironing .
Ite'. Mr. Pa'rme m di MIr. Morri s ag a Dora an) d tartd L
the IrsL for lake leahnl, Dr. Ryan for Pola-Gordo, wlwnet
lert hii tunily, oud tlliheiav. IMr. P[arce ned 3r.. orrn,
Belize, via l Seven illUs."
Tlie rca or o, f ecpl Dr. G. P. Piesionee rl Sir. raid
Swell, who will reotln here, or cud-avor to reaolth 6., r
vi. t1le (Clmlico river, hope a get oel tomorrow, t nkinglIb
.mle and mouiine aes or, modr of conveynauc ad r r e. ci- ,
H'., Dr. 1F. Mer. .S. aild meyolf paid our rpc pinto lany 111e
Ciiommuodte or Omoa Genl. Jipaoo.i, by whom we were rqn
kindly reCived, riid whoe expnressc grent stlefrwliou :a l .ilr
proqe- t of oar riltinos migfeatieg Io the ttepublie; as
hnown no ir tebt lnud coll te ob bliied gwotii, nail in ,we b1
be nn fortnt lc na Io lnd 11 un.laimed o gd m ill. th9t. '
numhoriti or tha reiL jmuniiep'nlity wonldl Can to t'

, ..u certain disuane norlh.es ad weat, othe poiti wet
11 it hutdly

. o =. 2 1 1 . -..tl u Ttto-e
j S"let,-.-t 9 o'clock 11ila morning we were lloum-d
*a] l 'or iho finn ed S;n Pdro Blht, and reached he RBa-
etc ranllie. elgllteu al distlotlllt tt. El., where we lad
ohe plieaite of neetilig Mr. Roienntd, owner oi tTe, promit-
.t otnlr ut I' the iriit or San Poedrot and w thie opera.
tu t "o wiuno.wiing coltr lt eoe t tI Lul[kj whiul is dune by
hb ontlinary f mill, whicli w'e found examination to bhav
t t -lade 'y ATlil & C'., or New Tork. Hei we saw coffee
-te ry ir, tnd were introNeld by tlie Uovenor that he ha.
tootiee louid" Itearilg t tro, prodtleing, he tcnii not hay ho..
anh, but till know atL lthe cloeof the b moon, il he iu keeping
tr ttourtt ucritolof Ito emitp as gathered. (Se ttoidttetioett
tltedr',.; tlhe rooidtnceot the lancioeit cou t crled in a

ainl. I, u i eitl to be ttcety-five ltnndredi ft nhbove tie
-ktl tf tte mo. Tit' Hiu Oltnitt, houtl forly -ruty d wilce, itiier
uil trol frot L[ti teootaitia, flowc by a tlort distance ftrom the
.Wt, and i oally jrledi. To-doy ius bern clomuly wilti ocm -
tietl ahowert nnd Ihontir th tlernotneltcr indi le 77 dog. nt
-I;' arm decidedly in fvoer of ire, iich
I , 'Irmoitootoi A. M. TlI, 12 M,

d.Totl\- .-tITl 't Ritucho Cral
t' tli fot ot tihe rIoauirlit otn lite
': valo iltg their iiyse fur n .li belIer

; y . e.-saw l

"I I, ' '
.1 , 9 .. i ... . 1 ,

G .. t .1.. 1 6 -,

where lthe bmtsel did not pn'l'otI our e ein the twne '
thke imln.dcsof Mr. Reyn'unlwn wemre provuidel wih -
dinner, to wliclwe dird unmipljutice. Thelr mn

JAl0Aivy 31,l.-We broaklitl6 d 0 n 11 A.. ., though colip
was sr'e l anit monDlel our Inu nt I2, nod aucompaln ed by
Maj. I. Mnlntolino rode aenraul to insect Ite aonautry,; rattlwin
th!n omnaynngua nad, running nallo froa Snn Pedro, for toif-
a mile. at which oiL m oe left it, moving to Lh ennteroei
ti L ijiitln two il ft roI town i nml ATallowi I
thl io lin laneo, ornu luile n from tawn, lIyto1 *
dtoioneol by ar.) DEbt,, of 0titon. On nar wnay Lnock we potS.
colton fldcIld wlich wewre iuonrmaed wn wtnihmt ivo s tha-o wto ."o
a..ao, itnL o IoUT inrll tonrl oi na, tlllh thio gooin[io e Aroey oo '
i i n. t work .l willt no11 ve it lpped ol ne re.

' .. ..'T n" , 'i. nnr at'

. li r. M. TS.

JIoe-jar 2-L-At flO thiin morning wo were again no the
s to 1onllnue our eploimtii . M '. M. ag'in encaoipnlying
,d Our oiJrct lIony Irie to strike lliO TIfeoiilcb river
nm-intely clow the Jnncliun of hNo Ti|>pirc nnd Blanco, wlidel
oemn ir. The getnual dietion- of these river h so 'lthoi- L,
r1a heir wnilers low i ."i -i .i eral dirrlecin or
hhich oi north- Afler pat iing
.re tli rhod purired yemLorday for two and r i., lf ihal we
itrnlitorlinhoit-eat, rowing more rot riid t1in- no ef -
pmtl 0, aw, rnv ipmg ond |oine 1- a largo piic rerrgod
record with very ciere gera growing horn I'r to four feet
i nL. Oter cojeciltre wone Ihatl awnnp iut he ner. andl
Sital we had a guido and rmtarl int armed will, the iFMaoche
rid lie way. our firy wetre son re[a- w ; rioe losI. recig
oronard with diculty, which ienreaMcd till n-c. Ly omplled a
W. tlr. On the way ot. lt l eaniml wo we li're rlig' feil,tI.L
wilihnit nr dleuounling. nd. de.pll tiler te ra i oni, fr'll again,
-w beintig nunblro o rise we diBmlciein l and waded onu, when
lit courer wa c lieagJ further to the south, which we follownl
t ll atBialld wv were on lo 1 lody of good latn when we
t-l fur the Coniayagm wood, ohich wo rencr d tiwo mnih
fr"an Sat Pedlr. From this pilnt _'ee-cal of the pnrly returned to

ltwn. while t II., CUpt. II, r.V. il myell coIclud
iellt the Chln lieln rivec, alil In tw lv f mekw dAt" at. tIe
w wq e 1wd ebI T i .1 ., ,

S,. I, A - .. 1

t .. .... A .

hul X.l k lo obCItaler r telheues forle i nner mn. 11l
tIIrstl v on l the n a rl" hee neial wia o4 e endw on 4i
corn bleud nii h lt. aI m)y bu well te e tw e tit tlli rre
,i be llth f unltl ]:s itimw we lhdlm irrn elt, plewl ietw

Ancrwnr mn.l, <.'<. II. inlm3. I lurhd rlf.r tlhne mui

ry ,o rier r ... -

annIoyi lus v.ry nuli1. rbojughl wo e i 11 i 11
y l yr t wey pcr cdaie' upI tih i im We lch u I ln eI i bni"

Jiel 11nu |Quito nt tlhat pl ** t .
12 1,82; P..1 .d.

JucaO 20.-Our nIttotpt to r-oioA hoL on "ie y-urt-
nr ,rv11y unosuoocfhd, though it i. rporotil to ie only ioe

c tou to ihe soouth t lf on Snl Poolro till we rnoehid wlit
i -.atBii'e call the Tipia-n ountonol, about live mile from
lau lero, a no river heing in sight wed temed itLboto rolaurn
'a aodopnt mlo onor terialn tilthiol or n-eonpl]i ig our
objectl On our O Ty this morning we passed no old planta-
lioT of C2 (Cocomn tsquitie frll oftr rit. Over a conideroble,
i, nc o onclo having boio il cultri tion, and Io ninohig enquiry
onrninog ii, 0we ooboivol tie uno.o tinhat sueth wo tht feLt.
Why woa the eoalivtio of this sootiou dioontinued by thoto
who bIinl. tio he., und ato the ponduoc orf In soil erhaps at
riturygo ? 'T'he lnod examined to-ldy w. fIound to be ur
to harneter known to this country, xcopt rochy ; at time
convel with coatoon, and high and dry, with very rich l; and
at other ti-o lower and wti, with the ame growth, when it
elumng.o to g-rael subsoil but a few iochos below tlh
oftruce, acl ot tlimO to portions covered willth haiy gra. g We
have freleoLly been urpjrietl to and so large an nmimxturm
of and olwher it wtm aonhble to expect iat little, though
th growth eenoun id lnd n very heany, and lhe eahoon
onealy alway presenL in greater or les, quantity. On enr re-
itun to Bfi Pedro wo were muchl dposetd to think the guide, who
'hs made two iiooenonial attenipta to convey us to oar poult
o0 doetlnatlion,-nonliable, nid It was determined Io euploy
lhor, who said he would fid the river, if wewold furnish bhim

the Irrit biung qhit as largo as the lemons
Uniiled Hala4. The nUilvs Wing thirl.) ,
Wtoler uint, pioc of wlicl, four feet iu lngth and threat na h
in diameter yielded a pint of eTy plulatbl fldil, doog
or y greti or sappy taste, which qrenoied the thirst Te
quilckly. 'lThial morning wao showery, nflu we j-
wet sld dry, though we feel no inconvenience hro-. ,.
meitr G A. h., 2, ; 12 M,, fl1; G P. hr., 3.t.
TAxs.iny 26.-Thia moiniing w eav ihe firat fog since bliig

sie of old Sa Pedro, two miles souLh.w-t of the preaut low '
of thet oatie, which we foieodovergrown to such an .aLxteltl ,de
we aw notlling emore Lhceu the reIomain of what we were tdol
wa thewrod alurrounding tho pla the tun h f itu deirui--
tion. Wo moved on to wh.re the Rito de hP eitdrae irues
htor the nountaieun, nmlI followlog its coun for a -ic we
rod a uetrom known 0 Stnt Ana, and0 at oa tistncr of
two mUi from here, following the Lae of the mounrint iwe
came to the Murmijo, at the point where if comes from ilt-
moaunaits. All thesto sutrnas Te cler, cooeand ery rpid,-
allhotusgamall. The sa lPedro and Rito ioe a. PiRedro united
about four miles from whero the latter maks its exit Ihom the
rmuntaine, and not fur helow thin the Rio de los Piedras unites
with the LelTiJo, nea where the latn'traeme the rod from
oan Pa.ro to Omno. Early all thu country boeton Suint.
Pedro and the montainB, on lth wt, haoat sont u in th braT uort
cultetion, but is now eovetrd with nidergrowth, except whIre
tsall ceartins have bhon recently made, Thermonaler G A-
., 72 n 12 ,I fll ; T G P. M., 80.
Jo na i l7.-This morning, nat 8.40, Meres. Kane, Owen.

pak and Dr. -. A. Frinton left us ow their rerin to Omon,
irELl two intending to eInc.d itI"r trip to the Unied Blates,
W ,oon to return, and the others to pooroil to tBelize for og.-

,1 ., , r. Owen to Joai0 .
o buit"preed Ills dletruiaiono return, man thought he
sold h able to bring a er 11th hi im. Dr. 1. aul Mr.
U. S. not lhavig mnde their pperraite, wea oe VriLttu
to tlem to make tho attempt via the Zequiaitsta, which
oplieo into the lohemblicon, atm it statld to ie usLvguhble Ior
lorio to within faoureoe and hoaf milte of San Pedro,
hiiloh m will hetd mtilea for thrn as souO a0 we hear of their
staring lef Omon; tho road being repr-senutd o be good. We
sul take a cL to-day, and hope lonrrtow to be able to
vt tthe Za,-cndi Thennumater 9 A. I., 9 ; 13 M,, 781;
SP.., 77.
ITwIaro28.-At 8,20 this morning our entire party w
egain in the saddle, Maj. Melcolni neorpentying no, and we
wtreofo fr the Zacomlclh, whici wnas tdianosi yleteonl ,
coming tho Tepioea two miles est or town, and ltint a cou. r
estL y somth, we reached the rier at 12. 10, about seven miles
tieao 8n Pedro, and found it to he eight 3o.ds wid alnd three
ndW a halffeeo deep, Thsla i the ricor we woer told would be
rtistatnt by a derabur to bo brought out on the nelt trip of the
Tldetrird. Most of the land passed or wa fotnd to be
mch the srnonathlt already desoibed. AL the water' edge
.e found omquit oe, bat noe as we approached the river, and
s igunlt an It may appear, we took s nap -ithli Lwetty yarns
orthe water at l were u1nmoltled by them. Several Igtanas
no aeen to d&y, the inrt ra e e foied inee leaving the Woho
Inrlitish Hondars. dMost of the party engaged in faihng

catcbiog -ov1tnl UWand ot of a ki known to the ntiool
'" leepig-fl h," whiic weas very much like the cut in e apt le,
hut hating Wlc. I
Capjttu tiCeller took the guide with him and eudelvorel 4

L-- .t .

melc. 6.7 t: Su.5 ; 6 P.. ,81; SI '. M.h .
DTOiMto- 29th.- Tile onliongwtowecouipaiei ttaj. .Mlt I
to bI k1i.lwn L g- deu, where kate, mustard, tlrnip,tomtot.
tnaptulm, okrb, pumnpkin tud blncy tawekyc woer rouald

It a ew days can clapse be they will be et work, tml Ilv
deatrueliou oef (oliage i but a question oftioee, tal o very shbo
time nt that; nntwiithtlitnin. Maj. Moalcolm and mat.ny woi
tideki Ihave boon ipped, till think they will iuke hainr a ep.
Thmometer 0 A. b .7T; 9 A. a. 81; 12 60 ; 3 P. M. 6
P. M. 90 ; r. M.79-
JoANyv 30.-To day being sl.owery Bod very lhtagtooble .
we kppt witlio door.. o thie ev.ing, (hough the Tl, !
aOmeler lui.ate(ld 10 deg,. ,we mode a re and sat near it -ibh
gr'nL infort. Thermanietor . 71 dg. 9 a. 7L 72 1
12 .. 72 dg. 6 P. o. 70 dog. 9 P. M. 7iT &log.
.lutant 31to.-T'hn baod weather continilog, we mar. '
rfobio o idat vtihLing atenoall tale, but most of the time
kepLturrtoontostintellat ittervalB during the entire day
'hermonoler 6 A .1; 9 ,a. M' 5 1-2 09 1.2; 12 9 .
70; rP. .7231-2; 9 p. 1..10.
F out.ar ltl-No rain thia morning, though the Itmeos
plere is dnip and chilly to ech an tenet Ithet on irel is kept

S ii i. d ui of camp. VWe
S, I'-' *,. from ol bhonghlit from

to l' By ivilnhtin we rliedl th fiId of l Mr. - Jcck,

.I acrly lihour lthi oriung pf Na alr dty, wo hare hld repntietl

.x.,7 1-2; 6 .. ; l i-. ; O 10.
Eano.oly 2d1- A courier wols trnt to the gotencicm who
remlindt beldod when we left Omoi, -euve1l daty sinco; hn
hold be lack Io-y, uodil his finilhr to ap1wor will ml'sitatla
tcrip t. dtlt p)ne.-o carry on tho olject for whlichl h wno
- o.1: cur orot oIltoisolnttiii. 11r. I0. S o, Dn r. ., nl
too ano omdo ltmir awppeotn.oo 0lli ndofrntoo, having cronId
iK mooantaits, on munei. As on one othe rides o eigh two Iton-
dral .nd forty pounds. le can bi t tl iow o l t rip w. .n.lde,
tllgli theli mule wtoui uldotubtlly lhav smolitldntg to say if
adowwl with the power otf tpech, for hit weight did IoL gmoreil
cre1- the burden hie thd to coi. 'Tie ie gettl emc left OMoo
on laIt Wedoaolay, 29th ult., but wcer' ltainc t t the li hoan
by bad tweth,or lIf thib moonittig. Thrcttomotlc G IA. tGo8 12;
S.. 9l 0; I 1". 27; t3 t. f : r o. ,72; 9 r.v. 1.
foaow e :oI.-A Doroy mid to be drawing two fl. orriv ed
thick mrniitg at tli villago of Oltemlio.n, on lth river oif li

iotle the tip; oluretbrie to ohlntil l, porcitdmi e of Lh rip
roe. however, tIitirely utmnc rtul. Colon?l H., Dr. '.. und
Mr, D. S., waccoti tied by Dr. I tI w_ h kitlly olffert hi'

aesrica a' goide, .made a trip to the onlutaitt i t fa
Pedro, rturoino ate lotin to ovendi r d ltbr.lc by rid wltict I,
hbavily during lbe dey.
This may nol to h "r .f ,
eaon ol'ria. Thermometer . ,,
75 2 3rM.-; Gr. [. 771-2.
FrsuRiant tb.-Our party explorlet It cousnry tilay br
tw-elt Sani Pedro ain the tiouulins 'weet, filling sati excell

very a tely. ''isb errptrLion was mneed on oot, with bCtom I
in htnd, and abough we intd two ,notivea to It, tbe mno a'c
found tlo lri1p vry fatigoing uiadt will nut aonn a b, ag
nld6n.g 5 similar one. We rt"rnted to dat Pedro at a hIr
telr, b b it lhot t it d ooghage or clothing enltd not be ik l -1.
tor we are well acquailntd with the A rrapsta. 't'hit i- .q
nood pinla to de-ribe thi ti k 1a L is nolt hinl moet. Lln tde
wood tick, calls by teae sas-lick." bThey .ac s sonal as
almost to roquirt a sagtifyltg glis toI maok tr '' I
fliares would fail to make their inather known. -. -
on the womb Is certain to return witl tiheiao ds of tlhe. WI
always adopted every prealluon sgsinst hem, saucn Lan'
the pautacl around the ancle and bnsbling otf repeatedly itkh
a bunch of twigs. W havbo ecun the mon fmarold odf l pn -
dIc- by thn- were Ih pronioan wer, negletal. I It
I = i n .. i B is... minonthe im dix"

haps the sixty days yon are supposed lo be acsnt flros tl iii
were rfrred I. There momeer ol. .. GB ; 12 ..75; 6 r. .,
la.taU.tar Gh.-Colonel H., Cttt[ti B. andt myself e al
ortd bt Uscn1 tld e moniiluits to.-lain orler to a et t view


i, -,i, Sn Pedro laeituet-
,'.",t e. t. a. b. e die

Ie [unl a better Tiew, but o were asmply repaid for our toel.
:. D. H Ii l a cill to-day, witch it pretty good Mrideire thli
Ltiatdle m prodricthe t-illioditOmtilltnt." 'Thermomete
tm ;.7L; -2 .T"S; It'. 1. 6.
Ftoitetn 66,.-Wte areslill unile to exlaimn, 'lehiold how
brithtly, lrea. 1lb anorn," for In t igain fidling. and Ilih
ni-t'o en etitielt overcast. T'e rin cttitited during the
Jay with a hlort intelnieleoon at noon. Theermoeilner 6 A. T71;

Frntaeu TLh. -A- iiurtblo dlcy tas thiLo 4lhe w-riar,
the "tillou IttlerontnLt" enttminatie oul lid shivered. Per.
hpo hdit i L etrish Ie w t home! His beei woa a Ilanket
Itwd oit cot aIttg uoni or ehavieng, qwhicht had dJir
coe fttnaiotion. Why did'nt he go t tti floell Hole] Tot
'- t* i-tn t 0ow otqile weth, but wliii,
i J i ,T F.. I fro indihidunl for fbory-

retioi tttt 0 63.
. A .t ,,.-, n si. -. , , .
, e i. 0iit dow with hil
*ittoe Pin. Ts t he ain, chntii oo wutloer, i f. ettiiu.
thi a 01 11.!1.1In riousidia-]er ? RB''- noniWk

w ouui only t tilry to Lbe nouaintl bh'ing, Itf not liTl ,
dutngtrout. Lli moot disagrqahle dista si known to tio 1i

made by the Pittbla (town) of San Pedro Stn, for tlilr hraniL

nal, eliz, also coninlttg le.
-FKOnuoA, Odth-Notwi Lhnbl iin woe shulold lnIk tr
chill to-dny. visll Ithe Carildo, remaining lu ta sorL ime, a..
wu hl n ot only ikeao the -on ,ioono dr brt ha.re I nopy n
the orighlL in nr i ponttw iion.
Fon iarit 101th..-Tlhoninmntr t Ao. 1 M
821-2 do. 6 P.. Bo dg.
Fto Lan lllr11h.--l'ermoetnte m tO; n t n 7 1.2d 12 x.tl
deg. 0 p. .
''itai u -a ** .: ri tint during 1li p.t otmn.
do.l ,anlIt not tliln of our chiU, rcel prely afrt for the p- 'p
tnt. .ll complained of hating slept cold inet night-Loeitth-
tandlintlilt kela nd clo-od dono. Info.rltibo wat rt- e-l
this morningof Mr.Prld.k ai Dr .Frleron, whlo have arrit l
nt Onom willt tlte iggago and satlplio ,of Ithi pltly, Mll
.amn foeTnrd vni the GoeilicoU aend Taernisins ma .son .a Udo
anu aokt ar-augcintis for so doh. I g their inteinon i
bring the fLlght lo a pTlot within fonrttun moil or San ]elr',,
"roin woliih it w ill be brotghl hern by wagon, Uiern Lchill IW
or 'thIe vc'y 'onvenitnt vbeleilt for the convoornce of gpol ai
tri1 ptOitn, ono linty or oci. Thermometer i; o v. Of1 :-2
. 79; Gr, ..70.

Fenel'et 13th.- edayinforifntiac .e reeriled thate Mr.
i eI. 6-, -i i- and ueredd the
..Ic. r a '. oneeqtnace of law
an, ....A ... . r red to the bar at
S "" tee- t.. .- h antil intcitouie.
imukld be received from bre. All were much disappointed at
thi 4Iky, Im they Imve ueee wiltouL their aunTay clothes lor
me ly t w-eek. The oeometr, 6 a. i74; 12 .. 80 1-.;

pr.O..Ant 14th.-lt wat daeidaed thi morning that captainn
IBkner nd d take Dorey sad Ime at the ford of
he Chnemiloan, sveI miles moutlh-eaL of here and proc ed to the
tar of the river and easisl tth gentlemon in cbare ofteh baggage,
the Imving biul a -erinr t(ile of It atnco eaiving Umon- Our
|i s~iten were ha tlly mae. a d elrsisted of lcakert, bar.
maailneosh,india-rubber coat anm jtrke te Itr; our dependence
forbrand being the plantain, a e nitaily of which we intended
iilae weillh u from the cr[osing, and to ropleonlh on11r stkck
wledw at the varieu iltalion wea emapee opr to iptim. The
aptrola and mysIC left San Pedro at 10 A. an, d at 11.30
eaclml the village of Chtmlleon, and pre(enctd lie letter kindly
S. ,sl te deAe
Si orey flr the
Irip. Our noit dpegnccem e a amau lamed Jolm. whoit
t-n amertaiTed after oimidtrahle delay, was in San Plmiro. ca-
iuenIlywe c1eat await hi return. On onr w1y )tauk Io re.
- *c i c i *i i ci m o re r"t

. i t * liclietly viiblr
ncIt at nonl-:t". ns l11i w-ter liublled u,. We -ill elc.c .tr lM

vioit thispo toln., ad get a bottle of water for iuat.
When w rcroosedi l the river, John w. ot.htad, bat or coure
could not hiunk ofmaoking a start till morning, tblh being lie
ntives' peculiar labit in ll no. h nsso. and having eot o t
iwes back, will renill here till morning, at whih time tberIh
air project of our getting on early start, Thermametlo 6 A.
3 ; 12 m. 76 8 6 t w7.
eatnr- loo-At t.30 we weum tnd t although wecttpeited
to have John only, or two men at most, Bnd a boy in thae is
wlio dully till be to te a mle. At 7.A0 a point wra pae.d
know t tthe nativlo e Jarilonto, Lhough nothing maf inu ight
troe a girl waosinc olothl ; and at 8.15 no island, and t 8.30 tn
other neither of wliclh Monwtind more thian tltr or four tao ;
l a 8ao.45aotlerbouotJ acr Inxteol, tha growth o which
is principally willow. The month of lho T -omite woa pas]e at
11, nand the Cow peni rtk hed at 11.30, (This point is khtowe
s Ilh Cow pen, ihet.ee it w-a used in y-ear ptaslt
a place for usombling cattle for the soi of tMahogany euloeo.)
Nearly appwsito this place on or the oatmen owner ia platotion
and the hoot wo stopped there in order that a supply of pla-
.iints might hi laid in for Lie voyage, '.The C.w pen is situated
nl the b- of quite o large hill, ald the bank is from uiglh to
tin feet highly. We 1 bed ont at 12 ., and at 2 pastd a
p1ic of ground on out right that had tIhe apparanme of an Jul-
-leone clearing, covered with high gn.a, and hardly a Iee on itl
and appe[aro to enLaio severe) lntuilrd aer. The opano 6e1r-
a-,ot acoliitry wts -eet a fewo miloe below, but tho patele dicI
ait _oo to e -a sive. Johnntl.or tn l us tlat though this gmutnt
is cdverod with leo, and -eal, it iN not m wnmpy, W;-l. of
itne lprevnttl our inkinisuch an oex inati oowe deeired, 1t'
lo t2. we wit sliorr lo xnie, Iy eliabing atr, lis ilweclior

tOt ofo tollry clearat y oa ; anod if. o,why i i not now
uas to podia -c netlieig f or lisi suipprl ? For t -vro l
roi:; we pA i trough coalury tual'ltti pr Anil ac the uhno
:ppcacailc. liN groass Iwing on either ihre-il-i. bInk ltr0e fto,
hipi and ricr fifly yania wlIle. At 3 1, at. 1 -i L ,l1 main
,irna od -ntcrd a 'cut ti At ocr right. (This et offI.a
kdo by n mift n thi river milo or I l1low, wtilclh tontily
prearnto noigalio py tha mait ctm.) awe pusc over a foot
atil in entering Ltt "cc ilt" woliitlp motti ticht iN tho ylarc wide
eil ft ee dcec, oanl hb a current of abouL eeLn a,,ite o hoIr.
The intost skill wte ncea'ry on the part of the bolinec to
lavoi ronoiug into the book oId ,agaiIact lle.a tW., Ir eunkhn
l6A, and to prevst onr being drIoac d itlo 11 wcter by over
Ihlinog limcl. At3r , piece oflo IFLyaRilIy gronntd wa
relped, andoi occa.iooal Man.ro e sio-d'clth or watir fo-r
It. Al good cgmnlini ground is nml lly found veiled oir-
Ilave ort t lrt thal altrecdl nLat 5 Wlopptltl fl ihie night.
Th.cnometer. 6 .. 71 : 12 M. 2 ;: r. M. t3.
Pan~ ARa t 10Ih.-LeIt camp this morning It .fl U3 l Thi
aoreom here ia bout twnlty yordi wide, butl o s adva-itifl,
-laoll pa timi become narrow, nnd i the course of the more-
log wo pcad -o1 potloie nott mora llot four yaj' wide, .n.d
eo' c Hc.aLmilt that idid noi .e e d oi. weidtl, t and a e r
ctt vlryilg ftot Oto t aeai milie an o hcari t, IitolIg tho
tBe wo hmo tco inb this sti6-m, no badillig ha.' lan ncet a -
Ory exctip for the purpi e of .aviinK oat Auttions. A t9 wP
nadcour elLr roin hls "nl offft" nmlo ognoi enteol tho nmiln

rivor. wIaha buit litc Irreril wras foud. WMdthI) river
iankl auI batik Lwthe .. .'
when il htils o six ul el ,

trith higl gross a illo il ad i I .
rivcr aa well ae aliuznl.. i .
nation. u- leomo sb gr cai -pickid up some a mO l ae gI
iaoved oil. (Wliil Ia word lint.atioa i. .I,. doL ,Lii thhi
refri t liouauda of aer- ii r
a.'.) Disamtol im Onrti h Iai l *ha I 1 ,
The nrita dOay, but ill tli place Ihcy omeo to tie waler'e t.1
While paia'g halroh thl lcu olt weHaw thloaslac of lIn',,
.nd Inaiy hirda of nl kihnil hinaan Lto thia eitliu.rn, 'cIpt leb
oi whicl hut 5kv were Mwn ; and alliga6tora i uaoiitiiily pilai
into tILh wiLce or awiiianliig ualng Lie hunk.
ALu- o'c.lk, uir bianlmen ltgia inug to talk elanat aernp,a
proiaa or tbobacc if w- reachul the bar that evening indg el
them I keep the paddle iln lrtoi i, and unr trip handed proc-ly
a] G o'clok. lvirnginade the trip in 26 1-2 hau rannina g lia.
Weleft San redto in tie mrirI-slept in tie ruin lo L aisghr--ra
inl the rmii to day from ic tie laing amp to 2 r. ., and w
are old id ,diueearcblh in 'ie tia aa Thl lrea thaint er
viibillu a we apporbahed thie bar imd n a eryecmartforicthl upLar-
ace, and the chilly wild bloa-irg Trum thi dea casial u tIo k
Iliir wra rll at a double tilick \We roiln a norlier prevailing
ac triec l of rraclhirgti bar, auIl a a ery heabayr oora unnigie
breaking on Iha ( t h with lrencl ndeoir ce, wrliul aenal r it
ierposilble for loart to cro time ibar and t go tIc Caiflilgt-
In crlosini the bar one .t tahe bata coudtiaig acggcrg waa
a mpearil, waldng 1l iteir linerult, .nil rai.nig .alHy Iarti l. A
courier kir -uc PMdro on tlce moreig of the I tllh for chic pich,

iob B not ya arrivedd. onugl l oxpoctld o come ltrolgh in
,al'- OTe is ,oIbtl, at tionaguenLt, nwaltiWg ea ctoge
it o wotloSor, whlch will proIbbly not 0o00r for noveral d.a
loutlomI't 6 -<. ". 68 : 12 A. r. 72 1-2 : 6 r. x. 79.
Fr 'n0y 17th.-rltiln agaio ilis o orning-wind continuing.
oa ,a rough os ycslerday. All weem to bIe iln dotllj a
I ale clst Omre t pIt LsOI, aol fiud It dificlt to decide
-hiedur it IIwool lot bent to try the river 8 farne thl Cow
I'm, (boyoud which heree eo le shoal will only one fbo
tlr o e the) or ato rotrn o Cien.qoena and try tnbaonon-o
iriyV. yy 9 v. tiM wino changal tot lloh nortbo-w wieh 'n
, nil 6l0l- eonggo l in trying wet clothlig oan other eflels.
rhicl hal been ocarly coniplld on thbe previo i dly by

ernocl for hol porpeon. co of whidb when loadl will draw
twenty Inolo ml.l the other sixteen. Thia mo.vmon will be
r0i o0,t enles ioeforma tioo in received fo.m Mno Pedrn to
ltop it. Nolhing Iotard of the conrier. Thermomretr 6 0. .,
ri; l2 .,7L; 6 P. o.. 70.
Petno nv1Ith.-Tbin agnin this morning, wiLh heovy doauds
at tlile ori a wet prt o no ngI0 ap.earane. Our
blacks wer wer wat ogln lt nighl by lhe rean beating tlnrougl
ot tfhoon shelter. After conldemoble ,eertion nnd greet
-wbtc or patlcar we noaeeedod in minking u Ire. which we find
r- nos7miy for warmth a for otulnarey Irpose, and perhap
morn so, bthe alock of prorlalonr ie not in gorat variety and
thb ,rvices of a Boyer ti not needed in the kitchen. At 9.30
Iril dorngrd to thr rtooh, wilth roaido flHug bnvy, nod but
t"lQt irompert of lhoeenon(. The nalire s ooked a Baboon to-

6G i to ..iUA,

day, but we komw nothing of its flnur., We lhav toe Co.1
Ignnam, ad other II. i '.. '- i. -, I
apparanct, but oo .j, .
west-tho rin 'aniad, ead wo ogain made f e tand drdal, 0
witcelvmtd to dry wlaL had agait riceitl a willing. At nJth
the Mloua disoopoaril, as usual. Thei e continues very ro-A
and the roaring of io ourf ta it lshm the beach iii ihthe
heard for eretal mile. Thermoretoer 6 . ., 67t; 12 G.. S : ,
9.. 69.
Feotn-r 0loth.-To our great joy the sat rose clIar Ih
Uioring, ai1 wo feel anxious to meoke a teal, but miuL wait f
men from Co iecleta. It is always delay wib theo brLop,
whlo hve no idt of li n olue of time, excst i uce nec ia
ueaicering distance from onU point to another. The sea behg
smooithcr thii aornii, a bont started for Omoator preciom
for (lie man 1i chbrgo of theo ieiLes of paeengeri hob
Mtme by thli lst trip of the Steeamr. Their oefoal are in Id
order, having been web for ceeral day Our individual b.ag
gagt was retoured from hbis poce to Omn, by the boat, at we
expect to Ihao San Pedro Immediately on our arri- l there, fr
the Uniled Slatr. The courier tha left le n Pedro oi tle
morning of ithe LHth eeaeato hee et 10.310 A. ., having bha
detoinet at Cicnguoeto by had woathcr, s we expected. 'h i
mo expected d feom Cienoau.ts arrived In 0lme toe led the boat'
and Ie ofe by 1.45, p.,. They -ea iore -i fro tranporting
there thousad pouuds ofraeight front here to the Cow Pe."
a dialaneo of aiWty-nveo miles, rorltythree doUars, paym.ctito
be mdle in currency, hrich th not greenback. The river Wo
acenidcd fnr about eight milte, and camp pitched for the night
Thermomuter 6 A. o., 65; 12 t 3 : r.u,, 71.
Frneato 20lt--At 0 this morning we were again on i6

tw, which is an suly start for tiens people, thuoug we should
baec laoa ollan hour or more = arlior. Thle bNik it this place
[ tie flet high, with plenty of tahoon, anid soil Ceedingly
rich. At 7 the he-av ar overcast wiRth Mackerel Sky
hi, lis a veri go d siog of rain, and the growliu or f Baboeon
slich wol heard foWr we Ii camp, Uas pronounced by one of
bthe loimen corlinin itdictionl of "filiru weather." At
;.5S f point was posed where a r ,t will soon be forieid, as the
[igo is moly leu yaurdl, whlile the stream is seventiy-pfi yards
in width; fOlloan Itrle lrig laerly eclod it. The large boil
gaoi aros the fi lot og hs aoa rerdil our progi s, at S1.0,
n U a line wo tikelun asoho and i a low s-inuiieo she os
ofr By 9 the hy waperfectly ctear, whlicli wss chierin.g, n
we hIvo no tarpaulisn nith whih to co'er or ,ccL ls, and if
lly again get To will be a more serious Utdernkingi to dry
iom tbhan wo the osi at the bar. At 11 the platlalionu was
rechld where we obtained lemous on onr down trip, and we
3gina slopped to lay iU a supply of plauiiio, leioun aed stugr-
seur Our large bht osck on a log al 3 r. m., but was no
delohid more than five minutes-tho mn tlaiLg water and
digging her olt. In co ssquenc of our being n.ar hie grassy
rcginns and tho terminus of Cahoion growth n t his idOl tfhe
" off," eopp at 4 d t 4 nd pitched samp, wlier it will be
ncessary to cook rations for to days, s we willoon be
cnainsrywhere ilwill be nlmoes impossible to fied a camp.
To-morrow we will be in the cut off, when the work qf trip
willbegin. Termomt-e r6. x., 60; 12 1,, 76; 6 P. -.,4.
Fs'EIUonA 21s.-We are alloat this imoning at 5.30, which
a on impnovemens on yesuerdy's start. A htavy fog hangs
over the rivor aod it is quite col. 'The cut off owas united at 9
1, ... the boat ecenpied by Capoain B. snd nysell goiag ahead,

wa we have the pilot. The boats Lre all provided with pole and
pnaddles, he Irl being eonstamlly tired after we kit th
river. Our boat .aemoped at 5.10, near a plat. wro ltei ciirreti
was very aswft, which point wi not o a ealI by thr other IOatl;
the large one nrping Ibthri-oute llif a iile below us, atd ie
etdlr bot lower dlnrn. Tlhrmomeiler G v., G.1 12 i ., to;
G M., 78.
Frtanta.i 22d.-Th- e lar I boat reiehal our enOp at i.al
tlh lii tnrig. anil stopped to proptte provisions fhir the day,
Thie cdar lbot is nnt in igkl, .t we are not anxiotlta cnwti-
ing it, o It a men in care haio shown gert eney, and (n
of them ; Ihe beet boatman o1 theo ILary. .11 7.20, til hoiatdl
haIving Ircakfbrbab w wre a-apin o thie way. At 1o0.t sA
reachal Our majp of hlie rlst night gong down. Co iderebie
dcitition waw twn I at 12 a. by th large boat gelling across
another log, wltel occurred aguin t 12.4. This lg had It lie
cut in order to efcth a passage. We are making vory slo
program ag-inst tcurrint, ls. dttmpsy, ve and adthe overeuig
iiu brlaaheb orf tre At 3.20, oar pilot finding w were iu t
lagoon, itil conaequnttly out of our co. u, it buctia ueanery,.
to tini backh a ml ipi order to re- ain thie rigbi direction. We
had lenpdl It be out of this flt euonry and once more amwng
Caheoon. lhforec eight, bat now think there is little chaea of oar
doing so, At 5 P. a. be Jatge bhll grounded, and was rliev ld
by all hands ithiug io the waler apd netmnineg the ganwailt,
Camp was pitched this evening nat 5,30, In a vwy disagremablh
pla., the iduar bnat eIwling & shoir distance abad atd the olu-g
boal about tOns liundral aoa belo w us. ThlTeontitr e go. a .
60; 12 ., eiti; G p. M. 76.
PsanCAny 23d.-6 o'clock foannd s on the way hLi a ornitg.
and we think Iaom our lomlity we are about two mllf boom lire

IABt. 09

a tin erani. G.1 Lhoubig otw ostlop*il by log which

c-l i>, 'oilt 'lare o riv or i.lmost cL"ctly closd by a

aoo, ovoe a very rough lali -0
S i d "1.1 I -- .uitly
p . ** .. .* ** ltj el

boult eihtll pouiods. We could a no indica ion of iolythVing of
re kind, i ld tlie waLer was noL clear ienouh tor the boltoou l
ii. t ,i 'lhcns ,ny oblrog w havo s-en, ont proves n do.
Mil ,d inlpendenec of hook od lion. Our Imht reached lth
Cow.-n .t4 r F., c,,c large botaot 5. but the cedAr boaL lid not
-ore up lot-ight. Thoirmo., 6 A. ., 63 ; 12 70 ; .M. 76.
Fr- eABy 241th.-C.'otaiii iBckutw and myolf left Coamp
thiWs icuiug fro S Ui Pero, at G.30. A note was discovered
I-re lIot teninc wrioen byh Col. H., who was hero on Satur-
i, (22il), wlichiolitte.i *. TI . i
iae. Vor oral i ... .
1ay e e rolling c u.t1y; ftl r wlich we o enoiton pic1. of
pcairic l.nl eitl hornl dicreot c.lomp or emall lire oak. This
pico asrirm] to cooli about two hooundral s,, nd ic r -
red witlh course gra9 from tw o o thr ooee l hig. This bhieg
* liigli dr, odl rolling pece or grmond, we roal ourc:lf the
qtiswioweathis tvr i- n clivultlioo? This trip will Iong lt
rmtc-rcd by l C aplpioi B. airl nIyelf, .a we lolI eml-1 wiiIh
bPggao enucgh hor iepack-ule of rmull dlitneluioons, endol ilte'h


e]pcifie gravity. Et reti.e Lhe tiolto and Tatcomiche ar,
wdced, the Brt two reet. aIl so d on fot deep, and
reached t Pe adro ao a lato ioor iu the afternoon, wheo tenseL
ntold on0e f tsle most fatiguing trilj in which it was ever tu
misfortune to engage. Distancm fron 9. Pedro to Cow-lntt, ier
teen miles, and Ihorn Ctow.pen to bar, atxy-oevi;t ; total dlilaite
eightymilse. Wo will hteo occasion to refer to the river again.
ThermomPLcr. 6 A. .6, 1O i 112 S'2; r. 6 78.
FEPooroH 25th. A oarty is on the rou. l twAJ L BII rilo
and the Cow-p]o, cutting the way wide onoIgli for w,.gen
which is necessary to be douo in fre plates. 0ol, H is with
them to poilnL otL whore ortain alvto titgwoo chain gin m)' be
made, a, he oaoninted the rood few daoy since. TlcroItulciter,
O At. 70 O ;12 l. 82; 6 r, a. 72.
Fruneo 26t11-A.s we expclted, the nmonl engget y.orte-
ily to go to the Cow-pn for o hiKgageW did sf gett loftill
this mooning. Extrta pyo ent iniuced tt irler starstt ro ther
ae in the hobil of making, and exactrw the llpromio to ob Imrli

e Ao unativo s wo found lasto oveoinog seretd in the Ior-oao '
an imnmigraot, odo =o-doay-e~tcirvig one hundred stroke. with saltut toallrtiin
switlhe. ; o addition to othi he timt to roouiltd to work flo
the pobllie a giren length of lime. m i3Lr'di Grad s beeo n il
operation here fro the prO t F wmo w elu, und on tronday last Ite
Trudor sports should thae bqeuu, wlileh ore carried to a Oe I
lideroble eIent in Brazil by throwing e olr on eM th other. Lnd
by throwing ugapinst the peos on Ihelr w-arn botlle. flinl wiml

'let water. We aw no finr useal in that or in any other
-ener, bnt a fetw prreota usl a nail mconipMsib, oetal hot-
h-irwitg the eater by squfneelg the bottle. The individual

in-i -i 'et' I. .' i a.

rnoto every obstcle to hie going. Thermomterw A. K. G0;
l2 S3i; 6 r. ,. 70.
eirnaOa-T Th.tn-Ot baggage is ready, bht eoL until the
mo on, an hour high did the purty oongged to wory it make
ba appearance. ie ano to get money with whioh to purchase
ation,, Mr. S. wh eving proatiied to feal him on the roud, and
Jie risnel te price ho at first charged, front two doltlara to two
. larf anid Jfly dents. Twenty-flre ceut. being gitvei im to
rocnre ralion, tio work of tying oi tf otruet was cODtme-ced,
tihrn iere4 being engaged Inl it, which was completed to their
atliictlio in bailfr an hour. Toeti always have to bo tlirtished
fi nllis purple by the owner of baggage. Mr, L7-tcia Middli-
b'eakL and .tMr. P. aS, lea ta art 8.10, ma] the itlgapge
as lit 8.30; we leaving Son Pedro at 9.45, and overtaking
tbo other gentlemen before they reached the ioontaMin, the ascent
of a ,lh wo begun nt 2.25 and loertoinad at llietico Oranile,
at it, fNot, withouLc idenlt, at i5.15 ,. M.
'ti following beiug po led at Pon
ihe ti Ut cf "all whel it ray concern."

YoPreor atl with net (o byoddi. .
without Ce l.......... ..............25
"n'el ntof. rulinr InCtal ii...... .............
-foi 7. a night, .acr l r enatl, e i ej on............5.
O p| or cofie, vtll is ith l ......... ... 121

72 A TRIe To 1o.DURAs.

Thion who do not wish to ocb py bed, tmay bavn tbhe as ,
of llw nhll
(Signed) RhGINO PRFO. Proprinor.
PanoiARVn IB.-At this mrornini, wo gain manniel or
.. ii iii,-i i .. i il. i

cLtroezinolo tin sIol ogorapflto.
FPnt i-v 29th-We egnagal plsaguo, And ewmirked on

.I I 1 . . nr i .I

we oni only hope ho will oas rorninste ,L on a fonrmr pwsion,
nd lave but one.
Ml ,non is.-No b6nOo ladday Cpe of tie niot glllt
cliamrler, and we ar yl a long dinalncc from ito d filutiuon.

Nll.onn 2h --oli l i in eight lih morning, and 11e cari
anchor at 12.30. A uiitomhoisow oninwr lmne aboard iulm
* .- ,.-- .. ... ,i i bT IU 1 I

no pieaore ti iabhl to oay the capltin io an ex ConRlo. nin o
g reltmin, aoil aint yot will al4-ya find till Table d'Hoite iip-
plikw wilh ihe b"il the market IlYord, nad nt rnsoniablei rL.
'tPih slapi.ng aparont i n .re u.l, niry nid mioni-riibl. I'-ilin
.OU will not go -nydi-'nl

toMtU 3U1--Jm. M. Patnam Fsq.. ednt for Mesar. Young,
Afo & Gos. extedood an intittioa to us to aecotmpany him
etlho r0ive, or rather Ahe Oattle Isladng," two milan
]th of oltho ooth or thntlvoer, for whish plle len erpeets to
b is, evening with the tetamer Enteorpri, belunging to the
a netionitl, and will carry down a.number or person who
.i.,dl -'o li I lt ltletr from New Orleans We mtde oor
poio for polig, llt Ithe vessel did not ma ko her nptear-
eetleatog lhb y.
jleao 41h.-It a uicetdaied thattte Eate trprse is ogroond
n Haul Ot r," which is a waler connection between the
I \ ive' ad Ilal UDay. The a -ainoer hal ion in the river
I o .oou. time .lt nderoino repair, and could only eoter the Bay
L tLetroll itaeetl, on ouientrol a briodgeo rp toig the river
ai t lo quite anoituber tf gentltncu who were waitlng hero
r h-r, ate gone this ttntoitg to tender otheire erict in getting
1. offI ThJermon- g n 1; ;: 12 83: 6 P. M. 70.
txAIc T 5th.-'l'Th.t Ei rprit'" stccooded inl getting ofr the
atlato o morning and t tachcd her unchorLte it, the harbor at 7.20
. s. The "Treio'io. td" 'ill ail on theo lth., ed woe love alma-
Jood IU t trip to the WMoho, m it in two ltle foir u tou mke it
ald rotlrn in l0me flor the stAin. ter, dlstenct hlil ningiely
'ile- '. paid our ropet- loiii anrnig to W Ili Excllency,
et_. '.iagdo, and spent na hont.- otli plcmantly and pmfitably
tiltlihlht 'ntlomun. taeviig lbnt inrormed'of gon C ite
ot to teicnceio Company, of t n extFrivo picer of toinlry
lyii"g 1 -0etatl Monkey and Dubp trirs, ninteo qniry ,of l
Ktcellticy eonaernig it and fotiunl it wIa not a w o hIl I .A.
'1i '" Entr[rl-e o iltod this .eniiio; G, o li a lair' loot
ri.y. TIerulamnter 6 .l M., 77: 12 .., 61 ; 3 r. a. 71.
NJ 'tn nth.-Serotal goollmen o il t t oi tho t



windl AtIAliOdin tAiAAtUhiAAA done, B rAnIndke. Thq
Dtha I pMly.ht d viited (l Iha tote riv ntib.waen p
&Alairtn, elOIeTaA malter Sd UiaL they reprted.,aix fATT
t Iti bar of tlat Arean. ow tey rArrri'dAt ittl, ibenAil
we nAL to yes w T wA ot told tihy 'dwrield W.
WWr. ,Wo T ember. ditKuily Ahnt, before-we denial
eRbihtCai it WAM vmortrd tAo aavwO.W.tand larrAlAi
lowant sti g 'lq nm onl" er T A. M ., 71 ; 12 .., 80 t 6 r. m Y,,
MlAnA Tthi.-Teli wlnd bee been blowing Urifltlyae
dut for mv-era dayb ,idWalted-roog weatr Bth
trih',ib t hviRg intle hrtry te apeetlOc or ihelt iTg, b "t

p n rel.k i -. l M' .o. -- I 1 l t I.= *L*. -- "a,
t" 1-l- .it. I d._. .i. r h,, . 6Yi n-

.w ",I bi ft l[ l ir, h'l .11 -." .-T, ic!'
b T r- id. h* -t ,,.Liy ,- t
ftrll :Aon Ahu in Ateidic" owt auldior Sldt rem idi] baen iti
nirg. Ik LTm, iAA ,G7 | *.e ) ., l; A0 P. Aik, ,

tan=a r *I An. ". .. '"j
raLAWlA.. I .A. -'i r'e A
atnde occupyloeg the uppAr berth in No. inrbienh w krvettjt
onlyIeoley,betthenAonAt,anlAItheAt. I
MAlern l1th.-WA are Al' io lae up tAduy, but feel I.]
thlTgIh wA heat pnreed lltor a severe gtO vk of BiiAWA
Atink e ree horring aoeldil bgood--one to bI A IAlbtAin-cAaii
berry jaily-one wilihin inechi. 'Wiletr, havA you sAy IAAc'
elri be" lieii eit rii ooien,sir,lnut will set.' 'MbclAiu t, silA'
"A., UiAik you. DuWei uoekerAl wA AnrT ra, And a sl
bAnekefa ro s AA adie thouhI tier iiaLtiy cAien wea vnetr endl1
Triid A Aigur, leAt AOAccAdAd in ind.in' A very Ainue quolinA 3A
AshA.. Took n hein, auAsanAti wA e! low cAn oAyoIntes
iA? We tnirne to our r'no I i-.r Al elAhnner iot d'id

ileh would be worm i a puAiAh,
-. iompulsory s

\lCL 2th.--Crosad the ar at 9.30 A N., ann I clhd
ew OrnkmIs at 10 I. m., re ining o, board till moi ,dI.
3aiC 13Li.-By L2.30 bhasgag w Is d Ulover:d, mail oe oi
"I.s, offig ready for Ibh chekso. cars, which Wu o leav11 aL 4
x. instead of 7, was th ase A elort .in Rhince. We
r ,medl k it making A a otero, al will reach hd Warrn," al
1l30. Ao, Il.. morning of Marlh ]4th, 1869.


t is itgular, but trui. that few tpatut w 1io -ae not
iiltl Iteliz hbavo any well delnd or cor-et itds of that
pia Of tall bi n lb, tg on Ilo 'i'r dewind wh tl we went
olar. lher being n'oi thin 1i hial'tn only two nr iheo
r.nu, who had vinul d the coWi try. bad a other l ido of
Ie l'lau' tlin that titl Itunl ware nudely bcaln'.ttl, and
;o pruiip[t portia l lithe population tin tim ude nAs Ith
ti!tdiLa. WVO confe our -.arpr' I .st guent, hen lint we
te ,ltit aillht ao he ten. at .,ight, but greater nu our
Srtri ,t, lli'. w viewed it illn 11a morning, and ftll thaiI it
etl(tnledt lnte the s ho1ir. fliut e asu ntut e tllan u mile.
siliuP w;ll baill hoI- no, plmh ree scattered hre Mand tbe-e,
waving their unblrell. iku tlopto v, he lirt and titoving the
monza.i u wtile oA r ult nitilins bIy dtlir foliabg, presaenltig a
ty banutLil onld at iry-liWe aet. It leon eaS ae widtb of
la ishn htlIa mdle, with a Mangroae swamp extending along
ite r, ntud is iuaitu by the elize River, wthli plaos Ito
'rtherlu o n n na ibntd mnade by tli wnteu oftit tTe passing
Lioughl tuhe -hl oer" Ix mtileftrom lowi:. Thrnis a canl
umainta the entire ltngIth o the plee. an i in are o it, whicb
twaelyodae fit niie, piled on et hurt aidei, d s[mann l by -eaeral
rnI barbdgoc. '-ihea strta ee t grult width, without Bidewalaest
idl ao kep ptrripulonuly ean. No enLi tn how iard it ney
ain or aow witdy it ntay be, at is no imud it tn .te n ca.t. Or
dut In the other, al thn etartu e- nitade o-tead ead mlsee gravel,

cod Ir to cmrlnd atn ti pre0, t ke w iptaont w t f

-, ; . . .. ,. .. ,-' .,.
tto_.tr to w T h. ..o 61- i, t

oed principally will lato, tiltd at i o,. Most wnso i.
buitmti on the lower sito uad soide al oV,, wionhere luiy be fo-un
apartments Bs neatly trmtrneled and as iL'gautly furnished a"
at sUy otlho place we can imos. Tho merbnsia uor Ituhle uw
sbk to drive their hlsltnes o noL lt ithr bmsi kI dlris
hns, for at 4 o clock r. evto- store orf ny po f i on-
c lHd, wih a promplnsie thka cttueI uo to ask i' it t, is oc.
co-danee with law, and wvee infonwlt it was simply a cusio .
l(Huappywtthin, thought we, if you do not do ItitneAs Ini
twelve moetilo' tm. If you liel in the United Stlao on
weid bIllnk shi vy titl in oal tenwe. as with its lt '
.Etanly no cta of minW nio ire wodkod order itan
the tmsrebani.) Thera- alre os hurlet; two EpkalpaJ,
Ma ltlodit, oo Boptift. one Catholt msid woe Pro aytona. AM
vwy-ttlllad gte 5pbratpls-lbehaitof Bolle; theMa ts-hdi
btiingo-sy hadosad ladod. We will endear to gioe a iho
deliptlt of It. lhe cons etote wa laid by GoT. AWilin
N imbr 3d, IBt;. The Mkdisda coiot lrud4t bWiek. witl.
aliterroor, aId eoroas trte oute fhout fitol dHtng Iand h ateo
oflssmlt twent- ith cnsttng sboatifllew feot-high, 'bilh
ia d te aftoslToast. -ane Itou1 ppe f1 orDtiviMa s-ro i
SsteiindsaTig Tolb tdloutolddof the beltdg, leittkef
amit-aS atlfatwilt t Tlae ptr*so dor Mahgolna, sd at palsi
& fWl d -mas Mi1Bddoatt ley, sod sirealaitt fos, wmh a. b1

LbtM at the slkn containing lie Ten Co mnanidinouta and that in
helcenoi the Aoetloe frcOl. Gclhiicnledcwncrgr oii gitosoc-
enpyntealyt ttio ctiroi'ldthi oftho building. all hte eni wrne he
plpil i iitedLunlt mul n i iltlt oide of tbn rII m doablt geOlic
niedows' ;t circuloe gi, r tl cir wielnen abnoe tlin.
texCntl from oiXtr i oilinir. will i it e gthJic ault. wil h ba I
one hal tI e l idth of Ihe iuildihg., an frumn wich two urell
gtraichlly curr to hL. wala. '1n eilng i., p, iulte while, aud
Is rllectl hiy ltrip| of italiogan, e oral indch w wid, running
froin be t iiipo\. a llterreilar diilo tllroi Re Five chi-.
elliter with lithreo litl] n b., too iuspended froelllh roof, t Ind
eigltlnlois itl clie w.nlls, ilur ton tilher eid,. Counted liy

* t 0 We aettddi
nerice hIle night, Iwo alindral or norn of lle culoroe popt-
Intioni beicg ptncit, ad only thenm rl-fe prans, that we co ld
sen. ntd we icver We a more quri oe r ttentite e iwniregation.
The moictie noep I.- at the ner. we p[ro pontriely eo-
dureiw io a Mid every .leenlietio Aebwnitllcll cu i ly li

Tlhi i l te idbe Iheats ila.l, .,at Fi elicugh -o re
inclined it thiuk tfrma Lhe tparlean or stpit s la Ieop tat too
hevy a pe. prthlion cas bc made for the iainigpnie a' in-
maedtlin. Thei te are fow raIs ropud the lhtown,.a pd anmnay
i the county gonrolly. trwasportalion baing aeerjelon vik
hiels cud pwIck mIlt A beet is *)"e. l an IlepeaIibtIo hIr
weat, 1 .. -14 An i.n ajt .I ar 0ll i p

-T ,Alec: o .1 .I nd of I0t1, the me impNoranl
I",.n l "llo-ry' unl "Pilpan." The rt is shatnpd liL,.
thi's boon, and sl-arp na both endm, and thio eccod is very long
for its w'ilth and i usend nor navigoti:g ',l,4low waler. Th.s
humata.swnIdeofagieglepitcen of wool. .1l nrd whlh wo
Soh)ld call "anoe, or doog-oult.

iog ilho law It i hardly necc s.ry to s*y nyliing,. co
.ighid. SulMe iil t0 sy, th, l. l- law prvaisi. cd'
o oro thn maol oclly colo nl,,it w10 havoe ever Iioiat.

'[Those who iAv0 Followed us lthi r.br will b ableh to form a
pretty corrc idea of thes oil, eid iu.1ohloion., nid oJly ivw
w-ord are nic Aary on l0i, 1100r. 'I hoe ideo prVa lb hal or'
is very little thin Inna, lhilh l i ,o 'lle Uca, a we not r-
quently foind clny nl a deplh orf eight, iir's, ,nad lmna I-I
,-ontinin g too large a proportion onrlf n. T'lihe hoon aIlm.
Oldih in oirivoloaa sure inlkalion of ri ih land was found
g'ow ii Oi eoil both wlet nd dry, rich onid poor. Tlatl' l It
higl I .ul o rlls Hodl l i cO:i:alonot be q iboLintied, bt.ii i
oo to the ocoo, or i It on the rlie n thio fincn or owelY
i. or he noet', oInywloK outolh of l1eli" Ui. wcs vlit0ll lby
us, ot1et ol All Pins,' and 'Seoen HIll,' and w were Informed
tiod le t Inkid enuold he found in, that part of iho colony. Wd
eiOnlIoncl thlnile I n hio riv ; fl nd ; a fiOr 0a eaiolodol. thoey
n generally Alu,, .ad point u.ery liodic.lion or bonm .ioubjot
lt owVeAnw Wi. fund lhgli Bgoou oc the middle ier and
eoldtiootreran, nod cicvc no doabt brn io c o o l
twon all thenrivore tho-o i aho"e vrliw, '

toot, aod wltiste intWredre of if intry I.Lween thobe
inlo and tlb riveo, or lle.iuat

Thlie rhr of tl]o iouyo exauit l o 1 Iy n n Va thily biw-lirnl
oereawn, alimoo entirely witloutl ob"trrieloit ninl vr. orlly very
dep )Tile Golden-strem, R .C 1I L, -'ii i
navlg.ted lbr iwenlty led .. n i
, r. y- h' '* '. "' "" b. ..kl

During our sty in Brilish Honinure, we nawn but two snakes
oneerw which -w klloed by Dr. FR, on i ioklden-tllroam, ind the
ihe- Iw sw no AtPines; thinle llplt hei n nn kiown to u, and
ihe okio'l o g!nter aoke. tosqliiU. e ao d i.i anid bottle
iOn, -cept when theu al broeem prevoll aro vnry numerous and
anwoying. The Oral in a old enemy, antd the second not un-
kio nitli country, tit e t in d buloingl to dibtrent
Iltitude-we will deserlbe it. In cite 1it almost dti same ta tho
Wtrkey gnt, and poawtlor theoflesb, i ailly without cuaning pain,
aing as il mark aoall red sp of b? I down to the eaier
ver of ;;in tski. F ornighteenor te intj-.loir Ihours li does

eably, p-oentling a vey uitLurel appearance. We we
Ietuotelyan to to pun.ctueo tho dpob ai sntn a dimcoveenil,
F oat the blood and bathe wih salt wiler, whiloh wa4 done.
totl o unplant n tulls followal their bile. We 1rc nt
hutodol' n'-4htE e bilo on the hb da of a. ingla Indiidunl.
Ante ar tn y nmneroua omd datructieo to grden,. Ituin-
Hies, o rnlnlliar qi, n.e here almost t.ikil wn.

83 irarwtoi rmrW'nwo.

Tin orauge, lemon, lime, plealtain, bhlna, gnaon, litiuapt,
c t nnt, aid we might add all the fruite of the tropics,n e,,

Mric tlire name ow with to, and in addition the yfo, vont.
nvaton, tor o ormalariga, rod other of ]es imnportntic. fio
ym in very mueoh like our sweet photo Io npfi .pyanrnc. cod
o 2.,, 0 1 71,,
.l... p i b "; pie.llt. lI,, p1-, ..e

jorpa ie wlo "a root, but d no aU ain the atso of the ym,
and is iu tale n meditun between the r;.ah and -weel ptayo.
The caae. and malane are also rooted, the tt.L or which groe
to the weight of four or Gfre poui ni d hoa alreaI btwi
tre-ibed, and ih cCnd to tho ei e of our rieh potato, 1nd hi
the nearnet sppioaclt to tUI t vegetable of all we haoe ina- .

Lont ia grown, U.d idcording to report, two .eira ure larma
in one year, We oer shown rome of this goin aIt Seven Hills,
tire oea being of medium size and fill tothe ende. It very
far(imteoIs and in o rly attacked by re1ei1, that in a hort Lime
Ieste nolbing but hoek. Many p-ot es chined thnt not ouly
twoeropw year an Lw ribed, hat sixty bulhoel an uelr to the
crop. We saw nothing thit promised t larger rterll t(h
fiftn bhuheles buh we did not ineusure itihr land or corn.
Ofris' we r.wr some that 'a 'very Hhp. Two eoroe
year t ire ts itmed fo thiI. We are setieted thin it a Irt'
frte country for its proaimtton, anl d thaet the yield will Ih
both large in rqt.Ilty ard iatlntne in riialrty.

tlil ilt hl La w W

P06 ret, from wI fruit oer which the lluslhae our cwumeroe

y e W. nl. .ne.. d a.s.l if presla-
_.J.l u .* -. . -, o .r -1 re

ite i l -it.

Aid 1o. ae a l, I WV iin, the colony. A ,eli-y1pii i
.ta rpalntace sill h did [ otrll believe tieli ITw n tree iu
Bil sh l lt.tui]s, but wna lsit thera was oe l aL Corawl. te
know of no e .Sn wlinr Cblt lie .t a P. m .o w Tll inot I here

"plit. ly re.tie llB nTiii.hoi Ailm i .lb.levtir ,rpeilocB-
the county I: Slluttl Iolllras anid o il eilt. ia i wing C1 -nd-
tIeil asi eti toeii i i" t -ilply.
*oOvenazgMrEtet r Ornoafla.
liti lTeillencti-, i. Gov. Jus. Iaobh. Longdon. ritiate
thetelqi-t, hI'etlt. Ilfecoi rt flttitttli. Ols. tsry., Contirolkl

Ctl. eotttrty. Anatt Wit. i s. C'l. l'treatire, Antenio
lTit. A*t rne, l, ( Jl |)i II. Pl illit ei"O, loup

iSurvttor. l F 4Il, .. linii ration Agi.. A .. 0 eai l

4M ealIse ao.snntt .

elelivt mand three nominated by the Crown,
Council of six member.,
Exeosiove Oomeil, (elyled honeomble,) OIewr Com. troop,
ol. Se-acretary, Treoserer, Altorney-onerrol t Officio: A. W.
Coo, A. Mathd, P. Toledo.

ports of the colony for 1866 ............

Au eit a CoDsul ............
Spnih Honlro s ......................

Cones populoiont ool o.y, Atri. 7.1 2f,03
Praent .. .. B1ll .about ............... 6.00t
'the polulod.io of the colony, incl, in Lhe town, i4 ;ino
i,,rely colool'c.

On lthu oticr of riulltral iannigmuti t fore is ino doy :
but aut prisons on their way to Sponith IIondu-ns wdl be r-
quired to poy Trane-shipl ent iues," vasrcy front twncLy-liev
to lMly rents per pi'tlge; thr I .tlI lo bo p.aiti cL Itrel
of tour nod pere.
Ileoy hbin undr thie in(phtsfen it. lvin, s It-p.
at Melit than in the U.oit'4 SitaI-. fSolli.wi.g ro ti the
Delize flondurd,. ColonisL" of Febrary 291"1, hi6o, oil'
etablo them to form o. bIettr idea ptIrhap tLhn thIy .t prt
s1t tIv e of h. lsbjiet. (Col1 i o ilcr to o u-o3 in puy

uartraig jroiun>.,
twe nof Er.hasge of Bill on England is 05R0 1-r 100'

Flo Pr............................ 814 to 15 per bbl.
Bic. ............................ 0 to 6 100l 16 .
(or ..... ....... ............. SL to 1.12 per bbl. .
Planai ........................ 2G| to 75. 100.
yson...................... .... $2.25 to 2.50 100.
Bef.... 818 to 25 per bil.
B oer........................... 44 1o 59e. lb-
j rd ............................ 14 to 14,l -
pArk. Prime .................... 821 per Ibl.
Ales ...................... $ 4 o 25 per bbl.
86 to 87 1001
........... ................ S .50 to 0 do,
87 to 7 1000 I bs.
..................... $16 to L9
SIS to 2t
Veffte. 18 lo 20
lba $1,25 to 1.50 per Lb.
Tobacee, I. 2.1 to 32 '' 10t).
Calar .......................... 2. 5 to N40 M. t.
PiltiO Pine fember ................. 35 3 4 S t
W hl Pine .... .. ................ -10 to 81;
1al. any boIan ............ ...... 860
(1 fre teahiIg up thoe snbjct of Sponisti Olonduraos, it
i '0sur0 to sd our Itlinitoee to dto faol Ilat hia tocellanoso,
114h0- h Longdo1o, Governor of Irilisle Fildot is a. goentle-
"1, 1 ory n-y ;.loioict fi.r ho poj ion ie flih lith sb. mch

St( bmiis noofulnaw.
enLil'acaLiI, to lie people of hie colony, and thin ho poasescs I0,
ran e rnhinnti of ane Oeelleat eidminisltrative and ecutive
olfier, the reult of iargn enpririca and alom obsprvntlan,
which, L .. .. ],.t -., polilnedinaner. al
earnlst i: ir. i 1 those under lil, lio

A' : r .. r i, iL. a bo uninenty pranctical nla h
ideun aniil ruab i th ni ehuuld anet hie ony, thIt he will ex-
a rnenaier asini an cpnmelon mdlo nde o by iimn, ad wlIic. we
,ill aLt noon torgoeta 'in, l lie did not lo much dire to her
nwhetinn~n~rm could do, n. whL Ilhey hid necomplis ed In their
planting operailoea.

pueblio dablet 1 doliecioon

Un. El luerto Corlds em t frino. pltr lrt ~ho p-al q9e I
pobltdOOr It Il cloldod do MjolololIhtrooloe it. i ,
-, temrio pIrn N0 Co 10nin y oilaool .I -.
Lhbrian, hraquin etc.
,l.In Lo vtgoeioon pr mp nio o ie vdpor o lot die calloo,
de lo rio. do Chlmalecm, Ulom y sue trlbolaria riwrn emlnLta
purn I nulahoon ionigranlEs por el termino oe oclo ios.
.ia. ,e I conced,' L.mobiou Iw ni uieosl privilogioW edrlusi-

1tolot"... 0. .. .o o 1 .0W d,

00i0 0 ].o iulroitoloo ion por oino oooe P0l 00. carroclteoia.
lorru t q, Ja muquilo do eocor noldlu C0D el tombroe le
* Coomon S&.. Sw-1o Moohiie, i. **, 0ii. 1 L,,
1 ulonoiiquo conosild too el on' 000i -T..
isliluion y vnto de licorot, la lhran do coriooitMdo con los
oreglnu.wlos d ote rouo.o
6O. Tnolramn l 1 'ho de con tLrnr .ie lnit q90 pas1 lInr
ltaioio onionotl. od proprilod poticult ptara boIuefiioio do
ye&llo0 mioio y del Gabierno y el ile haPtr nuuedolooe o Irt
0ue. p00o0 001nr SIL utrroiMo.
;u. luo imoplb]dorsl eIt loa cinn do I Je ina io tud d al o eoei
dol otroiia h-iil..r y cdo cy tribuclo s rofe- p0r ol Lei
Sdoe ttn cou0,lo .lea10e da a.ribo al p.is.
oa. 'Tedrn ,L dereeho de ol.ir plra 0. Gobolerno I.el con
orrg)oo Ins0loyu o llR opoblio nn ooepo muonilipl, pilienod
000 tanto bny-a e 1o num-ro de qIinienois alma, 0er rejldos por
00 IGoklronolor y \ JWi do P.a ou lo iirn dol 1ntroe lloO

anismcos. Cl l.do =al dinoi el primer o l lobrnad dor de a
BIarbar y cl sgunpdo al Juez de Primera Inmlaoi. doe Urna.
9a. Tul'ed cl d.rseeho dd Imr eo I u rglmentso municiphLes o
biandos parn cl ooiieorn io d la poblaclon do conformidad
con lS leyOe de hla lepublica y -omctionrlologs lm apn n Bcioo
del Congrso, o hlol Supre1s Podcir ljEcutiro.
leO. Los arlionld, quc d1ilrkh po)bholh.re emobarnuen e hlo
poertos de la RPplhdlirn, eo. n )ibcr ,le hodo ,'reho do I .spo. .
tacion por cl i -rino do cel a.-mos. Lsecanc-llssion.so e nMU
perjcdi-oon la compremn dde Frroc.arril Juler-Ocania,
proyetedo, p, 1,, 1ri ,';,ios prmitidwo o que ? |itii
hobre eyte parlicular serau unn exception dI es corrjs1o1ec.
ierl eteildl nstablecimicllto do ncaqusam, s exocudenii nsolamon' 1 c Ila 1-
partaseioth de r anica Harba-a, GCrcin y Caonmyagn, vnh ,rc o
lI de la nnaqinn o hamcr tolr ias o so ea teraivo a lod in ihc
Si dntric d tr, o aoios no hambimes o In cmdad que rna full.
Jare u isa lll n 'lr la qinrt lines per lIo .monr clos privila-
gios concdidl e.n lh Deoerto uha]arcn ein ohact : |ier on
eat: coa iso l harnigonts qom ynh rson otabhlccidu disfrialsan
de hI proprkIad do la pace que teiogna cultvamos il lois tio renos
enorcdlIdos. Enomila on 0Comayago eon ra ehr a de i rablcrno a
ohio de MAyo dle ril ochcimarns sesenta-y- s lte.
Itay 1) sCllo.

MV Greon Mal

lie .ovorInIee .I, eoniderliog leht youn ve h lread blen ed-
Mnited l n aoIlMen orl thil Bepublie, .ndamOtad of yonr abilities
aed good wiBseo for be prospe ly of the cnun.ry, hlt dmeeed it
epellete to uomlnate you by a ra'olulion Ictel thils dly, In-
gtororr Foreign Jmelig-rtion fr, the -ot miod lie illerior or
tje )elpmrtment ofBaita Barnbo malki it your duly to erport
1to ile lloverment, whalverr mnsure you saey adopl, o 1 your
oflicinl capacy. o remove ll di eulties loht nrony sarie and to
pr-mot.tle l vowa orGovernmen on thle abijel or iomlgtraiot.
I[upinglhdl t you will accept thi noeminntion, I leavothe
plionne to eubrlbe n yself yoro renprieflly,
;-,iei indeoT tho seal or the Ministry of Interior BelUtion aud

it copy.

San Pedro, Ferlirary 2.1863.

On the ird uf
frwarded to the a.ithortit
To hlia Ee wleney file Fres
republic ofr londnte t

Thie uiitloriguad rmpeuiully a!fitia, to yoor onmidaertioi,
that ou the lOth of April, alltr a tiaag orf le day), I arrival
lin ti y or Onton will t enly Aouls, .anidanl to your b-r
tiful lad. 'Ihe. aMrss Lunioni of mI n, wuomrn and hildree,
who n what mightli be ernnel tile fornmnnmrs of p rhb-a thee
mn&ls of uti blet citimea of tlio .aiuthern Staer, of the 1:initl
taate. Wo wish to make llia our bhme. To find in tbis that
bwhih ol havw e lh in our own iatlve land, liinay,. To make
thinwl hil oIr oLint.ry wa aefor it wIa destroyed by ntr
eaneicw.i Onr deira is to theim eafisama of the lRepblle at
I i. .. ...... proleotion, to
aj .- . am to do er
:. i .. .... I .i i r .t amang yu -e
ewoul slam tihatl nt tccounat of our toeacet gaerf'mlfortuos,
nmnyonaser grtftly itmpovcdrid, and without glo [inio
further preliinihorypreak, would give this a otur reason :or
asking yop to grant tih following privileges and doinaliin.
SsL A grant of land a indimted in the accompanying map.
2d. A frerport at Port Acball for Iila yeare, f ie
exclndive benifL or tho colony.
.d. The aclu.aie iavlgullon of litneriver CJimniili
o1d thir tribiutria for ten yrs.
fll. The right to iild r i ds through paulic or private Jan'.
far tile boneft ofUi Colny tad [Goun menI.

5th. The right to cotdtrmtt lquoducis ol
through out m1a qdjtahni lamd..
t61h. Whe oampileoongtli
o oarri. a.
..h Irt r--l... ..4 ti.. ..

Btll, 3I pri'ilgu ot or"ainiing mar cily adjaont to Shan
1ttlro aepntlaly from that lown ad nmning i lhai lly of
lth. The clhilto prieiagef oostablshint manialttories for
tie mon.foctmro or wool anlt col ton gohds iln the Rtdpnblic for
tn years.
0thl. Th.e eiolneive 6riviligo of illtriuc for loto ylsto,
nwgoa, bhogi ani 0 marriage, the common eaa .awing rnn-
&hi., walking mtacllia- o all i.eSription wjtlih macldinl for
making tinh.wre.
t111 The pridilge of distilling liquo.s tfhi the proInetioe

mw mill rIn by ~a.ln or walcr, platinlg mila.mh Cnel ihlngle
..nee.inm T't above wo achuowldge a pp,-aro libtmil nma we
weld notl Ivc yoa think .n akeilg too much, lor wey tll-e
prillges anl gra.i. deairt .nd are detdmina as far as pos-
aible t(ao u therm to Lhnimppovemoil, ldevelopltent nd welfare
or the comltry as wdel te oueelve.
With (lih ligh iocm lderaotloL,
I am gentlemen, your chdienta ervant.
(Sigmdl.) 5G. MALCOLM.
(lemiyigife, Houdn ., Mty

El Presidute cn qruier reido ol Suprem lPod'er Ejoutivo do
la Repulilica toe onduas, oir nootol : :1 ablene preosnl.lo el
Senor GCtrn 'Malolm natural doe 1 R i. V,. IU. per
Ml y it iooe solicitalodi oslallcor en ol lerritorlo doe n R.epublie 1,jo
el gooe dn los ollldauos Hondurno-. y con sujoelion a las lney
vig nule y le en 1o ei.ioccoive s eilan on el pais. pra 'ly0
inteaw pldo various privilegiom y Troneios.
CoooiD.nASoo-Qo la Hepublict ne0 dia do inmigoratL
dlrLotriosoa poonr dearrollar los elemrntoI nIl lnrale do riquor-o
.qu abunodoa, y qua oil lDecnr Tojlilativ do d 2 da Febrcro del
tiln p asid fncilta ol Goblerio para prootjcr est cl s de
rtemprau. Por into ; bL voido co lIner y decrltr In cu -

loi. e inmiteo a lo. inoigraiteul hoiorlos y Inboorioos pro
roelnted du los Ei. U. IU. del Sat do in Alerican del
"Norte qe hoan liegedo b qo ao'iben on Ino i rccsio ni
pile, dl iBonlticnuionuo 0o o1 Ti)l6rn de San Poedro, Deporta-
ntedo tle Sunlit B.rbaro de una poilaclo, qun Ilevora el lilulo
dz cdlud de MOdiar.
OJ. 0A ri0a doel isn rolmn 000 Itu lMuniriprlilad deSial Pedro
Ia. corrlidt a dirhns inmeiruntr e Ln sur idlo bj> liu con di
ciounes nigo.ud una ar:o qien hIa procuctodo n copia el
Sorlor M.lconlm. y que cl c;blerno blia apr lau]. mo lea conceden
lo. rerr-0oa oioodio conltit o.l u IoI ejidos de Sau P'edro i 01
Sur de dloela pbbluoion y colenidoR dnoLuo do oUts linilto
principlc s: El Ufihumiteo-on.lu Clit del Crerro .nmlbrado Il
Ciumbre y lt It)oe de lau nrotanas dk Sr Oe,0S toll intir



PerhlIaprs SiaEirh Hondr.s, prartticily San ld'.ro r an
TiciniLy, reeivrl rtLentiont from our co .olrrynelr at o ar-
Sa dlay as British Hordtir-. MN.hi"o G-eon AMalcohn or
Kentuecky, leflAtltoia. teergia, rr April 1o7, I S- -nl P
dro. via Olta, with roeoey t01. Soon nler hi'wr ani
it Sal Pe'lro it cao Ieridrd to plie hIe g.o inreit orf
their local illdrSlis tdier Ihe control oi a connll, il order
ft a\oid tellnecrii yf" o.1r cmblirg Ite entire :lony wlhen
any ratlion of intort .'or explirncy -rIi(o Il ries likely kh
elteet [leir -wl.rre- n[a at phllier ll. m lhy- ,ltl o their
Irad he tailorn g grntlrrrnr Malcrlrn n ra ir 0 ,ror-
siblug o naer.
liz e nlmolm.
IT. ii. Briero.
I. H. Wade.

The sie for a Low tlo be caled M edin, itn hler of tile Pre-
dldel of there Iepbirlie, rcet sedrlte r ro, afrer trie irrivtl of
'Jor rlaolmh, but ,p Lo the tnet of 1r te vitin ll n r e rt H.iL
'did i "o iti u flitilt oilru, el uiiary tIlr or frlorr ivrc i-

cournofa cor etflion. T'lhe ile el ted adjoina the corporalion
of San Pedro. In May, 1867, Majur Mfloalin woas nde I
paetor f Pereoign Immigratio., tho following being a npy oa
li comnnmlalon frofin Alh Gover nent.

donor (noto IAdIaco.x.
El oobiitno en ate clnn a qiu V. in sido admitidu y. co o
cinodadno de wina lmpuiblieo, y ienieondo re wnosidencin one
aptitures y bnlholOn driers r In proiporki)(d Idel wls, ba r-oWn
a bien nuihmbrarie pi o rio ra boy Tliopeaor de In lonl.
gracionsirongeorn Io r-can interior d delprtaono tdoe,
Sona NuLrbarn, debicruno V. dar ueni. In GofbirIno do Wp
di[pMioiarlne n odople ifln dre'enmplir con el rei ago qInn
le coo fier pArm allanAr iao dlnultldsd qur i, pre-nole y di_
poner tolo Io iu -n convenioeta en ol purticulr.
Fpernnndo q V.ns sN.rvir ni eprn ri n-eomoiln ienito. it
ol pln"r ik s -scrrbirmi de V. muiy ntnito reiirr.
PfOlAo'CpEA.N LEfY.f.
Tfny l1 ln i. dl mine i" doe R [oin. InT insr y Goh.

Kr conforn

r, P.l... -L rnle ihn supreme
f r i,--, fu i .i .
Whierens, r. GrAin Mal I, a.nativeofthle United Sqt
Fer hims.roand in behalf of nvrioun filllis or hi nntlonolliy 1i
prn-ltedI peltiion, soliciing penninio to sottilo i Ilthe ter
ritLry orotheepublic, withlil he prlilegep or enhi or lion.
daron ,and oeihEng themlInd theo la wo nIow in fIore or
IhM iay lmrlfter be nnar d in .tlls conitry, ilh whnii
ileno they lk corlain privileges .nd conocei

lnI'htlhe. public in in need or ilndustrni us otllgnis lo
dn elop tholi.oral nilnoorn whninh ino r in oun onltry, and
lhat the TfsgIlanlen Decree of 23d FO rnroy of rnlt year nuoio
Sizeithe Gorapntii to irolt el Ihifn oio oif eilnlrprir ;
Tht'refoe,. now nlok n.il doereo- the rollowin5 noiiOnsimoii ;o

Whevii1ladj onme or lafy IOi-oartr coniu to thiis ooitry, lo n,
lnlihlli.in LlinDlhirleL ofi SaIn Poro, D])eprt.niel or Soiln
ilrla i enaunoilliy wlicli ainnll b r tn lille ofr Cily ol

Ii. liro lg ranti Ino 'i Inmmi.ni in iii puiilii y, rohityr
'L fimliootind 1oiil lown in tin iL i p iShnie o by Mir,. .lciiim.
ILno Wohih thie doivrntlle lir ap prr1, Iy bi inl. 1 'iiitd

." auiono inda o unuooion ti [hose of iin ...O Io iownln tid
m u'li ur-l inlciloid "iiiiiILi tI following ioiu intli ; i1.0 I'liaiii

1. W III x-.r r I, ee- b my

1. PorL Ciltl shall he free during thcreo yest, in older thai
the settler of the city of Medilna may Introdu~c eeorythin. r in.
eccory for Ilhcir consuinptio, oind for lie istoabliimmci of
houses, manuofatoriMe, mnchioery, etc.
4. NaigiptLion by Men o hor Ler power of the ro'er Cheiu.
licoo, Ulan and ite tributhalo icall be the exclusive privilee i
sald Inmrigr nl for a peortd or eoght ycers.
Ot5. They'cu also po-nted the following exclusive privileq-:
fIL For -en yesa, the erlablhlonent orf -oio-es for .ian.
raotriing -coll. woolfle end other flbron goodec, od for
reflniig rigplr.
2d. For eightfyer, the astabfblit ntor.stann or wter ppwC
nhillo, for rmwing and ping lumbather, tso wasuh aoehlea.
3d. The introduatleo during flve yeare, of wagon, b ggieM,
enrritgoc tie sewing machine known as the Commonu
hono Sewing rclehion," Lbe maclrine for making g ti-wo, aMn
tlie etill known as the "1 g Still," fur tI dietiflltiou of opi.il-
oins liquporin, and tfi c.1ii of the uwrme, under the regioltionto en
five to thio branch.
it. They hafll havothe right oilconutro'tliig rtof over national
ilads, or land orf prive peon, for the hcnellt of the-olvc
nd of the Govein onim and to cocnstlct a oleducns to condt:
water for 'r irrination of their UAnds.
7. TIV'- sellers of the city of Mieina. slmll be cxemupt from
ulhiry roivic fun c forec- contribtlion. dcrin" two year- frull
their orrivll.
8. They shalil Ilt'o dl rtill t elect for their gvsinii ril,
r coifornlty with th la ws of tfl I ihblic, \\ nciiri'
riboy ; od ialy, lin ti l cenotioe), rocnd outil they Inouit r Io
T -ero, be cod by Go .r.er ard a Juode tof ti, cec .
toiy 0 l1c front itg the if r ,i oilce.. 1 I ,

* ubonhli.nle, Ihe former to tle Governor of Sotto DHslahl,n.
rite Inter o theo "h Jule in the Firt instance" or Omon,.
9li. Tloy shall Iv t(he right to mke theiir own i.les and
rgnoiaiotn for the internal governmenI of the community, in
confor ily ,ith rie I tws of ith Iopoblle, and shall subnmit i.
the ,pprobttion of lho ongre(s, or t.he Sprom E-xcntl ve
10. The U.tces which mi
,lh' Republic shall be ree hFo
of right yeare.
Thele conoesalons sltl in to )tmOiAlr operate to he poerjndice
or tte projected Inlor-Onic11a Unilt ; for. whAtelnr priviloog
htee I-en, or ony hereafter be grand I to rite latter, shll bet n
exception to ltto present co0Ter'.i- .
TAt i blh ondr&lcod : that the privileoa before niertionol
reltive 1t the olethlthmont ort m-hleas, shall be conflred I,
the deo'rtncrols o DP..rat r Ilrhe G(r-i.e and Comryagut ;
e-cyptLit for the im:uchito for m nof lurno; clottl, whihh siall
erteod to the wnole Republic.
Tf wlLhin tirho ypers tho number of pesona In the city tow to
Ikt foodnl doei not es-oid to llvo hundred .t lost, the pri-
rilwgo grentel tunIr this A nlll remain without ett t; bt,.
In -I cl aoi the itmigreos ho may atlready be ,stalishe
dial hate the right of property to soer, rtions of the L.,nd
oraottl os shell b found utmler cutitnttHo,.
Writin in Comaryna. in thoe Gotv-rnnct lon., otn Lt
ltl dai r o) r1v. 167.-r. Trpez, Po n so leiva.


On tIh 22d of Apri l "7 ilie Act given below .e puo b7
the Iown of San Podro for 1i irotlcoon of ro uigo miut.
donoe Mioio jd di. ,lnrfrdodos id moo Poiro.
oo Ino n oigraotrr Eranges.
Jle. A. MBn,,
SSeretarnl da la .Mumleipalida do Son iedro.
'. io n1 el lIro do aeWnl y acuerda que la Mulnio.
I .l i 01l corrlouto nn o enuunr-a d auerdo qu
-- f1 i., r d4n4,plro.

el union del Cnsejo y otrs v-ineos, prMilide por ul ior AJ.
mtde oMunicipil. 'En seguide, despaea du oida le oliciuedl
plelo por el orolel Mr. Groon Muloulm, natural do lo Eoa.
doe UTidas do Iforl Americ, repr-lenlauLa de la -elgr-
on do dichoes Rotade, qou eoy he arrlbido y quoo miibo e
succivo a Wta pobladeon can o In e erirndease; pers i r
oombre do oua toeoomios, pidio so Is concoda poblaroo ..- ,
Iro, y ternmos de Ie nroesroa para ediflcar -ca, pmra habi-
einones paioron rquino fabric. u nanufracurons de aor, d te)
aoerrt y7 ot-a8, y para alLtivar. Ln .Mulicipaliduod, on*-l-
Fndoo : to. Qu el i i. ** I1. L *
unaileoper oda i ,. -. . I *
ooalquilfr muiun oLn ol. 2o. Qle ofieiieldo Mr. Milculn Ir per
p u eonsio olosbl r fNbrica e inad. oatne on rl pis
roleroro> cncrAer a loo lhijonle lce ih1, dichlio o ,ioo arorr-
3o. 'Eeablefr une ru.. d.o coit1nic ion 0 por l holiiouleNo
onelr Omon y Sun Pidro lurno joior'r oirtnrbooin rrn m ncier
-,yn da os 1 e. '11; i, l-AM' v "',m pre;o "uj rti

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