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Title: An Account of the Emancipation of the Slaves of Unity Valley Pen, in Jamaica
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Title: An Account of the Emancipation of the Slaves of Unity Valley Pen, in Jamaica
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Language: English
Creator: Barclay, David
Publisher: William Phillips and George Yard
Place of Publication: London
Publication Date: 1801
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Io Ti)E







"I wcu not ato e a Slave to sill my ground,
To carry nm, lo Jfa me wE lfa Ijltp,
Ajd tremtle -wlie I wdle, for all it/ weqal
"' That linews bought and fold aves vrw earned."

rllwTtD AMN 0l lib V WIL.Abtl DlittLLIrPS
RICHARD 105, 77, tPLET sT1E1RT,
I ol.



H AVING been a Slave Owner, and much diffatificd in being
fo, I determined to try the experiment of liberating my Slaves;
fihily convinced, that the retaining my fellow creatures in bandage
Was not only irreconcilable with the precepts of Chrillianity, but
fabverfive of the rights of human nature and having now, after
an experience of five years, had fatisfllory proofs of its good
effcfas, I am induced, for the information and encouragement o
others, who nmy be in flmilar citcumflance, to publish the annextied
account. Experience has repeatedly proved, hit a placement of
fasi well authenticated, is more convincing than the ableft theo-
retical reafouing; and by die ffis here adduced, it will clearly
appear, th.t the anfertions of thdoe who are inimical to the natural
rights of mankind, ate unfounded. I allude to the fuppofed impoliry
and impraLfaicility of emancipating flves, even for the comfort and
happinefa of tie black people themflves ; but E am not without a
hope, thnt the time may arrive when Britons will he more generally
convinced, that the holding of our fellow creatures in flavery, is
inconliftent with every principle of religious and moral duty, as
*ell as contrary to found policy in a national point of view. t At
the fame time [am decidedly of opinion, that emancipation muft be
gradual. Far be it font me to recommend that all the lave, in the
fSe HWiry of GCdine, byAnthony Brenete 1771. Phillips.
A Snaian., Bilhop of Chcfer 184. Rivingtons.
A Summ ryof the Sla Trade, by the Society in-.
fRitutcd in London far the purpose d cf efing the 1787. Phillip.
AbUhnlJi : the .it w i Trad J
An EiyTy on the 'rTrantnien tc.ofSlEBis, by James 18.gg8
Raniray - -
Thoiujls on the African Slave Trude, tby Jahn1 788.
Newton .- J
A Sermon, by John Hughes -- 788. Cadl.
Remarki on the Sl.ve Trade, hy Thomas Giibornc I 79'tWhiic.
And many other,.
See alfa tpeeches in ParlilmnrI, 79 & lg9:,WilberoTrce, P;u, rFo, &c.
fold by WoovdflL

Weft Indiea should p ,once be liberated; becaulfc luc a mreaure
might tend to confufoon atid nlry. T have, however, a firong
defre, that the Rrli fcliont oflrhe Imperial Parlimnent, in thie firf
year of tn ninceentd century, night be marked in the ritilh
iltiory biy an na t aboliUt that horrid trflick, e Slga Trvd.,
agrceeay tu the rcpuaucd humane and judicio.F motioh .i thn
HI-Ioule oF Comrnuma, imad by Wlli Wilxbrffrce; wlicjh liavc
betcn uniformly fuplrurtd by the wifi i men in thafe kin&gomn.,
WhVttn we cjnidcr tlw isra aucquiltion uf n:w mcmit1rn from our'
iflter Lingdom, ina b6h Lonfc of PirliiumNm, may we npt indulge
ourfeclvc in tthe cxptcinioun that Wir itnt objeft will be efficed.
Tli' cndktloni of ite Negroes norw o Ihundoge would he amcliragted,
in cmcn(quence of fucli a mc furv! and, in itr, ithy and lthir,
children would be made ci fror emanciipaton; when their ownirm
reiigt, with security have rth heart-fik Elaiiftiflftifo f'f Itorins,
hlium biingat tho tlr rtural r(its, al well a adding to Eckrty
many ufufl mnmbcru. lisi, I trfll, will prove tlin care lwith dirc.
lliuek wilhaltc ftleamna in Phiiadeljlia is lnat e in flte following
pages. 1 cmbrI c this opplortuintyof gritefully ocknwledglng tfd,
linld attention of my fr ndi Til. Jmies Pnmbetian, T1fh nlio 1 FU
Sumue Filher, Mivr l Lher, Do(lor TI hana Parkc, II;ac IJuyd,
Thlorn IHarrifon, Jofeph MIoore, Abr-mh;Im Liddon, lMurdIcA
Churlchman, Richird Jpnae, J4dn Letcliworth, lknjamjin Kit
and Daniel Thotnma and AbWom Joncs and Richard Allen,
plbore of thr congregation of the free bl.ickl in Philadelphia;
nifo ofrmy frind AlicxKnder Maclnd, for in Ixncvolent condzt&
tnu-a.'d the S[ave whilll u&rdet his sei cy a and lafIly, of my
fi'und Williari Fioldte, I'ur hi promlt jndL judicial. canduf, md
urnemining mtctrlion, in tihe r. Uticuon of ths ardLtous bufines:
iand I p.iIrcy d:Jire that the fJllowing account may arnel' the
attcntion oi iI tllhuc who arc CDonDCIncl in SIave.


alt of 5ti Month, 1801,


iti conhIqulice of a deht due io tlom from a corrnf-Tondent in'
Jamaica, having come intn pofriltou ot' Pen (or grazing farm) in
that iland, on which wtre tlirtty-two (Iies they determined to
/rpicipaiu thqm, and fignifipd tleir determination to their ugent,
Alexander Maclcod, pSpanilh Town*; who, though he applauded
the principle, declined executing a mearaur which would be very
tinpopular iin the il nd ; but copronted to emincipate two of them,
iltom he drought thie inft likely to provide for thernmldve by
working on the Pen, and receiving wages at the rate of 171. car.
eacy per annum, with fome other advantages. Accordingly he
manumitted a mn about thirty years of age, named Hamlet, and
& womin about the fame age, n'imed Prudence; but In f thuA a
yeat, both. of them/f rdelUed in their labour,f th Alexanider
Macdeod thought their cxampl wouldd be very difadvlntagcous to
Ae owner of the eflatc: he therefore difchirged the ang
agreed to allow to each, ;L currency per annum, t for life, agrceably
to the law of the island on otfccmancip4,ionof a fl4r. Hamlct
fct up ia'buftinf as a lorfe-brceicr, and Prudence, as a Iadrkli;
in which occupariuns they maintained themnflvi with good rcn-
A r4fpria0o gentitmuantiow ttdred froul bdlint6, and rflding at
24lravin. car idinuburgh.
f Thid wai tn In lxpAed, when two fiavesatontio thirty had their fre-
doir; but flppd.hrg nil oa tharn had been on the iAne footing, and to h ve
beenl Ir d reoriling LD thter rcfptSive merti, thlc t than wuuid have
bea cormpatitnu wmn g them, amnung, ll othcr hbyrar
Theat. aunbly at Grcuadrl flatre---I bae thmr own Words for it, That
althnogh dec N cwroo rec allowed tIc afcr.num oa only tiqe tay in eviry
w:.'k, tlcy willt dl ars uitu wV',) in thaL afternoon, whe, cmployec for
their owin bentlit, a, in the wholk day wlien cmployd En their r icei'
krp, le."''--W. 1'i' fPcehds, 1;9, p. 14P- WFodfltU,
l About 31. Ill. licrlig.,

The property having, nacording to the taw of Jamaica, devolved
on David Barclay, by dwi drccafe of his brother John Burclly, Ih
determined to cmancipute thl reft of the fl.vcr, ;nd to remove
them to Philadelphia, agreeably to his own and his late brother's
willacs, and the dclire of his brother's family. For this purpose he
engaged William IHoldn, to go to Jamaica, and to convey die
thirty flncs to Philadclphia ; in which city D:avid Barclay, in con-
fequcnce of' hi former mercantile concerns, had a numerous and
rcfllc.iablc acquaintance ; iand where, was alrcAdy formed a Society
fur the abolition of favecry, and for the ibenfli of free blacks, of
which focicty he was an honorary mcmbcr. l"ii will A'ccount for
his not having fcnt tdhem to a more foultlrly climate. William
j1olrkn was inflrured, oin arrival, p.dcliver tecm rrnanrifneid, to
Jolm Alhlcy, the jagnt of David JBrclay in Philadelphia. Lcttcr
were itcoFdingly rorwarrdd to apprize John Alll,:y of David
Barclay's intcnlion, and allb letter to the jlrc(idcnt, and frveria
members of The Society for improving tlie Londiiion of free
B lucks ," t o recommendl tliefe tlck peuoplc to its protcdion.

For the fuccei of William Holden's nmilion, fee tle following

Cnpy rf a Lett'r from iilliam r'Baln to Davil Barchy, dated
Surry Plfct, 7tI.Alard', 1 80o1

Dear Sir,
Agreeably to your dc(re, T commit to writing dtat which I have
u frcquently cumnunicatcd to you in conver'tion, reficiang dte
pAticula e of the pleairA milliua in wl4th I cngagid, and by the
xormplca Itcccft of which I WIt muc: gradlied, nOtwitllt;mding I
made three voyages in time uof wr, anl left my family behind me.
On the ~Lth of January, 1795, I embarked in the packet for
Jlanuiea, and arrived there on the loth of Muclh; foon atcer
which 1 delivered your lctter to Mr. Alexander Macleod, of Spanifti
I I nituted r77.4, by tha inklabanut of Pldladdclpil, of all rrllgiko per-

Town, who received me with much politencrf, and treated mo
with the utmolt kindndi and hlofpitaliy, and aIffIrrd me that he
wuuld readily jAfl in the execution of your orders for the tranf.
plrtation of the flLvec ; and Accordingly invited me to accompany
him to Unity Valley Pen, in the paritl of St. Ann'n, about forry
mile from Kinglon; and on our arrival dtere, lie ordered all the
flLvcb to be colleicil together for my inljric ion ; when it appeared
iluit two were fu Inlirm and difcAlMd as not to be fit for removal.
I then, in the prefenca of Mr. Macleod, and die overfcer of the
Pen, endcavourcd to convey to the adults, frten in number, your
inrcntior to maike tlicm fiee, with the children, in number tuaIlr.
Upon the Itrength of lteir unanirmous confrnt to accept tlle ofter,
I engaged a ve0fl to convey them to Philadelphi.a laid in pro-
vifionr, cloathed dtem properly, and, when all things wd% ready,
cauled them to be conveyed from the Pen to Kingflon, in order to
embark; but on their arrival on the wharf, where the Ihip's boat
wa. ready to carry them on board, dtey unaninmaully declared they
had altered their minds, and would not go, because they had been
informed that "dcry wcre to be lold to the Spaniards." In thib
liate of elmbarramment I knew not, for fome considerable time, how
to o ; and for two hours I never experienced fuhl agitation of
mind; but afur finding all my arguments were in vain, I took
.oha (one of the niml Ifnlfble and intdligeni of tihm) afide; and
having explained my intentions, and taken much pains with him,
John faid, You are our m-mf (iaitter), and we are your slaves,
and you have a right to do with us what you pleafr ; I therefor
will go with you, and will cndeavour to prevail on the reft to go
'with you al?'" .Soon after thI they all went on board; previous
to whlid they were nrnaurni/Il; and on the voyage, which was
lert and plelanit, by proper rtctntion to thct, I obtained dieir
entire contidence; and we artied at Philndelphia on the sad of
July, all in high plrits; and 6n the rame evening I delivered them
to Mcbfrl, Jumes Pemnbcrln, ptftidctl to the society for improving
the condition of re:e Ilacks, and D1 )ni ThoniasParke, one of its
members; will .apprar by the nmintes of the committee, which
4 SC a copy uf Ill': kted of manurniion, p. II.

I delivered to you, and which 11ill belt prote the great attcitlon
and kindnefr paid by the rolety 'to the black people, as na(b to m1
during my flay at Philadelphif; wldclh city I lef on the 16th of
September, After taking leave of my newly acquired friends of
colour, and having ftcn them fetled to their fatisfitzion. arrived
the a6th OAo0Ir nt Portf hout, and had the great pleasure of
finding my fminily well, and that I had executed my million to the
fatiiaLiorn ofl'yurfclf, to the family of your late brother Mr. John
Barcby, and very much to to ny,own.
I ap with much refjif, &c.

ZEXritf&r4fthadr AilhrrT of The Committrw off r Socky for fmprnve'rt
the Condition of Fr e BsiCkr, apftpitrl a) sa ndI o 15 tift eofc cHdh
Blftch r.aflrd to arnv froin 7Jiardak.
At a mating of the Committee for improving tie condition
of Free Blacks, held the 3~th.of Sixth Month, 1795, Tl'honas
Harrifon communicated feverAd letter, which were read, viz. one
from David B rchly, of London, datcd 6th of Second moonh hluf,
to James Pcmberton, prefidnt of the Abolition SociCLy; one to
John Ahley, D. Barclay's agent here; one from William Hohldn,
dArd Jamal a, the z4tb of Third Month lat ; by which ii appears,
that the late brother of the fid David Barclay, and hinfelf, be-
came pollkfrcd of about thirty black people in Jamaica, and who
are expeNdd fbortly to arrive in thih city, fent by David Dlrcray,
rarw.iprtrd, under the care of illiam Fiildeo, addrclfed to John
Aflhcy, to hb put in a condition to provide comfortably fur them.
lves. It is therefore agreed, that the following named perfona
be a Committec, to ford fuch affiaance to John Afhlcy, William
golden, or any other of the perfon named in the Jetters of David
li rly, rrinarng hii benevolent dcfigns into execution, as fhall
nppciir to them right, viz. Ifaac Lloyd, Thbomas Harrifon, Jofopli
Moore, Abraham Liddon, Mordeca Churcdmian, Richard Jones,
John Letchworth, nd Benjamin Kite.
P1NJAMIN KITE, Secretary.

Philielplhiab i ad of i ce ntd Month, r 79 j-Some of us undec.
finding yqlRdnLty that the fiid Black people had arrived in the
brig W'cL Indian, and were under the care of William Holden,
fpdcbaly employed by David BPircly and the executors of Jahn
]i.rcliy, to condu& tlhem hcre; procured of the u-ulces of the
African Mcthhodll niec ufre, lthlt tbulding for a tmiporary
rcli i!Cte fur tllci; to whichh dity were condultcd lllt evening.
Antl f'eerl of us a. condd thli morning at the houfa of Thomas
larrifon, and having cotfulied. upon the bufincfi adjournal to
meet tomorrow morning.
a4thi or Scventi Month.-It being thought advilble tb coifer
with tie agents and confidential frieinds of Divid llnardy, lptare
dth Committre proceeded Bt wA in the 'Te committed to thicir
care, they all but o uin bt m Jan me Peiembertln', lthis Aernoon,
fur thatporpofe I wien Willia i Holdcn, in writing, agreatily to
his InfirAflion, refigadt hi6 tot to JaI;un Prrltbtnon iar Daoor
Thomas Parke, (Jolm Alhiy, khe other agant being irlni frorn
ttie ity),.,-nd the faid: James Ptnbcm to 'ard Dr. rThnmi Pake,
by the folhwing wrjtng, intrufll their agency in dte Lufines' to
the Committeec of the Pennfylvtnia Abolition Society, for inprov.
ing dtm condition of FreLe plackv, who had previously appointed
tiO Committee for thai purpo! '

To bhs Committme of It PetTfylI snit Abladon Sociely,for improving
the Candiion ovffre. Blackr.
te Hiaing lwctfore rqnelte4e you to take charge of thc black
people aIboiur be tent from Jamaica, by David BtArclay,'and the
executors oqjohn Barcrhy, under the care of their agent, William
Hoildcn, to us; and dtIy being now arrived, we rcquelt you to
txpcedlit the itrItnftlinn of this brinalif with all convntaint fpecd,
in fuch mancnr as will bI. mull likely to fulfil the benevolent views
of tile fid' Dravid flBclay, to. and dic real good of the blacks,
who are tie objedas of thi concern; dcfiring you to keep regular
minutes otyour proceedings iq the bulincl. We deliver to you
tdl iniLroment of emanciniation, dated xt JamaIica the a pti day of
juia;, in the pirckunt year, which we desire to be put on record. In


placing out the minors, we requcdt that provilion may be made
for their fchool.Ieurning, and that they may be taught mcclhanick
trades in preference to any other butinei."

P4th of Seventh Month,


The names and ages of the faid Bhlcla are as follows, viz.

S 'Swbina ....about 40
.3 1Bathflieba ......35
S Clarifk ........35
0 -t Mintas..... ,.-3+
3 3 Patience .......32
Nancy -------6
B Nanny ........ 4
o Didn ......... 24
, Phillia ........ a
, Juba...........4
Charlotte ....... .
Sukey .......r- 4

? (John .... about 31
3 1 ncd.hus ....... 13
S London ....... 4=
SL Simo ........
SKing Rlon ..... -.3

Charles........ 4
o Prince ........1+
Yawoy ......... 14
a Wiltlhic ...... I
San1h' ........ I
6 Odlbcr ........8
2 Quahie ........7
.Cietr.......... t

8 o'clock, P. M,-Thc Committee again met, when It war
agreed, that Ilaic Lloyd, Thomas I-;rrifan, and Abraham Ltiddon,
vifit the Black people, conult with them upon what bufincfr will
be moll agreeable to them, and conlidcr what they re lit for, and
inform thin Committce. In the meant timc, it is expeLtcd that all
the members will receive applications fur tdem. Adjourned.
sydrof Seventh Month.-Conmittee met. The Sub-comamittce
apnointedl lit evening to confer with the Blacks, &c. report that
they JI viteicd them this day, and have agreed to place several of
them out, viz. Charles and Mingo with William Clifton, who pro-
pofcs to teach them to be Nailers, to give them fach fchool-learning
:a may be agreed upon, he to pay ten pounds a piece, one half at
tc time of binding, and the other half at the expiration of dtcir

Upprantictcdp which i, conifGdeed by thit Commitce as an tl
nantageouu proposal, and agreed 1d. Adjourned.
The I Society contiuird to meet until the soth of Ninth Month,
when, in twenty-ane fiUingi, they had completed the placing out
the Black people, .ir per accounting pages Ij and 14, ddivered to
Willian Holden.
N. B. Bnjarnmin Kite having d-ircd to refign, Duaicl Thomuis
Wias appointed in his roon.
I itt of Ninth Month.-ThIacxu I-arrifon, Joiaph Moore, Jolui
Letchworth, and IMordecti Churchman attradcd, a;rrangd and
reviled the minutes and proceedings oF this Committee, and Mor-
decai Churchman is nominated W trnfcribe thena, in order that
William Holden, who is abnup to embark for London, ma~y ive
a copy to tranfmit to David B~arcly.
Although William Holden, on his arrival wihthe Blacks,
transferred his charge of them, at is heretofore Ibetd, this Com-
mittee conceive it their duty to efprefs their high fcnfe of his un-
remitted care and randiice, d iugh the whole course of their
proceedings in the b4inefs.
fmnre Llhyd, Afrderni Churcznmn#
Thunrma Hflarrifn, Danirl Thomas,
Yofftb /Aflare, Richard Jni.t,
AdraJ am Li.old, p hok Letcdhort,

Ceop ofi t h BfrutrSt of ManIrffon,
Jamaica, fs. To all whom thief parents hall come, or may in
any wife concern. David l3Rclay, of Lympflonc, in the county
of Dcvan, in the klngdolw iOrcat Britain,t Efquirc, by Alexander
M.Alced, rf the pI-riK of St. Qatherine, in the county of Middle.
frx, in the illand aforduid, Erquire, his attorney, duly conflitured
and appointed, fends greeting. Know ye that for and in con.
The rums received from thore to whom t he yun;crr blaks were up.
prcnaiced, formed a fund for thd relid of tde elder uonc, in cafe fuch rcdic
Ilu:wld become cccid rry.
t Should have been, of .ondoiu, BTnker.

(hraio0n of the rm of ten fhillfng, enrrmnl imoney oF Jamaica la
Iim in hand well and trly paid.by William Holdan, of the parifb
of Kioglan, in the county of SarTy and iulad lforcikid, Etfquirc,
AI or before thit ccttladon )wreof, the receipt whereof is lireby
hcknowledg~d ; I, thL~aid Dn.vid Barclay, by hi, attorney afore.
faid, hath liberated, nlfrAnchilA!, nmlUmnitted, an'd for r v et (I'e,
All tbo l Ndgro male and f'mnaJe ilavj, namJ, L.ondnr, 1Dacohuh
Simon, John, Kingion, Charlen, Mincas, Nanny, Dido, Bathhcha,
PAtiente, Amelia, Cirifi, Nancy, Sa;bina, Ju'iI, Pjhiis, Prince,
Yawo, Toty, Wildhire, Suicho, Mingo O&ob-r, Qaflie, Cfatr,
ChaWlrtd and 8!kcy, wiih thl I.ture inerefia and ifeac of the
fermale dc the C1t4 rasu, being now wholly ihe property of the
Lid David. l clay, fionm all mmnacr of ferritude and (lTvety
whalevcr to hold the [aid liberty and frtidont hereby granted onto
heam the fict Lontdn, Uicdllus, 8imofti John, Kiingfin, Charle,
Miitns, Nanny, Dido, rlldhhMbi PiuMC:eCiAm lia, CuIilfn, Nancy,
Sabiths JulM PkillF, Priie Yawon Toby, Wihtll(ie, Slchlo,
Mliugt, Oflober, Qu~fliir, Crii Ciharlottr, tad Bukey, with the
future iffac and increal of die f mlJe of the fhid flutn, from
hcnccfonth anl fur cvermore: in yiutnela wh;rcof the laid David
BTrday, by the hid Alexanidr Mbiclcod, his attorney, and the
Lid Alefrinder bladcod, as attorney to the (aid David Barclay,
hau hembunto tc their himdai nd',teal, this fl8fcoDrt day of June,
in the year of our Lord, One thouifand fcvcn hundred and ninety.

Scak.d and rlirh;,rrrl By Alex. Macleud his Attorncy.
in the prt.iait nf ALEK. MACLEOD, (L. S.)
R&obrtK.Aliroa. Attorney .talivid Bately.

A central View of the Approprition of the Bdrca.
01d To W&M
MomB-, r rCT .a.I 14"bwJ Ca-Owr
Bactlms S3 Lydi t pin A rf thMo. Far r years. to be FoSnd in dlotri, and ta Te pQd 40 doll whstre.
Dido 24 Cathertin Ptulkr- -die s yans to be prridelwidrllothes, and to bctpd z:6} dolls -whatrc.
-c -t" %4 year tobe taugt to reaind write, fou in clo:Jh, dt, and ibn-:
Juba 14 JcuTrMupiaul dita frcedcmAics, vi. two rompiant fait of apprct e on ft which ta
be new.
TQr9 1 BmjIia Crct ditto yeta w nc anhto paUi and at fur, cojtnur andiEnL'hi b ta=d cT
read and. writ.tog be rod in clo-he2, ic ad Ihai.C fredom duci.
Simon sj Bet toni & i a th td th mle,. n, tobca provided widh cloihem, &ce and to be )pid 40 dfllaLr
.--- whcntka,
Sancho so lsacParilk dito It ui larn to pll aid ct fr, and colour and finish hats, to be
taught to read and writn, and hare frrcdom dues.
Prince 14 John AOhle itto r? nt ben tughtto r and write, found in clothf, &c.and have
Cha^ea 14 W;iliam Citon die ~ 7 Tirs, to larn to make miles, he tanght to rtad and write, ound in
M-go T rto 1. drthes &r, and have freedom duu.
Clari 35 T'nomsc Annly th l sth Mo. air, to be found in dolesj and 2a6 dollars when free.
Q7 5snA Btro dxl4r - yewsars, to bc taughL to read ad write,, roud in cloth, a. and
George Btr14y u cto ditt haveo freedom> duct, and to be paid bo dolbla when free.
1j Tnr. UHt died and was interred t he PVoatcr field; attended by
Ca ar 6 Richad Robfnet th dS" hMo. Abiloma Janc, midnir of thAcAficn church, William Hoden, and
I ferCi- al the Coanaihtc.
Sukey. alas 4 Jam MGa'y dito r 4 can o sc rbranig to rtad a nd write, fomn in dadws, e. hA
ulna 4 J dtto doum ues, and be Fild to dollns whc free.

CaiMwid i ine Mit fpg.

A General View of the Appropriation of the Blacks, connuttd.,

4W To .&esm
YkG L*. jia
Kingltoa 5 EllikYfaall
Join 31 CGtorLtn err
Sabin- 40 SULs nagii a
Nanny 14 'nmul Rkhar, jun.
Btilhiebt 35 Sanmud Pihardsi,jnu.
Amcdla 46 Mary Ridec
wobr, al iJ I

Robern Eaxuclay Jo Chmn
Loudon 41 Jahn Will
Cha otte ,5 CaptMabnhc Strong
3Minsm 34
Phillis -
Wihld irc '*r

Narcy -W- --
TA.1encc sit

-4m Ldudc Cma'Sdim
uIlhra 8th Mo Y s an, I, be- fond in clodrn, andpa id4 dno Irs wh~ fIoe.
ditto CcramniUni, ett fam aW: Kingilun.
ditto Far z ye-..r. to b- fwid. &c. atd paid l6 dnlranwbcn frr.
tt,, r an the =1 i co Aditiont as sable tc mnSry o b e Fyai hy the
ditto { n-ftr.
ditto s y-er%, an the ime mFaditiinm as Namy,
*bthofsth Mo. 2 yrs, ditto
7di1 y m to am tie Carpcaru': trade, be taught to rad and write,
ditomd haic rfttdum Jlif.
6t 9 ~, 1Lt yTarl to earn thr tidi of a W\indt r Chuir-xlakjri as be tnmhl to
r 9 r m d ad write, flimi I clhdws, &c. and have treedam dues.
ditto S year., to be rfali ia cldothc, and paid 40 doln.
ttor ith Mo. 13 yam to be caught honaufwfcry. to read and write, and have free-
Not yt hound; hlt plir4 winb S R.t'd cr
J-- In the Pcafyivas hopiuL
id, nd waiintermd In the Potter's field, the corpfl antdled by WhlMntm
od-- K a, ofE of the Canuintc,acnd a rlped-clble coomi ) of LtIck
Nt people
Not bouud.

MK. B. The family nime of Bardq a hz, beep mnnezed in all the ilndentres of thoI who are bound, to difRiiAguib tbhn.
5) Two years frTitnde af.d u cleitds thet to rtukmot.

Etra'7I of tWo Lurti from Aftlnder Mfade lti o David Barc.ty.
New York, November 14, 796.
"' HIavInM been obliged to quit J.uaica on account ol mny Ilahlh,
when at PhUiadlphia I had very great plcafbrc in feeing li'eerl of
the Black people you rent there, very comfortably fouled, and
highly ratisdal with thlir condition. Sevcnd of them called on'
me, and exp rted their gnrtituLe to you for the benevolent pait
you have aded. When I return, in ten daya bence, I hall p-o.
hably fee de reft of them."

J.iLunic, Spinilh Town, FVe. I6, 1797.
"When T was n Philaddlhil, I fav several (ctf my old Unity
Valley acquaintance, who looked decent, well drddle, faid they
lived well and happy, but contplained of the cold climin!. I at-
endeld divine frrice at the Africis church, and had much pleIdarura
to ite them there, apparently imlPTiTed with a pmnler notion of
morality and religion, and as Cr us I could fee or camr, pranling
its precepts and commands."

.xtratf of a Lettq fi.w Dlwor TVAoeu Partr, ti Da-,il Iarc.ly,
datd Philadlphiai, 6th o~Fj th Meldit, 1799.

"' have now the fuisfaihion ofinforming thee, that the bufindli
refpcdtibg the Black people, frornJauidica, with our Abolition So-
ciety, is finally fettled.
As all thte survivor. hive obtained, by ferritude, right of
support from the plul;c (if unablc to maintain thumrfelvel), MicLn
Fiflicr and myflcf have paid (per J. Aihley), the Abolition So-
ciety rr 39 tr. z}ad. currcncy,,heing for fundry cximncee incurred
by thcu flor niuinining I['Lrral of the ClIccks in ficknefi, &c.
I have encloftd a lilfl o the Bla cka, defcribing fheir present fituatioa,
&c. which I obtained by visiting and examining tlem. ft is ftis-
farory to oblkrvc, ihat molt of hlinm cndul diemfelvic reputable,

and procure decent ruppart; a fw, IoweTcr, appear hclplcri, pat
icularly Sailn, ClirilTh, and Jubi, who fee incapable of nikia.
training jhamrlvc, our fevC s wqpther in the winter almoll dif'-
qjuaRiics tJhmc fir JALour.
"' SvcIal of tuhem ;qwcrild mc.P cx lrtl: dtlir gdrrriwd to
itie for thy lindnStfs, "nd proqif: byhAcir bgpjtviour tp a.ord good
exIuples ti thmiir In.thin.,"

7S9 ---th Montth. 17
Lift of Black liberuad by David Barclay. in Jamica, nandoed c out in PThUladeh by t Copeiitct of the Pcniylani
AbdortuSoiocivty, and riitcd by Dr. Thomas Prkc.

taiet T7 t"d
Nw;, rar, 4..1

L-ondan lLaciy 4t*
Jihn 36
Fimin o3
Pnure aS
Y.V9, almia brid 41C
Toby tO

s.ngo 14
OAnliu aallAcrt 12
Oua.hicalir ,rN n

isthffbi aS9
Chzritt e

AmTra mO!
Nan" IS

Sukry, 1iy S fann B
Baccho -
Philia -
Tloct -

J. Wall
BSan-& Co.

T. LZPvtay
s. .arnall

m. Riicth,
!w, .lt. jRih
J. cttan


I' I-..bi..

h now marrrd nd-livUen wilh John.
Ub C% marrnd-t Amdia, a. rLontduIai hbfld well-
.n id&t himf4c nrtGntly, td iI hurrikd ti iiftirt.
rcnunI LM E. .Y' frvicc, u a frc fcranT n, iud h I lriru and t br.
pGmifn t-o It :n ufcil fervent,
Iii 6 his a3ilian ZnWV P MNailmr.
&Sto a* Carpentr.

us Mattrs.

ditto asaileir.
ftttattiitmlned ferntg.
out of her timi.
Ir carried to imnon, mad cooduna tecrrdr reputaly.
is marr;'d to John.
a4ti-Flu--b t vet great isthiralaon to her employees brt IvinpK
Strhi uf htr frwrudt llbing epired, fbc now liv yi her matter Cbhrif.
flilE it her plae.
Id;d 7I.

L. Glipin 47- zia7 th sj.
WA tdc he At -lm'm ho u dd
ditto ultto died 6th Motlhi I?7t.

I d4Lto



Ewrmri of a Lttr.r from Jater Perreonw, to IVfAi r Diltynit of
IFydibamflow, Efx, Idad Pbiladrfpl ai9A f Efh'venbth MAIon
I reqtuI-t thee to prefrnt to our mutalt friend, David
Barclay, my kindcfl rcrpe&A, and inform hint that I have the fais-
fadion to find, that iii humane vicws towards the Blacks from
Jamaica, to whom he had umanificlcd fuch qnlirecedented bcnevo.
Itnte and liberality, are fo far realijzd, tht. thle obje4s of his
concern enjoy their freedom with comfort to thcnfclveL and are
refpefacbl in their charaierUli keeping up it friendly intcrcuurfe with
acla other, avoiding to intermfix with the common blacks of the
city, being ober in their conduct and indultrious in thcdr bufinghl"

Soon after the removal of the fltvc, the Pen, with the Rock of
cattle, waE fold for ;,;ol. ftcrling, with agreement fur the puft
chcaer to tre.t kindly the furlvvor or the two ncgroes, who wcre
infirm and direiafed, and left on the Pen; Cifo to pay I-Uamlet and
Prudence SI. currency per ann. each for their lives. Had the thirty
flavyc bhee fold with the Pen, about 8ocol. lerling might have
been, obtained. The expence of removing the lavess, and their
cxpcnces at PhiladelFhia, were about Soal. (fcrling, exclulriv of
remuneration to William Holdcp for his fcrvic-s, But the fatis.
faction which refulted to the minds of David Juacl iy and li rfanily.
fully compcifatcd the trouble, expLnces and anxiety experienced
during the accuniplilinmnt of the undertaking.
Had David Barclay not been fo cadanced in age, he would have
inclined to have made a trial of employing on the Pen u ie labour.
ear fiomr Britain, there being rcaop t ID lierc, front Long's Wif-
tory of Jamaica, that in the moll flourishing (tlat of Barbades,
the fJar aaen there, was princip4ly cultivated by hired wAitr fer-
vanti; in confirmation of which fee the following letter from
William Holden; and it mull be allowed (In a political poirn of
0 Vol. p. SO, J03.

oF view) that inviting Briilli fubjeas to go to our oWn colonies,
walnd be far more eligible than their tranlinigratig to foreign

Scurry Place, 20th March, 180r.
Dear Sir.
In amnfwr to your query, whether it is my opinion that white
labouren might be employed oin Unity Valley Pen, I reply in the
silirmative ; and my rcal'bns for thinking fo are-
o" i. That in my lute reilcence ait Barbadocs, I had many
families of wNite people employed to my fadti'.- ion on the efatep
which were under my management ; there being marc poor olfki
labouring people in that land than in any other of die Britifi
ifando in the We l Indies.
adly. Jamaica in near fix degree ito the northward of Bar.
badoes, antw Unity Valley Pen is on the N. E. part of the island,
aboit fourteen miles only from the ea.; and the Pen, confhling of
about two lhoufand acres, on two-thirds of which arc very loty
trees, viz. mahogany, cedar, fullick, S;c. which afford much (hade,
The value of the tinil'r, were it praiicable to convey it to Britain,
would be incalculable; but the aecefs to the fea is mountainous,
and too dillicult,
jdly. The labour on a Pen is much lighter than on a fugar
planttion, the emphyment of the former being only to look after
catde, horil, mnulei, c. and to attend to them in the fame man-
ner as is pra;tied by graziers in England, in order to fell them
when fat or improved in age, to remove them from pallure to pai-
ture, and to water, there being on the Pen about 430 acres of
Guinea grafis t in eleven inelofores, 75 acres of common pafltre,
I acres of ground for ranlng yams, potatoes, garden (ufi &c. for
tie overfeer and the ncgroa, the formerr refining in a comfortable
houfe, and the latter in cottages pear thereto. They are allo em-
"It hatheen coatdenly rlcrled, thtakbhough white people cannot endure
tile heat of the fun In the WeI Indicl as mniny housin n the day as black*,
let, that white labourer, will perform n a ivn time doubli the work or
Stavuc followed by a driver and a whip.
+ A fine long grat' remarkable for the fiti g of rattle.

played in weeding the pafures, keeping up the fences, &e. anW
when not othdrwife occupied, they clear mate land, by cutting
down and burning the Sne truc, (locking hwir roous, nd fpreadiig
the n(fhs an die land.
A* Aa prc fof" be coalnerf of die fpot, on the differrot viits
[ nude to Unity Va ey, I found that a bbnket on my bud (which
wa Jiug with woollen curiau), ias very comfortable and even
necelry. The lituarun of the Pen is remarkably pler4ant, whlre
n man, li' family, and white labourers, miht live very comfortably,
a'nd gain. property, if ic had any knowledge of grazing.
1 am, wiTh much rcfEji.t, :;c.


PritLdl by W. PILimti1i, Cc-(rg? fY.z, LUmbard Surt,.

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